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41 SZmt torngf tj PfV4if?9AHU
cm Mi Fhvtnik
Will bo ssrved to subscribers by *arrlers at SIX
AND A (QUARTER CENTS, pijnblr weekly
to ths Agents; papers served In r i?kages at 37%
cents per month. To mall subscribers the sub
scription price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF
TY CENTS a year malrtmee, TV O DOLLARS
for six months, and ONE DOL AR for three
months; for less than three raont - s at the rate of
I.'* rent* a w*ek.
TasAsiTBT DiPAaTXHtT, May 28, 1S5?.
Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the
stock issued pursuant to the act of Congress of
- id Juy, 194A, that ?U'sto stork Is redeemable by
Us terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the
surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 12th
of November next, when Interest thereon will
This department will continue to purr base such
*'ock prior to said day of redemption, and will
pay therefor the fallowing premium, in addltloa
to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase,
with oae day's Interest for the money to reach
the vendor:
Ou such stock received at the Treasury- between
the 1st day of June aud the 31st day of July, In
elusive, oae-half ef one per cent, on the amount
*peclllad la the certificates;
On sush stock received between the 1st and 31s
lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent;
And on such stork received after the31st'day o:
August, the interest accrued thereon, and on<
day's additional Interest only, will be paid.
Certificates of such etoc* transmitted unde;
this notice must be duly assigned to the United
States by the party entitled to receipt the pur
chase money; and w^ien sent prior to the 1st Jul]
the current half year's Interest mu t also be as
signed by the present stockholder, otherwise sucl
Interest wHl be payable as heretofore.
And notice is further given to holders of othe
stocks of the United States that this departmen
will purchase the same between the 1st day o
J une and the 1st day of December neit, unlew
the sum of SI,?KJ,OW? shall be previously obtained
and will pay for the sam-, in addition to the in
terest accrued from the day of the last dividend
ef Istereet, and one day'a additional interest fo
the menoy to reach the vendor, the following ratei
of premium:
Oa stock of the Ii>an of 1^42, a premium of K
per cent.;
On st -ck of the loans of 1847 and 1948 a premlun
of 16 per cent.;
Aad on stock issued under the act of ?th Sep
tembn, 135ft, commonly called Texan indemnity
stock, a premium of 6 per cent.
Certificate* transmitted under this notice should
be daly assigned to the United States by the par
ty entitled to receive the money; and If sent pre
vlons to the 1st July, the current half-year's in
'^'t must also be assigned by the present stock
bold-r, otherwise the interest for the half year U
that day will be payable to him as heretofore.
Payment for all the foregoing qtocks will b<
made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos
ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the partiei
entitled to receive the money may direct.
nnJ9-dtl2Nov Secretary of the Treasury.
hats: hats:
fin- drab Beaver ventila
ted H ATS, which 1 offer
at 13 50; they are the best
Hits lor the price In the
United States. The beat
Nie* dress Hats got up
the latest style for S3 50 as
^pod as those usually sold
at S5; and a gowd fashion
able Hat at SI, worth *4;
tnd a first-rate Hat, S2 50.
The bev materials and the Ivst workmanship 1
employed to produce a Hat, which is sold to
*3 50 We do a e ?sh business, meet with no los
?*s, but ?lve each customer full value for hi
maaey i- elt aid Straw Hata unusually low
?v 11 Agent for Drlscoll'a ttalm of a Thousam
Flowers Price 25 cents pqj bottle
ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa. avenue, Agan
fjr a Mew York Hat Company. m 24-tf
urotTn mi tiiLii m
0?nwalCommiaeion A Forwarding Merch an
Wo. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U. 8. Hotel.
WasumsToif Citt.D. C.
? ?-ly *
ani? gauze under gar.
m'-ais for *entl??inert.?Welnviteattentlor
of ?i'ntlemea in want of Sislk, Lisle Thread
Merino or Cotton Under Garments, for th* pres
ent season, to our superior stock We sre det*r
m!n*d to *e 1 th-m from this day forth at reduce*!
prices, as wf w!-h to prepare for the fall trade
Give us a call and buy ch^ap
?.GE??HD B VVHlT.S CO. Gent's Furnishln,
Stere, 332 Pa av , bet. 9 h and 10th sts Jy 12
June, the Steamer GEORGE ?ir*"* k.
PAGE will run at the follow!nir
Leave Alexandria at 4*, 8, 10, 12, 2*, 4*, and
8M o'c'ock.
o'clSk* w"bjQgt?n6, 9, 11, l*, 3*, 5tf, and 7
Je 29-tf ELLIS L PRICK, Captain.
ton will depart at the follow- _ -it ?? ^
lag hour*:
Leave Alexandria 7*, ?. n,
Ltave Washington...8. 10, 12. 2K, 4*,6%
Railroad at , a. m . to the fjx; r,
Manassas J uoctlen ; Manassas Jiflt
t0 i J "cinJvnTo,
Vv P?a,.#Prini.M' *"i?Ing at the Springs
by 5 o'clo-k In the artera on.
? or mouniTvernonT
A LEX A Nil RIA 75 (J EN i"S -The
steamer THOMAS COLLYER lea^fTOum?
t i at 9 aad Alexandria at o'clock
,v>^vhes,.,car.the 0aPtto1 for tHebostatHK
o'clock. Loach fare 10 cents.
Persons wishing the coaches will leave theli
#aC9wi'h & Thomas Parker.
Kfcfr^j'imeuts on the boat
--ir SAM'L GKDNEY, Captain.
DR. J. TIlrt It N K,
Corner 13r.h st and New York avaaue.
O?oe hours?? to io. 2 to 4, 6 to lu. m7-1m#
We have a very one assortment of Fa hlon
able White Beaver and Kelt Hat*, of all W \
?laalitle* and pric s, to which we respect- jjPCfc
f illv InvU* tae attention of tBl in want \vc of.
t.Tr.t.b*?rn at Jc?d prices. Call at GEO H H
WHITE A Cu.'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, ard
Gent's Kurnrsal.jg Establishment, 332 Penos.l
vanla avenue, between O.h and 10th sta. Jy 12
, Silver, (ne Steel, and Plated r<pe.ta
cles Gold, rtt^el, Shell,and Buffalo Eye Glasses
of all focii-<e?
Also, Magnifier^ of every description, snltabl;
f >r ?ngrav?-rs. physicians, draughtsmen. Ae.
? Partirnlar attention paid to the selection o)
Glass** suite* to the eyes of wearers
New GlasseH pui into old framei.
M. W. G AL T A BRO , Jewelers
Jy 12 tf ?4 Pa ay , bst. 9th and 10th sts.
MoiiAin, Madras, and boimkk
*7?VifsiAND Ti1E^ ~AU ,o want
aruc will please give us a c?ll, and exam nt
our assortment Prices low for cash
? . ? GKO H B WHITE A CO ,
Osofs Furnishing Store, 3fl, Pa ave , bet 0'1
and lOte streets. ' jy rj'
GINK, three horse power, locomotive bolW
It has be-ii In use at thi?> otM *. and Is offered foi
sa> b^riu.e It Is r?*p atfd ?ith a/itaglneof mucl
great-r power liwlilba fojrd<xti?m H ,er
vlasable, and will be sold low for cash. Je 24-tf
TUESDAY. JULY 29, 1856.
to all that suffer with defective si?ht,
caused by ace, sickness, and particularly front
5'"Judiciously selected, to bin superior
w TACLES and G LASSES carefully ground
by himself to a true sp erlctil accuracy, and bril
liant transparencv, suited precisely and benefi
cially to the wearer according to the concavity ot
convexity of the eve. V?y numerous a e the ill
effects caused to the precious organ of sight from
he commencement of using glasses in not ttolng
precisely suited, by the u?e of an Oi tometer; and
the practice of many years enables him to rr ens
ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass
es that are absolately required will be furnished
with precision and satisfaction
JOHN TOB1 AS sc nowledges the very libe
ral encouragement already obtained, and further
solicits the patronage of tnose that have not vet
availed themselves of his aid
Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send
ing the glasses In use, and state how many inch
es they can read this print with their spectacles,
can be supplied with such a* will improve ibelr
Innumerable testimonials to b? seen; and ref
erences given to many who have derived the
greatest ease and comfort from his glasses.
Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No.
n fi sviT r'R r' t,lTee doors jrom
Odd Fellows' Hall, vr stairs.
u. TM_ Q Nor r on, September 7, 1*34.
i. Spectacles you made for m- suit verv
well, and seem to have improved my sight more
than any other 1 hare lately tried.
k,1 H?Vw.trlfd a pa1r ???ctacles obalned from
. 'r. robins and find them of great assistance to
mvaiiiht and coj responding with his description
of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful op
Having bern induced hy a friend to vlsitthe ee
t'hlishment of Mr Tobias f?r tbe purpose of try
ing hi* glawes, I was furnished by him with a
pair slightly colored blue, which have afforded
mi re relief and gratification than eny I have
ever tried My slj>ht, originally very good, was
Injured bv writing and reading at night, fre
quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of
the?e glasses I can s-udy almost as lat? as ?ver,
a^d that too without the piln I have previously
?uttered. JOHN WILSON,
Late Commissioner Gea'l Laud Office.
Decamberll, 1^55.
T have u?ed Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three
or four months, and take great pleasure in sav
lng that 1 am much pleased with tbem. I have
been much beuefltuxx by them
May 5th,ls>55. GEOR. P. SCARBUR6H.
1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a
skillful optician; atdas I have eyes of remark
able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that .Mr
Tobias seemed to comprehecd them l.y inspec
tion and some slight measurement, and he has
nude me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad
July 11, 18M. A.P.BUTLER.
? , Wilmington, N. C., Jan. 27, 19M
Mr J Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to sav
that the Spectacles w ich I obtained from you last
we?k are entirely satlsfa to-y. From an Inequal
ity in the visual ranee of m? eyes, I have bereto
found treat difficulty in petting glares of the
proper focal distance It affords me pleasure ro
state that, by tbe aid of your optometer, this diffi
cult-has been happily obviated sothattheelasses
you furnished me are dec dedty the best adapied
to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used
Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANE,
Rector of St James'Parish.
DirARTMENT OF Ijitrrior, May7, 185.5.
- rom natu'a! defects and the un-rqual range of
my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for
several years I have tried different opticians
without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my
eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two
pairs especially for me. which I have found to
serve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer
he is enab ed to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye.
I most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all
htving occasion to use glasses and hear my testi
mony as to his skill as an optician
Assist Sec'y to sign Lang Warrants.
^ ? *???OPERA GLASSES of great va*ietv
M AKER GLASSES, and many other articles In
this line at very low prices constantly on hard
Jy 18-ly
on hand the largest and
mo*t extensive assort
m nt o Gentlemen*'
and Ladles' Sole I eath
<* Travllrg Trunk.Iron
and Wood Frame
Packing Trunks, V?u u m
ces Bonnet Boies, new siyle; Carpet h,Kh of all
.. A,"?> ajje-eral assortment
of Ladle* , Gents', Boys', and.Misse* Shoes, all
colors and stiles. All wishing to purchase any
of the above atticles win fln<flt t0 their advan
' ?k!i? .* my 8tock before purchasing else
where Call at S P. HOOVER 'S7
n Penn. ave., bet u:h and 10th
Jy *- streets.
medical card.
pathlc physic an, has the honor to offer his
vlMnlty l? Inhabitants of Washington and
Office and Residence on I street, No. 1S8, be
tween XOth and 21st streets ' '
,, *N B?Homeophalhlc medicines for sale, which
the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest
care, for t ever and Ague, for Bllous and Bowel
complaints, Ac., Ac. m n*_3ra
rtlRS. M. K. 1IARVKI,
BJSsVW&S'i street' ? nnd H,
tn?t ?iie han In her eipploy the
Earn*? person* that were formerly
in the establishment, who are fully
competent to conduct the Undertaking Business:
and 'hat every attention wlU be glv'n to calls
day or night, as heretofore m 10 6m
i-v . tore tbe larges and most reliable
assortment of PI an OS ever offeied InlTTTTrl
this cltv, consisting of every style and finish a'd
ranging In price from fl50 to #-<00
J'id Pianos taken la pirt payment for new
year,an0S renl by eveQlD?? month, quarter, or
Also, Melodeons, GulUrs, Violins, Viollncel
los. F lutes, Accotdeons, Strings, Ac.
Ours is ti?-? largest Masic and Musical Instru
ment Establishment in the District, No 30* Pa
avenue, between 8th and 10th streets, near Wash
ington City Savlngs^ank.
Kile and Retaliate I BBS'S Hair Dressing Es
Ubllsamenton Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th
ant 10:h sireets, and under Wlllards' Ho el
in y-eoJm
of? erB ~We have J,Itl opened a further supply
Gauze Merino Shirts and Drawers
Do cotton da do
1)0 "1^ do do
Making our assortment complete.
. ? - ALSO ?
our i^u^ s^Vnio"^"# ?i ^I*1' Gauntletts, with
fo JneV * " PJ? y ?i~h0,ce KitracU, Soaps, Co
fy I? BTEVENS'S Salesroom.
Browns' Hotel.
W"lrresDon^lh'A*^ PIANOS FROM
Irresponsible traveling agents,
v. irresponsible traveling agents,?
when you can get i Washington city!
the very l^t quality ^t prlc< ? which vtrUl'beauar*
F ELLIS'" lOV,dtMy country from J&HN
Always on hand, from 20 to 30 Pianos of everv
style and finish. Second-hand Pianos taken in
?xchan2e Pianos for rent, Ac 1,1
RfmemWr -No 306, between 9th and 10th *t>
near Savings Bank. ) f ,,B '
a-r Komar.ce, embracing the periods of the Tei
as Revolution and the Mexican War. l;y the Hon.
Jertin ah Ckmens, of Ala bauu; pike or e dailar
franva Taylor.
I Excursion of the cason The _ ^
friend? of tAJ*T WASH 1NGTON
MISSION have chartered the large and popmrr
steamer A LICK C PRICE,Capt Baker, which
will leave he whnrf at Georgetown, at 6 o'c ock ;
Seventh street, Washington, at7; Blagden's
wharf. Wavy Yard, at7){, and Alexandria atPtf,
a m , on THURSDAY, the 3!st instant, and pro
ceed down the river sixty miles to A U I A
CHEEK. then remain about three hours, and then
return to the above wharves by sundown
Tickets ?FIFTY CENTS; Children half
pr'ce, to be bed at Messrs Kemeck, Orm, Half,
Murray's, Newman's, Jewel's, and Essex, of
Georgetown. Messrs. White, Moore, Steer, Clay
ton, Kennedy,of Washington. McPheson's drug
store, fapltol Hill, and members and friends of
the Mission, Navy Yard Confectionery onboard,
and dinner 25 cents
P. S. Those desiring dinner are requested to
procure tbeir dinner tickets previous to the dav of
the Excursion. JyM4>
On MONDAY, August 4th.
to announce to their friends, _ ^
Civic and Military, that y "'1'1 ft"/ imV
give tbclr Fourth Annual Excursion to the White
House, on MON DAY, August 4th, 1S3J
The firs* b^at will leave Georgetown at S o'clk
a m., \V ashington at W, snd the Navy Yard at 9.X,
and '*1)1 touch at Alexa'drla. and thence to the
Wblt? House Returning, will leaveat 6)f o'clk
The second boat will leave Washlagton at'io'clk,
p. m , and proceed direct to the White House
Returning, wi.l leave -it 10 o'clk.
The Montgomery Guards pledge themselves to
spare no pains to mike this Kxcursion as agrea
ble as any they have heietofore given
Refreshments will be provided by an experi
enced caterer.
Es uta'* excellent Cotillon Music Is engaged
for the occasion
Tickets O^E DOLLAR; to be ?ad of the
Committeeof Arrangements, at the Eldora House,
and at the wharf on the day of the excursion.
Committee of Arrangentente.
Capt Key, l.l'ut Callan,
Lieut Kellehan, Quartermaster Maher,
Sergt burke, private Molone.
jy_96-7t _
Batchers of G-eorgetown,
A spectfullv Inform th?lr fellowwBb*?-??,,, , \
craftsmen and the public that theygflBBMH
intend glving? ou MONDAY, August 4th, an
Excursion to the above named points.
Ti e commodious Packet-boit M. C MEIGS,
Captain W. H Hitter, has been engaged for the
occasion, and all who may accompany them may
rest sssnred that no pains will he stared to mike
It decidcdly the most agreeable trip of the season
Refreshments served on baard the boat at city
Tickets,cdmlttlng a gentlenran ard lady, ONE
A large hall at the Falls for dancing, and the
best Cotillon Musi.-, bas been engaged for the oc
The boat will leave the wharf of W. II. &. II.
G Kitt ratOa m precisely.
Committee of Arrangements?The Georgetown
jy -28-6t WM H HOMILLER, Pres't.
Pioneer Constitutional Association.
?tltutional Association respe t
fully announce to their friends ? rfgj , j,.. I
Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, that j
they will give tl.eir first grand excursion to the ]
White House Pavlliion on WEDNESDAY, July
3ftth. The Committee of Arrangements pledge I
themselves that no eff ?rt will be spared to maV.e j
this one of the most pleasant Excursions of the i
season. j
Scott's Brnsj and String Band Is engaged for I
The Refreshment department is in the hands of :
an excillent caterer
Tbet?te?mer GEORGE WASHINGTON will
leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, a. m . Washing
ton at 9, Navy Yard at 1ft. and Alexandria at lOjf
The second boat will leave Wa?bing'cn at *2
o'clock p. m , Na^v Yardi!#. and Alexandria at
3 The last boat will leave the White House at
II o'clock, p m.
Tickets???NE DOLLAR, admlting a gentle,
man and ladles?to ba had of any of the Ct Remit
tee or members of the association.
Commtttre of Arrangements.
W E Spalding, 1 i Random, WT T Dove,
F T Wilson, D C Lee, W Fletcher,
W Rlggles, A Carrol, W R Greble,
R C Booth, J Mel'* rmott, S C Mlckuin,
C. Williams.
Jy 22-eo4t*
4v9 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
late of Philadelphia, and
NORFLET of this city,
respectfully announce to
their friends and the public, that they have com
menced the Saddling Business at the above stand,
where they will make and keep constantly on
hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens',
Ladles', and Bcyss SADDLES, BRIDLES.
every description, both for city and country use.
All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR
All material c?od will be the best that can be
obtained; and both of us having been practical
workmen for several years, we feel confident that
cur work cannot be curnassed, either for style or
durability. By unremitting effcrts to give satis
faction we hope to merit, ana respectfully solicit,
a share of public patronage.
Pastlcular attention paid to coverlag Traaks
and repairing all kinds of work.
Sad4lers: tools constantly on hand. c?v 7?t!
Georgetown, Las received, from New,
York, ladles Baton's KID GLOVES
white, black and colored; gents, do do r.
ladles and gents Jaff ta Silk and Lisle
Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of
bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities;
bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose; misses
and boys' Hose and Half Hose.
Particular attention being paid to keeping a
good assortment of the very best makes of the
above goods, purchasers may depend upon get
ting a good article as cheap as the Bume quality
can be nought elsewhere.
ml-tr JOHN H. SMOOT.
Dr. munson has taken and fitted
up the house formerly occupied
by Major Robert Kevworth. No.
Pennsylvania avenue, and Is now
ready to fulfil his old engagements and make new
ones Dr M is still making those beautiful
continuous Gum Teeth,called Allen s Patent, for
the excel ency of which over all other styles of
teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will
cheerfully vouch. There Is one Dentist In this
tity who has been infringing the patent, and
made a bad Imitation of It, against whom 1 here
by caution the public
N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against
Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when
properly constructed, It is because he la ignorant
of the proctss, lncom etent to make the work, or
is unwilling to pay -or the patent
Dr M. Is now extracting teeth without pain by
a new and perfectly safe process.
References as informer advertisement. Jel?-tf
The following are the terms
PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, vli:
Per week fS 00
Per month 9^0 10
jy 10-lm
, ^ * AT THR
July 2Rlh,
Mala department ?First district school, Mr.
S. John Thomson, Teacher?A silver medal to
James T. Sotheron. Hannah E Weaver, (pre
sented uy the teacher,) Th xnas F Hark ness,
(presented by the secretary;) Hickey's Con
stitution of the United States to James (liven;
premiums for exemplary conduct to Oiren Bes
tor, James Given, Edward Schall, James T.
Sotbcron, Alonzo Weaver; premiums f >r prc
fici*acy and improvement to William Sehnll,
Edward Schall. Levin Sotboron, Thomas Wil
ley Owen Willey; premium for punctuality to
Thomas F. llarkness; diplomas to James W.
Bennett. Pascal Heller, Clinton Little, Oscar
Little, (I Sobiebler; honorably mentioned
Thomas F Harkuess, James Sithoron, Han
son Weaver, Thomas Willey, Owen Willey;
pupils who have not been absent over five days,
Owen Bestor, John Green, Thoma* Ha.kness,
Charles Hinton, Oscar Little, James Sotboron,
Levin Sotboron, Hanson Weaver, Tbes Wil
ley, Owen Willey.
Ftmale department, Mi.-s Mary F. Middle
ton, Assistant Teacher?A silver medal to Sa
rah \ Triplett; premiums for exemplary con
duct to Fannie A. Middleton, Clarice E Bou
vet, Emily E Tucker, Caroline S Devaughan,
Mnry A Triplet!; premiums for proficieuey
and improvement to Letitia B Allen, Jessie
F. Middleton, Eliza J Borland, Su?an M.
Watson, Laura A. Shedd; premium-) for punc
tuality to Clarice E. Bouvet; diplomat to de
serving pupils for deportment, Laura A
Leckron, Minerva F. Maoaboy, Mary E
Boyd; for improvement to Mary A Fuimore,
Sarah L. S Hilton; honorably mentioned,
Sarah V. Triplctt, Fanaia A Middleton.
Lnura A Lickron. Jes;i2 F. Middlet a. Le
titia B. Allen
Male Primary School, Mrs M E Rodier,
PrirfCipal?A silver medal to George F Gra
bam; premiums for exemplary deportment to
S T Graham, Thomas Higgle#, William J
Davis, James A. Daw, Richard A Lucas;
rcmiums for improvement and proficiency to
ames W. Moss, Williria H Deg^cs, Thomas
Sullivan, William Rigglcs; Charles J Rider;
diplomes to deserving pupils for improvement
to Thomas R;<?glcj, John J Berry; good con
duct, Walter G. Adatus. Magruder Waters
Junior department, Bliss M. J Mills, Assis
tant?A silver medal to John William Hark*
ncss; premiums for exemplary conduct to
William Q'iint.er, John Espey. Edwin Perkins,
James Mulligan, Duncan Perkins ; premiums
f< r improvement and proficiency to James
Mulligan, George Poor, Ilenry Parker. Albert
Sioussa, Daniel Whildin ; diplomas to deserv
ing pupils, for good conduct, Fielder Dorsctt,
for penmanship, Paradise Kelly, for improve
ment. Ferdinand Espey, Albert Finicum ; hon
orably mentioned, Willie Fowler for punctu
Primary School, No. 1, Miss G Wells, Prin
cipal?A silver medal to Martha K Kelly ;
tremiums for exemplary conduct to Charlotte
-elburgge, Julia Davison, Joanna Ililbus,
Maria Allen, and Adcilo Tait; premium** for
proficiency and improvement to Caroline Fow
ler, Sophia R C^ok. Elizabeth Elwood, Mary
B 'teler, and R >si Bates; premiums for punc
tuality to M try Vifier at d M irtliy Kelly; di
plomas to deserving pupil?, M >r> Visser, Ma
ria Alien, and Miry Eiw<- >d; honorably mcn
tii ned for punctuality, Aoua T.-it. Caroline
Fowler, Sarah S-'ronj, Joanna llilbus, and
Julia Davison.
Primary School, No 2 (Senior department,)
MiiJ A H Lowe, Princtp 1?A silver medal
to Toresa Virginia Pour; a silv r nit-dal (pre
sented by tho sub-board) to Catherine Virgin
ia Higgles; premiums for exemplary deport
ment to Ellen Brown, Catherine r rank, Sallie
Ellin, Cecilia Parker Mary J. Miller; pre
miums for proficiency and improvement to
Mary Worth. Amelia Gut'enson. Amelia Gard
ner, Laura Cook, Emma D.svis; premiums for
punctuality to Catherine Virginia R gglce,
Amelia Gultenson; diplomas to deserving pa
ils to Mary McGlue, improvement, MaryGra
am, do , Jane Brannan. good cocduct.
Junior department, Miss A. V Bates, Assis
tant?A silver medal to MaryM Turton; pre
miums for exemplary conduct to Emma Lin
kins, Sus^n Chism. Sophia Sutton, H innah
Parker, Christina Hager ; premiums for im
provement and proficiency to Esther McGlue,
Fannie Thompson, Christina Hager, Josephine
Guttenson, fciusan Moffi'; diplomas to deserv
ing pupils to Alice Frank, Willie Rodier,
Emma Norbeck; premium for punctuality to
Kate Kane.
Primary School No 3, (Senior department,)
Mi ss Jane M Thompson, Principal?A silver
medal to Georgetta King ; premiums for ex
emplary conduct to Mary F. Davis, Catharino
A Baum, Martha Moreland,Uannah Cunning
ham, Jane Tree; premiums for improvement
and proficicncy to Thomas Pcugb, James F
Plant, Lewis Clarke, Margaret Courtner,
Josephine Harrington; premium for punctual
ity to Georgetta King; diplomas to deserving
pupils to Ella Norton, Catharine Norton, good
conduct; James S Skirving, improvement
Junior department, Miss Richie, Assistant
Teacher?A silver medal to Joseph H. France,
premiums for exemplary conduct to Alexan
der Stewart, Elizabeth Reiss. E V. Croggin,
Sarah E. Goddard. M. A. Crampsey ; premi
urns for proficiency and improvement to 11.
Clay Coburn, Elizabeth Fairbanks, A Mc
Gonigle, V. Drew, 8 Cunningham; diplomas
to deserving pupils to Samuel Skirving, Co
rinna Martin, Anna Boss
Primary School. No. 4, Mrs S. E Coale,
Teacher?A silver medal to Henrietta Kibble;
premiums for exemplary deportment to Mary
Collision, Anna Banister, William Anderson,
Alexander Kibble, Mary J Collins; premi
ums for proficicncy and improvement to Fan
nie Coale. Ann M Collins, Virginia liosely,
Susan Anders >n, Robert Ritchie; diplomas to
deserving pupils to Julia Pearce, Jane E.
Richie, llenjamin Curry.
Senior department?T M Wilson, Teacher.
A silver medal to Harrison ltoby ; premiums
for exemplary conduct to William D Lindsay,
Albert Scrivener, J. T Ford, Win. Daniels,
S. H Clements; premiums for proficiency and
improvement to Benjamin Scrivener, Wm.
Maccabee, J. W. Mckean, Thomas L. Wade,
Henry Thorn; diplomas to deserving pupils,
Henry C Bates, Robert J Randolph, J. W.
Filias, E L Frieze, Eugene Gaither; honor
ably mentioned, S H. Clements, J. T. Ford.
Junior division, Mrs. Emily Myers, Teach
er-A silver medal to John Maguire; pre
miums for exemplary conduot to James McK.
Davis, James A. Clark, Henry Buete, Charles
Thom, Henry Dahlo ; premiums for improve
ment and proficiency to Samuel Bacon, Alvan
Reed, William D Todd, James Williams,
David Hazard ; diplomas to deserving pupils
to James K. P. Dement, Mathias Hagerty,
Charles Buete, Theodore McKean, Thomas
Faujkner; premiums for punctuality to Jas.
McK Davis, Alexander Crutchett; honorably
mentioned?George W. Lewis Duncan Che
del, Elijah Edmonston, Albert Grimes, Gran
ville I'eddecord.
Female department, Mrs. Susan B. Ran
dolph, Assistant Teacher?A silver medal to
Elbertine H. Phillips; premiums for exempla
ry eonduct to Susan Lewis, Aliee Mcintosh,
Ellen Fowble, Cornelia Hazard, Oiivia Mac
Gill; premiums for proficiency and improve
ment to Margaret Seiffert, Fanny Lord, Susan
Flenner, Laura Fowble, Sarah Lusby; pre
miums for punctuality to Margaret R Jones,
Emma R bage, Margaret E Flenner
Male Primary, Mrs; R. M Ogden, Teacher ?
A silver medal to Jotin T Pomory; premiums
tor exemplary conduct to W. C. Pomery, Ge >,
V. Kmg, Samuel Robertsou, Jas K M<juie
and Wm. Lemon; premiums for improvement
and proficiency to Wm. Handley, Hatnline
Magruder, Frank Myers, Joseph Y. Pott*, and
J. C. Rowland; premium to James Espey
Douglass for punctuality; diplomat* for punc
tuality and general improvement to Chas. P
Wannall, Richard Goddard, Kdward Owsnn,
and Obtrles C. Duncanson
Primary School No 1, Miss K. Parson*,
Teacher?A silver medal toNettie Pumphr*y;
premiums tor exemplary deportment to Eliza
Angel, Amanda Hays, Annie Baird. Martha
Prober, and Mary Polkinhorn ; premium- for
proficiency and improvement to Annie M*El
fresh, Jane Polkinhorn. Fannie Piggntt. Mai
tha Walker, Mary McConnell; diplomas to
deserving pupils, Kate llopkins, improve
ment: Kate Cohen, deportment and punctu
ality ; Marion Hazard, improvement and
punctuality ; premium for punctuality t<>
J me Harry ; honorably mentioned, Sarah
McCafferty. Lizzie Dahle, Miry Conner. Mar
tha Prather, Marv Mullen
Prim ay School No 2. (Senior department.)
Misa Lucy II. Randolph. Teacher ?A silver
medal to Catharine Higgles ; premiums for
exemplary conduct to Rachel Weaver, Caro
line Miller, Arianna Hutchins. Imogen Mc
Cutchen, Mary Greer; premiums for imj rove
inent and proficiency to Emma Walker. E iza
beih Sterling. Virginia Lingley, Virginia
Howard, Edward Lane; diplomas to Frances
Furgerson, Lydia Harkne?s, Hobert Harrisor;
premiums for punctual attendance to Catha
rir.e Higgles; honorably mentioned for punc
tuality, iv?rah Fowble, Elizabeth Humphreys
Thomas Howard. George Dalton, Virginia
Junior department. Miss Kate McCarthy
Assistant Teacher?A silver metal to Philip
Loranger; promiums for exemplary conduct
to Laura Wallinsford, Margaret Higgles. Mary
C. Stone, Annie Gosllne, Rebecca Siuart;
premiums for improvement and proficiency to
MargHret Sullivai, Johanna Taltv. Sallie
Dalton. Samuel Herbert, Julien Wright;
premiums for punctuality to Laura Wallins
ford, Margaret Higgles, Granville Farquhar;
diplomus to John Becker. Amelia Mar-<elas ;
honorable mentioned Marion E Randolph.
Albert Waut?h, John Higgles, Annie (iosiice,
Alice Wallinsford.
Primary School No 3 Miss Frances H<?r
shaw. Teacher.?A silver medal to Virginia
Moran ; a silver medal (presented by the
teacher) to Mary Darrell, equally deserving
the medal. but is awarded a premium Catha
rine Werner; premiums for oxeaip'ary conduct
to Mary Moran, Harriet Collins, Martha l'ur
dy. Mary Purdy. Sarah Williams; premium
for attendance. Win. Forrest; honorably men
tioned, Lydia Webster. Wm Webb. Taylor Es
sex. Jas Bccker, Chas. Chambers ; pem urns
for improvement and proficiency to Sarah
Furdy. Fannie Gudgiu, Rebecca O'Brien.
Polk Edwards, John Adams; diplomas to
Scott Towers, Theodore Mu'grove, Sucrate*
Primary school No 4, (Senior department,)
Miss Emily V Billing. Teacher?A silver med
al to Emma F Redman, premiums for exem
plary conduct to Maggie B France, Eleanor T
: ilutchins, R ichol Nye, E E. Phillips E Wat
I ton; premiums for improvement and prficien
} cy to Louisa Hutt'-n, Doriuder E Duvall. Eliza
j Woodruff. Maggie L Moore, L .ura R^bin
i eon; premium for good conduct and punc
; tuality to Alice F Magruder; diplomas for
; conduct to L?ur.a E Es^ex, Caroliue Browa;
? for conduct and improvement. Mary B M ?ore.
| Junior department, Miss Ellen Hawkins.
A.->sis'ant T< achcr?A filver medal to Cathe
' rino Withorow; premiums for exemplary con
duct to Charlei Williams, Jauett Laurie. Re
! becsa G. Moore, Catherine Wright, Ellen
' Ilagerty; premiums fir improvement to Mary
A. Loury, lleWecca Duvall, William Taff, Ed
? ward Becker. John Laurie ; dipl- m *.<? to Eu
gene Adams, Florence Gordon, Emanuel Re
Primary School No. 5, Miss Ellen Titus
! Ward. Teacher?A silver medal for cxem
| plary conduct, punctuality, and improvement
to Robert Lavender; premium-for proficiency
' aud luiprovemont to Virginius C. C. ay ton.
James S. Clayton, Elbert F. Turner Mary J.
Joslin, Heury Howard; premium- f>r oxem
' plary conduct to Thoina. G. Hoover, M irtha
A Defers, M*ry E Kiiig. Theela Lippoldt,
i John N Hoover; premium tor punctuality to
'? Robert Lavender, ; diplomas for punctuality
; to Matthews Lavender; good conduct to Caro
line V. Kaiser; improvement, Sarah LeiHer.
Male Department, (Senior department,v
Mr. John Fill, Teacher ?A silver medal to
! John Francis Tue!: premiums for exemplary
conduct to John Entwietle, F Oliver Blake,
Frances Lewis. George G Coombe, George
; Burgess ; premiums for improvement and pr )
; ficiency to Francis McCathran, Francis Law,
j Charles Mead, John W. Cross, George Fillius;
premium for regular attendance to John
Francis Turl; diplomas to Jbiu-js Kelly, Chris
i topher Arnold James Carroll. Robert Langley.
Junior Department, Mr. Wm W McCath
? ran, Assistant Teachcr.?A sliver medal to
i Robert H Mitchell; premium- for exemplary
; conduct to Thomas B Cross, Herschel Main,
j Wesley J Berkley, James Berry, E bridge
G. Bartlett; premiums for proficiency a"d im
provement to Joseph Acton, John T Keiih
j ley. Edward A. Caalc, Valentine Roper, J.-hn
Missimer; premiums for regular attendance to
Joseph Acton, Robert H Mitchell, Edward A
Cadle; diplomas to William Clark. JohaDin
' oho, Daniel Harrison, Cleophas Lusby
1 Female department, Misa Mary A Mirick,
? Assistant Teacaer?A silvor medal to Martha
: Thompson, Georgiana Lewis (presented by the
, Sub-B"ard;) premiums for exemplary conduct
i to Margaret Felger, Mary Ann Hill, Martha
i Thompson. Joanna Barrett, Dorothy Felger;
! premiums for improvement to Georgiana Lew
is. Ann Hardy, Martha Thompson, Amanda
! King, Julia Bright; premiums tor regular at
; tendance to Isabella Holroyd, Ann Prospiri,
I Joanna Barrett, Amanda Baud, Alice Griffith ;
. honorably mentioned, Amanda King. Martha
i Thompson, Margaret Fulger, Ann Hardy.
Sally Holroyd.
Male Primary School, Mr. H. Henshaw,
teacher?A silver medal to Joseph Clarke,
i premiums for exemplary conduct toThaddeus
I Bean. George Williams, Henry Bessmt. Ed
I ward Hager, Thomas Railey. premiums for
? proficien *y in study and improvement to Au
gustus Prosperi, Charles Greenfield, Edward
Mudd, Lemuel Barnes, Edward McFariand;
premium to Joseph Clark; honorably men
tioned, Augustus Prosperi, George Acton.
Thomas Railey. Wm F Marks, J no D^wns:
diplomas to John Luskey, W alter Kennedy,
Edward Hager, Charles Jones.
Primary School No. 1, (Senior department )
Francis Elvans, Teacher?A silver medal to
Susan MoConnell; premiums for exemplary
conduct to Sarah E Nalley, Ellen E Sander
son, Louisa A Mitchell, Elihu Bradley, Mil
ton Meades; premiums for general improve
ment and proficiency to Win A. Dodge. Jere
miah Sullivan, Ella J . Stanford, Emily Mitch
ell, Wm. Haugh, premiums to Celestia A
Hunt, Zachar> Taylor Owens; diplomas to
Clarence Dodge, Emma Waters, John \V . Halt;
honorably mentioned. Mary V. Collins, Emma
J. Collins, John U. Weeden, George G. Pot
ter, Lemuel Weeden.
Junior department, Misa Isabella Acton,
Assistant Teacher?A silver medal to Wint
fred McNamara ; premiums for exemplary
conduct to Caroline Donoho. Murgaret Sulli
van, Joanna Ofi'enstein, Paulina Wilaon. Rob
ert Wilson ; medals for improvement to Geo.
Barnes, Dflniel C.illaghan. Win. Killmon, Jos.
Bradley, Margaret Mull"/ ; honorably men
tion, Caroline Donoho, Susan Hess, Georga
Barnes, Martin Thompson, Ignatius Miller;
diplomas to Kate Smyth, Lamartine Camparis,
W lllie Kid well
Primary School No. 2 (Senior department,)
Miaa Laura Hilton, Teacher ?A silver medal
to Elisabeth Gates; premiums for exemplary
conduct to Matilda Kdelin, Sallie Grime',
Margaret Wood, Francis McDauiel, G^rgj
A Jones; premiums for improvement to Mar
garet Muudell, Mary Soala, Hannah Urm
This excellent Family and Newi Journal?con
ta'.nlng ? greater ?or1?y of lntereattog reading tban
can be found In anv other?1? published on Satur
day morning
Single copy, per
to clc?s.
Five copies #5 00
Ten roplfi ?* M?
Twenty copies U Ub
lC7-Ca.M, unauiLf m anvasca
single copies (In wrappers) oau be procured
at the counter, immedlateh after the laaue of tbe
paper Price?Tnaa* Ck*t?
Poptmi?tii? who act a* agent* will beallowed
a commission of twenty per rent
well. Fannie Walker, Isabella Birne*; pre
mium for punctuality to Elizabeth
diploma* to Julian Nottingham, Elizabeth
Berry. Daniel Berkley
Junior department Mis* Mary Brush, A?
s stint Teacher. (pro trmport)?A silver medal
to Eliza L.llle ; premiums for exemplary on
due*, to Eliza Bradley. Martha Mun Jell, J >hn
B?r?n, Jitmfi Vfalcb, Peter Little: preu. um?
f>r improvement to Mary C ilayden, Sarah
Jacobs. Anna Thomps n. John Bradley. Mary
A. Curvey; premium for punctuality to Eliza
Little; honorably mentioned. Beale Turner;
diplomas to John Clement*. John Wilkerton,
Peter Little
Primary School No 3.Xn.Elix?W Clarke,
Teacher?A silver medal to Klenora Selbev .
l remiums for exemplary conduct to Mary K.
Pegg, Caroline Bladen, Olive Jackson. John
Bailey, Charles Stockett; pr-miumi for profi
ciency and improvement to Emma Glasgow.
Jul a Padgett. John Patterson, Samuel Hin
linc, 1* rancis I roas ; premium* fi?r regular at
tendance to Peter Davis; honorably men
tioned, William Kennedy,John Adams, Anna
Pegg, Margaret Bright. William Gordon ;
diplomas to Benjamin Simmond*. Robert Me
Farland, Norri? Piggott.
Primary School No. 4, Mis* Jane Mom,
Teacher ?A silver meJal to Mary Griffith,
Lremiums for exemplary conduct to Alberta
right, Elixabeth Arm stead, Annie Pons. Isa
bella Artb, Wiliiam Dixon; premiums for im
provement in study and proficisncy to Jane
Arcictea?l. Ann C. Bohlayer, Chas Venable.
James Tultavull, Alexander K Cook; pre
miums for regular attendance to Emma Salic
bury, M*rv Hutchison, Wm Wrench; diplo
mas to Emma Champion, Alice Rassell,
Joanna llaskin, honorably mentioned, Geo.
(1 >rdon,Wm Dencale, Mary JesunoUky, Mary
Primary School No 5. Mi?* II N lien, haw
Tta?hcr ?Silver medal to J >hn Collin-*; pre
miums lor exemplary eonduet to Patrick d;
N a ma re, Mary Anderson. M u-garet Simmon*.
Wi liim Batcman, Thomas Murray; | reicuan
lor proficiency to Pri^cilla Collin*, M try Jones.
Laura Johnson, Marv Kelly, Robert Bealor
diploma* to Thomas McGraw, John Oglestine,
John Kelly
Primary School, No. 6. Mrs M Freeman,
Tcicher?A silver medal to Anna Vanh-m ;
premiums for exemplary conduct to Elizabeth
Ferguson, Mary Tuoby. Martha Van born,
Christina Snyler,George Mowbray; premium
for punctuality to Alice Flynn ; premiums for
improvement and proficiency to Ellen M <? ri
n*r. M l ssa Bean, J^hn Crier. George Wi-e.
Wallis Barron; premiums (preeentM by the
tcacher) to Janus Policy. Georg) Tboaips- c.
B'aoche Alain*; diplomas to deserving pupils
to Caroline Bean. Julia Thompson, Thoma*
R. Coombe; honorably mentioned, Zacbanah
Thomas, Thomas Fiynn, Leomdas Smith, Ll
i ander Van Reswick. Arthur Van Reswick.
Fourth district school, male department,
. Mr JuhnE Thompson,Teacher?First honor?,
! silver medals, to Wm Asbdown and Jas II.
( M ijcee; prcm.ums for exemplary conduct to
lleury S Petty, Saml Amery, Jno I) E'li*.
Geo A. iiiutou. W II Kidwell: prem.um for
? proficiency and improvement to Peter W
j Pearson. Jno Jesse CK>k, J ;hn P Ja-jbv W
j HalliJay, Timothy Toumey; diplomas for im
> provement to Q T Thompson, Francis Skin
ner, W II Hazard R. P Veatman. Samuel
| Po'.kinborn.
Female department. Miss Margaret A Mil
i burn. Assistant Teacher?A silver med *1 to
. Mis* ilarbuugh : a silver modal (presented by
: tl.e teacher) to Artemeaia Hail; premiums for
: exemplary c >ndu;t to Alice Hercu*. Mary
Amidon, Sarah Eckloff. Geneva Reed, Siana
Robsry; premiums f?>r proficiency in study
and improvement to Laura Thomas, Hannie
j Tunnell, Viola Hinton, Mary Brumficld. Fan ?
. Dy Hall; premiums (awarded by the teacher)
. to Amanda Linton. Mary Thompson, Sarah
Barnbouse. Auna Kelly; premium* to Au<>e
, llercai, Siam R?bey. L- Thomas, Haa
nie Tunnell, Harriet Slagee. Clementine Ma
gee, Josephine Lee, Virginia Harbaugh. Vii
; giuia Jones; diplomas to Maria N ?rris, for
? improvement in reading, Martha Cornwall.
food conduct; Emma Cooper, improvement,
leien Petty, good conduct: Margaret Gwi
? dard. improvement in reading honorably
mention, Artcme?ia Hall, Sarah Eckl >ff. Mary
| Amidon, Goneva Reed. Am^nia Liuton
M ile Primary School, Mr Augustus E >on,
Te icher?A silver medal to Charles S&nford
premiums for proficiency in study and im
provement to Winfield S. lloby, Louis Pbill:}>?
pi, Louis Brahler, John Cameron, <*e ?r^e Mil
ler; premiums for exemplary conduct to A!
( fred Jacobs, Franklin 0 borne. Arthur Yeat
. man, Columbus Leddon, Hamilton Hazard .
1 diplomas to Thomas W Adams, Andrew John
! son, James Haliday. Wm Greenwell; houor
ably mentioned. Edward Brahler, Lewis Bird,
j Edward Lacy. William 0 Brten
Primary School No 1 Mi-.; Annie M
Adams, Teacher?A silver medal to Charles
El ward Walker; premiums for exemplary
conduct to Virginia Ford, Columbus Hall, Joo
Shipler, Belin 1% Palmer, Mary Knight; prcm
iums for proficiency in study and improvement
to John Dod, Joseph Lowry. Lizzie Santord,
Lizzie Cranston, Jannette Evans : premium
for regular att?ndanoe to L'zzie Toomey ;
honorably mentioned. Ruth Johnson. M iry
McQuay. Tnotnaa M >rtimer, Charlie Worrell,
George Walker; diplomis to Emily V. Cox
K ite Jacobs, Thomas Freser
Primary School, No 2, Miss M. A. Lee,
Teacher ?Silver medal to L>uisa Adams; pre
miums for exemplary conduct to Alice Glad
den, Sarah Wale, Thomas Reese, Cornelia
Gladden, Laviuia Barnbouse; premiums for
| rr? ficienoy and improvement to Mary Barn
i house, Ella Mitohcll. Elizabeth B*rnes Willio
| Whitmore, Jamus William*; premiums for
I regular attendance, Louisa Adamtr, honorable
! mention, Mary Barnhouse. Miry Hopkins,
Thomas Frever, Charles Harman; diplomas
> to deserviug pupils, Mary Scott, Kate Palmer,
Clara Magee.
Primary School No 3, Mrs. E.ixtbeth E.
! Asbdown, Teacher?A silver medal to Wil
, liam J. Mitchell; premiums for exsmplarpr
' deportment to Marion F Kid well. Emily F
| Warnick, Mary F Dulin, Henry Whyte, Clin
i ton Thomas; premium* for improvement to
i Mary E Brar.zeil Virginia Smithson, Sarah
1 E. Gunnell, Naomi N Allen. Rebecca Rhyon,
diplomas to Emily Birnhouae. Susan Lee Re
. becca Wilson; premium* to Viola M Hawes,
I Harriet R Bailey, Henry Vernon John
I Phipps; honorably mentioned, Henry Tayl r,
! Emily Warnick, lleury Whyte, Willie Mit
I cbell, Virginia Phipps.
Exi-iTma Rack ?Tuesday afternoon an ex.
citing foot race came off between one of W
M Judd's clerks and a young girl about 14
years oil. The girl had the start, bat was
burdened with u piece of giij^ham, which
gave the boy the advantage. The girl, per
ceiving this, threw the goods into the gangway
adjoining Aaron Clapp s store, and brought
the contestants upon a more equal footing
The boy cow made a desperate effirt and
gained rapidly upon the girl, overtaking her
in Pratt street, lie politely beggel the privi
lege of escorting her back to the starting
place ; and although she said No?he sup
posing that, like many an other maiden, "No'
meant "Yes"?took her at ber word and es
corted her back He then very ungallantly
set for officer Nott, who led the girl to Squire
Mann's office, aft?r whieb the mother c?mc
and all parties left to settle the matter, if
possible, without public exposure; and thit
is the reason we say nothing about the etccur
Another exciting race occurred about the
same time between two Irish girls and a clerk
in J H Hubbard's store The stake was a
package of whalebone The girls were soon
overtaken and esoortad back to the store, but
were released in consideration of the very
great temptation on beholding the much c ivc
ted whalebone?Hartfird C<mrunt.

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