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By the rraident of the Inited States of America.
Whereas a convention between the United
States of America and his Maiesty the King of
the Belgians, to complete by new stipulations
the treaty of commerce and navigation be
twten the United States and Belgium, of the
17th of July, was conclnd?d and signed
by their respective plenipotentiaries, at Brus
sels, on the twentieth day of May, eighteen
hundred and sixty-three, which convention,
being in the English and French language, is
word for word as follows: |Tne English ver
sion only Is here given ]
The President of the United States of Ameri
ca, on the one side, his Majesty the King of
the Belgians, en iie other side, having deemed
it advantageous to complete, by new stipula
tions, the treaty of commerce and navigation
entered into by the United States and Belgium
on the seventeenth day of July, eighteen hun
dred and fifty-eight, nave resolved to make a
convention in addition to that arrangement,
and have appointed for their plenipotentiaries,
The President of the United States. Henry
Shelton Sanford, a citizen of the United States,
their minister resident near his Majesty, the
King of the Belgians., his Majesty the King of
lhe Belgians, the Sieur Charles Hogier, grand
officer of the Order of Leopold, decorated with
tne iron cross, grand cross of the Order of the
Ernestine Branch of Saxony, of the Polar Star
of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, of Our Lady of
tne Conception of Villa Vicosa, of the Legion
of Honor, of the White Eagle, &c., a memb?r of
the Chamber of Representatives, his minister
of 1creign atfairs, who, after having communi
cated to each other their full powers, found to
be in good and proper form, have agreed upon
the iollow >ng articles :
Article I
From and after the day when the capitali
zation of the duties levied upon navigation in
the Scheldt shall have been secured by a gen
eral arrangement?
1st. The tannage dues levied in Belgian ports
shall cease.
?2J. Fees for pilotage in Belgian ports aud in
the Scheldt, so far as it depends on Belgium,
shall be reduced twenty per centum for sailing
vessel?, twenty-five per centum for vessels in
tow, thirty per centum for steam vessels.
3d. Fort dues and otner charges levied by
the city of Antwerp shall be througbont re
Articie II.
In derogation to the ninth article of the
treaty of theseventeenth of July, eighteen hun
dred and iitty.eight, the /lag cf the United
States shall be assimilated to that of Belgium
lor the transportation of salt.
Article III.
The tariff of import duties resulting from the
treaty of the first of May, eighteen hundred
and sixty.one. between Belgium and France,
is extended to goods imported from the inited
States, on tne sane conditions with which it
was extended to Great Britain bv the treaty ot
the twenty-third of July, eighteen hundred
and sixty-two.
The reduction made by the treaties entered
into by Belgium with Switzerland on the 11th
of Ufo mber, eighteen hundred and sixty-two.
with Italy ou the ninth of April, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-three. with the Netherlands 011
the twelfih of May. eighteen hundred and
sixty-three,and ",so witl> France on the twelf h
?l .. y' eiehtpen hundred and sixtv-three.
Shall be equally applied to goods imported
from the United States. 1
It is agreed that Belgium shall aleocx'end to
the I niied States the reduction of import du
ties which may result from her subsequent
treaties with other powers.
Article IV.
The I nited States, in view of the proposi
tion made by Belgium to regulate, bv a com
mon accord, the capitalization of the Scheldt
dues, consents to contribute to this capitaliza
j? ^ er 'k.6 following conditions:
A. The capital sum shall not exceed thirtv
six millions of francs. 3
sbaU assunae for its part one
third of that ameunt.
T^he reraainder shall be apportioned among
the ScheldtEteS' rrorata to Ulelr navigation in
I>. The proportion ol the United States, to be
determined in accordance with this rule, shall
not exceed the - um of two millions seven hun
dred and seventy-nlne thousand two hundred
E I he payment of the said proportion shall
he made in ten annual instalments of equal
amount, which shall include the capital and
the interest on the proportion remaining un
at the rate of four per centum.
The first instalment shall be payable at Brus
sels on the first day of April, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-four, or immediately after the
Congress of the United States shall have
made the requisite appropriation. In either
event, the interest shall commence to run
'be,(lat! of the flr8t ?r APnl- e'K&teen
hundred ami sixty-four, above mentioned
The (lovernment of the United States re
serves the right of anticipating the payment of
the proportion of the United States.
The above-mentioned conditions for the cap
italization of the Scheldt dues shall be inserted
in a general trenty, to be adopted by a con
ference of the maritime States interested, and
in which the United States shall be repre
Ai:ti< le V.
The articles I am! IV of the present addi
tional convertion shall be perpetual: and the
remaining articles shall, together with the
treaty of commerce and navigation made be
tween tne high contracting parties on the
seventeenth of July, eighteen hundred and
fifty-eight, have the same force and duration
as the treaties mentioned ?n Article III.
The ratifications thereof shall be exchanged
with the least possible delay.
In faith whereof, the respective plenipoten
tiaries have signed the present convention, and
have affixed thereto their seats.
Made in duplicate, and signed at Brussels
the twentieth day ol May, eighteen hundred
and sixty-tnree. H. S Sankord, [seal.]
. . . Ch. Rooier, :seai..i
And whereas the said convention has been
duly ratified on both parts, and the respective
ratifications of the same were exchanged at
Brussels on the twenty, fourth of June la<?t:
Now, therefore, be it known that I, AisuA
Ram Lincoln, President of the United States
of America, have caused the said convention
to be made public, to the end that the same
and every clause and article thereof may be
observed and fulfiilea with good faith by the
United States and the citizens thereof.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand, and caused tne seal of the United States
to be affixed.
lione at the city of Washington this eighteenth
day of November, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
IL. P'j sixty-four, and of the Independence
of the United States of America the
? Abraham Lincoln.
By the President:
Willj am H. Seward, Secretary of State.
Jiy the President of the I nited States of America.
Whereas a treaty between the United Sta'es
of America and His Majesty the King of the
Belgians, tor the extinguishment of the Scheldt
dues, was concluded and signed by their re
spective plenipotentiaries at Brussels on the
twentieth day of July, eighteen hundred and
sixty-three, which treaty, being in the English
and Irench languages, is word for word as
follows [The English version only is here
given 1
The United States of America anil His Ma
jesty the KingoftheBelgians,equally desirous
of liberating forever the navigation of the
Scheldt from the dues which encumber It, to
assure the reformation of the maritime taxes
le\ ked in Belgium, and to facilitate thereby the
development of trade and navigation, have re
solved to conclude a treaty t? complete the
convention signed on the twentieth of Mav,
eighteen hundred and sixty-three, between the
United States and Belgium, aud have appointed
as their plenipotentiaries, namely : The Fresi
dent of the I nited States of America, Henry
Nhelton Sanford. a citizen of the United States
their minister resident to his Majesty the King
of the Belgians, and his Majesty the King of
the Belgians, Mr. Charles Rogler, grand officer
of the Order of Leopold, decorated with the
iron cress, &c., &c., &c.,bis minister of foreign
n Mlter *>avlnK exchanged their full
have agreedDupon the following^nicle* f?rm'
note 01.
Bwi.um ??,. .h, N
main annexed to the present
whuh his Majesty the King 01 the Netherlands
renounces forever the dues esu^no^;?
navigation in the Scheldt, and its
the r>d paragraph ol the !)th article of th? >ri?,
of the nineteenth of April eighteen hundred
U.irty-n!ne. and his Majesty the King ot^h
Felgiaus engages 10 pay the capital sum of
redemption ol those dues, which amount to 1
141,654 florins. *
vd. The declaration made in the name of his
Majesty the King of the Netherlands on the fif
teenth of July, eighteen hundred and sixty
three, tc the plenipotentiaries of the high con
rartkf*8'lhat tb**'xt,B?uisnmeut of the
h.tuiat dues con^ ted to by hi, Mid Majesty
.-pplies to all liags; tmu these dues can never
be re-established under any form whatsoever
and that this suppression shall not effect, in
fcny manner, the other provisions of the treatv
of the nineteenth ol April, eighteen hnn.i?!
and thirty-nine whlch dec!S?SS
Inserted in the presenttwJafv %
which it shall remain also unlisted J'
, Articl?II.
Majesty the King ol the Belgtaaa ?km,
for what concerns htm, the same declaration as
that which is mentioned in the second para
graph of the preceding article.
Article III.
It is well understood that the tonuage dues
suppressed in Belgium, in conformity with the
convention of the twentieth of May, eighteen
hundred and Bixty-three, cannot be re-estab
lished, and that the pilotage dues and local
taxes reduced under the same convention can
not be again increased
The tariff ot pilotage dues and of local
taxes at Antwerp shall be the same for
the United States as those which are set down
In the protocols of the conference at Brns
In regard to the proportion of the United
States in the capital sum of the extinguish
ment of the Scheldt dues, and the manner,
place, and time of the payment thereof, refer
ence is made by the high contracting parties to
the convention of the twentieth ol May, eight
een hundred and sixty-three.
Article V.
The execution of the reciprocal engage
ments contained in the present treaty is
made subordinate, in so far as is necessary,
to the formalities and rules established by the
constitutional laws of the high contracting
Article VI.
It is well understood that the provisions of
article 3 will only be obligatory with respect to
the State which has taken part in, or those
which shall adhere to, the trea'y of this day,
the King of the Belgians reserving to himself
expressly the right to establish the manner of
treatment as to fiscal and custom* regulations
cf vessels belonging to States which shall not
be parties to this treaty.
Article VII.
The present treaty shall be ratified, and the
ratifications thereof shall be exchanged at
Brussels, with the least possible delay.
In iaith whereof, the respective plenipoten
tiaries have signed the same in duplicate, and
affixed thereto their seals.
Itone at Brussels, the twentieth day of July,
eighteen hundred and sixty-three.
Ch. Rogibr, [SEAL.J
[Translation ]
Treaty of May V2, 1863, between Ilrfgium en*! th*
Xetherlamis, annexed to the treaty of July'20,
His Majesty the King of the Belgians and
his Majesty the King of the Netherlands, hav
ing come to an agreement upon the conditions
of the redemption, by capitalization, of the dues
established upon the navigation cf the Scheldt,
and of its mouths, by paragraph 3, of the ??th
article of the treaty of the l!)th April, lsju,
have resolved to conclude a special treaty on
this subject, and have appointed for their plen
ipotentiaries, namely:
His Majesty the King of the Belgians, M.
Aldephonse Alexander Felix, Baron du Jardin,
commander of the Order of Leopold, decorated
with the iron cross, commander of the Lion of
the Netherlands, chevalier grand eross of the
Oaken Crown, grand cross and commander of
several other orders, his envoy extraordinary
and minister plenipotentiary near to his Ma
jesty the King ol the Netherlands.
His Maifsty the King ot the Netherlands,
Messrs. Paul Vander Maesen de Sombretl,
chevalier grand cross of the Order of the Nl
chan Iftihar of Tunis, his minister of foreign
affairs, M. Iran Rudolph Thorbecke. chevalier
grand cross of the Order ol the Lion of the
Netherlands, grand cross of the Order of I,eo
pold of Belgium, and ot many other orders, his
minister of interior, andM.Gerard Henri Betz,
his minister of finance.
Who. alter having exchanged their lull pow
ers, found in good and due form, have con
cluded upon the following articles:
Article I.
His Majesty the King of the Netherlands re
nounces lorever, for the sum of 17,140,610
llonns of Holland, the dues levied upon the
navigation of the Scheldt, and of its mouths,
by virtue ol paragraph 3 of article 0 of the
treaty of litthApril, 1KJ?>.
Article II.
This sum shall be paid to the Government of
the Netherlands by the Belgian Government,
at Antwerp, or at Amsterdam, at the choice of
the latter, the franc calculated at 47J^ cents of
the Netherlands, as follows:
One-third immediately after the exchange of
ratifications, and the two other thirds in three
equal instalments, payable on the 1st May.
1-63, 1st May, 1^65, and 1st May, 1HJ6. The
Belgian Government may anticipate the above
named payments.
Article III.
From and after the payment of thejfirst in
stalment of cne-third. the dues shall cease to
be levied by the Government of the Nether
The sums not immediately paid shall bear
interest at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum in
favor of the treasury of the Netherlands.
Article IV.
It is understood that the capitalization of
the dues shall not in any way aflect the en
gagements by which the two States are bound
in what concerns the Scheldt by treaties in
Article V.
The pilotage dues now levied on the Scheldt
are reduced ?
?20 per cent, for sailing vessels,
25 per cent lor towed vessels, and
30 per cent, for steam vessels.
It is, moreover, agreed that the pilotage
dues on the Scheldt can never be higher than
the pilotage dues levied at the mouths of the
Article VI.
The present treaty shall be ratified, and the
ratifications shall be exchanged at the Hague,
within lour months, or earlier if possible.
In faith whereof, the plenipotentiaries above
named have signed the same and affixed their
Done at the Hague, the 12th May, 1-63.
Baron du Jarpin, [l. 8.
P. Vander Maepkn deSo.mbreff, [l. 8.
Thori.lcke, [l. b,
Betz. [L. 8.
i Translation.)
I'T' tocol of July 15, 1-63, annexed to the trea'y of
July t>o, I863.
The plenipotentiaries undersigned, having
come together in conlerence to determine the
general treaty relative to the redemption of the
Scheldt dues, and having judged it useful, be
fore drawing up this arrangement in due
form, to be enlightened with respect to the
treaty, concluded the 12th of May, 1863. be
tween Belgium and Holland, have resolved,
to this end, to invite the minister of the Nether
lands to take a place in the conference.
The plenipotentiary of the Netherlands pre
sented himself in response to this invitation,
and made the following declaration:
"The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary of his Majesty the
King of the Netherlands, declares, in virtue of
the special powers which have been delivered
to him, that the extinguishment of the Scheldt
dues, consented to by nis august sovereign in
the treaty of the 12th May, applies to all flags;
that these dues can never be re-established in
any form whatsoever; and that this extinguish
ment shall not effect in any way the other pro
visions of the treaty of the 19th July, 1839.
?'Baron Gericke D'Herwyner.
"BRV88EL8, July 15, IH>3."
Note has been taken and record made of this
declaration, which shall be inserted in an an
nexed to the general treaty.
Ijoi'e at Brussels, the )5th July, 1863.
Baron Gericke D'Hekwynbr. l. s
Babos 1)B til'OIL. L. 8.
T. C. 1>e Amaral. L 8.
M. Carvai.lo. L. 8.
P. Bilib Brahb. L. 8.
I). Cobllo de Portugal. [l. 8.
11. S. Sahford. [L. 8.
Howard DbWaldbn etSeaford. l. 8.
Von Hopsnrbrg. L. 8.
t'TE. He Montalto. L. 8.
Mar Yriooybx. l. 8.
V'TB He SEI8AI- L. 8.
Savioby. [L. 8.
Oblofp. L. 8.
Adalbert Macsbach. [l. ?.
('. Xll'LlIRNS. [L. 8.
Ch. Rooieb. l. 8.
Bn. Lambermout. [L. 8.
And whereas the said treaty has been duly
ratified on both parts, and the respective ratifi
cations of the same were exchanged at Br us
sels on the twenty-fourth of June last:
Now, therefore, be it known, that I, Abra
ham Lincoln, President of the United States
ol America, have caused the said treaty to be
made public, to the end that the same and
every clause and article thereof may be fulfilled
with good laith by the United States and the
citizens thereof
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set my
hand and cause the seal of the United States to
be affixed.
Hone at the city ol Washington this eighteenth
day ot November, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
[L. 8.] sixty-four, and of the independence
of the United States of America the
Abraham Lincoln.
By the President :
William H. Sewauis Secretary of State.
The First Corps?Notice to Veterans.
Washington, D. O., Dec. 1, 11564. $
v eterans desiring to enlist in the 1st Army
Corp*, to be organized under the recent order
of the War Department, should report in per
son at the office of Col. C- F. Johnson, Soldiers'
Rest. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot,
Washington. They will then be conducted to
the barracks, where they will be critically ex
amined, and, if tound duly qualified, immedi
ately Blustered into the service.
Jjy order of Major General Hancock.
? _ M Fiblby Andbrson,
dec 3-tf Assistant Adjutant General.
ITT The debt of the Canadian Confederation
Vill be little over |)<*J,ooo,uoo. i a8 lon
Of"-' D'pot of 8uh*i*ttnct,l
Washington, D. C. Nov. jn, 1864. S
Seated Proposals are invited until December7,
at 12 o'clock m.. for furnishing the 8ubsi*teace
Department with
The proposals will be for what is kno'rn at this
Depot as No#. 1.2 and 3. and bids wi!* be -ntertained
for any quantity lens than the wholt
Bids must be in duplicate, and for each grade on
separate sheet? of paper.
The deliTery of the Flour to commence within
five days from the opening of the bids, and in such
Suantities, daily, as the Government may direct;
elivered at theGoverament warehouse in George
town, at the wharves or railsoad depot in Wash
ington, D.C. . .
The delivery of all Flour awarded to be com
pleted within twenty days from the opening of the
Paymer twill be made in certiBsate"! of indebt
edness, or such other funds as the Government
may have for diibursement.
The usual Government inspection will be made
Just before the Flour is received, and none will be
accepted which is not fresh ground, and made
from wheat ground in the vicinity where manu
factured, unless of a very superior quality.
The Flour to be delivered in new oak barrels,
head lined.
An oath of allegiance must accompany the bid of
each bidder who has not the oath on file in this
office, and no bid will be entertained from parties
who have previously failed to comply with their
bids, or from bidders not present to respond.
Government reserves the right to reject any bid
for any cause. Bids to be addressed to the under
signed, at No. 223 G street, endorsed, " Proposals
for Flour." S.C.GREKNE,
nov 3?- td Captain and C. V. 8.
Proposals for cutting and cording
Oeeice oeChiee Qoa*t?rmastkr,
Nos.534 and 14th st., near N. Y.ave .
Washington, D. 6 , Nov2S, 1864.
Written Proposals will be received at this office
until THURSDAY, the 8th day of December, 1804,
until noon, for cutting and cording 8,0"0 to 25,'W
cords of Wood, on lands within the limits of this
Department, in Virginia or Maryland, to be de
signated by the Chief tiuartermaster. Department
of Washington.
The Wood must be cut four feet in length, and
split to the usual size ot' cord wood, and the cord
will be ei*ht feet lone, four feet wide, and four
feet and four inches high.
The contractor will tie required to nnke all
necessarv roads, and to cord the wood iu places
easily accessible to teams.
Any further information desired can be obtained
upon application at this office.
An oath of allegiance to the Government of the
United States must accompany each bid.
Proposals should be endorsed "Propo?alq for
Cutting and Cordiug Fire Wood,'' and addressed
Colonel and Chief Quartermaster,
nov 2S lot Department of Washingtoa.
DR. BACKER, tub Most Woxkekkui. Astkoi.
ogbr, No. 47 0 9th street, between 1) an ! E,
(up stairs,) gives full and thorough information
concerning all affairs through life, with and in
regard to Health, Wealth and Marriage, Love Af
fairs. Journeys, Law .^aits. Absent Friends, Sick
ness and Death. I)r. Backercan be consulted frutn
7 in the morning till 8 in the evening. <1 :-lm *
^ 1 ADAM GODDARD can ne consulted on Fu* lire
and Past at her residence, on K st an l \ er
moist ave,. near the colored people's ( 'lurch and
school. de i-3t*
Madam masha is still at her resi
dence, 403 K street, between 'tth ar l l"th
streets; is prepared 1o read the past, present and
future events, and is qualified to aive counsel to
old and young on all important matters, no.')' lin'
DR. EDWIN V.WRIGHT. Psychometrist; and
MBS. WRIGHT. Clairvoyant Phy-ici&n. who
"Heals" by "laying on hands can be consulted at
4f*4 12th st. Mrs. VV. has an important discovery
(speciality) of great value to ladies, nov ^9 lm "
THE BEST evidence THAT PRINCE. 3*1
F street, is the only practical STAMPER in
the District, is that he daily has to do over work
that iB botched at other so-called Stamping rla^ es.
He has the largest nnd finest assortment of Pat
terns ever offered here. Making his own Patterns,
he is able and willing to stamp any pattern brought
him. nov 23-tf
Office 4'-i0 Penn'a avenue,
_ _ between 4% and 6th streets.
Offers a eertain and speedy cure, of GONORRH E A.
Ac., &c.
Havinghad many years experience in the prac
tice of those diseases the doctor bias defiance to
all competition in their treatment and cure.
Recent cases of venereal diseases curel in one or
two days. Ladies and gentlemen can consult him
at his office from 'Jto 4 o'clock daily. nol'jlm*
MRS. BROOKFTELB, of Kansas, can be con
sultelon the Past.Present and Future events,
at ber roem,,pn the northwest corner of 4th and L
sts. She baystudied under one of the most cele
brated Astrologers of the age. She guarantees
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amines all kinds diseases, will give sittings at 233
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WILLIAM T. PHIPP8, Vice President.
Books are open for sabscrip ion at the office of
the Company, No. 24 Empire Bailding.Tl Broad
way, New York,
The lands of the Company are situated in th
heart of the Oil Region, and include portions of
those well-known localities, "the McE.henny
farm, the two McClintoek farms,'* and other
proved and valuable working territories, isolat
ing over Two Thousand acres of the best Oil Ter
ritories alongOil Creek and in West Virginia, now
under process of successful development, aad oil
is already regularly and largely produced from
several wells upon them.
Address the Company, P. 0. Box 536E New
York. oc 28-3m
-?i j. HEIB*RG?K, y locpon & Co.,
ANTI-BLAVKR* ? Th? Merchant Mechanic.
By Henry W?i??? . Atheni." By Henry A.
A Tale of " bounds and other Injuries of
Howe. G?M^?ctors Mitekell, Morehouse, and
?* If
TaiitTTay DiTTitkskt July ?. 1984.
Notice Isbereby'given that subscriptions will
be received by the Treasurer of th? United Btates.
the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated
Depositories aid by the National Banks designated
nd qualified as Depositories and Financial Agental
or Treasury Notes payable three years front
August 18,1864, bearing Interest at the rata ef
seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with
semi annual oonpons attached, payable In lawful
These notes win be convertible at the option of
the holder at maturity. Into six per eent. gold
bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable
twenty years from August 15, 1867.
The Notes will be issued in the denomination s o
fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thnufwtd an
five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank,
or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub
All subscription must be for fifty dollars, or
;?ne multiple of fifty dollars.
Duplicate certificates will he issued for all depoa
Ites. The party depositing must endorse npon tha
original certificate the denomination of notes re
quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank
or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be
leftwiththe officer receiving tha deposit, to ba
forwarded to this Department.
The notes will be transmitted to the owners free
of transportatjon charges as saon after the receipd
of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can
be prepared.
Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all
deposits made prior to5 at date, and will be raid
by the Department up<-n receipt of the original
As the notes draw Interest from August 15, p??r
eons making deposits subsequent to that date
must pay the interest aecrued from date of note to
date of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars
and upwards for these notes at any one time will
be allowed a commission of one-qnarter of one per
cent., which will he paid by this Department upon
the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by
the officer with whom tha deposit was made. No
deductions for eomraissiens must be made from
he deposits.
Officers receiving deporits will s>>e that the
proper endorsements are made upon the original
All officers authorized to receive deposits are
requested to give to applicants all desired informa
tion, and afford every facility for making sub
scriptions. W. P. FE93BNDEN,
3y26tf 8ecretary of the Treasury.
paoposALs tea p^b agi.
Offiom, i
Eeaied Pr~ , lK0T9* ?*P0T. Dec. 8, 186S. (
for ?nlinUr ?i.8 are invited by the undersigned
pa rtment 11 i?i U" Qnart^rmaster's Da
A^imdn. ? 5*2?' D* ?-' Baltimore, Md..
Alexandria, and fori Monroe, Va , or eittier of
B?dsPin?8f>r Hay, Corn, Oat* and Straw,
busheliTn f T*1 fi'r the delivery of 5,(VXJ
and upwards or ?*t" 404 60 ton? bay or straw.
?^'diers must state at which of the above-named
r*tM it XV Ml mB,t? deliveries, and tha
the Jn.nH.1 #they will make deliveries thereat,
ired Z f-1Rcl1 mrt,icl? P^Posed to bedeliv
munAi? ? when said deliveries shall ba com
menced, and when to be completed.
bidsPric* nu8t b* written out lo words on tha
Corn to be np in good stout sacks of abon*
two bushels each. Oafs in like sacks ofaWt th?ee
Dushels each. The sacks to be furnish^ without
extra charge to the Govenment. The hav and
straw to be securely baled.
The particular kind or description jT oats oorn
h,&T. 2r. 8tJLaw Pr?Po?a<l to he delivered most be
stated in the proposals. ?
All the articles offered nnder the bids herein In
vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by tha
Government Inspector before being accepted
Contracts will be awarded from time to time to
the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of
the Government may require and payment will ba
made when the whole amout contracted for shall
have been-Slivered and accepted.
The bidaer will ba required te accompany his
proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon
sible persons that in ease his bid is accepted he or
they will, within ten days thereafter, exeoute tha
contract for the same, with food and sufficient
sureties in a sum equal to the amonnt of the co?.
tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity
with the terms of this advertisment: and in casa
the said bidder should fail to enter Into the con
tract, they to make good the difference between
?,ne offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon
sible biddt., or the person to whom tha contract
may be awarded.
The responsibility of tha guarantors must ba
shown by the official certificate ol a U. 8. District
Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other offloer
under the United States Government or responsi
ble person known to this office.
All bidders will ba uuly notified of the accept
ance or rejection of their proposals.
The full name and P. 0., address of each bidder
must be legibly written in the proposal.
Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H.
Eucker, Ch'ef Depot Quartermaster, Washington,
D.C.,and should be plainly marked "Proposals
for forage."
Bonds, in a sum equal to the amonnt of tan eon
tract. signed by the contractor mad both, -ar his
guarantors, will be required of the success^! bid
der or bidders upon signing the contract.
Blar ? forms or bids, guarantees, and bonds, may
be obtained upod application at thiaOffioe.
(Town, County and State)
fj the subscriber ,do hereby propose to furnish
? ^ United States, it the Qu.rte "
? bushels of Oorn, in sacks, at ? per bushel af
k> pounds
? ??. elB 01 ?*t8? in ?t ? per bushel of
S2 pounds
tons of Baled Ha?, at per on of 3,000
tons of Baled 8traw, at per ton of 3,000
Delivery to commence on or before the day of
, 186?, and to be completed on or before tha
?? day of , 186?, and pledge mys<?ir to enter
into a written contract with tSe United States
with good and approved securities, within tha
space of ten days after being notified that m* bid
has been accepted. Your obedient servant.
Brigadier General D. H. Buomk. *
General Depot Quartermaster,
Washington, D. Oa
We, the undersigned, residents of , in tha
County of ??,and State of .hereby. Jointly
ana severally, covenant with the United States.
and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of
be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days
after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con
tract for the same with good and sufficient sure
ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract,
to furnish the forage proposed iu conformity to
the terms or advertisement dated Decembers, 1863.
under which the bid was made, and, in case tna
?ajd ??? shall fail to enter into a aontract as
aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ
ence between the offer by said and the next
lowest responsible bidder, or tha person to whoa
the contract may ba awarded.
Given under oar hands and seals this ? day of
? , 186?i fSeal.l
I hereby certify that, to tha best of mylfnowl
edge and belief, tha above-named guarantors are
geod and sufficient as sureties for tha amount fa?
which they offer to be security.
To ba certified by the United States District At
torney, Obllector of Customs, or any other officer
nnder the United States Government, or reinnn
sib la parson known to this office. 900
decS tf Brigadier General and Q. M.
Daroar er WASBiiaToa,
WatkUufH, D. 9., January 4.1864.
All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lorn be* Leather.
Office?Jurnitov^ Harness, and Saddlery, are re
quested to aend to this office, on MONDAY ofeach
week. Mealed proposal or list, M duplicau, ef the
articles faey are prepared to furnish ta this Depot at
short'nqjo??. with tie price of each marked in plain
flguawMfflo that, in ease tha exigencies of the servloe
raqoire It. tSie article or articles can ha obtained
wlchocttidefay, and at the lowest trice.
Deans* wishing to sell to thia Depot win ba re
?u*eddo rarniah tha list punctually every Mender
meaning. D. H. BUOKBB,
yigadlar General and Chief <^narterma?te>.
Beceive Subscriptions for the
NEW U. S. 7 3-10 LOAN
authorized by the act ef June 90th, 1864.
The notes will be issued under date of August
15th, in denominations of
? 60, 9100, *500, 91,000 and 93.000.
payable to bearer or order, bearing Interest at
7 3-10 per eentum per annum, payable semi-an
nually, and will be convertible at the option of
the holder at maturity into six per cent. Viva
Twenty Bonds.
We buy and sell?
G0Y1BNMINT BONDS of all issues.
And pay the highest price for
Jy 27-tf JAY COOK! A CO.
W. G. M1TZEB0TT, corner Pa. ay. and llth st.
The largest Musical BstablishmentgpS3l|
and only importing house in tha Dis-| V|f|l
trict. Sole Agency of Steinway Sc Sons grand and
square PIANOS, of which we have Just received a
new assortment, making our Btoek 16 instruments
of this celebrated factory alone, which is a larger
assortment than can be found at any other agen
cy of this house in the country. Besides these,
we have a stock of Baven & Bacon, and Haines
Brothers make on hand. We are the sole Menta
of Mason A Hamlin's Justly celebrated OA BINBT
ORG AN 8, which we aell at faetery prices, frem
9110 to f6no. Prince A Co.'s MBLODEONS.
Purchasing exclusively for eash, we are enabled
to sail at the lowest figures for cash, and upon ao
eommodating terms. .
Old Pianos taken in exchange, tuned and re.
vaired . oc6
In jmr?n?ic* of law. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN,
Pre*id?t of the Eoited States of America, do
hereby declare and make known that public sales
will be held in the under-mentioned Land Offioe,
in the State of Minnesota, at the periods herein*
after designated. t? wit:
At the Land Office at 8t Peter, sommencing on
MONDAY. the fifth day of December next, for the
disposal of the public lands comprised in tne late
reserve for the Winnebago Indians, above men
tioned. and situated in the following parts of
townships, which will be sold at the - appraised
? slue of tlie lands and the improvemen tsthereon,
North (J the base line *nd *??*! of the Afik vin-\pal
In township 108. range 24 .. 15,384 *5 ac rei
In towm?hip li'7, range 24.. - - -- ?. ? 5.405.44
In township 1<*6, range 25.?. . ?? 15 234.34
In township 107, range 25. 17,H9.71
In township 1*8, range 28?? ?277.81
A schedule particularly describing the individ
ual tracts, with the appraised value per acre, will
be open for inspection at the District Land Offices
hi Minnesota.
The offering of the above lands will be cnm
neneed an the day appointed, and will proceed, ia
the order designates in the above-mentioned
schedule, and consecutively by townships, as here
in advertised, until the wbt>le shall nave been
offered, and the sale thus xlosed ; bnt the sale
shall not be kept open long^rxhan two weeks, and
no private entry of any of the lands will be ad
mitted until after the expiration of the two ww.la,
Given un4er my hand, at the city of Washing
ton. thin 23d day of August. Anno Domini on?
thousand eight hundred and sixty four.
By the President:
Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office.
In the third section of the act of Congress, ap
proved 2lst of February, 1863. Statutes, volume 12,
?age 658, opening to sale the Winnebago Reserva
ion, it is stipulated that before any person shall
be entitled to enter any portion of the said lands,
by pre emption or otherwise, previous to their
exposure to sale to the highest bidder at public
outcry, he shall become an actual bona-file
settler thereon, and shall conform to all the
regulations now provided by law in cases of pre
emption, aud shall pay, within the term of one
year from the date of the settlement, the full
appraised value of the lands and the improvements
Now. in order that all such bona-fide, actual
settlements m.iy be secured to the several pre
I emptors,
that they must come forward and file their affida
vits, designating the particular tracts on which
; they may be actually settled, giving the date of
such actual settlement, and, before the expiration
of one year from such date, the several pre-emption
j claims must be established before the Register and
Receiver, according to the requirements of the
pre-emption laws, and full payment made thereon,
according to the full affixed, appraised value oi
the lands and improvements thereon.
1st. In all such case* where the year may not
elapse before the commencement of the public
sale, such bona fide a'-tual settlements may and
s re hereby ordered to be excluded from the publia
2d. In all pre-emption ea^es In which the year
may expire before the commencement of tne pub
lic sale, the parties must estabtish and pay up for
their claims, otherwise all tracts ia this class will
be offered to the highest bidder, under theforego
ing proclamation, yet with the stipulation that at
such public sale the price must not be for a less
sum than for the appraised value.
an 30-lawl3w Acting Commissioner,
? COLUMBIA, holding a District Court of the
Lmted Mates for the said District.
To all whom it may ronr.rrt, ere tin l- ?
Notice is hereby given, that ?<n the 21 day of No
vember. 1864, the Sloop /ion, tackle. Acc., and ap
parel. were seized as prize by the United States
schooner Adolph Hngel.and brought the same into
thi* District for adjudication, and the saint- are li
beled and prosecuted in this court, in the name
of the Lnited States, for condemnation: and havo
been arrested by the marsh.1 for the reasons in
the libel stated; and that said cause will stand for
trial at the City Ilall, in the city of Washington,
en the second Monday of December next, when and
where all persons are warned to appear to show
cause why condemnation should not be decreed,
and to intervene for their interests.
November 21st, 18i>4.
nov 2ti-2awtd R. J. MEIGS, Clerk.
I OF COLUMBIA, holding a District Court of
the United States for the said District.
To all whom it may concern, ftreetinn :
Notice is hereby given, that on the 2bth day ol
October, 1864, the sloop James Lanety tack'e. Ac.,
and cargo, were seized as prize by the United States
schooner Adolph Hugel, and brought the same
into this District for adjudication; and the same
are libelled and prosecuted in this court, in the
nama?of the United States, for condemnation, and
have been arrested by the marshal for the reason!
in the libel stated: and that said cause will stand
for trial at the City Hall, in the city of Washing
ton, on the second Monday of December next, when
and wnere all persons are warned to appear to
show cause why condemnation should not be de
creed, and to intervene for their interests.
November 21, 1804.
nov a6-2awtd R. J. MEIGS, Clerk.
X Of COLUMBIA, hMding a District Court of
the United States for theeaid District.
To nil whom it may roniern. ereetint:
Notice is hereby given, that on tbe 9th dayol
November, 1864, the sloop Beliance. tackle. &c
Ac., were seized as prize by the United States
steamer Stepping Stones and brought the same
into this Distriot for adjudication, and the came
are libelled and prosecuted in this court, in the
name of the United States, for condemnation; and
have been arrested by the marshal for the reasons
in the libel stated: and that said cause will
stana for trial at the City Hall, in the city of
Washington, on the first Monday of December
next, when and where all persons are warned to
appear to ffhow cause why condemnation should
not bedecret d.and to intervene for their interests,
November 18, 1864.
nov 21 2aw2w B J. MBIGS, Clerk.
1 OF COLUMBIA, holding a District Court of
the United States for the said District.
To all whom it may conctrn, greeting :
Notice is hereby given, that on the 9th day of
November, 1864, the sloop Littl? Elmer, tackle,
Ac., were seized as prize by the United States
steamer Stepping Stones, and brought the same
into this District for adjudication, and the same
are libelled and prosecuted in this court, in th?!
name ef the United States, for condemnation, and
have been arrested by the marshal for the reasons
in the libel stated: and that said cause will stand
for trial at the City Hall, in the city of Washing
ton, on the first Monday of December next, when
and where all persons are warned toappe&rto show
cause why condemnation should not be decreed,
acd to intervene tor their interests.
November. 1864. R. J. MEIQ8, Clerk.
nov 21-3aw2w
scriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court
of Washington County, in the District of Colum
bia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of
Mary Ann Blvans, late of Washington City. D.
C., deceased. All persons having claims against
the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit
the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub
scriber, on or before the 15th day of Nov. next*
they may otherwise by iaw be excluded from all
benefit of the said estate.
Given under my hand this 55th day of Nov.. Ififii
nov 16-law3w JOHN R. ELVANfc
CAPITAL.? $200,000.
Qfice Com Strut and Louisiana Avenue, Over
Bank of Washington.
George Shoemaker, JohnD. Barclay,
Samuel Cronley, Andrew Rothwell,
Themas Parker, Richard Barry.
B.B. Fiench, Br. 0. W. Davis,
Samuel %dfern, Robert White,
William Wilson, T. Edward Clark.
No charge for policies.
? nivis JABAMS, President.
A R*L G. DAY 18. Sec jr. sop u ovCm
Asamb express company,
officii *14 pa! avenue,
WtuktnfUm, D. 9,
e"AT?%8XM^IS5%4K W"T
Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all
accessible sections of the eonntry. This Company
has agencies in the Principal Railway Towns In the
? Its principal offices are_
Connections are made at New York and Boston
with lines forwarding to the CANADAS and ths
BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship line
and thence by European expresses to all prominent
commercial towns in Great Britain and ths Oonti
Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS mada
at all accessible puts of the United States.
- "? frSgfijMggfc
285 ?AMAB?Sffilc/,<D 285!
a*4 q?? nMaATTHEW~k. WAL8H, a?5
between loth ancl 11th,
Second door from Harvey's Oyster Saloon,
In compliance with the wish of many friends, I
am now prepared to make liberal Cash ad- ^lir
?ances on Gold and Silver Watches, OLa-X^A
Ewk'' We,1??' Silver-ware, Hardware,? 4
good o rde^" rchfcndle? ?' M?y description ia ,
^ twelve years experience In bosl
Q*ty, and favorably known to many of
i??S that to all who may ia.
business, (which will bo strictly
confidential) I will give satisfaction. Office open
sxoepted) from Seven o'clock,
w. nntil Wine o'clock r. m. sep u-sm
m njJoK taylob:
SffSSi. M'S; ??
Mm discovered fh? m< n . , ""? * 'SIX9?
IffMtn^l R^otdrla thsworld^0' 8p#*dy*
Persons Rained by |n?r ' "p?
IX FROM ox I TO T*(>i?a??AM9*
itri^??YlLM? Baok< I"olnnUry D^l^^?.
Btrictores, Affections of th? KidneveV?d *??!*??
Impotenoy, General Debilltw lKS.^*
pepsv. Unrior, Low Spirits CnnSTS I? J?**
Palpitation of the Ileart. ?imi 4 rt ^ Trerntl ??f*
r 'o? V ? \ ^^tioni of the Lift*
Lnngs, Stomach or Bowels-thes. Terribl? Dil?*
ders arising from Bolitary Habtta of Tonth-Sf
sse*iT and solitar* practices mor? fatal to Hurt*
victims than the song of Syrens to the ??
llrwui blighting their most brtlilLS'fiS
anticipations, rendering marriage, Ac, in??l?
' to vxo may
t,*iK?'*P1T?wlo hare become the'vletfms of 8?M
?VJn dreadfal and destructive habit rMah
^n?? w Bwe*P" to an nntimelv *raTe thonsandu of
int?nf,.f?e\ most exalted talent and brilliant
tS?J!#?wV m,*ht otherwise hare entranced ffi!
wmk^/ft? ii" Wllh th? thunders ef eloquence or
confidence T Ur,n* lyrSl mtT ?^1 witJ>
_.. j?*'',0nie of the sad and melancholy sfTaeta
produced by early habit* of yonth vis - Wenknfa!
! m8. ? and Limbs, Pain in *he Head Dima!!!
B^utr.sm*to?.oiraKHTmlSSSJSEJ- e<"'?r?,
of Ideas, Depression of Spirits Kril Porebodinrs
&o&&tW5F* 8*1?di'tr"t
mfrflTi- ??**<>?*. or young men contemplating
DebilityVlf" ?r.uhrAic^ Weakness, Organic
.hon.dtIpX imnnf.dUtHT0r4faD,< Ac.,
**}P places himself under the care of Dr. J,
?ufZ.- ' eonfide in his benor as a g?n
Physician* ??n?dently rely upon his skill a* a
? n _ M1NT8 ToWrrIAGB
;v0?n,ton " marvelous treatment. Weak
reswL h%^.r**n" !f "P^fr cnred, and full vigor
?fflS i Thousanas of the most nervous, debili*
h!e?d?and '^potent who had lost all hope, have
A?. jram"''*telT relieved. T"
All impediments to marriage, Physical or Mental
disqualifications. Loss of Proereative Power. Mw
i*h? I",t*bilit'r.vTr?"nl>'ines. and Weakness, of
ctfred ? roort fe*r'ul kind, sreedllv
j.? of the Royal College of Burgeons. Lo*>
le?s^nVl.?lr 0f the mo't eminent Col
whos??if? h.. v. States, and the treater part ct
don piri, Ph,l.TiTDt "i t,he h^Pita!s of Lon
tJ'' ''adelphiaand elsewhere,has ?9ect?d
some of the most astonishing cures that were era*
M^wh^tr?nbl*d fi?/lne in The hJ!!
it mMM *"Ieep.great nerrousness.be alarmnd
blushPn* with frequent
! mil/'. sometimes with derangnmMl
?f micd. were cnred immediately
i^rfni AV-,n,nvrwi themselves by a certain practlM
from ?Cn when * habit freqnently learnad!
?k?k companions, or at school, the etfecta ol
r?tC^ niKhtly feit, even whea asleep, .n ', u
?trota h??i.renilSr" T5r^a|r* imros?ible, an4 d#
?te?y. h?dy. should apply immtdi*
* pity that a yenng man, the hOM of hi*
?B*^.hZlfn m'Iu* of parents, s.iould bo
?Tf K tv. Bl1 th*-*r0"pectp snd enloymenta ??
LJ ? ? consequence of aen'ition from the patk
of nature and indulging in a nertain seorat kitlk
ch person* njust. b^for* contewplatiii#
c} ? eonnd mind and body art tU antu
necessary requisites to promote connubial haaZ^
fif?8?.n Without these the Journey throne*
life becomea a weary pilgrimage; the prasnaaf
darkens to th??yyi?w: the'mind &co?2
?hadowed with despair an-J filled with the melan
Mi0ghUd with0ourowntha hfc"ln,,f" of ?
fr.hL'^V6''} oft*n happens that an ill-timJd J25?
*1 dreadwof discayery deters him from a??
KT????? those whe, fi-om education and reHBeatTT
a,on? befriend him. He falla Into tkn
hands of ignorant and designing pretenders wha
kneeVh?iet?^C,lrin*' fl!c,h F" Pe*u' iatt ? ubsiano*?
? iff trifling month after month, or as lose aft
Iest fee can be obtained, and in deanail
Int? rn'ned health to sign over his gnll
? Lor' th" ns* of that deadly
^cmry hasten the constitutional vymnT
th?Head ThSSt 8achAffeetloni ot
i;iw ' liIV ) Nose, 8km, et?., progressing
hiarf/liSf'1? rapidity until death pats an end ta
5i?? ? "offerings by sending him to that nn?
retnrng1 OW1 ^roiri ^bose boirne no travel*/
left hand side going from Baltimore street a r*n
SfSSSU?* ?-> w*.b?SviS5
?.f?T5L? liters received nnlew poet-paid and eon.
talnimr^ lM||iiP to be nsed on the reply. Pnrsong
??rt/??BJ **"? and S<>D<1 Portion ot id.
T#rti?einent describing symptoms,
Jhplotna iangs in ku OJUa.
.,TM^Vh??-d0*red this eeUbliahaMt
and mariy' nt+2,?8l>9<1 by th? reporSTraof ?? Tne Sua'*
iSmJSi T ^Wier ?*P?r?. notices of which have kw.
jglOMT PIB1AB181 81CHRT DlHaanig?
BiMilltAH'g OIF*
Hbs, A Positive Cure" for
ooxorhosa, glkkt, stKioruaaa, at
COB<mK 'rJPSSFlfl ?? MwewJ.
Only Ten PUlg to be Taken to a feet a (?mm
Tbey are entirely vegetable, having no amell >!?
any unpleasant taste, and will netTn
Jure the stomach or iowels of the most deltolte.
Cures in from two to four days, and recent <
in "twenty-four honrs." Prepared by a graduate
of the University of Pennsylvania, one ofthe mot?
eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present day.
Let those who have despaired of getting cure<!?
or who have been gorged with balsam Oopavia, or
Meroury, try the
Bent by mail in a plain envelope.
Price?Male packages, $2. Female f9.
Is offered the <
MARITAN'S ROOT ? uiw?. m?,
most potent, certain and effectual remedy evef
prescribed; it reaches and eradicates everr particle
of the venereal poison, so that the enre is thoroa<K
and permanent. Take then of this purifying reme
dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pot
fc.1t, u.t tot
Although you may be pronounced ineuyfcle. tk
will remove every vestige or impurities from the
system, as well as all the bod effects of Meroury.
In many affections with which numbers of fe
males Buffer, tv? ROOT AND HBRB JUIOIB U
most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, la
Whites, in bearing down. Palling ef the Wemb
Debility, and for all complaints incident to theses.
Sent by express. Price fl a bottle, o ^bottle*
for M.
Price ?i cents. Pull directions.
DXStfOND ? CO., Box 1*1 Philadelphia Poet
Sold by 8. OALYKBT IOBD, corner of Utb uC
Pa. avenue.
HiMRY COOK, Alexandria. may>-tf
OUNG MEN who have injured theaMlvca kp
certain secret habits which unfit them for busiaeaa
pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle
d or old men /ho, from the follies ef youth ot
FRIIND.'* Married Ladies wiU learn nmethlw
of importance by perusing "The Secret friend,"
Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope oa re*
Oelpt of Twenty-five Cents. Address
m-i, ?"? *? '"ng.U.gA,
rf^JRIBSBMABr?Protected by Royal Letters Pit*
A ?nt of En gland, and secured by the seals of tha-'
Xcole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the ImperleM
College of Medicine, Yienna.
Triesmar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Beles*
atien. Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustien of the Syo>
tem, Triesmar No. I has entirely superseded the
nauseous use of Copavio, Cubebs. &o. Triesma?
No, S is the infallible remedy for all Impurities an#
Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of
n???-?ury and all other deleterious ingredients.
each preparation is in the form of a most agree
able Loienge. Secured from effects of climate and
changes of atmosphere, in tin cases, at 93 each, or
four $3 cases in one for 19, and in >27 eases, that
saving $9. Divided in separate doses as adminie
tered oy Yalpeau, Sallemande, Renx, Ac.. Ao.. ??
Wholesale and retail by Dr. BAREOW. No. 1?4
Uleecker street. New York. ?
To be had also of 8.0. FOKD, No. t9<> Pa ire]
eorner Hth street. mar 9 6m*
Sense?to issue, free, (for the~benafft of sufferinis.
umanity.) four of their most instructive wd ia
teresting Lectures en Marriage and Its aualifico
? Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, "
tions. Nervous Debility, Premature
? digestion. Weakness, Depression, or ignorance el
hrsiology end Nature's Low. These invaluabl*
ictures hove been the means of enlightening and
saving thoasands,aBd will be forwarded free on the
& receipt of four stamps, by addressing Secretary
itiem Ckbinet tfAnmtem* emd Midieine, i(l
ad way. Mew York la lJ-ly_
__ Box WILL mr?u a Onua.?
ents nre pur^y vegetable. It ig
.t to the taste, has ao bad odor, end
ia the. vest pocket without fear of

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