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W? D. WALLAL'H, Editor and Proprietor.
The Rebel Raiders on the Retreat up the
Valley to Kwapf from Hunter?Sot one
?f the Rebels aow in Maryland.
ft'aw Yobk, July 7.?A special dispatch to
the TVifrune, dated Baltimore last evening, says
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
had just received intelligence from Sandy
Hook, stating that not a rebel could be seen or
heard of at Harper's Ferry, or in any part ol
Maryland, and that by to-morrow morning
there would not be one in that vicinity, they
having retreated np the Valley to escape being
captured by Hunter.
Late from Hngerstovvn-The Fightiug there
?* Tuesday?The Town Occupied in some
Force by the Rebels?The Raiders Finn*
der Rebel Sympathizers and Unionists
Alike. *
We hare information direct from Hagers
town, to the effect that on Tuesday afternoon,
at 3 o'clock, a rebel squad, consisting of fifteen
cavalrymen, commanded by Lieut. Sharer,
formerly of Martinsbnrg. Va., entered that
This force appeared to be a reconnoitring
party, and tfcey had only been in the town a
f?w moments when a detachment of regular
cavairv from Carlisle, Pa., commanded by
Lieut McLean, dashed into the place.
A brief cavalry fight immediately ensued In
tne streets of Hagerstown, which 'resulted in
tne rebels being driven out of the town with a
loss of a lieutenant and two privates taken
About a half hour after this fight the rebels
aga^n entered the town, their forces consisting
'**airy and mounted infantry. Lieutenant
McLean of the Union cavalry findlnghis force
too small to cope with the larger number of the
rebels, he slowiy fell back to the Pennsylvania
line, carrying with him his prisoners.
The rebels, after entering the town, set to
work to destroy the telegraph wire, but they
Lad made no demonstration against the rail
road when our informants left. They also
plundered many of thf store?, butseemtohave
adopted a different plan from the one they pur
sued la*t summer, as they now make no dis
tinction between rebel sympathizers and
L nionists Many of the rebel citizens, perhaps
anticipating this treatment, ran their horses
into Pennsylvania.
The lietoel Raid.
*a*?* Moments in Western Maryland
~*h.e Kebel Cavalry at Middletown?
W illiamsport and Hager?toun Occupied
_ Miles oi the Baltimore nud Ohio
Railroad Torn lp-3,000 Rebel lavalry
in the \ alley?A Whole Rebel Corps
near Frederick, I>ld.?Reinforcements
Reach thirn from the South-t'harabers
ourg *.gain Threatened?Citizens Barri
c a&; r.g the MreeU-Hunter's Troops Ar
r;ving Rapidly. F
Despatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.]
i ^xstBisBrBo, July 6.?A despatch over the
inland Lane, from the operator at Chambers
burp, announcing that he was packing up his
instruments to leave, the rebels having entered
tne town, created some excitement here this
evening, but a: the present writing (eleven
iiC k' .?,?r forCM not onl>' hold Chambers
KUfJ^eencastle also. The rebels, how
t?er' /?0,d Hagerstown, advanced as far as
Hiedelburg, near the Mate line. There is zreat
alarm, however. *
, Jhe border counties' horses are taken from
tne cables, and much property and valuables
rJjf*n f,lu?de"dor stolen. The Baltimore
., Ohio Kail road 19 torn up for some fifty
^h/f' r Ween Frpdenck and Cumberland
* ?5ca c??ink down the valley consists of
aome three thousand cavalry, a wnolo rebel
corps is known to have reached Frederick, and
enforcements are arriving for them from i
the South.
There is considerable excitement here. Drums
ar.d fiieo have been sounding through the
streets, and a meeting of the old City Zouaves,
t apt. Aw 1, has just been held and the com
pany recrgar ized It was formerly company
A. 127th Pennsylvania volunteers. The peo
ple are organizing
FARHmnrEu. July 6?Midnight ?The rebels
fcave not yet advanced beyond Heldlesburg
A private despatch, jnst received, represents
the people bu?y barricading the streets of
I XiBDHuif k Jrsction, July 'j.?The force of
the enemy is not estimated here a: more taan
O.UOO, all told. Of these a marauding party of
about 1oo is scouring the country north of th?
river, stealing horses, robbing stores. Jcc., but
showing no disposition for fight.
The main body oi the enemy has not crossed
the river, nor is it in sight of Harper's Ferry,
beirr rrrcealed behind Bolivar Heights. Their
sharpshooter^, however, command the rail
ro?n d??n to Sandy Hook.
We have evacuated Harper's Ferry, how
ever, and concentrated our forces under Sigel
on Maryland Heights.
t'p to this time there has been no fighting,
beyond an occasional interchange of compli
ments between the pickets. It is thought that
ample means are at hand to meet any demon
stration the enemy may make.
A small cavalry skirmish appears to be
gciog on just beyond Frederick, a party of our
cavairy having overhaul.d a body of the
horse thieves. The smoke and dust seems
receding, the enemy being apparently discom
The enemy, to the best of present informa
tion. is commanded by Early, and It is thought
he hs? little witb him beyond his own division
He is evidently in no condition to make his raid
of any advantage to the rebel cause.
From this stand-point I can safely assure
the public that to great damage will result
from Early's raid.
A small fight took place at Middletown this
morning, when the enemy were driven back.
Fmderick, July 6, l?p. m ?I am unable,
owing to the prevailing excitement which
seems to have deranged everything and every
body here, to do more than forward von a few
particular points.
Skirmishing has been going on to-day be
tween the rebel advance and oar forces, within
four miles of Frederick city, bot up to this
hour no rebel* have entered Frederick city,
except as prisor.ers.
Great alarm and excitement prevailed here
this afternoon, caused by a report that the
rebels were entering town. The stores were
all closed and the people were running to and
fro, and many were leaving the city In great
haste. The excitement has somewhat abated
this evening. I can learn nothing yet as to the
number of the invaders, but the belief Is that
taey are in strength and intend to occupy the
Cumberland Valley.
Fbkdbkick, July G, 7 v u. The day has
raised in comparative qUwt both at Point of
Rocks and Harper's Ferry. The main body of
rebels are still behind Bolivar Heichu, al
though it ? rumored that a portion of their
force ts crossing the river abovVto flaak Slgel
Fabulous numbers of Rebels are reported to
be at WIlliamsport; >0,000 for Stance at
.Nharpeburg, but they are mostly the product of
overheated imaginations. F
Some little artillery firing occurred this af
ternoon, but it was all on our own sin? The
impression seems general that Early u lea vine
the Ferry, and moving np towards Wim-m.
port to cross, whether for a raid on Pennsvl
van La, or to try conclusions withsigai on the
north side, la, of courae, not known. It u
however, pretty certain, from their action to'
day. that they intend to give the Ferry the slip
Tne general situation seems to be that the
Infantry of the rebel forco Is, or has been un
til nose tc-day, lying n?ar Harper's Ferry,
****?tog Stgei's attention, while the cavalry,
1a *quad* of fifty and a hundred, are waader
lag owr the country north of the Potomac, in
?zealous search ot horses, dry foods and green
backs. Parties ot theee latter gentry have ap
peared to-day at Shirpaburg, Middletown and
vartons localities to the north and northwest
of Frederick.
Burners are current of parties devastating
fee south side, aa low down as NoUn's Ford,
but they an* not reliable. It is still a mystery
as to what the rebels intend or expect to do.
So large a force would not certainly come so
far aa this to accomplish all they hare yet at
tempted The rebel cavalry operations north
of the Potomac are cf the old command of A.
O. Jenkins, and are now led by Brir cbener^l
Johaeou, formerly Colonel of the FlratRebel i
Maryland Iafaatry.
urgTT Frlna Yesterday i* the Direction of |
The mail steamer Keyport arrived here this
morning, at 9 o'clock from City Point.
At 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the hoar at
which the Keyport left City Point, he#ty
firing was heard there from the direcUoa of
Petersburg, but it wae not known at City Point
whether or not it was anything more than an
artillery duel
The Keyport brought np Mr. Joel Parr and
family, relugees from Virginia. Parr resided
in Prince George's connty. aboutthtrteen mites
southeast of Petersburg, and was the only man
in the connty who proved true to the old flag.
Parr was afrested by the rebel authorities for
his Union sentiments, and committed to prison
but he was released a few days age, and suc
ceeded in making his way into our lines with
his family. Parr and his family have aban
doned all their property, and are now in a des
titute condition, but he says he is not discour
aged and can work for a living under the Stars
and Stripes.
The hospitals at City Point have been cleared
of nearly all the sick and wounded, and many
members of the Christian and Sanitary Com
missions are on their way home.
Latest from Harper's Ferry?Strength of
the Enemy ? Rebels Reported 30,000
Strong?Movements to Flank the Rebels?
Movements of General Hunter?False
Alarms at Frederick.
The reports from Harper's Ferry are so con
; tradictorv that it iB difficult to say what is ra?
liable, as'no two accounts agree. Several gen
tlemen from that vicinity who arrived here
yesterday stated that it was positively ascer
tained that the whole rebel force did not exceed
five to six thousand. "Whether they had been
reinforced during the day we have not learned,
but a dispatch was received last evening an
nouncing that members of General Sigel's
Signal Corps report the enemy had appeared
: not less than thirty thousand strong, and that
they were crossing to the Maryland side, at
what point the despatches did not state, but it
is presumed this side of Harper's Ferry. At
the latest accounts from Frederick last eve
ning the}-had not visited that city, but there
had been several false alarms and great excite
ment during the day.
General Sigei continued to hold the Clary
land Hights up to last evening with a large
force, and no actual hostilities had occurred,
except the throwing ot a few shell during the
c?av at patties of rebels who had appeared on
Boliver Hights and at Harper's Ferry.
A gentleman who arrived here last evening
from Hagerstown reports that .there had been
some fighting between that city and Sharps
burg, with rebel cavalry, and that they were
repulsed aud driven two miles by our troops,
leaving several dead and wounded on the
field ? Baltimore American, ~th.
Tub Special Income Tax.-The following
are the terms of the bill imposins a spec ial in
come tax of five per cent, which passed Con
gress just before the adjournment, and has
been signed bv the President
That in addition to the income dntv already
proposed by law, there shall be levied, as
sessed and "collected on the 1st day of Octo
ber, lc<?4, a special income duty "upon the
gains, profits or income for the "year ending
the 31st day of December next preceding t|e
time herein named for levying, assessing arid
collecting said duty of all persons residing
within the limits" of the United States,
or of citizens ot the United States resi
ding abroad, at the rate of five per centum
on all sums exceeding six hundred dollars;
and the same shall be levied, assessed, esti
j mated and collected, except as to the rate, ac
j cording to the provisions of existing law3 lor
; the collection of an income duty annually,
i whe:e not nnapplicable thereto: and the Sec
( retary of the Treasury is hereby authorized
I to make such rnles and regulations as to
l time and mode, or other matters, to enforce
' the collection of the special income duty here
in provided for, as may be necessary; provided
that in estimating the annual gains, profits or
income, as aforesaid, for the foregoing special
income duty, no deductions shall be made for
dividends or interest received from any asso
ciation, corporation or company,nor shall any
deduction be made for any salary or pay re
The President's Call for Militia?Sev
\ eral City Ilet/xmeriU to March.?It is understood
that several of our city regiments will lmme
diatelv be ordered to march southward in re
sponse to the President's call for hundred-day
men A number of regiments, sufficient to
Ereserve the public peace, will be retained at
General Sandford last night received a tele
gram from General Seymour, requesting him
to proceed at once to Albany.
Th# trains had all gone, so the General took
the first cars this morning.
Orders from him to the officers here are
hourlv expected. The plan already indicated
will, it is said on good authority, be strictly
adhered to.
Our city regiments have rarely, if ever been
in better condition tor service, eo far as regards
equipment and the number of mt-n in the ranks
than at the present time.?N. Y. Post, 6th.
HoTFrtTR. A Tale of the Old Dutch Manor
By Mansfield T. Walworth, author of Lulu
New YoTk: Carletou, Publisher, 413 Broad
We read this novel at a single sitting, so
thoroughly did it impress us with the plot and
stvle. ?? Lulu," by the same author, we deemed
a lelicitous effort; but if ? Lulu" was an effort,
t< Hotspur" is an accomplishment. It exceeds in
interest and general worth, any book of similar
kind which of late years has beguiled our leis
ure. We read it en route for the country. Let
every tourist possess himself of the clever
work.?nome Journal.
PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?The Committee on
IL5 examination of candidates for positions as
teachers will meet at the City Hall oa SAT CR
DA Y. the mh instant, at y a in., for the purpose of
examining applicants for appointment or promo
tion as teachers in the public schools of Washing
ton. F. S.WALSH,
jy 7 2t Chairman.
Levy Court have cxtendei the time tor the
abatement of lOpcr cent on the tax of 1854 to the
Jith of July- an<i 5 per cent from that date to the
1st of Aukust. The County Collector will be found
at the CityHall Tuesdays and Saturdays, until the
1st of Ansnst. No further abatement lo be allow
ed. Ur7-3t?] J. PILLING, Collector.
CO Washington,/nlyfi. 1V>4.?At a meet
ins of the Corporators of the 'Metropolitan Rail
road Company," held at this date, under the pro
vision of the act of Congress, approved July 2d,
1864, it was , ?
Ordered, That the book? Of subscription to tne
capital stock of said road be opened on Thursday,
the 7th instant, from 9 o'clock a. m. until ft o'clock
p. m.. and from day to day thereafter until S200,000
of said capital stock shall have been subscribed.
In pursuance of such order the undersigned cor
porators having been appointed for that purpose,
vill be in attendance between the hours designated
on Thursday, the 7th instant, and from day to day
thereafter until ,*20"."**' of the capital stock shall
have been subscribed . at tho rooms over the office
of the Navy Asent. No. 4fi6Kinth street, opposite
the office of the Daily Chronicle.
jy 7-tf 8. P. PRO WW.
ry-==-pRoCKEDING9 Otf" Till MEDICAL HO
filA. upon the occasion of the decease of the late
B. Johnson- Hkllkn. M D
At a special meeting of this Society, held on the
4th day of July, 1364. the death of Dr. Hetlen was
announced by the President.
Appropriate and touching remarks were male
by Doctors Uagner. Tyler, and Mackall, eulogistic
of the personal worth and professional xenl an4
attainments of the deceased, when the following
rei?oluti >ns, reported by a,committee consisting
of D R. Ilagner, M. D., Grafton Tyler. M D.. L.
Mackall, M. D.. 0. H. LietTermann, M. D., and
Philip C. Davis. M. D., were unanimously adopted:
Resolved. That this Socnety ha* heard with deep
regret the death of Doctor B. Johusan Hellen.
Resolved, That in the decease of Doctor Hellen,
the Medieal Profession has lout one of its moat
distinguished and exemplary members, and this
community the valuable services of a skilful and
attentive Physician. ... ...
Resolved, That as a token of respect, the mem
bers of this Society attend his funeral In a body,
and wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty
^Rtsolved. That a copy of these resolutions be
furnished to the family of the deceased, as an ex
pression of sympathy in their bereavement.and
that the Secretary of this Society shall cause the
same to be ^KKr"m D ,
It [Int.] Recording Secretary.
rv"^? NOTICE.?'There will be a special meeting
|L 3 of the House Painter's Society on FRIDAY
liriNINU. Jul, ?h..t?tf'g&y?'f"5Jss.,?.
j03. T. MURPHY. Bee. Sec. ly 6-2t*
rv^=?RKV. J. SELLA tt ARTIN will lecture at the
L 5 15th street Presbyterian Church, on MON
DAY EVENING. July 11. Bubiect-lnglish opin
ion and feeling in reference to the present war.
ly 6 fit*
113 The regular monthly meeting of the Asso
ciation will be held at Temperance Ball, B street,
on THURSDAY .thaTtk. It is expected thatev?y
member will be pteSent, as the election of ofi
cer. ni.ht. ^ pIIac
JOHN R. QILL. Pres. ly ?-?t*
Ik.? the city t? bur your Shirts, Hats and Un
derClothing ii at LkWIS', 342 7th street, ??*r
Northern Market. ly 6-St*
June 24. 1S>4 ? The aaanal meeting of the Stock
^lder* of this eamvanjr, for the Mectioa of snvea
rector* for the easnlnj year, wHl be held on
WEDNESDAY, the 13th or July, UM, at the office
? f the Company, eermer of l.Hh street and New
York avern?. The polls will he opened at 12 o 'olock
m., and closed at J o'clock p m
GEO 8 GIDEON, President.
H,C. PAUNESTOOBL.Sec ry. Jeff tJyU
Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters.
Soid Everywhere.
Ask your Druggist and Grocer for it.
Indigestion, Dyspepsia.
Dysentery, Diarrhea. _
Agueand Fever, Loss of AppetiTe,
Liver Complaint, Jaundice.
The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will give Health
and Beauty to the Young.
This Prophylactic should be in ever* family at
this season of the year, as this delicious beverage
can be used without the deleterious eUeots ot
jy 7-lm Proprietors.
DR. LEON cares Gonorrhea.
" " Gleet.
" ?? " Strictnre,
44 ?? " Syphilis,
44 " 44 Seminal WMknua.
?4 '? 44 Inflammation of Bladder,
44 44 '? All Venereal Diseases.
jy 7-lm* ? ____
The staunch and commodious Steamer
Of the Cape May line, is now making her regular
trips to Cape May.
Leaving Arch street wharf, Phila
delphia, every Tuesday, Thursday?
and Saturday at 9 o'clock a.m. Returning, leaves
Cape Mav every Monday. Wednesday and Friday
at 8 J* o'clock a. iu.
stopping at New Castle $oing and returning.
Fare, ?2.,Vi, carriage hire included. Children
half price. Servants carriage hire extra.
No freight will be received after 8o'clock, and in
all instances must be prepaid.
jy 7-lm JOS. A 8TEWART, Agent.
ORPHANS' COURT, Jnlv 2d. 1864.-Distbiot of
Columbia, Washington Cocntv, 5To-w??t:?
In the eaie uf Lucy B. Rainey. Executrix of Samuel
Rainey, deceased, the administratrix aforesaid
has. with the approbation of the Orphans'Court
of Washington county aforesaid, appointed Tpes
da>. the 26tl? inst., for the final settlement and dis
tribution of the personal estate of the said de
ceased, and of the assetfl in hand, as far as the
same have been collected and turned into money:
when and where all the creditors and heirs of
said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Or
phans' Court of Washington county aforesaid,)
with their claims properly vouched, or they may
otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in
said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this
order be published once a week for three weeks in
the Evening Star, previous to the 2d day of July,
18*. Test: 7.. 0. R0BBIN8,
jy 7-14, 25.* Register of Will-:.
Okoroetows, July 6, 1361.
Proposals are invited for paving High street
from sth to its intersection with Frederick street,
a distance of nearly 900 feet, and requiring about
3.0H0 Fqoare yards of paving.
A bid is desired tor paving with cobble stone
upon a 9 inch bed of sana. and a separate bid for
rock pavement on a similar foundation; the bids
to be per square yard of pavement when laid, and
to cover the whole cost for material as well as
Proposals will be received until the 16th instant,
and maybe addressed to the subscriber by mail or
left at the office of William Laird, Es i., Clerk of
the Corporation.
The name and reideBCe of the bidder should be
distinctly stated in the propo-a!. ?
jy7-td Street Commissioner.
A select and varied stock oi Gilt. Medium and
low-priced Paperhangings, Borders, Staiuea, Cen
ter Pieces, Ac.
Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown *nd Gilt Window
Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Fixtures,
TaJsels, Ac.
Silk >nd Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif
ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment;
Picture Rings, Nails, Ac.
The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the
District, warranted to be gilded with gold leaf;
also, avarietyof Dark Wood Frames, with a va
ried stock of small-sized Oval and Carte de Visite
Frames. ?
A few choice Engravings anl Paintings always
in store. ' '
Orders for Paperhan^injj and Window Shades
punctually attended to in city or connty.
Terms cash fer goods or labor.
No. 4 Seventh street,
jy7- * Eight Doors above Odd Fellows'Hall.
Ojfice D-.pot CominiisaryoJ Subsistence, (
, Wcuhmtton, D. C., July 7,lSol. t
Skalid Proposals are invited until the ltth
instant, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the Sub
sistence Department with
The proposals will be for what is known at this
Depot as Nos. 1,2 and 3, and bids will be entertained
for any quantity less than the whole.
Bids must be in duplicate, and for each grade on
separate sheet" of paper.
The delivery of the Flour to commence within
five days from the opening of the bids, and in such
Suantities, daily, as the Government may direct;
elivered at theGovernment warehouse in George
town, at the wharves or railroad depot in Wash
ington. D. C.
The delivery of all Flonr awarded to be com
pleted within twenty days from the opening of the
Payment will be made in certificates of indebt
edness, or such other funds as the Government
mav have for disbursement.
Tne usual Government inspection will be made
Just before the Flour is received, and none will be
accepted which is ifot fresh grounds
An oath of allegiance must accompany the bid of
each bidder who has not the oath on file in this
office, and no bid will be entertained from parties
who have previously failed to comply with their
bids, or from bidders not present to respond.
Government reserves the right to reject any bid
for any cause.
Bids to be addressed to the undersigned, at No.
993 G street, endorsed " Proposals for Flour."
jy 7-td Captain and C. 8. V
Drawers, half hose, gloves.suspen
ders. and Handkerchiefs, Stock*. Scarfs, and
Neckties of every description, in great variety and
very low pricis, can be had at LEWIS1
jy f>-3t* 349 7th st., I st. and Ma?s av.
MR. TRABERT, late of the firm of Shafer It Trs
bert, having taken the place of Mr. Richards,
No. Penna. av., between yth and ltithsts.,
w ill inform his friends and customers that he is
now ready to do all kind of Shoemaking at the
lowest cash prices. jy6-3t*
?w ?. . uuu i on auift rftiur
lies wlvo wishHto leave the city for the country
watering places, can be supplied with most
ery article forthe outfit of Infanta, Girls'and
_ * n * a _ 11 - - T " 1" * **
or watering
every article , T_. .?,
Boys' Suits, as well as Ladies' Undergarments
Embroideries,"Laces, with a general stoca of Dry
Goods, at old prices.
Orders for Ready-made Suits. Ac., will be re
ceived and promptly executed.
(Late S. A W. Meyenberg.)
4S> Marjtet Space,under Avenue House,
jy 6-3t bet. 6th and 7th sta.
We psrticularly invite the attention of those in
tending to put up fruit to examine LYMAN'S
struction, they are more easily sealed or opened
than any now tq| tree.
Samples of berries and fruit put up in these Jars
last year cu> be seen at our store.
Full directions^accompany each Jar, for putting
up all kinds of fruit, berries. Ac.. Ac.
Hoasefurnishing Store,
jy 6-6t 319 Penn. av., between 9th and luth.
All that desire to supply themselves with DRY
GOODS before another rise, will do well to call
Bleached Cotton yet at a reduced price of 20 per
Full yard wide, 38 cents. Extra heavy, 40 cents.
English Grenadine, Mozambiques, and all other
Dress Good?<at a reduced price.
Extra hear? Crash, 18. cents, and Black Silks,
Flannels, Linens, Ac., in proportion.
Silk Mits, Si cents.
All linen, hem-stitcbed Handkerchiefs, 25ceuta.
Beat 26 spring Hoop Skirts. $t.
All linen 8hirt Bosoms. 26 cents.
And thousands other articles at the same rate.
An early call is solicited.
491 Seventh street,
jy 6-eolw* between G and H streets.
Xl in stare a superior stock of CROCK-1
and PLATED WARE, particularly adapted"
to the use of the above establishments, to _
which we Invite the attention of the proprietors
jy 6 6ttf* [Chren.l Odd Fellow' Hall, 7th st.
re hare
BulMe?? and other; wanting lumber can And all
kinds e'framing material of Spruee and Hemlock
front J by 8. Wfeet long, to 3 bv U, 90 feet long.
Timber of all sises and lengths. Callings all
lengths, firomlo to 54 feet, assort*! as to lengths,
together with a goo* assortment of 4 4,?-4 and 8-4
Whitf Pine,common and Meet Shingles, Laths
and PaJiftgs constantly arriving and for sale low
for eaak bp. C B. CHURCH A CO.,
Jy a-tlr* lltli at., between Md av. and C at.
isUng.nnder the name of Shafer & Trabert is
this dafdi shelved by mutnai consent. Mr. Shafcr
will ber'*fter attend to the settlement of all ae
CMnU due by tho late firm.
Julrt.Uti.- JfCJt*
No Xrw Demonstrations of the Rrbfls Rr
ported?The Sensation Storie* brought
down by Boatmen Discredited.
Superintendent Spates, of tne Chesapeake
and Ohio Canal Corftpany, who was in George
town this morning, U not awjire of any cross*
ing by the rebels below the l'omt of Hocks.
Later, Mr. D. White, of White's Ferry, ar
rived in town and reports that on Tuesday a
party of rebels crossed at Mouocacy, 8i\ miles
below the Point ot Socks, and after robbing
the store there returned to the south side of the
Potomac to divide the spoils. No reports have
reached Georgetown ol further depredations
by the rebels and all the Indications are that
the rebels have left that vicinity.
The boatman on the canal have not yet re
covered from their scare, and the canal is
crowded with light boats at the Aqueduct,
each captain being anxious to secure a posi
tion for his boat as far away from the rebels as
possible. The result is that difficulty is expe
rienced in getting boats with coal to the der
ricks to discharge their cargoes.
On Monday, some of the officers and sailors
of our Flotilla had a lively time celebrating the
Fourth of July. On the merning of that day
we learn that four or five of our gunboats,
under command of Lieutenant Hooker, pro
ceeded up the Rappahannock and landed a
considerable force of men, in charge of Acting
Master Sheet, of the Fuschia, at or near Car
ter's whart, some thirty miles from the month
of the river. On landing, the party immedi
ately proceeded overland, on a foraging expe
dition, and secured quite a number of horses,
: ice. The gunboats, as soon as they had landed
this force, proceeded round to the Great Wi
comico, where it had been arranged that the
raiding party should join them, and a force
was sent ont to meet them.
Hut it seems that our gallant tars were to
have some little sport on their own hook, for
when about half way across the need they
came across a large detachment of the Jd Vir
ginia regular cavalry, thought to number from
four to five hundred, who attempted to cut otf
cur force, and a fight immediately ensued. Our
ipen, however, kept well together, and managed
to get past the rebels, and fell bacK towards the
gunboats, losing hut four men taken prisoners,
and none killed or wounded, while we brought
away two rebel officers, (a captain and a lieu
tenant,) and one man. Tne rebels followed our
men to the shore, and sent ont a flag of truce
asking an exchange of prisoners, offering the
four men they captured from us for their cap.
tain: but Captain Hooker declined the swap,
refusing to exchange officers for men. B?fore
leaving the gunboats paid a parting salute to
Johnny Reb, in the way of a few shells, caus
ing them to scamper. The prisoners have been
sent to Point Lookout.
The following was received yesterday from
a sergeant in Baker's 1st District of Columbia
Camp 1st I). C. Cavalry, A'car Giles'
Lavdintj, Bermuda Hundred, July 4th, 1364.?I
returned lrom a raid on the Richmond and
Danville railroad, with but Ave men, all that
was lelt of company A, on the -2-fth. I was the
only sergeant who escaped; all the old boys
are in the rebs hands?O'Donnell, McHugh,
Hammer, and the others, thirty-four in num
ber. Tho way it was tfbne was this: We ac
companied Brig. Gen. Wilson, 12,000 Btrong,
and 14 pieces of artillery, and tore up sixty
miles of railroad, burned 11 depots, besides
capturing horses and whatever we could lay
our hands on, clean into Weldon, N. C. We
did not meet with any opposition of any ac
count until our return, anei within four miles
of our lines on the Petersburg road, where we
had made two successful raids before. Here,
unbeknown to ue, Lee's right wing was lying,
and before we knew it the whole of them had
surrounded us, both on the front and rear,
and they had ns foul. There were but two
roads by which we could get out, and the rebs
had possession of both. Our boys fought them
every way like demons, they charged and
charged, but could not get out. Tuelast charge
I led them?all the officers having gone under?
it was a terrible charge, but like the others, it
failed. The order came, "Every man for him
self and the devil for us all." I had at that
time 46 mules, 11 horses, and three mares, be
sides any quantity of negrees, buggies, wagons,
&c., &c., at le:ist $1*2,000 worth of stuff, but I
had to leave it all, and was thankful to get off
with my head. The last seen of company A
they were between a body of rebel infantry and
cavalry, lighting like the devil, but they had
to cave. The 1st D. C. cavalry lost 11 offlcsrs
and 24- men in that raid; company A losing 34
men and 1 officer.
It is reported on the street that some time
during last night a squad of rebel cavalry
passed south a short distance west of Fairfax
Court-House, having in their possession a
number ol horses captured in the late raid. An
attempt, it is said, was made by a squad of our
cavalry, who were scouting, to intercept them,
but the force was not large enough to do so,
and the rebs got away. We have made inquiry
of officers on duty in and about Alexandria,
but they have no knowledge of the affair.
The TT. S. steamer Charlotte Vanderbilt left
at 2 o'clock to-day for City Point, taking down
a number ol officers and soldiers, who go to
rejoin their regiments at the front.
Despatches Down to 12.30 ? The Rebel
Force on the Maryland and Virginia
Sides of the Potomac reported to be 30,000
Strong?Skirmishing buck ol Maryland
Mights? The Enemy there iu Small
Force?Occupation of Hagerstown by the
Eneiny?Skirmish lletween Cole's Cav
alry and a Rebel Force four miles west
of Frederick.
Baltimore. July 7, 11.45 a.^n.?The city is
full of rumors this morning of an exciting char
acter iu regard to the invasion.
After careful Inquiry, with a desire to sift
out the truth as far as possible, with a view to
avoid acting the part of the alarmist on one
hand by overstating or encouraging false se
curity by moderating the state of facta, I send
you the following, which is deemed to be cor
The most reliable intelligence from Maryland
Heights and region beyond this morning war
rants the belief that the rebel force now on
this side of the Potomac and on the line of the
river on the Virginia side is larger thaa at first
supposed. It is believed to be not far short oj
Advices from $andy Hook down to 10 o'clock
this morning say that an officer from Genera1
Sigel's headquarters at Maryland Heights, re
ports some skirmishing going on back of the
Heights, bat the number of the enemy there is
?mall. . . .
With the aid of a glass and the signal corps,
the enemy can be' observed towards Sharps
burg driving off cattle, horses, <fcc? aad plun
dering the farmers in the valley. No large
force, however, is visible.
Advices from Greencastle, Pa., this morning,
*ay that the rebels occupy Hagerstown this I
morning, but in what force is cot known.
The train from Frederick is just lu, and
reports that Colonel Cole's Maryland cavalry
had a skirmish with a small rebel force, a
scouting party, four miles west of Frederick,
about two o'clock yesterday afternoon. It was
ascertained subsequently that the force was
qalte small.
The rebel officers dined at noon at Hagner's
Mountain House.
Later in the day, Alexander's Maryland Bat
tery and detachments of the arth Illinois caval
ry went in pursuit of the rebels, and during
last night drove a feree of 100 rebels through
Middle town. While in that place yesterday
they mad*good use of their time la plundering
the citizens of their horses aad other property.
Active'mov^niehts of troops are going om>
which it Is not proper, for prudential reasofe^
to particularize.
The railroad Is still unobstructed as far as
Sandy Hook.
At the last advices it was believed that there
wa# only a small force of guerrilla* on the
Virginia shorej o#pe*lte Point of Boeks.
?' '* > 1 u?i 1 *??*'.
?yGovernodHail,of lIla?o?ri, feasted tfc* <
daughter of hi* secretary of Stale to the altar.
Ifo Artillery use* !>r them Again?t oar
Ferce* on Maryland llei(ht?.
BaltiVOK*, July 7?12.43.?The rebels in
Harper's Ferry h&v* destroyed all the railroad
property there. inducing the telegraph and
ticket offices. They hare a'.so burned a large
quantity of forage.
So far they have used no artillery against
our troops.
-? ??
Decrees op I)rvK>ltC*?Yesterday, Chief
Justice Cartter, sittin^ia equity, granted a de.
cree of divorce to Harriet A. Farr trom the
bonds of matrimony trtth Geo. W. Farr. The
petitioner states thatabo has resided here tor
Are or six years past, and her maiden n:ime
was Harriet A. Evans, daughter of Walter
Evans, late et Fairfax county, Vs.; that she
contracted marriage with Farr in August, 1-52,
Rev. Mr. Grandon solemuiaing the marriage;
that herbnsband ha? been intemperate, and
for the last live years he has been so drunken,
abusive, idle and worthless that she has not
been able to live or cohabit with him: that for
the past live years be ha? not contributed any
thing to her support or the support of their
children, aud charges that he has l>eeu guiltv
of adultery with a woman named Gant.
There was no appearance for the respondent,
and testimony was taken before commissioner
R. M. Beale, when one witness testified to seeing
Farr in the house of a Mr. Gant. having )ust
come from up stairs where he had been with
Mrs. Gant. Another testified that he cSught
Farr in bed with two wom?n at Thornton's
Mill, Va., one Mrs. Gant, the other Mis* Kid
well. On another occasion when witness was
riding with Farr, the latter stopped near Gant's
house and brought Mrs. Gant out in the bushes
where witness saw her in criminal intercourse
with Farr.
Mr. Thompson appeared for the complain
The Court also dissolved the bonds of matri
mony between ltenry Schael^r and Christiana
Schaeier, and decreed that the complainant be
exempted from all charge and liability for the
support of the respondent, and that the estate
personal and real, be exempt from the right ol
dower of the respondent.
The petition was tiled in May, 1803, and sets
forth that the parties were married on the 5th
of February, l?5t, by Rev. Mr. Nortmin, and
charges that the respondent has committed
adultery with John Baker, in the house of the
petitioner, in September, lHi'J, while he was
absent in Europe, and also in October, Novem
ber, December and January tollowing. that on
the aad of January, 1SK3, she eloped with the
said Baker, taking with her *l,4i>0 belonging to
the petitioner, and went to Baltimore, where
they have been living in adultery ever since.
The respondent made no appearance, and
testimony was ordered to be taken before Com
missioner Woodward, when the facts set forth
in the petition were proved, and the decree
granted a? prayed. John E. Norris, E*q., for
Circuit Cocrt, Judge H't'Zey.?This morn
ing, in the case of Elizabeth A. Bryant against
Wm. Williams and Elizabeth M. Williams hi?
wife, action for slander in the defendant's
wife accusing the plaintiff'with carnally know
ing the defendant (Williams,) a judgment by
defanlt was entered. An inquisition was or
dered, and the .jury assessed the damages at
95,WU, which verdict was set aside by the
Court as being excessive. ,
The jury in the case ot Mrs. Wiley agt. Mar
shall Brown, who took the case on Tuesday
afternoon came into court this morning asking
instructions, when Judge Wylieinformed them
in ellect that unless they believed that Mrs.
Brown had perjured herselt they could.not do
otherwise than flnei lor the plaintifl', and tliey
again retired. At about one o'clock they again
came into court stating that it seemed impos
sible for them to agree, when Judge Wylie dis
charged tht m. _
Ala r.M of Firk ?The alarm of fire about 2
o'clock to-day was occasioned by the burning
of an immense pile of refuse straw and other
rubbish in the lot of Armory Square Hospital.
Statbofthb Thbb*ombtbb?At Frank
lin & Co.'s, opticians. No. fcli Pennsylvania
avenne, the theimometer stood to-day at 1
o'clock. Si) in the shade.
Okdsasce Office, War Department, t
Washington, D. C., June 24, 1861.{
Sealed Proposals will be received at this office
until 4 o'clock p. m., on FRIDAY. July IS. WW, fir
the delivery at the New York ag?ney, No. io
Worth street, New York, of
The Blankets must be of the following descrip
tion, viz: of pure wool, close woven, of stout yarns,
Gentian blue, with anorange border three inches
wide and three inches from the edge, and the let
ters D. 8., six inches high, orange color, in the
center of the blanket. Each blanket must be 75
inches long by t>7 inches wide, and of the weight of
3.1875 lbs. or. say 3 3-16 lbs., on which a variation
of 0. I)i75, or 3-16ths of a lb., may be allowed. They
muBt be single and not in pairs, and oe packed in
cases of one hundred blankets each.
They are to be inspected at the factory where
made, but must be delivered at the New York
Agency free of any charge to the United States
for transportation or handling, and none will be
accepted or paid for except such as paJs the inspec
tion of and are approved by the United States In
Deliveries must be made as follows, viz: one
tenth of the number contracted for per week, com
mencing within one month frou the date of the
Failure to deliver at a specified time will subject
the contractor to a forfeiture of the quantity due
at that time. No bid will be considered that does
not come from a manufacturer of blankets or reg
ular dealer in such goods.
The bidder will be required to accompany his
proposition with a ^uarant*signed by two respon
sible persons, that in case his bid is accepted he
will at once e*ecute the contract for the same, with
good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the
whole amount of the contract, to deliver the ar
ticle proposed, in conformity with the terms of
this advertisement; and in case the said bidder
should fail to enter into the contract, they to
make good the difference between the offer of said
bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the
person to w hom the contract may be aw arded. The
responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by
the official certificate of the CI rk of the nearest
District Court, or of the United States District
Ronds, in a sum equal to one-tenth of the amount
of the contract, signed by the contractor an l both
of his guarantors, will be required of the successful
bidder or bidders upon signing of the contract.
We. the undersigned, residents of , in the
county of , and 8tate of , hereby jointly
and severally covenant with the United States, aud
fuarantee, in case the foregoing bid of
e accepted, that he or they will at once execute
the contract for the same, with good and sufficient
sureties, in a sum equal to one-tenth the amount
of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed in
conformity to ths terms of the advertisement,
dated J une 24.18W. under which the bid was made;
and in case the said shall fail to enter
into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make
good the difference between the offer of toe said
and the next lowest responsible bidder,
or the person to whom the contract may be
*T^ve^ under our hands and seals this ?-day
of? .180-. . [!?>?]
To this guaranty must be appended the official
ertiftcate above mentioned. ?
Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged
to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for
the faithful execution of the same.
Upon the award being made, successful bidders
will be notified and furnished with forms of con
tract and bond. ? . ,
The Department reserves the rijjUt to reject any
or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any
^Proposals will be addressed to ''Brigadier Gen
eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash
ington. D. C./'and will W endorsed "Proposals
for jg^D baMSAY, Britadier General,
Je25-eotd Chief ?f Ordnance.
dry docks.
I ... i A i If?"
Nav*:Department, i
Bvrtav af Yards and Docks, July 1,13|4.1
Separate Sealed Proposals, endorsed' Proposalsfor
Building Floating "fy Docks,' accompanied by
plana aud specifications in full detail, will ?>* **?
! oeived at this office until 12o'ck m. on the Wth day
of Jnlyinst . for the construction of a U^tin?dry
dock for use at or near the Navy Yard, New 1 one,
and one for use at the Navr. Yard Philadelphia,
said docks to be of full and sufficient capacity and
power, to receive, raise and sustain in safetya
vessel of at least 23' feet in length .44 feet m breadth
and Ififeet drait, of 2.** tons displacement.
Bidders will make their specifications full and
clear, describing the kinds and qualitiesof^mate
rials proposed to be used; they may kid for one or
both docks, and in their offers, which must be
separate, they will state the?'"<* f?'t which they
will build the dock, and the time at which ttiey
^i\^a^tst0or^tVntM^Ttie?iresU If any. employed
^ A SON.
, TMonnvy viirit kik
dP*QUtghtbythe use of the eel-*-*..**
9?ypwS& avenue, bet. 12th and LAh ate..
ii?nlhnh avenas. under the National.
M \TOr.'> Orrrrf, f
W**hl8jjtOB, Jul* 8th, liiri*
Representations hm:ni been made to me. tm:
rabid dogs are rnnnin* at lar*e In this nt y. th:, ,
to notify owners ofeuch animal* that the follow
ing section of the act approved Jnnuary Wth. 1V?.
entitled "An act relating to do?*,' will be strirUr
enforced for a period of sixty day* from aal a'te;
Monday ne*t :
Bf if mar;t--1 by thf Tioarn of Alder >nr* anl h'i>f l
<1 f Cotnrne* ('ovnrtl. That whenever it ?ha>l be maI ?
to appear to the satisfaction ol the Mayor that i
animal of the dor kind within thia city, whi ,i
shall be for good and sufficient reasons, of wh i
the Mayor i>naU betje Judge. darned and conn >1
ered mad, it shall be the duty < f the Ma?or to i
sue bis proclamation requiring that all aniirai* ..|
the dog kind shall, for a period to be defined by th?
Mayor, war a good substantia1 wire murrle. ? ?
curely pv t on.?? as to prevert said dcg from bit in <
or snaptdn g. and >>ny animal of tlic doc V id son;
nt lnrg>-during the period defined by the Mayo
without such ratiirle, shall he killed and buried
and it shall be the dntv of the police e. instable* or
s'l.-h other persons a> ini> lie dfiinktM by th?
M?! or, to carrv out the provision of this act,
iv7 w.it 1 Int. and Col. I Mayor
P^OR RKVr^A ro?t..rt-.l.,> Fl RN
llorSX, nf live room*, desirably located. F >r
particulars enquire at J. W. I>A^ Io'Printing <>?
B>e, 4.?!? Seventh str<et. uver li;il'?ntyne's B">
c*"re. Reference required. jy 7-3t*
TVOTICE.?I have opened anew UARLiF.lt SIIO *
iv on C street, between 1st -treetand New J?r
sey nvi nue. at Bo*l, g Hotel where I will begat
to see my fr.ends aud c.stomers.
C street, between lat and N J ?v.,
_jy 7- lm* Bo\lg'.< Hotel, near the l>?pot
l^OR HI NT Two six room HOUSES, on i -
1. street. I-lan 1. now vacant, and in catnpb -
repair. Tor permanent tenant the rent will h*
moderate. Th? lower iloor of each can be used *
a More Inquire on the premise^ No. 17 0 ? .
-ireet. between K street and Virginia avenue, be
tween 8 and 9 in the morning. 1"
p~I C N L c'.
will htive a
commencing nt lo o'clock a. m , aud closing at a
seasonable hour.
A good Cotillon Rand lias been engaged far the
occasion, an I such arrangements have been mat t
as will insure ord- ani promote the coiufo't of
Ticket- of Admission. 50 cents. Children,
Prooeedi to be applied to the enlargement ani
improvement ot the basement chspel.
lly order of the Committee jy 7
Y WM. L WALL & CO.. Anets
At the Horse Bazaar, 9* La. avenas
On SATURDAY MORNING. July commero.n;
at l<i o'clock, w e will seil, at the Bazaar, Lou ?.
iaua avenue, between 9th aud 10tL streets, c..- u
prising about
Including one pair of Hortes.
A full description ofthe other IIor-.o.'? at ta. ?
Precious to the fnle of Iloises. a large assnrtmen'
of new and ? I'ond-hand Carriaii? Wagons, aal
llarn> sa. top and no top Bu jgie-?, TrottingWim,
Rockaway-. Germantf.wn Park, Tag^ert Family
Carriage.-: all of which will be peremptorily im l
for i ash.
Jy 7 WM. L. WALL A. 00.. AurU
Ort<\AVch Ofi :ck, tV*p. Df ? 4ittvbkt. (
Washington. I). C.. July Hi>;. v
Sested Proposals will be received ?t this o*1i.-.>
uut1! MONDAY , th?? 'J6th dar of July, lSiM, at )
o'.lock p.m. to furni-h
Six (fi) second <>r third class Ste.im Fire Eog >? ,
of perfect suction power, complete in all va*"*.
with all thi- modern improvements combined, ?<>!? ?
drawn bv hand power, the weight not to excee i
4.50U pound.- ?lien ready for service. The diameter
of the reciprocating steam force pump to be ab.>'.!*
Ot inches, capable fif forcing on^ (I) -tr^a i
v ater from al s inch mozz'e averajjin^ from 21" t .
275feet, and tv<o -treani'? from n 14 inch n >^/! >
averaging from J75 to 2 0 feet. The-e enginrs h; ?
to be supplied with tenders and hose cart< of 'ip
nroved construcliou with all the necessary nt
tin^'s ^ They are to_be subject t^a rigid ingpf 'i i
by a United Stat- s inspector, and are not to be r ?
ceiv e.l or pai i for until thev have bee a thorough >
tried with a full Lead ot steam.
The bidder will be required to accompany h -
proposition with a guaranty sigued by two
sible persons, that, in case Lis bid is accepted, h"
will at once execute the cf>ntni't for the stme v? tlv
good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal V> the
amount of the contract, to deliver thr artic .? pro
posed In conformity w ith the terms of this adver
tisement: ana in case the .-aid bidder should fail t<?
enter into the contract, they to make ?<'od the d ?
ference between the offer of said bidder and t'.i ?
neit responsible bidder, or the iwrfoti to w hotn t:ie
contract ma* l>e awarded.
The responsibility of the guarantors mus' !>.?
shown t?y the oflieiat certificate of the Clerk of the
nearest District Couit, ot of the United tfUte
Di-trict Attsmey
Bonds in a sum eqnal to the amount- of the eon
tract, signed by the contractor and both of h
Suarantnrs.will be required of the Mwesafil bid
er or bidders upon signing ibe contract.
We, the undersigned, residents of . in th?
county of and State of , hereby, jointly
and severally, covenant with the Unit.-d Stat^
aud guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of
be accepted, that he or they will at once execut*
the contract for the same, with good and 8' fficier.*
sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the c -i
tract, to furnish the articles proposed in conf r
mity with the terms of this advei tisement. !?>??
July 2, larJ4, under which the bid w as made, aaf,
in case the said ihall fail to enter into s r.,a
tract, a^ afore-aid. we gi'arantee to make g >?> i tti-?
dilTerence between the olTer of the saii an'
the next lowest responsible bidder, or the pe- n
to whom the contract may beawarded.
Giv en noJt our hands au - i .<
Witness: #this ?<\>of , 1:
T8 I
To this guarantee must l?e appended the olh i
certificate above mentioned.
These Engines are to be deli , ered a' the p ace
manufacture. I'pttn the award being made, th *
successful bidder will be notified, and turnishe i
with forms of contract and bond. The Depart n-:.
reserves the right to reject any or all bids if not
deemed satisfactory.
Proposals will be addre-sed to "Brigadier Gen
ral Georce D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance. W ih.i
ington, D. C.."' and vill be endorsed "Prop -*.,
for Steam Fire Engines. CEO. D. R.\M>AI
jy7 eoSt Brigadier General, Chief of Ordn??;)"?
(Corner Duau ? S:re- t
100,000 WATCI1E.'3. CHAINS.
G0L9 PENS. AND PENCILS. 4.0., iC.V '
WORTH IJ500.000 ' '
And not to be paid until you know what you w 1
All to be ?old for One Dollar each.
liOGold Hunting Cased Watches ?$100 each
100 Gold Watches ?.? 6?i eaci.
2(X) Ladies' Watches . 35 ea<~h.
fiui Silver Watches ,fl5 to 25 ea_-n
60n Gold Neck and \ est chains 12 to 15 each
1<D0 Chatelaine and Guard CuaiBs.?^_ s to 15 each
aooo Neck and Yest Chaina..? 4 to 12 each
4000 Solitaire Jet and Gold Brooches 4 to fteacn
4<K?j Coral, Lava.Garnet,Ac., Brooches.to 8each ,
70(0 Gold. Jet, Opal, A c.. Bar Drops,...3 to 8 each.
60W> Gent's Breast and Scarf Pins.......3 to B each
6000 Oval Band Bracelets.-. 3 to 8 each
aort Chased Bracelets^... 5 to 10 each
34iX' CaliforniaDiamondPins A Rings 2 51'to 8 each
2000Gold Watch Keys - 260to 6 each.
CXioSolitiire Sleeve Buttons A Studs . 2 to 8each.
30<0 Gold Thimbles ?^-.^^.4to fieach.
6000 Miniature Lockets 2 to Teach.
ST<0 Miniature Lockets, Magic 4 to 0 each.
2SV< Gold Tt-othpicks. Crosses, Ac ? ? .2 to 6 each
SuuO Fob and Ribbon Slides... 2 to 5 each.
6000 Chased Gold Ring8_~~ 2to 5eacb.
4000 8:one 8et Rings. 2to 6eaea
6600 Sets Ladies' Jewelry?Jet A Gold .5 to 15 each.
6000 Sets Ladies1 do.?varied ?t>le* .3 to 15 each
8010 Gold Pens, 8ilv?r Case and Pencil 4 to 8 each
4000 Gold Pens, Gold Case and Pencil .5 to 10 each
60*0 Gold Pens, Gold-monnted Holder 2 to 6 esc*
All the goods in the above list will be sol 1, with
out reservation, for onb Dollar kaou. Cer
tlficates of all the various articles are placed ia
similar envelopes and sealed. These envelope*
will be sent by mail, or delivered at our office,
without regard to choice. On receiving a Certifi
cate you will see what article it represents, and it
is optional with you to send one dollar and receive
the article named, or aay other in the list of sam?
value. In all tracsactions by mail we charge for
forwarding the Certificates, paying postage, an!
doing the business, 25 cents each. Kive Certifi
cates will be sent for $1: Eleven for ft: Thirty for
|5; Sixty-five for $10; and One Hundred for $l.%
By this mode we give selections from a varie-1
stock of line goods, of the best make and latea*.
styles, and of intrinsic worth, at a nominal price,
while all fcare a chance of securing articles ol th*
very highest value. .
We guarantee entire satisfaction in every in
stance and if there shoold be any person dissat
isfied with any article they may receive, they aiar
immediately return It. and the priee win ber *
Agehts ?We ftlloir those aeting as Agents Tea
Cent# on each Oertiflcate ordered, provide* then
remittance ainonnt to One Dollar.
The* will collect Scents for every Certificate
and retaining W cents, remit to us 16 cents f?r
e*Addre? OHO. DBMBRIT A CO .
i.i ^Twfw No. 303 Broadway, New V >rk
and complete aasort
b rated
- " aa< XX01L8I0B
which are aiasittad to be <rf th? mosit approred
?attrnn and workmanship ot the best qaality,
*^3 S69 7th StreM? b>t I ao< k
J. T ioe, #1 per battl*. for mU? by all Dre4
ttete '*

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