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BY llKt\ L. LBLLA.fD.
The following iiues art* founded on fact. A few
month* ago, an engineer on one of the Pennsylvania
railroads rescued a cLlld from death In the
manner described.
What is his Same !
The breeze of earlv morning Mew
Across the mearfow land* ;
And sparkling in the sunlight ran
\ ?reek o'er glittering sands.
In shadow of golt-rustlinK le<aves
A humble farm house stood?
TN'se fluttering leaves like dove rings brought
Pf#Cd to a tender brood.
I'uwatched a little child l\ad stiayed
From out its mother's vi -w.
Aim] tottnr-d down the gra^-grown patn
Wet with the morning dew ;
It gained the road, the iron-road.
Then tried to cross the rail,
But f?li, and lay in helplessness:?
Such tune for strength to fail.
For. in the thunder of its power.
That instant Hashed in sight,
A locomotive h-?rrying en?
To put a xuul to night!
But no ! hurrah, the engineer
lias seen the fallen child :?
Down brak?s ! rovers)! too late, too late !
Th?> brave inaa's heart beats wild.
Tee short the time to hoi 1 in cheek
Th" avalanche imti> d !
The brave man act?he runs along
Th? Hying engine's side ;
He gains the front, he reaches o'er,
Finn 'midst the loud d- ath-roll.
U*? grasps with lion clutch the child
A.m.' he has saved a soul '
( Philadelphia Btdletm.
? m s m ?
The *'K. G. C 's."?A few days ago we pubI
sbed, from tbe New York correspondent of the
Charleston Mercury, an interesting statement in
regard to tbe movements of this mysterious organization,
which Las been extensively copied
The Staunton (Va> Spectator alludes to it, and
makes the subjoined disclosures:
Our information In regard to the "K. G. C.'s."
or the "Knights of the Golden Cross, ' may be
twiefly summed up as follows, and we vouch for
the accuracy of the statement we shall make :
In the early part of last October, several documents
came to this place through the post-olilce,
addressed to a gentleman who had sometime previously
left Staunton for tbe South, after a residenee
of several years in our town. These document*
fell into the hands of his former partner in
business, who. supposing them to relate to the
affairs of the firm, opened and perused theni.
The document proved to be a letter from the
' Gen. Bickley" alluded to in the letter of the
Mercury's correspondent, which is quoted above,
and was dated Montgomery. Ala., Oct. 8, 1A59.
The writer encloses a handsomely printed Captain's
commission, a degree book and law book,
containing full and accurate information of the
object of the organization, which was nothing
less than the subjugation of Mexico, and requests
Capt. , if he accepts the commission, to procetAi
at once to organize a company, and report
himself to one Col. V D. Groner. at Norfolk. Va
The General stated that he was then on his way
to Mexico, but would return on the 27th inst. on
the steamer Tennessee, and that all letters to hiai
should be sent to Washington city. Everything
was said to be prosperous, except that it would b?
Deeembrr before the expedition could <jet off A
key to the lirst and second degrees or the ord*r
was furnished in manuscript, and also the se^r?t
alphabet in which most of trie correspondence was
said to be conducted. These last mentioned documents
were placed in our hands, and are still in
our possession. By them we were enabled to dfeipher
the printed pamphlet in which the degree
characters were used, and thus to derive much
information in regard to the " Knights of the
Golden Cross," which we find from the key to be
tbe meaning of the cabalistic letters.
The password marked in the pamphlet as 38, is
found bv the key to be the words "Try me;" and
the emblem of the order 41 37," is a " Greek Cross
enclosed by a gold circle, in the centre of which
is a star of pla:n gold."' Gen. Bickley is known
as "No. 56,''and his name is written in a secret
alphabet. All the signs, grips and passwords of
the organization are given in full, and the General
winds up his letter with the encouraging assurance,
"Work hard, and we will win." Copies
of these documents were placed in the hanas of
the Deputv U. S. Marshal at this place, in the
mouth of November last, and were forwarded by
him to the War Department.
Effect of an Earthquaive on an Artesian
Will.?Tbe Charleston Mercury says: The most
sSgniflcan phenomenon, if It can be attributed to
the earthquake, occurred at the Artesian well. It
is well known that the city has l>een tubing the
well with 10'. inch iron pipes. On the 3!st day
of l.ist March this tubing had reacht-d the depth
of slU feet below the surface, and there it has since
remained. The excavation or boring, six inches
in diameter, had been previously carried dow&to
a depth of 930 feet. The utmost resources of^ie
mechanics have been expended in endeavors to
remove the destruction and sink the tubing
further, but all in vaiu. Platforms have been
erected, and large amounts of iron and wood,
weighing several tons, have repeatedly been placed
upon it. but it would not and did not settle the
breadtn of a hair. On Thursday, during the afternoon.
previous to the earthquake, the tubing
commenced settling, very slow at first, and then,
with a perceptible slide, tbe upper end, which had
projected about four feet above the surface of tbe
./round, disappeared, leaving the superincumbent
weight which had been rest ug upon it all day,
upon the ground. After removing the rubbish
and sounding for the top of the tubing. It was
found tc have gone down a distance of thirty fe^t.
That this sinking was caused by the simt agency
as the subsequent quake, we do not say, bufleave
be tracing of t?eir connection to the more scien
tifie and well informed. Certainly the connection
is intimate enough to attract attention.
How ro Fill a Chlrch.?A clergyman in Salem,
N . J . says the Standard, recently announced
from his pulpit that opon the next Sabbath evening
he would preach a sermon to "moral men
1 pon this occasion the house was crowded in
every part, and a large proportion of the congregation
was made up of those who had not "darke
led a church door" for years!
117*The literary societies of the University of
\ irgmia have invited the Hon. D. W. Voorhees.
of Indiana, (who was the counsel for Cook, hung
at Cbarle>town.) to deliver the anniversary address
on the ad of July next, and the invitation'has been
WILLARDS' HOTEL.-A S George, Mass; S
E Barton and iaJy.0; u VV linns Ms; II Wilson,
J T ^ O Vauderhoven, do; Chan
V\ heeler. Pa; T T Patterson, NJ; T R Kauier: do;
A M Pet? it, Pa; A Trowbridge. Mio*>; .*< Weed
^ * .S Mowrv, A'.ixoi.a; R Half, Md; W Constoo*.
a o** Pa; W D Maxwell and lady,
> Y f A Brooks* do; Miss Brooks, do; T F Tiioru
ton, and daughter Aid; Mrs Shover, do; G Baker,
O; H M. IX \ a; Dr A *V fcskndge, do; A
G .WGraham, - ;G W oodBon. M ich;
I L if SBritton and ladv.do; W Lou*
Pa; P D* la Torre and iady, Cat: E Coles, Jr.
f?.; a oS* *1". do: W ki Coye, do; H Brown,
1 ' uX?' ' A Van Wagerner and sons,
>.'? V.V. h J. K Gould, do; W U (iarnett,
>td;Mr a d Mrs Holsman, NJ; W H Kink an<t
0-? ft' ?nd iady, do; D M L,eeand
V?? 0V 1 Magruder, USA; Mr ai d Mrs
vVaknr^am, N\;R? Wilton, Mass: E E Haugh^
v-V? Neston and lady. 111; E B Mea l
ftiS. t?K a^,d !aiy? d?: J L Fenran
iTLVr.i'H c U ? ? ' R Ciesta, do; A C
so*iatv?4BiKt"'vV 0 w ? ?:
rNT R K,^iikH?rTfa^trHon ,f R J Turn
Jl 8tM Va; D B Heuer, ?; S W
Murii.i,Mi; E ?>aussoier, Pa; |> p Kimball. MassJntn
h r* ' ^ ^ B Isaacs, Va!
vv I ?'yt'ii. ; J k Tnompson, NJ; fi W
Wi!sob, M?s; J P Thompsjon, R,; j Sn x|Mcher,
atA. b v.lr? Bea,le an,J ?h,id- Benjamin
'u MeGowai and ladj, Miss Mcwan
Mu? Brcoks. John MoGowm, ^ Brown.
M ss; C Harrison Coniit.NJ: I) Ridgeley, Md- I
ke?rWV'n^hma; IlNVhLtrTyANJ: W S Shi?erT?a
tSi M? 8|?K'rntke^' George H Adams and
N v ' nf'sit. \u v,t}I Colonel Grandin,
'iwJSl o 4, : r? Va; A Gilmore,
G Si'nms, <,a; A J Reesid*, Pa. John
e ssirf rr,> p%; h Garn?u'Va;
BROWN'S IIOTEI??T G Meiion m.I- i T
Smita. Kan; W p Mi'by, Tex; C Moore, NY' VI R
Pl' $ ^ k1' N AVer?. Mio'h? J '^df.
J ^ Va; R Batter. S Hdtohin*. Miss- S
J Byers, \ a^T Giles, M%ss; W H Forsythpl R
P j-1 ,r? *iJ, Batt.S 8 Myers, O d Can field.
P., J L t her and toa, \ a; K F Patchson Tenn; J
^ lM!rV hi'> A s F Read,
Sw. Mr-Waq;ft' T Jenkins P Jenkins. H Hrinslv
Harro!?i V?" C,**by' N a; N C VV llson. Pa; B
M ,vvtT?i?h'.NV: R Sw?iton. Me;
k nson, N\ ; J Doxlet. Md; P B Hawkim
M NT WlBhVi4; A M Kerne'.Pa; H Strick
jPl&tS, Hcte!-GT#SS?-51
v': w
*?; EANS TEA hers Tajunod^S
Ftow rmn Vurm Statu
toST.?r&x-. . far-,
Asia >Urf New I V*rF??f * * 11
tSSZ:::rz8Z j
_ I'rs* Zvmoru. %
Caritd Rr,tou- J'jverpool... Portland .... Jan. 2r>
A tfr i" ,. .RoMfOn . Jftii 28
C. V\ as&infU?n lliverMoi N#wTork^P?b i
tSPS: i
fcV ^.ulh'lu.n.. N.w Y?r* .? ?>. *
Th " '' N<s* i ?H-k...Feb. 8
or m
tnthooy, H. B.. WillartU' Hotel
arard. James A., 184 F at- between 17th and 18th
eigamin. J. P., JacKaon Plaoe, oor H and 16ft sta
BigTer, Wm., 426 llth it, between H and I
ingham, K. S., ? aahington House
Brags. Thomas, Vernon House
Breokinndge, J. C., 263 G at, bet 14th ud 13th
Bright, Jesse I)., 423 15th at, bet. Pa mw aad H at
grown, A. G., National Hotel
ameron, Simon, 206 Pa av, opposite Wiilards'
Chandler, Zaoh., 184 1 st, near oorner fOih
Chesnut, James, Brown's Hotel
Clark. Daniel, Washington House
a lay, C. C., Brown's Hotel
lingman, Thos. L., 215 Pa av, bet Uth and 15th at<
Coilaraer, Jacob, Wlllarda' Hotel
Crittenden, John J., National Hotel
Davi", Jefferson, 249 I st, bet 17th and 18th
Dixon, James, 915 Coreoran's Row, I street
Doolittle, James R., Mr Norton's,30 st
Douglas, Stephen A., Minnesota Row, l*t&NJ?v
Dumoe, C.t Mr Parker's, 49?'>t Massachusetts av
Feasenuen, W. P., Mr* Chipman's. 360 C at
Fitoh, Graham N, 387 E st, bet 9th and 10th at
Fitzpatrick, Benjamin, Brown's Hotel
Foot, Solomon, Mrs Ch pman's, 360 C at
Foster, L. F. S., Willaru*' Hotel
Green, James S., Crutohett's, 477, oor D and 6th sta
Grimes, J antes W.,517 12th st
8win, YVm. M.,23? 1 st, corner 19th
ale. John P., National Hotel
Uauiliu, flaunibal, Wa-hington House
Hammond, Jas. H , 224 oor Pa av A Madison Plaoe
Harlan, Jamos, Washington House
Hauo, H. P., Brown's H?'tol
Hemohill, J., Mrs. Williaius', 17, oor C and 4* sta
Hunter, R. M. T., 424 H street, bet 11th and 12th
Iverson, A., Miss Uueen's, 444 C st, bet E and F
Johnson, R. W., ot Ark.. 385 1;. at, b"t9th and Kith
Johnson, Andrew, of Tonn.. 5*t Charles Hotel
Kennedy, Anthony, 468 6th st, between D and E
King, Preston, Schrivener's. 16 A st, Capitol Hill
Lane, Joseph, Brown's Hotel
Mallory, S. R., National Hotel
M^son, Jas. M.,424 H st. bet llth and 12th
Nioholson, A. O. P., Kirkwood House
Pearoe, James A , Mrs. irving's, 28 4>? it
Polk, T.
Powell, L. W., 263 G st, bet 14th and 15th
Pugh, G. E., 4 =i 4th st, north of La. av
Rioe. H.tM.- Mm Row. I st. bet N J av and lat at
Sauisbnry, W., Mrs. Irving's, 28 4S at
Sebastian, Win. K., Dr. Dunn's, 456 H st
Seward, Wm. H., 2S2 F ?t b-113th and 14th
Minmuns Jas. K, Willards' Hotel
Slidell, John. 3>'2 H st, bet )6th and lfiX st
Suinner, C. Mrs. Catnmack's, 112 F, het Uth A 15th
Ten F.yck, J. C., Mr. McBIair, 1R2 1 stand Paav
Thompson. .Tolln R., 45? 13th st, bet E and F
Toomns, Robt., 24H F st, bet 13th and Uth
Trurnbnll, Lyman. 451 8th st, bet E and F
Wade, B. F., Mrs. Hyatt's, 33B Pa av, b*t6th & 7th
Wilson, Henry, Mr. Joy's, cor 8th and Pa av
Wigfali. L. T., Brown's Hotel
Wilkinson, .VI. S . Mr. Solomon's, 469 6th st
Yulee, David L.,262 I st, bet 17th and 18th
Adams, Chas. F., Private. 194 1 street
Adams, Green, Private, 286 F st. bet 12th and loth
Adrian, Garnett B.. W illards' Hotel
Aldrieh, Cyrus. Avenue House
Allen, VVin.,oorner New Jersey av and south A st
Alley , John B., Private, N w cor 3(1 and C sts,
An Icraon. Thus. L., Brown's Hotel
Anderson, Wm. C., Private, 206 F st.bet 12th A 13th
Ashley, Jas. M.. Mrs. Reilly's, 555 New Jersey av
Ashinore, John D., n \v corner \l/x and C sta
Avery, Win. T., Brown's Hotel
Babbitt, Elijah, National Hotel
Barksdale, Wm., Brown's Il'-tel
Barr, Thos. J., Wiliards' 11 'tel
Barret, J. R., Crutchett's, corner fith and Data
B?ale, Chas. L., Washington House
Bingham, John A.. Washington House
B air, Sam'i S., A venue House
Blake. Harrison G . H j att's. 339 Pa. av
Rooock, '1 hoa.S., Brown's H >tel
Bonham, Milledge L., Brown's Hotel
Botaler, Alex. R7 Willards' Hotel
Boiiligny. John E , 55 Missouri av
Boyee Wm. W.. 3*2 Pa av, over Wall A Stevens'
Br&bson, Reese 11., 538 H st, b ?t 3d and 4th sts
Branch, L,awren<v? O'B . Brown's Hotel
Brayton. Win. I)., Smith's. 393 C st
Briggs, Geo., Mra. Harrison's, 377 Pa av
Bristow. Francis M., Mrs. Taylor's. 411 3d st we%t
Brown, Joh.i V., Sm;thson's, 283 B st
Buffington, Jas , Private, x w cor 3d and C Bts, 4"8
Burch, John C., Brown's Hotel
Burhugame. Anson, National Hotel
Burnett, Henry C., Pri\ a-.e, 26S G st
Burnham, Alfred A., W illards' Hotel
Burroughs. Silas VL. Washington House
Butterhe Id, Martin, Willards' Hotel
Campbell, Jas. H., Washington House
Carey, John, Hyatt's, 3?1 Pa av
Carter, Luther C , National Hotel
Case, Cha.les, Missouri av
Clark. Horace F, Private. cor K and 13th ata
Clark, John B., Brown's Hotel
Clemens, Sherrard, Willards' Hotel
Clopton. David, Brown's Hotel
Cobo, Williamson R. W., Mrs. Irving's, 28 4S at
Cochrane, Clark B^ Wlllarda' Hotel
Cochrane, John, Wiliards' Hotel
Colfax, Schuyler, Avenue House
Conklin<^ Ro'scoe, Willards' Hotel
Cooper, (*eo. B., Choate's, it Louisiana avenue
Corwin, Thomas. 6 Louisiana avenue
Covodo. John, Avenue Houae
Cox, Samuel S., Private, 468 Uth street
Crais, Ja-oes, Brown's Hotel
Craige, Burton, 35.1 D st eet
Crawford. Martin J., 25" F st, bet 13th aud 14th
Curry, Jabez Li M.. Brown's Hotel
Curtis, R., Mrs. Joyoe's, n w oor r.th st A Pa a\
Davidson, Thos. G. I nited States Hotel
Davis, H. Winter. Private. Ma<lison Place A H st
Davis, John O.. 514 12th street
Davis, Reuben. Brown's Hotel
Dawes, Henry L.. PrivatQ,:? w cir3d and C ata, 4<>1
De Jarnett^, Daniel C., S73 Pennsylvania avenue
Delano, Charles, Willards' Hotel
Dimimck, Win, H., oor Pa. av. and I3tii st
Duell, R. Holland, Mrs. Tilley'a. 74 Missouri av
Dunn, Wm. MoKee. Willards' Hotel
Edgerton, Sidney, H>att's, 339 Pennsylvania av
Fdmund8on. Henry A.. Grupe'a, 415 Pa. av
Edwards, Thos. M., National H- tel
E iot. Thos. D.. Private, Franklin Row, 352 K at
Ely, Aifr?*'. Reiss', 267 G st
Engiiah, W. H . Vernon House, oor 3d st A Mo ai
Estabrook, Experience, 436 llth *t
Etheridge, Eineraou, Brown's Hotel
Farnsworth, John F.. Washington Houae
Feutou. Reubea E., Washington Houae
Ferry, (IrrisS , Willards' Hotel
Florence, Thoa. B., Private, cor Pa. av. and 17th 9
Foater, Stephen C., St. Charles Hotel
Fouke, Pnilip B., 4t2 E st
F.ank Augustus, VViliarda' Hotel
Frenoh, Ezra B., Washington House
Garnett, Musooe R. H.. Private,42H H at
Gartrell, Lucius J.. Private, 42" F st, bet 6th A 7tl
(yilmer. John A., Brown's Hotel
Gooch. Danifcl VV., Private, n w cor 3d A C ata, 4<*
Graham, James H.. Wiliards' Hotal
Grow, Galuaha A., w side f-th at, 3n>, bet D A Pa ft'
Gurley, John A ^Private, 4<i4 E st
Hale, James T.. Avenue House
Hall. Chapin, Washington House
Hainilt?>u, Andrew J., Levy's. 12 Missouri av
Hardeman, ir., Thos.. Brown's Botel
Harris J. Morriaon. Mrs. Harrisoti'a, 577 Pa av
Harris, John T., B'own's Hotel
Haskin, John B.,|Private, cor N. J. av and 1 at
llatton, Robt.. Brown's Hotel
Hawkins, Georgo S., 217 Pennsylvania av
Helnnok, William, Avenue House
H ickman, John, 219 Pennsy lvania av
Hill, Joshua. Privat", 47x E st. l?et bth and 7th
Hindtnan Thos. C.. 512 12th 3t
Hoaru, Char!e? H., Willards' Hotel
Holman, W. S , Vernon House, oor 3d at A Mo a
Hooper, W. H.,4tiS6th st
Houston, <;*orgo S., Brown's Hotel
Howard, William. Washington Houae
Hughea, George W? Private, 151 p" st
Humphrey. James. 2^ G 6t, bet Uth and 15th
Hutohins, John, Smith's, 393 C st
Irvine, \Vu!iatn, Willards' Hotel
Jaokson, James, Brown's Hotel
Jenkins, Albert G., Bmwi.'a Hotel
'Jones, John J. 250 * ?t
Junkin, Benj. F., Washington House
Keitt, l>awrenoe M., Lafayette House, F near 14
Kedogg, Franc 1 a W., Washington Houae
Kellogg, W llnam, National Hotel
Kenyon, Wm. S.. Washington Houbb
Kilcore, David. 4^ Missouri av
Killinger, John W.. Private, 46H Uth at
Kunkel, Jacob M.,376 H st
Lamar, Lucius Q. C.. Brown'a Hotel
Land rum, John M..56 Missouri av
I<arralv>e, Chas. II., Uhoate's, 41 Louisiana av
Leach, DeWitt C., Mrs. Reilly'i, 555 N. J. ar '
L^ach, James M., Brown's Hotel
Le*k<?. Shelton F.. s w oor '3th and I ata
hee, M. LindMy. Washington House
of an, John A. 492 K st
Lougnecker, Henrv C.. 2^5 Pa av, opp Willards'
Loomi?. Dwight. VViliarda' Hotel
Love. Peter A , ?t
Lovejoy, Ower. 3^ C st
Maclav.VVin B., 212 Fat
Mallory, Robert. Mrs. Taylor's, 411 3?1 st
Marston, Oilman, 439 Pa. av., opp U. S. Hotel
Martin, Charles D., Avenue House
Martin. Elbert S., lTnite<l States Hotel
MaynarJ, Horace, Mra. Williaina', 423 Pa. av
MoLlernand, J?>hn A., Private. 4A1 llth st
MoKean, Ja?. cor D and 15th sts, 5<?
McKnight, Robert, Private. 422 12th st
MoHherson, Edward, 451 b'th st. bet E and F
.Vtcyin?en, John, Brown's Hotel
MoRa-1, John J., Willards' Hotel
Miles, \V . Poroh'r. Private, 424 H st
Mijlson, John S^. Private, 464 9th st. l-et D and E
M ill ward, W? Private, 2?; F st, liet 12th and 13th
Montgomery, Wm., Washington Houae
Moore, Lahan T., Private, 2Rh F st, bet 12th and lstl
M?M>re. Sjd-nham, Brown's Hotel
Moorhead. Jas. K., Willards' Hotel
Morrill, JuatinS.. 3Si?C st
Morns, Edward Joy, Private, 468 Uth st
Morria, Isaac N., Private, 4?3 llth st
Morse, Freeman H . Rujsby House, eor Uth A K sti
Ne.son, Thos a. R Mrs. Wiiliama', 423 Pa. av
Niblaok, William E.,274 Bst
Nixon -John T., Willards*. office 213 Pa. a*
Noill, John .. Brown s Hotel
Olin. Abraham B..21.5 F st
f^tero, M. A.. National Hotel
Palmer, Geerge W? Wlllarda' Hotel
Pend eton, G.~H., Private, Carrol Row, 433 lat at
Penninrton, Wm.. Wiliarda' Hotel
n w cor 8 at & Pa av
P tt.t, John 11., Avenue House
P 'y ton. Samuel O., Sinithaon'a, B at
Phelpa, John S., 381 3d at
P >rter, Albert6., Avenue Houae
P.?tter, John F.. Avenue Houae
Pottle, Emory B., Willards' Hotel
P yor, Roger A.. Private, S29 New York ?
Pn?h. James L.,5!0 ivth st
Uaariea. James M.. 538 H at. bet 3d and 4th
Retgan, John H..311 Pennsylvania av
Reynold?. fohn H., Willards'Hot^I
Rioe, Alexander H.. Wlllarda' Hotel
Risga, Jetur R.. Willards' Hotel
Kobinson, Chriatosher, 225 Pennajlvaua ar
*?bln?on. James C., 492 E at
5 4?omer 380 C at
?ro?n'6 Hotel
"flhw. i. T1'^ E st, bet 9tn and loth
Washington Houae
'-.National Hotel
"*edKwiek rT? ? C at
Smith, VVm.N.jJ urcwn'a Hotel
I Spinner, Fraroia E.. Wiilarda' Hotel
StalTworth, JunM A., Absent
Stanton, Benj.. Hyatt's, 339 Pennsylvania av *
Stevens, Thaddeus. 325 B at n, Capitol Hill
Stevens, Isaac I., Private, 508 12th at
Stevenaun, John W., Private, 263 G at
Stewart, Jamea A.. National Hotel
Stewart, Wm.,46 Louisiana av
Stokes. Win. B., Brown's Hotel
Stout, Lanaing, United States Hotel
Stratton, John L. N.. Wiilarda', offioe2l3 Pa. av
Tappan, Mason W., National Hotel
Taylor, M., Private. we?t aide 21at at, bet G and H
Thayer, Eli, Wiilarda' Hotel
Theaker, Thomas C., Hvatt'a, 339 Pa. av
Thomas, J amea H.,307 I >t
Tompkins. Cydpor K., Washington Houae
Train, Charlea R., Wtllards' Hotel
Trimble, Carey A., Willards' Hotel
Underwood, John W. H.? 443 9th at
vallandigham, Clem. L., 329 F at
I Vance, Zebulon B., Mrs. Harrison's, 377 Pa. av
. Vandever, NVm., Private, 10 Maaaachnaetta av
Van Wyok, Charles H., rva'jonal Hotel
Varree, John P , Wiilarda' Hotel
Wade, Edward, 393 C at
Waldron, Henry, Washington Houae
r Walton, E.Pm3H'i C st
Washburn, C. C.t Clarendon House, tith st ft Pa av
Washburne, Ellihu B., *85 6th at
Washburn,jr., laraal. Private, Franklin Row, 33^
Webster, Edwin H ,_Mra. Harrison'a, S77 Pa. av
Wells, Alfred, Mrs. Tilley'a, 74 Miaaouri av
Whiteley, Wm. G., 51211th at
i Wilaon, James, Washington Hones
Windom, Wm..'Avenue House
Winalow, Warren, 2-6 G at
Wood, John, 500 11th at
Woodruff, John, Wiilarda' Hotel
i Woodson, Samuel H., Brown's Hotel
Wright, John V., Brown's Hotel
Tobias, optician,
426 PZNN. AVENDB, bst. 4X and 6TH &ts.
1 moat respectfully inform my friends and the
publio generally, that I have removed to the,^^
above place, wliero I may alwaya be found, to^9^a
suit all that require my aid, with SPECTA-^?w
CLES, or having GLASSF.S fixed to suit all Sirhta
Aa to my capabilities, and the satisfaction I have
generally given, I will entirely leave to the public to
d i so i*i in mate from the many testimonials in this city
and eisewhere, t-hat I have of the most eminent eentlemen
in the United States; and 1 particularly desire
my Mvertisement in the National Intelligencer to be
read as a guide to those who wish to be well suited.
1 do not suit at sight as some pretend to do, neither
do I warrant mint or any other Glasses to smt
you for a space of six years, as you will read in an
advertisement of another person, which ia all stuff.
Tfcua is oertainlv a new phase to endeavor to improve
a Dootor s bad business. I will not impose upon ??r
insult an enlightened publio, to endeavor to make
them believe such nonsense. I can only add, that if
your eyes do not undergo a ohange, then 1 will warra*?t
you my Glasses to last you forever.
i ou will at a 1 times find in my Establishment a
a large and well assorted stock of SPECTACLES
atl^l ? EGLASSES, with real Brazilian Pebblea
and fine Glasses,(no wonderful Veneznlean r^ystal
and ENGRAVERS GLASSES,and a large
variety of otheT useful Optioa. I annex a few of the
niacr testimonials.
rrvm his Ezctlltncy, tht (Governor of Virginia.
, . . . , _ Richmond, Oot. 3,1854.
1 t?v?. tried a Pair of Spectacles obtained from
Mr. Tobias, and find tiiam of groat assistance to my
sight, and corresponding with his description of
their focus, I recommend him as a skillftil Optician.
Wtom tkt latt Hon. Judgt Butler
Washington, July 11,1858.
I waareoommended to Mr. Jno.Tobias asaskillfui
Oculist, and as I have eyes of remarkable peculiarity,
1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to
oomprehend thoin by inspection, and some slight
measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectaolea
that suit me admirably. A. P. BUTLER.
tkt Hon. Secretary of State of Virgmtm,
Executive Department, i
n ? . Richmond. Deo. 31.1858.t
Dtar Sir: Gov. Wise having shown me tlie Spectacles
you sent him, and discovering that the focus
was precisely suitable to my vision, kindly offered
to enolose them to yon. to have new Glasses suhsti.
tuted. I have since received them, and am gratified
ttiat the Glasses fully meet my expectation, and
?ive my eyes great relief. The pebbles you hava
used are really superb. I enclose herein the amount
of your bill. Very respeotfully, Ac..
John Tobias, Em., Washington, D. C.
From Prof. Backt.
Washington, Feb. 14.18?.
1 have used a pair of Glasses of Brazilian Pebbles
farnieheo by Mr. Tobias with great satisfaction.
They are clear, of excellent figure, a^id well mounted
. A. D. BACHE.
. IL7^ Please observe that my Establishment ia on
Penn. avenue, between 4K and 6?h streets.
Where you will obtain a good Likeness, equal to
any other Establishment, and at moderate charges.
T carriages"
HE Subacriber having made additiona to hi
faok>ry, making it now one of the largest- ffjan
in the District, where hi* facilities forVMBWBr
manufaoturing C A R RI AG E A LIGHTar^1*
WAGONS ol all kinds cannot be surpassed, and
from his long experience in the business, ho hoses
to give general satisfaction.
All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagona kept os
land. .
All R EPA IRS neatly dene, and all orders prompt
y attended to. r
Second -hand Carriages taken in exohange for new
r 4 ,ft *' corner of Uth and PI ata
]\J I No. 653.1
The grant of lands made by act of Congress approved
J une 3, 18tP, to the State of Locisiana, to
aid in tne construction of certain railroads therein
mentioned having been so far adjusted as to authorize
the release froir withdrawal of the lands herematter
dflsonbM, nolit* is kr.rfby c/?v? tliat all the
vaoant ofl'rtd lands wiiioh lie outside of six miles
on ea ih side of tlie railroad "from New Orleans, by
Opelousas,to tne State line of Texas."aituated in the
under mentioned townships, whioh have not been
f selected in virtue Qf tfiid Krunt% or reserved for any
purpose whatever, and whioh were subject to private
entry at the da'e ?f withdrawal at the ordinary minimumof$U5pfrar,rp,
or at the graduated "prices
under the act of A'leust 1th, 1854, will be restored to
private entry on the days and at the places herein
t after npocined, at the ordinary m'n"niifn ?f $1-25
.per aore, or at the prices to winch they may have
graduated at the date of withdrawal.
At the I.and Office at New Orleans,on Monday,
the Art A 'lay of March next?viz :
South of the base line, ea*t of th* principal meridian
and west cf the Mississippi river.
Townships 13 and 14, of range 2,
Townships 13, H, and 15. of ranges 13 and 14.
Townships !3. 14, IS and 17, of range 15.
Townships 13, 14,16, and 17, of rang* 16.
Townshi ps 12,13.14, 16, 17. and 18, of range 17,
Townships 12,13,17, and 18, of range 13.
Townships 12, 16, 17, and 18, of range 19.
Townships 12,13. and 17, of rango 20,
Townships 14 and 17, of angc 21.
Townships 15, 16. and 17. of range 22.
Townships 14,15,16, and 17, of range 23.
Townships '6 and 17, of range 21.
Township 17. of range 25.
At the Land OlTioe at Opkloc?as, on Monday,
the 12/A day of March next?viz:
North of the base line and east of the principal me_
, . ndian.
v I ownship 1, of ranges 1 and 2.
North of the base line and ivest of the principal mt_
, . ridian.
Townships 1,3, and 4. of range 1.
Townships 1, 2, 4, and 5, of range 2.
Townships 1. 2, and 3, of ranga 3.
South of the base line and east of the principal mt_
,. ridim.
Townships 1,2, 4,7, and 10, of range 1.
ownships 1,2,5,6,9,10. and 11. of range 2.
. ^ownships 2.3. 4,6. and 12,? f range 3.
, ,ownships 2,3, 4, 5, and 12, of range 4.
t . ^ownships 4, 5, 6 7,11,12. and 13, of range 5.
r>ownships4 5,6.7. and 13 of range 6.
Townships 6,7, 8,?, 10, U, 13, and 14, of range7.
Townships 8, 9,10, n, 12, and 14, of range 8.
Townships 9,10,11, and 12. of range 9.
Townships 12 and 13, of ranee 10.
Townships 10, ii, 12,13, end 14. of range 11.
Townships 11,12, 13, and 14, of range 12
South of the base line and west of the principal mi.
ownshipa 1,2, and 6. of range 1.
. ownships 1 and 2, rf range 2.
, ,ownahips 1,2, 4, and 5, of range 3.
, ownships 1,3,4. 5, and 6, of ranges 4.5. rnd 6.
, ownshipa 1, 3, 4, a i- 5, of ranges 7 and 8.
ownshipa 1.3, and 4, of mngeS.
Townships 2, 3, and 4. of ranges 10 and II.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington,
this twenty-eighth day of December. 1859.
., ? . JOS. S. vv ILSON.
Aot g Commiaaicner General Land Office.
Not*.?Under the regulations of the department,
aa heretofore and now existing, no payment ran be
made for advertising proclamations except to such
Subnshersas are specially authorized tn publish by
ie Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Office
480 Pbnnstlvahia AvnNtrj.
1 only tt cents.
only One Dol.ar
for the first copy, and tt oenta
OUD PICTURES ",ut'*c*U8n, "
Semember th. n.mb.r-"""
480 Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street.
? tkt ikadoi* wkilt you k*+t tkt tukttmmt*.
CH AS. S. W A L L A C H,
Mas removed his office to his residence, No 7 In
diana avenue, between and 3*1 streets, nearly
opp^aite the east wing of the City Hall.
ja 4-eo?m
Partnership heretofore existing beetweeu the
anderaigned, under the firm of Lapst.ey A Thomas,
ia hereby diaaolvwi by mutual conaent. A!) thebuslaesa
of the late firm will be settled and the oontraets
thereof will hje fulfilled by the undersigned,
r TitoifiMf who will ciirry on tli6 nam6 bm~
mess at the old stand, No. 26 Light street, Baltimoro,
and who is alone authorized to ooll?ct the
debts and use the name of the firm in liquidation.
Baltimore, Maroh 14,1859.
It will be aeen by the preeeediug notice that 1 have
purchased tiie entire intArest of myfonuer partner,
Thomas J. Lapsley. I resneetfuliy solicit a continuation
of the patronage nf onr former friends and
the public in generai. Mr. Joseph H Tabkt e, lor
seven years Foreman and principal Engineer in the
house of Messrs. Norris A Gregg, of New York
oity, and for the last three years of this house, will
eontinue to nianage the Mechanical Department, aa
formerly. The business wll! be oonduoted under
the firm and style of
This valuable preparation has proved to be one of
the greatest remedies for Erysipelas, Scrofula,
Rheumatism, Sonrvy. Eruptions and Blotohes on
the Skin, Pile*. Bilione, Ague and Fever, Old Sores
Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver. Salt Rheum,
and all diseases arising from the effects of Meroary,
ever presented to the pnblio. ? ,
Testimonials and certificates from hundreds of
respeetable citizens of Baltimore and other parts of
the oonntry are in possession of the proprietor, testifying
to its enrahve powers.
ftrit is sold by most of the Druggists of Baltimore,
and at the residenoe of the proprietor.
IdS East Baltimore street,
between Eden street and Central avenue.
Nnne genuine unless her name is blown on the
bottle and her seal on the eork.
in- Pnoe $1 por bottle, six bottles for 95.
Wholesale Agent. R S. T. Cissxl, Druggist,
Georgetown, D. C., has been appointed Wholesale
Agent for the District, and will supply the trade at
my prices. de 22-tr
and Invigorating Beverage?
Thb Elixik Vitjb,
For the Radical oure of
Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Intermit
tent and Remittent Fever, Nervousness,
Nervous Tremors,
And the whole train of distressing evils originating
from the impurity and sluggishness of the blood.
WTeak and siokly constitutions are suddenly restored
to health and vigor by this Aroinatio Elixir.
Put up neatly in pint bottles.
Sole Proprietors?
try Sold by all the prinoipal Druggists.
no 12 Sm
The prevalence of the above complaints at this
season generally ha* the effect of bringing out a host
of professrdlv new specifics, and while some are
good, many are useless, and others even dangerous.
The wisest course to pursue is to consult your fam
ily physician, or otherwise use only such rem< diet
as lone publio experience has prove-', to be safe and
efficacious. Of this character is TYLER'S COMPOUND
the favorite presoiiption of an eminent physician
it soon became a popular remedy, and ha* continued
to enjoy a growing reputation for the last twenty
years. In cases or common Colds, Coughs, Ac,, it
acts like a oharin,a"d in Chronic Cases. Bronchitis.
Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Influenza, Adit*
success is unparalleled, and most will testify
who have used it.
Price 25 cents and .V oents per bottle.
Sold by Nairn A Palmer, Cnas. Stott. Ac., Wash
ington: Cissel, Georgetown ; Peel A Stevens, Alexandria:
whore it may be had also.for convenience,
in Lozeuger form. Pnoe 12S and 25 cents a box?
knowu as "T?ler's Gum Arabio Cough Car.dj
Drops," as an elegant, pleasant and efficacious Pulmonic
Lozenge they are unsurpassed. de7-Hin
For Cleansing, Beautifying, and Preserving the
Teeth and Gums!
For Inflamed
And Ulcerated 6uma!
For tne Cureol
Toothache and Neuralgia!
Sold by all the pnnoipai Druggists. no 12 3m
UST PUBLISHED, 15? pages, price 25 oents;
MARRIAGE; its Intent, Obliea
tions and Physical and Lesal Dis
qualifications; the rational treatinent
of all private diseases i n both sexes, Ac. Tc
winch is added a poetioal essay, entitled "Callipaeritae
: or tne art of having and rearing beautiful and
healthy children, by the late Robert J. CclverWKI.L,
Esq., M. D
Sent free of postage, by the Publishers, Chas.
K:.;nb A Co., Box 43*6. New York, or Prater 4"
Co., Wholesale Agents, 113 Nassau street, New
Y ork. Arents traitffi er frywhere.
Also, 9RATIS, an extract and sample of the above
the rational treatment of Spermatorrhea and private
diseases generally, detailing the means bj
which invalids may fneotually cure themselves
without the use of dangerous medicines, and p.t. but
ftttle expense to themselves. Sent free by mail in a
secure envelope, on the reoeipt of one stamp, to
prepay postage, by addressing
de 6-tFeb 11 Box 43*6. New York city.
_ swindlingHuacks.
CAUTION !?Quaoks;?their Books. Cordiaie.
Buchu. Hospitals, Instruments or Rings?shoe
them all, and, if disposed to profit br my experience,
write for my private Circular on
With stamp enclosed, address, in perfect oonfi
denoe. yourTrieud, a formor sufferer, merely euper
soribing Box 17b, Charlestown, Maes,
je 14 DAWlv
FURS, FURS!?In conseotience of the season I
being so far adva ced, I will
close out the remaiiitug sets of
at tr -aiiy reduced prices. .Wit
IH?" The highest niarket pnoe
paid for raw Skins.
ja 25 tFeb 6 3*26 Pa. av., bet ;2th and 13th sts.
438 "438
We have on hand a varied and ohoioe stook of
TOBACCO and CIGARS-wholesaie^V
and retail. Those wishing a first-ra'effi^^^^
articie will do well to oall. All orders^Lj^"^
promptly filled.
II r S???nl'n ilrMt. n?\r R
Complete stock of pianos from
Chickering A Sons', Hallet, Davis A Co's. and
Nunns A Clarke's ; all prices, sizes, and terms
for sale or rent. JOHN F. ELLIS,
ja 17 306 Pa. av.. between 9th and 11th st*.
Has com e !-has come v.?h as com e ::f
Can now be Knd f$r One Hundred Dollars'.
No. 1 for Ninety Dollar $ !
For manufacturing purposes the onlv reliable anc1
unexcelled Sewng M&ohine in the world.?/. M
Singer 4* Co.'* Gazette.
Family Sewing Machines from Fifty to 8eventy
five Dollars. W e have tried them in our own fam
llios and find them superior to any in use.?I. M
Sinter 4" Co.'s Gazette.
We invite ail to oall at onr Washington Office
No. 3SS Penna. avenue, under National Hotel, and
examine them and th^ir work. The great eoonomj
in using such a machine will at onoe beoome ap
Kent. Explanations given to ail. Circulars.lllus
tingallofSinger'sSewing Machines, witii speoi
mens of their work, furnished to all, or sent to any
A good assortment of Thread, Needles, Twist
and other machine findings kept on hand, and solo
at New York pnoes.
1. M. SINGER A CO., 459 Broadway, N.Y
WM. H GLOVER, Agent. sei6 tr
Depot, a large supply of the largest and finet*
York RivorOYSTERS.
T. M. HARVEY, Agent,
*S W f* it... K<?t Iflth irH 111>
HO. HOOD lsdailv receiving all of the newest
and most elegant styles of fine GOLD JEWELRY,
oa.ouiatco for holiday presents. No. 33t*
^aj^ ?u?
Suparior Shirting and Sheeting Cottons,
Extra heavy and fine Shirting and Sheeting Linens
White and Colored Counterpanes,
Superior Table Damask. Towels and Napkins,
Extra fine and low piioe White and Colored Flannels.
All of which we aresclling off at the lowest pnoes
_ja 3ft 2w 523 7th st., above Pa. ave.
HO. HOOD has on hand a lar*e stock of fine
. GOLT) ard SILVER WATCHES,all war
%n1*,1 rr?r?l *>, -?? Pa 9*
f 2 EN T LKM EN'S C LOT HIN G - VV^Tare maiTV?
utacturing to order. Gentlemen's Clothing of
the best grades, at exceedingly low prices, and ws
wou.d invite citizens and *tranrer? to examine our
^ ortrn.-nt of Cloths, Doe Skin Cassimer* and
Vests, feeling assured that every garment will give
entire satisfaction.
de s 322 Pa. av . bet 9th anolftt.h sts.
QUO SEVENTH STREET.-2.Vbarrels north
Sm0*> em Apples, in prime ordwr; Goshen and
H ade Butter.extra prime, tor family use; 2.000 lbs
premium New Jersey Buckwheat Eastern Cheese
extra line qualit* ; also, a large stock of Family
Groceries, of every kind, wholesale and retail, at
prioea to suit the tur.es, at the New Sto-e?283 7th
Rt. (de 13> C. B. JKWKl.L
Child, price .f 1^.5.
The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold,
D D., latehead master of Ru^bv School,and Regus
Professor of Modern History in the University ol
Oxford, by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, M. A.t in two
volumes; pnoe
Spe?*cne3 of Thomas Corwin, with steel plate
p< rtraitand skctch of his life. Edited by Isaac
Strohn; pnoe 92.
For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S,
de?9 334 Pa. ave., lx>t. 9th and 1?th sts
tZQft McKENNEY* a lansdale, ran
Asfxt* roa thi U
PARK FIRE INS. CO. N. Y.?Cash capital and
supplies #300,000, nearly; and oorrespondects-^rl
other Companies having oash capital of over
t3,ooo,oon. Losses es nitab y adj u sted and promptly
ML id Oa?? Nn. son natr T> % S
7 new books! n
Or, Adventure* in the Polar Regions.
Illustrated. Price #1.
Humboldt's Life, Travels, ana Researches.
Illustrated. *1.25.
DJuit received, at SHEPHERD'S, ^
ja Cor. 7th and D sts. I
.Twenty-five dozen of the above justly oelebratod
Kid Gloves in all the desirable colors, to whieh we
invite the special attention of the ladiee.
ias i. AV. COI.1.FV A CO.. 523 Tth
and desirable investment, being in sums of five hus
dred dollars each, redjemable January 5t, 1862, and
bearing interest at rate of six per oenC per annum.
swH srs for U)? hv H TflOH a P<1 M s
OW In store and for eale bT
ja24-eot't MURRAY 4 SEWMES,
affirm its truth,
Will preserve infallibly the gravtk and teier of
the hair. if need two or three time* a week, to tar
imaginable age Perfectly, reetore the gray, oover
the bald with nature's own ornament, the hair,
make it more soft and beautiful than any, oil, ai*c
preeerve the soalp free from all disease to th?fr?at
eetage. Statesmen, Judges, Attorneys, Itoetori^
Clergymen. Professional ? en, and Gentlemen and
Ladies of all oiassee, all orer the world, bear testimony
that we do not eay too much in ite favor.
Read the following, and judge:
Hickory Grote, St. CkitiM eo., Mo., !( ?. IS, W.
J^OF. O. J WOOD?Dear Sir: SoflUlirat UK nwimir ws
were induced to u?e some of your H ur Reetor-tive, a?d
efftcu were ?o wonderful, wa feel it our duty tuyou aud the
afflicted, to report it. Our iittle khcV head lor s??i?eun>* had
beeu perfectly (uttrtd with sores, and some called it scald
head. The h.?ir alrooet entirely can* ot w coweeqaence,
wUen a friend, seeing hia sudrnng*. advised a* to u?e your
Reiiorative; we did so with little hope ol success; tot tw our
aurpriae, and tl'at of all our friends, * **ry few spplicitwMt
removed the disea?e entirely, aud a new and luiuriant
Crop of hair *??on ataned oct, aud we can now *ay that our
boy haa aa healthy a acalp, and aa Insurant a crop of hair a*
any other child. We caii, therefore, aud do herebv, recommend
your Re?torati?e, aa a perfect remedy for all dieeasc* of
the acalp and hair. W? are, your* resneclfally,
PROK Wood?Dear Sir: My hair had, for oevsral Tears,
been becoinmr preinatarely gr.?y, accompanied by a harsline?a
winch rendered the conataut application ol oil accessary
in dressing it. Wneu 1 comuieuced uim( youi Hair Restorati?e
about two month! -iru it w*s in thai condition; aad having
continued ita u?e till within the la*t three weeka, it hat
turned to iu n uural color, and assumed a softness rind lustre
greatly to be preferred to thoae produced by the application
<>f oils or miy other preparation I h*?e u*ed. I regard it aa ?n
iii,iisf>eiis-ibi article I t everv lady'a toilet, whether to be
used as a Hiir RrUorUive, or for the aunple purpose of
dreiiiiir or beautifying the bur. You have permission to
refer to me all who entertain any doubt of ita performing all
that ia claimed for it.
Mrs. C. Stmonds, 1U Third sueetClRCIKNATI,
O., Felt. 10, 1557.
W Klliwotow, Mo., Dec. 5, l?T.
PrOK. WOOD?Dear Sir: By the advic* of a friend of
mine, who ha* been u*inf your H ur Restorative, I was induced
t" try it. I had llie*fever, some time l?*t May, and
neirly ererr hair in inv head c?me out. Now my hair haa
come III a gro it deal thicker than ever it ? aa Nothing bnt a
duty ami aympvthy that I feel to conimuuicata to other* who
are aflli :te*d as 1 "have been, would induce me to give thi>
public acknowledgment of the benefit 1 have received from
Prof Woo<1'? Hair Restorative.
Yours respectfully, A. R. Jscoss.
The Restorative is put up in hottleeof three sixes,
vi* : large, medium, and iimaM; the sin*!! hold* hall
r pint, ami retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium
holds at least twenty per cent, more in proportion
than the Kinail, retails for two dollars per bottle
; the iarge hold* a quart, 40 per oent. more m
proportion, and retails for ?3a bottle.
O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 312. Broadwar,
New York, (in the great N.Y. Wire Railing Establishment,)
and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Mo.;
and sold tiy all good Druggists and Fanc> Goods
Dealers. ia 5-eoSm
la a soosUtational dissaas, a corruption of lbs SUod, Sy
which thi* ilmd be comae vitiated, weak, and poor. Being ic
the circulation, it pervadei tha whole body, and may buret
oat in diaaaaa on any part of it. No organ ia free from ua
attack*, nor i* there on* which it may not dostrow. The
eemfuioue taint it variously canted by mercurial Jiseass,
low living, disordered or unhealthy food, impure air, flth
and C!thy hcbite, the deprettine vicee, and, above all, by th*
veneral infection. Whatever b? ite origin, it ia hereditary in
the conititution, descending "from p^ret ia to children ar.to
Uie thtrd and fi>nrth generation;" i.ideed, it *e?m* to bo ths
rod of Hnn who sayt, "1 will visit th* uuqsiu** of ik* father*
up"ti their children."
It-- efftcta cominenc* hy d*po*ition from th* blood of eorrup*.
or ulcerout matter, which, in the long*, liv*r, and int*rn.U
organ*, it termed tuberclee ; in the gland*, twellingt;
and on the surface, eruptione or toret. Thie foci corruption,
which gendf r? in the blood, deprrttft the energie* of 1 wfe. *o
that tcrofulout constitution* not only suffer from scrofuloc*
Complaint*, bnt tney have far let* power to wlthatand the attache
of other diseases ; eoneeqseiuly vaet number* perish by
disorders, whicti, altbougn not scrofulou* in their nature, are
cull rendered fatal by thie taint in th* system Moat of ths
consumption which deciniinatee the human family hue its origin
directly in thi* *crofulons cont .nin*Uon j and mane ds 'ructtve
di*ea*e* of th* liver, kidneys, brain, and, maeed,
of all ths organ*, tril* from or ar* aggravstsd by ths sims
One quarter of oil oar psrple ars ecrofoleBe; their Mim*
ar* invaded by thi* lurking infection, and thsir hssltn ia an*
dermined by it. To cleanee M from the system we moet renovate
-he blood I f an iterative medicine, and invigoraieit by
healthy foed and eiercis*. Bach s msdieins w* (apply la
the nio*t affectual remedy which ths nisdieal skill of oartiiaes
car. dtvise frr this everywhere prevailing and fatal malady.
It is combined from the luott active reiuediale that beve bssn
I discoverfd forthe espurgation of this foul disordsr from ths
blood, and the rescue of trie eyetem from its deetractive conssqueuce*.
Hence it should be employed for th* tar* of not
omy scrofula, but aiso those other aflecuone which arise from
it, such sKm rTlvE and Smfl Dl?KSSSS, ST. AlTHOtv's
PlRB. Rose or llRVflPKLSS, PlMPLI!, Pt'STVLlS,
Blains i?in B?iils,Tvmorj,Tittir awd
Salt Khicm, Scald Hiad. Ritvoworm, RhbtmaTi9M
.Syphilitic and Mkrcvrial DisBaski, DrojtI
I The popular belief iu "impurity of the blood" is fou:idsd in
I trut't, for *croful > i* a degeneration of the blood. The parI
ticclar pcrpos* ai.d virtue r ?m? S&rsaparilla is to parify and
I regenerate this vital fluid, without wliich so<sud hsaltb is imI
possibl* ii. c " n,.M!tiiiiui*d eonaiitution*.
For all tkf purpose* of a Fatntly Phytic,
I ars so composed tn it disemt withMi the raugs of thsir setlon
I can rareiy withstand or evade them. Their penetrating propI
snies search, and clsame, and iurirorats every portion of
I the human organism, correcting its diseased action, aud rsI
storing it* he.ilthy vit.lities. A* s comeqaeuce of thsss
I properties the invalid, who is bowed down with pain or fhyI
sical debriity. is astonished (o find his health or snergy r*I
(tored by a remedy at one* so simple aud inviting.
Not only do they cure th* every da? complaints of svsry|
body, but aI*o minv formidable and (faiigerocs dtse?*e* Ths
I arent below n line"! i* pleased to famish grati* my Antsricsa
I Alman >c, containing certi?cates of their cores and direction*
I fortheiruse in the follnwiug complaint* : Coetivsness, HeartI
bum, Headache an*iu? from disordered *iomach, Nausea,
I Indigestion, Pain in a>,d Morbid Inaction of th* Bowtls, FlatI
alency, Lo*t of Appetite, Jauisdics, aud other kindred comI
plaints ari*n g frsm a low ststs of ths body or abstraction *
I its fauctions.
OR. 1. C. ATER * CO.
Psicm. 91 fsr Bottm; 8ix Bottlis 01.
| a* Sold by %. D. OILMAN, Washington; R. . T. Cli
| l?LL, Gtorgstswu, sad by all Draggists *v*rywh*r*.
I no 19-*otr..e
HKLMBOLP'8 BUCHU for the Bladder.
HELMBOL P8 BITCHU or theKidners.
KELMBOLD'S BUCHU or the Gravel.
HELMBOL 5'S BUCHU for Dropey.
HELM HOLD'S BUCHU or NervouBnese.
HELMBOLD'g BUCHU for Losb of Meinorr.
HELMBOL J'S BUCHU : or Dimne?iof Vi?ion.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU or Diffioalt Breathuif.
HELMBOI.D'g BUCHU or Weak Nervee.
HELMBOI. VS BUCHU lor General Debility.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for Universal Lasaitade.
HELMBOL )'S BUCHU for Horror of Disease.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for Night Sweats.
HELMBOL )'S BUCHU for Wakefulness.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for Dryness of the Skin.
HELMBOL )'S BUCHU for Eruptions.
HELMBOL V* BUCHU for Pain in the Baok.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for heevino?s of the Eye
i lid. with Temporary SuffuaaCion and Loss of Sight
HEl.,MWOLD'S? kCUHii lor Mobility and Rest
! lessr.ebs, with Want of Attention. Horror of SoI
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for Obstructions.
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU for Exoeeeeaariiincfroai
Indiscretion, and all Diseases of the
Existing in either sex, from whatever oases siif 1nated,
and no matter of
These symptoms, in part, are experieneed oftet
I by sufferers with diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys,
Grave! aud Dropsy, and invariably by the injudi
I oioue or nervous and debilitated, it is a fact, long
I sinoe established, that any disease of these organs
I effects the mind more than any and all others, and
I if allowed to go on?which this inem tome invariably
I removes?soon follows Loss of Power, Fatuity and
Epileptic Fits?in one of which the patient may exI
sire. Who oan say thst these exoesses are not freI
suently followeo by these direful diseases, Insanity
I and Consumption ? The reoord of the Insane Asylums,
and the melanoholy deaths by Consumption,
bear ample witness to the truth of these assertions.
I In Lunatio Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tiov appears. The oountenanoe is aotually sodden
and suite destitute?neither mirth nor grief ever
visits it. Should a sound of ths voios oooar, it ia
I rarely artiouiate.
"With woeful measures, wan Dessau,
Low sullen sounds,his grief beguiled/*
Debility is most terrible, and nas brought thousands
upon thousands to untimsly graves; thus nlast
ing the ambition of many noble yoaths. It ou be
I os red by the use of this
I The mass of voluntary testimony in possession of
the Proprietor, vouching its virtues and esrative
powers, is immense, embracing names well known
to soienoe and fame. Certificates of cures from one
month to twenty years' standing,and of the most
I reliable and responsible character, are open for inspection,
from Governors of States, Judges, eminent
Physicians, and distinguished Clergymen
(lirectiy according to the rales of Pharmarr and
I Chemistry, with the greatest accuracy and Cnemioal
knowledge and oare devoted in its combination.
See Prof. Dewees' valuable Works on the Practioe
of Physio, and most of the lata Standard Works of
HELMBOLD'S BUCHU is safe and pleasant to
taste and odor, bnt immediate in its action.
Personally appeared before me, an A Iderman ofthe
eity of Philadelpia, H. T. HELM BOLD, Chemist,
I who, being duly sworn, does say, that his preparation
contains no Narootic, Mercery, or injurious
Drug, but are purely Vegetable.
H. T. HELM BOLD, Sole Manufhetarar.
Sworn and subscribed before me, this 23d day of
November, ISM. Wig. P. Hibbaxd, Alderman.
! Pnoe 91 par bottle, or six for fti, delivered to aay
I address.
A T RIA L C0*jJ B f T^DO L ?A4~TR Y IT!
And be oonvinced of its emoacT. And it is aoooapanied
by reliable and responsible Certificates fron
Professors of Modioli Colleges. Clerg/men, ^3
others. Prepared by H. T. llELMBOLD.
10, So.U, F.'XS! Woich'?tt.fpflSk.
To be had of all Draggists and dealers througsost
^BeilS^of cSSU^SS^41*1 BlitUh Pro^"?*
Aik for HELMBOLD'S take no other, Caraa
I guarantied.
Sold by C. 8TOTT, Druggist, eorner Pa. av??a<
arid 7th street, Washington city, and all other drug*?***
i an K-eoly*
of Seounng Gentlemen's Clothing, without the
^ight?^ lmury to the cloth or style or the eartiiTt;
,Zv *51^ i'y^PKS<s^rsoUes' Tailor. No. 41T
10th street, bstween D aad E, wast side. Gentlemen
I ^}nf* 'he"' olothing sooured or repaired
I will please oalf on the above, and tneir ordsrs ?ili
be promptly attended to. )a IT eolm
H*t Discovered the most Certain. Sp*edft.and w/y
Ffectnal K>medy in tke World.
VMkiM of tbe kct, Binctarae, Af acuows of Ue
ud Bladder, io?ol?wlary DucUrrgn. impotei.cy. Oe..er?l
OtbUiit, w?r?o*?4.*??,Dy?r'P?yiL*"rH,r-V?m
taHM of ldeia, Palpitation of the Heart. Tit?i4ity,Tre?ib>l*i.ge.
DinntN of 8irht or CitdduitM, Diitui of ibt Rtad, Throat,
Hoc* or 8kiti, Afitcuuoe of the Lanre. 8toit?.<ch sr Bowels?
tb.we Terrible Dieordere inniij froin Bolrary H?N?* trf
Yowth ?thoee Dreadful and I>e*irucu?? Practice* ?kjcb rat.d?r
Mwrii|i uupnae ible, i?d 4mr?y bow Body and Mind
Especially ?b? k?ft biumi ili? ?icum* &oi*+rj Tim,
that dreadful and dHiracu'i h?bit which aanaall* .a eepe te
n. antirviely frxi iklVoiidt of 1 oung Man of uie moil !*
sited taleuta and brilianiti.tellect, who might other wiet be?e
entranced liatenmg Senatee with (be tl.trndere of e.ounence so
waked 10 euuejp the li?n?g lyre, may call with fell cootItmt,
MARRIED P*E?0N?. or Toeag Mai. t^iampUuof Maehut,
Ni&{ a wart of nhftiul vhIdih, orftuic debility,
dt&ceetise, 4c., spsediiy cersd
Ht who pltcM biinitlfittdfr tb? ciri of Dr. J. may rcltf?saely
c?n?d? ui bit boo or u a gaaUetnau and conidsntiy ra,?
apou hit ekill aa a physician.
left hand eiJ?r?ii( from B-ltiintffe etreei. a few doore fro.*
the corner, fail not to obeeree waif IM oe. Laiuw
sat be paid and contain aetsap.
Member* of the Royal College of?argeone, Loodoei, gre da* te
from one of the moe: eminent C?lle|rra in the Unites Butaa,
aad tbe greater part of whoee life >.a* ben epeat n. lbs beepitaia
of London, Farie, Philadelphis and utrcbtre, baa affected
eome of tbe m?et aetoniehmg care* that were e?e*
known; ntany troubled ? un rn.fn.jt in the bead end e?r?
when aaleep, great uor?ooaoeoe, betn* alarmed at euddoa
eoandt, baeltfalneee with (i*v,u?ut bluehuig, attended .oat'
luaee with derangement of mind, were cured immediate!#.
TARE particular notice.
Teonj Men and o'heia ?bob??e ui(wre.1 theu-aeleee by a
ssrtxtn practice mdi.-<e*i tu when alo. e?a bat.it frtQaow-re
learned from e?U companion*, or a' achuol, the efrcs "f
which are nifhtly felt even when |aeleep, *nd if mat core*.
render* marring* in.pcatible, and deeuoy* both wind an^
bodr, thoald apply immediately
Tboee are eotr.e of the aad aud melancholy tfecte rrodacsi."
by earir habit* of Tooth m: Weaknree of the B.ch ?n>**Uniba,
Paine in the Head, Uin rat of S.ftit, Loe* of Muecala >
Power, Palpitation i>f the Heart,I>e?p?|>*j. N?r*oot Irnt <heei
ty, Deraugen.eut "f the I?if ?tn?e ?Luetic *, Oei eral Oebtllte
ymptooi* of Consumption, kc.
MKVTALL Y.? Thr fearful effecte en the nund ara macb te
be dreide.t?Loa* ?f Memory. C??nfn* n of Ideae, Itepreeeioi
of 8pirite. K?il Korhodiiija, A*erai?u ..f 8.? iei?. t*alf Oietroat
Loee of HoUtude, Tuuidity, etc., ara aeme ( the e*ile pro
NERVOUS DEBILITY ?T: oaeei.dt -an now Jad^e what
te the c.iuee of their decliiarif health, loeinr tb*K *ifor, NComiuf
? f "k, p^la, nervone aad emaciated. V.einf a emplal
appeerai.ee aboat the eyee, Cuarh or *y mptonie of c>4>owu>ptto?
When the n.uruiJed and ia fiu.'.e ? ?ot ry of pleaaare (nda
he haa imbttrd tbe *eed* of thit painfel diseaee, it too oftan
happen* that an ill-tiaied ttnte of *h>me or dread of diacoeery
deter* him from applying to thoee who, from education end
reepectability, can afon* befriend him He falla intc tl.a
hand* of Ijni?r int and deaigntug pretender*, whn, mcapabla
of caring, hlch hie pecuniary aui?tance, keep Km. trifli:.g
month aftor n.o:.rfi, cr long a* the amnlleet f?e cau be obtained,
and in deapair taaea aim with rumed l.enlth t<> eijrt
oerr hit rnllinf di* pp?t?iUnei.t; or by tbe u*e of that deadly
po.toi., Mercarr, haeten the ec.?etitiitiiiii I eyanpt.we of thw
terrible dieexte, *uch a* A Secuoi.1 of the Heart. Thrmit, N.wa,
8k in.ftc., pr jgre**ii.g with frightful rapidity, till death put* a
Jeriod to hie dreadful ecflertug* by tend:'g Imn to Umi aalecoeered
country from e-hoee t ?urne notraeeler rettne
y this great and importaut remedy weahi.ee* of the orgena
are epeedily cured and full eigor raetored Thoueande of'ba
mnat nerroue ?nd debilitated, who had Inat all hepe, ha?a
been in mediately relieved
All ifapedimeLte to Marn-ige- Pbyaical or Menta! Dieuaalitcauone.
Lo*e of Prpcraattee Power, Ner.ca* Irrttabnit^
Trerr.Mi-.g <nd Wetiuete vr EiJUaaeuon of the n oai fe.rfa'k
kind epeeedily cured.
THE MANY THOUSANDS cured atthi* ine'itatioti wifhir
the laet eeeenteen ye ara, and the i un.eroce important Burg'
Cal operation* performed by Dr. Juhnaoi.. witnr**fd by tt>*
reporter* of tbe p.per* and many other pert. i t, no-icee of
which haee appeared ag\in and agmn before tbe r'Bt lic, t-aaidee
In* etandu.g ee a gentleman of character eud reerw ethility,
te a euBcien- fahrantea to the eBicyd. h" M ly
L?eff? BotiUi 50 rents. Small Bottles 2!> f?t".
Price & C*nt* per BotlU.
These preparations l?ein< madf by strict ph&rma
oeutioa! iBWk, BuetAned S?y tent.inoiuaie perfectly
reliable aud within the r> ach of ail. are nntr, after
eiieht years' use in private ciroJea. ar>d havigig per
formed remarkable otirea. ofT?red lo the public with
that confidence i?tiieir curative powers mat shooM
warrant all in makinit trial of then:.
Circulars, textimoiiiais. and every evi.lenoe to
strengthen confidence, can be found with all deal,
era, to which we ask particular attention, and ??
which we rely for approt>ation.
t. 6, T and 9 Commercial Wharf,
Sole Agents for Bu?An%.
141 Water street.
Soie Agent for New York.
For eaie by the usual af *nts in every cite, aad by
the druggists in \Va?Lingt?.n, Georgetown, arc
Alexandria. no ?-eo>y
The celebrated or. j. b. rose'9
Theee remedies are the result of thirtvfive year*
of ex'ecsive au<l scc^erafv' praotioe. and are th?>
only reliable preparations to cere the varioas il!a
triR-. flesh is heir to.
PECTORANT, wni radically cure Coughs, Colds.
Hoarseness. Uronohttis, and all Lang diseases
Price 50 oenls aud 0i.
or Blood PunSer.for the cure of Scrofula, Old Er??bone,
Chronio pireaeea, Uloera. Swelled N>ok aiwi
all diseases arising from an impure state of the
blood. Pnoe f 1.
The only sure ours for Dyspepsia and Liver Com
plaint Price 5ft oenta.
onre a!.: but i? a one has stood the test of SS year?,
onring Rheumatism,To<?th a-.d Ear Aohes.Cholie.
Pains in the Stnmaon and Jewels, f<prams, Bruises.
Ptans in the Limba, JomU, Back and Spine, or any
pain internally or externally, price 12,16 and f?>
cents a bottle.
Theee remedies, and many others referred to in
Dr. Rose's Medical Adviser, < which book may be
had graft ; at any of the drng stores where the mod
loinee are kept) have been used with suooessbv over
100,000 persons with pro?;ipt benefit. To ensure
uoeess ypu have only to see that they are genaine
by bavin* the Dc Hor? written ?tg*af?r? crer sotk
ro'ic and on *af h Ubti.
JET Kept by all Dragciste. aet-tr
TRIESEMAR, 1, 4, ft 3.
Protected by Royal Letter* Patent of England, and
teemed by the Seals of Ike Frole dt Pkamtari* do
Pa*ts, and the Imperial CoiUte of Medttme.
No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion, Spermator
rhopa, and a.l physioaJ disabniUes.
No. 2 completely erad cates aJ traces of those
diseases that have been hitherto treated bv the naa
aeons and permoious use of oopavia and eoi>efia.
No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious use of
rnerourj, thereby ittenriaf to the sufferer speedy
relief, aisperKing all impuntiea, and rooting oat tbe
venom of disease.
T R 1 ESEMAR.Noa. l.Sand *^re prepared in the
form of a losenr*, devetd of taste and ameil, and
can be oamed in the waistcoat pocket. Sold in tin
oases, and dividod into separate doaes, as admin is
tared b* Valpeau, La lemand, Rou*. Rioord, Ao.
Pnoe f3 each, or four cases for f9 which aavee fS;
and in #27 oases, wttereby there is a saving of I?.
To bf had, ? holeeale and retail, of Or. HARROW,
104 Bleeeker street, foar doors below McDvugal
atreet. New York, lmnediateiy on raoaivinc a re
mittanee. Dr. Barrow will forward the Trieeemar
to any part of the world, securely packed, and ad
dreaeed aeoordin?: to the instr actions of the write*.
??,d *12 ^ S' CALVERT FORD, Jr.. Wa-h
lag ton. D. C. de -ioi
0OTTLB8 12, 26 and to oenta and one dollar.
HARTSHORNE ALL ahoald be keel
in all families in oaae of accdents or andden aieineaa.Aa
it frequenty oarec in ieea time than it re<aires
to get a physician.
^Wna^y *and internal * ^ *7Stem M IN<
JO* a* th? fre^aect cliar tes of the weather predaoe
a bad Coid. k henmatism. Pain in the Limba
Bodyialeo, Stiff Neck?every pereon shoo id
P4 be?le. It acta apon the Nervea, Maeclea.
Btaewa, Blood and Bones; and by its warming eiecSSufKffl?,!^
CHEREY?tt ta the beet Coagh Syrap la the
ach ud Bewela, oarrying off ajl B. eand Foal Se
in Waa^nt t^^cTt^*K? ^^ft,L A C^SfclS^
#corg?fea^nt; H, PEEL A Co.. Alraajidria.
, uauttfiggor
, This article la prepared by a eheauat. aad ia pre
. aonaoed by medical men. and thoee who have aeec
It, to be the bert preparation for Comtks, Colds Os
tarrA, Bfo*e.k*ii'. l/cair.?!sM?3, 5er? Tkrvot Ae? *
Coll, and a prevecti ve of that .ion ol dieeaees. Jm
i Perec.ns wLo aiuf sLob.d ass it. It ia p.easai t *+
the taste, eoftene, clears a;<d stre'.?tt,eus the votos
allava ail irritauon of the throat acd ta age. and pre
f^H^#??Haa>JB and so oenu aad tl. Bold by ai'
dm?giste ic WaeSingtoE, Georgeiewa aad a^tvy

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