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i VHi. XXIV. WASHINGTON. 0 C.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 30. 1864 N2. 8.589
i*fira,,a. late fron> a 0"rthern aitr.
?P her r??n ,,rln the pnhli- that <h? ha? u?aa
*h ana^ .k^?1 %t nn ??* k -fee'-. m*ffn
foietell fi.t, prepared to read the pv?t and
iwieieii future ernnts. so ti im*
a 11 lun7fc , ;t whom it l)u?.crTit. ? all
??i.'ioi ed a?*"i*t illi,i(f
* ? - ?a
pfoktu tv mc ? k>u? ?? ??-* ? - . . j _
aiding igainftt th? improper u?? of tr*j8 toara ,
*1 wooh ml*o uotlf* mv cortom r*
?ill be . x acted for all bottle"lout hj th?^j afmr
SAiadate. k11>15v A. 8(1 inn,
Union Bottling Depot. ar" ,iw **_>
aug 18. iafe4. |aul9lmj (merytowa, d 0.
Pbbthjft AL ? w .* kbinok 3^1 p str?-t, o*ik>
mi* tl.e phtchi oh r. is tb? only one iu i?i?u
who do?? flctlnu bavtng thrwc very el*g?ut
mtchmih DOW in operation. l,%iies who ?i -*ire
this very fat-hioriah'e iriroinin* ahould give hiin a
?nil. ftanjpiug ii" til it* ??riiiti?< (li-knutlt <? ?ue
ftamprd wood* Braid and fiik* for sale an li tf
F cm ALB c^mpii* in th ncrii* partioltr a't-ao
lion at Dr darbvrt ofll-e 4?j.j tth stre-t
between D and k. toon- in n?-d of twli l?utal
?<l*i?>rcH. besnited hy cabin* on ti a. aus iin"
Pbiv atb complaints Are treated, either
personally or by letter. a' Or. wooo'i oflc.?,
4 9* 7'h ? ireet 5ep%rat? roams Tor patients. Of
fice open day and ni? tit. ajSI'u*
MADiMB a iioL 1 A b (vorldltlcsf kotkul
1? announce to her friend* an i the paulia
feneraliy, tliat ahe is n<>* si-tli-d p-ruiautsutt) iu
onse no li49 0 s ri-et. hrvr?**a ?u'1 -?th <'n .
islaud. "here she in pr pareo to rtntd.toal' ? ho
require it th? i'a^t. prw?*ni huh cii*'irv
an impressed medium. s'ii- i? able to advi*e aul
?out-el with safety upon all matter*. eip-i-ia'ny
busine** matter*. ?>r in laet tncthinit of import
ancs i a-*ie>. 7."> rents, '}?nm>,in c $1 ii Can !???
eon-ulte'* fr'-ni h a ra ou it " o r> t'J ^ 2?'
tra VEIiERS dj k k(V| < ?r v.
ncaflt hi)
V hi i lboa it f Hi I SI f .lii.il
wilml kk kt
VIA ? k8t jilflt h.A ?JHH
At i> a. ci.. accouinjotatiuu <lur ?t i-^ k rn
at lo a. (ii., expr?-n? dott at p rn.
>t ?>? a m.. ?t|ir?n*<lur a'4 o m."
Be'tiroine. !?????? caim m*??
A a ci 'tihvk' itm- ?t ?is * >n
11.4a *fcnmino-*ati<im lor ?t ih p. tn.
8.!' p. m ?*pr?"?? dn?"?ts*< p in
thronifv wi'hoqt ch*n<>* of carx or bairtratce.
f?*w car?. and w*?*rybif>^ 1r?t-cli?-i??
>????? im j. van r it kij * it h, j'opi.
valti*iokk ai?n hhih ram.m<??i?
On and aftpr f'uii'laj jun? i't'i, '*(? uail* tra'n?
will >>?? run t?v?w^r? wit-sin^t.^ ?n,< n?w **>??%
an^ w,.k! n|t*"fi ?fi'' 'h? wait
you 1'uiladkli'hIa ytcw ruRH *nu
leave washinjtton a* 7 ?i ? m.. 11 ifc a. ia.. ana
i.) p tn da'l) -noep* hiin<1?y.
'?t? rnwda* ?t e..tp p r-> <>n'?
r<>h hAf,1 IM'tHh A.\'l* HHILAOHLfHlA
Luave w?*flbtu?ton at sp q.datlv. mwot hi)?.
rv<e??<ti> will note that thin tram runs at- tar
?e fhilad-lpbiaonly
nm nkw yithk.
l.eat* waahincton da;'? at <4 %> m.
TTttS tratn m ftm vnrt pumnif" u'jatirnt
run n 4 l ri v>mc
Leave wa<bim?tnn at 4.m ? m..lt ia a u.,Jp
tn . 4.4Ap. TO . 7,a? p. m . tod s..*' p to ."trkp.
oa bandar at 7..w a m.. .1 p. m ?o<i h ?i p m.
foh all part* of rnr **,vr.
l^ave wanbinirtob at >>..*? a to. and ) 4 41 and fl.a
9 m. daily "*i ?>p' sunday
oti pundnv at 3 and m p m
tirkm? ?oid tr> all point" wrst. and wdm*
cA<rk.r> /ir.'rw \
Leave wubitifuiu at 6.j(i a. to and 4.41 ?. m
dall) , exerp' >4tip<iay .
no train for Ar.napvlis ou bunoay
truina l^a?'n* waabi'ivtoa >?t 7.ji a. to and
0 .*> p ra *0 throng*- to New vnrk >r'lkn?t 'wo
Of 11?'
.?"i#?-pin* earn ou r> and ?..t p u traiuo tf^rtup
can *?? wcu'nl until 3 pm. dail> a' "ticket of
fir* after that hmir fbpy mo?t h? ?hfgm /?* tta?
?twpinx car eondiietor
th?? "r*t and ifth train* ?t??p ai an ?*t poiutA
tbf s p. m train ?top? on'* at hladon<hara
jw'millt, l.nnnil annapoli* Jnnrtion and Rnli>
n -"?- 1aiiy. etrcpt f>undav
On Bnndav ?? "'"ik at a" ?%? point*
haktictji.ah n'ol ick.
pa^e?rirera will plxaee ot)*erv?- 'bat the 5 p. m
tmin rnn? onl? i> /?? ?.? I hiin-i-lvk n daily, txtrr
S*m- ay. On sunday it run* to Rij^'ntin ,onti. A!a?.
that ?ha fi.at v. m t?/??? mir#? V??? V"?? >/io>?tw
am /v
for further ldforuiati"i>. ti'-fcem of any mn'i
A r . apply to (iEO j. riiovt7,, n<?rt at *???>
'.br'in . or a' the tirke' Offit-a
w P j4with ma-r^r of Tr-kiixportatioti
L m COLK 4;?n^i-a> t'ckpt a<?nt |e jn tf
to tup
NORTH"est ?> i/iu'fmf kt,
\jl* .?.? l> * r i k h b IS h 1? i t>
trniua ?ill Irate b*li:more Troro the Nnrtb 0a
vert matind an follow* !
pa^t Mail at " ?
harritbury ^ficmtjiniwalion-fc.. j.1*1* p m
Li?btnin? ??pre?* 9-*> P. m.
TBI ?> 30 A M 1 tvaln P?'?* abuinoto>
ci'uiwru1 with llirs.*'? <>?. tr?iu ituu. Raltiu?-?r?
for Pi,t?hur? and t!i? w -t,an i f-r k'inira. Bnff
atn roch-htet. d'inkirh. Cauan<iai?n?. aed n't
aaa'ra Fa"*, an" *nr N?w York eite
TB* 1 .WO p M. TRAIN khtim washington
conu-ct* aith tbe x.3)1 p c tr?>? ftoin Half
mora-for clmiraand the North and pittflborp
and th? w-at
pl.kkpinw oaki4 ?N NIOHT trains.
8<>lpi?ai>' t101 kt* *T 0()t|n*?*t Ha tps
ON* THROrnH trafv on hl'nn? |f.
L<?w FABB AND qhiok TIMB
?sp"Por tie*fts ana an> ?nrorwatjoa apply at the
offin <?f the Oreat P?nnayl ?auia ruoi? joruet
i'?nn * v*?u?* and >>tk . uod?r natioaai Hotel
wwkiiitot 1 N ocr\RRV
8ttpnnbt?nl?d' 1 1 R h
r t wil.KINIi,
Pa** and tleket eor 4th ?1 and
h?*-tf P?nn a?-nna.
0. W. BOTbLBR. jno. w. b0t1lbb
V. %?. botelkk it ?05l,
tahlk CUTLBRY. 81 l* kk- platkb ty arb,
BRITANNIA wark. block TIN u04>us.
TIN chambkr 8ets. COAL 4)| l LAMPS,
japannxd waiters, door matts,
fjf A * H BR dlbtbbb. BRUcUBs,
ti(ki|l waii*. and
boi m(kltki>l^li ARTICLE!* g^vrrally.
%J- HorSBS. avd btbambi>at3
vlbn1bued AT 8uobt ."oxic*.
SI- ifclthall,
17 eortm b?tw??-u fib and I tb rt*
'f'llll h Phkmb C? crt UP TUB DMTRICP
i of cdlcmhia holding a Dia'nct Conrt of
tbe i'nited 8'at*t> fc>r the ?*iit i'mtrict
To all *rkn-n concern tr/rtmi :
nolii* ia h?-r*hy that o? tha t\ day of an
ikm. the ?. hiiioe1. L B. Oowp?*rth?aiu?. ?o
le ?r.d ap ttrl, 'nr..itur?, ac., were aei* <1 for
* ?>Iation ct tt>? R. v?nue Laws by th?* hated
b aiec Collector of cu-tom* at goorttnui*#,^'
C and hrou*ht tliefan*?i*u> thi' dllirtct . 1
a't uuieatoin. *nd theju-ime are libelled an'l ftp*
intefl 1 n thi* roort ,fir> the name o* th? fnltea
p'av *. for roDdemnaflon: ?nd have b?*en arretted
b? tbe n>ar>hal for the r>mon' in tue tibel atate' ;
rnd tfc?t i"-id t*ui? will aland for trial at the oity
lal ir>the?4tynf v4 a?hiti^ion. ?>n th- ftr^t Mon
day n ^eptem'-er next, when and where %ll p^r
j'r" ??Hied to appear tn *h?? c*U"? why itnit
? mna'io* *>?(> m rot be decreed, and to int?r
Ten- or their interent*.
!8;n^,a1h'4 R, J. MEI'ih, Clerk,
an 3 Sawxd
^ybullkry uobbbb wantkd AT onc*.
ch!?r iJI!ih: khttadtbh ? Of #?0?, )
V> ai?h MOTON uuhot.j
Vl arbin<. :0!?, Jul? !??*?? ?
hob8b8 w>ubl? for artillery ?er?i?*? wtli he
?arrhaeed at thi* deP t. by the auder*i(ned. in
oreu mamet. frc?n? <la'e ontil i*eptetnher i. i"v4. iu
ujof at one hondr-a aiut ei*h-ydol
jy? p-r amuia': ??rh animal to h? anbj* 'ad
tothen?ual so?tr*mmt inapee.tinn bef.ire heintt
^.d ti. be delivers u, a..d tnhpeeted ?v0apt
c ii tomrhin* * w c. ?. A . corner-.id and
o ?treet*. wa*hin*ton. D. H_
to#-r*u ch^otw^r.?^.
rj' ba M8r ers wantbu.
< ??(/ <JuattertH>i*lri'* ? >?. w?? of "ras4??*i0_ >
iva)4ia<iiia. D. i-.. Ant. 10, '}
t* auted, at nnrr. five hu >dr 4 if) 0 , i '
md i u'? Tea- ?t-ra,ea h c*pabi?ol dr viug w,ta
?'i ?le line aud managing ais mule t-itim.
To *uch w: o ?r 4?>mpeieit<- to pe. form the duty
the pay p?r mouth will be thirty five am dollar,,)
? ifh < ue rati u per da- , and hospital pr v leKe*'
in?* tflln* t? e be*! medic .i atta -lance when aie.ii]
Veo experienced a* W ?*on Mast r* ? |i r cei?^
??rh position*, op n t>rtrging to ihi* poirt twenty
five 't g od f-amater*
Ap?1v to c.pUin phahlks u. tompkinb,
A Q. *f i7 b. a.. eorn-r of t<vntf-second an 1 O
?ueet*. ha-hinet o D. 0.
D. H. rcckbk,
8rig Gen. and Chief quvtioavttr,
? ? l*-71t Bwpot of wa<bingt?n.
FROM ion! ON.-The a B c. of Skirmishing.
to? L-'ell ?ii uu'ponts, Pa rol ,. Ac viau
ual uf hn? 11 b i'r i mi foi>,? Couip'auy mtu ii.
tare Mai '"ti t l.ig't Dr ll Yatea ou strategy
Ti ii map' kn'sfim- v Uat?c'-ia<n of the f-'imd
kieteii.' , T'? l?f tttf* Mantal. C'?l. b"rn*
*.)u 'l ima an*4 <?*? rt on artilier>. .4mu >tt*a
L gbt fnf-m-try Daty. Sinnott'a MiliUrt cat*
t) > TO.
L<ll*lftlA*A Avrhpb,
JV?ir rowt of >?xia *trmi. Kit* of National and
MftraimiiUm Hr.ttls
(Jti'lui I.ka Pr>>prirtt?r
w t P<T?w*naH
I oris i o * *l>nr*r
J?hn Kmcta i-umctl director
IN TM e. ? 11Y.
? r TBS
rr?\T star allunck.
<.K AT fctr K A Lit. A\''?-\
< RK?r .?P4K A 1.1 A ^R.
hh(t9k run'VDKn nioh-t,*'
llolTiiV r-KOWMicn NI-4HTLV
AUPIKNCKS ?||,') IV rr?l IR I'HIT.
All IKM' 8 " ' L D Wis 'l li K ' G I i.
aud.encm wi?d wiru dklmj ir.
1 irst week of the celebrated R'hiopiao Sons and
O.tlKK Mm,
I'I l.v n?K ON.
Who will sjjear in bin ere*t characters of
AO.N Ka 8"r?l 1'ki.W l?,
Ai.Mii! HI'TnUUVD.
A'lNK* MITHKHl. *N(t,
ao^kj> so"' ii?*i. %vn,
Tte Scottish Sig'itiu**le
The Comic P^ntomi ne of
Mi?NS D> CM % l.L'M * A'T.
VONS I K? ll V.' MKxn.
JW'N* l?KO ? ? I.PMR \ n.
M'?' H. I'Krn Al.f \t K \ ?T.
**nn? Fio'loiif a? ... Rnq-iin"!
H.B Camiihth as M*>n8. D*?*ha u UJiiU
With new Tricks and Tran^fur Jiationa.
Kiret Weelt of th?* b^a-itiful Balle*. arr^n^ed ex
preetly lor it e ':?iiterl'ur> hy
T II K KUfK t" KfiTI.*M?.
Mfi.i m;an,
>i? i.i u; ?N,
V I M.I *M*.
T* p.MA *H,
w?- ?? r,
W K.4T,
In some of their original Ethiopian Ejceoir.cities.
Of the ""e*R'D will he pro^UMd therehy elosinjjone
of lt>e iiiusi succewful reasons of the Uaj eruury.
rOPl LAR FAMILY matineb.
iMifi . ah family mati kk,
8aTTRDa\ AfT<H*'iOS,
8A'IRI?A> A K pKRN'o'?N,
AT 3 O'CL.'CK.
AT S O' I orK,
AT a O-OL- OK.
Wien *11 th" CN' ice (lenm of the Bvening'fl JCa
tertaii*meul will b? g v?n.
The Fal' and Winter F-moo of the Canterbury will
up-n ua
L 1 A * S
h t + 0^'L^?A^^ CO>Ib1NAIIo\ ikoU K
<>i 1 K -?NS ?!t?MHIN A 1 I ?N I H >U E,
Mt" o Li.*>8 C??MBI.N ATION TR Ml'a.,
Ni.W Oi.LAaN8 vUMUiNaIIoN ftiOUfA.
Introducing the Ore^teiit
< " ?l IN AVION ?.F ST \Ht?
U)ML1.\a1 lo.N OK bTilts
*?er witnes-H.
the names whl pr ANsorNCED n?xt
The Pjie*a0f MiaiRsjoo next J?-a?on will remain
?>aui? g<, h, retof' re
UuKmm .
Rmvm, |>o14I?.^?"lrl.,?> III
f,,r ^ Bntala ?4 Bm
Uuora 4?m at T ?'?1MB;
?MM* ?t I ??*?*,
T' vth street, nhnve Pennsylvania (inert'ie.
Of the talented Vi img A't'sts,
Will l>o repeated Lorer'n Oorais Dr?iua of
fat dy Anny M>. W J. Floren-e
??i' re f*an Mr. ?1. B. Piil i,a
To be fo low d >>? the ?T'it?*(?n Farce entitled
. v, v .. M,'CniKVij08 ANMB
In wMch Mr* FLORKNCK will sustain Pive Pis
tinct C' ki?ith aGR\ND DANCE, aud A
van-ty ? f .-()N'<S.
To ei'prlai!* ?i'h the Piece de Circonst*nce,
dedicated ?<? the reein pa*?, entitled
Win. W illiams of ?h- I?. C. V Mr VY. J. Florence
I" prfpn-jition *
wr'ttrn oxj>r<?s?lv ?or
Tlii-' popular place of ?mt?T*aia<nent h?? alread*
ftIVnV* "c ,*,DO'"' f- eort. FHtier-d bv th? sucress
o' thi-ir fir^t wee>< am< ng im. thur h?T? nuei'M for
a s* conrt week, o fieri ut* new attractions at eAch
i i.'cr'atiKnuit,
11 es?* w nil<?rful little people are full ?t wit and
' m' r and the r versitility is truly aston-shing.
T -e r who e ent* rtai" mei>t i -?n & i m: rabl v adapted
one p*r' ft^ fhe o'^cr that the pl-asant evening
away like a dream
The mui-ica' department is we" ad?pt.ed to ths
r?-r?? r- ance of t' m? little wonders?the inter me
d ate ih w> II p?-rf- rmed. *hJo th-* voice* of the
*>.' "r'e ' fren1! ana rfhow unmistakable
nig in of thorough training
l.e p> ]ei-|i(uia of thia company For their nro
?',A me is fr. e from all vlgarit v and low ?*yincs.
, jna'l- claim a m >ral enter
im?? ttifnt. for it r??a Iv in,
Jhe. n with i,a 'hrongh this week. Let
pa?d t># Onmraoiore and p*'ty
?.V . Jn?in nr*f?. fnr ir in an ? iterttin'n*nt
,:r "? niprit. hnJ one raiely ofF-r-i the
citizen* of Washington. an It?
f^POROSTUWN CuLI.K'lE. D. C.-Th. e.x?t
* ' V" "I??eor?e , mn College. D C.. will be re
? nn ?.?? th?? in September
an .1" e..t,fe,,5? JuHN EARLY, S^J.. Pre?'t.
1 jiti.n Ci:y,4.'?0 D atreet. The exerciieo -if
tl F .-enm.ary will b? r*aumed on tbo flth of Sep
t. n l er. I8?i4. a-i ii-tt*
,\fRS JFNi?EN': SEMINARY KOH B it 8 will
I t" pet, ou MONDAY. Seot'mher f. Hu %t.
fer r-siience, ;<h| 3,1 street. between E and D
??tr-.ta. an ?J it*
duties 01 ibis -chool will be rea nn d MON
DAY S- ptember 6. 1864 at 441 9th street
at' ?9 8t*
^o,Hn.N(j-?jn)?u?vd,s|misabv kor
i.omer Proppec and Freuerick ?rreet?, Qaorre
? wi , D C. Mrs. O-n. P. T. WRKKi.KR, Prin
lie dutie? of thia iostitation will be r?
??nm^n nn MotkImv . S**pt 12. no 21 2w
W.,I F bet. ?th And I th at*.,
n ill cotrmence th- First He??ion of tbe nchoUa
tic ??-?r !H 4-?. on MONDAY. Sept.. Clh HcnoU8
' h- te m* are the iame for the OU-nic?l aud
e it-li l?epart tier?ts. V17.: <Sift per aen^ion of It
weetH |au XJ3t*J B. F. Wl(J K T. S. J Pres't.
The #*ereia-a of thia 8c ool will he resumed on
,.PA of Sentemher next, in the
n ri'iDg of he Washington Naval Lodge, on Vir
inin ? venuo. c m. r tif 5th at-eet ea-t.
Ari li'ati< n m?y he m e at No lit>l New Jersey
aw?une "D'il I ridav before r>*Pumotion,af er that
ate at No 7 1 * Wi ^tre t criier of M ea?t.
au 29 ?t* _ W {I MKNCK. Priucipal_
' n?r h*n E street*, opposite the i>o?t Office
*11 d.?.r us f a'horo-gh Eng i?h aud CUssical
K ur*!i"i , (''a*-* c?Il at ? be hImjth Aci^e ny.
Ill urs of attenda'ce from 9 a in. to .3 p ni,
Prnate I eaanna from 4 t Opm.
Itarn??d in three months.
an *7 St* !
Vomer t 1ft|h anif G
"fhedotlea ol thia school will be re?uaied on
THTI SDAV , "ept. -ft. l*ii The Sister-i in ehtrge
w ?ll d? y t- theme* Ir? a *o the n4vtnc?in-nt nf their
i n| ila it al' the_hranch?-R ?f ?n Kn^lish education,
and will pay ?tri<-t r. card to the moral train'ug of
al" plaie l ii> a-- their care.
Id ci'iii'eqiiei ee of the advance of prices the
Sin'er* are comp. lied to inciea^e their rates ol
tmtu n. 27 2w
, . * ^ Maria C. McnoKMlCK. late ftf Wwn
7 ?' rem- Ted her school t^ Cam
lrid?>?. Vd . ta prepared to receive four or ftv*
*u In as hoarding pupils, in her fa nily Their
utileciual dornestmand moral Wining win r?
ceive h. r till ST Assi lnon?('A-e. IlerBiesess while
lor * ear- en?a?ed in Ale*an1ria, in educating
*iru ip wtll known to all old residents of that
lu? n.
Par nta in thia vicinity who desire further In
f rn-atioi rnncerrii a th?advantag-sof?>er school
are rei-pertfuiiy referred to Lewis M^Ken/.ie,
oi A'exai.dr.A V? or W. D Walla-sh Editor of
Ml- WeahmKtnn Htar. Ber terms for biarl. tu
ition. A n . are to )d?-rate
? anhridge Md. where>he ha? recently locate t
rer arhool, is one i* the hnaltii-at and moat, rla
''k* *f'?? vt 1a?-? in the T^nion And haaahont it no
?t?r l u*e wliH^v-r eicept such as a p'odent an I
a. I rltou? parent will approvrt in aele-.ting a local
ity in w I ich to have a daughter thoroughly edu
ra?* d ??'? t ained fnr fu'ur-onafalne-is.
The TaU term of her school commences on the
Ira' M? nea? o 8ep'en.b-r. au ^ dim
FMERSON INSTITUTE?Select Claflsicaf and
? a?hema.-:<-al srhool for hoys. Kourteeu h
-tieet. between | j-nd K. The Twelfth Annual
!?e?-ion of thi?Si fco"i -"ill begio the first MON
1/aY in September. For p.:ioul*r?. .^.c. ai lres
e Pr-neipal. CM AS. B. VOIJNG
York Aveuue. Tuitin p>-r quarter, ?i). A'liV t*
I AFA\fc'ITE I NpTITITTJ, A Select School for
1 (nnn? La-I.ea .n.t MiH?*B, ,?7 1 street, h?.
tween l.irh n d ?th, will reop~n on
> ON Da \ . ."eptemh rflth.
Fipi run edanrt thorough teachers.
Miificami Frepch In charge of emineut ProfA*
>? r circulars call at Drn% Storecornar of I an I
litb . or at l' e I n-titnte after Septemh-r 1st
>n 11 d. t A eoit* i Ch run )
| .-tOJitiKTO* N sKlTct KNOLISH iLND
RORtR r PU I~P3 Prijjcipai.,
The Sei oi.d Term ? f this I i*ti*ution will >esin
nn Monda* Seotemher 5, )8H, at th? new s^ho-il
bnhs- . i or'hi- va' ea rner of Wostand Montgomery
stlefte, fJeorgelowh. |l. O.
1 he tinmhe of pupi s is e'rictly limits I t't tweD
ty-tiv?- Th Itinv vxuerieric and aucoesa o the
I'rwic pal warrants l.im ?n assuring parents that
tli?? will find tf,isfchool well Alapted forsw* /rm,
for their s. jis a t orouiih Euclish and OUskic^I
edi cation comb'ne- with the ad vantages if cuu
*eni?l nss'iri tious and careful moral traiaiu"
Het Jir P> tie, WashlCtfton.
R?v j.H C Moute Georgetown.
liev. N P illi ghaht O<jor?eto rn.
Hm y Addison. E<m . May r of <l??Teetown.
Maj< r Kuni U el A , On* g-fo*n
*'a}-r Ni''r>?'ls?>D 17 S M.C. W' tirgetown.
Thomas C. C< x, 1 sq.. (}e<.rget wu.
0 iarv D Oooke, K q., President Kirat National
Rai. k . w aphington
C. E R'ttenVonse, Esq.. Preaidenf Ban^ of C m
nierre Georgetown
The Principal may be seen at 111 West street
ti ?oifcetoWL. BUtlZW
\i lt? MAOHUDER will ? pen, nu the istot Sop
1*1 temh r a DaV SCHiMI, FOK YOUNO LA
DIES No. 107 West afreet, between fou^re*"
aiid Wpb> ii-g'?in streeta. lieorgetowa. U C rieai
-.err- 111 W??t street. an i<) .'w*
Mm'Htit OHBOKii P?.,
KKV. o. KGU Jt. 30Si
1 Prms per acnoUatie year,
Dntiep resumed Sept. 1st,
Cirrularaat this au 19 -W*
No. |5if Br dge at.. h>-twp emigres* au 1 llnfh sl?.
The atnual eirrclaeaii thia lus' ituTiou will cjn>
oticeoii MONDAY . theftth < f pepeinhet ne*t?
Circniar? can ne bail at Mr Hrau lell'rt Book
?tore, (li-ntieti'Wii. or Mr Jii>?t'? H >o\?tore,
P? nn avenue, near ? t h-trei't Wa-hi?gtnn.
R-v OLIvKRCO* Principal.
?yCar tickets wi j lie nu,-p i?-d by the Principal
to pepila residi^g ir Washing on. at hat'flee,
an 3-eolm*
| ILllAhl bOAHDING 8CHi*iiL-4lb Bait)
_ J mor* Railroad. IA miler from Pbilatelphia
Popllp have the hefiwtiU of a home; thorongl
riurae in Mathematl.ie, Ltugaagea. Ha/lish Ac
omber lin.jted Term? moderate Rsmitsd at
any 'Inir Fine Library and ApparAttia Address
Bev i HKRVKV BAR nN. a ^. Village Oreea
8?|n|Aary^Delawarenoiinyy. Pa <t ?-TW
? atomr Poviu'e leinals A't>-rativ? P'la. A
certAin i*me/yiii c>r'Mtlnf?l| irregularities *rd
r> tno^iba ohptruetions pain mthe aide heAl A-J'ie
and palpitation of th? heart.
M B The*# pill* ebon Id nut he en hf females
d*rlr ppregnaitcv aa they won'd he sure t? cau<"
Biiaiariiaje Prepared at !*? KaaVangirar I, Paris,
; 'li re, To he obtained onlv a*. ! T1* ?<mth H at.,
h t?pm Pth Aaa hthata, Island?th? *nly ae?n'
ii thiaccnatry. a?W-i?*
teleukapbiu news.
Flr*t ray's Pitcr?iiiii)[?-S|)prch by Mr.
lielmont? .%? >?imiiui<ou? yet Mad*.
Chicago, Aug '29 ?Tbe excitement contin
ues intense. Vallaudigbaoi and Ohiuucey
Purr mad* speeches demanding peace on any
terms. A large peace deleg ition from Ne w
^ ork raiaded v. ltb transparencies and nan
ners. They favor peace, me ou'sid* seuti
ment is 6troncly for pea.^e, and it is expected
thai ademonstration will be made in the con
vention to mcrrow.
Pendleton, of Ohio, gains strength for the
nomination for Vice President. As a peace
man lie may he Dominated a* a propitiation.
Tbe poil'idai.s hete want a moiierae plat
fotn>, arid such wl.'l probably be adop eJ.
Tl? Comnlttee on Resolutions ism session
t< -night.
Chicago, August 20.?The temper of the con
vei tion msice is tor war, out-ide for peace.
'I be ball is crowded with eleven thousand
people. Vallandigbam, Seymour, and Wick
i ffe were loualy cheered by the peace men.
Tbe MvCleilat feeling is in tbe ascendant this
evening. The McClellan men are anxious,
fearirg anothei movement Is on foot to defeat
bis nomiuaiion
Phelps, of m ssonri, is spoken of aa a candi
date tor Vice P-esident. Pendleton is stronger,
in tbe hope ot jlea-inp the peace men.
Gn brie stocl is iumg down. Kentucky be
in t; divined, a to It on the part of the peace men
it* feared, but n? ser.ous danger is apprehended
Tonight mee.in?s were held everywnere,
sn ail men speikmg
Chicago, Ai?mi?i '29 ?The Commltee on Or
canization wu recommend Seymour for chair
man ot tbe cenve- tion. The vJommit'e-* on
Resolutions hjld a stormy session Vallan
u it trim wus dtf?ated lor chairman-, aud <5 ath
rie waselectec.
Gatbrie beiig a war man, his election is
ri-garded a?? a defeat b.v tbe peice men, who
threaten to holt. They will bring in a minority
report Politicians are tr* in/ to compromise,
and iio serious bolt i* an'ictpted
I arge meetings ar? sti-1 being held. The
Feins) Iranians have a large meeting before
tbe Tremont House.
Chicago, August 59 ?At Doon 'h* Couven
tion was called to oider by August B lmont,
Chairman ot tbe National Committee, who
said :
"We are assembled here to-day as e National
Demociatic Convention, und r the call of the
National Democratic Committee, for toe pur
I use if nominating candidates tor tbe Presi
dency and Vice Presidency.
"This task, at all times a most difficult and
ardut up one, has. by ibe sad events ol our civil
war, assumed an importance and responsibility
of tbe most teartul nature. Never, siuce the
tormation of our Government, has there bjen
an assemblage the proceedings of which were
fraught vci'h more momentous and vital resales
tn&n these which must dow from your action
??In vonr bauds rest?, nnder the rulings of an
all wise Providence, the future of this R--puo
ilc. Four jreais of rule hy a sectional tau it
ioal, ana corrupt party warns tie of tbe disas
trous consequences which woold befall us if
Mr. LIlcoin's re-election should oe made pos
?? The inevitable results of 3uch a calamity
mtst. be utter disintegration ot our whole po
litical and social system, amid bloodshed aud
ai aii by, with tbe great pronlems of liberal
progress and self-government jeopardized f.jp
generations to com*. L?t us at the very outlet
i f our proceedings bear in mind that the dis
sensions ot the last National Democratic Con
vention were oneof the principal causes which
gave tie reins of government into the hinds
ot our opponents, and le< us beware not to f ill
B^am into the same fat*I error. We must
hung to the altar of our couutry tbe sacrifice
nf our pr? judictfe, opimei s and conviction,
however dear and long chertsned they m?y
be, uom tbe moment ih> y threaten harmony
and unity if action, so mdispensdole to our
V e are here net as war Democrats, nor as
I eace Democrats, but an citizens of this great
Kepuhiic, which we will xtriveand laoor to the
last to bring back to it<s former greatness a id
piosperny. without one siu^le star takeu from
tbe brilliant constellation mat once encircled
Its youthful brow. Let pure and disinterested
patriotism, tempered by moderation and for
bearance, preside over our deliberations; and
under the blessings ot Almighty God, the
sacred tause of the Union, Constitution and
lavs must prevail over lauatiwiain aud trei
Rev. Dr. ClarkPon, of Chicago, offered a
pta\er for tbe speedy return of peace, aud for
the permanent happiness ot tbe couutry.
A li-t ot delegates was called by S a:es, and
an each chairman presented b s credeutiils he
whs welcomed With loud applause.
Mr. Tilden moved ibat on- delegate be ap
I ointed Horn each delegation to report resolu
tK'iis tor tbe cousideratiou of the Convention,
and th?t all resolutions be referred to a com
mittee without debate. This was carried.
Mr. Fowell, of Kentucky, dated 'hat the
corueMh g delegates from ib it State had agreed,
and were nannonious in this convention. He
mcved that a member from each delegation b*
xppointed a committee on resolutions, they to
b? ve out one vote. This was carried.
Mr McI>ougall, of California, moved that
tbeie he admitted to the con veution not to ex
ceed three gentlemen known to the members of
tbe Democratic party froinea.b of the several
T? ri itories, said delegates to be permitted to
paiticipate in debate, without^ vote.
(?sn. Morgan, of Ohio, moved to amend by
ext?ndtne tbe privileges of tbe resolution to
delegate8 from Southern Suites and the District
of Columbia. Thi-. was referred to the Com
n inee on Credentials.
Gov Wickiiffe, ot Kentucky. handed up two
letters from John W. leathers aud J. R. Buch
anan. delegates from Kentucky, in which taey
? xpliin their absence by eaymg thai they are
victims ot military de>poti.-m, ariested wi'h
ont cause, imprisoned, and denied a resort to
the l? eai measure'* guaranteed by 'h<? liws of
the State aud tbe Constitution to establish their
Uu motion, each delegation, through its chair
man, n^med Its selectiou of members of tbe re
spective committees.
A nnmber ot le^olntion* were read and re
terr?d. inclnoing one by Mr L >ng,of O iio, tor
the a| pt.in'mtnt of a commiitee to proceed to
^ i sinn?u>u aud request Mr. Lincoln to p >st
pone tbe drati until tbe people should decide,
nt 'be ci mint; election, iu favor o' war or peace,
hy tfce election or candidates to tbe Pres dency.
The ? on veution adjourued till ten o'clock to
nror row.
The ?> Pracf" View ?f the Convention.
[Sj ecinl Dtepatcb to the New York News J
? biCAOO, August ?The delegates have
neatly ail arrived. Who will be tbe nominee
tor president Is still in donot Tbe mo t prom
inent names are Governor Seymour, McCiellan,
Febdleton, ot Ohio, and Senator Alieu, of the
same State. Tbe Wtstern delegations ar- di
vided, with an anti-McClellau preponderance.
Prominent Western meu m untaiu tliat McCiel
lan could not carry a Western State. His iu
angura ion of tbe system of arbitrary arrests,
by seizing tbe Marylaud Leirislatnre, and bis
V> t?t Foist speech bang around niin as a dead
Delegates from localities tha' have suffered
fnm arbitrary arrests a. d tyranny are partic
ularly bitter One thousand dol?ars was offered
last t veiling that be could not carry Ohio, In
diana. or Illinois. Governor Seymour is
sttoi |il> urged as a candida'e. It is urged that
bis errors have been those of omission, aud tn at
!?? in true to the principles of liberty, and, if
Piesident, would be tree to ant. and relieved
from the constiaint which caution imposed on
bis coi duct as Goveruor, duty aad tnclin&Uou
w i uid then coincide,
Ti e New York delegation cam* here largely
Mi.CIHIan. but have become alarmed by con
sei\ati%emen assuring them of the defection
ot His West m case ot hi6 noinia i ioo.
Neith. r Valiai digbam u?>r Thos. H Seymour
it a .anciidate foTany position, nor will tney
allow their naaea to be used.
Tbe resolutions will be stronuly impreg
nated wiib i eace sentimruts, aud iu ta*"or of
teimiiiating ibe war,
Mr VaiiHiidigham addressed a large andi
?n? e in front o. the court-house this evening
He ?xpressed great eatisfactiou at the change
in 'be i ublic sentiment, and conddence tha
peace and cenalllMiou would restore th*
1'iiton. Hitherto he had dealt with Abraham
1 n.r?m as President, but b e rea t er. I uihe e lec
troii, be woula treat him at h. cauvUdau* tor crf
tc?. The great duty *f the people was to ar
ieel tbe war, which was the only kind of anwt
be was in favoruf. He rr^r/**d
ci netiirac^ ot the Sons of Liber y, and s.tld the
oniy conspiracy that he knew of was that of
the ] ?* HicwTacy to expel th- Adainisirauoji
week they w^wid anaonpoe v? tha ^yr?d
vi bo ieaoer of that oonsjura.iv woo td- he.
u, wonid he a Aian who* expenenae aid m
i.griy wewld le a Mifflcient gnarawlee that
ti e rath which be would take to suopirt the
C --tiiiution would tot be violated. Th* Con
vei lion wcnld also embody a platform the
stntiments of peter, which won Id pre tail with
the people.
Chicago, August 2s, u p. m ?An immense
crowd b?s pour?d in from a l quarters Me
< lellan ai d anti-McCleiian fueling runs ?fry
bub. McClrliau men may endeavor to abolish
the two*third rule, bat the success ot such a
corns* would break up the <5onventlitn. Onio
is strong against htm. Indiana and Illinois
are divided. He will have a maj >rry In tne
<'cn v? cnon, and will probably be nominated
on 'he first billot.
I f i omina'ed as of Ohio, Amasa .T Parker,
it >a said, will be proposed by the Mi'Clellau
party lor Vice President.
It is rot probable tnat (Governor Parker will
be ruminated it General McClellan he pa' for.
ward e-j a citizen ot New Jersey. Mr Pen 1?.
ton, of Ohio, or Yorhees, ot Indiana, will
probably be placed on the ticket with him, *o
conciliate the West. If a Peare platf?rm h*
adopt, d, the Peace party will accept (teoeral
Mc I Hellan. If any other is agreed nptn, there
will be an explosion. But it is atmmt podMve
certainty that tne platform will he the correct
exposition of Democratic sentiments.
The Vice Presidency is hardly though* of.
All interest center* In the nomination tor Chief
Magistrate and the platform.
The New York delegation held a cancus last
evening. They will vote as a unit for Mc
(JKlian and favor an armistice and convention.
They meet at nine to-morrow morning.
A large concourse of friend* from every
State in the I?nlen called on Yailandighatn
this evening. The Convention meets lo-mum#
noon. There will be no nomination oefore
Tuesday or Wednesday, most lik-lv the latter.
Felix M cC I Of key of Kings county. New York,
has been appointed Serpeant at-Arm*.
fSpe? lal Dispatch to New York rrliun*. ]
Chicabo, Angnst 2Mb. 1*61.? McClelland
lriends claim his nomination by twothirds on
first ballot, but the oppo?itlon only concede a
majority vote. New York has tv-en nought
over almosteolld lor McClellan, aud the P-un
sj Ivaiiians give him a majority. The penc ?
men are bent on making snch a strong peace
plat orm that McClellan can't be n ra mated on
on it The McClellan men concede demand
for armistice, but wish an additional plank in
favor of war, In case the rebels won't agree to
an armistice.
It i? reported that Extra Billy Snvth, of V*.,
is id town in Interest of peace. He says the
South won't come back under Lincoln, but
will under Fillmore. Outside candi la*es are
not talked of all; Fremont never mentioned
TheVocdsare sby of Seymonr'p can'ion'ng
their friends against him New York is tb?
commanding delegate. Yallmdigha n is the
hero of the hour. He is followed by crowds
wherever he goes.
Nkw York, A ug. 29.?Tbe steam-r Fulton,
from Hilton Head, has arrived. Her news is
partially antiglpated.
An expedition, consisting of the 75th Ohio,
companies B and D, 4th Massachusetts caval
ry, and one piece ot artillery from therjd R io te
Island, all commanded by Colonel Harris of
the 75tb, sailed from Magnolia, Fla , to make
a raid.
The column reached the place intended with
ont fighting, and there destroyed a railroad
train and captured a large quantity of mer
chandise and supplies. It then proceeded to
Cainsville. While there it w.as surprised by
6(0 of Dickinson's rebel force.
A tin ht ensued, resulting In the c*pfure of 10*)
of onr men and the piece ot artillery, ana re
capture ot the property.
Affairs at Morris Island are unchanged. It
is expected the additional beavv guns will
he ready to operate agaiust Sumter iu a few
(lays: meanwhile the fort is underg *int severe
pounding, and shells are sent into Cb irlesum
Unsuccessful (-raise after the Tallahassee
Naw Yokk, Aug. 29?The U. S. sieamer R
R. Cuyler has returned lrom her cruise m
search ot the pirate Tallahassee.
Council. Pbocebdim.ih, August 29 Board
j of Aldermen.?All the members present exoen
OlesBis. Unites, Morgan, aud Br.iwu Tiie
vice Presidrnr, Mr. f urton, in th* chair.
The chair laid before the Board a communi
cation ir^m ibe Mayor, announcing to-* appro
val if tne bill to grade and gravel Mar* lan i
avenue, from 1st to 2d streets east; bill to grade
and gravel I street south, from Itn to the oaual
hill to trim and gravel B street. *ou h. from
N-w Jersey avenue to 2d street eafu and bill
to repair the bridge ou H street north, between
I and North Capitol street. A so trausmiitiug
a c? mmunication from the Wa'er B^ard, en
closing the opinion of Joseph H Hradiey, E?q
relative to the powers of said Board, and eu'
closing also a number of bills aud petitions
buftotorereteneo to committee on drama'e
Also a communication immi.ia'iug Taomas
Berry as t ue Commissioner, vice J. J. Pea
body, resigned. Referred to committee on fire
department. Also a comma in ration fro n fos
Smith, asking for sewer? on K an i U street
Heferred to committee on dra.uage Also a
c. mmunication lrom Captain H. A Sheetz
asking to be leimbursed for an amount of
S3 300 expended for pavmeut of bounties to
volunteers credited to the quota of th- District
Referred to the comml:t- e on fin nice.
Tbe following weie presented and referred:
By Mr Burr? Pe ition ot James Keliey and
others, for Increase of compensation. By Mr
L'termehle?Petition of (J. Shultz and others,
tor the improvement of New Yorfc avenue
lrom 6th to 7th streets. By Mr N iyes?Com
mnnication from tbe Commissioners of the
Asylum, representing that be a nuiint appro
priaied by the Board of Common Council for
the current year is not sufficient to enable th-in '
to properiy conduct the institution, aud tney
say that an appropriation of ?3i,00u will be
rtquisiie unless tbe inmates are pn at work;
referred to finance committee. By Mr Mc
Catbran?Peuti. n of Ueo ge W. Miller a id
Char Ies H Brown, asking for a lea>e of a lot oi
public ground.
The nominlnation of Charles H Hurdl? as
Police Constable ot the Tbird Ward vas taken
np as tbe special ordei; and Mr. Barr stated
that as some of the mem.ters of toe committee
weie absent last wsek, ?ie would ?tate com" ot
the reasons why the committee h t1 reported
adversely upon the nomination. In tue first
place, h.- understood Mr. Hurdte was not. a
ciuzt n of the Third Ward. Iu the next place
he was engaged in another bn-iue*s, and tha
of itsell was sufticient to disqualiiy nim, while
the business itself?that of keeping a restjiu
ran*?was enough io satisfy nim ( VIr Btrr)
that nrir Hmale wax not a lit pers >n for the
office, tor the business was a source of crim*,
and idice officers should not beeugatre.l iu the
business of kteping a restaurant It wai aHo
ibhrted ibai Mr Hurdle had time nud again
i rgl? ct? d his duties Mr. Barr had ascerumed
that when Mr. Burale was called upon for
mtormatiou as -o wheiher all par'ies keeping
res i an ran if bad taken out a license, he said all
had d. i.e so but one; nud an inveeti.'a'ion
i roved that not oue half had done so He (Mr
hair) thoi glit tl ese reasons were sufficient
why Mr Hutdle sbonld not be contirm d: bu
he would nae one more, which was that
Hnid'e had iecel\ed. as wascustomarv,various
clocks, watrhe>, ic., as pledges tor fines, io..
ai-d bad retained them for moinh?, md bad not
a< onc? p ac-d them iutDe. Lstodvof the Police
^uper.intendent, as be shonld have done.
IVlr J ewls said these svemed to be charges of
a seriont cbaiacter, an<) h- would ther^f re
tif k that the fnrth-r consideration ot theaab
je< r he postponed one weer mow
Mr- rtiipri said he believed that what the
t^baiimtiii of the com "ni'te? had stat-d ne had
got as f.u-ts But Mr. Hurdle had heretofore
been known as an active, en- rgetic off! er, and
he wcnld ag?ee with ?he iid rmm of the
Third Ward ?haf the matter should b* post,
poned oije we k ihat Mr. Hurdle inig it renutf
tbe cbaiges tn mped np fuain^t him. Mr
Hurdle no donht h <e en^mi-s. occasioned dj
coi bt ??> his attention t?' hi* duties.
Mr. Barr said he would not havsai.l one
wi rr morr, hnt )tr Mr Pepper's ass't ti.m that
the charges hid been* nmp-o oi? Ph.s <vas
i o- the case. He (Mr. B.) got the fa ts tat d
Item Sergeai.t Skippou o? the Mo r?p? |r,tn
Police, ano he niithoii*>a *he ue? of bis name.
Mr Pej?per said it th- inlormitiou c.?ui'
frcm the Me'Topolitm Polioe, hj wv still
mors anxious to have the m t**er looked mt??
for there was not the he t <i?g bet v?n our
own and the Metropolitan im>|| e Ha oomd
new nnderafand where these c arges oune
Mr Barr said be had not said a won that
*ooid not be confirmed bv rtoz-i s of indi
videal* of the ward, and h* bad n t foaud tie
first nan to say a word m Hurdle's favor He
rid not know Mr Hurdle peroonally, bat he
bad u^de enquiries and felt it bis duty to n
jM>rt as he had done
Tbe subject was laid over one wee*
Mt. M<" d. from committee on finance, re*
port, d *ach 'he f.<llown g vils, ite. of the last
Council, and asked ih< ir reference to tbe com. i
? Itue oo unfinished business. vis: Bill to p*e
he ob'S'andug claims against th- Oentral
Uvaidbmse: peti'ion of Lemuel Oadu*for
tbe purchase of a l?>t of gmunn be o?g<n; to
?be Coi|?r*ti >n; petition of ih?* In?tr>ot oi Ool
inbia vo.unisere tor mctea?ed bounty; m||
line the coinp nsati?ti of 'ho Tee??urer of
l,? pLbli- Sol no a. and pettti n of I'nirles
I)ufc> for be purchase of * lo'ground -louring
10 'he C<>' | oration. Sumirv 4.0i?im iin?t?.?a?
tTi m tt e > ?yi>r r* toflif ?ie ?p th- q-iot*
of 'he Dettict. were reported fr m tn? sam*
ctroiBl t?e hi (1 oid? Ten to l<e placed o . Ale.
Mr. pepper, tri.m committee mi improv*.
m. n1?. reported ba k the hi'l to take up aui
r* lay the i a*. mei>t in alley In sqnnr- No. 'jii;
ref. rr. ri iuN.lvnd V aid !>? leg 10 **'
the cnihfii Hi. mi d pave th1' f.?o'wny on IS#
n ith trc-nt of rqi are No 6JV: pw?"l: bill to
p.tve tbe carriage* a> on the we-t fron'pirt
ol squar.- No :!W. retired to Tiird Ward
I:fle^a'toi-: Mid bii| to s-t the curbstone and
pa*e ihe loo'way on 'he south side of *)th s'reet
west, from N to U rurtb, w bi. o was laid on
it)*' tai le
Mr. I'lant, from the roraml'tw on tire rte
j-artnent. r> poind ba< k the bill to provide for
tfiicert- and operatois of the tire alarm and
police teienaph. and recotumeuoe i that tfea
Ft ritd of A'<tfrrm< n c ncur m 'be "ru-nomerr*
of the Ho.tr (1 c.f Common Council, but ask a
vuiruiit- e c f conference. So ordered, and
Harr, Pep|>er and Mo)d wiv ap.
I oii.ud ibti commttue en the purt of tais
Hoard. _
Hiiif- ftom 'he Foar* of Common Council
ane dif| oeed of as followa: Ful to lay ero?s
miiisis < ii the south nrf wf O ?Ufr t north,
a rott 4 b s im we?.< ai d New Jersey aveou*;
b 1 impelling builders ami pr. prietors of
O'-Mt h> ?ie.t out bouses and waier-ciom?;s;
hill 'o eiect itfcbi ol - houseon 3 < street east and
D str?et.outn, ?i icb * ? re r? lerred; and bill
to 'ak? up m d tfiiiy ibe nutter on ihn ettt?>ide
oi H ih *ir?et wtFt. fiom N?-w York aveun* to
K Mrn-t rorib, u hu b ? a? pv-cd
Tbe bill iroin the en me B >tr?l to iinprov th?
allt-y It. SquaieNo. 4.*W, i.. the S-?euth W ir>t,
u na rmit, hi d Mr Lloyd rrque?tt*d tntt b?
put uprn itp pHcenfe Mr l.i.iyrt * at? 1 itiat
ibe bill wis ai'(*ompani> d by a ?'?rtlttcvft froaa
'be S? oinm > <1 lb-- Board of tleMtb. certify,
lur 'bai t?ie all?-y required paviuir, and that in
Itt preterit cot>dinou it w;b a nul-ance, and
ougl-t to tx* pttved ms a BHoitary m -a>uie.
Aqu?pii<!D t|irhii(t up aa to Hi? rl* bt of tb?
<\ rpoianoi. to pave alleya, eten for ?.mury
purposes, f-ud tlie whole subiect wan referred
to the Seventh Ward d?le^aiion, au t, on mo
tion of Mr Uterineble. a resolution waa adopt
ed irstrnctmj ?t.e commrU?e on improvetnenta
tot btain the opiti ou ol ibe Oor|>oraiiou Attor
ney upon the tutject
Mr, Hepper. fiom committee on iraitroTe
meute, reported back the bill io enlarge the
dr< p at the iirr'heatt corner of I Mret t north
andsth striet w?6t. Referred back to the com
Also, reporff d VacSc the bill to lav oro?s *at
tere or south side ol U e'reet nortb, acroes 4tb
Btieet west. Passed Adjourned.
Ci.n.jwon Cnunctl.? The board waa called to
older by tl e Hresid- n\ (Mr. I?loyd.> All the
members present except iloscra. liudley and
A cimmunicatlon was received from the
Mayor auiioTiucii u bia approval of he follow
ii f a. ?sKor tne erection ot a wooden bri.t(t?
over Ti er Oieeh in square ?77; to take np and
relay rimers ? n east ?>ideof7tU atreet, across
M smet uor b; to repair gutter on eaat aide of
I th etr>et. from H to 1 aiieet nortb: tor-pair
gut er on sontri sioe ot L atieet, fro-n 9th to HKh
s'ree'g; to ion?truct brlc.n ar? k over 'be creek
on Nt Mb t'apiiot stre. t. Third Waid: losupply
a certain deQci-ncy, tor pl-icmg cutters a<*ros?
Hth street,on south side ol Virginia avenue,
ai o i orth sme ? f s reet souib; lor relief of
tbe Frai k'in Fire U, mi>auy; to revive an act
ajproveo Sept 3,
Also, one eucl< siug aresolntlonof tbe Board
of Tm-ieesot the Pohlic Scboois aekioc tbe
I assape of au act to enable th m to employ a
n ale teacher in pla. e of a 1 male teacher tor
tbe male iii'ermeoia'est hool, iblrd District, ai
a salary ot $r'50 Reierred
Also, one eu<'lt>eu>g 'be bills for the erection
ot a s# wer ?li ng 14tn ftreer. from K -treet to
the i anal, and lor sePint; the i-nrtmon^s and
pavu g tbe footways on tbe north and south
sides ot (1 street i orth, fr< m 0 b to 1 th stre<ve,
wuhont his signature, the Corporation Attor
ns y bavii g decioed that ti e act of l)ongre<* of
Ma> 5, lSfil. roes not confer tbe power to tax,
as coii't mplated Kelerred.
The ques'ion beln^, St all the bill pass, not
withstanding tbe veto of the !Wh' or? the vMe
was taken and th>* v? t> sn t> njl?veat 9,
i,a* s 7? two tbiros not votirg in the atfirina
Mr Lamer, in vo'l-g lu the affirmative,
stated tbntat least i ine-ienths of the people of
Wa>hu g'on lepudit'ed the idea expressed by
Mr Hi ad by in hi- o| iuitin ad v. rre to the law
iu leimioi. lo paving i?.e streets
Mr. Ftugbwasat lo?-s to k; ow why tbe
Major had signed one bill and returned two
oth' r? when tbe> a.l involved the same prto
ci pie
Mr Wiight tboutbt that Mr. Bradley knew
tbe law ana would vote No
Also one suggesting tbe improvem-nt of 3J
s?r> st east, reierred
1 br following bilis were introduce* an 1 re
fern d I y Mr. Owm, to grade and gravel N
sirtet from Uth to I5'ii s ree s. By Mr. Lamer,
r?li? l t l Kmil S. Frederic k; papers iu reiauoa
to the election ot a school house in tb'? nortb
ern part ot the 2d school Ilistrict; bill levying
a sp?cial tax ou ??particular parts" of the id,
3d and Ph vc ards lor '?partlctii.tr" local icn
prov>ninits: lor paving carriase way on F
street: (I (*orp< ration Atiom?y for his opiu.
ion;) F> Mr Walker?petition t?l W B. Mitch
ell. PSME'ant clerk. Center Market, for increase
ol salary.
The lol'owipg bills were introdiued ani
passed:? B* Mr. Lamer?to construct across
nutieroi* south side of O street, across 4tb
street to New Jersey avenue; to rnlaree the
drop at the corner of 1 and^th stre- ?. By Mr.
< epheiiB?resolution crantmg u e of (Jonncil
rhantb?r to 'be members of the boun'y fund
tor Wednesday ni?ht.
The lollowiug were reported: Bv Mr Fer
fu-on, (ways and means committee), bills to
increase licenses to dealers, and to lix and
regulate hot is. tavern*. See. Ordered to be
printed,? nd made the 8p*ciHl order f >r Mon
day next. By Mr Larner (improvementcim
mitiee), to supply a detlMencv in appropria
tion for grading and gravelling B s're?t north,
from fi'h to 17th streets Pas-^d Tne vjte
was soi-srqiienrly. ou motion of Mr. Moire,
reconsidt red, and Mr M ofTered a sabstituie
rt-irefor. and the subject was recommitted.
Bill making an appropriation for nimralng
and gia veiling 8fh s reet Irom New York ave
nue to L street Passed, lorelav gutters on
the nortb tide of li street, from New Jersey
avenue to 1st s'reet east. Pass d. To grade
and gravel L ttreet soutb, iroin N-w Jersey
a*enoe to 7th street wes'. Pissed. Papers
tela ing 'o the assessment for i sewer in
Square 431 Committee discharged.
Mr Pettib.ine. from tbe comiuire* on elec.
Mons. repoi U d a resolution d -cliri- g tbatJobn
t>. Dudley. ir->m the 7tb, and Thomas B.
Maiche, fiom the fi'h Ward, not hiving been
possta^ed ot the property qualiflcitions. were
not entitled to seats a members of the Botrd.
Mr. Msrche stated that at the time of bis
mmination tor a seat in the B 'ard he was a
proi erty holder, having purchased property
on the Mi'h of May last, and he b <d been In
formed that there wer>* bnn1red?of precedents,
lie had taken advice and wa- Informed that he
whs justli entitled to b>s sear, an-t the collector
had iold him 'hat even if be h id not tbe deed
in prc?m her las*, he wan held r^pon si hie on
the hot ks ot tbe corporation for the taxes then
One. He Old not seek to hold 'h-? p.vl in-t if ho
had re rignt to tbe seat, but he wonld part
fn m t' e Foard rein tm-ly.
Mr. Per.i??one s*at^d thu as chtirmtn of the
cowttH'tee he was oMipert to m^k ? thu report.
Mr Wrfht stated that his coll a^ue (Mr.
pndie\ ) was absent on account of illuess, and
he n oved that tbe matter lay over two weeks,
t'sm. d
Mr. Edmooston suggested tbnt b<vb the gea
thmen iB'ere-ted get tneopinlou ot the Corpo
ra1 i< i Atti-rnej on the mntter
Mr Marche "replied that be had written to
Mr Bradley on 'be subject.
Mr Swain (canal committee) reported
bill fixlrg the salarv of ttie i anal Commis
sioner at ?hi o per annum. Paseed.
The Alderniens' bill authorizing th? Mayor
to snip oy an ergit.eer to exami'ie t,a>? vanom
plan^. ai d to make survevs of the VankinK
ten can'il, was, after a abort debate, interred.
Thi bill amer ding the act for o^gtrizlng tbe
steam paid fire department was received from
(tie Al<t I men who refnsed to concur m the
Oo? noil's amendments, and asked a committee
of . oi ference, ard Messra. Wright. Marche,
and Davis were appointed. A<ljourt eJ.
P'TLT ckb ? As to inflamma'ion, aores.cats,
woni ds by rus v palls, e*c , thegrea- remedy
is wainrb ard ^"l?fure. hecftuse 'b"se pro
mote ? vap ratirtb ai d c. oUng: whare?er kind
ol i unH i. e's pplied. that I* best wlj'cb keeps
moist tbe lot rest, and is In Ira namre mild;
hei ce, odd, light, (wheafen) bread, soaked in
jweet milk la cne ol the very bear known.
There is no ?pecifl^ virtue m the ivoaiai/e
'?medyof the ? entrails of a lire chicken,*' ot
?craped potatoes tnrnlp ? *eete, carrots, or
otii> r '?crhpfnes; the virtue consists In *be?iid
n ojstnre i f the appllcaMon. Here* the memo,
-y ne?d not be burnened w'fb ^e re c fleet ion
ai. i-arfcnla' klrds of pcn'tlcet, tint only trua
t^e piln- 'p'e that that nonlri m hs?t ? 'i iph
k-eps Boist longest without disturbance?Or
Hall. '
gjr a writer In the Cannon KarntrMntte;
he b as Kinn tnrnlp seed for t we* *-three years,
and has annmlly proved Ite e|tai>?v tw first
?owl g ore bnndred seeds Ai n flownr pot.
Tbe resntt has InvarinWv been from ntneiv.
sis *o one hundred pleat* from ?*? 1 mm red
seeds ot ope year old. H* now a* slaty eight
plants from one ktrndrod see slathered In th?
year 8 f? showing slxty.efrht e*r
Vf la turnip seed eigatyenra old.

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