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LOCAL NJSW8.-'1 (\
AMrgiMWtg T0-NI6HT
OtfaiBTT'a Mu<*TKfcLs ?Rich. rareand T0tT
pro|??r are the performances of this old and
:ayorite troupe, who are stiU attracts* fo'?
boo?i at totdV* l'b--?ter. George Uansty. of
ihaouainai Uou^jo i? a Ui wiM* them, and u ?
?s lively,*ayand itiuu<*tUtaseyer, a?a ??'?
fails to tecure tLe tppluM of '.hose la au
Tr??art> .11
YAiu*m ?<ro>oi*i>t, again,
torowd Fth^nuaioii "? sfcasaUo* drama, ?rM
Delteof Waeblegten.' and it will no donbt, a<
u pMj former oi C.H VO". be Wl;pessed by a Mrge
audience T^-morrow afternoon them will be
a matinee, wheu this uma drama will be per
C**T?*BrBT.?J H. Ogden, tbe popular
J rish. comedian, Is still at this resort. He is ex
ceedingly amusug.' S/oll^sy and his billet
:roupe, are not 'he least atnorg tbe attractions,
?while the old company do their best to pieaae.
Here, too, ih^re will be au afternoon pertOrm
moe, when a gcod bill will be performed.
Ch>roi ok A nrLTBKr.?Yesterday after
noon Jnatlce Cull had before hiaa the ease of
Ana Heui?tead, wbo waa charged by her hns
bai d. Wm H instead, wltu adultery and pro*
utit.on, and on wbicn charge she was arrested
by Sergeant Clark. It appears tbat tbe h as
l^nd ie a soldier, stationed at Lincoln Hospi
tal, ?hrt the wife is employed ?fs a lauodress,
aud that recently reports derogatory to her
character have been circulated. and the hus
band determined tbat his wife's guilt or inno
cence bhonld he established, and to >k this
(Onrse. The parties are from Philadelphia,
ai<d hare bjeu married about el?;ht years: he
being something abont thirty years of ago, and
the a good looking woman of abont twenty
The first witness railed was Hospital Stew
ard John Cros3, who testified that Samnel
Clark, a youthful soldier, employed abont the
linen room, liad tcld him ttiat he bad been,
?w ith tbe woman; that she had frequently
fooled aronnd him. and had invited him to go
home with her, and one day be went so far as
to t.-tke liberties with her person. Witness re
ported tbe case to the surgeun in charge, and
was told to discharge her. The following day
he asked CI.irk if he bad counection with h?r,
md be replied that be had bad, and this was
said in th* presence of her husband.
J. B fcnow and Christian stably corrobor
ated so much of the testimony as related to the
boys saying that he had taken liberties with
The yonng man Clarke was called, but re
fused to testify nuless assured that he wonid
get in no scrape: and the justice explained to
bim UiHt the proper course for him to pnrsne
was to make a clean breast of the affair, and if
he(witnes6) bad wronged the others, he (the
jusuoe) had no doubt if be made proper ac
knowledgement they would pardon him.
Sir. Clarke (ben proceeded to state that when
the woman first came to the hospital she took
some notice < f bim, and on one occasion she
tried to kiss him, but she did not do it, and he
rnsri? up bis mir.d not to be so backward in
future. He went to her bouse on her invita
tion, ni.d gave her some caresses, but did not
go further He i.evt-r bad any connection with
her, al'hc nib be bad -aid so, and he acknowl
edged that he had gone too far with the mat
Justice Cnll dismissed the case, remarking
tbat Clark had d ne wrong in taking Bach lib
erties with a mairied woman, bnt tbat the
moet of the censure, however, belonged to the
A Hi ih Haspkb Pboceediko.?Yes'erdav
??rtrVj,-.U' lb??28 Alexander, "tu Michigan,
0D E/I?t New Hampshire
cavilry, went iu bathing in the Etstern
Hraoch, r ar the site of the old bridge and
' twob?y8-Jobu Maiden and
hartley went out to them with a boar,
tock them on board, and bron-rht thr-m over, a
i7^nc?H ,mPK u who formerly be
longed to 'h ? marines, and who Is quit^ a uoto
fn-rf> rh8"iCtpr- them (the sol
' ) wt'b a gun. On the boat reacniug the
snort U Keiff claimed them as prisoners, stating
that they w. re de-eriers, and had landed on his
domain, &ud ordered bia men?Molden and
hartley?to search them, he still intimidating
? Jn.w,th ,hf> Knn! aDd Molden got possession
? ?U ?' footing to Haskelt, with which he
and Bartiey mide off, leavin* O K-itfin charge
ol the pritocers, but the lat>r had no idea of
being kept hy a man ^vho refused to show any
anthrnty excep hisgun, and they immediately
made a charge on htm, and notwithstanding
hat H?*ell was very fkk, they got h:m to
the station-honse of the tenth precinct, when
was a^nst the other parties.
C Keifl ncknowledged that he held the gaa to
bear on the parties while they were being
searched, and stated that he had authority to
arrest dt-serters, and claimed tnese men as
- Harrison, Shelton, Harbin, Brenna-.
and Btrkelv. immediately started after the
o'berf, and a ter quite a search the two former
OiIlceTo discov' red tbero, and after a chasecaD
tured tf em. On the way to the station they
??!??n i,k*?^!r*eof, ,fie affair, but be tore
J>acMn? it Molden acknowledge:! trie
ano informed tbe officers where he hai thrown
the uionty, and officer Brenran recovere.t ,t
They were >akeU before Justice Call who
committed them tn.jmi for court.
The two beys were also < harged with steal
ing two bianke s and carry combs irotn the
r.rgineer Csmp tleprevlons day, and were
committed to answer this charge aUa. I) f
Feizer and n woman at tha camp testified that
they saw the brys leave tbe camp with the
blankets ard when they noticed thatthey were
detected they tbrew them away.
A !? ii.ht at Mart if all's ?I'be new com
ers aiid tbe old set at Mary Hall's ranche, cor
Eer Md. air bnd \ % &tree% do aoi s#em to
moBize. Wednesday evening Miss Lizzie
fVarce, abuxom English lasa, and MUs L ilv
, fv I^-Pf badei-me words, which resulted
in the lngl'sh girip iuing in two or three well
directed blows a? the deep mourning around
eve shows. A sbort time after this
MtoaMary dackson ani Miss Pearce met Miss
tllie Lewie near the hall and hopped in bu'
no eertous damage was done to either pirty"
Miss Lewie immediately procured a warrant
cn uhich Mif-e Jackson and Fe?iro? were ar
rented by officer Weeden andtiken titheTen'h
pre duct station. Wednesday mornrngthe case
was heard, and resulted in Miss Pearce giving
bail lor ber appearance at court, to answer for
an at-saolt and battery, and Miss Jackson bail
to keep the peace.
,-nbfeqnent to this trial Miss KHia obtained
a w v a at ? gainst Miss Pearce lor an assaait
?k r *nd 11 ?er"d by oUlcer Weeden.
L h mu.pM before Justice Boswell,
and Miss Pearc* was required to give bail in
t m^wii zi<i Brow*n th^n i htrged
1m E'l'? with using threats toward her, and
effloer C#orma? escortei her before the justice,
t(le peace as
a-Mis? Ellie Lewie, who was nrre't^d by
efflrer Barker on the complaint of Miss Jack
WoKaw'8 Fiobt?Yest?rday arternoon,
officer Gordon of tbe Fifth Ward arrested Mr!
aiid Mrs Inwicber, for bein? disorderly in
.^.?TL^unie Barracks, oa tile com
p aintof Mrs. Matthews, and took them before
Ju.tiee Cull It appears that the woman had
a-jme mi^anderstanding and that Impi^h^p
matiVr0*?!,'9' hoise to see a^ont this
^ H n latter ordered him out, and
w ihfl? move 'a*1 fooagb?tu> wentat him
W tb cooking ntersils not forgetting to use a
portion of a bot s-o ve and drove h,m out Mrs
I>iwicher tried to command peace but did not
very well, and the offlCer comi ^along
The Justin dismissed
With a lectnre V, bile in tbe office ihe women
ot to speaking of each others character Mrs ?
i charging tbat Mrs. Matthews waa Urlnz
?witb a sergeant when she had a husband, the
tAVT that Mr?- Inwicher bad four
children berore she bad asy husband.
tJri0,\AT TH8 NAVT-YaRD._Once every
two months a commission is appointed, bv the
>ecreiaryol the Navy, to JUCMtain the rateT
of pay giyen tbe workmen in the District and
coiitiguoua to it, wi b a ylew to regulate th
wagv* of the mechanics at tbe Yard. The
? a lew days since, eabmnted their
ret?ort, which leaves all branches at tbe old
rates excepting tbe carpenters and ship joiners
"n ,,dTanc,, of 50 cents per day!
at ** ? 'o? dlvJded into four classes,
. . 1 3?5? aEd ?55<', and the shio
joiners into two, at #3 20 and *J 50. P
>ockth Ward StwioiT C*bh?
McKea>, drnrk, disorderly and ngltlr^
woikbonse. George Worden and Jamei ?Vlnr
r?y, defertion; military. Win. S HoUien
drunk and disord r y; do. Jo^n (fodm-vr do'
u, Jobn >arringtou, drunk; Thomas
H dines, assault .na battery: dismirsed Aisd
ior ^ *"? b?" tjr l^?ce. Oscar Harris, do^
?6'? Dunham, drunk and disorderly'
H U nrT "nd Mo^-s Dunham'
proanity; dUmiss^i. Hugh Smith, drunk)
r Jl^u^^^T^Tto the joy ^ the
city, aad cf the v 9 y Hud da8'y
visned last nitbt Vi??,*w fF.' Ut* W wara
refresh lag rain . o'clock, with a most
rh,e^hvl bra ?
tbervometer 90 to 06 in th *feala8> (the
dlately cooled off and *? lone,
sleep could * enjoV^ at
' morrtrr. howver bron'?KT *?*'"* sua this
of another scorching da? W 11 'n^icatlona
? *?"> Um
?? N?V, Yard .Si tofS toSJ"""."'
nnce and may breert Hckne.. ./ nfanat**
to. 1 he proper anther?*! l\ 1' S?* a'cended
but h* yet the nnuance rem^H "otllled
Death from Vovf dm Soian?Yeti*r day,
Mr 1hoBU Heat, bons-pain tor, nxwainr oa
em street, NHrw L and M, was proatra*?d by
gov stroke, and W?s removed to tbt bonus
where he died this ta^rnlo* abjot one d'^ocfc.
Hp was a worthy yonng man, for a long tins
foreman in the eatnblishmentof B. H.Ulementa
& Bro., I'enntyl rsnta avenue, No. 160, and
was the only support of bis aced and inlirm
m ? f~<
Bailor Robrbd.?Nijrtrt before last Joshaa
Janrte, a colored sailor, was robbed near ttte
N- vy Yard gate tf S160 by fournisn, thrive Of
whom be id blm and stopped bis cries wailfl &
fourth robbed bin.
r>BCFA8*i>.?Gideon Pearce, one of tbe oldest
and most esteemed inhabitants of 0-eorgetown,
D. C.. died at bis residence on Prospect street,
on Wednesday, in the tighty-flrsi year of his
age. < t
Chaptb a? Ioa. a?p fcM a? Snow ?The fra
trr*i>t 8' xouont i<? s Hcieuiidc composition or the
jurmt sod choicest ingredients 01 th? oriental
vegetable kincdou. Every ingredient is w-ll
known to have a beneficial effect 00 the teeth and
gums. It removes ail disagreeable odor*. even '
that of tobscco. It speedily removes those r iv
?,es which children sastafn in their t<*eth, ewing
ti improper nee ot street and acid artic'es which
in^pertfeutibly deiuroy them, bold by druggists. <
au 12 3t
A Nbw PsarcMB roa tbb Hansksrohibf,
Phalcn"Night Blooming Csreus,"
PkalonU "Night Blooming Cereus."
Photon's "Night Blooming Cereos."
Phalon'i "Night Blooming CsrsuB."
Phalon's "Night Blooming Oer ens.'
Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cersui."
Phalon's "Night Blooming Oereus."
A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume
distilled from the rare and beantxfol flower from
which ft takes Its name.
Manufactured only by Phalo* A Bos, N. T.
BIWill OF OPTT*TfcErilT8.
As* roa Phalo*'#?Takb ?o Otbkb.
Is 16-Xm 8?M v.T (gists generally.
Coughs ikd Colhs.
Tbe sndden changes of our cl-mate are sources
of pulmonary. bronchial and asthmatic affections.
E* perience having proved that sitnpfo remedies
often set speedily when taken in the early stages of
the disease, recoirse should at once be had to
"iJrMrn'jt Bronchial T'oehes." or f-ozenges, let the
cold, cough, or irritation of the throat oe ever so
slight, as by thi? precaution a more serious attack
m*v be effectually warded off. Public speakers
and singers will find them effectual for clearing
and strengthening tbe voice. 8?ldiers should have
them, as they can be carried in the pocket and
tahen as occasion requires. jr 23 lm.r
Corns. Rubiobs. Bad Nails, its.
Pr. White will be in attendance at his rooms
No 424 Pennsylvania avenre.onand after Fri
day, July 22d. jy 21-tf
?Airer Fades or Washes Out ? Upham's Hair Dye,
M cents a box. The best in nse. Try it. Bold by
8. 0. Ford, corner 11th street snd Penn. avenue,
Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria.
a6-lv _
Da. Dvfoit's Sugar-coated female Regulating
Pills are the very best in us*. They operate speedily
and 1 furtively. and being sutitr-toated create no
asnsea noon the most delicate stomach. A trial o<
tnene Pills will prove their superiority over all
others. Price SI a box. Bold by8. 0. Pord. ?im?
r th stre< t and Pa. avenue,Washington,and Henry
Cook. Alexandria JaS-lv
Difkafxs of thi Nkevoos. Sbmibal, Urixabt
as d Ssxttal Systems-new aod reliable treatment
?in Reports of the Howard Association?8ent by
mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge.
Adiir?ss P. J. Bkillin Houghton, Howard Asso
ciation, No. 3 8outh Ninth street, Philadelphia,
Pa. Je30 3m
Nxavous Dibilitt, Sbmisal Wbakbe?3. etc.,
Can Be Cured by one who has really cured himself
ard hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing
bat the irwM. Address, witn stam p,
Kdwaid a, Tbatib,
mar 2 DA W ]y Lock Box. Boston, Mass.
Wabbabtbd to Cobs 15 Six Dats.-Dr. Godfrey's
Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years'
standing will cure Oonorrhaa in *? days. No
-bange oi diet required. Price ?l per bottle. Bold
by 8. 0. Ford, corner 11th 8tr*et and Pa. arenue,
Waahlnrten. and HenrvGnok. Alexandria l?My
Ausuwt 11th, at the res.denee of th? bride's
'wilier hv Rev. H. H Oarnet, Mr. THOMAS R.
K(X)TB to Mim MELISSA ?. STARK, both of
Waibingten city. *
On the l>th of Aufust, bv the Rev. Father
McCsHhv WALTERS PLANT of Washington,
toMOLLIE F. THOMPSON, of Mobile. *
In G*CTgotown c?n the 7tbinst..hv the R?v J.
Easthnrn llrn*l Mr WM Fl K ? RY SIMMONS, to
Mif.s MARY FRANCES MOXLEY, a I of George
town, D, 0. *
Pn the ovening of Thursday, August lltb, lB6i,
JOHN . ne*d nine months, only child of John and
Maria Keye?.
1 be friends of the family are requested to attend
the tuners'on Hutnrday. the 11th. at 3 o'clock p
m., from t is father's residence on 4S St., Island.*'
At Wild wood. Md., or the Jfcth inst., LEON IDAS
W ATK INS, iiifant son o' P. L. and O. V. Moore
Tbe funeral services will take place at Oak Hill
Cemetery, at 11 o'clock to-morrow mnrniug. *
A select and varied stock of Gilt. Mediom and
low priced Paperhangings, Borders, Statues, Cen
ter Pieces, Ac.
Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown ?nd GUt Window
Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Vixtares,
Ta?f>elfc Ac.
Bilk and Worsted Picture Cord and Taasels, dif
ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment;
Picture Rings, Nails. Ae.
Tbe largest assortment of Oval Frames in the
D'.atrict. warranted to be gilded with gold leaf;
also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va
ried stock of amail-siied Oval and Carte de Visits
A few choice Engravings and Paintings always
in store.
Orders for Paperbangin^ and Window Shades
pnrctnally attended to in city orcountr.
Terms cash for goods or labor.
No. 4*6 8eventh street,
Jj J- * Eight Doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.
FirTBtsTH Stekft, orrosiTB U. 8. Tbbascrt,
Receive Subscriptions for the
NEW C. S. 73-10 LOAN
authorized by the act of June 30th, 1S&4.
Tbe notes will be issued under date of August
l&tb, in denominations of
fSO, $ 100, $300, 51,000 and $3,000,
payable to bfarer or order, bearing interest at
7 3 10 pc-r centum per annum, parable semi-an
nnally. and will be convertible at the option of
the holder at maturity into sis per cent. Five>
Twenty Bonds,
We buy snd s?ll?
GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues.
Apd pay the highest price for
J>?-tf JAY COOKE A 00.
O Street. Btticem fiiA ond 7tk. No*th Suit.
The subscriber has constantly on hand a larce
let of fine HORSES. BI GGIES. Ac. Ac., which he
will hire, sell or exchange
Tbeofflce of the Marit>oro'a6d Washington stage
line is at the above place.
Also, attached to the samo place is a fine RES
TaUKANT. Jy M lm
v> sale, in sums to suit a ppty to
an 1 dl?t Auction and Commission Merchants.
FOR SALE?A beautiful, stylish, purs blood
fifteen and a halt bands Hah, weighing
one thousand pounds, bunt in propor
tion, six years old and a perfect model
of beauty, without blemish; perfectly
kind m single and double harness, and all right In
?v.ry ?ay This H?r>e has been raised by the
celebrated Morgan stock Weeder, Lewis Sherman,
l-raodon. Vermont, to whom the present
owners refer any purcha-er for his pedigree.
He was brought here sis months ago at a great
espense. and i* now sold without a single fault, as
the owner, after various nnsueeessful efforts, can
not match him in style, action. or oo'or In an y oart
of the coanty. He is perfectly gentle, and can he
hsndled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. f he
attest!on of private families and army ofllcers is
respe< tfully Invited to this fine animal.
No hors* dealers need apply. He will only be
?old to private citisena or army offloers. JJri
He can be seen at the stables of KEL
I KHEBA PYWELL. Eighth street, between D
and E.
For particulars apply at the stables, or at the
?tore of P. J. BELLE w, 510 Beveatb street, near
Odd Fellows'Hall. if tVtf
Oopartnerehia existing hetwoea EDWARB
OWEN and SAM'L W UWIN,in the MlUtarvand
Nsval Merchant Tallorttig, under tbe firm of
R. OWEN A S9N . for the last SO years. Is this dav
by mutual e?ns?ot The bnslnjM in future will
lr co ad acted by BAM'L W. OWEN, at their old
?'and. Pennsylvania avenue, to whom pay*
meets will *e made ef a'.l ou^taading debt*due
the late Brm. . ? OWM. _
Aigvt 1.1M4. tMl lml BAM'L W. OWEN.
~ . WANTS.
the Pennsylvania Ho?e4, corner 3d street
U4 Ptnw;huUaTtDd?. tfW^N&Dll najt-Jt*
w elafStfJiSE
wot*: Apply at No. ??, Jefferson street, George
town, PC. It7
\A/ ANTED?A WOMAN, to Co**, Wash an1
'* Iron fur a frail family. To eeompatent per
son liberal wagee will be given. Apply *t No. 490
Penrsylvani aiavwme. a * 1' ?t*
1117 ANTED?A BOY 17 or W ye?rs of a*e to run
e*r?i i* flood T*-cpn>?rr*?datlon requ'red.
Apply toCHAfl. L. I OCR WO""* A. CO., 324 Penn
sylvania av.. between 9th and 1 Hh tts _ an IJ-3t*
WANTED?A CARPENTER, to work on insld ?
work. Very best of wages given to one t*?at
villsuit. Apiily at *be ten new houses on New
Jersey avenue between G and II tits.
an If-Tt* J. H 0OSTBR.
\%7 AN'TE^? A smart BOY. between the ag?s of
vv 1?5 and 17. to attend a Retail Clothing Store
Mast con e well recommended as regards honesty.
Apply at H MORRIS & CO. 8, corner 23d and G
WANTED By a young man. a SITUATION as
BAR TEN PER, in Washington, G-orgetown
or Na*y-Yard Pert, citv ref-rences. Bnquireat
KM RICH '8 RESTAURANT.corner llth st.eeiani
the avenue. an li 2t^
ANTED?ROOM (fnrnl-thed or unforaished)
and BOARD f >r a gent'e>nan and wife, witl
infant chill and nur** With a private rami'v
preferred. North of Penn. avenue, between 10th
ard l?ib Greets. Beferouce given. Address Bor
36 StafOWce. aa 12 3t*
or 18 y*ars old. to tenl Bar in ? R?S'au-ant
acd make bim't4f fenerally useful in th?plae*.
Apfly this evening at J. LYNCH'S RB8TAU
BANT, eorner K and Conn, avenue, between 17th
and 18th streets. an 12-21*
WA N f~~ED ? no.noo T. ADTK8 to call at
DEPOT, 301 V street, opposite Patent Offica and
get their
We a*e the only peri'Eg in town who mak'the
business sn exclusive one. Con<tantIy receiving
and makirg up new patterns for Braid andSilk
Embroidery. New and elegant p*tt?riis received
weekly for Yokes. Bands, Pantaletts. Cap's
Shawls, tlippers. Pin Cushions, at a. au 12-tf
obop wood. The h'ehest orio" given.
bu ll-3t* Shoe maker's Mill, en Rock Creek.
or with'n six miles of Washington, in a re
spectable neighborhood; furnished or unfurnished
Inquire at Clothiog Depot, H at. au ll-lw*
WANTED?A WAITBR. One w^o can eome
well recommerded. snd is willing to work.
None other need apply to JOS. SHAFFIRLD, dH6
6th street, bet.G and ft. au It St*
GRAPH^ST. AppU at r?l 4 7th street, Wash
ington, or at Gallery near "Race Course,' ''ies
boro', D. C. au ll-3t*
ACOOD COOK WAw T ED?Colored preferred.
None apply but who 'horonghly nfd^rstand
the business. Apply at 3o0 Estreet, between I' th
nnd iltb. au li-2t*
WANTED?A 'espectable (White) GIRL as
nn rse none that cannot ennte well rernrii ?'end
e*n edarp'y. Apply at the <H?SLING HOUSE. No
v'49 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and nth
streets. auti2t*
W~ANT*D ? A SITUATION as SalesmMT~(>r
Bookkeep?r in pmne retail, wholesale or
commission house. He ha= hid twenty y?ar? ex
perience In tha husiness Well acquainted in th?
city. Rest of reference given. Address 8. D. M.
Star Office. au ll-3t*
WANTED?A e?od plain OOOK, to go about
four miles frr.m tV-e citr. Tonne who an
derstan^s ber bns'negs and can come well recorn*
mfrdert, will obtain a permanent home and tlie
Hg'-est wsges AppWat452 8th street, betwf-nu
Penn avenue ano D street. au it-.It*
WANTED TO RENT?A oomp'etely famished
HOCPE in this rlty or Georjietow n. Addr"as
"Captain," at thin office. au iO-tt*
V17 AN TED?A YOUNG MAN in a IFurniture
* * Store, one whp is well acquainted wi*h the
h'-ainesa preferred. Address Box r>57. City Post
OWee. au in-fit
** JOYCE'S Coach Factory, one firht class
HAND rn carriage parts and eeaeral Johsing
Sleary w< rk and gocd wages. au li-3t*
A widow ladyTh fFbshbr services TO
the Ladies of Wash-ngton at- a monthly Nurse,
having had from ten tf, fifteen years exoei ien,,e.
Can give the bca* of reference. For add ess in
qui re at the Star Office. auli-3t*
middle aged Womnn, to cook, wash and ir'n,
in a fsmil* of four persons, including the narse.
A white wrnian preferred. Any one wi?hing a
comfortable home, with good wa'-es.wUI find this
a ?le*sant situation. Apply to WALTER I10WB,
37'2 Pa avenue. an l '-1t
CANVASSERS WANTED.?Four or Ave s-uart
J erUrj rising men wanted ta canvas* in the
Hosritsls and aroun't thedefewcesof Washington,
fo* C^llPH RA1GES. Distliarged soldiers pre
ferred. Agents are making from f.V? to fV) oer
week. Also, one man to go to Frederic*. App y
toJ.BARNET A CO., 2ti'2 Pennsylvaniaavenne,
Washington, D. C an 10-3t*
A YOUNG LADY, having leisure time between
the hours of !? a m. and Bom. wishes to
devote it to COPYINt?. or WRITING of any de
scription Persons wishing her services will "d
drtss "R." Star office. aa 9 Iw*
NER, to take charge of a farm and market
garden en miles from tliis city Apply at F.
BROGDEN'S Fet-d 8tore, K st.,near?2d. au 8 'w*
WANTED?% first clasa OOOK and TAKLE
333 Pennsylvania avenue. au 6 lw*
(for cash) a FARM of one or two hundred
acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania. It
must be in good cultivation with all the necessary
buildings for a well regulated farm. Address J. D.,
Boi 384. Washington, D. C. Jy ll-l:n*
Chief Quarikhvastkh's Orric*,
WasHiwoTOS Dstot,
Wishih&ios, July 29,1864
HOBSES suitable for artillery service will be
purchased at this dep-t, by the undersigned, in
oneD market, from date nntil September 1, 1864. in
lota of sis to fifty, at one hundred and eighty dol
lar*(S18" per animal; each animal to be subletted
to the usual Government inspection before being
Horces to be deli vere* to ?cd inspected bv Oapt.
C.H Tompkins. A Q. M , U. 8. A., corner 22d and
G streets, Wabhington, D. C.
Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster,
Jy2!>-2'td Depot of Washington.
description. B. bUCHLY, 43s 7th street,
)e R tf between G and H. east side.
COYLE. No 630 New Jersey avenue near the
Belt imoie Depot, are psying the highest ?asti
pries for acceptable RKCRUITs and SUBSTI
TLTES, atid are prepared to furnish Sub<titat*a
en reasonable terms to parties wishing to secure
their exemption Ladies in want of representa
tives will please give us a call. an 12 lw*
N. H. MILI ER t CO.,
No. fill Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av.
(?."s> T W KNTY-FIYE men for the army, as RKP
RESENTA1 IVfS for those liable to the l>RAFf,
N. B ?Rut ners liberally dealt with. Exemption
papt rs prepared, witu dispatch, by
au 8-3w* Justice of the Peace.
UNNEBS Bringing men to my offioe will be
raid the highest prioe lor good men, either for
the Army er Narr. _ ?
Recruiting Agent for District of Columbia,
44 6 8th 6treet,between
au l-2w* Penn. avenue and D street.
gCB8T.il-?, ICT11S|1
Having been appointed by the Mayor C the city
of Wasb<nnton the only author<7*d agent in the
District of Columbia to procure subetitutee and re
cruise to All the quota of the District, persons
wishing substitutes, by dep-iaiting their mon?v
wltb the Mayor of WaaKington, will besnpplled
with good men at once.
4 46 8th st.. bptween Pa. ave. and D St.
an l tw* [Chron. & Rep.j
tjtJBSTTTrTK.S.-Substitutes bought and sold.
H Enrolled citlcebs had better ap?ly at 183 I
st., betwaen 2>th and 2*st, before engaging a sub.
elsewhere. Will be furnished at the cheapeak
rates. JyM-lm*
Boabd for familibs or single pbr.
sons. House commodious and airy with spa
eious grounds LocaMoa pleasant. Terms mod
erate. Apply 8. W. corner 21st and H sts., near
Pa. av. ?? l-Jt*
I an bow receiving large qnantltiea of DRAUGHT
ALB and PORTER from thla oelebrated brewery,
which I ui prepares to famish on abort oottoe tg
All persona who favor me with their orders.
Orders given to aar drivers will be promptly at*
tended to.
Goods delivered la all parts of Washington and
Georgetown, free of okarge.
Union Battling D*H*. ** Greeo street
p>-tf Georgetown, p.p.
* > two doors fa.ni K st.. a #?* mlautee w
from |f-e st'tet c* s aud near the mlrket. >t
1 UUCtfl in ? plea'snt loratien, near ths A ve
nne. In??ir? at tbe Star Office. aa tf-lt'
POR R1INT-A *ood~si*?l RO ?M, suitable eithe
? 'or a newspaper or i ayuiaSter's ofBce. or ?t're
busings purpose, Apply 446 Mthatreet west, be
tween F and ?, aa II K
or without board. Two gentle'oen Br-(?rr#1.
Apply at Nu. 267 is-street, between ljSand i4th
au t3 St*
WISHED ROOMS for ren% ai M-l w"
FjH'R RENT?On* or t wo uiifj-nishe.l R'? ?\l *, <?a
second Boor, No. 4<.7 ocih 7th street above
G. .. aa ?l-?t?
FOR RENT?Twsor tbree neatly FlTR^tS iBD
ROOMS, with km, at No. ttl* G street bet.
12ti? and 13th, au ' i 3t*
P'R 'AI.K-A ?(>ry old and fine toned ViOlI ^1
It will b? anil at a hsrgaiu. Apply at fie
CRYSTAL RBfTAURANT, 3*0 D street. reit
door to 8th street au 1 -St*
TO L*T?Three ROOMS, (first flo.?r, > nswlv pv
pered to a. small, respectab'e family onlv
Rent $*? p r m<nth payabe In advance. Ae??y
at ISO East C ipi t< 1 street. an 11 ?t?
prRNianiCD-ROOMS rot RBNT.-Uomtort
1 able aud wel< furnitbed Rvoms at 4^0 i2th
atreet, between G aad H ?t? The loeat on '? ?o#
of the moat desirable la the ?it?. a i ll-H
FOR RRNT?Several p'easant R^iOMS. ine'uline
a fr nt parlor, and also one nnfuroi?h?d rnn n
either with or without hoard. ipplyat No.
l'enn'a avenue, between 19th aud atth sts , Wa*h
?me'on. D.O. ad II-.t*
FOR SALR-The three st^ry BRIOK HOUSE
and LOT. No. 461 9th street, (Island,!
tween D and R street*. The hntis!? c>ntal s nin*
rooms, and has convenient ont-buildingi Ac,
Apply toiff. D, WALLACO, at the Star Ufflee.
au il-tf
F4)R RRNT-A large *RA?IE UOUHK.on Waine
avenue, between 3d and 4H streets. Island,
containing eleven rooms. Alan. a STORK on O
street, between 4K and fitb streets, for rent. Pos
cession given immediately. Inqui's of J M.
YOUNG, Jr., 4 BRO ,403 Penn. avenue, near 4*$
street. an ll-2t'
'OR 8ALK-A new PR\MK HOUSE. contvning
fourroomt and a cellar. The lot is twenty
five feet front and one hundred and Un f *et eep
New stable and fencing. Will behold *i ModUt,
the IBth inst., at ftp tr.,at public auction The
property is situated ?;n Jd etre?t went, between U
and I. near the railroad bfid*-.
FOR RRNT-A 8TORB ROOM, No 765,corner
3d abd N Bts.. Bear the Nary-Yard, [au I -.It*
FORRKNT-A f'RAMK HOIJ*B c nt?inine fonr
roomn ard % kitchen. Apply a: No. 297 .-*1
street, no' r Massachusetts ave?uo. au tn-St*
P>R SALR-The eood will, stock and fittures of
aWHKKLRIOHT SHOP, now d .in* a ?o?d
busiress. Apply at the *hop, on Bridge street,
near the market. au l '-3t*
F^OR S ALR-A first-rate BOILRR and"RNGINfR:
Boiler nearly new; Kntr'ne in pri"ie running
order Can be seen at w>rk daily. Re-ison* for
selling a contemplated c^nnge in the b tsineso.
Address P. 0. Box S*9!4, Washington, au In lw*
POR R?NT-*iveor sit FTTR.>Ii?ngD KOHS;
1 ^?rlf<r and bed-room on the fir?t floor, com
tnniiiceting; several bed rooms n th? fi'cnnil ?n l
third floors. A pply at N?. V street, near the
Treasure, and opposite Wili?rd's II jtel,
au 10-St
POR SALR. VRRT CHR?P.?Will bi sold at a
r erfnt buraain, an OV8TER A * D K?TINH
HOF3K, wi'h all the Fixtures and Bon?? Cumi
ture, in a goo' location. Ilonse rent vers low.
R> aeon for selling, tbe owner and family dexjre to
leave fir Europe. Apply at the 8 ?r office for
address. an I i-ft*
FOR SAi7E?A FARM, containing tO a^re^dis
t in? at'ont six miles from W'a?Sin?to ?. over
the NaT y Yard bridge. A large bedv of the land
is in good tisiber, the remain ter und r cultiva
tion. including a young peach orchard AUo. a
good dwelling house and st?He. Por fu'th-r oar
ticnlars inquire of WM. 81 ORV, South C ipitol -it ,
between P and Q streets. au 1? tit"
PjR SATK^TThACT OP LAND. mo?tly w ^od
lann. about one mi'e beyoud and north of Itofk
Creek Church. containing about 34 a^res ti'lA1*.
M M&TTciKWS. Attorney-at. ia?, c"rn?r Itri'ei
snd Oongress streets, (Jenreatown. or corner 8th
ftre?t ?nd Penn. avenue, Washington city,
au 10-eo6t*
ROOMd FOR RENT?Two p|efi?H
suitable for housekeepiDg,at No. t>l l.1J? it.,
near B st . Island. au o-tt*
^JTOHK TO LKT?In ac ntril situation ligh ed
with gas, and nrovi-'ed with all nece^sirv fix
tares. Apply st K str?et betwe^i Oth and IttK
_Ali o BOY W ANTED. Apply as abovn au9- t*
For~salr-bbick hoc?* lot Tnt> PUR
MTURIt? The handsome and n??ly b lilttwo
sti ry Hrick and extendi- a. containing S roo ns.
with barn, all in complete order. No 34t* O st.
north, between lOth and Uth, Terms easr. Apply
on the premises. n8 lw*
^Ofc'LING Ilouas FOR SALE.
The Proprietor of this popular *nd well-known
Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi
ness. abd off-rs his well snown house for ?a1?
Any one wishing to engace in a LCOBATIV'E
BL'fIN E88 can call on the Proprietor, ii 7 Penn
sylvsnia avenue, between 12th and 13th sts.
a? t> HtJ
LAND FOR SALR ?a pply at tu&first hou^e from
the Eastern Branch Bridge. aud Im
FOR 8ALE? A most excellent PHA.M4 l)WRI<
LlNG,(or Boarding House, i new and in p?rfect
condition. house V4 by 4't. lot 30 by I'O feet, dl't-en
ro?n>sand two crood cellars. Immediate possession.
Situated on the north side of L street, between 22J
aud i.3d streets, First Wa*d Price t 5 H).
A pply on the premises or to M ITClI KLL <fc SON,
Real Estate Brokers, southeast corner Penasy'va
nia avenue and lf>th street aug 3 Ut*
ROOMS for-RENT, at 4A0 ? Zth street, eait
side, between O and II st?. The situation is
one of the most desirable in Wa'hington an? Im
OR RKNT~One of tbe STORE ROOMS under
Medical College on t street, n?ar 12th. Inquire
of Dr. 4. ? MORGAN,
au2 tf Corner Md. p.v.. and li'h st., Is an I.
FOR SALR?Cheap for cash, and ?arlir possesion
given, a FKaMB HOI SK. LOT aDd Q KOCBRV"
STOHR. The bouse contains six room*1 including
tbe store. Tbe house and lot m?y he so'd without
the stock if so desired For farther particalars
inquire on th? preuiises. No. 2'ib Sixth street
west, bet. M aad N streets north. au 2-9t*
f1 DR I'.RNT?One BRIOK HOUSB with 15 rooms
on Pennsylvania avenue, between *nd 6th
streets, opposite tbe National Hotel, an i one
PBAMB IluCSR on 4K street, Islaud, near R ?t.
Apply to H. 8. JOHNSON No 3 73 Pa. av , b*\
4,H and Oth stt .ov^.islte National Hotel. a'tl-IOt*
IT'OR SALE.?The sahao?iber wishes to sell a
r FARM, contafn'tig about 25"* acres 4, mo re or
lefs, distant about four roi es from Washingtou.
D. C.. o?er tbe upper Ranters Branch bridge. A
la'ue body of the land is in go id timber, and ahout
forty acres of superior meadow land. Tit e indis
Butnbld. Address J. D., Box 384, Wnshing'on.
i. 0. au l-lm*
IN THE FIRST WARD?The undersigned
will sell all or part of that valuable p> operty upon
which be renides. situated on ihe corner of Irtth
and R streets, and within one and-a half blocks of
Lafsvette Square, consisting of several handsome
BI 1LLING LOTH, one of them improved hF. ?
substantial two sU>rv Brick House aud back build
ing, with good ^tabling. The above property will
be sold low for cash. Enqu ire of T. DRURV.
Wood & Coal dealer, near the War Department, or
op the premises. jy 1 ??lin*
SHOW CA8EH FOR SALE ? Jast received eight
elegant COFNT BR SHOW CASKS bv the best
makers in New York. Apply t?P.J. BELLS# A
Co.. 5IO 7th street, three doors aouth of Odd Fel
lows^Hall. ly 21 tf
TO RENT-An elegant HOUSE, with brown
?tene front, partially furnished, with all mod
em ituprovecneuts, centrally and pleasantly lo
cated , No. 444 B street, near the residence of Sec
retary Chase, together with large brick stable
Tbe premises not to be rented for a boarding
house. For particulars inquire of Hon D. E
SOMES on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE Kl.Y.
No. 27 4v% street. PosM.seion given immediately,
te ft-tf
1* C0RNlLir8 HAMPTON, who came to thi?
el'y about three nioBtt a ago, will leave word st
tbe S'ar OfPce where he can be found, he whl ?'str
of Wm. Mali' ry. It*
Pi RSONAL ?WM PRINOR. 381 F ?tre t, oppr
Mte the Ps'etit Oli e. is th? nnlv one in town
who does FLUTING, having three very ?l*?*it
machines t i w iu operation. La lies who dfe-ire
this very fashionable trimming should ?i?e him a
Call. Stamping ir> all its varieties elegantly dune
Stamped We ds, Braid and Silks for sale au 1.' tf
All di rasrs ^privaii natorr
I>R. BRCHTINGEK, formerly Surgeon ia
charge in the Austrian aad Italian army, oo
cnpied bimselt with the treatment of ail kinds of
diseases. Particular attention given to Female
Diseases and Private Dls???ea. Besides the knowl
edge of three old langunf?s. he converses In Kug
lish, French Italian, German, and Spanish Ian
fuggea. Bis luiisHal Commissieos and his Diplo
ma* from the moat oelehrated university nt Eoropr
hang In his ofRoe. No. 499 Seventh street Dr.
Re?htiogerU very mnch eoeoarag*4 to hare during
tbts very abort time the patronage of tite puhtie of
Washinvton. aa. among many others not pah
I'shed.the followlBgoertiflcates mar be attested:
" This is to cerVf) that I have been troubled for
the last three years with a chronic disease, resist
Ing all medieal treatment, and which through the
aid of Dr. B?chtanger;I have been perfeetly cured
"Washington city. 1st June. 18?4. G. DONS."
" Your treatment of my involantary diacbarge
and roar aueoess in It, recommend von ver* high
lr. t. L. smith "?
What German newspaper, (Welter Columbia.)
**'^*After a lo?? aioknesa my poor ehlld became
dropsical, to which time I call to yon. dear sir. aad
you saved him. MA800N & R.
R street. No M8."
**1 had tried all specifics, without any effeot.
against the ohreoic lung disease of my eldest sob.
antll under your treatment he Improved
"Maryland av., Itth at. MULLER. Painter."
All these aad many other very dtffioult eurea
have been made by Dr. B. is the above sp^cins i
time. Regular ofloe hours front to II a. m ,aad
4 to* p.m. For the poor and aafortunate posi
tiTely obIf from II to 11. ttedloinea witnoat
charge. I*<* *99 Seventh street, opposite 01-1
Fellows' Hall. au 10 lm
<?i > i i ? ? ^
BrTTniNo ?<ots peontin^
T a"d 0
ff?tVr A v? ?? |,,h ln?t , we "h?H in
.?* yj'jt*!* ?*??>'??*? m . thefoil win#
tfwjt otste? tu U No*- W-16
tbi'N ~
mt, .
A'e?. on ?'HiDAT, the Wh Inst , weshaMsell
in flMtnt of the premise*. at fi>f o'clock, Lot {*,, 94*
in *1)0are Wo fifift, bsvine a front o? 41 feet ?u Half
iwreet west. between M and N stretit* South. near
the comer of N street; ru n bac? <6S feet 7 Tt>che<
to a 3 feet alley. and COn'ains r.57t'S square feet.
Terms: One-third ca-h; bal <nce in 1? and lj
mouths for notes besrio* lnter??t flr?m day of
Bale A rieed g:?en and a deed ? f tru?t taken.
All conveyai ring at the co?t of ihe purcka-er.
Tlt.'e kBdinputabi*- ai d ?ner?ntee<?
an 8 d GRaEN A WILLIAMS. Auct*.
Y W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneer*.
On SATURDAY MoRN 1 NO. August It. com
n encing at io o'clock, we will sell io front of oar
auction room* a la'ge as<ortment of furniture.
Household Pffects, A c., sucb ? *? m
Mabofany marfcle-top Bureau? and Bedstead*
Cottage Hpdatead* and Ma'trts-?s
Hair Mattres***. Feathe- Reds and Pillows
Pprina Bed*, Tables, Chairs
f(i rolls white aud check Matting
Potas. Lounges. Hurea -a
Coolingtnd other Stoves ?
lS^ols. Congressional <?lohe
w th a large variety of other furnituraand house
h<>'d effects of parties breakiog up huueeki-epiag.
Terms c*?h.
au lt d W. L. WALL A CO ? Ancta.
BY WM. L. WALL tO, Aucta
At the Borae Bazaar. 9S? La. arena*.
?*n SATURDAY MORNING, l.tth in*., at n
o clock, we will well, at the Bsraar, the beaiMfuI,
etvlish, pure blooded BLACK HaWK MORGAN
HOR8K, US hands bish huilt i . prop >rtiou ; if) 6
years old, and is a perfect model of beauty. with
< u . b euiish, warranted kind in single or double
bairec*. A lad v or ho* can drire him,is a perfect
pet at.d all safe for a family. jv
This fl?e horse has teen raned by the celebrated
stock-breeder. Lewis bherman, Esq., Mraadon,
Vt.. to whom the p es"nt owner refers any pur
chaser for hia pedigree.
Lie was brou?ht here si* months ago. at a
fspenst* and is now so'.d without a "ingle f*uit,
as the owner can not match him in si)le,color, or
a*"i-n in sny part of the country.
The attention of private families, army office,
and evtrv person in search of a brautiful animal
ia respectfully invited to this sale.
Uecan be seen in harness or saddle at 9S o c.lo*l?*
at 1110 Bazs*r, on th?* morning of stl*. or at the
sxablesot KELLEBBR A PYWJCLL, 6th street,
between I' and K ? ,
V. 8.?This i" the Fame Morgan Horse adrertised
at private sale the p%Ht we-k.
an ll-d HM. L. WALL A CO.. Arict*.
Y WM, L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. _
At the Horn Eazaat 9S Louisiana av.
On SAlI'KDAY MORNING. August 13. ?oui
m< ncine at 1" o'clock, we sha'l sell at th* Bazaar
and Re?ository. No. 9* Louisiana avenue, bo
tween ?th and 1 th s'reets. comprising about
Inclndirt.<r wire valuable harucsi- and saddle horseg.
Full defcription at sale.
a 1. so
Liaht Waao'-s. lrt arbons. Trotting Wat ns. large
\?hj;oi*, f-uitahie for sutlers; family Carria je?,
one Carr age suitable for a Hack, with which (he
f-aiewill Ct nameneo.
ai.so ?
Terms cash, . _
au lo-d W. L. WALL A CO.. Auot*.
|^Y W. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneer*.
On 8ATUR0AY next. ?.tt>>* Vclock, at store No.
30? I'enn. averne. we shall ?ell. a good lot of
Furniture. Brddingand Dr? Good?,
Sueeiii'grt, Shirts, Bo-.is and Bboes. tc.
A'so. ?ru r second-r aud O old Watch?a, and *er
eral Silver Watches, In good ordt-r.
au 12 W. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucts.
Y W. L, WALL A CO., Auctioneers.
On TUESltaY M'?HMN?+. ?6tfc instant, wn wlU
s -1 <. in front of the Auction Rooms,an assortment
ol G roreriea, cousi> ting ?t ,vk> and bjx.es of
Pnre>t gronrf -""i g.ain Cofiee;
10 hal f chest* TOk,
B<>??* boap. Sin. a, ai d Candles;
2.iui grofh Bottle t orne,
B"*e Cannewl *rni?sand Meats;
B"*es Panels. Mushrooms, A c ;
Boxes Claret. Ct ampagne, &c ;
Barrels butt *d Whiskev:
Lem j B ?nd? and Gl";
1< ?a'rels por'o Ri :o Molaa?e?;
50 bale- Tie Y- rn;
4 cases Indigo hlue;
hoaee pepn r; _ .
fO harr'l* Whiskey Brandy, and Gin;
1 barrel Pine Apple Brai dy;
Barrels Hiassware and Tumbler*; .
Boxes Tr-ba?'.ro 'L ttle Fanchon, 'Black Dift*
m?r d," "Royal Hem " "Pine Apple*''
M) 0 0 Cigare yarioo* bran^l
an 12 d W. L WALL A CO., Auct*.
I^y'jaS. C. McGUIRE a CO., Auctioneer*.
On PHI L) * Y AFTERNOON, August 19?h. at
r'clock, on the p emi'eg, we sb?ll aell six Lota,
fionting each 17 feet 9^ inched on l)th street, be
t*c n 1. and M streets notth, and runn'ng back.
li.11 feet to a in foot alley Also, sis Lots fronting
the same on a St foot alley in the r?ar.and running
bark 67 feet to the ln-foot alley, being subdivisions
of Lots 1.1 and 14. io 8quare No. 197, belonging to
St. Vincent's Orphan As>lum. ?
Al?o L-tsNos 5, *,7'and 8, in Square No 117,
frontingti eether2'2 feeton north L..street, be
twetn '6'h a'id 16th str?ets. to be subdiviaea into
building lot*.
Also, l.ote U 21.2?. 23 and 21. in aubdivlsion of
Square No 1H3 fiontiog respectire'y oa Isth st.,
betwten Land M streets and M street, between
llith anil 17th st*. west. . . , ,
Terms; One-third cash; the remainder in *ik
and twelve months.with interest,secured by a deed
ot trust <-r the nremise*. . . .,
A pay nit nt of f*u on each lot required at the
time ? f s<le. ...
Cost or conveyancing an d stamps to be paid by
^aV'lTd1"1^1, J O. MoGUIRl A CO.. Anet*.
? JORRuME'? COLLEtiE. Pikesville, Baltimore
I ? county, Md . open* i a nintb annual seseion on
MONDaY. th? ftth 'f Septemher. P.O. address,
R v. E. 0. tVALDRON, Principal of Borromeo
l ullege, Tikesville, Md^ *n I't-lw
fJIOEtoKOWB ?A?>?>I0C?
No. 1QP Bridge st., betweei. Congressand High sM.
The annual t-xercisesor this Ins'itution will com
mence ou MONDAY, the 6th of Sep to!1?,1; n?t-.
Ctrcuiara can De cad at Mr Oraadell a Book
store, Georgetown, or Mr. Joyce a B ?o<store,
Peon, avenue, neHr 2"th s?reet. Vk a-<hingt<in.
Rev. OLIVER CO< Principal.
?"Car tickets will he supplied by the Principal
to pnpils residing in Waehiugton, at bail price.
an ^eolm'
Military boarding soHoou-on Balti
more Railroad, 16 milee from Philadelphia.
Pupils have the benefits of a home; thorough
course In Mathematics, Languages, Eaglish Ac.
Number limited. Terma moderate. Received at
anytime. Fine Library and Apparatus. Addres*
Rev. J. HERVSY BARTON, A. M., Village Green
seminary. Delaware eonnty. Pa IT 9-7w
\I Thoae pernon* who may be disposed to pur
eh as* Georgetown Corporation 8toek,whioh bears
an int< reet of *1* per oent. per anmim, payable
quarterly, can obtain, *ome by applying lo WM.
LAIBP. Olerk of *ald Corporation. Je ?-dt81
I Potomac To? Company's boats, "Potomac."
"0o?. Onrtin" and " Bella Haven." Apply to tlM
Captain* on bo?rd, or J?)HN g DAVIDgONf
By U- Water streat. Georgetown.
IV'OTIC*.?I have opened anew BAR0IR SHOP
on 0 street, between 1st street and New Jer
sey avenue, at doyl i's Hotel, where I will be ?Ud
to see my firlends And eulrto^#rJilUTNIR<
0 street, between'1st and NJ.ar.,
tyT-lm* Boyle's Hotel, near the Depot
l^tlBIOlEATORS^ 0OOLlMVi |1ffi
We would call the *ttention of the puh
lie to f nr s ock of REPoIOBRaTOBB
and WATFR COOLKBb whieb we ftre
cli eit k out at prim- cos* We ad vise all ^
In <iu?*t ot the abeve articles to CJT^JLM?T7
a-: S-2w _ _ I** street, near I. _
W* lSOSM"MT?D MiRCB MH, '^6*.
tnwtkl) Hi VI Ms. Presideut aud Treasurer.
RDWAkU OLAttK. Yice President andPjcretary.
J.J 0r0MB*. S. V. NILB8,
TbisSuuk i* now open for the ^n'isiamTa^r'
at the a "w Banking Uouee, No 08 Louisiana ay
enue, under ???"D^XKb^'cLA^K, Secretary.
BXCBA?l?e. eOin A?? 81^11^ AND OIN
)rV lm JOHN R 1LVAW8
SIY5. ?1T?.
WAsTDsr astmsit^ {
Visiinroi. D. oTjuly 16. IftU \
One hundred and seventy-five dollars ?H7*> ea ;b
wtlibe "aid for all CAVALRY HORSES that p ?sa
Inspection at Giesboro Depot, until ?therwi? or
Hour-* of inspection from 9 a. m. till? p.m.
JAMBS IT?KIK.Ltewt.Oolcjei
us Ohief Quarter master.
fyVia ?"??^ye^r Bvmm.
1 f i tl
mi)M DAYS.
gY OB UK ft
foe ?*ia~r
All that ?art it Let u, is Ui. u4 ihg
nnlldii.* iker* oB, oob*I*Ud? yfa two itw;
floone cent* cice about six room*. "n
kr?>?n as 55ft Sd street wwt, betwfrn sottth 0
and Virif r t* av
If the above prop?r'y be not aoH M private aata
ot> or before 8A1 L RDA ?. t>? U h 4ar ?* Aug***,
,r.^ Tfum&trSr-ffr'a
So.u.T.i.?. ???. HIttKK.
Attorney at Law, SH ??.<
Bruit k?tr<M.
to H GREEN A WILLI A MB, t?rw.
|^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*.
? . Ac . Ac , AT AUCTIUN.
Od MOND*\, the i?th instant,a* I0?'*loek a.
m.. w? ?V all *ali at the store of Mr G. W. MlllWi
corner ot 7th street ea?-t and I street aouth. Navy
> a?d. * good assortment of Groceries and Lnuors,
T* af> P"gars and Coffees, with an a**ort?a?rt of
otl.er ?ro'eri??, usually kept to ? family
grocer* store
Also a good It.i of Liquors, ia Draft and b >ttle*,
and the ?'ore iixtures. aur.h 4, Platform m!
Comtrr Sra'es, Mvasures, Stand Ca*k*. Ac., Ac.
Termii ra*h.
an * d 1 B?-p } GREEN A WILLIAMH. Aue%*.
|^Y JAMIl1 C. McOL'IRB A CO.. Auctioneer*.
On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Au*u*t 15th. at ?
o'clock, i n ik* pmpUm, we*ha.la 11, LotsNoa.
M sod 16. in Square No 661. divdad into
si > able building lots, frontirg about J-1 feat eaefc
od 3d street meat, at the corner of north R atre*t.
Terms : Oi o third In sash; and the remainder la
ft and u month*. with intereat secured by a dead
ot trn?t on the premise*.
Ci dv' yances and atamp* at the coat of tha pur
A payment of $20 on rvh lot required at thg
time cf a&le. J AS 0. McGUIRS A OO.,
an 9 d IRea ] Auct:oi}*ar?.
j^Y J . C~ UoQUlRJI A OO., AaoiloDMn.
andunimproykd PROPBRTT
Under and by virtue of a decree of the duprem*
Court of the District of OolumMa, sltitn? tm
equity, passed July 6th, IS&t.ln a certain csaaa,
wbe.ein Sarah Ann Brown and ethers are aaaa
plait ants and Ambrose A.Brown and others ar?
defendant* No. 2vl ?quity. we ah ail sell on iba
premii-es. on MONDAY the 29th da* of Auruat,
c*inTn*i cinif with the fir^t Darned, at 6 o clocfc |.
Di ? l ot No. m Pquare No. S38. frontlna SO fa?t
?,o n.-rth K s'reet, at the corner of Second street
wect. tnd running bark 100 f**t to I Kt fMt llUf?
Also the north part of Lot3S. in Jaa O. McOnire*
pubdivi?i'?n of 8qu?re No. 62t frontin* 16 f?et f
inches o> Tenth sti eet west betweeu Q and H at*,
no'th, and runnina back 130 fee* 4 inches to a ?
foot alley, and improved by a three-itorr Brtak
Dwellin* House.
T? ms : One half in cash; the rsBjalader la aiM
an<l eighteen tnontha wi*h interest from the day
of "nie. to be secured by the bonda or notes of tA?
purchacers, with a surety or suretiea, to bo a?
proved of by the trustee*.
Upon the fnll psyu.ent rf fhe pnrcaa?e mon#y
and iut^rest, the trustee* will convey t^ prop*c
^Al'conveyances and stamps at the co*t o'tk#
nnrcVaser. Ifthetermsof sala are not Comp tea
with in five days thereafter, the trtutee* re??;v?
the ri*ht to redt-ll. on one ? notice, at Mi
rink. aiid ex e of th? dpf*nltln^ purcdaser.
nh GEO W DTVATI, tTrv^U-*
snfi eo&ds JAS.O, McGUIRK fc CO.. Aa*W. _
|>Y J. C. McGUIRR A Co., Auctioneara.
On TCE9DAY AfT1RNOON. Au*Tt*t2S. 1W4. b%
6 o'flock, we shall sell, at public *a'e on the pre?.
ist-s. \he west halt of riqaa e No. 818, froatinc a%
nort* M, Ponnd?rv, a. d Mb streets east, eoav?ia
ii>? aboo4 ?4 8/8 square feet, in lot*
cha-s?r*. 1 hi* property is located near Raodail
^ T?rirs of sale : One fourth rash; tha balanc* ta
6. 12 and IS months Deed (riven and deed of Ira*
taVen to secure'bo deferred parment*. . ..
A1 tho writices and Government atamp* ai (V
cost of the P?>"<hw,er8-j0nN g KENDALL.
Committee ofNatloncalB?n.Gna.r^on.
an 3-f_o? ds I Bop 1 Auctioneer*.
pi o. McGCIRB A CO., Anotiooeara.
at 6 t VI- ck, on the premisee. we *^ia 1 sell L'-t N*.
8 in Hqnare No. 79, frontin* 60 feet a1* inches oa
the toit side of north G street, between list saA
22d t-treets west to be sold teaet^eror divided iuto
two bnildin* lots, as may be desired.
Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in alt 1*4
twelve mon'hs. wiih interest, secured by a deed ??
trust on the premises.
CoDveyancee Mkd stamps at the coitoi in? ptf*
^a'u 9-rt>A i* J? C. McQUIRB A CO.. Ancta. ,
|?T j7c. McGUIRR A OO., Auetionaera.
(itS'VkSTi'a\^A PTRRNOOH Aorart 3".
o'clock, on the prcralBes. by virtue of a deed pf
'trust, dated May 7th, 1857, and duly r*oorded La
Liber J A 8 No. 133. folio* ? et -ea , we shall
sell all of Lot No 6, in Square No. 63S. frondny l*J
feet on Firxt street west, at the corner of *on?l? W
street and running bach ffl feet, subdivided lato I
Lots 16H.I', and one Lot 20x^0.
Terms ca>h. . .. ^ .
Conveyance* at the coat of the pnren*aar.
A cas*' pavment of $?) on each lot w?Jl be repaired
At thetimeh. GILBEBT, Trmateo.
jy n d J. C. MoQClRB A CO.. Auota.
DY J. C. MoGUlRB A CO., Aaetioneera.
By vir'ue of a decree of tha Supreme Court at
the District or Columbia, sitting in Mtmr. anA
paHR? d in a certain cause wherein Mary A Koena
is complainant and Jamen E Sinith ?t al.
fendauta. 1 sh?ll proceed to sell, in front of taa
premises, on THUBSDAY. the 1-th day of Ancaat
Bext, at 6 o'clock p.m., all that certain P'???.?'
parcel o' ?r0'ind situate. Uin* and bein* id th?
city of Washington, in the Diatrict of ColamMaj
an<l designated as Lot marked and lettered L.
it Robert J Boche's snbdivisioa oT parta or l.otl
numbered twelve < 12'aod thirteen 'JS.HnlMW*
numbered two hundred and eichty a>*. (IM.IwitA
the improvements thereon, consisting ol A B?Al
and substantial brick dwelling house, t .
This prorprt? fronts on 12th 'tfiM WMt. M*
tween N?*w York avenu^ and I street north, ia A
very desirable section of the citv. _
Terms o1 sal?: One half cash .to ba paid on tkedar
of sale; the balance in si* months the purchaser
*ivin? hi* note, satisfactorily eoaoraed.ana OrAT
mtt interest from the day of sale. t
All convejancinK Government stamps at
the cost of the purchaser^ry Lhoyj) Trntlte,.
an 2 eo&dfl JAS.^. McGCIRE A CO . AacU. ^
y\ e rt v. |
Ojfic? >./tht Wa>liin*to* Aiufiitti, >
Wa.'HISOtox. D. O , Aucust 3 iM? >
Will be sold at public auctioa, on TUESDAY.
Auaust 16 commtncin* at 10 a. m., at the Boca
Cret-1> Bridge. . . .
A !arge 1.1 of miwellRieoiiB property connected
with the M arhington Aqueduct co aistln* .f una
stationary Steam En*ine, about 36 ton* oi?
Wrought Iron. ?1 tons o'd Cast Iroa.7? barraij
Hydraulic Cetient, 1 ufl pound* Asphalt.6 aaphal*
kettles, 5 stone s ows. 63 aw feet B. M. rid J ioa
ber. *ereral wooden building's, tog ther witn A
large lot of hoisting and travelling cranei. blocM
ai d fall*, wire and he*ip rope, derrick*, suoveia,
wheelbarrow frame*,strap and T rail*, a quantity
"'A"above property ia situated at 6
the Govern a eut warehouse l,a hrBat
tributing Restrvoir, Cabin Joha Bridge, urea*
Falls and feneca quarries. ?n..rtrln each
Descriptive p inted lists of the property'n e?e,
locality will >.e fnrnifihed an and after ?ha tWA
'"xb^salV w?lTtake plac* on the groun4, eeeapt
l?? me win m* ouarrie*. which wiU b?
aut-Ilt Chief Eng. Washington Aqu?1 act_.
OJfice oj Ckuf Quai irrma*Mr. >
Wa?Atniton, D C., 4wm?cJ ISM.\
Will be sold at Public Auction, to tha hi? Kaat
bid ler, at the times snd places named below. vt? :
Beading. Pennsylvania, TIICBSDAf, Auguat it,
Altoona, PcBD*ylrania, THURSDAY, August V.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, T H C BSD A Y, SeptomUof
^ isburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, 8a??
''fwo hundred (no cavalry horsks. ??
**The^'e^oraee have been condemned A* unit fa*
the cavalry service ef the army.
F<>r road and farming purposes, many good oar
gains may be bad..
Horses sold singly.
Term* cash. United Ptat^curren T.
J %M ISO A ??? . -'.taf
Lt. Ool. and Chief
AuC-t^eg _ UiT" '
CAL1 Of OONP?MW?P HOMRg A!,D 11 aL18?
Ok?*/ Quartermajlm'i \
vmi v ia f Saetiom. at tua OoA-ali
Wlllb* ?old at .ubl ; city of Washing oa.
near the ObjervaorE ^^ojnat 10th, 18M, IM
D W?n\ wa^*NY An?' ? lotof
. P, fit for public serv.ee.
cordemnad a* ""SJ,V^ritment fund*.
Term* e**h, >n 1 t ^ O'eiock a. m
Sale to comm* nee p H EC OK IE,
Rri*. G??. An4 0h,?f 9? -
. a Brl* Depot af WaaklngtoA.
Jy za-q ?'
fpENTS! T,5r^iyi IVlfshrONDM WnMD
? f all *i*e? and deacripttoaa,
on band an* made to order M |OH..
?u8 ?w* 63911th rt., Bear EUer1* wu?n.

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