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TUESDAY. JANUARY 19. 18(>t N". W.H
Ockwbr Fk^k'a Avbnth asp 11 th STaxr.,
W. i>. W iljLAOH.
Par* re served without wrapper*,by carrtera,
Mantra j?i*t we^k; in wrappers at the rate of *j
ver year To mail snb":riber?; the prica 13 95
per year S3 fcr tii months Papers procured
It U.e Star office counter, with or without
wupwn. TWO?g?TSKAOH.
Hy'j ng jpfnumg^TH should b? rout to tJia
oSrt Of tore 11 o'clock m.; ciharwise they mt.y
tkk Upu?ar until the nex* day
piiTiip.K v\m
ByJ.C. MeGUIBB A. CO.. Auctioneers.
I to 1 O* J 6THRIT IMr3.BITJKJ 4th AND 3?
S*SK*Tr W B ST?On MO HfliV AFf-iR^Gp**, ."??
tuary o'l st 4 j.\-!o-;k, an t >? pre ??* i /oi?
of * of fast, 'ii.el Juiy ? *?*, "a*1/
retor-e ..LibrrJ P P oJt9 {?'*-?*%*?
ore ?"i tbe la?d tec or?Je for Washington conntv,
l> C , I n-.-.al. Mil wait of lot No.?
altJ fror.tn* 15 feot 2 lushes. oa North i stj-MX,
betaten ?'h and &th etrects west^ne Jju?niniraa*?
Hi Vet ? irekcs toaffootsJey, "J??
irp'orfit cut cox. tilting of asnae two-story jTrataa
"S'fH,/:' 0i? thi;d ?v*; tbe In
Hi* *iiu t<e:TD roontha ?p interest. saoarsd h/ a
dr?d o? tra*-t or-the ^e:nisfa r . ... ..k.
1? tie teims cf sale are n > e^mp.ied fi>b *'bln
? ibrr?*ftcr ths tra*t?e reserves tns rl<at
to rtf 11 oa on* ??' ks notie? In ,be Wvenm* -iUr.
CM of c-BT-ywen^ paj^br^ .?T?r?MW.
la3 2awA1a J 0 Mount ?2 V CO.. agent
By J C. McGUIRK * CO.. Atriioneers.
. v kepv kt y at Pnm.ic Act :ms.-On TO BSD1Y
AJrBHNO iN,Feb;oary 9.IN fct4o'clnck on the
pruifea. by firtn? ?fa decree ot tne fcipr8tne
Occrt >f the District of folnnijii, passed iu the
cause Jo 88 Mary M Malnti.e rtal f ffilliiw
a. Me*ct:re, I ?ball cell Let Wo 18 iaSiuareNo.
18f, irontisiK 26 teet 2 ireVs m north R street. be
tween itth and J3th btrpete ?rst, and ranaint htek
121 i'e*t 8 inches. to a 3 foot paved fiub'tr alley,
an i improved by a baiidnocifl anU well ballt brisk
ee with brick utable. .
lirir?diatfelT ?fter I aba' Pel! the west ha*rof
lc?No i9 Oayidaoe'e snbdirisi^n of Square If o.
SK.Irw t vg 12 f?etrn north M at eet 'ht?twfea lith
an : l.tb *tj??t6wett and rauiiiog b*o!t 9<'to au al
l*y le*1 wide .
In^n.ediale poesession of the prop?r?T wiil be
*'lerros : One fonrth inoa-h, a?l the r. maUiiir
in in, welt*, and tiuateoo inoatis, w.th ln
tere?t trtni the day of s?!e; the d^firre ? r?*raer.tj
V.-. re-cinrpd by ti e not*.* or bon<i3 of t*e p irsnns
^r, with i? furety or s i< etiaa to b ? ap^rora J hv the
Irta'te On tatiSe&ticn of the s&'ea by the Ci'irt
and ca vayn eat of tte waulw of tha pi.i'jh'.si
move? ard notb#'orf,t;.a Trnitc w-,! caava? t!ia
tothem ?a??T in fae >i"
II terra* oi s* e >?re no! eotspll i with ia tire
dg>a Iben a'tt r. e Trost?e reaerv ? 'be right to
rftel'.st the tiils tn<l t xoei ?e of ta? de'*uit;a?
fcrchaa^r at ccs w':tK't nuties in the Ni'iojil
n tlli*r?":er.
Ai: e( r-v?yancirir anl stamps at th9 cost of the
>u clia. ?r. ^ T30a BRAi>LlY, Trort'e.
la^-eofc^fl J. O. Mt?}DlHK ? OO . Aw
The nndersiiirred.- executor of the e"tr'te of tho
late Mttry A. Haftlup, decea^^d, will sell, at public
tale, on
?ATl'TtDAY, Jiruary 23, 1834,
at U o'clock M.,on the preni:?OR.
7 XV ? ?VT> ShVt v 4f KhS OF LAND,
mo'e cr 'e?a, improve! by a
:?TollK houpi:.
and other
?itpated on the Washinst'T tarupike, one and a
half inilep from An> spolis Junction, an 1 one mile
froin fsr ge Cactr-ry Howard connty, Mi.
#y l'er.-ona are ? quested tocall <>n Mr William
Sb'p'ey. who *?? sideH '-n the property, aaci examine
It orior to the day i f hale.
rms lUad1; known the ^y ofi>aIe.
J. W II V^Lr f, Erecntor,
Wft^hinJr^>n city.
Or apply to 8 K. DAJlllK >L,
Brooker, U'2 St t'aul street,
iail-Iaw4t* Baltimore.
Under tfce direction an<l instructions of the
President of the Uniteit States, issued of tl^ date
cfSepteuibt-r !6. iu purnuauce of the eleventh
atetion ??f an act, ?nti?l','d "An act for the Uollac
tioo of Pirect Takee in Insurrectionary Districts
within the United Staler, and for^ther purpoaes."
awp^O' ea Jnn?' 7, iBtU. ?ad of tho act amendatory
? f the
A*" ram
liain .
CommiH?iorprB for t ie District of South Caroliua,
do ber -liy declire *nd raak'' known that a public
?^le w 11 be held at the office of th- Com?oiiistoaera
a'orex~id, in the own of "Vanfort, Pariah ofSt.
11 ?e?ia. Beaufort District. State of South Carolina,
e-i'xmer.i: n? on the l^tii day of February, lj?4. At
V) o'clock a. vr, of sail day. for the diagonal cf the
followicg t?acts or pirc<>I>! of land, to wit:
?Tb" Varioi. C' apiiu Hacf^tl^e Daniel v'opp Place,
Sea Sid*1, th A:.r Kr'pp Place, Littlewood Point,
the Gabriel O^i^i b Iia:e, tb ? LawreneT Fripp
I'U'ie, ite Pritcburd Place, th : Perry Piace, Was
aa Inland, ihe Dai.iaw In'ie . &'.<1 Dathaw Point.
ftlufl" Fariu, Palii.etto In'i&uiI, the Wi^g place,
tl;e Joe Joliufcon Place, tlie ? orter Place, Wood
Lawn, Fair La**n. Brick?ard,tee Pine Ls,nd Plase,
I .-urel Hill, Lucy Point, Bolus Point, Achdale,
Bythr-wood P're Land, the Sam's Pice Land, and
the Jenkins' Pine Land The la-t three tracts of
laud w 11 be sold subject to the n ht of the [Tmte<!
Str.tes to cut and remote the wood and timbsr
tLrrfcfrom. without coinpen^ation to the ownvra,
A.;-j Pin*? Island.
Th-? Iienry Stewart Place, 'prin? Hill, Otaheite,
the William Perryclear Place. Orangeburg, the
A an Perryclear Place, inclading Jack Inland, the
T?la>d Field. Murkle Bush.th- Retreat, the Bills
'Jherry Hilj, the J*om Bayard i'lace, t'a? llaber
?ibsm PIac?-. I'rosyx^ct lliil.Grcre Hill. 'Turlington.
WocdwL.-d. Kice Park, the Campbell Pine Land,
?WooUIar>1, aud tan Pine l>tnd trait, encent two
tsund. ed acrta of the h-uio heretofore Redeemed
T'ro*n thctiX-'ale by Frei-ri k A. Eu-tis; Harbor
Islani. Frips's Islaad, and Caper's Island, The
i?at six tracts ofland will be sold subject to the
r:tht of the United ^tates to cut anl rauiuYc the
Tood and timber therefrom, without compensa
tion to tbe owners.
The lauds to be sold comprehend in all about
twenty-three thousand acres. l>ey are to be sold
in d visi. r>3 or parcels, not to exceed three hundred
an 1 tweat'j scr.vsto&ny one p ircbaner Said 8*Io
will not h^ kept oveu lougir than sixty days frooo
tb? crmciencement of tbf same.
? r.d we do inrtber make kajwu and declare that
taes>kid landa will be le* up for sale at one dollar
ard twenty-five cents aw acre each, and thitthe
same will not be sold nr.l< aa the bids advance be
yond that sum, arid th ? when any tract= or lots
of laud have erected .jereon dweliiue-hoa?e3,
b.,f as, and othi r out-houses, the sa>ne will be ap
ji-ai.sed at the cash value thereof, and in case any
of the said lot* or tracts t f iand on whicb the said
buildings are erected shall fsil, wb"n offere'* f.?r
aale ?s aforesaid, to be bid up to i sum tqu&i to
c .e-third part of the appi aitea value thereof, the
game will be witbdrawu from this sale
Tbe Cor.imia?ierers rfs*;rve a single "bid to be
P'ibiialy icaOe by them, or by th?ir authority, ou
ea b parcel or tract of land offered for sale, oi such
?boi a? t^iey may deem eligible, not lesa th*a
one third of the appraised value.
Given inder onr bands, at the town of Beaufort
aforesaid, this 5th day of December, A. D., 18ti3.
U. 8 Direct Tax Commissioners fer the
4e Ifl-law.'in District of Uoatk Carolina.
tie said act. approved February 6, 1H83. we,
im D Smith, Wil'.jam E. Wording, and Wil
Henry Brisbane, i)n;led Stat.-s Direct Tax
Agency ior hbrring'8 fisb and burg
lar 1MOOF ?AFBS.
Seventh street.
A fu'l sxd complete assortment of these superior
with and without
i.s?>3 in Btore at
Also FAVftlAo i BR8 LtOiiiK or
cost of freight l? saved to the purchaser by
- u> lr-g at the arftaci .
A Kent for Herring's Saf. s,
tfeK-ltn Seven'k ?;re?t.
1*1 Giiba't a Lottie ct Banking. L iCioa.
? J-.t vaiitr on Goki,
^i?n?'f.: Obr? nicies of tae Stoek Bx-hao^?.
1 awsoi^'s H iiiory of ii&ck'ng. London.
Waco" on tla Prieiou? Meta:s S voU. London.
* t. ?ent f ?? leia of Back'ng Exposed.
4?-?iwell s A a>s ^nd s of Pa fine at
%eCuiU>ek'8 Pr1ne:ptefc of Political loonomy.
1 slon.
?t?mois^i'? fclltfal B^onomy. London.
Wbate y's Leetwras or Political gecnomy. L?n
Lis'.'* Ptlltleai Bcouomy.
Vliil's Pclitical Scoct my. S to s.
js 9 PHA^CK T kYLOR_
? v J5 kro novr in of a UrgeMfOTt-aaal of
r.VS *-.i fflllLDBBN'S CLOTHING 0* tfes
3 aiyi?a, >4itabl? fcr Vt" ?re?ent ?ea?u2 fox
a. -- :?? s*?ool vear, to ?* .'-ah w? urrlW tb.c
.* r*??.? a w..
*3? Panniyluila AreunB.betw###*
#?T *?f Klnth ani ?*ak
"?e?;.*7 ar-l promptly done by
Bock seller and Stationer,
?elS '.a SS4 Ptan.arssii.
IDWIN niALD k 00.,
Dealers in
Corner Peon, avenue and Third street east.
?e:' }m* Washington, D O
1 A'.\r* LIMB! LIMB il LIHB!!
1^ Ml 3/.1RBL4LIMB Jo?t arrtvtd ..t Gas
Boiil Ifiarf, par rkoour a. BattwinkeL aa>' for
?kisby A.O.Mc K5BW.
MN k retr Ttk ekratt aad Oaaal,
dated with ?>K?Qt farniehed Rooms end Jrit
cia*s Board a 11 1 "ridfce fcUoet. Gec-r^sto*u, D
C. Terms ?25 to .?.*> per rr> -.nth icc'u "ii.< 1-e and
pas. Cm* rnn by the ?Jcor to Wae bingtci- K^fer
e tires ci* ca and reqnirsd. )%1h St*
a< ccnimoo'iircd at 4 'wentietu Bi,re3t sj-r.ec
cf f. Tho house hasalltfc.. modern iaproTeaunta*
)a Ig-Ln*
??s?A Extracted textko*t Pain with ifn Mmhriit cf
O rv ten.
I would ad viae all persona having teeth to ex
tract to ?all s,t Dr. LEWIE'S office, <
and have them taken oat by tils n?mK->
r.ua n&riuieta process. Also call r.nd-*/
Hiiaiae the Doctor's new and Im
proved meth-'.d of Inserting Arti'icial Teeth. If
ytuonoe see the great improvement in his tectu
>rn will have them in no other style than this new
and valuable ono. No. 442 Pa. avenue, ^etwa?.s
13th ard 13th streets
no IS 8. R LBWTB M, D.. Dentist.
MT EE T ft.
? LOOSII8, M. D , the Invertor and P*tant?e
of the MINBRAL PLaTE TBBTH at tTJ'f Vl\.
tends narsoiially at his offa* in this J
eity. Many persons can * oar tnose
teeih who cannot. wear r-thert. and ao
person ean wear others wt>o cannot weir tVeo,
Perfons coiling at ay oft* ? uan be acoomm^uated
wi'h hiit ? tyle and price of eeth they m>y ileslre,
Out to those who are particular and wish the pares',
eleaneet. stroo^est, and most perfect de?-turi t'aat
art can produce, tne MINERAL PLATS will he
more iuTly warranted.
Root's in this city?No. 338 Pennsylvania avenue
between 3th sad 10th streets. A1'?, 237 Arch st.,
PbHadelohis. m*r4 ir
|> KOOliV 1 LlJS AOfl i' 3M% ,
. 1 Horn * School for ?oy.?.
Terms 89^ per session -21 weets ) Adlrasa
R K BURNS, Principal,
tie 20 lm Broofevilie, V.ontjjoinor? co.,ikfd.
Iu eoprequeneo of the d. ^traction >?y Are of the
V'a&biDgtcn IsCraisry. whict pr?" v-4! ko hdaef.cittl
to a'cfc and ipvalid str^ugers sni c'tii?ns, tie
"Fis'erf of Cbari y" h ?e opdeitah?n to "ojply
the pressing want if so <i an institution by tin as
taMishment of a Ci'y Bf -pitii. It will bn icown
*s "Frovden-M Kcsoi' I " tnd is ) x-^tei rn tbe
ooTper cf fcac^Dd stieat -a"* and D ?tceet srnth,
On itol Kill. Tho eara rsD viihin *no ^<jait?s of
the hailrti iK whieh L3 ummoliois; and
fiyory aitfnticii has h--*i uioitu^d in itv construc
tion 'orthe crufort ? ^in a^te*
Vstifpts wi>i %e ?t ? ed into the wardc at
Pfr le in ' arce. This includes ine
dicm?8 *Ed r,?-,ieal " -rrgicil a'terf an<is.
rinj; p;.. u roarua eaa fca acioramo
dated rt au ?".VRUr.e r..
Puitahie w< rds hsr b^?n provided for colored
pa tit nt a
Tie ccrsin ? itsd < "re of the sirh will be under
the iTunedia* e ^^arg ? o? the Meters,
Tie fatlowiBff-Ban 4 gentlemen oompoBB th9
Mcdica) ftatr;
Physician, Surrfon.
D. R II (ne'.H.O V-< ) B. Johnsr n H:ilen,M D..
209 H street, brt lf.i; No 40O f^arti st.,b?t.
and 19th. D and B.
Grafton Tyler, M; D . r V/m. P JoaoHUin, M.D..
cf Wishlngtoc a I No 4Mi gsviuth st
tiay ets , Ge?*ee!o>?.i bet * an . f st.^.
AppUtations t.-.u t- m* :? at the Scepital or to
oilier oftheaho?e n^M Physici&as
Pfcy?iciaps sending patr^.its to ths Hospitjl, who
may cccury private roome, tave the prj7il3ge of
tttendm the satie.
J f this effort of the Plstere is duly uppreoiatfl'1,
the eccoiiimodations fit the irstitntion will bs ea
larged to ri'et any pofsible
Po ccntcrunts diseases admitted.
jal4-lm aiaTlRMARV CARROLL Puperior.
(Opposite Patent OE.e.)
I Lave bow in store a very large an'~ enperh stock
of Gilt aud Dark Wood Picture aud Photog-ap'i
Frame*, which I am selling at vrrv lo* prices:
waiTautinf every Kraice to b? Gilded with Gold
Leaf acd of tbe best workmanship,
Also en hard, flne collection of
NA1L8, RIN9S, Ac Ac.
452 Seventh street.
Ja 15 4w Opposite Patent Office.
X M 0 V A L
And Kiiensive Dealers in
From the old stand, 400, to 35b Pennsylvania
avenue, under Metropolitan Hotel,
Washington, December. 1863. jaaft>fr
H auction NOTIOB.
AYIFG Connected with tae Hanae Tarnishing
Business! Sat of a genera) Auction and Commission
Merchant i air. prepard tc attend promptly to all
business ?atrusted to my cure
A large and dry batement for storage of goods for
auction sales.
Cash advances made on oonsignments.
Auctioneer and Houm Farnisher,
de 191m jjtg7th St.. between G and H.
I ' WA8HIHOTOK, D. C., Deo. 15. isea.
To iht Growers and ALinu/p;t*i ers of Flax and
H&i.tp .?The Commisjionf 16 ipoointed by this Dj
yartwent, consistiog ut Hon. /. K Moreb*a-'i, Gf
Ver.tie> Irania. William M BnMey, of Rho-la IsU.id,
and John A. Warder,of Ohio, roconiidsr tile tol
lo?ir.? appropriation made by the last Congress,
r.i: "For investigations to test the* pratticabillty
of cultivating and preparing lax gnd to?mp as a
substitute for cotton, twenty thousand dolla,ra;"
having mat, and, after several days' ia-2itia:ation
of the echjeet, believing that alurther ana fuller
Eotice of their investigations might produce
valuable resui's. adjourned to meet again on Wfed
iteeday. the 24.h day ef Pebmary next, at 12 o'cl^k
W., and requeetall pc-sous interested lathe distri
bution cf this appropriation, or anxious to develop
the subject for the public goo^'. to send to this De
partment, on or before that day, sampler of the
Hemp and Pisx in the different t tag up or prepara
tion of the fibres and fabrics prepared by tae-n,
aceoinpanitd by statements of th-? various pro
oesees uetdand the cost of production la e\?h cise;
alsc. descriptions of *he kinds and cost of machin
ery used, where made, Ao., together with anvar.d
a!l information that may b? useful to the Cooiinla
Si on.
This informaticn is nsarisary before an inteiU
g- ni dis'rlantion ee.n be rssde
deJ6 dtd lt>AA0 NBWTON, Oontaisiioner,
432 4'iftecnth Street,
:'KAT.KIt?5 Iff
Wc shall continue to eel! j?t fax
until farther notice,
known n*
pry able .in twenty years, aud redeemable tt the
Jlt-asure of the Government afttrtive years from
ate. The unsold balance ot this loan in now
Iftfi ifiuh. One Hundred Millions of Dollar a,
and iRbeinK rapidly absorbed by home ar.d foreign
dfsnand for investment, and by the new National
Ennkd as basis for circulation. When all soid,th*
Boads will, like the "Ek-veti-Thirty" Loan, :?U
vanoe to a handsome preuiiutn. As an luveetmect
they yield
Siar per Ctnt P>r Annum tn Ovid,
(pa>*b!e semi-annually,) equivalent, at present
prices of ccin , to
Ntne per in Currency.
? COUPON BONuS (pn,yal?le to bearer) are
ist-ued hi sums hf %50, (JJOO, f.tOO.aud *1,000.
and the KEGlSTEhill) BONus (payable toorcl.*r,
?iU i'aBr> l?ank stock, upon the bookn of
tna Treasury, and thtri'foro preferred For p^rmi
P" . lRvestment, as s?cnro a? l ast Ions) are is^ut d
vd tiVoot ' 5 !0Ot *KC0?. ?4,o??o,
.i,TbA"_,lond, ftr* exempt from all local taxes,>pc
? Government tax upon theni is only one' aim
*i. ^er c-*ul P"r annum upon tliiuibMrect,
when the inceiue uf^the holder exKoedsdHDO.
k' * ^u/inis.hed at onr cuuntJWmr &oo
application by mail. *ivingany furtkef wPRrnatloc
tea. may be desired concerning this andother Gov
Bwiks Low18 Mil organization of National
We ke?p on hand and for sale a full supply of
d? K-dtl JAY t'QQKE 4c CO.
C L A S I V I B D cid bbTj "
OLAmr ISO c I D 1II If
Jnst rsMiyel per schooner Heles Mar, from
Boston, Mass.
All per eons In want of PRIMB OLARiriiD 01
)U ara iavitad to Mil and examine this at
Unioa BottU** Depot, No. *T Green ^
2>-2w* ? Georgetown,D O.
TO BK nELn r?IM!R Tun VU9FIOKS or Till
Ladies' Soldiers Relief Association.
And the Families of the Soldiers from
the District of tolnmbiu and froui
other plnres, if serving in the
District Rejimditt.
At & very largo minting of tt? Association. ai
the honse of Mayor Wallnch, ou Weduasday,
Jariiary f>th, 1%4, chaugps- were made iu th^
corrmiltete and the collector?, a new 'Joinmit
tee oil Decoratious was appointed, and also
persona from the several Lovttl Suites to eo
licit subscriptions, contributions of articles,
itc., it was ordered tha* the Pres'deut catise
the list, as corrected, ta be published in all Uie
city papers daily nntil t&e 1st of February.
ilajoi B. 15 SuesCH.
V 10:: Pr.,.-?ids.vt.
Hbsr* D. Coon, JSsq.
f ILiH fcQlilRBS, *?3<1.
The isu'R <k
Mrs. L. ?. Chittkxiiks.
Richard W'allach. H-?<j
bAYLKS J. ItuWKN. Ksq.
4 ahes Adams, j?sq.
Jok W. Axons, En<J.
Mrs. 8. J Bowen M rs. Riehard W-'Il-'>h.
11-8. J. V". An^u", Mrs. U. 1>. Coo**,
Mrs. B U. fre^ch, Mrs. porius !J?xt?r,
Mrs. G. W. McLellan, M;s. fna'in P. M irrill
Ex*0' T1VE C'JMMIVTlf*.
J. If. Brows, Esq.
Bon. J.M.Bro ukad.
Hon. fcteo. W too'isn av.
Mrs. Capt. Or'ilis, Mrs.J.F Briw i.
Mrs H. Farthsm. J?-s. J. M. B au.-hard.
frrs. J8. C-arVe, Mrs. W. P. Du?--?.
Mrs. D. K. Cartier, MiJsB McQlellan.
Fivancji! Com mi r r sr.
William 15 lOUD. >5t<i.
M v R Karnham.
Mrs. W. L. NiCBotsos.
Mis. 1> W. ULI04.
SI'S. F. yt. fiPINjIKR. ,
Commute* os DucorAtiots.
Hun. J. P. L'sher, Cha-1. F. SUn-t^nrr P?c..
Htn. 15. 51 Stauton, i>. W. Million JBs-i.,
n ? in. Girt ?n ? eI!>"? a, /. I). GUman, L*q.,
Hon. I), i' Holloway, Wm. H. Bal iwia K-i<j ,
Hou. l?tt!.o iNewton, Geu. De'.Vitt U Clar*.
Hon. W )? Dole, Mr*. President Lincoln,
T'f omas l>. Waiter. Eiq., Sirs. Gen. VV p. Harry,
JohnC. i\ive* Ext., Mrs. E'iwaril Jor<!an.
John L. Haj> a, Bh<i., Alolp'i CiaSc, Kmi.
First Wahd
Mrs. F W. Seward, Mrs. John Clark*,
Mr? Edward CUrk, Mrs G?-o. W. Rig-M,
Mrs. C(imaiii"'r Dole, MissG trr/a. Sie?hi?:i,
Mrs.Gen. Jos. '.'.Taylor, Mrf. A kinirjl Leo
Mrs. Gen. M C. >l?i|ts. Mrs.Gomt Henry A. Wise
Mrs. Gen. Win. F Hairy, Mrs. Peter Parker,
Mrs. Gen Unlock, Mrs Col. F.ceajau.
Mrs. W D. Majnuler,
Hkoovt Ward.
Mrs.Aim_\Goldii!>orout;iiMr-'. V. p-.-'t Hamlin,
Mrs Lewis Cl? pbane, Mrs. F. 1 i C. bye,
Mis. Jamt-s Kvkpn, Mrs. Thomas J. i?i->h.r,
>Iis. A T. Kieckiioflfer, Mrs. Heuj. It. Guy,
Mrs. R J A:kn;son, Mrs. Hooper, ot Mas?
Mrs. Mary E Will,
Third Waiih.
Mrs. J. W. Angus, Mra. Thouia' B.-rry
Mrs. M;;ry P.MiUdleton, Mrs. Joli.iO KsnnHr,
Mfb. i^arn 15. (Trei-n, Mii>? M?t > Miirray
Mrs. Alex. K Sheplierd. *'~s. Joavph 15ry >u,ji
Mrs. Geoine 8; Gideon, V i 8hii^f!r,
Mrs. Lewis Joiiasoit, Jrkioe Mary iiuwis.
Fourth Wj?bd.
A'r?. Seeretary Tl^'i-r, Mis' 'Jarrle Ba'on,
*13. Senator f.;iragu?!. Mrs. Jof.-i,ii h irs lley
Vih. Attorney Oen.Bates,Mrs. UoOert iron, '
Mi??M. a. Plant. Mrs. Franflk 'l.ijic,'
Mrs. Tbor,-!?.s U. Walter, Mrs. Horatio Nater.
Mrr>. W. B. Wetil>, Mrs. Morrill, of Verm^^t
\ rs. Jamei, Adorns. Mrs. Edw^ni Gir.rk
Mies Charlotte Tavlor Miss \nna Alh-j, '
Mrs. Coru< Iils \\oiidetl, Mrs. H. G. 1'tiu,
Miss S. M. Locke, Mri. 8amuci t. iroi.g
*T m h Ward.
Mrs. John M. Brodh.-a I. Mrs. VV. L. Nicholson
Mrs. Nathan 8ai'?< nt, Mis. Charir-s *Ie\anT?'o
Mrs. Gen. Benham, Miss Ai n Garr:i)l,
Mrs.Charles I*. BusfleU. Mrs. Prof-.'ssor Baehe
M^s Esra L. Stevens, Mis* Alida Gardner '
Mrs. D W. MiiMletou, Mrs. Joseph .Saxtoa',
Mrs. John Hit;:, M;trv Loclte,
Mrn. L. V. Pourtalep, Mrs. H. B French
Mr*. W. C. Todd, 5trs. J. W. W. stfah,
flXTi! WaHI).
Mrs.Capt Robert Clarke, iirs.-Col. Harris,
Mrs. Wjilifir" Dixon, Mis. Ei.bert M. C mhs
Mrs. J a nit-1> N t- !tes, i3 ,>h Clar*",(Uau*iii?r of
Mre. Gocrge P.. Wi on, Capt. E. 0.)
FfcVSNTir W/Kt).
Mrs. John II 8emn3f s, Mrs. VMfllatnJ. Murta_'ii
Sirs. Thon^.-s E Lloyd, Mi^. .Tohn ft. Sivs is. '
31rs. R. B, Ciaik, Mrs. George Mattirsjfly.
Gcoiicr vo^ v.
Mrs. Fittenhou?e. Miss Kate Barnard,
Mrs. Win. li Tenney, Miss Buckey.
Col. C. B. Relt, Thomas lii<u.r'ii>n, Ksn
Maj. De Vfcre burr. Dr. C. II. Nichols.
xi T L A ti Ci S .
At a meeting of the Association, hsld at th? r?ei
der.ee of Mayor V#All#*hon the ljthor Jnrsary.
*.te followiDit gentltmen. together with tbsir.'vrfs
of such as are 31?)?. -were anAcirnou-dr re?ue?t?r' to
?Lt a* caliec-.OTB, and to att?ji>d the fat jr? mectiiiijs
of tie A?eociati?n, to l>* held upon the pubhshvi
call oi the Pi atident:
Cbanes Klomam 'liiird Ward.
A. Xberly Third Wart.
A. Baibach *oarti Warl.
M. Williao ThirJ v/ard.
CbarLs Walter Pourth Ward.
Auinstfellhansen TLird Ward.
Iitfury tSiat-t>D Fourth Ward
JoiepaGerhard Foartu Ward.
Reinne.dt Woi<er Treaiury Lepirtment.
Max Oohnl e'm ?-Treasury Depaiiraotv.
Charles F. h^- .m-dt.. Treasa y Djpannioat.
Pied Ech -ldt T'llrd Ward.
Bri(r.G?n Mai W'^fcer Second Ward.
Fred Eiedlii * Po?t OfScs i>epartm?Qt.
N. H. Miller ?.TMrd Ward.
Persons appointed to noliett fubscriptions anl
contributions from ths several Loyal states, who
art: most respectfully and earnestly elicited to lend
all the aid lkeyc<in to the patriotic enterprise;
Mr*. Senati. r Poster, M;p. Henry C. Daming.
lion. Nathaniel B. SniitherB.
H n. Henry B. I an?. Ilor. Wm.8. Holrr.an,
Sirs. George W. Julian, Hon. isc'nuylerCollax.
Mrs. President Lincoln, Mrs. Marshal Lagnon.
Sirs. Senator Tri tt'Ouil Mrs. Chester.
Mrs. Owtu Lovejoy, Hon. LLiha Waiiiburne,
Mrs. Senator Harlan lion. J. W. Grimes.
Hon 6.0. Potneroy. Hoc. J. H. Lane.
Hon. William Windum.
Hon. Joseph Holt, Hon. Heary Grider,
Hon. Gr^en Adams, Hev. Robert McMurdy.
Mrs. Penator MorriH. Miss Hamlin,
Mis. Vice l'res. Ilamliu. Mrs. l'ren?ice D C:?rk.
Mrs. Frederick A. Pike.
Mrs. FruneisP. Blsir, Mrs. Senator nicxs,
Mrs Montgomery Blair, Mrs.Henry Vt inter Davis
Mis. Smator Johnson, Uca. Eiwiulf. Webster]
Mrs. Hooper, Sfrd. John-B. Alter,
Mis. Siarie F. Greene, Hon. Alexander H, Ri?-fi.
Mrs. Gakes Bmith, J. 8. Grinnell, E <j,
MrF. Pevator Chandler, Hjn. Join W. Longyear
Hon. Jacob M. Howard. Hon. Francis Kellogg. '
Hon. Akx'r Ramsey, Hon. Jl g. Wilkinson
Hon Wm. v\ indon,
Hon. B.lir^tr. Brown, Hon. F. p. Blair, ir
Hon. J. B. Henderson. Hon. Jamee S. Bollii*.
,t*3iW ilAMPsaiKa
Mrs. Senator Clark, Natu l R Leavitt. Emi
Sirs, hvi'.ator llaie, E'lin'd F. Pivnc!' Es-i "
lirs j. W . l'att? rkon. '
Nk?" Fork.
Ves. Ir^d'V XV. Seward, Hon. An<;UFtnn Frank
ilrs. S'? ator Hariis, II-in.Thio.M I'oineray
Mis fcvi.ator Morgan, Hon. R-.-ubeu E. Feuton.
Mrs. Seuator Ten Eyck, John Giberson. Epq
K: rs. Fonatcs Wade, Hon. James H. Ashley
Mrs. Gangi'Ver, Iir#L. Hlnvens lo? '
IIoil. J ok fi hhurman, Hon. R. W, Taylor. *
Hon. John W. Forney, Hon. David Wilmot
H< n. F.dw,'l "dcPherson, II-n. Wm. D K? lly '
Hi n. K<<^ar Cowaa, Hon. James T. Hale.
Biiodk Jnl.Ami
Sirs. Senator Sprague, Hon. H. B. Autliony.
V xaifuNT.
Mrr. ft-aator lout, Mrs. Woodbridjre,
Mrs. Senator Collamer, Mrs. Justin 6. Morrill
Mrs. Portus Baxter,
Hon. Sena*?r Carllla, Mrs. J. 0. Underwood.
Mrs. Jud^e Yi'ylie,
Was* Viroihia.
Hon. Senator Wil'ey, Hon. Jacob B. Blair,
Hon.BenatorVanWinKle.Bon. Kelliaa V, Whaler.
Mrs. Serator Doolittle, Mra. Senator Howe.
B. B. PB1.VCH,
H President of the Auotis tion.
COUHCIL PRoeEfcDtWOS, .tan. 1?.? Hoard of
Aldrrmfn.?The Ihror (Mr iSemracs) laid be
fore the Board a communication romittiJin^
Georpe Htpbcnt as police ccustable of the
Seventh Ward, vice Robert F. Magee, resigned.
Rc.i rrecl to committee ou nolle .
Also.1 comrounica-ion co veri.ig a conifunni
catton irr.m the Board c: A.^sewors, asking an
exlection of time wherein *u fu-ni^b li^ir usn U
report. They ask f at the time" bee%tend-!d to
March 1st, js8i. Referred to con.aiii:>;. on
Alto a cewmnnicatioii relative to the pre
valence of sraa'l-pox i i Washington city. Re
ferred to the ntirrtt- ? on. lieaitb
This eommuni 'alien covers r resolution of
llw Hoira of RepresfBt&tf res, s?d a copy cf a
communication ?o the lion. 'Jwen Lovejjy.
Tbe Mayor state- th-.t ro child is evTad?
r itteii mio Into th? public schorls, who ba?
not bon vaoeiru.ed, and tlmt he has aotic:
paw the object of the resolution hy direction*
to the several vrard phytJcieuw. He rflsoca!!?
the attention of A1 'err en to th? absenc* dfanj
t. commode iei, of a private or public ch.-.ii
"r, fcr th:<t cl-of patien'? whose imars
would ens Me th-m to have p-:vafe rreai
i altticed with : ontagicus d'r^ase.
Mr. T'ery-ehle -uesemed a f -MMon from
citizens of the utrier pans of Secv-'d, Third
and fourth WaH-, asking that a Poi.ce Mas
isira'e be Rjfpoinied !or tft*. * tree'ion of the city.
Refer red to? jftitftlttet* en poltce.
I Mr Hoy tf, frem he lir ancc committee, re
1 ported ba<n a joiat rwola'Inn to provide fuel
lor the poor fcr the corning -winter; which was
At Mr. LIotu's reqne?t, the conirifttse cf
finance was- discharged from ti<e fnvtfcer cdr.
nd^iaiion of tfce bills to purchase fifty copies
ol lioyd'e City Directory and the petftiou re
questing the 4 ure-haso of p lo*. in rIclraea.i s i
tuna! frcire*: ar.d hot.*', blila were laid on rbe I
U ble.
Mr. Vienn. hie, from tb- ommittee on police, <
reported bach a institute lor ihe resolution '
sntL.01izlng ?he appointment td' a epec'.-il com
mittee to mnk? r?-preset,rations to Uongre.-a
r< ialive f the cbar#es for jias in the cs -.y ol
Washington. [Mr. Utermehife';. substitute au
thorize^ the Ocrpura'ion committee to repre
s< nt the lnterejtr of the Corporation bt-ior^
I'onf rets *oatter.d o the matter, ?nd does ?> way
wun the appointment of a special committee J
Eee? mmitlKl to pel in- ? ^mmii,<*?*.
Mr. i urtun, from die c. mraittefe on dr.ii?;a"e,
reported a bill to lay a wat-f icniu i . I str* t
nc'iL, t.t;m 4th to Mh west; wbt h wic pissed.
Mr. 4; ii trovi thecomtn(Ute onjyti^,
rr por:rd bark the CotTitno.i (;on;:cil hilt to re.>
ula.e bill posti. which w* passed
The l? .'lowingfrom the ho rd of Common
Ci nn i wrrr referred, vi/: A co;j?urrei)trt': >
lutiou iiit triiiitir.g the coicn-.ittte t.i renresevt
tlit- lbiti' it>. 'be <"orpura'icf.before Co gr^s?
?o urge v o ; that body ?o >>o alter all cnarwKrs
.hat ih~\ 111 cotilt.rui to tl.e ui Jiuu.nce-? or tbti
city of w iChineton; brli propriating ^3*0 :0r
lIh* lopa.roi thb Mnr, pt-itUiti Hook .1 i
d'r Cciuy. uj s a.ppaia'u^; udl to
Ico'.way in th< Serf i d Ward or. the north s. >.
oj ?!a f-r hntette avnuu, acro&s l.j'.n -t/ett :
we?t; 1 nt in nlanor ?r? hacliaAy currVi^t: j
jciri; r? -ulotion in r latton to tUe L'^.tr m\c- i
iret HciQte; a y io' r^^otnfloT' an h. iztu - the t
eicciion cf a w-'ik-hciine; bill to revive an act j
r?l:t!iv? to tbe pt i'c- etH'loa boon - 'oili to
1:< ( iu e dealer b in old barrels, boxes, ra^s, I
l ill to Hijiwy i-.rjQcteney far p-. \cii-1; a .id
gravelhJ ' ;:?x sir. >r wet-:- bill to ' iv a gfaeel j
tc r? * n tac eouili si'? ol L *tr<,-L n. *.can I
t>t u? nuuL'htmtftt- west; j< lut resoi:it naof i i
ct u ion to tb*' Necr"tiiry of t&e iijtrii ?f
Kt :.b; and bill rcquirip^ phy.-', ' .1 s to in .ie
a r?pt?!*or*ll c? sesof trr.nHpcx orre
nr.d-r ib?hr notice, and also to compel all
hoi s-tkeener;. v Loh'iv - cases i>t t!,.e smd ir.
tie-: b<-. to'p 'f out av^Ilow fine.
li e A.uexxt: n s bill t? improve the Niv Q<-rn j
Mark' t-Kdus* %vi.a re urned with i-nu i.dmoi.ts, '
v i iifi were icncT.rr-'J lu, and tfce mil j.a sed. I
b?- t. t allowing 6?mael I .Jo ie.*, .1 blind I
mn 'ofWtaj^ttd for the saic of win's in- ;
tide ?)?(? railing tt Avenue lioose, tailed |
nj or. third Tf a*iiT'ie
?jr ii!ct!i.nol "it. TTtermeh!e, the vote here- ;
bj' ti.e ?ili to prtiViuo fcr a belter tecaritv of I
1 erso.i, and projterty i.y a more general if 'hU I
1. g cf 'h? city, v.a> 1 econsidtred, ai d t ,e bill
\vna c.Sicjr Xtmtia the table. Mr. Uterraeale I
moved to .irr.efid the bHl by f*rr:k(ng oat the !
third f ctirn, ;:i d inserting a new one, whlfih
an thorites tb< May< r to put up lamps (not ta
ti; ?d I,; {0) at suth points as snail be reqnest
t'i bv citizens ar<l designated by tiie Mayor
UA,d Ward L'f.i.uii ia3ionera: the expenses of each
I'raji to be defrayed by the ward In which i:
m.'.y be icwtttci. i'ho whole sn-.iect wis laid
over till text M."tin^.
Xr-ttrs. i.r vi n, Turtor: and Vtermehle were
t.pp j.i.teti n special committee to examine into
tht iactb ?ind .-uggest tome measures to prevent
;Le rprtad of email-pox and oilier cont igiuns
Mr.Jlewn sr.bmi'ted a resolntion requesting
the Mayer to inform the Board whether th3
wird physicians fullilhd ?he law requiring
tht'tc to vr.eeihate al! poor persons who may
present tiiemseives, and wheth??r .they made a
quarterly rvj-ort ol the work performed by
tft-m before thi-y rfcaived their pav; which
was r*5cfec!.
A bt?l anthcrizin? ihe Mayor to employ an
nsmsrant clerk in bis ofike, at a salary of ?i,0(U
v.aa referred.
A til! to grade and gravel E street north,
from flth to loth etrret wst, was referred to
iinproveiEenu conrmittee. Adjourned.
t council.?The Board met at thn nsnal
hour, tbe T'realdent (A. Idoyd, Esq.,) in the
chfiir, ai d all the members present except
atetKrt. Knight and H. O. Wilson.
Tlie Chair laiil before the Board tlte nineteenth
report cf the Trustees of the Public .Schools.
Refwt<-(! to schools committee.
Mr. Barr iutrodnced ihe loii^wing, which
v. a .^ adopted:
Unsolved, tf-c., That the joint committee on the
heeith of tlie city are hereby instructed to
inquire into the expediency ol passing au act
requiring the physicinn3 to report to the police
department fill existing ;uses of i>raall-po.\, and
ai> new fasts as thty occur; tbe number of the
houbts fed streets where the cases are found.
1 he committee are further instructed to inquire
inthe expediency of requiring all bouses
where small-pox exists to be designated bv a
yellow flag.
Mr. bhedd introduced the following, which i
was adopted:
E. !< hed. That the Mayor be, and he is hereby, i
request- d to call the attention of tbe President !
of tbe Board of Directors of the Washington ]
and Georgetown Railroad Company to the con- '
dltion of the crossing at the intersection of j
Seventh street and Pennsylvania avenue, pro- ?
duced bv'-he liow of water which accumulates
on the track lrom ft street fo Pennsylvania
avei e, and tuggesting to him the neceaiity of
cons' "ting a sewer to convey the water into
the mii?n sewer at the corner of Pennsylvania
avenue and Seventh street.
Mr. Shtdd ulso introduced a bill instructing
the sfiid ward physicians to procure suitable
places in each ward fcr the pnrpnse of vac- j
tin at; eg all persons who may apply for the i
same, and that the work may be dome us speedi- t
ly i'.s possible, they a;e autiiori/.ed to employ
assistants, and as soou as they procure suitable
pisces they shall cause to be published in ail
iiie city papers conjoinllv tbe places and ob
ject ol the same, r> .juiriuj: all porions who >
tave not been vaccinated to e'o so without do
lay. The act appropriates j?;;1?, or as much as
t?y te necessary. The phyMciann shall keep
a correct account ol the number of persons,
classifying them as :o av;Q and nationality, and
ri-cort the same to the Mayor.
Mr. N. i^ernei at Ae<l 1? this bill did not ?
propose to vaccinate all pexbons, and ha was
opposed to paying for^hosc *>ei-3oiii? wb*> were
well ifole to pay lor thcmst l ,fs. If this bill
were to past, there would bs no telling what
it would cost; it wouid cast as muuh iw the
almslico^e. -
Mr. SV- ud renUudtrt Mr. Lfirnfcr that the bill
only appropriated S7t.fi.
Mr. N. !?? Lou ner would lika tosee the names
and rfsi iencis of parties pnbti-ixeU in order
tLat it might be seen whether any persons 1
nvailiPg thrm?eivesoi (heprovi?i^? of jA^ect
? ere abie to pay. Mr. T.ari,**r W??pd thwf the
m.mei *r d nsid^nces bo published, As well
tbe nationalities ard agee; which w as qarried.
The bill an amended was passed.
The following were introduced ny Mr. N, J>.
T.aroer.?Bills for the relief ot K p. .Tone?; fo-*
er.cioeicg the squire on K street*, between fthv
and 9th streets, and passed.
The following were iPtroJured and referred:
By fl|r. N. 1). Turner? Bill to increase the pay
af tlreEeabrcf Weights and Measures "By
Mr. Ferguson?Resolution directi ig the pnr
chase of S5 copies of Thompson's Digest. By
Mr Canflfld?Petition of B. F. Beers for lire
ploys in tlie Fifth Ward. By Mr. Ellis??440
lutiou recaeeting Uie camnilttee on ways and
means to inquire into the expediency of pvovl
ding for ?u aBdttor of accounts. By Mr. Riub
?Raaolntion reqnesUug the com ml. tee on po
lk* to inquire aa to what legislation is neces- '
rpry to proUct the citizen from lirht weight
and bill to purchase 5 W leet ol ho e
lcr :Le trsakiin Fire Coinpr.nv.
2kl?. Iv. I). Larner intro?iuc d the following,
which ? u raised:
, hi-polrtrf, 1 ?at the committee to representtba
inuii":W ot ih'.s cor^o ari >u before iJnnt.re.sg
be and ihfy ar-? her?'oy instructed to unte u?>n
( cugifts ihe pro^rieu uf inserting in ail char
tt-rs it-.at ib?-y may hereul.er grunt for city ;?as
rtrger raiiwav compani s us this citv, a el iu.h?
making =sid cor.panics Pable to pay sti u
n. PEee up. n their cars as rnjy be fixed by this
i lie biii U) provide for t!i? ) ayinent ot cer
!??i. grnrantce Vnds at the W.-uhiuf ton a..ii
AKxar v rl.t !??'.: toh<!, v j:s t>ntii ho
f .l it ii as iu i.Ii? Uhi* . ? of :!}?* < 'orpor
J<i i ir -' or ^is opinion, on motion or
^lr ms 'hou, it whs postponed toro e wit.
*"? "? Larner, 11oin ilrainsfr comnvtte , re
; ertsd a biil to lay a water main in i ;t'i street.
1 tv.?-??!: Ii 8td L sir e
L'ttfr aiso reforted the Hoard of Al
ce.ir.fit LPl authorizing the Water iiegistrttr
to a\e * cu h I.re pli-ikH us r6t d it ?ttk 11 np
J-niiieset, and aitt-r sinw discussion the hill
Wfl8 r--v.jumitt? d, -with insrrujaons to provide
for the adaptation ot the McCiellaa iuiprove
mi nt. *
Mr. Shepherd, frrtn markets committee, re
j or'fil a hill providing that from md a;;er the
; assc&u ot tfcn act it shall not he lawful so u?e
sj rinM bfiiapces ?n vreighmjr? e?f, biuo-r. or
? ?y c^er ?p*<Me? of provn?<on exposed for <*al?
Vv. s!}? public or ptivafc- uiartti te of
v. ublijiigton; audtfiat froaa. aud aiter ao d^s
alttjj I f pasf.au; of the act no o'iier spueies of
sea ?? -halt fc" u?ed in -he puulk: or p.-lvate
mark*!* other tfcar the platform elates with
weights ot the most approved pattern, as now
id u:e in F'hiiadelphia, nrder a penalty ot )
1 biil whs pspti d
Kr. KJifc fun djf com in ii tee on the flr?d?
pcrtu,.Ticpoiicn on th*1 A.lderof\4'*M
iiii.it'ta"- ioi ihe bill to rror?a i/ 'h ? 'Ve
1 'rnn ? r.\ <nd nu.vd that the Hoard mii-'
coi.cot- :n ; sit a oon.mit:'-? c;f cor .erenci-, fo
ya- IU f ii uld Hit* La re; r; d iVir. Uauh. ld u
ri<l sntcudit f ati act. to of(raiitx? ami pove-.n
lb;- llrf- oepartir.eni; wMcU uct.oa preyai|.-d
Air. No.itc ir; ni th?; committee en pailtc
- vcotf, r j.H>'i.?d La> k *10 ineu-totti iieport
01of the Public fwiool!5, wi(h a
b.l. ioovid i,p lcr ill's priniing ot fiv.- anudt .1
CLfie? of :be aioe fir the u e of the C^xyjia
ti n, nn.i appr priatiER ?50 tUcreJor; w^icii
t. ?p pes; eil
?ir r:. J) I^itner raove.i th?t t!:e vote r.y
^Itich the bill of Mr. Miecd in relation to tV>
i?l? oi t-piiit) ous liqi.crs wt>a laid on the ablw
tie r.'rt, wd"m). winch w is carried, ?n>| ta0
^ ^ ^ - o\er Liitil next
-fc -^1' trroei.'e amt-nt aim: lor the Oonncil
?)<ll ir.rrea*incr the coin* c, c.>*ition of T^n ihprs
^i?< i* u^lic ch(x?U, and which auien(iinf?tit
fixw t)iP ccmpentatioa frrm .lanuiry, Ht>! :o
.lun^. ; t?, a Ibliows:?Teactwr^'of The Maid
(}rnirr? -.r sc*>oo;?, * ,:>(>; tnacher3 o; fejiiil^'
f?r?ir,rrar tJchco'r, ??oe; teachers of Mala in- |
te s boo!."? t. aciie a ot Femaie .
iM. rnir .:it<?ooh'. q>, f.V>0; t. aetoers of Second.
} i.-v.hooit i'.Stj; teaehera of Priiaary Sahool? ?
? WTi* taken -.p, and Mr. Shcpt-oid mored i
to U.-9V-.T- and ..F-k n coraia tte.* Jf . -nfer, ji e '
wint h n otion pr vailt-d by the foliowuijr yote: i
,. ^r> L'arn C-uiH, Id, Fill- , t oil ius- J
D4e, KciUj, 1ST L>. i^^ruer, M?*r ithrdn, Nov^- I
P"hke, 1. u.b, Kuit, feiwdo, Sh.-pnerd, and S' ?- I
vene- II 1
Nays?Meffrs Fertntoound M. I^rnor?2.
[Ji vivixen iu txpl?na.'ion of vote
.ii*' AM^riiiCii f* *>v vn*'*oiis
voiii.-g h>? ' u.: they did so ^.^sa
thev Ibc^.^hr ?I.Mmf.nntof 'tier^ac,. cropped
b> be fief-? dmcct enUrely ?naleqtu>.t? to the
rsHf}; c? ilic U;ucher<? in iLr^t* tors of hiw<i
pi u us.]
Toe Aldermen's joiat re?ola'ion :un"rdat>rv
o{ the reflation lor the better pr<.'?ct on Of
lo.itil cit;a t;s in thtir rightp of p-.^v wn
I fctsfd. [The re-elhtionieqnes'sC>;i; .? {,e-ii
to frrkleh .1 Kit rf ?!} perco..? a v?c .Aitaeu
exfiupticit f'.v/iu ii*e urai oq the ground ot
a he nags- o U>at their may bJ erius-d
frcm the poll list ]
T.">e Alderxnen s bill *o Jav 3 water main on
I e'reet cortU, lro,n 4th. to r>ih etrtets, was
rJ'he bii: Oxini.' the compensation of the r9n?ic
tfftoher was eaih d up, and was pas^d bv ?
\o:fc cT Pi to 7.
Mr- Bi d; in expJa ning b!s tote, aiiid rhatie
i?id no Rueu ion tothe io.v*itv or dislovii v of
trie music te toiler, tlMMww:Aiu. neation tor the
trr;?te?-. ??
Mr fc.aepberf? Mid that'Mht Aldtrmaii /Mr
ijtiJick) w'-.o op^csrd ;ne biil on thw gro'icd of
tfc< di 1 :yaltyof Mr. D:uiiel fia.1 informed 'him
?,'s' he (Mr. O.) wta eatUtl d that the oarty
v.bo maue the charges maae them throui-ii
in: Uce.
Mr. N. I). learner -aid that he hid suonosed
th: ' he ban hrougUt in eridence en >b''h t >
prove Mr. l^aniePs disloyalty, and if he* had
thought that the bo.'rd wat not - ids fled wt ti
it he couK' bay; piled up the evidence II?
saw indications thf t the School Trustees'were
rot inclir^d ?o do their duty in :h?* matter
Mr. fcnrt 6aiti it iltere was anv doubiof he
trustees doing their dntv he would change bis
vc:e rather than to rest umJer th? imputatioa
ct voting poMtbly for a disloyr-l man, and ue
would tht refoTe ynte ?< nay.*'
Mr. l.Jje said tlie bill did uot increase the
salary, but simply chained the mode of pay.
ir.git. He warmly protes.'ed against the infi
mat ion ot the gentleman (Mr. rs. J,. jjHruer)
bat the 11u&tces would tit? lax in inoniring
into ihe loyalty of u-achers selected by th^m
Mr. M.Lamer claimed that the music teachers
in other cities oid not receive as much pay
The bill was passed.
Mr. Shepherd introduced a resolution tou
eei inj; the lonu of the portraits in the < ouacil
t'hf,mbc r of Washington. Jackson, and Clay,
to the ^oidiers' Fair, for the benefit of the
laroiles ol the District voluntetrs, to ho held
at the I'ateut Office: wbirh wa3 adopted.
Mr. M. I.-irner oiicred a resoluting directing
the commitipe on police to inquire into th>? ex
i ediency of amenoing 'he laws in relation to
luPBtes, with a \ iew ol providing additional
reveuue fri m that source; which was adopted.
Mr. Noyes introduced the following bill:
Ht it marted <tc., T1;M from and after Ihe
rtit>*ge of this bill, it shall be required of any
houechoWer within the limits of tiis" corpora
tion, upon whose premises any ca?e of .small
j ox or varioloid may exist, to no'ify the public
of the fucr, by exhibiting a yellow flaj; in a con
epicuous position on sa;d premised.
Kr it further enoctoi. That anv party failing
to comply with the provisions ot this act shall
be liable to n fine of not lets than tw; uty or
more tban fitly dollars, oue hall to go to th*
Beit further enacted, That the phydcians of
the city ore hereby requested to report to the
police all eases of smallpox existing in tueir
practice, and all unw cases as they occur, em
bracing the street end number of housa ia
which said case or ta rs exisT, under penalty of
a line of not less than five or more than twenty
dollars in ea^h ca.?eof failure to comply with
the provisions of this section.
Mr. Ruub hoped the bill would not pass, and
lzoved to lay it on the table. He said there
w*re many cases where a person having the
small pox was kept in a room separated from
ihe rest oi the family, and no harm was done
the community. He bfllored thiu the mnall
pox was communicated In the air, and that
was Dr. Riley's opinion. It would no': serve
any good purpose, he though', to designate
housf s where it existed. He p.oceeded to eom
liifut npon the hardship and danger to life iu
dragging tmail-pox patieutc from their homes i
to si small pox hospital.
Mr. Noyes said the bill did no', propose to
ririvj small-pox patients to the hospital, bnt it
?lid propose to designate the localities wnere
it existed, so that persons might not go un
awares right into its m!d?t. The gentleman
from the Second Ward had men*toned ta
ttanccs where small-pox palierts were Ir pt
secluded so thst no harm iollowed, bnt he
(Mr. W.) could u*ll him of acaswinhls ward
where amilkmau havingtwoloathsoruecorpF's
in his house dead of black smali-pox, concealed
the fact from his customer* anrt allowed
tlifm to come to his house for their milk a3
usual. It was liotorioa -ly the tiu-t that all over
the idly, y.eople. l?st they should suffer In bust.
nets and otherwise, concealed the fact of the
existence of small-pox on their premises. It
was customary elsewhere to so designate the
ihistsnce of small-pox, and he could eo# ao
reai-oii why this community had not a riibt
to similarly protect itself.
Mr. Shepherd said that the Mayor apj the
committees to represent the interesta of the
corporation before Oongre^s h^d had several
interviews with the District qommittees of
i:ongrcss upon thie question; and they were
unanimously ol the opinion that som* such
measures as those proposed ia this Mil should
be adopted. He believed that every member
oi the lHstrlet committees atated that ia thmr
own lc,calidfs it was required that the exist.
tnee of small .pox in any house sbonld be des
places the law was so
s'rirgest as to yeqolre small-pox patients to be
tpten imperatively to a hospital. This bill
does rot propose so harsh a procedure as fore
Thta e*eeli?rt Family and News Journal,
coE'BlniBg a jireater .arlety oT mier&ting
!et-. log ih/Lit c.v be fcuad ui ar.y o iier, in
pni'.aht. oa Friday morning.
It Invariably coctalna Um "Wiehinetra
News" ti?a! has made the dally EvrMifa
Star circulate *o generally throughout lb*
Tb*x '.
CatK, invariably ?n a-di-ance.
Single copy, p? r annum.... 81 56
Single copies, in wrapper", Fivb Obst*.
iug tbe sn Tercrs frcn thctr bed to & h wpitai,
but it \erv properly provMos that the hoiws
l.^re tbi.; terr.ble 'iisease exists shali b > des
itun;. d. Vmh ct tbi.- disease has be,n tproaj
by ?BTa!f>ierts being allowed to learn hos
I Pals w ith !h!-ir cP the? in ft c ted with iho di*
ta^e. He tbonpiit tbe clothes should Uwaj->
I \ n.eti, as v?as required at the cry stnaiU
pox hospital.
Mr. LI sis said tba'as there seemed toh? "sOti*
i?Uoianee of tli<> tact, he **culd a'.ite that it t?a*
? e:, t! e Tv.lt- of th- TruUeet. ot Public Schools
i r ? n j t. t s pa*t that no applicant should ea.
t. r a school ur.le.-s fix-t va ooatwd.
IV*-1. Si et'd moved an amendment "-hat the
fi-.g l e dif pt J} ed <>v r tbe lYont door o! the res
ult t re: wh/tli xvas adopt d.
'? I e hill ??. ae passed.
'i 1 e i h.iir /air. Barr) auri->na< ed the loilow
ir r torn mil t cp:
('< r.-.m tt o of Conference on the Fire denau
ro? i t hill ? MftfW. Fill-, Cnuflel 4, a.id N D.
Ltii? er.
t ( i 1> rcnee > oniisiit-e ou bill fixine the salti
litsot Tench rsefthe Public Schools?Messrs.
:;l:cpt < rt\ Nov**?, an-1 Mc(?.?thr in.
O.i W??lung?. n and Alexandria Railroad -
M'ffrt N. 1>. t a^n?^r aud Noyea.
Mr N. 1>. I.arnermoved that tb* bill in reia
tion to coal a h-? he printed and mad<? the *pe.
ciaf eri*erfor Monday next; carried.
Frrr.TTi W/u:iJ'i AT Casks.?K. Adams
Tbottir ',Vt-r 5'ietc ?. violating hack law; itxr
rtv I i-.li?>p?&r. 'oj.n Tamseh, dronk ami <!tv
order-ly: R Al>n. Marrnret McNe??, drnrfc; all
d^i.iisfed J be I'ougt'Tty, selling liqucr un
lieer*-- d: r6 Jos. Poppele-s, drunk ;uid
diforderly: fjjflp. Anu !Kr??8?*j , d<>.; .?2 5y. J.
O Mearn, vioiaJirg haok 'iw; W eeu's J. 11
Bxown, a i;is ( o!w. il, .tof?a Frarton, lxm-aud
Liir^ftt, drunk; Si^<ach. Cb is Hatch, a^
srurlt at ?' l>rt?.rv: ?*"m. How ird, viola i..??
back Ix w: for a !i? H.rii c N.Tl. Tower, grand
Isneay; jail for coort Christina Sie?el, v.
g.auc?: worjibf r.-e. l-l'itj> iMico, Wm. Iliir
gmf, fthrifcp: ioek^d honrs. I>..T. M Kin
ney. duoi <l?-riy; l^avift Foley, drunk; tni':it*rv.
Gecrfe ;kmon and Rtchi'U M. Claik, ilruxfe
and fTi?j ioiot s cb a rut. is; >?.' !>?>? ? a 'l>.
AlP?sar?'ir, maliti-ut mischief; di^misbei.
Mary F;*ir,; i j , Co ? \ ?r for court, t^hurl -s
Stctii t. itisoVi ei!y;md. a-y. Job ipevtoi :lad
Mary Fanlkner,"dt;tnk:4tsmi8?ed. .Tvi'. P>o
peiaF, curtTiBB trM|ioif. ll'o, a'saui* *?.nd
bnjlfri; hail l"f court 11. F.tJ-oddar<*, drnnk
ai d jiloiMje; 2.6- I&aiab Jenkins, waittui
Potnr sr v. at ; ei^mUeed. Pa "k Donuelty,
d)5?r<'erW- lot-^ed ^ntbree bonr?. Wm. Kov.t
ard. A. F. Ii?vv,.lcini Howarc and Jno. Piisr**,
violJ'tii g ^a. k <aw; dismltS' d. Mary iVuTt'iy.
prai d lr.rc?n> r' > ki>/a C-inlv. dri.ni<; io.
John Conner, *UM:ing h;;i-k on Sunda.-.; ^ i..
Jchn M?ck!e nrfir. druuk; Patri lr
Hi ley, rrnnlrc ^ack o?i Sunday; *0 6-1. Ai^o,
carebss drivnit; Oiami^fed. Abuer l r^ vers,
M<jlatuiK i.a? k law; do. .lolm .lotu.son, va
rrancT; do. Catharine Valentine, drtn k. do.
.lame-R* ar, drunk ar:d disorderly: T> r>~. J.
Ro inscn, do.; do. Jo .a? P. K??rif, dr?: ????'
Tbrcdorc Uarri',rtrn?k;r1^>? Frank
nict, do.; do. John Robinson, assault and oit
ter v; bail lor oonrt.
P;.mjyl~-a\ta Amnur, near Wiilardt Hotel.
Lro*iaa'iiiot~*?? ?- ? ^..Dircctcr.
T-Uii^D * fTTtn.ig, li:4
ffcer & titn? tai? clir ?.l Toci T*yi.;'( exijisi<e
uuU,?tlC dT?.r-.fc
I'Hfc X .C&Bf O? I KAVE M*.N
\r :?i w pr iaefr^^testssuHa-.ton bv?t knoirn
ic \t. *\oi a :d bf yisj in the cities of I?\?r Yirfe.
'I. iulPidiifcleipbia,
IatV e beaniifal !aii*u*s? e" tb? aei^aaii^bea
T>ictrlet it;. tM? of il?t?r? y, A ?*Vl?y 3 -?i _
'?1 be p *: write* D strict atio?isy
A, Galloy iUil iufc's hfiiLwi. cr<t*?i? -!, 'tbst I
vifbth. pbi.r.otb- OB sti ?< tb? 4ry wbi hi ji *n?
f-. r>- p ec- tte P Iron Aid .i-.aie'y, *o<j w o so
ro pab'y lea'efje et'e o! the re a.jtd coanntw
i k Bis. f eu''4 m f tb? Tiekct of listive ail y a;
sets*. 1 he '? wt ?1i6*'3 run t^gitber In tr is chy
ofcjoao.Kew Ye^r an3 you ?non!4 n*?t rMe;v?
S?- or scor*: 'ticlet?f leave' na 51 ?v;ry a ereyrasT
av:a.fc&T in tut sleu^pnitsi Police dist-Ht had
en tbc fnrMriora'iofi of tbe Irenes brtwecn
V i?iii fctu V* illca^|hb'r.,'
f ,-tt* nisybe lecura'td^Rug the <Iay betwj?a *k?
toio ? < i ,-n aad 8. '*
Jora T. foatv.? Msna< t and Proprlsto
^Al?^ of Scl:4sy Street Tbeatsr,
Appeare in the ?>-eat Sve-sct play entitled,
C A ji I L L ti ]
In r*:he*.r?al,
Each of wuioh will be presented in the most raperb
MU810 t CASTEHEuBY, V \?fD
Lor>aiAKA ArBaas,
Et&r of Mctiopolltia HeMla.
ft JG ANTi'0 Aii^S >'HI,Y O* TA IiTNT.
M ifib SV A BilENT,
Ml8fi B"7A toi;BNT?
Thece'etrates Oper?; c Voesllst.
KT - RN^.STlNls ikVA'BBH
7 he Lovely CanKuse and toigf tress.
M<yns. FourUt and l*t Eon tan Jitit rl Tronic..
Alottt. i'outhe end tht limzcni BaUt: Iroupc.
The Gre*t Jithiopiin Trio
BAG AN, aJWaRjo, ildLAiO-N.
T?IX C0RP8 I: A?BW?jr,
H. W. %^L14M8. J. 8. CLAilAF,
K.ON8. 801. Ac.
Ia a Gcige jic Bill of To night.
Doors c-vec a quarter in 7; vt>rf&.-m?2Cs at %
quarter before ? o'oiock. AJmfsa-on ii and frj eta.
ja U> lit 8ATC ii;AV A> TBHNQOIf.
FaoKTtKo 1 a*k. Av-^scit Aj-n Kivm bra.
MLL'ELIN n y> INOEI. au ! SiUNJ BApriSriK.
Of Pretty Girls
Lea by t rai.i Rim&euJ IX. White,and the
??able t'ta'- 'J-^Dblnatioa,
Frfdty a'tomecp. Jsn. ;j, at3 p.m.,
Fitz hiorimon'e Greav Orsxnain preparation.
Tn wbiib yria rppta--.he awoiupl'slied yoni*
A^rf ts,
fiAlc PRICE.
Adinfas.on 2Iani Ul etata. FiivaU So*-* ?fJ
At W 1 It L A H D B 1 1IALL,
Cn TEU KaL Ai ac<J rHc l'AY, Jan. :i and S3.
Mj i. gtrakoacb bas I - Luaor toaaaoaaft that he
ba? reottedea sn ?rrac? ments with the
foiloeirt: doeateilatlwri of n usiaal e^febritfps :
MLLE ANOlUnlNA 00 hi) I EH.
tee ctWbiHtel Pti ia Drnnafrcn the New lork,
Be -too ai d Pbilcde'pma Afi?de uiss ot Mu'.e,
b e WaB'.O FATTi. the ycaa;; atsd talented Vl?
li'jii t t brother at Adtlln-s and Oarlotta Patti,) and
Oi l KCB8J>aY Bad FRIDAY. Jan SlaadSt.
8. tSt-UBbt * n?;Cal Director and Oeadoetor.
A(iu.i?*ion %1, reiarved watefie ots. extra. Peat*
cay e feenr?d Cor both aiahtaet W. G. Metaar
<at> Vcfdc ftflre. fETaticiBg oa ToeaJay attT^
m. Doors oper at7X rcn'ertat 8o'clock. laM It
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