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Citt CocsctL? -Board of Aldrrmm.?The
Bon'd met at the nsual hoar, thr Prrsident, \V.
f Bayly, in tbf rb^ir
A communication wis -r?d from the Mayor.
i:au-mittli>? a rep^r* from the City Surveyor. In
relation to the gradt of T'.relfth street west, be
tween B and C stre<-t> south, in conformity with
?? resolution adopted by the Board on the 1st in
stant; referred to improvement.* committer.
The CLair presented a memorial from the
iia< k??'v carriage drivers, asking for a rhn^e in
thrir rates; referred to policr committer.
Mr. Goddard presented the petition of James
Kenan, for remission of a line; referred to claims
Mr Moore printed the petition of Geo. Mat
tingly and N II. ^ oung, for setting the curb and
paying the footway on the sooth side of square
?166 and rquate 4115; referred to the improvements
Al?o. the evidence submitted by a committee
of the Franklin Fire Company in irlation to the
charge made against said company, of having
wilfully run into the apparatus of the Persrver^
ance Fire Company; referred to lire department*
Mr Houston presented n petition for the grad
ing and paving of the fo< tway. and making a
gutter, ir , on the south side of squares 75h and
on north A ?t ; referred to the improvements
Mr. Rufl presented the petition of Antonio
Pons, asking an appropriation to assist in reliev
ing bim of a portion of the loss sustained by him
in consemirncr of the burning of the American
Hook and ladder Truck House ; referred to the
claims committee.
Mr. Pearson presented th* petition of William
O Donnell, praying the remission of a fine; re
ferred to the claims committee.
Mr Bayly, on leave, presented a resolution, as
follows which was passrd :
Resolred, That the Mayor he, and he i* hereby,
earnestly requested forthwith to district the sev
eral tire and hose companies of the city, or cause
to be closed up the houses of those flre compa
nies whose rnemltrrs have lately been engaged
In acts of Lawlessness and violence, and that any
companies which may hereafter be guilty of like
acts be dealt with in the same manner.
Mr Miller moved that George Mattingly be
Cranted permission to withdraw certain pai>ers
from the Hies of this Board; so oidered.
*Mr I.vans ottered the following joint resolu
tion; which was agreed to :
Aesolml, That the citizens be requested. with
out delay, to meet in their respective wards for
the purpose of organizin? a patrol to put down
the rioting and bloodshed now so rife in our
midst; and that the names of such persons as
may enroll themselves for such duty be reported
to the Mayor, and thai he he requested to com
mission .said persons as temporary police, to be
< ontinued for such time as he may deein expe
dient. 1
The Chair ottered the following resolution"
Which was adopted :
Resolved, That the committee having charge
? J Corporation business bef.trr Congress In*.
aud they are hereby requested forthwith total!
on the Committer on the district of Columbia, of
l>oth Houses of Congress, and urge npon them
the immediate necessity of increasing the Aux
iliary Police Guard to such an extcnt"as will in
sure the peace and protect the public and private
property of the city, the whole force to he placed
under such contiol and regulations as Congress
may derm necessary to ettectually put down all
violations of Inward order.
Mr. Miller ottered the following joint resolu
tions; which were agreed to :
R'ytfr.d, That the Mayor be and lie is hereby
authorized to enrol, without delay, a temporal y
police force of one hundred nien ; of whom
twenty-one, l>eing three for each Ward, shall be
mounted, and all of which police force shall be
suitably armed, equipprd and organized under
the direction of the Mayor; and that the expense
thereof lie defrayed out of the general fund
Resolved further, That a joint committee of
three members of each board br appointed by thr
presiding officers thereof respectively, who to
gether with the Mayor, shall represent to Con
gress the inability of this Corporation to maintain
permanently such a police force as Is necessary
for ih.- presn vat ton of order under existing clr
cnilist3n. es; Mild to urge 11 )HJ|| Congress the"pro
pi let V ot establishing a proper and permanent
police, to be andrr the direction of the Secretary
??I thr Intrrior, or to brotherwi.se organized as
may be thought expedient.
The l hair appointed on the committee, on the
uart of the Bouid of Aldermen. Mrssrs. Goddard
Miilrr and Smith
Mr. Miller, from improvements committee re
ported a bill authorizing the grading and paviiw
?>f thr alleys in sqt;.trr 149. passed
Also, a bill to supply a dtlicirncy in thr appro
priation for constructing a sewer on Thirteenth
strrrt, brtween F. and t. sts north; passed
Also, a bill to repair a public alley in the Sec
*>nd X% ar?l,
Also, a bill to improve the drainage of the pub
lic alley in stniare371: passed
? Wll for the relief Of tiro E-Un; passed
Mr < !ark?- Introduced a bill for taking up and
relaying the pavement in the gutter on the north
ride o. 1. st.ret north, Iw-twreu Fourth and Fifth
,r inipruv^meuU committee.
? ' h* CLair a r?*noJntion
? ommtssionrr of Health to make a i*port on the
condition of thr alleys, Jic., of thr city; passed.
Also, a joint resolution authorizing the Mayor
,0 ulf,*r a reward for the arrest ot incendiaries;
Various hills from toe lower Board were read
and properly referred.
Thr Board then adjourned.
Common Count,l ?Mr Mulloy presrnted thr
petition of Thos. H Hobinson; referred to the
claims eommdtee.
Mr Turton. from the Improvements committee.
reported a bill to trim aud gravel I street north.
Trom highlit to Tenth street west ; passed.
Also, a bill to grade II street north, from Twen
ty-fourth to rwrutv-slxth street west; passed
Also, a bill to make a gravel footway on Second
stirrt east, near A street .lotth.
On motion of Mr. Krnnedv. it was postponed
and made thr speciai ordrr for Monday nrxt
Mr. Turton also reported the Aldermen-* bill
to grade and gravel Seventh street west, from F
street to the Potomac rive:; passed.
Mr Waters, from the canal committee, re
ported a joint resolution granting the us? of the
drrdgiut; machine to James Towles; passed
Mr. Wallace moved that George Mattin"ly
have leave to withdraw certain papers from the
tiles of the Boaid ; passed.
Mr Brown, from the health committee, re
ported a joint resolution of thr Aldermen ap
jKHnting delegates tothe Sanitary and Quarantine
* onvrntion to meet in Baltimore in April next ?
passed r '
Mr. I.loyd asked leave to introduce some con
current resolutions, which ware read for iuforma
tion, as follows :
< omeurr-n' resolutions in relation to tertain no
lit tun ?> oj Ike C orporat i on lutes.
Whereas, on the Ith day of November. I<i7
a law was enacted by this Corporation, and ap
proved by the Mayor entitled ??Au act conferring
certain powers oil the Mayor relative to Fire
Companies." the fourth and iifth Mictions of
which act are as follows:
'?1 hat it shall not i?e lawful for any person or
persons within the limits of the city of Wash
ington to establish any lire company without
having llrst obtained the consent of the Mayor
"I'd t-ity Councils; and any person or persons
foriuin^ or establishing such lire company with
in ihe limits of thr said city, or any persons who
may be found hauling or aiding aiid assisting in
hauling any tire entitle or other apparatus to or
from any tire or rlsrwhere, said organization
existing in violation of this section shall be sub
ject to a tinr of not lrss than S5 nor more than
VII) for rach ode nee.
??That it shall l?e the duty of thr Chief of Po
lice. Captain of the Auxiliary Guard, or any othrr
poln r ?ffl>rr o membrr of thr Auxiliary Guard
to take possession of any lire engine or otbera'v
jstratus L?r longing to any tire company or bearing
ti.rnameof any tire Company existing in viola
tion of this art "
And wbrrea* thr ai>ove-quoied law has been
and still contiiiurs to l>r o|?*niy violated, and
that too without any attempt being made by the
police officers or auxiliary guard to carry into
effect its provisions; that such contempt lor our
aw, is most detrimental to the public interest,
humiliating to the Corporaiion, and a triumph of
disorder and viclrnce over law and order:
Therefore, b-? it Rtttlv-d. That a select com
Iiutter of three iiinuUri. from the Boaid of Al
derman and four me tubers from thr Board of
< ounrtl app,?iiit>-d. whc.sr duty it* shall br to
rxanuiue into jtnd report to the two Boaids, why
the laws of the Corpnration altovr rrfrrred to arr
not executrtt; als? why it is tLat thr law pre
Venting poller I -rs from attac hing th?ii,?)vrs
to fiie com panics is not carried int<? effect and *o
siibm11 to thr Corporation their views as to the
hesi otrans to br adopted to s^cood the liwid ? n
forcrment of laws enacted by this Corporation
Objection b?ing made, thr subjret was l*;d
A joird resolution of tbr Aid>*rmrn, requesting
the citizen0 to m?-rt in thrir rrcprciivr Wards ta
or^aaizr patrols, was pa??rd
Also, a joint resolution organizing a temporary
polic* for? e of one hundrrd men; twrnty-one to
ue mounted, and all armed andcquipj>ed for ser
vice l?v the Corporation.
Mr Kriinrdy moved to postpone tbr resolution;
Thr resolution was then adoptrd
A joint resolution dirr? tmg ?n application to
Congr?-s for an incrca^ of the Auxiliary Guard,
was passed
A join: irsoiution requesting thr Mayor lo dis
trict all lire comparers having participated In
riots; or. If necessary, rlosr their rnginr bouses,
was passed.
Mr Brown, from 'heconference committer on
tbr bill Irlativr to tbr giadr of F stiert, leported
tLat the Aldermen had receded from their
And then tbr Board adjourned
St or i*?Yesterday. J c McGuire, suction
err, sold twetily-two shares of the stock of thr
V\ asbiugton City Gas-Light Company at H) 5u
f er share.
.* "*?T"KR AtT*???T AT ASSASSINATION.? |,a?t
?If hi, about nine o'clock, Mr GUmmm. steward of
he Hritish Minister, was attacked by a man near
the Northern Market, aod knocked senseless. His
and bead were wverelycit. He waiconrpv
edI home by the auxiliary goard* who were near
I he guard* and offlrer? on the beat were in the
market, saw the act and gave chase to the as?-s.
sin. who ran into the tavern opposite the market
k*pt by George D<Mll_, rla(e ioT^,,,?^
tioned in connection with the recent riots in that
vicinity. (which. by the by. should be promptly
broken up ) The officer* followed in, but the
man bad escaped Two young men who were in
tavern, A flossier and li F Throop. were
arretted and taken to the guard-house. At the
trial 'his morning the officer* declared that thev
arrested Mr Throop merely as a witness against
the pa'ty, if arrested. and.that lie was clear of
blame in the rase, lb- was accordingly dis
r harmed He ssler could not be identified a< a
narty, but a large ugly pistol being found on
bis person he was fined S25 and costs
Tmk Mayoralty.?The Democratic and anti
know Nothing members of the City Councils
together with several delegations of citizen*!
meTlat? ive I* cham,H'r of the ?^ard of Alder
men last evening, pursuant to invitation to re
commend a time for selecting delegate* ,^
? hi m"* 3 r!1,"Vt'nt'on to nominate a candidate for
the Mayo alty at the ensuing election.
ther'hl)}L^"L.W?,M?or? having been called to
retary? John F. Kunisappointed Sec
The following resolution, moved bv Mr. T. J.
'l> i Wii* un^ii'noiislv adopted, viz";
Kttolr'd, That we respectfully suggest to the
Democratic and anti-Know Nothing voters of
t.ils citv that the meeting in the various wards
ror the purpose of electing delegates to select in
convention a suitable candidate for Mayor at the
ensuing election be held on the evening of 1 ues
day, April 6th, at 9 o'clock, in each ward, and
recommend that the delegates *o selected meet
on Thursday, April 15th, at 8 o'clock, at the
Assembly Rooms, for the purpose of nominating
a < andidate for Mayor.
, _ Ww. W. Moose. Chairman.
John I- . Lnnis, Secretary.
Uashisgtoi Theatre ?"Columbus'' went
Otl pretty Well last night, and to-night will un
doubtedly go through with 'clat, as the perform
ers will be up in their pi-rts and every tbim? in
" applie-ple-ord'*r." 3
Senator Wilson we noticed on a front seat, and
he laughed some, too. although the ioke was
against him. when <? Bleeding Kansas,'' a sorry
enough looking jade, ran around the sta^e in her
sanguinary s? and plead to be reragnized by her
stnrrn.ee looking sinter States Our readers know
of course, that the individual States of the Con
federacy were represented by the ? Fairy Lb'ht
Guard, who appeared in dashing liloomer cos
J'i,"e? Physiologists tell us that all women are
bow-legged Whether this is a slander or not,
our ba-helor f.iends (Henediets are supposed to
be posted.) have now an . xcellent opportunity to
determine, ny hip aid of a good opera Wiss
To-night, in addition to "Columbus.'' Brough
am s fine two-act comedy, " A Gentlemau from
Ireland,?'will be performed.
The River ?There are no arrivals of coal ves
sels at the wharves.
The gillers at Hunter's ground, lielow Arllnp
on, were very successful. hauling, on the even
ing ebb tide, upwards of 1 ,INM? fine shad
The steamer Guy. on her first trip up from A1
exandria. this morninir, brought ?*.M tubs of sliad
numbering some C.ftIO shad, the product of the
nlm' "'"r V^erfiv. They were sold
to the Baltimore hucksters at an average price of
?U> per hundred. 1
,1'rih;,.,"!V also towed up from Alexandria a
WK0b00n". '?"? '?? for
Death of an Indian ?One of the Pawnee
deletion of I ndians, now in this city on a busi
ness errand. died yesterday at Mrs. Matter's ho
tel, where he bad been lying ill for several days
past. He had received every attention from Mr
*? Acting Commissioner of Indian \tliirw
and from Maj Denuison. who had ehar?e of the
Ti m M? ? i ,,an"', of ,he deceased was
J ik k-a-lix-tah, owner of many horses
As we go to press the very long and strikin"
funeral procession of ttie deceased Indian is
passing down the Avenue on its way to the Con
gressional Cemetery The rell-ion/ services at
the house were performed by the |{,v John C
Smith of the Uth street Presbyterian Church.
The Victims.?Messrs. Lewis and Kntwisle
who were so murderously assailed on Saturday
night, are, thanks to good attendance, improving
but both of them Will, in all likelihood carry to
tlnrir graves the balls which were intended to kill
them outright. Mr f.ewis. besides the wound
made by the ball In his hip. has several severe
confusions on his person, which cause him un
e?i ing pain Mr. Kntwisle is still considered
uy hi* physician to be In a critical condition.
Sc.?*N Illness.?J s Mehan, Ksq.for many
years the Librarian at the Congress Library In
the Capitol was suddenly struck with apoplexy
while attending to the duties of his office this
morning He was instantly conveyed to I.Is res
idence, on It street. Capital Hill, and Doctors
May and Lindslev summoned to his assistance.
Oui last accounts tlnd him somewhat restored to
consciousness, but in a precarious situation.
Got Nr. to Fight thk "Saints '?The "Wash
ington Infantry"?not the "Washington l.ight
Infantry.'' i?e it reineinl<ered,?which has been
organized h. this eliy t? help I'n.-le Sam out in
h:s scrape with the Moimoiis. held a spirited
meeting last night, at which the following non
commissioned offi. r-rs Weir elected ? IdlTiex A
*uxi: |Ht ^"t; P Mulligan, 'Jd do.; W m
H La ton. Id do.; Charles A Chipley 411. ,i0 . I
?;eo Hell. 1st Corporal; Jas Shehin. 41 do. L
F. Conroy, :td do.; J. Toomey, 4th do.
I\ iiie Corrt or Ci.aim*, yesterday, Robert
Ould. L?q . of Georgetown, was sworn an attor
ney of the Court.
Mr. J F Polk opened the argument for the
cla.mants i? the case of H lf.,oker, al , r,
the l mted States. Mr Katclifie replied for the
*1 , a"d the case was submitted.
Mr. F.ly opened the arirument for the claimant
n the case of John Shelton rs the I nited States.
Mr. Blair replied for the 1 nited States, and the
case was submitted.
Centre Maexet.?This morning, there was a
very fair supply of provisions in the various de
partments of the market, but the demand was
moderate In the fUh market rock (lan^ were
selling at 75c. a?1.5o. hunch 25c ; herring25c per
bunch, and shad ,Ta50c per fiair In the hay
market the supply was small, and prices tanged
from to SI perewt. "
Last Niciit an extraordinary number of wild
geese passed over this city flying so that their
" quawking' aroused persons from tbeir slum
? v were going north, snd old rolks ron
sider their flight in that direction an indication
of .he ?|>eedy approach of warm weather.
The Ca.mtbell Min.trels will appea' to
night, in a number of new songs, dances, bur
lesques and piquant oddities at Odd Fellows'
? , V 7^..*.re'.by ?K'versal consent, the be?t
band of Ethiopians" that has lately visited us.
Dicao?11 ho Killed Him'?Ashman Luckett,
the young man who was shot by devilish row
dies on Friday night, di- d at5 o'clock yesterd-.y
He warn struck by a musket ball on the back part
of the lcnee. severing the ?, ,jn artery. I.Uckett
was a bookbinder and 1 a y -2t) years of age
I he attention of the Commissioner of Health
Is re,pe?tfully called to the condition of the gut
ters on the west sides of Tenth and Kleventh
streets, between Fa. avenue and the Canal.
Watch Returns-William Fritz, Germany,
drunk; workhouse days H F. Throop, D
suspicion of assault; dismissed. Augustus Heis
ler. Germany, do; dj ; carrying a piCtol; fine and
costs, S?Jii.44 John llagan, Ireland, vagrant
workhouse !*? days Win R yon, Ireland, do; do'
Henry llorton, Ireland, do.; do. Six lod-'ers
W 8t>0lNG Cakes,very prett> and very cheap; Ice
I renin nud Water Ice, Ht .?I V? per pallon.at the
I in. tdnptna 1 on/ectionei t , corner IVth nud h' st
j_ Kussri.i..
lil Kt>.
,,!1' ^t. Augustine, Florida,on the I'th of March.
1KSH of cnfcumplion. N. li. HARTl.K\ , of the turn
ci Hamey A Hro.
n rii! t?**0 p'a<*e Irom the resilience of
.',f ? " i??on. 1st sr.. Cox'a Row. Georgetown, st
AvJi- " ":'ck lo MORROW (Wednesdh>)
f.' f<K.\OO.N, to winch his friends are invue.I to
'?stant, J AN K SAl'N DKR S. ared ^3
. ^"ds and relatives are respectfully mvi'ed
ViirkVv t f ?JII5rA 0,11 <i#l '^^re-iiierjcH on New
^ "u<1 5til sts? No.182.en
lo niorroM EvenioK. at 3o'clock. ?
On the 23d mat.ant. FRANCFS SiMOOT n?e.l
KuT^niri'v'S1 ???"?"'?? J??<il?r ?r
Haikr how he onus the tender lamhs,
An?l folds litem in his arniA. ?
K .1 /A li I-1 II (iLKM, in (lie i4ij| y^ar ul tior
tk 10 ?
I he fner.ds ..f the ds. ea>e<l are invited to attend
her funeral !<? morrow i W cdnesdav ) at in o'clock
a. ni . from the residence*/ Mr?. Farnhain. corner
o! lith ai.d M streets. ?
At the house of his father. James Raymond, F.sa
at Calumet. W is., on 1 he I Nth instant, CH A k LKs
W. R A VM ON I), formerly of New York, and
brother of Jamci T. Riyiaood of thta city,
NOTICE.?LICENSES.?All person* whoie Li
cense* from the Corporation ol Georgetown,
expire on the 31st instant, lire hereby notified
i renew t?-?? -?? -
promptly to renew the same
subject themselves to a fine '
m 30 3tawtApl0 M. L A IK D
..erehy not
otherwise they may
OnThi.r.,l?n. ? . SPRING OPENING.
Ut^ rtinrsday next, A aril 1st. Mrs. VVOLLAHD
"pf" at he/ Fano? Store. Bndge?*?k .
9lr aL^rrmlt? 14 l?rti ?nd seiec H&Kg
lrtment of m*p i va u/1%1 vt l -r^
?, . - I is I p*'s nliu ?riOli 5
assortment of SPRIN<? BdMNK If
comprising all the new and desirable styles ot me
season. _ , ?
? Also, French and American FL<(WhRSi RIB
IK IN Sand RUCHES. . . ??
_m 99-3'.* No. 101 Bridge street. Georgetown. __
N E w
No. 119 Bridtt strut. titort* totem. D.C.,
has just received, and now offering at very low
prices, to cash and prompt customers, a general as
sortment of Goods, adapted to the early Spring de
mand, Comprising in part
Best makes Black Silks, some very oheap.
Black and Colored M. Delaines,
New style Spring M. Delaines and Challies,
New English and Merrimack Prints,
Black and White do., and Ginghams,
Real Manchester Ginghams,
Lancaster and English do., at 12X ots.
Striped and Dotted Shirting Prints,
Best makes white Cambrics,
Brilliants. Plaid and Striped Minima,
Jones' fine soft finished English Long Cloths,
Best Irish l.inens and Linen Lawns,
Linen Sheeting and Pillow Linens
ln-4 and 12 4 Bleached and Brown Cotton Sheetings.
Family Cottons, of all the most reliable makes, for
shirting, ladies', or children's use, fine, medium,
and heavy,
White and Brown Table Damask find Table Cloths,
Colored-bordered Towels and Huckaback Diapers,
Scotch Diapers, Huhsia and Ainenoau Crash.
Heavy brown undressed Linen, for Children's
Cassiineres and Jeans, for boys* wear.
Extension and Bishop Hooped Skirts,
Cotton Hoseand Hair H<>se,
Striped Osnaburgs and Plaid Cottons,
Heavy Cotton Osnaburgs and Duck,
With other seasonable Goods,
To which the attention of Cash and prompt cus
tomers are invited.
m 10 J. H. SMOOT.
FM N E ALES.?We respeot fully announce to our
friends and the public that we have at last sue*
ceededin having a large quantity of ALES of vari
ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we
will guarantee to l?e the finest and the largest vari
ety that was ever ottered m this market.
All persons wishing a nice article of Ale oan have
it by applying to us for either of the following brands,
viz. Kennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil
adelphia and XX. We also have a fin* article of
Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand.
All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be
attended to. ARNY A SHINN,
Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street,
d 17 d Georgetown, D. C.
ORTII side of Market Space, No. 37, between
Bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown. *
announces to eis patrons that at histC
KF.STAURANT may tie found at all
times the choicest and most excellent
assortment ofl.lOUORS, the freshest
O Y ST K R S and all kinds of GAM E in season.
Moala served at ail hours and at the usual prioes,
LH)K SALE - T(i? G?kh1 Will and Fixtures of a
r Millinery and Fanoy Store, low doing a good
business. '11ns store and fixtures are adapted for
any kind of business. For particulars apply at tins
office. in .'fi 3t *
Li^OR R L NT.?The Dwelling part of a three-story
l BRICK HOUSE, with back building, lately re
paired and painted, on Ph. avenue, nearly opposite
Br?wns' Hotel, occupied below by Mr. Robinson,
A'so, two two-story BRICK HOUSES in the rear
of the Kline, on Canal street, and two sina I Houses
near Georgetown. To good tenants the rent will be
A pp!y to Cll AS. GR A M MER. Attorney -at-Law,
north kid? ot u street, between 5th and 6lli.
in 3'i-eortt
(j*OR RENT.?A two-story BRICK HOUSE,
containing nin? rooms, ft is beautifully si'u
atcd at tie corner of Ennd 17th streets. Ton good
tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply at No. 573
17th street. m ?i
VFARM FOR SAI.E.?Seventy acres; 25 in
wood, the balance in a good state of cultivation.
Plenty of good water. The improveme' ts are a
go.mJ Frame House, with five rooms, and a new
Stable, situated aUnit nine miles from Washington
and four in les from l!ladeii>.l>urg, adjoining Mr.
Shawe's and Mr. Bell's farms. This Farinwill posi
tively l?e sold very cheap. No objections to exchange
for city property For further particulars inquire
of RICHARD ROTH WEI.L, iio< th F street, I*
tween 12th and l'-th, Captol Hill, near the Toll-gate.
If by letter, address R. Rothwell, Stone Cutter.
Capitol Extension, Washington, D. C. m 2* Iw*
I^OR SALE OR REVT.?A large four-st<>ry
street, near H, containing seven large rooms, a large
dry cellar, one of the bent stores on 7th street, and
every convenience for busines* It is considered one
of the b.-st business stands on the stroet, and will
l?e sold ??r rented at terms to accommodate ttie pur
chaser or persons desiring to rent. Apply at .No.
4n5 7th st., above II,at any hour in th?* day
in 25 tit * JOS. F. HODGSON.
L'OR RENT.?Madame D'Ivkknois takes this
r method of informing the public; that sh* Las fur
nished rooms at great ex pt'iue, and is prepared to
accommodate famines oi single gentlemen v. iih de
cant B'?ard and Lodgings, winch she is prepared to
convince t Lent, by ocular demonstration, if they will
ca:l and examine for t hemseives, w Inch ?he uivi tea
them to do. She will keep constantly on harid every
thing that will contribute to the comfort of the inner
man.andwiii snire no p-tins to make her guests
comfortable and well satisfied with her administra
Residence on Peniiaylvaniaavenuesouth side, be
tween I7in and lilt*ata. m nr_
very de.iirabie property known as the "Old (ias
Works, being lot 7, in square 382. at the corner of
Lousiana avenue arid It'th street, is now offered for
sale. There are W.4"0 square feet of ground, with a
front on Louisiana avenue of H>9 feet, on Kitli street
of feet, and on Caial street of WO fe?-t. For all
inanufactu mg purposes, such ax a foundry, maoiiine
shop, coach factory. A c., no more desirable location
can lie found in the city.
Inquire of the undersigned at the office < f the (ias
Light Company. J. F. BROWN,
m 1C eotf Secretar* in charge.
BUILDING LOTS?For Sale? A variety of
BI'lLDING LOTS on the Island and other
parts of the city. Terms accommodating. Inquire
at No. 2. Todd's Building.
in I -eolin 1)A V11) MVBR I.E.
CJPFCIAL RFOl'EST. Tlie customers of Rich
i^ard G. H>att wno have n??t settled theiraccoun's
are respectfully and earnestly solicited to call atttie
S'o.e and do so without f urther delsy. It is believed
thai this appeal to their kindness will meet with a
ready response
All persons hiving bills against Mr. Hyatt will
also be pleased to present them lor settlement.
Seventh street, near the Northern Liberties Mar
ket. m 25 eo3t
i^l HOU*K FOR RENT.?The subscriber haR
I for rent a new and v-ry desirable three story BRICK
DWELLING HOUSE,with Back Building.hand
somely furnished, and containing all the modern
Th s property is delightfully situated fora summer
residence, and to a good tenant the rent w.II be mod
erate. Apply to JAS. C. McGU IRE, Auctioneer
and ''omirnsmon Merchant. m 15
F^ARM FOR SA LE.-A valuable Farm contain
ing one hundred acres, (or more if deMire^.) in a
high stnte of cultivation, with Dwellihg, Barns, Sta
ble, Fruit Trees and a I modern improvements, sit
uated in Prince George's County, Maryland, and 6
miles from Washington. For further information
inquire of G EO. \\ . BKAV, No. 282 9th street, be
tween M and N itreets north. in ll-lm*
r recently oocupied by 'udge Edis will be vacant
and for rent after this date. The location (276 Penn
sylvania aven?e. next the Kirk wood House) is one
of the best in the city for gentlemen having business
at the Capitol or Departments, and will be rented to
transient or permaneut oooupants. There are seve
ral smaller rooms also in the house, at moderate
prices m 9-tf
LING, containing 13 rooms The Furniture
will l>* sold with the house, if desired. Beautifully
situa'ed on Mi"souri avenue. No. 2? between 4>$
and 6th streets, near the National and Browns' Ho
tela. Inquire on the promises. m5 1m*
I =
I ?
y?r ty bugnne Dupuv ia th? Clerk'?
MSTfLLBl* Vkfii
0Broadway?New York,
i ^ribu Saathen Dstnclol Nm V?tk.
Sold every where.
m 27 Sm
beautitul assortment of RI BA N DS French
and American Fl.oWK.RS. Cambric and
m 77 .It _ llth street.
We have now on hand the most complete assort
ment of Wagons, Gigs, and Perambulators for chil
dren, that was ever before offered hi this market, all
of which are now for sale at the lowetit cash prices,
Sign of the Gilt Saw,
in 9S Ot Pa. av., bet. loth and llth ?ts.
SPECIAL NOTICE.?We would earnestly re
quest those whose acoountM still remain open
upon our books, to come forward and settle the
same at their earliest convenience, as we have de
mands for every dollar that is due us.
m27 3t 320 Pa. av., bet. 10th and llth stt,
Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
' at Arrno!? ?On THURSDAY MORNING,
th* 1st of April. I shall sell, in front of my store, at
the oorner of7th and D streets. at m o'clock, a large
and handsome assortment of China, Glass, and
Crookerv Ware, such as?
Fine English stone Cbica Dinner Sets, consisting
ol 1"? pieces.
China Tea Sets, consisting of 44 pieces.
Cliina Tureens. Teapots. Sugars and Pitchera,
China decorated Plates. Pickle D'shes,
Pine T??ilet Sets. 1<> piecea to the set.
Float Howls. Gotluo and Ashburton D^osntera,
Ashburton. Gothic ribbed.and fluted GoN?'ts,
Diamond. Gothic. ribbed and fluted Tumblers,
Celery Glasses. Smart, t'raaia. Fruit Bowls,
4.5, and 6 Untie revolving plated Castors,
Molasses Cans, Salts. I.emonade*.
Lager bier Glasses. Lanterns, Glasa Shades, Can
dlesticks. Spoonstands,
Chamber, hall and parlor I amps, of every style.
The attention of housekeepers is nailed to the
als>ve sale.as the assoitment is fine arid larte. and
all goods will positively l?e sold to the highest bid
der. Terms oash.
m Si d A. GKEEN. Anctioneer.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Ha n d s o m e two-story f r a m e
Hodsk add Lot at tub Cornier or M'th St
and Virgin a avknik, on the Island, at Auc
tion.? On THURSDAY, April 1st, I shall sell, in
front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. mi , a handsome
Frame House, and the Lot on whiah it stands, sit
uated at t?e corner of loth street west and V irginia
avenue. The house contains hve good and conve
niently arranged rooms and wide passage The lot
is between 19 and 20 foet front and 9nfe?t deep. Tins
property is handsomely located uear the Smithso
nian Institute.
Terms : One-half oash ; balance in 6, 12,18 and 24
months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale.
A deed ? ivon and a deed of trust taken. Title in
in30 3t A. GREEN, Auot.
By A. GREEN. Auotioneer.
SqtJAKK at Auction.?On FBI DAY. the 2d da* ol
A pril, I sha 1 sell, in front of the premises, at tive
o'clock p. m., part of Lot No. 9 and part of Lot No.
10, in Square No. 4<-7. Part of Lot 1? is improved
with a good two-atory Brick Ho?se. and the privi
lege of a aide alle?: has n front on 5th at. west of 17
feet Ubi inches, running lack 98 leet W* inches. Part
of Lot No. 9 is vacant; fronting 26 feet S'j inches,
adjoining the atove and same depth 'I'he alove de
scribed p-operty is handsomely located on .5th, be
tween north F and G streets, immediately oppoaite
the Judiciary Square. A fine chance for a profitable
investment,as it is bound to bd very valuable prop
Terms : One-fourth cash: balance in 6.12 18, 24,
and 3<i months, for notes bearing interest ffoin day
of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
mS -TuTIiaF A. Gh Ef.N. Auot.
MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue ofa writ of fie
ri facias, issued Irom the Clerk's office of the
Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the
County of Washington and to me directed. I shall
expes* to public sale, |or <'*SH,at the residence of
Gabriel E D'lvernois. on Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween 17th an?l 18th streets west, on the south side
of said avenue,on WfcDN ESDA Y, the Uth day of
April, 1858, commencing at 10o'clock a. m . the f I
lowing Goods and Ctmtte s. in part, to wit, viz : Hair
Cloth Sofas, Marble-top Centre ard other Tables,
I ooking-g.asses, Pai lor and Chamber Caipets. ma
hoi;ac) and cane-seat Chairs. Stoves. Hat Hacks,
Parlor and Chamber Cuftmns, Iron and ot^er Bed
steads, Feather and Hair Mattresses. Bu e.-ius.
Wardrobes. Ref'igerators. Copper Hollers, Chafing
Dishes. Glass Ware.China Ware. Kitchen Utensils,
Japan and China Tea Sets, Knives and Forks, ai.d
Gas Hurners. seized andlevied upon as the goods nnd
chaltels of Gabriel E. D'lvernois, and will be a Id to
satisfy Judicial No. 'fl, to Mny term. If-5-1, hi favor of
W ill.am Wallace. The above goods are all nearly
new at.d oiler a good opportunity for l-arrair.s
m 29-dt* Marshal for the District of Columbia.
By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
Crockkkv, Gi.as* Ware, &c . at PfRLic
1st. at ten o'clock, nt the store of William Dnwliug,
on Bridge street. Georgetown, nearly opposite the
Market House 1 shall seil. by virtue of a deed in
trust, dated March 22, 1858, and recorded in l.iber
J. A. S., No. 15". folios 1. 2,3, 4, and .5, one of the
land records of Washington county, all the stock in
tntde anil i liects of the baid Dowling, comprising?
Mahogany S fas. cane-scat Chairs,
Marble top Tables,
Dining and Breakfast Tables.
Bureaus, Washstauds. Bcdst-ads,
Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows,
Bookcases, Whatnots, Desks.
Pine Tables, Tin S.ifes, Step f adder*.
Seventy assorted sizes Mahogany and Gilt-Frame
L?>oking-G lasses.
Window Shades. Lounges, Toilet Gla-srs,
Ouantity of China, lii.-iss. and Crockery Ward,
Knives and Forks. Spoons, Castors, Ac.,
tn dozen superior Blacking.
5? gallons Furniture Varnish.
Horse Shoes, Sash Weights, Screws,
Plough Shares. Picks, Patent Balances, A-e.
Also, at 12 o'clock m , in front of the premises?
1 superior Work Horse. Wagon and Harness.
Terms: and under, cash ; over that sum, K
credit of 1, 2. and 3 months, for satisfactorily en
dorsed notes, bearing interest.
THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee,
m 2G d J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer.
The subscriber his now on hand a fresh supp'y of
the Miowiue arttcl-s for the v. ri i * wither: S&?i\
Dr. Kane's celebrated R efngeiators.
Galvanized Iron and Stone Water-Coolers
Stimpson'h Ice Pitchers.
We would respettfullr inform the public
that we warrant all Refrigerators, sold by us, to act
as represented, or the money returned.
Sigu of tha (jilt Sw,
_ in 26-6t Pn. av., bet. loth and llth sts.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Sofas, Chairs,
Lounges, Mattresses. A c.
P?per Hanging done m the l..">st maimer, f'arpeta
made aud put down. Furniture Repaired and Var
itfo D ?treet, between 9th and 10th streets, Wash
ington. I>. C. m 23 3m
I? ? beh >w Third street. ?) I O
Ice Cream, Water Ices, Jellies, and Cakes, at
Philadelphia price*, all made of the best materia!,
and warranted to give satisfaction
m 22 :iw' KUGLER & CO.
s T WI.OK 4 MAURV have just received a
collection of highly coiored P mtsof Costumes of
various nations and of fancy dress.
Bookstore No. 334 Pa. avenue. m 24
STE V KNS, Brown Hotel, will open this day their
usual large assortment of Gentlemen's Wardrobe
and 'Toilet \rticlcs. Baying exclusively for cash,
we are ennblod to t iler the newest and best goods
at umforiii prices.
STEVENS' *H!es Room,
m 24-6t Browns' Hote!.
1 The l ife of Handel, by Victor Schujicher;
Manual of Photography, adapted to Amateurs.
Practice, by Georg* If. C< ale ; 60cuts.
Texas; her Resources and her Public Men. A
oompanion for Cordova's new and correct Map of
the State of Texas. Hv J. De Cordova. .*1.25.
Sartaroe, a Tale of Norway ; by James A. Mait
land : .$1.25. Pnper, 2 voiumes, $ 1. Recommended
by Washington Irving.
New Bookstore, iWi '"a. avenue,
m 24 between 9'h and Mth sts.
? Wiiolksalk Deai kr in Ovstkrs,
Respectfully informs his friends and custmners
that he will sell his O YSTI RS (which s?
are known to be of the best quality in'j
the market) at a lower price than any
one else can afford, as he boys them by
the boat load. Com* and get a bargain.
hand. J. R. B.SCHWARZE.
m 2 1m Southeast corner 12th and E streets.
ORIENT A L N AIL POLISH, giving a beautiful
histre to the linger nails, ai GIBBS'S Hair
QfnrA. t*' 19th Vt ^
(iOOK FOR SALE?For a short term of years.
j First rate Cook; good Washer and Ironer;
good Nurse. For terms. Ac., address N, Star Of
hce. m jG4t*
SeVfHtk Street, opyo. Pattnt Ojfirt.
Would take the liberty of informing his customers
?wl ? u. 11. - * I?*?*--? 1 4 -
. . ???? umiiovii) VI iiiiwi ill i UK ma vua
and the public that he has received his stock
of Spring and Summer CLOTHS and CAS
Sl MERES, which he will make upche??
oash. and not inferior to any in the city
? i ?? ? s?%_?
?ri in fit?.
?in.nuu iivs lUioiiui H'csiij in HIC UllJ I J
A good Fit and Fashionable Garment war- "
ranted in all cases.
Also the usual Furnishing Goods kept by Mer
chant Tailors. m ati-lw*
performing almost unracies in covering up Bald
Iliads and curing all Scalp diseasos. m 10
1 H E undersigned makes known to the public that
they have in their employment a Costumer from the,|
Paris Opera Comiq ue, and are now prepared to make
all kiuds of Fancy Costumes to order.
Military and Naval Merchant Tailors,
in 19 eo3w No. 212 Pa. avenue.
Haviug just received a very handsome assortment
of the newest slvles CLOTHS, CAJSSl
MERES.nnd VESTING. I am fn1> pe"
pared to serve gentlemen promptly and faith
fully with every style of garment F(JR
NHHIVG 4? ()oDS in vmicIy. '
l< EA DY-M A l?E CLOTHING ofthe best qual
ity always on hand to *'meet immediate wants. '
A. H. \ OUNG,
Merchant Tailor, Browns' Hotel,
m ?5 ?w Pa. live- ue.
-J dersiirncd. have formed a Copartnership under
the hrm of KAG Y A BROTHER, for the purpose
of carrying on a Wholesale Liquor Business and
Rehuuig.at No. Sfcj on 7th street.
Wwshinrton, Mwroh fith. 1R5B. m 8 I in
Hair, tooth, nail, and bandshire
BRUSHES,at GIBBS'S Hair Store,near 13th
st. and Pa. av., and at his Sales Room uuder Wil
lards' Hotel. n9-iim
Rye and barlev malt,
for saie at the
CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of Weel Falls aT
**<??? . KtltimnM. Wiv 6-lr
I UBIN'S EXTRACTS,all odors, at GIBBS'ti
J Hair Stora, near 1Kb it., and at tua Salas Room
u4?r WUiftNa'MUi, bMi
Hy J AS. C. MoQl'IREt Auctioneer.
J^RY KXTKNFIVK8ALK of superior
Rnitw moo KlVl* octave Chicebrik^ Piano
..f!,1 CITl *"*Camski Fvrxiii he.
Pril1 ,RA?E MltRoiS. RICH StLX A > D
PrJ? ?* ryn M(fvnIlli,T l*~ HrC*?EL? CaI -
r57.?' ?c-,?n MONDAY XOKNl!\G. March ?*,
at 10 o c ock.tnd eontmijini! from dny to day until
thewhn'eis disposed of. I dhn'l sell the superior
Furniture and tfleets of the "Ebbitt Hou, c ''simi~
ated on F street, between i.tth and uth streets em
bracing every variety and style of Parlor aud Cham
tier Furniture, Bedding. A o. rauavnaui
This extensive establishment embraces same
eighty-live parlor* and ehamlters. which uv? lK?en
titled up ina style unequaled in tin*city.the Furni
ture nil having been made at the l>ett establishments
of this city and of very superior style and huish.
We name?
Elegant rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, by
Elegant French plate ciit frame mantel, pier, and
oval Mirrors, of various sizes and styles
Superior ros*wo?>d aud aalnut crimson plush cov
ered French and tete-a tele Sofas
Ann. ladies' and parlor Chairs
Rockers. Gothio reception Chairs, A c.
Suite of rosewood I'arlor F urniture. finished ia
crimson and fold brocatelle. comprising two
tele a teteSoJae, two arm Chairs, and eight par
lor Chairs
Suites of handsome walnut (inured damask covered
Parlor Furniture..consisting ol two Sofas, two
arm Chairs. Kocker. and four parlor Chairs
Handsome waiuut Whatnots, Etageres. and Book*
stands.ot various patterns
Beautiful marble-top, centre, sofa, and side Tables,
in rosewood, walnut, and mahogany
Elegant brocatelle. camas*, anl mce Curtains
throughout the house, with gilt Cornice, Cords,
Tassels, Ac., complete
Rich French China Vases, Candelaf>ras and other
mante! Ornaments
Superior Velvet, English. Brussels, and three-ply
Carpets throughout the house
Brussels and Venetian tialland stair Carpets
Oil Cloth. Bugs.Stairs R<?ds ai d Eyes
Spieudid rosewood, wainut. and mahogany marble
top dress.ng Bureaus and WashsUuids, Ward
Jenny Lindand French Redstends
t ine painted Cottage Seta, with aRd without imx
Solid cherry Bedsteads, Wardrobes. and Wash
stands of superior make
Painted w nrdrobes. Bedsteads, and Washstands,
Superior curled hair Mattresses,
Fine Feather Beds. Bolsters and Pillows
Very extensive lot of superior H ankets. Marseilles
Quilts. Comforts, bedspreads, Sheetug, Bol
ster and Pillow Mips,
French Chi la, irarbled and granite Toilet Seta,
Ru-h and cane seat Chair*. Rogers,
Muhncvny hair spring-seat Sofas, Rockers, amiand
side Chairs,
Hair Cloth, rep. and damask-covered Lounges,
Marlile-top SideU?ard? and Beaufets.
Bookcases, Writing l>esks. Arm Chairs.
Km til superior engraved heavy silver-plated Tea
Silver plated Cm tors. Waiters, Tea and Cotlee
Urns. Spoons ami Forks,
Superior Table Cutlery, Fire Irons.
Walnut a'(1 mahogany extension, break last, card,
and side Tables.
Superior oak can^-seat dining Chairs,
I French China and grauite Dinner, Dessert, and Tea
Chrystal"ut-g!ass Decanters, Water Bottles. Gob
lets. Tumblers and Wine Glasses,
Block-tin Lrns, Chafing Dishes and Dish Covers,
Radiator, open-grate end air tight Stoves
Together with a general assortment ol every article
in the housekeeping line.
Terms: AS" and under, cash ; over that sum, a
credit of 1,2,3. and 4 months, for satisfactorily en
doreed notes, bearing interest.
m 17 eod J. C. MoGUIRK, Auct.
MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of seven ( 7 )
writs of heri facias, issued from the Clerk's
office of the Circuit <%>urt of the District of Colum
bia, for tne county of \\ ashington aud to me direct
ed, I shall ex.ose to public sale for cash, in front ?>f
the Court House door of said county on FRIDA V,
i he itith d ly of March, l?5i, at 12 o'clock rtt . the fol
lowing described properly, to wit: Ali defend nit's
right, titl*, claim and interest in and toall tint piece
or pare*; of ground lying in Georgetown, inthe Dis
trict of Columbia, whicti is includes! withia the fol
lowing mctcs and bounds, to wit: Beginning on tne
we1-1 side of Market Space af a point 82 feet l?? inches
south from the corncr of Bridg* street and Market
Spj.ce. and running thence west with the north ?a.l
vfthstm slory brick liouses on the lot hereby de
scribed, anl the lue thereof extending 3H feet,
thence south and parallel with Market Spaci- -T faet
? inches, moie or less, to a point which a il! be inter
sected to tne line of ?he south wa.l of said In u>e
eXtendefl west, then by said line reversed east to
Market Space at the southeast corner ofsaid house,
at;d then north ai d with the line of Market Space Si
ft-?l ti inches to the place of beginning, which is the
northeast corner of said house, together wiiti all and
singular the improvement thereon, seized and lev
ied upon Hi the property of George R hodes, J r.. and
w ill t?e so.d to satisfy judie als Nos. *U. 3*5, and 3j?j
to Octotier term, !866. in favor of Joshua Hatcher
and vancjr Hatcher, and Nos. 134, 135. 13K. and Ij7
? udiciaisto May term, IS56, in favor of Clme ai.d
Dillon. Peter Dioon, benjamin Tr.plett and John
CruinUuih. J. D. HOOVER,
m 2 dts Marshal for the District of Columbia.
want of bidders, until FRIDAY, the 2d of April
next, 1KV1, same hour and plac?*.
m 27 ts Marshal for the District of Columb.a.
a F?tatr.?In pursuance of a decree, passed ou
the sixth, day of November, IRVJ, by the Circuit
Court for Prince George's county, sirring a* a Court
of Equity ii n causa in* said Court depending,
whereia Margaret S. A. Cumming, next friend lo
Kdmund B. Cumnrnc and others, is complainant,
and Edml IS. CaaoiiaK and others are defeml
nurs, the undersigned, as Trustee t herein appointed,
will, if tiie MM is not previously dit>jio???d of at
private sale, expose at public safe to the liiglo-st
bidder,on the premises.on
THCRSDAY. April 1, 1&?.
?t the honr of II o'clock a. in., if fair, and if not
?ir at the same time and place on the next fair
> thereafler. all that vsluable Heal hjrsrate sit
unte hi said county, which wa< Heretofore c<in
vi". ed to the Hon Thomas \V. I'nuiinmg now de
oeased and mtes'ate. by one Martin lineil and Lucy
Ann, hia Wife, in fee smiple, containing one hundred
and sixty-two nnd a half acres, more or less.
These Ltutls are very vauable; the sou is of a
c ha meter p<-eu!iarly adapted to the cultivation and
quick maturity of garden and farming productions;
the county road to Washington, by the way of Sev
enth and North Capitol streets, is a Imundary on
one side. The health and society of the neirlibor
hood is unsurpassed in Maryland or the District.
There me several streams of pure water a::d o-ie
large spring on this estate, which is within two
miles of the "Soldier's Home," and within hve
miles of the Centre Market. The land has l>ecn
divided into several lots, ranf inc in size fioin 15 to
?<> acres, with a sutbciency of Winid on most of the
lots, and will lie sold in parcels if deemed to the in
terest of the parties.
The Dwelling House and Out houses on this es
tate ai? large aud commodious, and in excellent
order. This estate adjoins the property of the late
Stephen Markwood. the Messrs. \\ ingerd, Digges,
Clark and others Any information will l>e given to
persons desirous o| purchasing,on application to the
undersigned, personally or by letter.
The Terms of Sale, as prescribed by the decree,
are as follows:?One thousand dollars cash on the
day of saie. to l>e paid in funds of some District or
Baltimore Bank. The residue of tne purchase mo
ney to l?e pi id in one, two. three and four years, in
equal instalments. Iiearuig interest from the da> of
?Hle,and to t>? secured by the bonds of the purcha
ser or purchaser*, with one or more co-obligers. m
lie approved hy the undersigned. I'pon the payme t
of the whole purchase money. and ail the interest
thereon.and not before, the undersigned, as trustee,
will convey to the purchaser or purchasers, or their
heirs, the property so purchased bv them, free.c ear
anil discharged from all claim of*the parties to this
suit, and of a:l persons claiming by them or under
them. The widow has joined in the proceeding tor a
sale, and has signified her consent in writing to take
an equivalent in money < in lieu of her dower; out of
the priHieedsofsale, as ascertained hy law.
m ll-eot24thAdts
By J. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer.
rnovKU and Valpabi.k Rrai. Est?te.?on
MON DA Y A FTER NOON, Apnl 5th.at 5 o'ch ck,
by virtue ofa deed of trust, bearing date on the Mh
of July. 18-5, and duly recorded in Liber J.Tl.
S, No 84, folios 232, i33, and 254, one of the laud re
cords for Washington county.in the District ofCo
lumbia. I shall sell in f ont ot the premises, at pubuc
auction, to the highest b dder therefor, the vs unti l
premises well ki own as "Flint's Hotel," being part
of Lot No. 6, in Square No. 254, inthe oity of Wash
ington. fronting i>7 feet S inches on north E street,
between 13th and Uth streets west, and running
bact 159 feet to a thirty feet alley, toeetner with ti e
improvement thereon,consisting of a substantial
ana well built three-storv brick dwelling house,
with large t-aes buildings, finished in the most su
perior manner throughout, with marble mantels,
Terms : One-third cash ; the balance in one and
two years, for notes bearing interest from the day of
sale, secured by deed of tiuston the property; and
if not oomplied With within hve da> s after the sale
the property will be resold at the risk aud expense
of the purchaser at ten days' notioe. All convey
ancing at the cost of the purchaser.
WM. P. WILLIAMS. Trustee.
ml8-eodids J. C MoGl'l R E. Auct.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Jl By virtue of a deeu of trust, dali d Kih of Aug
ust. I8a7, and duly recorded in Lif?er J. A. S. 14'Ac..
"and at the request of the parlies interested," I
shall sell, at public auction, ou the premises, ou
MONDAY, .5th April. t:*58, at 5 o'clock p. in.
all that lot or parcel ol ground situated on :>d
street east, near L street soutn, ,iu the city of
Washington, and known and distinruished upon
the plan of said ci'jr hs parts of Lots 4 and 5,
in Square 7?W. and particularly deierit^d as f of lows
Commencing on the west snleol ad street east, ii
feet south from 1. street south, and running tlience
south on 3d street east feet; thence we>t litt
5 U feet to Canal *?r?et. thence north fronting ? n
Canal street 2Ssi U feel, and thence east liH , 12 leet
to the beginning, improved by a oomloriai.le frame
dwelling houst.
Terms : f-Woash; balance in6 and 12 months. Ti
tle indisputable. Ail Conveyancing at the expense
of puich'iser. JOHN FOX. Trustee.
in34-dts A. GREEN. Aect.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Forty fine building lots at afc
JU'N.-tln WEDNESDAY, Uie 3 stinstaut, I
shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m ,
4" handsome Building I ,ois, in subdivision of Hquare
No. 441, ail of which are of mo <erate depth, runnio/l
totalleys. This property is beautifully situaied,
U>unded by 6th and 7th streets west, and S and T
streets north, and perfectly graded ou each street.
The attention of persons seeking an investment la
called to the sale of the above lots, as bargains ?u?y
be expected.
T*rms: One third cash ; the residue ia I*. l>.
and 24 months,'or notes bearing mterest fr?mi ?ne
day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
Title indisputable. All eonveyanoes at (he oost ol
the purchaser or purchaser*. .
w*-4 A. GRfitN, Auot,
rip M?? AG BUT
TIIRKr. DATS Hit, (ROM tl Rorr
later foreign ltit?;ii?*B) P ' '? Wl'b three day.'
The steamer Africa arrived ...
tbe City of Washington on ?be lA?h *n<*
Tb?- n?w? from China .1,4 |n<1.. . .
week. later date, birf advice* -r?- ,rjl 11 ?
(rttli,.j? importance Tbe bombardment ofVif
now waa expected to Uke pl.^ on STfifcRt
I^TL. ^ ,"rr? pertien Of th? Brltub armv bad
entered Oude kir Colin Campbell wu
1 VW* "w*,,,n? ?be .ieKe train
ham 1 2f bad been found guilty and
Thf *f ,C V" D*~"- l-?d for HfeV^"*
over ?-2MUm\?TL T'"* tLe c*lru"? nulla and
but all tbe pe.sont on t^Ta rMT*? WM *l*? l0*f
r?.. "" r'wm on board were uvol
< anton date* of J..,, ?>..,? *, ? *"
Everything relatlneto J^Tw ha4< Wn *?eRre4
tranquil "K to operation were
jes?-?-?t.., ?.
In France. Count Walewakl ?.**? -
SJi.ffi-' '??? ?w'!??
but H dio waTllmftrihy
sentence commuted into penal ~rvltude fcTl".
I be English Government refused to let ?*ar"
dinia give up tbe Englishman Hodee* to'th.
(?reach Government
The Conspiracy bill bad been rejected by tbe
Sardinian Parliament
r T^r "b'f Kennebec, of Ratb. from Liverpool
f?r Mobile, was abandoned at sea on tbe ?2d of
February. The crew arrived at Liverpool on tbe
Utb last
.'^,eSOTTr%rndrnct! wUh tbr French govern
ment was submitted to Parliament on the litb
iguited tr Aif>" d'd DOt **A ?? th* *** d#*"
. Thi Market* ?
rfeVi^-Rr??.t J~C^ton cl <*??<* dull at a general
decline of td. Sales three day* 9080 bale*
elrn itll ?f ,whlcl1 ws,s ,*k,'n *>V the tiade The
fr ill'ti \ on U" ,?tb,*,?u6 bale* Advice.
1,111- i ~*- .I unfavorable There wa,
little inqinrv' and price* were weak
Breadstuff* dosed dull. Flour very dull, and
quotations nominal. \V heatcl.-sed dull, and een
eraUy unchanged. Corn closed dull, at a decline
or bdata?mixed ond yellow Ms; white :Eia6da3ts
I revisions unchanged Sugar closed quiet.
^?Sr*?w * sPir"? tur[?entine steady
at Ills. itosiu dull at 4?3?{
^Consoia-for mo?y, ?\a?6V; for account,
Vmrraelai Revolution.
N?w Tj om, March 30 _Pnvate advices from
Venet.iela report that the Government troop* had
been defeated in several action. Many deser
tions had taken place The English and French
Miitlfttejs Lad ?ent naval force* to tbe scene of
St Domingo advices of the 13th say that Baez
still held the capital.
Mail Kotibery.
Port Js?rts, N. \ , March ST.?Last night,
some boy* discovered in the Delaware rlv* at
this place a mail bag, which had been cut open
and robbed The bay wa. marked for Painted
Post, and must have left \>w York by the night
express train on Thursday evening, as the pam-r.
found in it were the second and third editions of
that day, but all the letters were gone.
Injunction Against the Kale of the Celllee'
New Yob*. March in the Cnlted States
Circuit Court to-dav. Mr S.dgwick, district at
torney. tiled a bilt of injunction in behalf of tbe
I lilted States against the .ale of the Collins line
of Meamer*. alleging that a large sum waa due
the I'uited States from the company.
Nkw York. March :???.?The Tribune contra
diets that Vidauri's agent, are negotiating loan*
here, or enlisting volunteers for revolutionary
pureses in Mexico.
llultimore MarktU
IIaltiMore, March 30 ?Flour is steady and
generally iiik banned Howaid street 94 T k
Ohio M :CUS| 50; t'ity Mills <4 T.
Wheat is dull, white ranging from f I 1i>atO0,
and yellow nominally f la*l lo .Matagorda is
active and unchanged. wLite &&aSv. . yel.ow (km
ftlc *
Piovisions are active and firm at yesterday's
rate.. Cotiee is active; sales of 3,??<0 bavs at lftk
aid ? m
Whisky is steady and quiet at *21 j|*iac.
New York Markets.
New York March rwi ?Flour is dull; sales of
l.jUlllibl*. State *l.Jtia.<*t :>?i; Ohio, ;4d*5.
Southern ?l 5< 1.1*4 HO
Wheat is bravv; sale, of rj.tnn) bushels South
ern white at *1 *J<Uf I M; Western white SI lti
Corn is buoyant; .ales of Sj.OOO bushels: yellow
Pork Is buoyant; mess Sltt w>a* 18^* ^ Beef la
auiet; Chicago repacked Sl'2 ?teSl^io Lard la
drttopiug at Hl,al0 ^c.
Whisky is quiet at *2 for Ohio
Naw York, March :*)?Stocks were dull arS
irregulai; closing firmer Chicago and Kock
Island?.1**,; I liiaois Central sLarea , do bonds
"?; New \ ork Cential Cumberland Coal Co
LaCrosse and Milwaukietf. Pennsylvania
Coal Co 70; Reading 4t\; Mill, and Miss. 3a,
Cantons Va t? s, ?Michigan Southern '28^;
Missouri o!s
Sterling ext h.nge is li'mer at 107
Proposals ft?r lithographic
vvashlUKton. March U. 1KM.
Sea.ed proposals will be received at this olhoa
until Tuesday, the 6th day of A pril. li?B. for exeou -
tin*, iu tiie liest manner, the foliowitK vork for the
Senate and House of Kepreaeuiatives of the I'nited
States, via:
1st. For transferring from oopper to atone and
pricing ten th< uaand oupiea t more or .ess I of each
o| bftv charts, to accompany the annua, leport of
the superintendent ofthe Coast Survey.
2d. I- or eurravinc on stone and printing ten thou
sand oopies i more or l??s) of twenty-tvo charts, to
accompany tbe same report.
in the first c ars the proposals must atata the price
per hundred oopies ior tiauslerriiig and printing eaou
cbarr, t-eparnte y.
In the second clasa the propoaals must atats the
once for engraving each chart, and for priuliug eaoti
per one hundred copiea. aeparately.
*1 he charts vul t? open at this office, for the in
spection of thoae persous deairoua of biddinf for the
same, unUi the c.os.nr ol th* luda, where a.so blank
forms for propo<>ala may t?e procured.
The paper required for printing will be furniahed
by this ofl.oe.
Contracta will he entered into with, and booda
with aecu ity wi i be required from the aucoe.a'ul
l>idders, for the laithful execution of their con
It is to l?? distinctly understood that no hHa vi!t
be entertained from any part iea i ot direct.? encaged
m.nd practically acquaiLted with the atyiso/work
bid lor.
?l'he proposals must state the time required for
the execution ofthe work, or portions of tbe aame.
and s ill l?e addressed to the under*igned, endorsed
on the envelope "Proposals (or Lithocntph.ng.)'
GEO. W. B<i\N MAN,
tn 12 eotd Super.ntendetit
No. ?8l Pfnn*>lvan a avenue, south aide, between
10th and Uth atreeta, l?e?a leave tD inform
hu friends and the public genera..y ttiat he'
his just received his SPRING STOCK OF
GOi ?DS. oonaist.ng ot f-.n* tah and French
Cloths, Caasimera a> d Vestiags A ?o.a hn?'
m 15 eolm
The attention of fruit gr .wers is respect full?
o&l.ed to the very extensive ??>ok ot TKEKS^m
now ou hand, all of which are of the most vig-^p
oroua description, and guaianteed aa to ac-"^?
Peach Treea. large and thrifty .ckoioest kinda.suited
to this sea?on, Jrio per
Dwarf Pears, over *>.<?"?. one and two years old.
splendid Tree#. ?25 to f 35 per t?0,
Apple Trees. I?est southern varieties, strong ard
g?HKi. 918 per l???.
Standard P??ars, Aprioots, Cherries, NeoUnnei,
Plums. Uuinoes.
Grape Viues, Hiacklwrries, Currants.he.
Strawt-erries. over W varieties, ineludiug the kresf
American sort., as well as the Frenoh. English
and Belgian varieties.
Rhuliarb K??ots, Victoria. Prtnoe AlSert, Randel's
Har:\ Prohhc.he.
Asparnaus Root*, l liinee's Yam, Ac.
Evergreen*, auch as N. rway Spruce, Heiuioek,
Arborite. Cednea, Deodora, 3 to Weet.very
Wan every thing pertaining to the Nursery and
Seed Trade, of bnest quality and < S?._ w t
ji ?n s .- -i i i,
SHU7th street.oorner H,
fe26 FAT.12t \\ asinwgton. D C.
|\) A NT A I.OF PHOTOt.RAI'HY Adapted to
l"l amateur* pr&cti<?e -by ti?o. U. Coale; prioe 6*
Cents ; postage paid 75?ents
Just received TA\ LOR A MAI R \ ,
in 22 HookselUrs. Pa avenite.
C^l.tK'hS !?CLOCKS!!?C'L?m;R?? ?!!- Juat re
-? oeived.a grant assortment of CLot'Kt* mm
from SI to 4124. Call and see for yourselves EPS
iu J. H??HINS/?\'S. Kg]
3* Pa. av., opposite Bros ns" U?4el. H8J
N. B -CLOCK MATERIALS, su?h as Oils,
Keys. BsMs. Cords. Ae., for aals.-tke traoe^sap
F^feLs stf&srseattv*:
mkstFsaS. Haass . i*
Scissors, miilrors. powder boxes
Ae. at GIBBS^ Hair Store, near IS street.
Pa. av., and at bis Salesroom, under Wiliards'.
Su c
t oorner of Kightb and D streets
Southeast oorner of Eighth

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