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W. D. WALL&tH, Ed iter and Proprietor.
kt* reading matter on every PAOl.
Sheridan Defeats Longstreet?
Official War Bulletin.
Was Department, f
October 20, 1S64?10.45 A. M. ?
Major Ventral Dix, Aew York:
A great Daui# vras xougnt and a splendid
victory won by Sheridan over Longstreet yes
terday, at Cedar Creek. Forty-three pieces
of artillery were captared and many pris
oners, among whom was the rebel General
Ramsear. On our side, Generals Wright and
Ricketts were wounded: General Bidwell
killed. Particulars, so far as received, will
be forwarded as fast as the operator can
transmit them.
Eowrw M. Stamtoe, Secretary ot War.
Shrrman'* Pursuit of Hood?Gen. Minty
Defeats the Enemy?Capture of the Rebel
General Young?A Large dumber of
,*#n7' T?k"-?*ddy'. Command
lharged and Routed-He Loses the
U hole of His Artillery?Gen. Hood's
Rear Overtaken and Whipped?His Ar
my on the Retreat Southward?Sherman
Close on His Heels.
Chattanooga. Oct. 18.?The latest news :
from Sherman's army is that there is no enemy
in sight of h?B force. Small bodies, supposed
to have been detached from Hood's army, are
hovering around our front. Hood, with the
main body of his army, is supposed to be re
treating southward. One of our army corps
was at Lafayette yesterday.
Later and Important.
Chattanooga, Oct. 19 ?Capt. March, of the
1th United States regulars, has just arrived
lrom Villanow, which point he left yesterday
He reports that Col. Minty's brigade of cavalry
tad met the enemy in force, and, after a se
vere fight, our troops charged again and routed
the rebels, capturing Gen. Young and a large
number of prisoners.
On the lith instant the same cavalry charged
Roddy's command, at Rome, with the saber,
killed and captured a number, taking all his
artillery, and scattering the remainder of the
enemy in all directions.
On the 17th our advance came upon Hood's
rear guard, and whipped it, and drove it out
of Snake Gap.
Yesterday, Gen. Sherman started in pursuit
of the rebels, who were retreating southward
via Bloomtown Valley.
The Robbery of Banks at St. Albans. Vt.
St. ALHAxsr t., Oct. 19.?The invasion of
the town took place to-day. Some twenty or
thirty.five armed desperadoes, supposed to be
in rel?el employ, from Canada made an assault
on several banks about 4 o'clock this afternoon.
The National Bank waa robbed of about
850,(iCO?mostly in bills. St. Albans Bank was
robbed of between 870,000 and 880,000, and
Franklin County Bank of a considerable
amount. Some twenty horses were also seized
by the desperadoes and carried off.
Several citizens who resisted this outrage
were deliberately shot. Two were wounded
seriously, and It is feared fatally. E. J. Mor
rison, a contractor, C. H. Huntington, a jew
eler, and several others are reported slightly
injured. The raiders threatened to bum the
town, and left in the direction of Canada. A
large party of armed citizens have gone in nor.
suit of them.
The man, named Morrison, who was shot
through the body to day, has since died.
Mosby's Black Flag?His Late Raid.
Baltimore, Oct. 19?Lieutenant Wm. M
Bunkle, formerly a Philadelphia reporter, In
forms me that Mosby is concentrating his
forces south of Leesburg. White is between
Leesbur* and the Potomac. It was his forces
that made the late depredations in Maryland.
Lieutenant Bunkle has in his possession the
celebrated black flag, the one the rebels swore
to give no quarter under. It was captured bv
one of Gen. Tyler's scouts. It has a single star
in a black ground, with the word "Winches
ter" inscribed thereon, and in lead pencil there
is written, "No quarter." Oen Tvler intends
presenting the flag to the city of Philadelphia,
and Lieut. Bunkle will deliver it to Mayor
Henry this evening. 3
Tbe town of l'oolesville was not destroyed
as reported. The rebels committed many out
rages, such as setting fire to canal boats, rob
bing people, Ac. They robbed the post offices
at Adamstown and Licksvilie, and scattered
the letters they stole along the highway.
Bishop Whittiwgham.?It is understood
that the trustees of the General Theological
Seminary (Episcopal) of New York, propose
to elect BiBhep W hittingham, of the Diocese of
Maryland, to the vacant chair of History, in
that institution. This fact, coupled with the
statement that he will probably accept the po
sition, if tendered, has caused much aneasi
nees and a general expression of regret among
the loyal portion of the Diocese. While they
feel gratified at the compliment thus paid to
that distinguished churchman, they feel that
his resignation of the Episcopate at this time
?would afford a great triumph to the disloyal
people of the Diocese who have waged such
bitter and unrelenting war on Bishop Whit,
nngham, from tl>e moment be took bis patriotic
stand in support of the Government and on
the side of thel'nion.
In the natural order of succession, the posi
on vacated by Bishop W. will be filled by a
* '"gvman whose sympathies with the rebellion
Hre 111,111,8'ahable, and in the event indicated the
power of the Episcopate will be unquestiona
bly wielded in aid of the rebellion.
e learn that earnest protests addressed to
is op y, hiitingham against his resignation of
e piscojate are being numerously signed
throughout the Diocese, and it is to be hoped
e will reconsider the purpose it he has
formed it.
eii?.D,AK^ CJokohubbmkn.?The Congressmen
Vim ,n lnd,?"a ?IAnd el?ht L'n?ou to tnree
?everal dutrlets'* ,oUowin? i8 tbe result in the
1?W E N,black, D, 2?M. C Kerr n i
Ralph Hill, U; 1?J. if. Farqnhar, U-5 Geo
s,jotu?1,1 ,h? dio
trict ts 1,CJ9? a gain of nearly 1,400. The ene
my made a most desperate* n^T, and were
hopeful and zealous, but the popniarttv of
Colfax and tbe patriotism of the neoni* L?
too much for them. Captain FarquhJx made
an extraordinary run in the Fourth District,
overcoming a majority of 2,481. The Indiana
delegation in the present Congress stand 7
Democrats to 4 T'nlon. The next will be 8
I'nion to three Democrats. If the frauds
charged against Vorhees oan be established,
he will be turned out
Death ov Mrb.Whiteiet.?Krs. Georgiana
White ley, the wife of Colonel L. A. Whitoley,
and principal Washington correspondent of the
\?*A Htraid, died to-day at the residence
of her husband, in Georgetown, after as Illness
of several moutba, of consumptioa. Tbe de*
ceased was an estimable Christian lady, and
was beloved by a large circle of friends, as
weM as bv thoee more Immediately connected
with her, to whom she had been radeared by
her many exoellent qualities and kindness of
c?rrf'Pon4^ of the If. T.
Herald, October 19.
Akraham Lincoln, President of the United
States of America.
To all wh?m it may concern.
Satiatactory evidence having been exhibited
to me that Jopkih Niooi.ab Adblritir Hbn
ziokr bas been appointed Uonsni of the Swiss
Confederation, at Cincinnati, for the
States of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, I
do hereby recognize him as such, and declare
him free to exercise and enjoy sncb functions,
powers, and privileges, as are allowed to
Consuls by the law of nations, or by the laws
of the United States, and existing treaty stipu
lations between the Government of Switzer
land and the United States.
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
letters to be made Patent, and the Seal
of the United Statas to be hereunto
Given under my hand at the City of Wash
ington, the 7th dav of October, A. I>.
TL. 8.1 IMtt. ana of the Independence of the
United States of America, the 89th.
Abrahax Lincoln.
By the President:
William H. Seward, Secretary of State.
Abraham Lincoln, President or the United
States of America,
To all whom it may concern.
Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited
to me that Hknri Endrts bas been appointed
Vice Consul of the Swiss Confederation, at
Chicago, for the States of Wisconsin, Iowa1
Minnesota, and north part of Illinois, I do
hereby recognize him as such, and declare him
free to exercise and enjoy such functions,
powers and privileges as are allowed to Vice
Consuls by the law of uations or by the laws
of the United States and existing treaty stipu
lations between the Government of Switzer
land and the United States.
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
letters to be made patent, and the Seal of
the United States to be hereunto affixed.
Given nnder my hand at the city of Wash
ington, the Tth day of October, A.
[l.b.] I). 1&64, and of the independence of the
United States of America, the 89th.
Abraham Lincoln.
By the President:
William H. Seward, Secretary of State
Lk_5 son Club, will meet at Island Hall, at 7>i
o'clock, THIS (Thursday) EVENING. All persons
who <avor the above are requested to attend. By
order of tbe President F. W. ISOSWELL.
CHA8. ANDERSON, Secretary. lt?
Lk3 SOCIETIES.?Yeu are respectfully invited
to meet the Journeymen Tailors, at Temperance
Hall on E street, between 9th and H'th streets, on
MONDAY NIGHT NEXT, at 7)? o'clock, as busi
ness of importance to all trades and societies will
be transac ted. A. H. TAILOR.
Secretary Journeymen Tailors' Association,
oc 20-3t*
, " War for the Union," and other works
published by Johnson, Fry & Co., of New York.
Subscribers and others having incomplete copies
of the above works can have them completed by
railing on or addressing anotetotbeundersigned.
Elegant styles of binding on hand for inspection.
Room 10,2d floor. Intelligencer Building,
oc 2ii-2t*
citizens of the Third Ward are requested to be
present at Temperance Hall SATURDAY EVEN
ING. October 22d, at 8 o'clock, to take final action
to relieve the Ward from any further Draft.
Let all wbo have worked so far come up and give
this last stroke, and to those of you who have
done nothing we make this last call to come and
show that you have some interest in your own as
well as the ward's welfare. If you do not. the time
may come when you will blush at your want of
manhood and inaotivity.
Come ! come ! before it is too late.
N. D. LARNER, President.
E. R. McKEAN. Secretary. (Chron.) oc 21-*
_ At a meeting of the "St. Aloysius Insti
nTe,'' held on the 14th instant, the following reso
lutions were unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That we. tbe members of the " St.
Aloysius Literary Institute," at this our regular
meeting, Friday, October 11.1864,do hereby return
our most sincere thanksto Mr. John P. Brophy for
the instructive and eloquent lecture which he was
pleased to deliver, by request, no the night of Oc
tober 9,1861. at Et. Aloysius Hall, before the mem
bers of this Institute and the delighted anil appre
ciative audience that assembled on that occasion.
And be it further resolved. That a copy of above
be presented to Mr. John P Brophy by a commit
tee of three, to be appointed by the President for
the purpose; and that the same be published in the
Daily Coestitutional Union and Evening Star, and
likewise be entered on the records of the Insti
Resolved, That th" thanks of the members of this
Institute be tendered to Rev. B. F. Wiget, 8. J.,
eur spiritual director, for his kindness in allowing
us the use of 8t. Aloysius Hall on that occasion.
And he it further rf solved. That this resolution be
presented to Rev Father Wiget by a committee of
three, to be appointed by the President fer that
purpose, and the same be entered on the records
of the Institute.
Lk_3 the name of Hurley, who was drafted and
claimed exemption on the ground of alienage, and
afterwards gave a Ball for his benefit,is not Wash
ington 8. Hurley, Sergeant of Police in tbe First
Ward. oc 19-St*
of the
In Honor of the recent Union Victories tn Ohio. 1/1
dinnn, Pennsylvania and Maryland,
At a meeting of the various Committees of the
Lircoln and Johnson Clubs, State organizations
and Hospitals, the following gentlemen were ap
Sointed Marshals, to he mounted, and designated
y a rosette of red, white and blue worn upon the
left lappel of the coat, viz :
A.C. BICHARD8, Chief.
Dr. B. W. BLISS, ',
GEO. H. PLANT, Sr., ' Assistants.
J. 8. BROWN. I
A. G. M. PREV08T, )
Each organization is requested to select its own
fnot marshals. who are requested to report to the
Chief Marshal on Thursday night, at 7 o'clock, at
Union Headquarters. 9th street.
Tbe Procession will form on F street, in front
of the Patent Office, and will move at 7 o clock
Up Tth street to K. along K to 11th. down 14th to
H. along H to 18th. down 18th to Pennsylvania
avenue, along Pennsylvania avenue to the Navy
Yard, retnrning via Maryland avenue and 7th st.,
to Headquarters.
An abundant supply of torches, lanterns, and
fireworks will be distributed along tbe lines.
Rackets will be sent off from the Patent Office
Building, previous to starting.
Chairman Executive Committee,
oc li-3t i Chron. A Rep.]
! 13 Georgetown, hereby extend their thanks to
Sir. W. I. 8haw,for his valuable services in col
lecting money to purchase an alarm bell, oc 18-3t*
?2, <*4, and ?6 Louisiana avenue.
The Gymnasinm will open about the 2Hh of Oc
tober, until that time the Gymnasium will be open
evenings from 6J4 to 7J? o'clock for gentlemen
wishing to subscribe and select their Lockers.
A class for Boys forming. _ _
set )4-7t ABNEBB. BRADY.
EDITOR OF TnE STAR-Sir: Be pleased
UsJs to announce
MR. G10. R RUFF ^ _
as a candidate for tbe vacant seat in tbe Sixth
Ward delegation to the Board ofCommon Council;
ocll-eo9l* And oblige, MANY VOTERS.
RS. M. A. EATON Respectfully informs the
ladies that she intends cutting and basting all
kinds of garments in her business, also. Patterns
for sale. 8. T. Taylor's Dress Cutting tiught. by
which a lady can commence business in one month
after being taught. Residence 369 7th street,
over Windsor'ssnoe store. It*
TVTOTICE.?Mr. ESPUTA takes this method of
1^1 informing the public that his CLASS IN ~
MUSIC will commence on Tuesday, Nov. 1st 1
1864. Persons wishing to Join the class will .
do well to avail themselves of this opportunity, as
the nnmber is limited. Residence northwest cor
ner of 11th and E sts.. Island. oc 2Q-eo3t*
|r*OR SALE?The owner Intending to leave the
1 city, offers for sale a medium-sized, 1
stout built bar MARS, warranted perfect
ly sound, gentle, and will work aiywhere>
Inquire at HOWARD'S Livery Stable, O street,
between 6th and 7th sts., where the animal can
be seen and very reasonable terms made known.
toc 20-St*
100.000 FINE CIGARS, at wholesale and re
tail, at Baltimore prices, comprising, ia part, the
following choice brands :?10,000 Napoleon, 14,000
Cabinet, M,< M) La Flora, 8,000 Take it Easy, 8,000
Quarto Sobrino, and others too numerous to men*
tton. Also?the celebrated Michigan. Anderson's
Solace, and all other Fine-cut, Plug, Chewing and
Smoking TOBACCO, and a fine assorlmentof Meer
schaum and Btier Wood PIPES, warranted as re
Dealers are invited to call and fxamlne the above
before purchasing elsewhere, at <14 7th st., be
tween D ?ad B sts , sign of Jim Grow.
ocaon | _ P. B. IRVING.
For Baking, Boiling. Frying, and Roasting.
. J*h* eheapeet, best arrangement in us# for oook
bt^ner fhmily; can be attached to any ga*
Also, NT7RSB LAMPS, with Cup attached, of
d ijTe rental see and^prieee, from 9t to fg.
' Cooktcg ameal for Ave penoas wilfnot cos* over
*Tf?lfM?<>rta??t?r OHABDBLIE&B and
PIXTURM on ha^d.f ffioMnoK- CO..
W?iblag Gasttttnp. MO Peon. av.
[Chroc A Bepl
A r REWARD will be raid for the return of a
tyO yellcw COW.largo norns. short tail. star ia
forehead, shape of heart, to the ?nh*?riher.
oc 30-St' WM, 8CLACH.
"REWARD will be pa'd the person who re
torts - black TERRIKR DOG stolen from
?... ^ine room, Kirkwood Bouse, last nigh The
dog is marked white in lils bre??t. cropped ears.
an 1 han a small bare spot on his back. Noques
tions will be aike'l. oc 20 tt*
j Anyone leaving the same at the Girard House,
corner of 11th and E fits , will be liberally re
wardtd oc 19 3t*
_j (double case,) in going from 1j and 7th s'reetj
to Pennsylvania avenue. A liberal reward will be
paid by leaving it at the "Reynolds House," isth
street and Pa. at. oc 19 St*
cjTQLEN-On Thursday, the ?3th instant, a BAY
O MARE. 16 b&ads high; small white star in her
forehead; thin in flesh and long tiil. f 10 reward
will be paid if returned to H. N. YOUNG. Piscat
away, Prince George's county, Md. oc 19 3tw
C^AM^TOMY PREMISES. about a week a*o,a
white and black spotted HOG. The owner is
requested to come forward, prove property, p*y
charges and take it away?one mile west of Georse
t0oc?i9 ?%* C. CRUMBAUGH.
TRAYED OR 8TOLEN from the subscriber, on
the morning of the 17th Instant, a small black
and tan PUP, answering to the name of Tip. No
mark recollected except two sars on ita back,
caused by a burn or scald; longears and tail. A
suitable reward will be siren if returned to L J,
MIDDLETON. corner 12tb and f sts. oc 19
OUND? A small amount of MONEY, which the
owner can have by applying to Serg't J.T.
ESSEX, at the station of the Third Police Pre
cinct. High street and canal, and paying for this
advertisement. oc 18 3t*
? r REWARD.?Lost, on 8aturday. a black and
tan 8LUT TERRIER. Anyone leaving the
same at WM. LEI'S First Ward Bowling Saloon,
H street, between 21st and 22d, will receive the
above toward. oc 18-3t*
COWS, one was a red and white cow with one
ear cropped and one horn broken off, and the o^h<^^
a red and white buffalo cow. $lu reward will be
paid if returned to No. 7 7 Beall street, George
town. D. C. fee 13-31*] MB8. HICKS.
Trespassed upon my premtser. ?about
the 1st of this month a small RED COW, with
crumply horns. The owner will come forward,
pay charges, and take her away.
oc 18-8t* At A. Dodge's Farm, Fort Lincoln.
Taken up as an estray?On the 17th of
October, a dark bay MARE, star in forehead,
black mane'and tail, about 133-? hands high, which
the owner can have by calling on P. H Mc
NANCE, on south B street near the corner of 2d
street east, by proving property and paying char
ges. ocT.1 St*
LOST OR STOLEN?On Friday, the 14 h instant,
corner of L and 8th sts , a small BASK KT,
containing two books and about $10 in one of the
books were two receipts from A. Willard. Ten
dollars reward will be given for the Books, if re
turned to A. RUPPERT, Butcher, Center Market,
oc 18-3t*
BOARD and a pleasmt ROOM, by applying at
No. 1?4 K street, near 13th street. Terms ?'l > per
month; also, a few TABL1 BOARDERS at?2i per
month Private family. ec 19 2t*
floor, handsomely furnished, suitable for sleep
ing rcom and parlor, and also a furnished CHAM
BER. can be had. with or without BOARD, at 27 ?>
II street. near 18th. oc 19-3t*
Board and handsomely furnished
ROOMS, for married or single persons. Lor* -
tion convenient to the Departments, southwest
corner 21st ami H sts . near Pa. av. oc 18-3t*
FOR RENT?With or without Board, in a pri
vate family, a large and desirable second
story FRONT ROOM; room has water and gas in it
and is nicely furnished. Apply 112 2d at. west,
between E and F streets north, oo 18-3t*
? ARGE FURNI8IIED ROOMS, with Board, at
JLi 151 West street, Georgetown. septl-lra*
Drawn numbers of shelby college
LOTTERY, of Kentucky. Class 499, October
19th, 1864 :
46 70 S3 2 72 37 3) <*5 32 M 17 52 66.
Drawn Numbers of 8helby College Lottery, of
Kentucky. Class October 19th. 1864 :
.52 21 38 49 72 57 ?6 19 24 J3 3 31 22.
7.. S. SIMMONS A CO.. Managers.
Drawn Numbers of Kentucky State Lottery.
Class October I'.tth. 1864 :
22 40 57 51 43 54 52 36 75 11 77 4 41.
Drawn Numbers of Kentucky State Lottery.
Class 586. October 19th. 1*61 :
8 36 39 4 51 65 42 91 6 74 38 70 26.
MURRAY. EDDY 6c CO., Managers.
Drawn Numbers of Library Association Com
pany's Lottery, of Kentucky. Class 345. October
19th. 1864 :
51 26 2 42 54 5 C9 17 37 21 10 28 15.
Drawn Number* "f Library Association Com
pany's Lottery, of Kentucky, Class 343, October
i'jth. 1861 :
56 49 43 27 H 36 53 ?2 23 70 58 16 25.
oc l9->ltnovl* Managers.
Fresh buckwheat flour.
Just received KING tt BI'RCHELL,
oc 19 Cqrner I street and Vermont avenue.
For sale, a large lot of Condemned White Pine
BOARDS, one aod two inch. Builders and others
in want of Lumbqr.will find it to their advantage
to call and examine; it will be sold In lots to suit
purchasers Apply at 369 4)i, near N st,, Island,
oc 19 3t*
Prizes cashed in all legalized lotteries and in
formation given. No. IftO 15th street, opposite
Treasury Department.
N. B. All orders addressed to Box l.ltid Poit
Office. Washington, D. C., will meet with prompt
attention. oc 19-tNov I*
A larg* and well selected stock of Bugle orna
ments, some of the finest French patterns, Bugle
Fringes and Gimps, Chenille Fringes, Cloak Tas
sels, Guipure Laces,Black and Colored Cloak Bind
ings, Giinp. Lntton Fringes, Cords and Tassels, al
ways on hand, and road* to order at
MRS. E. LOWE'S Trimming Store,
?297 Pa. av., south side, between
oo 18-eo.'it* 9th and l'?th streets.
ONIONS-5 0 birrels Prime Eastern ONIONS,
for sale by
30S South wharves.
oc 15 Ct Philadelphia.
1. isting between Stephen Thayer and Samuel A.
Thayer, under the firm of Stephen Thayer A; Son,
is thih day dissolved by Mutual consent.
Washington, D. C., October 10, 1864.
nership under the firm of 8. A. k. B. A.
Washington, D. C., October 10,law.
oc 11-lw*
X ceys and Soldiers while Prisoners in the hand
of the Rebels. 25c; The New Book of Nonsense,
$1.50; Tke Children's Hour, $1.25; Goodwin's Re
Ely to Birthop Hopkins on Slavery, f l.fti; Ora, the
ost Wife, by Bella Z. Spencer, $1.50; Tn# Nasby
Papers, by Petroleum V. Nasby, 25c: Ye Book of
Copperheads, 25c ; Mustang Gray, by Jeremiah
Clemens, 77k-; The Rivals, by Jeremiah Clemens,
75c; Lily White, by Ed ward Goodwin, 75c.
in the best style
and at shortest notice, by
Please drop orders at
No 407 3d st. *ast,
Mr. F. WHITHALF, near Pa. av.
No. 600 E street north, bet. 3d and 4th sts west,
? ericont av., bat. 18th an* 14th ats
Best of references can be given oc l-2aw4t*
Will be opened to-day a large and beautiful as
sortment or the above goods, which will be sold
at the lowest market prices at
334 Pennsylvania avenue,.
oc 17-lw Two doors front 13th st.
REDUCTION OF PRICES.-We shall from this
date reduce the prices of our OarteA de Yisite.
We call the particular attention of the public to
our large "'d elegant
^FlVctfon ^^^''?oswtio V?ewa of^tsresting.sao
- 1 ttt ? -V. * -
Jecta about Washington, auch aa Public Buildings,
Okurehea and otfcer public monmenta. Photo
graphs of all the moat distinguished officer a, min
isters of tbe gospel, constantly on hand and for
?ale. Persons deairous of having Btoreoacope View?
taken of V1 VWUftL?bi*c 1 ??? accommodated.
_ /?GOLBIN tc CO., Photographera,
Market 8paee, Pa. av.. 1 door aaat of
oc M 6t* Perry Building.
U HAS REMOVED to 2#6 P street,
oc ly-lw between 13th and 14th sts.
From wagons, in quantities of 3 cords and up
wards, at ?8 eer cord for Pine, and for Oak
Pit"8? gnaranteed. Order*
left at GUINAND*8 Wood and Coal Tard, corner
1st straet east and aonth B, will be promptly at
tended to. * oqir-at*
TVTOTfCE?Will be ? o 1 (1 on the ?ld instant, at 10
iiir'Wiiy."tr l?4"w "" 'XL'."
1* O'CLOCK P. M.
Official War Bulletin.,
Full Particulars of Sheridan's Great
Victory Over Longstreet.
Lougstreet Attacks in the Morning?He
Captures Twenty Runs and drives ns four
Miles?Sheridan drives him in tarn and
Captures 43 Guns, 2.000 Prisoners and
lOO Wagons and Ambulances
War Department, >
washington City, Oct. 20?10.30 a. m. S
Major General Dix, New York:
Another great battle was fought yesterday at
Cedar Creelr, threatening at first great disaster,
out finally resulting in a victory for the Union
forces under General Sheridan, more splendid
than any heretofore achieved.
The Department was advised yesterdiy eve
ning of the commencement of the battle by the
following telegrams:
"rbctobtown, Ta., 4 r. M., Oct. 19, 1961.?
^ Major Gen. 11. W. Balleck, Chief of Staff:?
??Heavy cannonading has recommenced In the
Vallev, and is new going on.
?C. C. Augur, Major General."
"HARrER'e Ferry, Va., Oct. 10, 1964?6.10
on. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of
jPa}-: .iFirlng at front has been continuous
during the day. The direction seemed at in
tervals to be to left of Winchester, as it at Ber
ry's Ferry. No news from front.
njHO. D. Stevenson, Brigadier Gen'l."
?? Harper's Ferry, 8.45 p. m., Oct 19,1961.?
Jlon. E. M. 8tanton, Secretary of War : The ene
my attacked our army with great Impetuosity
this morning at daylight. The attack was
made on left of Eighth Corps, and was at first
successful, they capturing some guns, prison
ers and wagons. Our line was reformed, and
heavy fighting continued through the day.
"Sheridan, reported at Winchester this morn
ins, went out to the front. The particulars
received are not official, and are not faverable*
though no seriou3 disaster could have occurred
without direct news irom Sheridan.
"Jno. I). Stevenson, Brig. Gen."
Matters remained in the doubtful state rep
resented by the foregoing telegrams, until this
morning, at half-past nine, when the following
telegram was received, unofficially reporting
the great victory won by Sheridan's army :
"Harper's Ferry, Va., Oct. 20,1861.?Hon.
Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: News from
Sheridan's headquarters at midnight, to the
effect that the eremy surprised our forces yes
terday morning, driving the command In some
conlusion this side of Newton, capturing artili
lery and prisoners.
" Sheridan arrived on the field, reorganized
our forces, and drove the enemy beyond Stras
burg, capturing, It is reported, forty-three
pieces of artillery, one hundred wagons a id
ambulances, and->,000 prisoners. Rout of en
emy said to be complete. This is not official,
but I think reliable.
J. D. Stevenson, Brig. Gen."
A few minutes later the following official re
port of bis victory was received from Major
General Sheridan :
"Cedar creek, 10 p. m., Oct. 19, 1S61.?
Lieut. Gen. Grant, City Point. I have the honor
to report that my army at Cedar Creek was at
tacked this morning belore daylight; and my
left was turned and driven in confusion. In
fact, most of the line was driven in confusion,
with the loss of twenty pieces of artillery. I
hastened from Winchester, where I was on
my return from Washington, and found the
armies between Mlddletowu and Newtown,
having been driven back about four miles. I
here took the affair in hand, and quickly
united the Corps, formed a compact line of
battle just in time to repulse an attack of the
enemy, which was handsomely done at 1 p. m.
??At D j?. in., after eoTTie rhAnfft* of the cav
airy from the left to the right llank, 1 attacked
with gTeat vigor, driving and routing the ene
my, capturing, according to last report, forty
three pieces of artillery and very many pris
oners. I do not yet know the number of my
casualties, or the losses of the enemy. Wagon
trains, ambulances, and calsons In large num
ber* are in our possession. They also burned
some of their trains. Gen. Ramseur is a pris
oner in our hands, severely and perhap3 mor
tally wounded.
"I have to regret the loss of General Bid
will, killed, and Generals Wright, Grover
and Ricketts wounded ? Wright slightly
wounded. Affairs at the time looked badly,
tut, by the gallantly of our brave officers and
mea, disaster has been converted into a splen
did victory. Darkness again intervened to
shut off greater results. I now occupy Stras
burg. As soon as obtained, I will send you
further particulars.
"P. H. Sheridan. Major General."
The battle was fought on the same day (loth
of the month,) that witnessed Sheridan's victo
ry in September. What forces and their num
ber were opposed to General Sheridan, are no
yet reported to the Department, but the bold
ness, vigor, and success of the attack strongly
indicate that a heavy reinforcement had been
sent from Richmond, with the expectation of
fulfilling LonK8treet's boast to smash up Sher
idan. Longstreet was known to be in the val
ley, 3nd had assumed command of the rebel
army, and confident hopes of an overwhelming
disaster to the Union army, were boastfully ex
pressed for several days back by the rebel au
thorities in Baltimore and Washington.
E. M. Stanton. Secretary of War.
Capture of the St. Albans Bank Robbers
and Murderers.
Bchlinoton, Vt., Oct. 20.?Eight of the
raiders who entered St. Albans and robbed the
banks and murdered several citizens, have
been caught. Fifty thousand dollars of the
money has been recovered. They were caught
at Stambridge and Farnham, Canada East
The remainder have been seen on the roads,
and will probably also be arrested.
The Riverside (Mass.) Trotting Stables
Burned?Destruction of Famous Racers.
Boston, Oct. 20.?The stables of the River
side Trotting Park, Brighton, were burned last
night, with twenty-three horses, including
some of the best trotting stock in the country.
The lollowing-named are some ol the famous
horses lost:?Young Sutton and May Kimball,
owned by J. E Mavnard; Belle of Hartford,
Lady Litchfield, the well-known horse Prince,
and a splendid bay horse.
The last six horses belonged to Mr. Beck
with, of Hartford. The Black Hawk and Tele
grapn were owned by Reuben Dana Buchan
an, and Pat, owned by Mr. Osborne, of New
York. Grey Eagle was owned by C. H.
Blanchard, of Boston. The Albany Mail,
owned by Mr. Whitcotnb, and a magnificent
bay gelding, owned by Stephen Hays. This
gelding trotted on the track yesterday in the
five mile race. The fire spread so rapidly that
very few horses in the stables could be secured.
Hew York Stock Market?First Board.
[By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.]
Nnw Yokk, Oct. 20.?U. 8.1881, coupon 8's,
105*?; U. S. 0.90%, 107 ^; Certificates or Indebt
edness, 85; Gold, 807^: N. Y. Central, 116*:
Erie, 96#; Hudson River, 1*0*; Harlem,
Reading, ll#*; Michigan Oentral, 119*; Michi
gan Southern, 63 ft; Illinois Central, 115*:
Cleveland and Pittsburg, 96*) Cumberland
coal Preferred, 51*: Cleveland and Toledo,
105*; Chicago and Rock Island, 88*; Mil
waukle and Prairie da Ohlen, ; Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, &i*; Alton
and Ten a Haute, 49; Chicago and North
western, 38*; Quicksilver. 77*.
I G G 8 I !
fresh Batter in 2 to 12 ponnd paokages. of the
finest quality for table use, arriving almost daily.
Fresh less, prime New York Cheese.
For sale at the lowest prices, 450 8th street, op?
RBMOYAL^ alliot fpom ?'
late fit* Penserivsata aveame,
near WHtart% Hotel, by ?*?**?*!??
remove and e*ea oa Ooteber ath, ai-RalU I
street, near Graver's Theatre. ee l>Us*
government securities.
Jay Cooke & Co. furnish the following quo
tations of Government securities:
WASBIKQTOn, Oct. 20, l-*)4.
Buying Selling.
IT. s. ?'s Coupon 1$M 105 H>6
U. S. 5-20'S 107 1CH
7 3-10 Treasury Notes 105 ?
One Year Certificates 91 \ ?r>
Certificate Checks W,
New York?First Board.
Coupons i?5V 5-20's, 107^; Certificates. #1 T,;
Gold, 209X
Information has been received, here that
about two o'clock Wednesday morning a Rang
ot Mosby's men, visited Annandale and Falls
Church, committing some of the most devilish
deeds of cold-blooded mnrderever recorded.
At Falls Chnrch they seized a qniet, inoffen
sive man, by the name of Reed, a settler from
the North, dragged him into the woods, and
after shooting him, finished by cutting his
throat from ear to ear. A negro was shot in the
same cold-blooded manner, at the same ttme,
but the ball did not penetrate his skull, and he
escaped with life. Mr. Reed was a member of
tbe Home Guard. and the guerrillas s&id they
meant to serve every Home Guard they caught
in tbe same manner.
The guerrillas stole the horses of tbe hospi
tal at Falls Church, and committed a number
of deeds of wanton cruelty there.
At Annandale, they captured four pickets of
the 10th New York cavalry, and dragged them
to the woods, where they cut the throats of the
unfortunate men, in the same cold-blooded
style in which they murdered Mr. Reed.
They gave as an excuse for these murderous
acts that some of their gang had been badly
treated by Union troops.
Hon. Green Adams, Auditor of the Post Of
fice Department has resigned. Yesterday Mr.
Adams visited the different rooms of the De
partment and took leave of the clerks.
There are a large n umber ef persons urged by
their friends for the place made vacant by the
resignation of Mr. Adams, including several
ex-Congressmen, and Mr. John F. Sharetts,
Chief Clerk of the Auditor's office.
We understand that information has been
received by the Government that several of
the late raiders into Vermont have already
been arrested by the Canadian authorities, who
Eeem to have acted in this matter with com
mendable promptitude.
AN Efficient Officer.?Mr. Dennison,
the new Postmaster General, is already mak
ing his mark as a most energetic and capable
official. He enters his office every morning at
7 or 9 o'clock, and does not leave It until 0 in
the evening, and he daily visits the different
offices of his department, and inspects the
work performed by the clerks.
Iowa.?Hon. Alex. W. R' ndall. First Assis
tant Postmaster General, is now absent from
the city stumping Iowa for Lincoln and John
son. He writes home to his friends that Iowa
will give a large Union majority in November
?7- Hhillington, Odeon Building, sends us
the November number of Madame Demorest's
popular Illustrated Monthly.
The Late Military Arrests?Opening of
the Trial of Arrest'<1 Parties on Charge of Fur
niikivg Goods to the, Rebels?Messrs Johnson cC
Sutton, Dry Goods Dealers, up To-day.?At the
Military Commission in session on F street,
this afternoon, Messrs. Johnson & Sutton, dry
goods dealers on 7th street, together with the
clems in their establishment, were on trial,
charged with furnishing goods to the rebels.
General Donbleday is President of the Com
misEon, but General Fessenden presides in the
absence of General Donbleday. Col. Foster is
Judge Advocat2.
Messrs. Johnson and Sntton were present,
as was their chief c'erk, Mr. Hennlss, all of
whom plead not guilty. Messrs. A. J. Little
and S. Wcod appear as conneel for the prison
Pardon lVorsley being sworn, in reply to the
interrogations of the Judge Advocate, testified:
he was a trader between this city and various
points in Loudon county, Virginia, which
points were in possession of Moseby's guerril
las; first saw Johnson in May last at his store;
went there to buy goods; asked Messrs. Johnson
<fc Sutton to fill orders for him; told them he
was going to Mosby's battalion with them; they
filled his orders for him; goods comprised all
kinds of dry goods, principally gloves, gaunt
lets, shirts, flannel and cloth known as ''Con
federate gray;" tbe orders had attached to them
tbe names of tbe parties whom they were for;
goods were packed in bundles which were
placed in boxes; he (Worsley) came to the
store of Metsrs. J. 6c S. for the goods, carrying
them away in a wagon; took them to Mosby;
settled lor the last trip last Friday.
Tbe witness was asked to name prominent
parties whose names are attached t? the orders,
and he mentioned Adjutant Blackwell, of
Mosby's staff, Capt. McGeorge, Lt Lavender,
of Mosby's battalion, and R. P. Buckner, with
whom Mosby's family are boarding; some of
the goods were lor Mrs Mosby, marked 41M.
H. B." Witness told Messrs. Johnson & Sut
ton what "M. H. B." meant.
A pile of papers was here laid before wit
ness, which he was asked to look at: said they
were bills for some of the first goods he pur
chased. Another package was laid before
him, which he stated, after examination, con
tained the orders for the last goods purchased.
Some of them were tbe original orders drawn
in Virginia; witness had conversed with all
hands at the store of Messrs. Johnson & Sutton:
usually did his trading with Henniss.
Cross-examined by Mr. Little:?Was born in
Connecticut; lived in Massachusetts when the
war broke out; had been running goods since
about the 10th of May last. Had a partner in
the beginning, his wife was now connected with
him; his wife had been in Washington with him;
his wife went with him on his first visit to the
store of Messrs. J. & S.: a Miss Fanny Nolan,
of Virginia, went with him there in June, she
purchased some things there; when he first
went there he introduced himself; showed
Messrs. Johnson & Sutton a permission from
Federal authorities to sell Iruit and vegetables
in the vicinity of Washington; he told them be
had a permit to peddle goods In the Federal
lines and that he sometimes "slipped
through" to Fairlax; told them the first
time he went there, where he wanted to take
the goods: be bad filled about ten different or
ders. be said, to make tbe story short, at tbe
time of the threatened invasion of Washington
he had a lot of goods in a warehouse in this
city; told Johnson & Sutton that he was going
to try to get bis goods "through;" they told him
to be very careful; the last purchase was set
tled for last week; every package bad on it the
names of those who ordered it; always had
two bills made out, one with the prices
doubled; the smaller amount was the price he
paid?the larger, what he represented to the
rebels as the price.
He was asked if he had connection with tbe
Government during this time. To this the
Judge Advocate objected, and the court was
cleared to settle tbe point.
After the doors were thrown open, the Court
ruled that the question was a proper one, and
that the witness must state his connection with
the Government.
The witness (Worseley) stated that he was
engaged about the 1st of April, and sent out by
the Government. Sold goods to Mosby and his
officers nnder the direction and by the knowl
edge ?f the Government, and he always in
formed the Government of what he did. Wit
ness' wife was also 4n the same business, and
he was compensated by the Government.
Witness had made money selling goods,
but had not divided proceeds with the
Government. Witness gave bonds to
the Government and they took his Honor for
the faithful performance ot his duUee. There
were other parties with witness tasides his
wife when he went to Johnson & Sutton's.
Lt. Stone was with witness upon one occa
sion lohnson ft Sutton never used bill heads
whek ^y i?2de o?it bills for witness, bat they
doubled Uie amount of price of goods pur
chased, and signed their names to the receipts.
There w ere other men with witness at the store,
but they did not know his business. Witness was
net recommended to the Government for a de
tective, but be offered himself and was em
ployed by Gen. Angur. The object of the Gov
ernment in employing witness was to find oat
blockade runners, and obtain infbrmatisa in
the Valley from Meeby and others. Witness
bad no knowledge of what would be done
with tbe funds he obtained from tbe rebels
for roods. Part of witness's business was
to find ont tbe whereabouts of Itoafey dad
give such information to General A agar as
would lead to Mosby's capture. Witness met
Fannie Nolan at MWdlabnry, and brought her
to this city, and took her to Johnson * Sutton's
stove. Mr Johnson never told witness that
there were any other persons baying goods of
him wars Ntgspsd ia tbe safes business ?
witBfw. also bromtu Mn Chancer
from Middlebury ?o thia c,*y. and tookfa^to
Johnson &. Sutton's store t? purchase eood
Witnt-ss introduced the I ady to Johnton and'
he told twr he couli sell her caltcoea an ct>??u
as f-be could buy them in the city, Mrs. Chan
cMer was re "decor duck," bur came in cood
ialtb to pnrrbsae gorwfs. Fannie Wolnn's tamr.y
are all in the Con federate army.
Ijieut. II. L. of Prevost Marshal Ingra
Ham' office, was next called, and testified that
be ?went with the witness (Worsley,) to the
warehouse, and saw there some boxes, iwoof
which were open, contalningdry goods, put up
in bundles directed to different parties. Wtt
nes^ has b?*en in Johnson Sc Sutton's stare.
Was there on the dav of arrest, when the doors
v. ere closed and the key taken to the Provost
Marshal's office. Witness was at the store to
day, and brought away the books and paper*
found in the desk.
Several large acconnt books and a number of
papers were here shown to the witness, and
he identified them' as the ones he had taken
lrom the store.
Mr. Worseley recalled ?Witness went into
the cellar of Johnson ic Sutton's store e.fter tlie
arrests, and tound grey cloth there, such as
was usually furnished to witness It is Ml
unusual thing to And this kind of ?-*y in th?
city. It was Confederate grey, and witness
was ot the opinion it could not t? found in any
other store in the city. Witness inquired at
Perry's if they bad any, and was t..id that thev
had none. Witness has been at Perry's
often to bny poods for the Confederates,
but they would not double his bills
and witness would not take the goods The
Perry's told witness they had a regular system
of selling goods, and that they would not
double the amounts for any man. The Parry's
knew what be wanted with the good*. Onona
occasion Johnson told a clerk when he was
boxing up some goods to hurry up if he wanted
any greenbacks, as he bad seen that Mosby hnd
captured a paymaster.
QThe commission here adjourned.
Thk Naval Larobatorv.-This morning
Mr John W. Thompson was appointed Super
intendent of the Naval laboratory of the Navy
Yard, and Mr. John M. McFarland foreman,
by the Hnreau of Ordnance. Both of these
gentlemen have been employed in the Labora
tory tor a series of years?Mr Thompson for
over fifteen years, and Mr. MoFarl;ind since
boyhood, under the lamented John Clapham;
Mr. Thompson for the past eight years filling
the position of foreman: and no doubt exisu
that the Laboratory, which for years pa?t has
been noted as one of tne most efficient In the
country, will, under the administration ot these
gentlemen, retain its standing for efficiency
tiep.?This morning, Deputy Marshal Borsf,
exhibited to Chief Justice Cartter a requisition
from Governor Seymour, for the rendition of
Mrs. F.ckard, alias I^enorlta Lopez, who is
charged with kidnapping a boy, the adopted
son of Fraacls Sugrist, with whom she has
been performing, with two others, at the Can
terbury. A writ was immediately issued, and
she was brought before the Chief Justice, who
ordered her to be delivered to Mr. Borst, and
with the children, she was taken oft" in a car
riage, as is supposed, to Bladeusburg.
Thk Rbmai>s or an Infant Forwn.?Oa
Tuesday, some workmen engaged in repairing
the roof of the Lichau House, on Louisiana
avenue, near S'xth street, discovered the re
mains of an infant between the roof and celling,
which bad apparently been there for many
years. All but a few bones ffad decayed, aud
around the neck a handkerchief was tied, lead -
lng to the belief that it had been choked to
Tb.* house has changed tenants many time*,
evlc ntly since tlie body was deposited there
Criminal Court, Judge Olin ?This morn
ing, Virginia Hopkins, convicted ot un assault
end battery, was fined #20.
In the case of Mary Palmer, previously tried
for keeping a bawdy-bouse, when the )ury
were unable to agree, a nolle pros, was entered.
The case of James Johnson, colored, charged
with the murder of Kob't Strope, a soldier, on
t ?ie 1st of August last, in a riot between a
t umter of soldiers and colored- men near Lin
oln Hospital, was fixed for Monday.
A number ot other murder cases will be
called next week.
SrDDEN Illness.?Last evening Mr. Isaac
Rawlings, a well-known citizen of the Sixth
Ward, who for more than twenty years past
has been employed in the plumbers department
In the Nayy Yaid, was suddenly attacked by
paralysis while attending meeting at the Fast
Washington Church. He was taken to his
residence on I street south, near Fourth street
east, when medical assistance was procured,
and this morning he was lying in a precanou*
Affairs In Georgetown.
The Canal.?The arrivals are increasing
and the boatmen report the canal and railroad
well guarded to Harper's Ferry, east of which
place most of the mischief was done by the
guerrillas recently. The boatmen report brisk
tiring in the direction of Leesburg. ycaterday.
The firing was apparently all of small arm's,
no artillery. Detachments of troops started
over from the Maryland 6ide to ascertain the
cause of the firing and participate in a fight if
necessary. They had not returned when the
bc-its lett the vicinity where the firing was
Arrivals?Boats R. D. Johnson, ??7.15 tor.3
coal to New Hope Company: W. H. Boteler,
Forest Kose, C. Alvlnla, (lolden Eagle and
Kate Korns, 554.59 tons to Central Co.: C. A.
Rapello and Craton, ?11.33 tons to Cumberland
Ce.; M.Sanford, A. Cbamberlin, James Noble
and H. Delafielo, 423 37 tons to Americm Co ;
Susquehanna, 111.12 tons to J. P. Agnew; C.
A. Green, 11)5.18 tons to Burden Co. Depar
tures, 17 boats, all light.
Y JAB. G. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers.
On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. October 2/tk, ac
4't o'clock, on the premise*, we shall sell, the
whole of Lot No. 7. in Square No. 75, fronting S7
feet on north I street, between 2lst and 22d sts .
and ruming back 133 feet to a 30 foot alley, to be
divided into three Lots of 19 feet front each, the
western Lot is improved by a snug two story Frame
Dwelling House, the other two vacant.
Terms: One third iucash; the remainder in air
and twelve months, with interest, secured by a
de?d of trust on the premises.
Title perfect.
Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur
oc 2n d J. C. McGUIRE Ac. CO.. Aucta.
Y JAMES C. McQUIRE A, CO., Auctioneers.
at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall Bell part of
Lot No. 4, in Square No. .r>2f>, fronting 40 feet on
4th street west, between north L street an* New
York avenue, and running back 93 feet 4l$ inches,
to be sold as two building lots of 20 feet front
Terms: One-half in cash; the remainder in
six months, with interest, secured by a deed
of trust on the premises.
Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur
cb ftfisr
oeJO-d J. C. McGUIRE Ar CO., Ancts.
Y JAB. G. McGUIRE k CO., Anctioneers,
On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, October 28th, at 4%
o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lots 4,5,
and parts of Lots ,"i and 6, in Square No. 878. front
ingonsoutb I street, between 6th and 7th streets
east, near tbe Junction of Virginia avenu-.a por
tion improved by a double Brick Dwelling House,
containing ten rooms, with double porches the en
tire length of the north side of the house. The re
mainder will be sold as boildlu*lots.
Terms: One-third In cash; the remainder in sir
and twelve months, with interest, secure! bp a
deed eftrust on the premises.
Cost ol conveyances and stamps to be paid by
tbe purchaser.
oc20-d J. C. McGUIRE A. 00.. Aucta.
Y JAB. 0. McGUIR* X 00., Auctioneers,
On THURSDAY APT*RNOON. October 27th, at
5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot
15. In Square No. 80, fronting Jfi feet on G atreet
north,between 21st aad 224 streets west, and run
ning back 1?S feet8.l? inches, toxether with the im
provements.consisting of a well-built and finished
three story brick dwelling honse. with a two- story
back buijding, marble mantels, water and gas, and
finished in the most superior manner throughout;
cellars under the whole building. Immediate pos
session will be given.
Terms: One-third.in cash; the remainder in si*
and twelve months, with interest, secured by a
deed of trust.
Title indisputable and sale without reserve.
Conveyances at eest of the purchaser.
The house is well supplied with furniture, which
may be taken ata valuation ???>*?
ocg> JAB. O. MoOP*** * ??
3,000 Bnahels of Petatoea.
liUhir id ui ? P1TKR RXRRY
8CoViAt*C# 8cr&ptftft Wgjgr <jb?org?tow?u
or ' 3 for sal
I. 614 Ne
oc W-3t*
^ Inqair# at O'LEARY'i Green H?nse. ft 14 New
oc u-st*
Jersey av.
pOl 8 A 1 - .
V * oow LjLm
hlnod-red buffalo. She gi vea abont four
gallons ? day. and ntver *oe.*?y from ?M
year'a end U> another Will he offered fore2e?t
Center Market next Thursday, the ?>th In?tLVt
tPfJOWtlMF. as 11-41*
"?AM ?VOINEsnd BOIt**",

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