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I he Jbenina Stat
XXX11I WASHKNGTOJN. I); C.. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 9. 1869. N?. 4.?fi7.
PUBLISHKH B4ILT, 8nn4aj Vieeptet, 1
At (be War BoildlaK,
8 W Cmm VmaiTtftlll if Ui 11th ftlMt '
ST AH ? servod by tb? c&mm to their
nix. n^" ? 11 <1*T "<i District u Tn ,
wiu. UubiN u coismt, witt
f r ? ? boat wrappers, Two Cirri ncI
Pi bob Maiuia?Three monttu. Oil
1? >k ?r *r.d Eiftr Onto ?i* most ha. Thr?e l>ol- j
iw> o - v?*r. Fit# Dollar*, Ho paper* arc
?*?? fr m *j>* otflo- lonr<*r than paid for.
Th- WEEKLY STAB?pnbllafced on rrUUy
tiiralTii?f?r? Dollar and a Half a Y?r. ,
? ???I
Vtnitti** ewlr.*- to tbr '* " *-d 'ir?<prf?n
* ?ht' r> th-v cit'i.r t r pr r.li?:
11. */..1 the whit? Hf) t-r*?r!u err *0) >?x t to
J.ia: > i?uS Hm?. fwMya t[>* -?.- coolnblk
ta r.o ural' to ttt?:r 1- vpp.c?-es 1 wrlfarr
for 11 n* ran tharpy who *rr ?U. Notonlyao,
iltnouf ot lh- ?f t^rioKf f c ru plaint* can
.on* b? nJT'-ixi to run cn without JutoItIuk the
9* trrtl h<e'th of th?* iodifidiitl, an<i <-r? l n< pro
JoriBM p<*rB.ar.rut ?irltT.r-? ?n.l prrroafre d'clmr
>1 rli it to consult e phj airian fjr thr
relief of ihnw iiri' r.j 4 i>c?tr ttr n?. tad only
pen tlv m<>*t nr?<*r<t n<v?i??f*y wi-l * true woman
- far ? < . .iter hrt >ir*i.-?t ehtrm M to ilo tt<i?
Tfrr ?\? will tb?n 'task an for pl%cio3 in th?*ir
himpir ?p?*ciflce ?lneh wiil to fi-uo1 rflj
etcK ia in r?ntvDir ?u<i curing su;k>?i ?-f 'rjr on*
ef those trouk tromr complaint* p-<uli?r to tH<
Uudr?d(raf?r o> li *fl?iir#, ud hr.odred* ?
?tbrrs spply vuulj to dra?(laU an J doctors, who
itber u.erelj tsntstv/e tb? m with tb* Lop* of S
car* or spply mutJif* whit o mmh Mra worss. 1
woo Id sot wi?b U* sasrrt ?uvthir.* that would do ,
!*j?*tic? to the s:flirt?<l. but I un obli?vd to sti
that although it mar be produced frua ?
eihaostion of the powers of >lfe. by laborious emrkijmeut.
unwholesome air and food, pntfnwe men- |
*troati"D. the use of tea and coffee, and fr* merit
chiidbirtb.lt is far oftaner cawed bf direct irritation.
applied to the aocou membrane of the
TajriDa itarlf.
when reviewing the cum of these dintreeetn* i
complaints. it ia most palnfal to contemplate the
attendant evils conae-juent npon them. It is but
simple nstlce to th* subject ta ennmerate a few of
the man7 additional aausi's which so largely affect
tke life, health, an<l happ.neseof woman in all
claSMsof society. and which, consequently, affect I
ware or lees directly. the welfare of theeatira ha
man family. The mania that exists for precocious
education and marriage. caus. i the years that na
n. vrwaKUT-w v uvinvpuirm 10 (H)
*mM and jTTirtel in the restrains ef dree*, j
tb?> early confinement of school, acl especially in
the nnbealthy excitement of the ball room. That,
?'?h th* b' -fl j hull clothed, aud the mind naluly
emcited by pleaeure. perverting in midnight n-vel I
the h'xn df?iKDrd by sat a re for sleep and rest,
thr aorh of ilrstractlon 1* hetf accomplished.
la c?nse.jnenc<? of this <?eriy strain npon her system,
i>inr rMari eff ort la repaired by the detirete
v.iary 10 rrtain her sltnati< n in school at a later
d?r, tfcos aggravating the evil. When one excitemi
is over, arvthrr in prospective keeps th?
?>nd morbidly sensitive to impraMion. while the
a< m constant restraint cf fashionable dress, absoa'ely
turl'i. sin* the exercise Indispensable to the
atUcoMst and reterticn of organic health and
etr*-DKth. the exposure to night air. the snddea
<t>angecf temperatn?-e; the complete prostration
produced by excessive danclne, Bust, of n?-oeenity.
irc^lnM th^ir nffu/f at * - -? ? -
marriage cap* th?* -iiajax of misrrr, act the 0*1
icrtiiDttr ob*. hitherto rtterly re- ardleaa of tr?
plain dictate* ar. 1 muonatraacra of her delicate
nature. t?ccniM an onwilling t o DMi -?i
:ra*:n-*c!. ThU ft but a truthful picmreof the
aperleEC* of thon?an ! of oor 1 onug women
/*> ng hel >r* the ability to fictcim tn~ inaction*
the generative oi?an?, they re joire an Mlr.ca
tton of their peculiar n?*rvoB# ?y*teiu compose 1
of mhBtt* called the tlaa?*. which In. <b eonoo
w'.tti tli-fmiale t rea?t Bod lip?, evidently under
th? control of MeBtal emotion* and m*< elation* at
a *Bily period of tile, and. m we ?ba'l ?cb?e
?"eatly P-e, the#* emotioar wh -n hiV^IvhJh,).
Insg b*f<-re potTiiy.to ktbiti ? bich -up the very
Hte of tbeir victim* era nature ha atlf-ceoipleted
tMr davciopmeat.
nnM-r uht UMT pvrirci ipfticc Howl:
t'r c?e. dn t, wul k.iKf ftcctuitauf.
F*- ?i>? In*tc'T p??i -d of l!??, n fiig; to
nlfnr i !<i ?* . ?ill c I lit rcir.*!? t.i m ? nito'e
?n IU? f it? fr.rj'ti? i.? tSrrLgttl I* tfce
llvri ?i( n>?nLcv4 ?l j wauiauuood.
rtr'nctfc^r.'rc !t*o i-.j if ?.* p-*[>?r?ricn?
?' V?. *. ir Irto. iaC tit > Mftr.tad u. f ji-a?
r+cr: tM the ln<fcr?? :t*M nf t? ? ir >?t prom t
pfc'?> i?n?in!>ie Ci> r.iw of ]
'?:?! W ?tt . H kan?nitf ? ? r> rtri. c?> f> r |g?
j. !. ?i?e diar***'* *l-1 'Taijljcae from ? b*t?-ver
ttu? i r ;gL?tir f
1MB* 1L1T1,
bkBkBSb iMlTABIblTT,
absescb or mcscclab BrriciiacT
and. ta feet,
Ii th* a MBBTOC9 and DEBII.
?"?" ajilta.
To l?Mr* Um m?lu, cat Ui? oot.
TU? ? otb?r.
Pilar (I.U4 or ill tottlM for (I II.
J>?11 vored to My A44root.
Mtnk* SjBftuBi ti ill 0*UBLkUi?ai.
t?toro<rt*?7, N.T.
A22LnKZL2m J22*le^elel,e "f ?
It 'icllii mr;whfr? anil (t<M n?t1i(?etiM. fcfl
I tb? (ollotircritnol* ftom lett?n
L B Drnccitt, Onlontown, Jwa .
*tl?w "Alien'* Lima Balaam bM ??Tfonn?rt tome
T? rnArl aKIa rnru A^ifil h#rA I T(*** f>?TfiWlln it With
.? ctdeccain ldi?M?#ofth?Throit and Lama."
*t? RT ;t Bkdi . Drugs lata, write from Carrol
t<>D 3<iid u< ALtftN'8 LONG B&t>
A M ? e ?ri-entirely oat of It. It lirei mora
tieMeral satisfaction than any other medicine wa
tU. ja 21-lm
This o'd and well known r raedy, which baa acijnind
a world wide renown fur the cure of sadden
ii 'i4.ci ashs. etc , ? ?? atmiacb, general debility.
nmotng ?<re nion'h.cankered month i?r throat,
liver cctnpaiut dyspepsia or In'i^estlun,cramp
i r {-iin in the ?;oniach. ~>we! complaint, painter'*
colic, Asiatic cbol - *, llat rh'i-a and Ivaentery, has
It ?t Tim f ri it* ? ; r.ai le by repaated trials; but
onttnoeatc. occupy a cominent position ia eve y
tamily medicin?chest. ja II liu
*'* ? * a for Yr . j Men. on the Krrnra, Abn??s
an<i 1'iseares in i ??-nt to YoutU and K?rly Manh
<>d, with the hnmaiie ?itw of treatment and
cr.re, fei.t h> mail in sealed latter envelope* free
i iDtige *.iurM? IIUWABU A3JUUIMION.
Hoi 1*. t lil!a.ielph(a, P? ja 18 ;Ut
the vitality of the icalp.
br i < ?% Ike b?tr to its original color.
<? *? the nutritive matter vhicli n<>nri?he*
the hair.
Bf nfw< tbebrtah. wiry h*?r to silken aoftnea*.
Kecewi th. growth of toe hair.
Be(j?v? the appeartnce of thote that are Btld
r.'l Gi?>. *i><i i? t hair dr?"iat:iK. No Oil
or Alcohol to clog up the pored One bJltle nbowt
It* eflacta.
k P H ALL A CO . Na?hna, N H , Proprietor*.
For sale by all <lrnggi?ta. jaH-im
PoctcrB. UeF CURTIS, author of" Manhood."
"Mwlicitl Irnri on Mtrr1i|( "Ac.. Ac., begs to
d- tlfy his Washiagtou patimts, that owing to his
extenxive practice In Baltimore, he will iu fntnrs
be aHe to devote enly the following d?\ t^> their
iutereats. and will attend on WIDSISDAI
atd SATURDAY KVSNIfttfl) from to 8 p. m .
auo s>i n v a i e iron> 10 to 4 ana * to * ? . m . at
No. UUU V itrtrt 10 rear of Willtrd i Hotel.
Other day* at hie raliltnc*, JS North Oharlaa
atrret. Baltimore
hi*>cialitv ? Treatment nndeW' Ol aertoaa debllitr,
and *11 diaeaaee ariaing from abaaee of tbe
ajatem oc JB etn
and render* THE 8K1N SOFT,
For LADIE9 In the NUB8BBT it la InvalnabU.
For GENTLEMEN after SHAVING it haa noeanhl
"PAPHI AN LOTION" la the enly reliable rem
edy for diaeaeea and Lilemiahea of the BEIN.
fcr the TOILBT, N U HSEBT and BATH, will not j
cbtp the 8K1N. Price -id oeate per cake.
PBALOS * BOIf, Now York.
Je 8-lr Bold by all Druggist!
Till *>l?mdld Hair Dyel? the beet in tho world'
the only true and perfect Dye; hartnle?<i, reliable,
in?umi?neoc?; no aisappolatmeat. no Mdlculon*
tints; rvmediea the 111 effect* of bad dy ?. Invitor?tM
iwiMfM the Hair soft and beattifnl hi ask
r brown bold b? all Druggists and Perfamera;
acd proper!/applied at Batch alor* Wig Factor
o. ! Bond areet. H?wYork. j ?U-aodlr
Metropolitan Patent Steam Bakery
No 347 C STBIKT,
B> 4.'? ami ?iiH SrKEitri.
Are Ituitwd by *11 impartial judge* to be the belt
in the EMliet.
The r? iw us are obvious:
M t- ha*e "re* twl oue of M< Kfnzie'a splendid Reel
0*ei.s. at a con of over fite th<>(.?aud dollar*.
Onr niarliiuery is the best aul u-weel Pateot.
v e Viu the bent material.
w> emili j the b?-at vr.rkimn.
\Se iraonNrtare Irom iwt-Dly e to thirty barre!s
of rtonr per day.
^ f * fp r? *1.1 sforfc on hand, *nd consequently
orr Crackers are aiaajs fr- ?b
Try for yourselves, jvu will Bad eur statement
tme _ ,
To pre?( Lt fiaud, our Crackers are stamped with
the u?nie,
I f ... * .tu i V t IB M V D 'O #'U ?/'!/ ?T?Uf
i t j uu i ?w i %?-? u a ? l. ?" n u n '/na^aAIkO
frim your Oiocrr, to the Bakery, 31 7 0 at
?r will ttiptly you
We oftcr tb*- following assortment
8l'I>A ? KiH KB RS
Mil K I'. 180 KIT
ltmoh bitjcl'lt
boston crackers
"ilavinnek s family BREAD.''
I 1 his uii? ,'iallni Br*-?a it bow for sale ly most of
th- ! ?.. .nc <>n i rr of the rlty
It i- a? .6* of at-.. rt I ..I'.llj lour. is thoroughly
ti.X?.l in M Kt y .ie u Parent Oveu. is always
??>'t wh'te nitriti.ias. .ta'1 is gaaraiit-ed to
weigh sixteen ounces
CAITION ?A gr>al ?! a: of I! read is a 'Id for
I tsennerV which Df i-r ewe frnm onr fn'nh
I -;,rn r.t To prrvnit .sfaraa po?-it le tiusdis
r. *!> .*?? riv? .1 .1 our untliori/-'! Gri>
ci ' *ith fr? i?h unipi.-cartlo. UiarUfl 1 8\
Miiri^iur > &r?ci )tV> Im
<-r KISfcST QO&LIT V,(In the Comb.)
lu . !b .? lb 10 lb Simla,
A? X ? Tork Price*
Corner 14th aod V streets,
*77 Under Cbbltt Uins<>
11 O O F ' S
MALT r. X T R A C T .
A DtLtktful, BEVERAGE.
A I.ta.an: lurttorating TO SIC.
A SulititHt, for A I F. and Alcoholic DRISES.
A Certain BEMEDT for I>i?order? of th?
So 'J hy D iim i.sf an J lirnccr?.
Ant*Uor I S. and bntnk Prermcet of A.
tab 2 to'Sm
L* A IS B A N K 8 ' S0AL1B.
LcoUlaoa tTND*,
_>a27_e?Iw bttwmn tth aad l*ft ilrrfU.
oabpbtb, oil clotbb.
for the B"*? >i v* vlll Mil all of the ibo't
rooda at prime coat (or mh, m we arefar exiling
th?ni at r?M lather than remoY* them Now la
??'. ?n<i n<> nu iirMi, u<i
K , I* tbe iIk* ?o irocnr* b*r|?tiii. Call Mrly, t<
bu: be cloaed oat by (ftbriuT !7th.
.>*?_*>*? U?telJ
? .. _ W BCRCHELL.
I?? Ccr Hi *"< U .ainier KbbiU rtumse.
DIB 8TC Ff 8 omr tnhilllF 1
iwumi L/ra? , "v sa street ana rf?i|
ayiTMi* imw. Biu. to %-lm J
Washington News And Gossip.
Inikkvai. KivRsri.?Th* rec'ip 3 to-day
Irum tbis mure* wer<?
ma.>ok (tunkkal wi\ri*lo s. han - h k
and tamilv :ir?* at ?>? >'uion Hot>?l in G orgfto
w i).
Personal ? Ne-iator Mat.h-w H. 0.ttpen*?t
ot Wi-ioousiu, ami Oovernor H. 11. Wells, of
Virginia, are at Willards.
Hrbvrt Capt. \V. A. CnrLTUR has h?-n relievtdfroin
duty in tiie Bureau of Ketueee^
ai.d Free.lmen 111 the Stare of Virginia, and ordered
to join his company at Jdon'joinery, Ma.
Bkkvbt Ma iok I. I>. I??tUrP<kv, Oap- l?t
1. S. Infantry, and Capt. George Baldy,^?9th
U S. Infantry, have r>een appointed aid to
Brevet Major General K. C. Buchanan, commanding
the department ot Louisiana.
J a vis Partos. who h:is ber?n in the city tor
several days, bunging to the attention of
members of Congreas the necessity of a proper
international copyright law for the proWcriou
of American authors.
A rHhtuactbp mbktin.- of theCabinent was
held at the Whue House tj-day, at which all
the members were present m conference with
the President. A number of visitors calied,
but none wc? admitted to interview with tb?
President alter 12 o'clock.
COMXIKRIONBE RoLL<Jf<.?, Of the lnt-inal
Revenue Department, is now absent from the
city, on a brief visit to hu> home in Maw Hunp.
shire. The business ot the ofli,-e will in the
meantime be transacted by Mr Harlan, Assistant
KEPOLTTioNft tendering the hcvnitalt-ia. ni
Baltimore to President Johnson, whilst on Ois
way to Tennessee from Washington, were laid
upon tbe table in the Second Branch ef the
City Council there last evnlng, several Democrats
expressing themselves as opposed to
"hasty legislation." and asking time to consider
tbe subject.
It ir raid that the House Committee on
Public Buildings and (irounds have agreed to
report in favor of the hill to repeal the liw
which abolished the oitice ot Commissioner of
Prblic Buildings. So much tbe worse. The
alt air* of that department have never been administered
so much to tb<* public advantage
i< since the ottice of Cumrai-sianer was abali?hed
and the duiu-s asstirneu to Gen Micbler.
i-ti'ite a sckjie occurred yesterday before the
Committee on Public Buildings aud <iround-ol
which 11 jn. John Covode is chairman Mr.
F. P. Stanton appeared as eonnsel in b-half of
certain narties who have a lull b fore the .-^m
mr.tee. Mr. Uovc Up declar.-d that no man who
bad received feiMiO" of the Alaska money could
b?* beard before ib ?r committee, and M.r. Stanton
was obliged to depart.? Wa'k. i'or. .V. i'. H r
trli. fi.
AWOTHKR t'<?LLK. TOB Sl"?t KN'DBl>.? t' E
Creecv, Ks?i , Super* isor ?>f Internal Revenue
for the S ate of Loui-'iani. ha- saspnnded W
H. H. Mullen, Acting Collector tor ih Third
Ihetrii t ol Louisiana, on the charge of malfeasance
in oflioe. It will be remembered that
tuyere Tisdnle, the Collector of the District,
was susp^-nd^d by Mr. <!reecy on thf same (
charge, soro?* months since, and Mull-'u, b'niz j
the oldeet deputy, aiu-ceed I him, bar has never i
tiven any bcuds to the ?JovTi.iii-'nr It I# -aid >
that no deposits have b?*en mttde by hun sine
l.e :t6?-umed the di-cb irste ot the duties o? the
osirce, and that lie is> now tin* owner of real
esta'?? and mortgage paper, and i? -.Ijiu*
Mit. >i< Kkk a* present K |>r?;--.i .e 'rntr.
Kentucky, but teiirin with th.- pres-ut ee?.
siou. if formally aunomuvd as :i ctudid-tt* l-jr
( leikot the House. His trie. Is ar?- under*..> .1
10 t*' actn e|y a! work in his betrilt, hu the adherent*
ol the other candidate? hold that he
entered t h. field so lute Th?r hi lm h." i ?
chance ot ruccess?inoet ot tl?e members L iving
reacted conclusions in the premises before
hie intention was made known. 8m> far, Mr'
McPher-ou's most formidable opponent is ooo5id?-r?d
to be (ten. Eckley, from Ohio?at -> a
retiring mt-n.ber of the 11 ^use?v. ith the chance*
*ery decidedly 111 favor of >lr. M P., the p,-.*-.
nt incunilx'iii. who has tilled the oflije most
Ukkikai li it ANT yesterday \ i*ited 'he t 'moti
league Rooms u New York, and af>rwtrd>
rode out to Ceutral Pais with Mr. Bonner, behind
the famous Itexter, e.u<l -earned to t?m >y
this portion of his New York eutertaiumeui
more than all the re?t put t u?ethi?r. 1I-* received
the Republican General (J jinmitu-e 111
thealternoon at the Filth Aveuu- lljtel. .1
profession of the mt-inbt-rs, two and two,
ur:uiru liyi un it's > NpiMl. Pr .1 !l \
Grid lev, and Gen Ihi- K. liuriie, ;tii I <i-i:
.lobn < Jochrane, w#s formed, au>) went to itir
bote), and tn? General ive?*iT<fd tu?? part.v 1:1
the ball adiounne bis parlor 3Xr. Sp-'n>-er
irad^ a short speech, and Gen. < iraul a sa >rt *r
response, ojily sa>iug "Good dn> . I-is*
ninjr be diL>'d ? i'b 3Ir. S 15.I'tiitt >id*n, :i i:l
was to have 2s"? w Yoik iu Mi. ui*ht train for
Philadelphia To join Mrs G-aut, vrh ) l?ft \ ".v
Yoik with <ieu. l>eut >ee:?rd:?y .noruini'. Tb.
pary (General and Mrs. Grant, .tud GeneralDent
and Bid.au) are expec'ed to urnv- in
this city Irom Philadelphia Ui.iuurrjw morn
Tm atvATit remained In session all nuht
and until buli-pa-t eleven o'clock this morn
iuf. vheu, alter a continuous session of sixteen
and tt bait hour*, they adiourned without final
action on the j>roposed sutliage amendment to
the Constitution, wbich was discussed during
the night They reassembled' at noon, when
tbe subject was again taken up. Nearly all of
tbe Senators were in tbeir seats during tbe
night, but soire ol tbem looked considerably
worn ont this morning Mr. Rice, of Arkansas,
was unable to see it out, and shortly after tbe
Senate was called to order at noon, he in.
dnlged In a quiet nap at bis d?s*k. Mr.
Saulsbary sought one ol tbe sofas and was soon
oblivious to all Constitutional amendments.
Mr. Nye bad to walk the floor to keep his eyes
open, and judging from the innumerable fan.
citullv-clipped bits ot paper strewn about tbe
floor, many were at a low bow to pass tbe time
or wbat employment to seek to keep themselves
from tbe arms of Morpheus. Tbe galleries
were well crowded during tb? early part
of lajt night, but by midnight the erowt bad
tbinned ou', though a few of tbe curious r?
aalntd until morning.
Tfb Svruran Court or ma Uhitbd
Statbr, yesterday, in the case ot tbe county ot*
Lane rt. tbe State of Oregon, gave an impor.
taut decision. The question on this cans* wa&
wueiuci ui uuv tur oww wm aumonzea lU COIUct
its tax in coin. The couuty tendered
paj mmt of the amount due in legal tender*,
and claimed that under the legal-tender act the
State via bonnd to accept such payment. The
court of Oregon sustained the State in tta demand
for payment in coin, and on appeal to
tins court that judgement is affirmed. Th?
Chief Justice delivered the opinion of the
cuurt, holding that the legal-tender act did not
apply to tne collection ot State taxes. That
was a matter wholly withiu the constitutional
authority of the Slate and with which Congress
bad nothing ta do. Tfce State can collect
Us taxes in coin, or la kind, as it shall determine
by statute. A tax is not a debt within
the meaning of the legal-tender act. A debt
rises in contract, but a tax is an obligation
imposed on the citiaen, without his consent, by
the tovereign. The judgement of the Supreme
Court of Oregon was *01 rated.
Trnt AtR Livr Uailroap ?The H)n<a, t
few miiiu es before tnree o'clock this ?l>r.
uowin, iefn?e<i to lav th-- air.line railroad bill
on the table by & vote of ? t uay-s to >>
yms. The question reca**!** iitv>n the third
r^aairtjr of the bill. Mr. hulrMr*. of Wi<c>n<it.
demar.de<l the reading of the engro?*ed bill,
which no" beinc ready, the qaea'ion weat over
nntil to-morrow.
A? wi oo to fiiis afternoon th?
S n it?- i- sill !ii session, aud <1is,ar th
Constitutional st:u??ndm?*iit, though i' i? y~y
doubtful that a vote will b* t.*k-u to-dav. T t??
1 termm t.t? cud jxvt<*<i to pet i:i h o! in?* ?>of
an lii-:i g a.! vho jbptp eii^ ig>'d in ti*? i. >< !.
lior. an nin?ii>im>*nt to that b-?iuit off'-iv i
bv M . Vi %k"*?rs t'pon this qn^stou, Ml -s?rs.
HoSeit-or. and Stwyer of Snrh Cirotina,
liarlati. Wilson. Grim-'?, Trumbull, R?m>ey
yoi?*d with the l)>>mo rits. bui the amendment
w:is d''tt*:it>-rt. The (rall-rit?8 w??ri? crowded to
a&y, aua muca in'erem is mnnuestej in tindebtte.
C**BT?i:Y.?A? w- in ye*'??rdtiy' ? S"\k
tbe remains- ot Mrs. Mary E Surrati were removed
yesterday from th-* Arsenal grounds,
and lamed to Mount Olivet Cemetery, waere,
tbia attercoon. they were interred Oa Saturday
last, lie*. J. A. Walter, of St. Patrick's
t'burcb, tbe sjilritnal adviser of tbe ducfjrKl,
who. with Rev. B. F. Wiget. ot S'. Aloyaio*.
(now in Europe.) attended her iu h"r la?t mamenu,
received from Presid<-ut Johnson tbe
assurance that an order would be issued lor
tbe delivery of the remain* to htm, nnd h- im
Drdiveiy chIIM on Htrr?v k M irr,
undertaker*, and made arragemei, t* fjr tuem
to take charge of th- boJ v
About 1*2 o'clock yesterday, Rev. Father
Walter left with the firm ;he necessary order,
and Mr.Tonuery, a fiiendot the family, c tiled
on Gen. Ramsey, Commanding at the Arsenal, i
with an official uoiitication that snco order had
b?en i??nrd, <*en. Ramsey directed Major Hill
to have the remains disin terred; and Mr. Tatsa.
paugh aoout>2 o'clock s-t two men to wjrk,
who by 3 o clcck h:td reached the case coutaming
tbe remains and had placed ropes
beneath it, preparatory to raising it. As stated
jestetday the remauis of Mrs. Sarratt were
placed n. xt to the north wall of the haildmg? j
Payne- llerokl, A'zerod!, Wirz, and Hooth lav. |
ing in the order named sou Ui v. aid There was
ahont 4 feet of ear.li above 'he case, and on re.
moving i?. the ndiacent case containing the
remains of I'ayne was disclosed to view.
The trench in winch they all rested was about
1'?to l? leet in leugtb and - feet wide.
Mr. R. F. Harvey, about ; o'clock, arrived at
the Arsenal grounds with bis wagon, ana
found there Khv. F'a'her Walter, Mim Anna
Snrratt, the daughter of the deceased, and Mr.
Tonnery. The body was placed in the wagon,
and followed by tbose named above to Mount
< Hivet Cemetery, where it was deposited iu the t
vault. The case in wAub the remain* wen* is j
six feet in length and tweutv-two inches in I
width, and although of common whit" |iiu? is
iu a good stau- of preservation. Ou th-* top oi
i* was nailed the white he-id-board. with ihe
name, "Mrs. M I* Scar. >Tr," iu black letters,
which had been put a:. th* head of the grave
shortly after the remains were first interred.
< ?n opening the the hoay wis tound 'o be
much decompo-?'d, th'-re being bat li'tle rt???h
remaining: and the bend laid to one ?ide. The
black dress, gaiter* and the silk bow at tbe
neck were toiii,d to he m a good eta'e of pres.
er vat ion. and the little atrow - shaped pin
pla- eJ iu 'be bow at the lie, k by the daughter
jum m iurf tiir iiiutv u-r ia?i inn, * wis Kill nil in
the same pof-l'ion. 11*?r l? ?i ? in p>-rte?"
pteser* ation.&ud the uiiiler?ak-?r. at the request
of some of tb?- family, cnt od a portion lor her
This morning a plain walcu1 coffin, trimmed
TVith merino, ?a-- taken to th-* ceiacterv. in
w bleb the remain* w-re placed m ibe presence
of several ol the lutimau- lrieuds >! (tie deceased
Mr. Patrick liuffey, the super,nten ient
of th?* cemeterj. at the iii6ianv.e o? Kev
Father Walter had the grave prepared tor the
reception of the remain*. Th??gr ?ve i<situated
but a hbor' distance lroin tiiat u! :he lamented
Col. .1. F. <iari?<tie, in the rortne.tsteru portion
ol the cemetery
tii* rrniAL.
IiurmK the morning, tiie coflin wii plu -*i in
a deal case, and set <>u a bu r at the napel,
preparatory to it.'- burial. Th?? lot on which the
grave is du,: is known as lot 31. section F, bar- i
derms on ?tli vet and St. 1> iminick's avenues. |
Wb^u the corp-e was removal a piti bm-nt j
slip, in a vial, with the dw Mary E Surratt
was found under her arm?11?i*~ vial having
been placed 111 tiie case by the military authority
At.14., o'clock, seven carriag-s entered the
gtoumis h.ud proceeded immediately t<? the
cbaje-1, wnere the occupant* fonned around
the bier. Among tiiein w re ibe uaiijihuer.
Miss Anna Surratt. aiul Mis-5 Fi zpairick, as
mourners. Mrs T. A. Stephens, Miss
? ana, -'iip, I ivrry, ,hp. w ill. wail,
Mis. J. K Ellis. Meters. .1. H. KelUlwr, A.
J:tcksoi), J. W I>r:tne, and Tonuery
1 b? emmets of th?>'hnrvtkw*r? performed
by Kev. Father Walw, assisted r>y li<?Y.
Fatter K?'an?*. At the conclusion of th>? service
tb?- corpse was r>*?iat>*d io tue grave,
wliiTi' tb? service were concl'i led
.Mi's Anna :>urra:t ami Mis> Fit/pa*riclr
-? ? in> d greatly ailecte'l during tU<* r\ ices.
(Jen.Grant's ?s.?Th-? following
i-h copy of the Commission a- r??idfut wliicb
v.'iii i*? given to ?ien. <?rant to-morrow, alter
tb?- couu'ii.^ ol the '-IfCtoral vo'?hlt
it t sown, itij li.t St . ? ' II .U of
I! i r< . iWti'efl *.] ttl I i.il-U .Si < i f .?' < r,rn.
t'-MDK ae?euiblea at the (Jtpitol in a-t'uyof
\'. :i-biugtou, uu tb?* situU'I Weiluesd iv. bi-iu/
tiie i m day ol February, in ili*1 vt-irofour
I,or?l ei?tite??ii 1,millr? d tin I sixty-nine. th*?
iilidf-rwrit'.-ii l'r> ttr , did. hi
presence 01 me sam . ! ( < // .? /.>/< open
all the certificate* aud cumt
all th* votes < t the Klector" fjr :t /V> i'/> ?' <(,?i
it < I'r-ti ' ty which it appear- that L'lvss.
(icamt was duly elected, agreeably to
tin* CoUK'itUtl.iD, I'EltslDIIfT Or T!IK UNITS!)
I. r tour year*. commra io( on trie
fourth day ot March, eignieen hundred aud
lu witness v.-hereot 1 have hereunto set ray
band aud n^ixed the seal the S-*O t>, this
li th day of February, eighteen hundred and
sixty-nine. B. F. Waiw.
Prefideut of the J^enau*.
A similar commission will be iriven to Mr
Oolfnx, as Vice President. The commission
ha\? been prepared by O. C. Sympaou of the
J>? creuu-y'a office of tbe Seeaie, aud are haad>
fomely written 011 parchment.
Stationery Oohtbacts.?In the Honse, this
afternoon, Mr. Orth. of Indiana, preeseuted a
communication from Messrs. Philp A. Solojth
us, of ihi* city, callinr the arenuon of the
Houte to tbe remark# of Mr. Ward relative to
tt>?-m, made a few days since, and requeuing
tbat a committee be appointed to investigate
into tbrir contracts and the manner in which
tbey hid fulfilled the same,
Naoao Fi-h.ibility, Ac., m thb Uboroia
Lkoiwlatikk Yesterday in the (leorfria
Senate, a resolution pledging the members of
uuui uiBuiun 01 u? uouciw AasxmDIT to
abide by the decision of the Supreme Court
with regard to the eligibility of negroes to hold
office, was defeated by a vote of yen* in, nays
19. A stcond resolutionrequiring the members
of the Urneral Assembly, lta officers and clerks,
to answer, under oatb, whether they held office
Srior to tho war under the United States, or
urlng the war under the Confederate GovernRH'nt,
served in the army, or gave donations to
the Confederacy, was defeated?yeas n, nays
*. A motion to concnr with the Hoaa? resolution
referring the eligibility of negroes to hold
office was adopted?yeas 19, nays is. A resolution
to iescind the action of the last seaaion, ex.
pelting the colored members and reseating them
at once, was postponed indefinitely?yeas 18,
nays 15.
I>aki><: Diamoid Robbe?t?Two unknown
men perpetrated a moat daring burglary in
New York last eve iing, onJBened;ct'a jewelry
siurv, iso. oat uronaw?y. ?-??? w m?*m mantied
ia the pint* place of the third window with an
iron fcrnm-hrr, and the othar snatched through
the bole tbu? made a tray of diamond rime*
valued at The rings jot scattered, and
they escaped with *1 ,? <*? worm.
*J~ No life insurance company Ua* ever
failed in this country.
WTbe "Bonlevard" skirt ia the newest and
greatest favorite.
VUhicaco covers an area of twenty-five
square miles
Wit has been demonstrated oat West, that
wumrn can ride the bicycle velocipedes by
wearing bilegnlar garment.
This Pr*cffdii*s
Ti'Vdit, January r>.
s*> ati?About on* c clock t?i< :n-?rnmt,
tb?* Sfuait- Vint still m *s?ion ot m<? dtj
h#f r , the projiosvd amendm-'n' uj ;n??Coueti- 1
tulK>n iii t*li*wuce to !utrd|[# unug uuder
Sir. Morton *aul the Democratic pirty had j (
liot Tor years appealed 'o tt?e r?i-au ot the
people, but to their prejudices Now hit !
slavery is de>a. tbey ba\e '.ilteti to their bo*ora 1
it# {Minifying oorp?-e Of ?our?>? tbey oppose
thi? amendment. because it will torever taie
the ijut-stion of negro suttiage out of nation*! '
politics. The Republican party had abjl^h-d J
flsviry in spite ot the Ih-mocratic party, it bad '
saved the Vmon in ?pi'e of (he I'emojrati^
party, and ti would uow p!ae? this grev principle
of snfl'rajf iu the Constitution in spite jf 1
that pirty. He denied that there is or ever was
env State sovereignty.
Mr. Uoolittle undertook to say that every dei
s|( n i>t the Snpreme I'ourt. aud every writer
ou the subject had invariably nruntained the
k ivereiguty of the States.
The ion\ersation among Senators, which
bad fon'inued without int-rm ssion during th" (
whole evening, became at this tl'-ie so lon.t |
that Mr. Itooliule refused to proceed uutil th*>
t'bair enforced oroer.
Mr. li. would tell the Senator from Indiana i
that his doctrine of centralization w;ts ju-- a* (
dangerous as that of secession I
Mr. Iioolittle. in the course of his r->~n\rlcs,
referred to the reconstruction acts of <'jn,;re?s.
and expressed the opinion that ha I Oaief Jus- ,
ttce l'ha*e joined with the rest ot the Supreme ,
I \ HIT t <m?4 Ha-.; 4..J ?> ?? ? -- -* - * ? * *
w-? ? <*mu urvri**u uiv^v nwi5 ua-"un?Tr.uT!omi, ,
tbat he would have been nominated at New
York and, more than tbat, would bay* been (
lected; but be hesitated and saHVred Cjugr-ss ,
to steal bi* jurisdiction from bira.
Mr Drake wa? one Senator who d<*nled .be
npbt of tbe Supreme Court or any other trtbu- |
nal to declare an act of Congress uacons.itutional.
Mr. Whyte would ask the Senator whether
it rb?* legal tender net. the constitutional!: v ot
which w:?s now landing in the Snpreme Court,
wa> declared to tie unconstitutional. whether
tbat decision should be respef-ted.
M'. Drake?Not a* all, fir. Not tor a minntH.
and <'ongrrt? would hare to come to his
position, or else i! would have to pw<?p away
the men who aimed to override it* decisions.
Air. Patterson (N H ) allied Mr. Drake to
yi*ld for a motion to adjourn.
Mr Drak>- -aid be was waiting tor that cock
to . iow ot wLikIi toe Senator from lvutucky
Mr. Ifavi!" Yon are the gam" cock of Missouri.
Mr. Drake.?No, 1 am ouly a drake [I,augb.
IB. ? " - '
u->.j mil wuvii i aitaiu m the ol my
\~iieraule tneud irom Kentucky, it 1 am as ,
jam* a cock as be. I can cry rock a doodle doo. ,
Mr. Patterson, ot X H . thought they were
n.u doing themselves auy good before ihe
country by the exhibition which they were ,
making. aud he l?e~t thing they could do w*s .
to go home.
At 2..W a. m.. Mr. Norton moved to adjourn ?
remarking that it waa getting very late.
>e\eral JSenatois responded that it wi? very , l.
early; and the motion to adjourn wi- not ,
agreed to
Mr I k. . ia <? *
iHi. ir?? IT l con IV II JUT. HliU ?}' ?(\?* Kir
about i. rty-ti\?* minutes. '.
Mr. Sawyer was tb* next Speaker, and put ;
in a vood word lor the ne.rro, who. altnough '
not the equal of ' h-* Anglo-.Six on. y. t ti*d ill ,
him that germ ol development wb ti, under
our geuial institutions, would vet ? trm inio '
w hrt' would be leditanie to hiaselt a .d to o?.
At 1 a.m.. Mr Sumner moved to ad'oaru, 1
which wa- disagreed to \
Jlr Norton anrned that this suffrage proposition
wa* dictated by the tell spirit ot I -der- ?
ali-m v. inch lou.lit 111 tLe?-arlier day- o: tbe , J
Republic uitb such tteiceness, but fltrilly had I '
to go down oefore tbe sturdy democracy.
He replied at leugh to the arguments used by 1
Mr. Sumner tue other day andcoutiuuallx ad- |
dressed bimselt to that Neuatjr, who -.it last
asleep in bis arm chair.
A? r> o'clock. Mr. Norton wa- mill on tbe
floor, and the e*urmg ol ^lr. Mjr?(au ? ao Uy
in a chair propped u;? against the wail, produced
a no. inu.trinonijus ac ompanim<*iit to
the voice of the speaker. Senators generally '
lay stretched at lull length on the solas au<l
Ol' rvrwm :. sun XI D1S n?(1 <<UCCnil|hMl
to the cod of sir**!'' ;U)d wiib a placid nprnstou
uu In- fea;uret? r**>liu*-d at 111* e!!? *. bis '
f?? t on Ins desk, totally uncouecious ot the
blows Mr. Norton wis dealing at his bin'ltug r
Finally, as Norton proer-ssed tu his ar- |
gnment, the snoring ot Mr. Alor.-aa gradually
assum'd a disentitle tone. and iuc Teased s >
mncb iu \ olume that n bee tnie i.ei:?s*.aiv tor
one ot the 1 e--engers to call the NV* York
S*-naor back trom the land of dream*.
At 6:45 a.m.. Mr. Norton advanced toward |
Mr. Stewart and thundered in hi- - ar that he
thought it would be fair for the Seuitor who
had this measure In charge to wake up; whereat
Mr. Stewart rou-ed himself with a s'art
from his peaceful slumber At o'clock Mi .
Norton concluded In# remarks.
Mr. Wilson had listened for fourteen year- in
this < bamber 'o th?- argument ot the tnend- of
Cbri-tiauuy and . vtliz ition on one -ide, an J
the advocates ol barbarism 011 the o ue . 1 hose
who have advocated th*-se lost >au-e s here
Would yet -ee the day wheu ihey aud their ,
posterity would blush tor their reioid. The .
party of Chi istianry had re rived tbeappro\al 1
of the whole globe; by the bl*'-~iug ol ?*od the,'
hud succ*?*?1ed. and they w itiltl -u<. ed a- -ure
as the throne ot *iod ?!and>-: aud all this whin- ;
tug btlk was uo> going to sioj' their progress.
*1 b** sle-piuc ^eiiat.f'-' w..*re-Uen awiiiceiied.
and the amendment of Mr. Williams wa- rewted?ayes
?" , nays 35.
Mr. lirake oi!t red the tallowing substitute
>o of tbe l'ui'?d Male? susll, on a . '
count of bis race, color or previous loudi'iou
of serTsitidf. t*?det:i-d i v tli?? l-n>t?-i S'a?e?.oi
by aty Jvate, tb?* n*bt *o voie ?>r Li > 1J ottiv->*
Mr L?r;tke i liun-d lb t: in- lingua** u?ed m
bis proportion was btr'ter i.imu that employed
by tbe comm.ner.
!H- tomi.mi- beM lb.it the Wb aru-udrn-Mit v
already conferied a;l tb?- rowet tl? it was ue.
oe>9?iTy to euf'orcr ? . u .1 -w'!r:?jre. ir>d ti- would ,
prelt-r tba* the K>'pubii<'au parly woul t>-ntori.e
it* provisions au<l not ie?or; to another amend- &
nier.t. H> -hould not cry if women ob'aiue.. j1
tii*' *utli'a|TP, ai liot fill It <J- ;t> bis twiief Ui it th*
bail women would v> e mid tli- jtuod women *
etay at bonus.
V? - u ... .?
-.*** 1IUV*KIU VI< ?IV .Iiiiin lt?* ? uu<:rn. lOll OI .
tfce Utli ameiiduiMii by Mr. KJiniiiitl- c >uld ti - ,
BiiaWani. * *"
At : 10 v.. in.. Mr. Sumner mnml to -id >u u '
ai>d tli?- mutmu was rri<-^i?*<i?y?-a- n. u tys *
The debute was limber cju iuu"d by Mr
I:iM aud others. g
Mr. .Morrill, ol Vermont, bej^^d lor some | 0
mercy lor the reporters, who were almost woi u i e
oat, and hoped bid friend- would re-ei \e tbeir
elcqocncf for another occasion
?ir. morion, a snort tim- beiore nine o'clock. I "
again took the floor, smilingly alluding to hi? ;
brief" speech of a few hours previous, and
apparently Intending -to do it again. '
The amendment of Mr. Drake wj- rejected.
Mr. Howard then offered hi* amendment, as
"Citizens of the raited States of African de.
scent shall have the ?:ime right to vote and bold
office aa other citzens "
Mr. Doolittle aaid it seemed that the maior.
ity did not know what thev wanted themselves,
and it seemed rather hard to keep the minority
here all night and ail day, and it being now teu
minnrM tn tpn. ha ?n w *
agreed to.
Mr. Doolittte.?Well, as the Senate refugee to
adjourn, and we are jaet about getting to the
point of thia matter, [laughter,] 1 propose to
give a few views on the aabject.
Mr. Doolittle then argued as to the mental
and physical inferiority of the negro to the
white man. The flat of the Almighty cannot
he changed, the two races iau never be made
to amalgamate.
The amendment of Mr. Howard was then rejected?
yeas 16: nays, 35.
At 11 to a. m.. after a continuous session ot
KiltMin hnnrs miiH fl.half th? S?nflUflH
This Afteratra's Praeeiiags. >
Sikatb?The Senat# i?of togeO.?*r a*aiu at *j
noon. '
Mr. Strvari moved to dispense w ith tlie
readme ot tbe journal, and to proceed with the n
consideration ot the Constitutional amend- p
men t. ..
Mr Morton introduced a joint resolution to a
prevent the building of any bride* over th<* ,
Ohio river with a central spar of less than fl
tour hundred feet. Referred to tbt Committee \
OB Poet i iffices and Roads.
Mr. Williams, from U?e Committee oa Mill- >
tar j, reported with amendment the hill for the A
relief of certain dratted men.
Also, joint resolution directing the Secretary .
of War to take possession of the Gettysburg ?
Mil VatiAtinl H.-. r
Also, Isolation tut the Oommuu* oa
Military Affairs Inquire into tbe op#rattona of *
tbe Froedmtn'a Bnreaa from May, I"-fc, to Da- fe
ctnkr. le??. k
Mr. "W11*on mad# a Minority report rrota the a
Ooami'M on tb# Pact?c Railroad ia raferenoc a
to tbe b'.il reported on Satnrday last. Il
Tbe <v>B?uifni'i n of IVwititsUiMt)
am?ndaifit *i> 'b?*u v>r.> ee.ie.l m-itit. an \ th*
amendment of Mr Wilton. fceretotore noticed
?a* rejects.
Tb* amrndm?n * of Mr. S?w?er and Mr
Fowler were re??v ted.
Mr Viclen pfT-r?-dan amendment Ixkint >
the restoration to the e**roi^e of th e|??ctiT?
Imncbiseo! lbo?e wto are now I- bv re*,
jon oi paritc<paiion in the r?Mli >u. *hi, t> * ?*
r. .?ev<1 by a*e? v'l. tiav? li; th *?? v >tinr 111 tt:e
afltrn.ative being Mwrs. liasard, liu-tc.tlew.
ImvIi, lM\on. IVwlHtl'. ivrrv 1-owWr,
Urun". Harlan, Hendr > K*. M TV. Nor
ton, raw-on ot Twin. Iv ?m?-? 1. < ?>. K >hprteon,
^wj?r, TTU?n!?nll, \ a:i Wmkl-. \ i *.
r* and Wilvon
l>i?cus?ion on ti? qu'Ciitn* involve.I ib *li?
pTiui'iple# ot B'trj (.ultra** ? a- u? n r?.
M>m?-d and par*icipai#J id t?y
l?oolit'U>. Morion. Scmo-r, in 1 *'r?ln:?Unrwn.
Mr. Morton ?<mi> adur**???d -i.* N?n*'-. *o?1
lti?CB*Md iU?* propriety ot ??\i?*n-t.uc :& * m.tIdir.'
to :ta* Uliini'M1 wtio ar? cu tL- I'a
c?fir coa*t, oppc?tne ???* ? an Idn.
Mr. Wilha atalto adT^-v^l ih? on
vt iu?* wbom li? tlwcriM a? pic.tn?,
?nd who r?*fns*> to a??imila'?* w:*h our m-t ,'t..
tion? H?* ibi u^bt itus c juiitrv ti ij .U-i . wtr
to protect itself from ttj-*** bor.t>*5
Mr H^ndri #? said only la*t ?umm?r thi?
(lo^^riim^n* had pa;d ?'*tra ?r<l.nary hrnor* :^>
in?M u.uf-f Kmba*?auor?.
llofPB ?Mr Krook- N \ ro?? m
ib?- Journal. He ??id 'D<* night 'mmhuh ba>1
h-ru ordered wnb tbe umwrxiaudinc mtt >
buMBc.-i ?a> to tv- cuumJ-ti-J bui tlw* bill,
lu Mola'.ion o: thi* nu>l?-rcUini1>uK bu*uie?? of :>
xarird character bad trau?a ed Ket e\*diuc
HrtliiKlorf noT<Klto >rr-ot tb- Jour,
oai by expunging th* record ot Ui?*?h pro
1 he Sp**lc>*r ov?rmle?l the pom; of ord*r on
Lb?- ground that the Hou?<- wa? a iu?; i.udr: a
suspension of the ruif-. aud not by uuau ra >u?
cowwnt ol the House
? "- *irviiiunl lur . vtl*lu*-l V . >11 111 IUC
bill to authorize tbr construction ot n m Irary
*nd postal railroad bftw^u tbi? city and Nrw
Vork, on wbi b
Mr. fc>rr (I nd.^ wi? ??ntitlfd to tb?? ti jot. He
laio :h?? railroad sy*u*m of tb?? I'uiW S'a ?
was id eonif ?4>n?e au entirety, ami bt?*j>>rv
roii-muied u int?r-Siat? mmmtcmI >-y*u-m.
Now. it tb?* doctrin* tbai bad Hi* at?.
solute right to r*culaf tbi* matter, it in Kb:
lomHtlmt* bapprn tba; tbis trad* hf!*wn
Lb?- Stat^, might b* blocked up by ?'ongiv?modh!
legislation. If tb?*s?? corporator* wr*
i?u< ii under tb?- control of Concrete, ol coup-*.
tb*y ?uiild be iudt*p*ndfiit ot w?* Siau* In
ILai v?m? th?* SUU^a could neither fix their
propetty nor the mcom' cbrrafrum. H- uuou*d
Iroui an'opini jn ol U?e Chief J u>uoe Mirt-ball
:? ftiow (bat tbi- opinion ???
tk^ld by dim. and also uMaii.ed tb?. use
ot tbe lured Stat*** bank H* a?lienrd
to :be ama/iny growh ot railroad*
;n tin* I nited JStau>?. Tbii- bad all o>. urred
w itbou! tb?* loitering care ot th?- Federal <tovFrnnitii:.
1 ?Mr railroad* w?r* mo-tlv the remit
ot private entwpn-e Tbrmn unt ol cap'a
1 inrmM in the railroad- imween this c<ty
utd New York is aui w;tn tue.r
uauir us. * uur i juii'i'-ru iu?-ir t. ipacity
was i ulimitrd. Tosbow tb.ii tber>* wa? u>> nr>
-ny for tb?- uetr ro.td u? ?ljw??.1 'uai wliitr '
be tinnnaJ jv\cuur ol tb>*r<>ad?> b?tw*u Wathufton
and N?-w York r?-a of
wbicb it wit- ntimtlrd (bat bu on- miiiio'i
tb?? through ir?T?*| to N?*w York.
I r.?r?- w*ri* now thi*** traius im. 'bijurbtu
S^w York daily, capable ot accommodating
i.'JM j>as;-?*u?*r? *acb way. I or an ?ver.i{? ot ' ]
wo montb*. it ?m sb<'\vu tliat no< more tbtn
!.' |ia--*n^?T- |wr ?i*j tra\?*ll?*d on tb?*m?
Lrougb rr*iu^. au.l uo- mo:e tt.v: ( ?.?? au- ,
jualiy. Tb?- efci?*l rrt^ii' u( rotdk <lid ,
lot, iii?Tefor?*. com* from mi* '.U: .?& tra\?*l to
Ww Yore, bu: iroif. ill* ( rulou* b ?i towns
:tioi i: .to* liu?* of tu- road.
I'Lrr^ wa> no i.r.?---i:v i* laving :.* * ro^.l
rue d?mtD(i? of li- i: .1 vi-linc "i i iiu- .1 *?
'uitii .unity did uo*. iftiuiif it. Mr. U-rr tifu
limi'm-d at jtrfat Irnc'U Um? i,u-*iioii ol ib?*
igh' i 1Conrrm ioi? gulite v-omm-r<-h??
suns. 11- brla 'liit* tu*ncut to r?(iila'^itr
i? 11 internal Mil air- \va? ou- of tU-> 1
o! tb?? S'aic-, au?l li b;id l^vn ?o <1-. led
vpriMly by the twst ju<iy<-* on tli-h-i.cii of
,b?* Supr*m?'<*ourt of tb-I ui:?-?l t'ou5r<-?s
could ha>?? no . wu'rol ot t!i* trupik*?,
anal- and railroads of a Stati-. 'i U?-?? in us- ?.<v?ul?t?*d
and coiitrollfd. so fir a* l^i^Utiou I
n :i< wo*?ary, by ?b?- Siat**- tb?-ia-t*l\eMr.
mccarthy (n. V ) mov-'d td?? prvxiotst. 1
jii?-?tiou ou th?? bill ai-d pradiacainru IM'un.
Stt'trtam nu.i llaigb'. (N. J .) wub <
>tb?*r rafrahfr-, a?k?*il leavr to ptiui tb?ir n?n.-trks
on tbr t-ub|?*cl.
Mr McCarthy (N. Y ) -aid ;bi< bill proposes |
o facilitatr and clifaivu traii>iijruiiuu 1m*.
wi ibis city and tlie ic: a: commercial m?ropolls
o! tue country H*? proce?*ie i to ;it itue
i. tavor ot the rij:U! of Concri? to regulate
unimricr i>etw?*eu the States, .tod d?aouu *d
lie railrukd^ oetwe?'ii Washington and N-w
fork a* oppress!\e niouopol e- Tlif\ b:iti u >t
mly trampl?-?I upon the riehtt of the people,
iu: viol-tied th?- piaiue-t provision* of theC\>utitntiou
ever cioce their eiisteuce Tb- y bad
evud tot; hue- duties.uudlaidlllip0sldut.ee.
vntrary to tbe Uo^Uiutun. The remedy (rior
t'uinrr>-f- to incorpoiat* a coinpmy with
tiflicienl capital to build a cotnpwticc road
Mr. Phelps (>ld.) said he did no? 0|ipj>? 'be
twas-nte i>ow before 'be liou.?e in the iuiere~*
>f any particular Stale or any corpora iou. So
ar as the Baltimore and Ohio rat I ro id ?a>
oni'rninl, the travel Wwmi \V a* timet > > an J
ialtimore would not be a monopoly louir. for
t bad Ix^i* MutbontativHy %taW that another
oad i tbe Baltimore ;>n<4 Potomac) w<mId f**
Inlrbr-d by the 1st ot .taauary next. Tn? paape
ol tbi> bill would be ib?* inauguration ot a
>oln y tor the indirect control ot every mile of
ailroari in ttie 1'iuteii S'aim. aud ol the vast
.mount ot capital iutested m railroad*.
? would transfer tfte :or>..ie?. the railroad 40bries
of tUirty-?e\eu Nta:es to tfte corridor- of
his ball, and members ou the floor would be
erpetually iraportuu .1 by ih?~e lot>uvi-t?.
le w :l* opposed 10 u|wn he the doors tor t,<i.
i.ptioa. whicb these i,.v.i~- w > Id ?? on t".>t,
nd lir theretore enter>-?l !u? t?i ?. e : ag:uaFt -t
IUUII- inuiifuiuj:.
The Splatter ?;i\** noli'** ibn : a-morrow,
rbile tL* *l?,ctoral vnU? w.*i>^ u ;
hplomuuc gallrrv would hr rrwi cidl ively
lor tb?- n?'-mh*-rs ol h? l?ijil"i. tlu i
iiid ilMir i&nuliM, ?>d ilut tn-- i:h w?*-t cnny
would b?- re^r \ ?d lor tbe t-? ..ill- - 5^- (
itoiF :iiid m?*mN?r?.
Mr.Cullt ni(III.)nil lre>.-?-d 'be Hou?* iu f.tvor
>f tLc ?ir liar riiilroid. Ur ?a.d it u die
io\?*rnrimi for no man^y liMmplT<vkiHl n
barlrr wliiou would pr<>i?ot 11 iro n lu-- td- (
r??re?* ? .'ion of ih?* Scat** 'broazb wtaieU r
?otil?l pas? li<> was uol tuiMi ? to l?r???'<
lown >ta'?* imrs, or to lavor a eMaoHdMod
;o\*-riitiiMU). bu' U<- prot??*i?-d n*uu?t lb- ri-bt
it any St.Ve to stop comraT. be! pm tfeaaev* 1
rai NUit, i- 01 tins I'moa. c
Mr K??ll??v 11'a 1 oni'm^il tUf bill, on ih?
Toiiud that it would encourage tii* lobby and |
ilack-mailinc. Tbe hill propo-<e<i to build a i
niiitary railroad. WV arc not at war now. t
or is there au> pros|?ect of our being at war. i |
t was Impossible to build an air line railroad, t
s Uiin bill proposed. Tbe great city of Pb.la- t
lelplua would be l?-tt far to tbe w<-*t of the t
oad. aud indeed it wae, in his opinion, a job to ;
d nire tbat city. He doubted ;he coustuution- 1
lit* of the measure, a? well as tu practica- r
liiity. I
Mr. Blair (Mich.) said the scruples of the
rulleman frotn Pennsylvania were uot very
leep. lie thought be . ould jet rid of tiiem i
rub a little effort. It wa? proposed by this c
till to construct a great national highway be. i
ween tba political metropolis of the couatry I
nd its commercial metropolis. Tbe oppoei- I
ion to this measure came from two little, aar- t
ow minded, snarling Sum, which now held i
ailroad monopolies within their borders, and t
rhlcb proposed to keep them at all hazards. t
Mr Twichell (Man.) said Congress undonbt- I
dly had the right to ia< erporate this railroad, I
>ui would it V fair lor the ttorerameat to I
take an effort to destroy the other roads be- t
reen Washmrot aad Mew York, lie sent to t
be Clerk's desk a statement of the ainoout 01 t
toney expended by these roads in improve,
teats alone. He moved that the bill and jvndtc
amendments be laid upon the table.
Mr. Wood (N Y.) demanded the veas and 1 1
yo. at- a in*y were ordered. The vole re- I
Ited, yeas ??, nay* 99, t>o the bill was not '
aid on the table
|Tbe previous qBtition wu then sec3u<i<-d.
kitiiioi or triNiwtb a rut 'lo?r?.- The
ulitary ana naval officer* of the Burustde
lorth Carolina ezpedmon met in New York
eeterday, und t>rgat.i/?d a p*rmat.?nt orgauc
ttMM, called the society ot Bnra~>d* Kxp-dioa
aud Ninth Army Corps. General Burn- '
ide was choeen President. General J.(1.Part.
:ire President; 'ieneral Louis Kiclim >nd, Sectary;
and Oeueral L?. K. Larned. Tr*a>sr?*r
In motion of Ueaerat Baratide. all honorably
is charred soldiers and sailors of tfee expediion
were admitted to membership The ftrst | c
ii i ?i omwcv'I; took place*: tb?? u
'iltb Annw Hotel laat aigbti^orfe
Wood, ot WtMwb, ladtua. wbo l!
vm recently blows up om taw Ultde, ted baea
lowii ap twice before. Hie lm wit- wu
tiled a week after marriage by a carriage raaway;
bi? tbird wife t?n into a well, and wu . I'
ot fuand for two week*. H- t? tbe oaiy oa* ?
hia* ef a lanui} of kwb ebildraa. i t
Fhii Atti rHiA* I", b. v. tftraatl ?r.
TiT?<t in tktr city '?r:jr tbw m->muu. and i? *the
iVntiMrial Hotel H? > ao fa*t*. u?'4 from
travel aii.l L.* lab.>r? a: %? ? \ ?r? > Id ^
bii?Me to a ?r#?1dinc in ttt>? city a
mbioh b * |ua-eo.e *? i?r.>mi??*l.
hhth tu J?ir^ t B*?nv.
X** Yom, Feb 1- '*?? T di. j
thta morniu(. oi tpo|il#i?, u*4
?tT?. Ml tiM>t' i|iMtidiitin?4 it r?p? tu
bis ry
af M'R*l4?u. ili? Prl/f Flakier
V. ?l.lrd la (toiling \|;ir
Fo?toii. Feb.i. Tbe -urolII n?|,i<ria. :n-?J
*t >>*iem lor prixe ftftitiur. th- inrt <tind th
dex?n?lau: cuiitjr?norpuoui w?ir utra by
<*OC?lSel !*MT??d
John Sollivan. tnpl.> ???? m !?? fApt* *??**Krftuu>g.
(Jr?| ? Wtiait, f-41 mi > h?t boiUnc
*t*??ir la^t evening:: ?kiu j?eri?-<l j!T troiB ?i.a
to reck. Not e?pec?ed W> ?ur%iee.
ial a*d ion?i?k< ia.
i? in *mpl<* ?u|?plv t? hotrow-r* o?
rail is \*w Yorkatstx an t p-r c?? .
th?* latter briu( tlie ru.iuf rate, tbe to to* tl *ik
lie or pledge ol to\?TlitOect bond* ri?
market f.>r tal ptper i? wit u' ?p. .
cial ir&iar*. and rate* are .jaot>*ri it aeve* o
Bine p?r retr Th? ? ** open* witB ;?verumen:
tKi.J- *troiiC tul a active d^inail.
4>b. , l^?y -.!? ? .<ot* A
lifl !uri fch fh? f ?
? ?. w.i_? t.iHll OI 1tO%
r iiO. i: aecurittaa:
V. d-l i. 1^1 t Ht
I'lftTiWiU*. \9tC I , it,
I l*a 1 '"*>4 ...il ? li
FmTimttM. 1*^ in i.
l'i*f Ju. & *?.. ?* 1
(iTf T,l*u. Jt Jnif, C..1V, I
K w 1 w>k'j->, Jmi. A. July, i
T? FcTtf*. ....It- . I
m* T ?i m?T a utu.
C.i* ?*. JWM II*.'. **ia.Ja k.3f,tT. .1
tjn, |??W 113, s A.lf.'flS..
S.*!1*. l-?? 11 Tan Foruaa
6*?, li.\ Ill* Ootd i
MiVJ*4J|,?..lu< ?
115j HuI'ti' aud Mr o Bars' TVias'*i L j
ivwln Job tU' qaotaatock* auj touli
is bomr aittl t r? m market* a* follow*
Nut Volt I ?First H <ard?t S "?
Ifl. ooapoa. 1 r.' V ; *'*?. 1"?? coapona Ii3',;
coupon. IW?; If**. ooupua*. Ill <*. l-?wv
i cupou. nrw. IV 1-?. ooapoa. ?? %;
lli.fcit. coupons, Itr- \; Pacific Mail. 11) i, I Hi to *
Ml*. Oaruficafa. i". ?; M&ripoaa. 7 , AUaattc
Mail, none; Oantoa. Oamiwriand. T7,
* .I'.TVlegrapb- tt \: U?"'Caa4lT??r. *i * Hortot
H'avr Powar. I.' )*. N. Y. Oantrm lot'*, Kru,
n< n*. do prat d. nouf, Hudaoa. l? ttaadiu#.
.?(?: Hlcbicnn Ontral, nun*; Mub?aa Nontiara.
W\; IHluoiaOantral IS-*: (?la?"l*'.d and
PltMHtrg, ?M\: Northwaat. 83 . do nr?far*?a
91; Cleveland and Toledo. KM , : Book 1 Aland.
I t' Fart Wajm?>, li: . Aitoa * T?rra ilitutr,
I 'Toledo * Walwl, ?3,; Adv, Eap..
K.%; Well". Farjto A. tV>. Esp., nour American
LIiTom, CnitedSiatea Eit.. ti>?u?v M?rc&atiu'
lliuon, 1-; Ctotcaco * Alton, none: do.
rreterred, I.?S .. Market dull. Ooid. I ? * i i. , .
financial >1attrr* In Bilttatrr T*-4af.
haltimori, Feb. 9?Virginia la?criiM>d.
old, 51 bid, >5^ a?aed.
altliMre Marketa, Te-daf.
Haltimou, Y0. Cotton quiet M.ddhnc
t'pland.-. nominally Flour dull, uammai.
wbi-ai dull; receipt* ?mall; prim** Prnn?jrivaiua
at Mia>! -sS. Corn Arm prim* * tu-./* a'
. yellovk-, l Htf* ttrm. prim* "5 Ky
firm at a I .?i. Pork tirir at a>tSiwa?;
Ha. on a. u\e rib i-.d?*?. I*\al~, clear do.
I - V * I > &> ulder-, tiami, M. L.*rd
Urm at -.'t
Wall Mrrrt Te-daf.
Mr* Vn??t l.h <i --
? ww. ^WV? UAV'BVk I* UUll
?iid unwiil'd iio\cmir.*nt- v?*rr tr^ag
Moiw ai.oiit ? p#r c?*ijt Luhuc*. 9 . <*oie.
i-J?V I Mm. >Npoa. tl^. Nortb Carolina*
a s lifVk M; Virginia* eKConpou, ?
? w. (iv /. TVuii^xws fi.oupoii, ? kknl
l.*w, ?>?."
SfMf Ynrk <?rmu Markrt T*-?1a*.
Nkw Koke, Floor tnirKri dull and
vrbout d?-c?d?-d btnjr- Wlicat ',u? U4
nominally unchanged. Corn dull*>bt4>* fi.akrr
Sisi.n.*? K'."i Mt*r i? ViK -ik;* Mmtajrln?i?
Mutu* Wood, ibuufti jntrn
jIu. ilau;hlri ot Jam* - Wood, who lir*>
A mold ton, in lbi? coMUtjr, ?*? s-Bt t?y b?*r
mother, aloii.: w o L>*: m- ?*r mid a mrfr.i ?ir?,
tea pi?rf of woo' - two hnud:?d ynrl? fiom
lb* iwi<wc?. to br-afc hiiw hu?h?*? for lb* pnr.
}>om* 01 mu:n( wmi- broom* For torn*
nrifroa Mir did no' oturo wi'ti b>*r oomptniuo*
?ut b< i couitnii'd nbwuor mi Iwc b
;??ar?. wli*n f-eareb ?? mad*- lot b*r in rwrf
lir?viion w it bout avail At tb- uni' un?. a
i?*cro u ini?d M unto Tool*r alia* liilUrd. who
ind rmployt-d ou Mr. Wood1* tarm, a.tap
?? ? *? - * *
" " uum mr |?i a aua u*- re are f*-Jkr> euenaiBed
tuat Le tirsi uu r.tfed tbr-girl and -Urn
nnt4er?<l brr
Hu( she va- not mi>rdere I. T r on SbiuUv
euniK ta?t (be uii)ik i-^ro nuu ma waiir
(tl'l Wftf N*I1 ot. Ibe I : tkkii i l'ui'i.Mk" u?ar
Kitville, ( OmillK IB IlilF ItreoMOIl. I Urv ?r>
ur?tt>d by a brv.berot 'he j>;rl ai.d by Const*
tie Ke&tis, ol ilii- county and it i* lb >U?t?-. ma
t w:te tlie negro ? ana 10 make hi- wty iau>
v or:ti Carolina w itb (tip jiupamoij. S >m? of
be town police ai. 1 uiuer i'ituru< w-nt uu> on
Monday to |oin tbe piriur,i>u: the twain were
01 lound hi la?t a,i\mn*>. Tbejr will pr >bthlv
iud difficulty iu crtmac the r?*?-r
K'ytU r.
Cll>Elt AHli TUB I'KOHIilTloBt-T*.?Tt?e 111
iicauoue iu tbe I,ec slviirv p,.>iiii strongly u>
lie exciD|itiuii ci tiiet trjiu lb- prouiteiiv
lauM-- ot th< new law it i? piopo-ej to rake",
efpettiiiir the ?*l?* of lu;u>r Menav-r* troiB
be country have Bu mImi ot Hjfiiu -uhjectiuc
!) infc*i?rs to *?> b a politi. al loria a* M- inlihrmn
of the tralti: in ctd>*r produc-d two
*rs ji{ ) TDis if (brewa an I t^lMMs
iw betber ba^ed oa principle or Bat. Hitifiae
rude in tbe lermeuied |uirw of tb~ apple ** to
i**lluwnl. ?liv ?liuulil ibe d^tlrr iu ;u? f?rueut<d
uie ot 'be trape be plaoed uni*r tbe
an' 11 fentlemeu from me country are to be
ermitted the f ree a*.' it iJ?*r. why laanottbe
evident* iu our citiea t.:t ir? >? o cal triage
t aie, witboat the .mi 'a ' v*r ol S:*t? t)jatablo.ti
tore Ui?*ir eve... or our (Icrmxa p>pa:tVi?U
lichihe tb? ir :;iVon*c loiter, unm J
>\ tbe rffiiyr* of 33aj >: Jones' ra'r? * ii
ur> kind- ot w:u*e, tinAoubVMly t?*ti?*tJc.al
u their It'ec ? upon tb>- buma i jt 'i u'i ?. ? <
vHH|u.''4 v. itU tlif r> -ult* j! .tu l-.trnluil i.-- of
icer I^ei ?) e.ial "i j ibif-iii * k^itraiiird n
be.r tavor. When tb?*?* tfcia? are do*??\ very
it lecomplaiutw.II -tund . i'Ii f p*nh t?.jry"
euactmei.t iu u- caawitt*!. - H .si ?
? runt' <j '.
T hk Kit:r. K ? Lk< a :? M * s a ic? s*- J 1 v
rouid appeared betore tb>- .>< ? York .
iYe Committee oil linlr oa Tlu slif
.ijtbu Slid ffave uu.irin vion relative to tbe
uabaperri'nt of :be LrN Kvinrijr. ii ju-ubrd
b?- extra it>eae of Mock at bat .u|? been ??a
mder tbe fceu>-ral law. H-* said that every
lo.tar oi mouey acquired by tbe iswue ?f ?U?
Wa> devote.i to tile te n.-ti> of be rwvd. a? the
aw provide*. W ben arked what tbe reaaU of
u?- rrjM-ni oi id?t iaw wouia be, b-- r-plted ib<t'
be rMsli would be most p?*rui -u>u* to th? pubic
good, illm witbont tbf protecbou of tbe l\?
b>-road *ould be in tbe baud* of \ andarbUi
n a year, aud this be r--card-d aa a public mi*ortrine.
The oiily safety for tbe people ?u u?
leep separate f-u h line* a* the Er.e New
k'oi lt Oeutral aud t*Miu?y Ivauia Ceu ~al huloadr.
ro unite tbem would M to coua'ruc*-?
;i(iuitic amd dangerou* monopoly
TttKinii Achiukkt? A lew days Vj
irbilsi two men *?r? catting wood on ibe farm
if Mr. <J?orge Beall, Montgomery ro?n:y
tear t-be District like, om of tbem, Svrauel
tonaldaon, bad bit lag cut off m?t below :be
inee. Tbe parncnlara an as follow* Tbe
wo men wore felling a tree, and when it wi>
iearly wt ibroagb, l?ona.d<?oe leaned agaui*'.
t for tb? purpow of raahiac it over, wt.iut
He other man con tin u ad to ?at. 1b bo i mf
le mi w>ed the tree, the aio airiklnc Donaidaua a
catting both bunas completely of, and
raving u?? >*C hanging by n a ma 11 portion of
he flaah. The injured man wna rou*er??l?
us home, when medical aid was callod m nnd
At wound dreaaed
a Yornw Oiu Attempt* to Idii a
JhildrbVk Hon a?.Several attempt* ha>e
*en made witAln a abort Ume to Are tha OhUIren'a
Home, at Lancaater. Pennsylvania. con.
uniii{ nearly two hundred in ma tea. Friday
veiling another attempt wna made by placing
ild cloth in the banc hole of a barrel of coal o.i
n the cellar, and igniting the end ontaiAe. The
itiempt fortunately waa diacoverad and the Am
xtlngaivhod. Suspicion fell upon a g.rl f >*reen
> ear* of age, an mmnte. united Ulen
i.., U iahA Mral Anaiail mil t? ? - - -
w-w ? ? ? ? .yuwirtlff or Of
b?t <m mwcmy rooming CMiimtmX tfc%i
>lif bod ?ot only tb? attempt on tk' pr?tour
ui*h(. bnt alsc ? ftirailsr ocf danar br
wllrB dft)*- Sb? * ft* committMl for in %l
I/-a ^rofftur impofttor, rapmcauftc bi?*#lf
0 b* t'ftUioWc pi iMt, bfts tori U ?l? K#>uc
brufb ib* Vtlky ot Virtiuit. roMtuc ( <
braui.c tboa* who b*l>ev*4 hi* Ui?f r*|?r?a?ftuiotv
Tto# Catholic Kmtit Su??t? *??
iiibed bira u an impost >r, ud cset*w*d
lie public ituu. He cmIU kunielt
vbnutt or Miiitb.
WA mm in (! < idoci u b?? i?t*a?d *
wr-tirM T.I >c |w>4r wr.1i II ? oa?!-b<M.
uHlrnirl tii tn) i i ?uu ill- n .nt?>

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