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Jlirolamoasd ??. *>? r* maaes awl. crum to No.?
ontMsl Horn k tnipiM M.? k U.? to compos,
N ths^ioker of te? dl(a <*ndele, a epiok aorue, to
th* I.in.men*
('Ana bin unacastumed to th* hiuptruhaa
afar*, the appoatrofy is in pros ; there sp.rritts
is a mi vena sroand -pome oo ranis noes. I
Kamto Tm Fbmt.
Hale* haJmity etUeracka ra?in * a bilm.
A baatin iato fome, k rutin down,
Like ? imtnea* rrate haquaduc.
Ilov cum ysr so.'
Hoyaton liuut tel at, Aggysis Jan no
How ver rook* 'ere gut splitt up so.
What woe yer lu>rri??n.'
Woe yar inAid bi rwnlrao. or hi ehana^*
1b the dark ages wbru July us Seixer, Bouny parte
k Andrew Jackson dwelt halo. '
id (Jarre I?or bild yer hi eint ankinenU
I wo what for .'
Shade ol Sam Paob arris an tel ua
How depe'a the waiter jea beiov ua.
How Kum vex hev youraelf of.'
W by didant yer kum op kordin to apintment*
rio anaar?we'd gi v? h?If a do'.ar to no.
D the baw.'ul ror?* hereabouts wa a?m? to here yer
apirntt a waiin likeal p?>? cased.
Wa mourn yeraadJ iniafortiu but the muses aint
awapioious to farther cousideiashun of yersit
Whowaa the made to whom the a kyteck in^iea
allusion on tha Steamer's aider
Want aha soma sable want era bride."
Who, tether aide of the sevthiu tide
Did wat* upon the tables of the oliftoa ;
whodrivby pang a of oruiljelousy
Haw berseif of?
Or, was she a butaous creatura from the sunny
With Aire on m pi* x ion k roseate mouth.
Wbp, atoopi-i down to p>? a hour, tel 10 '
Ur more likely still; waa abe a muze,
A wanderin hear with poicka.
Who ia auiu lu win daliyance tot her off.
O ! fait to orribS fur tue delikate fe inka of a poiok '
nutty aperritt ef the lal! W hat means it,
'f'hat yer v")ow Injun reiiota tu i?e peddled on yer
brink ?
Who wiiuia too hag (la lor a mockersoa or a bede
In the wet, misty. d imp spr* of the droppin torraut.
Go to'ell! ii Vkmeo! go to'ell!
The muxea ia disgusted witu yer extorshuna,
Ann poicka dou't admutr yer utile o|huy.
IHore the muxes h<>in invited l>? l,ongfell..w,
went to Kaniftng frr a lu uiiuutes ; menetinie
th* poioka driuk, and the inuzoa leturuin, th? >
Kamto the Pecosd.
Gote liland oeoupya adtweerus pos.shui,
Harf wa from ahoar to sboir.
Hi aoo?t tremaadioua botheiashan.
Thay 'ave spanned the torrient ore.
You can reeoh th* Isaud by crossing a brige and
paving V* centa.
Kxpena of ua k muxea oroaam S2.75.
r*uppose aa ttiare.
Cum ore the iapida brocken billers.
And on yer buzz >111 duo lnsprrashun l*ro.
o mity Union ou the left, and iguana Victory on the
I.at peoe and povurty unito ye,
O hte do nor on Beemis hite.
for git the vexed iuu?kiter kwestion,
'urn yar atteaahun to the useful *rta.
.et love and buty warm > er h:?rts,
oite the Conternenfs bi wier ka el*,
Lat oiliv vines gro up a out yer tabois,
No m?*r to ye, o mity nashuna,
Thaoatterack klamea our attenshuns.
So it y* immena watte rial,
ol on til timo ahal seas.
I'lohof the brink aa yer du now,
'atil tha grata arkangles trump sbal aom^l.
Wa pawa, orepowured bi the &een;
In pece we la ua down to dreme.
?? ma.?
MoHteeg'l Horns, Dec. iv/. 1837.
( Bottom Po%t.
BROWNS' HOTRL ?J W Harrison. Va; T
F Baker, O; Van R Humphrey, do; J W S?*lby,
Minn; E H Alvord, lnd ; Mrs M A Steven*oii.
do; Mra Fletcher, do; B F LushbaiiKh. Mil; J
Miilliken. Pa; L F Ceech, Teno; J H Green.
Ala; S Butler, Ark; W W Wiofleld. Teun; M R
Wlnfleld,do; li W Garrett, Vi; T J Vangban,
do; M T Reev. Mil ; W C Dunhmn, ?lo; Ja*
Hunipbrev and son, Va; Mi** K Phillip*. Pa; J
8 Henry, Va; W A Hcnrv, do; J J* P.irker and
ion, NY; J T Bean and lady, do; L A Lipiuan,
Pa; N Weever. do; J L Schiiicb, do; R McC'i -
dy, Fa: C N Barber, do ; J M Watty, do ; A F
Hamilton. Va; A T Monroe, Md; J Wa d, do;.
F Le Barron, Ma**; E M Gallaiid^f, DC Caj>t J
Marks. Pa; C J Moon, Va ; M W Harrison, do;
? Hunter, do; B Davenport, do ; F A Viti, Pa,
V L Tilgbman, .Md; H H Bearh, Pa; J Herd *r
j?on, Va; M Gallaber, Ga P C Cbilds, Ct; S W
Rise, Pa; A W Evan*. Md
NATIONAL HOTEL ? B F Lushbaugb, Md
T Robert*. C H White, J Ua^c. Ill; A J i'boui) ?
*on, Kan Tar; W T Forbe*, A Rutland, Tenn; F
A Ball, Cal; J W Go>ler, Ky; J R Oarr?*ra*,N Y;
I) C Dizgea, Md; A Davi*. N V; M R Morrill, N
J; Mr Denni*on, NY; H A Bradburv. Ma.**; C H
Carter, Md; G W Button, Ky; Col F Lee. U5A:J
K Lewla, Dr Shannon, Ohio'; Thomas Berry. R
H Buvall, Dr B J Gardiner, F Devec-m<tn, Md;J
Bradford, Wivn; W 11 Sprague, N Hill, li Van
O*|(0od, N York; Thnm.11 Dyer, III; IJ Bui nam,
Kinnai; I D Hine*, Ky; Jud^e FUb.-r, Mas>; M
Emery, do; A O Bin^a, W H S.-lIer*, L W111
cheatar, F Sharp*, J Anncar, Pa: J B Wa de>
foid. V\ H Elliott. N Vk; H A perk in*. Ma.**; D
White, NC; J R Hallowell,do; C K Sanders,Ga;
J H 9cranton, Pa
17. 8 HOTEL, (L. O. Smith a.? H E Porter,
Vm; W Cu*bman, Pa; H F Win?, Mas*; J D
Wheeler, do; P S Pratt, do; L P Wheat, do; J C
Hjwen. Md; J Heaton, Va; N B Hobbs, Md; L
M Clo?*. Kan; C M Ll*erlng. Pa; C Colem.ui.Va;
H H Carter, do; 11 Carter, do; J W Conib*. DC;
H A Clarke, do; W H Baum. do. Burn*, do; I.
Wright, do; J Lawrie, do; R Abbott, do; G W
Uttermuhle. do; J Crandell, do; R Cohen, do; R
R Butta, do; T Mi late-ad do- J H Wise, ?lo; J K
King, do; H A William*, do; C W Alexander,
Va, J R Ruaaell, NY; P T Beekmau, NJ, A h
Johnson. Va.
Boatwlck, 111; J C S'anley and lady, N Vk; it I
Thomas, Md; J D Wheeler, II P Win/, L J1
Pratt, Ma** J B Sbelton, Ja* M^ad, R Sjialdinj;.
M Hernandez, R T Burrough*. Ga; I' II Gould.
Pa; H C Paruilv, Ohio; A Child*, NJ; E Evan*,
G W Bruen, NY: B Perkin*. jr, A Rogers, Maa*;
W E Pari*b, ESo\d?*r, Wi*; G A Obamlterlain,
Mr* Grant and sinter. Mass; E A Turpin, NYk; S
H Thorburn, Va; T N Ja miu. S de Verdi, J C
Bullitt, Pa; J W Derne, La
KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?J H Thomas and la
dy, NY; J MrKew and ladv, do; H Martin. Uei;
L A Slade and daughter, Md; J G Barr, Ala; V\
W Drake. NY; Capt Peters, Li KM, W l> P?-o
nell, Pa; H A Swift. Min; J A Macbin. KT; A
Payne, do; FJ Marshall, do; H M Moore, do; A
Jveruou and ladv, USA; W A Taylor, Md; Hoi.
W G W hltely, Del
Fbom the United States.
Httmmtrt. Ltavt. For. V*fi.
Arabia NVw Vork...Liverpool...Feb IT
City Baltimore .New York...Liverpool...FebIfc
.North Star New Vork...Son'ainpton.Feb*20
Niagara... Boeton Liverpool...|>h
Indian Portland .... Liverpool... Feb 2T
Baraaaia....... New York... Hamburg ...Mb I
Africa New York.. .Liverpool . Mb 3
City Wa*h"ton..New Vork...Liverpool...Mb 1
Arago New York...Havre Mh fi
America l>o*t< n Liverpool...Mb in
Glaagow New- Vork.. .Gla*^ow....Mb 13
Feom Eraops.
Niagara I.lverpool...Boston Jan 30
Baltic Liverpool...NewYork...Feb 3
Africa Liverpool... N?-w York...Feb ??
Anglo Saxon.... Liverpool... Portland.... F?-b 10
City Waib'lon..Liverpool...New York...Feb 10
Arago Sou'ampton.NVw Yo k...Feb 10
Amerit a Liverpool... lioston Feb 13
Glasgow Glasgow....New York...Feb 13
Th* California mall steamers leave New York
? 1 (he Mh and Wb of each month
NEW PUBLICATION.?"Hutor.oal and Leg*.
Examination of that part of the Supieme
Court's ?ieaisiou in the Dred So>itt oaae which de
clares the uuoonatitutionality of the Miaaouri Com
?n>mia? Act, and the self exteanion ot the Count i
lkfioa to Territories, carry ing sUvery a!o:>g with
it*'" By the author of The Tnirty Years' View; oc
tavo- David Appleton k Co. New York, UW.
The ik'^ovs workjuat i?au?d from th?* prtas, for
?Je at th*. well known st?nd, nomer of 4.'? street and
snnay;vsn;aavenae. Stereotype edition, heanti
illy prioted o.1 oiean new ty ae. fine white paper and
wita bast blaok ?i?k. Bound in black oloth and gdt
lettered. Dors up m a durable form lor permanent
ase. Price ft.
This work. ia what ita title purports to be, an ex
amioation uf( what the author deema to be) the po
lioaJjmtt of ihe Court*n '?pinion, avoiding any no
CTmlVr tf ? relatod to the peraonal
Aims of the partjea on r?wu>r<i it ?. .
py flacad
pledge tin a beea
kept ia the work, and which ia oonaiderod, l.w oom
?^tent judgsa, as th>* most or.ginal and profound of
all tha author a works, ai.d ao treated a* to present
naw view* to the oldeat readera. and in fact to ap
P^sf as a d^w work oa a supjcct supposed to hava
bead exhauated.
Books* I
ler, Odaoa Building, corner 4% ,t.
aad Pa.av.
THE REASON WHY.-A careful collection of
many hundreds of reasons for things whiob,
thonah generally believed, are imperfectly under
atood. Copiously illustrated; Ergliah edition; priae
> easts! froe by mail 00 reoeiptof ninety-aix oentaia
Light ia the Valley; My Experienoe ?f JP1"1"1'
iani;by Mrs. Newton Croasland; illustrated, #1J&.
Violet, or the lMnseuse, 38 ets. lf
b'yofr^kioai and Hjboricel Skatche*; bjr Maoau
MAtvla^oa*s Railway Literary.80 eta.
^a iah'i Pookst Book of Fun, do. do.. 40s<?,
The Biographical History of Pniloaophy. from Ua
origin ia Graooa down to Ui* presest day; by Georie
Henry I-ewaa; 1 volume, 9U1X The same in 2 vol
"Taa't aablishad and for aais at
jea7 Bookstore, near Vth st..
nuujtu*e Candies, of exoelleot quality, at 36
<^X5a.<U*il KING Jt BURCHEI.L,
J7 ycoam Vmmpmt aye, Md 1Mb ai.
Peruvian syrup.
Having sucoestMly puied the ordeal to which
new discoveries in the Materia Medic* ire
sufijeoted, must now b? received u
. ? established medicine.
Its Efficacy in Curing
Affections #/ tht Liver, D oj>*j, Neuralgia,
Brunch His and Consumptive Tendonctes,.
Disordered Slate of the Blood. Boil?,
Sf?rrjr, The Prostrating Effects of
Lead or Mercury, General
And all diseases which require * Tonic end Altera
tive uiedioine. is beyond question.
The proofs of ita ffticaov ere ao ?uiii?roui,?owMl
authenticated, aud of auoh peculiar
character, I Kit autferera cennjtt
retsonaoly he. itate to receive the .
protfered aid. /
The Peruvian fyrn> doe* notl
profoss to l>e e cure ell. but itr^
range la extensive, beonuse many
diseases. apparently unlike ere in
timately related, and proo?eding
from one cauae. may be cured by one remedy
The ciass ol UinMiei for winch thn 8)rup pro
vides a u<-e. la p eoisely that wh:oh !haa so often
baffled the highest order of medioal skil. The facia
are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and the safe
ty end efficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible.
Those who ri*y wish for an opinion from disinter
ested persons respecting the character of the Syrup
uan.iot fail to be satiahed with the tollowir g among
numerous testimonials in the hands of the Agents.
Th? signature* are those of gentlemen well known
in the community, and ol the highest respectability.
The undersigned having experionoed the borefi
c.al eflcts of toe "Peruvian "*y rup," do not hesitate
to recommend it to the attention of the public.
From our own expenenow. as well as from the tea
timony of others, whose h tetugence aud integrity
are nltogcther unquestionable, we have no doubt of
its effioicy in cases of Incipient Diseases of the
Lungs and Bronchial Passages, Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Ac. Indeed its ef
fects would t>? incredible, but from the high ch.arao
ter of those who have witnessed thein, and have
vounteered their testimony, as we do oura. to its
restorative power.
It is well known tint D'e nie<!:cinal effect of Pro
toxide of Iron is lost by evon a very brief exposure
to air, and that to maintain a solution of Prot ?x
id* of Iron, without further oxidation, has b>e.i
deemfd impossible.
In th*' Peruvian Syrup, this desirable point is at
k>o\vn; and this solution may replaoenll tun pro ?
carb.matos dilates, arid tartrate* of the Matori t
M odica. A. A. H A V KS, M. D..
Assay er to the Mate of Massachusetts,
16 Boyistoa street, Boston.
For sale by Druggists generally. Pnoe for large
bottle*. $2; medium *ized tsiUles. SI.
N. 1.. CLARK A CO. I'ri prietors, Boston.
For sn'? in VN nshuuton by Z. I>. Giinan, s'pejial
Agent; Nairn A Paiiuar, John S< hwartze. I.. M
Smith, V". Harl.-aiigh, H. H. McPherson, F. 5*
V\ aJsh, Joseph Bury, Jas. H.Stone, J. S. IjOvpjo),
l)r D. B. Cl& ke. I). Ridgaiy; and iu Georgetown
by R. J. Ciseell.and J. L. Kitlwell. febR fim
PT R- I E S E M aIT.
ROThCTED by Royal Letters Patent o'
KngKnd, and secured by the Seals of the Eoole <1?
Pharmaoiede P&risand the Imperial College of Med
icine, Vienna. Triesemar No. f is a remedy for Re
laxation, Sperinatorrlura, and Exhaustion of th*
System. Triesemar No. 2effectually, in the short
space of three d^%s. completely and entirely eradi
cates all traces of those disorders which oopaviaan'l
cubebs have so long l?cen thought an antidote for, to
the ruin of the iie.mii of a vast portion of the pop u
lotion- Triesemar No. 3 is the great Continents!
remedy for that class of disorders which, unlortu
Lately, the F.nglish ph> sician treats with mercury,
to the lnevitab.e destruction*of the patient's consti
tution. and which all the sarsaparilia in tie wo'H
cannot remove. Triesemar Nos. 1,2, and 3 are aiik ?
Jevoid of taste or smell, and ofall nauseating qua!,
ties. They may lie on the toilet table without thai'
u?e bomg suspected. Sold in tin otsea. and divide.)
in separate dose) as administered by Vetpeau, La1
lem>-n, Roux, Kicord. Ae., Ac. Price 9'i eaon
or four oaaes in one for &1), which saves ^3; an I in
$27 cases.
Sold by Dr. II. A. BAR ROW. No. I >7 Prinoe at.,n
few biojks west of Mr ?i?ay, New York. Imnie
iliately on receip of the amount l)r. B. wil' forward
the $9 cases of Triesemar, Hud the large sues, car
riase pnitl, thus insurinK ?;eimiue European prepar*
tions. The $:$ cases also sent, !>ut not Iree of oar
riage. Consultations as usual, front II a. m. till 2
p m. and from 4 till 8 p. m.. at No. 1V7 Prince St., a
|t<w b'oeks west of Broadway, bold also l>y J
STOTT. Washington. fe 1 ly
Mr. InitaT, ef Rcxbary, haa dieoorered In *M
f ear ooiuinon pasture weed* a remedy that nrea
Tht worst Scrofula down to a common Pimplt.
.ie n%s tried it in over eleven hundred aaaea, and
lever foiled except iu two oases, both Thunder Ho
nor. He has now in his possession overoue hundred
jertihoatee of its value, all within twenty miles of
Two battles are warranted to ear* ft noraing Bora
One to three bottles will ears the worst kind of
'imp.es >n ttis Faoe.
Two or three bottles will clear the system of Biles.
1 wo bottles are warranted to cure the worst
?aukar :n the Mouth and Stomach.
Three to live botties are warranted to care the
troist kind of Erysipelas.
One or two bottles are wan acted to ouraftll Hn
aior iu the Eyes.
Two bottles are warranted to oare Running of tko
Kara and Blotohes among the Hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to onre oorrast
and running Ule?rs.
One bottle will oare Scaly Eruptions of the Skuu
rwo or three bottles are warranted to oure th*
worst kind of Ringworm.
Two or throe Ootties are warranted to onre the
.noM most ueaperate oaae of Rheumitiam.
Three to four liottles are warranted to oure Salt
Five to eight bottles will oare the worst case of
A beneht is always experienced from the first bot
t.e, and a perfect cure is warrantod wheu the above
quantity is taken.
Notion* looks ao improltable to those who have In
vain tn w all the wonderful medicines of the day, a*
lh*1 a omimon weed growing on the pastures, and
vong old stonewalls, should cure every humorinthe
system; yet it is a fixed fact. If you have a humor,
t has to start. Tnere are no IFS nor ANDS, hums
?or ^ * *koul it suiting some oases, butlnot yours.
1 pedaled over A tiiouuiud bottle* of it iu the vioin'.ty
of Boston. I know the etieots of it in every aaie.
it has already done some of the greatest cures ever
lone in Maas-ichusetti. I gave it to ohildreu a year
oid, to oid peopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny,
wormy looking ohildreu, whose tlesh was soft ana
d*i>r.y, restored to a perfect sute of health by one
jo Uls
To those who are sabject to a alok headache, onr
hott.e will always oure it. It gives great renef ir.
catarrh and dizziness. Some wiio have taken it had
beeu costive for years, and have been regulatad by
it. VV here the body is sound it works quite easy,
but where there is any derangement of the functions
of nature.it will oause very singular feelings, bat
you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in
from four days to a week. Thsre is never a bad re
sult from it; on the oontrary. when that feeling is
tone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I
heard some of the most extravagant enoomiams of it
'hat ever inan listened to
Ir. in* own practioe I always kept it strictly for hu
mors?(Hit ?inoe its introduction as a general famiiy
medicine, great and wonderful virtues hava been
found in it that I never xuxpeoted.
Several cases of epileptic lit* -adisaase wheh was
always considered incurable, have U>en curerf by a
few bottles. O, what a mere* if it will pro/e effec
tual in all oases of that awful malady? there ars but
few who have sesn more of it than I have.
I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged
jeopie cured ly it. For the various diseases of ths
Liver. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever
and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine,
and particularly in Diseasos or the Ridneys, Ac., ths
discovery has done more good than any medicine
ever known.
No change of diet ever neoeasary?eat the best yo?
can ret and enough of it.
Directions for Us*.?Adults one table-spoonful
per day?ohudren over ten years dessert spoonful?
children from live to eight yesirs, tea spiMinful. As
ao directions oan be applicable to sU constitutions,
lake sufficient to operate on the bowels twioe a day.
? ??<> N A L D KENNEDY.
"'f'S Street. Hoxbury, Aiassnckusolti,
Agents for Washmgton.?ChM. Stott h Co., Z.
Vilsoaa. Kid well A i^lmreiioe, J. B. Gardner. Uurrr
A Co.. b. Walsh A CoTp. y'. Walsh. J. P. St on?,
.Mariiii Kiug, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co., (j
Bosweli, Daniel B. ' lark, J. P. Milourn. DunLar
Just Published, Oratic. the 25<i Thousand.
uiJ** worJ? f]1? Hatiou^l Treat inert, without
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local ~fgrSb~m
Weakness, Nocturnal Knussions. JkMISFBL
Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pie
mature Dooay of the gystem, lm?o-^B3^^w^
tency, and Impediments to
generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D.
Thj important fact that the many alarming oom
plaints, originating in the imprudence and solitude
of youth, may he easily removed withost Medicine,
is in this small tract, olearly demonstrated ; and the
entirely new and highly successful treatment,as
adopted by the author, fully explained, by ineenst
which even one ts enabled to oure Himself perfeotlt
and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all
the advertoed rostrums of the day.
Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in t
sea ed envelope, by remitting two p?,stage stamM
CiiHuits ,t'1 Amori<*t ?'? Agriculture and
S?"f,aMU'uture1"^ ^orne,t'? Architecture, present
D?-nson oa <'louks ai.d ^^ktT ti0?
Ilughee* Dutiss of JMdge Advooates
Jean's Navigation and N'autUsi a.,
accompaniments, I vol rtano
Ludewjg^sLiteraturs of Amsrioan Aboriginal Lan
63^^"tssir?sisi u
V y Superior COKE, in any quantity, now for aau
^jure, without delay,at ths oCesof ths Gas Lj^hi
oKS' i.r.VIUWN.I
Cathartic Fills,
The fotkrwiajt remedies art of
M the whlieiM M1? **??. moat
W perfect, which medioal science u
been prepared with the utmost ?kill whioh the medi
cal profession of this are poesesses. and their elf sots
?how they tare virtues whioh surpass any oomba
nation of medtemaa hitherto known. Other arena
rations do mora or lass good ; but this ourea such
dangerous oompiauits, so a uiek and so surely. as to
prove an em caoy and a power to uproot disease be
yond any thing whioh men have known before. By
removing the obstructions ol the internal organs and
at.mutating them into healthy action, the* renovate
the fountains or life and vifor,?health courses
anew through the body, and tlie sick mvi ia well
again. They are adapted to disease, and diseass
only, for when taken by one in health they produce
bat little sltsot. This ia the perfeot ion of mediaine.
It ? antagonists to diaease, aud no uiore. Tender
children may take them with impunity. If they are
aiok they will oura them, if they are well thai will
do them no harm.
Give them to aome patient who has beon pro?
trated with bilious complaint; aee hia bent-up tot
tering form straighten with streugth again ; t?? hia
Ion|-loatappetite return; aee hia eiaramy features
blossom into health. Give them to aome autlerer
whose foul blood haa bnrat out in aorolula till hia
skin ia covered with sort-s; who stands, or aita. or
lies in anguish. He liaa been drenched inside and
aut evfry Whioh ingenuity eduld sub
test. Give him these Pill*. and mark theeflect
eee the scabs fall from hia body ; see the new. fair
skin that haa grown ander them; aee the late leper
that it ole&D. Give them to hun whose anrrv
huinora ha-a slanted rheumatiam in hia jointa and
bones; mo*e him. and he soreeches With pains ; he
too has been soaked through every muscle of his
body with liniments and salves; feivs him theee
Pills to purify hia biood; they may not oure him
Tor. alaa! there are oases whioh no mortal sower
oan reaoh; but mark, he walks with orutohesbow.
and now he walk a alone; they have cured him.
Give them to the lean, aour, haggard dyspeptio.
whose gnawing stomach haa long ago eaten ever*
smi.e from his face and every muscle from his body
See his appetite return, and with it his heaitn- see
the new man. See her that was radiant with health
and loveliness b usied and too early wituerine away -
waut of excrcise or mental anguish, or some lurking*
disease, has deranged the internal orsans of diges
tion. assimilation or aeorotion.Uil thev do tiie.roftoe
'J * ,i hiood is vitiated, her heaitn is cone. Give
her these Pills to stimulate the vital princioie into
renewed vigor.to oast out the obstructions, and in
fuse a new vitality into the blot?d. Now look asain
-the roses blossom on her cheek, and where Intel,
sorrow sat. joy bursts from every feature. Seethe
sweet infant wasted with worms. Its wan stcklv
features tell you without disguise, and painluil* Ju.
finer, that thry are eating Us life away.P It. pinched
i?^r"i"? .S?'?* fnd roat,e"? sleepmgs, tell the
dreadful truth in language winch every mother
knows Give it the Pills in lar^o doses to sweep
these vi e parasites from the body. Now turn again
and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Ik a nothing
to do these things.' Nay, are thev not the marvel of
tge. And yet tney are done arouud you eveiy
Have you the less serious symptoms of'heae dis
tempers, the) are the easier cured. Jaundice Cos
tiveiioss, Headache, Sid?*clte, Heartburn. Foul
Stomach. Nausea, Pain hi the Bowels, Klatuleuoy,
Loss ol Appetite, King s Evil, Neu.alsia, (iout.ini.f
kindred oomp amts all anso from the derangements
which these I ills nipidly cure, 'l ake thein perse
veriugly, and under the oounxei of a good Physician
if you oan; if not, take them judiciously by alio
advice aa we rive you, and the dutressmi, danger
ous d.seases they cure, which afflict so many mil
lionsof the human raae. are *ast out like the devils
of o.d-thev must burrow in the brutes and in the
v n r v" &e-r kix-Sfattea for #1.
. G1 I.MAN, aahington: and by II. COOK
<x CO.. Alexandria, ami all dealers in Midiem*
y ery where* d 9-4m
The prevalence of the .il>ove comp!*ints at thi*
seas 11, pcncra i? haa i he effect of bringing on' ? ho>>?
of professed.y new specifics, and while ?r?
c<hkI, many are useless, and o:hers even d.nuerous
I lie wisest course to pur?ue is t<? consult jour
rami * pn> sioian, or otiiei wme use only such r?me
Publioeipsrienoe has proved to be nale
&!!u efneaoioub. CM tins characfor n T\~i i/ u
? ?riiin-l.y Ihe favor to pres. riptjon of an eminent
pnysician.it soon brcatnr a popular remedy, and has
ooutinued to enjoy a growing reputation for u,e laat
i"u lu oases of 0.011 1011 Colds. Coughs.
A'f" like a charm, and in Chrome cases, Bron
? ? . hooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Influenza.
\o.. its success ia unparal.ed, and m?.st will testiy
who have u?ed it.
Price 2^cents and a1! oeuts per bottle.
Sold by Nairn \ Palmer, (fliaa. Sfoft. *0.. Waah
innton; Cissel, Georgetown; Peel A. Stsvena. Al
exandria; where it may be had also, fo convenient,
nn??'r'' !,'i,n . PV?* and A cents a box
known as ryler a l?um Arabic Cough Can*'*
H'r *? nn elf!,ra,lt? Pl?t?ant, and * fliatcioua Pul
monic I.ozf>nce they are unsurpaMsnl. f,% 11 3,^
'jmHithtd. the Sii edition.
. EASES.?A scientific Trea ise on the
treatment and perfeot oure of Nervous Debiiitv
i?,Weakness. Involuntary Emissions, Impo-'
tence. Ao., resulting from vicious habits acquired
during the critical passage f oin Vouth tD\uT
laiST^CTi R0yalC?Hege of Surgeons of Eng
land. (1*27), Licenoiats of the Hall, (1854) anH %i
'h?r'"rj *5 ?utir>r^ct,Mion?r ,n L.?D?i0n. Author of
GV.l^J?H?a,t"v"4.?r?en Rook," "How to be
Nletnoirs of Single and Married l,if? Si c
rai ir* i**liiV vslnaf>!* ?1reati3e, written by world
renowned Fhy.iciau and Surgeon, points out the
only sure and permanent oure for all diseases result
ing from self abuse, and is the only publication ofita
kind written in a benevolent apint and by a aoientif
10 inanf 11 should be in the hands of alf wh ? tslLe
their nfo and health and happiness hers and"hereaf
.r 'lrTii2 cen,ts' or 4 stamps, at the receipt of which
ClT K^iSfS' 18** JLre?'awe" Bf?ured. by Dr.
V'ork Bt Aveuu". 4j8fi. New
? ian 12
*- on TUB
U, M. B. La CKOIX.M IT. *?
**> pagca and IS. fine Pijun and Colored LutLogfaphs
trr. icr PR ICE *ON l'vm CENTS. ?OI
if poitmgno mil pmrtM s/Tts ItilM.
Dr. M. B. La Croix's Phyaiolofiexi View of Mar
na?a. A new and rsv:?ed ed't'n "L?
of 2o?) po^au and lfri p.atos. Pnca.24
jeuta a oopv. A popular and oora
prehsnsive treatiso on the dutioa
and casualties of tingle an<Tn^rned
'tier-happy aud fruitful allianoes,
mode ofseounn* tiiem?iitfelioitous
and infertile ones?their obviation
and removal-nervous debility, its
oaasea and oure, by a prooesa at
onoe so simple, aafe, and effeotual,
that failure ia impossible?rsles for
daily management?an esaay on Sper
iwtortuEi, with oractioal observations on a safer and
"?CKe"'ul, raodf Vtrestmenl-pr^tit^J
51?iVh o. i'lVI results from empirical practice; to
which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe
males- from infancy to old age-each case crash asI
ly il.ustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the
B??m?o'ie,h tho,e "elf-inllioted miseries ar.d discp
pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the
fk I '?? InttbftiT adviser to the married, a-^d
those oontemplatmg marriage. Its perusal is partie
dourbt.r!!f'th'Ii,renh t0i per",ons entertaining secret
doubts ##f their phi sioal oondition. and who are ood
S?ivnS??^toV?if..h 1l?rdedkth? happiness ar.d
Fri cn? nnnT.Ar TUV* huH1*n ?? entitled to
,'ttiux 'nnon Tnl" T.!01" oorK"" Doofor |LA
i ? . "pon any of the diseases upon wh'oh his
?xH.k treats, either personally or by mail. Hls mJri
cnes of|pn cure in the short spaoe of ^x dirs ^d
d,^rPders rwRMe.#~,re!y ern,l'<C!'t? >nio?s of th^2
iJ^ vd T.hlch ?,)f4,aiv'1 *nd cubobs htve so Ions
fortunate?*1 f"r thnt cl'l8,, ??f disorders whioh un
fortunately, physioians treat with merourr to ths
irretrievable destruction to the patient's wesutu*
^tniure.W aH tha ?"?Wiliiin theVSSd
}^4^??* N?'" M,Jd?n Lm>*. Albany, n, Y.
FALL AND WINTER A H I: jvrrup %???.<
I ciovpli i i' Chios go,
I North'and "southweVt'." ^ West and
1 MO H Nlflfi Mill T ft a 1 v
, ?T. wvriia 'sr^uasi'is^
1 __ .r'n.'ii&XPRESS TR 4 [y
t.eav ss Baltimore every Nishtat inn '
f.niburg w.Th^ir-i^h'r,: Tatfcj
Will ?ve oi'i ? ?A* Northwest'.
UkmVthu,routrUh FOD" L1M- ^..?es'of'ffrsTS
par Mississippi. ,1M|te |#M ohamces of?? L'*"
in advance ofany other route-*n;i *"darrive
(umbos, Dayton, Louiiv" e and rH "P'DnatCn
C1ai,,w.q?i0k f ^ *njr other route, ?'""""ent
ditioo? routs, and leave by tram at ins a ?
in the morning train at ?.L5 a. m. ^^ #r Isave
fi." jars
For fsrther 00-reet and reliable information .u...
y?s'y at the Ticket OAes of ths NorfheriTcV iKS
<" <=?"? -J
"tt *. h. w&SiitStSSS'SXi:
decided by April 24 following. (Being. with
exceptions. route? established by sot of Congraaa
approved March s, 1*57.)
Post Or?ic* DiriiTKiST, February 1. ltM.
Proposals for conveying the mail* of the United
States " - ? - ? *
States c.
fL 18U
[AKYKnni/iwni uuiu.wiui win J
. ne 30. !8?,in the Statee of VIRG1NI
and F LO KI DA. on the routes and la the tit_
ii spoeiaed, will be veeei v*d at the aoatraet oAo? of
this department antil J p i* , of Xareh 31 Mit, to be
decided by April 24 following.a ^ Being, with epme
From July 1, 1838, to Jmn* 30, 1861.
149 Prom Skowhegaa to North Anson, 11 milae and
baok. eiz time* a week
Leave Skowhe*an ead?,exoept Sunday,at ?
p n, or on arrival of oars
Arrive at North Aneou by 9 p m
L*ave North Anson daily, except Sunday, at 5
am A
Arrive at Skoiriregan bv 8 a m.
100 From Kocktand, by Rockvi le, West Camden.
South Hope, Union, MoLain's Mi Is, North
Appietoa. Searsmont, Souta Montville, Li
b.rty. Montville. South Freedom. West
Freedom, Centre A-tbion, Albion, l-iait Ben
ton, and Benton, to Kendall's Mills, 47 miles
and back, three tunes a week
L^ave Rockland Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at 7 am
Arrives! Kendall's Mills by 8 p m
Leave Kendall's Mills Tue?d?y, Thursday,
wirt Salurdar at 7 a ni
Arrive at Raoklai,d by 8 p m.
181 From North castine, by West Brookville.
South Brook ville . a1 d Brookvi le. to Sedg
wick, 15 miles and baok three times a week
L-*ave North Castine 'I u*sda?,Thursday, ai.d
saturd .y at 4 p in
Arrive at Sedgwick by 9 p m
Leave Sedgeaick Tue.day, Thursday, and
Mturday at 6 a m
Arr.ve at iNorth Castine by It a m.
163 From Fatten. i?y Island halls, to Smyrna, Su
imles and t ack. ono?- a week
Leave Fatten Thursday at 7 a m
Arrive at Smyrna by 5 p in
Leitve Sniy mu Friday at 7 a m
Arrive at Fatten by 5p in.
163 From \\ enton, by Kancroft Mills, Barker
Tract, and Reed Plantation, to South Mo
l*nktis. imks and back, twtoe a week
Leave \\ estou Monday ?iid Ft ida? at 6 a in
Airive at South Mo uoku* by 4 p m
L?avc8oiith Mulunkus Tuesday and Satur
d y at 6 ? in
Arrive at Weston by 4 p m.
Fr^m Mars Hill, by LetterCand Maple Grove,
to Fort Fairfield, 16 m.les and haok, three
times a week
L? ve Mars Hill Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday at 7 a m
Arrive ?t Fort Fairfield by I p in
Leave Fort Fairlield '1 uokday, Thursdar.and
Saturday at V p hi
Arrive at Mars Hill by 8 p in.
From July I, 1858, to Junr 30, 1861.
397 From Keene, bv Swansey and North Richmond
to Richmond, 12 miles and baok. thrae times
a week
A suitable schedule of departures acd arrivals
to be arranged,
From July 1, 1858, to June 30,19G1.
185 From Ca^ot.by South Walden, Wald.n. Ea?t
Ilardwick an 1 bast Greensboro,to Glover, Sti
miles and back, tlire?times a week
A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals
to be arranged.
4W From Jonesville. In Huntington and Slarksbo
ro, to Hrhto , 23 miles and back, three timrs
a week.
A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals
to be arranged.
197 From Arlington, by West Arlington, to Sand
sate, h n,nes ai d lack, three tunes a week.
Leave Arlington Tue?da\, Tliursu&t and Sat
urday st 9 a in
Arrive at Sundij.ife by 11 '2 a m
Leave Sandeate Tuesdav. Tlinradar and Sat
in day at 12S p in
Arrive at Arlington by 2l,x p m.
From July 1,1858, to June .Hi, 1861.
From South Westvoit, b* Westport Point, to
A Jamsville, R. I , 8 miles and back, six tunc*
a week.
A suitable schedule of de partures and arrivals
to be arranged by the postmaster*.
From July 1, 1358, to June 30, 1861.
974 From Watcrbury, bv Middlebury, to Woodbu
ry.ll miles and btok. twice a week.
Leave Walerbary Tuesday and Saturday at 8
a m
Arrive at Wo >dburr by 11 a m
Leave Woodbury Tuesday and Saturday at 12
Arrive at Waterbury by 3 pm.
975 From Woico tviile, b? Torriugtoa, to Goshen,
6 miles and baok, six times a week.
Leave Woloottv.lle daily, exoept Sunday, at 2
p m, or on arrival of csrs
Arrive at Goshen by 4 p m
Leave Goshen daily except Sunday,at 10 a m
Arrive at Wolooitvi le by 12 in.
From July I, 1858, lo June *1, 186].
1444 Froai Lowvule, by West Martinsburg. West
Lowvilie. llarrisburg, Copenhagen,and Rot
land, to Waiertowa, *7 miles an. baok, three
times a we >k
Leave Lowvilie Tuesday, Thursday, aad Sat
urday at 6 am
Arrive at Watertown by IIS a m
Leave Water town Tuesday, Thursday, anJ
Saturday at 2 p m
Arrive at Lowvilie by 9 p m.
1415 From Hudson, by Huinphreysville, to Livings
ton, 9 miles and beak, six times a week.
Leave Hudsou daily, except * usday, at 11 a m
Arrive at i iviugston b? i.S p m
Leave Livingston daily, exoept Sunday, at 8
a m
Arrive at Hudson by 10?? a m.
1446 From Oneida. by Oneida Chstle. to Vernon,6K
miles and back, twelve times a werk.
Leave Oneida daily, except Sunday,at 9*i a
m and 3fc p in
Arrive at Vernon by n a m and 5pm
Leave Vernon daily, exoept Sunday, at 7* a in
and t p ni
Arrive at On ida by 9a m and 2Vpm '
1447 From Comatock's landing, by .North Granville
and Middle Uranville, to Granville, 12 iadas
aud baok six times a week.
Leave Comstook'a Landing daily, exoept Sun
day,at 6am
Amv*at (jranville by 10 a m
Leave Granville daily, exoept Sunday,at 11 a
Arrive at Comstook's Landing by 3 p m.
1448 From North Heotor, by Hector, to Logan, 5
inile? and back, three times a week.
Leave North Heotor Tuesday, Thursday, aad
Saturday at 10a m
Arrive at Logan uy 11am
Leave Logan Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur
day at &>? a m
Arr.ve at North Heotor by 9^ a m.
1449 From Kluabethtowu, by l.ewio, to Keesavilla,
21 miles and back. thrqe tunes a week.
Leave Elixabethtown Tuesday, Tharsday.and
Sat>irday at 6a m
Arrive at Keeseviile by 12 m
Leave Keeseviile Tuesday, Tharaiay, and
Saturday at 2 p m
Arrive at Elixabethtown by 6V, p m.
1450 From Havanna, by Od-ssa. Mecklenburg, and
lPar;,r.(',t?-!? Trumansburgh. 25 miUs aad
Iwick, three times a week.
Leave Hsvanoa Tuesday. Thursday, and Sat
urday at 9 a in
Arrive at TiumaiiKbursli by t p in
Leave I ruinansh^rgh Monday, Wednesday
and I- ri .'ay at 9 a in
A rrive at Havanna by 4 p m
Proposals to run bv a schedule differing fn?ni
the foreroing, to be stated by the bidder, will
be o?'iisidered.
. .. to ruu but twioe a week are invited.
1451 From Owio, br S??utli Owego. to Warren
Centre. I a., Ui miles and Iwiok. twioe a week,
l eave Oweso TuesiUy aud Friday at 1 p in
Arrive at Warren Centre by 6 p m
1 eave Warren Centre Tuesday and Friday at
Arrive at Owego by 11 a m.
From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 19G0,
S519 From Conneautvilla, by Crossingville and
Edenboro , to Waterford, 30 miles and l>aok.
t? ice a week.
Leave Conneaut ville Monday and Wednesday
at 7 am; "
Arrive at Waterford by 8 p m;
I.ei ve Wateiford Tuesday and Thursday at 7
ft III}
A rrive at Conneautville by a p m.
99W From Hanover, b* Littlestown and Monoo^oy
ville, Md., to Em nittsburgh, 22 miles aud
back, three turns a week.
Leave Hanover Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat
urday at 1 p m: . !
Arrive at Kmmittsburgh by 8 p in:
Leave Emmittsburgh Tueada%, Thursday and
Saturday at 4 a m;
Arrive at Hanover by 9 a m.
MM From Brookyille. bv H iohaidaville, Mary Ann
ville, hallner'sCorners, Ueaoh Bottom.and
Bear Creek s Mills, to Ridgeway, 35 iu lee
and buck, ouc* a weak.
Leave Brook ville Saturday at 7 a nit
Arrive at Ridgewav by 6 p ni;
Leave Rideeway ?> liuay at 7 a m;
A rrive at Hrookville by 6 p in.
8S82 From Marietta, by Silver Spring and Hemp
held. to l^noa?ter,12X miles and baek.dsily,
exoept Send^.
Leave Marietta (Uily, exoept Sunday, at 1 p m:
Arrive at Lanes ter by 5 p m;
Leave Lancaster daily, exoept Sunday,at 8
___ Armve at Marietta bv 1? m.
M23 From Lancaster, br Willow Street, Rawlins
?ilia, and Bethesda, to McCall's Ferry, 18
miles and hack, twice a week.
Leave Lancaster Monday and Thursday at 7
Arrive at MoCall'a Ferry by 12 m;
Leave McCall's Ferry Monday and Thursday
Arrive at'Lancaster b? 7 p m.
3?4 From Lanoaster, by Greeataad and Souders
bnrg, to Paradise, 9 miles and back, six
times a week
Leave Laaaatter daily, exoept Sunday, at S
p in;
Arrareat Paradise by C p m;
Leave Paradise dsiiy, except Sunday ,at 7 am;
,Arriveiat Lauoaster by 10am.
From Beaver, by Parkisos aad Serviae, to
Prsnjtfort Springs, 30 milee aad baok, twine
Laava Beaver Tuesday and Thursday at 8 am;
Arrive at Frankfort Springs by Sp m;
Leave Fiaakftrt Springs Monday aad Wed
naaday at I a m:
Arrive at Beaver brlim.
From Evans burgh, by Shermanville, to Liaaa
ville, ? miles snd baok, tkraa times a -week
Friday ?t 2 p m; , ^
Arnre at Eranetwntli *7*9 in.
froa liolliteTskvnk. by Fraaketowa
Canoe Creek, to WiHiawtbarfh. U i
Loave^liioajV^aJsk SuU1, except Saad?r.
at 23i p m. on arnvalof ** e?tera mail.
Arrive at W illiarasburgft by 63* 9
L<tvt Williamehttrf h dai?y, exoept Sunday at
Arnve at Hollidayeburvh by II a m.
PropoMlt to tnbraet tM k ?JI?? Spri?n of
&o6 tra invited
From Oroatt Creek to Chemanc, N. Y? ?*.
milea and baok. twioeft week. ^
Leave Oroatt Creek Tatala) and Satarday at
? aia;
Arrive at Ckmiu by NK it m.
LMTt Cbemung I ueaday aad Saturday at II
a a;
Arrive at Oroatt Creek by 12K p a.
SS8 From Stars ooa to Tailmaiisvifie, 5 mi lee and
baok, tvio* a week.
Leave Staruooo Tuesday and Saturday at 1
p m:
Arr.re at Tallmanrville by 2% p m;
Leave TallraafcaviUe l'a? sday and Saturday at
?t'X a m.
Arrive at Sfaraooa in time to connect with tke
mail from Susquehanna Depot? aay at IS at
From July 1, le58, fe June 30, lHtK).
40T9 From Allen's Presh to Tompkineville. 10 miles
and b*?-k twiee a wr"-k
Leave Alien'a Fraah Wedneeday anJ Saturday
at ID* a ui
Arriv? at Tompkinsviile by 2 p m
Leave Tompkins* ille Wedue?ds/ and Satur
day at 8 a in
Arrive at Alien'a Frerh bv 11 a m.
4M0 From Port Tobacco to PiKgah.-lO mllaa anJ
baek. tarioe a we. k
Leave Port Tokumo Wednesday and Saturday
at 8 a ra
Arrive at Pisgah by 11 a m
Lafcve Pi jab Wednesday and Saturday at
12 m
Arrive at Port Tobaeco btSpm.
Mil From Frederick, by Lewiatot and Catoctin
Furuaoe, to Mecbanicstown, 3U miles ai.J
bock, mx tnu?s a week.
Leave Frede ick daily, exoept Su? da?, on ar
rival of tbe hasteru mail by railr??d? wij at
Arrive at Mechanics own b\ 9 p m
Leave \1? c la^iCHtowii daily, except Sunday,
at 5 a in
Arrive at Fredenck in time to cornect with
the mail for Balttmoie?say i v 11 a in.
4012 From Battle Swamp, by Went No'timthatn, to
Rialiik Suti, 6 iiulea a.nd l?ack, three timei a
Li-eve Battle Swamp Tuesday, Thursday,and
fcai urd ty at 12 m
Arrive* Rising fun bv 2 p m
Leave R lsing >un Tuea ay, Tburaday, and
Saturday at Ka in
Arrive at Battle Swamp by 10 a m.
?M3 From Oak!aii<l, by Slurv'a Med H?u<e. Forka
of Horse Shoe Ku?. B-maifio'd's Mills, ai.d
llolly Meadows, to >?* interest, Va., 49
mi I en and tmek, onoea week.
Leave Oak an I Moiday alHtn
A rriveat New Interest next dsv by !2 m
L? ave New Interest Wednesday at 8 a in
Arrveat Oakland next f'av by l*m.
4014 From <'ockey?\ill*, by fhawau *nd Butler, to
Black Kock, 15'j miles and baok, twice a
Lanve Cocke?sville Wednesday aid Saturday
on arr.val of tbe u.ail l'roin Baltimore?say at
9* a m
A riveai Black Rock by 12 m
Leave Black Hook Weduesdiy and Satnrda*
at 2S p in
Arrive at Cookevsville by r> p m.
Front July 1, to June 30, ISGO.
9128 From New Bremen b* Knoxvi le. to W.ip*
koneta IS mi e? aud Imck. once a week.
Leave New Bremen Saturday at 7 a m
Arrive at Warakeiieta by 12 m
Leave \Yapak"iieta Saturday at I p in
Arrive at New Bremen b? ?; p m.
?4a*? I- r~m Racine to Ravenswood, Va., II n ilcs and
back, once a week.
Le-tve Kacine Saturday at 8 a in
Arrive at Ravenswood by 12 in
Ltave Kaven?w.M>d Saturday at I p in
Arrive at Racine 5 p m
?-U0 From Reed's Mills, by ha*I* Furnace Wilks
ville. Kwi"Ktou. Vinton and Pine Grove, to
liallipolis, 37 miles and back, onoe a week.
Leave Reed's M.lls Friday at 6m ra
Airive at Uall.po is by 6 p m
Leave Gall polis Saturdar at 6 a ra
Arrive at Keed'a MilL by 6 pm.
9431 From Oak Hill, by Rock? llill and KeyStone,
to Wiikesvilla, Si miles and back, onoe a
I<eave Oak Hill Friday at 7a m
Arrive at Wiikesvilia by 5 p in
Leave XVilkesville ^turday at 7 a ra
Arnveat Oak Mill by 5 p in.
94M From Greenville, tiy German, Republic, Tem
po, and Dark, to Gre?nville.Jtwioe a week,
equal to 14 milea
Leave Greenville Wednesday aad Saturday at
Arri^ e at Republic by 12 m
Le ive Republic Wednesday and Saturday at I
P m
Arrive at Greenville by 7 pm.
9433 From Conneant, by Clark's Corners Beaver,
Fa., aud Beaver Centre, to Coiiuaautvilla, 2u
miles and back, onoea week.
Leave Conneaut Friday at 6 a m
Arrive at Conneautville bi Um .
Leave Connea.iitville Friday at 1 p in
A rriveat Conn<aut by 7 p in.
9434 From Perrysvi'ls, by Palmer's X Roads and
Kiper's Settlement, to A?h!and. Iti miles ami
back, onoe a week.
Leave Perry sville Friday at 7 a m
Arrive at Ashland by 12 m
Leave Ashland Friday at 1 p m
Arrive at Pe^ra sville by 6 am.
9435 From New Philadelphia, by Altoaa. to New
Comeratown, 30 miles and laok, onoea waek
Leave Now Ptu.adeiphia Fnday at 7 a ra
Arnva at New Co?ii?-rsiown by 5 p in
Leave New Comeratowu Saturday at 7 a m
Arrive at New Philadelphia by 5 p m.
From I si Jul jr. 18&J, to3Utk Jun*, lbj?.
5312 Frora Water l.ick to Burner's Springs, 13 milee
and bauk, six times a week from 1st July to
S'th September, and oiioe a week the residue
of the year.
Laave v> ater Lick Tuesdty at 11 a m. or af
ter arrival of oars
Aruve at Burner's Springs by 3>; p ra
Leave Burner's Springs Tuesday at a in
Arrive at Water l,iek by a in
Dai y, except Sunday, during same hours,
from 1st J uly to A?tn 5r pt em tier.
3313 From Wo*dstock. by Saumsvii.e, to Mount
Olive, 0 inilex and back, once a week.
Leave Woodstock Wedne?day at j p m
Arrive at Mount Olive by C p in
i eave Mount Olive Wednesday at 12ra
Arrive at Woodstock Dy 2 O p ra
6314 From LanoasterC. H. to Merry Point, 6 miles
and baok. twice a week.
Leave Lancaster C. H. Wednesday aud Satur
day at 4 v in
Arrive at Merry Point by 6 p m
Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday
at 12 m
Arrive at Lancaster C. H. by 2 pm.
9615 From Norfolk, by Yorktown, to King and
Queen C, H., lUb miles and baok, onoea
Bidders will propose a schedule of departures
and arrivals
5316 From William's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to
North Ei d, 6,l? miles and back, twice a week
Leave William's Wharl '1'uesdav and Satur
day immediately alter arrival of Norfolk mail
a-iy 2 p m
Arrive at North Knd by 4 p m
Leave North End Tuekday and Saturday at 9
a in
Arnveat William's Wharf by llam.
5317 From Concord, by Spanish Oiks, to Oakville,
12 mile* <tnd l-ack.oncea week.
Leave Concord Wednesday at I p in
Arr.ve at Oakville b? 5 p in
I.eave (takville Wednesday at k a in
A i rive at Conoord by 12 m
Prop ?Mi? for a scooiid week'y trip, and to ead
routeat i^pauish 0*k? Will be considered.
5S18 F ro.ii Rowlesburg, by Wo f Creek, Puriuton,
a-;d Licking Creek, to St. George. 23 miles
and liack. ouoe a week.
Leave Rowlesburg Wednesday at 5 a m
Arnveat St.Georreby 12m
Leave St. George Wednesday at I p m
Arrive at Rowtesburg bmp m.
9819 From St. George. Dy Holly Meadows and Red
Creek, to Dry Fork, 30 miles and back, ouoe
a week.
Leave S?. Ceoree Thursday at 6 a m
Arrive at Dry Fork by 6 p in
Leave Dry h ork Friuay at 6a m
Arrive at St. George by 6 p m.
SKO From ?>t. George, by Laurel Hill,(lo?<tl name,)
to Meadowv.lle, 15 miles and ba?k, ouoe a
Leave St.George Thursdiy at 7 a m
Arrive at Meadowville by 12 in
l.eave MeadowvuleThurso'ay at I p rn
Arrive at St. George by 6 p m
3321 From Poiai Pleasant, by Augeroua, to Jackson
C. H.. m miles aud back, ouoe a week.
Leave Point Pleasant Tburs lay at 7 a in
Arnveat Jaokaon C. H, b> 6 p m
LeaveJaoksonC H Friday at 7am
Arnveat Point Pleaa?ht by ? p m.
5322 From Buffalo to Jackson c. H.. ?? milea and
Imok, onoea week.
Leave Buffalo Wednesday at 6 a in
Arrive at Jacksou C IL by 7 p m
Leave Jacksou C. H. Tuesday at 6a m
Arrive at Hutf'alo by 7 p in.
532S From New California, by Win. Gandeee, Fla'
Fork. Klijah Leforoe a,and New Keutuck,
to Sissouville, 3S miles aud lack, ouoe a
Leave New California Tuesday at 6 a in
Arrive at Sissouville by 6 p in
Leave Sissouville Wednesday at 6 a in
A'rive at i\ew California b> 6 p m.
5324 From Fsti Ivilie to*tony Creek 13 milea and
back, onee a week.
Leave Esttllville Monday at t a in
Arnve at Stony Creek by 12 in
Leave Stony Creek Monday atlpm
Arrive at EaUllville by 5 p m.
From July I, to Jun* 311, IS.*).
587? From Durham, bv Simms'a Mill, Orange Fao
tory. Round Hill Dial's Creek, and Red
a week*10'10 *?Uth '*ck, twice
Leave Darham Tuesday and Friday at 7)4 a ?
Arrive at South l^.well by ?>. ? ,n
TtlL?We11 WeJuSday and Saturday
^mve at Durham by 4 ? m.
Fi^ Caaptt Ujll, by Fearing toe's Mill. Aea
Safe's JLl w2'.Th^8' B Wren's, Manly
. N h,t^ ?r?"' to Chapel H II.
Hill to M mi n And haok, onoe a v#ek,
l^ave Chanel Hill Natard?y at ?a ra
mm Hill by 8 p ra.
*<78 From Magnolia, by Dresden aad PreseoM, to
? ,**k' nu?m ? w#*k.
Magnolia Friday at ? a in
Arnve at Ro?k6sh by 6 p in
Mooktah Sar?rda, at 7 a m
^rnve at Magnolia hr 5pm
PrapuiiUa to omit Dres4aa and perform tka
?MW4 UI# M MM daf, V4U be eusMadarau,
From CUatwu kf T?i{*? I
?(or*, B mile* wU?l, aim ? w?
Uiiioa Fri4ay ?ti?n
Km** at HarreH'e Stere b? IJ m
?r* Harrell ? (Mure Prtiav mi I p m
Arrive ft Clinton by | p m.
Sett rimin IjlUdTilU. by Hailev'e Ferry, to Rook
ilrtrw ?? m>'?? and back once a week.
Leave Liieevilie F r#da* at &S a m
Arrive H cn-king b-m bv 1? ro
I .cave Roekinghvaa ? ridae it I p m
Arm-eat Lilcevtlle bj W? pwi.
Mil Prom Tn?y. In Aumu ? Hill, to Jam- a Page's,
i<hi flank Koad.) >1 nul<? ai.d book. onoa a
l<oeve Tmj Wednoeday at IS tu
Arrivem Page a by % p m
Leave Page's Thursday atlKaia.wutirrm.
ol Hire Point Mai!
Arrive at Tioy by .'S p in
proposals for an additio a! weekly tr.p are ia
F'M Jmfp 1. IW, fe Jm?' 3>l.
?113 FroaAnHanoaC. H..b) Pierce Town F^na!
ity, 8 aUoaii. Churubuseo. and Mi'lwese.
A darxw C. H., ?|uil to 1* imlee and la*t,
ouov a weak.
Laare AaMrom C. U. Thursday at b a iu
Am re at Anderson . II. by * t> m.
?174 From Anderenn C. H.. by Vareenes a d L?vel
(.and, tn A tbeville C II . SI nulea and haci.
(MKK' A e
Leave Anderaoi (!, H. Wednoaday a: C a u.
(irnve at Abbeville C. H. bi 7 p m
,.ave Abbot ilie C. II. Thursday at b a a<
Arrive at Ai.de eon C. M. by 7 p ?r.
UTS Fr> m Home tboe, by ? ? ll> Springs, Lnai
- 4'reek and Cherokee. to Clayton Ga.. *7
?ilea anti baok, ex,or a week.
L?ave i.orv f hoe Setuidai at 1 a n
Arri veal Claytoa by 6 p m
I .tare C Urltia K ritUi at a a
Arrive at Horee Sfeoe by ? p m
<176 Pro fa fiokeas o. H., bv Crow Creek. Ander
aoa'a Mil'*. Rook .Mountain, laue it oca.
Table hMBtaia. aad South Mad. to brart
Ville.M mi I ae and back, once a week.
Leave I'ick naC. H. Tuce.ia? at I p ra
Arrive at Or. euvUe neat day by a p m
l.eave ureonnlle Monday atiaa
Arrive at Piokene C. *i next day by IS <a
fV#? 1W! to Jam* 1U, l*>9
?fS7 From Ainenoua, l>y Danville, to Diayt'm. 'J
luilee and back . twioe a week.
L.iave AuiMieo* Tund*) and Fr.da? at ft m
Arrive at D.aytonby *2 in
l.eave Drayton Tueada* an 1 Friday at I p in
A r.ve at A mencua by H p m.
GSM Piom .Mhe..?,by I'lante."? >'>.nd. Fort Linear.
C?i nee villa. Aquilla. Paik-ra Mice, Fair
PI?y,S.C.,a d l ownviiI.*, in Penjle*<m. 70
miles and b .ok. t dree time* a wok
Le re Atht-as Monday. Wednesday and Fri
day at IS m
Arrive at Pendleton next daya b? fi p ta
Le>v? Pendlrioa Monday, V\ e?lneaday aad
Friday ?t I? ?n
Afrlve at Atbena next d?y? l?y f p m
Piopoeala l? ran by a ditlereut a>.b?da!e ViH be
o>>n?ide ed
<viS9 From Clarkaville. by Naoooohee, Mountain
m><?ne, Hiaw&e? e, Hiwaaiea. N. C.. a>-1
Peach Trie. t<> Merpiifj . tU utiiea and b.ok.
iwwe a wtek.
I.aava Clarkaville WfMluee lay and 9aiurJay
at 1 p in
Arrive at Murph'y next daya b* ? p n
l.eave .Mur?h-y 1 uwtdny aid Friday alCam
Arrive at Cltikavilie mil data by U m.
6540 Fioin Coviiutuu. Ijr Porky Piaina and fvap
pio* Sboala, to B< r?ii, bu, IS u.ilee aad faaA.
twior- a week.
Leave Covinr'on Toea^av end Friday at IS tn
A i rive i.t H^riMa l>? h p in
l^ave HeraketM Taa. day and Friday al tarn
Arrive at OnvuwUe by il a m.
AMI From Lenipkia, i>y Floieaoe. to Gieaavilie.
Ala .tt mil ea and Lack, onoe a week.
Leave l.ntcpkui Tneeilay at a a in
Arrive at Ulennvillc by < p m
Leive Gieiuiville \\ ednrsday at I a m
Arrive at Lumpkin hy 4 pm.
Ki?U for mm addttioe*! trip per week will b#
c?nM?ter< d. .
Fr in Newman u> W eedowee, Ala., 4omileaand
bark. ?nc? a week.
Le*ve New nan Tbnraday at 7a in
Arrive at Weedowee next dav by It m ,
l?eave War4ov?t Friday at I p in
Arrive at Newnan attt nay t?y a p m.
tiolS Fr<>m Kocky Mount, l>) Holly. tot>raatv|
?nilea and back , t? k?^ a wrek I
L ?ave Ruckr Mount Wvduoada) and 1
at a a in 4
Arrive at Grantville b* 11 m
I eave tiiautville Wc^ueaday and Saturday at
1 p ?
Arrive at Rocky M?huiI by ftp rn.
6M4 From tbe ternni.u* of tire Biunawiok and
Florida railroad, weal of the *aiilka itver, tn
the terwmua of the J^avanuah. Alias;, and
t?u!f rat'road. weat of the Altamaha river.
Botdera wi I atatr the diK'ance narr.e uiterme
diate pom'a, propoee the ainoant hnd kind of
aervic*. and pr^aei.t a amtable Mheduie u(
departures and arrivala.
Fi?i? July I. liW, to Jam' 3i?. ISjW.
(180 Frun Orange Spr.n?a, to Fieinmtoc.aPnH.ee
aud back, ouor a week.
Leave < >rance 8pnn?a Monday attaiu
Arrive at Flemmeton by S p m
Leave FlemimctoB Tueaday at ? a tn
Arrive ai Oiange ^prinaa by & p in
Boia to emtxaoe loia will be ooneideted.
Conlnimimg toadttioms to fc* 1 mrorporat?4 tm ?A?
eamtrarti to Ike txttml ikt 4<pai tmrmt 1
Seven minutea are allowed to eaoa 11
oftoe, when not otherwiae apec:bed, for <
axenunina tbe maita.
No pay will b> mad* for trtpa not peiformei; and
for each nf ai:oh omiKSiona. not eau>fcuiority ex
plained,three tune* the pay of th ? trip may l>e de
duotdd. For arrivala a<> far Iteaiud time aa to tireak
Cmaexum With drpendioa niaile. aad not aufliaieat
excaacd. one-four ti 01 tae ooenpenaatMMi lor 1 ha
trip ta autj- ot to forfeiture.
Finoa will be impnaid. uuleaa the deltuqUAocj Ue
promptly an<: aatiafaotorily explained by oertibcate*
of pwatmaateie; or the afndavite of other or<dible
per?ona. tor famine to ariive in oontrect time; for
nerleoting to take the mail fr<>ui or deliver u into a
poet ofboe; for autleriiig it to Ixvet, injured, do
atroyed, toUmmI. or loat.
The Poatnutat^r ??enrra! may anrul the contract
for repeated failure* to run arreeahly to c.totraci,
for violatiiu the po*t office lawa or diaolteyinc the
lUHtruotiona of the department; lor refuaine to <1i#
chante a earner when r?M|ueat> d be the Department
to do ao; for a*ai*uinir tiic ooatrao, withourthe u
aent of tlie I'oati. a?ter General; or I?k iranaponine
peraona or packa?ea oobveyiux mailable amttai out
of the mail.
The PoatmaaUr Geoera1 may order an increaae ?.f
aervioe on a rou e by allowinx tSereh.r a pre
luoreaee on the oontraet pay. He may chance erhe
dulee of departure* and arrivala ia all (Waaa.aud par
t,cu.arl? to make them eonloi m to ?>nn?x u>aa a ith
railroada, without increaee ol pay, pmvideti tee rue
nin* time be not abridged. He may at ao order an in
creaae of aperd. allow lag. within the reatriot loua of
tae law. a pre reM inoreaaeof pay for the additional
etook or camera, if any. Theaontraetor may. how
ever, ib tbe oaae of incroaae of apeod. reiiueui h the
oontrac by ciVidk prompt notice to the Department
that he preUra doi< k ao to o.riiinj the order iaio
clTeot. rhi Po*tm*itt;r Ounentl ujif tUo curttii or
diac.intinue the aerx-ioe. in whole or in part, at
rata deoreaae of pay, allowing one month'a exti i
onmpeueation on tne aiuoti t diapenaed with when
ever, iu hia opiLion. the pulilic latere ta do not re
i(uire the Mine,or in c<?ee he deairea to auperaede it
by a iidereLt ar^de of tiaucportatioii.
Pay inenta will he made for the aervice b> eolleo
tiona from ordrafteon, poatmaatere, or otherwiae.
a'ter the expiratiOti of taali quarter-a** ml t-liu
ar>. May, Au*u t,\iid Noveuitier.
riia diatano^a are (iven ace -rding to the l>eet in
formation: but do iucr?a ed pay will t>e allowed
ahouid the* bear cater than advertised, if the pouita
to be enpplied l>e oorrectly stated. Etddtr* aiaif
inform t\r msrlrr* om (A it point.
Bidders are requested to uae. aa far aspiaotica
hie, the printed lonw ??f proposals lurr.iahed l>? the
f>epartm<-nt. to write out 111 full 1 he ail in of their
bid?.aud to retain cop lea of th-in.
Kach bid muat be Ki.arantled by Iwa raefoaiiUf
per>oiis. (ieneral knaian'et a cannot Im> at.'|
The bid should Ik' sealed; auperacr.
I'ropoaals, State ol ?addretsod I
aiatant I'oatmas'er tieneral. ContracC
eeui by ma I, not by or to an agtnt;
tere will i?ot enclose proposal a <or I
kind I in their quarterly returns. ? Tx
The ooutracta are to be execut? d aad rat aimil e?
the Department t y or lielore the lat ot? "?'
but the aervioe must be o< oirnet ced on _
or the Lext mail day thereafter, whett
tract* be executed or not.
8 etion 18 of au aot of Conproaa. approved March
S. 1845, provides that contracts for tbe iransportal 10a
of t^e ina i aha 1 be let "in every eaae to tbe lowest
bidder tendering sufficieut cuaruutees lor laithlui
performance, without other reference to the tuode
of such tr*naportation than may be neo^ssaiy to
provide for the due eeleritv, oertamty and secarity
of such tranaportation." I nd>*r this law a new de
ecr.ption of bid Itaa t>een receiv<d. ?t does not spe
oify a mode of convey am e, but engages to take the
entire mail each trip with ce,?-:it%, certbinty. ai d
aecurity. U'lng tbe terms of the Ina-. Those bids
are atyled. froeo the ? xnurrin a*Inch they ared*s.g
aate?f 011 tne ho -ka of the lieiar ni?*nt. "*f?r Itids "
and they ? >11 lie 0 mstru d aa pioviding for the oon
v^yanoe of the entire nail. kotr,rrr largr, end
tekaire'r may />? tkr mad, arcoary ta laisrr tia
' ttltrifp, rrr mm y. mmd iffari'-y."
In all caaes wli?re tlie lowe t trade of aerviee is
believed t<<ba suflicieiit, the |->weat lndw ill lw aC
nested, if d??l\ gnaia tied, in preferetice to a "?tmr"
or ip'fuee lad
W hen tb?< loweal bid ia a atarbMl.aml specibe*
eitaer ae mmmIc or an mmtf^mtti mo.I- of convey
ane? it will ieit Ik a< <? p.*e?l. but eel aside for a ape
cihe bid proposing the u<-oe?aar? aervice.
When the bid doe* not specify a mo I# of oonVcy -
anev sls.?, when it rropoaea to carrv -a^cirding to
the advert 1 ?em >iit," but without a?ch ?p -eili.-ation
It wil. be oonsulert'd as a propoval f,,r le?ra< tisek aer
Postmaster* trc to lie c reful not to e?rtify the
sufficiency of suarai lo's or siir. tiea without i now
"it t at thrv are p<>r*oi.* tifauiheient re?ponstlM it % -
and all bidif'Ts, *iiamn'oi*. aid aureti*'* are dis*
tiu< tly notifitni that, on the failure to enter m o i^r
perform the o>*ntracl* lor the a?cseco propoaed for
in the aooepied lad', th.ir le.al iiabiiiiies will tie ea
foroeit atau.-t litem.
Pruseut ooiitrne ora and pera >n? known at tbe de.
partmen', mua'. e<|ii\lly with ot Iters, procure guai
aut irsand ert.he-tea ..f their ainbcmocy aubstaeiti
ally in the foraa* above preeerilied. The oertiloMee
of aunie eaey muat Ut suned by a p-'itiuaater or a
judge of a court of ree-.nl
r . , t AARON V. BROWN,
fe 4-law4wT Po?tina?i?.r ?.et*?r?|.
BRIGHTL\J9 analytical dji.kht e?K
the Uwa of the L'aited Staiea from iht Con ?
CW?S!?B U9 10 U# 0i tk*
"The text given in the vorde of the atatne bo<ik -
wily." ' *"*** alpkal?uoally and aatlyh!
_ tli? notes include the deotsti'tnp nf aji
Cwrt^bo^h ?Ufe aud Feder%uJS
jtrjHjtjJ .4 the Statu# |? of tbe I'nued State*
aalgeot of ailjudioatioa.aa well as Ui?a
of Uo beads of tae Kxeootire Departuae^u *
?r'? OB* ?f l.l?H large a<^ olovely
5 fn" UW FniTSt

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