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Fori?? ?? sat ??_Mr and ?re. Floreaos
eater apon ?be mir?! week of on* of ?*? nwt
brilliant engagements ever plsyed in this city.
??Ireland as It Was" and the fare* of the ?? Yan
kee Housekeeper" ar* announced as th" plavs.
Both are lively. and replete with material cal
culated to create a hearty l?ngn.
OaoTaaeTHBATsa-Tbe Warren comedy
combination enter upon tbe second and last
week ot their encasement at Grover'?. La?t
week was a brillitut one at this popular resort;
and Mr Wnv Warren s*ve evidence that he
has lo*t none of his An?? powers as acomed?an.
To-night be appear? ?s ?? ? >h Acres," in " The
Rivals," and will be supported as n?nal, by
the whole company
jAaTERUURY Hall.?Mr. Lea announces a
new attraction in the person of Mr. John I)e
nier.adnringgvmnas , who will perform miny
daring f-a's. The en. hanting danseuses, Mil
lie and Clara Fow1? r, and the other old per
former? remain, and entirely new acts are an
nounced for to-nitht
Hamnu-iBR, th?* great magician, will com
mence a series of m igictl entertain menu at
Odd Fellows' Hall, ?ih street, to-night. H
perform? many wonnerfnl acs, and alwavs
iucce?'d? in pieasaatly mystifying his audi
ence?. Harnhnjer propjt?s to give but three
entertainments h? : ??
Bali..?Tne Bu'cher's Association of the
Navy Yard will pive a ball to-ntght at Odd
Fellows' Hall, Nnv Yard. The people of
that locality have a Bue chance to enjoy the
The Canvas-?.?Mteung t\f t/if Lincoln and
Johnson Ciste- The limn Hen Happy ? Office*
holders to hi? Rryuired to To'" the Marie, and no
Dodging ?Tbe Liu coi ? and Johnson Club held
a spirited meeting on Saturday nicht: the mem
bers feeling parti ul.trly frisky in view of the
mass amongst tbe d? mm racy.
The Chair (Mr. Ulephane) stated that this
organization (dub> did not interfere, in any
way with State or.'aiiir-itioQS and they should
be glad to have members ol State organiza
tions join with them. At the meeting of the
executive committee on the previous evening
it had been recommended that tbe club hold
nightly meetings, and they hoped to have at.
least one prominent -p ak? r at each meeting.
Mr. Coombs thought this was beginning
rather rank, and that they would fail in gettine
an audience at nightly meetings. They bad
better begin with two or three a week, and try
that experiment.
Mr. ? ? Brown hoped they would meet
every night. It would hardly look well if
they allowed themselves to be surpassed by the
opposite party, who were holding nightly
meetings, keeping tbe excitement up and Liking
in new members. They ought to be able to do
the same, and the urne was short,?only two
Mr, Coombs would not like to be behind the
Democratic At-sociatiou in enterprise, but still
thought tbe nightly meeting a doubtful experi
ment. He would offer au amendment to hold
three meetings a w?-ek.
Mr. M. L. Story (Pension Bureau! would
like to a.-k if rbis wa? the way to g??t up a re
vival I Next to the salvation ot the soul was
the salvation of the Colon. The next two
months would decide whether we are to be a
nation. Let them get up a revival and not
count their converts bef.ire th-?y commenced,
but fel up their revival and the con verts would
come in. [Applau??? |
The ticket opposed to them was composed of
two Georges. In r?volu'ionary times we ro^e
against one George, r.ni ne was not half so dirty
3nd half so mean as ttie Georges we oppose to
night I Laugt?t?-r mid appi tuse.]
They knew something ?it Mcl'lellau and if he
were ?elected and died whatkmd of a President
would Fenoleton in.kt? I He had asked trie
question ol a M?<????.?? man in tnis city, who
answered that Mede!tan had b?en examined
by a physician ani pronounced coustitution il
ly good, [dr? a? laughter ]
He bad told the mc lellan man that Mac be
ing idle migb be fatting up. but that there was
danger of his dyinc ? apoplexy. [Renewed
laughter [
When Fremont wanted to rnn for the Presi
dency be had at 1-a^t sens? enongh to resign his
commission and there was that much gain-.1.
He had had torre hope tbat McClellan would
do the same, but perhaps McClellan thinks be
has so little chance to be elected that be means
to bold on to his commission [Laughter.]
Mr Coombs ? r< teneed himself convinced by
the eloquence of the gentleman who had tak-?n
so discursive a fl.gh?. and withdrew hisaaiend
The recommendation ot the executive eom
mlttt-e to meet nightly was then adopted.
Mr Clepiaaae announced that tne new flag of
the club would be unfurled from the building;
on Thursday evening next He hoped every
member ot the clu * would take pains to brini;
in new members. Not only every man In of
fice should come iu'o their ranks, but ale >
"very butin?es man who intends to support
Mr. Lincoln. Lines must be drawn, and there
was no better way than by means of the roll of
ine dob. iOheers.)
Mr. E. Lycett hoped measures would be
taken to fling their flag to the bree .-a across
Pennsylvania avenue [Applause.]
Mr. Clephane said that a flag as large. If not
larger, than tbe Democratic flag would soon be
thrown ont on the avenue. The flag of their
German fellow-citizens would be flung out at
rth street, from tbe Avenue House.
Mr. Geo. E-Sbarrer? hoped that when allu
sion was made to their opponents that their
proper designation of copperheads would be
applied to them. [Applause.]
Mr. El vans said it was requisite to secure a
clnbroom. The pr?tent room could be got for
575 per month, and no room could be more
suitable, it having for a long time been the
headquarters of the Union men.
Mr. Henshaw.? Will that give the club ex
clusive nse of tbe room ?
Mr. Clephane ?Yes, for evening meetings.
The committee were authorized to rent the
Subscriptions w re announced to be in or
der. Mr. Henry Janu-y contributed *? to
wards the purchase of a Hag on Penneylvama
The names of 43 new members were placed
on the books at this tim ?, or In the coarse of
the evening, among whom were J. L. Hen
shaw, A. J. K. Baker, G. G. Adams, C. H.
Lemon, .lames Topi.am. II. N. Miller, ?? ?? (.'.
Fowler and Mary Fowler, ta," Ac.
Mr. .IS Brown gave some encouraging ac
counts ot the Union cause m tbe ? rth, where
he had been traveling. There bad been a bap.
py change In sentiment in the New England
States since the captare of Atlanta. Vermont
bad already spoken for herself, and Maine
would do s? next week. In New York he had
found leading men hints who had heretofore
been ardent democrats, now declaring their
purjx e to go tor Abraham Lincoln aud the
Union party. Tbe great commercial interest
of New York was identified with tbe preser
vation ot tbe Union, and would go for Lin
coln. Two-thirds ot the soldiers would go for
him. No man who has a greenback in nts
pocket will give support to a platform so
damaging to the material interests of the coun
try as the Chicago platform He was informed
lrom high authority that Fremont would soon
take his name out ?f the way. [Cheers J And
another distinguished gentleman, whose po
sition bad been somewhat antagonistic to tuat
of Mr. Lincoln, would give him hearty sup
Mr Fester, of Kansas, made some remarks,
and was followed by?
Mr. Fielder R. iior-ett (of the First Ward).
who said that the departments were filled
with secessionists Mr Lincoln had been de
ceiveit awfully. There was a man in office
who t penly expressed hi, joy at the capture
of Suinter by tbe rebel?, and this man had
been promoted fmm a ?i.rjiio clerkship to be
chief of a bureau. If Mr. Lincoln would re.
move all such from office be would b* re
elected by an overwhelming majority: but if
be ilid not, be would be defeated. In the case
referred to be had been seven times to the !>??
partirent to see the Secretary in regard to this
mas, but could not get an Interview. He
thought a committee should be appointed io
wait on the President m regard to the mutter.
Mr. L'Ivan? said that while the facts were
undoubtedly as etated, be thought tbe remedy
prorx-eed was a wrong one. Toe remedy was
with themselves. If an employee of Govern
ment feele it bis duty to vote for MctJIellan let
him do ?o, but at the ssme time let him resign.
?Applause.] It is our duty to watch, and it
the Department employees do not come up and
sign our constitution they should be removed.
Applause ]
He believed tbat nine tenths of the old busi
ness residents of Washington are?he would
not ssy disloyal, bnt opposed to tbe adminis
tration. [A voice? "that's sol"] No business
man has a right to tbe patronage of the Gov
ernment if be i" not willing to support the
Government And It was requisite that thjie
who joined tbem should do so at once. He
would suspect any clerks who come in after
the October election. Sometime ago at a meet
log a gentleman wished all who were for Adra
ban Lincoln to rise so tbat tbe line? might be
diawn. He did not see tbat gentleman present
aow. [ A vrlce? ??He's a c 1erk."]
If these men do not come forward and stand
with us, we must take It for granted they are
agalast us. We mnst watch these men and
see that th?*y get their just de-erts.
Mr. Dorsett said he had been to the Department
seven times, required hy the -cnpiure la rega-d
to the case be re erred to, and he thoagat h*
?had done bis duty.
Mr. F.I vans ?You shoald go according to
scripture, ?UUmes?,if notsacceesfal. [Ltugh
ter j
Mr Wm. S. Morie, with all due deference.
vhouf'bt they were too apt to Mad tailt with
the President. It was Impossible f'r him
to canvses the chara ter ?G every mti in
office. It there are an ? bad ones, the at
tempt stould be made to convert th-m to the
right. [Faiat applause] He believed this
clnb bad higher duties to perform than te make
charges against tbe adminU-ratioo. and he
believed tbat the chnrges would recoil sgalnrt
themeeivee. He believed that-Abraham Lla
coln would be ?-elected by tbe largest vote
ever given, and that bat two or thr-e S'tM
would vote for George B. MoUlellaa and
treason! (Applause.]
It bad been said that Fremont had with
drawn For his part bebad never heard or the
first man who intended to vote for bim. Like
tbe Irishman in the well bucket, be bad cut
tbe rope to srl'e the man above bim. {Laugh
ter and cheers.] There was talk about tbe
?rmy vote. Well he had had some experience,
In the army, and he wonld assert that Wcliel
lan would not get one-fl th of tbe army vote.
Not two men out of five of the present army
ever e>rved under McClellan an boor, and one
half of those would thank God if tbev never
had served under bim! [Ch'-er-?.] And they
kn? w that the Democratic partv.it itsucc-eds,
? ill never N? tbe friend of the soldier. [Cheers.]
This country will neverconsent to a dishonor
able peace. The bones of our ????* dead in
Virginia will cry out against it. [Applause ]
Mr. J S. Brown said the ad niiivraioa
were not responsible it copperaetd? cu pisl
tion. In ninety nine cases out of a burnir?!
tbearpointmentsarems.de through the influ
er ce of members of Congress. [Cries ?th.it's
If a copperhead gets a place there Mr Liu
coin is not respnnsible, but th* raesabey of
Congress who recommend? him, and those
riMzene, supposed to be loyal, woo endorsed
Mr Dorsett said he intended no attack upon
the President who he believed was all rijb'.
Dut be had tnoutht it his duty to state facts
wi'bin his knowledge.
Mr Coombs suld it was perhp.rw because be
was older and had been beaten s?*vjril times
tust he was less sanguine than so-ne whi had
spoken. He believed Mr. Lincoln would b*
eleote?, bot it would be necessiry for them to
work earnestly to secure his election. If he
is not elected triumphantly it will he b?cau^e
a large number ot the people of the United
States labor under a great delusion.
George B. McClellan cannot mak?? a decent
show in this canvass, ir he does not g-tthe
vote of a large number of people, who are
heartily in favor of maintaining the onion,
and who are deceived by bis plansib'e letter.
It is our duty to disseminate correct views as
to the effect of pnttinc into power - not G*orge
? McClellan, but the party tbat nominated
bim. They could do more by dissemin fing do
cuments than by these meetings which, how
ever, are all very well.
Did they ever bear copperheads?the oppo
nents of Mr Lincoln?Ray a word about our
victories at Atlanta and Mobiler [Ciies, "No!"
Have they not received the news ot all such
Union successes with in finite chagrin? [??Yes!"
"Yes! 'j Did you ever h?ar a speaker al a cop
perhead meeting speak in terms of disapproba
tion, even of Jeff Davis and his crew* [-?No,
indeed!"! We hear plenty of censure at their
hands of'tbis Administration, but nev?r a word
of ceiibure for Jeff Davis and his gang! The
people of the country must be made to see that
to put that party in power would be fatal to
our national interests
Mr Z. Richards said he held a papar con
taining six names, accompanied by S6, ut parties
who wished to become members of this club.
Let ne see bow many names we can get indi
viduali? in oar particular sphere. Let us ask
every man. from tne highest to the lowest, for
his iiarm? and dollar. This will enable us to
' draw lines and find out who are really the
i/iends of the Administration. [Cheers.]
He tbong'it It was not profitable to find fault
' with what the Administration had done. His
: eipertence had been, in going to heals of DJ
' partmeiits to complain of the appoint.went ot
di?lo>al men, that the replv would ba "Why,
I S-nator so and so recommended them, and
? t* hen they have been turned cut here, th>?y
? have been reappointed elsewhere through the
'' same recommendations." [?That's ??!"]
', Greater care should be taken in giving recom
! mandations.
Mr. El vans suggested that Mr. Richards's
plan of obtaining subscriptions wonld not do,
bs their law required th? signature to tueir
consttruti.-in of all members.
Mr. Clements said that there were parties in
the departments who would give a dollar and
tign "Cash," but who could not be induced
to come here and sign for Lincolu and John
Mr Clephane said that it might answer if
the party tending his money wonld give au
thority to sign bis name, but it would be better
it all came up and signed.
A gentleman here stated that the six persons
mentioned by Mr. Richards were employees at
the Treasury Department, and they would
have come up to sign but were on duty that
Mr. Richards thought it wonld be a good idea
to circulate printed copies of the constitution
for signatures amongst those not able to attend
the meetings.
The suggestion was adopted
Mr. Lycett?1 hope our meetings will not be
like the copperhead meetings on the avenue,
where Tom Florence is 1st and Dr Clayton ?d
one night, and Dr. Clayton 1st and Tom Flor
ence ?2d another night [Great laughter.I He
hi'ped they would have treeh speakers every
Mr. Clephane said the names of speakers
would be announced.
The meeting then adjourned with three tre
mendous cheers and ?? a tiger" for ?> Sherman,"
ditto for "Grant," ditto for ??our soldiers,"
ditto for ??Abraham Lincoln."
Sai.rp op Rkal ??tat??James C. Mc
Guire A Oft. sold on Saturday, for accoant of
the vestry of St John's Church, In Square 270,
fronting on Twelfth, Thirteenth, R and S
streets, twenty-three lots, at eight cents per
square foot. Lot No. 17 was taken by R. H.
I b inn, at l'i ? cents; let No. '?S to James IHv
dey, st ten cents per sqnare toot: lot No. 43 at
IO? cents per sqnare foot: lots No. 39, 4?, and
O brought r->4 cents.
Nrw and SiMPLirtsn Mstbod fob Piino-fortb
AM? Stsuixfi.?Pr'.fesRor Alexander Wolnwiki ha?
opened Ladle*' and Gentlemen'? Afternoon and
Evening Singing Classes on the moa?, liberal term*.
By Professur Wnlowski'? new method, a person
having only a alight knowledge of muaic will be en
abled m a very thort time to ox?ente on the piano
oyemtic and riamicai music wi'h rare pcfec'ion.
Aeto thevocal part hearrlveaat nmsrextraordina
r> r.'-a'r?. renders the voice ?owerful; and enables
tee singer to vocalize with facility and accuracy.
All those who would like to become ?a- K'n?;erq
or e?ce'l?Dt performer?? will ?nter their Basses at
hia residence. No. 4?? T-nth street, above Penn
sylvania avtnue. Reception hours are from into
II a. m. and ? to 7 p. m. sep9 1m
Cof.53. Bunions, Inverted Mails, and ot^er dis
orders ?Wthe feet, when neglected injure the g.m
eral system by preventing ihe body from taking
that natural exercise so conducive to heal b. To
all afHiced with the?e terrible evils we would re
commend an early call at Dr. White's offlc?, No.
424 Peno'a av , bet. 4li and 6th ets. Wtio weuld
suffer torment from dlairdered feet when a ?are
reme.lv is so near at hand, and can be effected
without pain. Office open from 8 a. m. to 8 ? m.
?ep7-tf _
"A SliobtCold," Coughs.?Few are aware of
th? ? in por ? ance of checking a Oosgh or "slight
fd./"iu iu nret stase; that wbich in the begin
ning would yield tos mild remedy, if neglected,
?oon attack? the lungs. '?'Brown's Bronrh'al ?bs
cAc?" give sure and a. most immediate relief. Mil
itary 01Bc?-re and sol.lier? should have tham,a*
they can be carried in tbe pocket and taken as
occasion require?. au 26-1 m
In Waal ington city. September 31, ????. by the
R.v. Mr. Meador. J AM KSI'ROOTOR.ot the Navy,
to Hi?? i KANt K.I IlOK?KMAN, all of Washing
ton, D.O.
[Philadelphia papers please copy.] *
Suddenly, on Sunday,, at 12 o'-lock, of paralysis,
MaROAKBT LEW It?, m the ?6th year of tier age;
a p ?a ??? ? ol booth Walen, aud a reaident of this city
1er tbe last 2ft tears.
The tonerai will take i.Uco from the residence
of ber mother. Mr?. M Be'ao,corunr of 13th and
D atreeta. The ftk-ndaof tne fa-oily are invited to
atteod the funeral witbamt further not ce.
It ttalto. and Ph.la. paper" please copy.
In Oeorget .wn. D, C. on the 1th of Sep umber,
lfti?.OKOHOB THOMSON, iu the TU ?ear ?if his
age for tnaiiy y??'? Chief Clerk of ihe Top.?graph
leal Korean, and late of the Ku?iue?r Department.
His tonerai will take place from hie Ute resi
dence. Mo. 42 First btrtet, on Monday afternoon,
12 h li st , at 5 o'clock *
Un tue lits instant. KLLRN, youngest dan ?liter
of Ai?ii-w si J Catherin? burke, aged 11 years, 1
mi irli, ft days. *
Having just returned from tbe North with a
con pi etc stock of
Wbich were bought for caah. I am ecables to
offer the beat inducements t? customers to give me
a call.
We have received PRINTS, COTTONS, TABL1
CLOTH8, SdBBriNGS, TO WILING, yard wide
COTTON at 5? cents.
UOO ? SKIR - 3,30 serfs??, f 1.2ft.
BALMORALS all qualities, for Ladies and Chil
A good assortment of C?SSlMBRS, CLOTH3 and
CASINIT8 for Mea ani Bay? ?rear. ALPAOA.
Ll.? i ? .?? I Kl BOSOMS aa low as ?c*oU. BOTS
l'I? Ei HIRT BOSOMS V ?eota. ??o tosen WQOU
LKN STOCKINGS forchfldrea at ?ft cents 2 ? >?%.?<!4
8I"< 4L COTTON, S f?r frc?aii.
Call *er!y as goods are at\ anciug. Remember
th-New Store. "KN J NRW d AN.
?ep W-3t?_443 ?ih atrset, near G at.
??? BIM S UNIONS. 10 BBLS B?>v03VfbTsals
I W at bLlT7,'S Lumber rlour a d Protra??
Bon??, cur oi-r Indites nti.ii' ani it atr#?t
HI k ?'
WANTED? Bvayoungwomaa.a SITUATION
as cook, waaber and irooer. A op1 y at No.
14 ? etreet, between Brewery and Water str??t
bridge._ It*
a good cook, steady work ani b? be?t. wages
will be given Apply at JOS. SH AFFIBLD'S Con
fectionery. eth street. between Q and tl. sep Hit*
WANTED ^MEDIATELY?Throejoarueymen
CARPENTERS Non? bit good bead? need
apply atTTRTON A "LOWRY, on 12th at., shove
the Kirkwtod House._ _??? St
W?NTED-By a respeetahle young girl, a BIT
?ATION as chambermaid or dining room
servsnt. Pleas?? call on M atreet. between 18th
and l?th, 3d door from th? corner of IBfeV_U*
rpO RfNT-A ?mall Fu-nlah*1 HOU'B. or suit?
? of Boo ma with convenience for house ke?pio*
Musi be in a respectable neighborhood. Address
*" WJ] at thia office, atating terme, A c._S?pJS3t?
?B7ANTED-^?reapectable-whiFa GIRL for gen
" - rsl housework. No washing Anolf, cor
ner Carroll P>ace. let and A atreeta, Capitol Bill.
set 12 .It* _
EB at WA'TER A NE'KBt'S Garr?ase
Factory. "Ut> Dotreet, between 9th and 10th.
sep 11 M*_
with a small family deuir a to r?nt 'or one
y ear, a moderet?? sized well furnished House. Al
are s > tjiiii,? particulars, location. Ac,Col>n?l,
Star Office._sep U-8t?
UT ANTED? ? voung man.a di?chftrc?*d soldier
wants a BITDATION ?a clerk in a a**ee
wrn'd bave no ob'ertion tedrive an expca-? ?agon
With ?commendations. Addr ?s w. J WE sis
Wa.?hirgti ? City Po?t Qfn>e. D C._it*
WANTBD?By a noting man of business qua i
fieation?. a SITUA ??? Is not particular
what kind of bu'in-a?'. Is willing to make himself
useful Address Mr. Marshall, 47 9 9th atreet.
aep 1? .If_
?B7 AN TED?A Respectable WudAN, to .io
vv Chamber wirk, and take ch?rgs of a chill
four years old - She mis' understand plain s* wing
Inquire at Mrs A. B. Perry's, F atreet. between
?tti and 7th, No 41:1._sep 12 4f
ably furnished IIOU8B, of moderate sine. i<
want.d immediately in this city or Georgetown.
Central location preferred. Address Box No. 90a
Washington city post office. sop 12 tt
COACUMAN'WANTED?For a private family.
These who can bring satisfactory testimonials
of character, and competency, may annly b<?twe?n
thehouraof lOand 12o'clock, to J. DENT, No. 4?6
l.'th street._aep lMw*
?NTF.D-To purchase a comportable DWEL
LING H0U81. containing a'jout ten rooms,
with mo lern improvement si tua'e 1 in a good ani
bealhy location. Arldreaa "A. B."' immediately
through city post office, or app'y to J. 0. Mr
GUIRB'S Auction^ Rooms._B>Btt-St*
(*? IRL WANTBD?To attend table, do errands and
a" chamberwork. Wanted at 1*5 G street, above
19? h._sep|u-3t*
CtOOK WANTED.?A first rate COOK who is neat
j about her work, and will as ist in washing.
Wanted at 1 ?5 g street, above 19th. a?p 1't-^t*
WANTED-A number of activo, honeat ROYS,
as mcsengers in the Independent Telegraph
Office. Gond wages can be made. Apply at 450
1Mb street. sep l'i-liv
A?TED-A WOM.YN, whiteTtn wa-h dish??
and make beds. Apply at the GOSLING
HOUSB. No. '?49 Penn'a avenue,bet, 12th and 13th
its._B"P 10 11'
WANTED?A reapectable white WOMAN, to
c? ok aud assist in washing. Good reference!
r?quired. App')at 343 3d street, butween E and
F, after 5 p. m._Pepi -3f
l\7ANTKD-One large ROOM, or two medium
" einH ROOMS, for a gent'.eman. wife and two
children, in a respecta*. 1??. quiet family, with
b-ard Address 0. W. MORRIS, Ordnance Office.
sep 10 'it*_
WANTED-? WET ? URSSImmediately, with
the best r.f refer-'uees. for a child si ? weeks
oM One preferred without a chill Applvat?**
R street, notweea3tth and 25th streets, P*nnsyl
vaniaavenue._a-^pl ? 2t*
?BTANVBD-A SITUATION as seamstress by?
** young l>.!v. Ha? one ?f ^?n^er's host ma
Cliines. Private farnilv pr-ferret. ?dd-.-s?
Si ? 1< 3t*_No. 3 11 7th street..
IVANTRP-two white GIRLS, one for v?ehTng
? * and ironing, one for general housew.irk.
Those out of a boarding house preferred. Applv
at KOHN'8. 305 south D s'reet, between 12th and
WANTED?An assistant female COOK, aid
colored BOY to open oysters. Inquire at the
Delmonico R.-staurant G>01 lUh st. wep 9-3t?
WA ? ? E D? ? giod GIRL to do chamberwork
and assist in dining room. Apply at ?'??? J
Pa av. sep9-3t*
BOARD WANTED-A gentleman, wife. ?mall
child and nurse girl want permanent BOaRD
in a auiet family, where there are few or no
buardera. Address Howard,8tar office. aep9-.'H*
WANTED?To purcha?? a substantial modern"
built BRICK DWELLING, worth ahont
f."i.O>i, betweea ?th and 15th streets and nor h of
Pa. av. All cash if an object. Address " ? ?.
C'^Btar Office^_sea Mar?
C^ ED ?lfiO MEN wanted, of all nationalities, to
go aa volunteer? or substitute?, to whom the high -
eet bounty will be given on day of enlistment,
with choice of 1st and';d regimenta D. C. Volun
teers. GEO. H. CABrlDY. 44? 8th street, b<?
twet-n Penn. avenue and D street.
aep9 1w* | Rep A Chi on 1_
near Uth. I.'.th. or lfith street, between II an ? G,
for six months from October 1st. Add resa to Gay
atrtet, cerner of Con&ress, Georgetown.
BIRTH?By a family without children. Ad
dress for on* week, stating where tbe child may
be seen, Mrs. CHAS. M. THOMAS, City Post
Office._sep 8 6t*
Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown.
au 29 U_
WANTED?Two ateady, indnatrious BOYS, one
each to learn the Harneas aud Trunkmaking
business. Apply at 500 7th street._an 29 tf
description. B. RICHLY, 4a* 7th atreet,
Je8-tf between Gand H.east ??de
SsPTBMBsa 10,1864.
Torbtain any of these letters, the applicant most
call for ' advertised letters," give the date of this
list, and pay one cent for advertising.
If not called for within one month, they will be
aent to the Dead Letter Office.
Place the postage stamp on the upper right-hand
corner, and leave space between the stamp and
direction for post-marking without interfering
with the writing.
A request for the return of a letter to the writer
if unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or
printed with the writer's name, post office, and
State, acroHfi the left-hand end of envelope, on the
face aide, will be complied with at the usual pre
Said rate of postage, payable when the letter ia
elivered to tne writer.
Barter Mrs Sarah E Mastan Mrs Mary
Korroughr Misa Ktbecca Monuts Misi R m
Be-iui Mies Maria M 'Kerven .Mrs Juli*
BoolaMaxy Mason Misa Fanny
Brown Mrs Mary Mmhar Misa Catherine
Bennett Mrs Lottie Mit bell Miss Bettle
Boyle MraL Merrell Mia AdJy
Barrett Misa Rate Nelsou Bl'zabeti
Bodine Mra Jane O'Brien Mra
I'? -1 '?? ? Mr- Harriet Ann O'Neill Cate
Bank? Mrs Edwin b-2 Pere? Mise Ne ? 3?
Beheb M- ? Catherine B Phillips Mrs Maria
Bronrti Mies Betty P- pper Mra Rebecca ?
Carlin Mis? M J Richsrds Mi .s Pr snella
Coatee Mia Jane Koeenbiish Mr? Carolin?
Collins Mine Anille Reed Mra A
Dover Mra Robertson Miaa Alice
Dover Mrs Lary Savage Mrs Mary ?
D.? .hi.r Mi?? Josephine Stewart Mra
Dove M ins Florence St*yton Mia? Maggie
Datis Mr? Ella Hmiih Mie Mary ?
Davis Blizabeth S i.i tt. Mra Mary A
Glemlaurie Mita Trena Sweeney Mrs Bannah
Gray Jan? Shoeiu v?r Miss Edith
Grumrell Mrs Kate V J Stuawant Mr? Elizab -th
Oleason Ma s?a:i t Me ? ??n.- Mrs Chartiua I
Gei ham MraSanford 8mallwnod Misa Bona 3
Grim s Mrs ?arah Smith Miss Ann
Gray Mr? Th rn tun 8aund?re M a Ann 2
Henry Mine Eliza Thompson Miss
Hair.ee Mies Maris Trammel! Miss Jane A
Ha'-Mey M-s-Martha Thomas Miss G
Howard Misa Anna Taylor Mitgab ,il
Jobbern Mrs M A T'iomas Man C J
Jenkins Mi ? Iaabella Tice Misa Charlotte
ReiiDdtMisT Tramateli Miai ali ?e
h ?Huer Mies Sofa Winchester Miss F-12
Kervande Mra Wilson Misa Klla
Kirby Mr? Jas B Wortaiogton MrsJG orE
Locgaon MrsK-uiiy A Wbeeler Mrs Cornelia
MathuMraS Young MrsJH
Altcheson Peter Haley Dala* L Bowan WA??.?
Atkinson ? ? Holohaa J FACormoot J W
Brady Silas Hend Beriah W Shilipa Wm
Kinn, st r h ? Hand Saud BteMlaj Jas M
hall John Johns.n Bich'd Simms Jacob
Butler 7atb ? Jone?pO\en BumuerJohuS
Brubii O lumbualre and Malslon2SmitA Jas 2
Coran Timothy Joues Jerry SewellJosP
Coh-man Bioh'd Jackson Jas W Shaneou Capt J
Ctegary Henry Jamtaon F U 2 Shea Jas
Clay Henry KaafmauS Smith lieo W
Co 1er Henry KingRobtHO Sullivan D A
Ceehi er Dan'l Bidder IJr F Sanborn A J
Coyer Henry Lewis Wm ? Spredfay Henry
Digi? Wm Lo ige LA ? we-ney TeoMee
Dy.TPFt Laune JH 2 Thomas Johu W
? ravia John A Lacaa ? ? t Turner Bdwin
D*tonCbaaH2 Mount/. Ed R WierabitzkyUtto
D.iiMiyJas McNai. *sIiJ2 VonOorwiu
Bran? Benhard McCarthy Jer'h Wells Wm H
Bberry ?eo Morta John Walker Wm
Edwards Jas Meilodi Wia H WiDiama Thos
BietJonnscn 5??'i'r?iWm Wi Dam? Leuia
FoyeJas ? Mc-?uire ??t?? Wsaganan J H
Fen aid Goo ? Notbinaer Was WiTlmao Jaa M
Grassi a Noble Joe M W.lfeJohuR
G'Jpin Joaiah NoatahineJ Woolf John
GrotaMr N ably Geo WheaUey 0?ptII
< ra? g- r M Neileon Ge? WehRter Geo W
Gann-rlboe Noi?? Buw Will?tt Duane
Galiow?y 0*o ? ?owlmgerM ? Walksr f!ort|'dQ
HolmesSaail Flu umer * D Young Mimi
Batter Geo Marker A 8 YoiugJaaP
tt_HliiNR> AUeiauw.F.M.
^? Those Boraona who may he di?pneed to par
atia??? (SeorgMtowa t'orpo'ation 8toek. ?hielt bea's
?e later-?* of six i>er eent. pe>r annnm, payable
?icarterl?. em ?????? ???? Oy apelvtag to WM.
DAIRD. Clerk ol aaidOurvor?ti<m. fejp-dtOl
torea. *?, 1 y at 33d F atreet, bet ?th and iflta ate.
Fl'RNIeHED ROOM*?At ?7~t Peno avenue.
? mi -e in new haut?, renovated, te. Pur ?aie.
a Y- Ivet Carpet an? PH mt<m Bod atoad. ?pluf
FOR BBNT-The8TOKB. with Fixtures.No.4.???
Massachusetts avenue, near Ulto atreet. well
located, and suitable for almost any kind of bu?i
ceag^Applv on tie preveis-?_sep If ?G*
^?lORB TO RRNT-A god STORK, sw?trjS? '?
? rated, liable1* w'th pas and ?-oviiiel with ru
Ore?. Apjl.
?ep 12-dtf
AMBIVATE Fanily haa two nea?|v Furaished
BOOMS for rent, (without boa-dl to g?ntle
nieni-nly. Apply at 360 lita street, between L
and M_aep 12 3t?
FOR RENT-? cTORR ROOM, situate! on Pa.
eve ; n.oderate rent. A bonne willhe asked Bit
immediate possession. Apply to JOHN L MIL
LER. 430 Pa evenue_up stairs. aep 12 lw?
FOR RENT-AoewBRlOR H0U8B. containing
6 ri-oms. situated on the corner of 6et? and *
afreets, Capitol Hill ni e sanare from the atreet
cara. Apply at J. BROWN'S Beataurant. on the
corner of 1Kb an* Penn. avenue._see !?-3**
?,"OR REN ?-A well furnished HOUSE in the
ceutial part of the Ci.y. containing twenty
rooms, partly filled with boarders. Splendid co'ik
'ng arrangement?. Iiiuuire at l'ili aielphia
House, Southeast Corner Mh andD street,
sep 12 Bt*_
FOR RENT?Two large, pleasant PAHL0R3. on
fir?t floor, connecting with foldint-do <rs, suit
able for an office and bedroom, or Lous?*Teepiog
purposea. A large ba?em?nt Kitchen wu. al?o be
rented, if desind. The roomawilhe r?ritel un
furnished. Apply at No. 130 Pennsylvania are is?,
between tflth aud 2uth streets, before S t o'ci-?ck,j>.
sjter 4 o'clock in tbe eveniug._sep jj 2t*
The Proprietor of this popular and well-known
notel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi
ness, and offcrs his well snown house for sale
Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE
BUSINK88 can call on the Proprietor. ?47 Penn
sylvania avenue, bet. 12th and l.tth sta. sel2 lw*
BARG AIN?For sale about ?,? 3 siusrefeet o?
G30CND on.? block from the We-tera Mar
set. imeroynd with eight tenements, which brings
*?? per month, rent. ?1?>?. one Mule Wagon aud
Harness, and about 2,nuu feet of White Pine timber,
second hand, will he sold cheap, as the owner i
leaving the country on account-of failing health.
Intuire at the corner of Rhode Island avenue ani
11th atreet._sepl;-2f
H0U8E containing 9rooms, all new. Can be
exchanged for small farm preferably. Iequire at
8tar Office._aep 10 It'
ROO Ma for rout, unfurnished, with privilege
of conking. Aptly at the large fearne Cottage on
? street north,3 doors weatpf uthst. aep in 3t*
taining four rooms, situated on ? street, be
tween 18th and lyth, No. 60.
sep 10-3t?_ PETER McDONOUOH.
having a splendid Sky Lipht. Connected with
the Gallery are three convenient Rooms. Inquire
on the premises. No. H4? Pennsylvania avenue.
between 1st and 2d sts . or of GREGORY EN ? IS,
888 F st._sep tO-tf
tTOR SALE OR RENT?The large four-story
1 BRICK DWELLING ?0?8?, No. 3*?*, on the
north aide of north C treet, between 3d street
west and 4Vj street having a front of 2S feet on a
lot 140 feet deep? with a atable and carriage house
building in the rear on an alley. 3> feet wide.
Possession of the houne can bo had in a few days.
Apply at 4 90 H atreet, to
seplO-lw?_ _JAMB8 T0WLE3
between Whaadtth._sep a-.St*
FOUR FCBN?8HBD ROOMS. Cham'oers. and
Parlor, for rent, at No. 4'?4 E street between
rth and utb. Abo, two FRAMB HOUSES for
na!>*._nep 9 I w*
I ?SOB SALB?A STORE, with Fixture?, ?ulteble
forauykio.l of business. Apply at No. 851
Marylsnd av., bet. 9th and 1 th, oppoaitu the Rail
road Depot._s-*p!> .St.?
l?f)R SALE-Tbe bTOCK and FIXTUBB8 of ?
G neat little Fruit and Provi-ion S'ore nowdoint
a good businc-'s. Enquire I'M Sixth street, cor
ner of N. sep e.V.*
^~?*OB RENT ?Two large, han ls~nie.lv FUR
NIBBBD ROOMS, oueon rtr.-t floor and one on
second floor. Apply at 13** G street, between 21st
and 221 Streets. _ _sep 9 6t*
on H st. north, between M and 4th eta. east,
containing a two storv frame House, with a cellar.
Will be sold ch?apfor cash, or exchanged for coun
try property. Inquire on the premises. sep9 3t*
FO R RENTRA n?w three stor~frarne 11 OUSK",
with f?ix rooms in it. sitna'ed on 23d st., near
I. about one square from th" elre'o. Kor tartas
? ep 9 3t *_No\ 27 Wat'Tst., Grorgetown.
FOR SALE?A LOT fronting on ? street,betoreea
4th and ?th streets, and extending back to
Maseachnset' s avenue ?8 feet, and is tne best lo
cality for building in this part ot the city. Caii be
had at a reasonable price Apply at 604 H streut
north. ??_aep 9-liv?
A FARM of 2*0 Acres, one mile from the Navy
Yard Rrid^e, adjoining "Good Hope.-' with com
fortable dwelling, in a?rove of beautiful forest
trees, ? large Barn, Stabling, Oranery, Corn
house, Ice-honse, ???., Ac It i? well watered, an 1
supplied with an abundance of all kit.il.-. of Fruit,
and thirty acres of good Meadow Land on Oxen
Brauch. It la within twenty minutes walk of the
city passenger care at toe Navy Yard. It will be
sold in one body or in lots to suit purchasers.
Also, a FARM of s*i Acres, part of ?'Pomona,'
the estate of the late Darius Classtt, fronting on
7th etrect road, five miles from tbe city, and run
ningback to Rock Creek, on which there isa good
meadow. This farm was highly improved by its
late owner. There ?re some beautiful Willing
eites, convenient to never-failing springs, and it
is well supplied with wood. This land will beaoM
a bargain, and immediate possession may he had
of both farma.
For particulara as to the latter place, apply to
Mr. John B. Cla^ett. adjoining the premises; and
as to both,to the subscriber at "Nonsuch." two
miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, on the Marl
boro' road,
by Marshall A Co. for butter, they abont en
tering in another business. Call corner 1st street
and Indiana avenue,
aops-tt* _BLITZ A CO.
FOB BENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, ful
ly furnished. For further particulars,apply on
the premises, 113 Weatat., Georgetown. aep7 5t*
TURES of Oak Hall Clothing Store, No. 464
?? Street._(ecp7-5t] J. BRUCE A CO.
^i*OR RENT?A large FRAMB HOUSE, contain
ing eleven rooms, en Maine avenue. (latead,)
between 3d and tit atreet?. Possession given im
mediately. Apply to J. M YOUNG A BRO., 403
Penn. avenue, near 4jj street._sep 7-eo3t*
F7?B SALE^Several SHANTIES, o? leased
ground, on 21st street, between F and G. In
quire of GKORGB H. BABR, corner 14th street
and Bhrde Inland avenue._aep G-lw*
RARE CHANCE.?A furnished three story
BRICK HOUSB for rent, within one Squire
of Willard?' Hotel For farther particulara in
quire of WM. ?. FANNING, No. S04 lith at
vate sale a tract of LAND, containing about
two hundred and fifty aerea, rti-tant abont 4 miiea
from the Capitol, over Benning'a Bridge; about SO
acres cleared,'and 45 in meadow; the balance in
unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No
improve lient?.except a small house. For further
particulars address Box 3S4, Washington, D. C.
or inquire of th" subscriber. I', miles aortheast
of Benning'a Bridge,
aep ? Im*_?. SHERIFF.
to gmtlemen only?34 7 ? atreet, near 13th.
Inquire of Mrs. ?. E 8TBPHBN80N. au 81-tf
I^OR BENT-The large and commodious ROO Si S
comprising the second, third aud fourth sto
ries over J. L Kidwell'e new Drug Store on Eat.,
near corner < f Pa. av. and 14th at., two deora he
low WilUrds'Hotel.
F'OR BENT?A BOOM on 15th atreet, opposite
the Treasury Department, adapted to the us?
of a Banker or Broker, having eon ne j tod with it
a very commodious and substantial vault. In
quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave.,
between Kith and Hth ata._au 27-3w
THE 8U88CR?BER offers at private saJeTrenr
valuable aud productive 1? KM, situate 1 in
tbe Dietrict of Columbia, on? mile east of B*n
nins's Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent
lar.d.well watered. The improvements, a large
two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with tao
necessary out-buildings. Persona wishing to pur
chsae are invited to examine the premises. A very
flfosaot drive of three miles, over a good road,
rom Washington city.
ante-eolm?_ROBERT K. NBYITT.
G three BUILDING LOT?. Inquire at No. 444,
Mass, avenue, near 6th at._au ??-lm*
F'OR SALE-A three etory and attic~BRICK
HOUft and out-buildings, on North Capitol
street, between ? and 0, No. 394, nearly opposite
tee Washington Railway, near the Depot House,
containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front
of 66 by 80. For further particulara Inquire of
WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. No. ?2-2 Penaaylva
nlaav._ au 16
WE OFFEB FOR 8ALB. at a great bar* ain a
amali FARM, containing about 03 acres, well
improved with newdwellint and all neceasary out
houaea.Thia property lies about 4 miles fron
Center Msrket, on the Benning'a Rridge rovi
aerosa Eastern Branch, ia <n a high and healthy
situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms
made known on appiic ti ? to
8 WEEN Y A CO , Beai Bstate Brokers,
au lft-lm_Corner rth and ? streets.
Fihst Divisiow,
_^?t?8????t????t?, AajruatSl, l*H.
? o rsea suitable for ? a valry and Artillery servie?
will be purchased at Gieaboro' Depot, in open mar
ket. tillOctnber 1.1864.
Hornea will be delivered te Captala L. Lowry
Moore, A Q. M., and be subjected to the usual
Government inspection be'ore being aeoepted.
Pri?e of Cavalry Horses, $17? eaoh.
Price of artillery Horses, ?i*? each.
Payment wiU be made for six (Cl add more.
JAHBB a bkin.
Colonel First Division,
eep S-lm_Quartern,aster General's Orees.
WAMMOtt BALE-Apply at t
?5 tbs Cantera Branch Bridge.)
ply at tbe first bonae froi
an ?-Ha*
|?T 1. 0. MtreUIBR A 00.. AncU.neer?
On MONDAY AiTBRNOON. September li. atl
o clock on the the premises, by virtue of two
deedsoftrostfr.ianClias.J Uh man to me.one dated
Decemh. r *?. ??* .?,( re,orde?J in Liber J. A *..
I? ?JF? f",'?,,.7".*c.,an?l the ether dat.'d January
3.???? and?Inly recorded m Lib*r J. A 8., No.
BBJL folios 2ft?. Ae 1 sball sell all tkat certain piece
*? *Fr?y ?1 Und \yiv* and "'taste in the -onnty
of Washington, aforesaid ana bel?g part and
???&&?*& ,fJa,,,d kno?n former!? as
^Wo.dstoek." and lat'erly aa 'The Rosnes??
rlaee.'Mhe part or parcel herein convey?*! or in
t?n?!ed so to be,being described a? f alowa n?m?l y ?
Corrni?n'iog on the north line off th- O,..?.! fl.pe
Road at a wtite oak tree, beiog Station No ?g of
T. Jekyll's sui vey of tbe "RoRciua'o Plaee." and
thence running along ?aid north line of the 0o??d
Hope rosd seventy-aeven degrees ano fifteen tnio
uteeeast ? ,(77 deg. I. min. R ? Ave p-?-c.h? a nod
sixty eight hundredth? of a perch (r ?Jr> I0>t?>a
point marked A and s white marble mnnira?nt.
as shown upon the plst aec?>rap?nyin?: the deed
hereinbefore mentioned, from Mose? Relly ad
Mar? W. Kelly, hi wife. t?. Ubarle? J. Uhi man??,
thence running along the tirs- dividing line be
tween th!? parcel ot land and that orti? sail
Moses Kelly, south six d-grees and thirty minutes
ea*t(S 6deg 3'min R.? seventy on? perches (71
percfcesi t?i a small m?>numeut of whi*e marble set
upon said line; thence *rora said monument run
nu a south thirty minutes west if?. 0?'e*! I mia W. >
seventy nire perches and forty-huod edthe ?-f a
perch (79 *> 1 operi fogtstion No 5ofT Jekyll's
survey of tbe *' Koscinsko Place:'' th-o^e
from fsid Station No. ft running ?onth titty
nine degrees end f >rty mlou'es e*.st 'S. ??? de*.
40 min ?. I to th?-crossiugof a small creek <? .??v. . ?
perches,(13 perches); thence from said cro?siug
runnirg south ?fty-??? eure?*? and forty h?e
Riinnteswest (8. Se?MSr. ?15 min. Wt nfieen perches
( 15 perch? ?) to tbe point of interaction wi'h outer
arg'e of road; thence runuing alnn?t the north
line of svd ri'ftd south cinhty nine degree" and
for.y-five minute? west S W??1eg. 4? min W twen
ty-ta o perches (22 perch??? ?to an angle in thesarn??:
thence runring along tbe north line ?.? .? ?.id road,
south fifty fou?? degrees west (8 54 deg W I seven
teen and ODe-half perches, ? Y?h? perches) to an in
ner angle of th* same: thence running ?long the
eastern line of said load parallel to aud one and a
half perche? from a small creek twenty-? ins
perches (?9 perches? to the middle of Oxen Ron,
thence running? along the middle ani up the
course of said Oxen Run sixteen and one-half
perches 06H parche?) or thereabouts, to the cor
ner point b'tween this parcel of land now being
desciib'd and the land of W V. ? Hrown. being
three perches in a rigit lino from a large poplar
tree that stands on the property of Raid
Brown, one ani one-fourth p?rches from
the north bank of ?.aid Oxen Run; thence
from tho sbove described corner point run
ning along the dividing line between this par
cel of land and that of ?aid W. V. H. Brown, n?rth
twenty four degree? and thirty minute? we t<24
deg. 90 min. vV ? thirty-flve perche? to a large
locust tree on said line, thence running in riirnt
lii? continuation f-om said locust tree aid with
the bearing aforesaid (? 24 deg. 3> min W'twen
tr-four perches) 24 perches) to the mi?ldle ofcre?'*:
trence running along and up the bed or middle of
said creek, (it being the dividing line between this
parcel and the land of said Brown.) sixty-five
rerche? (65 perche?) or thereabout?, to a point in
he bed of said creek opposite to and back ttree
fourths of a perch from a marked locust tree tnat
stands on the north side of the same; thence run
ning from said point through the locuettr??e la*t
above describe?! north tweny five degrees west! ?
26 deg. W) six perches and twenty hundredth? ot
a perch (? 2?? 10? perches) toa marked walnut tree
in the be i of a ravine; thence running from said
walBUt tree, being a meander line of the
ravine, north ten decrees west ? ? IO deg.
W) six piTches, (6 perches;) tben^e running on
a meander line as aforesaid north twenty f nr 1e
grees and thirty nrn-ites west. (? H deg. 3? min,
vV.) five perches and twenty-bundredths of a perch
tft at?-'?? perches) to a y?>ni g persimmon tree,
(marked;) thence rnnninar from said persimmon
tree north three perches and twenty hundredth?
?f a p?rch (.12" ID' p-rches, t?? a ?Orse-' persimmon
tree, (marked;) then-e running from sail Is't p?*r
?imm * tree north two degrees and forty min.ii-?
ea-tiN 2d*?g. to min. E.) ten perh'i in p?Tches)
to the nf-rtti line ?.f the Good ?????, r :-.i, parsing
t roui,-h a sycamore tre - tbat s ands o:: the sonta
Bide of s aid r ad and ferininatingai a point on s*i4
n? rth line ofsaid road ?ix'eeB percbesi is perches,
from Station No 35 of ? Je* vll's survey of ?Tre
Ko ciusVo Hlacp." ninnine back from said staMou;
tbence from said point runrrtng alons tbe afire
mertioned Berth line of the Good Hope road north
Fevetty nine d? grees and thirty i^iuute.s east ( N.
7.) deg. 3" m ?. ?. ) thirty seven p-r he? and .-?????
ty five hundredth? of ap-rch(37 75 10'? perches? to
the place of beginning, (all ofsaid causes boing
magnetic.) containing fifty acres, two roods, and
tbirly-lhreeand o-e-balf parches,(5'acres. ?roods,
S3?? perches.) be the same more or less, as repre
sented in the plat hereinbefore mentioned, togeth
er with all ar-d singular the iuipro?em-nts. privi
leges, lirredlt>.monrs, a d appurtenance* to the
same belonging or in any manner appertains
This property is finely improved as a Vinevard,
with a>iout twelve thonsind choice Grape Vine?,
and will be sold in sub divisiona.
Terms: One t!iird in eashj the remainder in six
and twelve months, with interest, secured, by a
deed of trust on the premises.
A pa j ment of ten p?-r ci-nt.ofthepmclis.se money
will be required at the time of sale.
Should tne terms of sale not be eomplled with
within ten dayeaft^r the eaV, the Truste? reserve?
tbe right to re-sell tbe property si the risk and ex
pense of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's
notice in the National Intelligencer.
HORACR J. FRO ??, Trustee.
gnf)2awAds J. C. McGUIRK ? Co.. Aneti?.
Y TH03. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetown,
TOWN AT ?G0G???.
On MONDAY AFTBBNOON. September 12th, at
? o 'clock p. m., I will sell in front of the premi???*,
on Water street, betwetui High and Potomac st?..
two Frame Houses and Lota.
Terms at sale. All conveyancing and stamps at
tne cr-st cf the purchaser Title perfect.
Bep3-d&<:?_TIIOS. DOWLING. Anct.
Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown.
OnMOSDAY AFTK.RN0ON.8ept. ?2.at 5 oVlk
p. m.. I will sell, at the Fieh Wharf, Heorgete an,
one Boat, Seine and Osre.
Terms caeh.
sep S _THQg. DOWLING. Aagt.
Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown.
By virtue of a deed of trust, dated the :?th day
of January, 135*1, and duly recorded in Liber J A.
8.. No 149, folios Gl. ?35, and ?6, one ?f the land
records for Washington county. District of Co
lumbia. I will sell at public sale, on toe premises,
on MONDAY.September 12tb. at 4 o'clock p. ni.,
the Frame Dwelling House and Lot io George
town, D. C, known as tbe west half of Lot No. S3,*
in Beatty A Hawkins addition to Georgetown.
Terms : cash.
All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at
tbe cost of tne purchaser.
Tenne to be complied with within three days
from day of sale, otherwise the trust*e rererv.-s
the right to resell at the risk and cost of the Crit
purchaser, after one week'? notice.
JNO M BBLT. Trustee.
sep 6 0* _ ??0??8 DOWLING, Auct.
Y JAMES C. McGUIRB * CO., Auctioneer?.
Will be sold on MONDAY, th?? 12th instant, a* 4
S.m., a lot 17 fret front, 125 f. et de-p. mor?? o."
?ss, situate on New Jersey avenue, near tbe co m *r
of north L etieet. tbe improvements consiat of?
small frani ? bouee of two rooms.
Term? cesh
Convevancing ?nd ?tamp! at the cost of tha pnr
cha>-ei?. ' [sepli-2f| CHAS. CAVENER.
DT J. C. McGUIRR A CO., Auctioneer?.
o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot? Nos. 7
and 9. in Davidson's subdivision of Square No. 3??7,
fronting each 24 feet 6 Inches on north ? street,
between 9th and Kith streets west, running back
120 ftet to a wide public alley.
Also, Lots I and R, in Wilson A Callan'e snbdi
viaion of same sanare, fronting 2'? feet on a ? ? foot
alley, in the interior of said square, and running
Title indisputable. , .
Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in 3 an4 6
months, with interest, secured by a deed of treat
on the premises.
Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur
' wp"'? JAS. 0. McGUIRE A CO. .Ancts
BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers,
South corner Penn'a avenue and 9th street.
On TUESDAY MOKNING, 13th instant, at 10
o'clock, ve will sell, st the Auction Room?, an ae
bortmeiit of Groceries, embracing?
Poxes Groond Coffee,
Chests of Tea and etsrch.
Brown. Y?Uow and Cantile Soap, Cbeese,
Boxes Chewinr ?nd Smoking Tobacco,
Parrels bottled Whisky and Brandy,
Baskets Champagne, barrels Syrup.
Purr? Is Old Bourliou aud Rye Whiaky,
Octares Brandy, barrels Gin,
Pfmijohns Brttndy and Whisky.
Terms cash. WM. L. WALL A CO ,
sep 10-2t _Auctioneer?.
|?? 3. O. MoGCIRR * 00?? Auctioneers.
On SATURDAY MORNING. September 10th. st
lOo'elock. in fiontof the Auction Room?, of Js?.
C. McGuire A Co.. I ebail sell, a ;?i?ll lot of
Householn Furniture, belonging to tbe estate of
the late William Dillow. and cemprising?
Bedsteads snd Bedding.
Chair?, Table?, Carpet?.
Cooking Stoves and Kitchen Utensils.
JOHN ? TURTON. Adm'r de boni? non.
eep7 d JO. MoGCIRR * CO.. Auct?.
TUESDAY MORNING next. fest. IS. same hoar.
T ????Tyd_J. 0. McGOIRB & CIX^Abcu.
?II jab. C. McGUIRR 2 CO., Auctioneers.
On SATURDAY MORNING. September lOtH, st
11 o'clock, in frunt of the Auction Rooms, we shall
**U~One large Family Carriage,
One 81?>4G?> Horse Coup??,
Single sal Double Harness.
eee/?eCMbJAB. C. McGUIRB fc 00 , Asets.
TL'RSDA Y MGRMNG seat. Sept 13, earns hoar.
eepiod J.C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aaeta.
? street, bstween H sed I. where per? ?
sons can be sceoaimo<fst<3d with Hae??.
Buggies and Saddle Hora** on reasonab'e?
tern??. He i? also baying and ?jetlin?/ stock. aa<i
per?0Biintbstia4swUl(k> weil to call, ae :? Ira
? Y JA8. C. MOGCIRBA CO.. Auctioneers.
?????G???? morning. ?Minae-. ,,.fl, fct
ll. o'clock ?l fi out ? t the ?nello ?-.,,,,,, w? ??,||
aeil tbe FunDure and ?ffvct? of a fa mly ?eel inin --
bou?, keeping, comerisin*?
Excellent Ru?e?iKid Caae Pianoforte,
llande me S it ot Rosewcod Parlor Furniture
finished in Haircloth
MsrV-e t..? o, ter ?ad Pier Table,
w?lnut Wba'n t. Work Tabi*.
Br?ssel e and Three pit Carpets, Oilcloth and Mat
Very Materie* rail Marble top Dressing Rureaui
end "? aHbstan'i.
Haadeom? Jeni.y L'n' Re?t?tead?.
Sup? rior Curled Raie M??? e.
Roisters and Pill???*, Ho?k MaOresses,
La ree end hand ??.me French Gt.it.a Diuner Pet
1'ini.g Tab e, t?i.l.-bo?rd *>air.?.
Superior) hina and (?laaawar?.
C<>? king and o ber S?? ve?. Kitchen ? tonali?,
?spSd JA8. C MeGUIRS ?>. CO , Aiicts.
Il L'DAY MokMN'i Mit S-pt. 13. sa..? hoar.
sep io d j ?.???????? CO.. Amts.
I*? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer?
0,n Tf K;DAY A FTKKNo?N . Hepteml er nth at
??.(lock, in fri.r.t of the p-,.,?;?.., WH w;i? ?eti.
that d si ?.hie Brick ? use ?n 1 Lot ?ituaUi <??
Seventh erre, t west betwee. ? ??* ? ?tee?ts north,
being tl.e-otith pnrtof Lot li, '? aquar.? 4.7 Th?
lot iaS feet front by 71) feet rteej. impr'>v?d t>y a
three st?r? Brick More and Duelling. The st..re
is 2 ? by rt'feet, fitted up in ni'-lern stvle. aa4 has
been occupied fot --vera! year? ??*?t a? a dry ?u >1?
s*ore. The dwei'i -? pa t c ?utains live rouiua
pleaeant and well arranged
There is al to a good, dry cellar undar the ?t?re,
making al'rgether one of tbe moa'. dea?ra'>l?? tu
vei'nienta in ?he no them part of tbe city.
Thehon?ei* No. Ml, on the west side of the
street. Tit*?? ? rfect.
Terms casti
Conveyancing at co?t of parcha?er.
sep6 d GREEN et WILLIAMS. Auct?
Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aactioneers.
On TUESDAY, the llth instant.at fi>, o'clock p.
t? .immediately ?f-er th* tat? on th* we-t eid, of
Seventh strie', we ?hall sell tie dwelling hon?
d:rectly opp?ieit?,sitna'el on jart of Lot No ?,, ??
Bquare 45t, now valant, being ?m the east aid? 0r
Bevm.th stn-et above I ?tiei-t The houee may be
Fo improv?d ss to accommodate ?-tore and dwelling.
The lot is 23 feet front and 13? fee. ueep with aliay
pei vi leg??.
Immediate possession given.
Ttrun. une hall cash balance in 6m.ontliS.witU
Conveyance at cost of purchaser.
Y J. C. McGUIRB A Co.. Auctioneera.
Cu TUESDAY AFTERNOON'. Septemb e ? at
V? o'c'eik. en the premises. ? shall s 11 fourteen
desirable Building Lots, in sn^di vision of Square
No. 179. fr? ntina about 7? fret each on Mb. atreet
west, between Q and R street? north, and ruaniu.r
back 110 feet to a out.I c alley.
These I > e are finely located, on hith ?/round,
aud w libio a stiert distance of the Wth street pin
denser railroad.
Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder in $
and 12 months, ?with interest. Secured by a deed of
trust on the premises.
Conve?ances at the ?"?ist of the pure' ?.ser.
A ra> men* of Qi'i on each lot arili b?.? r. .?uirsl st
the time of sale.
JOHN B. TURTON. Executor
rep fid J.C McGUIRB A CO.. Auct?
Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneera.
On WEDNESDAY, the Ut.h instant. w.> shall s-il
Rt 1'? o'clock a m . at t-ie tate rci lenee if George
Uercus, d?cea?pd. ho. .i71 Maryland evenne, be
tween ?th and leth rr et?. Island,a good assort
m. i.t of Furniture vis:
Mu' .?_ .? ? S -fan. Cl airs and Tables,
Large Looking Glas?, Sideboard, ChimVr S.?*?,
consisting of p.cdateaiR, Bureaus. Wa?h
st:iiid?. A e . ,Vc ,
nair and other Matteeis. s. Bedding .-.nd Carpets.
Dining Room Furnitur?, auch es Cr? ekerv and
Glassware, Chnirs,Tables, Knive- and Forks,
Ac. Ac,
Kiteben Utensils, consisting of large Cooking
Stove and Fixtures and many other articles
which wc deem unneces-sary to enumerate.
Terms cash.
sep9d GRFEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts.
Y JAS. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneera.
14, at f>'i o'clock, on the premises, we snail sell
Lots -'P.'" "S." and "T." in aubdivi?ion of lots in
Sitiare No SIL Lot? "a" aia* ? "fronting e ,ch -?
feet, and Lot "?'?-i'i f-et, on Rhode Island ave
nue, between llth aui L'th streets west.
Title perlect.
Terms. One third in cash: the reminder ta
three snd nice months, with interest, secured by
deed of trust on the premise?.
A payment of *25 on each lot will be reiuirel st
the time of rale.
Conveyances and stamps at the purchaser's cost,
stp-id ?J. 0. McGUIRB A CO.. Auct?.
Y J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneera.
On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September list,
at ? o'clock, on the premise?, we ih ill ret! parts nf
Lota No?. 11 ard 12 in Square No 2?3. fronting 21
feet on north D atreet, between 12th au 1 nth at*.
west, rur ning back S3 f et 4V inche?. to a Zi f-et
paved all y. improved by abnc% building tv? hi^-h
str ries, occupied as a wholesale wine and liquor
iVme: One-tait cash; the remainder in 3.1.!>.
and 12 mouths, with interest,secured by a deed of
trust ob the pre mise?.
? tie indisputable.
Cobtof conveyancing au?! ?tamps to be pai 1 by
the purchaser,
eepll) d J.C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auct?.
Y JA8. C. UoGUlBB A CO., Auctioneers.
o'cl'ck,on the prerr ige?, we ?bal fur account of
tbe "United Evangelical German C'iig egiiti <n."
Square north of Squared? bounded by 12th atreet
west, Vermont a?-eru* and north Q street, and
c ?? 'aiding .'l.t'O ?oliare feiet of gr u' i.
Terms: ore-third in cash, the remainder in six
rind twelve month?, with intereat. eeenred by a
deed of trut-t on the prem'se?.
All conveyance and revenue stamps at the coat of
the purchaser.
s ? 10-d J C. McGUIRB A 00. Auct?.
Y W. ?. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers.
o'clock ? m., on the premiae?. *?. 44*' 7?1? street.
we ?hall sell the Good ? ill aud FurnOvire of that
haudsonit-ly furnished .saloon -the International?
on 7th street, directly opposite the Patent Oir?a??.
The Plata reo, Oroamee s. Furniture Glat? aud
C ockery Ware. Looking GIa,?^os. Paintings,Cook
ing Utensils ali nearly new, and in th* lest on!? r.
Tokcther with a Ten-Year?' Leas?? of the prem
We call the att? ntion of ? rsors looking out for
good investments to the atwiye sale as offering a
rsrechan-e by locntion and app.'iotmenta t'ora
epleidid l r.siu'. '?> W. B. LMsTIBA CO .
?epa 3t [Ohroa ]_Auctioneers.
?? no? U. 8. Ciriioi. Extrxsio?. ?
Wasiiisgtos, D. P.. 8 ptemberJ. l-Wl.S
On SATURDAY. Oct.ib r 1st, commencing at
10 a- m., the following varieeatet aud p'aiu Mar
ble will be sold at public auction, on the grounds
north of tne Ucited States Capitol :
UH blo. ka Tennessee Marble.
1,000 feet ? cubic) of remuante do.
).' pieces Potomac Marbl?
ir? rnbic feet Veruient Oreen serpentine.
8 Column Miafta ,-0,a? v.
2 0 0 cubic feet remnants Italian Marb e
At tbe name time will be SOM a large tot of
Doors Sbmtera, sud Building Materias, of va
tirns kinds. ... . .
liv order of the Secre'arv of the Interior.
m "rU"r ? C L ? M BN J L W EST.
?epO-dto\_General Superintendent._
Depot ok Washiscitox,
WASH1BCT05. D. C. September 6, lrttfi
Will be eo'd at public auction, at the C 'rra's,
near tbe Obeervatory. in the city ?d Washington,
on WEDNESDAY, September 21, l;. i, a !--t ?,'?
cond?n.ned as unfit for pub'ic service.
Terms?Cash, in Government f inia
Sale to commence at 1" o'c <>ck a m.
Brig. Gen'l and Chief Unartermanter.
aep5-td_Depot of Washington.
? HT0RB8. BUGGIES, AC, ?k-C.
CkieJOvinf master's QpVe, Depot of WmskintumA
Washington, D. C, September 1.1'64. I
Will be aold at public auction, at Government
Warehouse, situated o? the aguare between ? *nd
F, and Twentieth and T?enty-nr?t streets, in th?
city of Waahinston. on WEDNESDAY. September
J4, lPW.at 11 o'clock a. m, a lotof QoarUrmaa
ter'? Mores, condemned ?s unfit for ???...f?a :
Axes. Carpentera'Tool?. Bmebee. Bridlos. Nose
Bags, Buchete. Saddle Blaoket*. Stable Brooma.
Portable Forge?. Grindstones. Blackaimtha Tool?,
Harnes?. Lanterns Scrap ???ggg; WS?m?!Sf
Reee.Stovee Saddles. Scale?. Whipa.HorseBbosi,
ania large lot of old tfflg9" *e?
nni ,,. ??\? ?a tarre day, at Oot of Ninetesnta
?tilt neatCbeVpfakeand Ohio Canal, Immedi
!l.I.?.r Hi? completion of the ?.ale above re
Yerma cash, In Governmen^ ,'Hnd'RT7CK11>
Brigadier General and Chief On artermaster,
aep? Ml_Depotef Waebiaeton.
LIMBI LIMBI LIMBl-I am now prepared to
deliver freak Bnrned POTOMAC LIMB, pre
pared from my new Flame Kiln, wlthoat oomi?
Ciaoataat vita the reel. . 7 ...
?. ?. OABTLBMAN, Btna? LUne BU?,
M a? Pa. bv. aad B?>k Creek Bride?,

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