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Corntr of Pm mvwm-us mud Elmnntk strut,
Papera aerred in paoka*es by oarriera at 94 a year,
or 97 een; s per month. To mail aabaonbera the auh
??"riptioo pnoe la 93J<)a year, in adranct; 92 Tor
an montha; .f l for throe moutha ; and for >eaa than
thro# montha at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Single
OMpiea, one sent; in wrnppera, two oenta.
Aptrkti*EJtBNTs lof eight lines to the a?uare)
maerted three timea for 91 ; every other day or
eewu weekly, per oent. advance; onoe a week, 30
eer eent. ndvaaoe.
? (renin
RIDAY, JANUARY 29, 1858.
NO. 1,568.
SiacU oom, Mr Uauu
Five ooptea
Ten oopiee
By ?ahaor*wng u> CI aba raieed aaKM aauhbeta
Witioat l he intervention "fa bwi! ag^nT.aawiU bm
?er^iTMl.y per cant, of Tub Whim t?i*? will
baaarad. 11 isvanaMy ?pata?na Ue *???,?,<*?
>??i" that haa made Tub hvajnaa Stab airaa
late ao general I* tkroagboat tbaaoaatr*.
(TTBiacle oof Ma tin wraffjra? eaa be pn oared
at the eoanter-immediately after the laaaa o the
fa eer. Price-TilRKK CENTS.
(C7" Toatmaatera wbo aotaa agenta will ba ahowad
^ _ _
\ ?-? .1 TW Winter fails, ?
Thlm l v !ffl "Hrwiva o>r trie world,
rhrontb Nature ?heddm* influence malign,
And r?uaeup tha ? *?ds ot dark disease.
1 "T '"V d,8?,n h'?i. 'oatlnni: life,
ThJ i.?fi T m"rp,t^n melancholy views.
dtr;w,r; An<! ? ?r ,h? furrowed l.txJ.
discolored llocks,
* *Pre**<nf? ernP the wholesome root,
u? /k *'one,th? moorish fens,
>i* is fhe ?ad soniua of the comma storm;
Ami fJL?""!!? " ' ?ose disjointed ciilf*.
r,ld-*,?*? ??r*w mc brook
' >ro?*?elul, send a lio low mom,
Resounding l..n< tn listening Fancy's ear.
WK* T.r!'?r..,n V1* Journal describe* a couple
?who were not unequally yoked together."
In abort, the man whs \*ery p->or
And what v*j> worss. supremely lazy ;
A kind of trouble hard to cure.
Hue such as rarely drives one crazy.
" a.!"!'&*** 'aBt hJ" *r?P" match,
An idle gossip.and a slattern,
"Jygfro?* Wltl' tune and frequent patch.
Knew nevermore its nntive pattern.
TSkl li'lAi?" twere? fro"' hand to moutli
>he rtwaddling over pot* and kettles.
lie in a constant state of drought.
And both in frequent want of victuals.
[Correspondence of N. y. Journal of Commerce ]
Paris. January. 1858.
For th" last week Pans has been in a whirl
gayety and dissipation. The weather has
been so mild that every one walks or drives
abroad The Roulcvards and othcrlnrge streets
are hne l with the small wooden stalls contain
ing every variety of toy and household articles
rrora one sou upwards. The large establish
ments of the capital, of millinery, fancy goods.
Bilk and velvet materials, and of papeterie. and
of all articles of vertu. are as brilliant as I have
ever seen them at this season, and are crowded
with eager purchasers. I do not remember to
.T? knoirn the New \ear feto to pass over
with greater eclate. The hon bon shops, with
the hundred varieties of baskets and boxes
decorated with fine paintings and beautiful ar
tificial flowers are alone worth the visit of a
stranger to Paris. The exhibition of the ma
terials for the Court dresses and trains, of silks
and velvets worked and embroidered with gold
and silver, is surpassingly gorgeous.
At the reception at the Tuileries on the 2d of
.1 anuary, the ladies were obliged to appear in
the Manteau de Cour or Train, and the gentle
men in official or military costume. The Court
entertainments and ministerial fetes will com
menca this week, and all Paris is looking for
ward to a gay and brilliant carnival. The
masked balls have inaugurated the season with
the accustomed throng of dancers -and spec ta
tors. The establishment, which all strangers
in Pans, should visit, is that of the celebrated
costumier of the Theatres, and for the masked
and fancy balls. There may be hired for the
night, the costume required by the actor or ac
tress. whatever may be the charactcr in which
h- or she is to appear. Historical and national
costumes of all ages and all countries are dis
played to tempt the frequenter of the public or
pri\ ate fancy balls. The decorations and ar
rangements of this establishment are unique
and display not only good taste but great re
search and historical and antiquarian knowl
Our mantua-makers are especially occupied
with perfecting full dress costume. The hand
tome salons of Madame Fauvet, i Iluedu Men
u's. are tilled with ladies ordering elegant toi
lettes. at once rich an?i simple, alway* flistin*
Kuies. Young ladies find there, their modest
frousseaux. and brides their beautiful cor
eilles The evening toilettes consist generally
tor those who dance, of light colored silks or
satins, covered with two or three skirts or floun
ces of tulle, crape, lace or blonde. Robes of
tulle have often as many as six skirts or floun
ces; sometimes these skirts are merely hemmed,
and over the heins are placed small satin rolls
or else, a wide satin ribbon is passed through
the hem. Flounces are also sometimes borderd
with plain tulle ruches edged with a narrow
blonde When cut in Vandykes, the flounces
are bordered with ruches of doubled and very
lull No. .? and No. t ribbons. Some skirt.** are
puffed all over ; double skirts a re also bordered
with narrow gold or silver braid, surmounted
by fancy foliage of different colors. Foryoun<
ladies there are becoming robes of Chambery
gauza. Sjuic are quite plain, others have a sat
in stripe or small check pattern; these are made
either with flounces or a double skirt.
Ball dresses aro now worn without any deeves
on the shoulders ihere is only a small puffing'
to which flowers or bows of ribbon with Ions
ends are fastened Rurthes with long ends are
iu vogue, and also a kind of narrow lapel
coming down in a point be*rc and rounding
over the shoulders behind ; it is generally cover
cd with blonde or ribbon ruches; or with a cor
don of small flowers put on in the form of a
heart in front. There are four new tint.-for the
colors of rol*s which have appeared this month,
- .!.h? U,,n* th* Alpine pansy, jrar
den gilliflower-. and the Alpine enrraut. The
?Alpine pansy dress is a peculiar shade of violet,
with a net-work of black chenille, at least Hi
inches deep at the bottom of the skirt ; above
the chenille is placed a small ruche of ribbon
Ihe high and plain body is terminated with
slashed lappet*, and it is trimmed with a berthe
chenille and jet bordered by a fringe in the
8 irae style
1 he New \ ear display of the jewelersis tru
ly magnificent The array at Sarrazins, |y
Boulevard St. Denis, of new ani unique styles
or ormolu and brouse. enameled clocks and
watch'--, brilliant parures for ball toilette an
immense assortment of the most beautiful
brooches, ring-, and particularly the bracelets
ot the costly description of the antique Hunrt-!
nan work. ia well worth ihe attention of al!
nsi tors.
C .iffurcs of either natural or artificial flowers
are the description of head dress the mo?t in
vogie The hortensia of twotints without foli
age with two branches falling on the neck, is
?specially elegant and becoming Full-blown
rose, with foliage and long gras? is called the
tur ?an coiffure, from the large tuft of roses giv
ing it the appearance of a turban. Coronets ?f
full ige are composed of velvet of two tints
garnet an I claret Mixed with the foliage are
silver reeds.^ Wreaths of volubilis of various
colors are mixed with grass and drooping bran
ches. 1
Our perfumers have made a brilliant display
The show rooms of Faguer, 8.5 Ku de Richelieu,
are tilled with useful and eos.ly articles for
ejrennes Inlaid boxes for gloves, containing
gloves of the softest kid; boxes ornamented
with paintings, holding the most precious
perfumes, and higbly seeuled soaps, tach
efs f >r glote . for the pocket handkerchief, to be
placet! among linen, ancient and modern fans ?
flacon-' for the hand, Ac. The esublishmentoi'
Lahuck, l?,2 liaterie de Valois. Palais Royal, is
a vast bazaar of superb porcelain. crystals,
bronzes, and lamps of the richest and newe-t
styles The dinner and dessert services pre
pared by order of the Kaperor a? New Year's
gifts, are exquidt specimen* of painting on
rhiaa. and are remarkable for the novelty of
the forms and designs, for the infinite variety
ot the subject of the paintings. S tuie are views
in Switzerland and France, others are copies of
celebrated j?ietures; all p.-rfcct iu the execu
HowtMo , Hon a ok RAtsiar. run Wian.?
be Sew \ ork corrc.-pondcncc of tlie Bostou
I ransenpt says "Downing, the great oyster
purvey-*, on being a?ked if the hard times ha i
Z. f "" New Year s day. re
{ T k V i '' ***' 1 Kin out that anv
l'"h*t d'Jn t have oysters on his tabic
would b* considered ,hnd krul, ; and the con
sekenoe wis that I s?dd more oysters than I
ever did afore.
If 7* Ho n't I airy y?nr haint kTct tef In voir
p > het It yon do. -?y< h. ^ ^
a ito your l*>noni
I ^ Tb" '''^''"t'^Vllle, Va . J*-(frraoulan
l,4'm niiuhscrllwr a draft to poV
tor eighteen years' subscription to his valuable
The New York Examiner, a religious paper,
^Baptist) burlesques the practice of advertis
ing sermons. Ac. by giving the following forms
for the use of clergvinen who have not yet
learned this great metropolitan improvement.
m n,L -Ik ' havinS ,aborcd seven
months with great acceptance as pastor of the
church in , lost Sabbath preached his fare
well discourse. There was scarcely a dry eve
in the house, so deeply wore all effected by the
rupture of ties which had been so'long acquir
ing strength. After the sermon commendatory
resolutions were paused and ordered to be pub
lished in three papers. A little girl then
stepped forward, and in behalf of tho pew
holders, with a neat address, presented to the
retiring pastor a silver tooth-pick, accompanied
by tbo names of tlie donors, and the amount
each contributed, to " show himself friendly,"
and tho recipient, with evident emotion, re
sponded in an eloquent manner. It was an
occasion not soon to be forgotten.
The Rev. Dr. , having recently returned
from his European tour, will next Sabbath even
ing, in his own pulpit, give an account of the
nagged Schools in London, and, as an illustra
tion, will exhibit two or three ragged boys
similar to those which he saw in the school near
the famous ? Coal Hole." Tickets to the lec
ture, five cents, for the benefit of the Sabbath
The Rev. will next Lord's day
evening entertain the public with a graphic
sketch of his late excursion in "John Brown's
Track, northern New York. By the advice
ot bis physician, he accompanied a hunting
party into the depths of that wonderful forest
and his narrative will doubtless be very inter
esting. Ho will exhibit the skin of a wolf
which he shot, and the club with which he
killed an unknown animal. Com? early if you
want a good seat.
The Rev. Dr. will preach in his own
place to morrow morning, and administer the
ordinance of baptism to ? persons, all recent
converts, the oldest of whom is ? years, and
the youngest -. The choir, under the direc
tion of that distinguished vocalist. Mr
will sing two select pieces, and will give a fun
t"*,* on the organ. The public are invited.
?11 T ' 'ate a missionary in Asia
will preach to-morrow evening in the church
After a gnspcl sermon, ho will put on the cos
tume of the tribe among whom he has labored,
and sing one of their national sones. Ticket#
ten cents. for his Mission.
1 Tih ,Anniv?rs.a.ry of the Sabbath School will
?e held next >abbath evening. Several weeks
nave been devoted to preparation and a rich
entertainment is expected. The services will
be pr yers, reading the Scriptures, the Secre
tary s report, singing, addresses, dialogues tu
costume, and a mock wedding. Miss will
preside at the piano. A collection will be taken
up to pay the expenses of the decorations.
1 he Ladies Mitten Society will hold a ba
zaar next week, commencing on Monday, in
? Hall, the avails to be appropriated to the
purchase of mittens for p??or children Many
of our first ladies are engaged in tho self-deny
ing enterprise. A large variety of curious ar
ticles will be for sale, and every one who pur
chases a dollar * worth will be entitled to an
ice cream. There will be an address by some
clergyman every evening except Friday, when
there will be exhibited an old folk's party a
genuine take-off of the olden time. Remember
the poor bare-handed children. A". Y. Kx
a mi ner.
A I ikmush Oi'trage.?We learn that an
outrage of a most fiendish charaoter, almost too
horrible and revolting to be chronicled, occur
red in Florence. Ky., about twenty miles from
Covington, on Thursday last. In the after
noon ol that day, a little girl about six years
of age, the daughter Jos. Cryant, Esq., of Flor
ence was mwing from the house, and notwith
standing diligent search was made, could no
where I?e found. The neighborhood was aroused,
and the wells and streams examined, but search
fruitless, until a negro bov. the property of
Allies Marcus, Esq., suggested that she might
have fallen into a well that was not used, at
some distance from the house. Thither the par
ty proceeded, and were horrified to find the
brains and blood of the little girl scattered
about the top of the well!
Sea it h was immediately made in the water,
when the body was brought to the surface, and a
most painful s[*>ctaclc presented. The child
had been violated, her head crushed in a most
inhuman manner, and the -kull nearly emptied
oi the brains, which were found scattcrel about
the well ' Those who were preset say that
the signt presented wa* of the most horrible
From circumstance* which transpired during
the icarch, suspicion fastened upon the negro
boy. who suggested making an examination of
the well where the body was found, and on ac
cusing him of the crime, he reluctantly con
leased that he hail first violated the person of
the little girl, beat her brains out, and then
thrown the body into the well to cover up the
crime W hen the fact became known in the
neighborhood, the people assembled in large
numbers, and proposed to hang the negro on the
spot, and the excitement was so groat that it
wfts with difficulty he could be kept out of the
hands of the infuriated crowd, who were deter
mined to wreak summary vengeance upon the
murderer. Cooler counsels prevailed, however,
and the more moderate of the populace finally
succeeded in getting possession of the negro,
and handing him over to tho civil authorities.
He was then conveyed to the jail by a strong
guard, and securely confined and ironed.?Cm.
Dmly Gazette.
Feat or Horsemanship?The Harrisburg
correspondent of The Philadelphia Press, wri
ting on the 21st instant, says :
A teat was performed here last evening
'hat rivals some of the famed horsemanship of
1 ol. Fremont and hits California mu8l%ntfs.
Col Forney, editor of The Press, was adver
tised to deliver a lecture in Lancaster on Wed
nesday evening, and tor that purpose left hero
at 12 o clock noon, but, on arriving at his des
tination, found that he had left his manuscript
of the discourse in his room at the Jones House
He immediately telegraphed that, if possible,
it rfiioulti be pent him. either by chartering a
locomotive or hy a horse express. To get the
locomotive it was founl impossible, when bia
friend, Bartram A. Schaffer, Senator from Lan
caster, started in a buggy at precisely 4 p. m.
At lit minutes of i o clock, they telegraphed
back his arrival at Lancaster?having made
the distance of miles in 2 hours and oO min
utes! This, I think, cannot be beaten, when
it is considered that the roads are now in a bad
condition, and most of the distance was made
after nightfall. Col. Forney delivered his lec
ture to an overflowing house."
Thk Makkikd Man ?How is it that girls can
always tell a married man from a single one '
The tact is indisputable. The philosophy of it
is beyond our ken. lilaokwood says that "the
t.wt k| matrimony or bachelors'/ ip is written so
legibly in a man sappearance, that no ingenui
ty cani conceal it. Everywhere there is some
inexplicable instinct that tells us whether
an individual (whose name, fortune and cir
cumstance are totally unknowm be he. or bo he
not, a married man. Whether it is certain sub
dued hxjks, sueh ua that which characterizes the
lions in a menagerie, and distinguishes them
i!'0.1 ,'lc'ord', 0f the desert, we canuot tell; but
that the truth is so, wt positively aflirm "
i t ''"-"If*?"? Bt Op Thuradar niirbt
la? .owiebodyhearda 110i*e in the Kl?d?rlo>k
Bank, and gave information to the cashier, who
got up and armed bims-lf with three revolver*, a
sword, ane and a batch* Cashier and Informant
pro-ceded to bank; opened door: heard noise
t'aajiier held bin breath and blazed away; .hot
i .ok eflVct; unite subsided; found victim welter
ing in his Mo.al; vicliin proved io I*, member or
Laabier'tf family?hi* Matte?*. Tom Cat Ctsh
ie, said -S4.UI," put up his pistol, returned to the
pU-e of beginning. Wife hears nf Tmn Cat-*
dith. and ref.isei to be. com for ted Last heard
of Cashier be was heading for Hudson to i/ct
another grimalkin
BROWNS' HOTEL.?J B Baldwin and lady,
Va; M)>s M L Pavton, do; .( Sellinan. Md; Edw
Leon and ladv, NY; H S Thomson, do; Geo II
Crosinan, jr, Mo; J no A Dolman, do; T J Clay,
Ky; J Y Wilson, Mo; Mrs Phelps, do; J Ware,
Kv; Capt J C Rich, Va; C Prentiss, O; J Smith,
Pa; Mr I*ewin, do; Mr Sinclair, do; '/. Kidwell.
Va; J I. Htibard, do ; F Jenks and lady, NY ; .1
Fettrech, do: Dr Washington, USN ; M II Fov,
Mrs Foy. Va; J E Wortendyke and lady, NY; V.
N Putnam, NC; P L Cooper. NY; K G W Hall,
Md; J Vanderpoel, NY; F S Vanderpoel, do. C
C Green, Iowa; M Litt'en, Md; J F Rrowne.SV;
J Van Voorhis and lady, NY; J Ruchanan. Pa;
E J Amiss, Va; L M Sh einaker. do; Samuel T
Hopkins, Md; A P Jump, do; P M Slaughter.
Texas; Miss Logan. Va; Jno Sunderland, Pa; W
Wetheriil, do; F S Sutzenjjer, do, Win Harring
ton, do.
W11,LARDS' HOTEL?J J Cassidy, NCaro!
Judge Wilson, * d; C W Waring, Va; TSavage,
Cuba; S Haugh, W L and Mis* Maddock, Sarah
Raugh, Pa: Mrs Wheelan, Md. Mrs Griflin, Del;
Misses Stunner, Md; Miss Hading, do; Dr Mor
ris. d.?; E A Qiiintard, A D Agan, II R Ames. N
Y; T Hurnar, Me; F Loomis, J Westcott, N Yk;
J A Haideman, Kanssis; Win Lloyd, Pa; G I rv
ing. C Meinicke, .VSWitinon, NY; W Dormer,
Pa; J TCrowell, NJ; Mrs M L Thompson, Mrs J
W Thompson, Miss A, Jas, and G L Thompson,
H Barna'd. M Ne son, Mrs Thompson, Md; Mr
Falls, do; W A Shepard. NY; Clia* Biweel, WI;
M R Mason, NY; C A Whiting, NY; C J Ham
mond, III.
Davis, do; W Bring man, Mass; E Pirot, Pa! HR
Srneltzer, J A Williams, Md; J J Faran, Ohio; J
M Denison, Md; Captain J C Rich, Va; 1) Stone.
I'a; E W Converse, Mass; J L Catlin, Texas; J R
Hudson, Mo: II E Leman, Pa; J E English. O;
(ii*o Forbes, J H Forties, G W Morton, L S Gor
don, J Rassfoid,Md; T S Wagner; Pa Dr T G
Richardson, Pa; M Ham and lady, 4 and FS
Vanderpoel, N Y; Hen Hurxthal, do; J N Sears,
do; E M Chaffee, Rl; H Wilde, NJ.
II. 8. HOTEL, (L O. Smith s.?J R Alex
ander, Va; W Gardner, Ind; J II Hawkins,M!?<;
T Pox, Va; A Lomnier, Pa; T Perry, Va; C A
Nelson, do; J M Sinclair,do; C F Fadley. d >; M
Nelson, Md; G W Moon, Va; G P Hamilton,
Kan; W C Waters, J R Spelman,Va; C A Smith,
do; I) Hensel; Pa: G Murphy add lady. Va; .1 F
Chesley, Md; T Marsholr, do; J Jones, do; J J
Pard-n, O.
Simpson, Pa; A Taylor. NY; A G Haiey, Miss:
II T Rosser, Min: J W Boyd. Md; Capt W Ing
inan, l/SN; Mrs L Inman, P C Cooper, NY; T R
Jones, do; J C Marye,Va; J A Green. Ga; Col W
M Yarnuin, do; R R Cary. Wis; W A Harris,
DC; S 1* Brow , Me; S Simmons, NY; R R R'd
ning, Calf L Redman, do; James Williams,
Tenney and lady, NYk; M Kassen. Miss Ka**en.
Miss; F Pell. D C Grav, NJ; A Worth, Va Peter
Sims and ladv, Mr and .Mrs Hall, Ala. J R Cur
tis, Miss Curtis, 111.
Special Notices.
To THK Citizrxs or Washington.? Wolft's
Scktidam Aromatic Scknapps.?Tha proprietor
bens leave to call the attention of strangers and the
citizens of Washington, *o a very superiorarticleof
Holland Gin, which he introduced to the American
public under the name of Wolfe's Scheid&m Aro
matic Schnapps.
This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu
sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Hoi.and. It is
made f roin the best Barley that cAn lx? procured in
Europe, at any cost, and flavored and medicated,
not by the common harsh lierry, but by the most
choice botanical variety of the Aromatio Italian Ju
niper Berry, whose more various extract is distill
ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus
l>eooines a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla
vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor
dial and Medicinal propertiesany alcoholic leverage
heretofore known.
The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the
whole Medical Faculty of the United States, tmd
has received answers from about four thousand
Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their
signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma
teria Medica.
Persons who purchase should be careful to get the
genuine article, as the wholecountry is flooded with
counterfeits and imitations.
Put up in quan and pint Isittles, in cases of one
dozen each, and for sale bv'all the respectable Drug
gists aud Grocers in the I'mted States.
Udolpho Wolfe.
Sole Importer and Manufacturer.
Depot, No. 21 Beaver street. New York.
Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, is
presetted with great success by tbe Medical Fac
ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chromo Rheumatism, Drop
S), Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Rlood,
Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted
Vital Enorxy; and as a beverage it has no superior
in the world.
Put up in quart and pint liottles, and for sale by all
the Druggists aud Grooers in Washington.
Uimu.piio Woi.ru,
Sole Importer and Manufacturer.
Nos. IB. and u. Reaver street. New \ ork.
Wolff's Sciif.idam Aromatic Schnapps.?The
proprietor particularly recommends the above
Schnapps t<> persons travelling or about to nettle in
the South or West on account of its Medicinal pro
pertirs in correcting the disagreeable and often dan
gerous clftcts produocd by a change of water ? a
visitation to which all travelers South and West
are paiticularly linhle. Strangers shoultl be careful
in purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole countrv
is flooded with c lusiterfeits and imitations. The
genuine lias the proprietor's name on the bottle,
coik and label. For sale by all Druggists and (iro
cers. Udolpho Woi.fk,
d U 3m Depot 18 Beaver s reet. New York.
I am i.n rossFssioN of some valuable certificates
in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its
effuacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with
severe cough. The Syrup is pheasant and sate, and
is composed of roots and herbs procured from the
Blue Ridge; it is no common artiole. They are
niccly enveloped in my circulars, where iny place of
residence is s?cn.
The extract of a flower callod the Alpha Ointment
for the Piles, oan, with the Syrup, be found at Mr
C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other places on
Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at
Mt. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at
I.edl<cttor's. In Baltimore, at Hauca's, 108 Balti
more street. dl-tl
Dtspf.psia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great
enrer of Consumption, was for several years so l?id
ly.afHicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time
he was oonfined to his l>ed. He was eventually oured
by a prescription furnished him lly a young clairvoy -
ant girl. Tnis prescription, given by a mere child
While in a state of trauoe, has cured every Isaly who
has taken it. never havu.g failed once. It is equally
as sure in ons?s of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre
dients may lie found in any drug store. I will end
this valuable prescription to any person on the re
oeiptofa stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr
Tracy Delorme, New York Post Offioe.
n 30 2m
Sfkcial Notic*.?For Perfumed Breath, White
Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of
l.iino Flowers" For dressing Ladies' hair use
" Woodland Cream." a new pomade ; it causes gen
tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price 50 cents
each. W P. Fetridgk A Co., *
Proprietors. New York.
Wholesale and Retail-Agents for Washington,
Taylor A Maury, Booksellers, between 9th and
inth st.. Pa. avenue. n IT
We call the attention of ocnnoiseurs to our ltn
portat ion eT _
PETITS POlS. in butter and natural.
SARDINES, in oil.
CHAMPIGNONS, natural. .
A NCBoV I ES. in kegs, pickled.
DUTCH HERKING. in kegs, pickled.
TRUFFES, natural, in cans ami liottles.
CA VIA K, of the liest quality, and extremely rare
in this country.
jan 15 corner Veriuout avenue aud 15th st.
(Tat, too. colored enrravings; London. 18.57.
The Adventures of a Rear, and a great Bear, too
oolored engravi.tgs; London, 1857.
The Adventures of a Dog, aud a good Dog, too
oolored engravings; London. IH57.
The Little Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquii, beauti
fully illustrated; London. 1857.
Fairy Gold, translated from the Frenoh, many il
lustrations: London. 1857.
Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger
man; I#ond<?n, 1857.
Sax el ford, a story for the Young, many illustra
tions; London, Iw. _
Eda Morton, or Sohool-room Days, many illustra
tions; IxMHlon, 1857.
With many other new Books, English. French,
fr"' Wc'li TA VI.OR.
Persons desirous of purchasing the SEWING
MACHINES of the undersigned will apply to
Messrs. Wall, Stephen* A Co., who has Iwen duly
appointed < this day j our only agent for Washington
fe"! ?"nUdr__ J. M. SINGHR A CO.
received,at TA^ LOR i MAURA S
jan 15 Bookstore, near 9th at.
Pian?t, fco.
(Senior partner in the late farm of
_ Knaki. Gakhle A Co.,
Continues the manutacture luid sale of grand and
ssuare PIANO FORTES, underlie name _-jmk
of William Knalie A Co., at the old staud,|l3BBI
No?. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op->l? *? '
posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore.
They have also just opened a new Sales Room at
No 207 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light
streets, on the premises partly occupied hy Mr
Henry McCaflery as a musio store, where they will
keep oonstantly on hand a large Assortment of plain
and highly finished grand and square Piano Fortes
also, Melodeons, from the best makers, from 4 to 5
octave, some with double key-boards, double reeds,
and stops to suit small ohurones,
Bern* extensively engaged in the manufacture t f
Pianos, we will sell wholesale aud retail, on the mot t
liberal terms.
Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium
(gold medal) at th? Fairs of the Miry land Institute
two successive years?October, Ik55, and 1856? in op
position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some
of the best makers from New York, Boston ami Bal
timore. We were nlsoawarded the first premium at
the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir
Sinia, 1856 and 1856. They have also been awarded
i? highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro
po>itan Mechanics' Fair for 1857.
In addition to this we are in possession of testimo
rials from the most distinguished professors ana
amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at our
warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol
th?s high appreciation in which our instruments are
ever? where held.
All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and
a privilege of exchange is granted within the first .ill
months from the day of sale if the instruments do not
jive entire satisfaction.
Wholesale dealers wilt find it to their advantage
to give us a call before purchasing.
Pianos exchanged, hired, ard tuned.
mar 16-lj WM. KNABE A CO.
Five more of raven, bacon a co/s
superior PIANOS, just arrived at the^
Warerooms of
Seoond hand Pianos for sale cheap. n 20-tf
and .
Constantly receiving and for sale only by
Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts.
Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine
for themselves the superior qualities of the above
Stools, Covers, Melodeons, Ac., Ac., also on
hand. n 16-tr
ROTT, corner of Eleventh street and-jgpj^gfcia
Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest andi"s fTTVT
only complete Musical Establishment in* ' ? " ?
the District of Columbia.
Baoon, Raven A Co's and Rosenkranze's cele
brated PI ANOS are always on hand in great varie
ty: also. Prince's superior MELODEONS.
Together with an immense stock of Musical In
struments and Sheet Music of every description.
Pianoforte tuning executed ny Mr. Rebine.
d 9-tf
Seven- Builmsc;*.
No. 1CH P'hhsvmnia Artnue.
The Sixth Session ol this Institution will com
mence <>n Monday, February 1st 1?5K.
Boarding and day school for
At the corner of 6rh and L Streets,
Circulars, terms, and all necessery information
given on application to Mrs. P. Keslej,
jan 15 dt FehAeolrri
now open at
No. 476 Pennsylvania avenue, first door east o)
United States Hotel.
Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several
thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European
and American Literature, which will be sold at the
publisher's lowest prices, and many of them for less,
and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will be made
(immediately after the sale) to each purchaser of a
Book for which we receive SI and upwards.
Our PR ESENTS consist in part of?
Gold and Silver Watches. Gold I.ockets. Brace
lets, Armlets, Chains, Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo
saic Pius and Drops, Studs and S.eeve Buttons,
Gold Watch Keys, Cull' Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings,
975i> worth of Presents will be given away with
each thousand Books sold.
Catalogues of Books can lie obtained at the store
Indies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex
amine our stock of Books and Presents.
Sales Day and Eveuing.
dll-tf J. PHILBRICK. Agent.
lO LOUISIANA AVENUE, sncond door from
7th street, under the Avenue House,
iikalkrs in
The subaoriliers c*ll attention to a desirable Stock
of CLOTHING which they now have on exlubi
tion at their Store. No. 18 Louisiana avenue, second
door from 7tn street, and as they are determined to
close oil the lot if pon*ihle, every effort necessary
on their part shall lie used in order to please their
In the ci.othi.itr Dkpart?k!?t we c*ii guarantee
the stock to be perfect in pou.t of ilurabilitv, ht and
sty le, because we make every thing oursc|ve>, and
have no hesitation in siy inz our g?Mwts will be found
cqurl to the l>est order work in the oountry.
Watching the various changes of fashion, pirtics
may rest as itrcd of finding the latest cut ann rnako
in store, subject to their inspection and approval.
915,'W worth of (ionds for Men's, Boys' and Ser
vant's Wear, will lie sold at .motion prices,and pur
chasers wouid do well to examine the lot. This is
no humbug, as our assertions mu be proved on ex
amination. Call and see us i.t the above Store.
Just published, the 3if edition.
NaI. DISEASES.?A scientific Trca'ise on the
treatment and perfect cure of Nervous Debility.
Seminal Weakness. Involuntary Emissions, Impo
tence. Ac., resulting from vicious habits aoqmied
during tho critical passage f om Youth to Man
Member of the Royal College of Snrgeons of Eng
land, (18/7), l.icenciate ol the Hall, (1854), and 3n
years Resident Practitioner in London. Author ol
the "Guide to Health." * Green Book," "How to l>*?
Happv." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life. Ac.
This small but valuable Treatise,wri'ten by world
renowned Physician aud Surgeon, points out the
only sure and permanent cure for all diseases result
log from self abuse, and is the only publication of lis
kind written in a Itenevoknt spirit and by a scientif
ic man. It should be in the hands of all who value
their life and health and happiness here and hereaf
Pr-?e 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at the receipt of which
it wi I be sent, post free, and well secured, by Dr.
CH KLINE, No.420 1st Avenue, Box New
York. jan 12
For genuine, reliable FURS, free from moth, and
fresh made, call at STINEMETZ'S, 236 Pa. ave
niie, between 12th and 13th streets, who lias re
ceived instructions from New York, to sell the hue
assortment now hand, on commission, at less dis
count than heretofore offered.
Among them will be found the liandaomet sets
Frei ch Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought
to i his city, for 91? arid 912.
Victorines 95.
Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very
Particular attention is invited to two very large
Mink Sable Capes, worth over 9I<*\ each fr?r 975
a id 9*5.
Mink Sable Cape,medium size, 93? and 935.
M.uk Sable Vietoriues *14 and $16.
Also, several seta real Hudson Bav Sable.
Together with Siberian Squirrel, Fitch Marten,
French Mink, Ao , in all their ffiriety
I in Iriniue Opera Cloaks, ver* handsome: Mulls
to match, of all kinds, from 9' 5o to 9
Ever? artiale warranted, and if proven as not rep
resented, the money will tie refunded.
'236 Pa. ave., bet, i2th and 13th sts.,
jan II next door to Madame Delarue,
Orrirt SupxaiNTRxnsNT Public Pkintixo,
Washington. January 2?, IH58,
Proposals wi!| lie received at this otfioe" until the
second day of February next, at 12 o'clock, for en
graving on stone, and printing from the same for the
use of the Senate and House of Representative* of
the United States, two thousand nine hundred and
nlty or more oopies, of each of oertain maps and
charts to accompany the annual message of the Pres
ident of the United States and documents. Bidders
will state theerioe forauigraving eaoti^map, ami the
Pr?o? per hundred oopies for printing separately.
The maps will be open for the inspection of bid
ders at this office until the morning of the day for
closing the bids. The paper required for printing
these inapa will he furnished by this office.
Bonds will lx> required lYom the successful bnl
der for the faithful execution of bis contract.
It is to tie distinctly undeistood that tut bid will l*e
entertained from any party not di'ectly engaged in
an4 practically acquainted with fhe style of work
bid for.
The proposals must bo addressed to Geo. W.
Bowman, Superintendent of the r?Mm Printing,
Washington.and be endorsed "Proposals for sn
|) A N C I N (j ACADEMY.
the honor to annnunoe to the (.adies and Gen- #1
ilemen of UMhinfton and Gforietowu that W
w?T?! *? ?Pen hi" Classes for Dancing in/>?
W ashington on Friday, the 9th of October. at LU&
iv. ?*"? *?? ?tret, A.r Mimiand Masters,
r?J?*?Vflo?k P- m.; for Indies and Gentlemen.
,P m-. <V*>rgetown-<>n Wednesday,
the 7th of Octolter. at Miss Harrover'a Ladies Sem
IDJfT. from 3 o clock p. m.
.? w V5?" and.P?rtion!ars application can be made
?A."k .* ." rMldenoc, 4"7 E street, between 9th and
IQth^treets. ,?I2^nt
Vocal and ln?trnmental Mxuic.
C\V E B E R 'S
take pleasure in announcing to the public that
Vffi ?' to furmal. first claaa PAK (
I IKS nnd HALLS with M I SIC for the oom
ini season.
rhc latest and most fashionable Oiiadrille*.
'J1 Lze"? Holkas. Schottiahes, Gallops, >|.iziirkaa,
and Redowas have Iwen rehearsal, and alao the
ordinal Lancer a If uadrillea. which are performed
by thia Band only, with great auccesa.
Order* left at ttie musio store of Mr. M^tzerott,
V?t V v Gautier's Confectionery. alao, at L
\\ eber s residence. No. 5fi9 Seventh street, between
G and I, (Navy \ ard,l will meet with prompt atten
d?-lra LOUIS WEBER. Leader.
^TRENGTHKN and aasist them, hy the Paris
Optician, D. \\ OOLI-SON, who f 1t .
has arrived from Europe with Uis JCT AS1
own, as well as the manufacture of a good many
FVl.?r I '"proved SPkcTaCI.ES and
? LASSES : among which are the
w Vh1^ ?'^.w,irni,,t(^ to improve any EYE atlect'ed
SHOR^rriiVKDNlS" ?"""??
v?rVeiT??''.^?d th.? highest recommendations at the
i , Pan*' through their producing a
clearness and easiness of vision heretofore unknown
in any other improvements.
FvinSr ?j?J'EKRA.SPY. and MAGNI
L, ?!l .A '. ' Compasses, and Microscopes
are for sale at his store, corner of Eirhth street and
I f?r^?nV .ma ?ve2eD'" *"''*hth ?treet No. 491, b?
tweeu D street and Pa. avenue.
lp"Do not mistake the rorner of 8th street.
UsfeTn^uro"0.^lhe ?" M " hl\^T
Adjoining Tkt Stmu*flint in* OJkc*.
*3hnh!?b!SIi!lw' Agent for Baltimore
li L i "8hington Branch Railroad, has
opened an office, at the aUive place, for the aceom
tha*ule?nt?iv^e pufJl,c' where orders can l?e left lor
the use^ol \\ agons to convey Baggage or Packasea
r2^Jr;m Ra,l'^d iJ^'t. ^eam^au. Ac^or'for
/?? *n^ P"?' ',n 'his City or Georgetown.
Office open from} o'clock a. m. to lfl o'clock p. m.,
daily, except Sunday, 7 to in o'clock a. m., 2 o'clock
if'm 4 J?>HN M MoCLINToCK.
m "*??? Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
d i.' K~?Hr?"ns coming to W ashington or going to
Baltimore, not having made up their minds where
i ,\JP: ',y *,T,V?" "* thc,r checks to my
agen s on the can., Willi have their l>agrage taken
a^re of at this office, or at Baltimore office, No. II
Sharp street, and no extra charge. d to
PROM PaRIS.?Fine e<)itions, in tine ?-ithings,
?tf'0"ta,*?;J**Vigni. Ducis. RaU
? Stael. I)<'!avign*, Montesquien. La Bru
??rre'^nt urT' Ro11u,K?ea,,? Chateaubriand. CoU
u r. R?'trou. Balzac. Marmier, Voltaire.Cap^fiiue,
?,crS* R,>ch^f,,,uaiuId' Malherhe, Cor
neille. Senile, Rc^nJird, Guizot. Froisimrt \fon
strelet, Buchon. Moliere. Rodi, Barthlemyj and
8'andard f reiioh authors, imported by
. d 28 franck Taylor.
vJh- ,?ch'K,1? boated at Culpeper Coart House,
in Kebiary "1R58"aession the first Monday
advance*' "e",lon offive "??nth?, payab'e half in
Board, (in private families if preferred.) including
luel. lights, and washing
Tuition in common English Branches 12 .V
Higher English Branches 15 OP
Ancient anc Modern Languages and Mathe
matics.... 22 SO
? ... 17 so
Drawing.. ? in on
I ainting ? ? m ??>
Embroidery 5 on
Rev. J. W. GFORGE.I ?_ ?
JL r or *"5 oth''^ particulars, references.
5'I . J." f'her of the Principals as above,
d 7-lawtFebl
The snfiaorih^r respectfully informs his friends
and the pub ic general]* that he hr?s remov
? l i No. 99 PenusvIvama avenue.
a- .ut li side, fnd tone doors enst of hu. former u ?
place of liiiainess, where mav he found a very g.-r>e
15S'c"?,l?*,,rf"?ent "f BOOTS. SHOES,
and <? AI I KRS, for 1 adies. Gentlemen and Chil
drcn.of his own mamifacture; which wit|, in qua it%
ol rotUriHl wd workmanship, compare favorably
with those cf the best evt.tltlieliments.
All goods made b? or bought of the sulwcriber
may be relied upon as being, in all cases, exact'* as
'"Pfff11'ed, to which he would most respectfully
C*"J hc attention of those in want of good articles.
rh? subscriber takes tnis opportunity of return
ii*k Ins sincere thanks to his friends and the public
in general for the very litreml patronage given h>m
tortliepist hve y?-ars; and promise, in return for
the same and f<>r that which mm iierealier i>e civen
him.ienewed tfl<?rt? to give that satirfactiou which
is so much desired in our business.
, , J* R. MORGAN, 9<3 I'a. avenue.
a 3ii colni south side, bet. 9th and l??th sts.
? j London <*opy. with one h ,ndred designs, by ?,il
l?crt. I)i?bzicl m d i<li?rs. finely tmund.
1 n /'.j POEMS, London ??>pyfnnmer
ously illustrated and finelv U>und.
I HE I OETS.f harles Mackay. one volume, snial'
?uarto, London, l?5?, finely bound, with Hw engrav
BRYANT'S POEMS, small quarto, 71 engrav
ines.finely bound.
LALLA ROOKH. small quarto, finely illus
trated and lH>und.
BR A CEB RIDG E HALL, sma II quarto, numer
ous eneravmga and finely Intend.
And fine editions of most other English and Ame
rioan writers, in Poetry and Prr?se,some beautifully
illustrated, others richly bound, may lie found at the
lMH?kstore of the undersigned, mostly imported by
himselfdireot from Lond<>n.
? u c A R R I A~G H~S~.
HK Sutitbriber having made additions to his
?? aetjiry, making it now one of the largest A?m a
in the District, where his facilities for&KilE#-'
manufacturing a I kinds of CAR *^0=
RIAiJESand LIGHT WAGONS cannot be sur
pas>ed, and from his Ion* experience in the busi
ne"> he hopes to give general satisfaction.
hand ^&rr,?<?a ?nd Light Wagons kept on
1 All R EPA IRS neatly done.and all orders prompt
ly niiPndwi '^1
Second hand Carriages taken in exchange for new
d ,0-" corner of Uth and E sts.
!?.l ft houses, at GIBBS S. near the corner of
s friends
h mirmmt. M1
ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,giving a beautiful
kistre to the linger nails, at GIBBS'S Hair
^,or*- l^th ?lrMt. Pa av?. n in Sm
We have this day been appointed agents for Edw.
c!' ? <-Yri'*T* a,,<f JKne'n? I'Amps, The
attention ??f Coachmakers and others interested is
re?pectiully called to the sample at our store.
Orders solicited.
.... . Sifi Pennsylvania avenue.
?an 14 eolm (Intel.I'mon.AStates!
a Hans A ndeison's Tales aud Fairy St?na?,
Louis's Sch?M>l Days,
Swnlord and Merton,
Evenings at llouie,
F.dgar CliHon, or Right and Wrong.
F.speranza, or the Home of the Wanderers,
Grimm's Home Stories.
'The Castaway*, or Adventure* in Africa,
Saxel ford, a Story lor the Youug,
Every Boy's Boole,
Fairy Tales of the Counteai D'Aulnoy,
Arabian Nichts.
Robinson Crusoe.
Just received ty
Bibles ani> prayer books, a variety
bound in velvet, fine calf, and Tnrker mn^'
with clasps and iHnatralioo,. French
Pens?1 R(Mkers's?^G^Id
?r KHlgn*h ^^Ainerican >UndaH authors
Amenoan jivenil^BeSS for^outh ofKi*hMead
may U found at the Bookstora ol the urHlarli^S'
mo.|ly imported from Ecrt.^ U hlm."
ronwa",K'ni;nMAI'danJ "" l'MUd ***"' *
Vol 1.?As to the place and time of a transacton
proceedinca ; treating eluetiy of the ooufliet ol
. '**? An-1 the statute of limitations.
Vol. 2.?Troating of the sabieot matter of peraoaaJ
actions; in other words, of the right of action.
Bentiitry, ito.
.. _ , DENTIST..
,*? II* r M av*n?e. J
\\ ill Kfiom all operation* Idiotic I re to lit* ?
profession at his old established uftor, *? above,
d 19-tf
M. LOOM 19, M. D.. the iBTMrtnr iimI patent** of
"LeemtV Plat*
successful introduced hM improvement
wrioun citie*-?ha* bow permanently Nti
li*hed himselfin WMhmntoii.
This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists ohief
lr m mak.ng a set of bat one piece of materiel, ai.d
that indentruotihie mineral. No metal is ???1 in
their oonatruetion. and they are therefore free from
Evanic notion and mrtaiic taete. There are ir>
uta to become failed with moiature or particles of
?d. henoe they are r?rf en?f They are
ligliter, stronger. leaa clumsy. far more dural>le, ai d
natuntl in their appearance. I will give a reward n
One Thousand Dollars toanyone win will prodnoea
similar work of art to eeual mine in puritv. Iieaaty.
durability, ari:stic exoelieLoe or any other re?uisita
All work responsibly warranted.
27S Penna. avenue, between ilth and IStH lUNtl.
ap IS-ljr
OfTri No. 1* Pennsylvania Armil,
Tkt$t doort frcm Mr* Stretl.
Dx B A1L V beg* leave to inform the poNic tha! be
aati be aeen at all bct>rs,at hisofhoe, located as atnive.
He feela assured that an experience of fifteen tears*
practice, with the large number of patients.anJgraat
variety of difficult oaaea that he haa treated succeas
folly, wtll cnaNe him to aurmount any difbonlty,
aoientifac or otherwiae, relating to the Teeth. Hie
own experience oonfarming the opinion of many men
eminent in the profeaaion, and especially Dra. Rama
and J. and E. Parmiy, haa led him. lone since. todia -
card all meronrial preparation* for filling T eels, a.so
all Enamels, Gntta Percha, India Rubier, and Ce
ments for the construction of Continuous Gem
Teeth, and that Poroehan, mounted on Gold Plate,
is the only relisble substance that aan lie worn in the
mouth, as was moat onnoiasively shown by the tact
American Dental Convention.
Although he flatters himself from his lone resi -
dence and praotioe in Washington, he is lavorab'v
known to his numerous friends and patrons, he bece
leave to refer them to the following
From the late Rector of the Churota of Epiphany of
this city
Dr. Stephen Baily: DcarSir? I desire to expresa
my esteem for you persona!!?, end my confidence in
fou as a superior dentist. The operationa executed
or me have tieen highly satisfactory. I hope that yoa
may receive the patronage from my friends and tha
pnblie that ycur skill so well deserves.
\ ours *m truly.
Washington, Act. X, 18St>. J.W.FRENCH.
From one of the oldest farms in Baltiatore. Messrs*
Bt>ggs, Cotuian A Co.
Having employed Dr.Stephen Baiiy, Surgeon Den
tist. of Washington city, to execute for me an im
portant and ditfacult piece of work, which he did to
my <?tire satisfaction, and in view of the ffcet that
one of the most distinguished members of the Dental
College of Baltimore, tailed, utter repeated trials, to
perform the same work satiafaetorily.it gives me
great pleasure to express my entire coafadenoe and
nigh estimation of his professional skill.
Baltimore, Jan. 12,18S7. HARMANN B06GS.
Hz tract from a note received from the late Hoc. Joha
M. Clayton.
U. 8. Sxnate, Aug. 19,18M.
The teeth you made for me work admitMi ; aotfc
lBf ooald l? better. Very gratefully,
To those that seek relief from the maialies of tha
teeth, 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Bany as a
superior Dentist; he made a set of poroe:ian teeth
for one of my ft mil v, and plurged several teeth for
myself, and the work haa all stood wel! for more tbaa
ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON,
of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Chnreh Sort*.
April 19.1856.
We. the undersigned, having had ooeaslon to avail
ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Bai y.
Surgeon Dentist Of this oity, or having been oocmt
ant of his operations on oar families or friend'. take
pieasnre in expreaatng our admiration of hia artistic
skill, as well aa of the uniformly sat i a factory maimer
in which he performs the most dauaate aad dWboult
operations in Dental Surgery, and we respect full? re
oommend him to the <vmndenoe and patronage of *t?a
pub ic. of which we ooaaider him eminently worthy.
Thomas IJ. Walter, Architect U. S. Capito.
Tbomai Miller, M. D.,of Washington, D.C.
B. S. Bohree, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C.
N. S. Lincoln. M. I).. of Washington. D. C.
Joe. H. Bradley, of Washington. D.C.
Hkok?.k Waltoji. Ex-Governor of Florida.
Walter Lenox. Ex-Mayor of Washinftoa*'
Henry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Oftoe,
O. C. WiaBT, Principal Ritteahouse Aaademv.
I am now prepared to put on " Chapman's Elaat <
Anti-Rattling Shaft Fastener." a sure,
rented) for the rattling of the ahsft clip*
of Carnage* and Wagon*, which can be
put on at a small expense.
Call and examine at my Factory, where I have
certificates from Use leading t'oachmaker* iu the
country. ANDREW J. JOYCE,
d l?-ir corner l?tfe and E at*.
PublisKrd. Grafte. hkr Tkf>*$?ntl.
A few w< r.!eor the Rational Treatment. wit host
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looai WiTe
Weakness. Nocturnal Emissions //f/fi
i ?? ? ?? ? ?
Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre
mature be^ay of <he System. Iinpo ,
teucy.aud Impediments to Marriage
cencrally, l>y B. DE LANEY. M. D.
The important fact that the many alarming oom
plnintM. originating in the imprudenoe and aolitudie
of youth, lua? haeaMlv removed without Medicine.
ie m thi* unili traot. clearly demonstrated . and the
entirely new and highlv snoeessfal trestmentjss
adopted bv the aethor. fullv explained, b* meanci
which ever* one is enabled tooure Houself p? rfeotiv
and at thr f*a*t poi>Hible coa', thereby avoiding all
the advertised rostrums of the day.
Sent to mr addreca. gratia and post free, in a
sealed envelope, by remitting two postage stamps
se^R-dAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York.
I beg to inform the inhabitants aud visitors of tp9
ciliesot a?h ngton and Georgetown. D. C., tha*
I have a?id shall oonstantlv keep on hana, a stocc of
inainirartnred here entirelv from Mall and Hops,
warranted fre? ftom all injurious ingredients, put
up in casks of various sues, suitable for Hotels.
I!e*tsnrants. Boarding-houses and private families,
delivered by mr own drays, in any part of the above
citics, at the Hrewerjr prices.
'?rders received by post will he attended to tha
dat following.
Also, Malt and Hops for sale.
Brewery and Ma'thouse oomei of K and 27th eta.,
Washington city, D. C.
d 14 Xjp JOSEPH D\V|Sf>N.
ENTS. Also. Melodeo"s, Violins, Guitars,
Mumo, Flutes, Accordeon*. Tamborines, Ac., Ac.,
suitable for substantial holiday eifts.
Piano and Mu*>e Store, 306 Pa. avenue, between
iHh and l?*th streets. d 21
FINE EDITIONS, in Fine Bindings. orGibb??n.
Hume, llal'am. Macaulay, Bancroft.' Irving.
Carlyle. l amb, Itobertson. Rollin, Plutarch, Ros
ooe. Goldsmith, Dean SwiP. Hoaartn, Mitford.
Mackintosh. Burnet, Ranke, Milton. Wheweli, and
other emu ent prose writers, may be found at the
biMiks'ore of the undersigned, aioatly imported di
rect form London. _ ...
/ Two Piano* for $15 each; one do. fli; two do.
f |i*i each: two do. *12* each; in addition toa large
afock of Boaton and New > ork unrt\T^led Piar.oa
A ts tf JOHN F. ELLIS.
oeived. cases of the oelebratad 1 oodon Cor
dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, aad for aale try
jonas p. Levy
No. 554 t?th street. corner ??r B a treat north. Gro
iserie* and l.i?uor Store. if !*-rf
(hie for $hu.
Two for fan.
At the Muatc Store of
OS for aale verv chear at our Piano and Music
?'tore. Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and loth ata.
sole agent lor J.M. Singer A Co'a Sewing Ma
chine for Waahinctou and A 'ex"ndria. Having u efl
(hem for several years, we lind them to lie the nest
Also, Family Sewing Maohigr; of iimpi> ved plan.
U low prices. WALL, STKPHKNS A Cti.
No 322 Keniisi vania a v., I?et ween
Jan 9 Im >?-3igr*' ?h and mth sts.
I. -rt.ole for eerrtaa? windowa. Transoms for
street d?K.rs, Ve.tib.le l?ht.,A c.. Ac. Cm be *eeu
at our store, and needs only to be seen to be appre
ciaten and^d?'^ * THt)MPSON. A?aaU,
3% Perni. avenue,
?an15-eo1m (Intel,I'ntonAStates> Washineior,
W~ G. MKTZEROTT Sole Agent of Erani's
? snd Bacon A Raven's superior Pianofortes,
IADIKH* TI OK. anJ all eons ol COM HS. a
i GIBBS' Hair Stoie, near I nti St.. and at Ins
Aale* ito.Mii. under \Vill?rd*' not*' " *? %'
finwt quaJitv mrule to order in ivpwiv manner
at much cheaper ratei than th*
r www a ? a I a !? I \ * i> a L*MH A I
_ I
iftn U [Intel. A Saste.)

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