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W. ?. WALLA? H. Editer Bed Prayrlefr.
!-0*DAY.?UrTBMBKB 1?, 1?4.
The Rebel Raiders get eff with 2,400 head
ef Vnttle?An Order by Gen. Grant.
f Correspondence of the Associated Prese.]
Hbadqcabtbr? Aany or the Potomac,
Sept. 18.?Our troops wbo started ia pursuit of
t he raiding party that carried off the cattle did
not succeed in overtaking the rebels in their
retreat The latter had too mnch the start, and
?afely effected their eacape with the entire
herd, numi e ri n g 2,485, together with sixteen of
the herders. Two others were killed.
The enemy, when flTet discovered, had al
most completely surrounded tbe herd and its
guard, and only a small number of the latter
effected their eacape.
The loss ot the guard and the 1st District
cavalry is not known, but it was quite large.
A few stragglers and a squad wbo were run
ning offa crowd of negroes, were picked up by
onr troops and brougbt in.
The cattle was part of the supply for the
troops cperatlng against Richmond, and not
for the army of the Potomac generally, aad
WM order charge of Capt. Richardson.
Col. Morgan, Chief Commissary ot Subsis
teace of the armies, had selected the location
for the herd on account of the good quality of
the graxlng there.
Lieutenant General Great has Issued an or
der that no spirituous, malt, or vinous liquors
shall be allowed to come into the armies, ex
cepting through the Commissary and Medical
Thia wan indnced by tbe large amounts
brought down by sutlers and others on orders
from officers, bat which wae usually kept on
?ale by dealer?, who thus managed to evade
the former orders In this matter.
Brig. Gen. Most ha? been ore vetted a Major
General by the President for gallant services
daring the late campaign.
Filing is kept np along tbe line, and no ex
change? of papers, Ac, are made by the pick
et?. W. D. MoGbboob.
? ?I? ?
Activity Amens the Rebela?Hampton and
Lee'* t'nvulry at Work?The Raiders
? ??ported 5,000 Streng?Prompt Pursuit
?f the Rebela?A Severe Battle in Pros?
pert?Gen. Lee Again Anxious about the
Weiden Rail read?His Mysterious Move
ment* on onr Left.
[Dispatch to Philadelphia Inquirer.]
IS Bab ??t???????, Va.. Sept. 16.? Many of
those wbo awoke early this morii in _ were
soaaewhat surprised, if not startled, bv the an
usual eound of musketry In the rear. Soon
after daylight men were seen hurrying In from
the cavalry picket line, in a state of mind con
siderably discomposed. The stories told were
all more or less startling, and from some of
them of them one might have inferred that
nearly the whole rebel army was in our rear
and within a few miles distant. Upon certain
points, however, there was a very general
agreement between tbe several accounts.
The picket line of Kautz' Cavalry Di vison
Bad been attacked and driven in, and between
two and three thousand head of beef cattle
had been captured by tbe enemy, and a consid
erable portion of the First Regiment of Dis
trict Colombia Cavalry bad been gobbled up.
1 presume that everybody knows that from
the left of our infantry line, near the Weldou
Railroad, a lin? of cavalry pickets Is extended
to the James River, thna enclosing a certain
region of tbe Old Dominion, which is setapart
for the various uses of the army and guarded
ararne? inimical intruders. The part of this
Due picketed by Kautz" Division was the left,
and life between the James River and tbe Nor
folk Railroad. The Fifth Peasylvania Cav
alry, which formed the right of the division,
was engaged in light skirmishing as early as
two A. M., but the main attack was made
some miles further to the left and over rwo
hours later.
> In the rear of the 1st District of Columbia
cavalry, wbich was the regiment furthest on
the left and had its headquarters at Sycamore
Church, there was a drove of beef cattle, num
bering over two thousand head, and so near the
Scket line that only a narrow strip of woods
terreced between it and the field where they
were grazing. How it happened that so tempt
ing a prize was left in sneb an exposed situa
tion I shall not undertake to explain, but bow
ever thia may have been, the enemy appear to
have had accurate information as to its locali
ty, and their attack seems to have been made
for the special pnpoee of capturing it
Tbe rebel force is estimated at about 5,000,
comprising Hampton's Legion and William II.
Lee'B brigade of cavalry, and one brigade of
infantry, the whole under tbe command of
Rosser. With this force they attacked along
the entire line of the 1st District of Columbia
-?gimen t and a portiou of that of the llth
_P_;n. eylvania. If their numbers are as large
as above ***timated, It 1b not surprising that the
alender r?ic_ot ,ine opposed to them was in
stantly swept aw?:.* a.nd .*?c?rii;d"a?bl,e **? "?f
the men captured. ???.?." ?G?..?? in\ their
first care wae to ?urrcund the cau._. ancI com.
mee ce driving them off, while with ano^er
part of iheir troops they followed np our men
and picked up as many as possible of the fugi
tives. A party of them, aupposed to number
about 500, advanced as far as Prince George
Court Bouse, at which point the 3d New York
cavalry was held In reserve. On hearing the
bugles of the latter, the rebels faced about and
Oar loaa in prisoners Is not accurately known,
but is no daubtmucb smaller than was at first
supposed. The dense wood which covers a
great part of the country would enable many
of onr men to escape capture, by concealing
themselves until alter the enemy's retreat; and
it is hardly likely that our entire loss in killed,
wounded and missing will reach one hundred.
The following officers of the First District of
Columbia Cavalry are among tbe prisoners
captured.?Major J. S. Baker, commanding the
regiment, Major J. H.Cloudman, Captain H.
Howe, Lieutenant Merrill, Lieutenant OdcUus
sick, Lieutenant Goff, Lieutenant Wolfe, Lieu
tenant Spaulding. Lieutenant Mortford was
killed. His body was rescued and forwarded
to City Point to be embalmed.
prompt measures bave been taken to inter
cept the enemy and prevent them from getti ng
away with their plunder. A brigade or infan
try was sent down to Prince George Court
House this morning, and General Kautz, with
bis cava ry and trie Fourth Wisconsin Battery
of rifled lu-pouaders, started In pursuit ot the
raid?, re, while tbe greater part of Gregg's Divi
sion, under General Davis, supported by a
brigade of iaisntry, moved down the Jerusa
l?m plank road, in ? be hope of cutting off their
retreat. An officer of Kautz? Division, who
left tbe command late thia evening, reports
that tbe enemy is hemmed in between the
plank road and the Blackwater, aad will be
usable to get away without fighting their way
through It was a daring act on their part, to
?wing ? ? tar around oa our left, and it ia to be
hoped that they will not b-> allowed to eacape
wnbont ?uch a punishment as will encourage
them not to rei eat tbe exr.eritn?nt.
A I'nian K?-conuoi?ance ? Mysterivas
??Temente of the Rebels.
NsabPbtbb*bcbo, Va., via Washington-.
-t Tklbobaph, Sept. ih?Eveaiag.?Tne
- -ementa of the enemy in front of onr line
mo? -en very mysterious for the past few
*?* h?, "eneral Warren being determined to
S__a. ^ noeslbie, and acquaint himself with
________3?_ *?"a."*? y*?t*rday morning sent
??..??1?.?., M,n* ?*?*? consisting of the
?,__ aanaT-aV_-lr-i nta ot ?Vennay ivBBia caval
1b ana loth reginu ._d _. r,.??????_? , u
ry. under the come-e???^Aa_,?a"
Robinson, supported ?./ ,*.*?" ', th""_?f,r *
brigade of the Taira Dis.nto* ?* J?\ ??
Dorrs. Alter aiivanclne abo- ' .?. a m,,e
outside ol the infantry picket? oa _*?I VaDgha?
road, it was loni.d heavily blockaded Bad de
ftoded by cavalry.
Lieu tei; ant Brower D. _p-?
of dismounted cava'- ?ly, with a platoon
and purened ?>' __?_ ???? aielodged them
Methodn?U> -'m ??*""?*? Poplar Springe
j^y, -,^ ..arch, where another heavy block
-tP^ . eLCOuntered, and in order to get
.ugh, Captain R. P. McDowell's aquadroa
waa ola mounted and advanced, and with the
aid of the Pioneer Corps the obstruct! >n waa
removed and the enemy reluctantly fell back to
a fork la tbe road. Captain J R Day's squad
roii waa here diamouuted to bold the road in
cUnlng west, on wbich the main resisting party
Bed retreated. The country being a dense wild
?rood, two aquadrona of the th Pennsylvania
en val? y were dismounted, and tbey, with
?Captain Mi I? ??.? ?-.-r- squadron, supported by
Capta'? A. J. Snjdera squadron, mounted,
aovai c-d. via tbe Hawkins farm, to the J.
? U men* farm. ? wi bin two miles of the plaok
road Noihing of appelai interest developed
itself. Tbe roBcla at-ow conaiderable wagon
travel, but nothing indicating ?he mot- ment of
at y large body <?? trooi a
Information was received from ci'iz?n?, to
th? eflec? that a brigade of reb I cav ,]ry he* on
be plank road. The re.-orino?tertn?r party r???
tu?! ? ? to camp last event??, hn? hart scarcely
got wltbm the fortiflcB'lon? wb-n the enemy
?tempted to drive la onr lafantry picket? la
front of tbe 5tb corps._
Me venae? t. of Gen. Grant.
We can ?lw?ya feed the presence ot a great
genios in a com mue i y though we be not
aware of bwpreeonoe. B?n Jo?ha?oa says a
rulm*- mind governs withoat a adi We utter
??ces and we bave seen tbe philosophy of the
UBirl during our trip from Harper*? Ferry,
yesterday, witb (len Grant.
Gesa. Sbendali, Torbert and Mclntosbeame
witb the General-in-Chief to tbe train, aud
bid htm aa affectionate good bye. Sheridan
lingered, a? tbe tram moved off, at tbe car win
dow to get tbe last words ot advice from bis
beloved chieftain. When tbe train started
Gee. Grant resumed bis oocuatomed suavitur
in mtiz w*!*???1 ~Z?i etreryoody cOmicrtiS;-*
around him. He ?poke not unless questioned,
except to notice once or twice the scenery aad
tne capacity of tbe road for cooveying sup
plies, wbich subject seemed to interest him.
Smoking his segar with a remarkably deter
mined draught and puff, he seemed for tbe
meet of tbe time ?deeply absorbed in thought.
Nesting eae?h station the soldiers on the train
wonld announce to tbe crowd tbatOen. Grant
was a paseenger, and this wonld b? the signal
for the greatest enthusiasm in cheers and yells
of tbe most vehement sort. The Lieutenant
General eat next tbe window, and acknowl
edged tbe compliment? with a bow or a nod.
Arriving In Baltimore, the General threw h
duster over his shoulders and stepped npon
tbe platform. He waa met by Rear Admiral
Bailey, wbo bad just arrinrd from Washing
ton with orders to confer with Gen. Grant and
aid bim in the execution of aay plans in which
the Navy conld assist. The two dis?*ingaished
officers took seats soon after in the through
train for Philadelphia, and entered into an an
imated conversation at once. Gen. Grant was
offered a special car by Wm. Preacott Smith,
Esq , of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, but
this the General politely declined, and took a
seat in one of tbe central cars of tbe train.
Tbe distinguished officers were soon recoge
nized, and the train moved off amid deafening
cheers. At each station on tbe route to Phila
delphia tbe presence of the General was an
nounced, and be was cheered as usual by ev
erybody. Soldiers scrambled np and held on
to tbe car mouldings to get a sight of him, and
seemed half crazy witb enthusiasm.
At Havre-de-Grace a lady entered and rec
ognizing Grant, spoke to bim, shook hi? hand
and kissed bim, causing our modest leader to
blush toa ronge. He took the favor in good
part, however, and was not long discon
Gen. Grant and Admiral Bailey both gs at
once to New York, where tbey will be met by
Gen. Dix, l*en. Franklin, Admirals Porter,
Stringham and other officers. Tbe design of
this consultation cannot now be made public.
We can only say tbat some very important
movements are contemplated, associated alike
with victory and peace.
Tbe condition of the rebel prisoners at Elml
ra may be considered, and the prompt rein
forcement of the squadrons of Admirals Farra
gnt, Lee and Dahlgren by every available ves
sel may be ordered. Tbe feeling of the North
upon the snbjeet of tbe war will be examined,
and the large number ot soldiers idle in various
camps, hospitals and posta will be forwarded
to the grand armies in the field. Last, but not
least, every effort will be made to increase the
means of transporting supplies and troops to
our armies, and for bringing Noith the wound
ed of the last great battle of the war.
It may be gratifying to the people to know
that General Grant will bring this battle on as
soon a? be returns to the army, and that be ia
prepared to meet every emergency en the field.
He has the greatest confidence in the army, and
only asks for more men because be wants to
use tbem in lessening the lose of life, and make
the victory most complete and decisive. He
thinks the war will soon close, and that an
honorable peace will return to bless the land.
He expressed himself pleased with the return
ing love for the I'nion among the people, and
the excellent prospect for the re-election of Mr.
Lincoln. He said plainly tbat he considered
his defeat in November would result in a total
disintegration of the country, with ite direful
attendant evile.
General Grant is in good health and in excel
lent spirit?, und is only solicitous for the wel
fare of hie armies and tbe Union.?Philadelphia
Inquirer, 19?*i inst.
1.0 0. F.?A special meeting of WASH
INGTON LODOB, No 6. I. O. O. F. will be
I'eTd at the Hall. THIS ? Monday) SVININO, ot
7 ? o'clock, to make the neces'ary arrangements
to attend the fanera?! of our late brother, A. B.
lt"_I J. P. MoKBAN, Secretary.
??-*5=? I. 0. O. P.?The members or FRIEND
Usjf SHIP LODGE. No. 12, ?. ?. O. F. are re
?pieMte.lt?> meet at their Hall, on THIS Monday
EVENING, at ***?? p. m. to make arrangements
to the funeral of their lote brother, Thome?
rv^=?fl00?1100?f 100.-0ne hnndred dollars
l_L_*? premium will be poid ony pereon having- a
recuit credit* d to the Second Ward.
Treasurer, Pennsylvania avenue, next to Wil
Isrd's Hotel._sop 19-2t?
There will be an adjourned meeting of
tt o e liable to Ira t in the Fourth Word at tbe
Court room. City Hall, THIS (Mondoy) BVEN
ING. at 7 o'clock.
By order of President.
It*_B. 8. DAVIB, Secretary.
J.J? TBMPBRANCE HALL -A masi meeting
of the citizens of the Third Ward will be held
THIS EVENING at 8 o'clock. If every enrolled
mon will bring with him $6 tbe draft will be
avoided and your families relieved of oil anxiety,
_..??.?? N.D LARNER, President.
B. B. McKBAN, Secretary._It
and Johnson Club will beheld ?t the League
ooms to-night at 7*. o'clock. Bueineee of great
importance will be brought before the Club, ?nd
? lull attendance is reauested,
? m ? ? L. CLEPHANE President.
J.T, CLEMENTS, Secretary._It
3 Jonrned meeting of the Firet Ward will be
M at the Mess Houce. corner 21st end F at?.,
THi?? (Monday) EVENING, at 7? o'clock, when
it is hoped that every one interested will punctu
ally attetd. By order
lt*_?LB. DOUGLA88, Preaident,
?Officers and Members of Potomac Looos. No 4,
are noti tied to attend a special meeting TO MOR
ROW 'Tuesday) NIGHT, at 7 o'clock, at Temper
ance Hall. Importact business demands atten
ti? ?.
By order of W. 0.
?ep 19-2t*_ROBT. V. HENRY, Scribe.
!LJ5 ASSOCIATION.?An adjourned meeting of
tne above association will be held at Island
Hall, MONDAY EVENING, September lnth.ot 8
o'clock. In view of the short time intervening
beforethedraft.it is important that every citizen
of the ward should be present, in order, if possible,
to fill the ward quota.
C. 8. NOYES, President.
W. J.MURTAGH, Bee._lt_
?MASONIC ?The member? of Hiram Lodge,
No. 10, F. and A. M., will meet ot their
II. on 1st h street weet, at 1 o'clock p. ib., on
TO MORROW, tbe 20th instant, to attend the fu
neral of our late Brother. Thomas Cobnkr. Mas
ter Moron? in good standing are fraternally in
vi ?"I to attend.
A meeting of the Lodge will take place THIS
EVENING, at 8 o'clock, to moke the necessary
arrangements. By order :
IL? AND JOHNSON CLUB-A epeeiol meet
?niroftte Club will be held EVERT EVENING.
ot Union League Hall,9th street, between D and
E street?, at 8 o'clock.
All tree friend? of the Union, who favor the
?lection of Abraham Lincoln ond Amir * John
son, ore invited to be present and anite with tke
Club _ L. CLEPHANE, President.
JNO T. CLEMENTS, Jr., Secretory, ?ep li tf
... at JOB. SHAEKIELD'S Confectionery,
WE Sixth etreet. between G and ?. Partie?,
Fairs, Weddlage. B.lle, Reception?ond Bntertoin
ments furniabed at the shortest notice aid moat
reaeonoble terme. Ice Creo? ond Water Ice male
byste?m power, whole??!? and retail. ?epl4-lm*
IL*B or -ubsenptlon for a new BCILDTNG AS
SOCIATION are open at the office of HARVEY
A C0LLIN8. No. 476 7th street, (opposite ?*"Ien
eral Poet Office.) where peraone destrona of be
coming members hove on opportunity to subscribe.
Wl.ei? 5?ii shares are su'.seribed. ?. meeting will be
called and tbe association organized. Nep 11 tt
I shall ee'l ot Pnblie Auction, on SATURDAY.
September 24, a? my Auction Room?, N?. ?Oti 7th
etreei, under Odd FellouVHall, the followingor
tiche: -^
9 Olobes.
.Hi em pa* see.
1? Sextante. ? Quad ran ta,
1 Artificial Horizon,
,** Deck Tune >?i?cee,
a Merceria?? ?-.?rotteter?,
? ? hr nometera two without boxe?.
8 Binocu'or Moriae Glosses, and 9 sespty ewes.
75 Spy "Issv-s.
1 Powder ' nan.
Parts of 9 Chronometer Cos*?.
*ih? irniwrrk of oa Ohe-t?*?*??*?? Oh?ir. ? '?Rsv
veVilgrA,r?r?????"?? ???? ? of brokSm !>?G.
rr,.n.efera o. d Thermometer Cos??, ?ed parts of
o'hev instramenU that hove bean ?ecasaaUuae
for ,?a??. CHA?T8 BO.
? bardie?? of Doable OherU, WO ia a bandle,
24 do Single do ?? do
?-? do Stagi? do KW de
2? do Small de SUO de
S do Small do E? ?o
S do ??a??? do ? ?O
<?> r? nies Engli?? Adn?rvJty Almoooo,
??; do Maer*?.*?Javlgotion.
5 d-? Bot-nlIteK?. ?Jo.
(?3 do Hluat'a Co?t Pilot.
; v ?. ?f Pamphlet* ond nid Book*.
S M? unted Wind ond Carrent ?4??..
Tbe CHorts ere all backed with cotton, wh-is*
I tan vedi'r ?** romorM.
i ? rr/*s cash hum90jem**?^*n??
p.? ?H r of 8 ? BBOWB If ?w Agent
* K F. PAOB. Auofcoaeer. ??????*?*..
aep 19 dM Coder Odd Fellow?' Hall.
Effects *f she fanarriptian? Conflict Be?
?wren l>e*ertere and the State Guard
Na-rnas?, ? O-, Sept. li.-The North Uare
Itua Time? say? there U bo doobt that the in
terior of tat? State Is la a oemplete uproar over
the conscription and deeertione.
On tbe 16th nit., a collision took place in Moore
courty, betw??en the deserters- some 1.7SO in
number, aad the State guard, in wbiob the lat
ter were repuleed with a loss of fonr killed aad
one wounded.. _
Militia Withdrawn Ire?* Ho?.?? Araty?
Removal at Union Prisoners irtm An
Cbattaboooa, Sept 17.?The GrittiB (Ga.)
Rebel of the 14th instant contains an order by
Gov. Brown, of Georgia, withdrawing the fif
teen thousand militia from Hood's army for
thirty daya.
Tbe thirty-five thousand Federal prisoners
at Anderson vi lie, (Is., nave been sent to Sa
vannah and Augusta.
Reported Captare pi Cattle.
[Correspondence of the Associated Press.]
Hbadquabtbbs Abut ob Poto*ah, Sept.
16.?The flank attack by the enemy'a cavalry,
early yesterday morning, was a most daring
move, and seems to have been partiall y suc
cessful. The attacking force consisted of three
brigades of cavalry, with eight pieces of ar
tillery. The main body reached the vicinity of
the cattle herd, on Ruffln's farm, near Coggin's
Point, juet before daylight, while the remain
der engaged the cavalry pickets along the en
tire line from Ream's Station, captarme some
and driving others back. This was done to
cover tbe operations of the main column. The
attack was made just before daylight, when
the guard were for the greater part abed.
Two hundred prisoners are reported to have
been captured, mostly of the 13th Pennsylvania
Tbe let District of Columbia cavalry, on
duty near by, soon attacked tbe rebels, bnt the
latter were ia such strong force that the former
had to fall back, suffering a loss, it Is said, of
two hundred and fifty.
Gregg's division of cavalry, supported by a
part of the 2d corps, went in pursuit of the
raiders, but it is believed they had too mnch
the start, aud must have got off with the great
er part of their plunder.
In addition to onr loes in cattle, which will
reach twenty-four hundred head, the rebels
captured several teams, with a gang of men,
who were engaged in constructing a line ?f
telegraph In that direction.
A rumor reached camp this morning that the
cattle had all been recaptured, hat I cannot
trace it to any reliable source.
\v. D. McGbboob.
Lieutenant General Grant's Movements.
Baltimore, Sept. 17.?Lieutenant General
Grant, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel ?
?. Morgan, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Duff, and
Lieutenant William Drum, of his staff, break
fasted at tbe Eutaw House yesterday, and,
after a drive through the western part of the
city, accompanied by Major General Lew.
Wallace, took a special train and proceeded te
Harper's Ferry. The enthusiasm among the
soldiers caused by bis arrival was very strong
and marked. His purpose will be defined in a
few days._
California and Oregon.
Sah FBANOI8CO, Sept. 16.?The shipments of
treasure to China last month were over a
million and a half dollars. The shipments o?
merchandise were also larger than ever be
Geo. A. Williams, an Unconditional Union
Democrat, was elected a Senator by tbe Oregon
Legislature yesterday.
FOUND?In front of my premiaos, on the 17th
inatant, a amali black POCKBT-BOOK. Any
body cumini,' forward, proving property, paying
? barstes can have the same,
sep 19 3C_BAM'L BROWN.
DOG L08T?Sunday, 18th inat..a mongrel ? DP,
six montha old, brinale aud white, eara nicely
cropped. Had on a black ?trap abont the n? -k.
Anyone returning him to TI. F. TURNER, -???I
Pa. av., will be suitably rewarded. nepK>-2t*
^TRAYED OR STOLE?-From the subscriber, a
?o red buffalo COW, tip end of tail cut ol?, a white
.-put on the right aide of baa. Any pemon return
ing said cow, or giving information where she i-,
will be liberally rewarded by the subs;ribei?.
DENNIS O'BRIEN, No. .4 Market Ht..
It*_Georgetown, P. C.
LOST?On Sunday, the 18th in?tant. going from
Grace Church (Island) to No. 51?* Maryland
avenue a POCKET BOOK, containing a aum of
money in greenback*, (about ?18.I75 cent* in sil
ver, lo cents in copper, and several receipts, and
card* with tbe owner* name on. The tinier will
please leave it at the number above indicated, and
reoeive a reward if desired._It*
F? ? REWARD- Stolen from the aubneriber, on
CIw the night ot the loth inst., a white MARK,
7 .ear* old. about IS han.la high, a little lame in
the left fore foot, swelled a little between the fore
lega from tbe rubbing of martingale. The above
reward will be given for the recovery of said Afar?.
The finder will bring the Mare to the stable of
James H. Shreeve, Jr.,7th ?treet. between ? and
It* Sandy Spring P. P., Montgomery Co., M I.
UST?On tiundav evening, a POCKET and
-_ MEMORANDUM BOOK. Any person having
the Hame will confera favor by leaving them at
the Star Office, or at No. 16 Ohio av. ae 19 2t*
LOST?On ?aturdav morning, in Center Market,
a POCKET BOOK, containing $3 ?. A reward
of $5 will be paid to any one returning the same to
No. 334 C street Berth, bet. 1st and 2d sts .Capitol
S TRA YBD OR STOLEN from in front of Barbour
A- gemmes a large BAY MARE, with harne-s
on; little lame in fn.nt leg*, hind legswolen. The
finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at
I1ABB0URA SIMMES' Grocery Store. Lou ???ana
avenue, bet. Uth and 7th ate._*ep 19 2t*
ft-l? REWAR?L^-Ran away from thTWashing
OIU ton House Stable, corner .Id and Pennsyl
vania avenue, laat night about 8 o'clock, one Mark
HORSE . with aet of Double Harness on hiin. The
above reward will be paid on return to the above
place. _ Ilt*l B. F. BEVERIDGE.
I OST?Friday Night, on D, between M and 6th
J etree?, a Chased GOLD BRACELET. The
finder will pleaee deliver it at Mrs. Clitcb, Ne.
'29* Pennsylvania Avenue._*ep 13 3t*
STOLEN OR STRAYED from the subscriber,
living at the corner of 4th Btreet west and G
street north, a medium aized black COW. with a
large white atar on her face. Hank and belly white,
tip of the tail also white. Any pernon giving in
formation of her whereabout* or fetch her to the
honse. sball be liberally rewarded._sep 17-3t*
F? REWARD?Stolen or atrayed, one white
f?* buffalo COW, red and white about the head
and neck, and one red spot above the tail. Any
one delivering her to JOHN NEAGT-B, on 31 st.,
between F and Gats., or to JOHN KBBFK, on t
st.. betweeu 3d and 4*. eta., will receive the abeve
reward._ sep 17-lt*
C* r- ? i BE WARD.?Waa hired by an officer named
<?>?_?? ?. ?. Anderson, let New York Artillerv,
Battery G, a black IIORSB. four white leg*, white
face, glana eyes. Id handa, on Friday, September 2,
with military saddle a"<l bridle. Fifty Dollars
reward will be given for th? hor?e and conviction
of thief. R. CRDIT A- SON,
Bep 17-3t*_Georgetown. P. 0.
LOST OR 8T0LEN?On the 13th inat.. aSORRBL
II0R8B, with alight mane and tail;abo?_t 14
hands hiah, about 24 rears old, alow in hie more
menta fin reward will be given if returned to J.
T. NAYLOR. near Good Hope, or at PYWILL'S
Stable ?, t?! h etreet, bet. D and B. sep 16-.?*
? g*ntlemen can be accommodated with HOARD
and HOOM8. ????,? large parlor for rent hand
namely furnished. Apply on 2lst street, between
G and H. No. 370. _aep 19 2t*
FIRST CLASS BOARD, with Furnished Rooms,
also. Table, can be obtained atNo. 354 6*h at.,
between H and I. sep 17-7t*
ifir Bladenahurg. Apply tt W. B. Brown,
Coal dealer, SOB Pennsylvania Avenue, between
1 lth and mh street*._aep 17-3t*
ROOMS WITH BOABD, and Table Board with
ont Boome,may be had at 134 Pennsylvania
avenue,b*t 19th and B)th._aep BMw*
0.70 CAPITOL HILL-Single g-ntlemen or
fent'emen and their wives, can now be accommo
ated with large, pleasant ROOMS. Location
plea?ant. BreaVfa.it from 7 to 8. Linner at ?.
Refer enees exchanged aep 15-1 tt*
F?lTsTSC?L?B8B0ABD.with Furnished Roam*.
Alao Tab!? Board can be obtained at No. 415
? street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfaat from 7
to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 5 sep 3-lm*
Buna Quartermaster** Office, Depot of Washington,!
. * -. Washington, D.O., Sept. 17.1864. S
Sealed Proposals wilt be received at thia office
ontil SATUBDAY. Sept. 24.18i?,at li o'olook m.,
for the delivery at this depot of
?,.<? fest 8BA80NBD OAK BOARDS, one Ineh
Ihiok.?f beat quality, to bs delivered imme
None wilt be received that does not pas? the
usual Government inspection.
The right to reject all bide thai may be deemed
too high le reserved by the D-pot Quartermas
Proposals should be addressed to th? noder
ai*ae<4. eniemed on the envelop? ?' Propesali for
Oak Lumber." D. H RUOKBK.
Brig. G*o. and Chief QusrtermMts?,
Mpff ?St Depot of Waa-lngton.
informing bla
anSwBt?ggftaj^ tttne.' "-*>? *
J*4 .?atnea- and dUpateb. and at the loweet awises
at 4SI If
at 4SI Maa-a-h?j_atu a?m?uue. near the Harinero
market, eu?? Isa?
S (J'CLO?*: P. BL
Cortinas Drives the Confederates ant of
Brownsville, Texas?He Declares His
Intenti?? t? Fight Far the United State??
M eveniente ?1 th? French
Oajbo, Sept. te.?The steamer J mom White
iroin New Orleans ea the 13th ha? arrived.
Mexicans just arrived at New Orleans re?
port that CorUaas, being unable to cope with
tbe French, crossed his foroe, 3-000 men and 16
cannon, over the Rio Grande, and ooeapled
BronrasTtlle, driving oat the rebels under Oel
Ford, and hoisted the American flag, snd de
clared that as he was born oa the American
side of the river be was a citizen of the United
States, aad wonld hold Brownsville for that
Be immediately informed the Federal com
mander at Brazos of his proceeding?, and of
fered through him to the United States Gov
ernment the services of himself aad army.
The Picayune's Bagdad, Mexico, correspon
dent, nader date of tbe 4th inst. says, from the
cupolas of that place can be seen four armies
In hostile array?the Federal and Confederate
on one side, and the French and Mexican on
the other.
The French are fortifying witb cotton bales.
If was reported that they would march from
Monterey to Matamores.
Particulara of Cortinas' Operations at
Brownsville?Fight at White Ranche,
nnd the French Forced bach?The rebels
Help the French nnd ( ortinas Forres
them to retire?A Union Regiment mixes
in the Fight?They Asaist Cortinas to
Whip tbe Rebels?The Latter Severely
Caibo, Sept. 18.?The steamer Belle, from
Memphis, has arrived with Memphis papers
of yesterday evening.
Sergeant F. S. Clarke, of the '?1st Illinois
infantry, famishes additional information
concerning affairs oa the Bio Grande.
On the morning of the 5th the French moved
out of Bagdad a force estimated at 5,000, and
commenced tbe ascent of the Rio Grande for
the pnrpose of attacking Matamores. They
met with but little ?opposition until they reached
a point opposite White Ranche, where they
met Cortinas with a Mexican force, prepared
to cont- st the approach of the French.
A terrific artillery duel ensued, when the
French were compelled to fall back in confu
sion, closely followed for three miles, when,
coming to the chapparel, they made a stand.
Cortinas opened upon the imperial force with
shot and shell. While engaged at this point,
the rebel commander at Brownsville, Colonel
Ford, came down the Texas side ot the Bio
Grande, with a large drove off cattle for the
French, and seeing the Confederacy's friends
engaged with Cortinas, promptly espoused the
cause of the French, and opened on the Mexi
can rear.
Seeing this, tbe imperial army made an at
tempt to turn tbe tide of the day, and charged
tbe Mexicans with the bayonet, with the deter
mination to conquer or die, and were driven
back in disorder. Under cover of the Chap
peral, Cortinas then brought two pieces of artil
lery to bear on Ford, forcing him to retire.
About this time, tbe 91st Illinois, at Brazos
Santiago, hearing firing on the Rio Grande,
were ordered to march to the scene, and ar
riving in time to witness the repulse of the
rebels, the gallant ??Sucker" boys then pitched
into Ford, and drove him five miles, capturing
his camp equipage, and about thirty stand of
Meantime Cortinas, succeeding In putting
the imperialists to Might, drove them to Bayo
del Rio. He here shelled them. As his artil
lery could not compete with their heavy ord
nance on shipboard, he withdrew bis torces to
White Ranche, and crossed five hundred men
into Texas, where they lay on their arms
during the night of the 6th, by the side of the
American troops. No sooner bad Cortinas
crossed the Rio Grande than he lowered the
flap of bis country?white, red, and green?and
hoisted the Stars and Stripes, which was
greeted enthusiastically with cheers by tbe
American soldiers as well as by the Americans.
On the nth, Cortinas followed Ford to the battle
field of Kesaca de la Palma, where he bi
vouacked his troops for the night, while Ford
fell back to Brownsville.
Cortinas dispatched a courier to Matamoras,
to order the forces there to prepare to move
immediately. Early on the morning of the
bth, five hundred Mexicans moved to the Rio
Grande, crossed the river, and came down
tbe Texas side, attaching Brownsville simul
taneous! y with Cortinas. Tbe struggle for
Brow_svtlle.was brief and resulted in the de
feat of tbe rebels, who were driven from the
town. Cortinas took possession.
The exit of tbe rebele was so hasty, that tbey
left their ? ?rage" floating on tbe Court House and
other public buildings, but tbey were soon torn
down, and tbe stars and stripes hoisted, amid
the shouts and cheers of citizens and tbe Mexi
can soldiers, who were almost as proud of our
starry banner as our own brave boys.
Seizure of Vessels by the French?Rebel
Troops Concentrating at Jackson, Mis?
Caibo, Sept. 18.?The War Eagle has a des
patch from New Orleans on the loth, stating
that a number of vessels which saUed from
that port for Matagorda with a cargo intended
for Cortinas, or for general markets, were
seized by the French at the mouth of the Rio
The Vicksburg Herald ot the 10th says there
has been a consolidation of the rebel forces at
Jackson, Mississippi, under Forrest, Taylor,
Gboleon, and Wirt Adams. The troops are
encamped around the city for several miles.
They are estimated to be twenty thousand
strong, with extensive wagon, pontoon, and
artl)lery[|tralns. There are atrong Indications
of an important expedition?possibly upou
Cairo. "_
Threatening Movements of the Rebela.
L.OU18VILLB, Sept. 1*.?Geni Forrest crossed
tbe Cold Water on Monday last, and camped
within fifteen miles of Memphis.
General Marmaduke with seven thousand
men, is across the St. Francis, intending to In
vade Missouri.
General Price is threatening Little Rock.
U8T ARRIVED and far sale, 1,0?0 barrel* beat
Rockland wood burnt LIMB. Alno, a ?argo
tep l9-2t*_cor. 9th and Canal streets.
have lu-t received for private sale, from the
agent*. 100 Rolla ot 2.4. and ? quart-r of COCOA
MATTING, of excellent quality. To which we
invite the attention of buyers. W. L. WALL A
Co., Anctioneeia and Commission Merchant*,
South cor. Oth street and Pennsylvania Avenue,
_ [Chron.l_aep 19-2 w
For sale on board Schooner Gertrude Uorton.now
lying at Guinand'a wharf, foot of 4th street east,
1,10 barrels of fresh Rockland Lime and 20?,0>hi
prime Lathe._sept 19 lw*
BULL TO LET.-Will be let t? Cow* at mr sUble
yatd, loth atreet. between G and I, Na*y Yard,
a thorongh bred BULL, of flue stock. Terma. $1
cash lu fore entering the yard, and in no ease will
the mr ney be returned for mistake*. Ac.
' Bis Royal York Family do., for $14. Let
every well regulated family take advantage of
these low prices. Good? ?lelibered free.
C. W1TMBR, 111 Pa.avenue,
sep 19 3t*_bet. 19th and > )th ata.
? BIB 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri
ber haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of
Washington county, in the Diatrict of Columbia,
letters of ?dminiatration on tbe personal estate ot
Christian A? kman. late of Washington city, D. C,
deceased. All persona having claima againat the
aaid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
aame. witb the vouohera thereof, to tbe eubacriber,
on or before the 7th day of Sjp . next: they may
fctherwiee by law be excluded from all benefit of
tbe aaid estate,
(jifou under my hand thia irtb day of 8?pt.. 1*54.
WANTBD PBIN0IPLB8 for 10colored men to go
to th? credit of thia Outrict. __?-?
.JAMBS T. CLOSE, S45 Pa. av,
?ep 17-St* oppoait? Metr .politan notai.
Pereon? deairiBs; SUBSTITUTES vanbttnr
SSO Mew Jersey artaat,
sep 17 ?t* Opposite City ???????? E- ?. ???*?*?
?????????? TOILET 8???8
??? .?parution of ?fOOftaT?>J*OlLWt
8BTT8 exceed in 1 niah a_d beenty otajstiena, aay
?ooda of the kind ever brought tethla city. We
invit? th* public to laseect th??. sa y/eU ? ??t
stock of ?ouaekeepi-g Ar^e^a^ra.?-.
Importera of Uon^faruiuuiag <*??*??
31H Iron Ball. FenaMle^saswi?,
?ep M? eo_t (Ohren 1 bet, tth and BBfh at?.
C_BILLS AB? "???^???? BO MOBB -
Go at nnee to M0OBB*S DBUGSlOBB US
Ther^war?aiAu^a^ "i??*
JayOooke A Co. furaieh tbe foll??srlBt quo
ta Uon* of Government seen r ? tie? :
Wa?hikotiib, Sept. 19, ibm.
Baying. .Selling
PiU. ?>'? Coupon 1-??..??..??7'?? ???
U.8.S ?1.M.110 lit
7B-1? Treaaary Note?..?.11? IU
Oho Year Certificates. UK ?Mi
Certificate Check?.??
New To???First Boa???.
Ooopo s IOS; S-**'?,!??!,-; OrUOcate?, 91 S'.
Gold, SMl?
rr.e> U S. mail steamer Thomas A. Morgan
arri ved here at 10 o'clock thia moraine from
City Point.
At an early hour yeeterdny morning; skir
mishing began on onr extreme left, and when
the Morgan left City Point at 10 o'clock it had
grown to be very brisk.
On Friday, the rebel? were to be seen coo?
centrating large bodies of troops on our left,
either for offensive movement? or in apprehen
sion of an attack by ns.
A desperate fight occurred veeterday on
iioard the steamer Charlotte Vanderbllt, which
left here in the morning for City Point, among
a party of bounty jumpers, who were being
sent to tbe front, under guard. Tbe fight ori
ginated by some of them treading oa those
lying on the deck asleep One min was
stabbed, and died a few moment? afterwards.
Tbe perretrator ot tbe act was Immediately
arrested and place?! in heavy irons
The mailboat that leave City Point and
Washington daily, will in the future stop at
Point Lookout to reel ve and deliver freight and
passengers. This will do away with the tri
weekly trip? of the steamer Lizzie Baker from
thi? city to Point Lookout.
A report has been put afloat to-day, doubtless
for stock-iutbing purposes, that there bae been
asevere battle on the Weldon Road, and that
the enemy have succeeded in dislodging Han
cock and regaining possession of the road.
We have made diligent enquiry in all quar
ters likely to be informed if there was any truth
in the report and are satisfied that it ia without
There ia a report on the street that there haa
been fighting in the vicinity of Harper's Ferry
to-day; that the enemy were the attacking
party, and that they have been repulsed. We
have no confirmation of the report np to the
hour of going to press.
Personal.?Major John Hay, the Presi
dent's private secretary, haa returned to this
city and resumed his duties, after an absence
of five or six weeks.
Thb Draft.?We learn that the draft for the
First Ward will take place to-morrow fore
Gen. QBAMThaa returned to the Army of the
{?y From J. Shillington. Odeon Buildng. and
from Hudson Taylor, 131 Pa. avenue, we have
advance coplea of Oodey's Lady's Book for
Paeticclab Attention is called to the
announcement of the exemption fund meeting
to-night in tbe Seventh Ward, as matters great
interest and importance to the citizens of that
ward will come np.
Interview with thb President_On Sat
urday afternoon a delegation consisting of Jno.
H. Semmee, Esq., Wm. J. Murtagh, Esq., and
Aldermen Noyes and O-ulick, waited on tbe
President to endeavor to get a posponement of
tbe draft In this District for two weeks.
They represented to the President that the
varions wards were taking active measures to
fill the quota without a draft; tbat two-thirds
of the quota had already been made up, and
that tbe deficiency could be filled more readily
and eatislactorily by volunteering than by the
enforcement of the draft.
It was also pointed out that the District had
come up promptly to all calls for -men hereto
fore, and had never before asked for a post
The Preeidentgave a very kind and attentive
hearing to the representations of the delegation,
and replied that delegation? were coming from
every part of the country on a singular mis
sion, and there wonld be a difficulty abont mak
ing an exception in favor of this District.
He promised, however, to see the Secretary
of War in relation to tbe matter.
Seventh Wabd Exemption Fund Aseo
ciation?A largely attended meeting of this
association was held at Island Hall on last
Saturday evening, Crosby S. Nove?, Esq , act
ing as chairman, and Wm. J. Murtagh, Esq.,
as secretary.
The Chair stated that the object of calling
the association together was to determine
whether measures could be taken to fill the
ward quota. He believed it could be easily
accomplished if the citizen? of the ward would
take the matter in band, and be suggested that
a committee be appointed for that purpose.
Mr. John II. Semmes stated that he had
called npon Capt. Putnam to learn the exact
quota of the ward, which was ii;>. He had
himself put in two volunteers during the day,
wbich reduced the number to 117. A commit
tee of gentlemen had waited npon Secretary
Stanton, requesting him to postpone the draft,
but he refused to grant their request, remark
ing, ?'not a minute, not a second." He (Mr. S.),
tcgether with Aldermen Noyes and Gulick,
and Mr. Murtagh, had called upen the Pres
ident of the United States in the afternoon, and
asked him to postpone the draft. The Pres
ident treated them kindly, and said he would
confer with Mr. Stanton on tbe subject. He
believed that tbe ward quota could be filled,
and moved that subscriptions be received from
those present, and a committee of twenty-five
be appointed to solicit contributions from the
residents of the ward. There were 2,700 men
enrolled in the ward; if each man would con
tribute $?>.?!. the quota could be filled.
Mr. R. F. Bartle suggested that there were a
number of persons who would contribute but
they would not perhaps be acquainted with
tbe collectors that might call npon ???em, and
would not feel willing to pay money to stran
gers, and he moved that the list of subscrip
tions be published.
Mr. J. R. El vans opposed the motion, urging
tbat there were a great many worthy people
who would be willing to contribute to the ex
tent of their means if their names were not
published, who wonld not do so if their small
subscriptions were to appear 1b the public
prints alongside of their rich neighbors' large
ones. Others would not like to have their
names paraded in the papers, thereby letting
the left band know what the right hand doeth.
The motion was lost.
Dr. R. C. Croegan moved that Mr. John H.
Semmee be elected treasurer ot the collection
committee. Carried unanimously
Mr. Semmee suggested that the members of
tbe club might withdraw a portion of the 8100
that tbey had paid, and subscribe lt to the fund
to fill the quota of the ward.
The Chair then invited the members of the
clnb to come forward and state what porti m
of tbe exemption fee they would contribute,
and invited contributions from all present, with
tbe following result:
From members of the club. S739 93
New antecrtpUoBB, (in cash). 1,290 00
Total .92.099 ??
On motion, the following collectors wer
appointed :?R. F. Bartle, O O. Anderson, Jas"
Or. ?Tomwell, Wm. T. Ford, Jerome Elmore,
R. H. Graham, Dr. R.COroggan, W. Stewart,
George Hepburn, Chaa. E. Buck, H. McCaffrey,
Jame? Carter. WaHes Burroughs. N. O. Draper,
Karl Miller, Tho?. E. Lloyd, J. B. Korts, L? H.
Oregory, F. W. Moffat, Capt. E. S. Altea, B.F.
Clark, J. T. Braxton, Ja?. King, Geo. White,
W. J. Foater, P.Oullinan.
Mr. Elvans atated that he did not deatre to
introduce politics into the meeting, bnt he
tnonght it would be well as colored people
were to be benefited by filling the quota, to
aoDolnt a committee to wait upoa them.
On moUoB, the following committee were
apTOlnt*d:--C*teB Dnlaney, Carl Carusi, VYm.
Becker, A. Bo we?, Wm Croe?.
Mr W. T. Ford moved that the collectors be
requited to report oa Monday evening. Car
Mr- Anderson rao ved that when the meeting
?d journ lt ?he to meet again on Monday eveaing
at ? o'clock. CarrteeL
Mr. FJ vane inquired tf the naderetandlag of
th? meeting ?aras that the quota waa to be filled
without doubt. That was bis undere?aedl?g,
BB.? Be BOBOB to* eoitectora wonld ?o Imprese
it upon tbereeidenu of the ward that tbey eo
lie? <x>otrtbnt*oB? 11*0??. ? ;<?
A rretem mo* them fie?*?? to enable the pr?si
dent and Hik?inr to propure lieto for th*? com
mittee. Altor wfcioB Iff. Sommes w??_a??
tmeuriwrA toti?e?Up??? jadstaent 1? ??*??1???*
vro4??a*ee>r? to BU Ote quota, and toe Bs?H>U?B
adjourned nnni Monday evening, at a o'eleeli
Froaa tneentbo*l**ro and harmony exhii*T??__
at thia meeuar. and the spirit with which tee
collectors have eut red upon their wors, taer*
is aodonbt that thi? ward can be promptly re.
lie ved from tbe draft if those enrolled, eae aad
all. will co-operate aad do their ahare ia th?
Fifth Wabd Draft Mbbtibo ? Saiarday
night a number of tbe citizen* of the Firm
ward met in Langley's Hall, corner Pena'a
avenue and 3d street east, oureuant to adjourn
ment. Tbe meeting was called to order by the
lrreeldent, Mr. G. F. Gntlck. aad ano ?un-M
? hr*Jbaelne*a in order?report? of commit
?_?**_ S COI"mlttee to ascertain who are ea.
ST*!- m the ward and not credited. repers???
_*1??.!.? ad *_**?a-<? * that duty a* well a?
29 ??" ***** the clrcumstnnoea, aad tne
\^i/SSL\DOt ewdilid WOOId ??**
Ob motion otMr. James Carroll, Major ?. B.
French, lapt. Fereu?an and Mr. Guliek were
appointed a committee to endeavor to have
those persona accredited to the ward.
Major French, chairman nf the committee
to wait on the Secretary of War and Gea Pra
ia order to obtain a ehort postponement of tbe
draft that tbe quota might be filled with vol
unteers, being unavoidably absent, Mr. ? p lick
reported that tbe committee was kindly re
ceived by Gen. Fry, who frankly told them he
conld give no encouragement, bnt referred
them to the Secretary of War. They callpd on
Secretary Stantoa and his reply waa "Ifo. not
one minute! not one second !" The Pr?sident
was after words waited upon by a delegation
aad he told them that he would see Secretary
Stanton on tbe snbject.
The collectors reported a total ia hand ot
about ?t??
Mr. McPincbeon moved to resolve the meet
ing into an exetrption club.
Mr. Hitzsaid be felt disposed to give oar cit
izens another trial. Give them a chance till
Monday night, and it they subscribe lib-rally
we can succeed. The motion was passed: bat
a moment after reconsidered ana postponed
until tbe next meeting.
It waa then resolved that when the meeting
adjourns it shall be till Monday night, at 7 ?
o'clock, at the same pisce, and the meeting
adjourned. _
Fuhbbalb.?Yeaterday afternoon, New Je
rusalem Lodge lio. 9, of Musons, accompanied
By a band, attendisi th? funeral of their late
brother member, W. H Jenner, whose remains
were entered at Glenwoed. Mr. Jenner was
formerly a clerk in the Treasury Department,
and died from injuries received by falling out
of a furniture car as he was moving his furni
Un Saturday afternoon, the funeral ot the
late John Clapham, gunner U. S. Navy, and
pyrotechnlet at the Navy Yard, took place
from the East Washington Methodist Chnrcb,
where there was a large assemblage of the Be
rnerons frleads of the deceased, including a
large number of the employees of tbe Yard.
Tbe services, which were of a highly interest
ing character, were conducted by Revs Messrs.
Sipes and La?aban, after which the cortege
moved to the Congressional Cemetry, under
the escort of the Grand and Naval Lodges of
Masons; tbe following acting as pall bearers:
Messrs. Ellis, Marks, Holroyd, Gunnel!. In ? is
and Boyd?where the remains were lntered
Thb Thibd Wabd Dbaft Mbbtibo.?An
adjourned meeting of the citizens of the Third
ward interested in relieving the ward of the
draft was held this morning at Temperano?
Hall, and was largely attended, Mr. Lamer In
the Chair.
After the collectors had reported it was as
certained that up to Saturday night but *...<-?
bad been collected and subscribed, but yeater
day ?1,500 more had been collected.
A commut?e consisting of Messrs. N. D. Lar
ner, J. H. Bartlett, and J. W. Angus wer? ap.
pointed to go to Alexandria and commence
putting the men In with the money on hand.
The total amount collected, ?6,117, not being
sufficient even if tbe unpaid sum* amounting to
about B_,000 were collected. The following
gentlemen offered to loan the Association as
follows : John Ogden, f-200; F. Prott, fino, M.
Abner, ?100; John Meigs, 8*200; F. Swearing,
SBB9. and Z. Hunt, *(00.
The meeting adjourned, aad the commit'ee at
once proceeded to Alexandria to enter oa their
duties and expect to report at the meeting to
Affairs IB Gbobobtown? ? Consignment.
Saturday, 1-2.5 men were dispatched from For
rest Hall prison under guard, consigned by
Major Littler to Col. Wells, Provost Marshal
of defenses sontb of the Potomac. The pria
oners were stragglers, bounty-jumpers, de
serters, and others guilty of minor military
This morning a colored man and woman
were arrested by tbe military detectives upon
a charge of trying to take a colored man out of
the District, to evade the draft. They were
both taken to Forrest Hall to be disposed of.
Change in the Custom House.?Saturday, Jud
son Mitchell, Esq., tbe venerable Collector of
the port of Georgetown, was removed from
that position. James A. Magruder, Esq., an
esteemed citizen of the town, having been ap
pointed to the office, will entar upon the dis
cbarge of the duties in a few days.
Criminal Coubt, Chief Justice Cartier ?
This morning, the District Attorney entered?a
nolle pros, lu the case of Dennis Mahouey,
charged with th? murder of Wm. Herrick in
February last, n?.ar tbe camp of Baker's cav
alry, tbe witnesses to which, wbo are all sol
diers, being in the arm>.
Wm. Brown, alias Thomas Perkins, alia
Albert Yager, charged witb stealing a hor-e
belonging to >Vm Boyd, was found guilty and
sentenced to the Albany Penitentiary for two
Mary Mor i atta, indicted for tbe larceny of
clothing from Rebecca Gant, is on trial.
Found Dbad ? This morning, the body of a
German named Ebrbman, or Hanniman, who
re.- uied on Virginia avenue, near \% street,
was found dead near the corner of 4 ?f and C
streets, (Island,) where be had died, as is sup
posed, from tbe effects of intemperance. He
lately kept a barber shop nnder the Clarendon
Hotel, but had been for six months past almost
constantly drunk. It is stated that he came
here from Petersburg, where he left so.ne
property, and that he was a lieutenant in the
rebel army, from which be deserted.
Tub Dbaft.?Those persons dratted to-day
have but three days in which to report. In
order to hasten up matters and as speedily as
pcssible to fill up the armies, a number of clerks
were employed to-day in filling np notices as
soon as the names were drawn. The Board of
Enrollment will at once hear and act npon the
cases of any of those drawn, who may claim
exemption from any cause.
Thb Colobbd Pboplb and thb Dbaft.?
We understand the colored peopleof the Islaud
will hold a meeting to-night at Wesley Zion
Church, D street, between 2? and 3d, to take
measures to aid In filling the qnota of th it
ward. The colorea people are active in th?*
matter, and a large crowd will no doubt be in
attendante. _
Messrs. McGuire A Co. are now closing out by
auction, at store No. 3'. I 7th etreet, between I
and ? streets, a very large and varied assort
ment of dry goods, the property of a merchant
declining business. The eale will continue
from d'i ? to day until the whole is disposed of.
We advise onr lady friends to be ou hand for
the bargalas.
Ibqubbt.?This morning. Coroner Wood
ward held an inquest on the body of the Ger
man found dead near the corner of tjjf aud
C streets, (Island) at an early honr this morn
ing, and a verdlot was rendered tiat he came
to his death by Intemperance. Tbe deceased
had been living in a destitute condition on Vir
ginia avenue, near 4? street, and hia wit? bad
left him a few days before. He was aoexA to
say a few days since that he weald Uve hut a
few days longer.
Thb Elbct.?Of *hose elected to serve their
country to-day, ??? was white and 51 colored
individuals. OfflcerCline of the county drew.
a prize.
S KB annoanoement ot meeting of Lin_>eJn ? _ad
Johnson Club to-night The club h?? some
thing of importance ou hand.
ThbGbrman G ? ion < I.vmi'?: ? (Bi i will
have a grand Bag raisiag to-day ai ? o'o'avjk p.
m., at Gerhardi'e Hot??L
HEBT.?It ia ackno?i*Hice-i *v Ap Mr .? I
Fvculty that Drs BB JTUKBS A GBiY. ??. 1T9
aouth ? atr?*el. ??????? fcmitiieonie- I?aa t tat?,
cureaall forma of Secret Dia.????.?-. e--at_ ?0[ a?lf
?buae and wrong treatment of quacna *? t _a??.,,
turee, in leee tim? than any Phreicmxi ?a ? /???.????
ton, nodi fferenee ycnrcircamaUn^?.-? {.nation.
Onr terme ani charge? are auch th?*?- ifcye aafrrtu
net? poor revive the aame treatment tf , the rich.
aep K-eofif_, 9_
rpo THB ? * AJD B-.
W? ?Ser a lar?? ?toek of
and other Goods of Do?ov*atH e Q _ Foreign mm?
fneturo 8 N~ *"* **???? ?f A 00
leplB-H ggg Pa av^, bet. 9th ad 1-th ata
Li W? bave on ? ano a \.Pge toek ?' ?",1'"*,??
Lemb,r. which we otVr for aale ?t <W? ?*g?_?
mark M rat>fl fer ea*>. AI per?' n<? le' *???* f?
lumber witt do well P?, call ?a ?? W?tf?i '
ele? w*???. WIcLBT * EBB IjAPfK.
%*n \4r*A* Garner M'h ?t sol the esnal.

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