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\* D. WALLACH, Editer and Freprieter.
Nothing especially interesting was received
from tbe Army of the Potomac this morning.
The advanced position gained last week is
thoroughly strengthened, bnt there is little
danger of the enemy attempting to dislodge
onr army. Lee being considered too weak to
make such a movement.
? Bison al.?Mr. Wm. F. Girens, of this city,
Tice Censal to Martinique, is in town on a
short visit, looking very much improved in
health from his two years residence in Mar
Mr. Frank Henry, of tbe New York Tribune,
,s in town, fresh from Sheridan's command.
He says tbat Sheridan's men are in wonderful
spirits, despite the hardships of their severe
fighting and tremendous march es in pursuit of
the fleeing rebels, and that they, one and all,
TOte Sheridan ??a brick."
Thb Ixcbbase or thb Pcblic Dbbt.?An
elaberate series of investigations into the in
crease of ?-blic debt during the war has just
been compiled by Dr. Elder, of the Treasury
Department. The results show that the mean
increase of the public debt during thirty-nine
months, since July, 1861, is, as near as may be,
a million and a half of dollars per diem during
tbe first two months of this period. The mean
increase was one million three hnndred
thousand dollars. Subsequent to tbat it
stands a mean of one million nine
bnndred thousand dollars, exceptional days
showed a maximum of three millions
ana a minimum ot one million dollars, but the
mean for the time has been as above stated, one
million five hnndred thousand dollars per day.
Thie statement entirely disposes of the bowl
constantly made by Copperheads upon the
vast increase of the public debt. Their docu
ments, journals and banners ring constant
changes on that subject, stating that the in
crease of tbe public debt to have averaged at
least tbree million dollars per day since the
commencement of the rebellion.
Reported Captare of Matasser?* ? The
Distrit t Around Morgaaxia Cleared of
Naw York, Oct. 6 ?The steamship North
America, from New Orleans on the 29th ult.,
has arrived.
The planters have been directed to leave one
quarter of the cane crop for seed.
Laborers are to have a lien on all products
raised in the Department until the claims are
Officers on French vessels have started a re
port that the French have possession of Mata
meras. The report is untrue, as Cortinas is
still there, defiant.
Cotton is declining.
The rebels have been completely chased out
of the district around Morganzia by Gen. Ull
The eteam?r Glasgow has arrived, frem Mo
bile on the 2?-.h. She reports all quiet there.
Conflicting Reports ia Regard te Alleged
Defeats ef the Preach.
New Yobk, Oct. 6.?The steamer Havanna,
from Havanna on tbe 1st instant has arrived.
From Mexico we learn of the abandonment
of several towns and cities bv the French, and
their occupancy by the Republicans. On the
other band it is said Mejia occupies Victoria
city and Nichistland. t.nirozo, who does
not recognise the Empire, but lights the Re
publicans, is reported to be on bis way te
The ?-apule. expedition is continually
harrassed by guerrillas, and is short of food:
and a ship loaded witb cattle lost all her cargo
on tbe way to Acapnlco.
Maximilian was expected to return to the
capital on the l.th inst. from St. Domingo.
we learn tbe rebels have agreed to lay down
their arms unconditionally.
Onr correspondent doubts this news.
? a* ? villb, Oct. ?.?Owing to the storm last
nigh ?, the lines are down on the Chattanooga
road, and nothing is reported from Rosseau's
Tbe lines on the Tennessee and Alabama
Railroad are working to Pulaski.
There was a heavy rain storm last night and
Tbe river is five feet bigh on tbe shoals, and
rising. _
From Fortress Monroe.
FoBTBBse Monko?, Oct. 5.?The Chilian
bark Tabon, Jones, master, from Valparaiso,
has arrived here. _.he exchanged signals,
August 20, in latitude 24 deg. 4 min., longitude
30 deg. 10 min., witb an American bark, steer
ing soutbeast, showing a white flag with "S.
R."in the center, and a blue flag with ??144S"'
in thf? center. August 21, in latitude 93 deg. 9
min., longitude ?I deg. 20 min., she spoke tbe
English ship Cossipore, of Liverpool, from
Sunderland, bound for Calcutta, forty-five
days ont.
The Tabon is -G days from Valparaiso and is
bound to New Yor|j.
Lewis Fans, a soldier, regiment unknown,
was found drowned on tbe moat at Fortress
The United States frigate Colorado arrived
m Hampton Roads at one o'clock this p. m.
The frigate Wabash also arrived this p. m.
Tue Times oa Farbagut's Victoe-?-.?The
London Times, of September l.th, in summing
up the results of Admiral Farragot's victory,
says :
We think the reader will admit that this Is a
most extraordinary battle, and, perhaps, the
most wonderful part of it is the comparative
impunity with which it appears that wooden
ships can still engage an iron-clad. It is ob
vious to surmise that the result might have
been different if the Tennessee had attacked
her aatagonlst with sheila instead of with rifle
bolts, which merely cut clean holes through
their side?, but it is also clear that "ramming"
cannot be tried, as it was in Hampton Roads,
if ships can only move as to elnde the ram.
What destroyed the Congress and the Cumber
land was that tbey were mere sailing vessels,
and conld not evade the shock, whereas Far
ragnt'a veeaels, by the aid of their screws, es
caped fatal damage, and at last, being fourteen
to one, actually beat their great antagonist at
his own proper game. In fact, the Tennessee
was literally bustled into surrender. Her
crew were knocked off their feet every five
minutes, aad were no longer fit for fighting,
tbongh their ship was substantially uninjured.*
finally, what are we to think either of Con
federate plating or Federal guns, when snch
enermoas pieces fail to produce any effect on
armor at ranges measured, not by yards, but
by fe*-t. or even inches I These are questions
which will be asked with considerable inter
re*, and tbe battle in Mobile Bay will, perhaps,
add one more lesson to those which we have
received from the American war.
Cbowdibo thb Caks ? Persons who com
plsin of the crowding of be city passenger
railway cars ha.e la tU-ir own hands the
most effectual remedy for tbe evil, namely,
i.pvr to get on a car which tbey see has got
its lull complement ot p-ssengers. If they do,
they, and not tbe companies are to blame.?
Phil. Ledger._
mW Some rowdies in Merapbis threw an old
apple woman into the Mississippi, and she
waa drowned.
s-?"A manufacturing Ann in Fall River Is
?aid to have lost *2S0,0j? by tbe decline la cot
ton goods.
me tbie?Oni?&W?U make i,'500>000 ?allons of
g-F-Thre? Roman Cardinals have died since
last spring.
g-F-Brig^Gen^Spear has been dismissed tbe
service tor disloyalty.
EW England is importing ?a??8 ?rom Hun_
gary, for banting purposes.
try A preacher's word should he law only
when It is gospel.
av substitute brokers pay a license to tbe
city of Chicago of f 500.
a_r Mrs. Bowers has oommenoed aa engage,
ment at the Park theater, ? Y.
mW Tbe lawyers ia Massachusetts have ad
vanced their prices 33 per cent.
L__- Chas. P. Cum?, a prominent lawyer la
Boston, died on Tuesday.
\&~ The Paris papers already begin to talk
of tbe Prince Imperial as Napoleon IV.
toy Tb? draft la in progress la Chicago
g_F" Batter U lie per pound in Ganada.
n?" ??i?r '?? "*? ?yw??i ? ? in ???. o
IStb. ???_ P-tfUcnle? in fnture advertisement
Ht order of the OeauaiUee. oo ? 3f
, FRIDAY EVENING, at 7 o'cloek. for the
purpoee of attendine, in proeeeaion, the grand
demonstration in the Third Ward.
8 8. TAYLOR, Preaident.
? A. AMBRY, Bee. Secretary._oc 8-it*
-G?1 Maryland votera, temporarily residing ia
Waabln*tcn. wbo are deairona of voting for the
adopt; o o of the new constitution, are invited to
meet st the Union League Hall, on 9th atreet, on
THURSDAY EVENING, tbe 6th instant, at 1Y%
Let every loyal Marylander attend.
It_President Lincoln and Johnson Club.
?TH WARD 1?The drafted men who sre bona
./?(fcreaideata ofthe ward, who are not membera of
any exemption club, and who are pecuniarily "na
ble to furnish substitute-, are requested to call at
Justice Boswell's Office, 4>? atreet, between ? and
W ate . in order tbat they may avail themselvea of
the beneOts ofthe City Bounty Fund for procur
ing substitutes. . .
The aona of bona fid* residente who may have
been drafted, although not included in the provi
?ione of the present bill, are aleo requested te call
? above. JOHN H. 8 EMM KB,
oc ? St _______ Chairman Committee.
UJj DOLENCE. ? The following reaolutions
were nnnnimonaly adopted by the Columbia Ty
gogrspbicsl Society at their last stated meeting,
ctober 1.1864:
Resolved by the Columbia Typographical Society,
That in tbe death of Christian G. Klopfer the craft
of Washington bave Buffered s serious lose, he
being one who. for half a eentury, has proven
faithful to tbe intereat* of hia fellow-workmen,
and sustained the character of a worthy and hon
orable man.
Resolved, That we tender to the family of the de
ceased our condolence in tbeir bereavement.
Resolved, Tbat these resolutiens be published in
the papers of thia city, and a copy of them be
transmitted to the family of our late brother.
WM. R. McLEAN, Preaident.
J. C. PROCTOR, Ree. 8ec>r._It
fY"-f?I. O. O. ?.-COLUMBIA LODGE, No. 10.
LkJ? A full attendance i? deaired at the meeting
onTHURSDAY EVENING, Oct. 6th. a? business
of importance demanda the conaideration of every
member. loct>**t*] JOHN A. MO?LDBN. R. b,
Tie Fair for the benefit of the Sixth Preabyte
ri in Church la open EVERY EVENING at 7Y*
o'clock at Odd Fellows' Hall. Full band of music
in attendance? Seas? ? tickets S"c; admission 15c.
oc 5-lw*_
ASSOCIATION will be held at Temporanee Hall, E
at., on FRIDAY, October 7,1864 The membera are
respectfully requested to attend
By order of P. W. HICKEY. President.
C H.P0LE.R.8._oc 5-rt*
at JOS. SHAFFIELD'S Confectionery,
Sixth street, between G and H. Parties,
Faira, Weddings, Balla, Receptions and Entertain
ments furnished at the shortest notice aud moat
reasonable terme. Ice Cream and Water Ice made
by steam power, wholesale and retail, sep Ulm*
|L_5 INOTOW, D. 0? September 2iat, 1864.?An
Army Medical Board, toconaiatof Surgeon Chas.
8. Tripler, U. ?. ?.. Reaident; Surgeon William
B. King. U. S. ?., end Surgeon Glover Perin, n.
8 A . Recorder, will meet at Cincinnati, Ohio, on
tbe 18th of October next, for the examination of
candidates for admission into the Medcal Staff of
the United States Array, and of such Assistant
Surgeons for promotion as may be brought before
Applicants must be between twenty-one and
thirty years ef age, and physically sound.
Applications mnst be addressed to the Secretary
of War, or the Surgeon General, stating the resi -
?f-c't? "f tbe applicaci, and the date and place of
nia birth; tbey must also be accompanied by re
spe.-tibie testimonials of moral character.
No allowance is made for the expenaes of p?*raons
undergoing the examination, aa it is an indispen
sable pre-requisite to appointment.
Tbere are now five vacancies on the Medical
Staff. JOS. K. BARNES,
se 21-thsm Surgeon General U. S. A.
IINDISFARN CHASE, a novel, By T. Adolphus
? Trollops,
Crusoe's Island, California and Wasboe, By J.
_rusoe'a _
Rosa Browne. |oc6| FRANCK TAYLOR.
W. G. METZEROTT, corner Pa. av. -nd 11th at.
The largest Musical Establishment??
and only importing house in the Die-IT PwWl
trict. Sole Agency of Steinway k Sons grand and
iqnare PIANOS, of wbich we have just received a
new assortment, making our stock 16 instruments
of this celebrated factory alone, which is a larger
assortment than can be found at any otb?r agen
cy of this house in the country. Besides these,
we have a stock of Raven A Bacon, and Haines
Brothers make on hand. We are the sole asenta
of Mason A Hamlin'a justly celebrated CABINET
ORGANS, which we sell at faetury prices, from
Silo toifrO. Prince A Co.'s MELODEO?48,
rur. basing exclusively for cash, we are enabled
to sell at the loweat figurea for cash, and upon ac
commodating torma.
Old Pianos taken in exchange, tune 1 and re
paired;_oc 6
LANBBUBGH A BRO. will sell from thia day
their entire atock of
from j) to so per eent. leas than tbey were aold las*
Please call early, aa the stock will have to be re
3 7 5 Seventh street.
Third door above I.
N. B. We will sell Green A Daniel?' SPOOL COT
TONS at 9 cents, and jr. P. Coata's at 12>_ cents.
oc 6 3t?_
HORSE, at 57 Louisiana avenue, be
tween 6th and 7th atreeta.
VOR SALE-A modern atyliah COUPEE for aale
I cheap for cash br a gentleman removing to
California. Apply at No. 8 Bowly'a wharf, Balti
more, Md._oc 5-3t
FOR SALE?One first rate young MILK COW,
with calf three weeks old. Thia is a No. 1
cow; aold for want of use. Apply at office of Gov
ernment Repair Shops, 21st etreet, between E aud
F_._oc S St?
fi*OR SALE?A bande?me S drawer rosewood
CIGAR 0A8B, with French Plate Glass and
handsome cast iron Counter. Apply to CHAN
DLER A HERRING, Cigar Btand, Willarda'
Hotel;_sc 6-3t*
_ aignees will please attend t j tbe
rect-ption of their goods at once.
Thia Steamer sails for New Yorb.
Saturday, Oct. ?th. inst. at 9 a.m.
oet5 3t ?0G.??? k RHINEHART. Agts.
1,000 bushels of POTATOES.
100 b?rrela of POTATOES,
100 barrels of 0NI0N3,
Just arrivd and for sale by
oc 5 'It* -4 Water st., Georgetown.
XAND X. X.?I will sell 60 Bbla ofthe above
. brands of Gibaona A Harria' WHISKIES, at
15 cents below the circular price. Must sell on ac
count of having to remove from the warehouse.
Corner of New Jersey ave. and B st. south,
oc5 6t_Capitol Hill.
FOR* SAVI:"-? ? fine dark bay MARE, ? years old
rsove-?plendidly under the saddle, and suit
able for a lady or officer, and very gentle in har
ness. Apply to RIOHARD WIL80N, Government
Warehouse, corner E and 2<'th ate._oc 3 .'It*
4*6.__. PAPERI!ANGINGS. -.486
Justoreued.a Beautiful assortment of Gold, Em
broidered and m?dium priced Gilt papera.
Also, a varied and choice stock of Satin and
Blank Papera. Borders, Btatues, Centre Pieces, Ac.
OrCers ?or Paperbangings or Window Shades
punctually executed in city or country.
Terms caah for goods and labor.
486 .0VAL I'lCTURE FRAMES. ???
The ri?^eat, handsomest and mont varied atock
of Gilt and D?rk Wood Oval Picture Frames in
th? ??*?"_*? Th*,ee M?i? rn warranted to be
gilded with gol?: leaf and of superior workman
Aleo, a beautiful aaaortment of Card Visite
Framea of foreign and domestic manufacture All
gooda warranted as represented.
?Dili?rent colors and sizes Window Shades in
store. Ordere for any required atyle or size Shade
made to order.
Different sizes and colora Picture Cord and Tas
sala, Ranga, Natia. Ae.
4Hf? CARD ?????? ?aAMK8 ?of*
French Gilt, Swiss Carved wood, aad American
Composition Card Framea in variety.
486 pictures. 486
A few choice Sagravi?** and Paintings for sale
at J. M ARKBI TER'8. No. 4-6 Seventh street.
EF" ? lease remember tbe Number, 486. snd the
term Cash fer Goods aad Labor. sep ______
Will Bell tbe above Coal to Consumera for the
aext ten (??? daya at a great redaction on former
la the ?tie?, er sawed and split ?_- !?-,,_ ot ?lf#
W. H. MaRtOW,
oe i-?t corner 7th *fce*t *** r.nfti
TagAssaT Dbpabtmbbt.
WASBTBOTOB.Oetober 1,1364.
Sealed offers will be received at thie Department
under the act of Congress approved JuneSO.iee?'
until noon of Friday, the 14th instant, for Bonds of
tbe United State? to tbe amount of Forty Millions
of dollars. The Bonda offered will bear an interest
of six per centum, payable aemi-annually, In coin,
on the first daya of May and November, ani
will be redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern
ment, after five years, and payable In twenty year?
from November let, 1864.
Each offer mnst be for fifty or some multiple of
fifty dollar?, and muet state the sum, including
premium offered, for each hundred doliera, or for
fifty, when the offer ie for no more than fifty. Two
per centum of the principal (excluding premium)
of tbe whole amount bid for, by each bidder, must
be deposited (as guaranty for payment of aubacrip
tiona if accepted) witb the Treasurer ofthe united
Sta'ee, at Washington, or with the Assistant
Treasurer at New York, Boston, Ph___telphla, or
St. Louis, or with the designated depositary at
Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville,
Chicago. Detroit, or Buffale, or with any National
Depoait Bank which may consent to transact the
business without charge; for which deposit dupli
cate certificates will be issued to the depositors by
tbe officer or bank receiving them, the origi
nals of which mnst be forwarded, with the offers,
to this Department. All deposits should be made
in time for the ceitiii.ate-, with the offers, to
reach Washington not later than the morning of
October I4tb, as aforesaid. No offer not accompa
nied by its proper certificate of deposit will be
The Coupon and Registered Bonds, issued under
this proposal, will be of the denomination of ?50,
flOO, ?_-?>, snd 51,0 D. Registered bonds of $3,000
andfio.ooowillbe issued, if required.
All offers received will be opened on Friday
October 14th. The awards will be made by the
Secretary to the highest offerers, and notice of
acceptance or declination will be immediately
given to the respective offerers. In case of
acceptance, Bonds, ofthe descriptions and denom
inations preferred, will be sent to the subscribers
at the coit of the Department, on final payment
of installments. The deposit of two per cent, will
be reckoned in the last installment paid by sue?
ceFsful offerers, and will be immediately returned
to those whose offers may not be accepted. .
The amount of accepted offers must be deposited
with tbe Treasurer, Officer, or Bank authorized to
act under this notice, on advice of acceptance of
offers, as follows: One-half on the 20th of October,
and the balance, including the premium and
original two per cent, deposi?, on the 31st of Octo
The Bonde will bear interest from November
1st. Interest on deposits, from their date to
November 1st, will be paid by the Government in
One half of tbe first instalment, or twenty-five
per cent, of accepted offers, may be paid with ac
crued interest to October 14th in "United Statee
Certificates of Indebtedness," but such certificates
will be received in part payment of the first instal
ment oalv.
Offers under this notice should be endoreed, "Of
fers for Loan,''and addressed to the Secretary of
Tbe right to decline all offers not considered ad
vantageous to the Government is reserved by the
Secretary. W. P. FB8SBNDEN,
oc3-td_Secretary of the Treasury.
__ 1 it REWARD.?Lost, on the 22d of August, a
<?>1U NoTB for $300, payable to J. W. Allen,
given by Sarah J. Foster. The above reward will
be given if left at this office._It*
C?M?TtO THB SUBSCRIBER, on the 14th ult.,
aSOW. The owner is requested to come for
ward, prove property, pay charge? and take her
away. ?- *""- ??? DAN'L CUBIC.
lt*_25th st. west, bet. I and K.
LOST?On yesterday, from No. 509 llth street,
(Haog'e White Beer Brewery,) a small DOG.
white, with yellow spots. Value not so much, but
was a present from a deceased relative A suitable
reward will be given;_lt*
r~OBT?On Thursday, the Mfc inst.. between 7th
- and 9th streets, or Market Space, a BLANK
BOOK, containing S13 In Treasury notes. The
finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at
the 8tar Office._OC.-2V
CAME TO THE PREMISES ofthe subscriber,
on Wednesday, the 5th instant, eight H008,
The owner will come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take them away, otherwise they will
be sold to defray oxpensea. WM. ?. PETIT,
oc 6-3t* Spring Bill Farm, Washington county.
Ot~ REWARD?Btrayed or stolen,on the 9th of
*$0 Sept., a white COW, with one horn broken
off, spotted black around ihe bead and neck, heavy
in caif. Tbe above reward will be paid if brought
to No. 654 N st., bet 4th and 5th sts. north,
oc 6-at? J. CONNORS.
WAS TAKBN UP, Oct. 2d, as an estray, one
bay MULB, about 14l. hands high, in good
condition. The owner or owners are retBSgted to
come forward, prove property, pay charges and
take her away. Apply to D. T. GLADMON'8
Stalle, corner of Bridge and Market ate , George
town, D. O. oc6 3t*
REWARD.-Strayed or etolen, four COWS;
tbe first a large dark white and brinale,
tbe left born turned under, short smooth tail,
gives milk out three teats only: the second a white
and black, rounk back, a small white spot on the
forehead and on the back, a young cow; tbe third
a white and Mack buffalo, blazed face, a white spot
on tbe top of the tn.il; the fourth a heifer, white
and brinale, about eighteen months old, with a
strap on her neck. I will pay the above reward for
the return ofthe cows to my house, or?5 for either
of them, or (5 for any information th it I can g*t
Georgia avenue, between 13th and 14th sts.
oc6-5t?_Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.
??) REWARD.-Lost, on Tuesday, 4th October, a
F-2 small TERRIER DOG, Mack and tan, long
tail and cropped ears. Answers to the name of
Rolla. A reward of $2 will be paid by B. CRCIT k
80N, Georgetown, D. C, for his return, oc 6 3t*
f? rTREWABD.?Lost, on the-3d instant, a
tpJU VOUCHER, in the name i,{ Vf. J. Murray,
for faon. The above reward will be given if re
turnedtoJ. RUPPRL, northwest corner 19th and
H sts._oc 4-3t?
fi? C REWARO.-Strayed or stolen last Fridays
t&O red 'ry COW. with white face, and her teats
very short. The abo-e reward will be paid if
brought to Mrs. BRKSNAHAN, on 0 st , bet. 12th
a?__-_-__l? Graham's Alley._oe4-3t?
?_____ REWARD?Was stolen from the pasture
tQJt.lt/ of the subeorirer, living near " Long Old
Fields.'' Prince George county, Md., on the ni?fht
of tbe 27th September, a dark iron gray HARM,
with a long mane and tail, full sixteen hand ? high,
long body, large head, and a Roman noie; has
never been shod, and a split in one of her front
feet: four years old last spring.
Was taken at t _e same time with tbe mare, a
very dark chestnut sorrel GELDING, long tail,
fifteen or fifteen and a half hands high, carries up
wfll, ten or eleven years old. and had one or two
collar galls lately done, besides an old collar mark,
rather thin in flesh, and was unshod.
The above reward will be given for their recov
ery, or thirty dollars for either of them.
secured by application at 4'?2 G street, be
tween?} hjindjithete._ oc 6 3t?
BOARDING.?Tbe advertiser has opened at No.
74 Missouri Avenue, near 3d street, contain
ing ROOMS of all sizes, suitable for parties num
bering from 2 to 6 persone. Tbey are all newly
and handsomely fnrnished,and to those who room
with ber, .he offers a cheerful borne, the use of a
good library, aud a table spread with the best the
markets afford. Transient, and meal boarders
taken._oct g-2f
with BOARD, in a quiet family, at 165 Weet
St., Georgetown, D. Q._oe 4-3t?
BOARD and handsomely Furnished ROOMS for
families or .ingle persons. Leeation conven
ient to tbe Department, 8. W. cor. _l_t_a?-d II sts.,
near Pa Ave._oct 4 3t*
Boarders can be accommodated at 588 I st.,
between 4th and 6th, near Government Printing
Office._ ._op 4-3t*
without Boo-db, may be bad at No. 214 let.,
between i9th and 20th. ooS-lw*
BOARD ?Any lady desirous of securing profea
stonai care, kindness and home attention, can
obtain exclusive accommodation In the small and
unobtrusive family of a pnyrician of long experi
ence, who would assume the permanent charge of
an offspring on conditions mutually satisfactory.
Addreee DR. THIER8.No. 1,217 Broadway.New
To?""?_sep 23 2w*
? A?G1_vF^RfNIB.nID ?OOMB, with Board, at
-L- 151 West street. Georgetown. ?.???-lm?
FIRST CLASS BOARD, with Furnished Rooms,
also. Table, can be obtained at No. 35!? 6th at.,
between H and I._ Bep 17.30t*
Onion or CoMPTKOLLsa or .hi C?rrbbot,
Washington, October 4,1834.
Wbereee. by satisfactory evidence presented to
?? ?nosreigned, It has been made to app.ar that
The National Bank of the Metropolis, fn the City of
Washington, in the county of Washington and Dis
trict of (otnmhia, has been duly organised under
end according to the requirements of the act of
Congreas entitled "An act to provide a National
Ourrency, secured! by a pledge of United Statee
bonds, and provide for the circulation and re
demption thereof ."approved Junes. 18.4. and trae
complied with all the provisions of said act re
?_li,?d .to ?* ????I_.,ed with before commencing
tbe bu. iness of banking under said act ?
Now .therefore, I, Hug h McCulleck.cOmotroller
of the Cari-en?y. do hereby certify that Tht Na
tional Bank ef the Metropolis, in the City of Wash
ington, in the eoantyof Washington ard _>i.fri.i of
Columbia. Ie authorised to commence the business
ef Banking under tbe act aforesaid
In te?tiroeny whereof, witnerti my hand and seal
of office this/ourtftdaynf Oetoher, 18tf4.
<4__f_t__B ? HUGH MoOULLOOK,
oc I d?Ot Comptroller of the Ourrency.
EH>B 8ALB-A light Germantown CARRI AGB
G suiUblefer family use.wiu be sold ressenably
Iaguire at tke Star oflee. oC lit*
Jay Oooke A Oe. furnish th? foil?wing quo
tations of Go vernment securl?es :
W A8HINGTOK, Oct. 6, 1884.
Buying. ?Selling
TJ. S. 6's Coupon 1881.1041t; 105j?
U. 8. 6-20'?..106 107
7 3-10 Treasury Notes.104 105
One Year Certificate?. 93V 94s.
Certificate Check*.95 ?
Nkw York?Fibst Board.
Coupons 104 \ ; 5-90'*, 106 tf ; Certificates, 64U;
Gold, 183 j**._
Warren Gains a Position Commanding
the Sent h Side Railroad.
The new mail steamer Manhattan, Captain
Byther, arrived here this morning from City
Point She reports that no heavy fighting has
taken place in front of Petersburg since our
last report.
Warden has swung around on the left to a
position commanding tbe South Side Railroad,
where he 1* erecting entrenchment* and
mounting heavy guns, that it is believed will
prevent the rebels from using that road. It
was reported at City Point that on Tuesday
morning at five o'clock, Warren extended his
lines so as to occupy the railroad, but the re
port was not credited, as it is not deemed
probable that the rebels will relinquish this
railroad connection, so all important to them,
without stubborn resistance.
The Manhattan brought up forty-four rebel
officers, captured by the 18th corps on the north
side of the James river. They are under
charge of Capt. Powell aud a detachment of
the 68th Pennsylvania r?giment, and rank from
lieutenant to lieutenant colonel, including sev
eral majors. Lieut. Col. Maury, who com
manded one of the rebel forti filiations on Cha
pin's farm, is among the party.
Capt. Powell also had charge of thirty-two
rebel deserters wbo came into Oen. Butler's
lines. They have taken the oath, and desire to
go North.
Capt. Charles Corner, Capt. O. C. Locke,
Lieut. F. Bean, and Lient Davis, all ofthe 11th
New Hampshire regiment who were wounded
on last Friday in the engagement ou our left
came up as passengers on the Manhattan.
The bodies of the following officers, who
were billed on the north side of the James
river on the 30th nit, were brought np on the
Manhattan: Capt. S. W. Yannys, Assistant
Adjutant General, 3d brigade, 3d division, ISth
corps; Capt. D. ?. Rix, 8lst New York; Lieut.
J. A. Fitch, 40th Mass.; Lient R. R. Thomp
son, 13th New Hampshire.
IVIore Fighting on the North Side ef James
River?Capture of Another Line of Rebel
The transport steamer Belvidler arrived here
this morning from Fortress Monroe, which
place she left yesterday at 3 o'clock. She re
ports that yesterday morning heavy cannona
ding was heard there from the direction of
Chapin's farm, and a report was in circulation
at Fortress Monroe tbat our troops had driven
the rebels from another line of entrenchments.
Yesterday, four hospital beats arrived at
Fortress Monroe from Point of Rocks with
wounded troops belonging to the Army of the
James. Tbere was a large number of colored
soldiers among these wounded men.
We have late information from Sheridan'8
army to the effect that the rebel stories of his
having met with a repulse is an entire fabrica
tion, and tbat beyond the breaking down of
many of his horses necessarily by his forced
marches in pursuit of the enemy, he is in as
good aggressive condition as when he started,
a fact that the enemy will speedily ascertain
for themselves, we doubt not.
Eleven hundred prisoners captured by Sher.
dan at Fisher s Hill and beyond, have arrived
at Martinsburg en route to Fort Delaware.
Sheridan's movements have been so rapid
that he did not even have time to send back
prisoners to his rear, bnt was forced to carry
tbem along with him and teed them, making
rather a formidable drain npon his supplies,
but be has now received fresh supplies, and
will soon have a shorter line of supply, as the
Manasse* Gap railroad has already been re
paired as far as Rectertown. This line of sup
ply will also be more easily guarded, as the
Valley line swarms with guerrillas, all the
way from Martinsburg to Harrieonsburg.
It is believed that Early is yet at Charlottes
ville. _
To-day, at 1*2 o'clock, Captain S. C. Greene
opened the following bids at bis office, tor fur
nishing the Commissary of Subsistence with
W. Bacon, 1,000 bushels at 82 50 per bushel,
1,000 at 82 0U.
N. A. Dennison, 1,000 bushels at 81 50; 1,000
at 81 4ii. Both bids accepted.
James D. Spencer, 1,000 bushels at 81 90.
C. C. Ashley, 1,000 bushels at 81 87.
George S. McGlue, l.OOO bushels at ?2.
C. W. Hays, 1,000 bushels at 92.
Peter Berry, 1,000 bushels at 81 60. Ac
George G Rate lille, 1,000 bushels at 81 10.
J. H. Evans <fc Co., 1,000 bushels at 81 50.
Jos. Ratcliffe, ?,??? bushels at 81 40; ?,??? at
81 30. Latter bid accepted.
Wm. Faber, 1,000 bushels at 81 90. 1,000 at
81 65. _
Bids for furnishing the Subsistence Depart
ment with 500 cords of pine wood were opened
to-day at Capt. S. C. Green's office, G street
Tbe following is a list of the bids and bid
ders :
Jacob Snyder?500 cords of pine wood, at 87
per cord.
Geo. T. McGlue?500 cords, at 87.25 per cord.
J. W. Bacon?500 cords, at 86 per cord.
J. T. W?leon?500 cords, at 87.50 per cord.
None of tbe bids have been accepted as yet
Two hundred and fifty wonnded men ar
rived here last night from City Point, on the
hospital steamer State of Maine. This is the
first arrival o. wonnded since Grant's new
movements. _
P-ueoHAL. ? John G. Nicolay, Esq., the
President's private secretary, left Washing
ton yesterday for the West, where he will
remain some weeks, his health having suf
fered somewhat during the past summer. In
his absence Major John Hay, Assistant Adiu
tant General, will act as private secretary.
Steady Progress of Our Army?The Rebels
Defending the Bine Ridge Gaps.
[Special Despatch to N. Y. Tribune.]
Washibotow; Oct. 5.?Your special corres
pondent sends tbe following to the bureau un
der date Martlnsbnrg, Y a., Oct. 4 :
The latest intelligence from Gen. Sheridan is
up till Saturday morning. At that Urne his in
fantry were still at Harrisonburg, while his
cavalry were east of the Bine Ridge, recon
noitering in the vicinity of Charlottes ville.
The rebel report.of a disaster to our cavalry
at Swift Head Gap is untrue. Instead ot meet
ing with a repulse we gained a victory, cap
tured about one hundred prisoners, and driv
ing the rebels through the GSp, which they
had fortified.
Rock Fish and Brown's Gap have been
strongly fortified by the rebels, and are de
fended by considerable force. If they attempt
to make a stand there it will be bnt a repetition
of Fisher's Hill. The position is flanbable on
either side. It is probable the next informa
tion we get from Sheridan will come via Alex
Supply tram?, however, continue to go to
the front from this place, and as yet there is no
direct indication that Martlnsbnrg and Har
per's Ferry are to be abandoned as bases of
A great many refugees, some rebel soldier?,
and large number? of negroes arrive here daily.
Gen. Max Weber has been ordered to report
to Gen. Sheridan.
New York Steck Market?First Board.
[By the People's Line?Office 911 Ninth street]
Nbw Toan, Oct 6.?U. S. 1TT1, coupon ?'?,
105*, U. S. 5.8*0*, ????; Certi Acates of Indebt
?dness, 943?.; Gold, 195X; N T. Central, 113;
Eri?, 91; Hudson River, 113jtf; Harlem, ?*
Reading, 1211.?, Michigan Central, 120; Michi
gan Southern, 74 jf ; Illinois Contrai, 119;
Cleveland and Pitubnrg, 93; Cleveland and
Toledo, 105: Chicago and Rock Island, 33 jf ;
Milwauhle and Pratrt* du Chien, 46, Pitu
bnrg, Fttrt Wayne and Chicago, 95 % ; Alton
and Tan? Haute,-; Chicago and Nerth
weetera, 40*; ilulcRallvbr, 78*.
A FRBeBWT ?ob Pbbsidbnt Lincoln.?Col.
Julian Allen, of tbe Polish Legion in onr ser
vice, wbo for some months baa been on a visit
to Europe, arrived here this morning bringing
a handsome present for the President from
Count aandor, of Vienna, wbo is tbe father
in-law of Prince Metternich. The present is a
handsomely bound "Sandor album," contain
ing 50 large photographs representing scenes in
tbe early lite of the ?ount taken from paintings
made at tbe time by an eminent English artist
Tbe book is heavily gilt and contains the in
scription "Presented as a token of regard and
esteem, by Count Sandor, to his friend."
Tbe Count in common witb many of the dig
nitaries of Europe, bad heretofore taken sides in
favor of tbe south, owing to not being fully in
formed as to tbe matters of difference, but hap
pening to meet witb Col. Allen be conversed
freely about our affairs and soon was con
vinced tbat be bad judged us too hastily and
expressed himself friendly tons, and as a token
of bis good will be sends tbls present to the
President accompanied by tbe following letter,
and also to show his confidence in our < .ov
er n ment, has invested some of bis wealth in the
bonds of tbe United States :
Vienna, June ?>2, 1864.?Hit Excellency Abra
ham Lincoln, President of the Untied States of
America?My Dear Sir?I bad the pleasure to
meet witb Colonel Julian Allen in Europe, a
citizen ol yours, and found from conversing
with tbat gentleman tbat I bad formed wrong
impressions about yon and your purpose. I
am happy te be convinced otherwise and I am
now with yon and your cause.
Year good motive and honest purpose will
surely bring yon out successfully; therefore
keep en.
As a token ot my high regard I baye sent for
you by Colonel Allen an album with fifty pic
tures, incidents ot my early life; none can pos
sess the ssme (they are not for saie) only my
friends. I beg yonr acceptance.
Col. Allen will also dehrer to yon my yerbal
With high regards, respectfully yours,
Count Sandor.
Bio Lin ? ol>- and Johnson Mbbtino at
Gibsbobo'_Last night a big meeting in behalf
of Lincoln and Johnson was held at Giesboro'.
The party numbered several thousand, and
the crowd in attendance was augmented by
the arrivai of tbe East Washington Lincoln
and Johnson Clnb (from tbe Nay y Yard) and
the club from tbls city. Tbe club of this city
were taken down by Messrs. C. M. Sloan aad
M. Reeves, employees of tbe Quartermaster's
Department at Qiesboro', in the tug Pacific,
Capt. Charles Brown, and tbe same tug brought
tbe Washington party back.
The meeting was held in front of tbe old
mansion at Qiesboro, which was brilliantly
illuminated. It was composed entirely of the
civilian employees of tbe post, and snch per
sons as chose to attend from Washington city
and the Navy Yard, ef which there was a
large number.
A. Q,. M. Pr?vost presided, and Mr. John
Cranfleld was secretary. There were a large
number of vice presidents.
Resolutions were adopted endorsing tbe nom
ination of Abraham Lincoln for President of
the United States. The resolutions assert tbat
the people honor and love Abraham Lincoln
for bis many great and good qualities, for bis
straightforward honesty, for bis devoted love
for bis whole country, for bis noble magnani
imity, for his untiring industry and effort, and
the enlightened statesmanship witb which he
was so successful in the perpetuation ef the
Tbey also endorse the nomination of Andrew
Johnson for Vice President, and resolve that
tbe Democratic platform favoring a cessation
of hostilities and a compromise with rebels in
arms, only makes it more imperative to prose
cute the war with renewed energy and I deter
mination, until tbe supremacy ofthe law is
vindicated, tbe rebellion subdued and the Gov
ernment established on a firm and enduring
basis of submission to the majority constitu
tionally expressed and they tlook with con
tempt and loathing upon those who, in tbe hour
of victory, give aid to traitors, and claim a
success for tbem. Tbey further compliment
tbe soldiers and sailors, and at last resolve that
the great National Union Party is the true
peace party of tbe Union.
Speeches were made by Capt. Jos. II. Stew
art, Lieut, and Adjutant <i R. McGulre, Hon.
I). E. Merrick, of New York; Col. Young, Rev.
Mr. Crocker, Chaplain of 6th New York Cav
alry; Lewis Clephane, A. C. Ricbaras, and
There was a band of music in attendance
which at intervale discoursed favorite and pa
triotic airs. Tbe music was furnished by
the band from Colonel Gamble's headquar
Lieutenant Magnlre and Colonel Young sang
patriotic songs in a very effective style. The
meeting adjourned at a late hour with three
cheers for Lincoln and Johnson.
The Drafted Mb..-The following drafted
men have reported to the Board of Enrollment
since onr last report:
Amos I). Wortnougb, non-residence.
Joel Tompkins, non-residence; John A. Ben
ham, two years in service; Charles A. Sens tack,
furnished substitute.
Jobn W. Speaks, detailed in tbe Arsenal.
John W. Reed, erroneous enrollment; Wm.
Stabler, ? on-residence; Wm. Queen, over age;
Charles Burgess, accepted; Lewis Mundlein,
physical disability; Middleton Barke, tar
nished substitute.
Jobn Leslie, non-residence.
Jos. H. Os borne, furnished substitute.
Cbae H. Steele, under age; Thos. Bell, fur
nished substitute.
Jas. Juland, erroneous enrollment.
Geo. Gates, nnder age; Thomas J. Fitman,
physical disability.
Five other drafted men reported to-day, ana
were accepted.
German Relief Association_An ad
journed meeting of this philanthropic society
took place at German Hall, llth etreet, last
Various reports were received and accepted,
and the financial report ordered to be proved
and published.
Tbe treasurer stated tbat upwards of 82,000
bad been spent in tbe parchase oi supplies for
tbe sick snd wounded since the last meeting,
and that additional stores were forwarded only
the day previous to tbe Commission at City
Point in charge of Mr. A. Matz, and also to the
Commission in the Shenandoab Valley in
charge of Mr. E- E. Gangewer.
A committee was appointed to submit at the
.next meeting a revision of tbe statutes.
Alter transacting some other business, an
election of officers to serre during tbe next
quarter took place witb the folio wi__g result :
For President, Jno. Hltz; RocordiaMtaecretarv.
Anton Baker; Uorrespomtiiiaf>-__ur_tfr Alfred
Shacking; Financial SotAj-Wmn A3*oblers;
Librarian, Charles EN?r_|fe-Sf_K'Se*per, -
Selltiausi-n, No. ?. "thati-flr -gga-i'reeidents
as follows:? GeorgetowjMSr It?_at?B_! ward,
A Ruess;:M ward, O.??mmC w'JTX, F Mul
lingbaus;4th ward I_L_- C-*m*_?v?wf?, Assist
ants C. Ebert, and. ? .^?-__*__*? flQmsartl, A.
M. Maedel: ?thwnrd, Henry _j??^?-m ward,
(.*. Stinemetz; Residual Agin iat ?Bexandria,
Ya., a. Mausback
Destructive Fire.?About 2 if o'clock this
morning, fire was -isoMCred in the large
warehouse belonging to wm. H. Edes,on Wa
ter street, near High, Georgetown, and the
bnilding was consnmed, with about ?,??? bush -
els of wheat and a considerable quantity of
mill-feed. The fire spread rapidly, until two
frame stables, belonging to J. H. Ridgway,
were destroyed, with a large quantity of coop
ers' material. A stable belonging te Mr. Ekles,
and another to Mr. Shoemaker, were next de
stroyed. Two frame buildings, nsed for stor
age, were also destroyed. The cooper shop of
J. H. Ridgway next caught and was partially
consumed, Several other houses caught, but
were speedily saved by tbe firemen and citi
zens. Tbe police were active in their efforts to
prevent the destruction of the property placed
in their especial care, and were on dnty ail
night. The loss is supposed to be over 810,000.
Messrs. Edes and Ridgway were partially in
Two of tbe steam engines from Washington
were soon on the spot, and rendered effective
service. The fire is supposed to bave been an
incendiary act.
association completed its organisation last
night by the election of directors, and ita list of
officers now stands as follows: Thomas M.
Hanson, Preeident; Crosby 8. Noyes, Vice
Preeident; John M. Hanson, Secretary; Bush
rod Robinson, TreaBarer: W. E. grown. Fred.
L. Harvey, Clarence B. Baker, Wm. Powell,
J. Carter Marbury, Jame* Towles, R.M.Hall,
J. D. Free and L. Thomas, Directors.
It was announced by the chair that the asso
ciation started under very encouraging pros
pects, the large number of 966 shares having
been subscribed at tbe outset, and mainly by
tbose having bad much previous experience
witb building associations.
OriminAI. COURT, Judge Fisher.?Yesterday,
Nancy Gaither was found guilty of stealing
twelve towels and ten napkins, valued at
84.50, from Sarah Hopewell, and sentenced to
thirty days in jail.
Eliza Wattman, indicted for lareeny, was
found not guilty.
This morning. Judge Olla presided and Ed
ward Nelan was found gnilty of tbe larceny
of a watch from Thos. Howard, and sentenced
to pay a fine o? 811?
DacHRBor Divoaoa Ga-sTiD^-Cnief /?ra
tio? Cartter has made a decree dissolving tie
bonda of matrimony between Emma Marahali
and Blchard Marshall, and restoring the toEA ?]
mer to the rights of femme sole. The partis?
were married fonr or five years ago, but about
three years since he abandoned her and took '? ?"
up with Mary Virginia Belt by whom he ba* ?.
had two children, which facts were testified . .?
to by Mrs. Catherine Weet and Eliza ? osto*,
sisters of Marshall, and others. John D. Clark,
Esq., appeared for the petitioner.
R-?o_T-T> St a p. h ? no Cam*.?It was report
ed to the police this morning that a row oc
curred In the vicinity of the Government Print
ing Office night before last in which a soldier
was stabbed. It was said that the neighbor?
aronnd gave the man who inflicted the wound
a beating, but he escaped from them. The row
Is common talk in Swampoodle, but the police
ot that beat who knew nothing of the fact*?
cannot account for the silence of those who
were present, until the party had a chance to
evade the law.
Graitd Cohcbrt.?To-morrow night the
Concert for the benefit of the 4ih Ward Bounty
Fund will come on". It will be a grand attair
Affairs in Georgetown.
Thb Cabal.?The arrivals registered thi*
morning were but two?the boats Mohawk and
Lucy Martin?with coal to the Cumberland ""
and Borden companies. There are many la>"< 1
den boats on the way, and will follow in qulelr "
succession. The water is improving, and tha ?
boats which had discharged their cargoes vrom T
enabled to move ont to return west for car/oea. -.' >
Tbe departures yesterday and to-day were::'
thirty-six, all light except one?the Severn, la- n ?
den with salt for Cumberland.
Forrbst Hall and thb Pr.isoxKas.?Ma?? v
Littler is pushing ahead with the Improve- ?
mente of Forrest Hall prison, and even now it .T
has an appearance of cleanliness and safety
which it did not exhibit prior to tbe order for
Improvement. Prisoners, including bounty
jumper?, deserters and stragglers, are admit
ted daily, and are retained until ordered away
to their regiments, to other prisons, or are re
leased. Yesterday a squad of about 160 were
sent away, under a strong guard, to report to
Lieut. Col. Wells, Provost Marshal ot De
fences south of the Potomac. About the same
number were dispatched to the same post about
two days before, out a large number of prison
ers remain at Forrest Hall/ awaiting orders.
Port of Gbobgbown.?Entered?Schooner*
War Eagle, Kelly, Bort?n; J Farnnm, Kelly,
do. Cleared?Schooners E. Washington, Long,
Pocomoke; Sarah L., Waite, New Bedford;
Aid, Moore, Philadelphia; schooner-,
Providence; Moses Bramhall, Davey, Jersey
City; Pilot Foxwell, St. Mary's; J. P. Hoggs,
Botrgs, Accomac; E. A. Cummins, Whlston,
Philadelphia; Kitty Ann, Lander, Deal's
Island; Kitty Haoper, Wamsly, Port Deposite-,
Henrietta English, Laurel : Mary Ann, Phila
delphia; sloops Charley, John, Nanjemoy, J.
Landry, Perry, St. Mary's, Barqne Lacona,
Eldridge, Boston; long boat Lady of the Lake,
Harris, Greenway.
Flour and Graib Market?Reported for
the Star by George Waters, Dealer in Flour and
Grain, corner High ttreet and Canal, Georgetown.?
Flour?market rather more settled; sale? of
super at 89.50 to 89.75; extras, 810 to 810.50;
high grades and fancy, higher as to quality.
No sales of wheat to report this morning:
therefore quote the nominal price at 8*2 to8*2.1?''*;
for red, and white, 92.20 to 8'2.50, according to??\
quality and condition. .at? a
WANT KD-Bt a respectable girl a SITUATION ?'
as Chambermaid, or to do general houeeworBT*,?
In aerali family. Address Box 2*?, Star Office. **??"
_ oct 6 2t*_
FURNISHED I?>OM8 FOR BBNT. to gentleman
only, with a Bedroom and Parlor heated with
one ?ire, in a small family where there are no chil
dren. Apply at WALKER ? CO.'S. Maryland av.,
between lith and 11th sts._oc i 3t*
D Y WM. L.WALL k 00., Auctioneers.
Cn SATURDAY MORNING, October Sth, com
rrencing at lo o'clock, we will aell at onr large and
s;acions Salesroom, in the rear of our Auction
R. '.rus. the balance of the large stock of Carpet
ing?, etc , comprising?
Velvet. B?nemele, Three-ply, Ingrain Bug?;, Drug
get?, Mattings. kc
1 Parler Suit in 0ilk Brocatel!?, complete
3 Parlor Suits in Striped Beps, complete
1 Parlor 8uit in Merroon, complete
Walnut Sofas, Tablee, Easy, Parlor and Rocking
Cottage Set?, Hair and Shuck Mattresses
Marble-top and Plain Etage? and Whatnots
Walnut ani Mahogany, Marble-top and Plain Bu
Walnut, Jenny Lind Cottage, and Plaia Bed
stead ?
Cane-seat Chaira and Rockers
Mahogany and Walnut Sideboard? ?? m
Hat Rack?, Writing Desks. Ac ??, a
With many other article?, which must be sol_?B%Dt,
close, to which we especially invite the mUohO*.* ?
ofthe trade and others, aa the stock is large. ,
Terms cash. *????* ?
oc g WM. L. WALL k. CO.. Anct^ ,-/'
Grand Vocal and Instrumentai*^
FRIDAY EVENING, October 7tth, -? I
For the Bbxefit of th* <*?_??
-a*- 05.? I
? resa*
This Concert has been long in preparation, b_tfi1 ?
the Committee fee: justified in promising that t-fs*,_
will be the finest musical entertainment of the ? ,
season. As an assurance of the promise, the Com
mittee would announce tie following distin
guished artistes, in connection with the splendi!
Band of tbe Ninth'Veteran Reserve Corps :
And other prominent vocalists, whose nam?* ?vili
appear in future advertisements.
Jos H Daniel Jno ? Daweon Wm Douglass
Geo L Sheritl Wm E Morgan II..bt Ball
Ja* L Barbour Wm Lord Anbury Lloyd
Wm A Baldwin F U Stitt ? M Dtibant
Frank Herbert John H Blake Jas ? Walker
Edw H Sipes
Hon R Wallach R II Harrington Geo Bell U S A
Hon J ? I'nher Hon D R Carter J W Forney, Eat
J O Welling, Ese. ?
Jas Alarne Wm ? Fendali Jno E Morris
CI-aeH AnilereooR W Fenwlck Wm ? Nalley
Peter F Bacon Tbos GalligWan ? O'Donnoghue
Job ? Bradley Jno II Goddard Jno ? Pepper
Jno F Bridget Bernard Geier Geo Parker
Saml Bacon John ? Given Tho? I'arker
??? Beamier G Gilbert B?njJP Page
Edward Ciarse Wm E Howard Geo W P_illip
Jas 31 Carlisle Wm II HarroverJas Powe? ?
Geo W Cochran Bernard Haye? A E Perry
Le?nidas Coyle Johnson Hellen Louis F Perry
Jobn F Coyle Edward Hall Geo Savage
Wm H Clagett B F Hurley 8 S Sylvester
Jobn F Callan David E Irving Henry Semken
? M Chap?n Dr Wm Jones J?s ? Gellivan
JHCunninghamMoses Kelly Hugh B 8weener
? ? Clarke Ward ? Lain on Edward Simm*
Jno ? Chamice y Francie A Lntz Wm J Stone
Jai Y Davis Ilenrr Lyles II Clay Stier
Dr A McC Davis Francis Lord, sr W D Shepherd
RB Davis Jas Lackey Goo T Smith
Dr JC Duhamel Wm A Linton WinF8huster
Jno ? Dennis Dr J F May Jas 8 Topham
E KdniOBson. er Wm W Moore C H Cternieh!?
Math G Emery Francis Mohuu Cor'u? Wendell
Jas English Fr s Mattingly Thos N Walkr
Jobn F Ellis Wm Morgan Wm H Ward
Band'phEichornJno R Murray ? B White
E E Evans W B Moues G M Wri?bt
Saml Fowler Jas F Moore Jno H Johnson
Doors opea at7o'cl'k;Goncerttocommenc9atS.
The Piano used on this occasion is Chickerin*'?
grand, kindly volunteered by John F Ellis, Es ?.
The Twenty fifth RRsEon ot this Inet.tution
will commence on ?jeember 1st, and end March
1st. I860. Th* Ialrrnm of the College will open
October 17th, 1864. For further information ad
dress DR. P. H. AUSTEN, Dean ef the Faculty,
No. T9 North Charlea at. oc ___*
Will open on Tuesday next, October Uth. a large
and elegant assortment of
To whieb she reapectfally invitee the attention
ofthe Ladles of W?uhin*ton and vicinity.
246 Pa. avenue,near 13th atreet, up stair?.
oc 6 lw*_
Tbe beet thin* o f the kind ever mad*, lt can now?.
l?7^nVt8t4>reNo.334 Dat., one door east of
jjgg Call aad we it_oc4?i
F O R S A 1 /C
Fron one to three thousand bushels TURNIPS,
purple to?, red top and Rutabaga. Apply by let
ter or in person to
Br. A* GEORGE. Queen Anne,
00 4-lw Crino? (?ootfo'e county, Md.
?-:.?"? ' .?

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