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W. D. MALUTH, Editor aad Pr?^l?W.
TUESDAY^... ....AUGUST 30, 1864.
rkalino matter on every PAQ1.
The Peace Mea in Small Minority?Tem
porary O rgani/ation.
[Special Die patch to Evening Star.]
Chicago, August 2f*?l p. m.?Convention in
session, Governor Bigler temporary chair
man. Peace men shown by vote to adjourn
over to to-morrow being voted down, to bein
small minority, and as yet no disposition #ffen
o conciliate. Angust Belmont said, in opening*
*'We go in to win." No mention of war yet'
"Wonder if they know we have war on hands!
All Qnlet the 2Sth ?Onr Leases in
Thursday'* Fight ? An Escape frem
Petersburg?The Rebel Leaders Desper
ate by Reason ef the Failure ef Their
lavasioa Scheme to Draw Grant1! Army*
[Correspondence of the Associated Press.]
A letter from the Army of the Potomac
dated August 28th, evening, says to-day not a
gun was fired from daylight to dark- and up to
this hour, 9 p. m., there have been very few re
ports. It was the most quiet day we have had
in four weeks.
Our loes in Thursday's fight is ascertained
to be about 2,000 men in the aggregate and nine
guna?fonr of Brown's Rhode Island, four of
Sleeper's Massachusetts and one of McKnight'a
battery of light artillery.
Tb? statement is made by request, that it
was the 107th Pennsylvania Veteran Volnn
1eer Infantry instead of the I04th New York,
as reported in some of the newspapers, which
captured the battle-flag of the 18th North Caro
lina in the fight of the liJth, and the party who
made tbe prize was tbe color-bearer of the
regiment, private Hnttenstein. of Company C.
An English gentleman, Edwin Wallace,
swam the Appomattox last night and escaped
to onr lines. He has resided in Petersburg
since the war began, and represents the pros
pects of the Confederacy as becoming more
gloomy than ever. The leaders are rendered
desperate because of the miscarriage of their
scheme to draw General Graut hence by in
vading Pennsylvania
Mr. Wallace lost his wife and child in Peters
burg, a short time ago. They were killed by
the explosion of one of our shells, which en
tered his bouse.
Three deserters also got in last night. They
state that they were paid off and discharged a
short time ago frpm Col. Crawford's (Union)
Third Tennessee, hundred day's regiment,
and while on their way home, were captured,
with seventeen others, by General Well?r's
cavalry, and forced into the rebel rank?, after
being robbed of all their money and clothing.
They have no idea of what became of the other
seventeen. They were separated at Lynch
burg, whither they were bronght from the
place of tLeir capture in irons. They seem
very indignant at the treatment they have re
ceived, and were anxious to take the oath of
The mail steamer Dictator arrived here this
morning at 6X o'clock from City Point. She
reports all quiet since the fight at Reams' Sta
tion up to the hour at which she left, (yester
day morning at 10 o'clock,) with the exception
of the usual picket firing and an occasional
artillery duel.
On Sunday an attack on our pontoon bridge
on tbe Arpomattox, at Broadway Landing,
was anticipated. Two brigades of colored
troops and several batteries were dispatched
to that point on a double-quick, but no rebels
made tbeir appearance.
The Dictator bronght np the .1th andGth New
Jersey regiments, their term of service having
expired. These men have seen hard service,
and are much reduced in numbers.
We hear that during the late visit of tbe rebels
to Hagerstown, Md., they proceeded to the
county jail and released therefrom Park Cra
mer, who was confined there for deliberately
shooting Victor Wright during a quarrel be
tween the parties aftout a woman kept by the
latter. When the rebels left Hager&town they
took Cramer with them, bnt on reaching Wil
liamson he deserted them and returned to
Hagerstowa, where he presented himself at
the jail to tbe county sheriff and asked to be re
committed, asserting that he weuld " be d?d
if he would go with snch a set of infernal cut
throats " Cramer was accordingly assigned
to his old quarters, and In November will be
tried upon tte charge of murder.
Tbe U. S. steamer Tacony, Capt. Tnxton, ar
rived yesterday at the Navy Yard from Albe
marle Sound, N. C., where she has been on
duty for the past six months. She brings no
special new? from that quarter. The Rebel
Ram Albemarle keeps ontcf sight and danger,
but our boats are fully prepared should she
sbow herfelf. Some of them since the encoun
ter between the Sassacus and the Rebel Ram
have been provided with aa iron prow with
which to meet ner.
Among her officers is Ensign Somers, who
was on the Sattite in July, '02, when she was
captured by the Retiels near the mouth of the
Rappahannock, and who was badly wounded
while resisting the enemy.
Jos. W. Dwyer, Esq., late chief clerk of the
sulsUteace division of the Third Auditor's
office, bas been appointed Pension Agent for
the Columbus, Ohio, district, and wUl enter
upon his new duties on September 4. He has
filed his bond for ?200,000 in the office of the
Second Comptroller. Mr. Andrew Cauldwell
has been appointed to Mr. Dwyer's position in
the Thiid Auditor's office.
Lieut. Wm Thomas, of the 1st Maryland
Veteran Volunteer regiment, who was tried
by a general court-martial upon the charge of
being absent from his command without leave,
and sentenced to be cashiered and confined for
on? year at hard labor on some Government
iortiflcatlon. was taken from the Old Capi
tol yesterday ai d sent to the Dry Tortugas.
Gen. Patrick, Provost Marshal General of
of tbe Army of the Potomac, on Sunday for
warded to tnis city as a prisoner of war, First
lieutenant Conner, of Jeff. Davis' Legion.
The prisonei was committed to the Old Capi
Mr. John A. Stuart has been appointed to the
I lace of Assistant Treasurer at New York
itely vacated by Mr J. J. Cisco.
RettRkbd.?Col. John E. Wheeler. ex-Con
sul to Nicaragua, and of fillibuster note, who
has been sojourning in Dixie for some time,
has return'- d to Washington.
Pbksoval?General Butler bag not yet ar
rived in New York, it see*^ b_ the NeW york
papers, but it, soon there.
FiPW^-The New York Post of jester
day O'.eniLg says:
"i be glorums news from Mobile this morn
ing, and ire evident decadence of the rebel
canse, have produced a decided sudden fall in
sold and in agricultural produce. Flour is
down 10 cents, and pork Sfi cents per barrel.
Gold opened at 256 and atter selling down to
?J42 w recovered to 244, and on t*e conlrmation
of the newa of the capture of Fort Morgan it
went down to 210.
The Commercial Advertiser aaya. i
The cold market is unsettled an4 again low
ssissnsf ?>?
lethe export, have
ataadlly increasing, tbe imports nave declined,
solitioc to a protracted reduction of the x
ports cl specie. At the ?an^tlme. thf'pay msMi
?f iaterestou the September fn,
beads, u supplying eufficlent for the^require
ments ?( th? Customs duties. For the
therefore there Is a considerable nrplM Ofttla
over t*e demand, aad tba price naturally de
-cMaes. WiUfe U?e prospect of this oondition of
im market being more or 1ms protracted, it la
. tTL- Boeeifele that a further decline may he re
ST2dV*Vehouid important military auc
^ ..^ifved. the probability would be
Pursuit by e?a. Sheridan?The But
Overtaken?Cavalry Skirmishing.
[Despatch to Philadelphia Inquiiw.]
Hibfu'b Fkrky, Aug. 29 ?The advance of
Oen. S&eridan yeeterday was with nearty nu
entiie force, the reconnoisgancea of j?turaay
afternoon having demonstrated that the enemy
had retired from his front -
He m&de immediate preparation for follow
ing them, aad the march began ?*
Sunday morning. The iQlMl{jy awtStroad
Wright, Crook and Emory took the ' "*
to CDarlestown from our positioniat H^ltown,
&cd the cavalry under Oen. Torbert pursuing
seB?eS! roads leading -outbwestwardly from
t^hepherdstown, but all converging towards
^The'march during the entire day was slow
and cautious, a strong skirmifch line being all
the time displayed, and both flanks kept well
covered, but none of the enemy were met with
until late in the afternoon, when, having over
taken his rear guard just beyond Uh^tlestown,
on the Smitbfleld road, some li-tie skirmishing
Fussed, but nothing of any moment. Some
few prisoners being taken, it was ascertained
tnat Early s main force hail retired on the
Smitbfleld road, and that he had halted for the
nip?bt at that hamlet. General Sheridan con
sequently ordered a halt two miles beyond
Charlestown and camped for the night.
In the meantime General Torbert, moving in
the name general direction, upon roads to the
right ot Sheridan, encountered the enemy s
cavalry at Hunker Hill, and a sharp fltfht en
sued, the particulars of which have not yet
come in, hnt the advantage remained witn
Torbert. This morning, up to 11 o'clock a. m.,
all was quiet in front. General Sheridan re
maining in the position assumed last night, and
the enemy is still understood to beatt>mith
fleld. . ...
Rumors were enrrent in our camp this morn
ing that Early had been ordered to Richmond
with bis main force, but was traceable^ to no
authentic source, while it is certain that Smith
fleld is far from the direct road from Charles
town to the rebel capital. Early's last move
ment is considered here to be no declaration of
purpose to abandon the Shenandoah \ alley.
Maryland Constitutional Convbntion.
?In this Convention, on Saturday, it was :
Resolved, That in view of the uncertain con
dition of affairs in this State, owing to the pos
sibility of an invasion by the public enemy,
wbiclk may Interfere witb the expression ot
the popular will on the day to be fixed for
voting on this Constitution, that tbis Conven
tion, when it adjonrns without day, will be
adjourned subject to the call of the President,
and, in case of the death or disqualification of
the president, f H. H. Goldsborongb,) Frederick
Schley, of Frederick county, Joseph B. Pugh,
of Ceiil county, Henry Stockbridge, of Balti
morecity, William T. Purnell, of Worcester
county, be and they are hereby authorized, in
the order in which they are named, to act as
president and call the Convention together.
The majority of the committee on provisions
and ordinances made a long report, embracing,
among other provisions, the right of soldiers in
the field to vote for or against the new Consti
tution. for President, member of Congress,
&c. The report also directs that the Governor
shall, within five days after the adjournment
of the Convention, order an election to be held
on the 12th of October, for the adoption or re
jection of the new Constitution.
The minority of the committee made a report
protesting against the right of the soldier to
vote in the field, and also against voters being
required to take, the oath prescribed in the
The members of the Exemption Fund will
meet at Citv Hall, without fail, in the Council
Chamber, WEDNESDAY EVAXING, An*. 31. at
8 o'clock, for the purpose of organization an I
election of officers, with a view of extemline the
number of members, as scores an'l hundreds are
daily making application fur membership. hence
thin c All fan 3"-2t* 1 T.H.BARRON.
FRUIT FESTIVAL.?The Lalies of the
1L?< Methodist Protestant Church will open
tneir Festival THIS EVENING, August 30. 1864,
at the Union League Boom#. 9th street, between
D and E streets, and continue the entire week.
The Enchanted Tree will be exhibited every even
ing during the week. This tree is truly enchant
ing Admission 15 rents; reason ticket. 50 cents.
The Ladies solicit the patrunage of their friends
an J' 6t*
i I will be given hy
at the
On r?th Street.bet C street and the Canal,
On THURSDAY, September 1. 1364.
for the benefit of the
of the 1st U. S. Colored Troop*.
Admission 25 cent*. an 3'>-2t*
i Board of Trustees of the Public Schools
will he held on TUESDAY NEXT, the 30th inst.,
at 5 o'clock p. m.
au 77-3t R. T. MORSBLL. Sec.
lo.ooo kxkmWion~f gx d.-p et kr
'Jof F. BACON, Esq., having kindly consented
to set as Receiver and Treasurer of a fund for pro
tection against the coming draft, for a number of
gentlemen, limited to one nundrel. at 9 ? 00 each,
any one subject to the same can call at his store,
corner 7th and Pennsylvania avenue, and deposit
the amount, thereby securing to themselves all
the advantagesof escaping the draft. Substitutes
will be p.ovided for each man drawn, as their
names appear upon the book in rotation, without
any partiality. . , .
For any information concerning the above club.
T. H. BARRON or Mr. BACON will be glad to give
such information may be required. ?...
Rep and Chron. 1w., and S. Chron. It. an 25-lw*
UJ5 W, 1364.?This office having been necesaa
sarily closed for several days during the present
month. the time for receipt of water rents is ex
tended to the 31st August, after which date the
water will be shut oil from all premises of which
the water rent in unpaid. No further notice will
jy sn-d Water Registrar.
One of Hoe'sCard or Circular PRESSK8,near
ly new, on SATURDAY MORNING. Sept. 3d.
;iu 30-St* GREEN & WILLIAMS, Aucts.
TO PRINTERS-An OFFICE for sale cheap,
comprising a good and full assortment of
Tyre for Book and Job Work. Also, two Presses.
The whole valued st 400, will be sold on ea?v
terms. Address PRINTER, at this offlc". an 30--3t*
Nineteenth Street, between G and H.
The classes will be resumed on the first Monday
of September. T? rms: First Department, S10 per
session; Second Department, 50 cents per moath in
&dvance._ au 30-5t*
BRICKS FOR SALE?Manufactured atR. Dodge a
ilateThomas's) Brick Yard, opposite Washing
ton, Virginia. Always on hand 200.0>o merchant
able bricks, ? hich we will sell at $12.6 > per M, de
livered on the ? barf at Georgetown. Apply at the
foot of 15th st. west and canal , _ _
au SOlw* J. C. BR^ ANT 3c CO.
9m for the M
Q| ? ofthe idW
at the
aaS^-St* On MONDAY, September 5th, Ifrit.
Instruction pour la Voltige Militaire. Patis.
Xcole du Cavalier a Pied Paris.
Eco'e Du Cavalier a Cheval. Paris.
Ecole du Peloton a Pi*-d-a-Cheval. Paris. .
Bibliotheque complete de* sous. Officers et Brig
adiers de Cavalerie. Pari*.
Instruction 8ur le Travail Individuel dans la
Cavalerie le Fir du Fusil et dn Pistolet. Paris.
Ainslee's Cavalry Manual. London.
Nolan on Cavalry Horses. . _
Roemer's History and Management of Cavalry,
Washington. D. C.. August 29, 1864.
Will be sold at public auction, at 6th street i
Wharf Washington. D. C., on the 5th day of Sep
tember. 1864. at 11 o'clock a. m.. the foUowing
empty Barrels, more or less
4.5*0 Pork Barrels, I
2,483 Flour Barrels.
894 Coffee Barrels.
266 Molasses Barrels,
135 Whisky Barrels.
632 Promiscuous Barrel*
13 Ham Tierces.
836 Vinegar Kegs.
Also, a large lot of Staves and Headings.
Termsr Cash, in Government funds.
Ali purchases to be wuioT^in^.
e>iu3fl-5t CapUin and C.8.V.
11 Bivf.stii 8tkekt Wharp,
WAJH'.SOTP^i Auguat ?u, 1361.
In accordance with^nst ructions from ?
General D. H. Rucker, Chief 9^te'?"*?/rs at
?ot or Washington, I have placed schooners at
Upper and Lower Cedar Points, in
occupied by the light boats, previous to their de
?tractionby the rebels. .. ... .
From sunset until sunrise a light will be
from each of the schoon?rs. The reason e*T?n.P*
j captains of vessels, chartered and owned by *ne
, United Btatea Quartermaster Department, ^for
anchoring in the Potomac river at night.was,
that they feared that they would rua their vessels
aground if they attempted to run past the skoals
after dark. The lamps placed on the schooners
will give a light suffieintly strong to enable all
allots to pass up and down the river with safetjr,
provided they govern themselves by the oharts
provided by United States Coast Survey.
From and after this date.no vessel propelled
by sVam will be allowed to anchor, excepting la
suoh weather as by running the loss of the vessel
or?!ir*? 1ll*bt be endangered.
All masters of vessels are directed to report any
neglect ot the part of the parties oa board of the
light schooa?rs, iB ?ot keeping their lights burn
ing at a'l hours of the night
A copy of this circular will be kept posted in the
pilot home of every veetei owned and charter#!
by t*e Qorernment, plying on the Potomac river.
an ??t Capt. aad A.Q.H
^ neatness and d , and at the loweet pel pes,
at 431 Massachusetts avenue, sear the Northern
Liberty Market. m M-Im*
?OC BBWAEI^-Lo?t, a black anl white spot
ted 8ETTER DOG. Had a piece of hi* tail
cut off and a r.ound black spot on the top of his
bead. The above reward will be paid upon the re
torn of the do* to F. WINDHOLE. 323 D street,
Segar store, near Star Office. auS>-lt*
fiOR REWARD.?Stolen fron the farm of O. H
W*?** P. Clark, about seven miles from WMh
ington, on the Colesville road, on Snnday night,
AunitJS. 1864, a large iron grey STALLION*.
*bout 17 bands high and 6 ytars old; has long
?witch tail and heavy mane; legs darker than
pody; skin around left eye white; left shoulder
has been rubbed with liniment.
The above reward will be paid for the recovery
of the horse, if left at the store of
au 3'>-3t* 7th street, between H and I.
LOST?On Saturday afternoon, on a street car, a
POCKET DIARY, containing a number of
private papers, of no use to any one but the un
dersigned. Also, a number of passes, and #8 in
money. The finder may retain the money if he
will return the diary and other contents to
au g>-2t Reporter. "8tar Office.''
REWARD.? 8trayed away last Wednesday,
a dark red COW. with a star in her forehead,
and white spot on both hips. The above reward
will be given if brought to No. 2i>* 2 >th street,
bet. L and M sts. (au29-2t*> J.CARROLL.
Found on my place, a young bay
MARX; on the night of the 28th. Any person
proving property and pavingcharges can receive
au 29-St* Fort Totten, D. C.
ffij ? REWARD.?8trayed or stolen from-the
*SP?9 subscriber, Aug. 28th, one light ba? MARE
COLT, three years old ; had a scar on left hind
leg, and white face. J. B HOLLIDoK,
au 29-2t Corner 5th and P streets.
TAKEN UP ESTRAY on Mcnday the 3th of
Angnst. a DUN MARE, abo&t 15 hands high,
with black man* and tail. If the owner doe* not
come forward, prove property, jav charges, and
take her ? way before the 1st day cfSeptember, she
will be sold to pay expenses. H. WILLIAMS
M 89-3t* 126 Frederick -it.. Georgetown.
TAKEN UP A STRAY?On tie 27th inst., a large
bay MARE, five year* old, ah#ut 16 or 17 hanas
high, two white feet. The owatr is requested
come forward, prove property, pay charges, and
Tbe* can bfi ie#n the premises of
MauRICIi W0LFE8, between 2<th and 25th and
between I and K, First Ward. an 30 3t*
?OK REWARD?Lost, en Monday evening,
August 24. 1864. on thi Avenue, between
Jlth.sti-eetw, ON* HUNDRED AND TWO
DOLLARS, in Government nonev. The above
will_be paid if left at this office. au 27-3t*
COW, and CALF about fonr
on the Property of Mr. STE
PEEN CASEIY. on 9th street, between N and 0. If
tno owner will come forward,orove property and
??y charges he can take them tway. au 27*-3t*
$k?\ ?BWAtRD-~8trayed awar, on Saturday, 20th
with a sm2n f*8h< mellow color,
* ?'!? an<? wbite on shoulder; a pieoe
head WMP nenr'if^PD ?10?ni, -tnrn,ed in towards
fff-o.,, ,Jf'' Cj9,?EARA, No. >24 Penn. avenue,
between 2d and 3d sts. an 17-3t*
FOCi&M&^0r"in *?onstreet. Navy Yard,
rf OCKET BO'JK, containing a small amount
ot money, which the owner car have by proving
property nnd paying for this advertisement. Ap
p 7 a,L the corner ofllth *rvd K Greets, Navy Yard
an 27 3t* GEORGE M. NORTON.
S)8() a Jark t)a'r CANA
5^ r*' kw * ' 8. H0R8E. ?ony huild, small
t. sP?t on the left side under tie saddle
riORRVrn?Vy. ?-Rne, ?,ni foretop. Address 0. T.
^ORSETT, at Kendall Green Park, Washington,
vJi- au 25-6t*
f.^! LOST! LOST !-Broke loos* from the
rni t r Stables. Ang 25th,on* largebrown
rioll.rQ white in his face. Five
?t.iil! ? ?for his delivery at the above
stables, on 3d street east, between M and N.
au2j 6t K. II. LAM BELL.
V?HErSoF? raI?ab'/ PAPERS,belonging to
Anthony Clinton. He can have them by pay
ing charges. at the Seventh Ward Station Hoii.e,
on V,2 street south. au 21 1 w*
T*Bf^.S-NOTICE ?Several COWS and
* one HORSE, branded "condemned.'" have been
JonDd trespassing upon the grounds of the Georgf -
town College. The owners are requested to prove
property pay charges, and take them away; and
notice is hereby given that all persons hereaft-'
committing any trespass by willfolly breaking
?"W,n ?/ injuring the fences belonging to the
lands of tn? College, or by entering any of their
enclosed lands with their cows, horses, or other
animal*. will be prosecuted to the utmost extent
ot the law. By order of the President. aul7 eolm
OARD-At S.iO K street. Franklin Row, and
one parlor and fine bed rooms. au 30-2t'
by applying at No. 7 1st St., Georgetown.
a U jv*3t
RCARDING.? Pleasant furnished RO0M>, with
, BOARD, may lie obtained with a Nor'hern
family, by applying at 4 I 7 13th street, near G st.
^catioii nnsurpjtsaed, and near the Department-!.
OOABDING?Elegant ROOMS with BOA 11D can
5 . ? red by application at 432 G ?t.. rear of
Patent Office Also, TABLE BOARDERS can be
au y?r?t^D ^ne b*th-room in the house.
p'easant rooms and good board, in a pleasant
local ity, and Imt ? few minutes walk from the
TJ!'a5?r? and War Departmaut, by immediate ap
plication at No, 37T. Thirteenth Street, between
New York Avenue and F Street. Also table
boarders wanted. ]t*
BOARDING.?The attention of those who wish
spacious and airy ROOMS, well furnished, up
on moderate terms, is especially requested. The
advertiser wishes to give her inmates a pleasant
heme, and will earnestly endeavor to provide for
their comfort by every means within her pow er.
A good library in the house. An excellent table
is kept, and transient boarders taken. Applv Rt
39.>, 18th st . between F and G Sts. au 30 2t"
?. ar(1 pleasant front room by applying at No. hi
Market street, between 3d and 4th, Georgetown,
Terms moderate. au 2!?-3t*
OOARDING FOR LADIES, at No. 100 E street
MP north, between 12th and 13th streets, in the
rf?r. au 17 6t?
IN A PRI\ATE FAMILY a few gentlemen can
J'^c.0?5?IIK,d!l?#d JTilh. FURNISHED ROOMS
and BOARD, at 162 Washington street, George
town References required. au 27-3t*
KOOM3 for families or single persons. House
a-ry. with Spacious grounds. Terms moderate.
Apply at 8. W. Corner 21st and H sts., near Penn'a
aTP?"P- au 26-tit*
Desirable rooms with board, for
W ?.uDV''nlJnn-v'}t No-north K, between 7th
ana 8th eta. Table boarders accommodated,
au 25 eo 3t*
F?i?* bWo1, ^lTI]~BOARD-A large RACK
I A RLOR, on the first lloor. Also, four or five
Tab ? Boarder^can be accommodated at No. 261
(t street, between 14th and 15th. au 24 6t*
LET?A few ROOMS, nicely furnished, with
, board for gentlemen or gentleman and wife,
also excellent board for gentlemen at No. 6 4H st.,
oetreen C and Louisiana nv. au 16 2w*
solicitations of her many friends and custo
mers, has again resumed her DRESS MAKING at
JlSv. j^5?on,8?No- Pen,>- avenue, between
12th and 13th. au 27-lw?
3i*) Bbls fresh ground pure Rye Flou r:
L-tn Bills prime white Seed R>e ;
In store and for ?al* low in lots to suit bv
_au '-'~3t Corner 12th and B streets.
is selling DR\ GOODS at less than they can be
bought in New York: Bleached Cotton at 35, 4",50;
Calico at 40, 42.48; Hoop Skirts, 51.53. $1.65; Cor
sets. f 1.76, tt, 52 50: Balmorals at #4; Skirt Braids,
**19 yards Spool Cotton. 3for25cents; Children's
Woollen Hose at 25; a full assortment of Button
Hosiery: fancy Goods at very low prices. Call and
see for venr^elf.
__ B. NEWMAN, 443 7tli street,
__ au >i-3t* Three doors from G st.
TiS???aK X??}-betwe.?n 91 h 10th.
rBOi. &KEIS has the honor of announcing to
bis friends, patrons, and the public, that he
will resnme the duties of his profession on
MONDAY EVENING, September 8, at??
o'clock, for gentlemen, and on WEDNES- *,Plk
DAY AFTERNOON, September 7, at 3 o'clock,for
ladies, misses, and masters.
ror Lfidies, Misses, and Masters, on WEDNK3
DAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOdNH. from i to 5
o clock.
Gentlemen's Class, on BIONDAY and WEDNES
DAY EVENINGS, from 7 to 10 o'clock.
The Hall has been thoroughly renovated by the
Profesaor, for the better accommodation of his
pupils. Circulars can be had at all the principal
music rod book stores, and at the Hall. For fur
ther information, apply at the Halt during the
honra of tuition. an 27 7t
j\T0TICE TO SUTLERS.-A double deck BAlToB
11 ?IPO tons?in good order, all ready for use
can be bought on reasonable terms. Sale to close'
concern. Apply toCaat. Cushnian.on board B*rge
"M. Keenedy,"?t Slup Yard. Alexandria, Va.; or
to Mr. Lumpkin, at Palmer's Wharf, foot of nth
street. Washington. DO ; or to Floweu & Boweo,
No. 1 King street. Alexandria Va. an 23-Iw*
offer ff r sale a tine, nearly thorough bred UHB
BAY IIORSE. admirably adaptad for milL-^QS
tary purposes, 16 bants high, full of life and ac
tion, from the be't stock. 6>? yoars old, and per
fectly sound; seasoned and hardened, will carry
any weight, and perfectly gentle: weuld make a
splendid general officer's how. Apply to
Auction and Oommisaiou Merchants.
au 25 6t South cor. Pit, av. and 9th at,
ATE Qn?rt?rma?ter United States Army.
Offlcers, Ordnance, Quertermastor's.
464 Tenth atreet,
an ?4-lm* Washington, D. C^
2^' Hta Loves Md ?? <Oapt. H. A. Wl*?
Jay Cooke i Co. furnish the following quo
tations of Government securities :
WASHINOTOH, Aug. 30, 1861.
Baying. Selling.
U. S. 6's Coupon 1861 1UH 109
U. S. 5 80's 110 no
7 3-H> Treasury Notes 110 111
One Year Certificates 81 % 95
Certificate Checks 95^
NkwYobk?First Board.
coupons, loex; 5-20's, 109K: Certificates, 94 V;
Gold, 233.
Yesterday, District Attorney Carrington en
tpred a suit in the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict of Columbia, against William A.Ham
mond, late Surgeon General U. S. A., to re
cover S150.0C0, the amount alleged the Govern,
ment has been defrauded of by his blanket
purchase from W. A. Stephens, and supplies
from John Wyeth & Bro., for ?50,000, being the
amount in the first case and 8100,000 in the
Rumors were in circulation last night and
this morning, that the rebels, In considerable
force, made their appearance last evening in
the vicinity of Rockville. No information to
this effect has been received at headquarters,
and the rumor is believed to be entirelv with
out foundation.
Lieutenant Harry Fuller, of the 1st Virginia
L nlon cavalry, who was for a long time at
tached to the Provost Marshal's office in this
city, was severely wounded In the recent en
gagement at Winchester. Lieut. Fuller was
fighting at close quarters with a rebel major,
when he received a ball and three buckshot in
the side. He is now in the hospital at Cum
berland, and is doing as well as could be ex
pected under the circumstances.
Wm. Canby, a citizen of Montgomery coun
ty, Md., has been found guilty of violating the
customs of war in aiding and abetting the en
emy in various Vays. Canby is in the Old
Capitol, but will be transferred to Fort Dela
ware, where he will be confined during the ex
isting rebellion.
To-day's Proceedings?Governor Seymour
Permanent President.
Chicago, Aug. 30.?The National Democrat
ic Convention re-assembled at ten o'clock this
morning. The attendance both insideand out
side the wigwam, was even greater than yes
Immediately after the Convention was called
to order, prayer was offered by Bishop White
house, ot Illinois.
Mr. Hughes, Chairman of the Committee on
Organization, reported that the Committee had
unanimously agreed upon Horatio Seymour as
the permanent President of the Convention.
Applause greeted the announcement and the
report was adopted by acclamation.
The report of the committee on organization
was read and adopted by acclamation. The
President is Horatio Seymour, and Vice Presi
dents Joseph Chase, of Maine: J. W. Sullivan,
of New Hampshire; E. D. Beach, of Massa
chusetts; D. H. Smalley, of Vermont; George
Taylor, of Connecticut; Alfred Anthony, of
Rhode Island; Andrew J. Cobb, of New Jer
sey: and Gideon J. Tucker, of New York.
When quiet was restored, Mr. Seymour pro
ceeded to address the Convention.
Mr. Seymour said: Gentlemen of the Con
vention, 1 cannot foretell the resolutions and
action of this Convention, but I sav every
member of it loves the Union, desires peace,
and will uphold Constitutional freedom. While
the resolutions and action of this Convention
are of the ntmost importance, there are addi
tional reasons why the Democratic party
should be restored to power, and they are
great reasons.
The Democratic party will restore the Union,
because it longs for its restoration. It will
bring peace, because it loves peace. It will
bring liberty to our land, because it loves lib
erty. It will put down despotism, because it
hates ignoble tyranny,which now degrades the
American people. Four years ago a conven
tion met in this city, when our country was
peaceful, prosperous and united.
Its delegates did not mean to destroy our
Government, to overwhelm us with debt, or to
drench our land with blood, but they were an
imated by intoleranceand fanticism, and blind
ed by an ignorance of spirit of our institutions,
the character of our people, and the condition
of our land. They thought they might safely
indulge their passions, and concluded to do so,
tht*y would not heed the warnings of our fa
thers, and did not consider that meddling be
gets strife, and their passions have brought our
natural results.
They were impelled to spurn all measures of
compromise. Step by step they have marched
on to results from which at the outset they
would have shrunk with horror ; and even
when war has desolated our land, has laid its
heavy burdens upon labor, and when bank
ruptcy and ruin overhang us, they will not
have the Union restored except upon condi
tions unknown to oar Constitution.
They will net let the shedding of blood cease
even for a little time, to see if christian charity
or the wisdom of statesmanship may not work
out a method to save our country.
[By the People's Lane?Office 511 Ninth street.]
Nbw York, Aug. 30?U. S. 1881, coupon 8's,
l(fcX; U. S. 5.20's, 109#; Certificates of Indebt
edness, M?,'; Gold, 231!{; N. Y. Central, 12&JL';
Erie, 109*; Hudson River, 126 Harlem,?;
Reading, 133*; Michigan Central, 131; Mlchl.
gan Southern, 85Illinois Central, 128;
Cleveland and Pittsburg, 110\'; Cleveland and
Toledo, 120; Chicago and Rock Island, 109*;
Milwaukle and Prairie du Chien, 63; Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 110 ??; Alton and
Tena Haute. 64; Chicago and Northwestern,
5'i V, Quicksilver, 82.
The Pirate Tallahassee.
Bostow, August 30.?Captain Peeling, of the
schooner Maria L. Davis, reports that on the
25th, lat. 34.12, long. 73 50, she passed a propel
ler with two masts and two smoke stacks,
painted lead color with red bottom, showing
American colors. The main-mast was gone
about twenty leet above deck She burnt soft
coal, was in light trim, steering directly for the
Maria L. Davis, when another steamer hove in
sight and bore for the first steamer, which was
supposed to be the pirate Tallahassee Cap
tain Heeling crowded on all sail and escaped.
New York Markets.
New York, August 30.?Flour is 30 cents
lower; wheat, 3a5 cents lower; corn, 1 cent
lower; provisions dull. Gold, 232.
The Chicago Convention Yesterday.
Yesterday, in the Chicago Convention, the
following resolutions were offered by Gover
nor Hunt (N. Y ), and referred to the commit
tee on resolmions:
Kesolved, That in the future, as in the past,
we will adhere with unswerving fidelity to the
Union and the Constitution, and insist on
maintaining our National unity as the only
solid foundation of our strength, security and
happiness as a people, and as the framework
of Government conducive to the welfare and
prosperity ot all the States, both Northern and
Southern, and with a view to terminate the
pending conflict and restore the blessings ot
peace, we are in favor of an armistice and ear
nes< and honorable efforts to adjust the terms
ot settlement and union on the basis of the
Constitution of the United States, and for a
final solution of all difficulties, we would re
commend a Convention of the States to review
the Constitution and adopt such amendments
and modifications as seem necessary to more
fully it sure to each State the enjoyment of all
Its ligtitb and constitutional control of its do
mestic concerns according to the original in
tent and purpose of the Federal compact.
Mr. Long (Ohio) offered the following:
Resolved, That a committee, to be composed
of one member from each State represented in
this Convention, to be selected by the respective
delegations thereof, be appointed, for the pur
pose of proceeding forthwith to thi ciry of
Washington, on behalf of this Convention and
people, to ask Mr Lincoln to snspendthe ope
ratioi; of the penoingdraft for ;n0,000n?eu until
the people shall have an opportunity, rhrough
the b:illot-boz, in a full nifotiop, iiriniluenced
m any manner by militarv ordott or military
interference, of deciding ; iir> question now fair
ly presented to them of or war at the ap
Eros hing election In November and that said
ottfitter be and are hereby Instructed to urge
upon Mr. Lincoln, by whate - hi argument they
can employ, to stay the flood of fraternal blood,
at least so far as the impending draft will con
tinue to augment it, until the people, the roure*
of alt prwer, shall have the opportunity ofex
presF'uff their will for or against the further
prosecution of the war in the choioe of oaadl
ds'^s for u e T reel lency.
The McOlellanitr 3 favor Governor Hunt's
resolution, b?t Vaiiandigham, Hall and others
bold tb?t it to sot strong enough, and if that or
anything equivalent is adopted by the com
mi'tee, a minority report will be made
Tbe ultra peace men concede tbe probable
nomination of McClellan, but will insist on a
platform demanding a cessation of hostilities,
a convention of the States, and no more fight
A sharp light is anticipated on the question
of nominating candidates or adopting a plat
'?The ultras will insist on deciding the plat
form first, bnt the McClellanites will not con
sent to this if there are ary serious differences
in reference to it. Several names are men
tioned for Vice President, Pendleton and Co*,
of Ohio, Guthrie and Bramlette, of Kentucky,
Cass, of Pennsylvania, and others, but none
have yet assumed any positive strength.
A Spchky Gihl.? Yesterday afternoon,
quite an excitement took place In front of tht?
depot, caused by a young and handsome girl
of about nineteen seizing ahackmrin by the col
lar and demanding that he should fork over
fit teen dollars. It appears that the young lady
and her sister came to the city last week to see
a wounded relative at Lincoln Hospital, and
engaged the hackman to take them there, for
which he charged five dollars; and she ten
dered a twenty dollar bill, which he went off
with, promising to return the chancre, but he
failed to do so. Yesterday the ladies were
about to leave the city, when they recognized
the delinquent hackman, and the eldest seized
him. The jehu attempted to *et awav at first,
but seeing that she was a determined girl he
begged to be allowed to go off and get the
money; but she held him last until efticer Pad
get came up, and be went with the hackman,
who soon raised the funds, which the officer
paid the girl.
Fight at ? Ball.?Last night the colored
fancy had a ball at Sam Ireland's rancbe, on
B, street between Tenth and Eleventh, and
some of the lemales got into a quarrel. Officer
Simonds went to separate them, and was inter
red with by Phillip Maharty, colored. Ms
harty was anested and taken to the station
house. Afterwards the females got into a row
again, and Buna Prince, Susannah Johnson,
and Ellen Ste ohenson were arrested by officers
Barclay and Markwood. Judge Day appeared
as their counsel before Justice Clayton, bnt the
Justice fined Mahartv *5.00, and Susannah
Johnson S'2.00; the other women were dis
missed Sergeant Tait notified the colored
fancy present at the trial, that he intended to
report "that place to the military authorities,
and have it permanently closed, as it was get
ting to be as bad a* It was last winter.
Dismissed.? Jennie West, who was com
mitted Saturday for a further hearing before
Justice Hollingshead, on a charge ot robbing a
soldier of (), was called for a hearing yester
day. It appeared by the testimony that the
accused and the soldier parted company at a
restaurant near the Park, 7th street, about
midnight. After she left the soldier showed his
pocket-book in the restaurant and added money
he obtained from the landlord to that In the
book, showing that if robbed It was after the
aecu.-ed left him. Justice Hollingshead imme
diately dismissed the case.
Fatal Accident.?'Yesterday afternoon, as
train No. 4 north, (leaving here at 3 p. m.,) was
on the way out, the rear brakesman, Michael
Fenton. a young man residing in Baltimore,
was killed near Mill's sidling. It is supposed
that when the train was about passing under
tbe bridge near that place, he looked out, and
projected his head too far, when it was struck
by one of tbe timbers ot the bridge, mashing
his head and killing him instantly. His body
was brought to the city and lastevening it was
placed in a coffin and forwarded to Baltimore
Fight in Prathkr'b Alley.?The colored
residents of Prather's alley had a free fight
\esterday. all originating from the charge ot
bn? Cage Terrill, who asserted that two colored
servants of General Hooker's were teamsters,
which made them very indignant, and the
result was loud talk and blows, in which the
women participated. Officers Eckloff, Crown,
and Smith arrested ten women and two men,
the other men engaged in the melee having
escaped. Ter:ill' was held to bail for court,
and the others were fined
A Villainous Case ?Sergeant Johnson, of
the Sec ond Precinct, reported this morning that
a girl, named Margaret Kennedy, was found in
a shanty in the Second Police Precinct, where
she had been left by a woman named Barry.
Tbe girl is fourteen years of age, was kept and
used as a prostitute by Mrs. Barry until she
was so diseased as to be unable to walk or help
herself. Barry then moved, and left her in the
shanty to die. Sergeant Johnson took the child
and had her removed to the Almshouse.
Orphans' Court. Judge Pureell.? This
morning Jos. J. Waters obtained letters testa
mentary on the estate ot Mrs. Eliza G. More
land, dec'd.
The will of the late Col. John II Reilly was
partially proven and the codicil thereto was
fully proven.
The first individnal account of Charles T.
Hawkins, guardian to the orphans of John
hawkins, was approved and passed.
Mad I>o(?.? Yesterday, officer Harris, of the
county police, killed a dog suffering with hy
drophobia in bis precinct.
Afkairp in Gkokg*to>vn.?Business is quite
dii 11.
This morning Justice Bnckey tried a case of
creating a nuisance, ti at attraci*d considerable
attention. Tbe warrant was issued against C.
B Jewell, proprietor of the Soap factory, oa
Green near Bridge s-reet, and the charge was
?'hoilmg or rendering spoiled meats, rancid tal
low, or rancid grease of some kind." It ap
peared from the evidence, that the stench aris
ing from tbe rendering of rancid materials, was
so obnoxious that many of the neighbors could
not remain in their houses. The Justice fined
Mr Jewell $*20 and costs, and Mr. Jewell Im
mediately appealed to court. This is the third
time that Jewell has b^en fined for creating a
nuisance by the process of rendering tallow,
and appealed upon each case. In the two
former cases, if we are correctly informed, the
appeals were sustained by default of the ap
pellant. In this it Is hoped that the court may
decide on all tne facts.
Port of Georgetown.?Entered?Schr. Durfree,
Sabins, lrom New York. Cleared?Yankee
Bind*. Coombs, Philadelphia; Castoff, Albro,
New York; Rio Grande, Skinner, Havre-de
Grace; E. Ann, Turner, Saulsbury; J. C. Cal
houn, Oreighton, Baltimore; A. E. Smoisk,
Jones, do : Merchant. Phillips, Laurel, Del.;
M. Eliza, Harris, Deal's Island; R. J. Capron,
Beacham, Havre-de-Grace; Emma and Bue
lah, Renear, Philadelphia; Artiste, Morris,
Bristol; T. J. Tulle, Cooper, Port Deposit: Sa
rah Mills, Tutler, New York; Three Sisters,
Parker, Havre-de-Grace; Uuail. Hooper, do.;
George Washington, Cunningham, do.; sloop
Victory, Perry, Britton'sBay; American Ban
ner, Ellis, do; M. Andrew. Pate, Patuxeat;
longboats Rising Sun, Gilroy, Nan jemoy; Pilot,
Saunders, do.; Gen. Worth, <rluander, Acco
tmk; Chance, Jones, Nanjemoy; Salvtngton,
Jones, do.
,'XKMPTION CLT:B?There is now being
formed a Club for the purpose of procuring
Substitutes for men of its number who nmybe
drafted. Persons leaving f 10(1 with T. M. BAN
SON. Treasurer of the Club. ftiO 7th street, will
he entitled to its benefits. Call at once, for the
number is limited au .>0-3t
New York, and is nowdiseharg
ing st foot of High street, ^-od
signees will please attend to remo
ving their goods witf. xt further notice. This
steamer sails for New York on Thursday, fcept.
lB!u 30-2t at MORGAN & KHIX KHA WT. A^nts.
COR SALE? A. fine LOT, with HOUeK. fhe lot
V it. situated cn the corner of Maryland avenue
and ? -Teet. fronting 82.'.- feet and running back
88H feet, with sia<? alley 15 feet and back allej 30
feet The houre n two-story, eontaining two
rooms and he4 For further information apply
to DA NIK L KELLY. corner Md .avenue and i
St., betw en 12th ft?d 13th sis., C&pitol Hill,
au S0-3t
On * t nd a very tine assortment of new and m>>
nnrt htnd Carriage*!, consisting r*rt of Hughes,
Rooksways, Pheatons Jersey Wagc>ns, ?c. *c
Carriage repairing ot all kindt promptly at
tended to. RQrT n GRAHAM,Oo.chmrfer,
auS* 3t* 37 4 D street, and
ny THOMAS BOWLING. Auet'r; Georgetown.
GROCKRIK? LICrOP8, PJ< *T/t>qSmf?8'
l^iu 5S?i flSXr"?if , ,od Da
K.Ttin .trMts ? general assortment of Qr ceries,
nors,Platforir Sea'es.Store fixture,, kc., Ae.
iu*T,CMh TH08. SOW-LlNCr- Anct'c.
Y W L. WALL &. UO-, Auctionae' >.
Southwest corner Pa. avenne a=4 9th it.
1 P^ent Axle Setter
I east-iron HwedeeE-ock
j cast iron Mandrill
M^rtneut of TooU I :r?* and
small: all that i? requisite in a wetl ord?jei shop
of tbe kind.
Iu308' ' WM. L. WAI L A CQ . AueU.
A E. sidtnt b'uuent at Provirt e ? * Bi-apitaJ
Inpnriutie*ofl?w, I, ABRAH AM IjllOUlf,
President of the United States of America, do
hereby declare and mik? known that public aale*
will be held in the under-mentioned Land Ofliee,
in the State ef Minnesota, at the period* herein
after designated, to wit:
. At the Land Office at St Peter, commencing ou
MONDAY, the fifth day of Daoember next, for tb*
disposal of the public lands comprised in toe late
reserve for the Winnebago Indians. above mu
tinntd. and situated in the following parts or
township*. wbieh will be sold at the sppraise-1
value of tbe lands and the improvemeats tuereoc
v it:
North cf tin last lin? *nd *???>! of the Ajt\ rrtn-rpc
tnertd inn.
In township K6. range 24 .15,384.9? ?er?*
In township H ", range -,!4___ , 5.4<kj 44 '
In township lit?, range 25. 1* jm
In township 1?'7, range 25 17
In township 10m, range 23 .. 277 si
A schedule.particularly describing the iudivid
uai .racts, with the appraised value per sere, wilf
be open for inspection at the District Land Office*
in Minnesota
Tbe offering of the above lands will be com
jnented on the day appointed, and will proceed.in
the order designated in the above-mentioned
schedule, and consecutively by tewnship*. as here
111 advertised, until the whole shall hare bean
offered, and the sale thus closed . hot the ?a'??
shall net be kept open longer than two weeks, and
no private entr> of any of the lands will Read
mitted until after the expiration of * he two weeks.
Given under my hand, ?t the city of Washing
ton. this i'id day of August. Anno Domini oi?e
thousand eight hundred ami sixty four.
By tbe President :
Acting Commissioner ot the General band Office.
In the third section of the act of Conrreas, at>
1 roved 21st of February, 180S Statutes, volume W,
page 658, opening to sale the Winnebago Reserva
tion, it is stipulated that before anv person shall
be entitled to enter any portion of tbe raid lands-,
by pre eiuption or otherwise, previous ta their
eipoanre to sale to the highest bidder at public
outcry, he s&all become an actual bona-ftde
settler thereon, and sh->ll conform to all the
regulations now provided by law in- cases of pre
emptioo, and shall fir, within the term of one
year from the dite < f the settlement, tna full
appraised value of the lands and the improvement"
Now, in order that all such Hona-fide, actual
settlements mar be secured to the several pre
that they must cone forward and file their afuaa
vita, designating the particular tracts on which
they may he actually settled, giving the date of
such actaal settlement, and. before the expiration
of one year from such da'e. the several pre-emption
claims mast be established before the Register and
Receiver, according to the requirements of the
pre-emption laws, and fall payment made thereon,
according to the full affixed, appraised value of
the lands and improvements thereon.
1st. In all sucb cases where tbe year may not,
elapse before the commencement of the publi<
sale, such bona fide actual settlements may and
are hereby ordered to be excluded from the pabLc
2d. In all pre-emption cases in which the year
may expire before the commencement of the pub
lie sale the parties must estabti-h an i pay up for
their claims, otherwise all tracts ia this class will
be offered to the highest bi ider, under the forego
ing proclamation, yet with the stipulation that at
sucb public sale the price must not be for a ies*
sum than for the appraised value.
an 80-Iawl.tw Acting Commissioner.
September next, at Wall A Co.'s Baaaar, tw.?
sorrel HORSES, to satisfy livery expenses, unless
called for by the owner.
au 29 St* P. T. GLADMON A CO.
Abloodkd colt
We offer for sale a beautiful BLOODED- COLT
out of "Old Defiance;'' a dark chestnut, 4!i j
years old, 15hi hands high, the most sty
lish horse to be found, full of life and ac
tion; very kind; a splendid saddle hor?e, and also
broken to harness.
Apply to WM. L. WALL A: CO.. Auction and
Commission Merchants, south corner Pa. w and
9th st., or at the Horse Itaaaar. south aide La.
av., between 9th and lt'th 8ts. hu 28 St
Unitbd States Abshssor's Offick,/
No. 4t>* Seventh street. J
By decision of Commissioner of Internal Rer
enue, all owners of coaches, wagons, hacks,dfays,
carts, omnibuses and the like engaged in the
transportation of property or passengers for hire
shall pay a tax of two-and v naif p- r cent, upon
their gro-s receipts,and are required to make re
turn thereof to the Assistant Assessor or to the
Assessor's Office on or before the loth of each and
every month . under a penalty for neglect of ten
per cent additional. P. M. PE ARSON,
au '29-3t Assessor fbr the Dist. of C<>1.
367 * 8TJLEBT 367
No. 307 D street. near Ninth, Franklin ilall
Would respectfully iniorm their friends and the
public that they are now reseiving their Pal
and TASSELS, Ac. All of the latest styAet, and
at tbe lowest cash prices.
All paper hnng in the city or country byeipe
rienced workman, at short notie-.
Remember the place, No. 3f>7 D street, near
9th, entrance on D street.
367 fan 29 1m] 3*7
All purchasers of Dry Goods, to justify them
selves should call at the cheap store of JETLIVS
SYCEL,421 Seventh street, between G and Hats
I have on hand a heavy stock of bleached and un
bleached Cottons which are offered at less than
New York wholesale prices.
ALL DRESS G00D8,to close, are soil rcifardlt s*
to cost. Calicoes (light or dark) three cents le*
pfr yard thanla^t week's prices.
On hand a large assortment CAS3IMERSS and
FLANNELS, all colors and qualities.
BLACK SILKS and many other good.?. CRASH,
extra fine 2.'> cents per yard.
SI.75 to ?2.
HOOP 8KIRT8, best and cheapest in the city.
IIos:ery. Handkerchiefs, Ac , in great variety.
All goods warranted a.- represented, au 29-Jt.
A select and varied a ock of Gilt, Medium and
low-priced Paperhangings, Borders. Stacues, Cen
?e Piecea. Ac.
Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown and G4It Window
Shades, a variety of patterns; Shad* fixtures.
Tassels. Ac.
8ilk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, 4if
ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment;
Picture Rings, Nails. Ac.
The largest assortment of Oval Frnjaes In the
District, warranted to be gikivd with gold leaf;
also, a variety of Dark Wood fratiea, with a va
ried stock of small-sized Oval and Oark* da Vislte
A few- choice Engravings and Paintings always .
in store.
Orders for Paperhanging ac4 Window Shades
punctually attended to in city or ooaaty.
Terms cash fer goods or labor.
No. 496 Beveoth atreet,
Jy 7 tSl * Eight Doors above Oth* Fellows' HjkU.
assuming a terrible aspect, by personally con
sulting Dr. H. A BARROW, of New York. Pro
prietor ofTrieuemar. Ac., A"..?pcofessicnal duties
requiring bis presence at Washington for a few
dsys. He may be accordingly o??' suited at the Eb
bitt House. F street, between 13kh and 14th. until
September 3d, and no longer, a* his numero en
gegements renders it iBipoe?iMe ta prolong his
fctaT- .. ,
A indicioua supervision and. inspection of dis
eases arising from imprndennea, enables the prac
titioner, experienced in thosospecialities,to adopt
prompt and unerring mi>ans to remove th? blight,
and purify the tainted syateai, which if allowed to
take its course unchecked, awturoe* forms fearful ta
contemplate, therefore, those unfortunately com
pelled to appear in the social circle with a system
saturated witb disease, or enfeebled by perverted
habits, are exhorted to avail themselves*? Dr. Bar
row's opportune visit.
Honrs :>f consultation at Ebbitt Hotjee, frowi l!
till 2. atd from 4 nntll 0, unless by special appoint
ment, aul.>-t?epS,'
TRIESEMAR?Pi 1 rc-ated by Roya'. Letters PaA*
eat of England -ecur-d by ta? seals of th?
Ecole da Pharmacia 4a l'?ris. aad the InaarUI
Collect ofMadioiaa. Vienna.
Trieamar No. 1 Is the effectua. rantsdy tor HtUl
atioa. Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Sys
tem. Triesmar No. a has entirely superadded the
nauieous use of Copavia, Cnbebs. Ae. Trieacar
No. 8 is the infallible remedy for all I npsritiee aa<5
Secondary Symptoms, tbas ob^iatiig the usan?
mercury and allother deleteri* us irgxedients.
Bach preparation is in the form of a most acrwe
able Locenge. Secured from effects 0/ climate and
chances of atmosphere, in tin eases, at each, or
four |3 cases in one for f" and in cases, thus
saring$9. Divided in separate as ?dminia
teredby Yalpeau, ballemariie, IUn : Ac., Ae.
Wholesale and retail by Ih. V KuttOW, No. 194
Bleecker street. New York.
To be had also of 8. O. MJKP, No. HW Pa. ar?,
corner 11th street. mar ?6aa*
J. O. WOWAlL s
6 Strm. Ketwn 6th aa/t 1th, Smrth Si it.
Tbe subscriber has constantly on hand a larg?
let of fit " HORStS, PL'GGIVS. Ac. Ac .whihe
will hir. ell or axeV -ot?
t beoWce of the Ma.- ooro'and Washington staea
line is st the above a'ace.
Also, a*tac\i4tc ta* aatae place is a fta#
TaURANT. Ix 13* !?_
8 V, V' WEN,
successor to
S. OWB* ^
Mlt.I1 AKI A*B hAVA^ .
ill* Peaa.avw^S. >J*tween 14th an, uthirtre^ ,
W s thing Von, V C

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