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wgno amp othj? matter.
VuhiBgUa Hw?t Marka*.
(inotattoni for stocks, ooin and uncnrrent
money, furnished by Lewis Johnsoa * Co.,
stojinf. Selling.
U 8. Ooapon Bond*, 1881......MBX 1 ojJ[
Do., 1661, ^
V 5. 7JB NotM 1W5
Qjiriitmiiteri1 Checks.... 99Jj s99)( ? i
New Certificates ?
Amerioan Mirer 13<?i35
American Gold 143*141* 145* <
Naw York Rates?First Board.
Coupon 6's, If 01, 110-,7-30's, 107*; Oertifljatee
of Indebtedness, 99; Gold, 145*.
ft* following orders were issued by the
Wary Department this morning:
Lieut. Tectti3aeh Steecc, detached from the
Sebag o and waiting orders.
Chaplain James H. Coleman, detached from
the Naval Academy (sick), and waiting or
Second Assistant Engineer Wm. H. Harri
son, detached from the Augusta Dinsqaore and
ordered to the Shamrock.
Second Assistant Fngineer A. H. Fisher, or
dered to the Pequot.
Third Assistant Engineer Lewis Laesh, de
tached from the Augusta Dlnsmore, and or
dered to the Pequot.
Paymaster J. W. Smith writes to his brother
in this city
Lmn Rock, Abk , Oct. 17, 1863.?* * * ]
There is a strong Union feeling here, mor<?
than in anjr part of the South where the army
has ye* advanced. Recruits are coming in
every day. and several regiments are already
formed, we were 12 days in getting from St.
l^ouis here. White River is most beautiful,
-very narrow and deep. We had no trouble
from any quarter.
This fight took place at Brown's Ferry, on
tbe Tennessee river, near Chattanooga, and the
result is considered of the highest importance
as It removes the rebel obstructions to steam
boat navigation to that point, and secures other
advantages in opening np the way for army
Lieut. Solomon, of the 178th New York regi
ment, who has been on duty for some months
at the Central Guardhouse, has been relieved
and ordered to his regiment, which goes into ;
the field.
Yesterd y. four recruits for the Ohio cavalry,
twenty-seven convalescents from Boston har- I
bor, and seventy-six convalescents from Bal- j
timore, arrived at the Soldiers' Rest.
W. E. Sparrow, blockade runner, was ar
rested by the police last night, and by order of
Capt. Todd committed to the Old Capitol
Sparrow is supposed to be a rebel spy.
John Ball, company B, 8th Virginia cavalry,
reached here this morning from Edward's
Ferry, and was committed to the Old Capitol
. & chard E. Halsey has resigned his warrant
IB ft THrft Assistant Engineer in the Navy.
One hundred and fifty deserters were sent to
the Army of the Potomac this morning.
????*? '*??? ????Wi favorite place of
amusement was crowded in every pert last
wight, the aisles and passages being filled, as
-well as the ehaUrs, ud ?kw<> ?? i*w w.u
obtain chairs, or even a camp-stool, were con
tent to stand, so absorbing was the interest in
the play?*' Fanchon"?and its heroine?Mag
gie Mitchell.
President Lincoln was present, and also many
other personages of distinction.
The number of citizens of the first respecta
bility, with their families, was noticeably large;
and the fact that the better class of the commu
nity thus resort to Ford's is not only from the
excellent and high-toned character of the per
formances, but from the fact that improper
persona are rigorously exel uded. A gentleman
In taking his wife and daughters to ford's
feels secure that they will not be thrown in
company with the painted jexebels who flood
the city, and thrust themselves into every place
Of amusement where their pepeence Is to lerated.
Police officers are placed at the entrance of
Ford's theater nightly, whose special duty it is
to turn away all such women, and to Intimate
. to them at the same time that a second attempt
o gain an entrance there will cause them to
be consigned to the guardhouse.
Mr. Ford deservee the thanks of the respect
able portion of the community for aflording
them a place of entertainment where they c in
^rlsii without having thrust upon them an as
sociation with the "fancy" of either sex.
This is tbe last night of "Maggie" at Ford's,
*ut attractions of the highest order will suc
ceed her in the performances of J. Wilkes
Booth, (who is just now the subject of such
-enthusiastic comment in the Northern papers)
who will be supported by a company such as
kas never before been congregated upon the
boards of a Washington Theater.
Paa'OMAL.?Secretary Seward will leave in:
the thrt-e o'clock train for Auburn, N, Y., ac
companied by hia family physician, Br. Verdi,
of this city, to attend Col Seward, who is lying
very ill * ith typhoid fever.
Graad Vaiea Ratification Meeting ia R?w
A monster meetingof the friends of the Union
ticket in New York was held at the Cooper In
stitute, in New York city, on Thursday evening
The large hall not being able to accommodate
the large assemblage, three platforms were
erected outside in Astor Place. Mr. Wm. Cur
tis Noyes presided at the meeting, and upon
taking the chair he made a lonr speech, wherein
he exposed the designs of tbe rebels in the for
mation of their Con lederacy?their government
>*ing one whose corner-*to?.e was the perpetu
ation ot hnman slavery. A vigorous prosecu
tion of the war ww urged, and the assembly
was urged to vote promptly for the TTuion can
didates at the coming election, and thereby
eoiusrvs the be?t ini?*rv*t? of the country
Resolutions w*re uuanimously adopted, de
claring that old political issues have be.?n
blotted out of existence, and that the princi
Cles of the old Whig and Democratic parties
living been consigned to tbe tomb, it is an in
sult to the iutHliirt-nce of the country to assert
that they i re still in existence. The resolutions
alto declare that the Unionist-, of New York,
coming and combining from all orgaaizations,
leok with contempt upou the efforts of men
who have never acted with the democratic
party except to nse its name and traditions
against the government of their country in lU
mortal straggle with rebellion.
The services of oar brave soldiers and sailors
are acknowledged in fitting terms, and the at
tempt to prevent their voting at elections is
^^^???The Unionists of Pennsylvania,
Ohio aad lowa are complimented on their sue.
ceases ia the recent elections. The alliance of
the political faction* fa New York to defeat the
Vjnom ticket ia condemned; aad the resolutions
heartily approve the several acta of Congress
#e* -enrolling the national forces?providlng
bounties for volunteers?wresting the habeas
uses of treason?indemnifying
oorpaa frem the uses ot treason-indemnifying
public ofllcers from the malignity of arrested
lelallsBna tor outrages upon South
?tm Uhioaista, aad weakening the enemy by
coaneeanag the property
the lands 5jg the South to
the property of rebels?opeaiag
jita South to free whits labor?
?"tnofi of every eolor. creed
?thePrseideaVs immortal nroe
Lswts Barker
of xuisots; Schayler
?l OKA. Orow, of Ahm*
urged a 4 termtaJI
advocated thss^^^H
as its eleotion^^^^H
of NewYcii*
telegraphic news,
the ball again opened.
Mere Greek Fire Thrown in the
The Rebels Surprised.
The Monitors to Participate in
the Boakardient.
New York, Oct. 31.?The New York Timtt
has a letter dated Morris Island, October 27,
saying three guns was turned on Charleston.
Each has thrown one Greek fire shell in the
heart of the city.
Other gnns will open this afternoon. Onr
Latteries are also at work on Forts Johnson,
Sumter and Moultrie. The enemy reply re
servedly, evidently surprised at shelling
Four Monitors are in position ofl' Sullivan's
Island, and will commence firing this af.er
noon. The Ironsides is not participating.
No casualty has occurred on our side. Our
firing was to get a perfect range of the rebel
works, and prevent the construction of interior
batteries, mounting guns at Sumter, and not
j the commencement of any vigorous assault.
Nashville, Oct. 29 Lookout Mountain
was taken on the 29th instant by our troops,
under Major Gen. Hooker, with the llth army
corps and a portion of the 12th, and Palmer's
division of the 4th corps. There was no seri
ous opposition. The river is now open to
Cbattanooga, and the Army ot the Cumber
land is relieved from the danger threatened
by the interruption of communication.
Gen. Palmer has been promoted to the com
mand of the 14th corps, over Kosecran*. Rey
nolds and Sh. ridan. Gen. Rousseau is very
ill. Gen. Mitchell is relieved from his cav
alry command ar.d ordered to report here. He
is row in this city.
Work on the Orange and Alexandria Rail
road .
Washington, Oct. 30.?[Associated Press
Dispatch.]?There Is nothing or unusual inter
est reported from the Army of the Potomac
to-day. Tho railroad is repaired to Catlett's
Station and"pushing on to the junction. The
cars are expected to reach there to-morrow.
Seme of our troops are said to be at a point
where Turkey Run crosses the Warrenton
The Fight near Bealeton?Forces Engaged
on Both Sides?Repair* to the Railroad
Probability of a Battle?Oar Army Ready
for a Fight.
Catlett's Station, Va., (Jet. (Corres.
pondence of the Philadelphia Inquirer.]?"All
quiet along the lines," is the phrase that de
scribes the present state of affairs on our front.
The cavalry are still picketing on nearly the
same line as my last writing, and have had
one or two brushes with the enemy. The
latter advanced on Monday with two brigades
of infantry, and attacked onr cavalry pickets,
under Colonel Devin, to the left of Be&leton,
and soon after those of Colonel Chapman's
brigade, further oa the right. Our pickets
were driven back by the enemy's skirmishers;
but we, in torn, on bringing up our supports,
drove them to their main body.
The troops engaged on the Rebel side were
Stuart's (notJeb.)and Walker's brigades, of
Johnson's division, of Ewell's corps, with
some little cavalry. Walker's brigade is the
one originally commanded by " Stonewall"
On onr side there were the fwo bricades of
duiuiu ? i/i * miuu ttoorn mentioned (Uii&p*
man's and Devin's,) and no infantry, as was at
first reported. A section of Lieutenant Willis
ton's Battery, attaohed to chapman'u firignda,
was brought in, and the rebels had a battery
of six guns,
The only object of the enemy in making the
advance appeared to be merely the protection
of their wagons in hauling away the railroad
iron from near Bealeton, and they showed no
disposition to follow us up any further than
was necessary for that purpose. After the
fight was over our picket line remained within
something less than a mile of its old position.
Although firing was kept up more or less
briskly from about 10 a. m. until night, the
affair was nothing more than a slight skirmish,
but few casualties occnring on either side.
We captured in the skirmish one lieutenant,
belonging to the 5th Virginia infantry, and two
privates. The lieutenant corroborates the re
ports previously beard in regard to their inten
tion of making a stand at the Rappahannock.
He says they have one ot their best engineers
superintending the construction of fortifica
tions, and a large number ot men constantly
emplcyed on them. If they make a stand this
side the Rapidan, the ridge this side of Brandy
Station will probably be thei* main position.
They can hardly prevent us from crossing the
river whenever we wish to do so, but at the
point designated they would be able to give us
battle with the advantage of position consider
ably in their favor; and should there be a gen
eral engagement within the next month, that
will probably be the battle-field.
From all that now appears snch a battle
seems quite probable. The rebuilding of the
rsilroad indicates that offensive operation on
this line are still contemplated by the dfar De
partment; and, beside, it is known that General
Wleade was mnch chagrined and disappointed
at not being able to bring Lee to a general en
gagement, either at Rnll Run or at the Rappa
hannock, during the late movements, whence
we may infer that he will be inclined to seek
the earliest opportunity to idemnity himself for
his disappointment on that occasion. There
are, alto, some Other indications that resump
tion c f active operations is intended at an early
nr5=? I. O.O. P -GRAND LODGE-A Special
LL5 Meeting will be held THItJ (Saturday) IVK
KING, st 8 o'clock, te make arrangements for tho
funeral of P.G.Aaron Niwrsrusr, of Ooreaaut
Lodge, No. 13. By order of the M W. O. M.
It P. II SWEET. Grand Secretary.
UJf every SABBATH In the Old Trinity Ohareb
on 6th street, between B and La. arenas. 8<*rrlo?n
at U a. m. aid 7)6 p.m. Seats free. Bev.T B,
Booi.stt. pa?tor. oe31-tf.S
nrg=?THB regular monthmy meeting
IL3 of the Young Catholirs'Friends Society will
Beheld at fct Matthew's Ohnrch, immediately
sfter vespers, TO MOBBQW, Nov. 1st
i? a a r. pimmb. k?c. tue.
'MA OHIO.?'The AnnualOommarioation of
. the M. W. Grand Looge oflhe IHstriatof
ww.ambia, will be held at Ma?onie Hail, ooraer of
D and ?th ?treet, on TUESDAY, November Sd, at 4
o'clock p m. Panotu*l aHennane? is r*cqeatod.
ocSI-St* Grand Secretary.
LL3 L. SMITH Spiritual Mnfivm, aa instru
ment in the hands of Angels, Christ, and the Hea
Iather. will speak under those iaflasneos on
the lower Capitol
oreate all things
veiily Father, will speak under 1
SUNDAY, at hair-past two, on
Grounds. Subject: B?ho d, I
aa?w. ocgvst*
lk5 hers of Washington Oommaaderr No. 1 are
atrrfey ordered to appear la fall regalia at their
Airlim corner 9th and D streets, oa SATURDAY
EVENING.Oct si?t,ato'clock, preparatory *0
marching to Washington Naval Lodge, All Sir
Kaigbtsln good staadtnfare invited to participate.
By order of tho Bmineat Commander.
oe?a-?t* B WT MoMUBDT. Recorder.
I Tho regular Monthly Meeting of tSls Asso
Bn will bo hold at the Secretary's OMee, No.
320 Seventh street west, oa the 4th November, at
7o'clock.p.m. A full attendance of tho Stock
?teiijnU requested, la order to adopt soets plaa
holders is reeaeeted, la order to adopt soms
for the disposition of the aecusMtated fndi.J
?e?J13 T M. HANSON. m
I Eoo. W. N L .No ?.
at rs
Was Dstaktikst, >
Provott Mar thai General'* Office, \
Washing**, I>- C., Oct. 23, 1*13. \
Circular No. 96 ?The enlistments for recruit*
to fill up old volunteer organizations, under
the plan recently adopted by this Bureau, vffi
be made in duplicate upon the blank forta*
furnished foy volunteer enlistments by the Ad
jutant General's office. Upon the back of each
copy of tbe enlistment shall be endorsed tM
regiment for which the recruit enlisted. To?
enlistments will be signed by the Provost Mar
shal as recruiting officer, and by the Surgeon
ol the Board of Enrollment as examining 8i>r
gton. Tbe oath will be administered by tbe
Provost Marshal One copy of the enlistment
will accompany the recrnit to the general ren
dezvous at the time he is sent there, and tbe
other will be forwarded, with a monthly re
turn of the recruiting service (to bw signed by
the Provost Marshal) to the superintendent of
the recrniting service for the State, upon the
last day of the month.
Recruits will be sent to the general rendex
vous as often as may be found necessary, under
charge of a suitable guard Each detachment,
before leaving the Provost Marshal's head
quarters, will be duly mustered into service
by the Provost Marshal, as Mustering officer
upon the prescribed form of Muster and De
scriptive rolls now furnished by the Adjutant
General's office.
These rolls shall be made in Quadruplicate,
and each shall be- signed by the Provost Mar
shal, who shall certify to the muster of each
man from the date of bis enlistment. One copy
of this roll shall be sent, at its date, to the Ad
jutant General of the army: one, at the same
time to the Adjutant General of the State: one
shall be retained by the Provost Marshal, and
the fourth shall be sent, with the clothing ac
count of each man, and one copy of his enlist
ment, (as hereinbefore directed,) to the general
rendezvous with the detachment.
The Muster and Descriptive roll shall show,
in each case, the regiment for which the man
Acting Assistant Provost Marshals General
will at once make requisition upon the Adju
tant General ol the armv for such number of
tuaua raiiiBiiuenis ana Oi&nk muster and r?e
senptive rolls as will be required for their re
spective States. Thev will also order the
necessary posters for their States to be printed
ar.d they will distribute them to their Provost
Bills therefor will be paid by Mustering and
1) isbursing officers.
JAMC8 B. Fbt, Provost Marshal General.
Rkqistxb'8 Ortici, Oct. 17.1863.
Notice is hereby given that Licenses given to
Taverns, Retailer* of Bplritaous and fermented
Liquors, Wines and Cordials, to Grooers,Dry Goods.
Bard ware. Medicines. Perfumery, Watches and
Jewelry* Lumber, Wood and Coal, Commission
Merchants; also, to Keepers of Hackney Carriages
and Omnibuses, Billiard Tables, Ten-pin Alleys,
and Confectionery, and for Hawkins and Peddling,
and Dealers in Old Iron, Brass. Copper, Ac., will
expire on MONDAY, the 3d day of November next,
and that said Licenses must be renewed at this
office ffltlnn ten days after that time.
oc 37 dtNov 3 Register.
best quality delivered to Families, Hotels,
Fairs, Balls, Ac., at the lowest prices,at tne Phila
delpbia Confectionery, corner 12th and P street*.
oca-lm* J. RUSSELL
LL3 fectionery and Steam Ice O.eam Manufac
toiy, No. 3t>6 Sixth street, between G and B sti.
Parties, Balls, Bappers, Wed lings, and other ca
tertainments furnished at the shortest notice, oa
the most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Watei
Ices S2 per gallon. oo 7-lm*
nr-y-NOTICI ?We caution the puMic against
Uo( several parties wno are purporting to be om
agents in putting on Cement and Grsval Roofs. We
have no agents, and warn all persons for trusting
tbem on onr account.
Successors to J. F. Walker A Son,
Be 901m* foot of SSd street west.
F'OB BALK?Two second hand 8HOW WINDOWS
in good ord*r sash and gl*ss perfect. Ingnire
Of i. 8. BLiCKfOBD & SON. 99 Bridge street,
Georgetown, D. C., opposite Bank of Commerce.
coit. Also, rich MgD ALIUN VELVET CARPET,
17x14% feet. Apply at corner H and 31st streets.
oc 31 3t?
ERAL.-I hereby notify that 1 have taken
possession of the HOTEL and RISTAURANT SOI
11th street, near Pa. avenue Table d'Hote from
3 to 4 o'clock A grand StJ PPBR w.ll be given This
nC?TIK H 0 C 8 X.
600 Firkins New York and Penn. BUTTBR,
100 Pails do. do. di.
oe3l-2w* 4S0 Eighth st.. bet. Pa. av. and 0 it.
?^MW O O O D H .
Just opened, at BOBWRLL'S Fancy Btore, a
good assortment of Fancy, Zephyr, and Woolen
Rnit Goods, such as Bad Biding Hood Cloaks.
Opera Hoods, Breakfast Shawls, Nabias, Legfings,
Comforts, Skating Caps, Children's Coats and
Zouave Jackets, Balmoral Hose, Gloves Mits,
Bocks, Ladies' Fine Cashmere Vest and Drawers;
also Yelvet Bibbon, Belt Ribbon, Magic Ruffling,
Hair Nete. Braids, Garters, a fine article, Ladie*'
Paper Collars and Caffs, together with lots of
Toilet Articles and other Fancy Goods. Give me a
call, and get ehcap goods. oc 31 eo3t*
Kj We have Just received?
? barrels Clarified Champagne Cider, on draught.
For sale by EG AM * PERRIE,
oc 3H-St Corner R and Ninth streets
Tbe Paeket Schooner F. BARRETT has arrived,
"i " ?0W H*?ETLVf?Vio
99 * 191 W.tor atrMt,
ocSft-3t* Georgetown. D. C.
Grand opening
or tvi mmw
the 31st of October.
, ?
The undersigned invites the public to call and
examine our stock of?
FRESH MEATS of all kinds.
CANNED FRUITS of our own putting up,
ERB, ia faet all the luxuries of the season.
ISO Pa. avenue, between 17th and 18th,
oc 3Q-3t* rear the War- Department.
FOR SALE.?Several fine young HORSES, saita
ble for anything, Saddle. Buggy, or rv
Draught. Icqrire of M. CON N OLL Y, "lwfi
A sent, No. dSd Eighth street, near p.
Hss the honor to inform her friends and clients
that shs has Removed to Fifteenth street. No
427, next door to the Rank of MM. Riggs and Oo.
REIVING And for sale one hundred and lb
thousand HARP BRICK. Inquire of
at Wm. Clabaugh's Wharf,
oc 38-lw* ? Georgetowa.
For bale-a bay saddle horse, suitabit
for an < Steer ia the army, Oubtsecngv
at our Stable. _ *lri
oc 37 <o3t* 4S0 Q at . bet, tth and 7th sts.
Ship Carpenters' BROAD AKR8,
House do do
do do ADZES,
do de do
Kentacky susd Yankee Chopping HATCBIpb
Lathing. Dlaw and Bblngline do
Box ('i&haadled) HATOHB FS,
l an ting (camp) do
qaantMiaa or at retaU at lowest rates for uk
309 Pa. avenue, Washlagtoa Do
37-eolw [Qhron., Rep. A Alex Alan's"
Gen. Hays bag been relieved from tbe court,
martial of whicb Major (1 ."lines is| Judge Ad
vocate, and ordered to vNew York, where be
"Will perform tbe duties of Assistant Provost
Marshal General, Superintendent or Volunteer
Recruiting Service, and Chief Mustering and
Disbursing Officer for tbe first ten districts of
New York, including New York city.
The Hayes' court-martial concluded the Da
vis case this morning, and adjourned to tbe 9th
Tbe Angur court-martial is still engaged on
tbe Stetlpr case. Up U>4be time of our report
but one witness bad been examined, ? Worth
ington, Inspector of tbe Commissary Depart
ment at Baltimore.
A Wriggle.?'The Republican attempts to
wriggle out of its predicament in publishing
a* important news tbe Bucyras Journal-hoax,
beaded ?? Romance in Real Life," by saying
that ft knew it was a sell all the time. We
leave the Republican to settle that matter with
its readers, who probably will think they are
treated to quite enough original bogus news in
that paper without getting it at second hand
from the " Bucyrus Journal."
A Libkl.?"Only one vessel belonging to the
Russian fleet will go to Washington, the others
drawing too much water."?A". 1'. Express.
tuib is a noel. Any vessel tnat can float in
the second-rate harbor of New York, (where
they have to lighter the Great Eastern,) can
come up to Washington, and "not half try."
Washington Money Market?Latest Que
Furnished by Lewis Johnson & Co., Bank
Buying. Selling.
U. 8. Coupon Bonds, 1881 109# lie w
U. S. 5'20's par ?
U.S. 7.30 Notes 1#?* 188
Quartermasters' Checks 99 \ ?
New Certificates 98 \ ?
American Gold..... lisain^ 148
American Silver i:joai:i? ?
Coupon 6's, 1881, 110: 7-30's, 107Certifi
cates of Indebtedness, 99; Gold, <4SX; Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 90; Michigan
Southern, Chicago and Northwestern, 45;
Alton and Terrahaute, 06; Quiksilver, 66#.
Late fi-om Arkansan^
Cairo, Oct. 31.?Advices from Little Rock,
dated the 19th, state that volunteering for the
Union army continues successinl. The militia
organizations in the northwest part of the
State number 2,000. Capt. Ryan, of General
Steele's staff", has been appointed superintend
ent of the organization of the loyal troops for
the defense of the State.
Efforts are being made by the Union men oi
Arkanas to have Mr. Rogers, of Pine Blufi,
appointed Military Governor. Petitions have
been forwarded to Washington asking the
Dobbins, the notorions guerrilla, was cap
tured last week at Tnlup. Thirty-two thous
and dollars in Confederates notes were cap
Deserters from Price's army are daily arriving
at Little Rock and Pine Bluff, and taking the
oath of allegiance.
At last accounts more than half of his army
bad deserted.
Marmadnke is at Arkadt-lphia with cavalry.
Holmes cemmands at Arkadelpbia.
The rebels moved their machine shops to
Marshall, Texas. ^ _
Tne post office bas beta re-established at
Little Rock.
A party of guerrillas, under CampbeU, en
tered Charleston, Missouri, last night, robbing
stores and citizens. They took prisoner Col.
Deal, who shot two of tbe party. Campbell
bas been captured and brought here In irons.
Tbe prohibition on private shipments to
points below bas been removed, providing the
freight is shipped in boats coming from St.
Nbw York, Oct.3l?'The steamer Corsica, be
longing to H. Addtrly and company, well
known aiders of the rebels, arrived from Nas
sau on the 36th at Wilmington.
The blockade runner Baasbee, which lately
arrived at Nassau, was consigned to Adderly
and company. She bad a very narrow escape
from capture, being obliged to throw overboard
a hundred and fifty bales of cotton, soon after
leaving WUmington.
The steamer Virginia sailed on the 30th, for
a Southern port. Tbe steamer Spunkie arrived
at Nassau on tbe 6th, with cotton, from Wil
The rebel steamer Elizabeth, with her mail,
is reported to have been burnt, to escape cap
The steamer Arabian, run ashore, was to
tally wrecked near Wilmington, to escape cap
The steamers Harsa and Venus, from Wil
mington, arrived at Nassau on tbe yth. The
steamers Spaulding and Spunkie sailed on the
loth to run the blockade.
The steamers Pet and Don arrived on the
14th, from Wilmington, tbe Fannie and Anto
nica on the 15tb, the Margaret and JeBsee on
the 20th. Nearly all the above-named steam
ers have cleared again to run the blackade of
Criminal Cocbt, Judge Olin.~This morn
ing, Charles Brandt waa found guilty of steal
ing a watch from Robert Peade, and sentenced
to tbe penitentiary for one year.
John Pitt, a soldier, charged with stealing a
horse from Octavus Lncas, was found guilty.
Judge Olin, after the rendition of the verdict,
said he could suspend the sentence, and if he
oonld give swcopltv hp wnnlrt b* allowod to go
to bis regiment, but if be misbehaved the Mar
shal would arrest him, and he would be sen
Mary V- Glascoe, alias Anna Butler, indicted
tor tbe larceny of forty dollars, three shirts, a
shawl and ring from Julius Steine, was placed
on trial and found guilty. This is the colored
girl, notorious for her practice of hiring
out k> families and leaving suddenly, usually
taking off money or effects with her. Tbe De
tectives were on the search for her a long tine,
and she was arrested by Detect!verBarry and
Kelly at a house in Georgetown.
Alter conviction, Judge Clin held a conver
sation with her, when ane stated that she had
robbed several parties, and had furnished a
room with the proceeds, and that she was in
stigated by another party. Sentence was not
passed upon her, In order to give the detec
tives an opportunity to And out the party she
Richard Seeley, a soldier belonging to the
Invalid Corps, charged with stealing #48 from
Henry Woodward, a comrade, was found not
nilty. He acknowledged that he had taken
the money, bat plead that he did so to take care
of it, Woodward having fallen asleep.
Robert Williams was tried lor aa assault and
battery, and found guilty, and received a nom
inal eentenoe. ^
imnre to Soldibus aid Smcggliho oh
? Liqcob.?On Monday afternoon, by or
der of one of the military detectives, the houses
of Mrs. Spaulding. onC, near First street west,
and Mrs. EUen Kelly, on New Jersey avenue,
1.1 w*?? -?? ??- - " ' -
near the Depot, ware ordered to be closed, for
selling liquor to soldiers. Theerder was not
however obeyed, and both partes ware arrest
t^1ce*traf fuardhouse, from
whitfc Mrs. Spaulding was transferred to the
Old Capitol yesterday* The hxmseswwa locked
lag's house, and found three mea, Chas. No
y*na wagon, U which ws* three barrelsot
and Wrtinnnni<^ffVt barttes to the Fift?
Ww*SS5E, nidthey wenTtnraed over to
Capt. (J&mp, at the Soldiers* Rest, who re
ferred the matter to Capt. Todd, and Nolan
was committed to the central guardhouse.
Roundsman Pierce and Officer Clements, at
7 o'clock yesterday morning, found Jas. Free
man and twoother men at Mrs. Kelly's house,
in the act of moving off her effects, having on a
full load of the most costly of the stock. The
oflloers took them in charge also, and reported
the facts to Captain Camp, and Provost mar
shal Todd sent Freeman to the guard-house.
The liquor has been confiscated.
Navy Yabd?At the Nary Yard every de
partment is in full operation, employing "now,
perhaps, a larger number of hands than hare
ever been employed before. The boiler shop
has had tbe sonth door enlarged, so taat the
largest sized boilers can be put together here
and be removed to the wharf without the ne.
ceseity of having them built in portion*. The
steam gunboat Western World, of the North
Atlantic Blockading Squadron, which, it will
be recollected, was in the storm of August last,
In which the liainbridge was lost, has been un
dergoing repairs, which was much needed, as
her timbers were found to have been terribly
strained. The new gunboat Entaw, built in
Baltimore, is still lying at the wharf, where
experiments upon her machinery have been
made tor the last three or fonr months. Tbe
Yankee, ol the Potomac flotilla, has been un
dergoing repairs, as hasalso the mortar schoon
ers Matbew Yasser and Wm. Bacon. The
Tulip (built originally for Mandarin Ward, of
China) has been having some improvements
added to her machinery.
Police ReportsPrecinct.?W. E.
Spanow, rebel spy, from Staunton, Va , twen
ty-two letters were fonnd on him; sent to the
Old Capitol.
Third Prrcinct.-rJ&mcs Hcgan, indecent ex
posure; workhouse. Wm. Johnson, disorderly;'
Fourth Precinct.?Wm. Martin, threats; bail
lor peace. Patrick Holeran, disorderly; work
house. Mary Malay, vagrancy; do. John
Cronan, disorderly: dismissed.
.Sixth Precinct.?Jerry Simms, drunk; locked
up 24 hours, and dismissed. Frod'k Bartlett,
driving on pavement; *2. Henry Tinkelacre,
disorderly; ?1. Bishop Cooper, obstructing
pavement; *1. Joseph Murphy, drnk; John
Feeney, do.: dismissed.
Tenth Precinct.?Edward Smith, indecent ex
posure: $5. Chrittiana Smith, Elizabeth Cole
man, Charlotte Mason, disorderly;^ each. S.
Carter, do.; dismissed. Lavina Burke, do.; *5,
also, for threats; bail for peace Hannah Snow
den, disorderly; 58 cents costs. Sarah Coombs,
do.; SI. John McDonald, drank and disorder
ly; military.
The Descent upon tub Keepers of
Bawdy Houses.?Yesterday afternoon and
last night, the Marshal and his deputies made
several arrests of parties, on bench warrants,
against whom the grand jurv have found bills
of indictment.
There were some ten persons in all arrested,
among them Major H. C. Bartinet and Miss
Maude Roberts, of No. 275 D street; Kate Wa
ters, of 11th street; Josephine Newman, alias
"Dutch Joe," of D street; and Mrs. Ellen
"Wolfe, of the Wolfs Den, corner D and 13th
streets. All of them, it is understood, gave se
curity this morning, and were released. Four
of them were taken to jail, where they stopped
during the night.
The grand jury are still engaged on thiscla3s
of cA*e&, having found twenty indictments
yesterday and seven to-day, against parties
residing in every part of the city; and we hope
that their efforts may be successful in clearing
them out.
Closed?Tbe following liquor establish
ments have been permanently closed by Capt.
Eolan's detectives: Mr. Christie and James
Brown, 22d and G: M. Ganau, Cottage Hotel,
corner 22d and F; M. Rnowles, 22d and E: M.
McDevitt, Parker &. Co., Mr. Kiernan, 21st and
F: Thos. Biggings, Mr. Commiskey and Peter
White, F near 21st; Gales' Hotel and Our
House, G street near 22d.
Jno. Hazle, who keeps a bar in the rear of
his cigar and bookstore, on Capitol Hill, was
arrested yesterday by Capt. Dolan's Detectives,
charged with selling liquor to soldiers. He
was fined $'20. and his bar permanently closed,
and his liquor confiscated.
Hazle was subsequently arretted and com
mitted to the Old Capitol, on a charge ot furn
ish a rebel prisoner of war in the Old Capitol
with liquor.
Arrests op Desebters?The following de
serters have been arrested to-day by Capt.
Scheetz's detectives: James C. Gratton, 11th
Pennsylvania cavalry; Henry Mills, 2d New
Jersey cavalry; Jeremiah Quinslar, 5th U. S.
artillery; Jas. Gafney, 5th U. S. artillery; Wm.
Garner, 3d Pennsylvania cavalry, company D;
Mitchell A. Hill, 2d U. S.cavalry, company G;
Edward Sanborn, 145th Pennsylvania volun
teers, company G, (substitute;) Wm. Hairland,
112th Pennsylvania volunteers, battery G; all
or whom were turned over to Forrest Hall
prison, to be sent to their regiments.
ThbForty Thieves.?A gangof boot-blacks
who have been robbing stores, freight cars,
market stalls, and even churches, have been
designated by the police as the "Forty Thieves,"
there being about forty of them. They are so
small, that in every case they have escaped
punishment through the pity of the parties
wronged. Last night fonr boy* were taken to
the Fourth Ward station, where they were re
cognized as belonging to the gang. This morn
ing they were sent to the workhouse for sixty
days by Justice Thompson. Their names are
Daniel Sugum, John Murray, Patrick Grady,
and John McN ulty.
Frederick Sohwarz.? This young man,
arrested by detective McDevitt yesterday far
representing himself a United States detective,
is now held as a thief. Several houses have
been robbed, and officers Parker, of the Second
Ward, and McDevitt have recovered some of
the goods, and expect to get more, and connect
him with the robbery. Among the houses
robbed are the Kirkwood House, United Hall
and Kirby Honse. He was committed to jail
for a further hearing by Justice Clayton.
Fofrth Ward Station Cases?B. Mudd,
assault and battery; dismissed?also, selling
liquor to soldiers; *20. Wm. Maher, suspicious;
military. Marrlce Welsh, larceny; for a hear
ing. James Smith, suspicious; military.
Mitchell Hill, drunk; do. A. Y. Roby. assault
and battery; bail for Court. Albert Wiggins,
drunk; military. Wm. Cross, do.: ?2. Dan I
Sugars. John Murray, Patrick Grady, and
Jno. McNulty, vagrants; Ohas. Bell, drunk;
$2. Jno. Kernan, larceny; for hearing. Vir
ginia Smith, dressed in male attire; workhouse.
Concert at thb Hospital por the In
sane.?On Wednesday evening last, a concert
was given by a choir connected with the Gov
ernment Hospital for the insane, at that insti
tution, and it is said to have been a really
elegant and enjoyable affair. Among the per
formers were Mrs. Backley, Miss Dale, and
Miss A. Sweetlove, attendants at the institu
tion; Mr. Buckley, Mr. Wallingsford, Mr.
Ewald, and others.
A Horse Cass?Yesterday, officer L. D.
Milstead fonnd a small boy, who gave his
name as Thomas Wood, in possession of a mare
and colt, which he was offering to sell for *25,
near theCapitoL The officer took the boy to
the station house, when it appeared that his
name was Tallifero. The boy's father took
charge of him, and the mare was turned over
to the property clerk.
Gettysburg We hear that the Order of
Odd Fellows will be duly represented at the
dedicatory ceremonies at the Gettysburg bat
? la Ia tolra ?1 oa? ? fc? itviS* 19QJ.
Invitations, it is understood, will be extended
to every lodge in the loyal States by the Order
at Gettysburg.
Second Ward Station Cases Wm. Grat
lin, drunk; *1.58. C. Brooks, peddling without
license; *20. James Holden, drunk; military.
A. Genster, assault; bail for poace. Maude
Roberts, taking goods under raise prepenses
Admitted to tHb Bab.?On motion of
John E. Morris, Esq.. Mr. Joseph O. Clayton,
of this city was admitted to practice in the
courts of this District.
r KITOHBN. la Mitsor together, at No 94 Mo.
www, bet 4H sad tth sts. oc 31-st*
KIT Alb Old AH
" ">a, for sale.
OB BINT? A good HOU8B, containing ten
Bmmbs. A bonus of three hundred dollars is
repaired. Posse?toa to be given immediately.
For fall fartienlars eaM atSld Sevaateeath St..
prithla half a sauare of the War Department. It*
to toe '
1 hea#.
rears of age; mast be wUaag
Ob MONDAY, Nov 3d IMS til*
Tkr H*,? to is a. Jp
MUa BnU Beat 3 la 0 to Ha
Thefollowing aimed ho
Tom Roach bum
pattomtp. w
8aow Storm,
Wm u^hTz;i?ZL rCk,wi
Honti to b* on thr _
___ ?* tarttd at 9 p wn
^ wb a pur?b or |ioo
Pirat Boat ?S0 Second Beat tiio. Thiid Beat fM
_ ? ? iwt 3 is 5 to Hirafm.
Tba following calebratod komi are *at?rad:
? ? *>?? Maoe of New York,
? ~ **?'*?* bwmi b m. Bell* Of Portland, of
* J ww imuill,
?War* p. ?*. M?f
names eh. at. Boll* of Hartford, of
. Jersey City.
I. H. Martin i
Wm. H Martin mnu r g. Jack
Allen ft Dor**t names ? g 8bow 8torm.
Dtowbwm b. g Floatiag A boat
' Ji namaa b. g. Viotor Bmannel.
??ifi? ?S*V,M <flr*r?d *>r tha proprietor of tba
* ? ? *H hop**? (entranoa 10 p*r cant. ? and
VmfcSJ'*&V** w,r* ??da. and from tba number
of celebrated hotels entered theae races promise to
^xcitint ever witneaead in tnia oity.
Ad?'"?'on *? traeh go oenta.
_oc?l-3t JOB. L. HBI8B. Proprietor
*? or Tia
will ba riv*n at
ISLAND HALL, corner 6th and D sts . h ind.
THBI8DAT, Not. 0th, 18jj.
The oommittoe pledge themselves to make tbia
one of tha boat Balls ?7 tha aeaaon.
A waU known braaa and atring band haa
been engaged for the occasion.
Tiekats OKB DOLLAR, admitting a gen
tie man and ladiea.
_ w ? _ Committer.
T. McCook, U Beach,
G. Dixon, J. Little,
T. btone, J Maboof y.
U tail
W. Smith,
L. Bird,
oc 31 0t*
Nineteenth street, one door north of Prnnsylvania '
The aubacriber respectfully inform hla friendi
?T*it ? h" Ju,t Purchased the Lirery r\
???'? 1oT!?ZTl* kV* b* Mr Smith. aDdUB
ee,P* larye atock of Northern
H O RS E 3. as well aaa collection of H1CK8. LIGHT
WAGONS, and BCGOiJSS, which he will keep al
wara on hand for hire.
N. B. One pair of Iron Gray HORSBS for a ale
Alao, a pair of Black HOB8K8 oc 31 lw
Having an experience of oyer twenty years 1
feel confident to give perfect satisfaction in all
75* k ? u,t*jLt? mT- 8L?P ?? C atreat, No.
245, between 12th and ISth
P. 8 Particular attention paid to Jobbiay.
* Brerybody in want of Hoaaea, Rooms, or
Places af bnaineaa of avarr hind, Bena.ora, 0 >a
gre??men, Ac., call on ma therefore. Those nar>
in? apythinc to dispoae of, had batter oall first ?t
iff .T4 . *?tate and IntelltKenoe Office, No. All
Ninth at., near Penn. avenue.
N. B ?2."? 8er?anta on hand waitinc for homaa.
oc 3 -7t . N. B. MILliBR.
^ A few d jots from the Avtnui.
onrTBUMiuiv fwk* pla5* fct y8 A"?mbly Roomi
on TtiLRSDAY, Norambar 0th. Tiweta, to
admit a gentlemen and ladies. One Dollar.
Dancing to commence at half past 8am ,
Priyata lewons in snp of the Fashionable!
Psnces any hour. oc 31 sT7"
tt Ladies iotandm* to makepresentJofBmbroi
cIm'raided HHppej.as well as 8miking
Caps to their rfntlemen friends, will find a lar*5
a**cr.tmfnt of the nicest and newest drsigns (?e
ING DBPOT, 3*?1 W street, opposite Patent Offlse
S?,?^Sv,?5t. "carad, * ??? "?t of Medallion ami
?i m w patterns for Braiding, new and be ?utifnl
Nf*bt. Wrapper Chemise Y jke, Band, and Panta
ZrygSXAg whioh he wftlatamp while yon
*'*,5 Haying tha only Machtne in town, he will
intricaU. and
heat of all. his atanpfng does not rab ontwhils
working. Pocket Eandkarchitfs ready stamped
and/'tamped with any Initial#. Mohair and Gold
ocai'lm 4,1 ?' brnndi for sale.
D'Agnilar. London
Hongh'a Praoadaata in Military Law. London
8immou on Courts Martial. S Vola. "
MeArthar on Ooorta Martial; 2 Vols!
Hie) man on Naval Oonrta Martiai
. Loudon.
OB n?T?i yonrta narttai London
London1 relating to Officers la tha Army.
Mutiny Act and Articles of War. London
Tltlar on Courts Martial. London.
L^toS. ,b* Gttidan?# of Coort" Martial.
Pooka't Manual of Military Law. London
Griffith'siNotoa on Militarr Law. London.
Adya on Oonrta Martial. London.
3 Vols. London.
Officers of tha Nary.
?y W. B. LB WIS A 00., Anctionears.
B ^n*' *nd other One Candies and
Confactiontry. 3 fine Show Oases joo Glass Jara
?? ioiiKw.1 v. * rKTKF^^.g
go rum OODIT^^TM BinaioToi
I* Gixikal Taaif.?October, 1363.
W ifHilllO TO til OOSH that th? hll??i?
holdiag tha office of Oonatahla in tha^H?
Mt^UnlJj'^M^ ??"SStiARSFtK
* -dPistrict^^ S0W#?
Jamea H Bou
I M B?ruecIo
Wm H Barneelo
John T Biker
lame* Bnr?r
William D B?U
Itnei CalUn
H?nry Kbalinf
Walur Pomcroy
3?o W H 8n.iih
lame* Tbomraoft
lohn H Wite
les P Waaaall
l!n2? w"5ht
tttary S Ward
1 H Dints
Hngb Dougherty
iohn M Lloyd
Hatibaw Collini
Jan) T W ataoo
r^tOf n Robiutoa
William Vouag
'ainei H Suit
amea Donaldsoo
I C Boudinoi
ol.ii W Sibly
yilliam Watara
ijieaa Raynoldi
"i?D Strrin
? cob Aab
lupoat Grreeke
'lion.a a } Kelly
uliua K Schwab*
L Al^iiia
V'ro G Tasner
Jacob G Pulton
W id H Fanning
Jamta Praztr
Henry Grier
Robert P Hauard
John H Hiliou
A/noa Hantt
Horace B Houis
Prancu A Jonaa
Thomaa Plnmaill
Richard Bedf wick
John L Turner
John A Willett
Jimai P Wool lard
Aia Glad man
Win R Plowman
John T May
Wm Harper
Jamea Bag^otl
Joaeph Anker
Thoa Williamaon
John R Ciouiu
Jamea Giaailr
Francis W.-.ra
W'alter B Silence
Thot 8t&ckpola
Jefferaon Robinaou
William I Crtif
Chna W Arnold
John McDermott
Henry Naah
Jamea W Stewart
John A Steele
Joe 8 WillUma
8 aiul 1 Peaieou
David Jackaon
A ? L Seui
Horatio R Marrmia
Wm E Martin
John W Martin
Wm M Morel.ir.4
I'riah B Mi(ch*li
Jamea S Nurwutnl
Joaeph B Peerce
Wilham Raaddy
Wm E Smith
Joaeph Williamioa
WmH Wall
George Wahl
Jamea T Lloyd
Joe B Stanley
John W Reynolda
Joaeph A Gill
Franeia 8 Edelia
Jamea A Cooper
Wm L Rosa
Aujb.iu, FBsrry
John N Gatae
Edward C Gardiner
Samuel N Chipley
John R Vernoo
Thotr.aa Irwin
Wm H8iai.dsrs
A G Haley
Frank Ziaxneraaa
Lewie Hohin^
Chanea H Merril
George Donaldeoa
John 8 Waufh
Cliailea L Boarmao.
Jatr.ri Fitzpntrick
A*D it ig fcrtbm okdirid that tha Clark aire
lOtica, by publication in tha morr lag and ereninc
Siiy>VA. 5^.of Washington of tha foregoing
rder, that the following are tba only persons who
iava complied with aaid acta of Oongreaa, and that
^Vl^.Trtcvlo^U ?,iMa 10 M CoMUkl?- ^
^iltlam Martin
amee M Buaher
obert P Mages
?hn H Stewart
?a A McGowaa
Ifrsd R Edelia
itak F Kieg
?aph F Rally
By ordar of tha Court,
oc30 3t Tart:
U..?L o
Oco P Hotckkias
John Dewdesy
Pr W Colclaser
Fr O'Callarhta
Chaa S EcSlog
Geo P Hngaely
Wm A Boss
Richard H TrinaHi
Wm H Luahy
Robert B Hughes
Wm Cammaek
Maoriee 0*Cooaer
John H Wiea
Oserge T Oibbeas
B. i. MBIGB, CI art.
Pa#* W>?'AL GUIDB; Oontaia
*j chtof Bagulat.ona of tha Post Offlaa
?oiaVfTre?1* Thora Mr '*** rtml
BzcaratOM By H. B. Thoreaa. |m.
Marks' Penlnaalar Campaign in Virgiaia. B1 ?
f to <UI'4 Lectaree^?' W endaltt Pkillips,
Tousaaiat L'Onvertura of Haytl. am
Croquet. By Capt. Mayaa laid. SB Ma
21*1 TAYLOR.
HAYB Thla day raaat
J gradaa. which f will 4
mtlaaa than aayotbar ?
?a .

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