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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18. IS56. NO. 1,153.
II ikt Stf Butidiv>tt. frn.tr ?/ Pixuflmtmf
a*r?w* Md SltvKtk frit/,
Will be served to bscrlber* by carriers at SIX
AND A HUAKTER CENTS, payable weekly
to the Agents; papers served la packages at 37%
cents per month. To mall subse rtbers the sub
TY CENTS a year ?? advancs, TWO DOLLARS
for alx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three
months; for lesa than three months at the rate of
cents a week.
Improved Sswiag Machines.
To which WAa granted the Highoat Award of
the PAris Exhibition. thereby receiving
the World's Verdict of SuTjericrity.
R ca'ae ha* 3lruv.llfl<5d them In mmy respects,
a~d they a.vc ip-tol-cu exerutingtw.ee r he amount
of work they did formerly In aay ^Iven time
They are without question the only Machines ca
pable of *? .ring etery variety of floods perfect: a
shirt boa >nn or heavy trace fcr harness can oe
sew a by any of ;hese machines by aslraplechaage
ef n-ieale and thread In aach a'manner that tha
closest scrutiny c^uuot detect a fault.
Manufacturers. planters and families will And
the n the only *ife Machines to purchase, as they
are ballt st/ong an-1 durable, ar.d not likely to
gvt out of order.
We hire machines 71th goages attached,for
blading hat?,cip-front?, gaiters, An.
811k, rnread, Cotton, Needles, A0., oonstaatly
oa hand, at the lowest rates.
Person* desirous of Information r-gardlag Sew
ing Machines will please address
105 Baltimore street, Baltimore.
N B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma
ehlaea for old machines of any kind Terms lib
eral Persons who hive been Induced to purchase
nferlor machine* under the pretext of belag
aheap, will lad this a benefit Indeed.
mar 10?tf
teh eaoos.
Bridge street, Geirgetowa, D C , has recently
re?elv?i from the large Importing, Commission,
and Auction Bouse*, of \e* Yora, a general as
sortment of Fall and Winter Goods embracing
every kind of?
Ladle* Dress Goods
Brocade, Striped. Plaid and Black Silks
Printed Striped, and Plain Mouslln Del: lues
French Merino.* an.l Alapacns
Ar?antlne and Striped Pop Ins
Bright small figured M-nulla Delaines for child
Rich (all w?l) Morion Plaids, b ?st quality
Do O nb-e shaled striped \lousllns
Doable and single wldt 1 Leepan's Black Mousl'.n
3^0 pieces English snd American Prints
White Ci noii s, Mu?Un and Nainsooks
Plaid, striped and figured
Ho >ped and Manilla Corded Skirts
Tarletans, worked and silk Illusions
Hla-k Crape Fall* and Veils
English Crape? aid Mourning Collars
Black Lace Collars and Setts
Embroideries of every kind
Stella and Broc^a Shiwl* and 3<?arf*
Long and Square Black Thibet Shawls, very
Heavy Gray and Bla";k Woollen Shawls
Ladle* superior French Rid Gloves of (all Nos.)
Da*a color*, Modes, White, and Black, at
87 K cent*
Gents Kid best Fancy and other Glov s
Ladle*. Misses, and Gent* Hose ^nd \ Hose In
Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sires
Ladles Merino and Silk Vests
Gent* h-avy Merino an<*. Saxony Wool 1o
Reil Welch and every other make Flannel*
R?al French Plild and plain Josey do
With s general assortment of Jlot'os, Casslaere*,
Tweeds. J*ans. Satlners. Silk and Merino Vest
Injjs, Canton Flannels, Shirtings, Sheetings.
Llnea and Cocton; Irish Linens, Richardson and
Dunbar Dickson's , Blanket* of evety kind, Ta
ble Dam is s a id Table Cloth*, all size*; Damask
Napkins, Huckaback sal Board Towes, with
everr kind of *?o>d? usually ke^t In a well as
iortei stoc?, wh'ch pr ia ? p'vln^ and cash cus
tomers may a', ways rely upon buying as cheap as
the ?im>; q ia liles and styles can be had in the
District A call is t?olicl ed
oe ll-t? JOHN H. SMOOT.
13 000 Iq Use. Fear sixes: 1?. 6,7.9,9,
M O R NTrTo"s TAR,
Ths B?**t, the Cheip'wt, most Substantial and
moa Perfect Cooking Stove In the Union.
13 OjO ?/ :k?$e Stores art now u succeitful
This splendid Cook Stove has now been thor
oughly tested during the last four years; they
operate In the best a;id most satisfactory manner.
I hire fallv tried them with w.?od and coal, and
stroigly r?jomn?nd them. They are heavy and
very durable, and tae design is neat and betutl
ui. W 1th a in ode-ate fire, th * Stove will Bake
tiree loaves of Breid. Roast a Turkey, Boll two
Dinner Pots, B*oil a Beefsteak and heat the water
for washing, ail at the same time.
Yuuare respectfully invited to call and examine
the above ?oi??adid Cooking Stove, 44 GALLA
Patentee: A.J.GALLAGHER, Philadelphia.
Patented, 1336.
A N?w and Splendid Large Oven
f?ar Slzea: Fie. 6, 1, S, 'J.
It la only necessary to aay, that after very many
years of experience, and being fully conversant
with all or the various kinds of Stoves whlcu
have been invented on th- down-draft principle,
that 1 hive ukea advantage of every well known
improvement tr>at has Iroin time to time been
made, particularly In reference to the formation
and construction of the flues, which are always
necessary to be large, and I nive fully applied
every Improvement and combined them all la toe
41 Sunntt Air-Ttgkt Cooking -toes " This
Stove Is mid- very heavy and Is a good substan
tial article; I have made them tztra ktary In all
tne parts wnere long experience ha* proved It to
be laipor:ant and 1 c?n assure my customers tha
1 have spar^a neither pains nor expense in get
ting it np; and it will not be excelled by any
stove no m kaown.^f a nlmllar character; lam
convince 1 that It will at oace become a standard
1^" 1 have folly tried them in every wsv, with
'.Void t id Coal, and strongly recommend them
to the public Toey operate la th? most satisfac
tory manner. Patentee:
A J GALLAGHER, Philadelphia.
For sal on y by
Neat door to C Woodward's old st*nd.
Pa av , between 10th and U'.h sts , No 31S.
N. B ?Also, a very urge assortment of the
tvest and most approved patterns of Urates, Par
lor, Chamber, D nlng Koom, Ofltce and Store
Stores of ail sizes, lot wood and coal, that the
North can furnish, best sult*d to this market.
You will do well to call and examine our as
sortment of good*. We will take great pleasure
ta showlag oar a*?ortn:*-nt We are sure that
our Goods are very low, a* we buy for cash.
fry Taam ca?H.
direct from ?, , ^
he celebrated
of Mr ChanceU
A Son, t he^r f
best and cheapest lot of Double and Single Hhet
Guas ever be/ore offered in thla market Eaeb
Gun has been pr/*ed and wll" be warranted per
fect throughotit, or no sale We have also Powder
Flasks, Soot Belts, Game Bag*, Cleaning Rods.
Haidir^n w *& . Percussion Caps, Powder and
ail of walch are offered as low as can be
purchased In this city, by
Sign of Gilt Sow, Pean avenue, bet ween
MA-ln (News oopy) 10th and 11th Ms.
TaxAsrar DzPAftTXERT, May ?, 10?J.
Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the
itock issued pursuant to the act of Congress of
?d July, 184?, that suoh stock Is redeemable by
Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the
surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 12th
it November next, when Interest thereon wlU
.Z\lB drpartraent W1U *???>? to purchase such
?tock prior to said day of redemption, and wlU
pay therefor the following premium, In addition
to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase,
with one day's Interest for the money to reach
the vendor:
On such stock received at the Treasury between
the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July la
olnslve, one-half of one per cent on the amounts
?perilled In the oertlficates;
On sach stock received between the 1st and 3Ht
lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent;
And on such stock received after the31st'day of
August, the Interest aocrued thereon, end one
lay's additional Interest only, will be paid.
Certificates of such stock transmitted under
this notice must be duly assigned to the United
States by the party entitled to receive the pur
chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July
the current half year's inters mi*t also be as
signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such
Interest will be payable as heretofore.
And notice Is further given to holders of other
nocks of the United States that this department !
*1!1 purchase the same between the 1st day of
J'menndthe lit day of December next, unless
thesnmof Sl.WO,ooo-hall be previously obtained
snd will psy for the same, In addition to the in'
ere-it accrued from he day of the last dividend
interest, and ont day's additional Interest for
the money to re*ch the vendor, the following rates
of premium:
On stock *f the loan of 1812, a premium of 10
On stock of the loans of 1H47 aad 184S a premlnrri
Jf Id per cent.;
And on stock Issued under the act ofPth Sep.
tsmber, 1<>50, commonly called Texan Indemnity
?tock, a premium of 8 p^r cent.
Certificates transmitted under this notice should
be duly assigned to the United States by the par
ty entitled to receive the money; and If sent pre
t0 the ,st Jul7> the current half-year's In
terent mast also be assigned by the present stock
bolder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to
that day will be payable to him as heretofore.
Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be
madr by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos
Ion, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties
entitled to receive the money may direct.
m 29-dtl2Nov Secretary of the Treasury.
Wucrea? the Mowing joint ms dution of Conpicia
has bscom^ a law:
'OHT ptiom extending the time for the crcdi
???? IV".f"'xy lo ?hfir ^ la ms
/ I'.l ,SViate ar'? fIou*e of li'mumta
iSmbUd Thai"* of America in Congress at
Tha> a^, azrerab y to the p*r.vt ion r f th*
i'-T> .?"roCU7 r? act Mf ,Vj* *8 h of P* bruaty,
i??h? Li 'r tiaFra "?t of such creditors
' ' A?"JeP?b.ic of TVxa. ai are compehended
kr hi'nhv?' ?f ?*?"nb-r lboO," no
tice, by pub ic a 1vert,.cm nt, was duy?iven for
TremT^6 ^'r r""* **'* h* lh" Y of
rresnry, of tne nm? at which raymeat of ihe
'?na ^ by ?hc f'fth of ??<? act
w.mld b : male. ;?ro rati, ?.n a'.y b n-t, certtf.ca'e.
?r evident of deb' of ,a. 1 *t? /, which should &
i?r scntc-1 at.the Treasury Department thiity days
, ^th dajr?f Jn"*' l85*; the I,m'1 of
-a d notice, aid ai u is represented by the p-iM
J,rafl"y? of said binds, cer
tiflca ea, and evidences of (;eb', which have been
r^o*n,^d by the State of Texas, the same,
in A rr V ,.hrwe'lu-"1"'??aid eighty ?,ne th.'uv
and ?l* hundred and ninety three dolia-x and seven
cents were not presented to ihe Trra ury Denartment
J.IO, u ou ,?a 13lh
v 10 the ho,,"?" of a'd d'b'. ^ y?cre
h yw?!? < hf; Tfrr%<VrZ hereby a t honzed to pay to
th.- holders of any of the .asd binds, certificate, or
Vi .eucea, of debt, not presented before the 13th
tay of June la t, who may present a d prove thn
?a neat the 1 r?a<ury l>epa tin nt, between the I3'h
day r>t June ia t and the Ut day of January neit,
a:uJ ??cuu ilii proper rel. a?eK to the Unttru tila-es
and the State of Texa^, their yro rata >hare of the
?aid seven m lliou sev-n hundred and ftiry thousand
dollars; a-?J after payment thereof, the t,aid He?-re
tsry of the Trea ury is authorized and required to
?1i8inbute and jmy ihe rvaiJue '?f ihi* ^aid mil
lions seven Lun.ir.-d a n riHy thou and dolla", then
remaining in the trrasury, pro rata, aminjj t ail the
ea d nolders who may have provd tbeif cla.m ,and
ezucuted the proper reiesses on or b-fore the 1st dav
of Jauus y next. 7
Approved August 18th, le56.
Noticsxs acaziT oivm to the holier* of bonds,
certificates, and ev.d ;nces of debt of the late repnb
lie of Texas, which were net presented at this ile.
parunent on hi b -fore the 13:h day of June last, that
the saine will be settled a id the yro rata am iutit
thsrson will b : paid to the la wful hoi i> rs thereof if
pros??ritml bsf<?re the fir-?t day of January next, ai
companie^ with the neces.-ary evidence of their gen
uineness, with assignments to the United States, re
quired to give this de; a'tin-:nt the oustody of such
bond*, ee'tifiea'es, and evidences of debt, and with
releases to the Uaited S ates an I Texas, iu aceord
snee with the provisions of the act of Congress oi
irtih Pebruary, 185G.
Thisdeiar'ment will not require < vidcncc ofgen
oineaess to be presented with the certificates issued
by the alitor and oomptr jller of Texas under the
lawi of ths State. But it pos.c?segno meansof ver
ifying the certlfioates, bcinds and prom.s<ory sotes
issued by the republic of Texas, and not presented
to, nor audited by, the officers of the State. The
necessary and proper proof of the genuintness of
the latter is the certifirate of the comptroller of the
State of Texas, who his the otfi rial charge of the
onginsl are'lives relating to the debt of ths late rej
Fublic of Texas
Th-; a*4i*nment and releases may bs exocnt'-d
snd acknowledged in the presence of the Assistant
Jecieury of lae Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof,
in the prr*?enceof a notary public, and be witnerS' d
by th^ A?sis'ast ti-wre ay, or chief clerk a d iota
ry, and b^ certified by the nota-y under his no'a
ria' j? al; but when ue holders d'bire to make ths
assignment and execute the ro|ra?es out of the city
of Wa hington, it may be done in the presence of an
asHistant treasurer, or sollcclor, or suiveyorof the
customs, iu the presence of a nota y public, and be
Witnesited by the collector or suivtyor aud the no
ta y public, and be certified by the notary under his
nota-isl sea'; and if tiere be no collect* r orsurvejs
or ofthe custems at the place where ths party re
sides, th- assignment and releaiea may be executed
before any court of record, in the presence ofthe
judge and cI rk thereof, and he witnessed byih?m,
and certified by the clerk under his seal of ofliw ;
and if the holder bs out of the United States, the as
sign ment and re lease * may be executed before a.,y
United gtate.consul.and be w.tnessed andeertlfl- d
by him under his -onsuiar s?sl. All persons exe
onUngsuehassirimwt.aUre,^,, alaQ Je.
clare, uaderoath, beforethe notary, ^erk,or con
sul, a? the case may be, that they are the ? al own
era ofthe certificates or otht* evidences ef debt, < ,
that the same have been assigned to thtm, ^,,a
fide, for collection ; and the notary, clerk, or eonsul
mustlacluds the fact orihatdeclaraiion in their cen
tifl ateofasknowledgment.
(f assigned lor collection, or in pledge, ths name
ofthe party holding ths baneflrfal or residuary m
?msm ia ths Mm mast be stated in ths affidavit
and a reh asc to the United States and release to
Texas ra ist be duly executrd by such party, to
gether with the a'synmer.t and releases from th.:
perron In whose favor eettlemen? and payment is
One or more audited certificates, or one or mo t
evidence ol th* tame character of debt, may bs in
cluded in tiie same alignment, releases, and atfida
vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly do
pcribcd by number, date, amount, and rame of the
original payee. It should also appear whether the
c rttfioates were ia?u"?| by tho authorities of the
iMateof i exas, on aceoun' of the d> bt of the repub
lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas,accord
ing io the lacts of each ease.
.Tiic assignment to the United Stales maybe mad**
In ct mmonform : the releases chould bi drawn ac
cording to the form* subjoined?A and B.
Secretary of the Treasury.
/"'Tin Jt.
Know all p'r-rms by thwe presents that
l-a*reka:e<l,a3d h reby rcka**?, tlf United
hta'es ot Am -riia from all further liability or claim
for the payment of certificate or ?v..ence of d?b?
number , for th? niim of t issued by
the late republic of Tejas, (or by the authorities ol
the M?t?i ot T'-xa-1, a- Mie ease may b-1,) and re
deemed by tSie United 8ia es in a^cema'tce with the
provisions of at act of Corgres* entitled "An actio
provi e tor the payment of such cjerfitors of the late
rej.ub ic of Te>a-> a-1 ir? eompre?jended in the act of
( onicres?? af September r.ine, eig'itee-n hundrf d and
fctty," appruVrd the 28th day of Fedruary, 185.),and
a i act of t'le ??tatc of Texa.>i app.-"Vrd the 1st of
Febmaty. 1858.
A* witness my ha-.d and sial.
Fori r i B.
Know all p"tsons by these presents ti.at
-ha.-= r? lea*ed. andhereby releases, the .J a eof
i 'ta< tr< m all furtherliabili'y nr claim f< r the pay
in *nt of certificate or evidence of rl bt number
,tnr ttiesum ot .? , issu-o by the late re
pi b! c of Texa ,(or by the authoii.ies of the 8 ate
of I' xiw. a. the case may be,) a id redeemed by the
United Sntes in a^cora .ce with th^ provisions of
an art of Coiisrix, entitled " An act to provide for
ilif payment of such creditors oftiie la e republic ol
i ext'u* ;i?* are comprelH iirit*d iu the act **( Congress
of 8. pit mb.T niiie, ei-rliteen hundred and fifty,"
epproved the 2?'li of February, 1855, and an act of
V'r ^ a!l T"cxa?, approv u the 1st of February,
** ' .
As witnew my hand and seal.
The following is a list of the audited certificates
still on s:a cling:
.Vo Issued to. No. Itmed to.
8 T I) Tom kins 1639 Oscar Engledow
la Hukman Caufi-ld 1675 Titisteea if Austin
31 John A Clifton Colleen
?M II K Muse 1^2 (? H Mon-a-'at fc Co
5-1 R G H<?bb? 16 K) John Ka'ner
84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl
9i Jo'in Buinirgl-ani 1732) ..... ,
135 rhinea-i De Cordova 1733 \ " N " a'co,t
178 E Ha'dwln 1746 John W Portis
191 Jam s Tilchman 1770 I K Ellirrt
192 Mathia" Clark I8?7 llnrriet O.orge
^' t Elba Earle M:!e<S Bennett
20'l e I?->9 Na'hamei Rudder
328 O nimeau 1 S31 <Ltvi Tyler, ailm'r
314 ! F. Wale I?tt3 \ r.f W :1 Kelly
368 IViern & liooth 18.')8 Samu-' Wi.'dey
395 I.ott (lusted 18.(9 (Jt-'ryj S'ttherlaiid
404 S K ngvlry l?;j J p llciinii:?3
427 J Fa k"r, for Eliza- ld42) , ? ,
b :h Pa-tar-r. ex x 181J / ^ Ecc,?3
437 Hero diet Hnyley iei-4 Kdmu..d Dalliager
445 i.< a id? r it* >ii 1852 J ii Locg'i
-566 Wm -'Mlin 1856 C P Green
467 John VV Kir2 1H)% David Ayrps
5(^9 T B VV'bb 1 mes F James
f>10 A 'I'h.i in >n.1 1878 C ?'Vhi?i||( icsnti
5-i8 TlimiWMtM t>l It J F lev . <t
625 Lav-,11* Kaufman 1897 F Emma
643 Georg* VV Pa'k r Jr<i?9 Par il a Lie
64t Ciutcher& VJcK3Venl920 ? ?V C os ineyer
t Wm Flower
Oj- ) 19J8 Kohrrt l.usk
6ra J A Him-scn I9i9 K W t awtt ern
6"^0 Win 11 Relcher 19 0 VVml.'ocfcian
677 IS H William* !'J32 F a ici Moore jr
70! Felix Uieder 2071 Andrew Laley
I!I} Robert Dale |It'aac t?tewart
77.1 Wm Jones 1504 } C W Vickery
779 Wm Walker 208S) ? , ? .
793 liyer P?arl 17?9/ raul Br**,non<l
8 2 l.~aac L Hi I '2106 ).. ? . ? n
863 llerinocan Brown 1610 \,)avid ? Ban,e?
874 John W Bower 2108 I ? ? M ..
879 Jain- MoMa.ter *931 R p McMaster
914 Dyer P. a I 2136 I-.
915 Mary El?n Heden-1858S f P Gentry
b 'rj? 2145 j a w r, .
9% J Ellis 623}8W
932 Mrs Mary Belville 2104) . . . _ _
1010 Anson Cranson 15011 1"?u|;S'ana Dav.s
1012 R M Forb .'s 2:t03 H Frost
10.?5 James N Ho;an 1'homas Reed
1013 I homa-t Lindsay 2316 Harrison C Bryant
104 j Jain^s !j flreen 2330 J S McDonald
1047 Jesse Daniel 2310 Arthur Garner
1048 J B Daniel '2311 j F Martchett
10.",0 Charles Vincent 2341 Andrews &. GroVt r
1057 I d n Gervawe 2^" Me nu
1057 J aj4'.? W Pinkn> y
1058 Willis Millican 2350 J D Giddings
1059 J D Miliican 21*.>4 J Crawtord jr
1062 John Davis 2358 A P Ertgerton
lf#'?r> VVm Barton 2359 Thomas Warner jr
1079 W A Lockharl 2-'63 Ceoige K Sistare
10NJ R Morton 2.iHt F:atifis Brichia
1135 Jaui'H Kil'am Elisabeth Carter
1196 t; II Taylor 23M Wm Davis
1241 Youngs Cclrman 2<87 Joseph Tomlinson
1248 Rob rt MeNutt 2.iiW Sneed & Turner
1219 John VV Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro
au'yl H Haymoiui 2400 II II Daynie
1263 E De Pon ois 5401 K VV Miiliank
12C3 (J P Green 2402 Catherine Allen
1275 ii VV Sinks k J B 2405 Henry Kring
tfhaw 2413 J VV Lawrence
12S7 John K^ndrick 24 8 Htcphen ^mith
1298 Samuel Did en 0431 A C Horton
1300 Joha Johnson 2438 Elapbaiet Faston
1301 Su an Ma-sif x 2442 Lemuel BDickenson
136-2 Thomas H Forreeter2l50 VVm II Thompson
1385 R K Warner 9452 Z VVm Eddy
1423 William FreU 247l J E H< iron
1424 G W Onborna 2474 A B Hemphill
1425 John A Rutherford 2177 Aaron Haughion
1427 Cornelius Vaunoy 2479 Heirs of John Jones
1428 Joseph l>ate? 24*50 " Joel Hi I
1473 Ann B Ileese 2481 lt Warren Abum
]rii5 Lumbard Alims 2482 " John L Monks
1521 J C Mwire 2483 ?? Peter Aldrich
1523 John lames 2490 M A Dooly
1554 K H Douglas 2/i00 George C |>ay cashier
1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kemiett fc Co
1572 VVm Kerr 2503 John W Bchrimpf
1580 James A Moody 3504 VV C Plair
1581 P IJickford 2512 M Korb- rttaille
1612 John Lamer 2513 Henry It Brooka
1615 John Cameron 2514 Gabiol Trumwclt
1623 John D Taylor 2528 H H Morgan
1624 Levi Mercer 2529 Furbur & Bean
1G25 Eli Mercer 2534 Harnb N'ewman
The outstandinr? evidences of other classes of th?
debt of the republic of Texas csnnot be specified by
this Department. a-i 22?dtDUanl
<?E*TLk?Vlfc.V!?i EM f<> K IL'.H .
? turns his thanks to his old and steadfast
eu?tomers and the public generally for the"
Increasing patronage bestow?d upon him
Pennsylvania avtrnj1, between 6th and 4% streets,
and next door eaK of Frank Taylor's Bookstore,
where may be found a large assortment of rich,
tasteful and valuable Goods. French. Enplisb,
Italian, Chinese, and American of all kinds for
gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said gcod-, will be
cut and made up In the most tas eful, f^hlonable
and durable style, agreeably to orders and at the
shortest r.otlce, ai.d upoa the most reasonable
terms. Plea*e call and examine the richness and
style of the goods and the faithful and durable
manner In wnlch they are made up to suit cus
George W. Hlnton embraces this occasion to
i announce to the public that he lias formed a co
partnership in buslnesi with Mr William S.
Teil, formerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as
sistant and constant attendance at the store, the
business of the Emporium will be greatly fiiclll
I N II?George W . Hlnton hoix* that such of
bis former patrons as have uncancelled bills at
the store vrlll soon be pleased toeallnndaettlethe
came, as the seasin Is changing and short settle
ments make long friends. se 10-tf
' Mock just opening at our Piano ftore.
oc 2 ^ JOHN F. ELLIS.
Bread to my children; bv airs.
Ellen Kev Blunt. Price 50 cents. Just pub
lished, and for sale at
TAYLOR 2t MAURY'B Bookstore,
oc 7 near 9ih street.
second volume; Just oubllshed.
em Languages, will open bis rooms at No.
48# Twelfth street, cn th? firt-t of October, for ihe
purpose of forming Clatsta In French.
Ttic rchol.iKtic \ear will embrace fojty foar
wetks, divided into two i-esslons of twenty-two
weAks each. The course of Instruction wlli In
clude an elemer.ta.jv, an advanced, and a rhetori
cal Class.
The method of Instruction Invcriably secures
rapid progr ps
Terms: $10 p*-r fcesMcn of twenty-two weeks
*9 30-3 w*
mand In the city, tbe P.intipal of the Union
Arrdemy, hrs conclude- to open, in the verv
pleasant Rooms of the Academy, corner of 14th
street and New York avenue,recently fitted up for
the purpose, a thoroughly organized EVENING
SOflOOL, for fuch young men, otherwise em
ployed during the day, a? wish to srerd their
ev*aing* in fitting them elves thoroughly for
* buslnt ss
Tljp I mmtute will be opened October 13th live
evaalfcgs each week, fr m 7 to 9% o'clock, with
lesson* In each study, each week
1 will be formed In Book Ke^pir^. Pen
i and vsrious Branches of the Higher
itics; and also in Foreign Languages
F fcrrrs sud farther particulars, sef circulars
rflook Stores, or call on the Principal
Z. Jt 1CHARDa, Piinclpal
A CAitD.
i" Music, No. 405 Eftreet, between 8th and
'0th streets References: Mr' K. Davis, a;?d Mr
IIIbns, Muaic stores. se 17-Sm
480 D strret north, letietmQth md 7th,
of Washington, Georgetown. nnl \lcinlty
that she is pr pared to give inst-uctlon, in clashes
>uid private lewfons. in t'ccart of MAKING VVAX
l- LOWF.RS and V'ASKS Al-o, Wax Fruit ard
Ornamental Leather wor
L^dles wisHng to avail themselves of this op
portunity of acquiring a most b-autiful accoui
nllshinent will please call as err'.y ns possible, as
Mrs S. does not contemplate remaining lor.g in
the city.
tkp.ms :
Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les
sons ?5
Wax Fruit in Classes, per term of 12 le?ors..*5
leather Work in Classes, p- r tc.m of 8 lessons *-3
Pr.va'.e Lessens ?1 each?Vas^s. SU>.
JJoauets and Va.ie*, Wrpa'hs, Single Flowers,
Ac , for sale, or n ade to order. au 26-6m
and if/.v sclool,
No. *if7, toner of A' tr York arcsic nnd 13tfc sf.
1 the first Monday in September, end ends the
last. Friday in Jun?-, end Is divided into two ses
Ti.e Principal will be assisted by the rrost cotn
peU-ut English and French resident iea'.hers, and
every t cTitv offered for pursuing M'"s!c and all
the various branches of mode.n a"ccmplit>h
For further particM'ars, t?nn?, Ac., si e Circu
lars ?? bockf tores, or at the residence of tie Prirj
oi|ftl. uu 26-3t&eotf
SI LAS MuJuaxt***0?1*'
D"HKANCK \ Frincifa?,p.
1L Acuiemy will comme .-e on Monday, Sep
tember 1st. ib.v* For ter<r.> se* circulars at tac
prln 1} J Howk Stores a* l-tf
A. Richards. Mr< Z Richards,
Prtn C A. hi*. I r. A.
* Institution, and of tv e CM ION FEMALE
ACADEMY, will commence on MCNDAV , Sep
tember 1, 1?56. jy 23 3m
Eemoved to 367 Pecn'a avenue, Couth eMe,
Oppositk thk National Hotel.
i- Inform his friends and tFe public, that he
has opened a new store, No 367 Penn. avenue,
between 4# and 6th streets, live doors eatt of fith
street, where he Intends to keep constantly on
hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign
and Domestic WIN PS, L QUORS, CIGARS,
and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of fine
Teas, Sugar, CofiVe, Flour, Soap, t 'lives. Raisins,
Figs, Sardines, Anchovies Otard. Marrett A
Co., Plnet A Co , and Col. Chadard V Brandies in
Case.*, Demijohns, and Casks. Old Jamaica
Rum, Sherries, Maderla, Port of various descrip
tion. St. J alien Claret, Chateaux Ma-gaux, In
ease. Champagne Cider. Hraudv Fruits, Rey
nold's Edinourg Ale, Anutsettl, Mar^s Lino.
Curacoca, Absyntb, Champsgries^nd a largeand
varied description of Havana Cigars Also,
Stou^hton Bitters and Fever and Ague Bitters,
Porter, Ale and Cider.
se 4-!v No 367 Pa ev , het 4^ and 6th sts.
supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we
can sell from the boats at very low prices Per
sons desirous of laying in their winter fuel would
d<> well to give us a call before pun h>;sln<? elsa
se 2 No 105 Water street, Georgetown
is still making those beautiful v.-^
continuous GUM TEETH, ?1 f ?i
Allen s Patent, for the excelicncy of *JJ '' ^ r:
which over all other styles of teeth, many now
wearing them in this city, will chesmillv vouch
There is one Dentist in this city who has been
Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation
of it, against whem I hereby caution the public
N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against
Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when
properly constructed, it is because he is ignorant
of the proctss, Incompetent to make the work, or
t unwllltrg to pny for the patent. je 16-tf
X TON wllldepartatthefellow-?
ing hours:
Leave Alexandria 7J^, V. 11, 1.K, 3^, .W
Leave Washington.10, 12, 2^, 1)^ 6
Je_2^-d JOB CORSON, Captain
ROUND Tfill*, #1: FROM - j.
A LEX AN DRIA 75 C EN TS?The^j^S??^*
steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Vv ashing
ton at V and Alexandra at9^ o'clock.
Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8#
o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents.
Persons wishing the coaehe? will leave their
residencewlth George A Thomas Parker.
Refreshments on the boat.
ap 2-tf SAM 'L G EDN BY, Captai*.
June, the Steamer G !'?()it(iM, ^ ^
PAGE will ruu at the following
Leave Alexandria at 1#, 8, 10, 12, 2,^,1#, and
6m o'clock
Leave Wsshlngtcn 6, 9, II, 1#, 3)(, 5%, and 7
Je 29-tf ELLIS L. PR ICE, Captain
sortment of Clocks?50 different stvles, which
will be Kold low, and warranted togo well Tho*e
who buy to sell aga n would do well to give me a
call before purctia?i!<g esewhere Also, Clock
Materials of all kinda. Oils, B&ils, Keys, Cords,
Hands, Ac., at J ROBINSON'S,
se 23-2m W9 Pa ave , oppo. Jlrowiis' Hotel^
match carriage HORSES, very fast
and gentle, between 16 and 17 hands
high, 6 year old, wlli be sold together
or separately ; also, an excellent caril- M
age and harness, can be teen at E. COW TINGS
Stsbles on G, between 13th and 14th str<ets cc 6
*or?, Scissors, Ac , of excellent quality, sel
ling low at<9(T7th atreet.
I Ac , can be prefe ved for any length of tl-i e
by the I trproved Self Sealing C.?ns that are sold
?e 36 490 Sventh street.
il German Aceordeons,assorted tizes.ar d piicea
fn iu 41 to 107. Just oftned at our Mu?lc r t re.
'?And sj you strip yourself of comfort for
the ol idling to this rich cerchiati
grains ?"
The widow replied with flushed cheek, 44 It
j may scei11 a light thing to you, but the thought
? that I urn slow I y and sor?ly wipinc ?very
stain from my husband's honor, is ray great -
I est o.irthly comfort Mr. Miner is r.i.i lirt
; creditor, an J, tied willing, every cent shall be
! paid "
Her coar.'er relative re?p"nled with an cra
jhatic ,4 6Jdlestick," and angyily left her
" At last I have it," said a silvery voice,
snd a sweet face glad and brilliant, bright
| ened up the gloom
j 44 Only see. mother! ten dollars, nil my
i own ; ten more mak? twenty, go we aball have
a nice little sum for Mr. Miner."
Tear? tremMed on the widow's laches, and
glittered on her pale cheek 44 It is to be the
price of thy life, my precious one," she
thought. *'Istho canker worm at the fceirt
of ray beautiful flower ? Must I >tive thee up
to weiry toil, a sacrifice up?n the attar of
duty ? Can it be that God requires it ?"
Eva knelt at her mother's feet, where she
had fallen with all tho aband u of a child,
her glrncp fastened to the shijujg gold.
Lifting her glance she met tirat of her mc
; full of anxiety, touched with sorrow.
A sudden smile broko over her delicate fea
" I was only thinking of the endless thinrs
tb'S money would b^y?don't look so grave, '
mamma?such a beauty of a warm >hawl for'
you. and a neat crimson cover for that untidy
old arm cha;r, a bit, ever so little bit of car
pet to put down by the bo J, that your feet
i.ecd not feel tku old floor, and n pretty cap,
! esides criul, a:i:l tea, aDd sugar, and each
nice comfortable things But never minJ,' ?
f?rd sho sprang to her feet, l ru=hed hack her
brown carls, and drew on her iical little bon
net,?'4 never mind, I'll maybe writo a b<M>k
t ne of theee days, that'll make you r.ni I
rich. And, dear mother. you shall ri'lo in
your own carriage, and inaybe those th?t
(???oru u' row, only because wo are poor. may
la thmkful for < \ir notice. A tru'eo to r>>- (
la.'.nce." ?he gravely continued ; 44 stern ie- ,
tlity tills me to g.> directly up t<? Madison
street, fiu l Mr. Miner, give him tltis twenty
dollars tako a receipt, and then cuuio home
t.cd read and s-ng to my mother "
iluir:cdly Itva psssed from her fcou?e along '
the narrow streets As f'uo wcrt invd d,
rtreet after street diverged into pk-asai! width
and palacc-lined splendor. The Ueiso-: of i
r;re.itness and wealth glittered in their marble i
beauty u-der the golden sunlight. Up br ad
ftcps, through portals carved ;? ad shining
passed the t:ruid stops of Eva Slen.e
At first tie pempous servant e.ilcd a con
temptuous denial; but after a m omeut, per- !
'a a ps sal tent J by her childish simplicity an I
? inning blue eyes, be Jeemr?d i: i>est not to
de:.y her urg ;cy ; she entered this palace of
a rich man's h. ruo
Softly her feet sank in the luxurious hell 1
carpet. Ste-u ?ry in bronze aud marble lined
all the way to the staircase 'iThc sp'eni. r of
Sl e room iuto which *he was adhered seexel
lo her inexperienced tight too Wauiilul for ac
tual use, and he who came in with his kindly
,';;:.ce aud baads-me face, the noblest perfec
tion of mauho"d she hrfd ever seen
'? Well, y< ung lady," said he blandly
I?: g " to nh< in am I indebted for ihis plea
sure ?"
?4 My father, sir," uied in your debt," said
i'ra blushingly. speaking very softly 44 By
the strictest economy and very hard work. we.
my mother and I, have been able to pay all
his creditors but yourself If yoa will be
kind enough to rcceivo the balance <>f your
account in small sums?I am sorry th? y must
be ?o small, sir?wo can in the courso cf a very
few years fully liquidate the debt, ami then
we shall have fulfilled my father's dy* ng wish,
that every stain might le wiped fr<m hi.r
honor " Sh? paused a moment, and said I
again falterngly, ' My father was very un- i
fortunate, eir, and broken in health for Many
years, but, eir, he was honorable, he \*ould I
have pft'd the lust cent if it had left 'aim a ,
beggar "
Mr Miner sat awhile thoughtfully, hie dark
fastened upon the gentle face before him
Alter a moment of silence, he rui-cd his iei d, '
threw back the mass of curling hair that
shadowed his handsome brow, and faid :
44I remember your father well. I regretted
his death. He was a fine fellow?a fioe fel
low," he added musingly; 4'but, my dear
yourg lady, have you tho means?do yr>a
not embarrass yourself by making the?e pay
ments ?"
Eva blushed again, and looking up, ingeu- ]
U"u>ly replied, " I am obliged to work, tir. i
but no labor would bo too arduous that might
save the memory of sucJi a father from dis- !
ibis she spoke with deep emotion. The
rich man turned with a ehokirg in his throat,
iud tears glistened on his lashes. Eva tim
idly held out the two gold pieces; Lo to>k
them, and bidding her "lay r. moment, luutily
left the room.
A'mo.-t instantly returning ho handed her a
sealed note, saying, 44 There is iha receipt
young lsdy, and allow me to add, that the
mother of such a child must be a happy woman.
The whole debt, I find, is nino hundred and
seventy-five dollar- You will see by my note
what arrangements I have m*de; and 1 L'^pe
they will bo satisfactory "
Eva left him with a lighter heart, and a
burning cheek at bis praise. IIis manuer
was gentle, so fatherly that she felt he would
not impose hard conditions, and it wou:d be a
pleasure to pay one so kind and forbearing
At last she got home, and breathlessly sit
ting at her mother's feet, she opened her letter.
Wonder of wonders?a bank note inclosed; she
held it without speaking, or looking at its
4* Kead it," she said, after a moment's be
wilderment, placing tho letter in her mother's
hand?4' here are fifty dollars ; what can it
mean ?"
''This," sail the sick woman, bursting into
tears. 4,is a receipt in full, releasing you from
the payment of your father's debt. Kind gen
erous man?Ileaven will bless him ?Uod will
shower mercies upon him From a grateful
heart I call upon the Fa'hcr to reward him
for this act of kindness. Oh ! what shall wo
say, what shall we do to thank him ' '
"Mothur," said Eva. smiling through her
tears. 4* I felt as if he was an angel of go;.d
ucss. Oh, they do wrong, who eay ihi.t tli
who nre woaltLy have hard hearts Mother
can it be possible we are so rich ? I wish ho
knew how very happy he has made us, how
much wu love and reverence him whenever
ffj think or speak of him, or even hear hiia
spoken of!"
1 He has bound two hearts to him forever,"
murmured her mother.
44 Yes, dear Mr. Miner! little he thought
how many comforts we wanted. Now we need
not stint the fire; wo may buy coal, and have
ono cheerful blaze, please God And the tea,
the strip of carpet, the sugar, the little luxu
tics lor yju, dear mother ; and the time, and
a very lew books for myself I declare i in
so thankful, I feel as if 1 ought to go right
back and tell him that we shall love him so
long as we live "
That evouing the grate, heaped with Lehigh
gave the little room an air ot ruihiy oomfori
Eva sat near, her curls bound softly back
from her pure forehead, inditing a touchitg
letter to their benefactor H#r mother s J*?*'
lighted with the loss of cankering car?',b0??
with a placid smile, and her every thoug
was a prayer calling down blessings upon a
?ood rich man. . .
another room, far Ji?.r.?i from tU
widow's home, but alro bright t..e * ? ,
genial who* red light made richer the
W?EELy ST*a.
ni1 Fmii7^4 Nm
?J UJTh " **v ?u",~u **?**- ??.
?u?i, p? ...y" -
! T?> copies - n
J mwk*y Tpiii.V.**** ? 8 M
at the cornier*^,'? 4f. "j1'"PP<*?) can bepMMrt
paper. Prt^?2S?J> U* (MtT^
p ^ B Fl X ?
acnmml?aio"*Tw**ty 1,111 ^""cl
{ polish ?f costly furmtT^TT.t .v
| chart noble tner
I 4'Pa, wbAt makes you look ?/> v. ??
U,kod Lina, a dutiful i?rl ^aaai*^
smoth. hand cyer his brow P"*'ng her
L^?'' 1 *'""J' ,Mk "?TO, m, |?U.
e-? but J0B keep shutting jour eves arM
J?.l.nK-?; ? ,.,d & brijk? f" 4"??j
toI own I ,biDk h:ld
mce to day; what wee it?"
l " ^ daughter really want to
aow what has made her lather so happv '
fh^A "J Bi^Le; ,?t her tu? to the A?f? rf
r^u'^7.,^ cb*'tor'?? ->"
L?2i Li! i7* v^' ?rd M ehe reAd' ?hfe
i?o*o<l up in bet father s eves?
And to remember the "words of the Lord
?*??*?*? 57
lag ?wetbi?g Km, ^ b"\^ *?
I ?? it,"6"''' "n.J h* ,b'"k*J l'' ?n"iij
I h.'p, " T<m" "4 *k?
..L,r" J"? ? eoBfirioMioo in h.r fit ban
i ? J."' h*'>?'J buihirg, only kepi mp?at
!?.' i,'"'"").' lh? "?rJ? of <b. Lord Jm>.
it is more blessed to give then to recei? "
Social Menagerie.
llora?e Mayhew has lately published a
work ca led ?? Wonderful rcople." It je m
r?, l^.i.?n P?rtr?it- ?f the various olasse* of
l-i.'glish society U i? valuable, aaiteush;.,
ourselves and o.,r eoa.'ins From the
t HZ5 ,etoh? !t weais that husband* are
TwITm'r V 'a hoth "-??ph.r,.T
i^i* ..Iudel English Liteiand ?On a wwl
:z*' w *?? -f., ?5"m
?4";D?;' wk? J^ ',hf,p- II# eT? *?ea
?c ?^t>Ko when asked for it, and never al
i-1 :^:rrw^ iie" ?ot *b?v?
umbj'n, 7LWn rper Pare?l. or ? cotton
U u,r tbe clo?!- or oven holding tho
biby in hu Up in an omnibur Ue rtns on
ill e*t > T^ atihf ',oor wben ^ 1,1 **?nin?
lie goee outside jf the c?h ?? f?t|. lfe g<)9. ,(1
^ nfi7?,n W?*Ti Ug Wil1 ?et ?P in
.fct. tM Jdie oi the {o th *^ p
answer the, door heiT il, allows the mother
?k*! p Q the hous->. He takes wire
^ alid le,p h? breakfast in her own
room He eate cold mrat without a murmur
PV? s' a?d 16 indifferent about piea and
lyings The chee?e is never too strorg, or
the ^betr too small, or tbe tea too weak for him
... ?i euC' ln LJst*ric?. "d is melte4
" nmly with a tear. Ue patches up a uu^rrel
with a velvet gown, and drive. awV the
iirk W ? tXlP t0 ^P8001, or ? ?n the
- ark on a Sunday. He goes to church re>ru
?arly, and takes his wife to the op?r4 Onoe a
ye^r. lie pays for her lueses at card?, and
givts her all his winnings He never flies
out aoout bis buttons, or bnngs home friends
to sup^r His clothe* nerer smell of tobacco
4? rcjpecte the curtains, and never smokes
jo vhc houto. He carves, but never secrete
sor buaseif "the brown." He laces his wtfe'e
-? J?f eren in tbe month of December, and
JCTer asks for a hre m the bedroom on the
ir^st wiutry nights He respecU the fiction
hls w?e a ?g?, ani would as soon t urn bU
Z. grrs t uch the bright poker He nerer
? nv-ides the kitchen, and would nc more think
of blowing up any of the servsnts than of or
?len.;g the uiiiuer. or kariDgthe tray brought
up atur eleven. He is inuocent of a latch*
!:*7 He lets the family go out of town once
every year, while he remains at home with
ono knife and fork, fits on a brown bollan*
chair, sleeps on a curtainleas bed. and has a
charwoman to wait no him He goes down
on the Saturday, and corses up on the Mon
day, taking with him the clean liuen and
bringing bach the dirty clothes He checks
tbe waabiug bills He pays the housekeepn.,;
money without a cuspicion, and shuts h's
eyes to the "sundries '' He is very easy and
:? flectionute, keeping the wedding anuiver
*:iry punctually; never complaining if tho
dinner is not ready , making the breakfast
himself if no one is down ; letting his wife
wait*, and drink porter before company. He
runs alt her errands, pays all her bills, end
crics like a child at her death
Ambkica* Actors is England ?It ia ofteu
said that an American artist stands a poor
chance with the press and publio of Englaud.
The xollowiug editorial affords at leaet one ex
ception to the rule:
Mr James E Murdoch made his fint ap
pearance before a London audience at the
H-iymarket theatre, oa the 23d September, as
young Mirabrl, in the ** Inconstant. ' The
^ thu 231 eajs ut him : "The more im
i..eii.iU) reason for the revival of the 44 In
constant' jurt now. hm been to introduce an
American actor, of acknowledged fame, for
tne lirst time to a London audience Mr.
Murdoch, we learn from a u memoir'' which
has been published, has graduated in everv
d ju; in of the stage, and has been successful
in e;:eh That hu is an artist as well as an
ujtor is evident, but a certain heavinesa of
voice, and unpleasant inelastic atyle of man
ner, would seem to naturally unfit him fur
such a part as Mir.tbel. the gay, reckless rake,
whose animal passions and hilarity arc ch.etly
?n the a.'eeudant, and represents the tyj^ of
which Elliston at.d Charles Kemble were the
iQost finished exponents
Hence it was, in the last scene?that in
which the " Inconstant'' hero finds himself in
the deadly grasp of the bagnio bnllief, and
only relcs^Ofc himself by his presenoe of mind
and assumption of pleasantry and vivacity ?
that he was the most suocecsful. We have
Pel Join witnessed anything better than his de
lineation of hysterical joy when the taldiert
arrive, and his torced effort to appear uncon
cerned. Nothing abler could have been
wished for; aud it brought the curtain down
in triumph. Mr Murdoch was recalled with
enthusiasm ; for the impression that he had
made upon the spectators was undoubtedly
real. Nevertheless we shall be glad to see
him in other parts?parts of more essential
weight and gravity, wherein we conceive he
is more likely to shine?before we join In the
verdict of satisfaction which the public last
night so unequivocally expressed.
Widows.?' Do you think moire antique
becoming on a widow ?" said the young widow
>o Mrs. Partington, as she exhibited a mourn
ing dress, elaborately truumed, and a bonpet
of the latest m<>de The old lady scanned
her attentively thi, ugh her glasses before she
answered 4 More antic!" sbe said at length,
and her finger was raised up like a rote of ex
climation 441 should think less anti* would
be more becoming in a widow. Widows more
antic nirist be them spoke of by I' .ul to lim
othy, wh* wax wantou and will ui^rry Well.
well, let 'em. though where a woman has
once married with a congealing and warm
heart' ?looking straight at the rigid prvfifo
of the corporal ou tbe wall?" and one that
beats responsible to her own, she will never
want to enter the maritime riate aga'n."
There was a tremulous ton? in her T(?i,e,
there was a glistening of her eye like a dew
drop on a m rting glory, the finger fell to her
side and she turned to look out of tbe window
after Ike, who wat sailing a i-hingle t>oat iu a
rain water tub, with a garden toad as a pas
senger. The young widow withdrew to lead
what Paul had said, evidently disgusted ?ith
the dame's misapprehension of her oue?ti?f?,
though there was a lesson to her in toe blan
|y Whoever feels pain in hearing ? goed
character of his neighbor will Kel a ^ieaaure
in the reverse ; and those who despair to ris*
in distinction by iheir virtues, are 'w*PPJ ?
others can be deprea^d to a level with 'her1

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