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(lgovxit'8 Tukater ? Afier a respit? of on*
eveLi;.g 'be operatic performance at tbis
tneatt r will be rt snmed to-night, the manage.
jn?-n; presenting Flotow s grand operator
?'S?!r?id ila," which will bring into requisition
the powers of (h^e two admirable teuors. M
Theo. liabieman and ."VI. Franz Himmer. The
cfct ft character* for tbis opera is an admirable
one, and Orover's will doubtless be crswdt?d
this evening.
I"osi>'b Thxatxr.?Mauager Ford to-night
prfi^iiU to the public tlie great tragedy of
"Hiatus," in which that eminent tragedian,
Mr. Edwin lorrest, will sustain the part ot
Lucius Junius Biutus. a character in which
it is said he has no equal.
\ aic'Ktiics.?Incompliance with the request
of ma ay of 'he patrons of the Varieties', Fi'z
>immcus' sensational play of "The Female
Pickpocket ol Washington" will be repeated
to-night, and we would advise all who desire
to see hiffh and low life in Washington to drop
into the Varieties to-night.
Ca?.t*rbcey.?The beautiful ballet of "The
Water Nymphs," is Announced for this eve.
Ding at tbe Canterbury; also, songs, dance?,
negro eccentricities, and the laughable farce of
"My Neighbor's Wife."
MuxnopoLiTAJr Hall.?To-night Miss Sa
rah Hamblin, the accomplished vocalist,
makes her second appearance at this estab.
iishment. Singing, dancing, ?fcc., by the entire
company, making up an excellent entertain
Mrs. Wamk'h C'iRcrs, at the corner of
Sixtb street and New York avenue, is draw
in* crowded nouses nightly; and tbis is as it
should be. lor Mrs. W. lias one ot the b*st
companies now traveling.
Thh Ent.istmkxt Fcsn Ball.?The ball at
the Patent Office ball last night in aid of the
?? li3tment Fund was perhaps the greatest
success in the ball line eyer known in this
city, both in the numbers in attendance and
In ibe amount of en joymen't experienced by all
Tlie hall in itself was a sight worthy of a
\ isit. Of vast and handsome proportions,
floored with princely marble and drap?d and
decorated after a style that delighted the artis.
He as well as the common eye it was the most
maguiftcent ball room imaginable. It may
Teadily be guessed that an ordinary sized ball
company would be completely lost in this im
mense hall, and in fact that nothing short of
the immense assemblage present last night
would have served to give animation to the
scer.e and a sense of fitness to the room as a
tail room.
In such an immense assemblage it would be
impossible to individualize names without
risk of important omissions, and therefore we
must content ourselves by speaking of the
gathering in the aggregate as one of the most
brilliant and respectable nor by order of the
managers every improper person in seeking
admission was turned away at the door) ever
itssemb'ed in Washington.
Major Wallach and most of our lending dri
ven?, tog; ther -with very many strangers of
note were piv?ent, and the occasion broughtout
an unusually good representation of the beauty
of the National Metropolis.
Edective music was another essential in so
vast a 100m and this was amply furnishe.d by
two si pert) bands?the Marine Band (repre
sented ;n cotillion and heavy instruments) and
the !7th Infantr* brass band, lead by Poppeu
i urg. which came in superbly for the prom
At 1*2 o'clock the scene in the hall, as viewed
from a commanding position, was certainly
tbe most brilliant and inspiriting we have ever
seen in a ball room, far exceeding in general
effect that at any one of the various inaugura
tion balls.
It was nearly five o'clock in the morning be
fore the good old Virginia reel, ending the pro
gramme had been duly honored, and even then
many cf the young folks left the scene of so
much innocent pleasure with manifest regret
The ball mnst certainly have netted a hand
some sum to the enlistment fund, as large num
bers ot tickets were purchased "for the goa l of
the cause, by those not in attendance at the
In addition to the credit dne to the public
spirited citizens concerned In the management
of the ball, much credit is due to Oapt. Scbeetz,
?who go ve his invaluable aid with characteris
tic promptness throughout the progress of the
^e append a lew of the costumes, for our
lady reader*:
Miss Belle Shecklel-d, of Washington, rich
green silk dr^ss, tasteful h>*ad-diess of red.
iVl;f-s Aiice Thomp?n, of Washington, deli
cate piux siik dress, festooned waist pearls in
Lair : % ery pretty.
Mrs. D-ing, of Washington, blue silk, with
diamond ornament*.
Mrs Har?y, of \Y ashingion, tasteful colored
poplin: diamond ornaments.
Mrs. J. W. Fom?y, ashes of roses, with lace
Jloweis: very tasteful.
Mies Matt?ply, of Washington, pink silk
dress, spangled veil, very beautiful dress
head-dress, pink snd ereen roses.
Mrs. Matt?gly, white watered silk, trimmed
vith lace.
Mrs. Br?n.of Washington, white silk, span
g!-d m mtle; head-dress, white pearls.
Miss Jkiwra?n, black silk, with white point
liue lerrha: bead dressed in enris and pearls.
Mis Louisa Br?n, white tarleton, trimmed
v ith gold tinsel, handsome black velvet sash.
Mis Br?wn wore a beautiful whit-tarle
Ton; headdress, white japonica and tinsel
Miss Aug?s, blue silk, with white siik trim
mings; head-dress, plain.
Tl:s. Ha?ltn, crimson'colored silk, trimmed
vun white down; head-dress, white japouica.
Miss S?s, of Maryland avenue, white tarle
toi>, crimson colored trimmings; head dressed
in curls. Very elegant.
Mis. Latr? te, white watered silk, trimmsd
with lure; bead dress, plain.
Mrs. Major Beau?t, dressed in white tulle,
trimmed with cherry colored silk.
??! is.- Whit?ng, salmon colored dress, trimmed
vr:th lace, white opera cloak.
Miss Liudl?y, or Washington,elegant mourn
Mis? fcjusie C. Mag?e. dark blue silk .ta-ste
I'tlly trimmed with velvet; white flowers in
Miss Hatrie I. Mag?e, light blue silk; head
dress white lace and flowers; very pretty.
Miss 1??yle, dressed in white tulle, trimmed
writ cherry color silk.
.Mrs. Wa?d. ot Washington, drab moire an
1mu<?: head-dress of white flowers.
Mis* fit tch?r, dressed in mourning.
Mrs Chen?v, mourning, tasteful crape trim
HI it s Clara Mac-e, orange monsseltne trim
l >d prettily in velvet; blue-ribbons in hair.
Mrs. J. H. T?1. dressed in blue siik, wBi'.e
opc-ra cloak; headdress of pearls.
Miss Emma B. Tum-r, lata ol New York.
?tr. : sed in crimson, trimmed with beautiful
??i mine.
Miss Bass?t, brown silk, trimmad with lace.
Miss R.'becra L?n, of Washington, dressed
a., white tn!!e. trimmed with blue: head-dress
ct wi:ite japoni -a.
Mrs. l?-g, dressed iu blue i!k, trimmed
with white lace: head-dress of v liite earaelia.
Mi- Wat?rs, dark skirt of poplin, white
v it t, hair Jri//l? d. I'retty.
Miss Annie Morg?r., white tarleton dress
trimmed \vi:h crimson ribbon.
H i.hwat Robbery ? About I o'clock ves
1 roav mcrniug, a man named Tho.-. Oouneliy
"v e.;t to olh. er O'Connell, of the 4th Ward, aud
t:at?-d ibat he uad been robbed by three young
nien v. ho had proposed to go with him to show
?.m lodging*. Tuey carried linn near to the
viciuny ot the jail, where they seized dim and
C't ardsd his money He gaVe them five dol
lars et. i told them it was all he had except
t*o dollars. They v.ere about taking Ins
h to search itltn, when he slipped and es
J ll ed. < .tlicer O'Connell directed t>onuelly to
li e ith Ward station.
J'onreiiy started as directed; and in a few
Bicmenf. o Connell heard him call lor help,
> cl running to him, caught a fellow named
tiec.-ge U'right alias Jas. Irving in the act of
C"nipleung the robbery beguu by bin and his
ytnrades near the jail. Wright was taken to
?he Jth Ward station, and yesterday morning
V h sent to jail for court by Justice Otbersou.
-? ;ciinelly i? an entire stranger in Washington, j
M,'d willingly submitted to commitment to tail i
J1- a w-.tT.es>, fce being unable togivo bail to ap
pear as witness.
}' it" < v (5kiixvtown.?Entered Steam
th'l' r.:^j ire, bobbii:, from New York, With
J' -J-l'.Hnuize.
. ? ? iwuui', yiunameskez; juita, ates
?r| !*"?* Island; Henry A. Wise, Boone,
JfLc-iii s (rut; Mary Jane, Adams, St. Mary's;
-r," Sl l?h? rd. Tucker, Hudsou;"Comm?rce.
T w1^.. Keelaeon, Wheatly; do.; T.
L. Hard, Crolsy, Tangier f?jund;" Crniser,
Sloops, Ann Muria,
r^nint^r, do.
r,A Ti aiU'~1#^er4l^ morning a ?at >
0 cUc?, jvn Imfitcai:, named T&oinv- O'Brien
went to the Oth Wardpolk* eta "ItM
tliar juriK s ?n j?nr-tiir of h.ra, o-i me
?.W,01 . .n-d?r?doti^f Uism.i?( inti.
.^^nesdaySa *W*?|W "lit*, an J
that th?; had run h:in o the Extern B?i?ch.
The man * a* very blood yat the Ume. a *d It
was not lour before the orficeis in eha:\re dis
covered that he *30 laboring ur.d^r the effect*
1 "ud they took care of him
uiuil JVlr. .iu:r.?s <> Btieo, of tTnioiirown. in
whose employ wa? 'ook chflr-eothim. ittr.
O Brier s'nted that Thomas had been on a
spree tor some tune, and that he hid been
locked up in his house :o break .'din, bu: din-in*
the nigh', he escaped.
?s?^tog" . w*sb Statiox Casks?Sarah
Wllllraw, drunk: *2 < ,eor*e Bruce, di?nr
? ?? t - ^hman, drunk ar,rt dUor
&&.'?* 5 ? ?TamPS Itevlin, do ; do. Michael
McFadden. do.; *2. Prank Crosby, drunk; #j.
i?-, W?S,0R- disorderly; military. Emma
r?elson, clo ; ?l. T. Slonrgomerv, drunk; dis
?? ?, Speuct-r, drnnk and duorder- i
m- 2>mith, do.: dismissed. John
?,"9; d0 Jo&n H.Oladmon,
? H.' ? kmitb, disoraerly; dls
5?is HV.C Br.?n, aasanlt and battery: do.:
Edward Unmade, disorderly; dismissed.
eiLon' d,runk; T<>hn Kidd, do.; do.
t w ar? bewail, drunk and disorderly: do.
Joha Flamgan, do.; dismissed. George Calla
nan, do.; do.
fH>:t;rTv Cor.vrir.To WA?Htso.
J?wpromised -visit of the City Conncil
to Colombia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb
and Blind, on the invitation of Mr. E. M. Qal.
landet, superintendent of the institution, will
be made to-morrow, and thospgoiog will leave
m .? r.?n ?'clock train- The special com.
?, IS ?.tbc C?DS?U consist of James Young,
president, and Messrs. Lambden, Streeter,
Lynch and Proud, of the first branch, aad
Samuel I>uer, president, and Messrs. Moody,
Eyans, Wilmot, and Schwartz, of the second
branch. They expect to return on Saturday
evening? Balto.Sun. 3
- I'ft'APK ??om Jati ?Wednesday night
US0 > ."ent to J*" by the Judge
of the Criminal Court, made a rope by tearing
toio blanket in strips, and escaped from a win
conflned 1 debtors' department where he was
.iT?S;i?S!,'',,,,0J*11*0 b",0?n,i ??e"
Ox a Strikc.?The Journeymen Painters'
Association at their last meeting determined
that on and the first of April, that they would
demand two dollars and fllty cents per day.
Musical Soirbc.?a pleasant Musical
Soiree took place at the house of Prof. Alex.
\*olowtki, ISo. 31?, P street, last Thursday
evening, when the Professor's most advanced
music and the piano assem
h vt S .I11 agreeable mnsical evening, and ex
Proficiency they had attained under
? ? e 8>?t'*,n ol instruction. The
Duets, Quartette, and ^ snog by a great
many ot our young La<n~ and GentlemlS
were mest beautifully execute, and fully^nl
preciated by all present, and redounded greatly
to the credit of Professor Wolowsk. is an in
8tructor and the troth and simplicity of his
Aei- Method; but the mostnoteworthy and grat
ifying portion of the soiree was the execution
4 f,on!lLas of the *reat Beethe ven and
fn o! the choicest compositions of Chomn,
r YTOlrs^T ?^i exhibited those
wonderful gifts of which he is the happy Po*.
sessor. 1-or delicacy of touch, feeling and con
ception, we do not believe tlat Protestor Wol
owski can be equalled. We would advise all
tnose wliojeally desire to become fine per form
to neglect this opportunity, while this
great European Artist is still amon* and
particularly as this will be his last e.nrrse in
? a^hington, beiore his departure for Paris.
hvWwr ? t rATTE?<TI^>'to ti,e S!U* this evening
b> W . B. Lewis & Co , ar Xo. l-,?r Seventh
itn-et. embracing cvk sio s,)ie:idid photo
graphic ;<lbums ?nd Family Bibles, wirh the
best portion of their large invoice of silver.
Vl f? iwarf/lilrt lab'" ^"Tlerv, painting3, iic.,
Ac. It is seldom snch goods are offered at auc
weli to aUendf lntensX*?
^v>r should by all means
can at Pilr.ce s Scamping Depot, F street, op
po.Mte Pai. nt Office, and see his elegant em
hro'dered shaw Is, yok^s, bands and panta
h- ?, l?ev.^as, fJn?st lot ever offered hers.
His baby blanks are the delight of even- ladv
who sees thrm. Give him a call if vou wan:
fn'r"?I Jtw8 KU'e ,n embroidery, stamping, pink,
ing or stitching. ap I
. tl\e attention ot capitalists and
others to the advertisement in another column
of thU ps|?er, ol the*aie of the large corner lot
situated on Maryland avenue and tv street. It
18 ?n" of the best sitna'ions for a hotel now
offered, being within three squares of Penna
av? nue. ^ mh 1l.3t^
_. Bi'.oirN'i BaoxcHiAi. Trocjies
IJiese f.rrfenscs are prepared from a highly
e-teeiued rrcipe for alleviatiu^ Bronc.'iial A JVc
tions Asthma, Hoar^ae^. Coughs. Colds, and
Irritatn u <.r Sorenetj.- of the Tltroat.
a- ii <? ^ rv'i.'//-11'taL-trs an/I Vocalist*
Will .ma jiieju licncHclnL in elearinx tbf> voice
belure.?peakingr.t singtnir,auil rclievlngthe throat
arter auv nuusual exertion of the vocal organs
liav."i. a peculiar artapUtion to affections nrhi^h
uictui j the Oryan-s of bt<e?-ch. uih2a-dA.wtf
Cops. Urs.OKS. Ac.?I)r. Whit". Chiropodist,
will he in atteiidaiice at his rooms No. Peuu
a*ciiUe. oil anJ after FriJity, April 1st. tub 26
I)iseASK* OF 1MB Nkkvous. Semis vl. Urivarv
ASijSj-.xi aj SytTjiMs?uewau'irelinlilctreatment?
in l'c|? i s < f the Ilovarii A-?ociation?Sent l?v
mail iu "ealed letter envelopes. free of char> e
Address H .1 SUIlh, Houston. UoWdLo
elation. N... .H South Ninth street. Phi adelpbia.
^ niii2?-;im
Gkkat Hnxmu-tu llorTB. rt? Baltimore and
limVJvi'LMI"*"- A\,lk V"* tr'^ -'l'?o train,
leave Washington dail) ati'l one on Sunday?qui 'k
time?low ?ar? and sure connections. Soldiers'
tickets sold through at Goverumeut rat^s. F.?r
il1I further information apply at the nffk-**
ntuK&t reunsyIT*nia Route, nortaeast corner of
I enn-jlyama av"i,ue ami Sixth street. Washing
ton. open lr?>in r,a m. to !> p. in.; on Hun
ila> s from 2 to 4 p. m.
?e M-l* E. O. Xorto.n. Agaat.
Hraos that Rciici.
Hiainst the rules of Ta?te or Beauty, in their color
or in the los* t>f !t|| their rol^r. may he changed iu
a few moments to sny
/?' OHti.iul Siin lr,
hy a single application of
Oarsriwho'3 Hua Dr*.
The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, p<T
nianent healthful effect, and the exceedi.i" depth
and richness of the hues it imparts, distinguish
this preparation from all other Dye? in use in this
Country or in Europe.
CkIfcTADORO'3 HaTR l'RUSKR r \ Tl V E ,
a valuable adjunct to the Dye,iu dressing and pro
moting the growth and perfect health of the hair,
ami of itself, when used aloue?a aal'>*guar<l that
protect* the fibers from decay umler all ctrcum
otances and under all climes. Manufactured by
J. Crictadoro. No. 0 Astor House, New York.
Hold b> all Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress
mb 31-dJcweoim
1 UK CHi.iri.ST AXII ?kst IIaih Dy* inter Woai.n
?Aer r tudts or Watht.- Ovt ? Uphatn's Hair Dye.
?J cent- i bot. The beat in ase. Trv it. Sold by
S. C Ford, corner lltli street and. l'enu. aveuue
? asbing.'on; actf Henry Cook, Alexandria.
Ne*voo9 Debit itt, Sminu ^iakhess, etc.,
Caij be < urtd by one wao has really cured h?mselr
ana hundreds of other*, and will tell you nothin"
but the truth. Address, with stamp,
Sbwaw HdBuriti,
mar 2-D& W,ly Lock Bot, Boston, Mast.
Si xp.matorrh<va oak ?r Uc*eb.?Dr Rand's Spe
cific cures Syertfitrorrhtra\ S'in'nni Weikmtsx, Im
pot nji. Lot? uf Pover. ttr..sptedily and dftriuaUy.
Its effect* are truly magical. A trial of the Bpeciac
?wl'l convince the most skeptical of its merits.
Price $1 a box. Sold by&.O Ford, corner 11 til
s'reet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry
Coot, Alexandria. JaO-ly
Wamastedto CurbisSu Dais -Dr.Godfrey's
Antidote, an Kng'ish Specific of sixty-five years'
standing, will cure Gonorrhoea iu six dayn. No
Change ofdiirt required. Price 51 per bottle. Sold
by >. C. ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue,
Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. jatJ-ly
On Thursday. March 2lth. l$?l. hr Rev C B
Mai '.ie. Mr. Al.BKHT PEACOCK t<. Miss AMAN
DA S. CROCK Eh, both of Fairfax county. Va. '
On Friday, the 1st inst-.. WILLIAM HENRY", the
wifaut M*n of N. A. and M. E. T. Duckeft. aged ?ix
i.ioi thh and l?d t>-.
His funeral w ill take place mi Sunda>, April :H,
at 2'.' o'clock. Their friend-and relations are in
vited to attend, boliveen G and New Vork avenue,
and between Kith and 11th streets. "
On the morning oT t he 1st, at 7 o'clock, RICHARD
MARTIN, in the 75th year of his ag'?.
llfs friend* are invited to attend his funeral to
morrow (id Apt ill at i o'clock p. in., from the res
idenceef liis dau-hter, Mrs. Richard, Adams, No.
545 Twelfth street. *
On Wvdnesday. the .V'lli nit., at 11.' ? n. m . Miss
ANNIE RAYNOtt, ot congestive bilious fever.
aj:<-d la years and u days.
lit r fri.-ndK an i relati vesare Tespecffully in; ited
to attend her tuu>;ral at % o'clock p. in.. Hatnrday,
Aprii-d, from her Iste repfdeuce, 7 Histb ?t..
lslai <1. .
Desrest Annie, thou hast left ns.
And thf h.?s we deeply feel.
But 'tis good that hatii hereft us,
tie can all <>ur sorrows hesl
f N? w 1 otk and lir?>oklyn papers jdessi- ropy J *
On the morutag t>f the 27th ult., lHAltELLA
W IT/lilAMH, wi:?- of Ceo. W. Sinito in theOuth
jearot sge. mid Mi tbeSlst ult.. SARAH BELL,
their li-fant ditughler, "
At his residence in Moutei every eo ? r?'\. Md , 0'i
tin? i>th uli.. Mr. WILLI\M OAJ.Ki.j'l, il Wie
>. sr i 1 h\ag"?. *
[i.aa fju . f! c ?x.; ]
end diseases of the
'~om .11 St. Mark Place, New York.
Author ol "A Popular Treatise on Deafaess,'
" letters on Catarrh," will make
his second visit to
MONDAY, Aran. nth,
ar.d can be consulted at tfc->
Ebbitt Horsa
for one wxxs until
Saturday evening, April iOtfi.
and all the varions diseases of the
Waphihotow, D. C., March .3, 18frl.
Dr. Lighthill? Dear Sir: I take tins oppor
t unity to publicly express my gratitude for the
wonderful cure of deafness you have in so
short a time effected in my case.
1 was deaf for about six years, and for the
last lew years so much so that 1 could not
bear preaching or cimmon conversation; but
now since your invaluable aervices have b?en
rendered, I can hear as well as ever.
In conclusion, let me say that the noises
with which I have been troubled in my head
for years, have also disappeared.
Very truly yours,
jArfss R. McCatbha*,
10th 6treet, between E and F.
Washiwotott, D. C., March 4, ieei.
This is to certify, that having been deaf since
the year l?5fs and since that time gradually
losing my hearing until I was unable to hear
common conversation or public speaking, I
applied to Dr. Lighthill, of New York, who,
alter a short and painless course of treat
ment, entirely restored my hearing. I hearti
ly recommend Dr. Lighthui to the deaf.
Frederick Rorebtsov,
Residence near Fort Saratoga.
Washington, d. C., March -s, isii.
Ibid is to certify that having been affected
for twenty years with deafnes.% and having
tried some ol the most eminent doctors of our
city without any relief, I at last heard of Dr.
Ligh'hill and put myself under his care. His
treatment was brief, and successful. I am
now completely restored, and the cure is ap
parently permanent. I have all confidence in
Dr. Iiighthill's skill, ar.d would advise all af
flicted with deafness to go and consult him at
once. Joseph Whitkhv,
Residence near P and 11th streets.
Remarkable Cure *f Deafness.
I'i-on the Rev. Joseph M. Clarke, Rector of St.
James' Church.
SvnAcrsK, February 2t), 1W4.
I have been deaf In one ear, ever since I was
in college, some twenty years ago. By the
skill of Dr. Lighthill, its hearing was entirely
restored, eo that now I hear alike with both
pars, and I find that I can use ray voice with
much more ease and comfort than before.
Joseph M. Clarke.
mar 30-eo3w
The members of
LOGAN TRIBE, No. 8, I. 0. R. M.
Georgktow*. D. C.,
Res leave to respectfully inform their friends anil
former patrons that they will give tbeir
at Pompeian Hall, corner Washington and Bridge
streets, on
MONDAY. April 4th, 18?.
Tbe Committee pledge themselves that no pains
shall hp spared to make this the most pleasant Ball
of the season. A good band has been engaged.
Supper will be furnished by an experienced ca
Tickets ?1. admitting a gentleman and ladies.
WAH secret orders are invited to attend in
full regalia.
By order of the Committee.
mh 31 4t? ELI GARRKTT. Chairman.
To he given at the
K street, between 9th and 10th streets,on
I'be Members of tbe Club return tbeir siocere
thanks to their friends and the public for past fa
vors. and respectfully solicit tbeir patronage nt
mii* Second (j rand Ball, and we promise tbose that
will favor us with tbeir presence an evening of
Tickets One Dollar-, admitting a gentleman and
ladies. By order of Committee.
I.,h a? 7t* T. K. CLARK, See'y.
Boarding .?Those who wir>h to procure a pleas
ant spring and summer residence will Ann It to
their advantage toeallat No. iil-j Hridge street.
Georgetown. near Frederick st. They will find
pleasantrooma and good board. ap l-3t*
WEVERAL GENTLEMEN Can be accommodated
* with pleasant Rents and good Board at 399
18th street. between F and G fits. nib 31-3t*
HOARDING.?1Two gentlemen can he accoinnio
? dated with one good sized front chamber (sec
ond story) and permanent Board in a private fam
ily in Georgetown. Apply immediately to "A B,"'
Georgetown Pont Office, i>. C. References required,
mh 30-3T*
B 0 A RDfN<V?Pleasant rooms and first-class
l oard, at 156 G street, between 2?th and 21st.
Ti-) 11.. #???) rar month _inh 28-1 w^
I f let. with Board. Apply at 133 G street, be
tween 21st and 22d sts. mli 3?-Jw*
II he accommodated at the European Hotel, cor
ner of Pa. avenue and 11th street, at f?.S0i>er week.
!!re?kfast7 to 9; Dinner 12??to2; Supper at tlo'clk.
Menls at a1! hour*. mh I9-2w
IVOTICX.?On aod after Monday a ext. 0. GAU
i * TUB will be prepared to reoeiv* regular Table
Boarders at >7 per week Jat4-tf
rr"=?NOTTCE-LJ( 'EXSES.?M 1 Licenses dje
Lkjf the Corporation of Georgetown ou tbe first
til April next must he paic within ten uays from
that date;otherwise they will be strictly enforced
b> the Metropolitan Police.
mli 25-tiitlunp WM. LAIRD. <}lerk
N Accordance with a law recently passed by tlit*
city authorities, the undersigned will vaccinate
tr 'aluitouslv all residents of Georgetown who inav
a^ply to In in for that nurposo, at bis residence.
1 -*4 Dnnharton stre ?t. Cilice hours from 9 t? !<?
?. n?. and from 3 to i p. ni.
ml. ^-eo:;t CHAS. II. CR VGIN. M. D.
I10S. n. DON ((HUE A CO..
BkiduU Stkkkt, Gkokgktow.v.
A11 order* for Gas Fitting. Alterations and Sx
tensions will receive prompt and luilliful attest
tion. Plumbing In all its branch as executed in
tbe best manner.
AVate# introduced and Uydrants put np at sb#rt
notice. mh 22-ln?v
OR Sale low . 3,OK' bushels Prlno?* Albert Peta
toc!\ J?st landing from schooner itjugtm la
guire at No. 97 IS ater street.
|uk?6-l?" J . C. JOHNSON A. CO.
l.fcT aril for s?l?, )'? 90b lbs. p-'rv# n>w
Vr-yir: '. S"> QAE, a' Nu. 4ft ? "Hhairwt.b> ?
iK-5f ar..r?UiiN- ?l vv!:i,j.s
\\* ANTED?it f>*> U igh **"e$t. 'i,flri,,,owa, T>
v* (; . an r\p^rie?i<sed Hand 01 flu f-r'* h.'tio;
r*a<v?!ne. for gaiter fitting. " apljt*
|1ASTI!)-Air. od CARBIAGfc I'AINTF.iC Ap
p?>" to j. m. young,?*..*. Bfto.ioa ri.
a WTitie. ap 1 31*
WANTED-By ? rfipfftiblfgirl.1*STTU VTION1'.
as chambermaid ornurv, aed to make her
self generally useful. Address Box 46 Star Office.*
WANTED ?A resne.'table whit? WOMAN, to
take rare of a <-hi!d thre? years old. App'.y
a* room 5s Kbbitt House, between lOaud lo'clock.
bp 1 3t?
*7 MATCHMAKER, one that can bring good
reierenee. A. W. TOWNSHEND A CO..
'p' -f AU? 7th street.
ANTIV ?A thoroughly competent NURSI;
an English woman, or Scotch, or Asp -riran,
preferred. Apply at Star office, box SI. for ad
d y?- ap l-*t"
Vy ANTED?A competent NURSX;one well rec
v v omniended bjr former employers; a neat sewer
preferred. Apply at 3*J7 H street, near 16th.
ap l-3t
A YOUNG WIDOW LADY w7.nl,1 like a Loan of
one hundred dollars, for wliioh good board
and comforts of home will be given. Address
?' Mrs. M. Dawson.'' Washington P. O. It*
W ARTBD TO SBLL?A neat, convenient frame
" HOUSE, plainly and neatly fnrniahed? a
boarding house. It has two small houses in the
rear. Or wou'd be willing to rent it to a careful
tenant. Apply to Star Office for address. It*
WANTED. A H0U8B.?Wanted to rent, a house
containing from five to ten rooms, furnished
ot unfurnished location between Georgetown and
Navy \ard. F\mily consistsof gentleman, wife
and servants. Address " P. C. C.," Star Office.
ap l-st"
WANTED? l'.jr a gentleman and wife, (no ohil
dren.) by the first or middle of April. 2 or 3
unfurnished ROOMS, or a small House, in a -rofwl
locality, either in Georgetown or Washington?
Heorgefown preferred. Address, stating terms,
until 101h of April, " O. D. M.,11 Star Office.
ap l-3t* P ' .
\V ANTED-A COOK and WAITRESS, both col
tv ored. Call at 286 north F street, between
12th and Kith. mh 31-3t*
WANT1D-A WOMAN to do the cooking, wash
ing. Ac., of a small family. Apply at 434
jjith street, below D. nn 31 -3t*
WANTED?A YOUTH between 14 and 1?> years of
ace to assist in the bar. Apply at GEOBGE
BOGUS'S Coal Yard, 9th street. mh 31-gt*
ANTED?A good BARBHR, white or colored,
at 321 D street, between 11th and 12th sts.,
near the Star iVcf. mh 31-3t"
\\TANTED?A first-rate COOK. WASHER and
" IRONER at 329 New York avenue, between
?h and 10th sts. mh 31-2t*
WANTED?A good COOK, one that understands
the business; good wages and steady home;
colored woman preferred. Apply at 514 11th at.,
one door from Penn. avenue. mh 3l.3t*
wages given to steady man. Apply to S.
FISHER. 591 7th street, near Maryland avenue.
Island. Joe will please call. inh 31 2t*
WANTED?A MAN to clean Harness, Saddles
vv and Bridles. Aone hut a good one need ap
ply. Inquire st PUMPnREY'S Stables. back of
National Hotel. mh31-3t*
?? | A A BONUS to any one that will assist me to
1 tlU get a CLERKSHIP in oneof the Depart
rnts. An old and experienced Quartermaster's
erk. Address S. 0.. Star Office. mh 31 -6t*
WANTED?A stead> young MAN to attend a
Store; must be a strict Catholic, lire with
his parent*, and write a good hand. Must bring
?rood references. Address "B. V.," Star Office,
mh 31-3t ' i
WANTED-Two white GIRLS or WOMEN to
?v g# 1 o the country. two miles from the Navy
Yard; one to nurce an Infautanddo chamherwork,
and the other to do housework ami assist in wash
ing and ironing. Good reference will be required.
Persons wishing such situations will pl'-Hse call
on Friday or Saturday morning, between the
hours of'J and 11 o'clock, at the Store of Mr. ED
WARD WHITE, opposite Centre Market, between
TtTi and *th streets. mh 31 2t*
Ur ANTED?A BOY to learn the Confectionary.
Apply at 155 Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween 17th and 18th streets. mh 30-lw*
WANTED.?A BOY t? carry a route for the
" "Evening Star." An honest boy required.
Apply at Star office, between 1 and 5 p. in. n?hj)-3t
WANTED-A middle aged WOMAN to do gen
v v eral housework in a fauiilv of three_person>.
Apply t?. GEO. T. McGLUE & CO.. 31 7 D street,
between rith and 7th. mh 3,.'-3t*
tl'ANTi; D?A good COOK., One who thorough -
it ly understands her business. can hear ol a
good situation by Applying at 459 Sixth street.
between D and E. mh J)-3t*
%%'ANTED.? A young man of business etperi
il enre. desires a situation asCl.ERK iu aome
mercantile house. Writes a good baud. Best
references sjiveu. Address "Mercantile," Wash
ingtoa D. C. mh J>i-.lt*
?rience in the grocery and liquor business, de
sires a Situation as clerk or salesman in some store
in Washington. References given. Address W.
II. T.. Ihrough Post Office. mh 30-3t*
0 FARMERS.?Three good farm HANDS
wanted for the season. A pply to the Governor
of the Soldiers' Home, Washington, I). C.
mar 24-eotf
Mlvl signed will pay one dollar per Iihi lbs.
for all green camp and hospital Bo:ies. delivered
at tbeir-Faetory, corner 27tn and st?.
Dll,UUll PRINCE'S Stamen* Depot, 3S1 P
street opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp
ing, StitcninK, Pinking, an d Imbroidsrr done. As
there are other Richards In the field, ladles better
look out that they come to Prince's, who Is the
only prastical hand in the city. Be sure yon go to
> street, opposite Patent Office. ma 4
3 000 H0B81B waht,i?'
Washihotom, D. O , Mareh8,18M.V
One hundred and forty-seven (9147) dollars per
head will be paid for all
delivered within the next thirty <?i) daye at the
Government Stables at Qieeboro, D. O.
Said hoises to be sound in all particulars, not less
than five (5) nor more than nine (1) years old; from
UK to 16nands high, full fleshed, compaetlv built,
bridle wise, and of size sufficient for cavalry pur
poses. .
These fPecifltntiott* trill b' ftfrliy ndherfl to and
rigidly enforred in every particular.
Payment made on delivery of ten (10) and over.
Hour* of inspection from 9 a. m., to 6j>. m.
Lieut Colonel and Ohief Quartermaster,
mh9 30t Cavalry Bureau
vv Embroider on Muslin, Linen, and Cambria.
To good hands constant work and good wages
given Ladies i
of work
Patent Qfflca
HOUSE WANTED?From the firstot May .either
iurb-ished or unfurnished, north of Penn. ave
nue, and between 4}i and luth streets. One ?ith
stable and carriage house preferred. Addreaa B.,
Lock box 4*>, Washington. feSS-tAplT
Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds. Bedding and
liouielaroishing Goods of every description.
E. BUCHLY. 423 Seventh st.
mar s?-tf bet, ft and H. east side.
C'Qa HEWABI).? Lost, on square between 11th
V ?U and 12th streets, on 1), a PORTEMONNAIE
containing and papers of value to no one but
myself, on the evening of March 31st. The above
reward will be given for the return of the same to
;>17 D street, between llthaud 12th. near Stir Of
fice. [ap 1-31*1 SAM L KELLY.
C*C BEWARD.?Strayed on the nifrht of the 2!)th
inst.,froui the slaughter-house corner !6th
and O streets, a red COW with white face; rope at
tached to front foot and horns when she left. The
above rewnrd will be paid for her delivery or any
information at stall No. 70, Northern Market.
ap i-5t* John a. stepper.
STKA V ED Hwny l'rom her home, about the 21*t of
Jtiuunry. BKIDGET HAMMOND, aged 12 or 13
years; light blue eyes, brown hair. All persons
found harboring the said Bridget Hammond are
hereby cautioned to return lier to her father. Any
person conceit ling her after this notice will be
dealt with according to law.
it I* l'H* ?P/H otwAot hot H ff
REWARD.?Strayed away on Wednesday.
March Sjth. a bay COLT, two years ?dd._ The
finder will receive the above reward by leaving it
at K street, between tith and 4'i. Island
T.ih3i at* J. EAHUNKOl'.
FOUND?On the S9th inst., a POCKET HOOK
containing a sum of money. The owner can
have it by proving the same and paying this ad
verti: einent. Apply nt Norbeck A Crainblitt's
Carpenter Shop, Louisiana avenue, between 5?th
and 10th sts. mh 3l-3t*
REWAHD.-Lost on thc^Uth inst. ? l'JCKET
V" B0f>K containing froui $15 to $2&. Jt receipt
for dated Madison. \Yisconsin. Feb. 24.1864.and
one gold shield pui with '* L. A. Kent. Co. (r.oth
Wis Yols..warof 1U61. Iron Brigade." engraved
thereon. The above reward will be paid for its
return to B. N. MEEDS, room VJ War Department,
mar ,11-3t* \t. A. KENT.
flfc n REWARD.-Lost, on Tuesday. :?th Inst., on
V*' C street or Louisiana avenue, betwoenfltli
jitm* loth st?.. ft silver lever hunting case \> ATCH.
By leaving it at W. L. Wall A Co 's the above re
ward will be paid. *nh 3<>-3t
T!u? jusily celebrated Coffee, made from pure
ceffee at.d coHee malt, ss in Paris.) has givan great
satisfaction to all families. Those who have used
it pronounce it the best ever made. It is healthy
and nourishing in the extreme. It doe:-, not affeet
the nervous system; promotes digestion, aud is
goiMl for dyspepsia. Kor invalids its nourishing
qualities are wonderful. Various hospitals sprain
highly of it.
The French Coffee can be obtained from the fol
lowJug-uarned Grocers of Wa.shin?tonat the m:iti
ufactarer'g price:
Barbour, Senime? A Co.; B. I?. Ja^Vson.
E. E. White, J?tr>5lhA Morrisot,
Md die ton A Beale, Eer.nA Perrie,
P, White &? Co..' ()rme A Sob.
Edward Hall, John ftrrell.
UBiC&S| BKlOKd 11
The us^ersigue i |ev? SX'#?> baiidi*^ BrtaiJ for
isr Mr3t I W?LL A OO k Au?:i4tNn
/1 li E/tztof. MS fw.i. iM *( i ,{>?: r j n* f i .??'?
? - ? ? ?? - uvw ?fc ??v n?u V7 VU' Vi IVT Rf if
f?s n4 HM?ttn?r Mlr?, M*ir. Wt.d
fir* 8k* 1* thoroughly broxea to th* 8*141*. and
1* warranted touad in wind ai l limh 411 lover*
of go< d ?k?> *r* ltr>tM to Bt'end ta? ?*l*.
A ho ft nan. her of other Qorati, OirriiiM, Wag.
on?. & c
Terms cash
sp i WM. L. WALL .V CO . iaiti.
B? GKEKN A WILLIAMS. Anetirn-*r?.
Li at ArcriO" ?On THURSDAY, the 7t)> i%jr of
Ayr!!, at in o'clock ?. a? , we shall sell, in front of
oar *ue'ioB rooms, v!*':
40" pair* Ladiesi* Gaiter* end otk?r Skoes,
3'1 reir* Misse* and Ckildroa'* Shoo* of ftti kind*.
Tko attmtion of dtalars i* invited to tko *al?, ft*
tkey a Ui be (old la lot* to wit purchasers.
Terms cask.
A BrGRBBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers.
Bias A 8ow ?Ejrten*ir? Pnvmbrohtr salt of
imrtrfttmed Pled ft*.?W* (kail sell, at our aactioa
Ro?m*. corner of Beveatk ?alD street*. on MON
DAY ftad TUBSDAY, April 4th ftad ttk. at 10
o'clock ?. m, a large oollectioa of Unredeemed
Pledg?e. consisting in part of
Gold and llWu Hunting Pataat Lever nnd other
Diamond*, Barring*, Finger rings.
Gold Ckftin*. Breastpins. and Silver War*.
Also, Ladies' and Gent'* Wearing Apparel,
Pictola, Oy*ra Glaaa*a.
And a 'art* collection of grods wkick w* d**m it
kar* nnneoeeoary to eaanaerate.
Alto, oaa very Fin* Chronometer. _
Tk* sale will oonmiH* with tka Watek.
ash.M d GBEBN A WILLIAMS, Aact*.
(TOR BENT.?A too* FR4"B HOU8K. contain
a ing four good rooms. Large yard attached.
The Furniture for sale. Inquire on the premise*.
First street west, one door north of L street, or at
Plumb Gallery, No. 356H Pa. aveane. ap 1 3t*
FOR BENT?A STORE on &1 street east and Pa.
avenue: also a DWELLING situated on the
corner of 9th and C streets east, convenient to the
railroad, with a large garden and fruit tree* and
food water in Iront of door. Inquire of W. H
LANGLEY, corner of 8th street and Pa. avenue
fast. Navv Yard. ap Ht*
FOR RENT?One large STORE?ft good stand for
any kind of business?with the dwelling part,
containing thirteen good rooms. The house is on
7th. between G ana H streets north. It would
make a good boarding-house. being near the Post
and Patent Office*. For terms inquire of me at my
feed store. 7th street. No. 429. where the public
can always get feed at the lowest price* t'or ca;h.
Possession given immediately.
ay l-3t* 7th st., So. 429, bet. Q and H.
FOR RENT?One handsome PARLOR and
CHAMBER, on the 1st floor; -ilso, other room*
suitable for single gentlemen or gentlemen and
their wiv'-s. without board, stNo. .139 18th street.
corner of K. mh Mjt*
FOR SALE?About SOU cords of well-seasoned
Pine and Oak WOOD, stored.in Washington.
For particulars inquire of Win. Bryan, No. 44,
opposite Center Market, between 7th and 8th sts.
mh 31-3t? B. T SWART.
FOR RENT-A largeold fashion HOUSE oninigh
street. Georgetown, containing 15 room*, in
cluding h large dining room, suitable for a hotel
oj- boarding house. Immediate possession given.
Inquire at No. 457 1.1th street, between K and F
streets, between 1 and 2 o'clock. inhsl-lw*
Board, suitable for lady and gentleman. Also,
four more gentlemen can be accommodated with
room and board, or table board, at No. 37 7 13th
street, between New York avenue and I <treet.
mh 3l-3t*
OR *RENT? 1 KA11F. <}JA XCE.?K six room
BRICK IIOL'SK. having been thoroughlyaud
bandsoinely repaired throughout, suitable for a
restaurant, clothing store, Ac., situated on 4r;
street, now one of the most growing business
streets in the r*itv. Itiquireat No. 157 13th street,
between E ?n?i K streets, between 1 aud J o'clock,
mh 51-3t"
and desirable LOT situated on the corner of
Maryland avenue and 4;a street, within tlire**
squares of Pennsylvania avenue. It is admirably
n lap ted for a hotel or lar^e hall. It contains
7.3-2 square feet of ground. (!apitalisf)? will find
this a rare opportunity to invest. Title indispu
table. For iwrtieulars enquire at the blacksmith
shops on the premises. mh3l-3t*
l^O'n SALE-A goo<* TENT. U by It feet, nearly
1/ new; will be sold cheap. Inquire at A3.1 Mary
land avenue. mh.Ht-lw*
in^ 4 rooms, conimunieatin a. in a soo.i central
location, snltable for a club of gentlemen. Th?
furniture will be s?>ld if desired. Apply at the
desk of WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3JJ P*. ?v?
between 0th and 10th sts. mh -JlKft*
FOR SALE?A three story brick HOnSK. c*>n
taininv ten rooms, situated on 13th street,
between B and C sts.. Island. For information
inquire st 360 7th street, to II. L CHAPIN A CO.
mh 29- It*
r Ward, containing ten room*, completely fur
nished. Possession given immediately. Terms
81126 per month, in Advance. Apply on the prem
ises, 14% I stree^. between 21=t and 221. or at .V-i
G street, between 12th and 13th. mh 2r>-!w*
fcivMl Ml) of which is very heavy white an! black
oak. the bal*ncf is very heavy white ohV nlid pine.
This timber is suitable for ship tin Iter, building
purpose*, plank. Ac.; is Hi miles from Georgetown
and 2Ji front the canal. Appiyto Wa. KtLGOl'R.
Attorney at T.:iw. No. Hi 7 7th St. mh iM "it *
FOR SALK-On account of othe? business?fhe
live years LEASE of one of the best littedupand
best payiiif . Hotels iu the city. Will be sold verv
low. This- i* a chanee 'seldom oltered. Apply at
the Philadelphia House, southeast corner Ki^hth
and D streets. nib a-'it*
very desirable property for any kind of lm -i
ness. being on Virginia avenue and 2.'id street. For
particulars apply to JOHN RILBY. ?!d street, be
tween E and F. Terms: One-half cash: balance in
B and 12 months. mh 25-iw*
I^OR Sa LE?A FARM of Hcres. mile from
Scaggs' Switch; 2U acres cleareil?balance in
KVod no-id, oak aud hickory. Will he sold for
$2.<mi? cash.
MITCHELL A SON, Ro?l Estate Brokers
mh 24-2w S. E. corner Pa. av. and 13th st.
1?0R SALE OREXCHANGE-7,300 s ,nare fWt
r of GROUND, improved by aeomfortahle briek
house l(i by :*). five rooms, and small buibliugs,
now paying$im per month net profit. Grocery auJ
Liquor Store, stock, licenses. Ac., included.
MITCHELL tc SON. Real Estate Brokers,
mh 21-2w* Southeast cor. Pa. av. an i 15th st.
f^ORSALK?A neat fwo-stnrv frame noUSE.
a with back-lutilding, containiuirSrooms. Al^o,
adjoining Lot. 12 feet front, with 15-foot side alley,
runuing back ltk"? lVet to a30-foot alley, with two
smal 1 frame houses on the back of the lot. situated
on street ..between B and C, Island. Can be
hnuent cheap, if applied for soon on the premises.
No. H7 1.^, street. will gt- 13t"
FOR SALE.?A nice two-story BIIICK IIOUSB.
six rooms, on 17th Street.between K *od L sts.,
only three squares from Penna. av- Price.ft.ifft.
Inquire at K st.. near premises. mar 21-2*-*
establishment is but a few doors l'roin Penn
sylvania av nue. midwaya between 7th an i ltth
streets, north side, contain* two bath rooms, ten
furnished bed rooms, an attic dininy room, kitch
en. and a beautiful ball room, 32 by 9i};?yardoo feet
square and admirably adapted for ft tirslcla* lager
beer garden; five years lease at 51.200 per year; all
for J3,(JUU cashs A great sayriiice.
MITCH EL\, A SON, Real Estate Brokers,
S. E. corner Pa. avenue and 13th st.
P. S ?Stock, fixtures, licenses and furniture in
' eluded. tnMMw"
FOR LBABB OH RBNT-A Urg* quantity Tf
building LOTS, A minute* walk of the Presi
dent'g Houa* and all the offices In the First Ward.
A. JABDIN, Florist.
mhl5-lm 18th *t., oor. of M.
Li^OR HALE, (and immediate DMMMloa given,) ft
17 three story BRICK H008B, With back bBlld
lng. No. 171 Second, between B ani0 street* wsit.
For termaapply to OBA8.H. LAMB,
mh8 eott 494 Penn, avenao near \Y% *t.
tBe coiner ot 14th and Oatrftata. I twill be soid
reasonable, as the owter want* to go Into other
: z? ?? ?? - v ?
E>OB BALB?A first rate two-story FRAME
F BOUfl, oontaimng nine rooms, togather with
rino Buiuiing LOTB.ftTlsatoat witk ohoieoat firait,
snch fts peacbe*, years, plnnu, cherries, ?rape*, all
of the o*st selection: with n pump or excellent
water la 1 he yard; on tko oorner of G and 13th tta.,
and Pena. avenne east. For further particalar*
call at re*ideaooNo. 375. _ . ,
Ph7-lm* . P CARROLL.
f BALB. .
The eubtcriber offer* for i?le ft superior lot of
Timber acitftble tor bridge and wbarf pur pose* ;
distanced tightmile* from Washington,lf.0..ovfcr
the stage road leading to Upper Marlboro. AUo.
a oonsidorable quantity of tha Tery be*t oak ana
hickory wobd. For ^^oynfomatioa^addre.*
near Long Old Fields P.6 .
ch4 2aw4w* Prince George Ooonty.^ja.
Li>OB HEN'X? Witk or Witkoat Board?Aa oxoeN
1 lent PARLOR and several veil faraiaked BBO
ROOMS, at 4AO Tweith street, within Ave minutes
we k of the Kirkwood House, WUUard's,and the
Patent Oflea, Poet Ofloa and Treasury and State
Departments, The location is aaturpaisod in
Waskiagtoa. Bo ehildroa in tko boaso. o2I-tf
Bold. Silver, Uaeurrent Mosey, Bukui* osal
aar of Europe and tko Noi-tkera 01 ties,
Wo are aathoriied to faraUk ?-t) Bonds at Tar
anUl tko 1st or AitcvtMzt, wkaa tk* prilled go
af ooaverslja aoa*es.
Ordo r* for Btoekj aad 0ol oxeoatodta Bow York
?xoiastToly oa eommisslda.
V I Bankers, fit P?aa. aveaas
ttT&ATBGY AKD TA^TIOB. By Baaorat Ba
<7 femr, taa ? a-^si by Cap'. Wa. V. CraigkiL, Q,
a, B;#taair*. #j>". _
gtymormnt auction baub* ?n iar rtoi,
tmab a rrtK hp to.Moatow,
I , . !**>?-?MHTIBl A CO . Auetioooai^
f ( ffrrTrimT ,f,A_L.UA*L> OJ? l*T?
MM '? .?* th# ?""????? ShaJV
it t QUI* WT j'i <Q ? BaHip toi ,
???*? 11 inches oa V^ '^Vt. r^r^oiVTlSSf
'l/'jyj ?n % GO foot iilcy, to b# ?oM &uf tr#4r Ar 41
vM*d intr. bnilding lota ft. m?be dAlr*
?wBple peremptory
Ti.*rm* one third cwh; the remainder ineix ?]
we.va sua the with to erast. *"
*'?T<i?r ot the Trustee.
??*?'? J C. MoQCIEJ A CO.. Amu.
L Uf41'1, * 00 . AwtiH*nT
a vii r'r?i'i ?M.,,v'!'wm *rm?a?4 (V?*U ?t
w* w'jiimJmkpt* uh ?t7 ?*?!**;
ffiKa.r" 'ssr** *ral!,r^?
fesST**1 Si'ssr., i-?
PrtSJ?*111* Bro&rao
E*'?'* H?M Bou
Hnbjrrt P BrMk*llnr| OtrtoMtrtu
APDespsrtea Martin PnaWt
wnpiioflM lowiailli Lura
HjOcd!>itt?nerRr^ojk Parati
?Sir ? , Delsarto Casts
from tha oollectlon of ths
j Kl! 1 '? OMU?M, aM naar of thra art
undoubted I? original.
** T?*dy 4ha Pictures o? ex
h ib it .on the day preyiona to the anl?.
?? ? " WM.I WALL. A 00.. A sots
*'*? *? LBWIBA 00. Aaotioneers.
*1 11? our "tore. Wo. 4*T Tth
pI???-T- ?ollactloai of
ft???5f??fe42 ??< ?MaIlr Bib lea, r "
Stntionory, Writing Paper. Bnve lopes. Ao.
SSrv "1, docket Outiery, Bilvsr plat*
??i??3& a!"?' ?k?to1fa. Goblets. Call .
Tea and Tab la Bpoons, Porks, Buu Bpooas. Bi
ltiBgs.GoldPens aad Psaalls,
?*>30 3t W. B. LAW IB A OO..A
a, .jwj? i&j;^fe*sSi-,?f2srsu *
A tweeta 9th and IOiA s'.rtttt.
. Ti?s.-0n BATUBDAY MORNING, M April
?"aiiTlyVi ~<mr of Carriages, we will seLl
J Ton Platform BealM, aaeh aa la aud in m
coal yard and baa b??a aMd' aboat If* moaths. J?d
a1! '? ?{ U* an*?t pattern hy
Sakli. Tcrma oaab. ** * frmlirnoTK fair'
W. L. WALL A 00., Ancts.
[V OTIC A ?By virtue of daa train to me 11 ran tail
araJnat tba *ooda and chattela, lands endtaoe
frHmu i r u i for ?r?"nd das and in
arreara to B. C. Magrader on tha premises, situate
on Sixth street west, batwaan Prtnirlruia aveaaa
and Missouri avenue, in tha aitr of Washiwrtoa
I f hall proceed to aall at Public Anetioo.oa tka
nremivaa, on tha 8d dar of April next, at io a- m
tha improvements concistin? of a frame BUM* on
theyremiaea abave deaeribed.to satisfy rent daa
Cook11 "mr 10 8 0 Ml?Ta<1*r b? tha said JohnU.'
Terms of aale: Cash
mhg-eott* J. M WOBHBB. BaliB.
S"VoV %K$?i8 fA?E0 vjsflfas, u
;?.m -M< ATrVll a"v VfTIRNOOV
April Sd.at s o'eloek, on the premisea. we shall aali
the weat half of Lot No 5, in Sqnare #*>, barina a
atreet of ?5 feet 9 incbea" and ?Ji%a2
back I* lest. 8'4 Inehea, improved by a Sna frame
dwalllnjrhonse, eontaininir tire rooms nassafaa
sad brisk kitchen. '
Terms : Ona-thirl caah. and tha balanoe in Una
?qnal pajmenta at?. U. and (8 months, assured hr
a de?d of trnst on the premises.
Btair.pa aad conveyancing at earehaear'a oost.
mh.p.oJAi). J. q.^b"duV?'oV;1Su;
T$&si jmvt
A 110 AcRta. Moaa os Luss. Bituatsi' iiKia
OotjSTf, ViBGiaiA. aboitt omm Mils pnon
Cokssss on thi Middli Pr?* ?i ahall
sell at the Auction Booma of J. 0. MoUaire ? On
on TU1BDAY, tha 33d of Mareh. 1864. at 11 M bw
di?Uth-^ fL?f tr,D0Lt.to *>? aab"cl ih"- hea'AnS
data thsi ad of May, 18i9. and rscorded in Liber B.
??. ?. Polios in to, one tha Land raeorda for
W air fax County. V iryinis, the following dassrihad
nroperty. hrin* and beiaa in the Coon ty of Pair -
acd State of Vinpnla ri* : Beainine at A
stone plant*d on the south aide of the Middle Pike"
Bead, thence with aaid pike north-westerly to
Bamnel Perkins corner at J, thance aoathwestar
ly along aaid Parkins line to a stake I. thence
eoutherly alone the aaid Perkina line to a atake L
^ee nortwaeterly alone said Perkina* Una to a
atake K. thence Southerly to ths north fork of
Bolmea run on Kinctman'alins toH, two markad
maples, ylne and oak Rap Hags at Ktncsman'a cor
ner , th? nee aoutbeaatarly along Ute aaid run to D
n? p0IeJLr!0*1 WHWMIi llna. thence north
251 polea to A, ths beainnina aon
of,L*n(1' mor? or leaa. toretAar
?>th all and aingular. ths improvemsnts. arm
leiea, hsrsditamsnts, aad appartananoss to tha
Fifteen hundred dollars la cash oa tha
day of tha zeaidne in twelve mcatks from day
tte premises' 'lw01xre(I by ? dt*d ot trust ol
If the ternia of aa> are not complied with within
ten da,a alter tha sals, the trustee rese?thS
.i?h.to .erell at th>* nak and expense nf the da
fauitioff percnaser on one weeka' notice is tha
ByenincStar. H. N GILBBBT? Tmstea
fel6-?aw J. C MoGDIBB A CO.. Aueta.
J. "'Mcdurkw*A*Co!?IAntps
By J 0 MoOUIBA <k Oo . Auetlonears.
E\R*L^*NT '5RfiI'rom a?i> HOUBBHOLB
J?nrxs it Pi'blic Balk.?On TI7B3DAV
MORJlJ O. April "th. at i? o'clock, at tha reai
dfnc* of A*. Bnekf{nini. Mm. I hii^wnm
th*'?X'e1H *nd TTI9?lrT fl ,t ?tVeete. we shall sail
fhe FnrLiture and Bffeeta, somprislnt?
WMT?eiy ^Je?^"it Franch plaW hlastil
Mirrors in gilt frames.
cVainr oe,kt?lle covered Bo'*, Aral, aad Bids
Marblsi toi Tab.'es. Whatnot,
*:eg*nt CbiBfs^ V*s#r. large aire,
? Mantle Ornaments.
Lmbroidersd Curtains,Bhades. Cornice.
"fUMsis, three- ply. and Ingrain Oarpets.
Scotch Bu'? Cn Ciotha, Matting
Extension Dining lable. Dining Chairs.
Sofas, Lounges KTkera.8toola.
Superior Pewing Maebine. Hat Tree,
Pilvtr plated cov?re 1 Diahea and Castars.
China. OlaiM. nnd Omckery Ware,
''?TehsG^:a/a. Mirror-front Wardrobe.
U^ stsa-ls. Bsresus, Wash stands.
i owe' t-tts. Looking-iciaaaas,
Tair eni Bi:?k Mattreasse. Br>!?tars and Pillows,
lalanketa. Comforta Sheeting.
.Q?, Be'rigerator, Kitchen UtnasPs .
Ternps eaab. *
n*h 3- d J. Q BcOPyH A Q?.. Au:ta.
By GBIhN .V WILLIAMS, Auctioneers.
j Kitchss Pr*!trt'nRi|:. Puso 4c., ar
7* i?i *" the 4th d?y of April, w*
ahall sell at 10 o'cloek. a. m.aat the reai.isncs of a
laQy declir ing hou.aak?epin<. No. 423. Penasylva
ma avenue, aouth side, beiwe^n Thfr l and Fowr
and a half streets, an exoellent aa*ortm?nt or Fur
niture, V: 7. ?
Kxcsilent Bosswoo<l Piano Forte. 7 oeta-res nearly
new,wede bv Hallet A Daria, Btuol and Cover.
Jir?? ? So'M' ??????, Castor Arm and Parlor
Marble-top Dressing Bareans.
Center Table and Washsttnda,
Brocstells, White, and Chintz Window CurtaiV
ana Ornatnenta,
Vases, Whatnot, Book Shelves.
China, Class, acd Crockary Wars.
Tateetry. Bruwe.ls sad other Carpets.
Oilcloths and Mattinr.
Mahogany and other Wardrobes.
walnut. Cane. Mad other Chair*,
Dining and othar Tables.
Common Warhstands and Toilat Setts,
Jenny Lind. French, and othsr Bedsteads.
Feather Beda, Bolsters, and Pillows.
Ba<r acd Shuck Mattresses and Bedding.
arTd'Large'W'ajfflfT f<offe? L'ra.
Cocking, Badiator. Air tight and other Btovas.
With a good a?sortment of Kitchen Farnitors.
with many other articles which we deem on
neeesaarv to ecu mar ate.
Terms cash.
mh.31 3t GRKBN A WILLIAMS. Ansta
By WM. L. WtLL A CO. Anetioneers.
By virtue of a degree of tha lata Circuit Court of
the District of Columbia, bearing date on thr* 3Tth
day cf May,A D 18??. an-1 passed iaa eaasain wWeSi
D W. Moore A Oo. are complainant*, and Geo. B.
Kirk and otb'ers are defendants. 1 shall o Jar for *ale
at (ublic auction Jn front of ths premises oa Ta^iii
day, the 74th of April. A B Wt, at B oV'.o?"*.parts
Lots cf gronad numbered seven 17) and nine tiM *n
square cambered four hundred and thirty-*even
1437.) of the plan of the city of W? Aiegtoa. as de
scribed ia the proceed tog r in the asid cause (the
dimensions of which will be given oa the dav of
sale) with tka improvements tnsreon. eon?ist'a?*
of a Beat srd anhatantial two story brick h^asa.
This property is sitaated oa F itreatseutk, be
tween 7th and Sth streets west, In a thriving aad
healthy neighborhood. _
Terms- One third eaah, the residue m two install
ments of hi* and torsive months, the parchspr
giving his notes for tbs deferred payments, baanag
interest from the dav of sale. The deed to be re
tained until the whola of the purehase tneasy is
All oonvsyaaeiag at the oost of ths puishaaer.
BD W A R D 0.0 A BBINGTON, Trastas.
mhj0-eo2w W. L. WALL A CO.. Anets.
II oa V avi> W A?D 10th srs. woara. as A?o
rio* -On TUB8DAY, the of AprU next, wa
shaU aall ia front of Ihe prenupes. at ? e'aioek p.
of f?*t esab, ruaainghaea 86 feat taaUapa, aaA
TV7^cS.^%?-~ ?
twelve roiihs for nctss bearing intereat,- a deed
civea aad a doed of trust taken.
AUeoaiver aaea aad ntaapsat Ihsewtsf

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