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_?? ? I I ' ? ? - ? "~
W. I?. WAL-LAIH. Editer aad Preprtefr.
Washington city :
friday.......october t, i?64.
?- ? ? I ? ? -
?Official War Bulletin.
Good News from Sherman?The Rebels
Beat in a Severe Battle?They Retreat,
Leaving tbeir Dead and Wounded in our
Ma-da?Tbe Rebel Raider Forrest C'er
? ered?The Rebels Badly Punished in
Was Dbpabtmb?t, )
Washi-?toh City, Oct 7, Mi? >
Major General Dix, New York :
In a recent dispatch it was mentioned tha
General ?Sherman was taking measures to pro
tect bla communications from the rebel forces
operating against them. Despatches received
last night show tbe fulfilment of this expecta
tion. Major General Cleorge H. Thomas was
sent lo Nashville to organize the troops in his
district and drive Forrest from ourlines, while
the attention of t?eneral Sherman was directed
to the movements of the main rebel array in the
vicinity of Atlanta.
On the Uh of October, the Bebeis had cap
lured Big Shanty , but were followed closely
up by Sherman. On the 6*.h a severe engage
ment was fought by our forces under Qeneral
Jobn E. Smith, and the rebel forces under
Qeneral French, in which tbe rebels were
driven from the field with heavy loss, leaving
their dead and wounded in our hands. Details
are given in the following dispatch from Qen'l
Thomas :
??Nashvillb, T_~s\, 11.30 p. m., Oct. 5,1S61?
Bon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War .? The
following telegram just received from Chatta
nooga : ? Qeneral Smith, who left here yester
day, 5th instant, telegraphs that the enemy re
treated last evening troni Altoona, moving in
the direction of Dallas, leaving his dead and
from four to six hundred wounded In oar
hands. Onr loss about one hundred killed and
two hunored wounded. Railroad bridge near
Kinggold washed away yesterday.
'?'S. B. Mooaa, ?. ?. Q.'"
??The Besacca bridge will be repaired by to
morrow, and the trains will be able to run as
far as Alatoona, going via Cleveland and Dal
??Nothing further has been heard from Sher
man since my dispatch of yesterday; but the
re reat of the enemy towards Dallas indicates
tbat he was close upon their rear, near Ala
toona. Have not beard from General Bosseau
or Washburne to-day, but presume that they
are pushing Forrest as rapidly as the condition
ol the roads will admit. We have had heavy
and continuous rains for the last five days,
rendering the roads and streams almost impas
sable. Have just received the following die
patch from General Granger, dated Hunts ville.
IU ? m.. 6th :
"The courier reported drowned crossing Elk
river is In. He lost tbe dispatches while cros
sing the river. He reports that two rob?is were
captured yesterday, who say that they left
Forrest at Lawrenceburg the night before, cros
sing South.
"General Morgan's advance was skirmish
ing with the enemy this a. m. on Shaw's Creek,
he being unable to cross tbe creek on account
of high water. He hopes to be able to cross to
morrow morning, when he will push them still
further on.
"The Alabama Eailroad will be repaired from
here to Pulaski in one week.
Qbobgb H. Thomas, Major Generai."
Another and unofficial despatch reports as
follows :
"Telegraph repaired to Allatoona to-day
The action yesterday was severe?French at.
tacking with his division, seven thousand
strong, and suffering heavily, leaving his
killed and wounded iu our hands, to -he num.
ber of one thousand, while we lost only three
hundred. Fight lasted six hours altogether.
?? From Florence we learn that Morgan has
Forrest cornered, ha.- captured bis transporta
tion, and that the gunboats prevent all retreat
across the Tennessee.
Satisfacoi y reports of the operations in pro
gress before Bichmond and Petersburg, have
been received, but their details are not at pres
ent proper for publication.
A despatch from Gen. Stevenson reports an
officer ol Sheridan's staff just arrived. Gen
Sheridan was still at Harrisonburg. His sup
ply tr_ine were going on all right, occasionally
interrupted by guerrilla parties, the only rebel
force on the road.
This officer brought in the remains of Lieut.
John B. Meigs, of the Engineer Corps, (and
only son of brevet Maj. Gen. Meigs, (?uarter
maeter General,) who was killed by bush
whackers on Monday last while makinga mil
itary survey. In the death of this gallan*
young officer the Department has occasion to
deplore no ordinary loss. Last year he gradu
ated at the military academy at West Point
with the highest honors, at the head of his
class; was commissioned as a lieutenant of
engineers, and immediately sent into the
field. He performed meritorious and dis
tinguished servkes during the campaigns of
last year on the U rtifl? ations at Baltimore, at
hjijier'.- Ferry and at Cumberland, and was
made chief Engineer in the Army of the Shen
andoah. In tbe campaigns he accompanied the
army under Sigi, Hunter and Sheridan. In
every position be gave proof of great profes
sional skill, personal courage and devoted
patriotism. One of the youngest and brightest
ornaments ot tbe military profession, he has
fallen an early victim to murderous rebel war
Gen. Bosecranz reports that ??Gen. Ewing
made good his retreat to Bolla, losing only a
few stragglers and the killed and wounded by
the way, which were very few. From the
number of wounded (rebels), the enemy's loss
will not fall much short of a thousand hors du
Edwis M Stakto*?-, Secretary of War.
Thb Soldibrs' Votk.?The admirable order
of Secretary Stanton, designed to insure to the
soldiers a full opportunity to exercise the elec
tive franchise, extorts praise from even the
Opposition by its entire fairness. It takes away
tbe last prop from those who have raised the
senseless clamor tbat only those soldiers favor
able to the election of Mr. Lincoln were to be
allowed the privilege to vote.
? ho Intelligencer, the leading McClellan or
gan of the co nntry, haa the candor to say :
"Tbe rules and regulations which Mr. Stan
ton bas prescribed seem to us entirely fair and
judiiion?, and if they are honestly carried out
according to bis injunctions there can be no
room for complaint on any side, whatever may
be the result of the ?soldiers' vote.?
.. _ ??? ue P'easure to add that the Bepub
llcan Uovernore of several States who have
sent commissioner? to the field for the purpose
of receiving the ballot* of tbe soldiers have
shown an equal disposition to place the recti
tude of their intentions and their desire to do
justice above all suspicion."
TBB TOWH El._cTio*H.-Our rTtums from
the town elections indicate most indisputably
that Connecticut is sure to roll up a Itage ma
?ority for Lincoln and Johnson in November
? a large number of towns the Union vete
shows very handsome gains. Where there is
a los?, It is mostly caused from local causes.
Derby and Qlastenbury are against us now,
but will be all right Iu November. We have
retnrns from eighty-four towus, fifty Union
and thirty-two copper. Union gains eight
town*, copper three.?Hartford Courant, Oct. 5.
Mopby ?<JAi* in thb Fini.D ?We have pos
itive information to-day th it Mosby ha* so far
recovered from hi* recent wound a* to be able
to again take the ?ad'He. The wound he re
ceived was only a flesh wound, and not near
?o serious a* we had been led to believe Cer
tain it is be is again In command, and it will
not b* many daya, we apprehend, before a re
newal of guerrilla operations In the adjoining
counties.?Alex. Journal.
FisAHCiAL ?The New York Commercial
Advertiser of yesterday evening says :
Financial affairs coutinue in a very unsettled
condition, and the late excessive camion pre
vails everywhere. There appears, however,
to he a halt in tbe downward course of prices,
in the merchandise markets, partly from afeel
inc tbat the decline is very much of the nature
of a panic and likely te be followed by a reac
tion, and partly from tbe fact, that, as a rule,
tbe fall fully equals the decline in gold.
In the stock market, the indications are tbat
for tbe present, at least, matters have "touched
The extremely low quotatioos reached yes
terday morning appear to have satisfied the
most ultra ex pecti.? ions of those who have beeo
operating for a fall. Tbe "bears" have now
mach less confidence than last week, and are
disposed to cover their "shorts" as rapidly as
possible. At the same time experimental com
binations for a rise are being made, and thus
far with success, the shares advancing steadily
under the bidding of a few "bulls."
Tbe gold market shows more strength,tbongh
from no special assignable cause, beyond a
slight recovery of confidence.
The Evening Post says :
The loan market is active at 7 per cent., and
confidence is reviving. Lees commercial pa
per is offering, and rates are unchanged.
The first payment on the 20th ia the new loan
of ?40,000,000, one-half io certificates of in
debtedness, will require ouly ? 10,000,000 i a cur
rency, which by that time the banks will be in
a condition to supply. The certificates are,
without mach doubt, already ia hand, having
been secured at the low rates by those who
have been in expectation of the Governili ?ut
movement. Tbe fall in produce at the West
will draw offa considerable amount of funds,
as it will be necessary to move quickly to get
purchases to tbe seaboard before the winter
sets in. The last S?__i,_00,000 on the 31st will
create an increased demand.
The stock market opened dull, became ac
tive and closed buoyant.
nfl__P I? O. O. F.?A Po-cial Meetlogof the R. W.
NING, to make arrangements for the funeral of
P. G. Master A. G. II ? r. ? n, of Eastern Lodge No.
T,_[It]_P. H. SWEET. Or. Sec.
Lk_5 B. Rankle, of Ohio, who has been doing good
service in the army ever since the commencement
of the rebellion, will address the club THIS ( Fri
day) EVXNING. at their Hall, on 9th street, at 7)_
O'clock. The public are invited.
L. CLKPH AN B. President.
lt_J. T. CLEMENTS. Secretary.
There will be a public meeting ofthe
of Georgetown, D. C, every
THURSDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock,
at the Council Chamber, over the Post Office, com
mencing on next Thursday evening, tbe 13th inst.
All friends of Lincoln and Johnson are invited
to attend.
Good speakers v-ill be in attendance. oc 7-lw*
!L_5 and Levee of Franklin Lodae, No. 2,
Kni?htsof Pythiae, will beheld at Odd Fellow?'
Hall. Navy Yard, on TUESDAY EVENING. Oct.
18th, 1..1.J Particulars in future advertisement.
By order of the Committee._oc 6-3t*
Hall, FRIDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock, for the
Surpose of attending, in procession, the grani
emon?trstion in the Third Ward.
8 8. TAYLOR, President.
8 A. AMERY, Ree. Secretary._oc6-2t*
ITH WARD !? The drafted men who are bona
fide residents ofthe ward, wbo are not members of
any exemption club, and who are pecuniarily una
ble to furnish substitute?, are requested to call at
Justice Boswell's Office, 4'z street, between E and
F sta in order that tbey may avail themselves of
the benefits of the City Bounty Fund for procur
ili ar substitutes.
The eons of bona fide residents who may have
been drafted, although not included in the provi
eione of the present bill, are also requeued ta call
as above. JOHN H. SEMMES,
oc 6 3t (Chron] Chairman Committee
The Fair for the benefit of the Sixth Presbyte
rian Church is open EVERY EVENIVO at 7l_
o'clock at Odd Fellows' Hall. Full band of music
in attendance. Season tickets _Be._ admission 15c
oc 5lw*_
IL3 at JOS. 8HAFFIELDS Confectionery,
3*6 Sixth etreet. between G and H. Parties,
Fairs, Weddings, Bills. Receptions and Entertain
ments fnrniebed at the shortest notice aud most
reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ice made
by steam power, wholesale and retail. sepl.-lm*
Having bad several years experience in teach
I would like to engage any number of pupils to
Address personally or by letter,
Mrs. H. A.SMITH,
oc 7-6t* _ Georgetown, D.C.
Exclusive sale ofthe
fer Boiling Water, Stewine Oysters, making Tea
and Coffee. Boiling Eggs, keeping a plate of food
hot, and a hundred other uses.
This article is constructed on the most approved
scientific principles, and is the most efficient and
economical agent for condensing and utilizing the
beat of Gas ever invented.
N# family should be witb^ut one.
Advantageous terms offered te dealers.
For sale wholesale and retail bv ___ _
oct 7 tf_ggl D st., between l"th and llth.
W. G. METZEROTT, corner Pa. av. an-IUtt^*?
Th. 1-?..8? Musical E-taHishmentsEBH
and only importing bouse in the Dis-lf ? I 11
trict. Sole Agency of Steinway ? Sons grand and
f qi'are PIAHOS, of which we have Just received a
new assortment, making our stock 16 instruments
of this celebrated factory alone, which is a larger
assortment than can be found at any oth?r agen
cy of this bouse in the country. Besides these,
we have a stock of Raven A Bacon, and Haines
Brothers make on band. We are the sole agent?
ofMa"OD A Hamlin's iustly celebrated CABINET
ORGANS, whieh we sell at factory prices, from
9110 t?$0?. Prince A Co 's MELODEON8.
Purchasing exclusively for cash, we are enabled
to sell at tbe lowest figures for cash, and upon ac
commodating terms.
Old Pianos t?ken in exebang*, tunel and re
paired._oc g
LANSBUBGH A BRO. will sell from this day
tbeir entire etock of
from 20 to 30 per cent, less than they were sold last
Please call early, as the Btock will have to be re
37? Seventh s'rest,
Third door above I.
N. B. We will sell Green A Daniels' SPOOL COT
TONS at 9 -ents, and J. P. Coats's at 12>? cents.
^^OR SALE-? modern stylish COUPEE for sale
cheap for casb by a gentleman removing to
Californ ia. Apply at No. S Bowly's wharf, Balti
more, Md. _ oc 5 U
FOR PALE?One first rate roani MILKGOW.
with calf three weeks old. This is a No. 1
cow; Bold for want of use. Apply at office of Gov
ernment Repair Shops, 21et street, between E and
F._ oc 8 3t*
t'OR SALE?A handsome S drawer rosewood
CIGAR CASE, with French PUte Glass and
bands<_ne cast i ?-od Counter. Apply to CH UW
DLKJ- A HERRING, Cigar Stan-, Wiliards*
Hotel._ee 5-3t*
?^eigneee will please attend ta the IP"?"*.,
reception of their ?oods at once
This Steamer sails for New York.
Saturday. Oct. Rth inst. at 9 a.m.
1,000 bushels of POTATOES.
100 barrels of 1??????8.
100 barrels of ONIONS,
Just arrived aad for sale byp_.RR., bj.rry
oc ? 31' **1 Water et., Georgetown.
XAND X. X.?I will sell M Bbls of Ue above
. brands of Gibsons A Harria' WHISKIES, at
15 cents below the circular price Must sell on ac
count of having to remove from tb? warebou-?.
Corner of New Jersey ave. and B st. south,
oc 5 6t_Capitol Hill.
1 ,..00 TONS-FUBN ACE,
Will sell tbe above Coal to Consumers for the
text t_n (10) days at a great redaction on former
In the etick. or ?Awed and split any length or -4-S
ec --6t corner 7th street and Canal.
Abbau am LraroL-, President of the United
States of America.
To all whom it may concern.
Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited
to me that Joes ??otero Prieto ha* been
appointed Consul of the Bepublic of Mexico,
at the port of San Francisco, in California, I
do hereby recognize him as such, and declare
him free to exercise and enjoy such functions,
powers, and privileges, a* are allowed to
Consul*? by the law of naUons, or by the laws
of the United States, and existing treaty stipu
lations between the Government of Mexico and
the United States.
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal
of the United Statas to be hereunto
Given under my hand at the City of Wash
ington, the 3d day ot October, A. D.
G_. ?.] lfeS4. and ol the Independence of the
United States of America, the 89th.
Abbaham Lincoln.
By tbe President :
William H. Sbwabd, Secretary of State.
Tbiasurt Department,
Washiboton, October 1, 1864.
Sea!-?'! oliere ?vili be received at thia Department,
nndertheact of Congress approved June 30,1864,
nntil noon of Friday? tbe 14th instant, for Bonds of
the United Btates to the amount of Forty Millions
of dollara. The Bonds offered will bear an interest
of six per centum, payable Heini -annuali ?, in coin?
on the first days of Hay and November, anil
? ill be redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern
ment, after five y<>ars, and payable in twenty year,
from November 1st, 1864.
Bach offer must be for fifty or some multiple of
fifty dollars, and must state the sum, including
premium offered, for each hundred dollars, or for
fifty, when the offer is for no more than fifty. Two
per centum ofthe principal (excluding premium)
of the whole amount bid for, by each bidder, must
be deposited (aa guaranty for payment of subscrip
tions if accepted) with the Treasurer ofthe United
Sta ea, at Washington, or with the Assistant
Treasurer at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or
St. Louis, or with the designated depositary at
Baltimore, Pittsburgh. Cincinnati, Louisville.
Chicago, Detroit, or Buffale, or with any National
Deposit Bank which may consent to transact the
business without charge; for which deposit dupli
cate certificates will be issued to tbe depositors by
the officer or bank receiving them, the origi
nals of which must he forwarded, with the offers,
to this Department. All deposits ahould be made
in time for tbe certificates, with the oners, to
reach Waahington not later than the morning of
October 14th, as aforesaid. No offer not accompa
nied by its proper certificate'of deposit will be
The Coupon and Registered Bonds, issued under
this proposai, will be of the denomination of ?5H,
$100, ?oon, and ?l.ono. Begistered bonds of 15,000
and fl0,n?"0will be issued, if required.
All offer? received will be opened on Friday
October 14th. Tbe awards will be made by the
Secretary to the highest offerers, and notice of
acceptance or declination will be immediate'y
given to tbe respective offerers. In case of
acceptance. Bonds, ofthe descriptions and denom
inations preferred, will be sent to the subscribers
at tbe coat of tbe Department, on final payment
of installments. The deposit of two per cent, will
be reckoned in the last installment paid by sue
cefsful offerer.?, and will be immediately returned
to those whose offers may not be accepted.
The amount of accepted offers must be deposited
with the Treasurer, Officer, or Bank authorized to
act under thl* notice, on advice of acceptance of
oliere, as follows: One-half on the 2nth of October,
and the balance, including the premium and
original two per cent, deposit, on the 31st of Octo
The Bonds will bear interest from November
1st. Interest nn deposits, from tbeir date to
November 1st, will be paid by the Government in
One half of the first instalment, or twenty-five
per cent, of accepted offers, may be paid with ac
crued interest to October 14th in " United States
Certificates of Indebtedness,'' but such certificates
will be received in part payment of the first instal
ment only.
Offers under this notice should be endorsed, "Of
fera for Loan,''and addressed to the Secretary nf
The right to deci ine all offers not considered ad
vantageous to the Government is reserved by the
Secretary. W. P. FEBSENDBN.
oe 3-td_ Secretary of the Treasury.
LOST?On the .'th instant, in the 7th etreet care,
a amali PACK AGB conta ning lace and bugles.
The finder will be auitably rewarded by leaving It
at thia office._lt*
I OST-On Sunday, the 2d instant, a ?mali black
* COW,3on*. wide borna. Five dollara will be
giver if returned to JOS. MANSFIELD, 7th street
eaet. near new school house._oc 7 3t*
L08T?On yesterday, from No. .509 Uth etreet,
iHaog'e White Beer Brewery,) a small DOG,
white, with yellow apota. Yalue not so much, but
waa a preeent from a deceased relative Five ?lel
lars reward will be given._lt*
?8T? About the mid.lle of Aug., a POBTMON
-* NAIE, containing between so and 10 Dollars in
Government money, a note drawn by A MofFutt k
Co , in favor "f II. II. B. Thompson, payable in six
months, for 479.'?-iuu Dollars, with other papers.
The finder can retain the money by leaving the pa
pera with Mr. William Flinn, Evi . F street, Wash
ington eity._[It*]_GEO. 8. HAYS.
I OST?On Thursday, the 6th inst., between 7th
i and 9th streets, or Market Space, a ULAN ?
BOOK, containing ? IS in Treasury notes. The
finder will be liberally rewarded hy leaving it at
the Star Office._oe g-2t*
CAME TO THE PBEMISES of the subscriber,
on Wednesday, the fith instant, eight HOGS,
The owner will come forward, prove property, pay
charg?e and take them away, otherwise they will
be sold to defray ospenaes. WM. H. PETIT,
oc6-3t* Bpring Hill Farm, Washington ceunty.
?? C BEWABD-Strayed or stolen,on the 9tn of
tP?J 8*pt., a white C?W, with one horn broken
of!, spotted blaek around the bead and neck, heavy
iu calf. Tbe above reward will be paid if brought
to No. 6?4 N ?t., bet 4th and 5th sts. north,
oc 6-2t* ?. CONNORS.
WAS TAKBN UP, Oct. lc\, aa an eatray, one
bay MULK, about MM banda high, in good
condition. The owner or owners are requested to
come forward, prove property, pay cbarg?? ami
take her away. Apply to D. T. GLADMON'S
Stable, corner of Bridge and Market sta-.George
town, D. O._oc 6 3t*
fO ? BEWARD.?etrayed or atolen, four COWS;
-??J the first a large dark white and brinale,
e left horn turned under, short smooth tail,
gives milk out three teats only: the second a white
and black, rourk back, a small white spot on the
forehead and on the back, a young cow; the third
a white and black buffalo, biased face, a white spot
on tbe top of the tail; the fourth a heifer, white
and brinale, about eighteen moDtha old, wi'b a
strap on her neck. I will pav the above reward for
the return ofthe cows to my house, or 15 for either
of them, or $5 for any information that I can get
Georgia avenue, between i.tth and lith s*s.
oc6 St*_Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.
OO REWARD -Lost, on Tuesday, 4th October, a
f-, small TEBRIER DOG, black and tan, long
tail and cropped ears. Answers to the name of
Rolla. A reward of 12 will be paid by U. CRUIT k
SON, Geergetown, D. 0.. for his retura, oc 5 3t*
Northern family. Gentlemen and la?lies from
the Depa-tments preferred. Also, Table B?ard, at
101 West street, Georgetown._oe7 3t*
s gentlemen, can obtain Board and handsouK-ly
furnished Born.?, convenient to the Capitol, by
applying at ? Oli D et., between 1st and ad. Also,
Table Uoari'trs wanted. Price very moderate.
aecuret by application at 43*i G street, be
tween 7th and ith sts._oc 6 3t?
withou .Rooma may be had at No. 211 let.,
between i9th and 20th. _oc 3-1 w*
BOABD.--Any lady desirous of securing profee
atonal ?re, kindness and home attention, can
obtain exc usi ve accommodation in the email and
unobtruai e family of a pnyiician of long experi
ence, who would assume the permanent ?barge of
an offapru g on conditiona mutually satisfactory.
Addresa DR. THIER8,No. 1.S1T Broadway,New
York. __aep 23 2w*
? /?9? ?rRNISnBD ROOMS, with Board, at
A- 151 Weat stauet, Georgetown. a?p.llm*
FIRST CLASS BOARD. w?th Furnished Boome,
also. Table, can beobtained at No. 3?*. 6?h at.,
between H and I._aep I7-20t*
?-..?... . REPAIRBR.
Eatabhahed in this city in 1854 and until recent
ly, connected with th? store of Mr. John-^w-?
1 ..Ellis and ktown aa tuner for Chick- ??????
ering A. Sons, wishes to inform hie'? ? ?"
frie_de and patrona that in future order? for tu
"V. *w*Dd peP**ir1s ?' Pianoa, Melodeoas, Ac, Ac,
vrllf be received at the followin* placea : * "
p?e_5^on?iT001?' 8**??????G Engraver? and
t reta ??en*e, between 9th aad 10th
F. C Biebenbaek, Pi__0 Warerooms, 498 11th
etreet, near Pa. ave.
John B. Major, Pharmaoeutist. corner of ? and
7th streets.
? _ . ^ Bar****eBs:
Aoademy_?t the Viaitation. Georgetown; Mies
Juliana O_May, Professore J P. Oauldeld, Benj.
?bris*. F. Ble y._ sep 27-2w*
LJND?Sf ARN CHASE, * novel, BiT. Adolphua
Troilope, .?
Crusoe's Island, California and Wash???*, B?? ? ,
Ross Browne. [oct.] FRAN3K TAYLul..
4 O'CLOCK P. Ed..
Jay Oooke A Oe. furnish Ute folle wing quo
tations of Government securities :
Wasbikqtoh, Oct. 7, 1804.
Buying: Selliog.
U. S. ?'? Ooopon 1B81....105 11)6
?. 8. d-20'?.107 108
7 3-10 Treasury Notes.106 107
Ooe Year Certificates.94 __*
Certificate Checks.95 ?
New York?First Board.
Coupons, io5\ : 5-20's, 107?: Certificates, M If;
Gold, 199j.._
The forty-four rebel officers brought here
from Gen. Butler's department were commit
ted to the Old Capitol yesterday by Col. ?a
graham. Among the number were Lieut. Gol.
Maury, commander of artillery in one of tbe
fortifications on Chapin's farm; Major J H.
Sykes, 7tb Confederate cavalry; Major A. J.
Bogers, 8th North Carolina; Capt. A. J. Rlgsbv,
1st Texas; Capt. W. M. Stevenson, 61st North
Carolina; Capt. L. R. Brace, 8th North Caro
lina; Capt. J. T. Bradly, -21st North Carolina;
Capt. W. A. Harden, 61st North Carolina; Capt.
L. J. Barrett, 7th Confederate cavalry; Capt.
C. B. Miras, ?20th Georgia; Capt. W. H. Berg
win, A. D. C; Capt. T. H. Jackson, 15th Geor
gia; Capt Wm. Clark, 17th Tennessee. The
remainder are first and second lieutenants.
The mail boat Daniel Webster, Capt. Charles
Deerlng, arrived here this morning from City
Point with the army mails and a few passen
gers. She reports tbat ao unusual quietude
was prevailing at the front. Daring Wednes
day night, and np to ten o'clock yesterday
morning, the hoar at which the Webster left
City Point, the discharge of a single gun bad
not been heard there. Oar troops are not idle,
however, aad men are engaged day and night
in rendering impregnable the works surround
ing oor advanced positions.
Major A. G. Brady, commanding at Point
Lookout, Md., forwarded to Col. Ingraham to
day two female refugees, from Columbia, S.
C, one of whom had three hnndred and thirty
five pounds in English exchange upon her
person. They took the oath aod were re
Captain J. R. Russell, of the -21th New York
cavalry, has been dishonorably dismissed the
service, with loss of all pay and allowances,
and forever disqualified from holding any
office under the United States Government, for
embezzling money with which he was entrusted
for the payment of his troops.
We hear that no more passes to visit the
front will be issued to citizens fer the present.
Thb Weekly Star lor this week is replete
with interest. It is now opon the Star office
counter, and ready for sale.
?SFTrom the publishers we have the October
number of Madame Demorest's Mirror oj
Fashions, a fine number.
?SFTrom Hudson Taylor, 334 Peon, avenue,
agent for foreign magazines, we have the
Edinburgh Review for July.
In Town.?General Banks is iu town. He
had an interview with Preeident Lincoln this
Promoted.?Captain R. ?. Scott, of Gen'l
Halleck's staff, has been promoted to be Major
ARRESTS IN Indiana.?Captain Clay Wilson
and Lieutenants Murray and Damon were ar
rested at Sullivan, Indiana, last week. Papers
lound oa their persons proved that they were
officers of the rebel army connected with the
recent piratical demonstration on Lake Erie,
and that they were plotting the burning of gov
ernment arsenals and other public property.
Another Victim.?Mrs. Ellen __-.,__=?, *-?o
lady wbo was poisoned in Newark, N. J., by
eating " toad stools" while oa a visit to the
family of Wm. Rapley, has since died, making
tbe second victim to this sad occurrence.
Price Repulsed in an attempt te cross the
Usage River.
St Louis, Oct. 6.?Official advices say that
Price's main army attempted to cross Osage
river at Castle Rock to-day, but were prevent
ed by oor troops stationed en the opposite side,
between whom and the rebels, fighting had
occurred, with what result it is not known.
Recent rains have swollen the Osage river,
and Price will therefo'e, probably, try to cross
lt at some point higher op.
Tbe reports that several hundred rebel cav
alry have crossed the Missouri over into Mont
gomery county are unfounded.
General Mower has arrived at Con veut Point.
. His movements will soon be announced to the
' enemy by himself.
The Rebel Raiders, Forrest and Wheeler,
in a Tight Place.
CAiRO,Oct. 6 ?Prisoners report that Wheeler
sent fifteen wagons to Corinth for provisions,
and Forrest sent tbem back empty.
Wheeler's men are said to be suffering for the
want of food.
He also states that when intelligence of af
fairs at Mobile reached Forrest, he ordered all
cattle under one year old to be sent there for
Tbe rebels suppose Montgomery to be in im
minent danger.
Civilians Prohibited from Passing np
James River?Movements ef General
Fortress Monroe, Oct. 7.?Orders have
been issued to-day prohibiting civilians from
passing op James river from this point.
The Ironclad Mophac, from New York, ar
rived this p. m.
The steamer Monohansett has arrived from
City Point. No news from the army.
General Grant arrived here to-day from the
The Rebel Raiders Burn the Rridge ever
the Gasconade River.
St. Lone, Oct. 7.?It Is ascertained that tbe
bridge over tbe Gasconade river, twenty miles
this side of Usage, has been burned by the
Cole Creek bridge was also destroyed, with
30 cars and 20 locomotives.
New York Steck Market?First Board.
[By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.]
New York, Oct. 7.?U. S. 1881, ceopon ?'?,
???,.?; U. S. 5.20 s, 108; Certificates of Indebt
edness, 04 ?; Gold, -21 is ', ; N. Y. Central, 119* ;
Erle, ?5 ?; Hod son River, 118 ?; Harlem, ?:
Reading, 123*; Michigan Central, 122: Michi
gan Southern, 66? ; Illinois Central, 118?;
Cleveland and Pittsburg, 99*; Cleveland and
Toledo, 106; Chicago and Rock Island, 91 ? ;
Milwaukleand Prairie da Cb?ea, 45 _; Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 9??; Alton
and Tena Haute, 52; Chicago and North
western, 40?; Unloksllver, 80.
Criminal Court, Judges Fisher and Olin.?
Yesterday, Wm. Truunell was tried for an as
eault and battery with intent to kill Warren
Cow oo the24th of July last, and this morning
tbe sealed verdict of guilty was opened.
This morning, Mary Lea was found guilty
of stealing a quantity of clothing from James
Mankin valued at over seventy dollars, and
was sentenced to two years in the Albany Pen
Fanny Hopewell indicted for the larceny of
a shawl and other articles from W. ?. H. Hop
kins, was found not guilty.
James Bryao was found guilty of an assault
on Henrietta Smith, and sentenced to two
months in jail.
Claborn Carter was found guilty of an as
seoit oo Matilda Salee, aod sentenced to jail
for one mouth.
Carter claims to be a refugee from Rich
mond, says tbat be has been scouting for Gen.
Terry, and has been living with the sister of
tbe complainant, bnt never married her be
cause he never knew where the City Hall was
until after his arrest, bat he had found out
now, and would marry her as soon as he could
get a license. He stated that Martha did aot
make any love, and couldn't break any; he had
taken op with her sister for love, aod he wool d
go n? ked himself before he woold let her want,
and be charged tbat Martha knew where the
City Hall ?u, and had not got a license for
living with her man, and was more to blame
than h e was. _
Judge Olin remarked that he had, by getting
arrested, fouud the way to get a marriage 11
cense, and won Id therefore give him hot one
month in jail, with the understanding that he
wonld lawfully marry the girl as soon as he
was out.
Charles Bennett and.Francls Kelly, Indicted
for larceny aad asseoit and battery, plead
guilt ? of the latter charge; and the acting Dis
trict Attorney (W. Y. Frodali, Esq.,)entered a
nolle pros, in the other case. Sentence sus
pended. _
The Drafted Men.? Withia the past few
days bat tew of the dratted men have reported.
Up to one o'clock to day, the following is a
correct list of the number accepted In eacb dis
trict, as far as reported : 1st snb-district, ( First
Ward,) 56; '2d sub-distriet (Second Ward,) 49;
3d sub-district, (Third Ward,) 9; 4ih sub-dis
trict, ( Fourth Ward,)56; 5th sob-district, ( Fifth
Ward,) 2.?; 6th sub-district, (Sixth Wara,) 49;
7th sub-district, (Seventh Ward.) 56; llth sub
district, (all that portloa north of the city
betweeo Rock Creek aod Eastero Branch,) 21;
12thsub district, (composedof Giesboro,Union
town, and all that portion ot the District south
of the Eastern Branch.) 34.
The time for those to report io who were
drawn ia the eighth aod ninth sab-districts
does not expire until to-morrow.
It should be borne ia mind, however, that a
number of those who were accepted and bad
their time extended, wbo are counted ia the
above list, have failed to furnish substitutes or
report?t the expiration of the time allowed
Tbe following have reported to the Board of
Enrollment since our last report :
first ecu- district.
B. W. Gallraith, non-residence; John Bra
cough, over age.
John M. Hill, now in service; A. G Plant,
furnished substitute; Peter Vermerein, do.;
Francis Willner, do.
Florence Rugen, over age- .Samuel Stark
weather, now in service.
C. M. Ford, on duty at the Old Capitol; Thos.
Post, non-resident; French Othneif, accepted;
Paol Kraft, furnished substitute.
. W. H. Tolbert, over age; Robert Harrison,
accepted; Sylvester Kuhns, physical disabili
ty; John Plzinger, famished substitute: John
A. Terry, do.
Edgar Taylor, accepted.
KIRKS.?This-r-"->rn__M?. about 3 o'clock, fire
was discovered io the fourth story of building
on Pennsylvania avenue, betweeo 1 _ aod 6th
streets. The first aod second stories are occu
pied by S. H. Bacon, grocer, the third, by
Robitoz, jeweler aod silver plater; the fourth,
by J. F. Gedney, lithographer and copper-plate
printer. The fire was confined to the fourth
story, where it began, and destroyed the com
bustible material used in the printing business,
witb a quantity of finished work. The plates
and stone have been seriously Injured, but the
presses are bat slightly damaged. Mr. Gedney
was doing work for the Government, and
though his stock is bot partially injured, the
.suspension of business is a considerable loss.
The building is the property of Mr. Bauer, and
is bat slightly damaged. Tbe loss to Mr. Ged
ney cannot be estimated at present. The loss
to Mr. Robitoz, in third story, will probably
amount to $100, it being caused by the water,
which leaked through the floors. The damage
to S. H. Bacoo is slight. The fi remen and police
were sooo oo the spot, tbe Columbia and
Franklin companies getting to work first. The
cause of the fire is a mystery, but it is sup
posed to have resulted from the combustion of
ink clotbs
Tbe fire about 12 o'clock last night, was the
burning of fonr hay stacks north of Kendall
Green. The firemen of the department and the
Government were all present.
The new Lono Bridob, of the Washington,
Georgetown and Alexandria Railroad Com
pany, built under the direction of Col. Silas
Seymonr, of the City Water Works, by S S.
Post k Co., contractors, C. F. Morse, Esq., en
gineer io charge, has been completed, having
been fifteen months in process ot erection.
The length of the bridge is 4,946 feet; it has
two draws, eacb 78 feet long, and, to show tbe
progress made ia the mechanical appliaoces
for opening aod shutting draw-bridges since
tbe draws of tbe old bridge were made, it is
only necessary to state that one man cao open
either of tbe new draws and shot it again la
one minate aod a half, while it takes two mea
tea min?tes to perform tbe same operation for
tbe draw of the old bridge. The draws are
exactly opposite, aod the piers are connected
with each other in both bridges. The bridge is
divided as follows :?145 bents or spans, 15 feet
Ai-iirt. 't? ?pu. ?- s -eet eacb; 5 spans 113 feet
eacb, and two draws 78 leet each. The cost of
the bridge approximates one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.
Robbing A Soldier.?W. H. Bregman was
arrested by Officer Grant opon a charge of
robbing a soldier ol two fives and a one dollar
oote. A womao testified that the soldier, who
had bnt one leg, was drunk, aod lying oo the
Savemeot near the corner ot 6th and C streets.
he saw tbe accused take the two five-dollar
notes aod the one-dollar note from the soldier's
pocket. She said to him it was a small busi
ness to take a dollar from a one-legged soldier.
Tbe soldier roused op aod seized the accused
by the throat, and made him give the money
back; then threw him down aod slapped his
jaws. The witness called Capt. Howlett, who
arrested Bregman and turned him over to Of
ficer Grant. Justice Gibersoo held the accused
to bail for court.
Tbe accused has always maintained a good
character, bat has recently Indulged too freely
in intoxicating liquors.
Fourth Ward Station Cases.?Wash
ington Brook, attempt at rape; dismissed. M.
Connor, fugitive from justice; delivered to
Marshal. James Owens, obtaitiog mouey by
false pretences; bail for hearing. Sarah Ed
monds, grand larc.ny; jail for court. John
Thomas, obtaining money by false pretences:
held fur hearing. Eldridge Hewer, do.; bail
for hearing. Fred. Hessmao, assault and bat
tery; do. W.U. Bregmao, robbery; bail for
court. Mary Ana Hicks, grand larceny; for
trial. John Constant ine, larceny; dismissed.
Eliza Wbiteman, drunk; workhouse. Mary
Howard, do.; $2.5-. Geo. Meyers, drunk and
disorderly; SI.50.
A Presentation.?One of those events long
to be remembered for its pleasant associations,
took place yesterday at Harewood Hospital.
The officers and soldiers of the hospital, desi
rous of testifying their respect for Dr. Bontecou,
the sargeoo io charge, purchased from Gait k
Brother a splendid aod beautifully ornamented
set of solid silver, which was presented to him
through Rev. T. B. McFalls, the Chaplain.
Both the address and the reply, it is needless to
say, were appropriate to the delightful occa
sion. Music by the hospital band, aod the
interchange of friendly sentiments, added to
the pleasure consequent on the proceedings.
Important to Officers, Officeholders
and Citizens.?Joint resolution of Congress,
approved July 4, 1861, imposes a special tax of
five per cent, oo all incomes, whether derived
from salaries or other sources, for the year
ending Dec. 31, 1863. All persons are required
to make returns to the assessor, 468 7th street,
on or before the 10th of October. Failing to
make return by tbat date, a penalty of 50 par
cent, will be added. We advise all concerned
to see to this as sooo as possible.
Habeas Corpus Case.?This morning,Cath
erine Pfeocbae, who was committed to jail oa
tbe 23d of July for a farther hearing by Jus
tice Ferguson, oo the charge ot having robbed
one John Dyer of a check for $500 and $275 io
greenbacks, was brought out on a writ of habeas
corpus issued oo motion of her counsel, Mr. R.
S. Davis, before Judge Fisher and discharged,
the witness against her having left the city
and not being obtainable.
Another Old Citizen Gone.?Mr. A. G.
Herold, an old and well-known citizen of
Wasbington. died yesterday. Mr. H. came to
this city from Baltimore 43 years ago, aod bas
held varioue positions of honor and trust io tbe
Navy Yard. For the past year he has been
employed io the Quartermaster's department.
Mr. Herold was a member ot the Masonic and
Odd Fellows fraternities and other benevolent
associations, and was universally esteemed.
A Mistake in tub Maw.?Washington
Brooke, colored, was arrested upon a charge
ot attempting rape upon a colored girl. The
Information was given the police, aad the man
was takan to the Fourth Ward Station, bot
upon the witness seeiog the prisoner he was
proved to be the wrong man, and was dte
Affairs in Georgetown.
The Canal.?The frequent occurrence o#
little disasters upon the canal line is veiy dis
couraging to the merchante aud companies,
whose business la dependent in a measure upon
this route. Since the reopening, when every
thing looked favorable for an uninterrupted
navigatioo of the canal, some little mishaps
have occurred dally at various poluta, causing
a detention of the boats laden with supplies
from the western depots. To-day there is not
a boat at tbe canal docks, all the naiades, hav
ing departed
The bards nt the derricks bave a holiday aod
tbe tow path looks deserted The reason of this
Is not certainly known, bat is. supposed to be
caused by tbe bussting out of a lock-gate at
Harper's Ferry. The repair of this aamage
will require aboot twenty fonr boars of con
stant labor.
One boat, the P. Heine, arrived yesterday,
w ith wood for E. B. Barrett. The departures
were twelve, all liebt exeept the Seneca, which
carried ao asaorted carge to Seneca.
A LlEOOL? ANP JOHKfQN CLun.-,Laet night
? ?M?Ung ot loyal (.iUwne was held in tu. Cm
torn House Hall, and organized a club for co- '
operating with the Union men of the oaa try
In the ei un g Presidential campaign. OoL
J. A. Mauruder was elected president, anil Ed
ward She-maker, Eeq , secretary. The proa?
pect of building up a strong association is ??t?
fair, and arrangements are making to ima an**
efliclenty in its future operations.
FlOCB ABD OBAIK Maukbt?Reported for
the Star by George Water*, Dealer in Flour anet
Grain, corner High ttreet and Canal, Georgetown.?
With a better demand and sales on some grade?
M centa higher, we quote super at |BJ8. Ex
tras, flD.ll to 810.50, with an advance on high
grades as in qualify. No arrivals or sales of
wheat reported. It would bring a small ad?
vanee on former quotations if on the market.
? ? ?
GK*aeKTow?i, October 4,1164,
At a meeting of the Board of Guardians of the
Georgetown Public School a, held thi? evenin* in
the Council Chamber, Mr. Anthony Hyde offer**
the ff.liowin* resolutions, which were read aad
passed unanimously :
Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to rumor?
from our midst, by death, our lamented fri?ad
andI associate, Charlbs Mvbus, we, th* member*
of the Board of Guardians of the Georgetown
schools, desiring to record our estimate of hi?
worth, and of the loss which we feel haa been sus
tained in our Councils hy his decease, do reaolve,
that in the death of our late fellow-member the
public school- ot Georgetown have lost one of
their most liberal and sincere friends, who ira?
ever foremoet in the eotmcils of the Board ia de
viane way" and means to elevate and ad vase* th*
interest of those committed to our care ?a_? ?b
the faithful and laborious dlschar*e of ' , fiUetlj
And we fifth,r resove. To record nn'r MUM?'
timat-of hie worth asa cltiteu ani a fri.-X ?_?
our sympathy with hie family In the long of nmo
cut off in the prime of mature lift a? din th?? midst
of his usefulness, ??moving th<? confidence aad re
gard of those with whom he was as?noiat??d in lift.
Resolved further. That th?se proceed i ? gs be en
tered on the minutes ard published with the pro?
ceedings. and that a copy of them be sent to th*
family by tbe Secretary. By order :
It* Tiios. JKfjBLL, Secretary.
1 ? 334 D street, near 1' th street.?Just received.
Choice Hama,<Pure Lard, family use,) Superior
Cream Cheese, Beefs Tongues. Ac_oct 7 .It*
?3Y W. L. WALL k CO., Auctioneers.
On THURSDAY, the lath day of October. 135?, at
6 o'clock, p. m , I shall offer for sale at Public Auc
tion, in front of the premises, the east twenty-nine
(29) feet front, of Lot numh.red one. fl, in Square
numbered seventy five, 175.) ofthe plan ofthe City
of Washington. Thia property is situated on the
corner of Twenty-arati 21st ? street west, and I at.
north, having a front of twenty-nine (Z>) feet, ani
a depth of seventy-five <7fl) feet. It is a most beau
tiful location and offers great inducements to pur
Terms : One half cash, the residne in three and
aix montha, the purchaser giving his notes for tbe
deferred payments, bearing intereat from tbe day
of sale.
A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
All conveyancing and revenue stampa at the eoat
ofthe purchaser.
If the terms of aale are not complied with within
five daya from the day of sale, I reserve the right
to re.-gell the said property, at the risk and expense
ofthe defaulting pun-haser.
ASBUBY LLOYD, Agent and Attorney.
ocT-eoAds W L. WALL * CO., Aueta.
_ _ IChron.l
Y J. 0. McGUIRB k CO., Auctioneers.
On TUESDAY MORNING.Oct. 11, at 10 o'clock.
at N<>. 364 C street, between 4'? and 6th ate., are
ahall sell the furniture and effects of a family de
cling housekeeping, comprising?
Excellent Rosewood Caae Pianoforte, by Brown L?
Fine Mahogany eofas Arm, Easy and Parler
Marble-top Tablea, Whatnot
Fancy Chairs. 8ofa Bedstead
Venetian Blinds, 8ofa Bedstead
Mantel Clock, Ornamenta ir.
Brussels, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets through
out f~
Oil Cloth, Matting. Bugs V_
Mahogany French Beds -cads, Bureaus,Wardrobes,
W a? h stands
Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows
I'.'ankets. Comforts and 8preads
Superior Walnut Extension Table
Hioeboard. Dining Chairs
China. Gla?s and Crockery Ware
"?A'aiters, Castora, Table Cutlery
Hall, Parlorand Chamber Stove?
Together with many other articles.
oc7-d ' J. C. McGUIRE k CO.. Auct?.
Grand Vocal and Instrnmeatal
AT ???
For the Besefit of the
? ,e*>aa?I
This Concert has been long in -reparation, aad
the Committee feel justified in promising tbat tbl
will be the finest musical entertainment of.th*
season. As an assurance of the promise, the ?eca
mittee would announce tie following distin
guished artistes, in connection with the splendid
Band of tbe Ninth* Veteran Reserve Corps :
And other prominent vocalist?, whose nanie*?wiU
appear in future advertisement?.
? -.ft
Joa H Daniel Jno ? Dawson Wm Douglass
Geo L Sheriff Wm ? M? r.-,n Robt B.11
Jae L Barbour Wm Lord Asbury Lloyd
Wm A Baldwin F U Stitt ? M Ditlmnt
Frank Htf-bert John H Blake Jas ? Waker
^ Edw ? Sipes
??? R Wallach R II Ilarrinston Geo Bel' USA
Hon J ? L'oher Hon D R Carter J W Forney, Ban.
JO Welling, E???
Jas Adama Wm Y Fendali Jno E Morris
Ct as H Anderson R W Feuwick V? m II Nal'ey
Peter F Bacon Thos Gallighan ? O'Donm.fhue
Joe H Bradley Jno II Goddard J<"o ? Pepper
Jno F Bridget Bernard Geier Geo Parker
Saml Bacon JohnTGiveu Thos Parker
Geo Bearsley G Gilbert B?njFPage
Edward Ciarse Wm B Howard Geo W Pf iliipa
Jas M Carlisle Wm II Harrover Jas Powers
Geo W Cochran Bernard Haye? A E P?r-y
Le?nidas Coyle Johnson Hellen Louis F Perry
John F Coyle Edward Hall Geo Savage
Wm H Clagett B F Hurley S B 8ylvester
John F Callan David E-Irving Henry Semkeu
E M Chap?n Dr Wm Jones J ?? ? Sullivan
J H CnnningbamMoses Kelly Hugh B 8*eeneT
R B Clarke Ward H Lamon Edward Simm*.
Jno T Chauncey Franoi?- A Lutz Win J Stone
Jas Y Davis nenry Lylea H Cay 8tier
Dr A McC Davis Francia Lord, sr W n Shepherd
R S Davis Jas Lackey Geo T Smith
Dr J CDuhancel Wm A Linton V? m r Shiister
Jno ? Lennia Dr J F May JaeS Topham
E Edmonson, sr Wm W Moore C Bl 'eriue?il*
Math G Emery Francis Mohun ?or*h?tv_niiell
Jas English Fr s Mattingly ThosNW*Iter
John F Bilia Wm Morgan 5 ?? ?, W*r<1
Band V-EichornJno R Murray E _tWbl??
E E Evans W ? Moses G M Wright
Saml Fowler Jaa F Moore Jno H Johns?
Doors ope* at ro'cl'k; Concerti* commence at ft.
The Piano u-ed on thia occasion is Chickeriag'e
grand, kindly volunteered by John F Ellia, Eau ,
oc s-n_._
qA. grand opening. ^er
ftSEs miss m".i platt. *?T
Will open on Tuesday next, October lith, a large
and elegant assortment of
To which she respectfully invitee the att.-ution
ofthe Ladies of Waahington and vioinity.
246 Pa. avenue,near 13th street, up stair?.
oc ?5 lw*_
From one to thtee thousand buahela TURNIPS,
purple top, red top and Rutabaga. Apply by let?,
ter oi in person to _?^___ ?
Dr. A. GEORGE,Queen Anne,
PC4-1 w_Prince George's county,M H.
ceived a large assortment of Gent's Purr,!**,?_?
Goods, couiprisiu* the lateat styles, at 8M i?? ?
BEALL'S.No. 3617th etreet,betweenlooARnU'.
Persona will do well to eall and exa ?*;-? 011P
stock of FURN I8HISG GOODS before ?S2U?__
elsewhere, ae y- ?HI ?WIlLM*??.' *? th-m ie
per cert., at lg*?M * ?EALL a, 7th -j,.^ b t
I and Esta., No. ?w?
Those in want o?"BC.sJNE88 8U /f8% win ,
call and examine ???,*'?*"^\? we have a choie?
selection of pieceJ"o\* ?" J? nd,**t SMITH A
BE ALL*, rtb etreet. bet. I and g ?,0 3?1
In want of Byslneae or Bla-k Dre(UI guite< _,? fl 4
-, .- .1...,, ?il??nt.rrfl t ,, . at?fi-r? .
in want of Bnslneaa or Bla-a Dttm? Huit*, wll fl
it a-eatly to their adyant.*a to call at SMITH
BEALL'S. 7th atreet, bet. Tv -_d & No 3ftl
BOYS' SUITS.?We b are iuet received our large
fall an? win'er a'ock <ji Boya' Clothing, whieh w?
?re orTerinjrat very low prices. Remember tb?
place. SMITH A BF, ALLS. 7th street, bet. I and
E7No. 361. eep ??-lm*

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