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4t tH St** e?rw?r ?/ f'ttn/fltnui
wnwi fciiMiuk sfr??l,
3 y W. 0. WALLACH,
W!Ub? *srved Co *i?r*orrbeT* by ??rr'.<jr? at HI A
AND A qCARTHH CENTS, payable weeMy
lo tte Agma, pxpm m-rml in raefcage* it 3?H
ivah par mooch. To mail gobaortben the mtb
Ktlp^vi printImTtniHBDOLLAUa AMD FIF
for noothi, and ONI DOLLAR tor thiaa
month*; for Ism than three month* at the
B* oenta a week.
NO. 1,131,
Thtaexeat leal Family aa4 New* j
be ftwntf lu aav other?U pa Ml*be* oa fceftir.
.?! ?
3la*le cof.f, pot
FIveeoplM ...........9* W
Ten oopl?. B ?
Twenty oopWw IS ?*'
fTT <'A8B, imauan la iPvtaoa.
(T^^lnftleeoptaa (la wrappan) eaa
at the counter, immediately after the I
paper Price?Taaaa C*?t?
Pout* a? nan wboart as areata wilt beat! owed
a eommlwtea of twenty om r??
of tie
lUiiwi DVilTMST, M?f ?, 180.
Notice la hereby given to the holders o/ the
stock issued pursuant to the aat of Con^reea of
ttd inly, 1946, that sooh stock Is redeemable by
it* terraa, and will be (mid at the Treaaury on the
aurrsoder of the certtloatee thereof, on the 13th
of Not ember neat, when Interest thereon will
This department will continue to purohaae ruch
su?;k prior to aeld day of redemption, and will
pay therefor the following premium, in addltloe
to the IrHereet aocrued to the day of purchase,
wirh one dsy's Interest tot the money to reach
the vendor:
oa aoch stock received at the Treasury between
the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In
eiuMve, ooe-half ef one per cent on the amounts
specified In the aarttdoata*;
On such stook race*Ted between the let and 3tet
days of Augrwt, one-fourth of one per eeat;
And on mch stock received after the list day of
Augojt, the Interest aeorued thereon, and one
day's additional Interest only, will be paid.
Certiloatea at such stock transmitted under
this notice must be duly aealgned to the United
StBtos by the pasty entitled to reoeive the pur
c base money; and when sent prior to the 1st J nly
ttecurrert half year's interest mu t also be aa
rtgnad by the present stockholder, otherwise such
interest will be payable an heretofore.
And notice Is further given to holders of other
stocks ef the United States that this department
will pmchaae the same between the 1st day of
Jane and the 1st day of Deoember next, unless
the sum of 11,5DOlOuOshall be previously obtained,
and will pay for the same, In addition to the in
t erast accrued from die day of the last dividend
of Interest, and oat day's additional interest for
the money to reach the vendor, the following rates
of premium:
On stock of the lean of 1813, a premium of 10
per cent ;
On stock of the leans of 1847 and 1*46 a premium
of 16 per cant.;
And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep
tember, 1550, commonly called Texan Indemnity
stock, a premium of 9 per cent.
CcrtIdeates transmitted under this notice should
be duly assigned to the United States by the par
ty entitled to receive the money; and if aent pre
vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's in
terest most also be assigned by the preeent stock
holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to
that day will be payable to him aa heretofore
Paymeat for all the foregoing stocks will be
mad* by drafts oa (he assistant treasurers at Bos
ton, Mew York, or Philadelphia, as the parties
entitled to reoeive the money may direct.
na<9-dtl3Nov Secretary of the Treaaury.
Ta?a**by DarABTacrT, August 90, 1866
Whereas tbe fWlowtng Joint reflation of Congress
has beeome a law:
Jour RxsoLenos extending the time for ihe credi
tor* of Texas to present their claims
Retohtd *y fir Senate mU Horn* of Represrutii
tire* of the C 'uteri States of JtmeTica in Congrest at
**rtibleii, Tha- asf agreceb y to the provision of th*
faarth section ot the aet of the 36 JS of Februa y,
1255, "1 to pro/tJe for the payment of such creditors
of tne late republic of Texas a* are como'ehended
in the a;t of Congress of September 9th, 1830," no
nee, by public aiverusement, was dnly given for
the *pa:e of ninety day s by the 8e*r<ta'y of the
Ti**4?ry, o: the urn-} a: which payment ol" the
amount a^-opri? e>l by the nfth *ecuon of said act
would be male, pro rata, on auy b >nd, certificate,
or evidence of debt of a*id Hui ?, which should be
pr-s?r.;<vl at the Tr?e?ury Department thirty days
precel.ug ttie 13th day of June, lajfl. the limit of
?*id nouce; aid as it is ropri-.?ente?j by the said
Secretary ot" uie Treasury, that of call bonds, eer
Ulica e*, and evidences or deb;, which haVe bjen
recogni^d by tha State ol Texas, the tainc, eqaal
to ih* nun ot lures hundred and eighty nine thou*
aud ? huiidr >d aol ninety three dollars a id esven
oenu wt?re not presented to the Truuury Depart ill* ui
prior u> the will 13th of Juiu, therefore, in order to
do full justice to the holders ot" a d debt, the Secre
tary ot me 1 r??s?ury is hereby aaiioriswl to pay to
the holders of a^v of the md b mds, eernficai**, or
eeideases, of debt, not presented before ths 13ih
dayet June last, who may present a d pr?.vs the
s?ae a? tbe Treasury Depa/tniem, between the 13'h
day uf Juns le-n and ths 1st day of Ja .ua-y next,
aid execute th<? proper relieve* to the Taiud Slates
and ths Stats of Te*a<, their ere rate ?hare of the
Mid t-ven in llioti seven hundred and Arty thoumnd
dollars; an J after payment thereof, the S?ore
tary of the Treasury is authoriaad and required to
dwirfbite and pay tne residue of the raid seveu mil
lion* ^eseii hundred and fifty thousand doihi-s, then
remaining in the trriwury, pro rata, amongwt all the
??>1 a >lders who may tjave proved tnoir cia.m , and
ex??ated Uu p?o|?er releases on or b 3bre the 1st day
ol Jaaua y next.
Approved August 18th, 1056
-Nonetas uxaxat aivaa to ihs holders of bond-,
c^rliA au J evidences of debt of the late repub
?? of Texas, wnioh w-re uot presented at this de
panui^it on er b-tord the liitii day of June la;t, that
the amis will b? Mttiod a id the pro rata amount
tL?r??'j will b-* pa*d to ths law ftii holders thereof if
prasentnd be^KS its flrit day of Jauuary next, a>
oompaoicj with the nocta*?ry evidence of their gea
moencss, w ith assignmsuis to the Uuiu-d Elates, re
quired to giv? ihis ds; a una.it Uie e?islody of such
biads, esi rt'.cw.o*, and ?video-^a of debt, auJ Willi
reletu?a to the Uaued Spates and Texas, tu a coord
aiait m.Ji Uie provtaious ot the act of Congress of
*?ih l>'?Urua/y, 1M6.
This department will not require evidence of gen
uiM?a?^s w he prtwnled with ths eertifleates tesued
by the a idlt>r aid oomptroller ef Tsxas under the
laws of tha Saite. Bui upMbenesuomeansof var
lfying the oertiaimtes, b >ads aad promissory aotoe
tMU<sd by ihe republic ot Texas, and not presented
U?, nor a:diied by, the o'Scers of lbs State. The
ae-eamry aid proper preof of the geuuii* aeasof
ths latter u ?ho aeriifl ate of the comptroller of the
HatM oi Texa% who hat the odleiai cbarge of the
original UiMvw r?sla'j?g to the debt of ths late ro.
puUie of Tcsa*
Ths as-ugamesit a-id reieave may bs oxecuied
a id a>rku i?sled^ed in tbs pr?ss<N>?s of the Aa*ueanl
b?e(??tt</ o. the Tr*<a^tuy, or the chief clerk thsreo*,
va ihe prv?4ni?e of a ootary pubbe, a id be wuasserd
by toe Aasusau y, or chief etoek ?>d noia
ry, ail b* carlih^d by the notary uad?r his nota
rm< ??si: ; b it w ion ine holders dsairr to make ih>
a??gum .;t aid ?<x-i?ute the rolea*** out nf ihe city
ef WathiugUia, u may b-s d >as in ihe prw>euee of an
aasi?4ant tr?-u.?arer, or edlcelor, or surveyor of tha
custom i, in ihs preseuee of a note J public, and be
witnessed by ths eelleeair er suiveyor and Uts no
ta-y puffiie, aal tie eorufied by toe notary uadar his
uoavasl setf ; and if S?er? bs no collector or survey
or of ihs aussusikt at ins ptaoe where ths party re
?idea, to- anaicumesi and rei???es may bs aaeeuU-d
before any sour l of record, in the presuaaa of the
judge aad el-rk thereof aad be wHtiessed by ihecn,
and sertifled by the clerk under his seal of offler;
aad if the bolder ba ow of ths Uaiud Bias, the as
or^atuuit aud rrieasss utay be aaneutod btgire any
United Sto^s eeaaut, aad be waneaaed andoerefted
by ban aader hia aeaaular seal. AH pereoaa emu
cudag sueh aalpM lata avl releases roaat alao da
cta's, aader oattt, before ihe uosa^r, aierk, or oea
foil, as the ?? aiay b% torn they are tbe real own
era of Ihe erufleasee er other evidences ef debt, or
that toe aams have bjee asMfnad te them, 6ene
flda, 9?r eoffeetloa i aad the notour, el era, or soosul
iu h laclads the fart ef tbatdreta^uen to their eev
ud ate ofa3#iiowledf*ii?Bt.
IT istgw^d for eoHeatom, or iu plsdb-?4 the i aiu.
??f iUs ^ar*y koldlng a? b uedetoi or m
vt Or- jlaim m i?t b5 ??ate I ia it 4Ui4avit
and a raJeaae to tha United Btatoa and nlMn to
Tuumwi be dmkj emeenud by such party. to
gether with the Mtlgnnvnt and releasee iroaa the
person in whose fttvor settlement and payment ie
One or more audited eartUkauti, or one or mote
asri Jenaa of ihe i?rae character ef debt, may be in
<auded in the mn? awtgnnteat, reiaa<?ea, and aflWa
Tit of ownership, if eaeh eertifioa'.e la correctly d?
scribed by uumbtr, data, amount, wid utm ? of tbe
origin! payee. It should atao appear whaibor tbe
crtifiaatea were laauad by the aathoriUee of the
State of Teaaa, on account of tb? Job; of the repub
lic, or ware issued by therepubl.eof Teaa-.aeoorJ
iig to tbe beta of eaah cam.
Tbe aaaigntneut to the United diau-s uuty be made
In cr.mmMnfium ; tbe raJeas/a about J be drawn a-?
cording to the fotnru subjoined?A and B.
Secretary of tbe Ureastuy.
/Win Jl.
Know ail p-raona by theee pr-eeaia tbat ???
baa rel*a*ed. and hereby releat-a, the United
rtta'aa of Am vice from all further lability or o latin
for the payment af cerufioate or eviatiMa of d*bt
number , (for the aam of $? , weuod by
the late republic of Teur?, (or by iho authorities u4
the Plate of Texas, tn tbe oase may be,) and re
deemed by the United Bta'es In accordance with tbe
proVimons ofan act of Ceagreaa entitled "An aot to
provi a tor the payment of roch cjeditom of the bite
repuWic of Terns as aro comprehended ia tha act of
UiHi,(re*e of September nine, eighteen hundred and
fifty," approved the 93th day of Fedruary, 1855, and
ai act or the ? lata of Te*aj, approvers the let nf
Ft brirary. 1056.
A a witneaa my h*ut and seal.
Form B.
Know all itereona by ihaee pre acuta **"?!
has rtl.-aaed, and hereby releases, the 8m eof
frr.m all further liability or claim for the p?y
aiynt of certificate or evuleuce of d-bt nnmber
, for tha u.au ot $ ?, iataea by the late re
publio of Texa?,ior by the autiioritlca of the Sai'e
of TrMit, a< Uie taec may be,) and redeemed by the
United Htate* in accor.^aoce with the provision of
an act of Congreaa, entitled " An act to provide (br
the payment of such creditor* of the late republic o<
Teia* a* are comprehended in the act of Coiiarem
of rirptemb*r tune, eighteen hnudrsd and fifty,"
approved tb*98tliof February, 1855, aed an act of
the State of Teaa?, approved the lat of Febrtwy.
An wttneaa my band and a?al.
The following ia a list of the audued c
still on sta ding:
Afo b*i*d ta.
8 T D Tompkins
18 Bukmau Oanfipld
31 John A Clifton
<9 H K Muse
53 R G Ilobbi
84 J.De Cord.rea
92 John Bnrningtiean 17an ,
138 PhineaaDeCord'.va 1783< H N W*100"
176 B Ha'dwin 1746 Jahn W Perns
A'o. Jtauarf to.
1688 Oscar Bngledow
1675 Trosteea af Auetta
lflOT O U Moasarrat k f>
16v0 J?hn Kamer
1704 Daniel Oarf
1W1 Jamaa 1'ilfhmaa
199 Mathiaj Clark
*J?jBtha Barla
396 O Blinean
344 J B Wade
368 Peter* fe Booth
3U6 Lott Husted
404 8 Kinfalay
497 J Pa'krr, for Btiaa
beth Parker, ei'z
437 Ben?dict Bayley
445 Leander B?a?oa
4fi6 Wm Odlin
467 Juhn W King
509 T B Webb
510 A t$ Tha mond
548 Tb<ja W Marshall
6-25 David H Kaufman
643 Geor^r? W Parker
1770 J K Blliott
1807 Harriet Georga
1816 Milea B Bennett
? H98 Nathaniel Rudder
i831 > Levi Tyler, adm'r
1833 ) of W>! Kelly
1838 Hamnr! Wildey
183S Genrga Sutherland
>841 J P HenninfH
1644 Bdmund BaSnger
1H58 J D Logon
1856 C P Green
1H65 David Ayraa
1H6U Thomea ? J mr*a
1878 C rir hied It-man Id
1H80 J P Jewell
1887 F Emma
1C09 Par iila Lee
64t CrutcherliMcRavenl990 9 vv Gro?><neyer
6*3 J A 9imnaon
6Mi Wm H Belcher
677 H U Williams
701 Felix Rieder
> Hubert Dai?
T7i I
a ii>"
iii Wm Jone*
779 Wm Walker
798 Dyer I'enrl
8 9 Isaac L Hill
H63 lieraio?an Brown
874 John W Bower
879 Jamas McMaxtor
014 Dyer P^-l
U15 Botuy lllen Hedeo.1858
b*re 9145
930 J Rllla tfci*
?i*l Mrs Mary Bebrflle
1010 Anson Cranaon
1019 U M Forbea
1045 Jamea N Hoaan
l?U Thomaa Lindsay
1045 Jamw L Green
1047 Jtvoie Daniel
1049 J B Daniel
1030 Cbarlaa Vinceat
1057 | ? ^ Geavaise
1U5S W9lis Mlliican
1059 J I) MUlirnn
10&1 John La via
1065 Wm Barton
107y W A Lockhart
1030 R Morton
1135 James Kil'am
11? C n Taylor
1941 Youngs Colt man
li4e Kibsrt VlwNutt
1W9 Gilbert Johnson
199? Robert Lnak
192W E W < "awthem
1930 W m Coebran
1?38 Francb Moore jr
9071 Andrew Daley
90T'2 Ii?ac 8tewart
9006 C W Viokery
Paul BreruoiuJ
David 0 Burnet
R P Mc.Master
W P Gentry
8 W FWtar
Louusuua Davts
9803 B Freat
93^6 Thomaa Reed
9316 Uarrinon C Btyaat
9330 j 9 MaDooaid
9840 Arthur Garner
*311 J F Martcbe4t
9941 Aadrewa k. Grovef
9*454 P G Merrill
994U W Pinkney
2350 J D Gi.tdluoa
9354 J Crawfi r.l jr
*64 A P Edgervm
985a Thomas Warner Jr
9863 Georje K 8iainre
9864 Ftancis Bnchia
WHi Elisabeth Carter
88Ai Wm Davis
9?*7 Joaeph T? mlinsou
9890 Bneed h Turner
1949 John W Clfvtd. per 9;Oo Wm Ktmbro
att'y 1 H Baym >nd 9400 U 1J Haynie
196 i E De Pun uu
1964 C P Green
1975 G W 9uike 8i J
1997 John Kendrick
199H Samuel Uid^ea
L<00 John Johnson
1301 9o?an Ma?ex
2401 R W Mnttfiiik
9409 Oatherlna Allen
B 9406 Henry Kring
9413 J W Lawrenoe
9418 gtepben ttmlth
9434 A C Ilorton
9tM Klapbalet buion
9442 Lemuel BDickenauu
'/ \Tna Eddy
9471 j B Hamm
?474 A B Hemphill
9477 Aaron HaugbKm
9479 Heira of John Jones
9400 " Joel U14
9481 ?* Warren A born
9489 " John L Mooka
9483 " Peter Aldriob
9480 M A Dooly
9000 George C Day easbtar
9S81 F Rennetl At (Jo
9508 John W Behrtmpf
9504 W ? Blair
9519 M RorberttaiUe
9613 Henry B Brooks
2514 Gabrirl Tram well
90& II 8 Morgan
95^9 Fnrbnr h. Baen
1369 Thomas H Forreeter 9450 Wm H TbutUMon
1385 B R Warner
1493 William Frais
1404 G W Osburne
1495 John A Rathertbrd
1497 (?ornellnM Vannoy
1498 Joaeph Katea
1473 Ann B Reeee
1515 Lumbard Mima
1591 J C Moore
1993 John Jamee
1564 K H f>ougiaa
1570 E M Fish
1579 Wm Kerr
1580 James A Moody
1581 P Bickford
1619 John Lamer
1615 John CamesoD
1898 John D Tavl ix
1694 Levi Mercer
1695 Hli Morcer 9.VJ4 Hamb Newman
The outstanding evj.2^no*? of other ulaaeee ol' Uia
debt of the republic ol' Teiaa oaanot be apeeiflad by
this Department. au 99?diletlani
of Bridge street, Georgetown, D C.. haa re
ceived his Flrat Inatalment of f^ALL bOOUN,
suited to tha early demand, viz :
30 pie. ea Fall Style Muslin da Ijalrvea, 96 ata.
100 do Engllah Prints, at 19JK ata.
do Black Sllka, beiatmakea
330 do Shirting Cottons, comprlala^ of all tbe
moat approved makea
80 pleeea Broand Bid Sheeting Cotton
*0 do Irish Llnena, good and cheap
30 doaen Damask Nmpklna, from f 1.4D to 08.08
Clotka, and Table Damasks
?,fHuckaback, and Board Towelling
Maraellee Spreads
hXm p i" Chlntxea from 12k to 18* ota.
BiSja at ?(mU wool) Muslin de Lalnea
CaLl^jT ni Vif^? and Yellow FlannaU
l,U1? Ll~n Oam brio
Genu haavv Ribbed and Pi.u, h.lf Hn-1
Ladlee' and children. Cotton HoJl Jf 2!Tt
Genu Merino and Cotton Bhlrta^
Ladles Merino and Bilk Vaata ftr
To which la^eadditiona will b? mada aooei
from the large AueUon and Importln*
Philadelphia and New York.
vlted to oall early. ^uaaomera are la
- ll-*r ?OHN H. BMOOT.
1 adaptation to young men, and other *~\
polnta of exoellenee. aa atyle, qoailtv, and ? \
price, beapeak for them the special notice Jtfc
of our young pat roaa LANK'S
_ Faahlonahle Hat, Oap, aud Genta FuruUblnw
Peasa avenue between 4* end 6tb
Store, 494
11,000 In Use. Fear liMi: He. 6, 7. 8, 9.
rhe Best, the Cheapest, moat Substantial and
Coo*ing Stove In the Union.
lJ,0t4) of tkttt Stores mrt note in iutcttsfttl
This splendid Cook Stove has now been tlior
onghly tested during the last four years; they
operate In the best and most satisfactory manner,
1 have fully tried them with wood and coal, and
strongly recommend them. They are heavy and
very durable, and the design Is neat and beauti
ful. W 1th a moderate lire, th s Stove will Bake
three loaves of Bread, Boast a Turkey, Boll two
Dinner Pots, Broil a leafxfenk aBd heal the water
for washing, all at the same time.
\ on are respectfully invited to call and eaamlne
the above splendid rooking Wove," GALLA
Patentee: A.J. GALLA9HKR, Philadelphia.
Patented, l*SO.
A New and Splendid Large Oven
Foar Stzea: Ne. ?, r, 8, ?.
It la only necessary to say, that after very many
years of experience, and Being fully conversant
with all of the various kinds of Stoves which
have been Invented on the down-draft principle,
that I have taken advautage of every well known
Improvement tlat ha* from time to time been
made, particularly In reference to the formation
and construction of the flues, which are always
ueces&ary to b* Luge, and I hare fully applied
svery Improvement and combined them all in the
Air-Tight Cooking Store " This
Stove Is Kind? very heavy and Is a good substan
tial article; I hsve made them extra heavy In all
the parts where long experlenoe has proved it to
be Important, and 1 can assare my customers that
1 have n pa red neither pains nor expense In Bet
ting it up; and It will not be excelled by any
stove now known, of a similar character; 1 am
convlnoed that It will at onse beoome a standard
Lr I have fully tried them in every way, with
Wood and Ooal. and strongly recommend them
to the public. Tbey operate In th? most satisfac
tory manner. Patentee:
A. J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia.
For sale onVy by
Neit door to C Woodward's old stand.
Pa. av., between 10th and llth sts , No. 319.
N. B.?Also, a very large assortment of the
latest and most approved patterns ?f Grates, Par
lor, Chamber, L> nine-Room, Office and Store
Stoves of all sizes, for wood and coal, that the
North can furnish, best suited to this market.
You will do weill to call and examine our as
sortment of goods. We will take great pleasure
la showing our assortment. We are sure that
our Goods are very low, as we buy for cash.
\ZF T~bhm<~ cash au29-&n
Washington Stove Depot!
Southeast comer Penna. oven*t and 11 (A street
large stock of the universally admired
and unsurpassed Cooking Stove.
THE 1 N V I M t: I H L V. \
which, for eoonomy lu consumption of fuel, sim
plicity of eonstruHIon, easily managed, easily re
paired at a trifling ooet, Baking, Roasting, Broil
ing, Ac , defiles competition.
500 References can be given who will testify to
the above qualities of this,
Ail 1 ask Ut an examination to satisfy the iitf at
eat economist. JAS. SKIRVING,
sto7 Pa. avenue.
The following Is one of the many recommenda
tions sent to me by a very popular gentleman of
this elty, the original of which may be seen by
any one calling at my store:
WAaaiaeTOH. July 2d, 135?.
Mr. J&s. Bxiavins :
Dear Sir?The 44 luvinolb:#" Stove purchased
at your establishment last fall Las been hi constant
use In my family since that time. Its advantages
?earn to me to De very decided First, Its ex
treme simplicity of construction and management
render repairs almost unnecessary Secondly,
the facility with which it may lie ohanged frorn
? wood to a coal burner Ana lastly, the perfect
manner In which It performs its duties
The peculiar arrangement* of Its flues, keeping
an even temperatare around the loaf, Ac., render
It, by far. the b?st bread-baker in the market.
I have, therefore, every reason to ex press my
satisfaction with it.
Very reaaeotfully yours,
au30-lm .
A inform his numerous patrons, and the public
generally of Washington. Georgetown and sur
rounding country, that he has just received the
very largest stock of STOVES. GRATE S,
Core offered In this market, of which he asks
an examination, feeling assured that fordurablilty
of oastlngs, economy in consumption of fuel,
beauty of design, and simplicity of construction,
thery are not equalled.
Having personally selected this stock from the
most celebrated Northern and Kastern Foundries
with a single eye to the use, not mer?ly the tale
of theartlcTs, customers can rely upon fair dealing
and fair prloee In all cases.
I name In pert?
Chllson's Hot air and Ventilating Furnace
Hayward, Bartlett A Co.'s Portable Pot Fur
J L. Mott's 44 Invincible" Tnbular Oven
M Pond's Union Doable Oven Range.
Beebe's Range.
Improved Latrobe, Felnour, Hot Air Parlor
and Gas Burner Stovea for heating the room In
wMch It is set, and the room above, a very beau
tiful ornament for the Parlor, taking up no rocm,
and consumes no more fuel than a common Radl
a tor.
4> Invincible" Cooking Slove, Tubular Ovens,
for coal or wood, which for durabllty of castings,
eoonomy in consumption of fu?l ana the superior
manner In which It performs Its duties, is the
very best Cooking Stove extant I ask an ex
amination of my list of references and letters of
recommendation, numbering five hundred real
dents of this city, who have this unsurpassed
slove Ln use
New World Cook, a pretty pattern and excel
lent operator.
Blue Rltge, a heavy article and good baker
Victor Cook, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a
beautiful pattern, and heavy; a iipw cook, manu
factured ln Troy, NY, lust received
Morning Star, for coal or wood, with aumnit
arrangement in hearth and roaster bt-hlnd
Light Street Complete Star, for ooal or wood,
without stunner airangement in hearth, very
heavy. ' J
Victor Complete Cook, Cook's Favorite, Kitchen
Companion, Planter, Emporium, Fannv Forres
ter, and a number of other patterns of Cook
Parlor. Cook, and Dining Room Stoves
Chamber Stoves, open axwl close Front, in 30
different styles
Hall and Offlo# Cannons, all slaesand qualltlss.
It aula Sheet and Cast-iron Radiators? Ac., for
Parlors, all patterns.
Parlor and Chamber Grates from the very best
manufacturers ln New York. Builders will do
well to examine this department
Together with a general assortment of all re
quisites for the Kitchen and Dining room.
All goods delivered free of charge to any part
of the district at my risk
Tin and Sheet Iron work made to order by com
petent workmen.
Old aoooanta will be settled before opening new
Terms positively cash; unless otherwise agreed
upon at tne time of sale.
My store will be kept open until 10 o'clock p.
m , for the speelal aocommodi tlon of those who
oannot make it convenient to call during the day.
where the same assiduous attention will be paid
in giving all Information required
Washington Slove Depot,
No 'J07 S K.ror Ha nv and llth at. Set
?e 10-1 in (Intel A Organ )
MRS franklin, teacher of vocal
JMuslc, No. 406 E street, between 9th and
10th streets. References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr.
Hllbus, Music stores. *e 17-3m
pupils limited, will be commenced at the
bouse, now In course of erection, on the comer of
UKh and G streets, on Monday, the 11th of Sep
teml>eT Particular attention will be paid to
Mathematics Thoee who wish to study Survey
ing will have a good opportunity, as 1 have a fine
Instrument, and will give Held practice weekly
For Wan apply to SAMUEL KELLY, a: Mr.
John Sessford's, on Penn. avenue, between llth
12th streets. au V9
The commencement of the above school Is un
avoidably postponed to MONDAY. Sept 29th, In
order that the building should be thoroughly
completed and dry ere Its duties are entered upon
?e 15 SAM'L KELLY, Principal
MRS. ?. H. itftllYH,
420 D street north, betwtcnfitk and 7(A,
cf Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity
that she is prepared to clvelnst uctlon, in <.lagf<-s
and private lessons, Intheart of MAKING WAX
FLOWERS and VASES. Also, Wax Fruit and
Ornamental Leather wore
Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op
portunity of requiring a most beautiful ancom
Slishment will pleese call as early as possible, as
Irs S does not contemplate remaining long in
the city.
Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 lee
Wax Fruit in Classy, per term of 12 lessons..?5
Leather Work in Classes, per term of 8 lessons93
Private Lessons 91 eaeh?Vases 910.
Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers,
Ac , for sale, or made to order. au 20 din
1 tloa will commence on the bth of the ninth
month (September) next
Circulars containing further Information in re
gard to the School will be furnished to persons
who desire them on application to R S KIRK,
orWM H FARQUHAR, at Olney Post Office,
Montgomery county, Mary land au 7-8w
X tatlon will coinmenoe on VVcda??4iy, the
21th of September. Students wi'.l be examined
for entrance on the Monday and Tuesday previ
ous Application should be made to the Presi
The Prepaiatory Department will open on the
10th of September. Apply for admittance to Mr.
(Julnche, the principal S. PRENTISS.
nu29-'ia?4w Reglrrar
m bavin" taken charge of tbe above institution
will open In connection with it their schools for
sn-all boys on Monday next, the 22d Inst.
Tickets of admission must in ail ca?ea be Lad
from the Rev T.J. O'Toole, Pastor of St Pat
rick's, or the Rev. J. B Byrne, of St Matbew',.
All payments shall be made to the Sisters
monthly or quarterly in advance, as will be stated
In tbe tickets of admlssl n. se ??-2w
The next annual session of this
Academy will commence on Monday, Sep
tember 1st. lt>66. For terms see circulars at the
principal Book Stores au 1-tf
Z. Richards. >1*s. / R tth a hds,
Prtn. U. A. * Prln. f.r. A.
-I. Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE
ACADEMY, will commence on MONDAV , Sep
tember 1, 1S36. jy 23-3m
Whi e and Bed Ash. Egg, Stovo. Transition,
Nut, Cumb. Lump, & Blacksmith's Coals.
winter will Und it to their advant&oeby send
ing us their crders, orleavlrgtheni at P.J. Steers'
store. No 4HS7th *tre*, between D and E,es thev
will be promptly tti.ed with the best article and at
low prices.
2,240lbs given to ton
Office and Yard corner of G and22d streets,
se 2-lm First Ward.
Chss. White, Emily C Horting, and Vacshed,
with White and Red Ash COAL, warranted a
No 1 article.
We will be delivering from the vessels the en
tire week, commencing Monday, the 15th ins'.
Those wishing to lay in wintt-r supplies should
not miss this favorable opportunity.
Coal kept under cover 2240 lbs to the ton
Wood of tbe best quality ulwavs on hand
se 13-tf N. W. cor. :2th and C sts., No 517.
To Capitalist* seeking Investment !
b o Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have
for sale, on commission, Thirty live Thousand
Dollars of Six percent, COUPON BONDS, sh
eared by moitga^eb upon real estate worth double
the amount cf said bonds, ar.d Interest payable
semi-annually at the Bank, of the Valley, Win
chester, Virginia, or at the Bank cf Metropolis,
Washington, D C.
Those bonds afford a s fa ai>d judicious invest
ment, ar.d. whilst they are quite as safe as Corpo
ration stock, can be had for le^s money, yet pay
ing the same amount of interest.
The bonds arc each Five Hundred Dol
ars. te 5-tf
FRESCO DECORATIVE, and every description
361 E street, between llrA and 12(A streets,
se 18-lm* Washington, D. C
Bemoved to 367 Fenn'a avoauo, South side,
Opposim tub National Hotel.
Th k subscriber begs leave to
Inform his friends and tbe public, that he
has opened a new store, No 307 Penn. avenue,
between and6th stieets, live doors east of 6th
street, where he intends to keep constanlly on
hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign
and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of line
Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Floor, Soap, Olives, Raisins,
Figs, Sardines, Anchovies. Otard, Marrett A
Co., Plnet A Co., and Col. Chadard's Brandies in
Cases, Demijohns, and Casks. Old Jamaica
Rum, Sherries, Maderla, Port of various descrip
tion. St. Julien Claiet, Chateaux Margaux, In
cases, Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Rey
nold's Edintjurg Ale, Annesettl, Maras hlno,
Cnmcoca, Absynth, Champagnes, and a largeand
varied description of Havana Cigars. Also,
Stoughton Bitters and Fever and Ague Bitters,
Porter, Ale and Cider.
ae 4-ly No 367 Pa av ,bet.4# and 6th sts
TON wUldepart at the follow- ,- WK"*"** ^
lng hours: ?HaU
Leave Alexandria 7 If, 9, 11, 1K, 3X> 5K
Leave Washington...B, 10,12, 2)g, ?%
je2B-d JOB CORSON, Captain
June, the Steamer GEORGE - |
PAGE will run at the lulli ii Mil MTHm
Leave Alexandria at 4#, 8,10,12, S#, 4#, and
6M o'clock.
Leave Washington ?. 9, U, 1*. 3*, > and 7
je 29-tf BH,1S L. PRICE, Captain
steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing
ton at 9 and Alexandria at 9# o'clock.
Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at
o'clock. Coach fare 1C cents.
wishing the coaehea will leave ti!?*li
rtf ldt nee with George A Thoinus l'aikei
Kefrr*biiiei:ts on the boy*.
1 ap s it SAM'L GhDNKY , Cap;a!a
Or, The nritirtiK Ctryie.
The following was told as an aetual fact by
a sailor who solemnly affirmed he knew it to be
so ; whatever else be was, he certainly most
havo been a sailor of genius :
We are on board a slave ship bound to the
c^ast of Africa. I had my misgiving* nbout
the business, and I believe others had them,
too. We hai passed tfce Straits of Uibralter,
and were lying off Barbary. one clear, bright
evening, when it came my turn to Mke ?h"
helm The ship was becalmed, and every
thing around was as silent as the day after the
deluge. The wide monutony of water varied
only by the glancing? of the moon or the crest
of tho waves, made me think the old fables of
Neptune wero true ; and that Amphitrite and
hcrFaiada wro sporting on the surface of
the ocean, with diamonds in their hair. These
fnncies were followed bv the thought of my
wife, my children, and my home; and all
were wildly eu ugh jumbied together in a de
lict us state cf approaching flumber Sud
denly I heard above my head a loud, deep,
terrible voioo call out 44 Stand from Under.
I started to my feet?it was a customary sig
nal when anything was to be thrown from the
shrouds, snd tnechanicnllv I sung out the
usual answer, "Let go!" 'But nothing camo.
I looked up in the shrouds?there was nothing
there I searched the deck, and found that
I was alone! I tried to think it was * dream ;
but that sound, eo deep, so stern, so dread
ful, rung in my ears like the bursting of a
In the morning, I told the crew what I had
heard They laughed at me ; and were all
<!ey Jong full of their jokoa about44 Dreaming
Tom." One fellow among them was most un
merciful in his raillery lie wf>? a swarthy,
malignant looking Spaniard, whocarried mur
der in his eyo and curses on his tongue ; a
darii g and lordly man who boasted of crimo
as if it gave him pre-ominenco among hi*
fellows lie lacghed longest and loudest at
my ftory. 44 A most uncivil ghost, Tom,"
raid he ; 44 when such chaps come to see me,
I'll make 'cm show themselves; I 11 not be
satisfied without seeing and feeling as well as
Tho sailors all joirod with him ; and I,
ashamed of my alarm, was glad to bo ei eot.
The next night. Dick Burton took the helm.
Dick had nerves like an ox, and sinews like a
whale ; it was little he feared on earth or be
neath it. Tho clock struck one. Dick was
leaning his head on the helm, as he said,
thinking nothing of me or my story, when
that cwful voice again celled out from the
shrouds, " Stand from under " Diok darted
fjrward like an Indian arrow, which they say
goes through And through a buffalo, and wings
on its way as if it had not left death in the
rear. It was an instant or more before h??
found presence of mind to call out44 Let go !"
Again nothing was seen?nothing heard Ten
nights in succession, at one o'clock, tho same
unearthly sound rung through the air. making
our stoutest sailors quail as if a bullet shot
had gone through their brain?
At last we grew pale when it was spokea ofi
and the worst of us never went to sleep with
out saying our prayers For myself, I would
have been chained to the oar all my life, to
have got out of that vessel But there we
were in the vast solitude of the wean; and this
invisible being was with us No one put a
bold face on the matter, but Antonio the Span
iard. lie laughed at our fears, and defied
Satan himself to terrify him However. when I
it came his turn at the helm, he refused to
go, several time= under the pretense of illness
he was excused from a duty, which all on
board dreaded But at last tho captain or
dered Antonio to receive a round uosen of
lashes every night, untii he should consent to
perform his share of the unwelcome office
For awhile this was borne patiently ; but at
length he called out, 44 I may as well one way
as another. Give me over to the ghost!"
Thut night Antonio kept watch on tho deck
Few of tho crew slept ; for expectation and
alarm had stretched our nerves upon the rack
At 1 o'clook the voice called, " Stand from
under !" 44 let go," screamod the Spaniard.?
This was answered by a shriek of laughter, and
such laughter, it ceemed as if the fiend ans
wered each other from pole to pole, and the
bass was howled in hell. Then came a sui
den crash upon the deck, as if our masts and
spars had fallen We all rushed to the spot,
and there was a cold, stiff, gigantic corpse
The Spaniard said it was thrown from the
f-hrouda; and when he looked on it he ground
his teeth like a madman. 411 know him."
exclaimed he, '41 stabbed him within an
hour's fail ot Cuba, and drank his b'ood for
Wo all stood aghast at the monster. Ia fear
ful whi?pere we asked what sh 'ul 1 be done
with tho body Finally we agreed that the
terrible sight must be removed from us, and
hidden in the depths of the sea Four of us
attempted to raise it; but human strength wa =
of no avail ?we might as well have tugged at
Atius. There it lay, stiff, rigid, heavy, and
us immovable as if it had formed part of the
vessel. Tho Spaniard wa= furiou ; 44 let me
lift him," said ne 441 lifted him once and can
do it again I'll tsach him what it is to come
and trouble me lie took the body round the
waist and attempted to raise it Slowly and
heavily the corpse raised it itself up; its ray
less eyes opened ; its r:gid nrm stretched cut
and clasped itsvictim in a olcse death grapple
and rolling over tho sides of the ship. th<y
tottered an instant over the waters?then with
a plunge they sank together. Again thit
laugh?that wild, shrieking laugh?was heard
en the windi The sailors bowod their heads
and put up their hands to shut out the appall
ing sound
I took the Lelin more than onco after ; bci
ne nover again heard in tho shr?ud th'it thun
dering sound, 44 Stand from Under. ''
l4Symiiics' Hole"?Its Origin.
Most of our roaderi have doubtless ^ecu al
lusions to the theory of Cantaiu Syrnin cs, who
maintained that the world is hollow, with an
opening at tho poles. It created quite us
much excitement at tho time as Phi!l;p0' l ire
Annihilator, or Ericsson's Air Propeller, pro
duced among the 44 moderns "
Tho following copy of ono of his circular?
will ozplain his theory :
Circular ?Light gives light, to light dis
cover?ad infinitum
St. Louis, Mo. Territory. North America, f
April 20, A D 1818. )
To All (Ai World.?I dcclare the earth is
hollow and habitablo within, containing u
number of solid concentric spheres, one within
the other; and that it is open at the poles
twelve or sixteen degrees. I pledge my life
in support of this truth, and am ready to ex
plorc the hollow, if the world will support and
aid mo in the undertaking
John Clevh Svmmes, cf Ohio
N. B.?I have ready for the press a 4iTre i
tise on the Principles of Matter," wherein I
show proofs of the above positions, account for
various phenoma. and disdoee Dr. Darwin*,
golden secrets My terms are, the patronage
of this and the new world I dodicate it to
my wife and her ten children I sclort Dr. 0.
L Mitchell, 8ir H. Davy; and Baron Alexan
der De Humboldt as my protectors I ask one
hundred brave companions, well equipped, to
start for Siberia, in the fall season, witn rein
deer and sleighs, on the ice of tho froxen sea
I engage we find warm and rich land, stookeJ
with thrifty vegetables and animals, it' not
man, on reaching one degree northward oi
latitude 82. We will return in the succeeding
spring. C. K
To His Excellency, Gov. William Clarke.
The above is copied into a number of Niles
Hegistor for 1H18, from an Ohio Journal, *1 iei.
vouches for Symini s as a uian of intellig- itc j
and respectability
Portrait of th? Snoceesor of Cramptan
The Liverpool Journal thus flatteringly no,
trays the snpposed new British MinlsuPto
" No one ei es who goes to Washington ?
and ft is of t'.i t apathy my Lor* Clarendon
takes advac! i*o in pitching upon hU used-up
>rcther, t Peihsm \ illiers, for the important
<HS,nminfi that the statement that C. P.
\i iera is the man is well founded.) Mr.
> iliiers has scarcely energy enough to pat on
ni* clothes, apparently not to take them of
"gain ; and it is marvelous how even a family
g_ \ernaif-nt can truit this younger brother In
the complication* of Yankee polities, which
any day may produce a new difficulty, lie
V* tV-rJ* 7 UiaD' on? 'in*ul*rly free
from tue airs and cants of his class, and that
..e descrres well of his country noons who ra
wU1 dispute
wirif.Jl Ti a*?D' g0 lon? b* OWtMt
with the Judgo A ivecateship, it is impossible
doleroe eXCOpl J n"f?r*n,'? to his known in
" V\ e should all be glad to see him in hi*h
ar.d eminent place, his ambition and his na
triotifm amply gratified Bui Washington is
scarcely the place for a statesman whobegan
as a man about town, took the usual interne
diate course of philosophy, and has some time
settled down as a cynic, oareless as to cravats
ana h?ir brushes, and appoaranoe of all sorts
?public appearances inolusire He'd drivo
the earnest ^ ankces frantic with bis indlffer
cnti. m If they eh?.wcd him Bunker's HIU
..e would put up hi* gla? and ask who was
ifunker, and what was done on the Hill. Hi
would be profoundly amaiod at the frensy of
'heir passionate politics. an J they would stare
at bis dandy diletantism. He would eall
slaves slaves, and aek if the institution bed
not an unpleasant odor about it. He would ear
on thoCentral American question?"But my
de?.r Mr Marcj, what the deuce doc? Kuat in
matter to anybody ?"
'? Poor Mr Crampton got into a scrape by
reading a despatch six weeks after he bad re
ceived it. Villiers would escape that mischief
by never loading any despatch at ail. He
would say to bis Secretary, " (load graci >us !
1, who know Clarendon to read anything /<?
writes . If thcro were an Oregon territory
row, ho would say, "Gentlemen, Oregon is a
boro ; take it all " Ho would not obieol to
an expedition to Cuba. He would merely
observe, <4 Only take oare that you don t spoil
the tobacco in marching, for Clarendon don
like a goo<l cigar ; and tho only clear instruc
tion I have got is on that point" Perhaps
tho let-alone policy might do verv well in di
plomacy. There was a Villiers who won thir
teen pitched battles, and himself never drew
a tword or fired a musket in any one of them
in the same way Lord Derby, when Miirtater,
would have ruined the country, only fer hi*
affecting indolence. Next to the advantage
ot having no Minister at Washington might
it, on that principle, be desirable to have Vil
liers, who, though there, will do nothing."
A Chi el s ahokg us vans' Notbs?Faith
a*D BE HAS Pbimted eh ?The speeiat cor
respondent of the London Times was at Wash
ington at the adjournment of the regular ass
I sion of Congress, and he gives the following
picture as the scene then presented, its in
terest to us is in teeing ourselves as others seo
us :
" There would have oeen less hurry and
ueepatch of business iu the night sitting that
virtually snded the session just expired had
it been foreseen that the indefinite term of
another *?i so near And that would have
beeu a most a pity, for there was a good deal
of scenic interest in it. The race of legisla
tion, accelerated for .-..me time past, became
a pertc-ct rush, and the work of weeks wa*
disposed of in minutes; all the powers weio
highly condensed and in rapid action, it
l*w were administered with a fiftieth of th?
sp*ed with which it can be made, a Chancery
suit that lasted a week would be thought slow
1 hope ?k> mistakes happened ; but should it
be discovered that Home bills were pamed
twice over to balance other* not passed at all.
few of the spectators would be surprised. To
the outliers it looked very like confusion ?
but perhaps it was more in appearance than
m reality. Tho committees and leaders bav*
the threads in hand, and the Speaker, Mr
Banks, was cool, watchful, and self possessed,
the model of a presiding officer The pubtio
galleries were filled to suffocation, though no
party or " campaign" speeches wore expected
?the time for oratory had passed; it was all
* clear and qrick voting Above all. the ladie?
had gathered in immense force, and their gal
Jory was one vast flutter of fans Conrtder
ing the sta* - of the thermometer and the
working dr- parterre of gentleman the}
l^ ked doTT" ?,n, their presence in such num
bers was something of a nddlo. The rotunda
which divides the House ' from the Senate
wis the grand promenade of the night, and
w -uld have been almost gsy hut for the se
rious business-like look of the men?the ex
pressions seen on 'Change when the funds ate
capricious and quotations fluctuating Many
eagor faces flitted about in the gaslight, ar
rested by nothing of art or nature areund
them ; others took matters inore coolly, smok
ing the time away, huving a private under
standing with destiny that made them safe.
Qjtsile the rajs of a bright southern moon
fell on the white marble portico and terraoe
a welcome retreat from the oven-like at mot ?
phcre within, who-nco you looked far through
tho Futamer night, over the mingling f >liago
and roofs of the wcll-wcoded city, to the broad
belt of river beyond it; below, carnages
dashed up an I departed, with a louder rattle
than at noon ; while in the foreground gleamed
the statuo of Washington, directly facing tbo
windows of the Capital, biasing with light at
thopo unusua? hours He holds hie right hand
aloft, in admonition?perhaps to eoonomy, for
tho members have just voted themselve* an
increase of pay. and tho 44 appropriations" ?t
this tes ion amounts to *>me $70,000,000
Ihis is in hard money; but if the value of
the lands granted to railway companies Is in
eluded, that sum, it is asserted, might be
nearly doubled.
A Kiss ron a Blow ?A viritor went into a
school in Bost* n, whore saw a boy and a girl
on one seat who wore suter and brother In
a moment of thoughtless pission the little boy
struck his shter. The littlogirl was provoked,
and raided her hand to return the blow Her
face showed that rage was working within,
and her clcnced list raised at her brother,
when her teacher caught her eye "Stop
my dear," said he, "yofc had better kiss
your brother than st ike him/i The look
and word reached her heart* Her hand
dropped She threw her arm around hi<? nock
and kipsed him The boy was moved. Ho
could have stood against the blow, bnt ho
could not withstand a sister's kiss
rr1 do not wondor at thesuperstituiion of
the ancient Magians, who in the morning of
the world went up to the bill tops of Central
Abia, and, ignorant of the true God, adore I
the most glorious work of his hand But 1 am
filled with umaiement when 1 am told thai
in this enligthened ago and in the heart o! tho
shristian world, there are persons who can
witness this daily manifestation of the power
and wisdom of the Creator, and yet say in
their hearts?" There is no God."?Evtrti *
Oration at ths Dudley Uhtetvatorff.
' I say, friend, is there anything to
shoot about here ?" asked a Kontacky sp? rts
man of * little boy
Bov?14 Wal, nothing just about here, stran
Ser, out the schoolmaster is down de hill, y?r
er?you mought pop him over."
tir* Sjme Wife man said years igo: '? It'
you want to learn human natura. get m?.rric I
to a spunky girl, move into a hou^e wt.L
other family, and slap ono ?>f tie y<UB? < noi
j ud thtu you'll learn it."

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