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SEPTEMBER 16, 1856.
NO. 1,125.
At lk4 31*' iffMr ?/ ftnntpJ?m<?
???%?? ?wi Llftmtk strut,
Will be ?erred to suborrlbers by camera at 81X
AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly
to the Agent*; papers nerved in packages at J7#
cent* per month. To mall subscriber* the sub
pcTlp'l"n price i* THREE DOLLARSANDFIF
TY CENTS a jminidmnct, TWO DOLLARS
tm ?1* month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three
month*; for lee* than three months at the rate of
If % rent* * wrek.
TaitAsoar DarasTMi^T, May ?, 1?M.
Notice 1* hereby given to the holders of the
?teck Issued pursuant to the act of Congress of
Md July, 181?, that such atock la redeemable by
It* term*, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe
surrender of the certlflcates thereof, on the lath
of November next, when intent thereon will
This department will continue to purchase such
stork prior to said day of redemption, and will
piy therefor the following premium, In addition
to the interest accrued to the day of purchase,
with one day's Interest for the money to reach
the vendor: f
On such stock received at the Treasury between
the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In
elusive, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts
specified In the oertlloates;
Oa such stock received between the lataad 31st
day* of August, one-fourth of one per cent;
And on auch stock received after the31st day of
A'i;;n*t, the interest accrued thereon, and one
day'* additional Interest only, will be paid.
Oert.rtcates of auch stock transmitted under
ttU notice must be duly assigned to the United
Bute* by the party entitled to receive the pur
chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July
the current half year's Interest mu t also be as
?lgned by the present stockholder, otherwise suoh
Interest will be payable as heretofore.
And notice 1* further given to holders of other
storks of the United States that this department
vriil purchase the same between the 1st day of
J m? and the 1st day of December next, unless
the sum of ? 1,500,000 shall be previously ob'alned,
and will pay for the same, in addition to the in
terest accrued from he day of the last dividend
of Interest, and on? day's additional interest for
the money to reach the vendor, the following rates
of p real urn:
On stock of the loan of 1812, a premium of 10
per cent ;
Oa st <ck of the loans of 1347 and 1849 a premium
of 1# per cent.;
And on stock Issued under the act offtth Sep
tember, 1?50, commonly called Texan indemnity
stock, a premium of G per cent.
Certificate* transmitted under this notice should
be du!y assigned to the United States by the par
ty entitle.! to receive the money; and if sent pre
vlou* to the 1st July, the current half-year's In
terest must al*o be aligned by the present stock
kolder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to
that day will be payable to him as heretofore.
Pay me it for all the foregoing stocks will be
nude by drifts on the assistant treasurers at Bos
ton, New 'i ork, or Philadelphia, as the parties
entitle 1 to receive the money may direct.
mJtt-rt'.UNov Secretary of the Treasury.
TaEtSPBY Dcpartmeht, Aug 1st 5i0, 1806.
Wher? a' th* following joint resolution of L'ongrca*
has b ?com1- a law:
Joist Btsotrrto* extending ih<- time f-n the credi
tor* ot Teas'* if? pres* nt 'heir < la rrn
RfUih hxf t\> Senate and Home of fOpruenta
t** of I fie C firtci Statei of a iti (Jongrea <u
*mhUJ, Tha a<, a<re?ab y to the p-r vi-ion of the
twth *ec;ion f?t the a-t ol the 28 h of Pebrna y,
l"?5>, ?? to provtiefjr the payment of sueh creditor
of ta? 'a'e r^pub'ic of Te*a* a< a'e romp ehended
in tit-a?', of Congress or 3rptrmb:r 9i?>, I83?," no
tier, by pub ic aivertisement, was duly giv-n for
the *pe-e of ninety days by me 8e reia y of the
Trea U'y, of the urn- a wbich raynimt of the
am >unt appr(>pna ed by the fifth section of ?aid a :t
w >ul l be male,pro rata, on a y b >nd, certirira e,
or ? vid^ncc of <i*b? of ?aid 4ia wbiru should b i
pr ?>niej a'. ih?* Treamry D?-|?rim nt thirty rfayi
p. ceding the 13m cay ?i June, ittjS, the |,m t of
-a J notee; and ai u i? represented by the said
8 wta-y ot tus Treasury, that of ?ai J b ?nd<, cer
ti i a t?s, and evilence* oi deb", which fcav* bjen
r-s.^ai*ed by the 8rat-? of Texa*, the ?, eq?al
to th i "uni ?;! three hundred a i?l eighty aine thou -
a id mx hundred ail ninety three dolla ? and *ev n
ee*u were not pre.enied wthe Trt a >ury Depa ?iu ml
p.'ior to the ra'd 13.h of Juu**, therefore, in or W-r to
do full justice to the h??t1er< of a d deb , the 8ecre
u y ot th' Trea ury i* hereby a i boozed to pay to
the holderi of a .y of the ?aid b nd*. certificate*, or
evi len-e*, of deb', not presented before ih"! 13ih
day of Jim; la?t, whn may nresent a d prove ths
sn ue a* th*! Tren?ury Heps'm nt, b tween the 13 h
day f June Ian a*d the 1st day of Ja itia y next,
a id *xecut* tl?e propsr releases to the Unlt-a Sta e*
a id the 8ta'e of Texa?, their pro rcta ?bare of the
'?"? m Hi"'" seven hundred a id fifty thousand
dolls'*; a u after pav.nent thereof, the ta'd Secre
taryot the Trea<ury is a ithorised and required to
disiribite and pay tbe re*idue of the raid *ev?n mil
lions seven bun ir?d and fifty thou and doilam, then
reini ning in tbe trea?ury, pro rata, ain^agst all tbe
d aoMers who may have proved toeir cla m , and
et."*ut*d th* p-nper releases on or b?fore the 1st day
ot Janus y next.
Approv d August 18th, I8jd
Noncin axaxar arru to the holfers of bonds,
cert'llca'en, and ev d*nce* of debt of the late repub
lis '?f Texas wikh were not pre?ented at this do
partm ;nt on sr b'fjre the l^tb day of Jans la ?, that
the rid ? wUi bj settled a id thrs pro rata amnnnt
tLsreoa will b: pa-1 to the la vful holders thereof if
pre?eotod bsfor* the ftr.'t day of January aext, ao
compamod with the nece* a*y ev>d^nee of their jen
uia-aew, with a?i$nm rot* to the United States, re
quired to glv s thi- de, itm :at tbe custody of ?uoh
b Mid*, so uflcs'.cs, and evi len;es of dtbi, and with
relea*es to tbe United S a'e* a iJ Tnu, lu acoord
aise wrh tl?e p ovitions of tUe act of CmgreiW of
'^th Ftb-aa-y, l?j6
Tuu department will not require i vidciicc of g, n
amesess to be present ed with the certificate.! issued
by the a Hit^r and oomp'r dler of Texai under the
la *4 of tha 8 a e. But upos ersesno mannsof ver
ify>ng ihe certlfl'-ate*, bind* and promissory astee
i<<u':4 Oy ths republic of I?xa?, and not presented
t", nor a idl.ed by, the o?cers of th* State. The
sr^na'y a d proper proof of the gennin ness of
th* latter is the cerufl ate of the eomptr jller ol the
K ate of Texa\ who has the olh-iai charge of the
original a-iNiv:? renting to tbe debt of the late rcj
pub'ic of Texa*
Th * a* <ifnin*at and releases may bo cxccuted
and a~kno?>djr4 in the presence of the As'istani
Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk therco",
ia ib? pri *ence of a nouuy public, and bo witnessed
by ths Asnwant dears'a y, or chief clerk a d aora
iy, and b! certified by the nota y ui>d?r hi* no'a
iia ?miI ; b it when toe holders da*ire to uialte ths
a-s*gum*nt aid raeeute the roleaie. out of the city
of VVa hin^ton, it may b: J?ne in the presesce of a i
asauiant u?a?urer, or c?llcelor, or eurv. y:?r of the
eustoini,in the presence of a n<Ha y public, aid bn
w.tnesv d by the collector or suiveyor and the no
u y pub ic, aai bj oerufitd by the nota y under hij
no'a ia! sra ; and if tVere be no collector or surv. y
or of ihe cmituii at the p!a;e where the parly re
?id' i, tb assign lu1-m aid relia?cs may be exeouted
b f>re any court of rca>rd, in ths presenee of the
ju>lge asd el r* there >f a*id be witnessed by thciu,
a d certified by the cl.rk uad f his s< ai of offl<> ;
a id if the hcld**r be out of th': United S* a es, the a?
?i^iiin Mil a si releases may b: e* cuted b fore any
United 8ta rtwssai, and bd w.tacsjcd and ceruflcd
by linn aader hi* conau'ar s*a'. All persoas exe
cuting #ueh a^ijcnm jnts a H re|ras?s ni jst alio d-:
cla e, under oaUi, before tha no'a y, clerk, or con
sul, as tbe rase may bs, thai tbsy are the real own
ers of the certificates or other evidences cf d b*, ? r
that Vie rain* have biea a -igned to ib< in, 6owa
fiie, fir collection ; and the nota<y, clerk, or consul
m ist iaclud* th< faet of tbatde(Ha suns ia their ce*
nfi ate of acknowledgment.
If aMigued lor e WUetion, or in pledge, ths nam*
of ths pany holding ih-j b nefielal or re*tdua?y in
mm If Um oiatm must be ?mi in the aAdavit
and a rsltase to the United States and release to
Texaimast hi daly eseeutrd by suoh r?fty. to
gether with the alignment and releases from the
person in whose favor settlement and payment is
One or more audited certificate?, or one or more
evidence of the ?amn character of debt, may he in
cluded in the wmf alignment, relraies. and atiria
vit of ownership, if tach ccrtifka'.e is correctly de
scrib d by number, date, amount, a id ram? of the
original |>ayee. It should ml so apptar whether the
cmifica es were Issued by the authoritim of the
State of Texa?, on amount of the dtbt of the repub
lic, or were issued by the republic Of Texa*, accord
ing to the harts of each ca?e.
The as^ignm^nt to the United Stages may be made
in common foim ; the releases should bi drawn ac
cording to the fo:m.i subjoined?A and B.
Secreiary of the Treasury.
Farm Jt.
Know a'l persons by these presents tnat
liairel?-a?d,anu h reby relcai??, the United
8 a'es of Am 'rica from a'l furtiier liability or c^m
for the payment of certificate or ?vwencc of d-bt
number , for the sum of f , iMied by
the late republic of Texas (or by the authorities of
ihe State of Texai, a; tiio case may b:,) a id re
derm-id by the United Sfa es iu accordance with the
provisions of ai act o( Congress entitled "An act to
p*pvi e tor tlie payment of such cjeditor.< of the late
repub'tc of Texa* a< are comprehended in the actof
Con/rese of September nine, eighteen hundred and
fifty," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1853, and
an act of the tate of Tt.tai, approved the 1st of
Fibrua-y. 18o6.
As witness ray Laid and seal.
Form B.
Know all persons by these presents that
? ha* released, aid hereby releases, the Sla eof
Texas from all further liab.liiy or claim for the pay
in-nt of certificate or evidence of H bt numb-r
, f<?r the sum of $ - , iasaen by the late re
public of Texa?,(or by the authorities of the 8 ate
of T? xa<, a? the rase may be,) and redeemed by the
United States in a?cor>ia ice with the provisions of
an act of ConxrcH*, entiiled "An act to provide for
the payment of such creditors of the late n-pulilicoi
Texas a? are comprehended in the act of Con cress
of Septrmb.-r nine, euhtecn hundred and fifty,"
approved the 23th of February, 1855, and an act of
thp State of Texa', approved the 1st of Februa y,
As witness my hand and ma\
The fallowing is a list or the audited cerii States
still ou'sta ding:
-Vo Lsuel to.
]6;?9 O.^car Engledow
-Vo Lined to.
8 T D Tompkins
18 Rukma-i Canftcld
31 John A Clifton
?<* H K Wine
53 R G H abb i
84 J De Cord - va
92 John Burning! ain
1675 T-u-ttecs ef Austin
1?82 G II Montana*. & Co
16 *0 John Ka-ner
1701 Daniel Ca'l
'js jonn Burningt ain 1739) ? .
135 Phinra?DcCordova 1733 ( " N Wa,co,t
1 ~J n |] _ I J ?_ - a m mm ?
176 E Pa'dwin
I'll Jaina? Tilflima l
192 Mathias Clark
| Etha > Carle
3M O Rlinrau
814 J E Wa le
368 Peter* k Booth
39.) I.ott lluned
404 8 Kmgsley
427 J Pa k?*r. for Eliza
b"th Pa ker, ex'x
437 Benedict Bayley
445 I.eander R<a?on
466 Wm ' >dlin
467 John W King
503 T B VV? bb
510 A 8 Thu m >nd
518 TIhw \V'Marsla"
625 David 8 Kaiifman
613 Georg* W I'd k*r
1716 John W Portts
1770 I K Elliott
1807 Harriet George
1816 Mile* 3 Bennett
1829 Nathaniel Rudder
1831 i L? vi Tyler, adm'r
1833 { nfWII Kelly
IKtft famuel Wildey
1839 George Sutherland
1811 J P ilenmnga
1814 IXmiintl BaMinp'r
IK51 J 1) Loinn
IR-VS C P Green
1865 David Ayrea
1869 Thoines F J?m s
18<8 C Sehiedlr inantd
1881 J F Jewt u
1897 F Emma
J899 Par il'a Lee
611 Crutcher&McRavenl920 9 W Gros?m>:yer
1922 Gilbert Johnson
1928 Koh^rt Lusk
l?*29 E W C'awttiern
1910 WinCochiao
1932 Fia ici Moore jr
2071 An<1rew Da'ey
2072 Laa: stewa:t
Taul Bremond
?8?0 ( ? Burnet
R P McMaster
j 8 W Fisher
?UM )
1501 < kouisia'd Davis
2303 R Front
23''6 Thoma> Reed
2316 HaniMin C Bryant
2330 J 8 McDorald
i340 Arthur Ganier
23il J r March- tt
2341 Aadrews h. Grov .r
S145J P GMe ritt
?3I9 W Pinkney
23V) J D Gidding^
2354 J Crawford jr
2358 A P Elgerton
23.?9 Thomas Wa ner jr
2-''63 George K 8istare
2161 Fiancis Brichia
23^2 Eluabnh Carter*
2381 Wm Davis \
H87 Joseph Tomlin?n
2 W) Hneed 8i Turuer'
652 } ^',n f'ower
6i;t J A 8imr*aon
6 >9 Wm II Belcher
677 II II Williams
701 Felix Rieder
719 } rl Da'c
773 Wm Jonen
779 Wm Wa'ker
793 Dyer P?arl
8 2 Uaac L Hill
863 f&rmoean Brown
874 Jritn IV Rower
879 Jara?s McMa4er
914 Dyer P a I
915 Ma-y K len Ilcdai
9:? JbE?1s
?3i Mrs Mary Belville
1010 Anson Craoson
1012 R M Porb-?
1025 James N Hornn
101J Thoma* Lindeay
104? James L Green
1017 Jmmc Daniel
1048 J B Daniel
1050 Charles Vmccnt
1057 | 8 0 Gcrva'se
105? Willis Millican
1059 J D Millican
1062 John Davis
1065 Wm Barton
1079 W A Lockha-t
1080 R Morton
1185 James Kil'am
1196 C II Taylor
1241 Yoangs Coleman
1-248 Rob 'rt McNuit
1219 John W Cloud, per 2390 Win Kunbro
atfy I II Raym >nd 2400 H H llaynie
1261 E De Pon 01s
1269 C P Green
1275 G W Sinks k J
1297 John Kendrick
1298 Samuel Hid en
1300 John Johnson
1301 Hu*ai Ma?tex
8401 R W Mil hank
2402 Catherine Allen
B 2445 llenry Kring
2413 J W Lawrence
24 8 StepVn Smith
2434 A C Horton
2438 Elapha'et Ea ton
2442 litmucl B Dickenson
l.'W2 Thomas H Forrester 2450 Wm II Thompson
1385 B R Warner
1423 William Frets
1424 G W Osborne
1125 John A Ralherford
1427 Cornelius Vannoy
1128 Joseph Hates
1473 Ann B Reese
1515 Lumbard Minis
1521 J C M oors
1523 John James
1554 K H Douglas
1570 E M Fish
1572 Wm Kerr
1580 James A Moody
158f P Bickford
1612 John Lamer
1615 John Cameron
1623 John D Taylnr
1624 Levi Mercer
1625 Eii Mercer
2452 Z Wm Eddy
2471 j E Heiron
2474 A B Hemphill
>477 Aaron Haughton
2479 Heirs of John Jones
84e0 " J.*l Hi 1
2481 " Warren Aburn
2182 " John L Monks
248:1 " Peter Aldrich
2190 M A Dooly
2500 George C Day cashier
2501 F Kennett ti Co
2503 John W Schrimpf
8501 W C Blair
2512 M Korberttaille
2513 llenry B Brooks
2514 Gabriel Trumwclt
252S II 8 Morgan
2529 Furbur h. B*au
2531 Sarah Newman
The outstanding evidences of other classes of li e
d^bt of the republic of Texas cannot be specified by
thii Department. aa 22-dtl UanJ
on hand the largest and
nost extensive asuort
m*nt o Sentlemens'
and Ladles' Bole Leath
er Trawling Trunk,Iron
and Wood Frame
Packing Trunks* Vail
ces Bonnet Boxes, new style; Carpet Bags of all
styles and qualities Also, a general assortment
of Ladles', Gents', Boys', and Mlssea Shoes, all
olors and stiles. All wishing to purchase any
of the above articles will tndit to tkelr advan
tage to examine my atock before purchasing else
where Call at 8. P. BOOVER'S,
Iron Ball Peon, a**, bet. 9th and lDth
Jy? | streets.
of another large and fine as
sortment of beat sole leather travel
embracing all onallties of fine and low priced
traveling reqaMiea
aa33-tf Fa. ava , bet. 9th and 10th streets.
Fine Witches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware.
Billing at m ttrp liberal rtductxon from cut
tommrf prieti.
Shop and Residence N?. 303 Penn'a avenue,
?outh side, between 9th and 10th ate.
and all necessary conveniences fort
properly condncti"g bis business,
would respectfulVy Inform the public that he la
fully prepared to All all orders entrusted to him,
at the shortest notice, and In the beat manner.
A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS
of all sues, always on hand, which will be fur
nished on t*he most reasonable terms.
As heretofore, no palnawlll be spared to give
entire satisfaction on all occasions.
N. B.?Residing on the premises, orders wfll
be promptly attended to at all houra.
feb 7-ly
J. CONNELLY* Undertaker.
y?. V2H Stv*ntk strut, wttt sid?, bit. O nnd W,
cltliensof Washington and
the adjoining counties that be 1st
prepared to attend to all orders at
the shortest notice and on the most liberal terms'
He will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction
on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the
dead In the warmest weather for any length of
A large supply of ready-made COFFINS of
all sixes and qualities, always on hand.
Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other
article furnished of the best quality.
A share of the public patronage la respectfully
aol letted. mar i1-tf
(Svccsssoa to Jaxis F. Harvit, dkciasid,)
No. 410 SeventA strut, bttwttn G and H,
that she has In her employ the
same persons that were formerly!
In the establishment, who are fully
competent to conduct the Undertaking Business;
and that every attention will be given to calls,
day or night, as heretofore. m 19 6m
Su/>siTilcd Capital and Surplus Sl,3dS,13i 13.
Office northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th
street, Washington City, D. C.
day of August to the Jlst day of December,
Am 'uutrccuvcd in marine premiums..$68,'242 31
Do tire premium* 3*J,908 82
Total prcmiumi for five months 108,151 1M
Capital 1,250,000 00
1,358,151 13
Invested as follows:
Bond!* of Allegheny county, Pittsburg,
and Philadelphia Cny6'.? $7^,721 GG
Railroad boi-d<, cost 33,-100 00
Loans on first mortgage of real estate.. 50.050 00
Do stock*, collateial 30 3*4 00
Ca?h in bank ami on hand 11,09.! 22
Capital subscribed 1,017,700 00
Premium not?, not matured 06.387 :;i
Du^ from agrnt* (?'cured by bonds)... ly.tjifcl Gl
Expenses and cMiiitiisMons 11,602 33
1,358,151 13
Total amount ot loam a n ported to 1st January, 1856:
Fire Si,066 66
Marine J.000 00
4,6G6 66
Hon. Thus. H. I'l ?rencfv, I hartcs Dingee,
Qeoigc II AriTi-ilrong, Ttooma* Mandrrlield,
Charles A Kubu am, Edward R. Helmbolu *
George Hclmbold, F. Carroll Brewster,
James E. Neall, l.aac Leech, Jr.
Charles Walter, No. 397 D street
Jno. M. Tmrnton,corner First s'reel and Virginia
James Wtliiam*, No. 22 Pour-and a liall street.
Capt J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania aveuue.
John Tbomason.
The bu?irtes? of this Compa-iy will compare la
vorab'y with the moM successful of similar int*litu
ti?>n? in the United Plates.
' Kr?m the l?l day ot August, 1855, in five months,
h? ti i? January, 1856 the premiums received
Kffl'fintcd to the large sum of one hundred anrt eight
thousand, one liunlred and fifty-one dollars, with
only forty sii hundred and sixty six dollars losses
VVith tl?e?o evidences of success and good man
agement, the directors feel justified hi aolicitirg a
share o*" public patronaje, believing that the w-ci
rity off-red is am,ile and that all fair claims will be
adjusted more according to equity than l^gal techni
With a view of affording ample indemnity to the
public, the company have depoMtrd with
Cash and premium notes to provide an accruing
Trust fiind of One Hundrfd Thousand Dollars,
To b? held by titem as a Idttional security to policy
holders f?r the payment of losres.
The company is prepared to is-ue policiee against
loa< or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FL'RNI
HOUSES, all descriptions of BUILDINGS, and
tneircontent*, or all kinds ?f MERCHANDISE,
transported by VKS8KLS. STEAM ROATS, CA
NAL BJATS, RAILSOADS, and the usual car
veyances to or from any portion of RUROPiS and
AMERICA, aud on the hulls of STEAMBOATS
navigating the western waters
The tales of premium will be a* low as other
companies, and in fixing them every improvement
in construction and arrangement will be lakeu into
All lueses speedily adjusted and promptly (aid.
Office northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue and
Seventeenth street, Washington city, D. C.
Insurance inay aho he effected at the- Home Office,
Northwest corner Walnut and Second Streets, Phila
delphia. Also, at the Company's offices: New York?
A. VV. Th mpwn, No. 10 Wall street. Bom on?
Oliver Brewster, No 4 State street. Baltimore?
B II. Richardson, No 72 Baltimore street. Cincin
nati?Taylor A Anthony. Chariest on?J. H.Tay
lor, No. 121 K. Bay street New Orleans?Ha ma:>
Doane. Montgomery?Albert W.IIiami. Mobile?
A. C. Waugh. Pittsburg?'T. J Hunter, No. 00
Water street. Savannah- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Fay
street. Augusta?Guardey, Whyte a Co. Atlanta?
Marcua A. Bell. Trenton?Narr A Cccks. Fond
du La??Robert A Baker. Vicksbura?J Putnam.
Buffalo?A Barker. Memphis ?W. E Milton.
Detroit?'Thomaa Pa'in-r A Son Milwaukie?A.
Wellington Hart. Wells burg, Virginia?Danforth
Brown, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Allen A Craig.
Wyoming, Penn-y:vania R. C. Smith. Louis
viito? ll. H.Tlmburlake. Nashville? JcgephNa<b.
Port'and?D Robinson, jr. Chicago?E P. Ward
Pan F ancisco? Wll.iam Biggs. St. Louis?Thoe.
R. Courteray, general agent lor the south'rn and
Western State ?. And fri oth'-r principal cities of the
United Slates by authorized officers of the com
pany^ JeI4-lyt
Is still making those beautiful
continuous GUM TEETH, called/MQs*
Allen's Patent, for the excellency nf^/TrTWr
which over all other styles of teeth, many now
wearing them In this city, will chcerfullv vouch
There is one Dentist in this city who has been
Infringing the potent, and made a bad Imitation
of it, against whom I hereby caution the public
N. D Whenever a Dentist speaks against
Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when
properly constructed, it is because he la Ignorant
of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or
a unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16-tf
Whi e and Red Ash, Egg, stove, Transition,
Nut, Cumb- Lump, A Blacksmith's Coals.
winter will ftnd it to their advantage by send
ing ua their ordcra, or leaving them at P. J. Steera'
store, No. 4887th -trcet, between D and E.aa they
will be promptly Sued with the best article and at
low prices.
2,240 lbs given to ton
Oliceand Yard corner of G and 22d streets,
sc2-lm First Ward*.
School Books used In the District, and a very
thing waated by Schools in the Stationery line,
kept constantly on hand aad offered at greatly
reduced prieaa ny E K.LUNDY,
ee 3- Ne. 191 Bridge street, Georgetown.
1\ pupll? limited, will be commenced at the
hotise, now In course of erection, on the corner of
10th and G street*, on Monday, the 11th ef Sep
' terober Particular attention will be paid to
1 Mathematics Those who wish to study Survey
i lng will have a good opportunity, as 1 hare a fine
instrument, and will give field practl<^e weekly.
For terms apply to SAMUEL KELLY, at Mr
John Sessfora's, on I'enn. avenue, between 11th
12th streets. an 29
- ? HAM L KELLY, Printipil.
mHP i-v,??H90E5""'.
T will be rei1!Si5E8 n.?F THIS SCHOOL
A few boirdS vSfl h^nr; r,n.l!iV' thJ I5th lnstant
purlls is limifoH k nf i p<'' The number of
"" *?" ?? ?" Pre
-^igl__?TKPBEN H. MIBim A. M
iMi n ?,R8, ?* M* "niTH,
that she is pr-IKed i?SOTet?Wn' anrt Tlcln?(r
and private lemons Ml ln < ?**?<?*
Ornamental Leather w^' ' ** FrJ,t and
"?on * 'ow'e",Pluses, pet Ifnn of 12 Ics.
V^?rr- if :;5I
Private 1 p??/!n Per term of b lessons $3
i nvaie lessons fi each?Vases ifio
.and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers
Ac , for sale, or made to order ' K ...'.ff gff"'
T"lo'n^lil Jomm * *"th'8INSTITU
inontl, on *e 8th of the ninth
'^formation ln re
Monljiomfry 'ZjgP
rwitr 'ns ^*r PUP'^ l^at their studies' wl'l
?e"S^?" ''on4?y' SeptextHrSid U
* r*'rr t/ully announce that they will ?in a
;DX"r"' ??': ""m ?? *?
or about the 15th of Septeml>er, at Kt Joseph's
H Vtreets 80 A8ylum? corn<r of 13th and
rerms for tuition exceeding moderate, the
maximum charge bring ?.'i per quarter
I nls school Is for the support rf tfc* ornhan
SK3c.^' """IK"C- -?*4" ?'S
Refer to Rev. Mr O'Tode, paitorof St Pat
SHKr ChUrChi Rev Mr* "y?" Pastor of St
' ii iWc?lw ,hC Cathol,c cltr?y Kcncraily.
wiAl,*'1>lM^Ii#I::8S'UN <Ji'' PHIS IN3TI
?Mth o# ?n 7 ,!Jro,nnDonr^ o?> Wednesday, the
*Uh of September. Student* will be examined
for entrance on the Monday and f iicsdav nri vt
J?, Application should Item" dit^he* fteS
loiKf ?i^Fa,d/?'y ^f^'tment will open en the
j ^ f , Apply for adirdt'aure to Mr.
? r prlnc,pnl 3- PHENTISS,
au29-2a?4w Registrar
?-(iril!U MISS HliWITI 8
?ro. 397% corner of N w Yo)k avian* and 13tk st
tfa, l-ij r"tIM1Dd'iy ,n s"P??n?b? r, *nd ends the
slons ' Un"; and ,M dlvlded ,n'? lW3 8^8
The Principal will 1k> assist*! by the most corn
petent fcnirllsh and French resident tra?"b? rs ?nd
every f^ciRty offered for pursuing Music and all
the various branches of modem accomplish
hi' n t".
1.^.?//^^ 'crms, A?* , Sfe Circu
lars at booketores, or at the residence of the l'rin
cl''al- an W-3tAcotf
REV. (i. W DORRANCE, < 1 r'Ncipals.
. ?^C . "?? win commence on Monday, S^n.
v ?.F?r termB 8ee clrculars'alTfe
principal Dock Stores au j.t[
? ? THE union academy.
Richards^ ^ Mrs. Z Richards,
Ar a Al-l?v0n,.Mnd of the UN,ON FEMALE
ACADEMY,willcemmenceon MONDAY Seo
teinber 1, 1856. Jy 23-3m
f datlou of teveral or his Influential friends,
has determined to establish himself at the citv of
a Vo(?ALIST and SINGlhiU
MAS TER. His reputation iu these branches, as
well as composer of many of the most popular
songs, such as "Kathleen Mavourneen," "Der
mot Astore," Ac . he trusts, will entitle him to
the patron ise of the community.
He will be glad to take charge of a limited
number of Private Scholars, and proposes open
ing a Musical Vocal Academy on the 15th Sep
tember next, for the development and study of
singing in classes, commencing from the ele
mentary principles up to the accomplished sin??>
*'? H'8 circulars will be pre. ared as soon as pos
sible, and, In the meantlu.e, he would suetre-it
that early application be made either for private
or class tuition, at Mr. Richard Davis's, or at
George Hllbus's Music Store, Pennsylvania ave
nue, who will give every necessary information,
and where Mr. CROUCH'S latest compositolns
can be seen. a(i 19-eolin
The steamer oeorhe wTsiTiftu.
TON wllldepart at the follow
Ing hours:
Leave Alexandria 7j^, 9, 11, 1#, 3v, 5^
Leave Washington...8, 10, 12, 2U, 4?, OK
Je ifrj-d JOH CORSON, Captaia
June, the Steamer GEORGE
PAGE will run at the following
Leave Alexandria at 10,12, 2#, 4#, and
6K o'clock.
Leave Washington6, 9, VI, 1% 3X, 5%, and 7
Je29-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain.
A LEX AN J) KIA 75 C EN TS.-The Jfi23P&9U
steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing
ion at 9 and Alexandria at o'clock.
Coaches leave the Capitol for theLoatatSJf
o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents.
Persons wishing the coaches will leave their
residence with George A Thomas Parker.
Refreshments on tre boert.
ap 2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captaia
begs to announce to his friends and patrons that
be will resume his classes about the 15th Instant.
Mr Dessaa will likewise give lemons ln the
French language to a few select pupils of cither
?ex. Residence No.404 16th st, between 1 and K.
se ll-lw? |
Counter Scales, of all sixes for raleat manu
facturers prices by ROGUE A O'NEILL,
m 3 Agents, No. 106 Water St., Georgetown
two new PIANOS, which with oufgfiL~lKI
usual well assorted stock makes our as rTTvfi
sortment the larzest and mott cotni lete ln this
city. JOHN F. ELLIS,
se6 306 Penn. ave.. near 10th ?<rtet
V rat lorn of Washlaftoo Stock for sale at
Spntuaiirji at Saratoga-Gen Webb and
Professor Hare
[From the New York Courier and Enquirer J
Saratoga, Sept. 5, 185fl.
W a had a strange scene here yetterdav in
the ladies parlor. Protestor Hare is here
and mad as a March liar* on the Ufaject of
hIii'Tw'h' ll* ,ectarc(1 at Metropolitan
?Wednesday evemng epon what he
fans tbe evidences of immortality and I
saw among tbe audience Mr Joseph GriaLell
and Gen. \V ebb evidently listening attentively
and yet laughing at the exhibition
1 esterday afternoon the Professor, who is
scventy-f veyears cf ago, and has, all his life,
been mi open and avowed skeptic, ridiculing
and batthng against all religion and revela
tion, proposed to give a lecture on spiritual
ism m the ladies parlor. Nobody objected :
and old and young?christian and atheist?
? t down to listen. The age and high stand
ing of the Professor, and respect for his pa*t
i character, commanded the respect of all pres
ent; and when he solemnly assured ihe au
dience that be embarked in the investigation
of the subject simply to expos? and destroy
wba* ho considered an absurdity, but that the
spirits ef his father, brother, sister and friends
. a entreated him to listen to them
whilo thoy gave him evidence of its trutb. he
evidently made a deep impression upon all
present, especially the youthful and those wh?
did not know that he is, and ever has been
the open scoffer at all revealed religion.
At this stage of tho proceeding, lien. Webb
arose acd inquired of the Profossor, whether
la his lecture the evening previous, in his
pub.isned booK, and his conversations on the
piazza of the hotel, he had not proclaimed,
that spiritualism as understood by nim, neces
sarily involved a renunciation of all hclief
in tnc lit hie and in revealed Rihgion ' At
this the Professor flow into a passion, declared
the interruption impertinent, and said ho
would not be catechized (Jen. Webb aid
that in his own lecture-room on tho prcceain,;
evening, ho bad not presumed to interrupt
him ; but that here, in tho par'or of a joit l
common to all, it was his right so to do, and
to put the unsuspecting and tho youDg per
sons present upon their guard. The Professor
was very angry, but finally promised that
when through with his lecture he would an
ucstions Gen. Webb replied, that as
tho Professor had proclaimed it to be the duty
of every honest man, to inquiro after and
elicit truth, eo in his judgment, was it tho
duty of every Christian man, to exp'-*o and
correct error ; and that having given tho cau
tion, he was content to wait until the Proles
sor had finished.
Upon tho Professor's closing, (ion. Webb
xo5o, when immediately the Professor insisted
that he should not be heard because he had
interrupted him but finally was compelled to
be quiet Gen. Webb then said?d<? not
intend to a.-k any qucetionsof Pr<>fe.sor Hare,
whoso ago and position eutitlehim to our pro
found respect; but I desire t'> make a st it?
inent to you 1 heard tho Professor lecture
l ist night. On that occasion, on tho piazxt
ot this llotcl. and in bis book now lying on
that tablo, he has proclaimed on the author
ity of the spirits of Washington, Franklir,
Adams, Chalmers, Clay, Jackson, his own
lather and a host of others, that there i3 not
<?no particle of truth in the Bible or revealed
Religion ; but that the whole fabric of Chris
tianity is an imp'.-ition upon the credulity of
mankind It I misrepresent tfao Protestor 1
hopo ho will correct mo." The Professor rdm
ply bowed. Gen. Webb then contiuael,
" Early in life I was in tho same law office
with Judge Edmonds, who is the head and
Iront of this offending "
Profes>or Hare?I deny that
Gen Wkbb?I yield the point My brother
married Judge Edmond s sister, and i have
known and respected him from boyhood I
mention these facts to show that I speak ad
visedly when I siy that Judge Edmonds, who
is at least an older convert to Spiritualism
than 1 rofessor llare, and who is considered by
the public as the chief of the sect, has always
assured his friends and relations that be too
has consulted the spirits of Washington'
rranklin, Clay, Kent, and, in short, all tho
worthies named by Professor Hare, and thnt
they, one and all, assure hint that there is
nothing in Spiritualism which conflict- di
rectly or indirectly, with ike religion oj ike
hihle. Now, I have the gre.ite-t possible
respect for the veracity of both Judge Ed
monds and Professor Hare, but, -when I ficd
them differing so widely in regard to what the
opiritd declare, I have no alternative but to
believe them acting under some strange delu
sion or to supposo them guilty of falsehood
and deception, or to assume that the spirits
with whom they commune are lying spirits
whose testimony is not to be relied on, and'
more particularly, when all their teachings
aro at war with the teachings of the Saviour
oj the world. I have nothing more to say
and leave the Professor to make any exnl mo
tion he pleases *
Professor Hare then proceeded to explain
that the spirits with which Edmonds cc.nversos'
are lying spirits ; and that they had tried to
deceive him also, but that he was too much
lor tLem He had told Edmonds so, and tried
to convince him that Spiritualism proved the
falsehood of what we call revelation !
Duelling.?The South Side Democrat has
some sensible reflections ia regard to " public
sentiment in Virginia on the subject of duel
ing. The inconsistencies of that public sen
timent are happily pointed out. If. for exam
pie, a challenge is declined, it is regarded as
evidence of want of courage, no matter
whether the party challenged has the imperi
3us claims of family pressing upon him, and an
acceptance would wring the devoted heart* of
loved ones dependant upon him for subsistence
md happiness. If the challenge is accepted
and the parties figtit, but do not wouud or kill'
the public considers itself swindled; if one
falls, the survivor is eternally damned aj a
The wuger of battle in theso dayj is about
is reasonable as the old modeof trying witches
The accused was thrown into a pond, and if
she sunk she was innocent; if the came to the
top, she was guilty, and forthwith hung If
wen decline to fight, or fight and do not kill
Lhey are pronounced guilty or oowardico ; it
Lhoy kill, guilty of murder.
Woman.?Tho obstinato woman goes to sea
in a band-box.
The patient woman roasts an ox with u
burning glass.
The curious woman would like to turn a
rainbow over, to see what thero was on tho
jther side
The vulgar woman is a spider attempting to
spin milk.
The cautious woman writes hor rromisc: on
i slate
The envious woman kills herself in endea
voring to lace tighter than her neighbors.
The extravagant woman burns a wax can
dle in looking for a lucifer match.
Tho foolish woman loves golden dress better
than sparkling diamonds of the heart.
Ho, for Nicaragua !-0n Tuesday evenin
there was quite a display of the new company
raising fur Walker's Empiro. The line *i'
march was formed on north Cumberland street,
no. ill, preceded by a violin with a long bott;
each membor was smoking three segars at the
timo. We admire their boldnesa, considering
only eight persons composed the company
No doubt many fell in the ranks ere they
reached their quarters Having a oauseway
of pipe stems to cross before reaching their ul
timate destination, some of the party will call
on the Insurance Companies to-day to guard
against pedal extremities.?Norfolk (Va.)
This excellent Family u4 News Joaraal ?eoa
slnla* ? urea tot variety of latereatlac rm*\mg tfcaa
<*" he fount lo ur other?la pefctihe* oa Bator -
day nx?ralB*
? - tnii.
elafie wpy, p<* aaaem... $j M
Flrr rrirl *0 CtO?.
TeTSSl? ?*
i? c?pw* _
Twenty co pi? . u> <1
IT7"^*?h, intAtuaiT in aoraiirB.
paper Prlce_THa.? Cnwrs
A Benedict ? Lament.
A correspondent of the Richmond Whir
writing from Newtown, King and Queen
"ounty. thus annoencer the advent of his firn
" inch of jov ha* an ell ef annoy."
Tho deed is accomplished M* got
a i.ihy ' And now a fond and sad farewell to
my peaceful hour* of twilight, when 1 was
wont to wend my way homeward to meet the
smiling welcome of a loving wife, to sip my tea
in quiet enjoyment with her, and then, pass,
in^ ??y Mm around her, stroll into the gardeo,
thus holding sweet converge with one who is
'-he delight of my existence, my beautifal, my
~ . ^ul *ho can keep his thoughts happily
flowing on when that "cherub voice is
squalling in the double octave falaetto ' Bat
ae I was going to say. farewell to those re
freshing siestas so delightful after dinner on
the lounge in the cool and silent chamber ?
Ah, well I remember quietly reposing there,
sometimes with a headache, fatigued by the
heat and labor of the morning?often I have
felt a kiss upon my brvw, and cool, soft fin
gers gently pressing my throbbing temples,
and by their mesmeric influence dispelling the
pain and giving balmy sleep. Now I must go
down to the store to lie on the coaater, or take
ray nap on the bench in the back porch, wharo
between the heat, the hard beach and the
llies, 1 get a few minutes broken sleep, and
then have to hurry < ff to business unrefreshed
Don t blame me for being irritable attach
And then I have to pat up with baby's
nurse, an old hag that raised madam all her
brothers and sisters?who must have supremo
authority, besides sleeping in our room, and
thus totally destroying all privacy Let there
be any noise in the house at night, and I get
up to soe about it, most undoubtedly 1 shall
stumble over 14 mammy" on the floor, wake
up the darling little and iu mother, and then
there s '? a devil of a time generally V
Now, Sidney Smith says that the u*ual ei
tabhshment of the eldest infant if '? two wet
nurses, two dry ditto, two aunts, two physi
cian?, lwo apothecaries, three female friends
of the family, unmarried, advanced in life,
and otten in the nursery, one clenryman, six
flatterers, and a grandpapa ' Lew than that
would not be decent!" I don't like to dissent
from such high authority, yet, nevertheless,
until the time comcs when I with to go crsry,
my dear wife and child must strive to get along
with one nurse, and as little doctoring as pos
sible As to the rest of the '? usual establish
ment, " I shall not employ them, but should
they become fixtures, 1 shall endeavor to ren
der them useful in some way ; at least, they'lf
have to atwist my wife, for I see already that
one baby could exhaust the sympathies and
strength of half a dosen Bothers Suppose
again, I invite a friend tst two to take a family
dir.ner with me. Ten chances to one but what
l aby wakes ip and commences trotting and
jcreamiug just as madam is ready to jo n us
it dinner Ihen everything has to wait and
get cool, except our tempers, which are af
1 acted inversely as to the state of the viands ,
alter mother and " mammy' have succeeded
?n calming the "little angels" apprehen
Eious, my wife comes in flurried and worried,
(although sho puts on the best face about it,>
to be called away again, probably, before the
Lueal i? finished " A babe in the house is a
well spring/ who?e water.- are both aiveet and
shoald say, notwithstanding what
Mr fupper says to the contrary.) A perfect
f+ouiaiy, contrary to the BiMe [James ui. 111
and to nature. But hold on, say I to myself,
J*"u forget that to .-peak thus absnt " the
oW?et little cherub, " the pretty wee thing.''
?gran' mas darling," "mamas pat,"
beautiful rosebud." Jtc , is htttrudouy. and
that the laliej would much rather put up with
'' tho scarlet woman'' than allow any one to
"'eery babydom ' S ?, fearing my wife or aunt
Pa'sy might find me out, I think I II stop and
do as my wifo does, lay the baby in bed and
cover it with kisses, saying " Bies* it. mud
dcr's sweetest 'ittle darlin' baby." fcjo, lj
m re 'til death. llaL.
P. S I must aid, is wondrous tv ?
/?rising things '
Teach and Honey a Gentlemanly Drink
Old Judge Cole, of Texas, was character
ized by his attachment to that soductive be
verage called peach and hnney, and by bis
hatred of whisky and whisky drinkers Whi!?
holding a court at Austin, two oes were
brought up on a charge of a drunken affray.
It was a plain case , the row had oocurred in
the public street, in open day, and there were
fifty witnes.-es to the whole transaction. S>
the ?wn delinquents pleaded guilty, by the
alvico of their counsel, and threw themselves
on the mercy of the court They were then
brought up for sentenoe separately
" You are guilty of an affray," growled the
"res. your Honor," whined the offender,
thoroughly frightened.
' i>runk, I suppose," granted the Judge.
" Yes, your Honor." murmured the priso
ner, with some faint hope that having been
drunk would mitigate the punishment.
" Drunk on rye whisky, too, I'll warrant,"
roared the Judge in a voice of thun-ler
" Ye?, your Honor, drunk on rye whisky."
il Mr. Clerk, record a fine of fifty dollars
against this man," cried the Judge, "send
him to jail for sixty days. I shall fine the
next one who is guilty under such aggravating
circumstances, a hundred dollars, and send
him to jail for six months ''
This was poor comfort for the unfortunate
fellow who was waiting his turn, and now
came forward with fear and trembling. As
he passed along by his lawyer, that thought
ful gentleman whimpered in his ear : *? When
the Judge asks you what you got drank on,
tell him on peach and honey " He took his
"You, too, are up here for an affray,"
growled the old Judge, gnashing his teeth, as
if he would like to bite tne culprit at the bar.
'? Yes, your Honor "
" Drunk, too, 1 suppose."
" Yes, your Honor; sorry to say it?drank?
very drunk."
" Drunk on rye whisky, too, I suppose?"
44 Oh, no, your Honor , 1 never drink whis
ky. Ig ot drunk on peach and honey "
The Judge's featuros relaxed in an instant.
Leaning forward and raising his spectacles, he
contemplated the offender with interest, and
then with something like tendernoss.
"Ah! sir," siid the Judge, blandly;
" peach and honey, eh ! that's a gentlemanly
drink, sir The oourt sympathises with you,
sir, and does not rogard your offenoe as very
serious. Mr. Clerk," he continued in a soft
ening tone, " enter a fine of one dollar against
this gentleman, and discharge him on pay
ment of cost."
ty* The following quotation from De Wuin
cey e " Literary Reminiscences," miy admit
of a moral signifisation :
"The native Dale<man. well aware of the
fury with which the wind gathers and eddies
abwut any eminence, however trifling its ele?
vation, never thinks of planting his hou*e
there ; whereas, the stranger, singly solicit
oni about tho prospcct or the range of lake
which his gilt saloons are to command, chooees
his site too often upon points better fitted for
a temple of EMn? thsn a human dwelling
plaoe; and he belts his house with balconies
and verandas that a mountain gale often tears
aw ay in mockery."
The King of Naples has become &o
strict with regard to outward signs of rerubli.
can ism. that he will not allow the ladies of
that city to wear plaid with red, white atd
blue stripes, nor ribbons ot the same colors;
and he has even ordered all the turkeys, bens,
and chickens, which have trio? lo red feathers,
to beaaiaad and slaughtered."

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