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Cri*!*m. C?>rrt ?When our report cloned
yesterday, the Court was occupied with the cases
j Will lain Warnach, (of Philadelphia,) Jesse
ff-jlliatns, John Webster, William Wilson, I?aac
^ .itcsidard and William Williams, charged with
Jiornir atthe fln,t P?*lnct of the Seventh Ward
on the 1st of June last, election day, and David
0?Ti?. witness for Government, was on the stand.
Cf0**^iam'*4d.?Webster came up with liis
mrty. and said he had been trying to keep the
f Pare all day, and now It was necessary and hlzh
I |W to take of the polls; there was no
J person to interfere with the party, they having It
? ill their own way. and the people In the ranks
! had all gone oft; there was upwards of one hun
dred men and boys id the party led by Webster,
?uni the? I?ad no opposition at all; the leaders of
the party appeared to be acting in concert; they
were giving various orders and in conference witn
the persons who followed them to keep certain
voters away; Stoddard was pointing to man sav
ing. '-Thil man lathe blue vest, lie can't vote
nary time;" this he repeated a great many times;
Cro*<- Wm W ilson and Taylor were ?lis(rttis?d
by having their faces painted, and their hal7 dyed
various colors; did not see Webster, Stoddard,
nor J. W , son art.na: d rectly with those parties
nrqnainted with \\ elmter and Wilson; they are
very gentlemanly and orderly persons; never saw
anything against them except on this occasion
know* Stoddard also, who is a quiet citizcn a id
orderl), isith the exception of tnese occurrences
they have always been good and quiet men; they
did not seem to tie acting in concert with War
iiarh when br made the challenge to the AntiV
,hey were joking with him. and their manner wai
u.directly that of encouragement to Warnach to
proceeti with his drunken lasting; they hugged
r .r h other, and Derformed the usual arts of drunk
en men; Taylor hu^ed Warnach around the neck;
*w W llliams and Stoddard in the crowd when
Johnson was pulled over the pen; Warnach left
iheui aud came up near witness inside the pen;
Cross and Taylor were concerned in pulling
Grinder away from the polls; the party walked
right up to the polls, and the voters seeing this
quietly left; don't remember what time in the day
saw " jn. W ilson: the pen was full of the rioter's
when they attempted to pull Johnson away; the
man Hartlett was beaten by several of them,
among whom was J. Wilson and others of the
same party; saw XV ilson off and on during the
day; Taylor was painted around the head; also
| Cross, several colors; Wilson's head had lately
been shaved close, which is an uuusual circum
stance with him; haw Wilson there pretty much
ail the time; the party was going backwards and
| forwards from one precinct to the other as if thev
I were on guard. '
Woodeillt Latham, sworn?Was a jud^eof the
elections; there was a riot; did not know the
names of the rioters, but could remember their
laces if he saw them; they came and pulled down
the |>en. and said -No d-d Irishman should
vote there that day;5' they jumped in at the win
dow; the leader, Warnach. was in the window
a id the proceedings were obstructed for some
time; the timbers were pulled down and carried
off; so fiir as the Antics were concerned thev were
kept away from the polls; for an hour or more:
pistols w,1re tired and the disturbance was gen
eral; the leaders were following some Irishman
and tiring at them; a man named Smith came
ov? r ti oiii the Fourth Ward and told lleiishaw
one of the judges, that the foreign^ were all
driven away from the Fourth Ward polls; then
the excitement became greater among the rioters
a man was badly beaten and retreated to an apo
thecary shop followed by Warnach and Cross;
this was at the time the news came that the Irish
were driven away from the Fourth Ward polls
John M Tkornron. sworn?Was at the first pre
cinct of the Seventh ward polls; saw Rolicrt
Cross driving a man away from the polls; this
was about eleven o'clock a ni ; witness was ?o
ing up to vote at the time; Warnach and Taylor
were the leaders of the rioters, and were together
pretty much all day; they prevented several men
f.om voting; saw j. Wilson and J. Stoddard,?
also Wm. Williams; heard Williams say. "come
boys, let's go to the Fifth-waul polls and drive
the Irish sons of b?s away ;" a man was driven
away and beaten badly ; siw Cro?s, W ilson. and
1 aylor all there; saw Stoddard drive a man away
from the polls, together with several others; wit
ness said to Stoddard " the man has a ri-ht to
vote Stoddard made answer, '? he can'T vote
nr\ lime;' Stoddard said ho had been a peace
maker all day, and now he would be a peace
bieaker; said frequently that the man '-should
not vote. The rioters took possession of the
polls, and foreigners were not permitted to vote
after that time; up to that time they L:id voted
after the news came about the calling out of the
the crowd was very much excited ; saw
J- W ilson, but didn't see him do anything; saw
" ebster; heard him express himself; he was
very much excited; he staited to the other pre
? met; heard him say to the ? fleet that it was time
to put these things down; they ail ai<i>eared to
want to go up to the Fourth-ward polls and at
tack the marines; they b:id possession of the uolts.
and it seemed to lie distinctly under stood among
t bem that no foreigners could vote; they were
certainly acting iu concert with each other; wit
in ss knew the fares of some, but did not know
them by name.
Cro<< ey /?Saw Stoddard at the time
"*?' said "? the liisb should not Vote; that it Was
no use to talk, they Uvuld not vote;" at that
time the rioters apj*-ared to be acting in concert
throughout; didn't see any riotous proceeding
on the i*,ft uf the antics; it was all by the mem
bers of the so-called American party; Webster
had always been a |>ea<eabieman opto that time;
also J. W ilson; witness knew of nothing against
Sioddaid's previous character; William Wilson
was encouraging the party on, saying when Johu
>->u was pulled over the pen, ?? poll him ^t; I'll
tlx htm; hthI cheering the rioters, tellm-' them
to go ahead, aud hurrahing, etc.; there was
more riot in;' than Witness bad ever S's-n at any
p'evioiis election; no policeman could have safely
mtdean arrest; several men were driven away
from the poils liefore the news came about the
Janus E. Johasf/H. sworn.?Was at the Seventh
Ward, 1-ir.st Precinct, at Island ilali, on election
day. at *: o clock, a. m.; walked about some time
voting; finally took bis place in line, and it
Was some time before he got through ; soon as he
Kot the judges asked witness to go to the
City Hall and obtain Air. 11 i ad leys opinion* did
so; got back; it wa< then tolerably quiet; James
Harriett came to witness and said he wanted to
vote; he had previously l*-en turned away on ac
count ?>f some deficiency in his papers; witness
told Hartlett to go bark to the end of the line;
Martlet said very well and went off towards the
line ot voters, to take his place in the line at the
nar; witness heard commotion, anil immediately
turned round, and saw Ilartlet running f.om sev
eral me,^ who were pursuing him; Air. Uird
went to Hartlet's assistance ; witness started to
go too. when some friends siezed and restrained
witness. pulling him back; saw Warnach run
ning after ilartlet; al?o stve;al others; did not
know who the other parties were; does not know
\ V . I SOU; Cross took hold of witness; .saw Cross
arive an old m;ui away from thelitis in the eve
ning. s.,yi,ig- go away, old man. I don't want to
bear your wife and child'en crying to-morrow "
went to the window at polls after that and act*'d
as challenger; did not hear Webster say that no
foreigner should vote; heard Stoddaid say so
L 'Oj'-y1"''""! ?Saw Webster, but did not
see Williams in the riots; heard Stoddaid sav.
several times, that no foreigner should vote; St? d
ntrd was passing up and down, and appeared to
directing the naity; some few Anti votes were
east after tnis, bid n^t many; Hartlett did not
vote; Mr AIcLaiii came up to vote, when some
one kuocked him down; foreigners were kept
? a ay freni the polls alter t hat. for onetime- th? y
were beaten away; after witness was attacked, and
liud w^hed the iiiud from his clothes, he went
I? ,lif P"11"- a?d saw Stoddard, together
v. t j th** othpf ineii. 2ctin^ in concert to prevent
foreigners f.om voting; heard Stoddard, b\?ih be
fjreaiid ,-fter the attack on biin (witness.) declare i
that no fo-signers should vote; didn t see Sto?l- I
daid ?tnke anyone; bea.d him say that "the 1
mannes are called out to shoot our brethren, and
it is now time f.>r us Ame.icans to do our duty '
Ltnmrl Jiavrlnnd, sworn?Was at second pre
riiut Seventh W a.'d election day; saw very dis
0 derly proceedings there; went to the polls to
vote and found that bis name had not been trans
ferred to the second precinct; voted in first pre
en. t last year; saw much disturbance; did not
know toe rioting parties; saw ilartlet coming up
th* alley to Vote; Lea d Stoddard tell him to ?? <'o
away fiom here;-' Jobi.-sou also advised H to go
aw.,y and take bis place at the end of the line;
Ilartlet did so without objecting; W arnach fol
lowed him and stun k him. as also did Cross
Stoddaid and W.I I, a.us; Cross kicked him and
* l**11 > d'd not see \\ iison strike bini; Johnson
tfi.d to lie! over the |>en to save liartle'; someone
pushed hi III back, J Wilson said, "let him come.
1 11 bx him, saw l iter in the evening two Irish
men . ..Iiiiii^ up io the polls; saw Cross go up to
I hem ai.d older them away; the men made no
ao-wer; < ,o s again said > go away or 1 11 knock
I. II out of you , w.t- absent alter that for some
tiiite. .-.nd when he came ba. k the rioters had pos
session of the polls.
( rv** mimtntJ? Ilartlet wanted to go In near
tli?- windows, but was told logo back; he did so
without a word, ami almost instantly witness
turned towaids him and saw him running, |>ui -
sued l?y W arnach and Cross; Cross kicked him:
Stoddard and Williams ue ein the crowd; it was
the same time that Cross came up and colla:ed
Johnson; W ilson sa.J to Cross *? I,el me have
the d -d ras4-al, I II fix him.
hamurl Htimfhtrf, sworn?Ilis testimony cor
re>lM>rat?ti that of the preceding witnesses; he
saw Cross attack Uyan and push hiiu away from
the polls seve.al tinu-s; J.^epb Van liurgen stood
near by, and t ros? caught him by the arm and
pulled him away, saving "Mo foreigner should
vote there that day;'1 witness asked C. if they
l..-d established such a rule there; Cross said
\ en;" witness told Cioss if he had known that
he should not have brought Van Mermen there;
witness was not a challenger; Van liergen d>d
not vote, witness felt ceitain.
Jumr? sworn?Kvidence same as those
who had preceded him; saw the parties indicated
there; heard Stodd trd say ?? No foreigner should
The evidence for the L'uitid States dored With
this Witness.
Air Cart Hilton here -tated to the jury what the
ronn??l for the defeat expcc*d to elicit from the
ii ! . 5 which they proposed to offer.
He *tat<3 to the Jury the grrtd difficulty of coming
IV t tl^,on *? fact* which go to prove a
thepolnt cxpla,nea lhe ProP?" law Tn relation to
Trfe wltne^e* for the defencc were then sworn.
Wtlham Cmwunaek was called to the *tand for
i 'hat he was at the poll* on the
wHik!LfU; tha* he MWStoddard and William
III !^I?i .r**? theT thf>re a,! d?y; had ht*
1 P*v^' hi* faintly lived
quite near, and he had them to protect; was about
lLK V 10 oclock a- ?" "il the poll* were
< ?o*ed; saw boys and men rome up, at various
time*, and cheer and hurrah for their candidate*;
when there wa* anything of an excitement going
on, witness was in the midst of It; ?aw Stoddard:
he was under great excitement, passing to ana
fro; heard him declare that some mau who had
come up to the polls " should not voledid not
see him tn any riot; lielieves that he did not try
to make any disturbance; his demeanor was
peaceable; he was very much excltcd about the
news that the marines had been called out to
shoot American citizen*; if he had been engaged
in a riot, witne** would have seen him
Cross-trammed.? Did not hear him say that no
foreigner should vote.
Geor'f Heider, sworn.?Resides in view of the
First Precinct Seventh Ward ; went early in the
morning to the noils; saw no commotion; all wa*
quietness; had i?een prevented from voting at
previous elections, but had no trouble this time ;
among the numtier of individual regulators wit
ness recount zed Stoddard; while in the line no
ticed Stoddard's courtesy, kindness, respectful
and nrooer behavior, especially as directed to
wards elderly voters; was in rear of half a dozen
voters who were, by their accent, natives of Ire
land; they voted in peace and quietness; after
witness voted was on the ground for sometime;
heard that the "Ping Uglies" were about to make !
a visit to the Seventh Ward; thought that the
people of that Ward were able to take care of
t heinsclves without any assistance from the Plugs;
1 when the news about the Marines came down the
excitement then became very great; knows no one
of the parties said to be riotiig except Stoddard,
| and was struck with his courtesy and urbane de
meanor towards all; heard him cry out to some
riotous tnen to l?e quiet and act like peaceable
men; saw him shake off a man who was solicit
ou ; to embrace him.
Cross'tzatniii'il.?Saw Stoddard disadvantage
no one iu the ISac; this was between 10 and 11
o'clock a. m.
John F. Tovlson, sworn?Wa* present at the
first precinct of the Seventh Ward all day until
5_p. in.; saw no disturbance ou the part or Wil
liam':, Stoddard or Webster; every thing was
peaceable until after the news came about the
| calling out of the marines ; this was about I or
?J o'clock; \\ ehster Mated that he had seen the
marines coming down Capitol Hill, and a great
many people mad' light ot the story; they weie
told earnestly by Welwter that it was true, and
then Stoddaid became very much excited and
said that it was time for the American party to
see themselves righted; up to that time Stoddard
had been acting a* a pacificator, more like an or
dinary policeman on duty than any thing else;
Williams, having voted previously, was trying
to go up again; Capt. Thornton told him that he
had already voted; Williams said " Yes. and you
look out or I will vote again;-' Taylor was rather
wild, but seemed to tie friendly and in a good
humor; saw no men acting in coiiccrt with n view
to create a disturbance.
Cross-examined?Did not notice Webster. WU
sou and Stoddard particularly any more than the
rest of theciowd; heard Stoddard soy that no d?d
foreigner should rot*; did not see any people run
away from the polls; kept a refreshment table
within a few feet of the polls; did not consider it
necessary to close it at any time on account of the
disturbance; the voting was stopped for a while;
knows Wilson, Williams, Webster and Cross;
never heard anything against them in his life;
did not see any one excited until after the news
came about the marines tiring on the citizens.
Antoine Gfinder, sworn ?Is not a foreigner;
when witness went to vote Jesse Williams ap
peared to be making peace; witness was milled
away from the window by Warnach; Williams
and "Webster told the men not to trouble witness,
and thev let him alone.
Dr. iVillet, sworn.?Was at the polls; knows
Stoddaid and Williams; they are quiet citizens;
did not see Williams at all; Stoddaid was quiet
when witness saw him; witness saw nothing to
; justify the charge of rioting; some man came up
ami said the Mrst irishman that came up to vote
he would kill him; Stoddaid told the man to
keep quiet; was at the polls half a dozen times
that day; did not see any disturbance. - |
Tltoniav Fanny testified to the same general
effect a* the preceding witness for defence; did
not see any voters driven from the polls; after
the news about the marines came Stoddard was
much excited, and said no foreigner* should
vote, it was time the Americans did something ;
saw Warnach, who was drunk, beating some
Grinder. recalled.?Understood that those as
saulting him thought lie was a foreigner.
Josiah liny, sworn.- Did not see any lighting; I
men voted the .same as on other election days; I
witness was there nearly all day; saw William
Williams; he was very quiet, more so than usual.
Jdcks^n PuHii'hf'y was sworn, and testified to
the I'ootl character of the accused. There did not
appear t?> l>e any conceit of action to create a riot;
no voters were rejected, except such as were not
entitled to vote; the polls weie not taken [m-.s'-s
sion of; six or eight drunken men were there,
who had some little lighting; the only thing done
by Stoddard was to try to keep Waimu h quiet
Charles Hrnm testitied to the good character
of J Williams.Stoddaid and Webster; was at the
polls when the ncw? came about the marines;
didn't see anything like closing the jMili- ; was
i within twenty feet of the j>olls. and should have
! seen such au occurrence had it hapftened.
(i??org' Mr Kith test i tied that Williams advised
witness to j?o home on account of the excitement.
Charles A. I'u'tim testified to the good charac
ter of Webster. Williams and Stoddard; they
w? re honest, peaceful, high-minded, uncompro
mising Americans.
L a). S. Kinsttj also testified to thrir good
character; saw Stoddaid separating two men and
tiying to keep the peace; Stoddaid appeared to
act moreevidently ;u>a policeman than the police
themselves; saw no obstruction of the polls; tho
polls were only closed while the commissioners
were at dinner, al>out an hour; a good miny for
eigners were voted In the evening; if Webster
and party had come down to take possession of
the polls, witness would certainly have seen
them; there was much less disturbance at this
election than on previous occasions.
The facts elicited from the evidence of George
Thomas, J no. Van Reswick, II T. Pratlier, Geo.
Drockerton, and William Cox were mainly cor
roborative of that of the preceding witnesses for
the defence. The evidence for the defence closed
here, and the Couit then adjourned.
To-pay. the Court met at 10 o'clock a. in.
M \ Da-is Was calltd to the stand again antl
examined further by the District Attorney in re
lation to his evidence of yesterday, in regard to
Webster's coming down to the polls. There
was nothing elicited iu addition to yesterday's
Mr. Espty was also recalled and questioned,
but his answers in relation to the taking posses
sion of the polls l>y the rioters wa* the same a*
"iven ycste.day. 11<: stated that Webster, with
his crowd, rushed up to the polls in a threatening
manner, and broke up the ranks in the voting
line, the voters generally retiring before the ri
oters; did not hear Webster's words at that pie
cise time; witness was driven away himself with
the rest of the voter*, and went home; there was
a great deal of threatening and fighting, knocking
down of voters and other violence committed by
the rioters; the riot was general, the rioters
taking possession and the voters abandoning the
Mr. Moss was called for the U nlted State*?
was at the polls when the news came about the
marines; this was at the first precinct; Stoddard
then said that no foreigner should vote and ran
up towards the poll* at the same time; Warnach
came up to witness and asked him if he (wit
ness) was a tl^hting man; tol^l him no, but was
prepared to defend himself if attacked.
Cross-examined?Was ak>ont one hundred yards
from the polls at the time; witnesses attention
was upon Warnach at that time; was afraid he
would be killed.
The evidence closed here.
Mr. Key then proceeded to address the jury.
He alluded to the ingenuity manifested by the
counsel for the defence.in endeavoring to smother
absolute facts given in evidence by the United
States. In rases of riots witnesses may swear
they d.du't see what other witnesses swear they
saw; they may not see. but that is no evidence
that these fact. did not occur; the witnesses for
the United States have sworn to seeing transac
tions which are a disgrace to our country. Here
are a parcel of individuals at ting in concert to
prevent the citizens of a ward from exercising
their rit'hts of sutl.age; their legal rights. War
nach of Philadelphia, comes, this StiifflT-ho?e
man. and calls lor the A nti fighting men ; and en
couraging bv this bravado the riot. Tin *e men,
liarliet. Guilder, and others, are dragged bom
the polls and beaten brutally and prevented from
voting. The declaration of Webster that fo.el^r.
er* slioiild not vote there was commouted on with
great force by the District Attorney. The facts
of the case, he urged, plainly show a conce.t of
action. If the act shows this concert, itiey are
guilty, in every sense of the wo d, of the charge
made against them, of rioting. .Mr. Key preced
ed to sum up the evidence, commenting with se
verity iijion the certificates of good character
given by the witm s ;esfor defence, to the men who
vvere |m:iforming tliese disgraceful deeds.
Mr. Key was speaking when our rejiott closed.
John Hady terribly misliebavcd himself yes
terday, and came near |myin" the penalty of bis
1 if,- theiehy. He enteied the house of Mrs
Greene in the First Waul, knocked down a young
woman there, and said he would kill lie/. The
young woman took refuge in a iieighl>oring house,
and John billowed her there and battered the
d-wr* and shutters. He was arrested and sent to
jail by Justice Drury.
When Rady made hi* attack upon the young
woman Mrs. Greene snapped a revolver at him
tive times in succession, but fortunately for him
the pistol had b?-en loaded so long that the caps
were spoiled aud would uol explode
Thk Cit* Cocjccils ? Board Of AHtrtr.'n ?
This Board met at the usual hour yeshrday af
ternoon ; the president, Mr W. F. Bayly in the
A communication was received from tbe Mayor
containing his nomination* of Corporation offi
cers; which, on motion of Mr. Clark, waa laid
over for the time being.
Several petitions were presented and referred.
Mr. Miller, from the health committee, pre
sented* bill aathortzing the grading of an alley
in square 600.
Mr. Barry ottered a* a substitute one authoriz
ing an appropriation of *50 to be paid out of tbe
fnnds or the Fifth Ward, for inserting a truak
under C street south between New Jersey avenue
and Find street east; passed.
Mr. Donoho presented a bill for the relief of
Nicholas Vedaer; which was referred to the
finance committee.
A bill for the relief of Joseph Radclitfe was
read, and referred to tlW* finance committee.
A bill for theextension of tbe aheds in the Cen
tre market was passed.
Also, a bill authorizing the Mayor to have the
brick pavement laid in the Centre Market Space
under new sheds.
Mr. Miller presented a joint resolution direct
ing repairs in tbe alley in square No. 317, and
making an appropriation to pay for the same;
Mr. Riggs presented a bill authorizing the
Mayor to pay such interest as might l?e found
upon settlement to be due the Bank of Washing
ton on over drafts, to be paid out of any moneys
put to the credit of tbe general fund ; referred to
tinarfre committee.
Mr. Miller reported a bill authorizing an ap
propriation to pay for repairing Seventh street
west, from Rhode Island Avenue to Boundary
street; passed.
Mr. Miller, from the health committee, pre
sented a resolution asking the Mayor to hiie a
house for the inception of persons affected with
contagious disease; parsed.
Mr. Moore introduced a bill authorizing tbe
erection of an asylum for the indigent poor of
Washington, and a workhouse for the accommo
dation of persons who may be found in the com
mission of various |>etty crimes ; referred to the
asylum committee, and ordered to be printed,.
Mr. Dove, from police committee, reported a
bill granting permission to Norton & Columbus
to occupy the stand on Ninth stieet near the Cen
tie Market.
Mr. Houston moved to amend the bill so as to
read " under such restrictions as may be made by
tbe Commissioners of the market ;'5 the amend
ment was Adopted and the hill was passed.
Mr. Houston reported a bill for the relief of
Messrs. Beers A Brother, and for the relief of H.
11 Mcl'herson; passed.
Mr. Donoho. from the committee on unfinished
business, reported a bill for the relief of K. II.
Bates; referred to claims committee.
Mr. Rigi;s. from tire department commlttec,
reported a bill for the relief of N. Vedder; passed.
Mr. Ruff presented a bill authorizing the Mayor
to have a wooden trunk laid under Eleventh
street, in the Sixth Ward; passed.
Mr. Dove now moved to take up the nomina
tions from the Mayor; carried.
The Board then proceeded to confirm the fol
lowing nominations, being reuominations of the
present officers:
Corporation Attorney?J. M. Carlisle.
Tax Clerk?Win. J Donoho.
Book Keeper? Edwin Klopfer.
Messenger?Walter (J. Locke.
Commissioners of Improvements?First Dis
trict. Jos. E Rawlings; Second District, Rich'd
B.Owens; Fourth District. James Espey.
Intendent of the Asylum?Jno. R. Queen
Physician of the Asvluin?\V. M. Berry, M.D.
Commissioners of the Canal?Eastern Section,
Joseph Cross: Western Section, William Wise.
Sealer of Weights and Measures?II. Richey.
Inspector of Fire Apparatus?John W. Martin.
Clerksof Markets?Centre Market, Jno. Waters:
assistant, Joseph Lyons; Eastern MarkelfMichael
Conner; Wester n Market, Wm D. Serrin; North
ern Matket, (ieo. D. Spencer.
Wood and Coal Measurers?Thomas W. Os
godby, Jos Williams, Samuel C. Mickuin,
Ri.hard'Wimsatt, and John Cumberland.
Measurers of Grain, Bran Ac.?First District.
John Wilson; Second District, Joseph Z. Wil
Apothecaries to furnish Medicine* to the Poor
First Ward. David (J. Ridgely; Second \\ard,l?.
S. Dyson; Thiid Ward, Valentine Harbaus/h;
Fourth Ward, Jas. N Ca.lan ; Fifth Ward; J.
B. Gaidiner; Sixth Ward, Jas! O'Donnell: Sev
enth Ward, D. B. Cla'ke.
Physicians to the Poor?First Ward, Philip C.
Davis, M.D.; Second Ward, J. W. II. Lovejox
M D ; Third Ward, Geo. M. Dale, M.D.; Fourth
Ward, J. M. Toner, M.D.; Fifth Ward, J. M.
Grvines. M.D ; Sixth Watd, John M. Kol>erts,
AI D ; Seventh \\ aid. J. E. \\ illett, M.D.
Commissioner of Health?Chas S Force. M .D.
Mr. Donoho, from unfinished business commit
tee, reported the petition of Win. Linkius; re
ferred to improvements committee.
The Chair read a hill from the lower Board,
imposing taxes for the year 1-57. This bill au
thorizes the raising of the |ht rentage from 05 to
75 cents on each hundred dollars of taxable pi op
eity. Kef.Tied to finance committee.
And then the Boaid adjourned.
Comnu.a Council?The Board was called to
order at the usual hour.
Mr. Fisher preseuted a petition from the pro
prietors of the National Hotel in relation todiain
atre in the vicinity of that building; referred to
drainage committee.
Also, a |>?'titioii from William Or me and others
in relation to drainage in the Second Ward; same
Mr. Tiiiton pr?-s? nted the petition of T. P.
Morgan for the privilege of closing tbe dock at
the foot of G street north. A:c ; referred to wharves
Mr, Brown introduced a bill to divide the Third
Ward into three election precincts; referred to
police committee.
He also presented the petition of Geo. Parker
and others asking the extension of the new Centre
Mat ki t sheds over Eighth street, with a bill tor
that purpose, which was passed.
Mr. Kennedy introduced a bill to divide the
Fourth Ward into three election precincts; re
ferred to police committee
Mr. Wallace presented a petition for a footway
in the Fifth Wa:d; referred to improvements
Mr. French presented the petition of John
Grinder for certain improvements ; also, a bill for
improvements in the Fifth Waid; referred to
improvements committee.
Mr. Mulloy introduceda bill to grade arid grav
el Third street east; leferred to improvements
Mr. Wallace presented a petition that the city
printing he given to Win. Thompson; referred to
ways and means committee.
Mr. Kennedy, from claims committee, reported
a hill for the relief of Joseph Radeliffe; passed.
Mr. Brown, from the ways and means commit
tee. reported a bill imposing taxes, for the year
ending June'JO, lr-5?. [This bill fixes the taxes
at 75 cents per S1U0 on property, and the same
on the capital of private bankers, money lenders,
or brokers.}
Mr. Knigut moved to strike out 75, and insert
Mr. Lloyd mo\td to stiike out 75, and insert
Mr Orme moved to strike out 75, and insert 70.
Mr. Orine's motion was lost?yeas 0, nays 11.
Mr Knight's motion was lost?yeas 5, nays 15,
Mr. Lloyd withdrew his motion and moved the
bill be printed and made the special order for
Monday next; lost.
The bill was then passed.
Mr. Brown from the same committee, reported
a bill making appropriations to def.ay the gene
ral expenses of the Corporation for the year end
ing June 30. 1^56 ; ordered to be printed in bill
foiin and made the special oider for Mondav
Mr.Turton. from improvements committee, re
port* d adversely on the Aldermen's bill to im
prove Thirteenth street east; the hill was rejected.
Also, reported a bill authorizing the curbstone
to be set and the footway paved on First st. west,
from Pennsylvania avenue to C st. north; passed.
Also, a hill to gravel First street east, from
Peniisj Ivan.a to Maryland avenue, passed.
Mr. Jefferson, from unfinished business com
mittee, reported back a series of bills; referred to
the improvements committee; another series to
the claims committee; another series to the police
committee; another to the ways and means com
mittee; a petition of the L'nion Fire Company, to
the fire department committee; a communication,
referred to the asylum committee; and a statement
of the Canal Commissioner to canal committee.
Mr. Clark, from police committee, reported a
bill to pay rent expenses of the rommis.vluneis of
election, with an amendment.
Mr. Kennedy moved to strike out the first pre
cinct of the Fourth Ward; lost?ayes 3, in.es 17.
The hill, as reported, was passed
Mr. Mulloy offered a joint resolution to repeal
section '1 ot the act to defray the general expenses
of the Coipoiatioii for 1_57; referred to ways and
means committee.
Mr. Brown called up a bill from the Aldeimen
for the relief ??f Messrs. Norton and Columbus;
referred to police committee
Mr. Gordon introdur ed a bill to repair the trunk
under Eleventh street east l?etweeii G and I sis.
south; passed.
Air. I'reneh < ailed up a bill from the Aldermen
f??r inserting a trunk under C street south bet wet n
New Jersey avenue and E sti?*et east; passed.
Air Kennedy introduced a bill authorizing the
Mayor to employ iderical assistance in the office
of the fax Clerk. ?
Mr. Lloyd moved to refer to the wayu and
means committee; hist.
Mr. Knight mo/ed to postpone the bill until
Monday' next; lost
Mr. k. moved to amend by limiting the per
diem to #3; adopted; mid the bill as amended was
pass* d.
Air. Itrowii introduced ? hill to remunerate G.
II.J allies and James F. Devine for superintend
ing Hhe improvement of the Northern market;
referred to claims committee.
A communication (enclosing one received from
J. L. Smith, Esq.) was received from the Mayor
declining to comply with the reouest of the joint
committee on a new asylum building, to enter
into a contract with E. Bl*d A Brother for the
erection of said building, for the reason that the
proceedings of said.committee hud been Irregu
lar. Inasmuch iu the Joint resolution creating It
had not been signed hv the Mayor; that uo appro
ftriation had been maae for raid institution, and
hat the Mayor had not been furnished with a
copv of the specification*, in accordance with
whfch he was lequired to art. The communi
cation recommends the councils to proceed At
noro, and make an appropriation for toe asylum.
The communication was referred to the asylum
committee, and ordered to be printed.
The Board then adjourned.
Thk At*xasd*IA Cocxtt Hoxictd*.?We
find in the Alexandria Sentinel the following ac
count of the circumstances resulting in the recent
killing of James Birch, which we presume are
true. We are gratified, indeed, thus to find that
the affair in no way identified the unfortunate
young man who lost nis life in it with the so well
known gang of rowdy ruffians who have long in
fested that vicinity. While under our observa
tion (for having Ions? resided near him we saw
much of him) we regarded him as an industrious
young man, promising in all things to make a
good and useful citizen. Austen, it seems, was
not a student in the Theological Seminary, as we
mentioned yesterday, but a teacher in the Sunday
school of tnat institution :
14 A fatal rencontre took place near Mount Car
mel meeting-house, Alexandria county, yesterday
morning, in which a man named J allies Birch
was shot by a lad named Mel vail Austen.
" Wc have been unable to obtain further partic
ulars of the sad affair than those which we give
below and which we have from the lips of Mr.
James G. Austen, the father of the lad.
"ltseeltks that in connection with a church at
Mt. Carmel. which is served from the P. K.
Theological Seminary, a Sabtath School has been
recently estabHsh?-d. in which young AuRten was
employed as a teacher. At a pic-iiic given bv
the scuool some time since a difficulty occurred
in which Birch and Austen fought. Hi nee that
time, a feud has existed, and on yesterday J\utt
before the opening of the exercises of the Sabbath
School, Austen was set upon by several persons,
among whom was Birch, and severely bruised ;
to release himself he fired three shots f.-oin a re
volver, with which, since the feud, he had armed
himself. One of the shots took effect on Birch,
terminating his life In a few minutes.
" Austen was arrested, brought to town, and is
now in jail. So far as we can ascertain no in
queat has been held upon the body of Birch, as
up to noon to-day the Coroner hud not been noti
fied of the occurrence.
" We are desired to say that the Star of lhi?
evening is in error, in stating that the youth who
shot Burch was a student cf the Theological
The pistol used by Austin, we learn, was not
loaned to him by Mr. Brown, but by a young
man in Brown's employ.
Centre Market.?The supply this morning
in the butchers and vegetable departments was
good, considering the unfavorable weather.
Beef, per lb l2al9cjShipstufis 40a00
Pork 12al5jRoll butter 25a3l
Mutton V2alWiPhil'a print 37
Lamb.prqr 75aI 251 Kggs, per doz.... 8U
Sausage, pr lb.... 12# Honey, per lb.... 25
Lard Hi|Cyiiilings, per doz 25
Veal 12alw 'Lettuce, pr head.. 2aG
Beef tongues 75aSI |Spinitach, pr peck :i5
1 L J ?- .??? ? ? -
Calves heads,each 25
Bacon 15alf
Shoulders 12a 11
Breast pieces .... Haiti
Dried beef 17alf*
Chickens, p: pair. 75
As;>aragus, bunch 6
Onions, bunch.,.. 2
Tomatoes.doz.... 25a37
Bermuda Potatoes SI
Snap Beans, pk... 25
Lemons, per doz.. I2ai5
Turtles, each.. .12a8l.25 Cabbage, prhead. lOa'A)
Coined salmon... 15 Radishes, bunch. 2al
Herring, per doz.. 20*31
Terrapins, each... 37aS7
Irish potatoes, pk. 50
New Potatoes, pk. 50a75
Corn, pr bush.... SHkifel
Corn, ear,pr bush. 6;i
Beans, pr bush....
Rye, pr bush SI
i)iits,.lal.tl.,t,t, iQ,iijj
Meal <J5aSl
Green peas, pr pk 25
Strawberries, qt. 15a25
Cherries, per qt.. balO
Gooseberries 10
Currants 1G
Pine Apples,earh 12al?
Beets, per bun*h. 5a-<
Turnips, per b'ch. Hi
Cucumbers, each. 2al
<had. per pair .... 50
Sboits 35iSturgeon,"cuts ... 12a50
The fish inaiketwas almost deserted by pur
chasers, and the supply consisted of a few shad
and sturgeon.
River News.?At the mouth of the canal ar
rived yesterday schrs Palo Alto, Sebastopol,
Spry, Pearl. Hurry Smith, and Louisiana, from
Port Deposite, with lumber for the canal mer
chants. Some fifteen long Ixxits lail^n with wood
also went up the canal. At Harvey's wharf ar
rived schr Rol>ert Knowles. Scott, from Phila
delphia. with 5 tons furnace coal for Harvey &
Co At same wharf schr Kclipse. Ilitchius from
Philadelphia, with 2t*> tons of coal, partly for
Keys, and part consignineiit to Willard.
At Gait & Voting's wharf sclir Mary Tmverse,
Rolie.ts, from Ilavre-de-Grace, with fc5 tons of
coal for Moore. At Riley's wharf?schr S. A.
Faiconer, Terror, from New Vork. with 1,013
barrc Is cement for Capt. Meigs. At Magruder A
Stone's schr l'earl, fiom Port Ue|?osite, 5U,o>iOfeet
of lumber for Norment. iiame wharf?schr 11.
Tmver.se, from Philadelphia, with 01 tons of coal
for Messrs Magruder A Stone; schr Friendship.
Captain Trader, from Tangier lieach with 1,000
bushels sand for Governmeiit woiks.
Arrivals at Western wharves?s< lin'rs Arctic,
from New Vork, 50 tons curbing for 11. Payne;
Al. K. Ileam. from Port Deposite, 135 tons gran
ite for United States Treasury Extension; Prob
lem, Palmer, 145 tons granite for I'nited States
Treasury Extension.
Tuf. Examination of the Junior male depart
ment of the Second district school, under the
charge of Mrs. F.mily Mye s, took place at three
o'clock yesterday in the presence of T. J. Ma
gruder and Josiah F. Poik, Trustees of the dis
trict. We were much gratified to see the vener
able and much respected John Sessford, sr., pres
ent and taking interest in the proceedings. The
third or junior class was first examined, and man
ifested considerable and fair knowledge of the
branches taught. Tii>: li:st and second tlasses
passed a rigid examination. Their exercises in
arithmetic, orthography and reading wercxxcel
lent, and the audience were much gratified with
their ready and correct replies to .ill questions
put to them.
Mrs. M. has h*d charge cf this sehool for the
iast two years, and from one of the worst it has
become, under her mild yet linn and decided
government, one of the best in the city. Many
teachers were present, gratified spectators of the
great improvement in this school, as also I)r.
Harbaugh, a form.T trustee, still manifesting by
his presence his interest in the public school sys
Robbery asd Arrest ?Yesterday, a young
fill, named Mary Miller, was arrested at the rail
road depot, by Conductor Shawon and Office'
Reuben Collins, on a charge of stealing jewelry'
Ac., from the residence of A Hyam, Esq., in
Baltimore. The articles were found in h*-r pos
session, and *he was committed to jail by Justice
Hollingshead for further hearing. Mr. Hyam is
unwilling to prosecute, if there is any chance to
reform the young girl, now about seventeen years
of age. She was employed in Mr. Ilyam's family
at the time, and, though other arti< les of value
silver plate, money, Ace., were near by her, she
passed them to take only the gold. If the prose
cution is continued, she will be taken to Balti
more by a requisition from the Governor of Mary
A Muss was raised in the yesterday evening
train of cars from Baltimore, in this wise:
Passenger No. I. who represents himself as one
of the quietest persons in the world, had taken
his seat in the cars, when passenger No. 2. a
peaceable man when sober, but not sol?er at this
time, took a seat behind No Land persisted in
using that gentleman's back for a footstool
No. 1 iequested No 2 to remove his feet.
No. 2 signified that he considered that request
au insult, and demanded saiisfaction.
More words followed, and then came blows,
and it required the interference cf the conductor
to separate the parties.
Police Reports.?The weekly report to the
Chief of Police of ten officers last week, shows
the report of Corporation cases to be G2; L'niUd
States cases 11; total 73. First Ward, no report;
Second Ward, 7 cases; Thiid Waid, 10 do;
Fourth Ward, 24 do : Fifth Ward, 7 do.; Sixth
Ward, 3 do ; Seventh Ward, 13 do. The remain
ing officers are to report their cases this week.
Pi'Bi.ic School Examinations.?'The exami
nation of the male department of District Sehool
No. l.S J Thomson, Principal, will take place
to-moirow. The regular examination will take
place at 3 o'clock p m. The Class on the Con
stitution of the United States will be examined
at luo'clock, a m., the examination lo be con
ducted byS. Yorke Ail.ee, F.sq.
Tiie Liberty Club, albeit the unpropitious
weather of yesterday, had a numerous party on
their down-river excursion, and managed to pass
a downright pleasant day. Scott's band furnished
excellent music, and Relchstein did up the cater
ing In good style.
We hope the Liberty boys will repeat their ex
cursion some line day,' audgive their ?'ilends who
missed the one of yesterday another opportunity.
Caution.?We learn that, on Saturday night,a
forged order In the name of Charles S. Waliach
was passed upon Wall A Stevens for clothing.
We have no doubt that other forgeries of this
gentleman's name have been per pet rated, and it
will be well for the public to be on the look out.
Assault and Battery.?Yesterday, Officer
Kimball artested Mary Blackslone, colored, for
an assault and battery on an Irish girl about 13
years of age named Mary Donnelly. She was
taken before Justice Donu and held to bail to ap
peiy at Cou rt.
Appoiktkd?Wehearthat Cornelius Dongher
ty, of the Seventh Ward, has been appointed a
letter carrier In the Washington City Post Office,
vice Tucker resigned.
*f>MSTtttSo Ntw In the amuyiDfnt line ia to
be affbrdrd oar citizen* to-night and to-morrow
ni^ht, at the Wa^hin^ton Assembly Room*, in
the shape of dramatic, performances in German
and English. '
Cocrt of Claim*.?The Court met this morn
ing. and adjourned to the second Monday in Oc
tober next. ?
Watch Ritcem?.?Gilbert Cuatis, colored,
disorderly and out after hours; flue and coats,
92.56. Win. Silvester, colored, drunk and disor
derly; do.
Wnntrd?A competent jud<?e to prove that Eni
rir4'i Lngtr is not the best in the city.
Madawf Mount ha* prepared t?y special request,
a Salve (or the cure ol Canoers, which sever was
known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar
rhea. and Summer Complaint, which net* a* a per
fect charm to arrest all ol these diseases. Also, a
Salve for the Piles, (an extract Irotu a flower.la sov
ereign remedy. Give them atrial. Like her Con
sumption Destroyer, the* may be relied ob. She
oflers no article hut whaOhas heen tested. To tie
had at No. 3SiG street. l>etween 11th and 12th. Also
at Nairn & Palmer's Drug Store, oorner street
and Penn. avenue.
The Consumption Destroyer also can he found'in
Alexandria, at Mr. Castleman's Store, on King
street, my sole agent for that place. In tieorgetown
at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. je 17
Lyon's Magnetic Powder, for the extermination
of Bedbugs. Cockroaches. Moths. Ants, aiul Mos
quitoes. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and
Mice, for sale, wholesaleaud retail, at Shillington's.
Odeon Building, oorner of street, and Penn** I
vanea avenue. if
Oh the 29th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Holmcsd, Mr.
DYSON, all of this city.
OnSundav. JuneWth. by the Rev. J. C. Smith.
THOMPSON.all of this city.
On the morning of the 3Wh instant, ELLA, only
ohildol Robt. V.aod Mary A. Godmm,aged2montb*
and 2 dav*.
The friends of the fanuiy are requested to attend
the funeral on To Morrow (Wednesday,) at So'clk
p. m.. without further notice.
Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
Pennsylvania avenue, tw tuk First Waru.
at Auction ?On MONDAY, thetfth dav of July. 1
shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock P. M..
tlwt handsome new and large brick House, situated
at the corner of Pennsylvania avenueand 2mh slreet
and the lot on which it stands, lieing lot No. 26. in
square 101. which fronts 43 feet 1 inches by 43 feet 'J
inehes, and the house covers all the lot.
And immediately ?fter thu saleof the above I shall
sell a large three story brick House on the north
suler f Pennsylvania avenue, !>etween 19th and 2?>th
streets, and tee lot on which it stand*.
Also, a lot immediately in the rear of the House,
fronting on I street.
The honse has a back building, and contains 16 con
veniently arranged rooms and wide passage.
Term*: One-fourth cash : lifilance in 6, It. 18. and
24 months, for notes Itearing interest from dav of
sale. A deed given and a deed ol trust taken. Title
mdisputa' le.
je 3'-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN, \uctioneer.
For sal*: at auction one of the
city.?In pursuance of a power of sale ooutaiued in
the Inst will and testaincrt of the !ftte Gottlieb C.
G rammer. duly provetl and receded hi the Orphans'
Court for th"? coiintr of Washington, D. C.. the sub
scriber will se'l on the premises, on TUESDAY, the
7th instant, rt 6 o'clock P. M., Lot No. 15, in square
No. 2i*?. in this city. This very valuable property
i* situated in one of the most attractive awl rapidly
improving parts of the city. It fronts V> feet on th*
west side* of Vermont avenue, betwoen H and I
streets north, and runs back 121 feet, containing V
feet. There is on it a convenient two-story brick
dwelling, occupied by Mr. A. E. Le Merle.
Terms: One-third cash; (wlance in 6.12, and '8
months, for notes liearmg interest from day of sale.
A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis
Trustees for heirs of the late ?>?t?lieb C. G rammer.
jejKMl A. GREEK, u -U n -er.
By C. R. L. CROWN A CO. Auctioneers.
at 6 o'clock, we shall sell in front of the premises.
Lot No. 27 in Square 4?7, tying on the west and
paved side of 4>?.
Also, a part of Lot No. 1, suUhvmon of Square
No.5?n, tieginnmg at the northc-ast corner of said
I.ot at the intersection of First street with the
alley running in the rear of said I.ot, then west with
the line of said alley *5 feet, thence with ami paral
lel with said First street we.st 54 feet, thence east to
said First street west 55 feet, with two Houses on
said lot?frame.
Terms of sale: One-fourth,'cash ; the !?Ip.nce in
fi, 12, ami 18 months, for notes liearmg interest from
day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
je25-d C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Anets.
till Till RSDAY AFTERNOON same hour and
_j unc Sid C. R. L. CROWN A CO., A lifts.
By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer.
Household im.kitchen fi rniti re
- at Auction.?On MONDA\ . ihe2.>ih instant,
I shall sell, at the residence of II. Pardon, F.sq., on
4th street east. No. r?6-i, nt 12o'clock in., ago**! au
sortment of Furniture, viz :
.Mahogany Bureau and Tables
Walnut Extension Tables
Painted Cottage Chamlier Sets
Collate Bedsteads, Window Curtama
Hair ami Shuck Mattresses
Dining-room aud Passage Oilcloth aud Carpets
China, Glass, aud Crockery Waie
Cluck. Lounge, ,V'\
Lot of excellent Feather Bolsters and Pillows
Walnut canrt seat Chairs, Rockers,and Wn*hstanJs
Cooking, Airtight, and other Stove*.
With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites,
Terms cash.
je 24-d A. GMREN. Auct.
in consequence <d the lain until THURSDA\
uext, July 2d, at the same hour.
jnt.e 3>-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Bv J AS. C. McGl'lRE. Auctioneer.
Peremptory sale of lots east of
NOON, July 1st, at b o'clock, at the Auction
Rooms. I shall sell without reserve
Lot No. 13. in Square l,"M, fronting .53 feet on East
Capital street. I?etwecn '6th anil 17th street* west.
Lots 3, 4, j,and !?, m Square No. 951. fronting re
spectively on Last Capito! street. Ninth street east,
and Massachusetts avenue. These Lots are ln?anti
fully lo&ited, and will be sul-du uled to suit purchas
l ots 7.T,and 9, in Square 1,112, frontina togetf.er
ls5^ feet on lKth street east, liotweeii south B and C
streets, (on the iugh grounds in froi-.t of the Wash
ington Asv ium.land containing U5.>>4 squ&re feet.
Terms for Lo* m S<iuare l,'?4. cash. For the
others, one-fourth cash : the residue in6.12 .and !H
months, with interest, secured by deed ol trust ou
the premises.
je 2*) <1 J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auet.
Lv BARNARD A BUCK EY. Auctioneers.
fop. Sale.?On THURSDAY. Juki, at tliree
o'clock p. m., will be sold at the Little Fall* Bridge,
on the Virginia sid<?, that portion of Rich Point
Farm, north of Prnumelt's Run, containing one
hnt'dre 1 acres, more or less.
Tin* property is most eligibly situa'ed on tiie
Leeshurg Turnpike Road, four miles from Wash
ington C:'y. well wooded hi oak and clieslnut.
Priinniett s Run.(the southern Uxntdary,) is a uerei
laiiiii^ stream of water. The cleared laud is easy of
cultivation. The Quarries on the Potomac are
highly valuable, having the tinest curb and flag stone
on the river.
If desirable,the property can l>e divided into two
portions to bint purchasers, the object of the pro
prietor Iteini to increase the neigiiUirhood, as fie i?
alsuit to build on the adjoining poition for his own
Terms: One-third, cash: the Iwlance in six and
twelve months1 notes: i*eann^ interest from day of
sale. Deed of trust taken to secure the payments.
The plat of the property can be seenat the auction
rooms of Barnard A Buckey. Bridge streer,George
town. Sale positive.
je r.-i\ BARNARD A RI CKEY. Anets.
jVIA Rr?HA L'S SALE.?In virtue ot a writ ol fieri
1*1 facias on scifa lien law issued from the Clerk's
otlice of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum
bia for the County of Washington, and to me di
rected, I shall expose to public sale for cash, in front
of the Court house door of said county, on FRI
DAY. the 17th day of July, 18.VJ, at 12 'clock, the
following property. to wit:
AII defendant right, title, claim, and interest in and
to the three two-story and attic Fraihe Dwelling
Houses and Back Buildings, situated ou Lot No. 2*>,
in square No. K7 in the City of Washington, D. C..
fronting 4?' feet on north L street, seized ami levied
upon as the property of John S. James, and will l>e
sold tosa'isfy Judictals No.243to March t. rin iSt7;
Francis Wheailey vs. John S. Jamos.
je24 d Mantel fortiie Uiit.of Col.
U\ J. C. MoO( IRK, Aectiewwr.
1 a DeeJ <>| Tiust from W illiam H. Faulkner to
the undersigned I rust ;*?, dated J.ih day of May. l?5*i,
recorded tu Lil?er J. A. S., No. U\, lol,?? i;ct, Ac.. I
shall,on .\lON DAY, thetitli dav of July i.exl, l<e
i ween the hours ol' A and ti o'clock p. m.. proceed to
sell I ot No. _S. Reservation A. Minuted on Hie Soul h
side ol Pennsylvania avenue, f<etween .?l and 4th
streets, frontmg on Iheaveuue^ feel,and tunnim:
lack 127 5-12 leet t<? an alley, and o>i which there is
erected anew and first -class brick l-uiidiug, now oc
cupiI'd by said Faulkner.
Title indisputable.
Terms: One third cash on the day of sale, and the
balance in equal payments at 6 and 12 uiontht, with
interest, secured bv deed of trust on the property.
Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser.
AN DR E\V W Y LI E. Tru?t*e.
je23-d J AS. C. McGl'lRE. Auctioneer.
Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
at Auction.?On THl RSDAY, f lie 2d ol Juiy.
at 6 o'clock, in front of tliepremiMes, L?-t N<?. IK, lit
Square No. 71?, fronting Si feet inches on 11 st.,
near2lst street, depth 183. This property is in a
fteautifui situation, and is deserving of attention
from persons wishing to purchase. It will be equally
divided into two lots ifdesin d.
Also. Lot No. 3, hi Square 51, lion ting ou L street
51 Iset it inches, minting Ixtck l"e feet to a pulJic
alley. Isruu hnefy situated* in the immt>di-\re vicin
ity of tbe Circle. The lot will be divided il Jesired.
't itles to the alsrve lots indisputable.
Terms: One-Miird cash; the residue in 6 and 12
mouths, Willi interest, secured by a died of trust ou
the property.
ie2C-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
between Dand E streets, west side, PR AC- jjv
TU'AL WATCHMAhKR, keep* constantly
on hand a hne assortment ol W A I'l'IIES
JEWELRY, aplto.fiu^
THREE DAYS' eater from K1ROPB.
Arrival ?( the KtagarB. ?
lUttrAx. June29 ?The ateamer Niagara, from
Liverpool, with dates to the 30(h Instatt, arrive*
here tni* evening.
A spirited discussion bad occurred la tbe Hotme
of Common* la regard to tbe deMrwtioa ofGrejr
lown hf an American war ve**el
Lord Hamlla enquired If the Government bad
demanded reparation for the British property de
stroyed. ?
Lord Palmers ton replied It bad not, tbe >av of
ficers of the Crown having given tbe oplaloa that
the demand could not be sustained.
A discussion ensaed, in which D'Israeli. Roe
buck and others denounced the outrage and in
sisted that the honor of the British flag ought to
have been maintained.
Lord John Rnssell and other* defended the
Government, and then the subject was dropped.
The British cruisers sent to the roast of Cuba
am to he ineiejsed.
The continental news Is unimportant.
The French election excitement Is greatly In
The MvHEri.^Tlie sales of cotton at Liver
pool for the week were 43.IUI bales, at a partial
advance: Orleans ffcir<?V middling ? 15-to; Mo
bile fairP^, middling?Upland* fair t?%', mid
dling 7\. B read M lifts hud slightly advanced
over the prices of the preceding week Tl*?
weather Lad lieen favorable for the crops. Pro
visions were dnll and qniet
The Burniakg of the Montreal.
Montreal. June 29.?Some sixty or seventy
survivors of the recent steamboat disaster have
reached this city. Sixteen ladies have also been
brought here, and 137 toljnebee.
The coroner's jury will investigate the matter
The emigrants are under the charge of tbe SC.
Andrew's Society.
Yellow Fever at Montevideo.
New Yoai, June'JO ?Advices from Montevi
deo to May l'itb say that there had been soiue
thirty or forty deaths from yellow fever daily,
and there w?h no indication* of an abateinea't
A strict quarantine was enforced on all vessels
between Montevideo and Buenos Ayres.
Baltimore Marksta.
Baltimobi. June 90?Floar Is dull: bolder*
ask %7 5?? l?er bbl. for Howard street, bat there
are no buyers.
Wheat'is scarce?very little In the market. K
lot of CUD bushels red sold for 91 *3per bushel.
Corn is Arm; white WV-.. yellow rtln*-~c.
Whisky is dull; City 31*; Ohio 32c
New York Markets.
Nkw York, June 30 ?Flour Is firm sales of
S.SWtbbls.; State. #ti 50; Ohio, fti.7da#7 ??,
Southern. S7.9ife97.65.
Wheat is steady; sales of 3.000 bushels; price*
are nominal. Corn is firm; sales of 33,0U) bush
els; mixed at 84c., white 9Cc.
Pork is buoyant; sales of St*) bbls.; mess S20.7S
a?AI.'JtJ?an advance of 13c. Beef is uuiet; west
ern repacked *l("?.50af 17. Lard Is steady at 14a
M^c. Whisky Is unchanged, Ohio 32c.
Nkw York, June ?Stocks are firmer and
active. Chicago and Rock Island Railroad 84 ;
Cumberland Coal Company 15%; Illinois Central
shares 13?: do. tmnds 'JB^; Michigan Southern
New York Central 77. Pennsylvania Coal
Company 90; Reading Railroad 69%; Missouri
ti's 81 .
Sterling Exchange is firmer at 109fc .
By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers.
1 at An t:?>\\?On TUESDAY A FTER NOON.
MM instant.at SH o'ciook, we will sell that valuable
I ,ot No. la, in Square No. 77. fronting 53 leet 1 mcit
on south side of north J street, and running imati
that width 143 feet H'* inches to a S'-feet alley, con
taining 7.ftB square feet. This valuable property is
worth> attention for building or speculation.
Terms I literal, ami made known st sale.
je27-dts WALL A BARNARD. Aunts.
By ItUNTZ A COOM BS, Auctioneers.
4 Household I'irxitcre.?On WEDNESDAY
MORN iN'G. 1st instant, at !? o'clock a. in., we ahnll
sell, in front of our Auction Rooms.a large ami gen
ersl assortment of exoellent Funutuee. Iiemg the
effects of a gentleman about to leave the city, sucu
Mahogany Sofas. Chairs, Lounres,T*i<!es
Rurcaus. Hocking Chairs, Washstnnds
I'.russetls, Three ply. awl Ingrain Carpeting
Oilcloth, Matting, Bedsteads
Mattresses, Looking Glasses, Clocks, Sale
A lot of Cigars, 7 octave Piano
China, t> lass, and Crockery Ware, A c.
Terms at sale. BONTZ A COOMBS,
je2!> ts Auctioneers
By WALLA BARNARD. Auctioneers,
1 iiik to purchase a Country Residence is called t<?
the sale of that beaut ifal and Fiighiy cultivated Farm,
late the Country Residence of A. Hoover, Esq..
deceased, lying hi Alexandria County, one nnlelrum
(Georgetown lu an eligatile position just aU>ve tli?
Aqueduct, possessing a full and romantic view ol
Washington and its vicinity, and tieing pro vet 1.1
ally healthy, presents peculiar advantages tor a sum
uier residence. The dwelling is nearly new and pos
sesses the most modern improvements and convent
In reenrd to the land we would state that it pro4u
c-s for the late owner the linest Crops, Grain, \ ?ea
tallies, ami Fruit.
The sale will take place on the premises Tl-ES
DAY, the 3-ith inst., at 5 o'clock p. in.
jo?7- WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers.
Bv WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers.
Cot nth* Residenc e at Ptbmc Sale.?tht
TUESDAY, 99th instant, at So'olock ?. mi., on the
premises, we will sell thai beautiful ru.J highly cul
tivated Farm..late the country residence ol A.
Hoover, Esq.,deceased, lying in Alcxandriacuanty.
Virginia, one mile from Georgetown, and oa the
heulits just altovethe Aqueduct.
This Farm contains alsiut one hundred and sixty
acr^s, in a high state ol cultivation, well fenced.and
enriched with the liberal use of fertilizers. Tliere
is a large Orchard ol the choicest fruits now in full
liea nag.
The dwelling, which is nearly new, is 42 feet
square, surrounded with a teu-feet wide portico,
oontains large nariors, roomy hall, five iarge ohain
tiers, kitchen, bath-room, water-closet, and every
modern convenience; also, a reservoir on the top of
the house. In fact, no expense was spared to make
the dwelling comfortable nnd elegant.
Ttic situation is l>eautiful, commanding an exten
sive country, city, and water view, and is witlua a
few minutes' walk of Georgetown.
The other improvements consist of new barns,
siteds. stabler, styes. Ae.
There is a liberal supply of pure water close to the
?win*, nnd the fatin is well watered with several un
failing streams.
The terms, whicn are liberal, will be made known
at time of sale. A. P. HOOVER.
je22-ts WALL A BARNARD. Awct.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust
executed to me, and recorded hi Lit?er J. A. S.
No. 1^, lolios 43H, W, <33, and 43?, one of the !^and
Records ol Washington county. ?n the District ol
Columbia, I shall on TUESDAY, the of
June, at six o'clock p. m., in front of the premise*,
oiler for sale at public tuctiou lo the highest fctdde.
therefor, the following property, to wit: " Ali tl?e
following piece or parcel of property, to wit, part of
Lot No.Sin Square No. 343, of said city , lietimiiug
tor the saute at the southwest corner of said lot ami
running thence north along the line of Eleventh
street west 23 feet, thence east 2H feet, thence nortt.
two feet, thence east 71 feet 9 inches to the rear of
said lot. thence south along the rear line of the said
lot 25 feet to the southeast corner of tbe said lot.
thence west along the south line of said lot feet
9 inches to the point of beginning "
Terms, cash. Property to be resold at the risk
and expense oft lis Purchaser unless terms are com
plied with in three days from day of sale.
_ Trustee.
jel0-2r.wAd A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
By A. GREF.N, Auctioneer.
Household a kitchen furniture
at Avction.?On WEDNESDAY,the 1st dar
of July.at o'clock a. m., I shall sell at the resi
dence of A. Moise, Esq., No. Ninth St., D??oga
ty's Row, next to the oomer of I. street north, a
sood assortment of nearly new lumitnre. vix:
Mahogany French Sofa, spring-seat Chairs, and
Mahogany sofa Table, cherry dining ami side TaUe
Oval gilt-frame Mirror, Mantel Vases
Parlor and chamlter Window Curtains
Feather Pillows and Bolsters
Han and si,tick Mattresses, Cottage Bedsteads
Bedding :u*t Wardruhea, W'aslthtands
Cane seita.jd other Cha,rs
China, if lass, ami crockery Ware. Table Cutlery
Three p!y ingrain and passage Car pels
Cook ills, air tight, aid other Stoves. With a cimlI
UK ol Kitchen I tonsils. ^ E U
Terms: All sums under cash : over ???-, a
cmlil 4?t ???) Hint ?U\9,|??r M<>i mi*ctoriU Vu
tieariii< iulerebt?
jeSd A. (? REEN, Auotioneei.
III?" The house is for rent, inquire on the i>im>
Ail persona wl???se i.icenses from the Corpora
tion of Georgetown, expires on the :?>th instant. rtr?*
hereby notiliod promptly lo renew the -ai-ie. othei
wise they ma> sut>>ect themselves to a tine
i?lher uotice will lie given.
jedt-StawtJulyl WM. 1.A I ill). Clerk.
^F.MI AN N I AL N?? TH'F..?W e nre t???ly en
n ga^.sl tnakiir oil'all o|?en :icc..unts on our UN.k-,
ind shall as usual make mi im(i;-ci tut natc issue ot
the same up to the 27th ol this month. MumHiiik
ill who are aware ot having an account with ws and
would a? soonautioipate it, vt, i ?i. e-reyi^:
lavor t*v calling at our de.-k and p.tv inr. t' e amonet.
vnd thereliy saving them the annoyauec of a call and
us the trouble of sending them.
je l5-tj> I Cl.AtiETT. l?t?l?S4?N A CO.
piBKi-riKR ?-Flttg
A general assortment ol FIRE WtillKS from a
Lintbsltopper to a one pound Rocket. These work*
?ave t>eon selected with great care from the oele
iratcd manufactory of G. A J. Edge. Jersey City.
The snppljr is limited. Call early aud ^?oare a
yortion for tne glorious 4th of July.
For sale by E. M. F.VER ETT.
je 34-4t No. 281 Penu. ave.. u?*r li* h at.
Bird cages. imm?r mats, carriaqev.
Combs, Brushes. Ac., lust openue at
ieib Mclaughlin's,No.*,b<t.448

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