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Wukli|tai Mraiy Market.*
Quotations for stocks, coin and uncurrent
BOOey, furnished by Uwk Johnson * Oe.?
BMk#r": Buying. SaWn*
V. 8. Coupon Bonds, 1881 106* }T *
U. 8. 7.30 Notes. _ |
amsrtermasters' Checks
?w Certificates ?????:* _
American _
American Gold 2
v,w yob* Ratx??Fikbt Bono.
CO?Sr ,07" 7-30'8' 1W?' OrtW.
?StMOflndebtodnese, 97^; Gold, 15? *.
Undoubtedly the biggest tall of the season
was the story sent per letter (dated Washing
ton) to every newspaper in this vicinity, to the
effect that the rebel government is disposed
to lay down its arms and treat for peace.
No paper in Washington gave it the benefit
of a notice, though a copy, we believe, was
'upplled to each, (we got duplicates,) but a
Baltimore paper bit at it, and the substance o*
it was telegraphed from that city in a shape to
give it an air of importance. Mr. "James Yates
of Richmond" is donbtless chuckling in his
sleeve at the success ot his little game.
Thu Caps of Skwator Hale.?The Com
mittee on the Judiciary in the Senate hive re
ported and asked to be discharged from the
further consideration of the case of Senator
Hale, of N. H., the facts disclosed not showing
a violation of any law or official duty by Mr.
Hale. Mr. Hale (says the report) simply acted
as counsel for Mr. James H. Hunt, and the
money he received was nothing more than a
legal retainer and lee, and his application for
Mr. Hunt's release was simply on parole, and
in order to give Mr. H. time to prepare for hi3
defense; but as the relation of Senators to the
heads of Departments is such that they have
privileges and influence in the matters pending
before them not possessed by mere attorneys as
such, to accept a compensation for services
Tendered in such matters would, in tne opinion
ol the Committee, be improper; and the Com
mittee express the opinion that the acts forbid
ding members of Congress to receive compen
sation for procuring offices, contracts, Ac.,
should be extended so as to prohibtt the receipt
of a consideration for any service before any
Department of the Government other than its
judicial tribunals.
Tint Navy Vihi^catbd ?Senator Orimes
speech >esterday in vindication of the Navy
was lorcible, clear, conclusive, showing that
it has eflected a blockade the most remarkable
in history lor efficiency and extent, and that in
the results generally it has accomplished in
protecting mighty interests and punishing the
foe it has earned tbe lasting gratitude of the
Virginia Senator.?By a resolution adopt
ed by the Legislature, in session at Alexandria,
an election is to take place to-day tor U. S.Sen
ator. The candidates are Joseph Segar and J.
C. Underwood, the Judge of the U. S. District
Court there.
%jr Another railroad accident, resulting in
the killing and wonnding of a number of cat
tle, occurred on the Northern Central Kail
way, just north of Baltimore, yesterday morn
W Mr. Oliver Hoblitzell, for many years
past chief clerk of the transportation depart
ment of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, at
Baltimore, has resigned his post.
Stirring Report from Cp River.
New York, Feb. 2.?The Tribune has a spe
cial dispatch from Harrisburg, saying that Im
boden's cavalry has crossed the Potomac, and
is about to Invade Pennsylvania.
(By the People's Telegraph Lines?Offices No.
511 Ninth street, and corner of Pa. avenue
and Sixth street, under National hotel.]
New York, Feb. 2.?An attempt was made
yesternay morning to put up the premium on
gold, on the strength of the President's procla
mation, but it failed. Money may now be con
sidered easy, under the legal rates of interest,
and borrowers can be bountifully supplied
Government stocks remain firm, the 5.20's
standing at 104, and the 7 30's at 1U6. Com
mercial matters dull. The stock market was
firm to-day, and the previous quotations well
sustained, compared with tbe prices at the
first board on Saturday.
Halipax. Feb. 1.?'lhe steamship Hibernia,
from Qalway on the 19th, has arrived here,
bound to Boston.
Denmark has rejected the Austria-Prussian
ultimatum. The Austrian and Prussian am
bassadors are reported to have quitted Copen
hagen. On tbe 18th, the Emperor of Austria
reviewed 20,<x>0 troop--, who are to marh
immediately for Sch'eswig. Prussian mili
tary preparations are progressing vig >rou?ly.
The French Chambers continued to debate
tbe address to ihe Emperor.
It is stated that the amendment in rezard
to Mexico will he met by the ministerial sta e
mentthat since the 1st of Jinuary all exp-ns^s
of the French troops have been borrowed by
the Mexican Government.
The Archduke Maximilllan will visit Paris
as the guest of the bmperor, and be recaived
with appropriate honors.
Garibaldi has issued a proclamation, announ
cing tbe formation of a committer to promote
tbe Italian Union and inviting all Italians to
rally around it.
A new Spanish Ministry has been formed.
Tbe Post says the Am-trian and Prussian
representatives will doubtless quit Copenha
gen, and war may be formally declared; but it
is still possible tbat active hostilities may not
icstantly follow.
A Denmark telegram to the Morning Herald,
from Flembnrg Monday night, says tbeenvovs
of Prussia and Austria bave presented an ulti
matum, calling on the Danish Government to
withdraw the November constitution. Tbe
Danish Government have rejected th-demand,
and the envoys iPttttopenhatenatS o'clock this
afternoon in a private steamer
Londow, Jan. 19?1 p. m.?Consols 90^a90\
for money.
Suspension Bridge Blown Away.
Buffalo, Feb. 1.?Tbe small iron suspen
sion bridge across the Niagara river at Lewis
ton, was blown away during a gale to-day.
Ada Clare of New York, sometimes called
the "Queen of Bohemia," sails for California
In the steamer ot Wednesday next. She goes
thither for the benefit of her health.
The people ol Iowa bave a new char'ty
on foot in the form of an association, just In
corporated, to provide a boms for tbe destitute
orphans ol soldiers fallen in the public defence.
tOT Hon. John R*ld, a prominent Tennessee
an, has escaped from Dixie and accepted the
terms of President Lincoln's amnesty procla
S7~Cora Hatch has been charged by a younc
Kew Yorker with alluring his fatb*r from the
puths of virtue, End Cora's domestic relations
are to be examined by the courts.
?ST:San Fransisco now ranks as the third com
mercial port in tbe Union, New York being the
first and Boston the second
STThe Charleston Courier says the damage
by the bombardment is small?nothing left to
damage probably
Alderman J. F. Jones, of Pittsburg, Pa,
has been consigned to the penitentiary for per
MT The Massachusetts An U-81 a very Society
bald its 3Iat annual meeting on Jan. 99.
1ST Diptherta is fatally prevalent in tone
parts of New Hampshire.
S7* Tbe new comet swings a tae tall?one
and a half degree* long.
Ill TBI NO0U rMterdsj
Ihe bill to re Tire the grade of Lieutenant
General in the United States Army was con
Mr. Rose offered an amendment respectfully
recommending Major Oene/al Grant for the
position of Lieutenant General.
The amendment was agreed to and the bill
Rumors? Raid oh Martiksbubo.?A ru
mor had gained circnlation in the city last
night that the Rebels had made, or were male
ing, a raid on Martinsbure. Oar only infor
mation in relation to the matter is that a force
had made indications of moving in that neigh
borhood, and that precautions had been taken
by Gen Kelly to meet them. A despatch re
ceived last night by Mr. Win. P. Smith, of the
Baltimore and Ohto Railroad, who is at Cum
berland, stated that all the trains on the road
were running regnlarly, and that it was well
protected at all points.?Bait. American, 2d.
A Marylander Rklkapbd prom tttk Oojt
fkdkratb Prxson?William E. W. Webster,
of Westminster, Carroll connty, Md., who was
captured seven months ago, during Gen. Lee's
Invasion of Maryland, arrived in this city on
Sunday last, from Richmond, via Fortress
Monroe. He had been confined for several
months in Castle Thunder. Mr. Webster rep
resented that the condition of the prisoners on
Belle Isle during the inclement weather was
sad and heart-rending. Of the 7,000 prisoners
in Richmond, he stated that 1,100 were in the
hospitals.?Bait. Sun, Feb. 2.
9T A drugged soldier who was taken in
charge at Providence, R. I., by Capt. Hamlin,
last week was fouad to have 93,00<M'00 of "se
curities" in his overcoat pocket. That is. he
bad bona fide certificates of thirty thousand
shares of a stock ip a Silver Mining Oorapa
ny, the par value of which is 9100 a share. It
was stolen from a lawyer's office, and proving
unavailable for the thief, he probably selected
the drunken soldier's pocket as the most con
venient repository for the plunder.
The tavern keepers and retail Hqnor
dealers of Philadelphia have agreed to charge
ten cents a drink for wines and spirits, and six
centa for malt liquors. If the purchaser does
not give even change, one cent more is to be
UT Napoleon will enter into'his 57th year in
n<5=?I. f>. O. F.?The members of BXCEL8IOR
lk_3 LODGE, No. 17, are requested to be pres
ent at ttie Lodge Boom TO-NIGHT, on business
of importance It
LL5 members of ' he Terpeiehorean Socials re
spectfully inform their friends and the publte in
Sen#ral, that ther it,tend givieg a Grand 8oireto on
fONDA Y EVENING, ?,b 29th, 1864, at Temper
8DC6 Hall.
SPECIAL NOTICE.-Tiiket Office, Fords
lk_3 Aeie Thtattr, Tenth s rett F'b 2, 1864 ?In
consequence of the extraordinary demand for se
cured seats to witness Mrs. D. P. Bowkrs in Lady
Isabel of East Lynne, the box sheets are arranged
so that seats can be reserved three days in advance
Parties desiring choice seats must apply early'
Ticket office open daily from 9 until 6 o'clock
Very respectfully,
* H. CLAY FORD. Treasurer
KF l*A
gftgUlS^v'K t/RfteS.WMa
ii #25 Bt Joseph's Association, at the lecture
ball of 8t. Aloys us l?t stict, between I and K.
7J?'?o* 1 oc>n * o clock, concert to commecce at
Tickets 25 cents. Beserved seats 50 cents.
? RELIEF ASSOCI ATION" will hold a meet
ing at the room of the city Postmaster, on the 3d
rebruary, at 12 o clock m. A general attendance
is requested. B. B. FRENCH,
>e 1 President.
|Y_-p?ApHBM BL v.?An A*?-mbly will be givea at
t7"'?? Hotel, Gsorget>wn
ol WlDNrt,?AY BVBNING. Feb 3. 1864, the
,?I tiven to the Venn*
Catholics'Friend Society, by the mansgers Tick
ets ??, andean be obtsii ed at J L Kidwell's, Jno
J Bo,ne'e, Daniel Brown's, and at the door.
I? 1 3i
The Great Shaksvearian Reader"
Will read at
TUESDAY EVEN iNO, February*2d. Sherridan's
witty and humorous comedy of
Tie BivMs, or a Tri p to Bath, with impersona
tions of Sir Anthony Absolute. Mrs. Malaprop,
Bob Acres, etc. 8i-gle admission 50 cents. Re
?J:a*8,?$.cen*H extra. Seats can be secured
5 fro,!P 10 *? to 4 p. m. on the
day of the reading. Tickets for sale at the book
6tores and hotels. fe j_2t*
he Second Anniversary of the H. S
vun.PomE?i?iLlon for the Army and Navy'.
7"V?beiiP.id f;nKSDAY EVENING. 2d instant,
in the Hall of the House of Representatives; exer
cises to commence at o'clock.
> ice Presidert Hamlin will preside. A sum
msry of the last annual report will be given by the
Chairman of the Commission. George H. Stuart.
Esq., of Philadelphia. Brief statements of the
practical work of the Commission on the field and
in the hosoitals will be madeby Rev. R.J Parvin.
dDiirlrLi if?* "ingins, delegates, and addresses
delivered by a member of the Cabinet?Speaker
?? .f"' and Brig Gen. Martindale Musfc by a
military band. All interested in the welfareofour
fe 12tan 8a ors are cordially Invited to att nd.
^^ISrEBS OF CHABITY ?To meet the indebt
stit^no?%h/^h*W?. H.Vd,0*f provi<I*<1 by tb1i in
stitnuon, the chari'ahle and g?nercu* are invited
to ratrcnlse the sale *r desirable articles, which
w 11 begin on THUBfeDAY 1 YIN ING the 23th
inet. at Odd Fellow*' Hall, 7th street' The ar
V M wil1 f'atify refined taste
and mirister to innocert enjoyment, whilst the
a?i to nnr wiI1 b? a permanent advant
our city jg 2i-2w*
rry-vie? n Vr1 v *B APT1M
^7? HliCTICNBBY 3H6 Sixth street, between O
2? ?, H !i Balls Pairs, Receptions,
?at f ntrl ?l/r *nter*?lnments furnishe1 at short
moat '?"onable terms Ice Cream
5 v I1c*",nB>de by steam power the best
?f ?nd retail, delivered to any part
i I tn? c'ty and Georgetown n-lm*
F?rRnaLv VkMA^Qh!H wilLb# 'OW on SAT
i-jb? ? waiiii it u
fe J St* DD aT*lltte *nl Ninth street
GK|i. %3i>TSf/y'g.flg*y qn'
r*et corn?r o' Eleventh
: fe 2
500 Cases jnst received.
fp 9 * Twelfth and B streets,
ie i eoat two sqnarea gonth of P?nn. ave
Thv h k T0 rB* LADIE^
lai,e ?se, ? %r h?? thi?day receded another
I' ffs'oN wIl Tfl beaut ful PUKFEIW^
ILLrllON 81EEVE"Vlfo^U^aS^e;?/|8S
rtiT?ILent ,)f Vpautiful NEW SPRING FLOWERS
parttautaJ^ m*kM hi' 8tock complete fn every
. Ladies are re'nectfullT invited to rail and exam
ite my stock bef re they mircha'e elsewhere
fe 2 3t No 14 Market Space, bet. 8th anl9thsts.
No. 500 Ni mth STaaaT, near avenue.
Have just received and will constantly keeD on
assortment in the city
rw*A?eK,er8- ?r*ckp,?. Drop Lights. Portables
PiJt ? ?.Lob^- ml5a aD'1 othpr Shades, and all artfl
New'?*ork8 pRri" ^r"In. !he bpst establishments in
;n Ti 'T 4 'phia, Ac., which will be sold
On the most reasonable terms
Stores! RANGES- FUBNACES. and Fire-Board
ns!??Ar^JfIfP*red to furni8h the best RANGE in
Resul.rZnf. i?D vory. rps?onable terms. Hotels,
KeMaurants 4c. are invited to call
1? al of GA8 8TEAM fittings
Clo^l'ts "wSsh0sUtLndshi,nK Tub"? fountains Water
tiosew. yvssn-stands. Basins. Ac., Ac at No 5f?n
esUl^ishment rn^he c"ty.lT>ni**TeDUe^>19.1|^r1^Ht
Which ban been in finAPaaafn 1 ^
which ha* been in successful operation for'tf*.
jfi'1 TkPUt' '* ,cr 8al" w,th Gtoo<1 Will Fixtures
*c- tTh? present proprietor only se'Ung on m-'
It Ik #/ .'ment? elsewhere. A.^fy
Md 4XGreets' 39 P'n? fcTenu*> between 31
that th?, lave rot?iaXaAI&nhl. w?kan
they any Idea of so tolr>| (as some '?f ?,ur Kn??
bodies would have it.^ot on the contrary they
?ave made airargemerU to rcfl: thei- s ori-Wn
3b9 7th etreet-aod when dnisbed th<y will pre'
rent ore of tb# largest atoc s of Fn?nit<ira fl?!
M?ta, Oil Cloths Mattings ant H usefurnlshln*
ode tVat can be f,>nnd in the Dietrlet wkii>H
they will fell at their uau *1 low prloea 'nr cash
B'fpee fclly. RBJNRY 8 ??TZ
f- 1 St 1 top AChr n.f Q THFO GB'FFITH,
A A 04ii P.
tTWTIOh Is < ailed to the c^anoery rale of
ZVuable Lo ? by Davidge A Ball. ?fr stees on
I y v/*1*- 4,b? at 4 ?n the prem ses
fQn#arV,Jrf,I<,1?r- ,n C^etfs MbtfiriSoa of
n 4i tdWL' f*"1' P'ace Lot 8, In ^euare 4'S, An
Ar'd afro ti:1' f ll' 1*>? ?M.
?q"ar. r??^'^ iart of Lot neabsr sl * i.
Slley a^d -roatin* T^et on ?S> foot
t rek., ti tLVSSSr w.lh,,h^tJr?(itb 99 ,##t
?ot J* ne b*twe?( o 8 J*- ! ; * l?f ai lote lor
aa<" ? streets aontb liT?n/i rtr**ta M ?
^ i-AjLjOtrr?B a oo. Aasts
?ery ahoiee
DBFAKTMBirr or Stat?, ?
Waphiwotos, January 29, 1S64. >
Information bai been received at this Depart
ment from Mr. W. W. Thomas, jr., the Consul
of tfce United States St Gothenburg, that in an
official publication of custom-house rate* at
Stockholm, pork kts been declared duty free?
the act making pork dutiable haying been ve
toed by the King on the 29th December ultimo.
War Department, Adjutant General t Oglce, 1
Washington, February 1, 1881 J
The following officers, having been reported
at the headquarters of the army, for the offen
ces hereinafter specified, are hereby notified
that they will stand dismissed from the service
of the United States unless within fifteen (15)
days from this date, they appear before the
Military Commission in session in this city, of
which Brigadier General Rick'-tts, U. S. Vol
untetrs, is president, and make satisfactory
defence to the charges against them:
Lieutenant J. I. J. Kierstead, tWth New York
volunteers; disobedience of orders, tailing tore
join his regiment a* ordered, September7, I8d3,
from Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md.
First Lieutenant Stephen L. Hubbard, -2d
Massachusetts heavy artillery.
Major George R. Davis, 3d Rhode Island
cavalry; fraudulent conduct in enlisting cer
tain recruits for the 3d Rhode Island cayalry.
Col. Hejry L. Potter, 71st New York vols.
Captain PatrickNolan, company A, 71st New
York volunteers.
Violation of General Orders 49, ot 1863, from
War Department, in taking up on the muster
rolls of the regiment, the name of an enlisted
man as a commissioned officer, when said en
listed man bad never been mustered into ser
vice as a commissioned officer.
Altcnce without leave at officially reported on the
rollt of their regimentt, and otherwite.
First Lieutenant F. P. Wylie, 101st Pennsyl
vania volunteers.
First Lieutenant W. E. Foster, 1st regiment
U. S. colored troops.
Second Lieutenant A. E. Saviers, 1st regi
ment Kansas colored volunteers.
Second Lieutenant Ezekiel A. Col man, 1st re
giment Kansas colored volunteers.
Lieutenant Colonel George E. Ross, 45th Ohio
Major James E. Marsh, 4.*>th Ohio volunteers.
Fir.-t Lieutenant George W. Sparks, 45th Ohio
hecond Lieutenant Almon Bradford, 45th
Ohio volunteers.
Captain Hugh Erwin,24th Indiana vols.
Captain D. O. Holdridge, 23d Wisconsin
Captain W. Roberts, 14th Maine volunteers.
Captein Henjamin Warren, 2Gth Massachu
setts volunteers.
Captain G. W. Drown, 59th Indiana vols.
Lieutenant H. J. Webber, 50th Indiana vols.
Adjutant E. P. Pitkam, 20th Michigan vols.
Adjutant G. E. Davis, 26th Massachusetts
Captain E. P. Bods, 20th Illinois volunteers.
Captain T. H. Hedrick, 15tn Iowa volunteers.
Captain .1. W. Hopkins, 9Cjd Illinois vols.
Lieutenant S. C. Co'lins, 23d Indiana vols.
Lieutenant B. Hubbell, 32d Ohio volunteers.
Lieutenant E. F. Hill, 1st Illinois artillery.
Lieutenant J. H. Ewing, 28th Illinois vols.
Captain F. I^quin, 76th Illinois volunteers.
Captain A. F. F. Hall, 14th Maine vols.
E. I). Towksbnd,
Assistant Adjutant General.
Mkoical Fjjrvstoh'b Ornoa, i
H'a.'A mm on, I). C. Feb, 1, 1854 f
Bkai.bp Proposals will be received st this office
until 12 m . February the ;fith for famishing Ice to
the Medical Department of the Array durirgths
I revest) ear. at the points herein designated, f he
ee to be stored by the contractor in properly con
structed ice-houses at each point of delivery, on or
before the Iftth day of April next; the ice n-t f? be
receipted for until its quality, the fitaes* of the ice
bouse, and the manner in which it is packed shall
have been approved by a medical officer appointed
for the purpose, or by a Medical Inspector, and
payment will be male only for the amount thus
actually stored and receipted for.
The proposals will be for the quantities indicated
below as required at the respective places, with
the proviso that should more be needed at any time
for the year's supply it shall be famished at the
same rates and under the same conditions :
Annapolis, Md?Ice house owned by the United
States? lflO tons,
Fortress Monroe, Va - Ice-house owned by the
United State*??' tons.
Point Lookout, Md.?Ice house ewned by the Uni
ted States?2U0 tons,
Portsmouth Va.?Ice-house not ewned by the Uni
ted States?ICO tons,
Newbern, N. O.?Ice house not owned by the Uni
ted 8tates?4rt> tons,
Hilton Bead. 8 0 ? Ice-house owned by the United
8tates-4A0 tons,
Beaufort, 8 C -Ice-house owned by th? United
States?900 tons.
Proposals will also be received for furnishing ice
daily, by weight, for the year 1864, in such quan
titles as may be required by ths surgeons in charge
at United Btstea General Ho. pitals, upon the fol
lowing annual estimate, in and near
Boston Mass , 10 tons,
New York. 800 tons.
New Hsven, Conn , 60 tons.
Portsmouth Grove, B 1,13'tons,
Philadelphia. Pa , 1.300 tons,
Newark ,N. J., 100 tons.
Washington, D. 0 .1 5"0 t >is,
Baltimore, Md., 5f>o tons,
Frederick, Md.. 75 tons.
All sdditional amounts that may be required at
these places until January 1st, 1865, are to be fur
nished at the same rates.
The undersigned proposes to furnish tons
of fiist quality ice, carefully packed in substantial
ice houses, at the within named points, ntmely:
at the following ?Tice per toa of two thousand
pounds, namely, at
tens, at 9- per ten
The ice to be subject to the inspection, measure
ment and approval of a Med if al officer, or other
properly appointed inspector, before being re
ceipted for.
Payment to be mads from time to time upon du
plicate bills. certited to by the Medieal Director.
The undersigned proposes to furnish daiiy, or
otherwise, til the iee required for the hospital*,
upon spproved reqnislt'ons of surgeons in charge,
at or ntar the within named points, at the follow
ing price per hundred pounds, namely :
9? cents per hundred pounds.
The ice shall be of the best quality, and subject
to the approval of the sargeoo in charge who will
receipt for the actual amount delivered at each
Payment to be made frem time t^ time upon da
plicate bills, certified to by the Medical Director
The above form of proposal will be adhered to
as closely as practicable Other forms will oe re
ceived by the Depa' tmant and f uly com idaie'.
A proper guarantee tb it the bidder is able to ful
fil the contract, certified to by the Clerk of the
nearest District Court or a United states Di*t.*ict
Attorney, must acc/mpany the proposal oritwill
be rejected.
An oath of allegiar ce to the United States Gov
ernment mast also accompanv tie proposal.
The contract will be awarded to the low*, t re
sponsible party or parties whe will be duly notifl ?d,
by mall or otherw se. that their bid is accepted,
acd they will immtCtiat-Iy be required toentjr into
contract under bonds to the amount of 95,r?>0.
Bon<*s to oe prorerly cer'ified 1?.
Bidders may be present in person when the pro
posals are opened.
The Post Office address of the parties p-oposing
must be distinctly written upon the proposal
Proposals must be addressed to Henry Johnson,
Medical 8 K , and Purveyor, U.S. A, Washing
ton, D O.
1 he Department reserves the right to reject any
or all bids deemed unsuitable.
M. 8. K., and Purveyor, U. 8. A.,
Washington, D 0.
Printed forms of Proposals can bs had at this
office. fe ? d
Largs assortment of the very best of 00AL(all
sices) for sale low for cash at
Booth side Canal, corner Beventh st.
In the 8tick, Sawsd, or Sawed and Bplit any length
or siss desired, dslivsred to any part of theeity
free of eharge. All orders promptly attended t?
at W H. MARLOW'8,
Offloe and Yard sonth side Canal,
Ja ao-at corner 8ev nth.
Hotels, families, and sutlers are iavlted to eall
and examine car stock of Meat, Game, Poultry and
Vegetables. Sausages and Belogaa constantly on
band and for sate In quantities. Sutlers and par
te*?. s are r*?neeted i? eall. ,
J?S? Im* A_ M. H1PBURN.Prop.
But?s7s anJpamilfes sun (f^Q
p'-'ed With Oyst*rs at
per gallot . 0ornerofl2th >?0
and B-streets
Ja28 lm* B. WBPBR.
T?or bali.
as the now li s at Blagdsa's Wharf. Oa-^Dv
p?>liy about I <00 bu?cels For partiou
lars Inquire o ths Oaptain, on board, or of WIL
ilsMPA. JOLLY Jatt lot*
B"MI """'
jatMm* between Band I.
A. J. Goldman, Jacob Osgood, John W. An
dereon, A. P. Smith and Mareus Harrell, refu
gees from Charleston, S. C-, -were taken from
the Leonardtewn stage yesterday evening, and
turned over to Capt. Todd. They left Charles
ton about ten days ago, coming by the way of
Richmond and the Rappahannock, and crossed
ihe Potomac in a small boat, landing twelve
miles below Leonardtown. They bring no news
of importance, but had upon their persons *>7
in silver, $3,141 in Southern bank notes, and
?30 in greenbacks. They were released upon
taking the oath of allegiance and promising to
go North.
Assistant Secretary of War P. H. Watson is,
we regret to say, suffering again from seriona
indisposition, and has gone North for a short
season. To those who have an opportunity of
observing the immense amount of work trans
acted per diem at the War Department, and the
j constant strain upon the faculties of those per
forming it, there is little occasion for wander
that even the most robust mind and frame
should succnmb to the pressure.
The only business before this court for seve
ral days past has been the taking of the evi
dence ol Medical Purveyor Cooper, who is
yet upon the stand testifying in regard to arti
cles put up and forwarded for hospital purpo
No information has been received at head
quarters confirming the reported raid by Imbo
den's-rebel cavalry, as given in a New York
Tribune dispatch. It is undoubtedly a stock
jobbing canard.
The gunboat Eutaw yesterday received her
orders for sea on Thursday. She will join the
blockading fleet off Wilmington, N. C.
Japan.?At the instance of Mr. Pruyn, the
Japanese Government have revoked and can
celled their decision to disregard treaties witn
Western Powers and expel foreigners.
Washington Money Market?Latest Quo
Furnished by Lewis Johnson Sc Co., Bank
Buying. Selling.
U. S. Coupon Bonds, 18S1 WG# 107 <
U.S 7.30 Notes 107* I0W
Quartermasters' Checks 98 V ?
New Certificates 97* ?
American Silver.... 110a 112 ?
American Gold 155#al56# ?
Tumuay. February 2.
Senate?Hon. George Reade Riddle, electe 1
Senator from Delaware, to fill the vacancy
caused by Mr. Bayard's resignation, appeared,
and was qualified by subscribing the consti
tutional as well as oath of loyalty, and took
his seat.
Mr. Sumner presented a petition of the South
American Steam Ship Company, askin r a ^ub
eiriy or mail contract for the line, via St. Thomas
to Rio de Janeiro; w hich was referred to the
Committee on Commerce." Also, a petition
from Governor Yates, if Illinois, praying the
exercieeol all constitutional power by Congress
for the emancipation of all persons held in
Mr. Grimes, from the Committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia, reported adversely on the
petition of A. R. Davis, of Md., for compensa
tion for certain slaves. Also, on the bill rela
tive to notaries public in the District of Colum
bia, with a recommendation that it pass.
Mr. Dixon, from the District of Columbia
Committee, reported favorably on the petition
and bill for incorporating the Providence Hos
pital of this city.
Mr. Hicks called up the resolution giving the
thai ks of Congress to Commodore Cadwalla
der Ringgold, his officers and crew, for daring
and skill in rescuing U. S. troops from a sink
ing transport at sea. The resolution was
amended and passed.
Mr. Nfsmith called up the resolution of
thanks to Major General George H. Tfcomas
and the officers and men in the department of
the Cumberland, and it was passed.
Mr. Grimes offered, from the Committee on
the District of Columbia, a resolution, which
was adopted, instructing the said committee to
inquire into the condition of the Potomac
Aqueduct, what appropriations are necessary
for it, and into the subject of sewerage, Sec., in
this city.
Mr. Morgan introduced a bill to quiet titles
of parties in actual possession of lands in the
District of Columbia, which was referred to the
Committee on the District of Columbia.
Mr. Wilson offered a resolution, which was
adopted, instructing the Committee on the
Conduct of the War to inquire into all the
military administration in all the departments
in Alexandria, and especially th* punishment
there inflicted, the improvements in the slave
pen, the levying of fines, ?kc.
Houes ?Mr. F?nton introduced a resolution,
which was adopted, calling upon the Secretary
of the Navy to inform the House whether sup
plies for that Department during the past year
were purchased in open market; if not, what,
proportion thereof, and of what kinds were
purchased la open market, etc ; and that he
inform the House what alteration of the law is
in his opinion necessary.
Mr. Stevens, from the Committee of Ways
and Means, reported a bill for the support of
the Army for the year ending June 30, 1S65.
which was referred to the Committee of the
Whole on the state of the Union, and made the
special order for Tuesday, next.
A resolution was adopted, instrnctmg the
Ccmmittee on the Judiciary to inquire wheth
er it is n cessary to take any action to avoid
future difficulty in the Electoral college.
Also, a resolution instructing the Committee
of Ways and Means To inquire into the expe
diency of increasing the duties on wines and
luxuries, so as to increase the revenue from
imports to fl 0,000,000 annually?to restrict
bank circulation, etc.
The House resumed the consideration of the
resolution to amend the Confiscation act.
Mr. Broomall made a speech, contending
that while attainder has effect only during the
lif. time of the offender, not so with the forfei
ture of estates.
The House passed to the consideration of the
Senate bill amendatory of the Enrolment act.
Philadelphia, Feb. 2.?A special dispatch
to the Herald, dated 1st, from West Virginia,
says considerable excitement prevailed along
the railroad to-day, occasioned more by pre
cautionary measures than anything else.
Tuesday morning a portion of the Rebel
brigade that had been sent over into New
Creek valley for the purpose of intercepting
one of our moving columns, came upon the
rear of Col. Thorburn's command; whereupon
?kirmitbing commenced between the two
forces. Our men finally drove the rebels back,
This afternoon the enemy again advanced*
and this time osccnpied Burlington. Brisk
skirmishing was going on at different times
during the day.
A fight took place this afternoon in New
Creek Valley, between an advancing column
of the enemy and one ol ours. After & sharp
fight, the rebels were repulsed and driven
back two miles.
LorisTiLLa, Feb. 2.?Gens. Grant and Rose
crans will arrive at the Gait House from St.
I~ouis to night.
Fbamkfokt, Feb. l.?Great exertions are
being made to remove the Mat of government
from h?nce to Louisville.
[By the People's Line.] ?
Nbw York, Feb. First Board?N. Y. Cen
tral, 132*; Erie. 07**107#; Harlem, lost* a
>02*i u. S. SWs, IM Quicksilver Mining Co.,
U. 8. certificates, old, 102*al03; new,
do., 97*a96; Hudson Hirer, i39^al39*.
liARHiSBCBO, Feb. 1?The authorities here
have no offlc ial how ledge of the reported in
vasion, aad seem to think the statement pre
mature. [They can eately Mi** so.?Ed. Star.]
Circuit Coubt.?The February term of this
coart was convened this morning, Chief Jus
tice Cartter presiding. The jury was called,
and Mr. Jacob Fleischell was excused; after
whicb, they were discharged until Monday
In the ca?e of Edmondson agt. Cassell judg
ment was reversed.
Whellock agt. Cnrran; judgment for plaintiff.
Morsell agt. Skelley; motion to dismiss at
tachment overruled.
In tKe case of N. H. Miller, agt. Goddard aud
Baruaclo, Justices, Mr. Phillips, for the re
spondents, moved to dismiss the writ of cetiora
ri. The plaintiff rented a house from Miss
Catherine M. Thompson, atso much per month,
and after remaining over a year he received a
notice to quit the premises at the expiration of
his term. He, however, did not heed the notice,
and remained, when a jury was summoned
under the act of 1793, and a verdict was given
for the land lady. Miller applied throngh S
S. Williams, Esq , for a writ or cetiorarU which
was granted, and this morning, Mr. Phillips
made the motion above stated, and argued it
at length. The question is whether the law of
Maryland of 1793, applies to monthly tenancies.
Chief Justice Canter ordered the case to be
argned before a full court.
Orphan's Ooubt, Jwlgt Purcell.?VTm. B.
Arnold was appointed guardian of the minor
children of W. B. Arnold, deceased, and .To
siah Simpson of the orphans of Hanson Barnes,
deceased. Jos. Morrow was also appointed
guardian of Corlis Morrow. The last named
parties are orphan brothers, Joseph being a
soldier from V ermont, where he has been re
cently on a fnrlough. Corlis, the younger
brother, accompanied him to this city, and on
the way determined to enlist, but the regula
tions requiring now that minors can only be
enlisted with the consent of their parents or
guardians, there was a difficulty, which was
overcome by the elder becoming the guardian
of the latter, and he will of course give his
consent to the ward enlisting in his regiment.
Benj. R. May field, executor ?f Susanna May
field, obtained an order for a final notice to set
tle the estate.
The administrator d. b. n. of Wm. Dillow
ot talned an order of sale for the personal es
Rev. T. J. O'Toole, of Ulster county, N. Y.,
one of the executors appointed by the last will
of Mictael McCarty, renounced bis right to
administer on the estate.
Salaries for School Teachers.? The
friends of our public schools will be glad to
see that the committees of conference of the
two Boards of Councils last night agreed npon
a considerable advance in the rate of compen
sation for the teachers of ihe schools, and that
the two Boards concurred In the report of the
The adraRce, though not quite as much as is
desirable in view of the increased expenses of
living iu Washington, will yet serve materially
to tree the minds of the teachers from anxieties
on the bread and butter questlou while occupied
with their laborious duties. The action of the
Councils also gives the teachers the gratifying
assurance that they are appreciated in tKe com
munity; amost d< sirable incentive, by the way,
to zealons labor, and without which no school
system can prosper.
The increased pay, by the bill as passed, com
mences from the 1st of January ultimo.
Forcible Entry and Detainer.?On Sat
urday, a jury of inquest viewed the premises
No. 450 <>th street, for the purposes of trying the
case of J. Bell Adams agt. Chauncey A. Hoor.
for forcible entry and detainer, (Justices Bates
and Kinsey presiding.) These proceeding?
were bad under the 8th statute Henry VI,
which is in force in this District, for the pur
pose of plr.cing the plaintiff in possession of the
premises. The case was not concluded oa Sat
urday, and the jury adjourned to meet y-st^r
day afternoon, when a verdict was founi for
the plaintiff. The counsel for Mr. Hoor gave
notice that he would apply for a writ of certio
rari to bring the proceedings before a high r
court, when It is expected that the law of land
lord and tenant will be fully argued. Co'.
Thompson appeared for the plaintiff, and
Messrs. Stone and Bradley, jr., for the delense
Small Pox on the Decline.?Yesterday,
the Medical Association of Washington held a
meeth.gat their college, at which twenty-seven
physicians, about two thirds of the leading
members of the profession, were present. They
were called npon to report their small pox
cases, and the aggregate named was about
ninety, of which two-thirds are varioloid. This
number is estimated to be three-fourths of all
cases in private practice within the limits of
the city, and if the estimate is correct, shows
that the disease Is much on the decrease.
A Daring Act.?About two o'clock this
morning, a burglar efiected an entrance into
the wcod aud coal office of Hafvey, Give*s ic
Co., and blew open the sate with powder. The
explosion was heard by the neighbors, but the
burglar escaped, carrying away two or three
dollars. Upon examining the premises, the
safe door was found blown entirely off, and
had struck the ceiling, knocking the plaster
Criminal Court, Judge Olin.?This morn
ing Augustus Norton, tried for an assault and
battery, was found notguilty.
John McChesney, indicted lor assault and
battery, was acquitted.
Teirence McNoon, for receiving stolen prop
erty, was found guilty of receiving a wheel
barrow worth two dollars and fifty cents.
The Jury Box.?As was stated by us last
week the Register of this city and the clerks ot
the corporation of Georgetown and the Levy
Court assembled yesterday at the office of the
Clerk of the Court and deposited the enrolled
ballots in the Jury box, from which the juries
for the terms of the courts for the next two
years will be drawn
Infanticide.?This morning Mr. Callinane
residing at the corner of 3d and D streets, (Is
land) found in his area the body of a new born
white male child which is believed to have
been thrown there and killed by some unknown
person. The body was taken to the tenth pre
cinct station where It is awaiting an inquest.
A Good Commencement.?Yesterday, the
Clerk ol the Court issued eleven marriage li
censes, of which only two were black couples.
The first day of January there were only four
lioenses issued. Quite a good commencement
for February.
Fined.?Mrs. Smith, keeper of a shanty cor
ner of 11th street and South Carolina avtftiue,
was lined S'20 yesterday by Justice Ferguson,
for selliing liquor without a license, and 820
more lor selling liquor to soldiers.
Furlouohed.?The work in th?Government
Printing Office having slackened, twentv-flve
of the compositors employed in that estalish
ment were furloughed on Saturday.
We have Richmond papers to the 29th nit.,
from which we gather the following items of
General Lee has issued General Order No.
7 to his soldiers, which has significance, as
showing the great want of provisions in the
Confederacy. General Lee says he "considers
it due to the army to state that the temporary
reduction of rations has been caused by cir
cumstances beyond the control of those charged
with its support. Its welfare and comfort are
the objects of his constant and earnest solici
tude, and no effort has been spared to provide
for its wants. It is hoped tha* the exertiens
now beiyg made will render the necessity of
out short duration.''
The rebels appear to apprehend active mava
m-nts by the (Jnion forces in the vicinity of
Vicksbnrg. A rebel dispatch from Meridian,
Miss., says reinforcements have been sent there
from Memphis, and another dispatch says the
Federal forces are making preparations to
move ont and occupy Jackson.
In the Rebel House of Representatives a bill
was reported on the '-'8th ultimo, to exempt
from military duty such persons as are en
gaged in the production of food, provided they
shall have furnished a substitute not liable to
military duty.
The Richmond Enquirer pictures the sub.
terfuges adopted by men in the Confederacy to
avoid military duty. It appears that all hav
ing government contracts are exempt, and
therefore everybody desires to become inter
ested in a contract. One gentleman is desirous
of carrying the Confederate mails, free of cost,
provided he can exempt his carriers from mil
itary service, and he is satis ted he can make a
million dollars clear of expenses by the end of
Ihe year. A vacancy in the Commissioners of
the Revi ant- calls out candidates in large num
bers. Any place, however insignificant, how
ever small the pay?anything, anywhere bnt
the army. Newspapers on letter sheets ara
springing up in many villages, in the hope
that tte Press may drag them through and
keep thf m ont of the army.
W orthlessaess ef Longstreet* s Cavalry.
Tte Enquirer says:
The letter we published yesterday gave a sad
but trnthfnl picture of the worthlessneas of oar
cavalrj with the army of Longstreet. We can
imagine nothing mor? distressing to a soldier
like Locgstreet than to have his plans thwarted
by the stupidity of a subordinate; and General
Longstreet la coned with just snch subordi
nates. Reformation U sadly wanted. A man
Hire Hampton is sadly nf#d?d
The Richmond Examiner it down, on ? My
Maryland."and M aryland wfajwt, on account
of tbe bowl of the latter, when n proposition
was made to draft tbem into tbe Confederate
Army. The Examiner thinks that as they w*nt
to Dixie with load professions of devotion to
tbe Confederate cause, and if ?>thelr affectation
of zeal for tbe South are to be accounted true,
then they should rejoice at tbe occasion which
Congress desires to giee them, ot flehtln* on
tbe same grouud and in the same character as
other Confederate soldiers."
The Enquirer thos acknowledges the effect
iveness o! tbe blockade off Wilmington, N. U.:
"A gentleman direct from Wilmington reports
that th?- enemy now have twenty-six vessels
blockading th it port. These vessels are scat
tered for a mile or two off the mouth of the Cape
?fear, and guard all the avennes of approach
with the most sleepless vigilant. The conse
quences are that tbe cbanoes of running the
blockade have been greatly lessened, and it is
apprehended by some that the day is i.ot tar
distant when it will be an Impossibility for a
vessel to get into that port without incurring
a hasard almost equivalent to loss. Having
secured nearly every seaport on our coast, the
Yankees are enabled to keep a large force off
461 Eleventh itreet, between F and Q. Only
gentlemen need spplr. i,?
ANTIC?A fll UATION,->y a young Man, as
CUrk, bailsman, Book-keeper, or Copyist
Is u-.ick at accounts, srd a good Fentm\a ?.dite?s
H. N , at tbe Star olllce fe j ??
STOLEN? Last wees from a residua* in Ue/>r*#.
& town, Pietrial fcONGS. "L Ange Decbue" and
"Petit olseau." together with MSS lines in p(i
end French. A rewstd will be given for the.*
this offiee. Hw
ITOUND?A few days since,on north A rtreet east,
r a POCKET BOOK, oontainin < a sam o' m;>n?y
Tte loier aan obtain it by calling at the Po*t Of
Ccf Hcu=e of Representatives, proving p-opsrty
and paiing tke expense of this advertisement. it'
Q> c/TREWARD?Stolen, on Monday night.Feb.
w.lU ut. fr >m >he stable at Turner Hall, ne?r
B A O, R. B, Depot, two Brown HORSES. etitaeu
hands high, about seven years old; each ha? a star
in forehf ad, one bas one or two wkite bind ters
fe 3 21* JOHN 8NYDIR
Br WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneer!
South corner Ptnnsvlvania avenue and Ninth strtt,
?5 Br IUTalogui. at Auction ?On THURSDAY
B0BN1NG, 4th inst . at 11 o'cloek, we will sell by
catalogue, at the Auction Rooms, a large a sort
ment of assorted Lienors em 'racing?
Casrs fine Old fye. Bourbon, Moaongahela, Scotch
aid Irl?h Whis ys.
Cares Peach atd fclaetberry Brandy,
Cases Hollerd and uld T?m Gin,
French Cordials. Aromatic ?rd other Bitters,
A few Demijohns of choice Wines,
SQestes genuine Otard. Dopuy, and James H?n
nessty Cognac Brandy, from Bonding ware
We call -te attention of private Consumers to
tbf se Brandies af a vei v fi e article
frj2t WM L WALL A CO.. Auets.
The Largest and Finest As'ortment at
438 Seventh etreet,
fel2w,if orp^site tbe Post Oflce
O W 18 THE T I M B .
at New York prices, at
ANDERSON'S. 45*? Seventh street,
fe 1-Sw,if opposite the Post Office
/ \MN! BUS LINB FOR 8 A OB ?The subscriber
\ f will sell at p irate sale the Nat'onal Hotel O n
l ibefi I ine, incudiog Horses,Omnibuses and Bag
gage Wagon.ail i j complete order.
Natioral Hotel StaMes, Gth street,
fe 1 6t* rear of the hot?l.
New York
Consignees will please attend tom
the reception of thei - goods at once "
This steamer will sail for New York on Wednes
day next, the 9d Inst., at 9 o'clock a. m
fe 1 at MORGAN A RH1NBHART. Agts.
WOOD! WO o o: 1
SrcoxEBoa to Josh Bsaar,
No 494 torntr north S and west 3d streets.
Has on hand a large lot ef prime
Which will be delivered to purehasers at very rea
sonable prices. fe 1 lrn *
? speetfully to inform hie patrons and tkose in
want of e French Cook, that he continues as he
has hitherto done, to attend personally to the pre
relation of Dinn re. BallR, Suppers. an1 other
rsrties. in the most recherche manner, in whieh he
flatters himself he cannot be excelled, and would
refer to the moet distinguished families in this
city, many of whom he has had the honor ol serv
ing for several years, ss he believes, to their entiie
satisfaction. Most, respectfully.
477 Sixth Street, corner of D.
Ja 29 eo2w* Washington. D C._
B Have on band a very superior article of
Barbers' Soap. For sale by
'a 29 St Corner of #th and E streets.
BE Copartnership heretofore existing under
the name and firm of Dowell A Qimmel is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. w. DO WILL,
ja 29 Jt* O G1MMBL.
113 Penn. Avenue, South Side
Felmbold's Ayer'e. Jayne's, and Burnett's Ar
tie'es. together with a large stock of Pars Medi
cines, Perfumery, Toilet Articles Soaps Ac., for
sa'e as above. Also best Kerosine Oil and Lamp*.
Ja ? Jw
TENTS! T B N T 8 ! T
T E N T 8 !! I
Sutlers' Tents on hand and made to order at
LILLY'S Awning and Tent Factory, streeM
doors south of Penn. avenue. Oolon cation Bai'd
ing. N. B.?Peoond hand Tents bought and sold,
ja 29-lm*
J Prime Brown Sugar Only 12% ots
Best Black Tea only 91
Best Green Tea only $1.50.
Choice Malaga Grapes only 75 cts
ja 29 St* 497 Ninth st., bst. D and E.
Also, a varied assor tment of
at Ihe
(War anted to be gilded with gold leaf
The handsomest assortment in the Distr'ct* m
the best manufactory in the souutrsr ,>
Also, an assortment of DARK WOOD FBKMB3,
with a beautiful variety of small sised OVAL
and CARD VI8ITE FRAMES of foreign and do
mestic mannfae'rnre.
Different sises and oolors;
Purchasing exclusively for cash the above goods
(acoording to their quality) will be disposed of at
as low rates as they can be purchased for in the
District. No misreprentatioa made to effect sales.
A call solicited from those needing the ab jve
*y- Terms cash. J. MARKRITER
Please remember the number?486 Seventh
street, eight doors above Odd Fellows'Hall; and
the terror?1)ash for goods and labor. ja W-Bt*
1 8BNOR bTRINI in this oity. prompts bios to
devote four days, instead of two as heretofore, to
Vocal Instruetion. A few more pupils will b? re
ceived. Applications can be made at the Mosio
str resof W. G. Metzerott and JobnF. Bills.
ja?5 coat*
A ana Bmbioidery executed at the saorteot no
tice and at moderate priees at the store recently
opened on B street, No. 43# between 8th and 9ih
streets, north side Particu!ar attention paid to
tie manufacture of gentlemen's and la lies' Gar
ments together with every description o chll
' * """" "i'ltsi" l" HO???
I have this day reeeived from the factory one "f
the most teauUful Harps that has ever be n.Jfa
seen In Washington. It will be sold rea on
I have thirty Pianos now in store.an a>sor tment
ne'er before eeualed in this oity Tr ey are from
Oblckeiing A Sea*. Ballet, Davis A Co , Wm P.
Emerson,IkbertTunas A Oo , being the oldest
and best makers in United States. Prices and
terng to suit
Old Pianos taken in exchange
Also, a beautiful HAND ORGAN, that p ays 'oar
tunes, a splendid thing for ehiHrsn r? &
ja 80 3Q6 Pa. ar . bet 9th and nth su.
1 v signed takes great pleasure in inform I ig the
Isrselitesof the District of Coin nbiasnl Tisfaity .
that the? can procure Koefer Beef. Mutton, and
Veal at Oen<* r Market, also at the North?'n Uh -
erty Market of Mesars MYBR A BBBMR Mr
Joseph Baits official s for them a- sboached. Ths
sale Joseph Bar in having paaejd through an^es
amination according to ?aws o Mo?ei. by the Bet.
W Sax, Boston. Mass , pr.thePthday of-Januarr,
1S84, therefore Ve is duly Qualified to act ie this

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