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H' A S UJJ? G jfr*. C IT Y:
wiiiyr __ 2l-1-''7,
of TU- MOKNiifG puma
The Viftov criticises a reccnt letter from
?ten. Webb <?f the Conner ami HiUjfirrr, -
waer?ir? that gentleman. after denying, in
tnfo, the truth cf lh? newspaper stories attri
buting to bini the chapter t-f a lobby merr
ber, intimates tho probability that Sorneof the
land grants hare given t-o inuah to individ
ual railroad*, that <cmc of the lobby have r>b
teicei mure than they should from the com
panies, and further, that ?once un worthy mem
ber may have required to be pa'd ex!ra for (
doing bi~ duty, Ac-, Ac. 'Ihe oditor of the
/Thirn. claiming that l*en \V ebb is a capital |
^itnejs against bis party, argues that his
the <TCDcral'?l pie* that no great harm has
been done *ven if suet thing* have happened,
prove* gr<- -s la;k cf moral principle on the part
of " Republicanism
The / tt'/itg?ne r's New York correspond
ent (Writing under dati of the 1 < th instant)
?ay i
"An ice bridge ?a* lormed between this
city and Broeklyn t?* a brief inteival daring
(I >0.\ tide t- -day. and .tui?e a number of pei
m?b? inaJe tho yasige between tho two cities
ou feet, live year* ago the same feat was
accomplished, bu: with that exception it is a.
quarter ot a century since the opportunity was
^re.'eiited cf making a pedestrian trip ncro-s
the Kaet river. The Sound steamers finl
great difficulty in miking their trip?: indeed,
done of then left their drck1-hero yestcrd?y
or to day, and none have arrived to Jay troui
ihe eastward T > meet tho wants ?-t commerce
in thii emergency an ?cean steamer is advei- i
Used to run on the outride r?-?ite between this
city and B? ?ton Be?dei the inconveniences
eutailed cpon us by the ice. the damage that
!? being sustained is by n<> .uear.s ight. The
barque U>r<u, with a valuable cargo of sugars
trcin Cardenas, was et' ^o and <unk in the
lower hay yesterday. t>*.d tfce min^r di. itt*rs
that are btin^ RptUd. though individually
ins g: ificant ere <n the aggregate iuite ipjjV.
ring "
The Ernba'-go - I4 c*n hardly be that tho
traveling by railroad will be faiily in opori?
tica a^ain, until pchap* the beginning of
next week. ?'ur fell?*- i'ijcns sitting around
the comfortable ccal fires of Wa?hingtou eity,
though aware that Pennsylvania avenue re
quired on Monday afternoon last t<> be opeaod
to travel ry a team of eight strong horses,
kavf Jtile idvfi of the ?' drift'" outside of the
limits of tfiojr owa w.de thoroughfares All
who attend the Wa^i^toc market*, however,
rea lie ecrue'.hiug of tho twisting univertal
obstruction to 'raveling, from the extraordi
nary ab;e:.:e of provisions in them, :u:h as
arc broagnt Lithor by country pejple. Yea
tsrday af:crnotn at 1 p m no one had passed
With a vehicle betrreea this city and Alexan
dria since Sm.Jay forenoon last, and then our
ir.ief*tigah e frieud, iiugh Latham, of on.ti
bus faxe, wa? at ^<>rk. r.ith thirty ataWart
laboreis, endeavoring Id doWe oa1. a track 'or
hie coachee over tae causeway 'near the Vir
gin.? enl of the Lorg Bridge,) where the scow
lay pi ei cp ever the whele width f the iurn
pi&e. va.ying in depth from four to ten f-jct.
IjX a btritja perhaps a f-;unh of a rnilo in
lerg'h For the flr;t t me tince purchasing
tto Star, ?hrec ani a La If years ago. we weie
kept away from our pc?t without duo notice in
advanco and were the first t > reeoh Washing
ton in a vfcL:c!e from tho vicinity in which we
reside, .-inc# Sunday forenoon last. In ru?
p aotf in the Ti ads surrounding this city the
a ;tif is | i!ed cieir across luein, to a fabulous
heigh'., fco high ti.atitmay be until near April
nexi kefoie they can be traveled, unless men
turn tut by filtics, with shovels in hand, to
open the w*y. We worked our way iu. with
the aiMitance of other', by tiie use of the axe
in chopping down cb'tiuctions in the wooUs
and hare in! theie fences, anl for the m?>?t
par*, avoiding r ads. where, atter sui i ? :torm
at we k??ve h? 1 in this vicinity tbe <lr"t't is
alway: ir-.-rse th in in the woods and ove; field?.
The CutgoiiJg At miniatraticn ?lu re
cently spe alating e^tcerniag the embarrass
ments which ma:-t urroand tha incoming ad
ministruti .>n, the Charleston Mn cm y sayr of
tbe ger.tUn.er wSjC :ujoi!c the present Cabi
net, and a'.-o'f Mr t -ith force and
truth indeed
111'or the rest, wo tie^ire say. that tuc
Cabinet of President Tierce has b??e:i dtrtio
guirhod f r >;cncr^l al'i ly an . (aitafulnees
Mr. Aiarcy e* cccret.iry > ( .St *tc hts tnatie
hie w vy tnrougu a greot muny di&cuit a:.d
coapltcated <4ueiUons. an't be will leave hi?
Department *;th f?,wcr d.Giculti'8 to his ruc
ecasor, than air any one who ins held that
high <>Bi e. Mr ?<u'hno has certainly dia
l'.d)t i tiign?! ability iu hi.- adtnini'.tra'ion ol
tho Xred;ury I?op u.ii cut, and ? alj re'tuiie^
that be ?hou 4 b?i divr t< i < i * Pp-tec
ti?-ni?t no' ot ? jI 1'atii is admittod to Iw
ihe abi?et an i mo* ttic^afol S ecretary tf
Wai ein?:? tho d?*y? -f Mr. Calhuun. Mr
Dobbin b?L I *;eii aocepud >y the wb->ie corn- ;
try aw Uitbful ai.d i(u;i?ot ofticar Judge
i'iUU| bti' h^ adminiLterod ii.e I'o.-t * 'fti.e I'u
pcruuei t ?:> i.ll it.- CAtetsive r-nuilic .(mi s,
with lee; of iault &i.di<ig Ly a ce?>t >ri >na pub
be than ..ny ? t hid pr* uevt rf. We i.eed
j.o? ay iL?l Mr. Cufhtog t.- Attorney t?cn
er^l, ha g'V'.n z di-tincttoa to that ctlice,
whiih !t h4i .c-rc ly obuim i uader any
r:tbermiin H?? Ie?rtii?ir. Lis abundantlabr rs,
?tnd Lit 'srgt vi:w b-th if law and public
r*'l:ry t.ivr b?*-n ?? rnilfy ?1 ::tir,.?Jisbed l>y
fc:? pabl- Let oj. _.!? i atd evef tbeie by n'
n eao- c?,-\e; tho uuluimoas charictti of his
oficul hikari V, t kscw oi man who c >ulJ
? i ais |laee. an<i we .'aould regard it as a
puili l"?fcit a change < f administiation should
com}**! hi - r-wiv-iKEnt Ir^in th; public service.
tte aii ihe -ifScu'.Lit ?hat surr'-und
the opeLU g aJn.ic.isti u. .u (Jf ;it iucb*naa.
He will fcehuateddoviQ by ali uf ttUi>
eerve>?,demagogues. Hod relf But ne
have iaub that hie experience atd hi- hunea'
ta ure w;il carry him safely throu-h tb?sc
diCcu'tic?. and that, \-LaU;er maybe '"he
fate >.f the I'ui.u, tur .^tate m^y atlc to
??y to t'iii. as it, has aaid ft hu pred?ce?soi
Yon have deeertel well ot all the huaesl acd
^tiiotic fetjlc over whom yoa have prt?i
The Cfcmete P'?gir Cane ?An a*t?r Jan?
< a the cxercis-f a1 th- fate meeting I the
!<atioad Agrkul.ur-l oo.iety wnu* as the
fdlowiog communication wiih reference t>
portions oi their proceedings, which wo pul
l^b, because likely to interect in some Je
grec, both the practical farmer and he dab.
nle; m what is termed the scieaoe of ;?gricul
ture r
aVr. Eiitor ? I'ermit me. through your
co!umr?, to attempt a general summary of the
useful point* ca'abiished in the interesting de
bite on the Cr.it.e?e Sugar Cane that occurred
bef >re tbe I'aited staite Agricultural Society
on Thursday laat
T-e proper period for p'asting tho (feed)
cme a about the first of May, varying the
time a few daye earlier or later ns the condi
t.ca oi tte land or the atat? .f the veithir
rtquire ? a w*rm toil aLd tolerably dry
eather being the conditions mot-t desired
Ilo f repaiatson of tte land and tUe iubse
neLt calnvatioo (f tbe crop should be siin -
t-o-e for It-dian corn
?S? plant puts out Its patu.i?ie<? or
*?. is Oei<4 t? top or bieafc ? C
*'Unu ae are not intended for
a quaA?tyo(fao|
charine matter contained in the circulating
fluids may be saved, that might otherwise be
expended bj the plant in the subsequent sta
ges of growth ani in the maturation of the
The proper or axact time at which to cut
the plant after being topped, in order to ob
tain the greatest amount of saccharine matter
from its juices, was not statad; but is to be
ascertained bj observation and experience
The juices of this plant having a great ten
dency to run into the acetous fermentation,
owing, as id supposed, to the peculiar condi
tion of our atmosphere, its heat and moisture
at the time when it must be cut. they render
ing it diflicult to convert juices, at that time
int'? sugar or molasses, it was proposed to
make use ??f ?ome means in order to cure or
dry the plant when cut, that it might be stored
for subsequent use when the temperature of
the atmosphere might serve to counteract this
tendency. Might not this ol^'ect be attained
by cuiiug the plant in tho same way as m?ny
farmers cure their corn provender; by setting
it up in the held when cut, taking care that
the shocks be made of such size and in such
manner as to secure full ventilation, or the
tree circulation of air through every part.'
Ihe most important point in regard to this
subject is the adoption of some efficient mode
of converting the juices of this plant, whether
lu its green or dry state, into sugar or mo
lasso; This point was not settled, nor was it
much dwelt upon, but it is very desirable that
a large sharo of the inventive talent of our
country should be directed to the accomplish
ment of this most important object.
The debate that incidentally sprang up
the subjects of agricultural chemistry and the
animalcules or po'^g sttica of fchreaberg w is
not calculated to throw much light on the gen
eral subject or to afford an^ useful instruction
to the Society I am disposed to doubt if ag
riculture ever has or ever will derive any ma
terial benefit from either of the^ br^nchei of
study?sciences they are not. Thi's'.-Oftclosion
is founded on a few very plain reasons: 1st.
, In the cbcmical analysis of soils and of plants
i m-sny substances are formed during the pro
I cc*i that had no existence in the matter an
alized but are first formed io the crucible or
, retort. 21. The living organized body of a
plant cannot, as suoh, be subjected to ana*
ly-is Before this can be done, an important
and radical change must be effected in the
nature and character of the body. It must,
as the fir^t step towards its analysis, bo con
verted into a mass of dead, inert matter . and
then the chemical compounds are formed in tho
process and exhibited as constituents of the
plant, but which, in fact, bad no place in its
ooiy when alive Again, the living plant ab
sorb? the materials of nutriment from various
sources or substances in the soil, and the?e
materials are assimilated or acted on by its
vita energies until they are converted into
one homogeneous mass, tbo circulating fluid,
t r peculiar juice of the plant, and out of this
hixnoffeneoua mass tho organized body and its
several parts are elaborated The common
opinion that plants select particular substan
ces f? om the soil, anl that these substances,
uncharged, become a part of the body of the
plant is entirely erroneous The agrtcultu
? rut, in this connection, is accomplished when
be fnrn.'ahes his plant with food or manure in
such quk ntity and such variety as its instincts
require. -For tho reasons now given, I think
it will be acknowledged thit the deductions of
agricultural chemists are entitled to but little
regard fiom practical agricultural*
The objecti ons that arise to inferences drawn
from obaervat ons made with the microscope
are: 1st, 0-bat i'o twoobserveis have given the
same representation of the object* observed .
the account* we have of the same objects from
different observers not only contain many dis
crepancies, bu? are frequently flatly contra
dict, rj21, T 6c objects to bo observed are so
extrcmoly minute, (2 1000 of a line, or of a
tenth part ?f air ijch !) and are seen eo dimly
and imperfectly, that a large fiold or scope ;g
presented for the cxercise of the imagination;
indeed, observe rs commonly sae whatever
their imagination* prompts or suggests; and
id, I d uht net th vt many obj3cts represented
to be, ani supposec to be, animalcules are the
seed3 of plant* and minute particles of inert
matter, so that I conclude that it is not essen
tial to the interests a? agriculture that much
interest be taken in the curious descriptions
of monads by Ehranberg, or in the still mora
imaginative repr? ?nt.%tions of such objects by
11 A Farmer.
January iy;b, 1^67.
List of Pat*nti.?Thi? following is the list
cf Patents issued from tht United States Pat
eat Office tor the week evding January 20,
1^7?each bearing that date :
L Allen, of Bo3ton, Mass . assignor to
Ilenr> 0 Al'eu, of Boston. aforesaid.?For im
p;<>7eiuant in steam pressure gauge*.
William B Hi hop. of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For
improvement in guides for .-owing machines.
J.>h'.i Blake, of Clarenont, N 11?For
improvement in machiwety for making inter.
John Jl Bloodgood, of New York, N. V
For imi r >veaient in machines lor founing bat#
l">r felting.
K (i Cu hing, <f Dryden, y Y ?For im
proved centre vent wiitor wheel
Alfred A Blandy, of Baltimore, Md ?F >r
improvement in artificial teeth
?;j.mest' A <iil;bs, of Mill Point, Vs.?For
im; rovemtnt in sewing machine*.
lieo tjregg. of Lowe s Mill, Va. -F r im
proved sawing machiuc.
KIsas Ifi.we. jr . of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For
improvement in sewing machines Patented
in Kagland July 26, IMS.
John Moulding, of Worcester. Maw.?For
improvement in the manufacture of double
pile carpet* and rug,.
?'ubo II <? 11. ? f V ?For
impr<>v? mcnt in treating photographic pic
'?eotie llclerling, of Quincy, 111.?F^r im
provement iu grain separators
T. Ilrj ry, of Scrm ton, IV in ? For im
proved die ior making s^ike.
M ii. iljbbcrd of Pcnu Y?n. X. Y.?For
?aiyiov uiiicnl in uarvcetera
M. ?? liuU .rd, ol Pcnu Tig, M. Y.?For
in cu tiers for harvester-^
JareuO M In^ rso|l,of Ithaca, N i .?l or
? nprt vci! ? iu mac-iinej for paring at>pl*?.
\\tii Kelly, of Kddyville, Ivy -F >r iui
I r- .cm .nt in blast furnace.
Pell Manny, uf Waddami Groove 11), I" >r
rn; rovcu^cti; in bur. esters
I* l. Met'a Hum, ->f ?.,iweg?.X V ?Foi iai
proven,'.i.w in bridge?.
?T st j ^1 nt ;omeiy & Jame; Montgomery,
? fBa'tim^ic Aid?lor iuiprovement in win
n ^!n(T uia hiies
Jan.es ?! Morgan, of Brooklyn N. Y - F?r
improve I hydrant.
B h i?ayo,cf Roanoke. Ind?Forimpiove
inont iu brick machine?
Ljdner I> Phillips, of Chicago, III.?For
lacpn vement in bote coupling
r xii B Pich'er, of Boston, Mass ?For iin
provcmtui u reflcctors for vaults
Vox. Robineon, tf Warsaw, N. Y , assignor
to Amcnzo Loardr.oy aud William Kobinson
foresaid ?For improvement in laying toys
for cordage machines.
Je-uic.' I), tarven of Maury county, Tenn.
*or improved machine for binding timber
^.a.ue! P Smith, of Ficrenoe, Mass?For
>aii i vfcd method of feeding l imber, laterally
m machines
J'hn <i Trcadwell, of Albany, N. Y.?For
u'i c-K.kmg stoves
?j ^r'Kbt.of Pi?nt9yille, Conn , a^sign^r
sim i\.^y i.anufacturing Company." of
irg ilirr,t aetal!r ,a'f,ri;T-d macb'n? for bend
cc,.?u. >'U?,,h, '4 Cincinnati, O -For roofing
d?u, Cona ? Nicllola? Ka$t liad
lor making cord' ^ machioerJ
i ruon, tf R.jLmond. V* ?fcv. ,Kobert J Mm
C(urt Bouse nnd Poat Office ** WinA^r
v? ??t -Th.w.,?7 of
purchase I the lot on Main at , known as the
-coohdge property," in connection with the
Fvana and J. honnor lota," as a site for this
ntw Post < >ffi -e, fjr the sum of *l,5l?0. Being
on tbo Main fctreet, and immeJiately opposite
j the princ.pol ho'el, the location is very central
ar.d i?fs:raS!c; and 'he excellent design for tbo
edi "ice. prepared under the Secretary a orders,
will be tfcc ornament and pride of the city
| Col. iauaiieroy, V. u. Dr^oous -lhu
fi ofloti, fWl?/ vrintd Vg datj
on the Pacifio eouet, (immediately after a two
year*' iour ?f duty in the department of New
Mexico,) was at Acapulco, Mexico, on bis way
to bis station at Los Angelos, California, on
the 23d ult His paesage up the Pacifio ?oast
to that point represented to have been an
exceedingly ooisteious and dangerous one.
Tho Contempt Cats in the House? The
report of Mr. Orr, made to-day, sets forth that
the question which Jaiues W. Symington re
fused to anfcv mr before the investigating com"
mittes was, A h:tt members of Congress had
asked him ?*> obtain bribes or gratuities for
ihem. for vo-ting for bills, Ao.??the witness
having, in tl.? course of his preceding cxami
nation, inti irnted that such approaches had
been made tohiui.
Hamilton Green, Esq , attorney at law, of
New York city, has been summoned to be ex
amined before the investigating committee at
1 p. in. tc lay.
In Cuttody --Ju't before we go to press,
Assistant Sergeant-af -Anu$ Flood arrested J.
W. Symington, under the resolution elsewhere
referred to, and leading him to the House bar,
announced t*> the Speaker that he hadcx
cuted the order ??? the Uody.
A debate then sprung up as to whnt disposi
tion should be mwiii of tho prisoner.
The Brsolute a Officers?The Navy De
partment have newt by telegraph to-day say
ing that Commrvnder Hnrl*telne and his fel
low officers who took the barque Resolute out
to England, reached New York yesterday in
the American mail steamer Washington.
Supreme Court.?Yesterday?No 21. K.J
Dupont, de Nemours Co., appellants, r*.
John Vanco et a 1., clabiiants of the brig Ann
Elizabeth. Appeal ftr tu the Circuit Court
the I Lited States for the eastern district of
Louisiana. Mr. Justice Curtis delivered the
opinion of the Court, reversing tho decree of
the said Circail Court, without costs, and re
manding the cause, with directions to ascer
tain the amount of the lien of the libellants
on the Ann Elizabeth, Aj , in conformity to
the opinion of this court. 0
No. j. B*rr U. Bette, appellant, r.?. John
H. Lewis mt ux Appeal from the District
Court cf the I oited States for the northern
district of Alabama Mr Justice Curtis de
livered the opinion of the Court, reversing the
decree of the said District Court, with costs,
and remanding the cause for further proceed
ings to be had therein in conformity to the
opinion of this Court
No 2>. Jair es Meegan, plaintiff in error, vs.
Jeremiah T Boyle in error to the Circuit
Court of the United States for the district of
Missouri Mr Justice McLean delivered tho
opinion of the Court, affirming the judgment
of the 6?*"d Circuit Court in this cause, with
No Is Archibald Babcock, appellant, vt
Edwa\d Wymau. The argument of this cause
was continued by Mr Merwin for the appel
lant. and by Mr. Bartlett for the appellee
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On yeterday, 20th of January,
there were of Treasury warrants entered on
the books of the Department?
For the Treasury Department... $160 <?0
Far the interior Department,.... 52,001 li
War watrants received and en
tered 87,875 00
In thh Sknatx, yesterday, after we went to
press, House bill authorizing the establish
ment. of a naval depot at Brunswick, Georgia,
wa& discussed until the hour of adjournment.
In TfiE Horss, the bill for extending the
land laws east of the Cascade mountains in
Oregon and Washington Territories, and the
bill authorizing the settlement of the accounts
of the clerks of the United State* courts in
said Territories, were passed.
The Committee on Territories were die
charged from the further consideration of the
memorial of the citizens of Arisonia praying
for the establishment of another Territory,
axid it was laid on the table.
The Committee on Military Afiulrs weic dis
charged from ihe further consideration of the
bill making appropriations for the payment of
militia cnllod into service f r the suppressment
of Indian hostilities in New Mexico, and of
the bill providing for the payment of the
awards of th? commissioners appointed bv the
Secret ?ry of War under the eigh'h rection of
tvn act making appropriations for certain civil
expenses of Government, and they wire laid
on the table.
The House then proceeded to consider the
Territorial bills, and the bill making an ap
propriation for the construction of a peniten
j tiary in Nebraska; the bill to establish an
additional land district in the said Territory,
as amended; the Oregon military road 8p
propriation bill, as amended ; the Washing
ton Territory military road bill, aud tho bill
making appropriation fcr the bridging ?f
streams and opening of roads in Minnesi?a
Territory. ir?re pais** 1.
Proceedings of To-Dav.
In rnr. Senate, tc-iay, tho Hon JemesJ
Green, the newiy elected senator (for tha fh^rt
term) from Missouri rrds sworn in.
Mr f?onaid presented a petition lrorn tho
Geographical anl Statistical Society ot Jew
York against the coinage of any other but. de
cimal coics by t!>? M?nr ?| the'linitH States;
rcferre I.
The ><u'uinauu* IVlcgrnpb Lil! v.-as ghostly
afterwards taken up, and was discussed ly
Messrs. liuLt-r, t'oDauisr, F usk; and Savraid.
I> Ttig Hot it, Mr. <Jri reported iron: the
Investigating Committee a report e'ting forth
that Jam tc W Symington, a witness bof.ro
them, had refused to answer certain Mue:-Sicn3
regarded by the Committee as being ma'eii.il
to the proper discharge of their duties. and
closing wi'-n a resolution directing the Ser
goan'-at-A arms to take tho body *f tho said
Symington iuta custody, wherever found, and
bring him to the bar of the House to answer
ior the contempt of ilj authority involved :n
raid refusal.
The ({ueslion being put on agreeing to this
resolution by yea* and nays, and it was agr?od
to?yeas 164, nays 16.
Mr. Orr also reputed from the same (jom
mittee & bill more effectually to compel the
attendance of witnesses and the production ol
papers before euck committees : wbieh wag
being disou?jed by Msssr" Orr pnd Cobl* of
Ga , ero the Stir went to pros*.
....Gon. Tom Thumb is holding leveor- at
the ltegent Gallery, Quadrant, London
.... Mr and Mrs Barney Williams are re
engaged at the Dublin and Hoyat Thcator.
.... The Hon. Ed. Stanley, now of Califor
nia. but t< rmerly of Nortii Carolina, is at Wil
lards', in this ci y.
.... The Hon. Senator Harlan has beee re
elected to the U. S. Senato from Icwa by a
vote of 03 to 3V
....Ira Aldridge, the colored tragedian,
has been playing " Drcd" with gre -t success
at Belfas*.
N*w Music?We fiad upon onr table a
pretty song entitled ?' Fanny in her Grave,"
words by W M Byars, M. D., music by F.
W. Smith.
From Hllbus wo havo N i. 2 of his cheap
Musical Eo'iuet, containing twj pieceti of
choice music.
^ Smoking ?Gentlemen who are addictod to
| -ue habit of smokiug, will find Eunutt's On
tul I uot/i lVmk, prepared by Messrs. Jos.
Bt rnktt A Co., Tremnr.t street, Boston, an
excellent deterger.t it aleo imparls to the
breath a Iragrance peculiarly aromatic and
pltasaot, Jo* salt bj dxvgfUd fwrallj.
py Io Baltimore, on Monday, wis wi
ne;sed the loweat tide in that harbor for a
quarter of a century It wan some seven fett
below the u = ual fair tide. Vessels were on
their beam end? in sou* instances, and all
were l?f' with a bottom to rest upon Tha
snow, in tome oases, ha4 drifted in and per
fectly covered the scalier Teasels up, laaviog
but a small chance for the cccupantt to get
Pri? is of Uas ?A special crmouittee was
voted the other right in th? City Council of
New York to inquire into the mRnuer in which
the Manhattan Ga* Company bare fulfilled
tha legal reduction of tbe pi ice i f gas It ia
ihe gc ner.il complaint there that since the re
duotion in price the bills of tie ;ori:uu:eis are
largely increased.
Birthday or Frasklix.?The employees rf
the Baltimore Sun office celebrated the birth
day of Franklin, on Sa'urday evening last, by
a supper.
On Thuraday, the ."id Instant, It will be your
privilege to r.a?t your vote* at the poits on tbe
(juestlon wl ether ycu will sgrre to tax yomselvee
with a jk.11 tax of one dollar each, in tddiJion fo
the present tax ycu now pay The pretence tha!
this tax of ore dollar each Is tor the benefit of
Common Si hools is a shallow artifice, to bring
wltMn tfce elective franchise of the town all that
class of our population who now have no vote,
who have no property tota\,ar.d who have no
common stake or Interest In the town?a popula
tion unsettled and shifting, here this year and
jjone the next, and who, If any calamity should
befall tbe town, would not be found here then to
be >r any part of lta burden, but wfco, by some
parties In your town at this time, It Is thought de
sirable to make voters of for a particular purpose,
for personal advancement, or to carry oot the ob
jects of a party. The outcry thit this tat Is for
tbe b-netlt of the Free School 1? a mere humbug;
an attempt to de'ude th* tan payers of the town,
and It Is for you fellow--ItIzens, for every iran
of you who his a stake In the town, and who de
sires Its prorpetty, to decide this question at the
poll* on next Thursday. \ ou have, for the U*t
fifty years, by tbe exercise of the most liberal be
nfflierce, supported a free fchcol In the town,
where the poor nr.an's child has been cared for
and educated out of the general f jnds of the
town, and vo:i are still continuing that benefi
cence, and i,t this time ten per cent, cf the reve
nue rel*< r\ on the real ard p rsonal i roperty of ?he
town, b. general tax, Is appropriated for Free
Scbojls; a liberality a'most unknown In o her
communities 'f hen why tax yourselves with an
additional poll tax of one dollar for a *ch-?ol which
I'ou so llb?- ally support alieady ' We ask you to
ook at this su> i -ct, and unmask the selfi'h er.d?
wbl. h Its |<rr-j ctors attempt to cover It with, and \
when you are eal'edo.a to vote next Thursday on
this que?tlon, "Are.you willing to tax yrursclvea
wl'h a poll tax of one dollar In addition to tfce
tax ycu a'readv pay V you wlil vote "No !"
timbre, will deliver the Annlvertary
Address to the Vcu.ig Men's Christian Associa
tion, in the Le ture Room of the Smithsonian
Instltutlcn on THURSDAY NIGHT, the 2!id
Subjest "Gen- is?jts misfortunes and infirm
ities." in 21 't
the Perseverance Fire Company will
meet at their Englae House, TO-MORROW
AFTERNOON, the Ud Inst , at 1* o'clock, in
citizen a dress, to attend the funeral of 'heir la'e
member, Mr. Andrew I oket By order,
_lt? JNO. V. DON N, Sect.
ciples' meeting will be continued In tbe
Old Trinity Church. 5th street, THIS EVEN
ING, at 7 o'clock Preaching by Elder Challen,
of Philadelphia. Tlie public are cordially In
vited lta
Metrcpo'i'an Hook and l.adder Compa
ny, No I, held on Monday, the 1? b of Januiiy,
It was -
Rrtolrt'!, That the Company return thanks to
Mr A (tiiFEX, for his kindness In offering the
loan of his hornes fo draw the Truck liome from
the Ore at th? Na:i Jnal Hotel Also, to the stran
gr>rs who so kindly helped the members of the
Company to draw the apparatus to and from the
It _ Secretary.
TION ? Vou are hereby notified to meet at
I your Armory,on THUKtfl) ?Y EVENING.
,tbc i'Ud Inst., for Drill. Al: the members
of the Company are requested to be present. By
older of Capt. Key :
The Montgomery Guard's Btll will be given
on TUESDAY EVENING, the 'Jd or Feb iary,
at the Assembly Rooms. jan 20-Jt
a llml ed amount in ema'l q ianlticS, to
Destitute Wldow? only App^y to i9U C street
The applicant will please bring a Hue from some
respectable citizen, to prevent imposition
jan It 'P
B!*hop cf Richmond, will preach tfce
second of fclsstrles of Doctrinal Discourses at St
Mathew'a Church, on THU RSDAY EVEN IN (I,
at 7 o'clock Subject?" The Origin a.-.d consti
tution of the Church " Jan 19
Highlanders wlil give a grand Iu-ugu
ration Ball, at the Amimblt Rooms, on WED
NESDAY EVENING, the 4th of March. As the
Committee of Arrangements will be composed in
par' of our best cltD.eus. to aid the Officer* of the
Company, the public may r?*4t assured that noth
ing wlil br left undone c.n their part to *c-.ure
plevure to all wh?? may favor th'-m with tht'lr
jan r. WASllt GEO. W. FLOOD, See
?lelphU^priccs, dt the Philadelphia Ice
Cream Depot, corner of Pith an) F streeU.
Icr Cream ? i,5o jier gallon jn*i 10 Im*
Georgetown. Jau?nry 1*, 1*?A7.
In Georgetown on Tat*RSDA\ next,
?hc 'J1 Inatiiit.for the p irp???r of ascertain*!;.; 'tc
ronsc ?f tl?c people ol G v.'orgciov. n on the (juet:
tlua of the pr. p U ty ? f the c*'en?lo?i of the Right
of ? ulTmge to all f/cr whiU mal" cltlrons of the
lrulle?l Si iL ? v. ao 1> t\ : wiltln the town
twelve, months previously (va:;raiiii, paupers,
per*, o'.a lion rcmpoa lueutls, and persons cor.vlrt
td "( au liifsiiuus crime, ejrccp'td ) upen the
r.vyiiit nt < f a Gcbcrl tn.\ nil ci< ^c'dln^ ene dollar
All white mule cltl>ra cf Georactown of twen
ty rac year- of d&t;, aud upwards, wbo shall have
re*ld"d in lieortj'.town twelve month* prevlounly
(?/i^rants, paupers per?onh ton compos mentis
or convicted of an Infamou scrlme excepted) have
the privilege of voting a*, such election
Those In ftvor of such txte&Bion of fuff.age
will vota, by ballot, ?? Aye." and 'hose opposed 'o
irc.h extension will vote, bv ballot, " No "
jtn 17 V HENR V ADDISON, Mayor.
[FHED?We want Housekeepers and those
about to commence Housekeeping t" b^ar In mind
thatth" first, second, third and fourth rooms of
oui lerg* and spacious warehouse are filled to
tmlr utmost capacity with every description of
CABINET FURNITURE and House r.rnlsh
Inc Goods generally, to which we respectfully
Invito the attention of those In want of bargains
House" furnished throughout wi h evfty article
In the housekeeping line vkry chkit for cash,
or to p inctual dealers at the usual credit Call at
the " IlorsEKE*rER's r'.aromu" andexamlne
our stock before purchasing. Onr motto is?
" Uuich taitt and small jtrejlttS'
dec l-3m 7th street, between I and K.
_ 'CLASSES will be organised on MON
DAY EVENING, Jan ?tb, at 7 o'clock, In
Temperance Hall All wishing to join his
Classes will please be prompt in tlielr attendance.
Terms?21 Lessons? #5 00
Re'ers to Rev J G Binney, D D, President Co
lumbia College; Rev P D Uurley, D D; Rev G D
rummins, D I); Rev Alfred Uolmead, D D; Rev
D S Doggett, D D; Rev Myron Sunderland, D D;
Rev S P Hill; Rev J G Butler; Rev Samuel Re
getter; Dr Owen Munson; Leo Coyle, Erq.
Arp.lcation can be made to Mr la vino tnrongh
the Post OlBce jan 17-Pt*
&*J Just received, and for fale by
jan ai-ec3t BAR Bt>>' R A SFMMES.
keeping tbe feet dry and warm. Also, gen.
tl??mer.'s Shawl 1'ir.a, at
jin 'Jl-3t LAMXIOND S.
with Nightingale Songs; aUo, GOLD
FINCH. .S ard LIN NETS, for sale at Mr C.
SCHAFEK'S Hotel, Cth street Jgnai-3t?
LA W, Ac , has removed bis ofllce to the base
meat of Lous* of Johnson HeLen, Etq . < n
the corner of sth stre;' and Louisiana avenue,
dec 30-lm*
17tk instant, a v luable Russian fibk FUR
TIPPET. Used with dark silk, about tkr<?nr<i
lone. It U wppoeeB to have brn dropped be
tween Wlliards' Ho H ?nd the Bank of tbe Me
troMlia. If left at 19? 1 street, a literal rei
win be given ??
19 5 do MOLASSES
la store, and for salety
In store, acd for sale bv
Jan 41-colt BARBOUR 4 SEMMES.
But still more strange is the
have always on hand a good, I *Ji
and freeh supply of O Y S T E R S ,
when all others are ont. Call and see
at 4f$? 11th stree', 4d door above E. jtn 41 -31
or TIB
lnatant, and postponed on account of tbe se
?ere storm, will take place at CARUSI'S SA
MONDAY E\ BRING, Jaaaary tb 19AT.
Every necessary arrangement being completed
the company promise all who tray honor tliem
with their presence an evening of unalloyed en
joyment. J in 41,44,?<
SO Lit AT AUC mux,
Oa TUESDAY. Jaauary S7?h,
withoi t bbsfrvb.
at the Store of
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock
JAMES C. MrGUIRE, Aoettaear.
No 1 Bro Mo'.re Antique and Velvet Clotk, W)
No 4 Blue A. blk Ve vet A M Ant, do .V)
No 3 Blk Velvet and Moire Antique, do 35
No 4 Green Satir; very rich, do 51
No 5 Hand-ome brown Clotb, do 4$
No ? Black Velvet, very plat a, do tu
No 7 Tan Cloth and Molie Antique, do 4n
No 8 Bio. Cloth and Moire Antique do 40
No P Fancy Cloth Circular, do 40
No 1" Brown Trimmed sa'ln, d*? l$
Noll Klch Silver Brown Velttl, do 1*
No 14 Drab Cloth, trlm'd with velvet do
No ID Blue Watered bilk, do 4$
No 11 Drab Embroidered Cloth do 4.S
No to Brown do do do 1*
No IS Brown do do do 5<)
No IT L'l Drab Cloth A Molrc Antique do 44
No I* Drab Embossed Cloth do
No 11 Bleck Cloth Traveling do 1?
No SO Blk Moire Antique ard Velvet
.. ,,, . (Shawl) do U
No Jl Do do do do 'it
No 44 tl'nds"me Blk Ve'vet (pia'n) do ."?)
Nov3 Do Mr-Ire Antlqieand
_ _ Velvet do 50
No41 Rich Black Moire Antique and
.. Velvet do :?
No46 Handsome Blank Velvet do At
No46 Very elegant iilk Velvet do P.?
No 47 Very elegant Blk Moire Antlquedo 75
No 4* Handsome Cloth Talma do 2>
No 40 do do do 20
The above Goods /? ?pI4
Terms cash.
Several handsome Crimson Crape Shawls,
Cashmere Shawls, and Evening Dresa Goods will
be (ffered alter the sale of Cloaks
The Cloaks will he r fl .-red at private sale until
I he diy nimed a?>o?e
J an 41-d J. c McGUlRE, Auct
The tribune almanac for i??t,
received and for Bale at SHILLING TON'S
Bookselling and Stationery Establishment
In addition to tbe u?uil calendar page* and as
tronomical calculations, the Tribune Almanac
will contain :
Very fu'l and complete Flection Returns by
State-, Congressional District*, and Coutties for
1W?, carefully compared with the returns cf for
Tee Important Acta cf Congress, condensed
The Government cf the United States
List of Members of the present Congress, and
or ;h' neit is fa- as elected, classlled polit otiiy
A concise sta'ement of -he doings In Kansas
during tbe pa?t year
A n account of the remarkable Contest for Speaker
of the fiouse
An article oa tbe State of Europe
An account of the movements of Get. Walker
and his Filllb'ister 'ompinhm la Nicaragua
A classified list of the Governors of the states
Times of boll'ng Elections, Mee Ing of L??li
lato's, Ac
The Platform of the Republican Party, with ?
condensed statement of thereof the Democratic
and American Pa-tles
The Jeff-Tjon an Ordinance of 17-t, a docum nt
not generally accessible, and which had it been
adopted, wduM have made Kentucky, Alabama.
Mlsslsslp' 1 and Tennessee free Mates Three
years later the Ordinance of 17?7, applicable only
to the Northwest Territory, wa? adopted
Single cop!e< H* cent* For vale a:
Bookstore, Odeon Building,
J in il! -it Career \% atr?et and Penn. ave.
? to be sold at est, by order of the owner in
Paris, to close a conHignment:
tE mes de Kegnard, four volumes, octavo, full
caif Si .95
CE jvres, d'Alfxindre Duval, nine volumes, oc
tivo, half c If, 7J .
Annalt s du Pariement Francais, cis^ht volumes
swall f jtio, half calf, 110,50.
Lava'ar; Cart Ce C tnnutre 'ei Houms par la
pbyslonr omie, ten volumfs, octavo, fuM calf,
ll.?-d witn engravings, <21
faint Hi!aire; CoursdeI'lllstoireNature!ledrs
Mammlferes, oae volume, cctavo, half calf, en
graviogs, 75 cents
Oiy LurMc: Cours de Chlmle, two volumes,
octavo, ha f . aif, 11,37
LaugJer; Cours de Chlmle generate, three vol
utr.es. ot tavo half calf, SI P7
Condillac; (K jvret>Completes, sixteen volumes,
octavo, full ca f, gilt, ?23.
Discount, Allocutions, et Responses de Louis
rhlllippe, Kol des Frnncals, three volume*, cc
?avo, half calf, Si,50
Lett res de Henry VIII a Anne Boleyn, oae vol
ume. ociaro. half calf. ^1 37.
V Alembert; Ovavres Cir.tr. plstea, five volumes,
octavo, half f a f, ?| 75
to ont^cllalrd. Hlstcl r de Fraice, nln?? vol.
umes, octavo,ftj;l calf, *7.
Cabants; CE ivre<. Completes, ive volumes,
octavo half calf. #??!>. *
CEav.ei Completes do Meidames de la Fayette,
de rencia et de Ponte'aes, live volume*, oclavo,
fr.ll oa f.
Voyage Pltiores?jue des les de Slcile, de Malte,
ct de Lipari, phr Jean Houel, Peintredu Rci,frur
volumes. Isrge folio. flUed with tinted engravings,
Gisnnone, Istorla Civile del Regno dl NapoU,
eight volumes, bound In four, #4,8P
Ocere a'Iterate, flreate dal 6r?co ne'l'
llaliano Idioma. two volumes, octavo, 88 cents.
Single co} les oaly of moat of the above.
Narsr's Office, )
Wajhifiotuy, January JOth, 1357. \
k is producing so much suffering amongst the
poor, and the provlsfSn for their relief Is so lim
ited, that I deem it my duty to call upon the
bene?o ent to take pr per mca urea to raise means
to alleviate that suffbring as far aa it may bedone
t' or tbat purpose I respectfully Invite the citizens
of the several wards to meet In their respective
wards on the evening of WEDNESDAY, the
t{\^ " * o'clocB, at the following p'ac^s,
Firs: Ward?Uni n Englns House
Second Ward?Harmony Hall, D street, b?.
I ween 14th ard Kith
Third Ward?Franklin's Building, comer of
D and 9th streets
Fourth Ward?Council Chamber, City Hall.
Fifth Ward?Casparis's Building
Sixth Ward?Anacosta Engine Hou*e.
Seventh Ward?Hall over Clarke's Apothecarv
_ JanJ!Ji Mayor.
can be browned handsomely on theae Griddle
without grease and smoke
J*"*'- G. FRANCIS, 400 7th St.
Knife clranerb, with tki latest i?.
prevsmeat.?Every family and boarding
housekeeper should have one. *
J*na<) G. FRA.NClg.4ftQ 7th st.
W\* ironr, waffle irons*
Meat Cutters, Mlnclug Knives, Chopping
1 rn?*>n ^ ^alrfr8'*c ??prices always low. at
Jia i(l FRANCIS'S, 7thst.
I i?.?^""oN./k,uay evening last,
^ ll|e Prealdent's l^v.e,a long BROCHA
?r.rL '?? with green centre A suluble reward
Will be paid If left at this otttce. jan 40-3t?
DR. V1LLARD, Dentist,
Uti of i Hicaco.
the citlxeoa of the District and
vicinity, that having located himself
la Washington, he Is now prepared to
P?tfo<in an ojierationa, In kls profession, In the
uiosi approved style
OflceNo.itM Peau. avenue, adjoining ba?
ttil't. )iiVl|
Ftiiy Imit'i Ditieiil Tkfitrr.
M?m Pawwt Momr....Lw>n and Dlrectree-,
Ke-Tf+armurf mf Mi ?? h'amny
First Mm# of the elegant comedietta entitled
/epbvrlaa ???? MU? Fuay Mmtn;
To eoadcde with the laughable farce cf
Mtr^tty, (bfr Ird ippMtlitf) Mrs Pree?i?r
C^TIMK A LTKKLl) : Doors open* 4 at *\,
curtain risei at jf pa?t 7 o'clock
Will speedily be predueed the e egant eomed>
_ . ?K^O"D LOTH
Washington firms tod Am^tktatrr.
Corifr of Stvrath Street aad the Avraa*.
The next Grand Pq^eatrian Entertainment at this
establishment will I e f<n 'be
belr^ his ferewe 1 prior to hla departure for Lu
re pe, when will be cflered
surpassing any ever offered la this city.
Among the feature* of the evening will Mr. M V
FRS extraordinary antipodean feal of
WrUtns dm tk* Citing //W Detc*tnt"it,
like a Ply
The public ma\ real assur d t!i?t be will a cornp
Uab tbla hitherto impossibility: no hmnbng . I"
he fktls he will return the meney.
and the TWO TRICK CLOWN* fiom New
York, with other nove'tlev See bllla
Another Urand Equestrian Fete w.ll be given,
for which the most ei tensive preparation are
making jaa 10
ODD FELLOWS' HALL. ITai iti ? n?
Widaaidar Creates, nnnnry 2l?t, I?i7.
Thk original, well-known and
nized In 1312 ) The first and olde-t established
Band In the World, n >w under the dlr^tlcn and
man&?<menlof J. W lUt.Miiscd h H Pilars.
For eight vi ? the i.bove Company have per
formed et 172 Broadway, New York, to bouses
crowded n?j;ht:r. and vrci*> nnbcaltatlBgly sr.
kar>wl?-dkcd by tfce p.-e*s and the public ?bc N*
Tin* Vltr of all similar ente-lalauiniU. They
icipettfwlly announce a short ? erlta cf their' haM?
and f*sblonab'.e Musical Soiree? a* abeve I oors
>n atfiw? to eon mere* at 7K o'clock. Tlcke*?
Jan i;-?t T J. DONNELLY, Agent.
uatlon He la tbori)Ughl< e< qualn'ed wl'h
groreiy business, and can command eonslfl
ire city cn??om /ddres* UC," Bn 5 S?t^r
Offl-6 ' |aa*l-3t*
and do the Kit^h^n Work cf a small faml'v
I r.q-tlre at 32P I street, corner of l.Vh a'reet. It*
can do goM Plain Coohlng, ar.d the h< a?e
hold Woik of a fa roily consisting of three per
son*. Irquire at No. 3>< I2 h treet, belweea
Man avenue and M afreet. Jan 21-3;*
from New York, wlabea a Situation la a pri
vate fan.lly, aa Chambermaid, and to aaalat In
Warhlag an1 Ironing. Can be ae*n for thr*
d*ya at No. 351 H street, corner of lith.
jan 21-3t*
a flrat ra'e Cook, Weaher and Iroeer One
who can brlrg good recommendation can apply
at No. 443 5th atreet, be twee n E and F.
jan tl-af
fetorv and Atlick Brick Houae oa 1 atreet
north, between6:b ard 7th. Terma . One-third
caah; the ha!ance In 1, 2, and 3 veer-. Apply at
the 8'ar Office. Jan l?-lw
Profitable AND honorable EM
a'W? in town er country In ?earrh of employmenc
as a acureecf Income, or to 111 up their lalaure
boara. may bear of ?u h byene o*lng two a:arr pa,
to pay postage, to Profemoe J AMFS T HORN F,
Box No 4.451 New York Po*t uSre The en.
ploymert la fitted to either ?e*-station la llje Im
material. It la an article of dally conatimpt1"o,
and can be manufactured in any peraen'a dwel
ling; secured by copyright; aales aa penrannt
aa floor. An agent Is wanted in every town in the
Union jan 13-1 m
paid In caah for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil
ver Ware Manufactory, 338 Penn avenue, near
?tb atreet. ? dec 3u
Boarding can be obtained by the
d?v or week, at No II* MaaaachneeUa ave
nue, be;ween Sth and 7th atreeta. Jaa Sl-St*
Board ?gkntlemen desiring
Board can find verv comfortable accommida
tlona at 30) Pennsylvania avenue, betwren 9th
and lUth atreeta, over Mr. Kidenour'a Confection
ery. dee 30 lm
Board,Ae.?mrs. bates,on this w
come; of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th atreet
la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms
with or without hoard F.^ery effort will be m?de
to render thoee comfortable who may favor her
with their patronage. Tranalcnt or table hnard
can be obtained. ap S-tf
Fancy Morant'a Rational 1 heat re
ivl turn'd to thla city, after an abaencc of tv
week*, c-vj?;.-d b, engagcineats of a prolerM?ral
nature, entered Intj before the leasing of 'hi*
Theatre, respactf il'y announcewi that
ahc will have the honor of re-appearing in 'hr
new comedy by Palgrave Hlaipaoa, recently *??
auoceasf<?l in New 1 ork, entltW-di ''SECOND
LOVE;" and tbat frrmand after that date the
I heatre will! c Immediately and entirely und> r
her control ar.d dirocilon.
She trusts tbat the public wl 1 overlook any
faulta or dcSclu* I a that uiay have occurred d ir
iug hor absence, pledging iMMlf for the futu?#
thai hhf wlQ endeaT. r by all means in b#r
power and the strictest attention to buainea*. both
II pen hei pari jnd iha: of tie company, to merit a
continuance cf the encouragement eatended
he'on her irtent appearance Every eaerticp
will be made lo render the Theatre warm H-d
comfortable jaa 19 k
many cf our cuatcmera whose accounts w? ie
aenttothera hefcre the lirat of the new year tha*
their bllla have have not yet been aett'ed
We are much In want of the moner, and hope
that *11 who owe ua will at oace call or send u*
aettlemer: 1 for the amount of their lndebtedre<?,
and thereby aave annoyance both to thciu aa w<il
as ua.
Many tbanka to thoae who have already ao
promptly responded to our flrat no'i e; it is *
pleaauie to us to serve all aoch.
Jaa 20 dtKtbl
Ovbr PiiXRAM'i Booa?Toaa, Pawn avi ,
pleasure to announce to hla filenda aad f u
plla that he will commence the fir?t of h*a course
of Lect'rea, on the hlatory of Music, at tke
Rooms of ihe liatlMUon, <n WEDNESDAY
bVENING, January *^th,h?glna!ng at 6 o'clock,
and oonilrulng ever/ Wednesday until fu the:
Aa th?ae readlnga are strictly private, aad deliv
ered for the purpore of instructing the paplla anl
frlenda of iLe Institution, It will be nereasary to
inaure seats, Hut l nmedlate application be made
for Tickets to Mr Croueh. Vocal Director, with
out which no teraon will be admitted.
Tickets delivered every day between f aad k a.
m aad from *'ol>p m. Jan >0-6t
aaperior Northern Cuttrie left, aad for aale
by A. J. JOYCE, CoacW Maker,
Jan lt-T.? Corner of 14th and E atwets
Overcoats, dress and frock
Coats, Shawls, Pantaloons, and Vesta A
tne assortment always on hanl, cheap
jaa IS 3t 121 Pa ave , bet nth and 10th sta
tweoa Sixth and Seventh atreeta,
at the place formerly oocupled by Dr JCafli
Van Patten, haa Juat reoelvrd a very
aeupply of artliiaa pertalnl g to Aeatlatry,
eapectfullv lnvltea the public to gtea him a
call. Having devoted hla whole time to the pro
fbaalon. he le perfectly safe In declaring tLat he
will give aaLIre Kstiafactloa In every ease. The
beet pfol?4oaal r<<waaoea oaa he aaea at hia of.
?0*. 90v W-tMarakM*

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