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ffiiif pii
??< ??m, and \Uk Str??l,
B t W ? D . W A L L A C 31
ud 1a aerve<i to aabaonberi by earnera at SIX AND
A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the
Axenta; paper* aervad la packaxea at J7K oenta par
month. To mail aahseriheratheaahscnption pnoeia
a year ia adranet, TWO DOLLARS for aut
?nootba, and ONE DOLLAR for three mftntha; for
leaa tnaa three months at the rate of 12X a
fctT LOVtXtoOUS S 11 1 K T .
The first one I met wai (after cross
ing the Hiwassee.) "weaving along" in his
usual rambling, uncertain gait. Ilia apjmar
an> ^ a* on.*e satisfied me that something was
'Tr?>ng. He had been siek. whipped in a free
ftght. or was jiut out-growing one of his big
? ?ranks. But upon this point I was soon en
" ^ hj. Sut. what's wrong now'"
?? Heap.-* wrong, durn my skin ef I hain't
most dc.nl Lite off on that ar ho?s. George,
*n take a horn while I take two, (shaking that
everlasting iask ot his at mo.) an plant ver
*elf on that ar log. an' 1 11 tell ye ef I ken,
v ' j'* S mo3t beyont tell in'. I reackon I 'm
the darndest fool out en Haw.' cept my dad.
f'w he acted hoss, an' I haint dun that yet?
aliens in sum trap that cudent kech a sheep.
I 11 drown myself sum day. see ef I don't, just j
to stop a family dispersition to make d?dfools |
??n themselves."
How Is it. Sut. have you been beat playing '
cards. or drinking, which is it?"
Xar.i one; that can't be did in these parts:
t seein1 it's you, George. I'll tell you; but I
fwar I m shauied?sick?sorrv. and?and?
Mad. I au.
'? know I boards with Bill Carr. at his
rsb.n on the mountain, an' pays fur sich es I
^ets when I hev money, an' when I heventeny, i
why he takes one-third ove it outen me incus?- j
in , an' she. that's his wife Betts. takes out :
tother two-thirds with the battlin' stick, and !
the intrust with her tung, an' the intrusts !
more n the pnarip'l?heap more. She's the l
cussedest 'oman I ever seed eny how fur jaw.
breedin. and pride. She can scold a blister i
?>nto a bull's fact rite on the curl in two ini li
lts. She out-breeds ev'rything on the ruver
?an' pattren? arter ev'ry fash un she hears
tell on. froin bussils to briche*. Oh ! she's one ,
of em. and sometimes she's two or three. Well,
ye see. I d got sum home-made cotton truck to
make a new shut outen, and coaxed Betts tu '
make it, and about the time it wur dun. here
comes Lawyer Johnson alo&g an' axed for
breaklus- I wish it had pizencd him. durn his
hied, an I wonder it didn't, fur she cooks aw
ful mixen^ when she trys. I'm pizen pn>of,
myself, (holding up his flask and peeping !
through it.) ur I'd been ded long ago.
4i M ell. while be wur a eatin'. she spied out
that his shut was stiff an' mitv slick; so she
never rested till she worm'd it outen him that
a preparation ove flour did it, an' she got a
few pcrticulers about the perceedings to. outen j
him by onian's art?I don't know how she did '
it, perhaps he does. Arter he left, she sot in j
an biled a big j>ot ore paste, high on to & peck
ove it, an souzed in my .-hut an' let it soak j
awhile; then she tuck it an' ironed it out flat 1
an dry. an' sot it up on its aidge again the
cabin in the sun Thar it stood as stiff as a
dry hoss hide, an' it rattled like a sheet ove
iron, it did. It wur pasted tueether all over. {
"When I cum tu dinner, nuthiu wud du but I
must put it on. Well. Betto an' mo got the
thing open arter sum hard work, she pullin' at
one ove the tails an' me at tuther. an' I got
into it. iJurn the everlastin' new fangled shut, i
I say. I felt like I'd crawled inter an old bw
f;um an' filt lull of pisant*: but it wur like I
,awver Johnson's, an" I stud it like a man, i
an" went tu work tu build iVtts a ash-hopper. I
I worked powerful hard an swet like a hoss. j
an when the shut got wet it quit its hurtin'.
Arter I gut dun, I tuck about lour fingers ove
red ha a 1, an' crawled up into the cabin loft tu
take a snuse
Well, when I waked up I thot I was ded.
or had the cholery. for all the jints I cud muve
were my ankles, writs and knees?cudn't even
muve my head an skaselv wink my eyes?the
cussed shut wur pasted fast onto me all over,
from the pint ove the tails tu the pint of the
broai-axcollars over my years It sot me clost '
as a poor cow dus hide in March. I squirm d
an strained till I got it Sorter broke at the
shoulders and elbows, an then I dun the durn
dest fool thing ever did in these mountains. I
shuffled my britches off and tore lose frum my
hide about two inches ove the tail all round in
much pain and tribulation. Oh! but it did
hurt. Then I tuck up a plank outen the loft
and hung my legs down thru the hole an nailed
the aidge ove the frunt tail to the aidgo of the
floor before, an the hind tail I nailed to the
plank what I set on I onbuttoned the collar
anl ristbands, raised my hands way up abuv j
my hed. shut up my eye*, said grace, an jumpt )
thru to the groun floor.
Here Sut ruminated sadly.
"George. I'm a durnder fool than ever dad
was, Hess. Hornets, and all. I'll drownd my
kelf sum ore these days, see ef I don't.
?? Well, go on. Sut. did this shirt come off?"
'? I t-h-i-n-k it d-i-d. I hcarn a
noise sorter like tarin' a shingle ruff ove a house,
all at onst, an' felt like my guts an' bones wur
all that reached the flu re. I staggered tu my
f?et an' tuck a look up at the shut. The nails
had all hilt thar holt, and thar it wur hangm' >
arms d<.wn. inside out. an' as stiff as ever. It
looked like a map ove Mexico jist arter one ove
the wurst battles?a patch of my hide about
the sue ove a dollar an' a half bill here ; a
bunch of my har about the size ove a bird's
nest tbar: then sum more skin ; then sum paste;
then a little more har ; then a heap ove skin ;
th -n more har; then skin; an" so on all over
that durned new-fangled. everla?tin'. infernal
eusa of a shut. It wur a picture to look at?
an so wur I. The bide, bar. an' paste wur
ab^ut ekeally divided ateen me an' hit. Won
der what Betts. durn her. tho't when she cum
hum an' fouu' uk aiiasin'. Specks the thinks j
I crawled intu the thijket an' died ove mv
w ?ands It must av skared her good, fur I
tell y ?u it looked like the skin ove sum wild
heast torn off alive, or a bag what had kerried
h load ove fresh beef from a shootin' match
'?Now. George, ef ever I ketch that Lawyer
Johnston out I 11 shoot him. an' ef ever any
umu talks about flat'nin' a ?hut fur me agin',
darn my everlastin* pic tare ef I don't flatten
her. It'a a rit-ribution sartin. the biggest kind
ove a preacher'* r?*gu!ar rit-ribuflon I>u you
mind my drivin' ore dad throu that ho net's
ne?t. an' then racin'ove him inter the kreek
44 Yes."
'? Well, this is what comes ove it I'll drown
myself sum ove these days, see ef I don't, et I
don't die from th it artul shut Take a horn. '
and don't you ever try a sticky shut as long as ;
you lire.' ?.Y^*srville T ntuu ami Ai/ttiiruii.
A letter from Cincinnati to the New York '
Tribune gives the folloniug interesting facts ,
about the cultivation of this delirious fruit
" I>o the readers of the Tribune know to j
what decree the strawberry is grown in the en
virons of Cincinnati ? The season has not yet
bfgun. but I understand that in theoourse of a
w?ek or two hundreds and hundreds of l>ush"U ,
will be brought in in a day. Last season one
man would have three hundred bushels in the
aiarket at a time. Mr. Longworth is the father
?>f the strawberry cultnre as well as of the vine
culture He has given to the world the fruits
of a remarkable discovery in the shape of three
new ?^edlings?the Superior, the Prolific, and
the Extra Red?earh of which has an excel
lence of its own. This discovery was the prop
erty of an ignorant market woman, who first in
Philadelphia. ^nd neat iu Cincinnati, beat all
her neighbors in the abnndanco as well as the
fineness of her crop Every spring she would
caretully go over her b-^ds. pull up numbers of
t.ie largest-blossoming plants and throw them
over the fence. The rival gardeners, emulous
of her sue ees. carefully picked up these rejected
plants and ?<ot them out in their gardens. But
not yet had they caught the goose that laid the
g_>idei eg*s. Her castaways di I no better than
the old ones, if ae well, and still she raisod five
Umes aa many berries as auv one elae On
eomifig U) Cincinnati, she still distanced all
eompetitors?why. no one could discover. At
length her son carelessly dropped a hint in the
hearing of Mr. Lougworth. who caught it up
* ?d experimented, until he found out the eu
rious fact that the strawberry is sometimes
"l^i^uielimes temale, and ?oatetitnes heruia
jwixodite having both organ* nu>re or lew coj?
{lete?* fact the injudicious use whereof has
rought tho price of strawberries from forty to
fifty cents down to four to five cents per quart,
and made thein a staple of the state. It was
the male strawberries, whose blossoms are al
ways the largest, that the market-woman threw
over the fence, keeping just gentlemen enough
in her beds for the lames. Too many not only
take up too much room, but as their er.ergies I
are not exhausted in hearing fruit, grow and j
spread so fast as seriously to encroach upon
their harems, so that if not looked to in time,
they are likely, as Mr. Longworth rays. '? to
kick all the women out of bed." Henoe it is
that many people find, to their great surprise,
that they have fewer and fewer strawberries,
though the blossoms are larger and larger every
spring. On the other hand, the female can do
nothing without intercourse with the other sex. >
of course. Harvey's Seedling, so long the fa- ,
vorite strawberry of the East, is a pure female, ;
and bears only when it has companions in the
bed. as it is almost sure to have fewer or none.
The English strawberries are said to be always
hermaphrodite?which renders it very difficult
for .lohn Hull to believe that there are pure
males and females. Not the leas! curious thing
about this matter is the way in which the male
impregnates the female. He does it by proxy,
honeybees and other insects playing the go-be
tween. They carry the dust on their feet aa
they fly from flower to flower. This fact has
been established, I believe, beyond cavil, by a
series of experiments, such as covering some of
the female plants with gauze, when they are
sure to be barren, but begin to do their duty
the moment the gauze is removed. There is,
therefore, no need to put the male plants in the
same bed with the female, and in practice oa-h
is now usually placed by itself, from a foot to a
yard apart from its conjugal companions. Of
the three varieties just incntiencd as Mr. Long
worth's seedlings, now in general cultivation
here, the Superior and Extra Red are female,
and the Prolific is hermaphrodite."
Epsom race course on a Derby day. hs our
readers are aware, is a phenomenon quite in
describable. It is a medley?a world on a
small scale?such as the Derby alone exhibits,
for only London could furnish it. No other
festival in the world approaches near to it. It
is. in fact, a houseless Loudon?London with all ;
its pomp, wealth and ?qualor, wants, vices,
luxuries, gentlemen, knaves and fools?at oncc
transported, as if by magic, into the open fields.
Like all great sights, it leaves a strong, though
indistinct impression on the mind, whimsical
and Lizarrr. like the aspect of the course itself,
where much is seen and little recollected. Who
that saw a Derby once can ever forget it: yet
who that has seen it fifty times can tell more
than that it is an immense assemblage. aa un
definaMe as the ocean ?
Yesterday it differed little from it* usual cos
mopolitan asj>ect. There were tents and boots
of all kinds, from tho palatial canvas of Alger
down to the miserable tarpaulin shanties on
twigs from out of which the sallow daughters of
Egypt dispensed unheard of wealth in sixpenny
fortunes. There were organ grinders, mounte
banks. dancers, fiddlers and beggars, perform
ing monkeys and precocious children. Tender
intants that could scarcely stand upon their
feet were made to stand uj?on their heads in
wooden platters, and urchins, scarce weaned,
crept up long ladders carefully adjusted on the
paternal nose, which bore evident tokens of
baving suffered somewhat in the usual duties it
was called upon to fulfill Sallow vagabonds in
much-used " fleshings" comforted themselves 1
after a manner that quite upset all theories as
to the use of a back-bone. Punches, girls on
stilts, ballad-singers, negro melodists grinning
from ear to ear. card-sharpers, and never-to-be
sufficiently anathematised 4* kerrekt cards"
abounded as usual.
Pickpockets, of course, mustered strong, and \
must have reaped a bounteous harvest, for un
til it was time to clear the course but few po
licemen were to be sern. In this part of tho ar
rangements an alteration is decidedly needed.
The Grand stand was very full, aud visitors
continued to arrive up to the very moment of
the horses' starting. As usual, there were some
twenty or thirty belated parties that missed the
whole affair, coming only in time to share the
dust and general panic aud disappointment that
ensued on the wiuner's number going up at the
post. The first race generally commands about
as much attention as the first piece of a boxing
night. Yesterday there was not even a mis
giving as to the state of the turf to give it in
terest, and all the varied noises of a racecourse
continued with almost unabated vigor. Not so,
however, as the time for the event approached.
The uproar gradually stilled down into a busy
hum. and silence deepened as excitement and
expectation increased.
Just before the first false start, a fixed, solemn
attention reigned over the whole multitude, that,
compared with the former restless uproar, seem
ei bodeful and impressive. The excitement
arose to an intense pitch : odds were given and
taken for or against almost anything Only in
subdued exclamations or long druwn breaths
was the disappointment of the false starts ac
knowledged. Suddenly there was a hoarse mur
mur. gradually swelling into an uproar?a con
fused. dull trampling, and a rush like a
whirlwind as the horses swept by?the colors
mixed, changed and vanishing in the distance ;
and ere you could collect a thought or hazard a
guess, the Derby was run and won. The result I
ot the race was scarcely unexpected; for Black
Fo.iny, the winner, had throughout the winter
been the lending favorite, and nad only lost her
position in the betting by her defeat at New
Market for the one thousand guineas stakes?a
defeat which is now inexplicable, and which I
perhaps, can only be attributed to the glorious
uncertainty ot the turf.
After her performance at New Market, she
went quite out of the betting, but a few days
ago she was brought again into favor, and at
starting was in request at twenty to one. Still
many uelieved that Strathnaver, her stable
companion and winner of the Dee Stakes at
Chester, would be more trusted animal of the
two. The ring is somewhat severely hit by the '
success of Black Bouuy. for many people who
hid backed her prior to her New Market run- ,
ning. hud no opportunity of hedging, and were ;
compelled to stand their money out, while \
others, believing she had no chance, betted i
heavily against her without saving any part of
their investments. Had Black Tommy won.
the fielder- would have had a rare turn ; for
this horse, except by his owner, who stood to [
win ?27.(NXi on him. was not backed for six- |
pence.?L/mdun Tinus.
Wife \Vantkd ?TheToledo Blade in respon- !
sible for the following :
*? Quite an excitement was raided down at the
<1?*|><K. this morning, by an elderly gentleman. of
rnstic manners, who went from - pi I lar to post' In
the building, armed with hammer and ta^k-*. and
left |>o-ted on each a placard aunutneing bis
want of a ? partner.' ; Any respe table single wo
men between the age of twenty-live and forty,"
who might inclined to ?yoke up,' was re
quested to address so and to, at such a box. po?'
otlce. A cr?wd gathered around each notice.ai d
scrutinized the needv individual clwlv. but the ,
solemnity and determination exp essed in bis
couuteu mce repelled all impertinent Inquiries.
One unfortunate man. whose enrioaily got the
Iwtter of bis discretion, ventured to addres* him :
? Be you the feller as w.inJ* a wife ?' 41 an), sir ;
have you any objection V was the curt reply. The
interrogator 'dried up.' and our hero went sol
emuly on bis way. The visiting friends of a
large"uumber of marriageable Indies of a certain
age ill this region arei-oulideutlv expected to ar
rive, by railroad. It the course of a few day*."
KT-t/ouiitry papers are publishing the idver
ti*ementof a New Yorker, who aoae.tsthat he has
procured a far of the coin which betrayed '
Christ. He has also procured a set of dies, and !
is now ready to furnish on application ;t far si mil, !
of the original Any person remitting him >^5 *
cents will receive oac of the pieces by mall, post I
paid. A full history will lie sent with each
piece Will some of the ?'Spiritualist" t?rethen
T'rtain, through their mediums, what the ghost
Judas Iscarlot thinks of such a villanous
humbug .'
vick." *? miles distant from the t?irn ofCulpeper
and a depot of the Oninjie and Alexandria R. R.
This Farm contains IjC acres of land equal to an* in
this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber,
the balance open land in fine order, ton it is a large
and valuable young Orchard now just coming into
liearing, comprmn; all the moat desirable varieties
of Apples. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots. Necta
rines, Grapes, Ac., &c., suited to our climate, a
Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling,
Out-house*. see. The Dwelling is plain, hut amply
sufficient to acoomn-odate a small ftnnil|r. The
situation for health and heauty is seoond to none ia
this region. An extensive range of mountain
scenery, the Iteautiful Village of Culpener, with
in a few minutes walk, olfer facilities for attend
ing Church, and as hue School* as our State af
fords, while t lie Orangeand Alexadria R. Road puta
It within a few hours ride of either Washington,
Alexandria, or R ichinond It is seldom a farm.wiih
as many advantages, is nffercd to the notice of the
puhi in. Persons desiring to purchase art* respectful
ly invited to call and TMV the premises. It is for
sale privately, hut if not sold before Saturday, the 1st
August, on that day it will l>e ottered at public auc
tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms
made known at sale. Foranv informa'ion address
R. G. HOWKN. Cnlpeper Court House. Vr. je 4
I^OR SALK?A FARM of 115 acres, nine miles
I from Washington, near the Seventh-street road.
The improvements are n small Dwelling House, a
Rood StaMe, a well of go?wl water with new wood
pump in same. There are 3*1 choice fruit trees. A
part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a lwr
ijsin. if immediate application l>e made, or it mav be
traded for citv property. Apply to II. X. LANS
DA LR, Xo. ,Vvj M street, or through the Post Office.
_je 4-1 tn
f^ARM FOR SALK.?A piece of fine LANDm
Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six
miles from tiie heights of Georgetown, adjoining the
lands of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bestor," Xowles,
Bofirer.and Hawkins. 112)*acres. A beautiful loca
tion : partially improved; new house; 13acresrich
creek bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It
can he divided, if desired. Call and see the premi
ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf
tj^OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of
Xew Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol
Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on
C street south 3<i feet 11 iuches.and containing i.early
square feet.
may 8-tf AV. F. PHILLIPS.
of good FARMING LAND, situated ia the
County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria
and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Warrenton
Junction; within nine miles hy Railroad from the
County Seat, and only two hours travel from the
cities of Washington ami Alexandria. The Farm is
in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly snp
plieit with water and tniil>er. and has inncli excellent
meadow land. Churches, Mills, mid good neighbors
within a short distance. For further information
apply to JAMES MORROW. Esq.. on the piace,
or to the sub?cri!>er at his Broker's Office, near
Brown's Hotel, Washington City,
I^ARM FOR SALK.?A FA RM, containing I6i>
acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately
upon the Washington and BrookviUeTiirnpike.about
12miles from Washington, together with stork, con
sisting of 20 h^ad of Hogs, Cows, Heifers. Horses,
Wagon, Hay, Carriage. Harness, Plows, Harrows,
and Farming Ftensils generally, the Crop in the
ground, Straw, Hay. \c. It is well watered, having
a spring iu every field. An unfailing stream ol water
runs througli the premises. There is a good frrmie
dwelling-house and out-houses necessary to firm
ing purposes. There is also an Orchard on the place,
?ibout one third of the Ian I is in timber, oak, hickory,
9c c.
For further information inquire of BENJAMIN
BOHR KR. corner of Beall arid Montgomery sts.;
GEO. W. BOHR KR, oor. of Highnnd 'iay ptreets,
Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HAR P, ou the prem
ises. ap 28-tf
iD" not 8?'1' by the 22d inst. will be offered at
public auction to the highest bidder. je 4
POX Ac VAX HOOK. Heal Estate At.ints.
? 4;*>>4 Seventh street, below K street, have for
sale a niinil?er of Building Lots 24 feet front by 1
feet deep, at the very low price of from $75 to $125
each?pa>able in small monthly instalments of ?3 per
Those Lots nre situated at Union Town, on the
south side of the Anacostia river, adjoining the Na
vy-yard Bridge. and are in every way desirable for
persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca
tion for a dwelling.
Lot-holders in arrears are requested to complete
!h"ir purchase, and get their deeds; the title to
these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every
possible incumbrance.^ may 25-3m
R KSi DKNCK on the corner of F and 21st sts.,
together with the Grounds surrounding it. The
Hmise con'ains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout,
ind furnace. The stable will be sold or rented with
the house if desired. The lot the house stands on
is 5<> by 13fi feet, but the purchaser can have more
land if desired.
Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROFNDonthe
corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near
F Street. Apply toCHUBB BROTHERS.
ap 8-tf
FOR SALK.?That beautiful, comfortable Cot
tage built DWKLLING HOUSE situated on
the corner of 22d street west and E street north.
The Lot fronts feet by 13? deep. The Furniture
will be sold with the House if wanted. The location
is delightful eitherfor a summer or winter residence.
Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Ageut, No. 512(2d
story ) 7th street. may 28
L^OK SALK?At a bargain, and on very easy
r terms, a TRACT OF LAND, suitable for a
dairy farm, or other purposes, and within 3 miles of
Washington city. For particulars apply at No.512
[2d story ) 7th street.
may lfi tf POLLARD WKBB.
The subscriber l>egs to inform his friends and the
public, that he has opened a NKW STORK, corner
of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in
tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied
assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINKS. Ll
consisting of Fine Teas, Sug.-'r. Coffee. Flour. Soap,
Olives. Raisins, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies. Otard.
Marrett At Co,, Pii et & Co., and Col. Chabard's
Brandies in cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja
maica Rum. Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de
scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in
oases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits. Reynold's
Kdmburgh Ale. Annisette, Maraschino, Curacoa.
Absyntiie,Champagne, and a large and varied de
scription of Havana Cigars.
Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague
Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cider.
Families are particularly mated to call and exam- '
ine th?> stock liefore purchasing elsewhere. Mem
Ikts of Congress are also informed that their orders
will lie promptly attended to, and delivered at their
residences at the shortest notice.
A general assortment of tine Havana Cigars, im
ported direct by the subsoril>er, at wholesale and re
Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and
produce taken hi ??Xehange.
Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 1840.
Country orders punctually attended to, and coun
try produce of all descriptions received mi aonsign
iuent. JONAS P. LEVY,
je8-tf No.551 Twelfth street.
The following extract from a New York paper
cannot fail to Ik- interesting. In referring tojgpl&g
the receipts of Teas in this country for one[Tr.!K;
year up to 30th ultimo, it says they will l?e 12,-;
non,i*?i pounds short of the imports of tiie year end
ing J tine ;*>, UCifi, and that
" The advance in black teas. Oolongs, since last
December, has boen fifteen cents per pound; and
Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades,
liave experienced an advance of one hundred per
cent, over last season's closing prices.
"It will thus he seen that the strong and rapid
advance in the tea market has l*?en the result of n
short supply and aotive demand ; but when it is con
sidered that we may hear at any moment of the en
tire suspension ol shipments at Shanghai, and. in
fact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from F.ngland
arrives at the seat ol war, all five ports of entry in
Chiua. will prohebly he placed under strict blockade,
it would not be surprising to see Teas at a much
higher figure than they have yet attained."
In view of these fscts, we hold out very great in
ducements for families to lay in their supplies of
Tea how. KING & Bl RCHKLL.
iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street.
'PABLK cftlkry and platkdwark
1 Ivory Handle Tahleand Dessert Knives Knives
and Forks, and Carvers of the finest quality. Al
Iwta Forks and Spoons. Cups, Goblets, Castors.Tea
Sets,Cake Baskets, Waiters, Butter Coolers, i>?ub
le loe Pitchers, extra plated. Prices low.
je3 (i. FRANCIS. 4W7tJi st.
lowing Goods which wu are prepared to sell at
a small ndvance of cost for cash :
A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated
Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for
Hlackl?erry Brandy,a certain cure for Diarrhea and
Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines,
all of superior quality
Raspberry, Strawberry, Linger, and Cherr* Bran
dies, all of tine flavors, prepared from the pure
juice of the fruit
Rose, Cinnamon. Annis,and Pepperment Cordials
Curacoa, Alisinthe, Kssence of Pepperment
I.xtract of Snrsaparilla, Stoughton Bitters
Forest Wine Bitters.
We have also ou hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's
Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article.
In addition to the above, we have at all tim?s a
large supply of the following named stock of Malt
Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the
Distriot.and winch cannot fail m giving satisfaction
to all who use them ; Philadelphia XX, Burton and
XXX Pale Alo,Philadelphia Brown Stout,X X Por
ter. and a tine article of Jjiger Beer.
As usual, a supply of Mineral Wafer. Cider, &c..
on hand. ARM YASHINS,
je il 57 Green street. Ceorcetown.
PIANOS.?'The largest stock of PIANOS in the
Distriot always on hand at the extensive ware
rooms of JOHN F. ELLIS, ??6 Pa. avc,
joa a near corner of lutb ?t,
By BARNARD 9 BL'CKEY; Georgetown.
* "nut., at 10 o'clock a. in., we will sell at the
residence of Dr. Austin, on High street. west side.
? Bridge, the Household Furniture, as
Mahogany dining and other TaMee, Sideboard
. Chairs, Rocker, Sofa
\>_anIroi>e8. Bedsteads, Bureaus
Washstands. Carpet*. Mattresses
Reds and Pillows, Looking Glasses
Curtains, Glass and Chinaware, Rain Casks, Ac.
I erms at sale.
i* W-d BARN A R DA HI CKKV. Ancts.
H. ^? ('RKKN. Auctioneer.
2Sf-'TlV'~~Pnr i KsDAV.theJBd instant, I shall
? *ell. in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. ni.. Lot
No. 2, in square fronting .?? feet on north K
street, north side, next to the corner of 2d street
west, running I*ck lno feet to a 25 feet alley.
It is unnecessary for me to say anything relative to
the tieautifu! location of the alswe-descrilted prop
erty. All I ask is that persons wishing to purchase
will examine the premises for themselves, and I am
satished that the? will ne convinced that it is one of
the most Iteautiful and commanding sites for .*i pri
vate residence in that section of the eitv. and the
? arronidmg neighborhood in a rapid state of improvi
se rins; One-third oash; the lialance in six and
twelve months, lor notes bearing mterost from day
oi Mie, J
A d*ed eiven *nd a deed of truit taken.
title indisputable.
A. GREKN, Auct.
Ry A. OR KEN, Auctioneer.
1>I RLIC SALE.?Ry virtue of a deed of trust
i. ?? me. and recorded in l.iher J. A. S.
No. tzr. folios 4.77. 4;w. and 439. on- of the Land
Kecorils of Washington county, in the District of
Columbia. I shall on Till RSDAV, the 3 th or
i'"?V ? ?',JC'C P?,R-? in front of the premises,
oiler for sale at public auction to the highest bidder
therelor. the following property, to wit : " All the
following piece or parcel of property, to wit. part of
I.ot No. .5in Square No. 34.1, of said city. beginning
lor the same at the southwest corner of said lot an<!
running thence north along the line of Eleventh
street west 23 leet, thence east 28 feet, thence north
two r,-et. thence ea.-t 71 feet ?> inches to the rear of
saul lot, thence south along the rear line of the said
lot ..I leet to the southeast corner of the said lot,
thence west along the south line of said lot 113 feet
" Inchon to tho point of beginning.'*
rerins, cash. Property to he resold at the risk
ana expanse of tlia purchaser unless terms are com
piied with in three davn from dav <?f sale.
J"MwrM A. GREEN. AacJcweSr!
( ? *98UIRE. Aucfiorier.
All**? r," X"BTH.-On Till RSDAV AF
I I <K A OOXf J illy 9t h. at h*2 o'clock, c?n the preini
sea, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated July 21 at.
K.VJ, and duly reorded in Litter J. A.S., No. fin, fo
lios 04, 99. and !*>, one of the land records for Wash
ington county, D. C? I shall sell Lot N, in Coyle's
subdivision in Square No. 424. fronting Hi feet 10 in
ches on Cth street west, between M and \" streets
north, running back 05 feet to a ten-feet alley, with
the improvements, consisting of a neat ar.d well
built frame dwelling House.
Terms cash. J AS. M. WILSON, Trustee.
je 4-2awAds J.c. McGI IR E. Aiielioneer.
H._ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
story Reich 1I<il?e axuLot at thk roK.NEi:
! '' streets, at auction. ?tin
>ION DAN . the 22d instant, I shall sei),a? h o'clock
p. m.. in front ol the premises.* handsouu and nenr
: 1> rn-w Urick House, fituateii at the corner of uth
street west,and L street north, on Massachusetts
J avenue. The house is well built, ami contains ele
I ven conveniently arranged rooms and wide passage
1 he corner r.tom is now occupied as a grocery stort:
also, the Lot on which it stands. heme No. lain Da -
vulson s subdivision of square :;I0. It also has on
j it a jfood carnage-house and stable.
I healtove-descrihed property is handsomely lo
ejite<| in an e!evate<l ami commanding position,'ex
cellent water, and a rapidly improving neighliorlntod.
I erms: One third, cash; Inlance in ii, 12. an?l 18
months, lor notes bearing interest from <lnv of sale
A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis
Je B j A- R FF.N, Auctioneer.
H BJA. GREEN. Auetiotwar.
ANDSO.NIL iil ILDINir I.OT on xoKTii ft,
BETWEEN 1ST * ND 2tl STREETS \V!.>T. \T \rc
tioji.?On Till IRSD.W . the lHth instant, I shall
sell, in front of the premises, at 6i. o'cl??ck p m
??m?re *7, having a front on north <7
stree^t ol Ji leet. running Iwck 12W feet to ail alley 17
leet ?> inches wide.
This property is handsomely situated on north (i
betw?eu New Jersey avenue and 2d street west
Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6,12,1ft,'and
24 months, for notes hearing interest from day o|
A deed given ami a deed of trust taken.
I itle indisputable. All conveyancini! ar the cost
of the purchaser. A. UK EF.N,
j e 12-n Auctioneer.
Rv A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
'r'Jj|T D ,K "TRKETS. AT AtTTIlt N . ? oil
I 111 RSDA \ , the 1?th instant. I shall sell in front
of the premises, at hye o'clock, p. in.. Lot No.31, in
' Qua re ]2*?, having a front of 75 feet 011 C onn^eticnt
avenue, at the intersection <d 17th street with said
avenue, winch forms a large ?.p?n sp;?e?. running
ijaefc to a wide alley, containing nliout ll.<?;io square
bu t. and will l>e suislivided and sold in separate lots
it ib'sired at sale. \N e deem it unnecessary to sh\
anythins further-relative to the beautifnl l<tealio'n
ol the atstvenlescril^d property. as it is well known
to l e one of the most desiralite now for sale m
W asiiingtou. being hut one square north and in view
ol the northwest corner of Lafa\ette square.
1 erms : One-fourth, cash: balance in 6,12.18,and
24 months, lor notes beariu* interest from the dav of
sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. \il
conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. Title in
" d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
? ?Ju.8^ opening a spieudid assortment of
Spring and Summer READY-MADR CLOTHIN'O
and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the linest
styleand make at thn Emporium ol Fashion, No.
37u Browns Hotel, next to private entrance.
may 3u < IntelAStates)
rI^HK COM L I' I'ASSED.?The artist. Sigr.or
J Staiilini, of Schwaheno, in Italy, has just lin
ished in fresco oil-painting, after the old Italia
school, the passage at Charles Werner's. Anvl.ttdv
suing up to his saloon to take a glass ol Humphrey's
i u**ne"ian scelebrated Lager-llecr, refronimendeil
by all Doctors as the healthiest beverage of the sea
son, can see it without extra charge. je I.S-.5t
^ KM I - A N NI A L NOTICE.?We are busily en
all open accounts on our l>oiiks.
and shall as usual make an indiscriminate issue of
the same up to tlie 27th of this month. Meantime
ail who are aware of having an account with us and
would as soon anticipate it, will confer an especial
favor by calling at our desk ami paving the amount,
and thereby saving them the annoyanoe of a call and
us the trouble of sending them.
je 15-tjyl CLAGETT. DODSON 4; CO.
All kinds of sewing executed at short notice
Ao. iSl Seventh, bfttoen U and H struts.
...h i'vhrlD,if!"u".f. btfifS' '??*'> -made LIN K.N
and I XDKR-GARMhNT!4. in the latent Ht.>le,
fcept coyiwtant-U on h.md. tuav
5-n ir . . DRY GOODS,
spelling on at cost to close business. Our whole
stock is going at cost. Call early.
ma, 2h-'At!,4S,Tf'" "OUl,'*Hie'm"7lh
1 perior clipper schooner Marietta Rurr,^a
Capt. Ira ? '
have quick
Ireight ap| "
t ?r street.
i,.? i ne su
ior clipper schooner Marietta Rurr.
ra Nickerson. has arrived, and will^Vj
nek despatch for the alH>ve port. For
apphr to HARTLEYS BRO., No. 101 Wa
rt, iHpqnl.tWB. 1). C. je 11 -I w
t i?nf n i of our own manufacture, a
hneassortment ol all kinds ofCARRI
A(i KS of the very best, latest, and mostftDKrjSSaP
approveil styles, and warranted in point ofsB^[email protected]^
miteiv"'? "n.d """-I'*'.equal to any made
rnVteH 4LVI. w"'gt?n ?r, V,ly otllPr CU> III the
We reRpectfnDy golioit aeall from
the citizen* and KtranKerR to examine our work ; as
we are determined to let none surpass us^ither m
quahty of work or in !ow prices.
W e also do every kind of REPAIRING inawork
m^?1'Ife manner, and at reasonable pnees.
..l'1,d damages taken in j>art payment tor new and
ma> r2.%n0, FLYNN A CO
IVit.'/.w U u R,DWA K K-The attention
1 \fi IU Bnl?our Kl'!?k of IU1LD i
? n,i ill. i . i 'i* coinprising the largest 1
and liest selected of any in the city: Locks, ?
v,mnr?*tM': v?"11 cult,brat cd factory of Da
\i uprot, Mal,ory A Co.,and RussellJc Erwin's
Manafecturing Company: Hinges of all kinds:
Pt.ltJl-'- \v ' jj' Nl,J K' Msl1' Weights and Cord.S,.?h
I ui'ey s Window Sbringsand Sash Fastenings. Wail
? tars. Bolts and Shutter Fastenings. In fact, every
Itehe^ib" ""''ware lin'e for a iSe.and
soul cheap, cheaper, cheapest lor cash.
harvey a adams,
je 6-1 m 32.5 1 a. ave.. Itet. 6th and 7te sts.
Daily expected?
^2 tons White Ash FURNACE COAI
? Vhite Ash EGG COAL.
Or.ll? wTl rar A"h 9VA L? ",<K
Orders will U- received tor ten days for Wh.fa ? i
aAir'iftj*96 >?< to?'
je 12 eo6t Wo,t Wd?^' "treeLNo
J"- Itet ween l>n.,.i .??:
Dentistry. &c. _
Office No. 198 Pennsylvania Avksc*.
Three doors from 14(4 Street.
Dr. BAILY ben leave to inform the publicthat he
crii he seen at nil hours, at his "thee. located is *!????.
He feels ass urcd thiit an experienceof fifteen years'
practice, w'h the large nnmlier of patient*. and great
variety ol difficult cases tiiat he lifts treated succe**
full), will enable hun to surmount ar.v difficulty,
scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His
own experience confirming the opinion ol man* men
eminent in the profession, and especially Or*. Hams
and J. and E. Pariuly, lias led him. long ainoe. to dis
card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also
all Enamels, IJutta Perchn. India RuM>er. and Ce
ments for the constructiou ol Continuous Gum
Teeth, and that Porcelian. mounted on Gold Plate,
is the only relinMe substance that onn kirorn in the
mouth, as vias most conclusively shown by the last
American Dental Convention.
Although he Hatters himself from hit Ionic rest*
denca and practice in Washington, he i? favorably
known to his nnmerou* friends and patrons, he begs
leave to refer Uiem to the following
From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of
this city.
Dr. Steprfn Bailt: De*rS:r^-I desire to express
my esteem for you personally, and iii> confidence in
you as a superior dentist. Theoperations executed
for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that tou
ma* receive the patronage from my frieiids ainl the
public that your bkill so well deserves.
Yours very truly,
Washington, Aug. 2P, 1856. J. W. FRENCH.
Froinoneof the oldest hrms in Baltimore, Messrs.
Bock*. Cot man A Co.
Having employed l>r. Stephen Itaily. Surgeon Den
tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im
portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to
my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that
one of the most distinguished members of the Dental
College of Baltimore, failed, alter repeated trials, to
perforin the same work satisfactorily, it gives me
sreat pleasure to express my entire confidence and
huh estimation of his professional skill.
Baltimore,Jan. 12,1857. llAR.SlANN IJOGGS.
Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John
M. Clayton.
I". S. Sknatk. A nr. 19,1856.
The teeth tou made for me work admirably ; noth
ing could be better. Very gratefully,
To those that seek relief from the maladies of the
teeth. I can cheerfully rceommeiid Dr. S. Daily as a
superior Dentist; lie made a set of porcelian teeth
for one of my fainilv, and plugged several teeth lor
myself, and the work has ail stood weli for more than
ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON,
of ths Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South.
April 19,1C5G.
We. the undersigned.having had occasion to nva;l
ourselves of the professional ekiil ol Dr. S. Baily,
Surgeon Dentist of this city, or navin-; !>een cogniz
ant of Ins operation* on our families or friends, take
pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic
skill, as well a> of the uniformly satisfactory manner
in winch he perforins the most delicate and difficult
operations hi Dental Surgery.nad we respectfully re
Commend him to the confidence and patronage of the
public, of wliieh we consider him eminentl* worthy.
Thomas I". Waltkr. Architect I". S. Capitol.
Thomas Mim.fr, M. D.. of Washington. D. C.
B. S. BuHkek, M. D. of (ieorgetown. D. C.
N.S. Lincoln. M. !>.. of Washington. D. C.
Jos. H. Bradley.of Washington. D.
George Walton, Ex Governor of Florida.
Wai ttr I,rnox. KX-M*vorof Washington.
Hknry Kai.kwin, I . S. Patent Office,
< >. C. Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Academy.
feb2? tr
CAGO, would respectfully inform the cit
izens of tlie District and vicinity. that hav-|
ing located himself in Washington, he is
now prepared to perform all operations in his profes
sion. in the most approved sty le.
Othce, No. 25ti. Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's.
Iss > It
DR. I.OOMIS, the inventor and patentee of
"Loo/wrV Mineral Pint* T*ttk," having
successfully introduced his improvement in)
various cities, has now permanently estab
lished Iiiiiis' if in Washington.
This improvement for Sets ofTeeth consists chief
ly hi making a net ol but one piece of material, and
that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in
their construction, and they are therefore free from
palvauic action and metaiic taste. There are no
joints to liecome filled with moisture or particles of
food, hence they are pure and titan. They are
lighter, stronger, less clumsy , far more durable, and
natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of
One Thou sand Dollars toany one who will produce*
similar work of art to equal mine in purify, tieauty,
durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite
All work responsibly warranted.
27t> Penna. avenue, between 11th and 13th streets.
ap 13-ly
M ancfactcbkr or Artificial Teeth.?
His complete arrangements enabling linn to'
present the following reasonable prices: ^ ' 1 1 *'
Entire I'pper Sott Teeth, on Gold ?9ito5n
Do do do on Silver- 12tu^S
One or more, on Gold...... 2 to 5
Do < on Silver 1 to 3
Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re
pairing at the same reasonable rates. A!! operations
executed in such a manner as to give every satikfao
tion. Office corner 8th street and avenue. ap 3
y\ RETIRED PHYSICIAN*whose sands of
/ life have nearly run out. discovered while in the
/East Indies, a certain cure lor Consumption.
/Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Cold?, and General
I Debility. The remedy was discovered by him
* when Ins only child, a daughter, was giv en up to
die. He had heard much of the ? ?n<birful restor
ative and healing utialitias of preparations made
from the East India llemp,and the thought occurred
to him that lie might make a remedy for lus child.?
He studied hard and succeeded in realizing his wish
es. His child was cured, and is now alive and well.
He has since administered the wonderful remedy to
thousands of sufferers in all parts of the wry Id. and
he has never failed in making them completely heal
ths aril liappv. \\ ishing to do as much good as pos
sible, he will send to kuch of his afflicted feliow !ie
iiiks hk request it, this recipe, with full and explicit
directions for making it lip, and successfully using
it. He requires each applicant to enclose him one
shi'ling?three eentsto tie returned as postage on the
recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay
ment of tills advertisement. Address
Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street,
N. B. Dr. H. James has
in New York as some hav?
tised. The recipe is sent
19 Grand street, Jersey
mav 2H-.ini 1
Importers direct from Liverpool to Alexan
dria, beg .eavetocalltheattentionofdenlers,
hotel keepers, and others of Washington and
Georgetown, to their stocks of HOODS. ^.
which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably
with any establishment in the Eastern cities.
Tho connexion ol their senior paitner with the
manufacturers of Europe and the I nited States for
upwards of thirty years, has given him advantages in
the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any
house in the trade. An inspection of goods and prices
will satisfy all parties that purchases cau lie made of
thein upon the most favorultle terms.
Froueli Ciiiiui Dinner Sets, ^ilr and decorated
French China Dinner Sets, gold t?and and plain white
French China Vanes, Pitcher*, Toilet Sets, Ac.
French China Tea Sets, Cupsand Saucers,and other
articles of Tea ware
And Dinuer Ware, separate from sets
IndiaCnina Dinner Sets,and separate articles aJwftya
on band
White Granite Ware in every variety, in set*, and
separate from sets,:?? may tie desired
B'ttft Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same
Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in
full supply.
Cut, Pressed, Plain, and Moulded Glass Ware from
the liest cstaUislunenta in tiie Eastern and Western
States, which will be sold by the package or other
Experienced packer* employed. Good* put up by
us can l?e transport**! by any mode without breakage.
pare by the sieainUtats from Washington to A lex
audna, almost hourly, cents eacn way. A quar
ter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollar*
dee 1
C?OA(| R EWAR D.?Ranaway fnun the subscri
O-Ull ber. living near I'pper MarlUirough,
Prince George's county , Mil., on the J9th of
aUtut 27 years of age,feet. ?i inches high?a -
dark mulatto?lias a large bushy head, wit I. ? -
whiskers round his face, medium size and down
look. He may hire himself in the District, where he
has relatives, or make his way to home free State, a*
lie left Without anv provocation. I will give Two
Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the State?A|i?i if
tak?'ii hi the District.or any other onrt of Mary iand,
and if taken in this county, In either case he
nin*? be secured so that I get him.
MALT FOR SALE.?The undersi/fted
recently rtiTchased rho CITY M M.T HOI Sb,
corner of West Falls avenue and Block street,
would announce to hi* fnendsand the public, that he
has it^now hi full <ipemtion. with a large supply of
MALT lor sale on liberal terms.
Stock in the o' i? W^InvCa()AL
Sulwcriptions will 1? received at the Banking
House of Chubb Brother*, for the remaining stock
of the ahove compsnj.twingthreehu ndred 11 is rea.
Ttv> capital stock i* *lon,rtnn (dollar*.) of which
S7u<**>nas been subscriticd. The mines are now
prepared for active operation*, ami fi per cent, in
terest will ?*> guaranteed upon the st.wk now offered
for sale, by the original *toekholder?, for the period
aftwoyeara. . .
Particulars in regard to the stock, and its prosnecta.
will be made known npon application to Cnl'BB
BjIn,?ilhRd' F. P. 1) AND JUDGE* Aient,
Thu ttoellent Family tad New.
1 rreater variety of intrmsfina rnailius itj._
rewnuif ^ ?<ber-? MUhM on Saturday
Bing.a oopy, Mr actum*** j| B
p,_.^ ? TO CLUB*.
KVSBS??? }2
,rJ" ;nivr?ci."?11 ?
?!?? s?,*or,t*?iig tn cluU rtiMK* among neiahhora
*feed T ?"l7? eutjou of a mail as WhS
will ?* sa'red it ELT^ of ,iie " *?ly !>t?ii
ituton N>I?; ?nV '* !lT Um? " Wtak
late ?,, ... * ,lM made tins Daily Staji circu
fr^H. T * throughout the ooumry.
the <???&? ('? ,m 'V^"?<*? *?? proomradat
the issue of Uimftr.
oomnusamiTof *???V^5?r o25u"*" W,li l**llww*d*
Summer Retreats, &c~
L^AlQl 1KR WHITE siiriiin spbivi'^
r, | ? ?t vIRGINI\ 1 rLNgs,
T^"^VTOW^.%r?JJri2i1 ?? *
reception. The trams on the fCnia K llf# dS*
Alt-Xaiidi ih WWI, and from JV,^
i'r'"vl M \w,rrnt "u ^.th iM,.., ,rstTTli f ,
the Springs. distant six miiea I* a ?rad*l f r
I Siisougers from Btltawire and Wa*hiiiTii ??
*rme at the Sprmes nt |i o'clock a. m ?,2T r?ll
ITii'"1 ' the South to dinner. ""i
All inquiries promptly responded to In l?tt*r iwvt
areulwi fivui particulars. forwarded upon *pp ,
Li n't THOMAS ?. P. IN oR \V
onl>l r Jhat^rt VJ"110*' 7owW ??form the
put lie that he lia* made various improvements^**,
LVeiLTr^r#kn,,*n ?'"taliliahinei.t.ar.d that lie
ST.1?"* V r,m1 entertain hi* customers'*
in tin most super!) manner.
Ill* House is conducted on the PnroMUstyle- the
SSS? ?VE; ?<?5Sf ?? J '*? IK
Chl^RSAc Wltl1 th' ,w,"tof LIQUORS
Ihngroat d'xiilfratytn, quietness. niuIiimii <???
the garden attached., insure, fora I a pTeaaant rl
sort. Obliging assistants are alwa>. ?SSdTMl
.til demands a ill lie promptly attended to.
ie in v . WM.Brpp.
le in-?w No. 4at Pa. *v.. I>e?. i: and IS ?'?
THRMOmAIN Finl se,
V .., CAPOS SPKiX/mt. rikGIXIA,
%i!v^iVW??iCwr ,lie rec,'Ptl?,u I'f Viaitora..
, ?* 1 ? * "'ir,
rhrousli ticket a aan l?e ol>tninetl at HaUimorf.^
?> ashiiiKton, Richmond and Aiexainlria.
I a>aenrera leavn.e lialtimore in the early mom
intt; t rain, v ta Alexnndrtaau?t Mni.;>?.aa? (>ap Aailroa'i
to Straahurc. r-vieh the ^prin?a from S to b o>|i?et
?M?rciiiii|; and thoae from Baltimore and the
U eat via Harper a I err> and Winvtieater Ironi ? tu
J. N. BI'CK.
J9JA1W ^ i'ropneifir.
^?k , lilVD.C?,NT COMFORT, VA.
I ma moat delichtfnl Summer reaort?the " bricht
particular iocftiity of all tliesuiinv South"? A . . X
ia now the aole property ?.f the under-V
signed, and will be opened ??n th" 1st ??flJ,'M T
June next, aiid each auceesaive June follo*Tu!^l
etigHge to make it to the seekera for health, reerea
tiou, tHiel> and Iiv-iuk, aupremH* attractive.
r or health, no mountnin retreat can fie aafer at an*
seasonof rhf war. It ia aa exempt Iron diseaao in
A UK u at and Septetulwr and (tctolier a* in April. Mav
or June. Indeed the brat three are inbmtelT r><?
?noat pleasant ol the aea?on. The woather ia rniider.
t.ie sea t.reeze lialmier, and the Inxuriea of the aai*
writer are to l?e had of finer quality and in create,
profusion. There ia no more luvitniR spt.t on th*
whole AtUntie aeaNmrd. It is strictly true of it
what the poet hath aaid :
" an*;ijaiuiu on earth, it is this, it
IS ll)lH ?
Dra. Archer. Jar via, and other arm* surgeon* ->t
tlie pu.-t. Hon. Dr. F rancio >!.?; . r>. l)r*. S^mr ?
. iiiikina,. Ii?>i!(l H'-pe, and Vaujch.Tti.atid indeed th??
a hole medical Faculty resident in the vicimtvof
t-ort .Monroe, all certify that thev "hare acr*r
known a .-??? of bilhoys or ag*. and ft v<r to fit'
e'aafr tktrt, on>i that at alt batons %t it th*
kealthuft spot on thr tar, ,./ tht rank." i Se??
fhe.r eort'ficate. m De Bow s Review, Southern
I Unte.r, and American F aruiT.)
ma> a-.kwAlnw.tn JOS. SKtiAR. Proprietor.
<f:a bathing.
r? CHI.SAPKAKF: HALL. Hamfto!.. Va.
< Tlus-S! MMKK RKTRKAT." only 2 miles from
Old Pt.mt, will l?^ re-opened on the first. of4 . . A
June, when fii* proprietor will be happ\ toW^wL #
*?>? anv of his friends a-ho mat wish tu tn-l^HJ
J-p SALT WATF'.R BATHING, and theTixffea
of the Seal-gird. The Hail has l*en muck imorov
ed and Iwautified. aiHl ample preparatiowi rr.aJe fur
ST.rhSi'isl'""""*" ??>
Boats, Fislnn? Tackle. Pleisure Carriarea. Ac
i.ways in readiness to contribute to the eniovmeui
ol Kueats. H Ma vk?
inai 19 1m BA>KS
Pianos, &c.
I ^'r; ^ ? H. PALMER continues to add new inetn
f^era to!,,, e!a?aes. Apply to Mr. PAI
i? i ' *t 'Ji.* "v?*r FarnhanrsW"t^??l
Bookstore, Tuesday, \Vednesda>, F ri-^? ?Tf'
ilav. and Saturday, liet ween 2and 6 p. m.
I eriim 5 > per quarter. ar 25 tf
yoj AL Ml SIC.-MraT FRANK UN, Teache'r
? oj Music, havinr vacant h..urs lor a few m. re
^ehoiara. renaeata those Indies who are dearrous
of I'einjc perfected hi fiallad Sineinc. or Opera M.-s
to favw ner wi'h an early applet,/erms made*
known at her residence, 4uS F. street. I*tween 9th
Metxe^?t?d &t 11,6 Muk,c ^'"re,i uf Mr- a/id
T'JW *feAI TIFI L PIANOS re?*eived thi
? day from Boaton. Also, three ver* fine_?
seen.iid-hand Pianos. |,i,t li-tle iise.1. sVve BjS
>ctaves,roaew?nM| cases, will be^.ldatcreatnTrn
'?J.rgaiiia.al our Piano Forte. .M?*lode<in, and Mus.a
Uareroorus, betwoen9tli and Hth streets. No a*
,e4 _ JOHN F. ELLIS.
\i ix ,u| ^r1"' are l,u? b?r sal? at the.
Music Depot of ^
,V." G- NI HTZ K R OTT.I.. .
Corner of Peun. avenue aud Uth street.
-I?1!!" may l?
A I GRF,A'I Thi? ? asm.
rw HIV. b-'en .i^ed Mt a short tune
?a rel u I persons, we will *arrBnt tiiem,** ? ? f ?
taJke old Pianos in exchange, Ac.
I wn of them arr, fu;' seven oeta\ '-s. fin* * ?mist e<l
rosewood cases, and of cxq.iiaile tone au 1 tom h.on
is only a six octave.
These Pianos, purchasers may safe|v relv unon as
f'i? 7 S,r<?< l?rKaina. and they will do well
-o and[set tlieni. at our extensive nno Ware
r.H.ms, No.Ji?. between !?hand I >th.
^OLD mf:ual premium
(Senior partner in the late brmof
Kxabe. Gakhle A Co.,
Continues the manufacture and sale of grand av l
square PIA N<? F ORTF1S, underthe i?mL
i:f n ?ll?|T> Knabe A Co., at the old stand.
Nos. I. S, a and / North F.utaa- street op *11 IT I
p.jsite the F.utaw House. Ha tunore.
v !17u ?ltao ,,,8t ?P?"?daiiew Sales Room at
Ni? ?*7 Baltimore utreet. t?etweeji Cileries iui<J Ln
streets o? the premises partly .."up,ed 'n- (lr
Henry McCalfery as a muaio store, where they will
aeen constant,y oni hand a iarire r.ssortnient of plain
h id liieh T-hntshed grand and >?juare Piano Fortes
a!so, Melitdeous. from the tiest makera, from 4 to
octave, some with doul.le key I-miJs, double reedP
snd stops to suit small churches.
Pisfoi/5 in I be manufacture o f
hb^raTterm s^ ' wholesale and retail, on the most
Our Pmnoa were awarded the hiithest premium
(gold medal i at the Fairs of the Maryland lnstitu'e
two successive y^ears-tJctol^r. 1856. and iMfc-m op
positmn to fourteen and eixhteen pianos from aoma
ol the |?it i ,akers tn.in New \ orki B,?stou awlVa"
tunore. \\ e were also awarded tlie fi rat prem i um at
the Industrial Exhibition held m Richmond Vir
fi,BUk They have also been awarde<l
the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro
politau Meoh^njCH f-mr for 1897.
In a<lditiou to this we arf in p4?snession of testimo
nirds from the moat distinguished professors an.)
amateurs in the country, which eon be saen at oar
ruVk-ll'"'"*, f,,r ?he,?.elves and others"
iven wheTheid ,U Wh'Cn ?Ur
All instruments' are guaranteed for live years and
a privilege .d exchange?granted within^tfiafi? t J2
Pianos extHianged, hired, and tuned
"'?lf ''"iv W.M. KNABE A CO.
Om<*and Depot? S^.uthweat oorner of F and I?th
>. reets. \\ aahington. ap i;-tf
I^E! 1CH!! ICE!!!?'The undersigned reapecifai.
i> inform his f'iends and the publicgenara It. that
he is now prepared to famish .amities and others)
through the ae.Naoni with the liest qualiti of ICE,
delivered in any part of Washington ami George
town, and guarantees to rive entire satisfaction.
Orders to In* left with Kidwell. A Lsrar^tra,
oorner Ufh street and Pennsylvania avenue; Geo.
F. Kttiwiu A Co., Uth street; J. B. Mooax.Drng
f lat, Penna. avenue, between lWh and li streets ;
JaoaoFSirrz. New \ ork avenue, tieiween l?*b and
llth streets; Roar. A. Paysk. Drnggiat, oorner
4th and Mass. avenue; and with the subscrilxir. No
3 F"irst street, Georgetown, where loeoan be had
at all tunes.
*p7-'f T. N. KI DWELL.
I CK?ICFJ?ICE.?For sale 2.%? to tons of
I PI RE ICE at the Hocklev Mill, near the Relay
House, on the \\ ashmctou Railroad. It can be aent
in cars eitt?r to Baltimore or Washington. ApdI*
to ? ^ *OBT- C' WRWHT, Patteraonat.
'la-ati Ba'tiraore.
JT AW BOOKS.?Digest of Maryl-.nd RsP.ru.
Li cj.mpnsing Gill's Reaorte.1l vul^, Mar?lai?.l
Report s, H vols.jaini Mnr> laud Chanum * I>e.-i?
ions. 4 vols., by Stoekett. Merrick, and Miller.
I vol.. Hvo.
Chitljr on the Law of Carriera.with American Notes.
I \ ^I?
Hill on Trustees, with American Notes; new edi
tion; 1 vol.
Oloott's Admiralty Reports, for the Southern Dis
tnet of New York ? I vol.
Grcenleafs Overruled Case*; revised edition; I
?!!?,t.?f, English Uw ami Fruity Reports ; 1 vo..
Abbott's Pracioe Reports ; I v?4*.
Hi lard on Real Property : 2 vosis., new edition.
Addia??n on Contracts, with American Notes ; I vol.
new edition.
Index to English Common Uw Reports: J vol.
june 11 FRANC* TAYU?H.

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