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Ysokee I^khI'o ??m to town
On a little ponv,
he's br otnt * big mare down.
Sleek. and ?tron*. and hony.
Any wetght she 11 carry which
Ain't laid ci by a noodle:
Wiwig tne Cean re witch.
See our Yankee Doodle.
Raeutg men. in disriee
W *>?[? note the.r Iomm,
Wfju bow smartly Jrtoum
. Linked them Britisn 'oases
Jonathan, let's liquor on
1 kit new umtinc fetter.
Always a fovd friend to John.
Now you've frow'da B tter.
. 1 London Puneh.
? IO im* TThis beautiful "Owed''
is having an extensive circulation We remem
r*"r ??e|o?Ha while ago credited to John 0.
*axe, and Is probably one of hie
Note* on the "fallin* dew of eve.
To one to wnom the oash hetonics,
AMI who. on not (etting it will so*?
Ain t eo pleasant by a si?ht
^?oemass or tub Nieta Expedition.?Advi
ees from Africa ?utfs tbat the expedition fitted
out in England for the purpose of exploring both
branches of the Niger, by the steam propeller
Dayspring. in charge of Dr. Balkie, R. Jr7 left
^B^.?rK.:W^,r,VlrLfor ,h* N'Ker on the
loth of JulV. all well. The expedition la com
posed of fifty Krooioen, twentv-live natives of
the countries bordering on the Ni^ec. and four
teen Europeans; including Dr Baikie Lieuten
ant mover Mr May, .nd Dr Dav>a. of the Ro"
??*u?>i*t and with Captain
Grant and engineer* It is the intention oAlr
Lafrd to form trading posts on the banks of ?h?
river .?the mo,t eligible .itnltiS, fo?"he cS
lections o' cotton, shea, ontfer and other pr?d,2
?&XX^JZS2?*,k"' ??""
Ancli. ?rf*Ped,"o" ? ? now exploring the Conco
river It f ' ?,nrn?n<*?i by l<a,li*htu* Magyar
of the Port. ^rarn,y? ^co.npanied by m-n of
H? " ,m,ke,? '?? ?"rve, of
I hat stream. ? of a l r7nhK observe how
European powers, * n?w " *r? now eng?i:ed
In attempting to oj. " 'nV" connections with the
inferior of Africa i. ? d?uM these explorations
will open the wav ft i.F'Vk!! missionary and
commercial operations . , eenrral regions of
this long unknown con LBC Colonization
A Fkaikcl JtPiiMHT ?'a *"* "davsbnrg
Standard of a late day says: 1 p, "*r w'"Je days past
there has been a singular story ati n fhiscom
munity. Whether true or not, we 'arf '10t pre
pared to say, but the information . "oines from
such a reliable source that we are i 'w to **y
there must be something in it. It app *"ar* 'hat
one day last we?*k a man In the neighbor.***,?d of
.Mount Union. Huntingdon countv. while c 'faM"
ing grain, suddenly discovered that the wt
had destroyed the greater part of it. This so e X
asperated him that he blasphemed the Saviour in
such a wilful, malicious and wicked manner
that will not bear putting in print.
44 He left the barn and went to the house, where
he seated himself in a chair, where he had re
mained but a few minutes before he turned to
bis wife and asked her what she said She re
plied tbat she had not spoken ?1 thought.' said
be. 1 that I heard som-bodv sav that I must sit
here till the judgment day.' It is now alleged
that he is tttll sitting in lite cAair, unable to rise
or speak, with hi> eyes roiling, and totally inca
pable of movine his body. His family, it is
said, has left the house, where he still remained,
seat in the chair, on .Saturday last ! What a ter
r?ble waraing to blasphemers who suffer their
pasions to oversway their judgment."
JTF The hog cholera Is attracting the attention
of the Medical Faculty of Louisville, Ky
IET The Ho^on telegraph estimates the cot
ton crop of Texas at -ill ,Uju bales.
IET Thursday. the &tb of November, has been
appointed ** a day of Thrift giving by the Gov
ernor of Texas.
CT A portion of the track of the **?e5>:*aine
A Indiana Railroad, near Dallas, has " ret*e4 al
most from view "
IET It is estimated that 25,00b tailors, cutlm*
pioyment,L'#5Se"' *re ln N>w York out of em
IIT* The Montreal Journals profess to state on
good authority, tbat Ottawa has been made the
Legislative Metropolis of Canada
?-V^r?M#r-Vr,nsby' * Ma|ne man. has recovered
'\o^N? R w, ?lZ}\Ch the bank of Freder
ic ton. .s B . was robbed last sBmuier.
le?al,zinK ,be suspension of the
banks ?f Mis.?urT, tlll fhe l9t of NoVfn)ber fi_
passed the House on Wednesday, by ':S majority!
pim Tl" "Maid of Mohawk" beat "Fanny
?n ? / ln * ,eH.^t,ot ljvvr tb* Onaida Course
on Saturday Time 38:14.
? Peter Lipplncott, of Westfleld, N. J
'? W""* " Su?<W
?f bon
"s, niava d rif silks entirely.
1v!C7fcTh* mentions
thlt aue^ro ma?Tf Livingston, the other day sat
down on tbe ed^e of ? W^ll. fell asleep; tum{>led
in bead fo emost anu W*> killed.
117" The Circuit Court Ol F'tt-ivlv^nlaeonnty
Va.. has sentenced Elij*i> Cartf.ttay to the peni
tentiary f.?r aterinof twoy^i's I> Victbari?ed
with cutting tbe throat of a utAii by tKm nau?? of
ID" An extraoidi/iarv course of tides is now
pnrvailin* in the I'e.noUcot says the Hai.^or
Whig On Mofiday the water ro^o 1? feet two
tentbs, from low water marks and on Saturday |P
leet four-tentbs?as registered at the ?learner
istiuurd'* wharf
The London Engineer contains anacroant
of a new k.nd of p oj^ctue Tne invention
sists of a peculiar cond uction and application
of expaii>iouaiid extriution Windsor j/uides, for
the puipos? of I'wveining the directiou of boiui>s
orotue projectile^ to 11 eJ fru.u a ^un, durinjt
their passage throu-.'h the air. 8
ITT" In the Circuit Court of AugusU County
on Mondajr last, Judge Tboiiip?on presiding, tbe
taae of tbe Cornuio,,wealth vs MicLael Rush, for
rape on tbe person of a white girl inra.ly twelve
yrars of age, was taken up The jury after a few
mi?utes,bfought m a verdict of ??guilty." flxink.
1^1 ,B th^ Penitentiary of the
abnudoned criminal, at 17 years. !
thELK P?,ull;,* Ue '?"? " haa been found
^ f ,",V"rr"speed hivejumped
over depressrons of two iVet in length on the V^T
If an eu^ine, ^oin^ So in:lta an h'rur, couid b?
a,?-r ?,f tor its own leugt?
and then allowed to jun.o ofl, it would jurupGO
wet high ai.d u* forward Tbe disuVe
jumprrt Would be as the square of the speed the
engine was running. ^
>t iTbv Ta^ietV* C'fho'ic newspaper pub
?o"' "?to "???&
c?mPa,,,',?. we venture, to a*
? rteM natln?al lift of a
creed which puts five hundred daily into tbe
grave for one it wins ,0 it. co???u?Ln And
WII.I.ARDS' HOTEL ?J F Maguire, Aust.;
C Koiiueay, Maine; Ur J R t*mith. I' J* N; Mrs
ftpauldibK and child. N York; i P Phillips and
4autfhl?i, Vi; \V A P Dilliiiithain, Me: Miss Oil*
Itajrnam. Misa Child, do; Miss M A 2a?riskle.
SJ' W A L Lett, br J 1. Zst>riskle. J Eott '/a
briskle, J O'Brien end Isdv. .M Mtrakoscb, NV;
Majors Thornton. Chas?*. Col T L Kaine. l*SA;
U?orue PL", Pa; C 11 Clark ai.d lady. N Y, B II
Springer. Pa, H M W arficld. Md; R P Desilver,
NY: Dr J Beale, L'SN; J R A Perkins and lady,
P*Higg?as. .Mass; E L Barnes. Ha. Mise Harne*.
.Mass: W T I.onher and family. G Bucktnan. J
Eldndije. .Mrs McCaoley and daughter, pa; Capt
N Lyon, L'r'N, J Gneb, NY; II s? Magraw, R E
Drayone. i> V McLean. Pa; H Whitaey. Va
KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?W B Slaughter.Wis;
fieti J Roblason, Md; E S Coastnev, do; Md;
M P Plaec d- do, A B Miller Pa; J D Murray.
Md; Hon J A Baya-d, Del, T ? Wagner. Pa, JN
Mr J iiuxi, Md; J Winston, Va; M Fairfield and
lady, Ala; J R Man vers, Va; 0 Broad wood. Miss;
H Lincoln, 111.
BROWNS' HOTEL.~J Hani on and Isdy,
Md, E K Oaha^an, NY; G W Ma>oe. Md; H P
Hhrphaid and lady. Mass; A M Jackson, Miss; J
H Zeijfler. pa; F P CunlBW, NY; T A Llnthi
aum, Md; Mrs J W Gray,SC; Miss J M Oray. S
C, r M Porter, do; W E Cash, Massachusetts;
F A Tusker, Md, W H WllUaM, NC.
C S IIOTEL, (L O Smitm'a ) ? G Jenkins,
R T: J H Htnton. Md; A W l>?-ahl, Mrs Roberts,
Vs; f L Mart'.n, AU. Misses J Gsar, and 8 Ken
dall, H 1> BlankenLeker, Ky, J B Yaone, C Mof
fit Md; A R McDonald. M T, L C Levin, Pa; ?
Hefleb. wer, M Barrett, Ala; J W Rnshnion and
lady. NY. J Campbell, NJ; C J tlat, Va.
? r -
PaoM thi UaiTSO States
Sliesuri. Lt aea. Ft Dmpi.
Persia New V?hV. . .Livefpoel.. .Novll
Arago ...New York.. Havre Nov 14
Ka?? Koea?*s.
Arabia Liverpool...New York.. .Oct 31
Glasgow. tilascow....New York...Oet 31
Haoimonis Hnmburg...New York...N?* I
City W sab U>a..Liverpool...New York...iloy 4
Atlaarte Liverpool...New Vork...Nfcvll
Van<^bilt.... f. Havre New York... Nevlt
The California mall steamers leave New T?l
ea the 9th and Wh of ?aeh month
? ltfltlii n
Proposal s fi>r eonveving the maiU of the Uai^
? f}*9 'IPSCVUt Jnir7U?S K><h? 'ito^a
I following rout#* in the Sttia if CA<
IFORNI *. nfcd m the Territories
Will be reee.ved at theCoutrac' uffiejm tfcis De
p*rtment until 9 a m. of iIia IMkdif uf Mirok B9X(?
to b? deoided 1tj ths 23d of the tame month.
ttSOS From San Francisco. by Benicta and Georai
ana, to Sacramento City. 19' rriilntf and back,
?ix timet a week, in steamboats.
Leave Han Franoisco daily, except Sunday,at
4 pm;
Crnve at Sacramento City next day toy 5 a m;
eave Sacramento City daily, exoept Sunday,
at t p m;
Arrive at San Fr*neisoo aame day by 1* p m.
12J04 From San Franciaoo, by Martinez. to S'ock
toi-. l*i milea and ueck, six times a week, in
LeaveSan Francisco daily, except Sunday,at
4 pm;
An ire at Stockton next day by 5 a m;
Leave Stockton daily,exoept Sunday,at 4 pm;
<MA, Aritveat Fraiici?oo next day by 5 a ra.
12908 r rom San Fiancisoo.by Belmont, Reowood
eity, Mayftold. Mountain View, and Santa
Clara, to San Jose, 54 milea and back, six
times a week.
Leave San Francisco daily, except Sunday,
at 8 a m:
Arrive at San Jos* by 5 p m;
Leave San Jose daily, exe-pt Sunday,at6 am;
Arrive at S*n Francisco by 5 p m.
126*18 From San Francisooto Petaluma, 50 mites and
back, three times it week, in steamboats.
Leave San Francisco Monday, Wednesday
and Fririav at .u a in;
Arrive at Petaluma by 5 p m:
Leave Petaluma Tuosday, Thursday and Sat
urday at 10 a m;
Arrive at San Francisco by 5 pm.
125OT From San Francisoo, (by sea,) via Santa Bar
bara and San Pedro, to San Diego. 45" miles
and bark, twice a month, in steamboats.
Leave San Francisco on the 2d and 17th of
eaeh month;
Arrive at San Diego by the 5th and loth of same
Leave San Dicjo on the 6th and 21st of eaoh
Arrive at San Francisco by the 9th and 24th of
same month.
l&50t From San Francisco to Oakland, 9 miles and
back, six times a wr?k, by water.
Leave S*n Francisco daily, exoept Sunday, at
8 am;
A'rive at Oakland by 9 a m;
Leave Oak laud daily, except Sunday, at 3 p m
Arrive at San f rancisco by i p m.
12509 Fr?m"Oakland, by Brooklyn. San Lea?dro,
Saji Lorenzo, Alvarado, Mission San Jose,
Ceutrevii.e. awl Milpitae, to San Jose, 45
miles ami back, three times a week.
Leave Oakland M'mday, Wednesday and Fri
day itltm;
firrive at S*n Jose by 5 p in;
.eave San Jose Tuesdrtr, Thursday and Sat
urday at 6 a m;
A rrive at Oak and bt 3 p m.
12510 !? rom OakUml. by San Pablo, to Martinez 25
miles aod back, onoe a week.
Leave Oakland Monday at 9 a m:
Airive at Martinez by 4 p rn;
Leave \l.\riiru-a Tuesday at b a m;
Arrive at Oakland In I p m
12511 Froin Petaliima, tiv Kloomfield, to TemaiJes,
20 mil^s and hack, once a week.
Leave iVialnmt Ti?*?<la> at 8 am;
Arrive at TemaHes by 4 pm;
I.eave Tenuities Wednesday at 8 a m;
Arrive a' Pe-'aluroa by 4 p in.
12512 From Peta uma. by Bodega, to Smith's
Branoh, n mile." at a Istok, onoe a week.
Leave Petaluma Thur?Cav at Sam;
Arrive at Smith's Branch by 5 p m;
f.eavo Smuh's Branch Friday kM a m:
Arrive at P*taJum*bv 5 pin.
12513 From Petaluma, by Santa Kosa, to Russian
River. 33 mnes and back, twioe a week.
Leave Petaluma Tuesday anu Thuradav at 3
a m;
Arrive at Rnssian River by 5 p m:
Leave Ruse?n River Wednesday and Friday
at 3 a ra;
A nwe at Peta luma liy 5 i? m.
B (h> to extend rim Oak Valley, Anderson Vat
Iffy,and Albion Mills, to Big R iver. 75 allies
in al). are invited.
12514 From Petaluma, by Novato. to San Rafael,
20 miles and back, once a we ek.
Leave Pe/atuma Tup# lay at K a m;
Arriw "* San Rafael by 2 pm;
Leave ?>?n Hafael Wednesday at 8 a m;
Arrive Hi Petaluma by 2 p m.
12615 From .Wspe City by SeUahtopol, Oakvilto, St.
Helen.V. Hot Springs, Caynte Vallev, and
Lower J.ike. to I pper Clear Lake, To miles
and Istck- onoe a week.
Leave Na? City M>>nd.-iT at 7 a m:
trrive at tapper Clear IvUie next day by 7 p m;
eave L'pi? sr Clear Lake Wednesday at 7 a m;
Arrive at Cily next day by 7 p m.
12515? P'?m Napa City, liy White Sulphur Springs.
Knight's Ranch, and Alexander's Ranch, to
Santa Rosa, and back, onoe a week. Bid
ders to mate d at*noe and schedule of arri
vals a Ad depart *re?.
12916 From Hemei*. bv Cornelia. Barton's Store,
VaoavjUe, Buck K?e. Cache Creek, and
Yolo, to Grafton. 75 milea and baok, onoe a
Leave Benidia Tuesdiav at 6 a m:
Arrive at Grafton next day b? 5 p m
Leave Graftoit Thursday at 6a m;
A?r?ve at Benioia next nay by 5 p m.
12317 From Bemcia, by Valle.io.NapH City, and Santa
Ro?t, to Sonoma, St miies and tiaok, three
times a week.
Leave Benin* Tuesday, Thursday,and Natur -
day at 6 ft m;
Arrive at Sonoma by 4 p m;
Lf a ve Sonoma Monday, Wednesday, Mid Pri
da* at 6 a m:
Arrive at Heereia fcy 4 p i?.
12518 From Martines by Almoand San Ramon, to
Mission >an Jomm, 40 milt s and baok, onoe a
Leave Martinez Tnesda* at K a m;
Arrive at vLssion Sa* Jose by 7 p m;
Leave Mission *an Jose Wednesday at R a in;
Arrive at Martinez by 1 p m.
12519 From Sail Juan, by V\ atsenvifieand Soquel.to
Santa Cruz, 3u miles aad liaclt. three times a
Leave San J nan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sit
unlay at 12 m:
Arrive at Sants Cruz by 7 j? m;
Leave Sti.ta Cruz Monday, Wednesday, and
Fr?day a' 5 a m:
Arrive at San Jun bjr ft m.
12530 From SaijJose, by liilroy. San Ju*n, Nativi
aid.and Sahnis, to Mon erey. 75 miles and
^ack, three times a week.
Leave Sin Jose Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat
urday ?t 5 a ro;
I At lve at Monterey by 8 p m;
L?ave Miviiterey Monday, Wednesday, aad
,Frujny at 5 a m;
Arrnre at 5r?i? .>o?e by 8 p ra.
12521 Frum Metiterey to San Luis Ob spo, 120 miles
and hnck, twice a month-.
Leave Monterey on tbe 1st and 15th of each
month at 6 a rn;
Arrive at San L.uis OT>ispo in ft>ur davs;
Leave Saa i uis Obispo on the 5<h and ?th of
each in"nth at 6 a m;
Arrive at Monterey in four day*.
Bnls to extend to Santa Barlmra aro invited;
also bid*to run weekly.
11322 From L?*a Angeles, by Tejon. Sclsistan Res
ervation. aixl Kev svil!e. to V44alia. 220 nnlos
and l?ck. twicea month
Leave i.os Anjjeles on the Istaud 15th of oaoh
month at 8 am; ' ?
Arrive at V;salia in eight days;
Leave Visa'ia on the 1st and ! Vh of each month
at ? a m;
Arrive at Los Angeles in eight days.
1?5?3 From f.os Angeles, by San Gabriel and Monte,
to S n Uernnrdiuo, lie miles and back, onoe a
I eave Los Angeles Monday at 8 a m;
Arrive at San Bernardino next day by 12 m;
Leave San Bernardino Wednesday at 8 a m;
Arrive at Los Angeles next day by 12 m.
12524 From Los Angelas to San Pedro, HI miles and
heck, two or throe tunes a month, in ooonex
ion w.th the coast mail-steamers.
Bidders to state schedule of arrivals and de
12325 From Ssn Diego, b* Santa Isabel, to Fort Yu
in i. 220 mi es and back, twice a month.
Leave San iiiego on the 5tk and 2bth of each
man tli
Arrive at Fort Yunaby the 13th and 28th of
same Month;
L-ave Fort Yuma on the 15th and 29th of each
Arnr* at San Diego in one week.
BmIs to extern) by the way of Arizona. Tucson,
and Mosi'la, to Kl Paso, bv a schedule to be
stated by the bidder.are invited.
I14M r rom Sonora, by Jacksonville. Rig Oak Flat,
Warr-1?. Maxwell's Creek. Spnt Rock, and
BondviJle. to Mariposa, 65 miles and back,
twice a week.
Leave Sonera Mondays and Thursdays at 6 a
Arnve at Mariposa next days by 12 m;
Leave Manpota Tuesdays and Fridays St 2 d
Arrive at Sonora next days by 6 p m;
12527 From Quariz!?urg. Iiv ludian Gulch, Gwin,
Leacii . Store. Millertoii. King's Kiver. ami
Scutis' uxg, to ViMuia, 12U nulos and back,
once a week.
Leave <?uartzt>urg Monday at 6 am;
Arrive at Vi?aiiinext Wednesday by a m;
Leave Visalta 'I hursday at 6a m;
Arrive at Quartzburg next Saturday by 6 p in.
I2?8 From Columbia, by Anzel's Camp, Fourth
li'^yemg, and San Ayureas, to >Iokalumne
Mill, 5J miles aid back, throe times a week.
I?e ? ye Co mnbia Tu sday, Thursday, and Sat
urday at 7 am.
Arrive at Mokaluinne Hill by 4 p m;
Leave Mokaluirine Hill Monday, Wedo'sday,
and F riday at 7 a m;
l1an Arrive at Columbia l>y 4 p m.
la* ^7J_Rlw,;Arto|>? Knight's Ferry, Green
SkV "orfezuma, Jamestown, Sonora,
y I?t, to Lolumbia, 7? miles and
X: ? a week from the 1st of Mav
the reeul ,i,,d lhre?
ine r^uiae of the year.
1.6SV6 Stockton daily, exo *pt Sundav at 6 a m
A-nv, at ? olumbia uy ? p m; SUDday'at 6 a m'
Leave Columbia daily, except Sunday, at ta
?rr.v# at'Stockton by 3 p m
???? rom Stockton, by Foreman's Rannk Hair
Way House, and DouUeH,"in,s, U^3^!
lumne Mill. 45 imles aad tinSfa
Leave Stockton daily,except Sundav at6am
6rr,yeM MofcelaraiU Hill by 5pm;1 ?'
^Mokelumne Hill d* ly, exoept Snnfey,
Arrive M Stockton by 2 p m.
12531 Fnim Stcek-on, by Lovug's Ferry. Horr*a
Ranch. SaelHnc'sRaneh, Meroed Fa'Is.Hor
ni*a?, Qu rtzburg. Mount Ophir. and Agaa
FnA, to Manpo.a, 94 mi.es and baek, twioe
a wees.
Lea<re Stockton Tuesdays and Fridaysat7a
m; , / t
A'"*? at Ifaripoeaaext daysby 2 pm;
l>eevs Maripo^ Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a
wt,r? Jtookro^ mjj d*j% If 2 pm.
ihm if1 t''P?A week are invited.
DoeMe W?rM^ga. by .North Braneh. Sen
?2 v?JLZmlrt'Lc"1nr,t- (*?*>.
Arrive at Murphy's by 7 p m;
*"*1* M ar?br'? TM^dR^harBAi^Ld flat
uidayatSam; .
Arrive at Double Springe by ?2m.
liaas Krom DnitowB. bv Fiddlitown^ Codarrille,
a^d Brownsville, to Indian lhgging?,SO miles
and hmek, onwawwk.
Leave Dry town Tuesday at? a m;
Arttre at Indian D'ggiiUB by 5 p. m.
Leave Indian Di(gin*sThursdajat6a.TB;
jLtnve at Drytown by 5 p m.
Bias to ran from Sacramento City, instead of
Drytown, during the season, are mrited.
18534 Fmm Sacramento City, by Elliots Kan oh.
Llk Grove, Staple's Ranch. Fugitt, and
Wood'* Ferry, to Stoekton, SO milea, and
back, three times a week.
Leave Sacramento City Tueaday, Thursday
and Snturday at 7 a m ;
Arrive at Stockton by 8 p m;
Leave Stockton Monday, Wednesday, and ,
Friday at 7am;
Arrive at Sac a men to Ci?y by 8 p m.
12535 From Sacramento City. by Consumne, Miobi- ?
gun Hay, Drjrtown, Sutter Creek, and Jack
ron. to .tlokclnmne Hill, 55 mites, six tin Ma
? week and hack from 1st of Mar to 1st of i>e
oertiber, and three times a week the residue
of the rear. J
Leave Sicramento City daily, exoept Sunday, '
at 6 a in :
Arrive at Mokelumne HUJ by 7 p m;
Leave Mokelumne Hill duly, exoept Sunday,
at 4 am; .
Arrive at Sacramento City Hr 5 p m.
11636 From Sacramento City, by Folsoni City.Sua*
ville. Mormon Island, Salmon Falls, Pilot
Hill, and Greenwood, to Georgetown, 62
nuiea and hack, six times a week.
Leave ?aor.-.rasuto City daily, exoept Sunday,
at 6 a m;
Arrive at Oeorgetow^iiy 7pm;
Leave Georgetown daily, exoept Sunday, at 3
a m,
Arrive at Sacramento City by 4 p m ;
12537 From Saor mento City, o* Weaton, Clarka
ville, Eldora ilou.se, Lldoiado. Diamond
Sprints. I'lnoervil'p, and Cold Springs, to
*" C<rionn, 63 mile* nrd Itiick. daily from 1st of
April to 1st uf December, and tri-weekly the
residue ol the year,
Leave Sacrameutw City daily, except Sunday,
at 6 a m
A rrive at Coloma by 8 p m;
Leave Coloma daily, except Sunday, at 2 a m;
Arrive at Sacramento Citj bt 4 pm.
12MB F rom Sacramento City, by Fremont, QnHon,
Prairie, Antelope, (irand Island . Cohisi,
Priiiceton, Monroerillc, and Moore's Ranch,
to Tehama. 127 milos and hick, once a week.
Leave Sacram-nto City Monday at ti a m ;
Arrive at Tehaina n*xt vv ednesday by 6 p m ,
Leave Tehama Thursday at fi a m ;
Arrive at ^acr.-unento City next Saturday by C
p m:
Bids embracing tn-wofkly service m steam
boats on the part to Calusi are invited.
12>38 F ron< Sacramento City, by Coon Creek. John
son's Kanch, Kouiid'i'ent, Roup hand Ready
and Grass \ alley, to Nevada Cry, *5 miles
and hack, six tunes a week from 1st of April
to !?t of I>ooenit?er, three tunes a week the
residue of the yeir.
Leave SHCiaineniu City daily, exoept Stinday,
at 6 a in:
Arrive at Nevada City by 8 p in ;
Leave Navada City daily, except Sunday, at 4
a in ;
Arrive at Sacramento City by 4 p m.
12540 From Sacramento City, by Nicolas, to Marys
ville, 45 miles and t>a?k, six times a week, in
si earners and ooaches.
Leave Sacramento City daily, exoept Sunday,
at t> a m;
Arrive at Marysvilie by 2pm;
l.eavn Martsville daily, exoept Sunday, at f
Arrive at Sacramento City by 2 p in; -
12541 From Auburn, by f^eilaburg, Lisbon, Illinois
town, anu Mountain Springs, to Dutch Fiat,
34 miles and tauk, twice a week.
Leave Auburn Tuesda> and Friday at 8am;
Arrive at Dutoh Flat by 6 p m;
Leave Dutch Flat Wednesday and Saturday at
Arrive at Auburn by 3 pm.
12512 From Marysvilie, by Honcucut. Hansonville.
Forbes'own, Strawlierry Valley, bangor,
WoodviUe, RabMttown. arvl St. Louis, to
Gibsonville, 75 miles and beck, twice a week,
(rom 1st of April to the 1st of November,
orioe a week the remainder of the v*ar.
Leave Marysvilie Mondays and Fridays at 6
a m:
Arrive at Gibe?nville next days by 6 p m ;
Leave Gibsonville Wednesdays ana Sundays
at 6 a m :
Arrive at Marysvilie next days by 5 p m.
12543 From Man sville, by Charley's Kanch, Oro
viiio, Hamilton. K10 Heoo, Chioo, l^assen's,
Tehama.Red Bluds.Cottonwood.and Ameri
can Raiioli, to Shasta, 134 miles and haok. six
times a week from 1st of April to 1st ol l?e
ooml>er, tri weekly the residue of tlio year.
Leave Marysvilledaily.excoptSunday.atSp in
A rrive at Shasta next day by 5 p in;
Leave Shasta daily, except Sunday,atJSa m
Arrive at Marysvilie next day by 12 in.
12544 From Marvsvule, by Johnson's Ranch, Cox s
Ranch, Virginia. Oro Citr, Gold Ilill, and
Ophirviile.to Aubnrn,3K miles and baok.twioe
a woek.
Leave Marysvilie Tuesday and Friday at 8 a m
Arrive at A uburn by 5 p m;
Leave Auburn Wednesday and Saturday at 6
a m;
Arrive at Marysvilie by 5 pm.
12545 F r< in Marysvilie, by Oregon House, Green
ville, Foster's Bar, Camntonville.and Good
year s Par, to Dowiiieville,?o miles and bauk,
throe times a week.
Leave Marysvilie Tuesday .Thursday .andftat
urday at 5 a m;
Arrive at DownieTille by 8 p m;
Leave Downieville Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at 5a m;
Arrive at Marysvilie by 8 p m.
125441 From Marysvilie, by Dry Creek, Park's Bar,
Owsley's Bar, Empire Ranch, Rough and
Ready, and Grass Valley, to Nevada City,45
miles and bick, six times a week from 1st of
April to 1st lieoember, three tunes a week
the residue of the year.
Leave Marysvilie daily, except Sunday, at 6
a in;
Arrive at Nevada City by 5 pm;
Leave Nevada City daily. exoept Sunday,at7
a m:
A rrive at M#ry sville by ft p m.
12847 From Diamond Springs, by Newtown and
Heurv's laggings, to Grizzly I-lat, 34 miles
andbnuk, once a wo*?k.
Leave Diamond Springe Tuesday at 6 a m;
Arrive at ttrizzly Flat ty 4 pm;
Leave Grizzly Fiat Wednesday at Sa m;
Arrive at Diamond Springs i.y 4 p m.
12548 From Plaoerville, by Kelsey's and Sranish
Flat, to Georgetown, 18 miles ana back.twioe
a week.
Leave Plaoerville Tuesday and Friday at 7a m;
Arrive a' Georgetown by i p m;
Leavo Georgetown Wednesday and Saturday
at 6 a in;
Arrive at Plaoerville by 2 p m.
1?5?0 From PlnccrviHe to Carson Valley, Utah Ter
ritory, 75 miles and hack, once a week from
1st of May to 1st of November, audonoe a
month the residue ol the year.
Leavo Plaoerville Monday at b a m;
Arrive at Carson Valley next Wednesday by
12 m: .
Leavo Carsou Valley Thursday at 8 a m;
Arrive at I'laeorville next Saturday by 12 m.
Proposals to run bj a schedule giving the rest
tune at Carson \ alley will be considered.
12530 From Plaoerville, by Newtown, to Indian Dig
itizes, and l?ack, once a week.
Bidders to Mai 3 schedule and distance. BPls
for more frequent service will be considered.
1251 From Nevada City .by Hoy t's Crossing, Swcot
land, Sehastopol. Sau J uanui Nevada oouoty,
and Truman s Crossing, to Csinptonvillo,
once a wi-ek and l?ack.
Bidder* to state distanoo and schedule of arri
vals and departures.
12542 From Nevada Citv, by Patterson, Emory'a
Crossings. Plum Valley . rind Forrest City, t?
Downieville, 4'' miles and Imck. tbreo tuuesa
weok from 1st of April to 1st of January , and
onee a week tile residue of t he year.
Leave Nevada City Monday, W'cdncsdny.and
r riday at 6 a m;
Arrive at Dowiueville by 8 p m;
Leave Downieville Tuesday , Thursday, and
Saturday at 6 a in:
Aruve a? Nevada City by 8 p m.
12553 From Oroville, by Bidwelrs Bar, Pea Vine,
Brush Creek, and Meadow Valley, to Quui
c>, H6 miles and Itack. once a wees.
Leave Oroville Tuesday at 7 am;
firnvcat Quinoy next day by 4 pm;
jeave Quincy Thursday at 7 a m;
Arrive at Oroville next day by 4 p m.
lty>4 r rom Shasta, by Whiskey Croex and Lawia
tnU to Weaverville, 40 iniJes aud back, threo
times a week.
Leave Shasta Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur
day at 6 a m:
Arrive at Woaverville by 8 pm;
Leave VVeaverville Monday, W odnesday, and
Friday at Gam;
Arwve at Shasta by 8 p m.
12M5 t rom Shasta, by French Guloh. Minersville,
rrnilty Centre, and Ottitiewa, to Vrek'a,
miles and lack, twice a week.
Leave Si.asta Monday and Thursday at 12 m;
Arhve nt. Yre lea next Wednesday and Satur
day by fi p m;
Leave y reka Monday end Thursday st? a m;
Arrive at Shasta next Wednesday and Satur
day by 12 m.
mor? frequent trips are invited.
1255fi Prom IJniontowa. b> Cox's Ranch and Big
Bar. to Weaverville, ?i uules and back, on#c
a week.
Leave L'niontewn Monday at fia m;
Arrive at WeavervUJc next Wednesday by 8 a
Leave Wenverville Thursday at 8 a m;
>o?,4rTlve5;t Uni'intowu uext Saturday b* 3 a ni
125ff7 Ftom Trinidad, by Orleans Bar and Forks ? f
1 Salmon, to Kestville, 98 miles and back once
a woek from 1st of May to lat of November,
and onpc a month the residue or the yoar.
Leave Trinidad Monday at 6 a w;
Arrive at Rest vi:!e next Wednesday by 6 p m;
Leave Restville Thursday at 6 a in;
Arrive at Tri id-d a* xt Saturday liy 6 p m.
12558 From Cresoent City, by Waldo, Kirbyville.
and Cloverville, to JaqssiMivillo, Oregon, K?
m tea and !?ok, once a week.
Leave Cresoen? Cit* Mond:<y at 6 a in;
Arrive at Jaokeon ville Wednesday by ip m;
Leave Jacksonville Thursday at 6a m;
Arrive at Creaoeut City Saturday by 6 p in.
1T701 From Aatoria, by Ca hJamet. Waah. Ter .Oak
Point, Rainier. Oregon, St. Helen, (Ake
River, Waah: Vancouver, Souvie's Island,
?ir** Milwaulrie, and Onrsgo.
.Ter., to Oregon City, Or , 144 milea
and I wok. twice a week, in steamboats.
Leava Astoria I uesday aud Saturday at ?a m;
Arrive at Oregon City next days bj 5 p ui;
Leave Oregon City Monday and Thursday at
Arrive at Aatoria next days by 5a m.
fcjd"j?r?e by a different schedule will be 00a
12702 From Po'rtUnd. by Ooeola, Hillsboro. Tu?la^
tin. and VVapatoo. to La Fayeite, 4t nuiea
and liack, once a week.
Leave Por t Ian ! Monday at 7 a m;
La F aye' tn Tuesday at ? p m;
prr,v* I ortland next day bv 4 p Hi.
y'*?f (Ja <"lty Thursday at
Arrive at Ooryallis next days by ? ?m;
Leave Coryallis TuMday anl Fnrf.y M9?m;
Arrive at Oregon City next daye by t p m,
, ' land, fi miles aad hack, ?mi i ?Mk.
L?v? CorvaiJis Wednesday at 6s m.
Arrive at Oakland next day by 6 p m;
Leave Oakland Wednesday at 6a m;
Arrive at Corvallia next day fagr 6 p m.
1TJB5 From Corvaliis. by Kinney a, Murray's, Ea
geoe City, Cottage Grove, aud Coast Fork of
Willamette, to Oakland, loo miles and back,
onoe a week.
Leave Corval lis Wednesdays at 7 am;
Arrive at Oakland Fridays by 4 p m;
Leave Oaklsad F rida/a at 7 a m;
Arrivoat Corvaliis Mondays by 4 p ra.
fids to end at Winchester are iuvited.
rom, Corvaliis, by Soap Creek, l?ackemute,
Bridgeport, Dallas. Etna, Plum Valley, and
Dayton, to La Fayette, 56 miisa aad tack,
oaoa a Week.
Leave Corvaliis Mondays at 6 a ni;
Arrive at 1a i- ayette next days by 12 m;
Leave La Fayettp Tuesdays atlpm;
Arrive at Corvaliis next days hy fipm.
12707 From Salem, bj Doak's Ferry ami Mount
Hood, to La Fayette, 45 miles and back,onoe
a weak.
? Leave Salem Mondays at Ca mi ?
Arrive at La Fayette by a p in;
Leave La Fayette Tuesdays at 6 a m;
Arrive at Salem by 8 p ni.
12708 From Salem, hy Santiam Citv, Central, Wash
ington, Butte, Calapooys, Union Point, Pine,
Willamette Forks, McKenzie. and bugeue
City, to Pleasant Hill, tf> miles and back,
onee a week.
Leave Salem Tuesdays at 12 m;
Arrive at Pleasant Htll Fridays by 6 pm;
Leave Pleasant Hill Saturdays at 6 a ra
Arrive at Salem Tuesdays by 10a m.
12T09 From North Canyonville. hy Galesville,Iceland,
Gold River, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Ashtand
M ills. Tlamath, Cal., and llouley. toYreka,
Cal., 141 miles miles and back, once a week.
Leave North Canyonville Monday at 7 a in;
Arrive at \ reka next Thursday by t> p m;
Leave Yreka Saturday at 7 a in;
Arnvest North Ca?>onville next Tuesday by
6 pm.
12710 From North Canyonville, by Myrtle Creek.
ftound Prairie, Alder Brook. R<>seburgh,an<i
Vmohester, to Oakland, 47 miles and back,
once a week.
Leave North Canyonville Thursday at 5 a m;
Arrive at Oakland by 8 p m;
Leave Oak In nd Saturday at 3 am;
Arrive at North Canyonville by 8 pm;
12711 From Oakland1 by IteHogg'a, wlkton. Sootte
burs,and Gardiner Cjty, to Uinpqua City,65
miles and l>ack. onoe a weak.
I.eare Oakland Saturday at I? m*
Arrive at rmp<iua City Monday by ? p m;
Leave tfmpqna City Wednesday at 6 a m;
A rrrve at Oakland next day by 8 p nt.
12712 From Albany,by Burlington and ilarriahiirft.
to Willamette Forks, 50 miles and hack,once
a weok.
Leave Albany Thursday at 6 a m;
Arrive at w illamette * orks next day by 12 m;
Leave Willamette Forks Friday at 2 p in;
A-rrive at Albany next day by 8 pm.
12713 From Port Orford. by Randolph and Coos
Bay, to Gardiner City, 85 miles aad back,
onoe a week.
Leave Port Orford Monday at 7 am;
Arrive at Gardii er Citv Wednesday at 8 p m;
Leave Gardiner City Thursday at 7 a m,~
Arrive at Port Orford Satuulay by R p m.
Proposals to run. after pss'ing Coos Bay. via
Month of Coquelle, and end at I'mpqua City,
about the same distaooe as aavertised, aie
12714 From Port Orford. bv Randolph and Empire
City, to Wi-ichekter and liack, once a week.
Bidder* to state schedule and distance.
L750 From Rainier,Or., by Menhcello. Wash.Ter.,
Cabtle Rock. Cowlitz, Highland. Newau
cuiik Grand Mound, ana Sutter Creek, to
Steilacoom City, 110 miles and back, once a
Leave Rainier Wednesday at 6 a m;
Arrive at Steiiacoom City next Friday at 2
P m;
Leave Steilacoom City Saturday at 8 a m;
Arrive at Rainier next Monday by 2 p m.
Bids to extend to Seattle, 33 miles further, will
be considered.
12*51 From Vancouver, by Cascades, to Wascopum,
Oreton, 95 miles and back, once in two
Leave Vancouver every other Wednesday at
10 a m;
Arrive at Wasoopum next Friday at 1* m;
Leave Wascopum every other Monday at 6
a m;
Arr.ve at Vancouver next Wednesday by 8
a m.
Bids for more freqdent tnps will be considered.
12752 From Cowlitz to Boise Fort Prauie, 15 miles
and haoa, once a week.
Leave Cow.itz Thursday at 9 am;
Arrive at Boise Fort Prairie by 2 p m;
Leave Boise Fort Prairie Friday at 9 a m;
Arrive at Cowlitz, by V p m.
12753 From Oak Point, by Boise Fort Prairie, to
Grand Mound, 50 miles aud back, onoe in two
Leave Oak Point every other Friday at 6 a m;
Arrive at Grand Mound next day by 6 p m;
Leave Grand Mound every other Wednehday
at 6 a in;
_ Arrive ai Oak Point next day b\ 6 p m.
12754 From Olytnpi', by Katun's and Yelm Prairie,
to Fort Montgomery, 4? miles and back, onoe
in two weeks.
Leave Oiympia everj other Mon< ay at 7 a m;
Arrive at Fort Montgomery by I p m;
Leave F?*t Montgomery every other Tuesdav
at 7 am; '
Arrive at Oiympia by 8 p m.
127?5 From Oiympia, by Brnoeport, Oysterville,
Chonook, and PrtcihoCity. to Astoria, Ore
gon, ones in two weeks and back to Chenook,
and once a week the residue.
Bidder* to state distanoe and schedule of arn
vblsand depart urn*.
Propows to run the entire route once a week
are invited.
12736 From Oiympia, by ArOtdia, to Oakland, and
back, onos a week.
Bidders to ? tate distance and sonedule of arri
vals and departures.
12901 From Salt Lake City, by Lshigh City, Ameri
can Fork. Provo i.ity. Sprimcvilie, Pay sou,
Santaqmn, Salt Creek. Fillmore City, Paro
wan, Fort Johnson,CcdarClty .Brinrhurst's,
N. Mex.. Santa Clarn, Calfa'rnta, San Ber
n-inline. Mofite, San ?abriel aad lx>s An
geles, to San Pedro, 917 miles and back, olc*
a month.
Leave Salt f^ake City on the 5th of each month;
Arrive at San Pedro by the 1st of the isllowini;
Leave San Pedro on the 5th of each month;
Arrive at Salt Lako City by tho first of the fol
lowing mouth.
Bids to run twice a month wiil lie oonsidered:
also, bids for the separate parts toand beyond
Cedar City, (2B0 miles from Salt Lake Citv. I
128P2 Fioin Salt Lake City, by N*fTs Mills, Mill
Creek. Mormon, and Holiadav's Settlement,
to Alpine City, 40 miles aud back, once a
Leave Salt I ake City Thursday at 6 a m;
Arrive at Alpine City next day by Hi am;
Leave Alpine City Thursday at 3 p m;
Arrive at Salt Lake City next day by 7 p m.
12B0S From Salt Lake City, by Union, Oraper. Le
bifh City, Gardner s Mills, American Fork,
Pleasant Grove, Provo City, Sprmcviile.
Spanish Fork. ravson.Santaquin,Salt Creek,
ami Kphraim, to Manti, 140 miles and back,
once a week.
Leave Salt Lake City Thursday at 6 am
Arrive at Manti Saturday by 8 p m;
Leave Mauti Monday at 6 a in:
Arrive at Salt Lake City Wednesday by 8 p m.
12W4 From S:..t Lake City hy Stoker, Centreville,
FarimngtHM, Ka\sVille, and Orden Citv, to
Briiihnm City, fc5 miles and hack, twiee a
Leave Salt Lake City Monday and Thursday
at i> a m ;
Arrive at Rrighatn City next days bv 12 m ;
Leave Brighaiu City '1 uesday and Friday at 2
P m;
AjTr|rf> Salt Lake City next days bjr 6 p m.
1.2805 From Salt Ijike City, by Tooele City, to
tirant.sville.55mi es and baok, onoe a week.
Lea\ e Salt Lake City Thursday at 6 a in;
Arrive at (rrantsville next day at 12 in;
Leave Grantsville Friday at 2 p m :
Arrive at Salt Lake City next day bT 6 s m.
L906 h rom Salt l>ske City, by Taylorsviils, Mount
Pleasant, West Jordan, Fort Herriman.'and
Gardner s Mil s, to Cedar Valley. <South
h ort.l158 miles and liack, opoo a week.
Leave Salt Lake City Thursday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Cedar Valley next day by 12 in;
Leave Cedar Valley h riday at i p m ;
i urn &r' ,Sb". 1 City next day by 6 p ra.
UWtf t rom Odar City, by Hsrmovy and Pine Val
ley, to Santa Clare, 70 miles and back, onoe
in two weeks.
Leave Cedar City every other Thursday at g
Arrive at Santa Calra next Saturday by 3 p m ;
Leave Santa Clara every other Monday at 8
Arrive at Cedar City next Wednesday hy 3
p in.
12R51 From Santa Fe, hy Alameda, Alhitquorqne,
A rodones, Sooorro, Fort Crate, Las Cruces
HernanrTo.l.os l.nnas, Fort Fillmore, and
f.* Frontero, Texa-, to El Paso, Texas,
Wil?s and back, ta icea month.
Leave Santa Fe on the loth and 25th of each
month ;
Arrive at El Paso in eight days;
Leave El Paso on the 7th .and 29d of eaoh
Arrive at Santa Fe in ei*ht days ;
Bids for weekly trips will be considered ; also,
for separate parts to and be>ond Albu
12BS2 From Santa Fe, by Los Lnoeros, to Fernando
I>? Taos, 70 miles and beck, once a week.
Leave Santa Fo Monday at ft a m;
Arrive at Fernando l>e Taos Wednesday by 10
9l hi i
Leave Fernando De Taos Thursday at 8 a m;
Arrive at Santa Fe Saturday by 10 a m.
I2R51 fr rem Las Cruces. by Mesjlla, to Tuosod, and
back, onoe a week.
Bidders to state tho distanoe, and aohedule of
arrivals aud departures by wh:ch they pro
pose to run. r
12854 From Tuosou, by Arizona and Colorado City
tu San Uieao, Cal., and back, twine a njoath.
Bidders to state distance and schedule.
Proposal to extend, by commencing at El
Paso, Texas, will be oonsidered.
12855 From Albu?|ueroue^?y Zum.to Visalia^ Wood
vdle)Cal., I Jno miles and iMMk.onoea n??tl.
Bidders to state se)iedul?. wkleb is to oonneat
olosely wHh route Iffi&l.
siX'red" f?r m?r6 wlM ^ ???
Containing eonditioni fe b* inrorpormted in tkt
tontrmctt to tkt trttnt tk? Itpartmtnt tuny
dtrm proper.
i, Seven minutes are allowed at ea-h intermedia's
-e, when not otherwise specified, for assorting
tbe mails.
t Railroad and steamboat oompmies are required
to take the mail from.and d liver it into, tbt> Do.t
omc s ?? t the oonimennemen aad end of their route*
and toand from alt offices not mora then eizhtv rod.
from a -tation or lan-ung. ? roposals ma# lie sub
rait ted r>r the performance of mi the side service
that is, for otfioes over etgfity rods from a station or
ordered fur agrade of performance iafewer to tint
specifiedI ib tbeaoaUaet. For yepsatsd deliaqae
cias of the kind herein specified, enlarged peaaiti
proportioned to the nature thereof mw! the tmpe
anoeoTtheltnii.nnv henade.
4. For tearing behind or throwufi
???* port toe of them, Car the adsakssi
or for being coooerard m setting ?<? mooing as u
reaa conveying mtellicenoe in advaaoe of the mail,
quarter's par ma; be deducted
3. Fu?ea will be Imposed. unless the de.inqaency
oepWjptly *nd aatiafactoritT explained br certifi
cates or postmasters, or the affidavits of other cred
ible persons. for railing to arrive hi oasitrmet time:
for negleonng to take toe mail irom or deliver it luto
?*? '"if ?<ifi*ering U towing either to the uu
fj k? ? '?*" ?f liJ' place or manner of oarrjing it)
destroyed, robbed, or lost; and
Itl n'*erdemand, to oonvey the mail aa
frequently aa ti.e contractor rant, or la concerned
? Vk *,? ?**eh. car. or atramiKiat on a route,
ft.r i Gen#r?i ??? annul the et?atraot
failureaiU> riiu agreeably to oyn tract; for
I?r. ^??*t oftoe laws, or disobey ing tfie in
ilifl, ? Department; for refusing to dia
SlT.o.f J321"pr wh7'quired br th? l)i.partm^nt to
nf Thi p\Vr~15"tn*?h? r?*? wirhoot the assent
SforeLLi for run nine an ex press aa
aforesaid. or f??r transporting peraoaa or packagee
?on^yine mailable matter out of the mail/^
?' * he I oatraaater be: er?J iiiay order an increase
aetvice on a route by allowing thercfur apr* rata
increase on the contract pay. He mar cbantesehed
Oles of depart urea and arrivals in all cases, and par
tictary to make them conform to ouanexians with
rajIroada. without increase of nay, provided the run
ning time be not abridged. He may alao order an
increaso ot speed. allowing, within the restrictions
of the law. a pro rata mcrraae of pay fortheaddi
tional stock or camera if any. The contractor may.
however, in the case of the increaae of speed rt-lin
Saieh the contract by giving prompt notice to the
eDartmeut thai he pre'era doiur ao to oarning the
order into effect. The Postmaster General imj also
curtail or discontinue the service. in whole or in
*r0 ra*? decrease of pay. allowing ooe
month * extra compensation on the amount dis
pensed with, whenever, in hia opinion the public
interests do not ;eqtme the sa*?e. or in case he de
Joriation'1''' ' " * diff-reat grade of trans
it..Payments will Im made for the aervioe by ooU
actionsfrom, or drafta on, p<?st masters, or other
wise aftsr 'he expiration of each quartet?.ay in
? '' Aucmt, and November.
I he distance* are giroii according to the I-eat
information; but no increased pay will lie allowed
should they l>e r rea er than advertised. if the pomta
to be supplied be correctly stated. HiJdt rt mu*t
inform ikemstlfti oh this p?i*t, and alao in re
Terence to tlio weight of the nail, the condition or
roada, hills, atreama, Ao . and all toll-br.dcea fer
rice, or obatruet ions of any kind by which exrenae
may be inenrred. No c aim for additional pay haaed
on auch ground* onn be oonaidered : nor U*r alleged
miataket or iniaapprehenaion aa to the decree of
aervioe: nor for bridgea destroy ed, or other oUtruc
tiona increasing distance, occurring during 'he con
tract term. < ??cea eatabliahod after this advert iae
5.V.! "nd 'luring the contract term.are to
without extra pay, if the distance t>e not
moron Bed.
1?. A hwl received after the last day and honr
named, or without the guarantee required by law. or
that ombinea several rout.-* in oim sum of oomprn
aation, cannot be cons:d<>re<l in coir.petition wit? ?
regular proposal reasonable in amount.
II. J?iddera sljoujd first propose for service strict
ly aocording to tl,e advertisement, and then, il the*
deaire xtpamuiv for ditferent service; and if the
rt.fulnr bid be the lowest otfered for the advertised
"?.r7'Tu proposition tna> be cmsidered.
iz. I hore sboold be but one route bid for in a pro
po. M?
IS. The route, the service, the yenrly pav. the
'"ill of ,thf h?d'lcr, (that is his usnal
oat otfiqe address.!and iboseof each memlier of a
ort^a, should b- distnet y
staten . also the mode ?>f conveyance, if a higher
mode rh?ft horseback be intended'. TheVords "with
aecunty*" inserted to
maieate too mode of convejance, will enstuute a
uar bid. When a "star Nd" u intended, no spe
cific conveyance must be named.
14. Bidders are requested to use. as &r aa practi
cable. the printed form of proposals furnished br the
department, to write ont in full the aum of their
bida. and to retain copies of them.
Form cf Proponnl.
_jj '' o? . oonnty of . State of ,
Propose to convey ihe_mails of the United States
from July 1, IU5R, to June 3H. f>^t>2, on route No.
~~'jrr;,a} ~?:,f? ? a*reeabir to the adver
"f. the Post,n^ter date.1 Octoler
.? anu oy th? fo lowing of oonvfffinc6?
Vli:. , for the annual suin of d<>liars.
rhi5 proposal is made with full knowledge of the
distance of the ronte. the weight of the matt to be
oarried. and all other particulars in reference to the
route and service, and also after careful examina
tion ol ilia laws and instructions attached tothead
VeDat,^dmeUt' (Signed.)
... rrvnrantet.
The undersigned, residingat .Stateof ?
Undertake that. !f the foregoing bid for carrying the
mail <>a route So.?? beaeo? pted by the Poetmas
Au.m^ViSw ,he.b,dtl?r 'h?1'. Ptior to the 1st day of
August. I83R, en'er into the required obligation, on
ami i? AT' ^*rforT" the?*rvioe proposed, with gor d
aud sufficient sureties.
2*t? ire do untltr>t*ndi*K distinctly the obli
gnitons a*d liabilities asftimrd guarantor*
Jnil'i lim. of tin art oj Congrtss m f
j)ated < Sirned by two guarantors.)
... C'rtiieatf.
ihe undersigned, postmaster of , Stateof
- .certifies, under his oath of oJHee, that he is
acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows
?.m#fl of propariy' Rtd able to make good
me (fn^notei.
.hi?" m itef?^ ',ld* akoald not be submitted; nor
Should bids onoe submitted be withdrawn.
neV?oi?. f^u,t V? hr two rehponiible
persons. Oeneiel guaran ees cannot lie admitted.
1 h? wfl and guaraitee should lie signed plainly with
the fuH name ?f each person. ' ' ' n
b.Twho.TP^r.,mil?tirr"erv,e" to rcject any
b Tr r- i y extravagant, and aiso ihe
%iDf 0001 r^iCt4,r? l>nldcr?.
16 I lie bid should ho scaled ; *upericnb#d 44 \T%i 1
I ropo-s". State or Territory of (as the oase rnev
' ad rested " Sec??ad Assistant Postmaa
br .^to^n ? . rtr& < fllc'-and ?cnt by mail, not
l?y or to an agent; and postmasters will i.ut enclose
returns (0r t,er* of k'nd> ,n their quarterly
? ''J1* oontracta are to be exeeu'ed and returned
lVw K ?eP.ar,IU* 9 "r ''?ror? the 1st of August.
Ju ? mth.? VZS'V ,llu"f '*? oommenoed on the tst
the '. T'1 *y ,,ext ?f"*r "'"t whether
for r?ecutet,."r not- -N'? Proposition
arei?i!r?7lr?W considered nntil the contracts
are executed and receiveo at the department ? and
iuflic?!' Y*" ' w,!| ^ *"?wed unless got?d and
tboretor are given, to be deter
mined^ the depart racnt.
\?18- ?e.cV?'I 18 ?' nn a-t of Congress, approved
Mar< h 3. I*t5, provides that contracts for the trans
portation ofithe mail aliall he let - in ever* <w*e to
fauhVnl'Berf" tendering sufficient guarantees lor
faithlul performance, without . thei reference t? the
to'arovVile fCIh'/^'^^^'^tion than may t?? necessary
Iltf Ar wCI th?duc celerity, certainty. and secu
nty of such tnnaportation.' I'nder tins lay a iu w
snemf* n ?V ?h"S n rro^,v''f'- They do not
speoify a mode of convey ance, but engage to tske
andtop with celerityrcertsibtyt
bids I^ ?{lllL|U,?l"* liit !er,n* oi 'I'? law. Tnoie
dea1?Ate.i ^ tnaiioor in which iher are
6rTs':?n,if? th? books 01 the department "Var
' ' and ttiey will lie cmstrued as providing for
and uX,7,a,r "f f,h" :nt,rc A?WerVL*r^
m"y r """,e neressary to insvrr
fo i M "* 4er,t*""f ? atf'l *trrnritp."
.. a!lwhero the lowest grade of service
I^LLT'i ^ r I ? sufficient, the lowest b.d will (mac
or specific ai!/ *ttanint,?d',n Preference toa"???r ?
U hen the lowest bid is not a star hid.Rnd specifies
either nt mode or an smoderate mode ofo?inveT
S1fin hui ? *<"*pted. but set aside for a spe
c.bo bid Proposing the n.-cesM.n serv,?e.
veVan^- . .o"peci ' tl,e *r con
? f?U J when it propose, to c*rry "aocordma
tion if ?Mri ri' ' 'i"f wl,houl '"eh rsecifica
service. considered as a pr?.psal for horseback
tJ*' A modification of a bid in any of ita essential
<w[r?l'?iRiIl!tn,,.M,?,'tf011 "** ,Md. and cannot be re
rnirfk ^ with a reguiar competition
2f Po*. ^?"r ,et/?J r*>COJving hads. ^ ^11
fS 8r" fo carefu"not to certify the
ing that iJter aVe',|?rtr?.<>r8 *r without know
^tfiEZZSSZZ sufhcient responsibility;
brnotified tTat' suretieaare distinct
ly noiineo tl at, ?in a failure to enter into or ncrform
8err,w> rW SrWhea?
^St ^em. I*,fal Uab,^tl" ^ enforoad
ofpaHm^t.1 nm^^^VtTTh^0^^
^naanrtmnv^".??h ??rflfio"t" ?f 'heir suffidmio aub
aiantialljr in the forms aliove prescribed Tlie oer
tifieates of aufficiency must be sirued by a postmas
ter or a judge of a court of reoord mM
Post Orrtct DxFARTM?^?,tmMter Gener*'
Octobrr22. 1M7. oc2B lawtTw
Qcabtbbmastkr's Orncit Manni? Coses.I
? AaiiiKGToa. Octolier 10. l?Jf. \
' for 'urnislung rations to the I nited
SSVUTmT,^' *'
Cliar.estown, Massachusetts ;
Portamouth, New Hainpsliire;
S[??57,T11.f 't,nJ I aland. New York ;
Philadelphia, I ennav Ivania ;
Ooeport. near Norfolk. Virginia;
Warrinfton, Fl<n ida ; and
? asmngton. District of Columbia,
Fjach ration to oensist of one pound and a Quarter
airk?M hT Mr 'hree-auarters of a pound o^mess
JJ ee? ounoes of bread. ma.U of best ?u
fhl m ?oar' or hest superfine ffour at the option of
the Rovernment; and at the rate of six pounds of
g?M>d ooffae, twelve pounds of l?at New Orleans
sugar, eight quarts of best white beans. fbBr ,??rt!
of vinegar, two qnarta of sale, four pounds oKrZJ
hard brown soap, and one and a hair aoumi ?r - 4
hard dipped tallow candles to one huudred miLn^
The ?eef required shall bedeliver*i?border
ofths ooinmaudineoffio-rofeach statioT JZtkJ ?
bulk or by the single ratlonVamf.bSTiSi.r
the ?ymes <'if ^tVo0^^'^ kn.'.Vn t^r ,,y
certified to bv soma " ? anown to this office, or
"f ,h* Ci,y ^ Davenport.
Ywk ** Coepon is New
fWv.;J7rthA of ?#B9 The grow Vac oity Mf
** '*ww. ?'?out 30,000 mhabteanta, a. d is
innln!?mm'S'"? "? \8*'t^ popnlstion. Its
munio^BsI debt is only #!SB.eeo. and its railroad debt
2sLf,,7^'Vll *,h1 oennot now increased. The
Bstwtjstfee of the ottr wsrs published ib the Intalh
rn Of the aith SeptemW. We reooMie^f
I? ? Vamoat avaoae aad lfttj^tiaat.
_ 'WsbMrr. ' / I
L?tn Washington at C o'plook a. ?*.
" Wuhioitoa u Y o'clock p a.
Leave Wuhiniton at ? o'oiook a. *m.. arrive is
LYNCHBL'Rg next morning at 4 a. in..connecting
with the train* on the Virginia era Tennessee Rail
Rued for MEMPHIS. Marl ?Uf? fW?m Clmr
ot res villa to f .ynchbunr a distance of ?a mil?a.
Far* from Washmgun to L) ncbbvri, |1.<V
ThoiUanar GkORGlTPAGE. fc->t of Seventh
street, be in* owned by tbe Railroad Company. ran*
in connection with the train*.
TickfU for Lynchbarg procured on M?e Boat
IH^Omnibusvsand Manage \N aiun will Mat tbe
Depot of tko Waabinctnr. K?;:ri>*d. to c*nr?j paa
aengers and tiaggaee to tbe SioamboaL, for Alexan
dria, a diaiaaoe of out aniee, allowing ampie time
for meala.
Alexandria. July, 18Y7. it i-tf
From WASHINGTON at C a m.. connecting at
Relay vita trains for the West, and at Baltimore
with those for Philadelphia aod New York; at 8Jf>
a. m? for Aunapo.ia, Baltimore. Philadelphia, and
New York ; at $ p. m. for Bait-more aid Norfolk
aad at Relay with Frederick train. '
KX PRESS at 4JD ?. m. at KrAr for the Weal,
aad for Annapoiia. Baltimore, Philadelphia, aad
New York.
On Bandar at 7 a. m., and 4.S>p. v.
4.1$ and 9.15 a. m.. Sand 5.15 p. m.
On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. and 5.14 p. in.
jeli-tf T. H. PARSONS.Arant.
Leave Alexaadna at 4fc, 7)f. 9, K*,1
?KfWfei-M ituw.iix, ur.cPK.r
ap an-d ELLIS L. PRICE. Captam.
The reoent extension and improvement of its ??ad
inr connecting lines at the West has required an en
tire revision of the running arrangements ofthis road
by which highly important advantages to the trav
eler are secured. On and alter MONDAY, Jnna
15, 1W7. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be ran
in both directuma for through p***engera.
from Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(exur.pt
Sunday,) atop* at way station* and arrives at Cin
heriaiHl at 4 P. M.
Second?The MAIL TRAIN atart* (Sunday et
ocptediat 8 30 A M.. and arrives at fN neeiiac at 4 A
A M., connecting at Benw<Mid with Central Ohio
tram* fur Coiumbua. Cincinnati, luriianapolia, bns
laville, Chicago. St. l*oui*. Ac., and at same place
with trains for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. Ac , hy
Cleveland Road,and aiso at Parkerafourg with Ma
rietta Road.
EX PR ESS TRAIN loaves dmW at 5.06 P. M., eon
uecting at Benwood at 9 A. M.with exprea* traiaa
from Bellaire to Cincinnati, itrtrJtnui ektimrt ?f
C?ra at Cclumhat.) and reaohing there in bat 25
kours from Baltimore and 2K bonrs from Washing
ton. It also connects directly, in both directions,
at Grnfton with car* by Parkerahorg and Marietta
road* for Chilliootbe. Cincinnati, etc. These trama
Oornect at Xema for Indianap* is, Chicago aad St.
I.ouia, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio aod
Mississippi Fxpreaa for Louisville Cairo and St.
^ns through to Louis in less than 42 hour* from
timore. H* this train the ttmt to all the central
and southern places in the West is much lass, while
the dinmnrt is from4<t to fflo miles shorter than be
the ahorteatof other routes. From the Weat theaa
eonnectious are equally ct??ao and satisfactory, ai
riving at Baltimore at 8J? A. M.
H7" Baggage checked through to all pointa.
THROUGH TICKETS soM at lowest rates at
Camden Station and at Washington. D. C.
Passengers from BaMimore or Washington may
rw? tk* tntirt read by dm^liaht, by taking morn
ing trains, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak
land, and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ac
commodation train, leaving Cuml>eriand at t and
Oakland at lOjn.
The Cumberland Acootmnodai.on Train at 7 A.M.,
will stop at all Stations east of Cuml>erland. and tbe
Wheeling Aceomimdation at all Stations beyond
Cumberland going West. Eastward!*, the Mail
Train leaves Wheeling at ijn A. M .and Aoeommo
daMon leaves Cumlieriand at ?, reaohing Baltimore
at 5 30 P. M.
BRANCH. between Grafu>n and Parkeraburw, way
passengers will take the Exprsss weal ward]) and
the >fail east ward ly.
The FREDERICK TRAIN etart* at 4 P. M .
?topping at way stations. Leaves Frederiek at 9JI
A. M., arriving at Baltimore U noon.
Tbe RLLICOn-S MILL TRAIN leaves at V46
A. M., snd 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellieott'o Mills att
A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday.
Leave ltaltim<>re for Washington at 4.15 and 9.U
A. M..3and V15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.,
and 5.IS P. M.only.
Leave Washincton for Baltimore at ? and SJU A.
M.aud 3and OuP. M. Oa Sundajsat 7 A. M., and
4 20 p. M. only.
The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and the
serond and foarth trams fr?m ^N'ttsbitigton. will be
express mail trama. stopping only at Waahingtoa
Junction a4)d Annapolis Junction.
The 9.15 and 5.15 train* from Baltimore and the a.3*
and 4 J" trama from WaaUiugtou connect with the
tra.us from Annapolis.
For tickets, information, fare, Ao.. apply toJ.T.
ENGLAND. Agent.at the Ticket ofine. Camden
Station. WM. S. WOODS IDE,
jy iS-tf Master of TransaortatMm. Baltimore.
One of the Steamslup* of this Company, carrying
the United States Mails for * C A PL' lA >. a rm<i
CALIF(iRNlA,and OREGON. I?wve?<rggTE*
Panama twiee each month, on the arri
val of the United State* Mail S. S. Company's steam
ers. * inch leave New Orleans and New > ork regu
larly on 5th and 9tb of eaok month with tbe mails,
and passengers connecting via PANAMA RAIL
These steamships have been inspected aad ap
proved by tbe Navy Department, and guaranty spcarf
an>1 .ta/Vtp.
Tbe Panama Railroad (47 mile* long) is now oam
fleted from ocean to ocean, and is eroaaed in 3 or 4
ours. The l?gg*gc of passenger* l* cheeked ib New
York through to San F rancifco. and passenger* are
embarked at Panama by n^mer at the com pan)'a
expense. The money paid in New York covers aJ)
exsenses of the trip.
Reserve steamers are kept in port m Panama snd
Sen Fru.ciaco, to prevent detention in oeseof acci
dent. ao that tbe route is entirely teUalit?no fail
ure having oceuired in eight years.
Passenger* leave Panama tbe same day they ar
rive at AcpinwaM.
Conductor* go through by each steamer, and take
oharge of won.en and okildreo without other protec
For through tioketa at the loweat rates apply at
the agency, 177 \S est street. New York, to
I. W. RAYMOND,?or to
New Orleans,- or
Jyfctf C. L. BARTI.ETT. B??f
7*JO Skirt romrotini Ui
Litu era :
The ATLANTIC Capt. f?ltrer F.idridg*
?h? BA1.TIC. Capt. Joseph ComatoS
be ADRIATIC?.? Capt. James \\ eat.
The?e abipa havtng heen built by contract espreee??
for the Govei Direr,t aerviee.every care ha* boon taken
in their oonstrnctioe, a* alao ir, their eng:nea. to in
aure strength an'l apeed. ami tbeir aooommodationa
Sor passsugers a;r unequalled for elegaaoe and com
Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in
Erst cabin, #13Ti; in second do., ^75 : exo U'lveaaeof
extra *t*e atate room*. R385. From Liverpool to
New York, 3" and 2t> guineas. An experienced Sur
geonattached toeaoh ship. No bertha can be aee? red
until paid for. Tbe ahipa of tb>a unaitave inprvrM
water tight bulk beads.
Saturday, June 2n.. ..ill Wednwdm, June *4 IW?
Satnrda), July 4 lftVJ Wedneeday, July ?. .ISflt
Saturday, July It.... .1130 Wednaariay, July 0 .1*31
Saturday. Aug. I..IH57 Wedneeday, Aug. 5
Saturday. Aug. 15 145?t Wednesday, Aug. I9.1ACT
IS* I u rd ay. Sept. 12 . ,.ia^7. edne*day , Sept. 2 ItSI
Saturday, Sept. 26...,1W? Wednesday, Sept. 39 185t
Saturday, Dot- 10 1857 Wednesday, Oct. 14. .1W1
Saturday, Oet.2? ....18W7" Wednesday, Oat.SI
Saturday. Nov. 7 IRWi Wednesday. Nev. II lt3?
Saturday. Nov. 21... 165" Wednesday, Nev. 19 I&97
Saturday, Deo.6.^_lt57i\\ ednesday , Dea. 9 IS"
i Wednesday. Dec. fl.1191
BRoW*fo.SHIPLEY k CO^ Liverpool.
F nara, London.
?.G.WAINWR1GHTAC0., Parle.
he owner* of theae ahipa will not be accountable
fk?r gokl. ailvur. bullion, apecie. jewelry, preciona
atonea or metala. unieaa bills of ladino are aigned
therefor and tbe value thereof axpreaaaw therein.
jo 15
an warnoFT vailcii roa biobt tuib, pox
Jtagarfar Smilimt Dapa, Uk t SMk 4/ aaak
Carrto!*.?So many fraada aad impoai
ticna of van one Innda have oean lately *
perpetrated on traveUera boani toC A Li *- ?"
rORNl A. that the aabaeealwr. the only eat horased
Agent foe paaaage by the L. 8. Mail 1-ine. via Paaa
ma, in the oity af New Yort. IWIa it hia duty to
oaution all para one oeokmg pasaag* 10 California,
that, to avotn laaroaiTtOR, they muet be eauafal to
fpd the t-ue once of the Steamahip* of the I ?
Mail Idne, via Panama Railroad, ao no other oAre
IB New York ao oothorixod to engage paaaage.
The Companma have only one ofioe la New York,
whiaa m at 177 Weot street, aorner of Warronatreet,
front .ng on the North River, at the head of the Com -

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