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T*x Cattal ?Th? Cumberland. Allegbanj
Connty papu re announce, on the authority**
Col. m r. Maaldsbj, President of the Ches
apeake and Ohio Canal, the re opening oi
navigation on the Canal on Monday, the 6tl
inst. Thej also announce the occurrence ol
aa accident at dam No 5. which may inter
fere with the resumption of navigatiaoat th<
tine MMd We understand that tbe aooi
dent alluded U was occasioned by the did
culty of putting down cribs daring the preva
lence of the wind. Gentlemen interested it
the trade of the oanal are sangnine of th<
resumption of trade ia a few days, and aotj
oipate the arrival of eoal at Alexandria fron
the 19th to the 15th iaet Boats will be starts
fr m below on Saturday with the e* pec tat lot
of being passed up Hght without interruption
and will no donbt ha enabled to r?t?rn wit)
fall oargoee of eoal aa eooa aa thej can loac
at Cumberland.
The entire line of the eaoal ha* undergone
thorough repairs. Lars and deposits of mud
hare been removed. The gates and locki
have been also put in good condition. Th<
Georgetown division, under the superintend
ence of James P. Wade. Esq , has been it
navigable oondition for several dajs, and th<
canal packets have resumed their daily trip:
and are deing a goed passenger business The
damages to this division were extensive, and
it affords us great pleasure to record tbe uni
versally expressed opinion in relation to th<
indomitable energy with which Mr. Wade
encountered and successfullyovercome allthi
difficulties in repairing them.
Thu II c.vltu or Washisqtos ?A citiicn,
deeply interested ia the future of Washing
ton authorises us to publish the following
<(<r<rw*h* obligation of which we guarantee
V F'T? bond red dollars compensation wil 1?
paid, ic: rding to the within stipulations, fci
a plan or mode of removiug from the city ol
\V A>h'ngU;ii the human excrement, 4c , there
to accumulating, to a distance beyond tLaciu
boundary lints of not less than three miles, in
a mariner that shall be satisfactory to the city
authorities and ensure safety to tue health ol
the city, and exemption from its present disa
greeable odors. The above stated sum shall
be paid alter one year's continuance f?m th?
lime any plan shall be adopted, and put io
successful i peraticn by the city authorities,
which shall successfully effect the obieet re
ferred to durirg that period ; provided, tL?
mode is adopted and put in operation by the
city authorities within six months from tbe
26in cf March, 1857, and the inventor or con
triver produce a certificate, signed by the
Mayor and all the Commissioners < t the city
wards, distinctly stating that, for the period
of on*? year, the eity has been relieved of its
excrement, Ac , and all offensive odors arising
therefrom, in a perfectly satisf *ctory manner,
in accordance with the object desired and tbe
above stipulations, to the satisfaction of tho
in iividaal who is to pay the compensation."
Persons at a distance requiting detailed in
f-riuetion concerning the localities of our city,
its facilities for accomplishing the object ol
tbis proposition, is will be promptly furn
i?hed with them on addressing (fey letter) the
Eiitor of the Washington a tar
Ths Vbatbir ?Kange of the thermometer
from -Thursday noon, March 2t>, to this morn
ing :"
Moralng. Noon. IS lei t.
Thursday...* ? 40? 40?
Friday 32? 44 40
Saturday 34 44 40
Sunday 31 48 42
Mondsy....... 3* 47 4?
Tuesday 34 54 48
Wednesday 46 53 46
Thursday 26 ? ?
Aversge height of the thermometer in the
nv>rninzs from March 27ih to April Id, inela*
give. 51* *4'.
Pull moon Thursday, April 9, a little after
8 a. m
lirmaris?March 31st, fine and pleasant
throaghout; April 1st, rainy and cold through
ou*, and wind blowing hard from NW. at
nigtt; 21, wind still NW., with a little ice,
and bd -h colder- B.
(JnououTows, April 2,1S57.
Usited States Asriccltcual Society.?
The Union learns that the lion. Henry F.
French, vice president of this society from
Mew Hampshire, will sail in the next steamer
for Europe with the especial intention ol ex
amining the agriculture of tbe old world.
Judge French, by a vote of the society at its
last annual meeting here, will carry with him
a circular letter from President Wilder, "com
mending him to the kind attention of agri
cultures in othor lands, as a gentleman whose
position at home entitles him to the esteem of
all who promote the great cause cf agricul
tare? a cause wbieh baa well been said to
' know no limits of brotherhood narrower than
thoee vf civilization ' "
L'sitxr> Status Police Reports?Before
Jastice Donn :
Joeiah liitebcock was arrested by Officer
Kiag under the charge of having committed
an a*9ault and battery on Rosina Sbussler,
the honess of the Park hotel, immediate'y
beyond the city boundary. Tbe difficulty
occurred in consequence of tbe chickens of
the defendant intruding on tbe premises occu
pied by the prosecntor, aad io ejecting them
one of the chickens was killed and thrown to
the dog. Tbe defendant came to the premi
ses to claim his property and she endeavored
to force him away, eben tbe cssault and bat
tery occurred. Abe defendant was required
to give security to keep the peace.
Orrx!*i>*u9, Look Oct!?Oa Tuesday night
last, by order of the Mayor, a crew or disor
derly boys and men, who have been in the
habit of gatheiirg nightly in the neighborhood
of Schneider's Foundry, in tbe First Ward,
were arreted and lodged in the lock-up, great
ly to the fatiifaction of tbe residents who have
been annoyed by their presence
Tbe M^yor has given the most positive or
ders to have such gatherings broken up. So
offenders had better take warning, for Mayor
Magruder, as it is pretty well known by this
time, has rather a determined way of insisting
npen a point when be sets his foot down
Tss National IIotki, Sicks ess ?Tbe New
Ycrk Tribuno says the Rev Charles II Mal
colm ltd wife, of Newport. Rhode Island, are
?>fu< rg the siok from the late hotel disease in
Washington Their symptoms indicate arse
?nii. viz : intense thirst and burning in the
stomach, inveterate diarrhoea, vomiting after
taking food, red spots on the surface of the ab
domen, A j WW. Bacon and wife, of New j
Haven, Conn , wero also seriously affected
after leavicg Washington for tbe South Mrs
B has been eontlned to her bed in Mobile for
a month, and her recovery is laid to be doubt
A Sillt Fip.st or April Hoax ?A New
Yoik afternoon paper on ?? April Fool's Day, '
published an announcement of President
Luchanan's death, and also circulated a
rtoiy that tbe cause of the epidemic at the
National Hotel in this city, haa been discov
ered te be tbe use of a chest of tea which had
been poisoned by the Chinese for the British
and American uarKets. By way of adding
ztrt to the news, the startling statement was
added, that tkoH*avdt of cheats similarly pre
pared bad been sent to great Britain and the
united States. ??
Race ? Cbtrles Hurdle was arrested under
a bench warrant for an assault and battery on
CCiier tiroes in Georgetown, durirg the late
election for Mayor of that town. While in
cuatody of Officer Stewart he made an excuse
to get outride the Court House, and then
c??o:iy told the officer he couldn't afford to go
back, and took to his heels A smart race
ensued which ended only at tbe depot, where
Hurdle was re arrested and taken to jail.
Circuit CoCRT ?Last evening the jury in
ths o?se of Rowland rj Mcknight returned a
verdict for the defendant. Tbia morning, the
ra*? of Primus Garner *?. H. R Marry man
was up Garner is a colored man about 60
J ears of age. and is ?ueing for his freedom.
iarryman contend* that he is his slave.
Ids. 1>. Moonic ?We are glad to learn, tbis
morning, that though Mr. Moore was pain
fully injured, as we stated yesterdsy, no bones
were broken. ???
The Baltimubs Cupper makes a handsome
pppearancs in D?* l7P*
pHance wfth th* V\_ ^ tbe Court, in com
everV^r *" be bald ia
rt?_L f?n ?????IWU1C on the respective
oiuil, .nvf' T?I: ?Q the third Monday of
en th? flr.P J of January, and
Ti?ft? *?nd*j of May. 7 ..
?? .1 r^Jt*?ln *nd*T thiinilo shall be hold
?rw Monday of October ooit ?'
Ibe rule days for declarations, where the
wmt hare heea returned served to a term,
?bell be : For tho January term, the IstMoc
tV'w u*1^ *fcHbwrtog; for the May tens,
the lit Monday of Jaae following: for the
October term, the first Mcndsy of December
And the first Monday of the month succeed -
log each rale day for declarations shall be tho
ruledayfw plea?. A ad so, from month to
moatb, the first Monday thereof ahail be the
role day for all other pleadlage
Whenever a party Is in default for not
plead ng by a role day the adverse pirty at
the following term may claim a continuance
of the cause.
The eighth of the present rales is rescinded.
Twe InQirasT or Mant Reed ?The Coro
ner sends us the following explanation of the
death of this person :
Wasbi.hoton Citt, March 23, 1357.
Tow is to certify that I this day held aa in
quest, in a ?mell frame bouse fronting on
iwenty-second street; between L and M
street* orer the br*y of Mrs Mary Reed,
wife of James Reed, aged thirty-two years,
a native of Ireland, and a resident of this
city for tho last twenty-four years ; she leaves
a husband aai four children The verdict of
the jury is that the said Mary Keed was, on
yesterday, in good health; that last nightshe
was lying on the floor, at the foot of tho s aire,
her head jitnmed against the wall as though
*he had been violently thrown down; that,
utter a thorough investigation, the jury is un
able to find auy testimony to prove that her
husband had struck her, although both were
Kiveu to excessive drinking and frequently
fighting; but the jury believe her husband
James Roed, has trea ed her inhumanly, and
that he, fiom the testimony addueed, in a
measure hastened her death. The jury also
find she was very poor and had no means.
XaOMAS Woodward, Coroner.
in* Asylum The intendant informs us
that there is not as mush room in the tempo*
rary building as is derirable for the comfort of
the inmates. There is enough for the work
house department, but the inmataa of the
%'m.?house, especially tho aged and afflicted,
are much incommoded for want of comforta
ble accommodations. It is hoped that the
proper authorities will soon make some ar
rangement for their better accommodation.
The Approachisq Municipal Electio*
To day we print the first article to which the
approaching municipal eleotion of Washing
ton has given birth. The Star's advertising
columns are open to all our feilow-citiiens
enxious to bring their views or claims in coo
n;Vj?\:f,b ?unic5P*' ??"ers to the notice
of the Washington public, of all shades of
p0lltl03. ??_
Lecrrea on Art.?The fourth lecture of
the coarse before the Art Association of this
city will be delivered to night by S E Coues
late of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, now res
ident in thia oity Mr C. ha* a national rep
utation as a man of scientific and literary
ability, and is bure to give an address worth
OaufiRAfc Court ?This morning the ca?e
of Charles Hurdell, charged with an assault
?nd battery upon officer tiroes of Georgetown
during the late election riots, was being tried.
There being a large number of witnesses the
case will probably occupy the Court the
greater portion of to-day.
Lord Napier, the newly hrrived British
thi ' k"h k*n.t,h* fiD?h0Q"? known as
the Rush House," on H street, between
Seventeenth and Eighteenth, and reoently oc
cupied by Senator F.ah. He will move into
"'4 wi?* h"* bte?
Washirotor Irsirarcb Cokpary ?Atlh?
n*nv n J lmr u'n ?.f th? direc*>" ?f this com
P ^ McOaira was elected president
and Grafton Harrison reoretary. ?
F. \ orkb AtLkb, Esq ?This gentleman, it
seem* from his letter which will be found be
low, has withdrawn from the American party :
Washisgtom. March 31, 1857.
(Jertlirer : The seven interrogatories sub
mitted to me by you on the *Jth iost in be
half of the American Council have been dulv
considered. The polite and fri-ndly manner
in which you discharged your duty, rendered
mo desirous of responding to each of them
but some of them are so indefinite that I shall
turn my attention exclusively to mch poin s
in your communication aa appear U> have a
party leanng. The Council will itself recog
nize the impropriety of answering questiofa
.a regard to my private ?.ff?irg. if ,|ny f
eilc allegations be made against ma i; will
then perhaps be my duty to explain or dis
prove them Ut me say, however, in passing,
that I am conscious of no offence against honor
or good morals since my connection with the
Washington National Monument Society as
its secretary 7'
it is, indeed, an authentic rumor that I
uIV.StedftC P?mU ml nam# 10 b? ??ed
as a candidate for office at the municipal elec
tion next June, independent of any parti,an
uomi/iuhaji finnan
not s*8?^d a movement nor
shall I use any personal exertions to promote
my nomination or election I have been re
quested to accent such a position by many
hlih rV.n ?? , [ f?r whose opinions I bavo
high respect 1 have never yet conversed
with a person of any observation or intelli
gence who did Dot deplore the late partisan
antagonism between our cititcns. Members
l friendly to the welfa,"
r , " aesured me that such a
condition of affairs wrought serious detriment
to our municipal Interests, and I have reason
t^tfoa'will"ifS? prtWDt National Adminia
t rati on will neither do nor permit acv Mt
tending to oTerftw? or iofltioDee tbo rote, o{
I?'Lr?lT.V: '"P'V"'1" ?or city .loo "n.
If, as I believe, Mr Buchanan has resolved
or made a lino of poli,,, tho n.'^'t, " ,
partnan organnatiOns no longer exists We
-M/KetfUrn t0.lb# of ?nd good will
which fomerlj rendered our annual elections
penode of good-natured differences of opinion
amongtt neighbors.
C?a76' 40 be ,om? distrust
nJ a\0J tbtl a ^Bsummation so
g00dctt,Z,n8 18 ^Practicable,
" etmtmuanct. There msy,
K?,?r k!'. f?! groanda for this distrust;
senemn Vl * fr*nk man>f?rtation Of
generoas confidence will be more likely to re
produce ,bo "era of good feeling'' than to
?D 'J? dtI?e?nor ?t *ioister suspicion.
? Council remember, no
doubt, the attempt made some four or five
^wocratie nominations -o
o?r citv offices. A large meeting of the oiti
SSAS? brf^*rd WAa hulJ thereupon
at the district schoal-bouie, and on that occa
I'0"'" chairman of a committee, reported
i roeolutiona against the project
?*? r**o'utiona were unanimoaaly adowted
^?ta^,rw*dr?7*M *g*,n "f??">oo ti
^ p?p?
tuit/ Su ,ara? ?<>w aa they were
r?uld ch*?rfuilj make any pub
?tS tfTutiL'il p,urp?" 0t such
?ry enUrpPrii,;^Dll,nentJ Ib *? reJction
I thould not fui ?ifV u,BSt be run' and
individual defeat if .f'^te*1 regret at my
in eventually re-esUbt J?!8 t** instrBna**t??
uoighbore If Th. pUh5n?.h*r?nony amongst
views inconabtent with?UB .??nBjders tbese
American eitixen I ?b,1K*thns as an
all parties from emba?rL?? c,0u[8?' r?Heve
myself of my privilegl " with J 7 ^ I
't, aad accordingly #dKcIo#; b^hdr^Uig from
nation. Peimiime. ho*M?T? "'y r???g
my continued aentimenta of J?a ?f I
oJi7 "?> f.?.w
To Mo^srs W~C. Bamberger J^Ih*
of tbe Ladiw' 9*istte!
of Fashion which w? have received from
Bhillington's Book tad Stationary Establish
ment, contains new pattens of all the latest
fashions for Bridal. Opera. Irenin;, Dinner,
Home and Walking DreSses. It aJso contains
the latest fashions for Children'a apparel*
Ml 8hUtingte? kaa eeat us Chamber's Jour
nal for March, one of tke most popalar rt?
pr?Ti?e i ? I H
llAtPinj' Wbeely for Satsnlay, April 4,
is now for sala at tbe agency in 'kis city, Sbil*
lington's Book Store, OJeon Bailding, corner
Feur-and-a half etreet and Pennsjlvani* are
na*. Mr Bkilliogton can furnish all tbe back
numbers, and hare the papers delivered in
anj part of the city nt publishers prices It
Th* Wild Knight, ob th* ujiksow? Crc
sadkr ; a tale of Germany in the day* of the
empire, by S/lraous Cotb. The New York.
Ledger for April 11th commences the aborw
very interesting stoiy, and can be had it
Bhillington'a book, newspaper and stationery*
establishment Mr Bhilliegton can tarnish
all the baek numbers o(f the Ledger from the
first of the ynar. ? ? ? ? It
Tas Nnw Yo&k Lidqkr for next week and
Fsank Leslie i Oasstte *,f Fashion for April
repaired at tbe Northern Liberties' Book
store, 317 Seventh street, above the Market.
_____ ?
Wavcii R storms ? John 8ulMvan. vagrant;
workhouse thirty days. Lewis Hubert, drunk;
do. _1
Qilaaaa's lastaaiaaeaas Liquid Hair Dye
bM proFM IMlftiitll who Imvs br fjrlnusts amu^k to
DM tt, tu b? tll? MS ruii ULTRA Of Sli the H A I K UYUti (I Ijr
KuakloJ mqulrxl for ellh.r bUck or browu. Pi t-psrv.1 lijr
7. D OILMAN, Wssblngtoti, D. C., ?tid ? ?1J In Belt.mors by
BSTH 8. HiNCK. Oatr 17 1*
lETJ.av.a's laederaae Pre*arattea, far
instantly clt>*uliif kid muxu, without tuv slightest niaeil
or Injury to lb* glove. On* bottle will clean Uity peirs.
69 cei.ts jnrr bottle. For ssle by C8 A RI.K* STOTT,
ui?r It lixiw Sol? A^eut In Wsshingt. n.
l^Th* beay flager ?( death baa e?t Its
sesi upon m*j y * fitir fmehee.l In fnnlslitiisnt for t.
tt by will tbe yuan* (.(.gleet li e c?IJ end tlie rtuirli, tbfy are
a* sursiy tbe | foueera of Consumption ** .isy I< tin oterun
?<er of night. Oo net ue^lcct tlie al'.KUlert . gu(ii, it coa.es In
tlie sprliifct m? uf llf*. Ilia bunya.wer of Jiwaae. M??et It
with >1 r?. U?r>ln*r'a Kaloam nf I Irriwoi t and Bo Tbotiud,
aud a I Is wrll it will d*p?rt tssteiitsr. Gl?e It n? rordUl
c ewting?It *111 bans around ?nd Ha-lly alarm you of Its
uantfer wb?D forever to ? late.
SUtwrs. Week** fetter. Mo. 1M Waablnfton street, Bos
ton. Gsusrel Aceuta. For ssls by W. H. Oilman, Clisrlss
btott, Nalra a f alia or, X. D. Oilman, and by [>rnc*lst* Kan
rally. *ar J4? 1W
ff7*Urandretu's Pills.?Tbe vfeak, tbe
Ooosaaiptlso. Bbenmatlc.Uo-tlva, Bilious aud Delicate, after
some day's ns? will And renewed strength at>d tlfe |.e?-Tad?
every organ c f tbalr rraiuaa. Ivcry 4oae maUea tbe blood
purer. Tbe nerve* commence la tlie arteries and terminate
In the veins. Tbeee pills, as a flr?t aOe< t, art upon tbe ar
terial blood, Inrreaatu^ the clrcolatl-m, by which Imparities
are deposit! d lu the reins, and they throw ob such collec
tions Into tbe bowala, wbldi orgau, by the energy de*-lrsd
from Brandretli's Pills, ezpeli thtro from tbe ays eta. Wbe'i
first need, the pills may occaslou grlplug, and even rcskr the
patient f^el worse ; this mn*t be t>orne with for the good to
ootne after wards No gr**t good la often achieved wltboot
some trouble lu lu attainment, and this rule applies to tlie
recovery of health. Tbese symptoms only occur where tin
body baa 1' i.g stroKcled ncdor a load of Impure, ten?cl?os
bauors. A conaecutlve nae for a few days will satisfy the
moet anbaltavlog of th* great good ths pills ar* doing. Tb*
dlrertluna altoold be caretally studied. If nudarstood and
fullowvd, health and vigor will, In a majority of Caeca, be se
cured by the use of BBAKDBKTH'S Pills.
BoM at M cent* per box at 4S Canal street, Brear!rath
Building, New York, by T. W. l?yott A Sons, 1(1 north
Second street, rMladelpblv and by medicine dealers gener
ally. no* ta?.1
Jt^Ta Seutbern Ocalera ia rerfaaaery.
Diimii/i Balm or 1 <*'? Flow ? ?H,for lbs con;plealea, teetb,
breath. Sr. l'rlce ]:< caul*.
hkimoll'k Isruovti kuswvabt a.xn r*rrom Oil. for th*
growUi and preeei vatlou of the balr. Price U cent*.
Dhifc< oi.L'a Cllc\a?lAM Ham Dtk, OusUntaueons.i Prire
? I.
OKifi ei.L's Hair CoLonixe fli-id, for changing grey balr
to It* original colnr wltlmutstaining theskln. PilreMcents.
PaiscoLL's Pohbadk PniLccoMK. Price "5 'eats.
Can fee bad at all Jobbing bonaea and druggists ill B .lti
irore, and of the Proprietor, l?. C. UKISCOI.I., s7 and 9T){
Baltlmtre street, Maltlmora, K.I. u??: Id v la
!CT* inpertaot te tbe Ladies!?Or. Da
PONCO'S PKUAl.K PILLS ?Tbe combination or Ingredi
ents In th* fllls.are perfectly harmlaaa. lhali efflcacy and
, werltaare baaad upon an esteualve praeth e cf over thirty
years, and, where the directions Imre been strict!v fol
lowed, they have never failed to correct ail Irregnlarltlea,
relieve palornl and dlfBcnlt meustraatlon, (particularly,) at
the change of Ufa. Tbey will cure the Whltoa, and remove
all obstructions arising rruni cold, ?xpoe?re or any causes ;
and maybe nsed auccMaiully as a frevantl-e. Call upon
the agei.t, aud get a Circular for particulars free.
Price $1 r.*r box, with full dlrsetlous. Hold w boisaale and
retail by CHAS. STUTT, Druggist, PennsyUanla avenus,
8 AMI KL B. WAITS, Seventh street, WHShlngton, D. C.;
and U. S. T. CISSKL, Ueorgetown; to wbmn all order* must
be sent, snd tbe Pills will b* cent eonfideutialiy, by mall, to
ladlea who encloa* them on* dollar.
N. B. ?See slgoatnre on the box; tooesnierfal tit is for
ery. te ft-tf
On tbe 3l*t of Maicb, by tLe Ktv. Mr Fin
SCdAD, daughter of ti 8chad, all ?f this city
On the 30th ult , bv th?> Rev Mr. CumtnlngP,
Mr. THOMA4 UAKDlNU.of thl? city, to M'rs
CA.THAK1NKK FRltST, of Hal luiore, Nld
On Wedotsdsy evening,toe l*t lontan', by tie
Rev. John O t-nul'U. b-r J A M tS HALL, to
MUaMARY PAlNb, alio! tbla ?Ity. ?
Fans, fans.fans?opening at
Mclaughlin a co.>s,
ap 1 No 'io, between 8th and 9 h us
11 Mclaughlin * c<?'s
ap 1 Great Fsn? y ?tore, bet 8 h rnd ft h sts.
> 2 second-hand Planoa at i.'S each
.1 do very good, for 8140
1 do do gift*
1 do do S20)
1 do do
Call and bee fbem jno. F ELLIS,
ap 1 3vt> Pa av , bet. 9ch and 10th Us.
CliME.1T, PLAbTEK, Ac.
celfetlon ft Ccm-nt, Plaster, Lime, Hair,
wblte ar.d b own S'and
Also, keeia eonstantiy on hand wood and
COAL Sample* can be obtalmd at my otftce,
corner Canal and 7 b ttreet Hildire
Tbe above article:* will be to'd ebeap fnr cash.
ap l:W,Tb,*ti* W A fen WICK.
well to renueirber
Wo 490 Seventh Street.
He ha* an end:e?s variety of HOUSEKEEP
ING AK.TICLES, aid other useful notions, and
his prices are anl'brmly low ap 1
large and handsome a-sortment of
Honneis ai d HR?t>o.-)s A!>o. Mlasee and
Chlidrenn' Flats and fancy Hats
083, routh i d: Penn tveme lv?tveen ?th
apl -rtt and7th atrecs.
e Merchant Tailors, No 214 Penmyl-^ --
vanla avetu*, respectful y make known to*
thtlr friends and < ustomers and the pub
11 geuerall}, that their newstock of Spring
and Snmm?r Goods are now open for Inspection,
coiulstlng of superior black, b:u?, and fancy
rloths; re!ect patterns of fancy cas<t!m;res ard
drlMngs, with a choice aisortm'nt of vretlngs of
various styles cf patterns ; together with a full
supply of gentleman's furnishing goods of every
vaM .-ty?to the examlcatlen of wtich tbt-y invite
a friendly call. ap i-dlw&eo'Jur
spectfully returns bis gra'efal thanks for the
liberal patronage he has receWed the lest two
years ard bej?<? leave to Inform his friends ard
customers that he has se!d cut to his former part
ner, Mr G Water*, on the c<?met of loth street
went arid H stree; north, and baa located hlmte'f
on F ttreet north, betWien llih and 14tb streets
west, No 243, urd-r the name of H. MOHAN A
CO . where tbey pre jrepaifd to accomodate
their friends and citizens genera.ly with all kinds
Fail usually kepi In a Wood acid Coal Yard
ep i 'J.? II. MOHAN.
YA resolution OF THE TWO
Hoards of the City Council the "Joint Corn
m'.ttee on the Washington A?ylum" are au'hor
Ized to offer a premium for a p:an and epeclfl^a
tions for a bul'dlng suitable for almshouse end
work.bou?e j uri>ote* la prr?uarce to nald reso
lution tLe Joint Committee hereby proof te to re
ielve, from all architects of tl.e city of Washing
to a who are disposed to compete for th?J same,
plans at d specifications for a building for the
above purpems, and to award U> tbe aichltect
wLose plan nhail te adopted the sum o. two hun
dred dollars Tbe bailding to be fire-proof
throughout, and to accommodate nut lesi than
one hundred and eight/ lnautes In the two de
pirtments. Tbe bulfdlag to be divided into
three apartments, one for the Inteudant and h'.s
family, cttces, dispensary, Ac , one for tke poor,
and one lor vagiants and paupera
No compensation will be gl?en eicept to the
architect vthone plan shall be adopted.
Plant may be left at the office of the Chairman,
oa 8thntreet, near Pennxyivanla avenue, or with
uliher member of tlie j dut co-nmlttee.
ap 1-tX JOHN L SMflti, Chairman.
for delivery in a tt m days, one cargo superior
Coal of all kinds constantly on hand.
Also. Pine, Oak, and Btcnoiy Wood
Coal kept tinder coyer. 2M0 lbs to the ten.
N ? W corner 12th and Cstreet. No. #t7,1
?a* 2fl squjre south of renn ?v?u?.
? 1 ? ? ? ? ? i ? m ? i ?
Bf A GREEN, Auctioneer.
Hm*, HiratH, MMlct, Bridles
Caw.? rkc Mia o( lie Curla{et. Bameaa.and
Cow which wat tm ukt plane to-dav, (WrdMf
day, Aurti I,) at Me. E Rlggs'*, to i?atpon*>d,
la eonsequsnce of the ruin, until FRIDAY, the
3d instant, at 19 o> clack nt, at tk* same alarf,
whan it wUl poatUvety take pis'?, wtttt a* regard
to weather. A. OREfcN,
U Auctioneer.
By J AS. C McGU IRE, Auctioneer.
NEW TWO.SIORY frame rouhk
*ad Let at PtWIe Aattioa ? On 9ATD1
DAV AFTERNOON, April 4. at 5 o'clock, on
toe premises. I shall sell the rorth half of Lot
numbered 97, la i qwe nurnben d 140 frontno 25
feft on 18 b street west, between north L aid *i
streets, running back "Wb feet one-half Inch to a
SO feet alwy, with the Improvement*, consisting
of a aew t we-story Pit me Dwelling Bouse, con
taining four rootrs, finished complete, ?xcept
Title perfe t Terras cash.
ap t-d J. C. McGU IR E, A net.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Glass jars, counter cases, bow
Wlntfawsmad Bake Haasa Apparatus,
Ate , at Aaetlan ?On WEDNE- D?Y, the8th
Instant, I shall sell, at the sto:e and bakehouse,
No. 3*8, on Ninth street, between 1 and K sts ,
at 4 o'clock p. m , all the Gla>s Cases and Candy
Jars and Store Fixtures in the ?tore; also all the
baking apparatus In the bake bouse, Tlx :
Troughs, Vans. Moulds.Scales and We'ghts
Measures, twnlng and Frame
Dow Window aud Stoves
Terms cash. A.GREEN,
apji-eo Auctioneer.
By WALL, BARNARD A CO , A uctiote-ra
M. c-f a deed of trust from ?eorge B. Armstrong
end J alia ft. W., his wife, dated the I3?b d*v of
Dtcemfcer, lt5t, and Wy direction of the party
whose debt 1m secured thereby, the aibecriber
mill sell tt public kuctlon, to tb? bight st bidder,
on the lit day of A pill n*xt, at 5 o'clock la the
afternoon, on the premises, the fallowing l^ots In
tte city of W'at*Llngton. namely: Lots No. 13
and 24, in Square No 3bl; lot No *24 being at tie
InUrsPctloii of Virginia avenue and 1st btieet
went, rnnMng ?5 feet 4 Inches on 1st street, and M
feet ? InrLea on Virginia avenue, wllb a r*sr
front of 49 feel on a 40 root allev; acd lot No. S3,
adj v.nlng ueit, ukh a front ol 30 feet 2 leches
on Virginia avenue, and rear front of 32feet cn a
2) foot alley.
THIiaiVI PaLB I* PnSTPONlD on account
r.f tbe went her until TUESDAY, April 7(b,ta<Le
time and plate
ap 2 Auctioneer
By JAS. C McGU I RE, Auctioneer.
A Haasraatthe Corner af 1 street North
aatf 1 Itlrd straet West -?)n FRIDAY AF
TERNOON, April 3d, at o'clrek, on the
p-emlse*, I shall sell ? ots Ncs 1 r.nd 2, In Pep
per *nd Todd s subdivision of square No. 527.
tmprovfd b/ a two story nrd attic Brick Dwel
ing Hr.use, with back lulldiog, containing ten
Also, a two-story Frame I) well Ire House,
with back building, containing six Ro>m?
Also, a twc-?tory Frame Dwelling Houte, con
talclrgfnur Rooms.
Terms: or?-fourth cash; tbe residue In 8 If,
and IB months, for satisfactorily second notes,
bearing 1nteie.-?t. J. C. McGU IKK,
mar 31-d Auctioneer.
117" 1 HS >bovk Sals i? Pcstponkd until
KitlDAY, Ap.ll ljth, ?an e fcour ai d place
ap2 J. C McULIKE, Auct
JJy A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
the First Ward at Auction -On WED
NESDAY, tbe 1st day < f Ap>ll, I chall sell, at 5
o'clock p m , In Iront of the p.emlsea, kar.daouie
Unildlng Lots, ?ituate at the earner, and next to
tbe corner of F street north and 21st street west,
being 1 ?>ts Not 1? and 17, In srqu-re No 81
l.ot No Ift has a front on F afreet of 41 feet 11
Inches. Lot No 17, betrg tbe corner Lot, fronts
cn 21st stiert Mi feet 10 Inches
Term* : One-fourth, cash : balance In 8,14and
18 months the purchaser to give notes for the
deferred payments. bearing Interest.
A deed given and a deed of trust taken
All conveyancing at the cocto? the purchaser.
Title Indisputable.
irar19-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
117" Tbi abovb Pxi.a is Postponed in coN
sequence ?f tbe Inc'ement weather until FRI
DAY , the 3d day of April Instant, same hcur and
pla-e A. GREEN,
ap 2-d Auctioneer.
By A. 6KEEN, Austlcnser.
Property, No 277 North Capitol atreet, near
tte corner of S street no: th. Lot* Nos. 33 acd 34,
In ftqutie No <124, fronting &0 (eet ?n Nortb Cap
itol street, and running bacn lt5 fet t to * fifteen
feet allay.
The improvement consists of a vuy neat, sub
stantlal, and wel>-bulit two-stoiv Fr.nne Dwe 1
iLg House, containing five rooms and b.iik kitch
en, with other necessary Improvements
There Is a good assortment of yt nag fruit treea
of various kinds.
ifsodtslred the ground not built on will be
sold in two separate lots, having sixteen It front
ea. b. leaving the bcu?e and ground on which It
stands to be nold separate. The location la cen
tral, being within ten minutea' walk of either tbe
Capitol, Post or Patent Oflicea, and in the Imme
diate vlciiil.y of tbe lar^e pilutlrg estab IsLment
lately built by Mr. Weudeil, atdln a rapidly im
proving part of tbe cl?y.
Also, Lot No. 10, aquare No 9fl0,fronting 61 ft.
on fc a?t Tenth stnet. second lot from G st nortb,
southeast corner, and running back 100 feet, 10#
luche > to a 30 feet alley.
For further particulars apply on the prembes,
North Capitol street, to P Mullen
at o'clock p m , In front of tbe p:ernhe*, 1
ahau sell the above described property
Terms: Two telrds. cash; the residue In 3, 6,
and 0 months, secured by a deed of trust on the
property, with interest
Title goed and no incumbrance whatever
rgiinat this property.
F urnlture alou for sale
8pi d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
By C W. BOTELEK, Auctioned.
>3 Plated Oeodi, Lamber, Ac., at the Fair
Building.?Oa 8ATLKDA Y (April 4-b) Mo n
Ing. at 11 o'clock, 1 shall seil at the "Fair Build
one solid Coee?ood Parlor Pulte, 11 lsled In
fatlo broca'.el, consisting cf one large Fret.cb
sofa, one Aru.-Chjlr, and alt Medalloa t.'hairs
One French-pla'e ? Inor, ?o by S2, with elabo
rately carv.d gl:tf.ame
One elegant Canopy Balsteads, caived.walnut
Superior (.u:led-hi.lr, shuck, and Spring Mat
Handsome case tf Wax Flower*
Silver-pia'ed rea Seis, lee Pit here. Bu'ter
Coo er<?, riult Stands, Liquor #tsi ds. Cake Hat
kets. Covered Dishes, Cotfe* Urns. Tea-kettles,
Welters, Gcblets, Castors, Mugs, 4c
Block tin Entre? Dishes, Dish Covers, Fish
Dishes, Nurse Lamp*, Ac
H&ndeome p"Tnt?d tin TolIetFet
Fine Ivory h ndled Table and Dessert Knives,
Ja;?nned Goods, Ac.
One superior Dr Kane Refrigerator.
TneabDve goods are of the mnatsuperlor quali
ty and workmanship, manufactured expressly fcr
competition at the Mechanics' Fair, and, afttr
having undergone the closes, scrutiny, were
awardtd the highest premiums
ImmsdUttly after the above sale,I will tell
all the Stand*, t.umber. Red Cambric, Ac , in
the Interior of the Building.
Te'irw at sale
ap 3-3: C. W. UOTLLUR, Auct.
Addition ?i. ?W ill be added to the above one
car v. (t Walnut parlorSulte. linlsbed In green and
farnet brocatel, consisting of *2 French &ofas, 4
'arlrr CLa'.rs, and 2 Arm Chairs.
?P2-2: C W. BOTKLER, Auct
By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
Furniture aid hoosehoi t> ef
facts at Pabiic Auttion.?tin WEDNES
DAY MOR > 1NG, April 1st, at 10 o'oloek. at
tb - residence of K C. Eddie, E*q., No 2 Union
Row, on F street, near Seventh, I shall sel! all
tbe Furniture and Fffjc's. comprising -
Walnut carved hair spring-neat Sola
Rock* r and Parlor Chairs
Rosewood maible-top Centre Tab'e
Gilt Frame M rror, walnut Rrut Tables
Damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac
Hrussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets
Mahogany Hat- ree, bn'l Oil 1. th
StaD Carper*. Stair Rods and Eyes
Walnut extension dining Table
Caae-siat Chairs, Rock< rs, Lounges
French China, grant'e tea aud dinner Ware
Sllvei-pla'ed Castors,Spoons, ard Forks
Tab e t utle-y, Glassware, Walter
Mahogany aud Walnut Wardrobis
Dressing and Plain Bureau*, Wasbstands
Looking Glasses, Clocks. Toilet Set
Jenny L,lnd ard Cottage Bedsteads
Cur el Hair *nd Hunk Mattre ses
Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Ccmforta
Window Shades. Ku^s, Stoves
Cooking Move and Fli tores, Ac.
Together with a general assoitment of Kitchen
terms: *30 and under, cash ; over that bum a
credit of 2,3.and 4 mouths, for aatlsfhctorlly en
dorsed fotea, bearing Interest.
marSS-d J. C McGUlRF, Auct.
IfT % ha absve sals la postponed ia eonse
qaen' ft of th ? rain until MONDAY MORNING,
April Q:t>, at 10 o'clock.
ap 2-d JAS C. Mc8UIRE, Auct.
\r?r Othtt Avtttim S*l*t m Fittl F*g4.
By BONTZ * COOM BS, AnftitmeerT
Large *a?.k ?r H?tniE<'0L0 a?d
ItubcB rwaaan, Ae.-On TO MOR.
BOW (Friday) MOBNING, Ull|<>il?L?e
shall eell, in front of our store, tbe bouseho'd *1
fdrts of a genttoma" l*a?inf cftT, ?wTi w?
Mahogany sprlBg-aeat P?*sairf Ctatr*
Marble u>r, dining <|ac,1^ ll
Cuf and wood ?fidCbah*. ,?T?
Fea-ber Beds, BoMbt*. PlUowe Mattre?*??
Msrhle *rp walnut and Cot i|t Bureaus
W?rdrtbes. Waabatand*, Oilcloth
Good tot second hand Oarpetlig
? 'o?rfort?, Blnkdi Sheds
Cblna, Glass and (Crockery Ware
Also, 1 cart, near'y new
rBy WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctloneera.
'id April, at S o'clock. la front of tbe premises,
we will i ell the following ns?n?d Lots:
Part fof ftot No. iff, la Squarr No. 491,
fronting IT feet on ftth street west, and 93 feet 4 \
lnchee d?^ commencing on 5th street. IB fret
south of IVKreet north, coataiaii
feet; Lot No ?. la Square 7?7, said ioi mb<7 rj?n
lea 9,B00 square feet. '
Terms: one-third cash; the reddne in a im
and 18 months, for which the bonds "f t?e cur
?haser will be taken, bearing intern*,^/*
cured by a deed of trust on tbe prr.perty
If the terms are not compiled with within five
days from day of sale, the property will be re
sold at tie risk nadcost of the defaulting pur
chaser, after a notice of seven days
CHARLts MVKRS, Trustee
*P Auctioneers
By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers.
lng Goods at Anrttea ?On FRIDAY, tbe
| 3d Instant, we shall sell, commencing at 10 o'clk.
1 ?t store No 41V Petn avenue, ?e:ween 31 and
4)f streets, a la ge and ftie assortment of Bou e
i old Goods, such as?
Scfas Tete-aTetes, Lounge?, Wjahsunds
Bedstead.., Toilet and Hat racks, Looking
U li^cs
Leaf end Centre Tabl.s, Clalrs, Rockers, Ac
Painted 1 In Toilet Set. Waittrs, T.ays? Ac.
Solar. hal% chamber, and other Lamp*
Planished Tea and ?'?? IT* Pots
?-ngur and Cr*am Bowls
C,b'na Te*Sets consisting of 41 pieces
China Va*es, Cups, Images, Mutuary, Ac.
I ureeus, Comp<,tiers, Fruit Stands, Ac
l-oot-tubs, slop Jars, Water-palla
Decanters, Goblets, Tumblers. Lemonades
Beer mugs, Wines, and Champagne*
Pitchers, I'ollet fceu, Spittoons, Shovel aid
Store Cblna. Plates, and Dishes
The at'eutlnn of tlie trade arid persons wishing
to pu cif$? goods in the tb.rvelioeis rennectfully
cjlhd to the sale, a* ttey will Aid it wellwor by
of their att-*tlon. nrd every anlcle will positive
ly be sold without reserve
T/.W.Al1 "unwinder #25. cash ; over ?2J a
with latere^!* aDd nllutJr da>,.for no es encotsed,
By BARNARD* BUCKEY, Georgetown.
Three new frame a two hrick
Heases at Aacttsn in Geargetawn ?On
MONDAY A F TERNOON, A p,h 6, at 5 o'ci'k.
we will sell, to tbe highest bidder, tho'eth-ee
n?w F'an:e DweHiren, on Third street, between
? Market streets, Georgetown
Th*-s*? IHiism ere now rent< d to gocd tenants
ard offer a p.. li able lnteMmenr. '
Also. two small Brick Bouses on Fonrtb street
Alio under rent
Also, two Vhcant Lots, adjoining, fronting m
t ourth street, betwren high acd Market
Salepo?l>ive Title perfect
To rertons of rmall means this offers yn excel
lent chance to secure a home or a building lot
Terms tlOeral and mads known at sale
ap2ts BaRMARDA BUCKEY, Aucta.
By A? GREEN, Auctioneer.
tare at aactioa ?On FRIDAY, held In
stant. I shall sell, at tte residence of a ladv de
ciinlrg housekeeping, at No 4i8 1 street, nest to
the drog store of Dr. Tyson, nea? n?e corner rf
Tenth street, at 10 o'clock a m , a lot of Furni
ture, viz:
Mahogany Sofb, Dressing and o'her Bureaus
Marble top Pier'tables, Waststands, Bedsteads
Cane and other Chairs '
Girandoles, Wlndcw Curtains and Shades
Class and Crockery Ware, s?lar and other Lamts
carpets and Oilcloths Cooking and other Stoves
With many other articles which we deem ua
necessary to er.umerate.
Terms: Under cash; over ?!5, a crcdit of
RO and 9 " dav-*, for note* satlsf ictcrlly endorsed,
bearing interest. *
aP I'd A. GREEN, Auetlcncer.
By A. GKEEN, Auctioneer
II ts'e, Bar asd l*ar-Flxtaras sad ths
Ga*d> Will af a R*staarant at Aactlaa?On
SATUMDAY, tb^ 4th instant, l shall sell, at l?
o'clock m , No. Siii Penn. avenue, Itetwe^n 2d
?JJ streets, near Adams A Co ?s Express Office,
thefcllowlng articles, vli:
Mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads, and Tatl*s
Looking Glasses, Ccinforrs, sheet? acd Cases
Fine Feather B?d?, Pillows, and bolsters
One larse Refrigerator, word-seat Chi 1m
< 'tflce Chairs, Crockery, and Toilet S*ts
Seven fine Engravings', a large lot of Lumber
Aluo. tbe Gas Burae-rsaod Fh'.uro
tar and F ixtures, the Liquors in the Bar, arid the
gocd-will ol the House.
Terms ?.ash A. GREEN,
By A. GREEN. Auitioneer.
en Faruitare.?On MONDAY, thert.h in
stant, I ?hall sell, a' the rts^l^nce of agtntle
man declining housekeeping. No 332, correr of
12th and L streets north, at 10 o'clock a. in., an
excellent assortment of Fursltcre, viz :
Mahogany Sofas, Parlor ard Rooking Chairs
Do S drboard, Bureaus, Card and other
Gilt-frame Mirrors, Girandoles, and Loccge
Fine3-ply, steir, and ether Carpets, ard Oil
Fine painted Wirdow Phcde?
Cooking and other !*tt.v s, Ac
Terms: t'bder S53. cash ; over S33 a cr< d'.t of
rt) ar d 9:i daya, for nctes satisfactorily endorsed,
bearingimeiest. A. GREEN,
ap I d Auctioneer.
By A G RE K.N, Auctioneer
rior P.ew farnitore at Auitini.?On
MONDAY, the Gth day of April, at in o'clock.
I stall commence tbe sale, and continue from
day to diy until all is sold,of tbe very large stock
?' superior new Fatnltureiti tbe ware-rooms ou
7th street, rext to Odd Fellows' Hall.
The assortment is large and verled, comprising
almoHt e*ery de crtptlcn <f Houae-furniahlrg
Goods We Dime In fa t?
.Vlehogany and Walnut Sofas, Arm Chelrs,and
Bed Scfas, Kecllnltg Chairs, OtUmans, and
Ma;ble-top parlor Tables, Library Tables and
Mirrors, square and ova!, gilt frame acd com
mon, In varMy
Bureaus, Sideboards, Wardmbes, Wasaetsnd',
and Workstinds
Hecieraries, Bookcase, Offlee Desks and Chain
Vei v handsome sets of Enamelled Chamber fur
Beds'.eacs in mahogany, walnut, and common
Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows
Extension Dining Tabids, mahovanv and walnut
A lot of superior Lnce and Muslin Window Cur
And an a'sortmeiit of China, Glass, and Crocke
ry wire with a greit variety of other arti
cles which we deem unneceisary to enu
The stock fl'ls three large ware-rooms, and the
whole Willi*? sold to the highest bidder* The
Mlewlll allordatlbe oppt.ilunity to all persons
Intberitvnad vicinity who desire to purchase
furniture^ and Is also worthy tbe attention of tLe
'I'erm* of saie: A11 sums under ftS'l, casb; over
SMI a credit of *2 ard 4 months, fjr notes satlafac
tori y endorsed, beating inte est
The public are Invtted to examine the stock at
any time previous to tte sale.
mtrlto A GREEN, Auet.
tbe way, and will be ready for delivery In a
days, a superior cargo of Cooking Co A L.
few ...
Also, all kinds of WOOD ard COAL of the
be't quality constantly on bard, wh<ch they will
be happy to supply the public with on the must
reasonable teirrs
Corner rf 1 ard '21st streets, Washington,
?nd Green street, opposite Gas House,
DBir3l-lw* Georgvtjwa
? ? inei-ts, from <hf pr? ?ent to tb^ lot of
tob.*r next, with seve?al ftuin rs for bl??"P- \7
ply of tbe beat Cream of ibe trtataof Via- \
ginla, will be able to tuppir bU
and the nub lc with the le*t quality_ of _1C _
m?r 31 fu*w 452 Pea a avenue.
A Targe ?ea.ection or tukrmom'
\ KTERS Just received at
max #3 Boo|hlore, near 9U, it.
telegraph nEWS.
Suicide in fhiUdftlphU
PmL4Dri^?,4, April 2.? A nan, siguirg
hi* name John?on. er Yirjgiaia, committed nu
V Uirard iiouee last night byjukirg
SKi-frr Hl? kowtrw. is J
A it red 11? 1m* and ... , k | H.Mt
?tor. ia S.m Yoxk ^
Steamboat Dieaiier
r?va? A?ril ' -Tk. MmUu
???'? JT2* ? ">?? tw.? ?p
No p. rt'xaUri bu
Hh <i? Island 1 lection
I'iuvide.ncb, April ?Th? ^t??. ? ,
thif Stato to-dw rtittitej fn t ?UcUon in
triumph of tbe opponents of th? *,
jion. w a:
Governor, and very few Damocrata hav* beln
returned to the Legislature The HannM?
cans have elected loth Coofreetaen.
The Late Xurder ia Boetoa
Bosrow, April I.?The etfoner'a inqcast on
tiie death of Waldo Wood ha* resulted in
throwing no light oa the murder The w
diot is to the effect that he died on Eunday
moruina, March 15, from the stabs and blows
inflicted by persona to the jnry atkaowo.
Steamboat Sunk?Two Lives Loat.
Ci^ciMiiATi March 31,-Tbe fteamer White
Jiluft, hence for the Arkanas river. was run
1?*? "ink by a tow boat, at Cetro, on
J "day night The seeond clerk and one of
tho firemen were drowned.
Indictment far Pott Office Bobbfry
April 1.?The grand mrv
\ fth0'1^ SUieSwCourt yesterday found *
true bill against Kiehard 1?. Van Arsdale for
tabbing letters of maney at the metr.l'.e
post office, wnere he was a cleTk: He will ba
tried in June. - ..
Baltimore Markets
Baltimore. April 2.-Flour ia dull, with
I'uyers at >5 62! for superfine Wbeat is irr
thanged;; fair to good redr, 133alSS cents, do.
whites, I4jal50 cents Corn it firm while
t?u.?62 cents ; jellow, 61s6.; cents
W hit key is heavy at 25fta2<*>i cents.
Hew Tork Markets
Naw \ obk, April 2 ?Flour has advanced
5s and is buoyant; sale? of 8 500 bbls ; tkatd
S5 Sba$5 75, Southern Jrt I0a?4 40.
Wheat is firmer; sales of 1000 bushelr; pri-#a
are irregular Corn ia firm, sile* of 30 OlU
Lushels, mixed 70c
Pork i<> firm, Bin S2.*5 7It Beof is uncbangei;
Cb'^ngo repacked $lfi 25 Lard Is firm at Ma
W h sky is buoyant; Ohio 2r?Jc.
New York. April 2 ? Stoek* are ffrmer ?
Cumberland Coal Company 181: lllinoi. Cen
tra! shares 1 32*; do fe-ndu 99; Mich *an
Son'h 70} ; Pennsylvania Coal Compvy 95.
Iteaiing 7'Jj ; Cantons i2}; Y.rgini?6?92
BvA. OR KEN. Auctioneer
at Auctiea ?On JUESDAY, tte 7th davrf
April Instant, I shall aell. In front ?f the prewl
co rn injuring at 4j o'clock p m . all the Lo'a
n<t sold of square No. 441. subdivided Into har.d
?ot?ie building lot*, fronting on 7th and 6th sia
west, ?tid S cid T ttreets noith '
Plats ran be seen at my Auction Rooms
Title direct from the Government, end Indis
These lota are ha'dromely located, ??n the
rrope-grede, w*ll dralred by alle\a, and In ar.
lovnrovlng pert or tbeclty
Tf ma; ??ne fcurth. ca?h ; balance In ?, IS, IP,
Htid 5il months; the purchn^^r to give notes f<H
ih?? deferred pavn.#?nts Hearing Intrmt
A de?d plv-n and a d-ed cf tiu*t taken
ap l-d&d< A 8HKEN, Auctioneer
By WALL, BAKNAKD it CO., Auctioneers
Auction at vbe >a*y Yard.- -On Mt?>.
DAY AFTERNOON n^xt, 6 th A piil atSo'eh.
lu front of t' e prcml?er,we wi.l teu that nutbr
Lot No 10 in ?q -aie 905, situ tied on Noase'a
Alley ar>?l 7th utieet east, Navy Yard, cr>n*alalct
j-bcut-JXtiJ rquare feet, and improved b? a n*-w
three-story t- rame Dwelling, b.iUt cf the best
matrrlals and workmanship
The lit use contains seven good s zed rocm?.
*nd is built with regard to comfort ai d conveni
fale positive. Titic perfect.
Trrms: Oae-half, r?-h; tbe residue In three
f qual payments, at 6, 12, ai d 1? months, heart* ?
lmefeat, ?nd saUafacto>y se:ured.
All conveyancltK at taeccnt of the purchaser
marCl- Aucts
Bv J AS. C. McGUIRK. Aurtloneer.
linc Heuaefranticg oa Franklin ^aarr .
On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April 3d, at 5
o'clock, in front of the premises. I sh II Lot N?
1. In >quart- No X18, fronting CV feet T larhes on
14th street west and ?t feet cn north I, Iraf rcv?>d
>?y a new two-story and atrlc double Brick Dwrel
ltng, having a front of S7 feet 5 Inch** and con
taining t uven rooms, with a brick kit:b?>n back .
This property Is beautlfu'ly loceud, fronting
Franklin t quare, In a healthy and r pld.v In
proving partef tbe city, and ta very deklrsb'e ?*
a resloenre or as an Investment, as property mt st
advance In value with the Improvements In the
Terras: One-fourth-eash ; the realdne In 1.1,
and 3 years, secured by a deed of trust on tt.e
property, with lnte tat 7 ltie tndlspurable.
mar SP-d J. C. McttUIKE, Auet.
%p 1 fUUV/ tte 18th Instant,from WaoL*
inyton, a likely, coal BLACK MAN, about
'21 yeata of /ge, and about 5 feet, v lorhes
high, well fomed bilgkt e.e?, good teeUi.^
and speaks qnlcxlv. i alia himself -nd tw f air
child The above reward alUb* nuld for kli
lodgment In the JaLs of Baltimore, W ashington,
or Charlestown.
For anv other Information Inquire of II B.
P.DMUNSTON, r ofner of lV.h stiwet and Pena.
avenue. Washington, D C . or to J . 8 FUR Sh,
t?l iVenthwcr'.h street, cnarleutou.
mar 3d-eolbi*
Bloves, Undershirts, end Drawers in g'tn.
variety. Just received and fcr sale at the M*rb:e
Hall Clothing I'.mportiim
mar 30-eo2vr 'JUb Browns1 Hotel Bulldlxg.
premiums in Washing on. Bal.l-(
more, and New York, from th^ factoryr"7 Z t H
of Ptelnwav 4 Sons, New York, and frotn other
factories, alwass on hand, at moderate price* ?rd
convenient terms, at No 4fl3 lirh arree*. above
P?-nn avenue Second-bard Pianos taken la
exchange for new onee Tuning attended to.
mar 10 eolm*
and varu-d a^soi tm?'tit of tia* Chandel'rci
and llracke's from the factory of Ccmeliu^ a
Baker, Philadelphia. '1 he ?-ele(.ilo".s a em.d*
with much cere and comprttr uiijjy ?,t the n-w
Europeen patu tc*
V\ ? Invite tbe attention of thoae dr^lrlng to f t-f
rha&e as ws shall srll at th* u;anufacturers rti?ii
Gas Fitting dene In the best mtaaer and at !??
riti-s. J. W THOMPSON A BRO .
aC9 Penn ave . south ?lde,
mar iO eoHw between toth a* d I Kb -re.
~KlSltl*e TAI KLK T _ _
Rods, reels, flies, floats, liv^,
HOOKS. 4td evary other anlc-'e p?-ruli?la^
to a fisherman's outfit jnat rrrelveJ ?'m
fered at a reduction from !a?t -eas.^n t ppce?_ >
W? nartlenl^rlv luvi e an laepettlon of tb- a
poods ^Tome of which to tfcect nnolweur will prr
^t RfS freturw of attraction, surpwslag 1.
b^utv^f finish and mechanlcsl lrgeculty any
?5f ^?lr maaufactur^d la their line, and tanen
>?12S2 bStave, the .nett 1,4 , f
together, ?Z.<a 6rered south of Ne# I ork.
this < la?s of goois ^^YUCSER k. CO ,
DP.lWln?u?-, Fishing lackl. and dar.'
Wiire. *** Pa. avenue ?*at ^ ***"
" and other PR I ?1 E MIL1J*
For sal* at 214 Penn. avenue, between lith
and ltfb street.
mar 24-eolm FUNK A McSEK
rupply of ihote celebrated
STEEL (Crinoline Flounoed) SKI KTd.
with other new ?tylea of tbe nine, at ihe ?? N***
Store," S14 Penn. avenue Setae*n t*th and 1-1 h
mar 25 ec7t FRANK A. MoOEE.
Lard oil ?a superior article of
winter-preased Lard Oil, tot sala by v
m? seventh a re,t.

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