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After we went to preae yesterday, the wit
nesses frr the prosecution present were called
and sworn
Dr Elliot testified as on the ?rial of Sulli
van to the nature and direction of the wound
-upon deceased, and to its having occasioned
his death.
Officer A E L Keeso reiterated the opinion
expressed on the former trial that Sullivan
struck the blow which killed decoased. The
witness testified to having got the knife, pro
duced in court, from the house of Eggleston's
father in-law, and to having found a piece nf
paper in the sheath of this knifo stained with
Conrad Jost testified (Mr. Walters trans
lating) that ho did not see Eggleston striko
deceased, tut saw Sullivan give him a push,
and saw something glitter in Sullivau's hand
but does not know what it was , docs not know
that he saw Eggleston.
U Ueier saw Sullivan givo Bell a push ;
Eggleston was six or eight feet off
Conrnd Beckert saw Sullivan and Eggleston
at the Perk, but did not sco them striko the
Mrs. Schussler called.?Sullivan ca:no to
her house and said. 44 I've lost my hat; 1 left
it at Beckert'* ; by Hod, I'll have it if I have
to murder somebody and go to the peniten
Mr. Keese, recalled?After tho fight Myers
was a clot of blood all over; Sullivan had a
ha: on when the thrust was made at Kohr
man; witness pickod up the ha; near the spot.
Vandolino Neff, caliod?Saw Sullivan and
Eggleston at the Park, on the 4th of July;
was keeping tho gate there ; before witness
knew that Bell was dead Sullivan came to
witness and asked him to let him out; he
asked for his hat; when he came back for his
hat he .-aid ho was Sorry the affair occurred,
it was a shame to murder a man in that way.*'
and that he was ready to bo arrested.
V". Dcngel, called.?Saw Eggleston about
seven o'clock that day; saw him have a knife
aiinilar to the one on tho tablo in court
Mr. Neff, called.?Saw Eggleston outside
and C ipt Kobrman talking in a friendly man
ner witn him.
Wm Suliivan, called.?When this witness
took the stand a profound silence ensued, and
the audience manifested much interest to
gather tho naturo of his testimony Mr
Wharton being absent, Mr. Key told the wit
ness to be seated, but he very coolly replied
4 No ! I can stand," and remained in his posi
tion. Sullivan testified that he was at Beck
ert s on the 4th of July; that he was engaged
in a fight with Myers, who struck witness with
a loaied whip; witness then went away, but
returned for his hat; did not see this knife
thera at any time; the prisoner never told wit
ness that he had killed deceased; witness told
prisoner at Frankinbcrger's of the death of
the man; witness never struck deceased with
a knife
Xhos. Dawson, called.?Saw Eggleston on
the night of the 4th, 10 or 11 o clock, at Frank
inbcrger's; saw him with a kuife. (Witness
identified the knife ) There was blood on the
knife and on the lapptll of prisoucr'6 coat; he
said he had killed a man at the Park ; told
witness he wou'd givo him S10 to cut his
(prisoner *) throat.
C Frankin'oerger. called?Saw the prisoner
on 4ih of July ; saw blood on him ; heard tho
conversation between Sullivan and Eggleston ;
took Eggleston apart and told him he would
have to leave that night; Eggleston then said
he{would give 510 to witness to cut his throat.
Wm. Sullivan, recalled?Eggleston advised
witness to leave ; witness refused ; knows the
fact that Eggleston left the city ; witness went
with him. and came back the next evening
Dawv-n, recalled?S-tw Eggleston have that
knife the day after June election
Isaiah Stewart, called?Was at Beckert s
that evening ; met Eggleston at the cross keys;
he asked witness's brother to let him ride to
Bcckcrt's ; saw him with a knito at a pic nic
on Fourteenth street before witness went to
the Park ; did not see Bell struck ; don't know
who struck Bell; witness's brother tapped
him with a riding whip as he passed.
Daniel Stewart saw Eggleston give deceased
a light tap on the thoulder, but not in anger,
saw no knife or blood about Eggleston; saw a
man named Thoma have a knife, which looked
like a cheese knife.
Mr; Padgett testified to hearing Sullivan
say, in Eggleston s house, that he had killed
a man
Sullivan was recalled, and asked if ho wero
at Egglest* n's The Court interposed, and
the question was not allowed
Mrs. Padgett, recalled?Sullivan said 441
have killed a man;" it was at Eggleeton's
h> u;e, and the conversation was between Sul
livan and Eggleston'* wife ; Mrs Eggleston is
hard ef hearing
The evident* of S. llieseman was admitted,
and is the same as given before.
11 T. llood called?Saw Eggleston at Dor
sey s stable that evening; became by himself
at .ut half-past nine o'clock; he told witness
hr had killed a man at the Park; he showed
witness the bloody knife; he held it up under
tho light; the blood was all over the handle;
witness t.ild him he had better put it away
11 N Steele called.?Was at Frankenber
ger's when Eggleston was there; heard him
say ho would give S10 to somebody to cut his
throat; that's all.
The Court then adjourned to allow tho Uni
ted States to procuro absent witnesses.
Jac. Sbrccve sworn ?Knows ths prisoner;
e*w him 4th July about ft or 'J o'clock, p. m ,
at corner of Seventh and I street, at Dorsey's;
beard him .-ay that he had a fight at the Purk ;
be said he bad been there ; witness went away,
tor tie purpose of getting out of his way ; saw
1 im have a knife ; he pulled out kmfo far
enough for witness to see it; witness didn't
n tiee biood on it; didn't hear him sav he
killed a man; he looked as if he had been
Tho case was closed here, the defence effcr
ing no evidence
'lLe District Attorney addressed the jury,
giving a review of tho testimony and asking
the jury to give it a fair consideration.
Mr Coil tun followed lor the defence, ex
cusing himself and aseociato for not having
accepted the pr >posal of the District A torncy
to submit the caso to the jury without argu
I'm vat n Scikek Musicals.?Seldom has
it been our good fortune to attend a concert
where excellence predominated in every part,
but on this occasion the directors of the Acad
emy of Music, Mr. Palmer and Mr Crouch.
] ravided an entertainment for tho lovers of
music un'urpa&ed in the annal* of Washing
lLirton, the occasion being the inauguration
of this musical institution. The lecture room
was tastefully arranged, hiving a rained plat
form some 18 inches nigh in tho centre of the
hall in front, aod round which at the beauty,
intellect, wealth and fashion of the city. The
programme was filled with choice and classi
cal morceaus Kalkbrenner's grand quintette
in C, con.menced tho concert, performed by
Me#-rs. Palmer, Kieckhoefer, Crouch, Berg
man and his son. The combination being
nth'tck*. we need soarccly add, that the exe
cution of this quintetie was brilliant in the
extreme. The violoncellist having resign* 1
bi" instrument, what was our surprise to find
in him the composer F Nichalls Crouch, the
v -cal dirtctor of St. Matthew's church, and a
singer of great dramatis power Ilis fir. t ef
I rt was a scena, 44 Friend of the Brave," by
Dr. CaiitoU, a glorious specimen of English
son' writing, and as gloriously rendered, his
n.an>y voice rolling forth in colossal strength
through every ear and heart. Ilis style is
pure and unaffected, his manner confident in
his ability, and bis impersonations of tho au
thor truthful, fearless and faultless. Just
such a man was required in our midst, and
with pleasure we record the fact of his being
?^-sjciate muter iu the Academy of Musie,
with our pianist, Mr Palmer. Next in order
f'llowed " Duo C jncertante," violin and piano
fjrte, in which the beauties of the violin were
poured forth in artistic excellence, by the pu ;
pil of the great Lafont, and never was master
and style more judiciously and tastefully ren
dercd ; his tone is liquid, round, and full, and
his ]>o(tra>?ure of the music graceful in tho
extreme This was the gem < f the first part
ot the concert '4 Kathleen M tvourneen. ' a
song which has become the household word of
every family was next in order, sung by the
author, and to hear the song in its perfect
rendition, we coouaend every lover of the pure
ballad to go and bear the author'? reading?a
little drama in itself. so touehingly does be
render it. To Mr Palmer s abilities as a
pianist we bare bad sucb frequent occa
sions of drawing public attention that praise
is unnecessary. The instrument appears
created for bis masterly exhibitions, and no
musical conceit, or flight of fancy presonts
itself, but in giaut strength he grapples with
it, and every passage answers that master
touch of inspiration only possessed by gifted
minds such as Mr. Palmer s.
The second part opened in Beethoven's
Grand Trio in C minor, piano forte, violin,
and violoncello, the performance of whioh
was perfection, the combinations and quali
ties of the three executants being of that high
wrought nature, it was difficult to individual
ise either as superior to the other ; and, at
times, it was difficult to say whether one or
three persons played together, so oxact, and
with such pi4!iaion was it performod.
As a lyric and vocal i'lustration, wo would
particularise Mr. Crouch's " Wanderer " A
ui*>re refined and masterly reading of thi3 song
could not be given. Mendelssohn's Cantabilo
on tho violin, was a delicious repast; so much
so, that a unanimous encore was demanded,
and as elegantly complied with The evening
closed witli the improvisatore of the groat
pianist, in which he even excelled himself.
This terminated the concert: and a more re
lined, classical and brilliant affair honorablo
to tbe projectors, and satisfactory to the audi
tory, never grazed a hall in Washington. We
understand that these concerts are to he given
at regular stated times Success attend them.
Assault and Battery.?About 12 o'clock
on Saturday night, a Mr Rogers, who lives in
tho Seventh Ward, stepped out of his hou;o
on Four-and a half street near Maryland ave
nue, and was accosted by Poter Kurti, who
was standing alth others on tho side walk,
and asked it he was a Fremont man. lie re
plied that ho was no politician. Kurts then
asked if he was not a Fillmoro man7 Mr
Rogers told him 44 No," and was about walk
ing away when Kurtz struck him on the hoad
and knockod him down Kurts was arrested
by Mr. Neitx, of the auxiliary guard, and
ttken to the guard houso In tho morning ho
was held to bail in $200 for his appearance at
the Criminal Court.
Thr Concert To-Night, at the National
Theatre, pleasantly interests many minds, nnd
tho lovers of music, this morning thronged the
tickot iffico of that establishment to engage
seals for the grand performance. Parodi and
her troupe cannot fail to be gratified with this
demonstration in their favor?this apprecia
tion of their rare artistic talents. eleven
o'clock all the orchestra seats woro sccurcd,
ad w.ro many of those of tho droS3 circle, and
even the front range of seats were engaged
fur tho second concert to take place to-morrow
night. ?
Indiana Avenue ?Tho popular commis
sioner of public building3, Dr Blake, having
returned trotn his late visit to the North, (and
looking, by-the-by, in marriago trim,) is pros
ecuting an improvement, long ago required, in
the neighborhood of the railroad station, and
for which Congress, during tho rccent session,
mado an appropriate. It is the extension of
the culvert (on tho south sixty, and on the
north fifty-two feet) over Tiber crook, at Indi
ana avenue?covering the entire width of that
thoroughfare. Mr Diggs is tho raochanic
having the work immediately in charge ; a
guarantee that it will be well and substan
tially executed. ??
PoLB-iiAisiNQ at Tbnnallytowh?We
have been favored with three soparato ac
counts of tho Democratic demonstration at
Tennallytown, which took place yesterday,
when there was a polo raised in honor of
Buchanan and Breckinridge. They all rep
resent tho proceedings as intensely interesting
and enthusiastic. The speakers were Messrs.
Crawford, Cook, the Mayor of Washington,
Bigger, Irwin, and (ionural John II. Eaton.
Officer R. W. Dove in arresting a person
from Virginia named tiraham, yestorday, on
charge of pacing counterfeit money, was se
verely beaten by him.
Urahctm was examined before Justice llol
lingshead, and discharged.
A Hardened Sinner ?Tho woman men
tioned in tbe wa':h returns went to tho guard
hou?e to enter complaint agaiust others, but
wan proved to be in fault herself, and was this
morning sent to j iil ami ordered to pay a Cor
poration fine of Sift Sho a^ked to bo :-"ent to
b?1 as doon as her term in jail should expire.
A Case For. the Police ?Wo hear that a
gang of half grown whito boyc congregate on
the corner of 11 and sixth streets to tho great
annoyance of those living in the neighborhood
and that on several occasions they havo in
suited ladies in passing by addressing them
with obacene and profane language.
We are requested to infoim tho patrons and
friends of Mrs R W. Young, that her tir^t
soiree musicale is unavoidably postponed to
TaursJay the 25th inst., when it will take pla- o
at her residence, 438 (1 street. t
Taxes.?Thero will be a discount of six per
cent, allowed to persons for paying their taxes
before the 15th of October Property holders
would do well to avail themselves of this.
The mc>6t Ludicrous aud Laughable Carica
tures of all political parties, only 12i cents
each For salo at Alex. Adamson's, Seventh
street, opposito to the Post Office. *
Wall, Barnard A Co , Auctioneers, sold
yosterday afternoon lots No. 5, 6, and 7, in
square 2sl, on tho corner of N and Thirteenth
street*, for 27 cents per foot
Watch Returns?Edwiu Sibby, assault
and battery and drunk ; dismissed. Mary E.
McPherson, drunk and disorderly ; jtil, atd
?10 fine and costs
The Cars to Frederick.?The Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company continue to mani
fest every regard for the comfort and safe con
veyance of the thousands of passengers which
daily fill their olegant and comfortable cars on
tho several trains betwocu Baltimore and
Ellicotta's Mills, Washington, Frederick, the
great West, and at other points There have
just been finished at the Mount Clare work
shops throe handsome passenger cars for the
line to Frederick city, under the conductor
ship of Captain Edward Thompson, ono of the
attcntivo conductors of the company, which
arc m odels of neatness, beauty and comfort ?
Each will seat about 44 passengers, whilst
tho Mats are supplied with cushions covered
with morocco. The interior woodwork is
painted a cream color, whilst the batons, pan
elling and Baeh work on the outside are of Ver
million red, delicately striped with blue and
white. The running gear and iron work aro
painted black. Tho ventilation of these cars
m t-uoh as to produce a constant current of
fresh air, and at the samo time excluding tho
du^t. With euch fino arrangements for tho
traveling community tho popularity of the
road inu?t coutinue to advance into universal
favor The cars were built under tho man
agement of Mr llenry Tyson, master of ma
chinery, and superintended by Mr. Wm (J
Hughes, who has been in the employ of the
company for tweuty-four years ?Baltimore
In this city, on Tuesday the 16th Inat .1^Yjbc
Kev ti. \V. tainaoii, Mr. JOHN W. JONkSto
Mia* MARY K THOMPSON, both of Mont
gomery county, Maryland. *
In reter?burg, Vlrgluia, on the 4th Inst , by
tbe Kev. U W. Langhorne, Mr. JA.MES fc.
WILLIAMSON, of this ?liy, to Miss oKK
MANTHA O., eldeat daugther of Archibald Per
klr aon, Kiq , of Petersburg
On the "j.h instant, by the Rev 6oorgc W
Samson, Mr. WALTER 6. BKRRY, of M?nt
Somery county, Maryland, to Miss VIRGINIA
t. EDMUNSrON, of this place.
On the l?th Instant. W1NUPRED AMELIA,
daughter of Michael J. Phllllpa C French, aged
J years and 9 days.
IIut ah ! we know that thou In Heaven
An A ngel ait, amid that spirit throng ;
And unto thee a golden harp Is given,
To breath Uod's praise In rap urous song,
And In that land of brlghtneaa I shall aee
My angel-chlid when life la o'er;
And from all pain aud sorrow free,
I'll dwell with him f nevermore.
Tbe funeral will take p ace to morrow (Tkurs
dav) afernoon, at 3 o'clock. The frisnd. of the
f*mtlv are respectfully requested to attend from the
r'sldeaee of tier parents, No. 515 Lstreet, between
vth and 10th street.
For Sale and Rent
No. 510 Pe-nsylvanla avenue, north side,
below 3d street. Inquire next door, No 508.
se 17-4t*
For runt.?a good two-story
Brick House, No. 411 13;h street, between F
and Q Apply on the prernlsn. we 17-eo3t*
best and cheapest rooms la the city, In a lame
new and well arranged building, convenient to the
Post Office and Patent Oflee Departments. A good
room for SI. Apply at Owen's Building, D, be
tween *th and 9:h rtrocts. ?c 17-31*
For sale ?a lot on the corner
of G and 21st streets, 80 fr-et 9 Inches by 12?
feet 8 inrhes deep This 1? one of the best loca
tions and neighborhoods In the city, being di
rectly opposite the elegant residence of Lieut.
Woodhull, IJ. S. Navy, and In a rapidly improv
ing neighborhood, it offers a rare chance to per
sons who wish to purchase. Enquire of \VM
NVALL, at W?'l ? Stephens's, No. 3251 Penn
avenue, between ?th and HHh streets, se 17-2W
of rquare8>5,containing l'2,300feet. improved
by a neat two story Frame House, with 5 rooms
There are a number of young and thrifty irult
trees, vines, and a variety of choice roses and
other flowers in the ground. Terms? one-half
cash; remainder in A months. Inquire on the
premises, near Kendall Green, comer of M street
and 8th street east, between 4 and 7o'clock p m.
se 16-3t*
Rooms for rent -two rooms over
my store suitable for an office of almost any
kind, will lie rented low to a permanent tenant.
Possesion given Immediately. L F. CLARK,
north side, Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th
streets se LMf
story of the building over John Alexander's
establishment. Also, a lot of ground on the
corner of 18th and K streets. For particulars in
quire of J ALEXANDER.
se ll-iw (Intel)
For sale?a i-arm in Alexandria
couatv Va., distant three miles from the
Georgetown Ferry, containing b5% acres in the
home tra^t. also a wood lot of 40 acrt s, which w) 11
cut from 25 to 30 cords per acre. The Improve
ments consist of a good Dwelling, Harn.StaMe,
Dairy, and Corn-house. The probability that
Congress wi" erect u bridge at the Three Sisters,
or the Aqueduct, will render the property valua
ble. A plot of the farm can be seen at the office of
the undersigned, RICHARD P. JACKSON, No.
155 Bridge street, Georgetown. ne 10-tf
For rent.-furnishedorunfurn
ed, a house situated on the north side of Penn
avenue, in the central part of the city, containing
In ail fifteen rooms, which are comfoiUblv furn
ished ; gas fixtures through the houfce. Will be
rented to a careful and responsible tenant if ap
plied for soon; or the rooms will he rented sep
arately. Doard can be obtained in the immediate
nelghWrhojd. A servant will be left to attend,
and take charge of the room, If required Apply
at this office. se 10-1 m
For rent ?three furnished
rooms, with or without board, upon moderate
terms, suitable for 3 or 1 single gentlemen, at No.
2117 F s'reet, between 12th and 13th 6treeis, or the
entire house, containing 11 rooms, to a good
tenant, if Immediate application be made.
Three furnished rooms to rent
One parlor and two bed rooms adjoining, on
F sr-et, No 1tr2, opposite Union Row, and near
the Patent and Post Offices, In the new white
building. se 15-eo3t?
For sale or rent?the two new
three-story Houses with back building and
cellar, cn 12th street, the Ant square south of
Penn avenue, is offered for sale or rent. Thty
contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W BAR
KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church,
between 11th and 12th street. au 1-eotf
desirable places of business on Pennsylvania
avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at
No. 211 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2
and 8 o'clock. an8-eotf
For sale or rent?that desika
ble residence on F street, between 20th and
'.'1st. for the last eight years occupied by the late
J M. Chubb, IStq. Possession elven the 1st of
November next. Inquire of RIGuS A CO.
au 12-eotf
three-story Brick Tenements on 7th street, op
po- ltc Centre Market space. There Is not a better
location in the citv for a market restaurant
se 'J-2w R II LASK LY, No. 3ii La. avenue.
House, on 10th street, only two or three doors
from I'a avenue. It* central location renders it a
very d-sirable dwelling for persons engaged in
business. The front room might be used as a
Show room for a Millinery, or fitted up for a La
dles' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Stun Its
proximity to the avenue would make it a good
stand for any neat bu?lness. Apply to W. LEN
OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between 10th and
11th streets. au 27-tf
a It theclty where the peop'e can get belter ar
ticle*, either in style or quality, or at lower prl
cm than at FRAN CI?1', Just above Odd Fc lows'
Hail , on 7th street. Many are beginning toun
dcr>tand this, end when In want of Housekeeping
Hardware, Cu'lery, fcilver pla'ed, Aibata, and
Japinncd ware, Clocks. Bird Cages. Ua>ket?.
B.ushe*. Coinbs, Ac., they call on him. Hel*
determined to make It for the interest of all whtn
about to purchase to re member his store, se 11
Farm for sale?the subscriber
cfl'ers for saie a farm situated in Lou4on
cou-ity, Virginia, near Dray nsvlllc, containing
about 4t>i acres. Fifty acres arc in wood. The
soil is naturally equal to a >y In thp county A
plot of the lanu can be seen at the office of the un
dersigned. RICHARD 1*. JACKSON, No. 153
Bridge street, Georgetown. teS tf
lors and Chnmoers, with bourd.
Also, table and transient board, inquire at Mrs.
SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf
33I, Pennsylvania avenua north side between
9th and I'th streets. One of the best locations ia
theclty I inrncdlate possession givei. Apply to
GEO. H II WHITE A CO., on the premise:,or
to CHARLES II. LANE, Gent's Furnishing
Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2
new Store Rooms, on 9th street, a few doors
north of Pennsylvania avenue; also, three room*
in the second story of the same building, suitable
for offices, Ac. !? or terms pleafe make applica
tion to A. L. NEWTON, of the firm of Clagett,
Newton, May, A Co. se6-colw
For sale ?a tract of land, con
talnlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of
Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vl*w
Farm, t"he residence or the late John H King,
deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites
in the District for a fine private residence; about
20 acres of this tract Is a t>?autlful grove of tim
ber, the balance cleared and in a high state of cul
tivation. The summit of this tract is from 350 to
1iKi feet, above tide water, nnd has a fine view of
Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val
ley of the Potomac! it will be sold entire or In
Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot
on the comcr of Fifth and H streets west, Wash
ington city.
Apply at Valley View Farm,or to Dr. H. Kln<?,
No 80 Prospect street, Georgetown, D C.
Je lH-tf [IntelJ E J. KING
Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and
stables?5 rooms on first floor?hot ana cold baths,
highly romantic and healthy situation, & miles
from Washington In Prince George's, Md Re
fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Fant A Co., and Ed
itor of the Star. Possession given at any time af
ter the 15'.h October. au 25-lm
tf.fr REW ARD.?LEFT HIS HOME about
two weeks ago, a sprighUy colored Boy,
about 17 years old, named JOHN A. DItiGS. All
persons are hereby forewarned against employing
or harboring him in any manner The law will
be enforced against all such offenders A ny per
son returning said boy to me in Georgetown near
Mr. Dean's ropewalk, West street, will rec-dve
the above reward.
nounce to our friends and the public **
that we have Just received our fall stock of^lB
1NGS of the very best French, American, Jk
and English manufacture, to which w> respect
fully ask to caU their attontlon
Visitors and strangers in the city can have their
ordtrs filled by us at the very shortest notice, at
fair prices, and in styles equal at leist to any et
tab hhinent In the city.
GKUBB A LOZANO, Merchant Tailors.
se6-lm 493 fath at , near Penn avenue.
otrated from the ruiockck
O of the advertiser, on Monday last, the
8th instant, a SETTER PUP, about Ave
months old, liver color, and had =?
double chain collar. A suitable reward will be
Cild to any oae who will return said dog to Nr. 6
oulsiaaa avenue. se 12-lw
OjHet and i?Southwest corner of F aid
Twelfth streets. Jfeb 27-tf
By E.S. WRIGHT,Auctioneer.
IVit. ? ? ? ~~
? ,?uuiunar.
a? Anctlau.?On FRIDAY next, the 19th
instant, at 12 o'clock, on F A A. 11. Dodge's
wharf, the cargo of the barque William Chase,
from St John's, consisting or?
261 hogshei-'n Sugar, part prime
3) hogsheads choice Molasses
EDW'D 8. WRIGHT Auct'r
se 17-ts Georgetown.
By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer"
Sitlees. Armchairs. Lumber, Ac. ?On
at 4 o'clock, 1 shall sell at Iron llall, without re
serve, all of the Theatrical effects contained In
tbe building, consisting, in part, of?
A large lot of Scenery
50 cushioned Armchairs
A lot of Iron Railing
54> covered Settees, Wood-seat Chairs
A large lot of tongue and grove tloorlng, old Lum
ber, Ac
Terms at sale. C. W. BOTELER,
so 17-Stt Auctioneer.
IJy JAS C McGUlRE, Auctioneer.
1 W'ark (torse* VTa;#?, llnnirss, and
Household Furniture.?On TUESDAY, Sep
tember 16th, at 10 o'clock a m , in front of the
auction rooms of J C McGulre, 1 shall sell, by
virtue of a deed of trust, dated August dth, 1PS5,
and duly recorded in liber J. A. S , No 10J,
folios: 318, 310, 320, and 341, one of the land rec
ords for Washington county, the following de
scribed property:
H oswood Pianoforte
Walnut and mahogany Sofas, Card Tab'e*
Mahogany Rocker, 6 cine-se^t Chairs
French Bedsteads, Washstands
Looking Glasses, Clock
Bureaus, Dressing Tabic, Corner Chairs
Carpets, Stoves, Ac.
An excellent gray Horae, hind and well br ;te
l Wagon ana Harness, suitable for a grocr or
furniture dealer.
T< miis : s>-jo and under, cash ; ovrr ?2<i a credit
of 60 ai.d 00 days for approved endorsed notes,
bearing interest.
A. E. L. KEESE, Trustrte
se 11 d JAS. C McGUlRE, Aucl'r.
LD~ The nt ove sale is psstponed until
TUESDAY MORNING, September 23d, same
honr and nlace. JAS. C. McGUlRE,
se 17-: o&ds Auctioneer.
By WALL, BARNARD & CO , Auctioneers.
UAMDSO.HE ri'KPIlTlIKE at Auction.
1st, at 10 o'cli :k. we will sell, at the residence of
W M Corcoran, Esq , No. 40] Seventeenth bt ,
the eitire Household Furnltuie, as?
ltoM wood Piano, Cover and Stool
Do Tete-a-tctes, marble-top Tables
I lush and hair Kocklng Chairs
V, alnut and plush ilcceptlon Chairs
Mahogany I'arlor Chuirs. Hat-rack
Rosewood Bcaufct, Etegere
I'arlor ball, stair, and chamber Carpe's
Palor Curtains, painted and tilt Shades
Gilt Mirror, Glrandoi' ?, Candelabras
Matugauy and oth*r Wardrobes
Do and rcsewood Dressing BurcatM
Do and other Bedsteads
Best quality Beds, Pi"ows and Bolsters
ilalr and husk Mattresses, Bedding
Maiioga ty marble top enclosed and other Wash
Sideboard, Dining Tables, Waiters
Cane-seat Chairs, Oil Cloth, Matting
Lounge, fcUlr Reds, Toilet Sets
Knives and Forks, Walters, Trays, Mats
China and Glass Ware
With a gi od stock of Iron and Tin Ware, Kit
chen Articles, Ac. ?
Terms: All sums of and under *10 ^at>h; over
that amount a credit of Go and Ot) d^ys, for notes
bearing interest a; d satisfactorily endorsed.
se 17-ts Auctioneers.
0 A A?iV?^2SLER' AuctloCeer.
^ furniture nt Auctieu?On MONDAY
afthVVe^M i2<1, al 10 ?'l0Ck d* 111 ' 1 shiil
ko ? c? a gentleman declining house
K' i !? 4 K a^eet, between et;? ai d 0th
t I' a Liandsorre col Section of excellent House
hold 1- u-n ture, consistingi? j art of, viz :
One superior rosewood Planefoite, 7 octaves,
made by Haines A Bro , Borton
Mahogany French Chairs
... P?, _oval Parlor Tables, marble top
a nSofas'1 "CrC' ka"dsome mahogany French
Mahogany^Arm and Kockcr Chairs, mahogany
Straw Matting, Carpeting, handsome Mantel Or
Uat"rack' with Mirror back
"all Oilcloth, walnut Extension Dli.?ni: Table
?r:\n;bL,?,Uc ^klna Dining and Tiilet Ware
..J . ,^Utl' ry' fl,,e French China Tea Set
1 ia?.td tffXKjns and Forks
Clocks, \\ alters, Coft'ee Urn*
One elegant rosewood and gold Co'tage Chamber
oet, consisting of Chair-, Bedsteads, liurej.i
with Iiurbic top, marl.lc top Sommo,
W ardrotie, marble top WashsUcd, Table,
Towel Rack, Ac ' '
Mahogany markle top Dreeing Bureaus
... l)" French and other Bedsteads
Washstands, Wardrobes, Chamber Chairs
Linen Sheets and Pillow-cases
Blankets, Counterpanes, Comforts, Ac
Superior Feather iJeds and Curled-hair Mattress
Handsome White Cottage Chamber Set
Looking Glasses, Walnut Rocker
hltcheu Furniture, Cooking Utensils, A.
I he atte'ntlou ol housekeepers is particularly
called to this sale, as the articles are of good
qua ity and iu exceUent couiitlon, having been
la use but a lew months *
n ^,,dci,S;0' Cdshi over t30, sixty ard
ninety days credit, for approved endors d note?
barring interest. C W. BOTELKR,
Jj^^?^*jOAd< Ausiloneer
*s. the Ladie*and Gentlemen of Wash
ington and Georgetown that he will open
Ills class* s for this accomplishment iu the
rrost fashionable style,in Washing on, at
Temperance H^>li E street, between O.b
ard l"th, the proprietors having expressly'
fixed in ihe mcst elegant manner for his use. also
for private Parties, Balls, Le tures, and Concert-:
and in Georgetown at Forrest Hali.
M G. 1ms testimonials from all parts cf the
Unicn for his capability as a teacher. Mr G. U
engaged In the College cf Georgetown, in the
Ladles' Convent, aad m the principal Seminaries
of Washington, and in th?- best circle.
His classes will be commenced In Washington
on tlie bth of October. Every Wednesday and
Saturday for children from 3 o'clock p m , and
in 6ein?etowu every Tuesday and Friday from 3
o'clock p m.
in Washington every Wednesday and Saturday
from 8 till 10 o'clock p. m , at Georgetown every
Tuesday acd Friday. Ladies and Gentleman
will receive instructions la all the most mcdera
Application for terin* can be made at the resi
dence of M. G. No 407 E strset, between 0:h
and 10th, or at the Hall. sc 9 2w
-a SOCIETY have the pleasure of Jl1 ? j.
annouu log to their friend-i and th< JgiEiSSEC
Citizens geuerally, that they will give an Excur
sion to the White Hojtc on MONDAY, the 2id
Instant. As the weather is becoming pleasant, a
delightful day can be spent at the above popular
place of resort
As winter is approachirg. our labors commence,
and to enable us to carry out the objects for which
our Society was instituted, we would appeal to
tb? charitable to assist us.
A fine Co.lllon Band has been engaged, and
the Refreshments will be served by an expc
rlenced caterer.
The committee pled;?e them-^elvei to make this
oi e of the most agreeal?le excurslor sof the season
The boat will leave Washington o'clock;
Navy Yard at 0, and Alexandria at 9j{. Afer
noon, leaves Washington at 2, and Navy Yard at
2^ o'clock.
We would assure our Navy Yard friends that
the boat will mos positivelystop there both trips
Omnibuses will leave the Northern Liberties
market, and corner of Twelfth street and the
Avenue, at 8 o'clock a m , and 1# p m , and
will i e at the wharf on (he return of the boat
Tickets ONE DOLLAR; Children FIFTY
CENTS?to be procured from KldwdlA Law
rence, John F. Ellis, M. P. King, Pennsylvania
avenue, end Dr. F. S. Walsh,Navy Yaid, and at
the boat.
V. IT. King, Win. GklUat, Dr. KruoeU Wftlih,
W. A. KeuQfely, 1*. J. MrUoury, J. A. N. Jlrdlcttou,
Gbo H*rvey, N. Kelly, J T. CA?g?ll,
Jobn K. Kln?, Thomas U?jue. Geo. S?rige.
se 15-M W F AS
\J\J the subscriber, living near Upper
Marlboro', Prince George's county Md ,
NEGRO MAN LEN, who calls timself
LEN HARROD; he Is a dark mulatto,,
about thirty-one years of age, Ave feet seven 1
es high ; he has a scar o < the right knee caused
by a cut; half of his heed shaved, and very gram
when anoken to.
1 will give the above reward if caught out of tba
State of Maryland or District of Columbia, or ooe
hundred dollars if caught iu the State of Mary
land or District of Columbia, and securci in Jail
cr brought home so that 1 can get him again,
au 28-tf Z B BEALL.
16 h, and keep constantly on hand, FRESH
ME a iS and VEGETABLES at the above place.
i? 13-3w? WM. CHASE.
Bv JAS. C. Mc6UIRE, Auctioneer.
Hontf h?ld Effect*mt Public AactUi?
On THURSDAY MORNING, September ttth.
at 10 o'clock, at the residence of M. Snyd.r, Esq ,
In " Corcoran* Building " on I stree*. between
15th and 16th street*. 1 an*11 aell all bis t urul
tnre and Housekeeping Effects, coinprlsln"?
Excellent Mahogany Pianoforte, fctoo.,and Cover
Mahogany hair-spring seat Sofas
Arm and Parlor Chairs
Handsome roMVoad marble-top Centre r.?b.e*
(jullt-frame French Plate Mirror^ Slate ana
Beautiful biuuze and gilt Gas Chandeliers
Fine Damuk and Lace Curtains, Cornice, 4c
Walnut Whatnots, Fancy CLalts
Bend some Marble and China Vases
Elegant Velvet, Parlor, and Stair Carpets
Oilcloth, Malting, Rug*
Brussels, Three ply and ingrain Carpets
High and low post Bedsteads, Bureaus
W ashstands, I ollet Sets, Tables
Feither Beds, Holsters, and Pillows
Hair and Husk Mattresses, Comforts, Ac.
Mahogany Sideboard, Extension Tables
Dining Chairs, NViudow shades, Lounges
China Dinner and Tea Service, Glacs \\ are
Castors, Sllvcr-piated Ware, Table Cutlery
Refrigerator. Stovis, Kitchen Utensils, Ac.
Terms: $J0 and under, cavh; over that sun. a
credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily
endorsed notes, bearing interest.
se 16-d J AS. C. McGU 1 RE, Auct'r.
IIV A. GREEN .Auctioned.
eH Furniture nt Auctien. ?On MONDAY ,
the 22 d instant, I shall tell, at 10 o'clock a m ,
at the late residence of R. W. Laths m, attic
corner of Eighth and north G street, lrr mediate -
lv north cf the Patent Ottcc, an excellent assort
mentof Furniture, viz:
Mahogany Marble-top Dressing Bureaus
Bo do Pier and other Tables
Two large Oothic Gilt-frame Frcnch-plate Man
tel Mirrors
Rosewood Velvet-cushioned Sofa and Divats
Do Castor Arm and Parlor Chairs
Mahogany Ktcumbcnt Union ar.d Parlor Chslrs
Do Fiench Bedsteads and Pprlng Mat
Mahogany Marble-top Wash closets and Toilet
Mahogany Extension, Dining, Centre and other
Fine Gilt lias Chandeliers
Solar and oilier I amps
Alabaster Mantel Clock and Mantel Vases
Mahogany and Walnut Bookcases and Secreta
Painted Cottage Set
High jtut'. and other Bedsteads
FeathcrBeds and Bedding
Hair and Shuck Mattresses
Fine Tanestry, Three-ply, and Brussels Carpets
Hearth huge and Matting
China, Blass, aad Crockery Ware, among which
are fine Cst gljss Tumbler*, Champagnes,
Plated Castor, Spoons and Forks
Cooking and other Stoves, with a good a.s.cor".
mcnt of Kitchen requisites
With many other articles which we deem un
necessary to enumerate.
Terms cash.
By order of the Trtrttee. A. GREEN,
so 16 tl Auctieneer.
By WALL, BARNARD A CO ,Auctioneers
Island at Public & uction.?On MONDAY
AFTERNOON, September 22d. at 5 o'clock, we
will sell, on the premises Lot No. 3, lntquare
No 4 4, corner of 8th and H streets south TLe
Lot is M feet 4 inches deep by 91 feet C inches
This Is a beautiful Lot, and in a good location
over looking the river with a most extensive view
of Virginia, and the river below Alexandria, i he
location is dry and healthy as any south of the
Avenue. These lots are valuable and ofl'er favor
able inducements to purchasers.
Title indisputable
Terms: O ne-fourth ca*h ; (he residue In 6,12.
and IS months, with notes bearing interest, se
cured by a deed of trust on the property.
Sale positive
sc 16-ts Auctioneer*.
By A. GREEN. Auctioneer
H>csehuld and hitches firm.
lure ut Am lion ?On THUK:?DAY. the
18th Instant, 1 shall sell, at No 322 C, between
Gth and 7th streets, immediately in the rear of
Browns' hotel, at 10 o'clock a m., a gocd assort
ment of Furniture, viz:
Mahogany Sofa, Sideboard, Bureaus, and Table-.
Maple Bedsteads. Bedding, Mattrcsxa
Chairs, Carpelt, Stoves
Wash and Workstands, Barbers' Chairs, Ac.
W ita a large lot ef KiLchen Keq lsltea
Term* cash. A. GREEN,
re 15-3t Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Oflii f at Public Gale. ? Uu FRIDAY, the
19th Instant at 6 o'c oek, or Immediately after
tbesp.leof tLe liou>e of K W. Latham. 1 shall
proceed to sell part of Lot 5. in ?rju?re ISI.frrnt
Ing about 25 feet on the north side of G street,
with a dept of 127 feet, inore or less, ard p?rt of
Lot 7, of same square, witn a front of about 27
feet by 100 dej tn
Terms : One-tlfth cash; balance in 6, 12, IS,
and 21 m" nths, the notes for the deferred pay
ments to be secured by deeds of trust upon the
property A. GREEN,
sc 15-d Auctioneer.
By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
Public Auction.?Executors' Sale of a val
uable Farm ?The tinder-Inn* d, exrruto s t.f the
last will and testament of the 'ato Wm. E?sby
will sell at public auction. onSATURDAY,Sep
tember :?0th. at 12 o'clock M.. at the auction rooms,
to ?he highest bidder, that va'uible farm, lying
partially in Washington and Prl> ce George coun
ty, know?) as '? Chilton Castle Manor " cr>nt,;ln
ing in a'l sl^ty-two a"re-s of land, m re or less
This farm contains a fair proportion of wnr>d
and cleared land; the latter Is now under culti
vation, with a choice lot ef young fruit trees.
The improvements cor sist of a small frame B well
lug- Hcu-.e and a large well built and nearly new
B*rn The plsce is well watered, with a pnuip
of excellent water at the d< or of the duelling
This valuable farm is distant about three mile's
from the Centre Market, with an excellent road
leading to it, and offer< grca*. inducements to per
sons desiring a small farm near the clly.
Terms: One tifih cas'.; the re?id<ieiu3 6,?,
12, 15, IB, 21, and 21 months, with interest se
cured by a de d of trust on the prerr lses
If the terms ofsaleare not complied with within
six days thereafter the executors reserve the right
to resell, at the risk and expense of the defaulting
purchaser, upon one week's notice.
Uxecutorsof Wm Fasbv, deceased,
se 11 JAS. C. McGUIRK AHCtion^er.
We have just received a large ard com gTi
plele assortment of FELT HATS, for men
and bo>s, of all styles, colors and price#, to
which we respectfully invite the attention of pur
Chasers. Please call at
Fashionable Hat and Cap Store.
3W Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th streets
N B ?We are prepared to me t all fair com
petition, and sell at the lowest prices for cash
se !S-ec6t
Just opetud, a large dud well selected*^^
variety cf Dress, Fancy, end Jockey styles,^?
all qualities, and very low for cash, at
Fashionable Hat ard Cap Store,
se 15 eo3t 3tt Pa. av , bet 9th and illth sts.
years one of the fined piano teachers in Bos
ton,now a resident in this city, would like a few
select pupils in the higher branches cn the Piano.
Professor B has letters of the highest recom
mendation from his former patrons i;> Boston as
Messrs Chickerlng, Prof Longfellow, Ac , Ac ,
which can be seen at Mr Richard Davis's Fiau:>
store, Penn. avenue
He also desires to enter Into a permanent engage
ment as organist.
For farther particulars, please apply at the Piano
store of Richard Davl*. s?8-co<>:*
complete assortment of Gas Chandeliers.
Brackets, Ac , ever before ofl'ered In this city,
comprising several new French and English pat
Call and examine before purchasing
Gas Tubing at low rates, and in the best man
*e 5-eo2w 269 Pa. av ,bet 10th and Uth si*.
T* Capitalists seeking Investment :
b e Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have
for sale, on commission, Thirty five Thousand
Dollars of S'jt percent, COUPON BONDS,se
cured by mortgages upon real estate worth double
'he amount of said bonds, and Interest payable
reml annually at the Bank of the Valley, Win
chester, Virginia, or at the Bank of Metropolis,
Washington, D C.
These bonds afford a s fe ard judicious Invest
ment. and, whilst they are quite *s safe as Corpo
ration stock, can be had for less money, yet pay
ing the same amount of interest.
fcr The bonds are each Five Hundred Dol
??. ie?-w
telegraph news.
The Baltimore Convention
" ?The city it thronged
31 10 th# N?ti0n?' W*"? CoDTM
I>,?m. Jb# d*J i* propitious. and all arrange
nf .! " ord*r- Th? immense
^,al7Und institute it beautifully
?n7hr;^r( ddegaua seat* are enclosed
forrn snrt tb* rW?,B ?n * Pi?t
2dTv!Tthl 2T?* of *??f?*1 >? ?* Mck
tha ?LleSl !T.n ; wh*b' *??*? ?*?
the galleries, will accommodate 4 000 Mrmi
ti^?* " " acc???i^, *? *he delega
At noon the hall wm crowded with apecta
W<ra. and a fall sttendanee of delegate aren
refuting twenty-nix States. Th<*a not re?
reecnted are California, Wiaoonain Texas
Iowa, and Michigan *M
At 12 o'clock the Convention was called to
order by Wni Schley of Baltimore, and ex
Gov Hunt, of New York, wai ehosen temp*,
rary chairman, who made an eloquent speech
in acknowledgment of the honor conferred
upon him lie spoke of the preeont critical
position of tho uffiir* of the country end the
danger which menaced the perpetuity of the
0 metitution from sectional parties, and tailed
upon the Whigs of the I nion to join4n their
c< n errative effort# to preeerve peace and
unanimity of feeling
h*d assembled on this auspici >us day
in the name of the Constitution and the Union,
ani urged his fellow Whiga to l and in their
intent to rebuke fanaticism and aectionalum,
and px'r.otwally labor to secure to posterity
the precious inheritance secured by our fath
ers '
. c*piesacd tho pleasure they felt in meet
ing such a number of that gallant old Whig
band which, in time? past, had done ruch
^ocd service in preserving the interests and
hoi or of our common country He, for one
did not admit that the old Whig party was
dead ; ;.ni here, he said, was the proof.
W h> n be had concluded, at the suggestion
of ? delegation, Washington's farewell ad
dress was read, with great applause
?a motion, Mr. TLomas. of Virginia, we*
appointed temporary secretary.
A c>iumittco of one from each State repre
rcaent*d wad appointed on a permanent or
f ijntijn, headed by David Paul Brown of
Latest from Kantae
ChicSent 16?Mrs. Robinson arrived
hero to day She reports that the bail asked
tnd given for the free State prisoners was
55,000 in each ca?e, with the exception of
tlov. Robinson, which was fixed at S5 50?
Gov Geary had released all the prisoners in
the h;;nd" of the m^b at Leavenworth.
Tkr Missouri ana had nearly all fled to West
p <rf frarin^ an attack from Lane. General
tb had ordered the families taking refuge
in Fort Leavenworth to leave
Tho pro-slavery men report a battle on the
?"?Jet at Blannton's UriJge between 500Miasou
rians under Atchison, and a party of free-Boil
ers. The Missourian* fled at the first charge.
Politics in Philadelphia
Philadelphia. Sept IT ?A meeting was
held last night at tho National liall, calls! by
L. C Levin, to repudiate tho Union tioket.
Mr Levin was booted down, and hustled out
of the ball. Subsequently the ticket waa
heartily approved, and Levin denounced
The meeting then formed a procession and
marched to the Fillmore meeting at Spring
Garden' where similar resolutions wereaaop'.
Gov. Boeder at Hometown
_ Eastom, Sept. 17.?Gov. Reeder was enthu
siastically received at M >rristown last even
ing, where he delivered a very effective speech
From thenco ho proceeds to Western New
\ork to speak in behalf of Fremont and Day
ton, and will return here in about two weeks
to take the stump in this scction of the State
Farodi in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Sept 17 ?Parodi a fourth
concert took place this evening before an over
flowing audicnce. Every scat was taken early
in the afternoon. ??
Baltimore Markets
TaltimoRR, Sept. 17 ?Flour is steady at yes
terday .? figure.-1, but offerings were small.
Howard street ai d Ohio $7. City Mills could
1 e purchased for i'i p7 J Whe it is unchanged.
Good to triwo reds SI <30.i51 b0, and prime t*.
choico whiles SI fida^l Gft. Corn was in good
demand at 62ift4c for wh'le, and 66a^4c. for
W hisky is quiet at 35a35 jc.
Hew York Market
I .Mhw York. Sept. 17.?Flour is declinicg*
atcs of ? 000 bbla.; State f&.VOaS6 lib: Ohio
50 4.">.iS6 70; standard Southern S7aS7 50
Wheat has declined; sales of 17,000 bushel -;
Southern white Sl.ftOaSl 65; Western whit?*
51 66^S1 07 Corn is declining; sales of 26 t'OO
bushels; S u'hern mixed 63ic; white 71a75c.
l'ork is buoyant; sa'.es of l,20o bbls ," men
*20 12 Beef is unchanged; sales of 1,00 J
bb'i ; Chicago repacked S10 OOaSll Lard is
I uoyan ; sales iu barrels at 14Jc. Whuky is
heavy; Ohio 3t'?ic.
inform bis numerous patrons, and the public
eeneraily of Washington. <re?reetown a;?d *or
rounding country, that be ba* just re^lv?d the
very laTjjeai atotk of ITOVKS. GRATK!<,
RANGKS and HOT-A1 K FURNACE* ever t?e
f ?re oflend in thl> market, of which be aafcs
an examination, fceMng assured that for durability
of casting*, economy ia consump'ion of fuel,
beauty of design, and simplicity of construction,
thev are uot equalled.
Having personally selected this stock from the
most celebrated Northern and Eastern Four.drle*
with a single eye to the use, not mer*lv the <?.?
o.'tbeartlcie, customers can rely upon fdlr dealing
and fair prices ia all cases.
I name In ra t?
Chilson's Hot air and Ventilating Furnace
Ha>-wardt Uartlttt &. Go 's Portable Tot Fur
J L Mott's " Invincible" Tubular Oven
M t'ond's Union Double Oven Rarge.
Beebe's Range.
Improved Latrobe. Felnour, Hot Air Parlor
and Gas Burntr Stoves for heating the room in
wiiirh it Is tet, and the room above, a very beau -
tlful ornament for the Parlor, taking up no room,
and consumes no more fuel than a common Radi
'? invincible" Gooklntr Stove, Tubular Ovens,
for coal or wood, which for duiabilty of castings,
economy in consumption of fu?-l ? nd the superi< r
manner in which it performs its duties, Is th^
ver' best Cooking Stove extant 1 ask an ex
amination of my list of references a?d letters of
reeomnicndatlm, numbering live buudred res*,
dents of this city, who bave this uusurpassed
stove In use
New World Cook, a pretty pattern and excel
lent operatcr.
Itlue Itl^ge, a heavy article and good baker
Victor Cook, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a
beautiful pattern, and beavy; a new cook, manu
factured In Troy, N. Y , Just received
Morning Star, far coal or wood, with suaimer
arrangement In liearth and roaster behind.
Light Street Comp ete Star, for ctal or wood,
without summer arrangement In hearth, very
Victor Complete Cook, Cook'a Favorite, Kitelien
Companion, Planter, Emporium, Fannv Forres
ter. and a number of o<her patterns of Cook
Parlor. Coo*, and Dining Foom Stoves
Chamber Stoves, open and close Front, In 30
dlB'erent styles.
Hall and Ofllce Cannons, all alzes er.d quali
K ussla Sl.ect and CaAt-lroa Radiators, etc , for
Parlors, all patterns.
Parlor and Chamber Grates from the very best
manufacturers in New York. Builders will do
well to examine this department.
Together with a general assortment of ail re
q'iislt> s for the Kitchen and Dining room
All goods delivered free of charge to any part
of the district at my risk. ?
Tin and Sneet Iron work made to ords r by com -
^ld 2SSE"WU1 be settled before opening new
^Terms positively cash ; unless otherwlae agreed
nnon at tlie tliue of sale.
Mv stors will be kept open until 10 o'clock p.
m fur the special accoiumodition of those who
C&n'uot make It convenient to call dnriag the day,
where the same astiduous attention will be paid
i living all information required
Washington Stove Depot,
No. *7 8 E. cor. Pa av. and lUfc *re?t.
se 16 -I in (Intel.fcOrgaa )
ol'IIOOL BOOkS or VAR1?0? ?'WP>
o used In the District, for sale at the lowest pr?;
ces In every case.

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