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VSk4 XXX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JULY 16. 1867. N2. 4,478.
Southwest cotner Penn'a avenue and U?* street,
The STAR is served by the earners to their
inbecribers In the City and District at Taw
Okwts pkr whvk. Copies at the counter, w h
OT 'without wrapper?, Two (Jkkts each.
Pbicb fob Mailing .?Three monttss, One
Dollar and Fif'y Cents; six months, Three Dol
lar/; one year, Five Dollart. No papers are
?em from the office longer th&o paid for.
The "WEEKLY STAR? pablis&ed on Fri
Chj -One Dollar and a Ifalj a Year.
FifUtntk strtet, err Of iU Tr"lr.ury,
T:J ai rt sell at current market rntos, and ke?p
Constantly on baud a full supply 01 all
government bonds,
Orders for STOCKS, BONDS, Ac., executed, and
Collections made on all accessible points.
se l-tf
td LEY A CO.
We are eellinj? Bills of Exchange on England
.Ireland and Scotland, for one pound ster.ing ani
upwards, at our office, 40S Pennsylvaniaavenne
ap 29 3m WM. HUB LEY ? CO.
Call at the corner of
The Central Office of this Company is now situated
aa above,and is carried on in connection with the
Washington Branch.
Deposits of ONE DOLLAB and upw ?rds received.
and interest paid on all sums of FIVE DOLLARS
and upwards.
Investments are made in UNITED STATES
BONDS AND STOCKS ONLY,nnder 'he direction
CO.. Chairman of the Finance Committee of the
The Deposits are now more than ?4<I0.000.
M. T. HEWITT, of New York, President.
D. L. EATOJf, Actuary.
W. J. WILSON, Cashier of Branch Bank,
my 23-W,F&M,6m*
First National Bank of Washington.
D. COOKE,(of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President.
lftlA street, opposite the Treasury Department.
Government Securities with Treasurer United
We buy and sell all classes of GOVERNMENT
SECURITIES at current market rite
FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collections
We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST
FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful and
prompt attention to
and to any other business entrusted to us.
MENT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished.
Washington. March 20,18fi5. m21-tf
4 7.> 13tli street. 3d door south of Penn. ttve.
MONEY loaned oil time to suit customers, on
Real Estate. Gold and Siivi-r Watches. Diamonds.
Jewelry. Silver: Plate. Pianos. Furniture, Me
chanical Tools. Ladies" and Gentlemen's Wearing
Apparel of ull descriptions.
mli 5-3m* B. BURNSTINE.
near Pennsylvania avenue.
Offer the highest rash advances on all kinds of
Merchandise, to any amount and for any
time desired at reasonable rates.
Interest on lsrtre sums greatly reduced.
Business strictlv confidential.
G<>ods bought for cash and sold at private sale,
fe 21-1 y
(Successor to II. F. Lotdon & Co.,)
Metropolitan Hotel, (late Brown's.)
jy 10-tf No. 3t>SI Penn. avenue. Washington
9th and D streets, desires to return
his thanks for the lil>eral patronage l>e
atowed upon him during past season*, and at
the same time invites his friends to visit his W|#
?tore and inspect his new and choice sel.'C- "JBfcs
tiou of Good*, which he has just purchased for the
Bpring and Summer Trade. Mr.R. HARDON.his
asHociate. continues to give his constant attention
to the style and general appearance of all garments
Blade at the establishment. The best work and
moderate charges is our motto. ap 8-3m*
4t?4 Seventh Street, 4*4
Near Odd Fellows1 Hall,
Begs leave to inform his former patrons and the
general puhlic that he is almost daily re
ceiving additions to his now beautiful stock'
Of Goods, adapted to
which must )>e seen to be appreciated.
None but the most ski-llful artists are employed,
and perfect satisfaction guaranteed, both with re
gard to
Always on hand a complete assortment of
Give me a call before purchasing. ap 5-tf
Beet WHITE ASH at by the ton. All sizes
t suit customers.
flawed and Split OAK WOOD, filil per cord.
PINE " 9? "
Long Oak. ?8 per cord.
A ton of Coal sold by me always weighs 2.240 lba
John b. lord,
is 28 ly Corner 4th and G streets.
Oil L ! C O A L 1 I
Gross tons of 2.240 lbs., delivered in any part
the city.
Chestnut White Ash. #7.
Stove. Egg and Furnace White Ash, Jo.00.
Bed Ash. #8.?.
Oak and Pine Wood constantly on hand.
Orders received at our Offloe; or at the Wharf,
foot of Seventh street.
a 2S-tf 4tt5 9th street, between E and F.
No. titiO PENN'A AVE,
Between 12th and 13th streets.
Teeth extracted without pain by administering
Nitrous Oxyde or Laughing Gas. Dr..
LEWIE has recently purchased the best!
Chemical Apparatus in the country for
making pure ga? every da\ : also, an improved Val
vular Inhaler. The Association is now prepared
to make Teeth on Gold. Silver and Rubber at New
York. Philadelphia and Boston prices. All per
sons wi-hing dental work done can have it as cheap
as in the abeve named cities. All work dons in
the neatest and be?t manner, and warranted to
give satisfy tion. Persons will do weB to call aud
examine our work. de24-tf
?J* S K T H .
The Inventor aud Patentee of the MINEBAL
PLATE TEETH, attends personally atj
hiaoflUein this city. Many persons caaf
wear the**- teeth who cannot wear others,
aud no person can wear others who cannot wear
Persons calling at my office can be accommodated
with any style and price of Teeth they may deairs,
but to those who are particular, and wish the pur
est. cleanest, strongest ami most perfect denture
that art can procure the MINEBAL TEETH wiU
be more fully wai ranted.
B?s ui* in this city?No. *39 Penn'a avenue, be
tween 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street
Philadelphia. oc 20-lv
]\TEW BOOKS.?The Landof Thor; byj. Boa
I? Browne; illustrated; ?2. History of the Pana
ma Railroad; hy F. N. Otis. M. D., illustrated, $2
CViofity Phop; Globe Edition: Sl.flO. Shakspere's
Cowplete w ?rks; Lnndon Edition; #6. Nora and
Archibald Lee; a Novel; tO els. Fuller's Small
Fruit Culturist; illustrated:
je 10 _ FRANCE TAYLO _
repaired. Beuphotstared ?ad Varnished. 12th and
B streets, (near the canal.) Highest price paid for
Second-hand Furniture. j? l-iy*
Pennsylvania avenue, near Willard's Hotel.
Th? Coolest and only Theatre r.ow open in the city.
Lnpagenient of the Celebrated and Original
(Mi thkix
From their Academy of Music, Chicago, Illinois
Twenty Star Performers. who will appear in an en
tirely New and Original Programme.
Vnrqn^tte Rnd Prv?B Ctrde -JO cts
Orchestra Cliairs...? cts
Gallery?.... ....... 25
No extra charge for Reserved Seats. Box Office
open from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. jy l,;-tf
?? ? ?
The East join? hands with the West and North to
relieve the pressing need of the Sooth.
$ 1.} 0.000
To be distributed to the Suffering people of the
South, by Major General 0.0. Howard, U. 6. Com
Combining the most eminent talent of the Country,
will he given in the
Fully appreciating the extent of the suffering
which now pervades the Southern section of our
Country, and desiring to assist in furnishing relief,
as speedily as possible, (perhaps thereby to save
human lite.) and reposing full confidence in the
ability and fidelity ol Mr. GEORGE W. THOMAS,
Managing Director <>f the recent Festival for the
Union Home and School of the City of New York,
(by which nearly One Hundred Thousand Dollars
were realized by that humane Charity.) We, the
undersigned, earnestlysolicit the support of gene
ous and benevolent citizens throughout the Coun
try. in aid of this National movement, to he made
with ihe sanction of the Commissioner of Internal
Revenue of the United States, at the City of Wash
ington. D. C., on the evening of Sept. 25. 18<!7.
While assuming no personal responsibility in the
premises, we give our cordial approval of this
movement of Christian Philanthropy.
RICHARD WALLACH, [Mayor,] Washington
JAMES W. NYE.U. S. Senator. Washington
D. C.
11. I>. COOKE. Banker. W ashington. D. C.
JOHN L. K1DWELL, Druggist, Washington
D C'.
Z. D. GILMAN . Druggist, Washington. D. 0.
JOHN B. BLAKE, President National Metro
politan Bank. Washington, D. C.
MOSES KELLY', Cashier National Metropoli
tan Bank. Washington. D. C.
GEORGE W. RIGGS, Banker, Washington
D. C.
PHILP A SOLOMONS, Stationers, W ashing
ton, I'. C.
W. H A O. H. MORRISON, Stationers,Wash
ington. I>. C. _
W. A. RANSOM A CO., 384 and 3">6 Broadway,
EVANS, GARDNER A CO., 380 Broadway,
NWM. C. BROWNING A CO., 326 Broadway,
PURYF.E A JAOUES. 394 Broadwav, N Y.
DAVENPORT BROS., 03 Greenwich street
* GILES. WALES A CO.. 13 Maiden Lane, N. Y
PROSPER M WETM0BE,28 West 2uth street,
N. Y.
JOHN H. GRISCOM , M. D., 42 East 29th street
Th'- following will explain the method of
tributing the Fund.
War Department, Washington, June 1st.1357
Geo. W. Thomas, Esq., National Hotel, Wash
ir.gton. D. C.:
Dear Sir : Your letter is jnst received. I thank
you for the confidence reposed in me, and will
gladly re eive any monies or contributions you
may receive for the relief of the destitute. I would
prefer that other srentlemen should be associated
with me as trustees, and would suggest that If the
tunds come in too late for the relief of the present
prepsing destitution, it will be better to devote the
fund?. or a portion of them, to the education of any
and all classes of the poor, for except in casesof
famine, the ordinary poverty in any section of this
country can easily be met by the communities
where it may exist. But in no case can too
much be given for the all important work of edu
cation. Very respectfully your obedient servant,
Major General, Commissioner.
To this Grand Reception there will be offered
2.r0.0u0 Certificates of Admission, at $2 each, which
will entitle the holders to superbcopies of Splendid
new process, the highest type of American art.
The subjects selected for these unique and beautiful
Pictures, and the perfection of their execution, are
such as must commend them to public approbation.
These Certitn ates will also entitle the holders to
the award apportioned them. The arranzements
for the management of this NATIONAL OFFER
ING are in strict accordance with the acknowl
edged principles (if law awl morals. and the method
of conducting it such as cannot fail to secure public
confidence and generous support.
Relying with confidence on the generosity of the
American public, to asi-i-^t objects of true philan
thropy , when fairly presented and justly conducted
v c hen w ith present a plan, whicli if re-ponded tc
with a hearty good will, cannot fail to give perma
nent relief to the destitute and suffering, w hile the
return to the benefactors will be?
1 A fine copy of a Steel-Plate Engraving, to be
delivered free of charge.
2. Admission t<> the Grand Musical Reception .and
3 Their award in the apportionment of 31.?0,
OUO in United States Greenbacks, to be appropri
ated to certificate-holders, the balance to be ap
plied to the purchase of Pictures.and 'he payment
of Discounts, Commissions, and other expense*.
This apportionment to be made and returned to
the Holders of Certificates, in such lawful manner
as a Committee of five prominent gentlemen, se
lected from ajnong the certificate holders, shall de
t< iniine. This apportionment to be made on or
about the 15th dav of October. 1867. and in pro rata
pr- p<irtion. should the full numl>er of certificates
notbeaold. The sale of certincates will positively
close on the 10th of October.
sent direct to us. with Stamps for return postage,
enclosing the amount for the number of Certifi
cates ordered, which if a large amount, should be
in l'rait or Post Office < >rder, pa> able to the order
of GEORGE W. THOMAS, which will receive
prompt at ten tit i. Be particular and write names
plainly . giving Pat'-, Town, County, and State.
The follow ing are our Club Rates. To responsible
Agent*.4iftecn per cent, commission will be al
lowed on single Certificate rates:
l ive Certificates to one Address~~~.~ 99 00
Ten 44 " " 17
Twenty " 44 " 35 00
Thirty 44 41 41 M 00
Forty 71 00
Fifty 44 44 44 ???
One Hundred 44 44 44 175 00
Five Hundred '? 44 44 850 00
One Thousand 44 44 44 1,700 00
Address all Orders and Communications, with
Stiimi<* lor Return Postage, to
Managing Director,
No. 370 Pennsylvania avenue.
Washington, D. C.
?^"Editors are respectfully invited to notice
this ?'National Offering"of sympathy and philan
tlirophy, and to lev J it such aid as their benevo
lence suggests. je 22-lm*
WAVERLY NOVELS?Each number complete
Volume In itself? usnalljr sold by book aseuts at 30
c?ntsper No., only 25 cents; to be complete in 36
Nos. Now is the time to subscribe.
WAVERLY NOVELS-Five volumes bound in
one, printed on good paper. 4,Waverly," 4'Rob
Bry," ,4The Monastery," "Kenelworth," and
4The Pirate;'' all for #1.50.
DICKENS' WORKS?Illustrated, from ?1.50 t4
$2.69. Each volume complete in itself.
THACKARY'S WORKS - Beautifully illus
trated, large print, from f 1.25 to $1.50 per volume.
A Lot of ENGLISH BOOKS just received, to
which the attention of the reading public is re
spectfully invited, at the Hudson Taylor Book
mv 21-tf F?nn*rl**nla avenuef %
j>8 Under Ebbitt House, cof. 14th *od ? ste.
National Thbatb*.?Skiff and Gajlord's
S*vmTH-8TB**T Pa*r.?Second Annual
Pic-nlc of the Colombian Pressmaa's Society.
Bbckkht'b Gasubm ?Grand P*c-nlc tor the
benefit of the ttatbolic and Protestant infant
Corporation Affaire.
Board ok Aldkk.men, July 15, 1^67.?The
Board met pursuant to law. In tbe absence
of tbe President, (Mr. Barr. who U on tbe jury
for tbe trial of John 11. Sorratt,) tbe Vice
President, Mr. Turton, presided. Tbe Chair
laid before tbe Board a communication from
tbe Mayor stating tbat be bad approved ?an
act lor the improvement of the alley In Square
No. 375," called Grant street. Also, a com
munication irom the Mayor nominating lor
wood ana coal measurers:?For tbe Kock
Creek district, John Boyd; 1st canal district,
William Pettibone; ?d canal district. John/}.
Robinson; Anacostia district, David W. Garst;
Potomac district, Wm. Burroughs; referred to
tbe committee on police.
Mr. Larman presented tbe petition of Peter
Lamnon and others, praying for tbe paving of
the alley in square No. 196; referred to tbe
committee on improvements. Mr. Given pre
sented the protest of tbe Trustees of tbe Fourth
Presbyterian Church, against closing the alley
from Grant street to G street, in square 375,
adjoining the said church; referred to tbe com
mittee on improvements. Mr. Given presented
tbe petition of Joseph Anthony and others, in
reference to arching tbe watercourse passing
tbrongb squares 2b7, 283,319. 375, 376, 377, and
378, to abate a nuisance: referred to the com
mittee on drainace. Also, remonstrance of
Wm. M.Galt and Baldwin Sc. Brothers, against
laying a foot pavement on the west side of 1st
street west, between Indiana avenue and L>
street north; referred to tbe committee on Im
provements. Also, introduced an act pro
viding lor the paving of an alley in square 375:
referred to tbe committee on improvements.
Mr. Tait presented tbe proposition of Griffltb,
Samstag and others, for removal of garbage,
night soil, &c.: referred to committee on im
provements. Also, introduced a bill to relay a
gutter across B street north, at its intersection
with 4th street east; referred to committee on
Mr. McCathran presented tbe petition of
William Ockstadt and otbers, asking for the
grading and graveling of H street east, from
Maryland avenne to East Capitol street, ac
companied by a resolution requesting the city
surveyor to furnhh the committee ou improve
ments with an estimate of tbe cost of tbe pro
posed improvement. Tbe resolution was
adopted. Mr. Novea presented the petition of
Micbael Biggane, praying remission of a tine:
referred to tbe committee on claims. Also,
introduced a bill to abate a nuisance in tbe
rear ot tbe Fourth District Grammar School,
and appropriating $25 for tbat purpose: passed.
Also, introduced a bill to set new curb-stones
and take up and relay tbe gutters on tbe&onth
side of B street south, between Sixth and
Tenth streets west; referred to tbe committee
on improvements. Also, bill to set new curb
stones and take up and relay the gutters m
the south stdeof D street south, between Sixth
and Eighth streets west: referred to the com
mittee on improvements. Mr. Wheeler pre
sented the petition of the Trustees of Kvlaad
Chapel M.E. Church, requesting the privilege
of erecting an iron railing or fence around tbe
cbnrcb property, five feet from the building
line; referred to the committee on police. Also,
petition of William B.Todd and others, ask
ing for tbe laying of gutter and pavement on
square 4!S; referred to the committee on im
Mr. Moore, from tbe committee on improve
ments, reported bill for the repairs of the water
course along roadway from intersection of H
street south aud Ninth street west to the river:
parsed. Also, bills to set the curb stones and
pave tbe footways and gutters on the west side
ol Fourth street east, lrom East Capitol to
As'reet north: on tbe north side of N street
sontb between Four-and-a-half street west
ard Delaware avenue: on the west side of
Third street east, between A >treet south and
Maryland avenue: and on the south side of M
street north, between Eighteenth and Twenty,
flist street west; all of which were passed.
Also, bill lor construction of a barrel sewer
along M street north, from Seventh to Four
teenth streets west: passed. Also, bill pro
viding for tbe extension of tbe sewers in
Seventh and Ninth streets west northward, to
N street north: passed. Also, bill to pave M
street north,from Seventh to Fourteenth streets
west, in the same manner as F street north is
paved (with blue gneiss;) passed. Also, joint
jesolutlon granting the privilege to Crermon
Crandnll, of erecting an iron railing in front of
bis premises, five feet from tbe building line;
passed. Also, resolution granting a like priv
ilege to J. H. Thompson; passed Also, re
ported favorably on tbe nominations of the
following Commissioners of Improvements:?
First Ward, John W. Dyer; Second Ward, Ja
cob Vondelehr; Third Ward, Jonn T. Garner;
Fonrth Ward, Jas. J. Campbell; Fifth Ward,
Elias E. Barnes;Sixth Ward, Wm. A. Fletcher;
Seventh Ward, James 11. Birch.
Mr. Grinder stated tbat tbe parties who re
monstrated (at the last meeting of tbe board,)
against tbe confirmation of Mr. Ellas E.
Barnes, desired another week in wbi:h to
submit evidence in bis case. Mr. Moore sug
gested tbat tbe question be taken on the six
nominations, to which there were noobiections.
Mr. Ricbarde said be was not aware tnat these
nominations would be reported this evening.
There were objections to other parties, and
be wished consideration of all the nominations
to be deferred one week, until he could have
time to investigate tbe charges made against
nominees On the question to postpone con
sideration of all tbe nominations for one week,
tbe vote was?yeas 10, nays l?Mr. Richards
Mr. El vans moved to consider the nominations
separately : agreed to. The 3-th rule requiring
a vote by ballot was on motion ot Mr. Given
suspended in case ot all the nominees to whom
no otjeetions was made. Tbe nomination of
Mr. Jebn W. Dyer, as Commissioner of the
First Ward, w?s confirmed. Mr. Klcbards
asked that the consideration of the nomination
of Mr. Vondelehr, as Commissioner of tbe
Second Ward, be postponed one week;
agreed to, yeaa 10, nay l?Mr. Moore. The
nomination of Mr. Jobn T. Garner as commis
sioner ot tbe Third Ward was confirmed. Mr.
Wheeler asked that tbe nomination ot Mr. Jas.
J. Campbell as commissioner or tbe Fonrth
Ward oe laid over for oae week, as be bad
been informed that Mr Campbell at tbe begin
ning of tbe war left tbe city and went south to
avoid the draft. Mr. Moore stated tbat Mr.
Campbe.'l gave blm active assistance iu ob
taining substitutes for the Union army. Mr.
Campbell w ent to New York.whether to avoid
tbe draft or not. be (Mr. M ; did not know.
Mr Ricbasds thought the obtaining of substi
tutes no proof ot loyalty; as many Mary landers
aid so to save their personal friends from ser
vice In tbe Union army. Mr. McCaihran said
these cbargesbad oeen brought up here before,
and disprove#. Mr. Campbell whs one of tbe
most efficient commissioners in the city. Mr.
Wheeler said be knew Mr. Campbell, but did
not know anything cf the truth of tbe charges.
If his own son bad leit hereto go ^outh be
would vote against blm. Tbe nomination was
postponed for one week. Mr Giinder moved
tbat tbe nomination qf Elias E. Barnes as com
missioner for tbe Fifth Ward be laid over one
week. After discussion, tbe motion was lost
yeas 4, nays 7: and tbe nomination was con
firmed. The nomination of Wm. A. Fletcher as
commissioner of tbe sixth Ward, was con
firmed. Tbe nomination of James H. Birch,
at commissioner of tbe Seventh Ward, being
next considered,Mr. El vans stated that it was
tbe only nomination the committee were not
unanimous on. The members of the lowef
board from tbe Seventh Ward and mnny citi
zens of tbat ward were opoosed to tbe nomi
tlon. and ha opposed a majority of the com
mittee on improvements in making a favorable
report on tha nomination He wished the
yeas and nays taken, tbat he might, record his
vote agsioat tbe nomination. Mr. Noyes spoke
ol Mr. Bircb as an efficient aud experienced
commif sioner. He believed tbat no more com;
peien>- commissioner was to be fonnd In any
ward in the city. Tbe nomination w<is con
firmed?vaee 7. nays 3?Messrs. El vans. Lar
man, and Ricbnrds. Mr. Wheeler was ex
cused from voting, stating tbat be believad
Mr. Birt h to betbemoet efficient commissioner
in tne city, but bis constituents bad directed
him to vo e, if at all, against the nominee.
The Chair (Mr. Tnrion) moved te reconsider
the \? e by wbicb the nomination of Mr. Jonn
W Dyer as commissioner of the First Ward
was confirmed: agreed to, and tbe nomination
?9, a" referred back to tha commute# on im
nrnvsmente for farther inquiry.
Mr. Wheeler, from the committee on drain
are asked to be discharged from further con
sideration or tbe proteat of Susan E. Davie and
oibera against laying a sewer in 5tb street, the
work having been commenced; agreed to.
Mr Tait, from thecommittaaonpoli?a,aaked to
be discharged irom further consideration ef
tbe petition of Wm. MoCutcben and others,
asking t? have tha alley ia square uofio
widened; agiaed te. and the petition was vaf
Co red to tbe committee on improvement*
Mr Given from the committer on elect ion sy
?Meeirs Given, Note* and Richards,) mad*
a^KK'awport liffaed by ail tha members *
the committee on the qualification of mem
bers, ?taMng that the committee had found all
the members of the present Board qualified
except Mr. E. Wheeler, Alderman lrom the
Seventh Ward. They were satisfied that tbe
spirit as well as the letter of the charter re
quites an Alderman to be a freeholder when
elected, and to be assessed on the tax book* of
tbe Corporation on the 31st day of December
next pree ceding tbe day of election Jklr.
Wheeler was not and is not now so assessed.
Tbe committee therefore declare the seat of
Mr. Wheeler vacant. Tbe report was ordered
to be printed and laid over one weeir. Mr.
Given also presented the opinion of the Cor
poration Attorney on the question of the quail
cation ot members, stating that property in a
wife's name does not make a citizen a free
holder, and that the assessment of the school
tax ifc not such assessment as is contempla'ed
by the charter *n order to qualify an Alder
Mr. McCatbran, from the committee on mar
kets, reported favorably on the following
nominations r?For Commissioner of Market*,
Centre Marten W. H. Brawner, P. C. Riley,
W.R. "Wall: Nor'bern Market. Theodore?.
Sheckeiis. Geo. W. Robinson. John G.Mat
lock; Eastern Market, L.E.Tuell, James Mar
ceron; Western Market, B. H Clements, and
Samuel Duvall. For Clerks of Markets. Cen
tre Market, Henry Lyles: Assistant, Jackson
Pumphrev; Northern Market. James Bowec:
Eastern Market, Alex. W. Eaton: Weatern
Market, A M Caldwell. Mr. Wheeler said
the nomination of Mr. Pumphrey was not ac
ceptable to many of tbe citizens of the Seventh
Ward, as he now contracted for carpenter's
work on tbe school houses lor the Corporation,
and other work, and could notperform his du
ties a? Assistant Commissioner of the Centre
Market. Mr. Neyes said he was surprised by
this opposition to tbe nominee. Mr. Pumphrey
bad performed his dntles as Assistant Market
Master most faithfully and acceptably, and so
far a*= regarded h.s carrying on other business
it was well known that other Commissioners
of Markets attended to business outside of
market duties. It was not requisite, and had
never been the practice that they should give
ail their time to tnose duties. Mr. McCath
ran, as chairman of committee on markets, also
bore evidence to the efficiency of Mr. Pum
phrey. All of the above nominations were
Mr.Wheeler, lrom the committee on wharves,
reported favorably on the nomination of Rob't
Boyd as sealer oi weights and measures; aud
the nomination was confirmed. Mr.Wheeler
then tendered his resignation as a member of
the Board of Aldermen. Mr. Elvans moved
that the consideration of the resignation be laid
over one week; agreed to. Mr. McCa'.hran in
troduced a bill to set the curbstones and lay
tbe footways and gutters on the west side of
loth street "east, between G street south and
Virginia avenue: passed. Mr. Tait introduced
a resolution authorizing the use of Busey's
patent pressed or machine made bricks for
pavements and sewers, being superior to nand
made bricks. Mr. Tnrton stated that the ma
chine made bricks were smootb, and sand
would not adhere to tbem as well as to hand
made brick. The con tracts were already made
tor tbe year for band made brick. Mr. Mc
Catbran' moved to amend by providing that
the consent of property bolders be obtained
for their use. Tne resolution and amendment
were relerred to the committee on improve
Mr. Elvans,from the committee on health,re
ported favorablv on the following nomina
tions: For Ward Apothecaries?First Ward,
David K Riageley: Second Ward, D P- Hick
ling; Third Ward. G. J. Musser; Fourth Ward.
W. C. Milbnrn. Fifth Ward, E. B. Bury; Sixth
Ward, John E. Bates: Seventh Ward, Edward
V B. Boswell, and they were unanimously
confirmed. Mr. Wheeler, from the committee
en wharves, reported favorably on the nomi
nations ot Robert F. Megee as harbor master,
and W. F. Grimes as assistant harbor tr ister.
Mr Tait thought the duties did not require a
harbor master and assistant. Mr. Wheeler
said be was of tbe same opinion until be had
examined the matter, and found that the du
ties were very great. Mr. Elvans spoke of a
decision of the Court here that the collection
of harbor dnes is illegal, and If the opinion is
sustained by the Court in banc, the office will
be unnecessary. After further debate the nom
inations were laid over one week; the com
mittee to obtain the opinion of the Corporation
Attorney as to the legality of the Harbor dues.
Several bills from the lower board were re
ferred. Mr. Elvans introduced a bill estab
lishing the rates of fare in hackney coaches;
referred to the committee on police. Also, a
bill authorizing the sale of the Washington
Canal: relerred to the committee on canal.
Common Cobhcil.? President Dulin in the
chair, and all tbe members present except
Messrs Arrison and Ball. A message was re
ceived from the Mayor enclosing the reports of
tbe apothecaries for the poor of the 4th, 5th. and
oth wards: referred.
The following were presented by Mr. Pfau?
Bill, for footway: &,c., on 'he north side of R
street, from 14'b to 15th street wtst?referred.
By Mr. Nally bill to grade and pave alley in
square 569; referred. By Mr. Crocker?Peti
tion of S. A. Prentice asking that certain money
Said by bim for a peddlers license be refunded.
!y Mr. Moore?Joint resolution in relation to
the canal, requesting the survevor and the late
Superintendent of the Jones Creek Canal, W.
D. Wise, "E*q , to eonfer with General Michler
in reference to changing the canal with a view
to its improvement; referred. By Mr. S. B. S.
Miller?Petition of Albert Brooks asking that
certain money paid by him for a substitute be
refunded: referred. "Bv Mr. Knight?Petition
of Francis Kevogh for "the remission of a fine:
referred. On mo'ion of Mr. Nally, tbe petition
of I)T. May and others in reference to draining
an alley, wag taken lrom the files and referred
to the committee on drainage.
Tbe following were reported from the eom
mittees:?By Mr. Connollv, ways and means,
resolution (offered by Mr Arrison :wo weeks
slme) authorizing the Mayor to co-operate
with tbe Commissioners of Education in taking
a census of the city: appropriating ?1,0(0
therefor. Mr. Nalley moved to strike out
census of the population and insert a census
or children between the ages of 6 and 16:
agreed to. Mr Dalton moved that the bill be
recommitted, with instructions to report a bill
making a sufficient appropriation to take the
census of the whole population. Mr. Con
nolly urged that they were called only to make
a census of the children, and that all should
act harmoniously in obtaining tne information
t ought for. that Congress might give us the
benefits proposed. Mr. Dalton withdrew his
motion. The bill was passed. Mr. Connolly,
from tbe same committee, reported bill to pay
the apothecaries ot the First, Second, Third
and Seventh Wards; passed. Also, adversely
on bill exempting stall owners from paying
licenrt" for wagons used In their business: re
port adopted. Also, resolution providing that
the laws and resolutions and proceedings of
tbe Boards, and advertisements for con
tracts, &.C.. be published in the Daily Moni
ivg Chronicle; the laws and resolutions in
tbe Evening Exj<rets and tbe German paper
called the Columbian. Mr. Dalton moved that
tbe Rational Intelligtncer be inserted as one of
tty> papers to publish ihe proceedings, stating
that that paper bad commenced to publish the
proceedings for the present year, and he in
sisted that tbe Board shonld not break faith
with that paper. Mr. Ji. B. 8. Miller moved
that the Evening Star be inserted in place af
tbe Intelligencer. Mr. O. S. Baker inquired
what the German paper was. where was it
published, Arc Mr. Connolly replied that it
was the only German paper published here
and circulated among the Germans, who in
this community numbered 15,000. Mr. Biker
asked wbat ia its circulation. Mr. Pfau.?
About 2,OW'. Mr. Dalton asked why the Intel
liffencer bad been ignored. He wa? in lavor of
giving the printing to all the papers. Mr.
Beall moved to strike ont the Evening Exprest
and insert 'he daily Republican; lost. Mr. N
B. Clark msved to strike out all except the
Mominq Chronicle; carried?Yeas. 1?_ Messrs.
0 S. Baker, S. S Baker, K.J Beall, N. B.
Clark. Connolly, Knight, Parker. Rutherford.
Slowen, and Tilled Nays. 9?Messrs. A. P
ark, Crocker, Dalton, Miller, B S. Moore,
Nally. Plan, aud the President.
Mr. Connolly, In explaining his vote, said
that lie aid ?o as an individual, and thought
?hat one paper was sufficient. Mr. Pftu said
that he was in favor ot selecting two paoers?
the Chronicle and Star?two lire papers; but be
would not any that other papers should not
be included. Although the doctrine of econ
omy and rvform bad been enunciated, he did
t ot consider it as meaning that the Oypota
tion should put it* light *nder a bushel. Jdr.
Crrcker was in favor of P^lshin* WPfO
codings in all tbe pape?-the old-establish d
papers at least. Mr. ?ail?y *?id thai he wa
ai?T?t opposed o taking ??? work from the
Inuil gfncer, bnt bewartl f*"v?,as tothe vic
toia belong the spoils, that the Chronicle should
be provided for^ It was aogceattd in the com
mittee that the Stair be one ?f ths papers, but
at bis solicitation, in order that a paper of
each partv might have ihis work, the Star was
stricken but aw4 the Expreit substituted. The
German paper hid a circulation of 2,000, and
bThsdno objection to its being included. Mr.
Dnlm said ?b-? h* did ?ot suppose that ona
paper w?s sufficient. Mr. O. N. Bahar moved
rSTcomn.it the bill. He thought that ths/a
1 teUiatncer thould remain as it was, and to dl
v/?? Se Sous tM Ckrrtidt should be pro
VSd lor. nt. Farfer was sow* that the Star
? A *
a H
was not tbe second paper. The resolution was
By Mr. Pfan (drainage)?Bill amending an
act to drain alley in equare No. 513. and to
construct a sewer in Fffrh crfct west; passed
By Mr. Crocker (claims)?Bill to pay bill of
costs to J. D. Clark, in the case of Simuel
Ireland: passed. Also bill to reimburse W.
.L. Hodge for license erroneously paid: passed
Also, bill to reimburse H. A. Hall; passed.
Also, adversely on tbe petition of Benjamin
Harris, asking that certain money be refunded
bite: report adopted.
Mr. S. S. Baker asked to offer die following
lteiolved. Jr., That reconstruction being
deemed as imperatively necessary in tbe Dis
trict of Columbia as in any State of tbe South,
therefore we earnestly requestor Congress the
immediate passate of tbe following act:
Whereas, the Constitution gives to Congress
the exclusivecon'rol of the local affairs of tbis
District: and whereas nearly all of the officers
appointed by the Mayor and confirmed
by the Board of Aldermen are utterly opposed
to tbe reconstruction policy of Congress,
whereby liberty, loyalty, and equality are
sought to be established and maintained in the
South; [and also that under the management
of such officers tbe moat open schemes or fraud
in tbe execution of work is the otmmon and
established rule, by which the people are de
frauded oat of large sums of money to the
great injury of tbe city.] and its improve
ments: Therefore, to establish loyalty and pro
mot? economy in the government of the Dis
Be it enacted, rfc., That the places of all mu
nicipal officers now appointed by the Mavor
*nd confirmed by the Board of Aldermen, are
hereby declared vacant: and all such officers
or any portion deemed necessary for the pub
lic welfare, shall hereafter be elected by tbe
Board of Aldermen and Board of Common
Council in joint meeting assembled, such meet
ing to cenvens on the first Monday after the
passage of this act. This act to take effect im
mediately, and all charters, acts, or parts of
acts inconsistent with this act, are herebv re
pealed ' J
Mr. Moore moved to lay the resolution on
tbe table: lost. Mr. Pfan moved that it be re
ferred to the committee before Congress. Mr
Crocker moved the previous question. Mr.O
S. Baker moved that the Board resolve itself
into a committee of the whole oa the resolu
tion. The Chair remarked that tbemotion was
not in order, a committee of the whole not
being recognized under the rules of the Board
Mr. Connolly urged that the Board should not
act hastily on this resolution, and expressed
his regret that it should have been offered. He
believed that if the resolution was passed,
i those who voted for it would regret it. Mr
Crecker urged that the resolution was right
and proper, and that it was tbe duty of the
Board to pass it. Mr Connolly said tbat while
be endorsed tbe general principles in the reso
lution, be could not vote for it in its present
S pfi Pfau mOTed that the preamble
should be changed; tbat itwouldnot be proper
I to pass it in its present sbape, without accom
I panying the charges with evidence. The mo
, tlon to reler to the committee before Con cress
was losr. Yeas?Messrs A.P.Clark, N. B.
i ClMk, Connolly, Miller, Rutherford, Slowen.
! Dn,in~8- Nays-Messrs. O. S. Baker,
3?"' Cr?cker, Dalton, Knight,
Moore, Nalley, Parser, Pfau?11.
Mr. o. S. Baker in giving his vote stated
tnat ne so voted because be was opDosed to
releriing a motion to a committee that was
opposed to tbe measure. Mr. Crocker voted
i\r?, because if it was referred the object of the
resolution would be defeated. Mr. Dalton
. was opposed to its reference and opposed to
J*1* *?"? which was an infamous slander on
| the District, which had furnished 3o,ooo troops
as evidence of her loyalty. He also opposed I
the clause charging tbat the officers appointed
by the Mayor are opposed to the reconstruc- I
tion measures of Congress, ard also to the
, clause charging fraud, ice. Mr. Nalley said
he voted in the negative because of the little
ness of the resolution. Mr. G. W. Miller said
that he was one of those who had been and
was as loyal as any, and he denounced the
resolution as an infamous slander. Mr.Dalin
said lie wished the committee to act on the
ievolution, and that he was decidedly in favor I
of Congressional legislation for the city, and
thought it necessary, as the other board was
usurping the power of this board in regard to
JJ?dg.1,Iig 01 the Salifications of its members
Mr. Pfau moved to strike out the latter clause
of the preamble, accusing tbe Mavor, anl to
insert a prov sion requesting Congress to re
move all distinctions in regard to race or color I
for juries or office in the District of Columbia:
agreed to. Mr. Moore suggested that the
ess.est way to fix this matter would be to ask
Congress to take away the charter. Mr L B
S. Miller submitted the following as a sn bsti
tute, which was rejected :
Revolted. Tbat a committee be appointed bv
this Board to confer with Congress in regard
to legislation necessary for the interests of the
city are hereby requested to urge upon that
body the necetsity ot passing an act declaring
the offices of the city filled by nomination of
'he Mayor and confirmed by the Board of
Alderman, be appointed in joint meeting of the
Alderman and Common Council.
Mr. Connelly advised ths members to act
cautiously. They had made progress within
the last twelve months they never expected. I
j and ihey should not now mar what they had
done. There was no way of reaching Congress
except by joint committee. It was for them if
determined to present ihe?e views to present j
them as citizens, but he could not see how the
resolution could be sent to Congress. The reso- I
lution as amended was adopted oythe follow
J,0'8.; Yeas?Messrs. O.S.Baker, S. S. Baker,
Leall, A. P. Clark. N. B. Clark, Connelly, I
Crocker. Knight, L B. S. Miller, Moore.
Parker, Plan, Rutherford. Slowen, Tilley and
the President-16. Nays-Messrs. Dalton,
George W. Miller and Nalley?3. I
Mr. Moore gave notice that he would move a
reconsideration on the next meeting night. Mr.
Connolly and the President explained that
ihey voted for the resolution reiucrantly be
cause they could not endorse the language of
the resolution. Mr. Beall, under unanimous I
consent, introduced a bill repealing the act of
May 31, 1897, concerning free negroes, mulat
tees and slaves, and all other acts and parts of
acts imposing restrictions on such persons. I
Mr L. B. S. Miller moved to lay !he bill on the
table as it was unnecessary. Mr. Beall hoped
thn bill would be passed, as now many of their
c< lored friends had not money to pay a law
yer, and they were liable to be a rrested for be
ing out. after 10 o'clock at night. Mr. Crocker
moved a suspension of the rules that the bill
[ be put on its passage, agreed to, and the bill
was passed. I
Tbe regular order of business was resumed
and Mr. Baker from the committee on police
reported a bill giving permission to geese and
goats to run at large in the Fourth Ward
passep Bill giving permission to C. C. Nel
son to erect an iron railing in front of bis house
on O street, between !>th and lOtb. five feet
from the building line; passed. Also, reported
back petition of Isaian Stewart, and asked 1
that It be referred to a select committee of two*
so ordered, and Messrs. Crocker and O. S. Ba
ker were appointed. By Mr. N. B. Clarke,
(canals.)?Resolution calling for information
as to tbe amount of rents aud wharfage col
lected from the canal during the last year
Mr. A. P. Clark, lrom the committee on pub
lic schools, to whom was referred the resolu
tion to provide medals and other rewards for
tf,e pupils of the public schools, reported
"that while they heartily approve of the poli
cy of stimulating and encouraging a generous
competition amccg the pupils ot our schools
hv the distribution of suitable awards, they
deem it inexpedient, in the present state of the
city treasury, to make such an appropriation
as is called for by tbe resolution, and ask to
be discharged from its further consideration:''
Agreed to.
Mr. Tilley submitted a resolution directing
the committee on ways and means to inquire
whether any lsgislation is necessarv to make
it tbe duty of tbe Collector of Taxes to place
all special taxes on the bills of tax-payers
when they are called for, and to notify delin
quent tax-payers when their property is
liable to be sold, through tbe mail or other wise,
than merely by publication in a public news
paper , as at present; which was postponed,
and the Board, at 11 o'clock, adjourned.
Tm Liwcol* Radioal Rbpublicah
Labor Association ?An adjourned meeting
of colored citizens ot tbe First Ward was held
at Union Wesley Church, for tbe purpose of
organizing an association tor the benefit of tbe
colored workingmen of Washington. The
meeting was opened with prajer, and Benj.
P. Grant was elected temporary chairman.
Tbe following officers were nominated by a
committee and elected: Alexander Henderson,
5resident; Thomas Martin, vioe president;
obn Washington aecretarv; Benjamin F
Grant, financial secretary: W. H. Sevasson,
corresponding secretary: Samuel Tracy,
treasurer; George W. Phillips, sergeant-at
arms. A constitution and. by-laws.were sub
mitted wad adopted, and after nrehl ad
dressee. tba meeting adjourned.
Row B*twb*w AcT&aa&xs ?Sally S . Clair
of tbi* Columbia Oardeh, came before Justice
Morsell yerterday evening, charged by J4**je
L*grantf, ftaather of the Columbia Garden ac
tresses, with disorderly eoaduet, th? tw? fca v.
The M illard*' Hotel Robbery.
The Arrest of a I. S. Marshal?Cvt'<-n Ca*e* in
Alabama?C' uftificn cj' ont of the Parti- s?
IU At.'injit.* to Implicate other*?The Kvid- uc
in thf Can?Rich Developments.
As tlie brief statements nereiof?*re publi?bed
m reference to the arrest and examination of
Hon. J. M. Tomeny, U. S. Mar-hal lor East
Tennessee, for alleged complicity in instlea
ling one "Warren Carpenter to commit the lar
cenv of certain papers from the room of E. B
Roberts, at Willards' Hotel, las: month, were
catcnlated to convey an erroueons impression
as to tbe extent ot the connection of Mr Tom
toy with the affair, we present below the sub
stantial points cf the case as thus far devel
ops belt>re Jnstlce SI iHer.
On Friday morning Mr. Tcmery was shown
a warrant sworn out by E. fe. Roberts, charg
ing that the said Tomeny had instigated one
"Warren Carpenter to steal from his (Roberts')
room, in Willara's Hotel, between the 1st and
12th of Jnne. 1S66, one tin box, alleged to con
tain certain informal voucberson tbe Quarter
master's and Commissary Departments, catt
ing tor about 9450. together with certain re.
ports and papers relating to various transac
tions of the said Roberts in regard to certain
cotton esses in Alabama, while he was acting
as special agent of the Treasury Department.
Mr. Tomeny immediately appeared before
Jnstice N. H. Miller, and the case was set for
bearing at bait-past five o'clock on Saturday
afternoon?Messrs. Riddle and Saffold for the
prosecution, and Mr Cox for the defease. Tbe
first witness put upon the stand was L. B
Roberts, wbo stated that be arrived in Wash
ington between tbe 12th and 16th of June,
ie<>0, and put up at Willard's Hotel;
that be brought with him certain papers
relative to alleged frauds practised on tfte
Government in Alabama in relation to cotton,
together with certain informal vouchers, (al
ready described above,) about five dollars'
worth of revenue stamns, and affidavits rela
tive to tbe alleged cotton frauds to be laid be
fore the Treasury Department; that on or about
j tbe 25th nay of .lune, 1-66, he left bis room
abont 3 o'clock and returned about 7 o'clock;
tbatwhen he did so he found his apartment
bad been entered, and tbe tin box containing
tbe aforesaid papers cairied off; that on the
26th of June, 1F67, in the custom-house at Mo
bile, be was informed by one (lager, deputy
U. S. marshal, as to who it was wbo had en
tered bis room and stolen the papers; that on
getting this information be followed certain
parties to Memphis, Tenn.. where he remained
till tbe 6tli inst., when, in company with War
ren Carpenter, be started for Washington.
Upon cross-examination by tbe defense, wit
ness stated that while acting as special agent
for the Treasury Department be had rendered
an account to Tomeny of certain moneys spent
by him in investigation of cotton claims; that
Tomeny relused to allow the same, and that
be had nothing to do with him since January,
186t>; that he (Koberts) waa before tbe Federal
grand jury at Mobile, and laid before them the
facts telating to Tomeny. referred to in the
papers, reports, and affidavits in the tin box
which bad been stolen; that ne (Roberts) had
charged Tomeny with defrauding tbe Govern
ment; was informed that tbe grand jury had
found a bill In May, 1866; had since learned
that tbe Attorney General for tbe United States
had entered a nolle jrrosequi; he had made com
munication to the secretary of the Treasury in
January, 1866. that Tomeny was In collnsion
with one Winston: on the 15th or 16th of June,
had made other statements cf a more general
obaracter. unfavorable toTomeny; that he had
been pursuing Winston, and wbile doing so
received a telegraph from Tomeny that he
desired h>m to come to Mobile te consult with
Iiureply to a direct interrogation; he said
that he did make a proposition to Tomeny to
have tbe military seize Wmton. and himself
and Tomeny would divide about 450 bales ol
bis (Winton's) cotton; that in reply to his
suggestion Tomeny's remark was, "All right,
1 will trust that to you." At this juncture,
Tomeny excitedly remarked in the ear of his
counsel, but loud enough to be heard over the
room,"Thai's ad-d lie;" whereupon tbe counsel
for the prosecution made objection to Mr. Tom
eny's maniifr as insulting to tbe prosecution,
and tbe Justice remarked that he must avoid
all occasion of offense in the futnre. Roberts,
resuming, said that nothing was done in per
suanc* of his suggestion apd that no attempt
was mane to get tbe cotton from Winton. lnre
j ly to an other direct interrogatory, Roberts
stated tbat be bad appeared before a sub-com
mittee of the Retrenchment Committee appoint,
ed by Congress, and had charged Tomeny with
detrauding the Government, Thinks that some
ot the affidavits in tbe stolen box concerned
Tomeny; that the parties wbo made them are
still aliv . Most of tbe affidavit had been en
closed to tbe Departments at Washington, and
he supposed they were on file; did not know
Tomeny knew the contents of ".he box. and had
reason to believe that Tomeny wish?d to get
bold oi tbe box.
}\ arrt i> Carpenter sworn ?Stated that in the
latter part of 1^5 he was at Gainesville, Ala ,
with Roberts: engaged in picking up cotton:
tbat he was there till 1st of January, 1!-<J6,
when he went to Mobile and stayed till June,
1S66: be knew of Roberts' loss of box; tbat
wbue at Mobile a man named Rockwell came |
to see him about copies of cer:ain depositions;
didn't know what Tomeny h ad to do with the
papers, or of what value they were to him:
Rockwell told him (Carpenter) tbat if be
would steal tbe papers be (Roekwell) would
see that Carpenter was paid handsomely; his !
ieply was tbat be wonld do bis best to get
them, but tbat it would tak? money: tbat he
made a key to fit Roberts' room at the Battle
House in Mobile: tbat be had tbe key in Tome- j
ny's office at Mobile, and supposed he (Tome- j
ny) knew all about it, because witness used to j
talk about the matter in Tomeny's office; that i
soon after, say May, 186?, Roberts left for j
Washington; tuat Tomeny had already left
Mobile: that he (Carpenter) got $125 from a ;
man named DuBois after Tomeny left. DuBois |
saving tbat Tomeny had gone to Washing- I
ton and lelt no money for Carpenter to '
prosecute his design of stealing Roberts' ,
papers: that be (witness) came to Wasbiugten i
and registered as Wilson and DuBois as Mor
gan: that a man named Ruter roomed with j
Roberts at Willard's; that a plan was fixed by
which Ruter and Roberts snould leave their
room, and while they were ab*ent he sbonld
enter tbelr room by a false key already pre
pared: tbat he opened Roberts room with his
lalse key, bolted tbe door after bim Inside,
then turned everything inside over on the
floor, opened bureau drawers and upset things
generally: opened Ruter's trunk, put his papers
out cn the tloor, opened the wardrobe, found
papers and took them out: rode to his hotel,
saw DuBois, and put the papers into bis (wit
ness') valise, and then took tbe first train for
Philadelphia; on arriving tbere took out the
box and fonnd papers and revenue stamps:
tbat next morning be started for DuBois'
house in New Jersey: that he left the papers
relating to Tomeny with DuBois; then went
to his home in Micbtgan, and when be
came back te New York met Tomeny in
ibe dining-room of tbe Brevoort House, that
Tomery asked him the news, wheu he told
him tbat Robert's goose was cooked: that he
afterwards explained to Tomeny more fully
what he bad done; told him he was out of
money and wanted $300: that Tomeny let him
baveSlsO. with which be returned to Michi
gan and came back to New Jersey on the 4th
ol July; subsequently met Tomeny at various
points. DuBois' sold the revenue stamps
in the box lor $3; there were no papers of
money value in the box, and had never heard
Tomeny sav anything its to the value of the
papers to himself; that on his last interview
with T<meiy heat first appeared to be satis
fled with the papers, but after looking at them
was dissatisfied because tbey were copies and
not tbe originals, and on that account refused
topaybimtor them, alleging ttjat Mr. Win
ston. for wbese benefit tbey were Intended,
said th?y were of no use to him; that be was
induced to come on here as a witness on tbe
assurance tbat if be turned state's evideneeit
would mske Tomeny guilty and he wonld es
cape prosecution.
Here the evidence for tbe prosecution closed.
Mr. Cox, counsel for the defense, stated tbat
he did not Know tbat it was necessary to in
troduce any witnesses on tbeir side, as the
prosecution had utterly failed to make out a
case against Mr. Tomeny. The evidence
showed ?hat these parties had never seen Mr.
Tomenv between the time of bis leaving Mo
bile in May and meeting bim in New York in
July, while tbe theft was committed in Wash
ing ion in tbe middle of June. He farther said
tbat be ssked for (be dismissal of tbe ease, for
want of jurisdiction of the court. If Mr. Tom
eny bad committed any offbnee, it was in Mo
bile and not in Washington.
Mr Riodie replied ihat a party committing
an offence by an agent was ee responsible for
tbe act as if done by himself.
Mr Cos said tbat as a principle la civil law
tbat sight be so, but it was unkuewn to tbe
criminal law.
After some conversation about proceeding
farther with the case, an Kffidarit was shown
Car renter, wbe admitted tbat the signature
app? nded thereto was bis. This affidavit sets
forth ttat by order of E. B Roberts, tbe prose
cutor in ibis case- be bad sfeiMed certain bag
ging. rope, and other property belonging to tbe
Goven men t. to a party designated by Roberta'
wbo bee sold tbe same, and tbat Roberts r ad
approi rta'ed tbe proceeds of the same to Ma
own heneff*.
F?nd!ng a propesit'on to proceed with the
evidence lor tbe aefenoe, tbe nase was cou tin
ned till Monday morning. at JK o'clo k
Yesterday morning, hi o clock, il:e ii%*?
was again railed op. when Mr Tom?nr apolo
gised to the conr: for tit* seeming disresptK ton
Saturday, and die a \ owed any inieauou to t>?
disrespectful :o either the court or :h-? counsel
Jor the pro*ec?tion
Jndee I.ea^b announced to :he court hat .n -
Ssmnch as he had not had .in opportunity to
appear on Saturday.he asked a continuance of
tbe rife
AJtersonie eonsulta'lcn. i; wa* finally agreed
to adjourn the case till } o'clock tomorrow
(Wednesday) afternoon.
Miitiboof thb Ki'akh op Health.?At I
o'clock ye*terday afternoon, an adjourned
meeting of the Hoard cf Health *as Jtieirt in
the Aldermen's Chamber, a: the i'u v Hhii
The President, I?r. Ha on, called :he meeting
to order. and upon a call of the roll it ap
peared tbat a quorum was present.
1 pon the pet it* on of Mr Sam ?tag. to deodor
ize right soil. Hr. Hign-r, chairman of the
committee to whom it had heen referred. hmc
a report recommending t!ie adoption of :be
same. [The report sets forth that Mr. Sim
stag's pennon propose to disinfect ni<rbr. eoll
before ills removed irom :be repositories, !
plan which has been adopted in the various
large Enropeou citie-*. and wht.'h ha? proven
?o pfflcacious in preventing diseases.> There
port was unanimously adopted.
From the committee to whom referred
the question of lmpnrry of the Fofoma ? wver,
Dr. Tod?l read a letter from Mr. Theodore U.
Samo, In which it wan stated that the wat?r
which Is now used in Georgetown and Wash
ington was as pure as any thai i an be ?up
plied for several years to come. ,No* nntil he
completion of the distributing reservoir can
there be any Improvement
it was further stated by Dr. Tedd that by
the 15th of August the water used iu George
town would come direct from theGreat Fall*.
He therefore asked that the commWe? be di
cbarged: granted.
Dr. Prentiss ottered a preamble and resolu
tions with reference to complaints which had
been made of the inattention to duty ol ward
contractor* for the removal or garbage, Ac.
v bich were referred to the Mayor for bi? con
sideration, with the hope that a remedy may
be suggested by him.
In connection with this subject it was recom
mended that a hell be used by the driver of
each cart to notify residents of bis readiness
te remove the same trom their premises.
Some other nnimportant matter# wore con
sidered, alter which the Board adjourned.
Solt>iebs aid Sailor's Umiow.?The regu
lar weekly meeting of the Soldiers and Sail
or's l'nion was held last evening a: Union
League Hall, Major Morse in the chair, and
I,ient Young secretary.
capt Call an offered a resolution, which
was aaopted, returning the thanks of the
I'nion to Hon. E. M Stanton, Secretary of
War, for the just and iaitbtul discrimination
in favor of soldiers in reducing the clerical
force in the Quartermaster General's office,
and recognizing in him a trne and faithful
friend of the loyal soldier.
Major Doughty read an additional resolu
tion, which was adopted, declaring "that in
tendering these sentiments of appreciation of
Hon. E. M. Stanton's course, we regard it an
the first step taken towards a just distribution
of publie patronage, and in accordance witn
the loyal people who sastalnea the late wtr.' ?
Lteut B Van Riper, late Superintendent of
the Senate Folding Room, was called upon and
addressed the meetinr He said that Andrew
Johnson bad betiayed the party that elected
him. There were men. too, in the Senate
whore betrayal of soldiers and sailors will
enshroud them in a political grave. He spoke
ot Mr. Brown, Sergeant-at-Armsof the Senate,
Who was a sycophant, and pandered to those
in power for purposes of self-interest. He bad
made S1UO,OCO. and he cared for neither soldier
or sailor He bad purchased the Old Capitol
Prison, and tried to delude the people with the
idea that it w?s tor a New York company to
make a hotel of, but now Mr. B. was going to
build three brownstone mansions tbereon. Mr.
Brown wished tbe office held by Mr B. B.
French to be abolished, so that, under the
resent arrangement with tbe Capitol police,
e (Brown) could make some appointments.
And what was the resnlt ? He had appointed
relatives, and not given to any who had been,
defenders of tbe Union. Adjourned.
. ?
Mr. John F. Ellis expects to be able to move
into his fine new establishment. No. 3?W Penn
sylvania avenue, about tbe first of October.
The handsome iron front building of Mr.T. M.
Harvey, corner of 11th street and Pennsylva
nia avenue, is rapidly approaching comple
tion, and will soon be ready for service as the
great Oyster Emporium. The fine new build
ings ot Meters. Shilllngton and Pilling and
Gait A Bro., on tbe avenue, between 11th and
12th streets, have been started on a carefully
prepared fouudation, and when finished will
add material! v to tbe appearance and business
impoitanceof that part of tbecity. Our neigh
bor, tbe Republican, has moved to its hand
some and convenient new quarters in tbe
Force building, on 10th street The avenne
and intersecting streets in the vicinity of loth
and 11th streets are now alive with important
business improvements.
Vipit op Navy Yabd Workingmbn to thb
President?Y'eeterday morning, a committee
of fifty of the employees of the Washington
Navy "Yard, escorted by Hon. Charles E.
Phelps and Hon. Stevenson Archer, member*
of Congress from Maryland, waitea upon
President Johnson for the purpose of asking
bis indorsement of a petition prepared, asking
tbat the workmen at the Navy Yard should be
retained at work as long as it could possibly
be provided for them. The President assured
them of his desire tbat they should be retained
as long as the work would admit. The com
mittee then waited upon Secretary Welles,
who relerred them to Mr. Ashman. Chief Engi
neer of the Bureau of Construction and Re
pairs. That gentleman received the committee
with favor, and said that there need be no fear
of a sudden diminution in the present force,
and that he would do all be could to increase it
AlljgbdLakcehy.?Mr. Addison F. Brown,
yesterday employed Wm Chase, Sam'l Key
and Alex. Reed to move hts furniture from
Georgetown to Washington, but the furniture
not arriving at its destination, he had the
cartmen arrested, charging tbem with the lar
ceny of tbe furniture. Upon examination it
was ascertained tbat Mr. Brown had a col
ored woman in his employ directing the re
moval of the lurnlture, and that she bad au
thorized the cartmen to place the furniture la
an adjoining bonse. Justice Morsell dis
missed tbe cartmen, while the colored woman
was arrested and brought before Justice
Buckev in Georgetown, to give an account of
her stewardship.
Attkmpt at EotBBRY?A soldier named
Thomas Kelley, of tbe 44th United States in
fantry. charged by Thomas Myers with an at
tempt at robbery?be having attempted, while
intoxicated, to make way with the money
drawer lrom Myers' store?this morning came
before Justice Thompson, who dismissed the
charge and fined Kelley fl for disorderly
The National B. B. Clvr in Cincinnati.
A match game of ba-e ball w as pltved in Cin
cinnati yesterday atternoon between the Cin
cinnati Club of that city, and the National, of
this city. The latter wen bv ascore of 51 to 10.
Tbe National will play a match with the
Buckeye Club of Cincinnati, to-day.
Revival of Relicion ? For a few weeks
past a spirited revival ot religion has been in
progress among tbe colored people at Asbury
Church, on the corner of lltb and K streets.
The WteY Goors Failures.?The New Yorlc
Express has recorded several ol these within
the few days past. Tbe Journal of Commerce,
(mtney article,) in further reference to the
subject, >ays:
"Within the last few days several suspen
sions have taken plsce, mostly from losses in
tbe sale of imported dry goods, and these have
been used as a text to throw discredit upon a
large Interest, and to create almost a panic
among those who have much at stake in tbat
ccnnectior. There is no occasion whatever
for such an alarm. The leading dry goods
firms in New York are not only sol vent, bur.
stand as strong to-day as at any period of our
history. It would be far better, we tbink, to
publish at once the names of those bouses
wblcb are reported as under suspension tfcan.
to speak ot tbem in such general terms as to
exaggerate ibeir number and importance.
Acting upon tbis theory, we may mention
Messrs. George A. Wicks A Co.. dry goods job
bers. and Messrs. Faircbild k. Fansbawe. and
Lreschigk. Willifrd A Rhodes, dry goeds im
porters. Tbe chief loss In all tbe cases has
come, we suppose, from the depreciation in the
valne of dry goods, and their consequent sale
at a heavy losa "
?y A cheerful poisoning sensatisn is de
ligbting States Island, no less than three per
sons?two young men and an aged lady?hav
ing been poisoned, it it is supposed, by ons wo
man. The poisoning occurred lathe house
bold of a wealthy farmer named Jesaup, and
was perpetrated by a young married woman,
as Is supposed, named Grant. Mrs. Grant bail
quarreled with some of the other servants, and
took tbis way of settling old scoree. Two oC
tbe victims died quietly and decently, bring
ing no suspicion upon any one; but the last, &
young man, made such a fuss over tbe arsenic
which tbe good woman bad put into his ooffee
that fonl play was suspected, and she was
lodged in jail.
Anothbb Victim to Base Ball.?A young
gentleman, named James Brown, in playiag
base bail day before yesterday, orsr exerted
himself la pitching ball, so much as to injur*
his intestines, from tbeeflhotaof which he di -d
yesterday. The Tieroca wan found invagi
nated. The young man waa the soaof Chris
topher Biown, residing on Broad street, aeax
First. He waa a wry fiae, robust, healthy
yonng maa, much respected in tha communi
ty, aad, during tha war, maa a irrmkir ot
Stewart's artillery. It la doubtful whethsr
base ball is an uau??tteat_AicAmeft4 ?mm.

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