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Papers MTvert wiuiout wrappers hy earners
1 ?ent per copy, or 28 eeuus per month. Ia
packages by carriers at 94 a year, or .T7 c*nta
ST month. To mall subscribers the price is
?00 a year, ?t? adranct; f?.50 for six months;
SlitS for three months; and for less than thr>>e
months at tUe rate of 12 cents a week. Single
oopiee, with or without wrappers, two oemts.
Alvehtiskmxntp fchoald be sent to the
i before 11 o'clock otherwise they may
: appear until the next day.
PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUE.near Willards' Hotel
LaoaxKt) Qeotki ? MtJUtka
THIB < Friday jTviNINe. Jaly a.
Benefit "t t1)* Charming Young Actress.
Lut Night Positively of the
?**an Denin a*?...... _?.Rity O'Cnawr
' ^abel Frt'?r.i*n an Ann* Chute
?fcarlew Barn n an Harrir*s< Creg-tn
iwn Rogers as _ Danny Mud
Tc-morrow?Two Performance* ? Afternoon, S3j
o'clock,an<l Nlgkt
Afternoon?benefit*f All'ertCsB i<1y.
Last times of Jennie Krowa.
?ondsy?Complimentary to E.T. (Jrover.
MT Admission 10, 15, and 75 oenta. Mo extra
?harg? for secured seat*
Fronting Pennsylvania avenue aad Ninth *t.
ftairiblin A Oo .... Proprietors
VHu Simmons?.. .Stage Manager and Advertiser
THIS l Wednesday) AFTERNOON,
Fm lamas and Gkxts, Kwbbs ahd Mastesp.
Patekt Ooolkk^ Erected oh thk Roup !
Can be stcnJro*K. Pt/m. avtnve.
The friendly and gent emanly manager who ad
vertises us at his own expense in his ewn adver
tisements we appreciate and return our thanks;
fcutat the *ame t<me puff ns lightly, for "Modesty
aiwavs characterises Merit," We are aware that
?or remarkable success,
MOM* sad fcavoc among other places who are try
ing to divert our great patronage. But the public
villgoto the bpst place, and that is the VARIE
TIES. More of this anon.
The beautiful Scottish Nightingale,
The Ethiopian Artists
SATURDAY. July 4th,
Prises? 25 and 50 cents. Private boxes 9S
LOUISIANA AV.. OA* Sixth Bvxmv
Vn. E. Sinn Be ) Manager and Proprietor
Always tirst in the field in engaging and bringing
out the
engagement of the celebrated Actress and
who will appear to-richt in her great character of
las successfully played by her in all parts of the
Union,) in the great drama of
And the entire great Dramatic Company in a cast
hitherto une?ualed in this city.
Continued and unequaled success of
who appears every night in a number of her fa
vorite Operatic Selections and beautiful
Bietch Ballads.
First week of tbe pretty Danseuse
will appear in a magnificent spectacular ballet .un
der th? direction of Mons. S/.oliosy,
The very laughable New Negro Farce,
All tbe Great Comedians and the Great Ethiopian
Admission 29 andcents. Private boxes holding
six persons $5. Doors open at 11 a o'clock. Per
formance at 8.
Finn, avekce, Between 11th axd 12th Strebt
bOENES. ~~ AFR3,
Op the Mcst Popular
w ith
1 have always refused to Bell any of the oom
proaads known as tonic bitters, as 1 believe thorn
to be generally injurious and composed of delete
rious drugs ; but from a careful trial of the " Cri
mean Bitters." basked by|th.- certificates ot Doctors
Chilton and Pohle, of New York, I have no hesita
tion in recommending them to my friends and
customers. FREDERIC 8. C0ZZEN8.
Wine Merchant, New York, and
Je W-e?;2w Pennsylvania aveoue. Washington.
Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting Estab
lishment (No. jno Ninth street) to JOSHPH REY
NOLDS ic CO., of this city, I take great pleasure
in recommending tbe new firm to my friends,
customers, and the whole community; well know
ing that good work,reasonable prioes, fair dealing,
ana strict honesty will characterize all the trans
actions of this establishment. W. T. DOVE.
JOSKPH REYNOLDS Sc. CO., (Successors to W.
FITTERS. 600 Ninth street, near Pennsylvania
avenue, are now prepared to furnish everything in
thoir line at reasonable prices, and to execute all
orders with promptness and in a satisfactory
manner One vut oulu. e 17 eolm.
*xTThiB celebrated company has won a host of
admirers daring its stay at New York, Philadel
phia,etc. Therefore, the friends of music should
not miss the opportunity now presented of enjoy
ing a few evenings' amusement.
Admiiiiion 25 cents. Opened at 7 o'clock.
4 lm Proprietors.
'20,000 ladTes wanted *
To call at 391 F street, between 8th and 9th, oppo
site Patent Office.
We Btr.mp all kinds oi goods cheaper than any
other place in the city.
>e 76 Ik'
sne pieces new style Lswns,
0in ' " Calicoes.
MO ** Moiambiqae, rich styles,
75 " Spring and Summer Challies,
1,000 packs Pins, Nos. 3. i and 0,
SO doien Spool Cotton,
100 pieces Tarleton for covering pictures,
30 pieces Shirting Flannel,
Our stock is fall ia all departments, all of which
will be sold at the loweit eash prices.
No. 36 Central 8tore*, oppo. Center Market.
)e 13 2w between 7th and Sth streets.
Ois be had at all times hereafter
No. 4Tt>8avBKTH Btbkbt,
?"*- >?"< tT'Sowta,
Collector of Internal Revenue for tke
la jfrif District of Columbia _
_ UBT Received a large assortment from Philadel
phia and New York.
C aright with and without Water Coolers. 1
Chest Refrigerators with Ooolera and Stone'
mj r
THURSDAY, JULY it, 1863.
A?ery Ada <?enhsm MrsMryMc.Clurc Mr* WV
Allen Mr* E II Hall MrsChsrlteMcLaughlii.Miss
Aik m Hr? F A Helms Louis* Annie
Adams Mr? S W Hyde Jennie McDonald Miss
Anderson Mwy-2HewettMrsPet*r Ann
Altiimis Anu(i A Hnvs Martha Nelson Mr*Eli/,h
Boyle Essie HeckMrsMargtANewmHii Mis*
Bell Annie Hawks Mis* Eliv Malinda
Brown Sarah A HughesMrsLiizeKeUon Mi*.- Ar.E
Bell Ellen Hi rhit Mr- Owens Mrs G W
Bronner Hen'ta llardwiok Mrs OjiverMr-Ortave
Bone Marcwrct Geo P-4 OwemMisnLirae
Bell Clara Bell navory Hrnr'ta Pearleson Miss
Brown Mrs B W Hodgc'sMissMvA Ellen
Brarty Oafnarinr Higgins Mrs >t L Price Mr-vSusanJ
Baker MrsM J Handy Mrs Lou- PTant Miss Ce
Blizzard Mattie cinda lestra
BradfqrdCbar'teHarty MruFrcdk F;erreMis?Carre
Baldwin Mollie HcnryMrsJamrsPauling Miss
Bites Nancy C HigensMrsCol Mtrv A
Brown E A Hopkins Miss Phettphacc Mrs
BelklerMrs Sarnh Cecelia
Bates Ellen W HiKicinsMrsDarwPeddecorde Miss
Bond Carrie E Hammond Mrs Roninnde
Barker Mary J Mary A Reed Mrs II I
BooneLoulie Hynes MissMrgt Reed Mrs Patsv
Barren Ellen Herbert. Mrs Ray Mrs Eliza L
Burtschy Julia Maria __ Rooke MissRlicb
BuscbinanJurnallirkeyMiss KnteRobcrsonMrsMy
Bonesteel CarriellazcltonMrsKteRichards Mr*
Bame-v Geo E Un?in r Mrs Lara SnrahA-2
ButlerOamelia Hamilton Mrs Read Mis* Sadie
Bariiibridge Car Lt W
Bull Mrs 8 A Hopkins Mrs
Car Delia B "apt Sain
Clare Kate Hard wick Mrs
Crown >Iary E Geo P _
Clark Georpi. p Handy MissAunaBusaell MrsEllen
Crown A Delia J ones Miss E!i*h KamseyMr* L&ml
Conn Nannie E Inner Mrs Mary BankinsMr-MvE
Cheek'Mnrtlia Jones Mrs Roper Mrs H B
Oinnwrk Wnrg't Amanda M ShreeveMr -Rbca
Crutriilr Lida Johnson Mrs Slack Mrs.
Jones Mrs Julia Smith Nelly
Joire Miss Katie Stokes MrsMryR
Jackson Mrs Steele Mrs R H
Ella 51 Spencer Mrs 0
Johnson MrsHlnSpeer M rs V M
Johnson Mrs JneStorktonMrsMrr
Johnson Eliza A SchleyMrsFlorW
Jackson Mrs Sullivan Mrs
Susan Cornelius
R? intang Mrs
L?n ise
Ren pater Mr*CV
Roberson Hariet
Rockv.ell Mis* E
Curtis Mary E
Crony Hannah
Cornel! Jane
Collins Mr* M J
Culver Arm E
t" oon (Ennui
Craft Lucia E
C?wy Bessie
Camti.ack Mrgt C
Cummins Caih Knowles Mrs Short Mrs Susan
Carroll Mary Ephraini _ _ Sweet Miss Mary
Coneiv Mary E Kni^htMrsEli/.h Spear Miss Nellie
Dodd Amanda KriflenMissMyL Smend MissMary
DuffMary Killinan Mrs SatlifT Mrs Sally
Denn Lizzie Dorathy Hmith Miss Ella
DennesterAdelzoKamo MissMgt Scot,tMr?Mnrgt A
De^worth MarySKcndrick Mrs StokesMissEw W
Delwiy Mary W D Stiles Miss Jen E
Deviae Eugene KinneyMisSM Stiekncy Mrs E J
D<no\an Mr* 31 Lee Miss Elleu Spofl'oni Mrs S P
IK nnison FannieLynr. MissJennieSiielhy Mrs Ann
Dela\ Mar> Lee Mi=s F?nny Stewart Mrs W C
Dudle, Mrs AG Lyons Mrs MitgieStewartMIiisAiiie
Diini'rhi'w Mary MoonMissMryEJSpencer Mrs C
DePuy Mrs II W Matu? Annie StocktonMissMA
Dickey Mary Malor< tMi-s SlatT Miss llanh
Duncan Sarah A Virginia Taft Mr* Chas S
Davis Mr*RcvJN3Ialli< wf Mrs M TrenisMr-Marth
Eliott Jane ii MontgonuryMrsTaft Mrs E D
EllioitJuliaRA-2 Jane p Thompson Mrs
Eac? r Kate Moloney Mrs Mary 0
EckU-y Margaret Mollie Thoctniorton
Ekelton Annie MilierMr'Chris- Mrs Mary
EliotMrsFA tiana Trunnel Mrs Eliz
Kmmert Martha Montgoinerj AMTbompson Mrs
FreuchMrsCh?E Mayers MrsMnr W II
Fov leM r-Mii~yP MartinM issMary Vans Miss Jennie
Fields Mrs Ann Melville Mi-s Vanzant Mrs
FrenchMrsMicah Maggie Wndl-h Elizabth
Folk>-Mrs Miller Mrs Kate Willi: rdMrsO.-ir'e
FullerMr'-EmilieMitchell Mrs
Fahertv Elb-n Su^n
GroveMrsMaryEMabo|iii Miss
4i re- ic M: -A nuB Patcv
Gr.ner Mrs Mar\ Mitchell Mrs
(iroe' Mr* J F Clariia
tiroes >li"' Lou Miller Mis^ MaryWardMissElj/aT
isa V Murphv Mar\ A Warner Miss Lu
GriffithMiss A! McCallach Mrs celia V
lice Eliza Walton Miss
Gilbert Mrs II L McKecMrsDrDG Rianca
Oillen M;.rx McII<>nry Mrs Warn'-r Jliss Mol
Giles Mrs EEO Fanuie Williams Nellie J
GokIkt Mj<s MeClelland Mrs Willliams Mr
Isdieiia Mary Martha A E
GennainM rs AnnMooresMrsMryC WharrenMr-A W
Gr J1-. Mrs Ja- McClay Mrs Williams Mr
11 2 Phebe A Bntily
(iiddonsMis.-AnnMcCarihy Mrs L Wollison Mrs
GrillenMissMaryMcCollach Mrs Well?Mi>sLoui-a
GodleyMissMrgt Eliza Wicklin Mrs C S
Woll Mr-MarjjtC
Wolf Madam
Woll.- Mrs
Ward Rac'ncl
Wintrop Miss
Ella 11
Ash by K"v J L
Arnold Lt I jr
Ashton Jacob
And l ews J os J
Andreivs Ja-< B
Aneman AiIbtu
Adauison A C
Anthony Clin.*
Alvater Conrad
Adams I)-2
Allen Col E G-2 ArrisonJiioR
Ailsrd Sertrt F J Adams Jordtin
Adclsheinier G Adam- Jno
Atchison Geo AyresJno T
AdaiosCapt G M Adams Lt J R
A<i ujisli' ii 1! I' Altinan Mathi
A1 len Bu trior J W Ambruster J
ArmbresterJ C
Atcheson Robt
Auchiiiuf v< 'p! KF
Auter Robt B
Andrews Dr S-2
Aduinrt S E
Auiory T
Allen T 1)
Alldcrdice W 11-2
Alexin,je'LtW J
Aoderson Win j
Abbott Waldo
Ashman Win
B'an Ans- I
Burke Amlw
Brow^r A K-2
Babbid^e j: s
Bri?tol B C
BakerB C
Blood CaptB F
Boarmau Com C
Byrne C C
Barden Col
BayVey Chas
Baker Chas
Bayard Cpt C A
Boorom C
Brown Chas T
Balier Conrad
Becker Geo L
Bush Geo
I5o-* Henry B
Biden Henry M
Hover Henry J
B an II L
Beple II
Bonnie Henry
Bank* II S
Babcock II G-3
Barlow Jas. 1?
Brian Jas
Burnside Jas
BrockwayJ E
Buffi n RtonGenJ
Beggott Jas W
Burns Ja*
Berthaldy Cpt C Bo-we 11 J J
Burgess C H
Berg Dr
Burr Debere-2
Barron Danl
Burgess Danl
Billiard Danl
Blocker Danl
Brown E-2
Banks E P
Burke E-lwd
Butcher J W
Bruinlmck J
Beitzell Capt J
Brendlinger J E
Bradeeii J os II
Brltihoover J
Black' , Jos
Blake>lee Ja1- B
Bohanan J T
Benedict Capt J
Brielninghau*enBelinger J B
EW Brown Jno P
Bi?hop Edwd P Bach man J D
Butler Edwin D Buchanan Jno
Bishop Lt E L Buller J P
BrighamCptED Bader Jos
Boynton E jr Beck Jno M
BarrollCptFH-5 Beebe Jerome
BrooksF W Becd Jos
BrietingerF Bird J Edwd
Bard well F W Byrne J
BuckingliamFM Bush Jas C
Bradley Geo II Bell J no
Butler Lt G B
Blood Geo H
Brown Capt G
Bilyen Geo W
Brown Geo W
CadvA W
Cooley A
Clark A P
Cooper Abrara
Carrell Andw
Carr Alfred
Cunningham A
Canffeld C J
ChadbournC K
Cardly Carly
Connell Chas H
Crane Capt
Coleman D II
Conner David
Cashore David
Cooper E P
Cook E L
Cammell E
Crocker Sergt E
Conkling F A
Clark F1I
Cian.- F E
Cooper Ceo
Co? Geo T
Coop< r Ceo
Chase (j eo S
Carney ti?iv
Cullau' Genl
CatnpbellGeo W
Cawer II
Connor II illan
Car.- Pri \ ate IlL
Cook. Cpt 11 A
Calverley H
Corbet J P
Callway Jas
Cretan Jno
Crandell W J
D. ntonCapt A B
Dnlla* Capt A J
Duke Ch.-i*
Douglass C C-2
Dailey Cliauncy
Davis Capt
1'it.vihChas H
D.^ ^.'s Dr
D..Tin-on D A
Day David G
Dct'uuu Da\ id
D'lffielJ j)r
Dickerson Edw
Dickinson D L
DelTey F-ank
Divin F B
Denison G#o S
DelLirasithig tr
Dyer O W
D<.bbins (l>'o S
D-ijrgs Capt IIII
Dvni?i:n U ?
Breed Ja? W
Blood J 11
Bev Joussoufl
Blue J L
Brown J as
Beardslev Ma,iL-2
Bain Luther
Brown Mr
Bag^'s Capt N
Boyntl?l < >
Baglej O M
Brown P II-;{
Bowls Payiua-ter
Barnard R
Brooke B L-2
Barrett Robt J
Brown R
Brooee Robt
Boyd Hon S II
Breri-ton Sanil
Booth Jack-2
Bowen s'aml W
Brown S B
Benedict S S-.1
Burrows Smith
Bussert Thos
Bunce Thos
Boss T N
Bantrs Dr T II
Blancliard T
Balenian L F
Beujainin G F
Burnt v Tiios
Baker W R
Bo reman W J
Berkley Wm J
Biuuham W W
BosbvshellCpt W
Barry Surg W A
Bennett Wm
Bright Wm
Baird Wm A-2
Brown Capt W II
Bayley Capt WC
Brown 7,
B. I! J F
Buck Isaac W
Brewer Geo
Bery G
Cherry Jno Croxton LJ-2
Cnmniings J no Cameron L <)
Caiitel J B ConwayHon M F
Clements Jas II Corning Mayor
Cormack Jas Cohen Moses
Chandler Capt J Courau M
Cutter ^aac Ciimi&CoT
Connell Jno Colby LtColNF
Christie Jas W
Coruiva Nelson
Coale Capt W E
Clays Peter
Cocavelli P
Cronin P F
Conl.-tf Patk
Curtin Patk
Carpenter S M
Connor Stephen
CreeS B
Cau^hnian S
Creigton Sain
Corlteyon S O
Crumpton Sain
Campbell T R
Cainple Jos
Chandler J P
Carwood J B
Connor Jno
Carson J D
Cavin J no
Currin Jno
Corson Jno
Caulwell Dr J T
Crews J no F
Camp Jno P
Chuse Jno
Clark Jos B-2
Crane Capt J C . .
CraigBrigGenJ Carrell Thos
Camp L G Cole Thos S U
Clement JC Cannon W S
Carroll Jno R Chri?ti:uiCol WH
ComstockCptJN Crandel W H H
Carroll Jere Castello P
Coeden Jos Caulvin Capt W
Clark Capt Jno Cooper Win
Cunningiiaiu J Chandler T W
Caughlin Jno Caveuaugh T
ChandlerlloiiLHCobb Lt W L
Coulter Jas Clark W W
Cunningham J II Crane Walter
Cr. agerWin (Mark W E
CrattCapt W A Copeland W J
Cook Win Corwin W E
Duthie Ja*
Danagb Capt J
Dacey Jno
Dockam J no S C
Donelly J no
Donal*on J no
DementJ no D
DunwoodyJ G
Draiv" JasG
Dowd J .o
Daltou Juo
Dean Jno F
P?au Jno
Day Jno
Dawrou L F-2
Duff Luther
Davis L L
L? u tf y Mich I
Downey Mr
Dickey M?;
Davis R S
UoiiaUlson R G
Dole yap! R W
Daniel* S (' 8
D.ivean Satul
Daley T D
Downing W W
D-Wolf Win H
Dor-'-y Win
Duncau W E
lHvidson W J-2
Dixon Wm
Dimick Win 0
Di,T'*riM.iift?'i- AI
D. iungMajl'M 2
DuUy Lt P J
Dwyer A Ryan
BavU Lt H H
Di.is Henry
Dugaii Jbo
Emery A H Emery Henrr
Ellis Andrew W Kat-tioan tt A
Ellin Lt A C Edmunds J A
Ellis It F East lack Jno T
EmersnnMsjCS ?East on Jo* 8
Elliott llrDA Emery L M-2
Egan Timothy
Elliott Wm E
Ely Win R
English Win II
<a stman Wm D
Eaton Wm
Everett Wm E
Davison Lt W X
Evan* Wm D
Elliott Wni E
Eaby Henry B
Elsigncr Mr
Even- Nut
Ellis Lt O
Eariie Robt
Elliott ST
Elliot T D
Fisher H L
Foot? H M
Firor Jno E
Fowler Jsu J
Fasley Isaac
Ffivfle J no II
Fuirf.ii Dr Jno
Fit*patrick Jan
Freeman J as B
Fifteenr Jno
Ken wick Jus
Foster Maj Gen Floyd Tho* E
Filler L 11
Flynt L N
Fitzgerald M
Flanuerly M
Finn Morris
Paw-pcTl P B
Foster 1' D
Fliun P&tU
itrnnnrth 8 I)
Friitv Sam I
Evans A Bro
Bv?t?> it Bro
Elliott G W
Ellison Geo C
Ewnwiw Geo
Ester llenry
Fralick Albert
Fuller A Frank
Freedley A
French B 8
Fort Bernard
Fowler Ben.i
Farwell Calvin
Fletcher Capt
Foot C W
Fletcher C F
Fries 0
Frey Chas
Fay Ch??
Finncsran David Fish Josiah C
Franshow Edw Fuss Jno A
Findiay Geo Faulkner L B
Folson Geu Foster Louis
Frauklinllomer Fuller LO
Gar ton A G Griffin Jas K
Gray A K P German Jno
Gould A GarveyJno
Gamltle A GridleyJasH
Gilmore MajCD GuigenheimJ ABGilvany Patk
G uert lerCaptCRGriltin Jus E Gross llenTy
Gall Chas Gilmore JasR GrennalJasS
Glu<k Chas F GillettJ B
Geir. F Gimmison Jno
Gordon Chas S Gordon Jno T
GilTord J as
Greenwood J as
Glncum Jno II
f armer Mai V
Foil el I W VV
Fletcher W 5*
Farrell Wis
Froly Wenil
Fisli'W W
Gardner Lt
Gntchie L ti
Geltert 1/
Gibl** M C
Grevn D S-2
Genrdie Capt E
Gapin E W
Gsynor Geo W
Gihhs A Gibbs
Golding Geo
Grafton II T
Gates Henry K
Gcrstle llenry
Gorbett Hany
Hall Allen F
Gordan Jas
Gre?orv Jos II
Gary Henry X
GoIm***ii R II
(Hidden Sainl
GuesturteS B-2
Gilin.inCpt J H-2 Godon Oapt S W
Green J no W
Gear J 51
Golf Mai J W
G reen J no W
drier Jus A
Gregory L
Holbrook F
Ganiage Tlieo
Gordin T W
deary Thos
Guest Thos
Graves W T
Gibbs Wm L
HosmerCnpAA 2 Howard F A
Hall A M Hndcock Frank
Beaton A D HonckF L
Haskell A II Hol.an Fred II
HembrightA HeckerCol F
Hughe* Aaron Hodges Geo
llenwood A R Heysban Geo
Ileberton A 1* Hawkins Geo
llayhurstBR Hinkle F
Hellen Dr B J Hodsdon AdGen Hazard R R
Hart Bernard Holtman Geo Ilanna R McC
Hancox CsptCM Harrow Bg Gen Head Saml
Hap well C 0 Hunt Henry C Hiltan Saml X
lieuitig AChund-IIavilnud H K
Hill John
Holme? J no W
Hi new J as
Hall J
Hess Murray W
Hurley Michi
Hy man M
Hall Munroe
Hall P W-4
ne*? DrCn
Hill Calvin
Hudson C W
Hotchkiss C A
Howard Chas
Hurdenrraves C
Hibbs Chas
Hensliaw II X
Hirt Hermann
11 ill Henry L
Hotcubooin H S
Henry Lt J X-4
II amnier J as V
Hatigan J as
Hawkinr Jn-2
Hopkins CantC Headinger Jno
Ha/.lett S Jc Son
Hawley Seth 0
Holznian 8
Ho? rizan Maj T
Hallman Thos
II am el Thos
Hupboker T S
Hendrrsin T W
s Uaii
IlendersonMajl) Hanson John
HunterABurkee Hubbard Jim U Ilojjan Thos
Hall Edwd G Heiiin r Joseph Heerinanre Cap*
HiiiKins Ed\,d R Henry James
Holmes E S Howard John
Hirsh Emil Henderson Jos
II i iik s Lt E A Head ley J Y
Hubbard Edwin IlomnnJnoL
Hardt Earnest Hathaway J W
llorton Hon K B namtin Lt J II
HorsfordProfEXHoward John C
H untei Fogtei"
Hahbert Fred
Johnson A W
John-ton A E
Jenkins Austin
Jenkins Chas W Jaekson J as K
Horton Wm J-.5
Hill Wm J-2
Hawthorn W m
Ilm tiiiifs Wm
Hollenbeck ^ M
Henrie Wm G
Harris W C
Hutciiins Wm II
Uaye> Jo.s II
I- .X
Jenningsu W
Joslin Henry
Johnson Cap JD Jamison Kobt A
Jones. Murry A:
Jni-on R W-2
Jackson Chas
Jillson Dav id
Jones David M
Johnson Danl
JenningsK D
Jenkins Edwd M
Irwin I-aac
Jennison Jno C
Jenkins J L
Jones J M
Jones J Paul
JonesJno W
Jones Bev Kvan JonesLt J W
Jecninsrs F A
Isiek Geo W
Iricks Geo
Kolp Andw
Kt lr?v Alex
Jamison L
Jordan M
Irwin 8a in I W
Irelnud Saml
Jewell V I)
JarkMjn Wm II
Johnson W S
Jordan Win
James W A
Johmon RevWT
Ininau Coin Wiu
Kenr.ie Capt AM Knit'nt, Geo W
Kline Benj KerperGeoW
Knowlei-C! ptCR Keliy Geo 11
Keane Kranciw K rastns';i L
Kernel Cs pf tt A Kline Miller
K? oney Mmjar
Keiox Major
Kalbtnbach C
Kelter Ci;.- per
Kraft Conrad
Kins Chas B
Kern C
Ha mnierer D C
Keeh-r D C
Kuoa-- II
Kelly J
Keely J a s
Kelehner J H
Korn Hon J
Kins J no
Kulp Jno
KellerauEugene Knov.les J
K i nuse Frank
Kinney G Frank
Kiuimell L E
Kinnen .M.athias
Keane P k
K. ef.-r Philip
King RoM
K.-eze RC
K i ic;sb'ys T L-3
Kin^ Ttio
K'-alsl WJ-l
K> entsman W-2
lvinnear Wm U
Lade I A R
Lee Maj A T-3
Lawrence A
Luca Maj A A
Lniinon Barney
Lee Chapman
Lawt-.n C J
Lath'-ury .Cope
land A
Lonu Chas
Lease Chri-tinn
Leir <"ha
Lloyd DeWit C
Looney Col D
Latlin Edmund
L-ach E
Lomax Elins
A Mil Let oilman F W
L< Fort G T-2
Lot ., Hi'iiry
Lai Cl-y II T
Lo'vt ian L
Lont'shau L M-2
L?>eke Cap' M W
Loud R> nzi
Lawrence R L
Lnrvey Capt J T Lankly Richd
Lew Ja s
I.r -ig J E
Lukens Jno D
l.a t h ro p J oel C
Lonssbore Jas
Littig J
Lamb J no M
Ivnn<Jno A
I. w >cr J
Lenl Jerry
Lodire Rev J L
Lewis K 8
Moony Geo W
M orellouSe II
Moore II S
McCi.lioeh H
JIcMaster Alex
Mott Albert
Ma pes A K
Miller Austin G
Marsh Aaron W Mafon H II
Murphv Andw McKie J F
M oe Aliie
Miller A S
Mrlnt ire And
Mundorf B F
Bryons Barnar,l
Marshall B A
McCool B B
Millnirn B
Mi lac Bernard
Mastine B W
Miller Benj F
Miiler Ciins
Morris C 11
M- day C II
Magnus Cbac
Middleton C 11
Mi K'Ivy DG
Marsh David II
Matthews E B
Malliott E E
M.-Dowell Jno
McCabe Jno
MeComas J
M< Cliiin J F
McGuegiinn J I
McLaughlin J
McColloufc'li J
McKeetersJ 11
MeXeal J^s
^IcClure II
Moses Maj J
Morrison J M
Mahan J^hn
Morgan Mr J
Martine J
Millar Jas t
Michley J P
Murdick J II
Mewhiney JaS
Murray J B
MasterhouseEG McDultJ
MinerIlonF\\ -3 Murdoch Jacob
McMillan F M
Miller Francis
Meekes Geo
Mitchell G H
McCarter Geo B
Meikle John
Metcalf Jno
Morsow Jos X
Mattison John
Matthias Jno
McKeon Geo W Mnrphv John
Medley Geo Martin Jtev_J-2
Miner Geo 8
Maze Geo W
McOhard Gen
Mosev Geo
Maul G D B
Noble A J
Noe Chas
Neicle David
New rath F
Newell F L
Norris Capt Geo
Orcutt Albert
Oniann A II
O'Connor K
Quinby F J
Oiler Geo
Oliver II M
Palmer A B
Patersun A R
Paul A W
Peddecorde A
Pentlaud A H
Melick Jos H
Morey Lt J T
Mu in ford J P
Marshall CapJK Manhart W H-r)
L" >mis Ilobf A
Lo;r:i n Riclni K
l?aux Rob!
Lovd Corp G
Lot /. 8ainI 1'
Li iii Ilonl 8 D-2
Luckey T B-2
Lor ngs Tho
Lal.e Wm
LymanW T
Longman Waller
Li Roy Capt W E
Miners L A
MervillSquire G
Marine L (J
Mollard M2
Mi-Gee Mi eh I
Mownv Mui
MeManon I'eter
MoGee II M
Muss & Ooy
Mcl .. ra. y M
Mouiiten -y Mr
MeKailand W W
Mason O H
McCr.rthey Patk
McDonou^h P
Milbnrn Putre
MeCarty Patk
MeCaffrev P H-2
Miller Peter J
McGraw Hen PII
Mi-Kinney Robt
MeGill Robt
M. Bee R-2
Morley S S
McDonald S
Murphy Sergt
Moones Stillman
MeEmrv Thos
Moore Capt T
Mustiu Thos
Muhs ic Coy
Morse Wm
Maul W in
Miller Willie
Myers W tn
Moulton W 8
Manninj; W II
McAlear W
Meeker L 11
N?iyes A Gray
Nordwald If
Neely J T
Norris Jos L
Newton Dr J R
O'Brion Jas R
O'Coners Jno
Quirk J G
O'Learv Jno
0:CoBuell Jere
Pullen Gilbert
Pascal Geo W
Patten Geo D
Pickert H
Phillips H-S
McDauough Wll
Nickels Martin
Naughtou M F
Neuinens Richd
Neussel Capt W
Newman Wm A
Otis J M
Osmun J og
Quirk Mr
O'Konrke P G
O'Xeil Thoa
I'inkbamCapAWPinkham H C
Pyle Chas H-2 Parker H W
Payne Chas W
Patterson C W
PearceCaptCQ -2 Plishrer J no
Purdon DTR
Palmer D
Pearson Edw N
Parker E A
Penley E C
Price Ed
Palmer E L
Pope Ivory H
PoiTer Marcus M
Preston M E
Peck Mr
Perkins M A
Porter P C
Picking Dr S X
Patton Maj II D Pratt Silas
Prentice Jno A Pettebone Saml
Partridge S L
Pierce Capt SW
Perkins 8aml C
Paytz Thos
Pierce T S
Pueri'en J as
Posey Capt J H
Poudler Jas
Patterscm Jno
Proctor Cap J B Pole Wm
Patten Jno I R Paige Capt W W
Potter Col J II
PorterMajGnFJ Patrersi.n Jno
Petty G K Pinney Jno W
Price Geo Perkins Jas A
Park Geo W-2 PancostJas
Robertson J L
Roeder T
Bandall Job
Kobison J?lin
Bathhun Jno W
Rummel Ar.dw
Reese Lt Col
Bobinson C E
Rii.hardson C S
Rice Maj C A
ReynoldsColCA3Rudisill Jos
Reynolds ColCN Richards J no 0
Ruach David
Reichi'.rd D
Read Danl Dr
Rawell D P
Buby Edwd
Richa.'dson J M
Richards John
Re illy John
Reynolds 8 H
Reichaer Jno H
Reynolds Fred A Rid'He Jas C
Ri' hard6on F
Rnyiamise F A
Rombo Fredk
Ri uner A Smith
Roche Jas R
Rindge J-2
Read Jos L
l'evk Dr W 1>
Parke W P
Parrish Lt W J-2
Perrin Dr W II
Pluinmer Wm
Ri^eve John
R'indolph Lot
Riordun Michl
Rl inmels Xace
Reynolds Patk
Reagan Patk
R-ynoids S M
Rabitt Samuel
Reamer Surgeon
Robertson Thos
Iiav. son T II
Randolph Wm H
Rendiz W:n
Rathbone Capt
S<;hafer H?*nerih
Sidxwick 11 J-2
Shelling Ang
Stricklur A ndw .
Sargeant Albert Skiles II H
Stevenson Alfd Stock H T
Shomnker Ab PCSturdevant H P
Shaad Auton Shaver Hon H X
Smith Hon A D-S Shatter Henry M
Sherman B F Sw>*art IlarrvR
Bu.u U F-i B?uthwick H B
Stearns Capt L A
biebert Capt L
Sp' ar Leopold
Sergeant Capt LJ
Snaulig Levi
Snelfhause Mr
Stern M
j&loiko Mr
rnwr n r ,-?uiiwu?ts Hum- ooniniu Mr
Sinith Bfnj R phrcy A Swi'ticr M
tflipjwr Cnpt Simonasll^nryj fp?>yer Morris D
5ims Clifford S Siueych H?-nry gicurd l.t Com
Smith Cbnri Sum huts Jno Montgomery
5mith Capt-2 Sullivan J Speadeti Mack
Smof.tCl) Stevens Jno Shaw M F
St?ithLtC<-lChT S?-nr* Jon H Smith Dr Moody
Smith Cnpt C C Skinner J G St John Dr NX
Spear Lt C B Stewart Jno Stedman Oliver
ScrigcinsChas IlSullivnu Jnme* Sheelv Patrick
Slater Capt Saunders Jan Spofford P \-2
Blirrvr Clitu A SteedonJC Sutcliffc Robt
Syrague Capt CHShnyvnod Jno B Sanborn Rufus
Spencer SgfC H Stewart J F Saxton BreG.-t.R
Smith David Slamer Rev J T Smith Robt
Stanto- I> K Stephen Jnn Sharretts Saml
SpnWii.jDC Storer Jacob J ShtwmsnSidA
Shumr.ii T? R Stnmiis Jno Scutt Spenrer F
Sinsyn.in Cnpt E Stephens Jno Sweets? r Th<>?
SaTySrri E S< tliimn J II Shook Sheridan
StniWiBdwK S<-yn?o?r J Swenev Thos W
SirnAnt-on Lt E-.'<Seague Jno S Sloat T M
Spnr.jrer E K St<-wart J F Smith DrThog B
Smith Frank Sickel Isaac Sounburir Th
Snckfnbaeh FA Sweeney Jas Sturmar Hun
Sutiivun F W Stewart Jas E-2 ThosC
Smith Lt F Stoddard Srgt JCSeaman Thos
Spurling*CapGN5hanklsnd J Snnwdon Thos
St Clair Geo H Si! venter Cnpt J Sears Tims
Snnford CaptGB Stewart Jas C 8hs w Thos
Sclietick LtGaretStewart Jno C Piinp-on Thou M
Smith Geo T Shearer Dr JasMS*vlnr Win H
Smith Geo W Stnckpole Cu.pJLSpittall Win B
Stivler G Suits Jos-2 Soinniers W
SrottGilinnn Smith Jas .1 Sara pie Wood'n S
Springer Geo Sate Rev J R Spencer Wil'bvG
Staffan Geo Shaw Jno II Skinner Wm H
Sariteant Ge<> W Scott Jno ShoemakerWmS
Stearns Geo L Smith J It Shadman W R
Streeter Geo Smith Jno Lee Scott Wm
Sliepard G 0 SpaceJno Stone Wm M
Smith Garrot Smith Jn.-C Snoke Wm H
Thimes Benj Tyler Julius T Thomas Richard
Thomson C B Tiffany J C-2 Teal Thomas
Theaunet Cbts Tatnall Jos Tuttle S R
Tnwne C D M TVirnerJnoA TownsendSW
TliarerCaptlai; Thomliurgh Jos Templet-oil T L
Tordan Edw Thompson Jno TurdbullMjyT
Talhott E B Thomas Hon I; Tnlmngc T W
Taylor E E Thwing Jas TnshnanMajWru
Tyler Capt E J Turmhly J R Turner Wm F
Tre.\ler Dr FS TiceJP Taylor Wm
Tindley Geo Trawin Joseph Thomas W W
Thurston 11 A Travis LH # Torrey Welaon
Taylor Henrj ThoinasL(col*d)Torrey Dr Wm
Thompson HJ Tracy Nathan Thilgour Wm
Thomas Jot I TrueworthyOA-4Tr?wbridge W P
Tnlbert J Tharin RS Thorn Dr W II
Tnvlor Isaac
T'mphreys G-*o \migl>anJ VosbaghA Price
Vansceiver Jas CVnnaemsn J L Vandenburgh 8
Vandiyer J W Valentine Jno Vail W H
Van DevcuMs Vanarnau N J Vance Wm L
CnptJus Veed?T Peter-2 VanwinkleW II
Nar Brunt Al J Van Wngner A VanVoortDrGW
WatsonAugastnsWright Geo II Williams Jas
WatlearAugust'sWaldron G R Wilson Dr John
Wilkin* At. gH Wilson Geo Willinms John
Waterman AH Wilcox GS Welch Jno W
Wnddell A Wheeler Geo E White Jas
Wood Artkur WillianiiGeo Wright Jits L
Watswn A WrightGeoW White GenJnliufl
W? scott BN Worrill nenry CWilson L B
Walton C Whitf Horace AWtilln Lalian
Warnchen C F-2 wrii;ht H W Washburn Luth \
WinnChtftB WunderHS Watson J Q
Wood Dr C A Wa*rer II Watsou M M
Wheeltr CraytoaWood Harry C Warren Mr
Wi*hamDW Walsh Henry Wil-on Munsoa-2
Wliitin^Cipt DeJ Woodpate Jno H Walker N K
Ward well D K Wellman C apt J Woodard N C
Woruipr Canil Wiegin I B Washburn P T
Wolfe ET WeilmanJasM WabsdtRG
W^bbMajE Wilsun James Ward Richard P
Win; Capt KG Wheeler Jas Walker Redford
Wln-atli yKA Wheeling Irwin Warner Riley
Wilson FuK>ne Wheeler J P Westl>ro<ik 8 8
Walk er E W WaldronJohn Wylie Surgeon
Warren Gen F HWestfaU John WWi nslow Sam'l B
Ward Mr Wisham J >1 Worthumer Sol
WiaonThos L Walla Wm H Wh??elock W W
Wi bb Capt ThosWestaway Wm Wailaco Win
White V Woodwnrtli W EWhitcom Wm
White Dr WW
Yost Pavid YounKJacoh-2 Zimmerman Ch
Yetnans C 0 Youti* Jas H Ztglef Alexander
Younjs C C Young 4 PlaC?? Zi-ngsam K W
Y<" unc Jf-ysie B Zohn Philip M
MiSfKM.ANK0t:8.? 490 Pennsylvpnla avenue;
Medical Disburfinjf Ollice.
It 8AVLES J. BOWEN, Postmaster.
I call the attention of the Washington ladies to
my Stamping, Kmbroiderin* and Knitting Estab
lishment, No. .>22 Seventh street, betwuen D aad
K, to get their yokes, drssses, sacnaes, cloaks, etc.,
Stamping executed neat and plain, and in such
a short time that ladies cin wait for their orders.
j*2H-lw* CHR RUPPiSRT^
ington are particularly invited to call at Ode<>n
Hall, corner of 4^* street and Penn. avenue, and
examine the large and splendid stock of Coats,
Pants and Vests of every col?r and quality, and at
prices so low that you cannot fail to buy if you
n"?d any article in oar line. We enumerate in part,
fine Black Frock and Dress Coats of geuuine Frm^h
Cloth, ard made and trimmed in the most approved
styles; Black and Colored Cassimer Pauta of the
finest quality; Marseilles, Grenadine. Cas.sitner
and Linen Vests, a very largp stock. Our stock ot
light and dar* Summer Cassimer Coats, Pants and
Vetts is very large and well worthy oi attention to
those who would combire elegance with economy.
In the line of Military Clothing we have the largest
and best assortment in this city, and any officer
within* an elegant and ?nperb uniform can be ac
commodated to his entire satisfaction and at very
reasonable prices. A fine stoi-lc of Linen Goods,
Coats, 1'aritR End Vests, furnishing Good". French
Cassimer Overshirtsof the best quality. White and
Colored Shirts, Undershirts. Drawers, Gloves,
Hosiery, Suspenders, Carpet Bags, Valices, Gum
Goods, &c., A.C. WTKSENKELD CO.,
je 26-7t wdeon Hall, cor. st. and Pa. av.
| Chronicle cop7.1
Twest end noricif!
HE Public can now be supplied with Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Wiidow Glass, Paint Brashes,
Ac., by calling at
MOORE'S West End Drugstore,
1? 17-6t _ 11 :< Penn. avenue.
Th' o.tla Jur tV' f invented thni rn? h, T>st"i,
For sale wholesale and retail, with full instruc
tions for preserving all kindsof Fruita, Vegetables,
General Housefurnishing Store,
je 37-fit 31*? Iron Hall.
I UMBER: LUMBER !-lS0.UO0 feet of assort
A ed \\hite pine and Hemlock Boards and Lum
D*r for cale very l?w for cash in lots to suit pur
;haeers. Inquire ofC. B. CHURCH, 11th street,
between Maryland avenue and C streets, Island,
je 26-1 w"
LERF, ?th street <re?t. Good reasons
iiven for selling Will be sold complete or any
portion of stock and fixtures to any one in the bas
nets. This is a goo^hance for a moderate i nvest
neut. Terms reasonable. For further particulars
nquire asabove. [Chron | je27-l?*
r IVERS would inform the ladieg of Washing
ion that she has taken rooms at No. 387 Ninth,
lear I, where she is prepar-d to answer all ca Is
or Dre^a Making Work done promptly and in
:he most, fafhionable style. Patronage solicited
ind satisfaction guaranteed. N. B.?Machine
ititching done to order je 27 lw*
REMEV Y.fvr (i o WORK IT(EA, (r L EE7.
Etr. Onk Box will fkkkokm a Cukk.?
'Ingredients are purely vegetable. It is
. .pleasant to the ta?te, has na bad odor,and
nay be carried in the vest pocket without fear of
leteetion. Circulars free. Price $1 a box. 8o!d
>y 8. C. UPI1 AM. 403 Chestnut st , Philadelphia,
ind in Washington by 8. C. FORD, 890 Pennsyl
vania avenue. Seutbymail. je 15-eoly
I^HlS IS TO GIVE NOTiCl, That the suhscri"
her has obtained from the Orphans' Court of
Vashington county, in the District of Columbia,
etters testamentary on the personal estate of Pat
ick Gibbons, late of Washington city, 1>. C., de
eased. All persons having claims against the
aid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
ame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber,
>d or before the 2;id day of June next: they may
?therwiie by law be excluded from all benefit of
be said estate.
Given under my hand this 23d day of June, 1863.
je ?4-law3w* EDWARO BR8NNAN. Executor.
rHIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri
ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of
Vasbington county.in the District of Columbia,
etters of administration on the personal estate of
'homas Hughes, la'e of Washington city, D. C.,
eceaaed. All persons having claims againrt the
aid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
ame, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the subscribsr,
>n or bef? re the ltith day of June next; they may
>iberwise 'oy law b* excluded from ah benefit of
he said estate. Given under my haiid this luth
ay of June. A. D. U?3. JNO. H 8BMM18,
je 17-lawijw* Administrator
L Con'Tunt 8 : Emancipation in Jamaica, t<y He v.
J. C. Starbuck; Abijah Wilcerg^e's Retreat; R^a
ou. Rhyme and Rhythm, compiled and written by
4rs. Martha Walker Cook; Mrs. Rahotham's Party,
>y L. V. F. Randolph;!Diary of Frances Krasinska;
jadies' Loyal League, bv Mrs. 0 S. Baker; West
if the Mississippi; The Cavalier Theory Refuted,
>y W. H. Whitmore; The Early Arbutus, by Grace
!e la Verite; The Third Year of the War, by lion.
Frederick P. Stanton; Was Ho Successful; by Rich
?rd B. Kimball; The Chicago (Illinois) and other
)anals,by Hon Robert J. Walker. Woman; Lit
""tor?Ellf?K T1TL0B, ?*.??.
100 boXM CASTILE 80AP. ?
100 " TALLOW
Cheap for cask at National Boap and Candle
Worka, Qtmb itrwt ?nd the Canal, Georgetown,
9.0, mar V
Proyopt Marshal Gknkkal'h Office, J
W ABHIMiTOX, I). C., Juno :W?, 1863. )
Circular, A'o. 31.?I. Section Kiof the act ap
proved 31 arch 3. 1MS3, "tor enrolling and call
ing out the national forces, Hnd for other pur
poses," is as follows:
" Section 13. And be ?< further tnart'd, That any
pcr<nn drafted aiet notified to appear ** aforesaid,
may. uiot before ?*? *? lixed fur bin npi*arf<iice,
furiiinh an Acceptavit* Min>titutc t<? take lii- pin *?*
in the draft; or lie may pay to sueh person as the
Secretary of War may authorise to receive it. imch
sum. not exceeding three hundred dollars, as the
Secretary' may determine, for tin- procuration of
ouch substitute. w hich sum Khali he fixed at a uni
form rate by a General *>rder made at the time of
ordvrin;: a draft for any 5tate or Territory; and
thereupon ;?uch person so furnishing: the toihsti
tute.or uayinc the money, shall he discharged
from further liability under that draft. Aud any
person failing to rrport after due service of notice
as herein pr.-scribed, without furnishing a substi
tute, or payinn the required sum therefor, shall
he deemed a d.-serter. slid shall be arrested by the
l'rovost Marshal.amf sent to the nearest military
po*t for trial by Court-martial,unless upon proper
allowing that be is not liable to do military duty,
the Hoard of Enrollment shall relieve hiinfrora the
It is hereby announced that the amount to
be paid, in accordance with the foregoing sec
tion of the Enrollment act, by any person who
maj'be drafted, in order to secure exemption
from service, has been fixed by the Secretary
Of War at thres hundred dollar*.
II. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue in
each Congressional District has been nuthorixed
by the Secretary of War, and directed by the
Secretary of the Treasury, to receive from
drafted persons, who desire to pay it for the
purpose of exemption, the money above speci
fied. On receipt of this sum the Collector ol
Internal Revenue shall give the drafted per
son paying it duplicate receipts. One copy ot
these receipts shall be delivered to the Board
ol Enrollment on or before the day the drafted
person is required to report for duty; and when
so delivered to the Board the dratted person
shall be furnished by the Board with a cer- |
ttticate of exemption, (Form 31, Regulations of
Provost Marshal General's Bureau,) stating
that the person is discharged from further li
ability under that draft, by reason of having
paid the sum ol three hundred dollars.
III. The Provost Marshal shall make out
within the first Monday of every week an ab
stract of persons to whom exemptions from
military service shall have been granted by the
Board during the week previous. (Form 41.)
All receipts or certificates of deposit delivered
to the Board by persons claimingexemption on
account of having paid the required sum of
money, shall accompany the abstract.
James B. Fry,
Provost Marshal General.
CB. >
j. s
War Department,
Provost Marshal General's Office.
Washington, D. C., July 1, 1*61
tircf/Ior, No. 36.?The following Opinion of
Hon. William Whiting, Solicit#r ot the War
Department, is published lor the intormation
and guidance ol all officers of this Bureau:
It Is enacted in the 7th section of the act ap- j
proved March 3, entitled ?An act lor en- ?
rolling and calling out the national forces, and
for other purposes," that it shall be the duty of
the Provost Marshals appointed under this act,
"to arrest all <t> serte.rs, whether regulars, rolvn
tcers, tniiiUa men, orpersons called into the s-rrire
und>r this a>:t or any atlu r act of Congress, wher
ever they may be found, ami to send thein to
the nearest military commander or military
If a writ ot habeas corpu* shall be issned by a
State court, and served upon the Provost Mar
shal while he holds under arrest a deserter,
before he has had opportunity "to send him to
the nearest military commander or military
post,' the Provost Marshal is not at liberty to
disregard that process. "It is the duty of the
Provost Marshal or other person having ens- 1
tody of the prisoner, to make known to :he
Judge or Court, by a proper return, the author
ity by which he "holds him in custody. But j
alter this return is made, and the State Judge >
or Court judicially apprised that the party is j
iu custody under the authority of the 1'uited j
States, they can proceed no further.
"They then know that the prisoner i<= within
the dominion and jurisdiction ol ;mother Gov
ernment, and tha: neither the writ of hah-as
rorji'is, nor any other process issued under
State authority, can pass over the line of divi
sion between the two sovereignties. He is then
v, ithm the dominion and exclusive jurisdiction
of the United States. If he has committed an
ol!'en -e against their laws, rlieir tribunals alone i
can punish him. If he is wrongfully impris- j
oned. their judicial tribunals can release him j
and al! >ru him redress. And. although, as we i
have said, it is the duty of the Marshal, or j
other person holding him, to make known, by j
a proper return, the authority under which he
retains him, it is, at thesame time, imperatively
his duty to obey" the process ol the United
States, to hold the prisoner in custody under it,
:*.nd to refuse obedience to the mandate or pro
cess of any other Government. And. conse
quently. it is his duty not to take the prisoner,
nor suffer him to be taken, before a Sta.:e Judge
or Court upon a habeas corpus issued under
State authority. No State Judge or Court,
after they are judicially informed that the party
is imprisoned under the authority of the United
States, has any right to interfere with him, or
require hini to be brought before them. And if
the authority of a State, in the form of judicial
process or otherwise, should attempt to control
the Marshal, or other authorized officer or agent
of the United States, in any respect, in the cus
tody of his prisoner, it would be his duty to
resist it, and to call to his aid any force that
might be necessary to maintain the authority ol
law against illegal interference. ?No judicial
process, whatever form it may assume, can
have any lawful authority outside of the limits
of the jurisdiction of the Court or Judge by
whom it is issued; and an attempt to enforce it
beyond tnese boundaries is nothing less than
lawless violence.'"
The language above cited is that of Chief
Justice Taney, in the decision of the Supreme
Court of the United States in the case of Al
derman versus Booth (-21 Howard's Reports.)
If a writ of habeas corpus shall have been
sued out from a State Court, aud served upon
the Provost ilarshal while he holds the deser
ter under arrest, and before he has had time or
opportunity to "send him to the nearest mili
tary commander, or military post," it is the
duty of the Marshal to make to the Court a
respectlul statement, in writing, as a return
upon the writ, setting forth:
1st. That the respondent is Provost Marshal,
duly appointed by tlie President of the United
States, in accordance with the provisions of
the act aforesaid.
?Jd. That the person held was arrested by
said Marshal as a deserter, in accordance with
the provision of the 7th section of the act afore
said; that it is the legal duty of the respondent
to deliver over said deserter "to the nearest
military commander, or military post," and
that the respondent intends to perform such
duty as soon as possible.
3d. That the production of said deserter in
court would bo inconsistent with, and in viola
tion of the duty of the respondent as provost
marshal, and tha: the said deserter is now held
under authority of the United States. For these
reasons, aud without intending any disrespect
to the honorable Judge who issued process, he
declines to produce said deserter, or to subject
him to the process of the court.
To the foregoing, all other material facts may
be added.
Such return having been made, the jurisdic
tion of the State Court over that case ceases.
If the State Court shall proceed with the case
and make any formal judgment in it, except
that of dismissal, one ol two courses may be
taken. (1) The case may be carried up, by ap
peal or otherwise, to the highest Court of the
State, and removed'herefrom oy writ ot eTror
to the Supreme Court; or, (?>) the Judge may be
persoikiIIv dealt with iu accordance with law,
and witii such instructions as may hereatter
be issued in each case. ?
James B. Fr.r,
Provost Marshal General.
FOB SALE?The contends of the livery and hiring
stable* known as Smith's Stables, sit- fiv
Bated on 10th street, near Pa. avenue, con
sitting ot Carriage, Boggy *nd Saddhj-t^-*
Horses. Close Panel and Open Carriages. Top Bug
gies, Baggage Wagons, together with a good as
sortment of Double and Single Harness, Saddles,
Bridles and other things necessary to complete a
good outfit for the above business. Any person
wishing to engage in a lucrative businessi wiU.do
well to fall and examine the stock. If no. disposed
of at private sale earlier, they will be exposed at
public auction on the 1st day of Aagn^? ne*? at 1"
a. m. To a good tenant, the stables will be let on
reasonah e terms. The stand is of forty years du
LV * B?0??.
1**?' jtno .
This excellent Fnnily and News Journal*
rontaining a greater variety of interesting
reading than run be found in any other* ??
puMi*he? on Friday morning.
T*t?m*?Catk, invariably in adr?fKt.
Single copy, per annum 91 UO
Five copies 4 75
T? n copies !> 00
Twenty-five copies 30 CO
It invariably contains the "Washington
News" that has made TSe Daily Evening Star
circulate so generally throughout the eountry
Single copies (in wrappers) ran be pro
cured at the eounter, Immediately after the
issue of t he paper. Price?Th mmm C?wt*.
Fortrkrh Monkok, July 2.?The ilag-of
truce steamer New York has arrived.
The Richmond Enquirer of July 1st has the
.1 At kpon, June2!?.?Advices from Vieksburg
just received, leport no change in regard to the
staii' of affairs.
fin the nijrht of the 21st the enemy sprang a
mine to blow up an augle of our work*. The
efiort v a? a complete failure, and killed a num
ber of their own men.
The Vicksburg Citizen of the X?th. i-th, and
?j:?d. has been received. The Citizen says: -'For
twenty-eight days an incessantshower of shells
has rained upon tin* city. The lowest esiima^
places the number at one thousand. Ou Tues
day, while we were working off the edition of
our paper, a thirteen-inch ?bell passed through
the oflice, scattering our cases and type, ye* no
one was injured. One of the enemy's gunboat
is last aground t>elow the city.
??A number of transports loaded with troops
have come down within the past few days.
The enemy ha? been firing incendiary shells
for three days, but no damage has been done.
Major Headly, of Arkansas, commanding the
water battery, and MajorMartin, of the Twen
ty-sixth Louisiana. were killed last Sunday.
Col. M. Laurin, of the Twenty.seventh Louisi
ana, was severely wounded."
The Vicksburg Citizen confirms th?? news of
the heavy bombardment of Saturday, and savs
'?our loss is comparatively nothing. All now
feel that Johnston will arrive in time."
The general tone of the editorials of t&e Cit
| izen is cheerful. The pap<*r is printed on wall
j paper.
| Gen. Parson's battery at Cypress Creeu, 20
| miles below Napoleon, fired on five transports
loaded with troops on Tuesday, crippling them
badly. The troops landed and attempted to
storm our batteries, but were driven back.
Jackson, June 29.?Official dispatches from
Gen. Dick Taylor, dated at Alexandria, say he
stormed and carried at the point, ot the bayo
net, with unloaded guns, the enemy's position
at Berwick's Bay. The los? in killed and
| wounded is not known.
I The same dispatches say that the enemy's
position at Thibodeatix was also carried, but
by whom is not stated. It is thought to have
been done by (?en. Walker. Thisgives uscom
i mand of the Mississippi river above New Or
leans, and enables us to cut ort Banks's sup
Lieut. Wilson, with a volunteer party, cap
tured Capt. Manners and his entire party of 53
m?*n, after killing four, who had burned a train
of cars at Brookhaven a few days ago.
Summit, June 29,?The New Orleans Daily
True Delta of the 2J?th instant reports that a
fight took place at Lafourche Crossing on the
2 Id. The Federal force enraged was six regi
ments. The Confederate force is not given.
The Confederates charged and captured a bat
tery and prisoners, but are reported as having
lost 5:1 killed, including Col. Walker, of the 2d
Texas regiment, who was buried under a flag
of truce. The Confederates retired while the
enemy was waiting for reinforcements.
A gentleman from Pascagoula reports the
capture of the 10th Connecticut regiment and
two batteries from New Orleans. Our pickets
are near Algiers, opposite New Orleans.
Despatch from General Ro??rran?-The
Rebel* Driven out of Tullahoina ?Their
Stores ami Siege (inns Captured.
lasi', Tcllahox \, Tenn., July 1, via Mpr
kkkesroro', July 2.?Major Hfn-rai Halleck?
Citiej: 1 trlftf;raph>'(l voiioii Sunday
the occupation of'Shelhyvilleand Manchester,
and Monday it rair.?d hard all day. rendering
the roads impassable. It was found impossi
ble to move our artillery or to get our troops
into position until this morning, when a gen
eral advance was ordered at daylight.
Gen. Thomds yesterday made a reconnois
sance 011 two roads, and Gen. MeCook on oue
road, reporting the enemy in force at this pl.ioe
with the advance of Buckner's division, which
arrived Monday evening. On advancing this
morning it was found that the enemv hud fled
in haste la-t night, much demoralized, strong
fortifications, a small quantity of stores, and
three siepre guns are in our possession.
They took the direction of Winchester. Thovp
as should be on the right Hank to-night. ^he,-t
dan and Brannin marched into town to-day at
11) - o'clock, taking a few prisoners
W. S. Koseckahs, Major General.
Death of Genera! llale.
Karrisr.rRf;, July 2.?General R. C. Hale,
Quartermaster General os the state, di?d to
day at Keadsville, Miltln county, after a pro
tracted illness.
The Government and the Pre**,
The Washington .N'tor, commenting upon the
prosecution of its editor by the government
lor the publication of contraband army news,
makes the point that the letter of the Philadel
phia Inquirer which contained the intelligence
was copied into the New York evening and
morning papers of June IT and 18. The Star
might have added, with perfect justice, that
the prohibition from Gen. Hooker's headquar
ters against the publication of news from the
Army of the Potomac was not issued until the
1-th (one dav' after the issue of the objection
able letter in Philadelphia and New York),
and this order was not received here until the
afternoon ?! that day. Inasmuch, therefore,
as the rules established by Gen. Hooker were
unknown to the editors ''throughout the coun
try"' until the Isth, it was clearly no breach oi
confidence to publish news for which oty peo
ple were anxiously waiting on the 17th.
Moreover the story Iron} the correspondent
of the Inquirer gave no idea of the future
movements of Hooker's army. It reported
only the concentration of different corps lroin
Falmouth at Centreville, adding that ?Gen.
Hooker and the retinue attached to general
headquarters are on their way to this poin',
and by to-morrow noon or night the army will
be together again." Hence the situation of
headquarters was not stated?for headquarters
exist where the commanding general happens
to be at the moment, and if Gen. Hooker had
not yet arrived at Centreville, headquarters
had certainly not been established there. Sinc<;
the appearance ef General Hooker's order no
loyal paper, as far as we are aware, has pub
lished any forbidden news.
The offence of the Star, which has subjected
its editor to indictment, was accordingly no
offence at all, in the light ot law or common
sense. The prosecution of newspapers, in any
svent, is au unwise proceeding, and the peo
ple, who are compelled to depend upon the
industry of the reporters to learn tidings which
the government and its censor refuse to fur
nish, bestow little sympathy upon such eJ
lorts.?-Y. 1". Eecni>uj Pott.
A RkhkL Game Block id at Vicksbur-j ?
[)n Monday last three Federal prisoners es
caped from Vicksburg. They reported that
I'eiiiberton was constructing small boats, sev
eral hundred ol which were finished. One el"
the escaped prisoner* heard an ollicer say *hav
->nr* lor MM) boats would be ready by Sunday
night. As if to more fully confirm what ap
peared to be already a certainty, l;:rg<* bodies of
Kirhv Sttiths Rebel cavalry were s-?en hover
ing abotit. across the river, in front of Vicks
tjurg. It appeared th??n, that Peinberton was
utending to escai?e across the river in small
boat', where he wonld pe joined and protected
av the Rebel cavalry. Gen. Grant instantly
Slocked the game. He ordered Mower's brig
ide, supported bv Taylor's Chicago battery
ind the the 10th Illinois cavalry, to move from
t'oung's Point and occupy the neck of land in
ront of the doomed city. This movement was
executed on Tuesday morning. At the same
ime the gunboats above and below were cr
lered to close in nearer and remain there, so
hat escape by that method became an impo -sw
rility.?From 'he Chicago Jeurnci,

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