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Oko^ kk> Theater?The magnificent drama
of ? Kt y Bias" will be played 10 night at Gro
?sert. audforthe last time, and Mr Edwin
Pcoth will sustain the prominent character.
This ^'ay. from Victor Hugo, is thrillin^ly ln
terestinp, and Mr. Grover's fine company enter
admirably into its spirit. The entertainment
Viil corcinde with a tine comedietta.
Fohd's TnKATER.?Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
^Talcot. Jr., sustained by Mr. Ford's fine com
EaiiT, -vsill to uight again play "Roeedale; or,
it- iiifie Ball," a play replete with interest,
and which for many nights has attracted
crowd- to Ford's. This is th? last night ot the
play, us to-morrow, by general request, the
great play "The Octoroon; or, Life in Louisi
ana,* v. ill be performed.
Thk DAVENror.T Bove had another large
aud??-i.ee last night, and they again excited the
vontitT of all present bv their performances.
There are certainly many startliug aisplays
ai>d incomprehensible demonstrations made;
and atier the public performance is over a
circle is formed in a private room where other
startling performances are given.
Uamkubcky.?Miss Bora Dawson, the fine
vocalist and double-voiced singer, appeared
last i.ight lor the first time, as did aNo M'ile
Ri d a, the premier dansense, and the Sand
ford troupe of pantomimUts and gymnasts.
The <. jest ballet troupe will to-night appear in
the I hint so ballet entitled "Kim-ka"
Varieties.?A new face al?o appeared at
ti is i-a.ll last night, viz: Miss Kitty L^e, and
S; e> - decidedly an additional attraction. Miss
IVlair^ie VernoB, Miss Eh/a Florence, Miss
Slaju ie Friel, Miss Lina Wmdrll. and all of
the company appear again to night, in a fine
Magical Sotrbk-.?Professor Wiseman, the
fcteu.. mapiciaii anil prestidigitatenr, will give
a 110*1 <r of his magical entertainments at the
W. .-hmgton 1t>eater to-night. Prof. W. i? one
Of the most noted tnystifiers how traveling, and
-a > a> s ?ucceeds in delighting the large audi
e c - who visit him.
CVnckrt at Odd Fat lows' Hall ?To
litght, Mrs. Cecelia Young Kretchmar, assisted
toy tue best musical talent ot this city, will give
a concert at Odd Fellows' Hall. The concert
If fc-t :lie benefit of the Seventh-street (Island)
Presbyterian Church. The cause is a good
one, and deserves to be patronized. Besides,
tho-e fond of really good music will certainly
Cnjo> a rare treat.
Circuit CorRT, Chief Justice Cartler.?Yes
toni: , :he case of Clarke agt. Lowthen and
rio?.'gi mery, tor was returned.
L^ \ is S. Chatfleld. of New York, was, on
jnoticja ot Mr. Blount, admitted to the bar.
The". ?old dealing case"?Columbus Alex
nrder agt. Sweeney A*. Hnyck?was taken up,
3Niesiir.. H J. Brent, of Baltimore, and J. E.
IVoir s appearing for the plaintirt' and Messrs.
J?>nL'edy and W. 1>. Davidge tor the defense.
This is an action to recover $*20,000 damages.
The case grows ont of certain transactions be
twim the parries iu purchasing and selling
ft'Md. and 11 is allrgea that the defendants, by
silteiii>ic the dates in the account rendered to
plaii'tiir to other dates, when the premium on
ftold had declined, delranded himoutofa large
amount of money. The case was opened yes
t< rd.-y morning, tind nearly the entire day was
taken up in explaining the terms used among
brokers when telegraphing to each *ther.
G eoeoetowk A kfai rs.?The proprietors of
the coal docks on the canal and river near the
.Aqueduct are making extensive improvements
In ine apparatus for loading vessels and re
moving the coal to their respective storing
jtteces. The work upon these will hardly be
con pleted before the middle of Mar^.
On Sunday the body of a man w^v? found
lloaiing in the river on the Virginia side, near
the Aqu. duct. The hands ol the m:in were
Clenched upon a plank, with which he tried to
pave himself, no doubt. A skiff" was found
Br>t tar from the tody. Co-oner Woodward
belt' an inquest, and it was ascertained that
the 1 .une ol the d-ce.^ed was O'Neil, formerly
a so.dier in a N?-? York regiment, but latterly
a resident of Georgetown. He had ?50 in his
Fort of 6*orhetows ?Entered?Steam
ehijs Fairbanks, Menliam, from New York;
l eader, Callahan, from Philadelphia: schoon
ers Gen. I'retman, Skarret, from New York,
xner l-andise for District men han s. Cleared ?
J^team^hip City of Richmond, Kelly, for New
Yoik Schooners Selah B. Strong, lgle, for
Is'ev. York: Gtorge Turbell. Miller, for Ph.Ia
tfelpiua; J. B Bleecker, Edwards, for Balti
more; Ha helor, Knight, for Naujemoy: Sama
ria, Todd, lor filajretiiy river; Sailie, Ski nr., lor
f-t Mary's; sloops Teazer, Harden, for St,
Ma y's: Ranger, Cnmberland, for do.; John,
Hailfy, for Ac omac; Trusty. Trice, for Nan
jemoy barge Emma Adel, Mann, for Bryan's
?ourth Wahd Station Cases ?Peter
Brown, Disorderly; dismissed. John Cott-r,
dsertion; military. John Cole, suspicions:
d ^missed. Silas J. Onirk, suspicion of de
s-'t'i ;?: military. William Trunne'l, fugitive
fc in his parents: returned to his parents.
0 Hel.er, disorderly: dismissed. Lie W.
mil, larceny: do. Edward Fitzgerald, as
sault and bafery: do. Daniel Simms, keeping
a ?>? g unlice; sed: *5 58. Dennis Mohoney,
muicer; jail for court. Richard Dnrheatn,
lsrc-?ry: dismissed. Patick MeCauley, lar
ce.\; do. Andrew Morrisroe and lionora
J?o lisroe, drunk and disorderly: ?4.1G.
sitting rr Hor8KK*BPiao.?Fanny Porter,
Cl iming to be the v. ife of a soldier, a few days
si- e rf-r.te iarcom in a house on Fourth st.,
b tv em A aiid B north, pretending to be a re
E] ei table woman; but as soon as her husband
1 - It she took in Josephine Yalliant, a well
knovm prostitute, and two others, and s'arted
business. The neighbors, however, refnsed to
allow them to stay, and on Saturday com
j laint was made, when officer Pierca arrested
the two above-named, and Justice Ferguson
ordered them to transfer ti^eir quarters to the
Ci.ERtCAL Cdan<;es? I'oslOffice Department.?
JX R Jacobs, hetetofore a first-class clerk, has
bf ? 11 promoted to a second-class ($1,400) clerk
ship in the finance division, vice Benj. T. In
frial.fim. deceased.
D. S Gregory, a temporary clerk, has been
appointed to a first cla->8 (?1,*J00) clerkship,
liiiance division, vice Jacobs, promoted.
A. F. Mouldin is appointed to a temporary
(*!,'A0) clerkship in the same division, in the
I lace of Mr. Gr?gory.
Inckhdiary Attempt.?Sunday evening
the bouse of Mr. J. Batham, 011 E street south,
H. a eth east, was discovered ou fire, it having
t>. en set fire to near the kitchen; but, fortunate
ly. it was extinguished before any serious
?lnn aae was done. There was quite a breeze
blowing at the time, and had it not been dis
ci vered before it gained a headway, the whole
block, which is built up entirely of frame,
Vou'd have undoubtedly been destroyed.
Firk Alarm ani> Police Tki.eobapu.? J
The bill (introduced by Mr. N. D. Earner in 1
the lower board) providing for a fire-alarm
and police telegraph passed both boards last
It was stated in the debate that the Board ot
1'oli e Commissioners undeitake to pay halt
the cost (*>3o.UM?) of constructing the telegrtph,
and that the contractors guarantee to ruu the !
vires so as to fully accommodate every part
?f the city.
Raii> on Graham's A* ley.?For several
Bi^nts past Graham s Alley, b. tv.een 1-jth and
J.",tii ai.d C strerts, has bren in an uproar. The
visit.ng men and resident ziris created so much
noire as to disturb the peace ot the neighbor
hood. At 11 o'clock Saturday night the Second
\^ird police enured the alley suddenly, and
ar:e#t. d fourteen persons, male and female,
1 lack and whi'e, and took them to thf? station
house Justice Clayton fined thiru en ot them
?? 1 t acb, and dismissed the other.
(>amkliho.? Sunday night, o-flcers MilsteRd
aid Tomer, in passing on th-ir rounds, dis
covered iu a barber shop on New Jersey a v
??nre, between B and C streets, a number of
V<-r*ons gambling, and on ent rine the nl ice
II ey nrr. sod the entire par'y. composed of
.An'cwia Morice, Gregory Gonsalves, GusUcna
lsi -si la and Wm. Stiicker, who were taken
t^orv Justice Ferguson, and next morning
they were fined ?5 14.
<? o? vise at EO?Yesterday, Capt. Camp, the
off' er in command at the Soldiers' Retrea',
confiscated the stock of Mrs. Margaret Gor
man. keeper of a shanty near the depot, for sel
ling liquor to soldi- r?. The articles seized
corsist of one barrel whiskey, one half barrel
ot wine, one do. cherry brandy,one ke? bitters,
and one jug of whiskey.
A WiKE-wnirpEU Caosp?Snuday afternomi
?>ltu-er Crown, of the Fourth ward, arrested
John Malcney for assaulting and bealng ht?
wife, at their home, near the jail. Malonev1*
fcebnvicr to his i'e before beating her was too
disgusting to be described, and the beating he
f:a\e her left marks that will tast for week*,
apparently. Justice Kmsey sent Maloney to
jail tor court. _
Me Frank Hknrv, for two years past one
ot he correspenderts of the New York Tim?s
in this clfy, has left that paper, and accepted a
s n ilar position on the N*w York Trlbane.
>:*-Col. Jsc.es B. Swain, of "Scott'e VHW," is
Mr Henry's enccessor.
Kkki-ino a Gamblisio Sai.oo*.?Yesterday,
John Kelly, No. 30r> E street, was arrested by
til- military detectives for keeping a gambling
boase. The cue was beard br Jastloe I'ergu
who lined the accused fj|.
Vbitbd Statss Internal Rkvbnck.?At
tention is called to the advertisement of the
Assessor of internal Revenue for this Dis
trict, who calls upon all tax payers and
others interested to note the provisions
of the excise law relative to the assess
ment of annua] taxes. The retnrns must be
made prior to the first Monday in May. al
though payment, except for licenses, will not
be demanded until June 3(>. There are severe
penalties attached to a non-compliance with
the provisions of the law. The Assistant As
sessors have offices at accessible points in the
city, where tax-payers can obtain all needfAl
A Somnambulist ?On Sundav as one of the
Metropolitan policemen was making his rounds
in the First Ward, he discovered a man by the
nam" of Patrick Dailey, standing; on the cor
ner of Ij and 2<>th streets, sound asleep with
his person exposed. Dailey, upon being touched
lightly on the shoulder by the officer wheeled
and fell into the gutter, the force of the fall
having the effect of awakening him. He was
taken before Justice Drnry, who in considera
tion of the fact that the prisoner was not aware
of what be was doing, dismissed him with a
fine of 52.
Theft of Tools at tub Navt-Tard.
Sometime since Saturday several tool chests
of the boat builders in the ship-house at the
Navy-Yard were broken open, and it is thought
that "a number of tools were taken, but the par
ties to whom the chests belong not being at the
yard yesterday, it is impossible to ascertain the
exact loss. One of the warehouses was also
broken open.
GrandLakcikt.?Yesferday morning, Jno.
McGinnia and John Casey, two soldiers, were
arrested by officer Clements lor stealing a watch
and some articles of clothing from L Ab?l and
M. D Trifles, vho keep stores near the depot.
They were taken before Justice Fergus jii at
the Filth Ward station.
Marriage IjICenpks.?During the month
just closed, 143 marriage licenses have been
issued, of which 23 were for colored persons.
Sub first fagb of to-day's Star for interest
ing local articles.
All those who wijb to e njoy Tobacco in all it
luxury and from its objections use
Double Tcbi
And none who use them once will ever do with
out them.
BWot sa'e by dealtrs generally and at mawufac
tcrbes' katks wholesale bv
Geo. W Gooiiban & Co.,
fe 29 lw 398 Pann avenue
Th e Feet ?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen
der ?on a judicious preservation of the feat, it is
impossible to move in a graceful manner if the
great support of the whole frame be in a disordered
condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns,
Bunions. ingrowing Nails, or other disorders to
which the feet are liable. To all afllic'ed w would
recommend an early call at Dr. White's office No.
4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four-and-a
half and Sixth streets. fe 16-tf
Brown's Bronchial Troches.
" I have never chanted my mind respecting them
from the first, trceptiug to think yet better of that
which 1 began thinking well of "
Rev. Hksrt Wakd Beecher.
" The Troches are a staff of life to me."
Prof. Edward North,
Pres. Hamilton College. Clinton, N. Y.
" For Throat troubles they are a specific."
N. P. Willis.
" Too favorably knon~n to need enmmeneiation.'"
Hon. Charlbs A. Phelps,
Pres. Mass. Senate.
" Contain no Opium nor anything injurious."
Br. A. A. Hayes, Chemist, Boston.
" An defiant combination for Coughs."
Dr. G. F Bigelow. Boston.
" I recommend thiir use to Public Speakers "
Rev. K. H. Cpapin.
*' Most salutary relief in Bronchitis."
Rev. S Seigerikd. Morristown, Ohio.
" Very beneficial whin suffering from Colds
Rev. S. J. P. Anderson, St. Louis.
"J/most instant relief in the distressing labor of
breathing peculiar to Asthma."
Rev. A. C. Eggleston, New York.
" Th y have suited my case exactly, relieving my
throat so that 1 could sing with ease."
I\ Duciiakmf,
Chorister French Parish Church, Montreal.
As there are imitations, be sure to obtain the
Ktnuine. fe 2-lm
Secret Diseases.
Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe and
effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem
edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days,
and recent cases in twenty-four hours Nomineral,
no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken.
It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who
do not want to be exposed. Male packages, $2;
Samaritan 's Root and Herb Juices?A positive and
Sermuneut cure for Syphilis,8crofula,incers. Sores
pots.Tetters, &c. Price SI, or six bottles for $5.
Sold by S. C. Ford. See advertisement. m5
U:> s Dxxss Edits.
Men's Business Suits
You:k's Drtss Suits.
Youth's Business Suits.
Childrens' Dress Suits.
Childrens' School Suits.
Ncah Walker 4 Co., 3G& Penn. avenue. Metro
politan Hotel Building, would respectfully an
nounce that their annual display of Fall and Win
ter Clothing is bow ready for inspection. It is
comprised of an assortment of Gentleniea's and
Tenths' Clothing of the newest and richest designs
n material, trimming and workship.
To those who study excellence with economy in
fashionable articles of dress, an opportunity is
now offered for selecting from the most attractive
stock of ready made clothing n this city, at very
reduce! prices. oc3-4in
AOkvkkal Bshelliob.
Triumph of a Great Discovery.'
Tbe public has rebelled against cauterising llair
Lyes. Fxsbion bas foresworn them. A sagacious
community has ac opted in their stead,
Chistadoro's Hair Dye,
aid for these reasons. It embrowns and blackens
the yiai'r, not the skin. It is a vegetable, tmollieni,
not a burning fluid. It does not burlesque nature
w th blooming metalie tinges, but produces her own
living huts. Its cooling effect is lasting. It defiee
ditecticn Its reeult3 are uniform. It never fails.
&snu'actured by J. Chrhtadoro, No. 0 Astor
Bouse. New 3 oik. Sold by all Druggists. Applied
by all Hair Dressers. ^ J? 22-eolm,r
Db. Duplet's Sugar-coated Female Regulating
Pills are the very best in use. They operate speedily ?'
and effectively, and being sugar-coated create no j
nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of ]
these Pills will prove their superiority over all j
others. Price $1 a box. Sold b-3. C. Ford, corner '
11th street and Pa. avenue,Wa*! ington,ana Henry j
Cook, Alexandria. ^ Jatj-ly
Warranted to Cdp.e is Six Days ?Dr. Godfrey's
Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years'
standing, will cure Gonerrrhcra in sir days. No
change of diet required. Price -SLper bottle. 8old
by 8. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue,
Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. JaS-ly
Haib Dyr ! Hair Dtk II
Batchelor's celebrated Hair Dye is tki best in (A
world. The only harmless, true and reliable Dye
know- This splendid Hair Dye is perfect?changes
k jJ liasty or Grey Hair instantly to a Glossy
Black or Natural Brown, without injuring tbe hair
or staining the skin, leaving the hair soft and
beantiful; imparts fresh vitality frequently re
storing its pristine eoior, and rectifies the ill effects
of Bad lyes. The Genuine is signed William A
Batohkloi, ail others are mere imitations, and
ebonld be avoided. Sold by all druggists, Ac. Fac
tory?^1 Barclay street, New York. Batchelor's
new ToiletCream for dressiag the hair. Jy 7-?oly
Colgate's Honey Boaf
This celebrated Toilet Boap, in such universal
pemand, is made from tbe choicest materials,
is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly
ssentcd. and extremely beneficial in its action upon
tbe skin. For sale by all Druggists and P n
(ioowB Dealers. _ Jai3-eoly
Spermatorrhea can be Cured.?Dr Rand's Spe
cific cures Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Tm
rotmry. Loss of Power, etc., spcsAily and effectually.
I s eflects are truiy magical. A trial of the Specific
will convince the most skeptical of its merits.
Price $1 a box. Sold by 8. C. Ford, corner lltb
street and Pa avenue, Washington, and Henry
Cook, Alexandria. Jaft-ly
Tni cheapest and bestHAr Dye in the Would?
Never Fades or Washes Out.? Cpham's Hair Dye, 80
cents a bo*. The best in n^e. Try it. Bold by S.
C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Wash
ngton, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. a 6-ly
Diheabes of tk iNervous, Ssminal, Urinary, and
Sexual tystems?net* and reliabU treatment?in
Rtportt of ths Hoieai i Association?Sent by mail
in sealed letter envelopes, fiee of charge. Address
Dr. J. Seillih Houghton, Howard Association,
No. 3South Ninth Street. Philadelphia.Pa. dS-Sm
On Thursday.tha 4th of Vet., by th? Rev Dr.
Flack*], BDW ARD Q. WHBlLBB.of Bait.. Md.,
to Misa BAB AH A., daughter of Margarat A. aid
tha late James C. Many, of this eity. *
On tha 8th ?ebru,?v. at Bt. Patrick's Church, by
tha Bay Father Waiter. JOHN M. KMOGH to
ALIO, eldeit daughter of 8. flynn, B?q? of this
eity. *'
On the 18th ultimo, MARY B., youngest ehild of
Bobert F. and Mary C. Ievaraux, aged 9 months 4
dfcT#" Little Mary jraa our darling,
Pi Ida of all tbe hearts at home;
But the anaela came and whispered,
?? Little Mary,eome." ?
On the 23d of February, after a ahort illness of
coB?omat!on, which she bore with fortitude aid
| | WUkeraoa. to theMth year other age. ?
? # r * ?
Oa the iTmpumi ef Catarrh*
The first sensation Is usually a feeling of
dryness and beat in the nose, and a frequent
inclination to sneezing. There is an inability
to breathe freely, as the nose becomes stopped
up, sometimes on one side, sometimes on the
Soon a clear watery, acrid discharge makes
its appearance, excoriating the nostrils, and
edges of the lips, which becomes red and some
what swollen. Aftera few days the discharge
becomes thick, yellowish, extremely frequent,
ar.d continues to be a marked feature of he dis
ease, and a source of much danger and the
greatest annoyance. After more or less time,
it becomes purulent, highly offensive, and as
sumes an extremely fetid odor. It is usually
so profuse as to require, when confln?d to the
nose, the frequent application of the handker
chief, or if it drops into the throat, which is
more particularly the case while the body is in
a horizontal posi'ion, constant expectoration,
and sometimes both.
Sleep is frequently disturbed by a sensation
of choking, caused by the presence of the dis
charge in the throat. Oaring to the heat in the
head, the watery portion of the discharge often
evaporates, and assuming a condition of solid
ity, is deposited upon the membrane of the
nose and upper part of the throat, in the shape
of crnsts or hardened Inmps. The accumula
tion of these incrustations produces a feeling of
discomfort, and narrows the nasal passages so
as to embarrass respiration. Therefore, fre
quent efforts have to be made to remove th">m,
eiiher by forcibly blowing the nose, or by per
sistent hawking?a practice as disagreeable to
the one affected as it is to those around him.
After the removal, that side of the incrustation
which adhered to the mucous membrane will
sometimes be found bloody, a fact which ex
plains the force required for its dislodgment
During sleep thete incrustations accumulate
more rapidly, and the feeling is therefore most
uncomfortable in the morning. Sometimes all
efforts to clear the throat are futile until after
breakfast or after something warm is swal
lowed. Some patients state that they are not
successful until they have swallowed some
whisky or brandy.
The discharge, which is at first without sm?ll
assumes in the progress of the complaint an
excessively fetid color, the breath participates
in this, and becomes occasionally so revolting
ly offensive as to render the patient an object
of disgust to himself as well as to others. Ul
ceration of the mucous membrane of the nose
takes place frequently, sometimes even attack
ing the bones, when small particles of that
substance will occasionally be found mixed
with the discharge. 1 he accumulation of the
discharge, together with the thickened condi
tion of the mucons membrane,renders respira
tion through the nasal passages very difficult,
and oftentimes impossible, necessitating res
piration principally through the mouth?a
methed v?ry deleterious to the general health,
but more particularly so to the lungs, as will
be shown hereafter. The unpleasant noise
produced during sleep, known as snoring,
oricirates from the same canse. The voice
loses its musical quality, and assumes a dis
ooidant, harsh and nasal character; the sense
of smell becomes much impaired or entirely
lost, and the same effect, though less frequent,
is produced on thesenseot taste. Occasionally,
while blowing the nose, a crackling or babbling
sound will be heard in the ear, and hearing
will be found quite thick and stopped up, but
returns suddenly with something like a snap
ping sonnd.
This phenomenon is usually repeated until
at one time, bearing does not return, and
remains permanently injured. Noises in the
head of every conceivable description will
make their appearance and add to he distress
of the sr.ffe'er, and hearing may be lost so
gradually that a considerable ee of deaf
ness may exist before the person is really
aware of the fact. The eyes are apt to become
weak, irritable, and disposed to watejf on ex
posure to cold and wind, or after the slightest
exertion. A pain, more or less acute, or a dis
tressing feeling of pressure, is experienced
over the eyes, and sometimes 011 the top or back
of the head, and also pain in the face, closely
resembling neuralgia, for whi ?h it is very often
mistaken. The distress in the h"ad weakens
the memory and produces irritability and
moroseness of disposition. The stomach gen
erally suffers more or less, is weak and irri
table; the appetite is capricious, aud is nearly
always bad in the morning. In severe cases
the system becomes feeble and prostrated, and
there is an aversion or inability to either phys
ical or mental exertion. Not unfreqnently
catarrh proves fatal, either by debilitating the
system and wearing out the patient, or by
traveling downward and producing throat
affections, bronchitis, and finally consumption
It may be safely asserted that after hereditary
predisposition, catarrh is the mo-t frequent
and important cause of this fatal complaint
Dr. LIOHTHILIj can be consulted at tiie
EnniTT Hocbk, Washington, from Monday
morning, February'29. until Saturday evening,
JVIarch S, on Catarrh, Deafness, and all diseases
of the Ear, Throat, and Air-passages. felt? eo3w
IOBT-V A L I 8 B - A black Bnamelled Cloth
j Double-lock Folding Traveling Bmt, contain
icg a ?nit of Clothes, it **s left ia the third or
fourth esr from the rear of the 6 p m. train
from YVa*<bii.gton, on baturday I art, February 27th.
The finder will pleare lrsve it at No. UH:i W Balti
iu. re at . and receive a suitable reward, mill 2t"
1US1N UP B8TRAY?On the 28.h of Februirr,
1 a Bay HUBdB. with saddle and bridle, about
lti Lands high, and betwe* n 4 and S years old. Tbe
owner is requested to come forward, prove proper
ty , pay charge*, and take him awar _
mh 1 8t* ad street, bet G ana H._
RBW ARD?Any perron ? bo will return my black
and tan TBP.RIBK PDP to No 4'29 ljth street
south, will be libera'Jy rewarded. _
IOfiT?On Pui.day evenltg, on 7th street bet.
-i 1 and K, #?5 in treasury notes. A suitable re
ward wil) te given any one who will leave it at
3F2 7th street. fr29 2t*
v lactwtek actual) BAY dORSB l'keo?n?i it
requested to ecme forward, prove p-operty, pay
e^ertes. and take it away. No. 4*0 litb street
east, bet 6 and I stg. fe29 at*
IOST?On Friday last, a tackags cf papsrs be
^it ween tbe Bank of Washington and the Capitol, <
aiccng which was a letter addressed to B. B
French, they are of no ufc* to any one exc.-pt the
o?ier. The finCer will pMate leave them ths
1-sns of Washington. A luilable reward will be
g ven if required. fe29 St*
I OUT?Hap posed in tbe street ear, a LADY'S
I j BHBA8TPIN. The finder will be ^nitibif re
warded . and receive the thanks of the owner, if re
turned to Mr 8M sRf .??>t>'2 I st. fe 27 3t?
I OUT?At the National Fair at the Patent Offias
-U on Friday evening last, a GOLD BRACBLBT,
The Aider will be laitahly rewarded by lsaviag the
fsiue at Jay Cooke &. Co's. Banker*. ISth strest,
betweep F and G. fe!7 31*
C? r KB WARD? Lost on Wednesday last, a BIO
V " COW, with horns turned in, will be live years
old in the spring, white spots on tbe back. Tin
above reward will be given if returned L-> J. BBB:
MSiHAN. on 2d st. east, bet. B and Cats., north
Capitr.l Hill fe!7 3f
j signed, on the 24th Instant a dark hrindle aud
white tilted horned COW. Tbe owner is request
ed to coon*. forward, prove provsriy pay charts,
and take her away. JACOB POSE),
Brightwood Park,
at the fork of 7tb and 14th streets,
ft St* four mil** from Washington.
tpHrli from the stable of the undersigned on the
night of the J4th instant, two large Bay Horses,
used for cart purpose!. One quite fleshy; so marks
remembered The other with a white spot on end
of nose and hip bones very prominent. The above
reward will be given for retara of both, or twenty
Wood and Coal Dealers,
fe M ICt* Georgetown D. Q.
I GST?A OAMBO BKBABT PIN. enoireled with
I a p?arU and with the nam* Bat* Borrows en
graved on It. The Pin was lost either at the Pre
sident's levee, on Tuesday night last, or on the
war home along 14th , F, 11th, and B streets ? A re
ward of ffi will ha given at Or. BOBBOWB, 396
north B street, between 9th aad 10th streets west,
for the recovery of tbe same. ft K at*
aon BBWABD ? Btolhn from the stable on my
oil farm at Brentwood, next west of Kendall
(Trwn' two OABMAGB HdBSBi, U.ht bay, blsSk
manes and tails, shortilxtoMhadtote height,and
built, and
Bheath large, ?
their tails drop.
Well ap, and travj
will ha paid for tl
, their raoorery
%. - -*
C or TBI
rox th> BiiartT or in
A N I T A B Y I A I B ,
Will be siren at the Fair Boom, eorner Pa. avenue
MONDAY, March Tt*, 1964.
The eomnittee pledge themselves that no pains or
exnenee will be spared to make thistA* Grand Q\
Ball of the muod. The member! bee the jfl
patronage of the public, as this Ball is givsn/TA
in a good cause, A fall brass and string bandUiflk
pes been engaged Positively no hata or capaaT
lowed in the room.
Tickets ?i, admitting a gentleman and ladies.
W.G. Bird, B. F. Fridly, A IT. Baser.
? ,, Fluor Minagkks
W.G. Bird. Jno Bark man Geo W Schaefer,
B-iF. Fridtty. E Leesnitier, Bobt Holtiman,
JM. tpringman. Jas Stuart.
. _ ? Oomiiit*r?ofBicrptio?
A. W Bus y, Geo Evans, B F. Fridley.
Jas Gunuell, G. W. Schaefer. Ja?. Springman,
JssElinjton, H. Modiat, J. H. Weeden.
W. G. Bird, Ballet Master, __
fe 23 12t* GB9. tf. 80HAEFBB, 8sc.
BAKBB, at 490 Ninth at. It*
rANTED-A Or at clans COOK, at 347 Penn.
avenue, mil-St*
? NTED-A PORTAB at the United States
Hotel, Penn are. mhl-2t*
\VANTKD?By a young Woman, a SITUATION
-Tv "Chambermaid. Asply at 310 H street.
mb i-3t?
\AJ ANTED?Four good H ARN BS3 MAKBB8, at
Apply at ence at 500 Seventh street.
mh 1 2t*
VV ANTED?A good 8ervant GIBL to Cook and
v. ? t ? Housework. Apply at 190 Fourth street,
bet. L and New York avenue mh 1 2t*
Wanted immediately-a good bakIb
to go to the army. Inquire at the Metropo
litan Hotel cffice for J. M McOOBD. li*
W^NTED-By a respectable Woman, a SITUA
> to **? Cooking in a small family ami to
ao The Washing and Ironing. Apply at No 343
F at., bet 9th and 10th sta. It
ya stands hia business and ean assist on a farm.
Apply at SIBLEY A GUY'S. 322 D at , between
10th and llth. mhl tf
W^ANTE^-Two first-class BARBBB9, with
* * good reference Wages twenty dollars a week
Apply to E ALLIOT, 213 Pennsylvania avenua.
W ANTED?A small HOUSE, unfurnished,>con
*? taining 6 or 7 rooms, with gas and water.
V?'th s de, between 14th and 9th and L streets.
Address A. J., 232 Penn.ave. mh l-3t*
\VTANrBo-A SITUATION as Salesman in Dry
vv Goods or other business, by a sober, steady
person with experience in business Te^ms mode
Tat*v. Best references given, Apply at 4'25 Thir
teenth st. mh 1 3t*
Yty ANTED-By "a respfcta11^~Girl, a 8ITCTA
_vv TION as Cbambern-aid and to assist in Wash
ing tnd Ironirg, or Plain Sewing. Apply on First,
between I and K streets, by St Aloyaios School.
mh i-it'
W ED?The loan of 91,200 for one year for
? ? the use of w-ich good board in a private fam
ilv fcr one person will be given and security for its
prompt return. Address 'L, 8.," oity Foat Offlse.
mh l St*
work. Apply at 134 C street, between 12th
aDd I3\h ((slana). res?3i*
? Clarendon lioeel. None but tho.'e having
beer, employed in a laundry need apply. fe 2) 2t'
WANTED?By a your.g Woman, a SIl'UAT ION
to few on a sawing machine. Apply at No
196 Four and-a-half street, bat Band F streets
( Inland). fe ? 3>*
WAN TAD?A WOMAN to assist la tha Cooking
and to make herRelf useful in the kitc'?ea.
Be'erenee required. Inquire at the Gosling House,
247 Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets,
fe 29 2t*
WANTED ? Dining KoonT~WAlTER9 Only
those tbat understand the business need ap
piy at the European Hotel, corner Penn avpnue
aid llth street. Also one OY8TEB 8HUCKER
wanted fe 2? 2t
WAbTlD-A BOY Must be cle^n am busi
neis like and write a fair hand; mint reticle
with his parents. Inqnire at the Beal Bst?te and
Intelligence Office, No .">11 Ninth St., near Pa av.
fe 29-21* N H^ MILLER.
\If ANTED?A good Bteady GIRL to OookTWaah
v v and Iron for a small family. OnB that will
suit, and willing to mate herself generally useful,
will find a good home, good vag??, and prompt
pay by applying at the Star office tiox No 5
fe i!> 3t*
t 'ogk wanted to go a short distanoI
"in the country. eight milts from Washington,
in a family where two other girls are kept One
with good recommendations will please apply to
M'S J. GIBBS, 242 Penn avenue, Washington
fe 29 3t* '
HOU8E WANTED.? A gentleman desires to
lease a House, furnished or unfurnished, of 9
or 1? rooms, in Washington or Georgetown, for
the occupancy of hiijs?lf and family oni/. Posses
>i n desired acv time in April. Aidrosa Post Of
fice Bcrx 930, Washington. fe 29 lw*
nj ANTED?A GARDBNURon a country pla'e
near Washington. One who unlersttnds his
business well, and especially tbe culture of gransi
under glass Testimonials of character and abi ity
rfqnirfd. None need apply who nave not been well
Srar-ticed in the gla*s culture of the graps Ad
ress Ltck Box 40, Post Office, Washington, D. C.
fe ?<t ?t*
WANTED-A respectable WOMAN to Caok,
vv Wash, and Iron in a small family. Apoty at
No 273 pouth B street, Capito Hill. fe 27 3t*
VV' AN TAD?A young single MAN to work in a
vv Dairy and as a Laborer on a farm Inqu'ra on
P stiuct. bet. 4th and Otb sts German preferred.
fe 7-3t?
WANTED?Two good Jouratynaan BARQB tS
at No 491 Tenth, between tha Avenua and 0
street Wages S15per week
_f? iTjSt* G. SE;SKCQWIQH.
VV ANTED?A PARTNER, eitoer silent or act
* v ive, with a cash capital of from $2,00<i to
?5,U?'. to engage in a safe, profitable, and p^rrna
nent business. Address Manufacturer, Post Office,
Washington, D C. fe *7-3t*
" 6th. two neatly-furnished Rooms, par ot and
cb.-tmber (first lir.or preferable), with board for a
pesilerriiii ard lady in a nise, respectable family
(;*uteei locution. W ill hear/?I a tenant with good
reference by addressing, with terms and particu
lars,on or before Wednesday next, p. McNAMA
KA, corner North Capitol and O eta., Washington,
DC le V 4^*
? v iwo Boot and Shoemaker? an l one Cobbler;
aI?o. a Man to Raise 6, 10, or 2fl acres of To-jacio; a
man with family ean be accommodated. Apply fo
particulars ?t Mr. MILLER'S IntelligencA C?ffioe,
9th street, near Penn avenue. fe 36 eotit*
\% anted?A DAIRYMAN~. To one-that haa
v v bad some experience in the business, and can
come well recommen led. good wages will ba paid.
Apply to 0.0 GREEN, out High street Road one
mile end a half Ircio Georgetown. fe
OU8E WANTBD-F7om tt^e arst uf~May,eitLer
lurnished or unfurnished, north of Penn. ave
nue. aDd between 4h and 2uth streets One with
etablo and carriage house preferred. Adlrass R.,
Lock box 48a Washington fe22 tAp!*
\A/ ANTED IMMFDIATELY?In Washin <ton or
vT Georgetown (Washington preferred), a ready
furiished HOUSE, csntsining from six to tweiva
rocms. Ref^recrea giTen, Address until the 21
dsy of March, M A M., Baltimore Post Ollee,
Bait., Md. feK
vv Embroider on Muslin, Linen, and C&mbrio.
To gcod bards crnstant work and good wase?
eiven Lsdtes applying wiP please briag Samples
cf wck Arply at W M. PR1 NQE'd Stamping and
fcacbiue Stitching Depot, 381 F street, opposite
FateDt Offio-J. fe 13
Al?o, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Bedding and
House!urnishing Goods of every dee .ription
B. BUCHLY, 42S SeTenth st.
mar 30 tf bet G and H. east ^ide.
Having determined to quit the
I offer the balance of my stock at the following r
dnced piicea, viz :
PINB WOOD $7 per cord,
OAK do. 96 to S8.ro per eord,
WHITB ASH COAL 911 per ton,
RED ASH COAL (Lyken'a Valley* #13 per ton
S.S40 poundato tbe ton, delivered in any par
of the city without charge.
Penous having accounts with ma will please call
and settle them at onec, otherwise they will ba
given to officers for eolleetioo.
0,* rwo HOB8B8, CARTS and H ABNB8B for aala
Virginia av., bet. 9th and 10th sts east,
fe >6 3tT near the Navy Yard.
Manure fob salb at gbisbobo point,
by the cart or T?sserioad, at low rates. 10.010
tons on band
K7"Capt?ina of Teasels desiring return freight,
would to well ?? Mil. Apply to CAPTAIN JOB. L
FBANK UN at the new wharf. Gieaboro: or of
PBTTIBONB A 80HELLINGBR, 330 ? street.
f?n aw?
notified to ooaa and pay charge* doe for the
Yellow MARE left at Dr. B. GodgTna stable, aud
take ker away within tan days from tha data here
of. or the Mare will ba gold to pay so much of tha
xepenee* dme, at tha prloe eh* makes will amount
to, the balance. If any, will ba char cad to Maesrs.
King A Ousteraua. and proMadingstMen I nntedi
ately to recover the same. ll. GUDGllf.
Washington, Feb. 38,18B4. _ flbSStt
~ Maps of Tdiho, Washington, and all other of tb#
Western Tarvitones. in caaaa. PriM #1.E0,
For sale by
y% TUG; on* aide wheel daub la Angina; i?o?*
Beat light draft and one ceaked Barge, oap*cUy
uo teas All ?( IVsm Boats are in complete ma
Tm" ? ?WWSt
I tv
TO LB r?Two Fnratshed ROOMS, Parlor and
Oh amber Apply at No. 291 B street between
Uth acd isth tta, mk 1 -St *
t ha cor net of Uth and 6 striata west, forpir
tltn'afK Inquire on the prcmi-es mh 1 colt*
tfbBNiBfcii) IojIiTor^bmst without
I, *?1 by immediate application at
313 13th atreet, between M atd N, mh 1-St*
fl^OR KINT?A handsomely fam'sbed H078K,
f containing eight room# For pfcrtioaUri. al
drrsa H A. F., fetar Offiae. in h 131*
IT'-R **NT-An nafurnished BRIOK HOCSB
, 'lU? *'oo?* and car; situated on the corner
'J.'S,. ***? Apjlf ou the premises.
Bill It*
I Store, in a good location, near thi Arcane.
Rent moderate, Apply at 347 Penn. avenue,
mh l-3t*
I i ima.l stock of Goods on Per.n. avenue for Hale,
The stoie ia 18 by SOfeet aith good front Address
Bex 490 city Poat Office, D. 0. mh 1 St*
I7CB RENT-A ama'l FRAME TIN 1M IN r on
w fast side llth street. near K street, No. 477;
raitable for a Provision Store, or Green Grooery.
Enquire at BWIRGLE h liOWLBTB carpenser
shop. Of posite. mhl-3t
I aey avenue. near the depot Thia well known
honae, now doing an extensive business. ia offered
for sale on rr Oder ate terrni; the proprietors ill
hf al;h beibg tbe oniy reason (or fellies The rsnt
is low, ueir k about per month, ?rhiie the av* r
age daily receipts in Q7t- i here P" af.mr yea- lease
on the property. For ptrtioulurs. eo<jair? on tae
premises (mnist'l JiMIs STKIL..
LlBUMjtNT, on the Avenue, Terms casi.
Addrsss M E. M., Btar office. fe D 3t*
FOR SAIB-An entire raw BRtCR HOCHB ;oa
tainingfi rooms, oa Itb at..bet O anl P sts.
For paiticulars enquire of UBJ. H. TCRTCJN, No,
395 ilth at. few 4t*
fl^OR HINT ? Two or three Neatiy-furutshnd
ROOMS, one on th? fi ?t floor, at No 315 G
atreet. Also good Table Hoard next door.
fe a at*
with Stock ml Fixtures, doing a goad oust
liera, in offered for sate on advantageous terms. A
lease of from one to five years will bs given In
quire on the premises, one door above L street on
east side of 14th st. fa 2i 3t*
Let, with or without Board, in the best loca
tion in tbe city, but two square' from Pena. are .
at tbe lowest rates in Washington. Oall anl see
them, corner of bixth street eait and South Caro
lina arena* (Capitol Hill). fe 29 st*
for gentlemen on!y. At No. 156 G street bs
tweenaoth and 2!st strse'*. fe2f 3t*
L^RMKT- To a Isdv and g'ntteman, a hand
r s< n.ely furnished LRU ROOM with Boar.; in a
private family in Georgetown. For cards of ad
dress. apply to DR. THOMPSON, 27 4 North F
st .bet Zand ip.m foTMt*
avecue, is offered f. r sal*. It has beeo in sac
cess!ul operation for nine months vast, bat press
ing engagements elsewhere induces fie proprietor
to sell. Apply at the saloon betwaea 31 and <,*? sts.
fe 27 1 w
JT 1 ENON MA JHIN E. one SAW AHB.JK, two 12
iDohCIRCULAB SAWS, aoc 124 feet GUM BELT
ING. They can be seen at the corner 6th st. *nd
Maryland ave. Capitol Bill, and wi 1 be rold a
bargain for ctsh; northwest corner.
fear-lw* B.L NRVIUS.
/OR BA1 E Tbe Giod Will. Fixtures, and atoak
. of the RMPIRK SALOUN, No. 40?> B-v-nth
street, bstwean G aad H str-ets done a g^od b isi
nets,the own>r not having ti ne to attend to it, it
will be fold for (J2ijO. Apply at I>UFFY i OMI AS
Jsating House at tbe Depot. <nO street, or on the
pren ises. Bent < nly .$li> p*r month. fe27 3t*
Ij"*OR RENT? W'tb or Without Board?An exes'*
lent PARLOR and several well furnished BSD
F.OOMS, at 450 Twe th atreet, within five minutes
wa k of the Kirkwood House, Williard's, aad the
Patent Offire, Post Office and Treasury and Ctate
lepartments, The location is un-urpisss'J in
WaFbinglon No children in the house. f*27 tf
F'Ott BALB OK RENT-A delightful Country
ltKBlDKNCE, with 6A aces, O, miies norta of
Washington. Apply to BUWV. BWANN, No. 32
Lcniriai a avenue.Washington, cr address him No.
4 0 8t. Pai.1 street, Baltiicore. fe J6-eo3t*
1?0R RBS1*-1 lATge Dining-boom, Kitchea,and
Back Room, with furniture for dining room
and kitchen. The rooms a e in a larg* lodging
house, aiid the table can be fitted with bc*id*rs
in n ediately Apply at 486 R street, between 5:h
and 6th sts. Several pleasant Rooms now vacant
acd to let. fa Z5 2w*
I70R BALB-A three story Brisk DWBLLIN9
r with a two story Back Building; well situ%t?d.
Also two srnajl Frame Houses. Apply to JOH^f
ANGBKMAN, No. 505 Seventh street, opposite
0<!d Fellows Hall fe 24 2w*
O^MB FOR KENT?Consisting or Furaiahed
Parlor and Chambers, connecting, or single
Chambers. Apply at 3bO C,between 4H and6th
fe S3 2w*
out bosrd. may be had by application at 339
F slreet. between 9th aod lothsts. Reference given
aid required fe 23 Gt*
L'OU BALB?A first rate two-story FRAME
a H0LBS, containing nine tooms, together with
nine JBuildiig LOTS, all set out with choise fruit,
such as peaches, pears p'ums,cherries, grapes, all
of the bsst selection; with a pomp of excellent
water in the yard; on the corner of G and 13th sta.,
sud Pern a*enue east. For further particulars
call at r< sideuce No. 575.
teia 1w' P. CARROLL.
L"?OR BALB?LOT N">. 4, square 101?, between
.F 12tb and 13th street cast, and ruaniajf from Pa.
avenne to south R atreet. 29 feet front and 2vi feet
AIko, LOT if, sqaare 1 096, between 17th and i8th
streets east, running from Bast Capitol street to
ad loir in? alley. SI feat front and 123 Net deep.
Also, LOTS.squsre 1,096, between 17th and 13th
streets east: running fro? aouth A itrest to the
at!Joining alley. 51 feet fiont and 128JVet deep
Apply at ?o 13 Mis'onri*venne bet 4Hand*th
ats_. at Mrs. GEBKChfc 8. fe 2Itir*
1/OR BALE? $2,500 only for one of the beit
Basement RB8TAT7RAN V in Washington, in a
bo?ine>8 thoroughfare. Three private supper
rooms and one club-room,furnished and complete.
Lea'etwo and a half years. For full particular*
inquire of MITCHBLL ft 80 .4. Real k<tate bro
kers, 14th street, eecotAdoor south of Penn. ave
nue. fe 17-?w*
BENT?The large double House aimated on
the corner of M street north and Vermont avenue,
well It can as the residence of His Excellency M.
M Ii>boa, tl e Brazilian Minister,for several years
ptst is for rent; possession giren on the Brat day
of March nest.
The prec ises can be seen at any time, and the
t< rme stated on application to either of the under
signed. BOB COLBT7RN.
jav ADAMS,
fe 4 Exec, and Trus. of C L. Coltcnan. deceased
l^ijR BALE?Fine EBH1DENCE near P-nn. ave ,
r nine rooms. Lot S7xliin; corner Grocery, Dwel
lirz aod Jtable. Island; four em .11 Houses Im
mediste pesfession. rive hundred Lots. Store,
P.eetaurants. and Business Places. Several desira
b)? Bonus lor Mot. ,,IT0BIIiIi g
fe 3 southeast corner Pa are and 151 h st
i. AKM FOR fiALB- Either one or two hundred
E acrea, excellent neigbborh od, well improved,
ard ready for immediate cccapation: it h*s a v?ry
corDmodions and beautifully situated Dwe! ing,
large Barn, and Btablicg for twelre horaes.fi ie,
new Corn-house and Grainery. and every need ful
irr provcrcect for extensive farn.in<; is svtnated on
ths Beventh-stifet road, with goes frontage, and
oi ly eitfht miles from Washington For farther
information apply persona ly to WILLIAM A.
PAT CHFLOR, cr if l>y letter address Sligo Post
Office. Montgomery crusty, Md". fe2-1 m*
Ij^OR BALB?A new three story H0C8B, with
r two story back building, being a newly-built
Brick, No. 192 Fourth street, between L aad New
York avenue. Above-named contains eight rooms.
Apply to J . P. CRBW8, No. 424 8eventh street
f.^UK BALB ?Two very desirable FARMS forSsale
I on reasonable terms, oni of8?5 acea and tk?
other of 70C' acres, more or less Both of these fina
farms are situated In mediately upoa nnvcatle
water, in 8f merset county. Eastern Shore of Mary
land, and will be so d low Tbe title i? indispr ta
ble, and a rare chance is offered for investment in
real sstate. Application may be made to the editor
o' th i s paper. la 7 2aw fea
100 Tow Bun of Mine ^n-rberland Coa' for sale.
It quire of 8. D. CAfcTLEMAN, No 3 Pena, ave.
and Rock ortek Bridge, or of ths subscriber.
170 Bridge street,
fe ?7 3t* Geor?-town.
chase Ladles cast off CLOTHING, also fine
LBBaBBS for which h? will give the highest cash
prices. Call at No. 256 Penn. ave bet Uth anl
13tb. ; Uti lw?
486 ? 494 486
vl, Bf A RKRITE R ??
?o. 466 SBVBNTH STRfcaP,
might Ldoaa nova
H 11W* 0&6 1f* ^>w??Hatt.
*/| 0 K R ?1 BOH?H
LT1 M- K. WALSH k. CO,
Be. *19 O atrert, between ?h and 10th at*..
Neat the TariiMtt.
ing Ay
" S-*
Money wiTa^cad oa Sold aad Silver Wal
Diamonds. l>adiea and GenUeaan'a Waarin
carelyAa at. fe il
,??*m (kui mioifdiiWt
Br GRBXM A. WILLIAMS, Aacttoaeen.
1 PlSECS, BITWIII FlBST itmit aid New Jaa*
SET ATllrl, AT AcfllOg?On TCB8DAY, 1st day
of March, we shall Mil in front of the it
4 o'clock n m . two utoT' frame 11'nas an 1 Lot oa
Plerw. W.vrrB fira^ >.rrf i ?n1 Nf? Jmmt *t?,,
in Square No. M7. ai>4 part Lot Ho. !H. with li feet
front, l'X> 'wt deep, witb side ?lley to thfi pr olsee.
Terns cub.
_fo? d GRBEtA W1LLIAMB. Ancts.
By GREBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers.
Itl-M> at ArcTio*.?On TCB8PAY, the first
dar of Kareh at 4 o'clock p m.. we sha 1 a-?ll la
front of ihe premises, 3 Frame Hoases and L<>* la
hqcara No 3M1. in Lot S. J ,30 feat front, V?t? feat
de?-p, on the corner ot 2d and D ?treat eouth; owe
of the Boasts if aieJu a Grocery 8t>rethat la
doing a gcod business. Aty one wanting a small
place, will do well to attend the sale. .
Terms one third cash; > a aore in si* and t we Ira
mcntbs with interest; a deed given an! a deed of
tru^t taken on the premists.
Ail conveyancing and rerenue stamps at thg cost
of tbe purchasers
Title tndisjntsble.
f*24 d GRBEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctg.
TB.J.C. McGOIRE A CO , Auctioneers
iMPaoTkD Bbal Estate. mtuatsi> East or
tbi Cap! Tin.?By virtue of a decree of the Supreme
Court of tbe District of Colarvbia. ?ub 'titctin* tae
as trustee under certain deed* of tru?t recorded ia
Liber J. A 8., No. 141, folios 117 U" and U9; also,
one recorded in Liber J. A 8,N;i I5i,fol;o 99.
Ac.; aUo. one other reoorded in Lio-r J A 8 Ho.
177. folios 4". 41, 42, 45, and 44, one cf th.? !aol r-e
ordsof WacningtOB county District*? C >Sntn>via,
I shall-on TUBSDAY, the first day ->f*.;arci l' ?4,
at 4 o'clock p. m. s?TlatpuMi ancr. o. o? ria
premises. 'ots 1, J 3. 4 5. ?\ IS. *n1 14 in t-navra
No 858 Lot* 3, 4, and ft are improved w<4.h a t'race
Dwelli'tc Uon*e, one Prick *1 i*?aud St. re, a'ao,
a Meat rouse. Stable a.jd ?(.<*!*
Also. Lots S, 4, aid 5 in$3?*re No. 8'.0, unim
The improved property ie -situated on * streat
noitfc, between tth and Gtheafct. and <s well ?d> pt
ed for a bu.cber, as it has all of tne usee >?r> \?
Terms: One third cash ; balance ir. two equal
notes at six and twelve months, on interest, se
cure d by a deed ot trust on the premises.
?^"Purchasers at a former sale having falloe ta
comply, the trustee will reqlire a c%sfi payment
of at least ten p*r cer.t on the amonnt of the pur
chare, to be maie on the day of saie in default of
which the property will be immediately refold.
H. N GILBERT, Trustee.
ja29eoAds J. 0. McGUIRK A CO., Aucts.
By W. B. LEWId* 00 , Auctioneers.
-j 1NG at 7 j'clock, at our Au.t on K ? >ms, No.
4"27 7th rtreet. bet. O and U. we shall sell a splen
did celled ioi of Photograph A bum* in ?verystvle
of binding and finish, Phot-'sranS F ?m?i Pain*
Ipks, fine Books Stationery. fine Family Bib1** Ae.
Also fcilver plat?d Wares Gold andMlVtr P<>a
cil Cases, Gold Jewe.ry, Watcher. T?W? and
Pocket Cutlery, fine selrctions of Foreign Sea
Shflis. witb an immense var'e'y of Fanry Goodg.
fe29 3t (Chron.j W. B. LE WIS A CO.. Anct?.
By WM.L. WALL A CO . Auctioneers
I and on ar.onnt of Jam s fj Gray Oo ,
row tt"ted m Yacderwerkeu'a warehouse n?ar
High and Cheat streets. Ge?r?eU<wn. On W3D
t? EUD AY. 2d of March 11* It o'clock, a. in , ial<U
to suit purchasers-say fire tons in eaca lot wita
Bale w tfcout resejve.
To liTs ry stable keepers and dtaltrs in Hay- aad
Feed, Ibis is the opporti nity.
Tents casb
_feI9 d WM L. WALL A CO . Aucta.
By WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auo'.ioneera.
at Pcblic Adctiom ? By virtue of tie order
and decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of
Columbia, jassed on the 12th day of Decamber, A.
D. J86S, du'y robfirmed by the Supreme Court *f
the District cf Columbia, in Cfcantery sitting, I
(ball offer for (ale. on WE0> KSDA Y, the 21 Jay
of March next, at 4 o'clock p m,,in fr. irt of the
premis?*t all the ritfht title, intdreit. and estate of
Georgy V. King and Elta K:ng. mfaat children of
M .tilra Kicg, c ec?a*td, of, ic and to all th?t. C4r
iair. pier? or parcel < f ground situate. Icing, aad
bf ing in the city of Washington in t!i-? Di?t-iet of
Columbia ard known and ceFCiibed as foi'owa :
Being p*rt of Lot numbered four, (4> io Squaea
numberea thiee Kutdred and ssicniy unmi, i377)
comtrencii k 'or the same at the southwst corner
of said lot, on E street north; theice running
nr.rtb one h ndred?nd fifty ni^e (l.M?)feetto tha
rear alley; thence east twenty f.-ur (M) fret; and
tbec-e s- u h i ds hundred and fifty niuwdS^I f -et;
ard thtnee west twenty four (2?. to tne plscs of bt
This property is located on R street. b?'w?aa
N'nth and Tenth dreets west, in th? very heart of
the city It is a beautiful buildiag lot, and the
neighborhood i* healthy and agieabie.
Terms (if sa'e : One half cash; the residue in two
eqna instalment* o. three and six months, secareA
by the not? s of the pursbaner, satisfactorily en
dor(e<i. and bearing interest from dar of sale Ti*la
deed to be retained until tbe whole of th- purchase
money is said
At the same time and nlaie we shall offer for
sale ali the interest and title of tbe widow and
adult heirs of the late Geo. W. Venable. decayed,
of in >ti d to the property above described,on taa
same feims
f?22-?tawAds W. L. WALL A 00 , Anctc.
Will be rcld at Public Auction, at Sixth ftreat
wharf Washington, D C, on WEDNESDAY.
March 9th, at 11 o'clock a m.
3.H6 Eicptr Pork Barrels,
142 ' Coffee " (heavy.)
185 " Bici "
12t " W tiskey"
143 " Vinegar "
158 " Ham and Mo'a?ses Barr?!*.
Terms cash, in Government funds.
mhl-Otd Li'ut Col. and 0. 8.
By W. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers.
Msrch we will sell, in front of the premises. Lot
No. 11, in HofTmaL's subdivision of otiginal Lot I,
square f-Z9, improved by a mwly fl; i-nod two-st^ry
Frame Dwelling. conttir:ng fix rooms and every
convenience for a small dwelling.
Terms cash.
feS5 W. L. WALL A CO., AncH.
By J 0. McGUlRB A CO., Auctioneers
BtTWltS L Mil' M ST?*?T8 SOKT11, AT PDBUtO
2d, a~ 4>? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot
No. ir. in th? rubdivieion of the east aalf of S^sara
No. &41 frentiog il feet 2 inches on Tenth street
west, betwf en L and M streets north, and runs int
b^ck about 99 feet, together with the improve
ments, cotsitting ot a Two strrj and Basement
Buck Dwelling house, containing ei.ht room
Terms : One thud ca&b, the remainder in aix and
nine months with interest, secured by a dead of
truHt on the premises.
Conveyances at cost -Jl purchaser,
f#24 d J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auotg.
___ t
We wculd reepectfnlly inform oar cnstom&naad
tbe tuv Ho that wt have now ezpoeed for *?!e taa
who'e of our fc pring ?nd Summer Go< is left over
from lait year. Mid (ball continue to offer tnem
ai'h < cr Winter Gcods lor a few weeks long-r at
tbe same discount, via : 10 percent and when corn
fired with the prioos that new goods, coat this ?ea
son.we sre cot fideLt porch 1 fers will sea at a iclanee
tbe <aving they will make by supplying the as ?elvea
while we are selling oif.
We wonid call particular attention to tbe follow
ing Gof'ds. which we include in our aiock, acd we
tliinB" well worth the examination of those who
derign bni ing goods of tbe kind, Tis ;
Lupins' Black Worsted Grenadines, all qp&litiaa,
co B ( ok Siifc and Woollen ShalleiB,
do I'lsck Oiape Mart t and Ts-aariin-s,
do. Black Barege* single and donble wi-iihs,
Co. Black Bombazines and 6 -i.Dela:ass.
Black and White neat Chech doaole width,
Mozambiques and Mohair Lustres,
Blaca Mantninabilks, Black an'i White do ,
Abo our wbole lot of Calorad Bummer Drew
Goods. <v:>mpri*lBff? , . , . .
Foulard Silks, la plaids, striveg, and printed.
Color* d Bar g?s, in plsin and tency stylea,
Splendid quality Organdy Lawns, ic lfcr?? dssgina,
and of the most elegant printing wa kav# etw
Colored ^'Worsted Grenadines, Mozambi^aas,
Vail de Choircs. AU-wool lierainsa,
Kik and Weol VaUneies, in. black and white,
Plaids* a very desirable article for aarlr spring
N?>t Cfctcfc POP IDS,
Aiid LViDtrom otfe^-r Goods? ill ?f which trt
Wf 11 worth the iospertion of tho%% intra^irf to
We have also on sala kU our l'ght Spring Oaltcoeg,
oomprislrg some very beautifnl goods, which wa
vurcl as>d as early as December last, becau?e w?
thought tbem extra good strles.
Also, our whole stock of White Goods, snob at
P aid Nfc'urock Murttns, Plaid Cambric Mailing
1 elegant White Brilliants, Striped Swiss Muslins
; ptain Mull Swiss and Nainsook Stoslins. a splen
' did aswr'aent of Skirting and Jaaonet Cara
biicr. Liren Cambric Handkeicllef?, of gvsry
qnalitv, for ladies sLd gentlemen, and all of them
tscaedirgh cheap.
A^sc, cur wlrl?. ftoek of Itiah Linens, Tow?l??
Tc welir g? Nanking, iaoie Uiui.. a"-! D.tyliee, all
of whirb are crteap.
We also offer 'or gale aboat JOH dosen White aa4
Brown Cotton Hose aad Half Hoeev i naiad lag W?
doten ladies' open workeo Hose fas bsauttfal pat
ten s wVsh we desiga selling by the boa ?*?
ladles who wish to bay tkta claea of aooAe aai. 'g
then cf as for leas than the eoet ofigggorls. u
the griater portion of tke? having baea pare ? 4
br us abcatoae Tear ago when there wea ver .it
tle dcmt.nd frr th?M, aad we can now sell thaa far
ltse th?n we can bay tie plala goode. .
We 1 Uo Include oar whole stock of Shirting and
She*tin* Cottoia eorarleiagtheyn^ ^ makja
ia the MuntTy. saeh as New York Mills, Aadree
^g^r Whife Back, WilUamsrille, Asamead'e,
Beverly. Semper Idem,and maar otharwall kaowa
brands, all of whieh we aow offer at Urn rates, aad
dednot 1? per eent from all tab a. ...
0?,rlc.?.l,. A"w<M"?SD?iY^OOr
1"L*" 1UR||UL

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