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I yip
,r , , ijj?^? ? ?
tcmmt ? Jt !f? 19*9, |
Foa&d of AiBu>r>, Jan* ?s, i-o ? Ta?
Hoard me: ia p&raaaace o! lair last
i .tf, all tfea Dtmwri pttwal; Pre?ideat
C'rcctor ib tba hair: t' L. Hal?e, Secretary.
Th? CBair laid t?lt>re um Board a coamaaica
HVB 11WBI wr .utTVI, lllliuiuuai IBS BCWUI.
of :M Ccrponuion w.rb tb? Firm! National
Mac k for the -*t?k fading J as** 2- :h, i;6f), a*
.'ol'cwi. Pr-Sp. citl accuOLn Firs:
Ward feed, ??V.l?5; ?-Oid Ward. fttV?3 ?'k
Third. Kon-.u, ?1I < -.?; Fifo,
>11 <*5. Milt. ?!, i-3 >; S*vea *.
ftoci loud, pt,1(3*ft sarplaa faud. i
Total, * Or.?By r?n?-ral fund.
V* 3M>.Hr. A <?. Hall- <"oll. clor. ? ? W; re
trw> - imivi m mjei i u u i, i 4 -.~o,
Mttroyoiitti poiit* tuud ??i. 3. V4. Mto-'lIcun
faad. ? iru (and, ft.',-<<^7;
tmiamer, -Pi. Total, ?.7j ?3u u. Co.-.
poratiea l>r *.o balance, f. Tea year
bonds " >.
Also, m cocnmuaicsuoB from t&r Gonamn
cf Atr?(fa?-B'i(orti? d? 1ic*t.oa ot tbe inoalu>?bi
la itf Soldier* >a tooil Om?t? ry a:
Oery?barr, Pa ib*iI?dk tbe M*yor and Oity
Cooiicil* to be present on ttie occ\?ion of tbe
< ed.ca'.toa ceremonlee, July 1st. The invitat.c
a vu accepted, aad Mr. M?ore n> >*ed taai
a tctnmitree of two apposed f:om tbls
H .ira o an la emianr ion wru a similar rnm
D,r?? vl tli? lower Hoard ud ia? Mayor to
salr tl? n?c?*?*rj nmngi'iii'C's wtiica vrn
agre?d to- and tbe Cbair announced at Mil
ri BBt'.w on :b?? par: ot to is Ho-ird, M-sm*.
Mo> re ar.d Lr.-rt.
Tbe CLair tb-n annonncej the S'BBding
t'vBmitfe* a> follows .?*"iBanoe?Coaaoliy,
t'itrt, McCitOran. Improvements?1,'Dim-,
Haaer, Jdoore. LHalQ&re-B*>er, Champion
liavta. Marktt??.>t?-*an. koijcbt, .Mor*?U.
follct-lBiis Sta^-r, Connolly. Claims ? j
1 mory. fetr-wart. JI <lathran. ^cbool??OlarK. j
Mraatt. Cba?e lite bepar: ;nent? Kin/tt:. I
L?a\i?. Cbampior K.Iec.iOu*?Chase, Moore,
Uau..* CI**.. t? 1?-?1
?o?'*wi . ij nrry, iibtr. *. u?
titifLfC Huciues*?Mor?Hl. Cbampion. Lmory.
F iiroi:?*c litU?? knicai. Ai-ujct? of ta>* K- gr
:*r?Sl?ler. A- jrluci ? E Moore. Ubaa*.
H'V-ft?Cbfcmpion, Mot?il, Kn gL:. Ettgtt'
?:jf ot A^*?M(<r*-9k?lrt, McUathru,C->abO'lj.
WbarTe*? .simier, CUaput.
Wasto'sglon Caa&l?Itetia. CooboIIj. Ciiw.
To coai.'-aad 4r*troj au- bill*?StcOaiferan.
>ia:er. jaorseu. 10 -.ne interest 01
;t<- Corporation b-ter- Clrjvm-Connolly,
,s?*ut, CiarE.
Mr. Connolly moY.-d a ia?p?nsloa of the
r airs <n order toreceiie tt>? report ol tbe sp?c:al
i mmiit>e appointed to reri->? tbe rule*, bat
Mr .Moore opposed the motion, and after conkidcraole
tfeba'e, tbe rules *-rt suspended by
a tu!?oI yeae ix. navs i?(Me?^ri Moore and
Morteil.) Mr Clark, from tbe special committee
on rule*, tben reported tt? following
amendments ?Order of basines*?3d. Petitions
ire m tbe seyerm: wards, "and bills aid
r-?otuio?s lor reterence" in order, [Tbe
m <>rd? ri nnr*rt h*in* i bv th* /?am m ttoo
at a proposed amendment.] Mr. Moore moved
a sabatliate for theIMW rale a* follows;?
Petitions ;^.d resolutions from the several
wa-di and bills and resolutions tor reference."
Accepted by Mr Clark and agreed to Tbe
next am end me at was to add to tbe list of com*
mrteee a committee on railroads: agreed to.
Ibe third ameadxnent (2-tb rule, limits tbe
time cf speaaiac by a member to tweaty annates,
aaleae be is allowed to proceed by general
coaieat. agreed to. Tbe nail amendment
was to tbe 45th naw the Mtb) rale, so as to
make it read ? W ben tbe readiag of a paper ia
?ailed tor. aad tbe saa< is objected to ky aay
member.it -ball be decided by a voce of "a
Baiortiy of tbe members ot tbe board tbea pres.
eat.' [Tbe words quoted were inserted ia 'be
rale in place ef tbe words tbe board. '] Mr.
j?o?re proposed "two-*ninJ?" in?t?ai o! "major.
:y Acnfdto Tne amendment to amend
tut tttb rale (io? tttcfrUi) ?o as to read : >&!)
ncmiaauona made to tbia board ibali ke referred
to tbe appropriate standing committee
' an lee* ot?erw!?<? ordered by a dec'sioa of
two-ibirds ot Use members then present."
(The word* quo>d being added to the origiaM
roie. j Afi>?-d to.
Joint resolution from tbe Board of Cxnmoa
CoeacUfor toe appointment of a commute*
hi miee memoers <>i me bo.ira ul Aldermen
a?d lour members of trie lower Hoard, to exa-n.ce
and report on the sobi?ct of deodorizers
of iifbtfoil a: the nex: meeting of the Board,
ro w to present the damping of ntgbt soil in
th>- .y, mart taken up at the NHwi of tbe >
Chair. Mr M<*ore moved to amend oy striking ,
uat the Special Com mi tie* and Inverting "The
Secretary of the Board of Health." Reiecied,
mi, i, (Messrs.Moore and Morsell;) nays. In.
Mr. Moore moved to amend byaddlag the Secretary
of the Board of HealtlHo the Special
rommtttfe. and on that mouow< ailed for the
ayes and uoee: when the Chair direct*! the
Be retary to call the roll. Mr. Moore r?ce to
>p?U. ?hn the Chair decided tnat peading
the taking of the ayes and noes debate was not
in order. Mr. Moore contended that debate
was >a order until the first name on the roll
was called, and appealed from tbe decision of
the Chair. The decision of the Chitr was so*,
tamed?Yeas. Messrs. Baker, Champ ton, Cba?e,
Cia?B Coaaelly. I avis. Knight, and S'" wart,
? uaye, Messrs Emery, Moore, Morsell, Mc?latbran,
and Slater, 5. Mr. Moore's nm?ad
rnvnt ?&s then rejected, yeaa, 8. nays, s. Mr.
Moraell :t*>B offered a ?ub?uiute tor the reaoln>
ti?n, which wm rejected?yeas. 3, (Miwtrt.
Moor*. MoneH and McCathran.) nay a. 9. The
uriaiaal resolution waathea adopted.
Mr. DiTia latroduced a Mil lor the conatrnetios
of a bridge atroaa Hoc* Creek, at the wt it
rod of North F s.reet: rafrrred. Also, bll authorizing
the Mayor to appoint a disbursing
vMcer of the Corporation, aad for other par.
poeec; referitd. (The bill :ta.borun the Mayor
to appoint tha bock-k< rper or aome other ofllt?r
oi tha Corporation aa a disbnrauiz dark, to
p*v acconni*~f<>r labor. Ac., thus superceding
Itr Ward (^mmiMuin?ri aa diabarainc*c*nu.]
Alio, fil makiB1: u appropriation of lilMi
for tbe er*c ton of an engine Boom in tbe J#stentb
Wf.d, lor tbe new s->am fire enfine. T6e
ru leg were tnapendrd?yeas ?, naya 4, (Maeara.
Moor*. Moraeil, McCathraa, and Stewart.)and
ibe bill paaaed. Alao. introduced resolution
authorizing tbe Major to conjunct bridge*
aicng line* of atreet improTementa, where
a*c?!tarj to make tbe eireeta paaaable; reamed.
Mr Cbaae introduced a btll abolishing
tbe contract avetem lor rr&dinr. mniinr.
draining. ai.d keeping la repair tbe urNU, ttM
era Jin( of illrjf, and IM filling up of loa, Jtc.,
and tH? doing ot said work by day's labor.
Mr. McCatbran offered a substitute, whicb,
witb tbe original bill, was referred to laproTameats
Committee. Tbe Cb.atr Introduced bill
to improve alley in square 90S, known as
Cbee'nut sUT*t, and to cbaage tbe aaat to
Sammn . r??t ;?farr*rf A lan kill tA na*
Potter for his services aa coroner, referred.
Also, kill u> pay tbe Oorpcration At tornay lor
special service# and to rr en late hia salary.
Mr. Mocrt moved its reference to a special
committee; rtfrnid. Also, bill to grade and
crawl P atrtet aortb. from kith street west to
lto<k Creek; referred Also, billa to carb,
pave aad fuller on south aide of H street north,
between 10th and llib streeta west; and north
aide of P atteet north, between 14m and 11th
atresia west; and (rada aad (ravel Jthode
laiacd avenae,between Uth and 10.b streeta
wea;, rnerted. Mr. Coaaolly introduced tail
to erec* aa<1 Itcht lamp* on "tfc atreet west, from
< 1 to P atn et>- north, referred. Alao, petition
of lames M. Hudmet, trnatee of Meilaa Q. Pole
r. to have taxes erroneously paid refaaded;
referred. Also, bill imposing taxea tor the
year l-W?: reft rred (The a.-grexate rata of
taxation is the same aa in tbe bill of last yaar,
bnt there la H(ht cents on the bandrtd dollars
..-dr sw. -? * ' - ' 4 - ? --
Miam iw iuc Blllinf IU UU IMJL OUU UaOQ IQ IQ#
t -ofrai tax. The new u.-rumrDti have raised
itr \ alnt of taxable property from *44 ?J(Mk?oam
to abai.t t70,OUA?i*>. ?o that the amount of tax
iiiiobm mil ha tacrtaifd 80per ceai] Mr.
Moore introduced tall allowing Jofaa U.
Clark to arret tvo frame bouses on hi*
I04 adiacmt to hia brick bonding: passed
Also, bill for gradiag had grsrsling 1st streat
wrst,trom Virginia to Maryland srsaae; re*
trrrsd Also, regulation to amaod th?* journal
by iaaartU( the proua signed and sabaiited
to the last meeting by Messrs. Moore and
MvOathraa.egaiast the right of Mr. DstU, ot
the First Ward, to take bis seat, Aldsraan
Cook aot having resigned, and to sabmusaid
prtjit to ffcff Op?i1?? am n???-? '
first cImm of resolution?to prist?vuloit
by a Ua to(?. the Mcoad cliiw, to rvfr the
protoat to tha Committee on Electloaa, marnrd
uulaouly. Mr. Cawr a banted
pr'iUon of P. W. Bravaiag for rep*y*eet of
Kin rrroatottij imw, bill to ircb Tiber
Crwi (Ml MiwirfcWto Peaaaylyui?
MHir, peuUoa of Robert Fresell for
UfiBI go UK 4?d btU to
coa?*aa*aa* |?t*alley la sm,pacmon
for allay taa^wra Mil to rlaoe a ??at?ia
and aa&u la the weat half or tM City Hall
ground*: all of wblcS were referred.
Mr. Slasw tatrodaced tlu fcltowUf
-sxr "uaow ?|UvTt?uA'X
T'ttSlSwir-^r UU eiiy, a coaXit to* ?
?.y~ of *U dwtiaeitou foaadad tpoa
rac* or color. l?*ol*la? prlactplea whick an
uerlw lb* ??rj Coondnuoa of um <toao?r?cr.
ibe tittuiot and ooaUnaed well-being of oar
r?pnbl?? form ot gnremmeat- and
it ippcan from IM report in the "Daily Republican"
of Am city tbnt ibe opponents in
-Columbia Typographies* Union. No. mm," to
ibe recognition of L<eww H- L>oncln??, a colored
printer now employed nt tbe (lovernment
Prinung OSn u n somber of tbe "trtfl" are
rr rnit'd mainly from tbe MWiptpn office* of
thin city; and wberena tbe "4Xm?ree*ional
< tiooe," >>Tbe Dnlly Chronicle," ?fh? Dtiu
>tuoii) K#piblieu,n ud IM Evmao
>Tii, ' ara recipi?cu in a f*a?rom d??rw of
u>* profitable patroaaga of Um K*pabllc?a
firrj, both local and national Tbarwtora, b? it
h'Mlwtd, Tfcat a . obbiom of two. oo? from
nt Beard, of tbr Uitjr Coa&ol, b* appointed
?T 'fa* pi*M4?; cflcn Itotof, to wait apoa
UmptprlH?ii11 i>irl jriT?! < riff?Hfcai
ih ywii ot aw w>t miihwwj ?>wnoitlid
ud noi?7 adhe-eata of im ia> rcMlnoa.
ud mtuv* mad ijadMdM i >
Mrruuii Um> Coagraasioual Prim tar. Hot.
A. M. Oltpp. in the mMMOtlti o(Bn?'
du'y to bt? (Jui(fitf<mMl?oMnfttt
to cite apmaim tt um uuwf.l Will. ?t lippit?d
whi wyhjm w%o art to aewfi |w tn
turn will, and vkt Mf Iftot iwltmM?
dogma "tfetttmfri b<? mo d|m>tlntawk.?
Mr. I'oaaotty itfreMM hit |rMinput far
tbr (fitltM who lnrodM?d i*a BMotaOoa,
hut Iwftf mwMi4tti htfBHcUot, ?m atd?
an eioquaat and aaraaai anpaal to Mr. V. to
withdraw it Xo good could nt?k ma it,
bat oaly barm. aa aid priatar. ha wooia
aiprraa bimaalf aa agniaK aay latrfeme*
with tba craft. La than (MJ? thtir own
troatlca: it was a aatt*r witb waicb the board
bad nothing to do. Tbay war* seat bara to
mas* law* tor tba paopia, aad U raat*4 with
toe Ooaaalla to tfuaMa tba baat aamu or
the cit? by vim nm jsdicioaa Kfiilaiwa. or to
damn its (air tame by meddling with matters
which did rot ot>c*rn them. Mr. (]. apoto
fore. My aad earnestly, and was listened to witn
jrnt a 'm'ior
M'. Moore said h? cotM add bat Hula ta
opposition to tbe rr.c???r? after the warw ?f
the rii'kmiin. (Mr. 3.? Ke ?r>*d with him
ten ib'? w?i a miner with wbtrfttbaM board*
bad nctbtng to do. He (Ms. M ) bad b?*n ean?-i
?-d w.tb the typographical fratsraity 19 tbe
past, and r?grf t>d the difference* waich threat,
red then- unity, bat let tbem ?ertl* their own
aT*ir?. B??ide?, as be nnd^rstoJd tbe mat'ar,
i it did net hi ore on tba oolor of the man wao
'he ?ubiect of tbe coatrovrsy.
Mr. Cba*?- followed in opposition 'o the re?o.
' lntton, end appealed to tbe gentleman, Mr.
Sister, u> withdraw it. No on- coalJ question
bitftar. Cs) K-pubiicsiu?m, i>n:h?conld not
Totefor tbis measure ??wmio isror o(p?
idc colored men ail *n?->r riicnu, and would
cheerfully Tote for sn>h a reeoln ion ia a ward
meet.ajc, &nt bere it wna on; of plaoe TQu
board Lad no rifht to interfere b?*. ;;?en ^m|MO)iri
red employe*, and the paaaace of tb?
r?-9> lo 'cn would result in barm and aoi good.
Mr Olark ?aid it wiw merely a request *o the
emrlosers. and he could no: ?**e now tt was
obj-c lonable.
a r^Fiewart ?airt a< a colored man he woald
ay tbfr all bi? people n?<?U waa the benefit of
? inal law* a?>d tben if thev could nnt tik*
car* of themselves le; them to to tne wall. He
though' wi'b Mr Connolly til ax tbis wu a ravt?r
wbicn did not concern tbe?* boards, and tb?
mc?r oi be resolution would And uuie*4 be
withdrew it tbat it would create division, for
tnou--.nri of Republicans would stand where
tbe < pi- >u>-utsof the mnun? aland now. The
colurtnj people did not a?k tar nay suck hctloa
h*-rr tk?j did not want it, nnd be thought tb*
Boards bad be-'eonelder the business for wnicb
tbev wer* el? ctfd.
M'. Slater briefly advocated bis resolution,
and was followed by Mr. Clara on toe sane
aide, after wbicb a motion to refer tbe resolution
:o a special committee 01 three was made
n 'M - l?W IV. *??7 V/UOH ? B||p?M'<>d
as said i ummiue* Messrs. Slater, Moore
aru Sto "art.
M r. Clark introduced petition ol S. C. Clark
and o.ber* tor grading and gravelinc *t 5th
tree;, from A street nortb to Maryland
avenue: referred. Aiao, bill defining tbe dnitea
of tbe ?nperinteament ol public schools and far
otter purposes; ordered to be printed on tbe
joarnal and referred to Comalttee on Scuoola.
Also, bill proTidiac for tba pabllration of tbe
joarnala of tbe two Boards and tbe laws of tbe
Corporation; referred. [It provides for paMl>
cation In tbe Ckronttl*, Republican and Sraa,
provided tbe expense does aot enoeed ***> per
ani.dm in eecb paper.) Also, bill making aa
appro} ria iou of tl.ouu to purcbaas medals and
preminiLS for distribution to tbe mentonons
pupils ot tbe pnbUc schools for tbe school year
about to close; referred. Mr. McOatbran pre*
seated protect of property owners attain it m
airrei iraproT<*m*Di reierrea. nr. suer introduced
Mil* to cork ptT* ana cutter on wit
tide of 3d itrMt wMt, trom E to 11 atreeta
oath: wast aide of letatreet west, from Virginia
aT'i nc to C atreet ?onth: loath side of F afreet
aouth, from Canal 10 Fonr-and-% half sreet,
eaat aide of loth atreet weat from E to F atreet
ontb; north aide of (V atreet aoatl^ from Delaware
avenue to South Capitol atreet: north aid*1
of E atrot south, from Ilk to 11th aireeia weat;
auu vii uvi vu riuvui n ?urvb buU(U? 1 ru111 lO
6th street west: referred. Also, on east side of
1J* street west, from O street to Marjrlnnd
avaar pat^d. Also, bill to curt*, pwe and
gi t er on north side of O stmt sooth trom loth
io I4tb west: to grid* and grav*l 1st street
west, from Virginia a venae to tb? canal: for
relief 01 Henry Q. Johnson; u> erect a school
boose in ?qaare :?7: for relief of William M.
C>am. and to reconstrvctnto* sea-wall from
the Long Bridge to the arsenal ground*; retarred
An ac iO. C.) to repair and refnruisb
tbe Collector s >. aDDrooriaun* ? _>.noi for
tbat purpose, was pasted.
The Chair announced as the Special Cotavitir*
to examine deodorizers, Messrs. Baiter.
McCatbrail, and bavin.
At K'.3b o'clock the Board adjourned for two
Board or Co**oa ComciL?Tu Board
vu called to order by Mr. William*, Brest
d?nt, and all the member* present except Mr.
Messages were received from the Miyorendosing
c mtnuuicatiou from tbe Frredmet*
Bart-ai*. asking to be reimbursed for laying a
witrr utain 1a fqaare l,WW. oa Uth street c?t;
enclosing petition from the trustees of tbe C >
c >raa Art Oallory, asking tbat toe building b xempt
from t&xat'oc: wbisb wen- referred
A.-<>. enclosing an invitation from tbe trost e?
of (ie'tyabarg National Cemetery to attend the
ded.cation of the soldiers' monument on tbe 1st
of inly, which wan accept*!.
The Chair innouncd the following standing
committee*. Ways aad Means? Hall, MoKnight,
Thompson, brown. Dietrlck, Veaabie.
Wetter. Improvements?Taylor, Burges".
Johnaoa, Hstton, H olden, Simmt, H->yd
Drainage and the Distribution ot Water? B<*ail,
Pardon, Piper, Holmes, Ttnney, Gaines, Hoyd
Claims? Mcknight, Beall, Simms. PoliceBrowne.
Tlnney, Piper,Taylor, Hatton, B"ill,
Boyd. Pablia Schools? Pardon, Hall. Dietrick,
Browne, Holtea, Veaanle, Netter.
Canals? Hosd. Bea.ll. HcKnirht itaiiM
Tttorapfon, Piper, Holm"*. Markets?Holmes,
L>all. (iaiiss. rin l>?partaent?Veaanie.
Boyd, Thompson. Gas Lamps and Ptpe*?
Hoiden, Mum Wetter, Hatton, LHetnek, Piper,
Taylor. Railroads? Burgess, Taylor,
Browne, McKnlgbt. Elections?Burgess,
Holmes, Qaiam. Unfinished Business?K*rdon.
Hall. To Audit and Control Contingent
Expenses of tbe Board?Sunms, Hatton, Tut.
Also, tbe followlnc Joint Committees:
Canal? Joanson and Tinney. Health?LM*
trick. Pardon. Boyd, Tinney. Asyluu?Piper,
Venable, Hall, Brown, wbarvee? Bnrge?*.
Boyd, Johnson, Holmes, 81mm*. Represent
tbe IntorMto of tbe Corporation before O ingress?Johnson,
Hoiden, Pardon, Hatton. En.
rolled Billa?Mr. Hall. Money Transactions of
tbe Corporation?Mr. Nettsr. Accounts of tbe
Register?Mr. Thompson. Count and Destroy
Do* bills?Mr Tinney.
Tbe lollomag were introduced ami wf-rml
By Mr. Taylor? Petition of Jaaaa Moran f ?r
perm isaion to awt a wooden sbe?l. H? Mr.
I'.irdoa?Bill providing tbat all grading and
fa\elicg shall be done by days' work. By Mr
all?Bill to pay tbe expenses ot registration,
iwclution in relation to markets, feeding forth
tbat tbey are oppoeed to tke continuation ot a
monopoly sustained at 'be expense of tbe people,
and especially vrteL sucb monopoly is
created and protected bjr acts of these Uouncila:
tun ic?* * uiumiiiir uu xnanmi w iBStrnniffl to
r? port a bill providing lor tie rep?9l ofs?cuous
NTM, eigbt, and nine of the act of Miy t/ l&>7;
also, a bill providing lor tbe repeal of all acts
parts of acts tbat create or pret?nd to
create a vested right m any person or persons
to blre. lerse or rent any of tbe tills or stands
in tbe several market-bouses of ibis city in
preference 'o any ether person or persons de.
siring to rent tbe same; so that hereafter all
aarket stands or stalls owned or controlled by
tbe city aball be sold at nnbiic uu-uon tr>
tbe bigbeal bidder at toast once in eaci yrtr.
By Mr. Dtilnck?Btll aulborixinit tlM erection
of lamp* on *th street west, from Q to P itneli
north. By Mr. Browne?Bill providing that
ail tbe power* and dirties appertain lac to the
Office of Superintendent of PablU Schools
shall he fixed by tbe Board or Tratteea of tbe
fab lie School*, and thai the Saperiatendent ot
abiic Schools he, and is hereby, placed nnder
tbe control of said board; hill to reimburse
General <? O Howard tor laying a water main
By Mr. Hauon?Bill to extend a culvert at tbe
inter> action of F street north and Sd street east;
diu io (rut ana ktvtm u ktho oortb, fromttto
tract wMt to Piiw Jer?ev imu. By Mr.
Holden?Bill tor brick ud atou arch Mr I)
itrwi. nMdlai toMrminit; to trade and
(ravel C streeJ MOtb, from new J?*jr annar
to canal; do. &Ut strMt MM) from North A street
to Maryland ? Tea at, do. Carroll, froia lat to 2d
tr??t aiat; petUid* of Tradfa of tfei Smad
BapiUt uid Kwi Vailtaitoa Hdkadiit Fr.it.
tent Ofenrcb. MMi| te te? rollrved t( tbe
payment of ttxM for p* Yen rata, and Mil roof
a brick and stone ?r?b tnrttiitiiui from
lb* nit aid* of New Jerwy svoene, at b atrvot.
to td itrnt MMt. petition Miring l** ipmiu
m?nt of eomeflUke to mpfcw UMjuinl
irtdt ud 0?t?i It* airaat mat, tnaPm ylvaaia
?t?m to Easic*plb>la?*auMftrra*.
By Mr. Kardon^?> HrE. Woodward.
?d?4?lg?2* of Woodwat*.
ia?c?roa#T. Hyllf-Ti/Mr--F?ttti<aB/Jl?ry
B. Own lor tM M> of I aojro aatiqaa dreu.
ByJLz. Pyr-BUl ^aw^omf tet?rtOf
^Tk/fpQovtM wof* introduced aad puwd;
By Mr. HaU^Rnolatjoaw *mn>hMC tlbki to
Hon A. X. Clapp tor mis ua ""Tiiif to tk* I
iauuBut Kssrjursaa I
' tfte Cwfimlwtl Prtnttag Ot* By Mr.
Hattoa?Bill to cood?ma sad pave alley ia
square 5?. By Mr. Boyd?Ooaearreat reeo
IOIIUB !- > B CUnflUlTW OI BfTen
ccesistiagof foar OtnK If ? < three AlderE&r
ud to raport kfUU sr otherwise so
laler that aoft Moaday exerting, so Uuu toe
most IntoTvrshlt antsaace ot damping ntgbt
soil la the ww< wutt of tha city Ml he
abated. The President appelated Messrs. Boyd,
BeaU, Han aad FirOou as the cowalttas oa
tbe part of this Board. Bp Mr. HoMea?Bill
graottag permission to Horatio E Marymaa
*o erect a frame halttflag. Bp Xr. YeaaMa?
Oenramat resolution, that wtien the two I
Board* adjoara it be to moot oa Monday night,
J al? 12th. as Moaday, the 5th. will be observed
as tne aatiosal Holiday By Mr. Holdaa Baa ,
*1 nt:on roqueeting the Snpohatsadeat of Streets
aad Se??r? to faraieh estimate tor archlac the
stream in aa.l a ear D attest soath. from New
Jersey areane to tU street east. Br Mr. Pardas?Bill
granting parmlaaioa to Vn. Tocher
to erect a frame porch aad bathroom. By Mr.
Browne?Bill to repair aad refaraish the Cotator's
ofllce. By Mr. Bargass?B1U provid'ag
t no street Shall to graded without be tag
graveled; toll for laapa oa 4th street, from M
vo n nn?i ana.
A coacuirat molttiM vu reoetved from tb?
Btird of Aldemaa aiduiruiiif the appoint MQtof
a coaai'lM of two from each Board to
make arraafeaeau to attead the ctnaoaM at
Odtiitary, la accordance with the lavtutioa
of the coma it toe oa invitation; which was
i> creed to. aad the Preeidect appointed M??n.
i'ardon sad Tenable on the part nf this Board
On morion of Mr Fardon, the bill m it mean
Appropriation cf tJ.O U for the errc'ion of an
run ir-uuiiw Will ecaoiing. AC , la lb? SSWB'D
Waid. was iff rrfd to tbe Cobisi.Ek on tb*
Mm Iii-piruinii.
At )0 20 tbe Board ad ,onrned.
DUtribatioa of Mrdali and Prrmiami at
kl Je?eph?s Orphan Asylum.
Tbe annual distribution of medat? aad
ptrmiumi to tbe pupils a'. St. JosepbaOrpuan
Asylum on H, between (Kb aad lC-b streets. to?fc
place yes'eruar ta tbe presence of a large namb?-r
of ladies and (fntiemen, and was a vry
interesting affair. Tba programme was inte.spereed
with vocal ma?ic bjr tbe orpbaas aad
tbe prize* were 4i*tti>at*d by Rev. Father
Walter, Rev. Fauier Keaae announcing tbe
namea of tbe neritorioas papils
Gold medals war* awarded to Frankia Ward
and H. Brawner
Tbe Hibernian medal presented by Mr. Jobn
H. Greene was awarded to Bernard Uyaa to:
good conduct.
Silver m* dais were awarded to Jo^n S *ns
and Harry ?llis for pnncinal attendance.
M*dala were awarded to Willi-* MLMvlU
and Willie Dankinaon (iir annitciiinn mun><>
and improvement.
Readit-g, History wl Definer, premiums
vere awarded to H. Olagett, George Joyce,
Frankie Ward and Willie Dunklnson.
Geography, Qiammar and Arithmetic, first
premium awarded to Harry Hmwdt. secoud
premiums to John Sins, Willie McIXmtt an J
Ernest May.
For Penmanship, Orthography and Christian
Doctrine, first premium awarded to Jame-i
Hubamel; second premiums to Eugene Bieleski,
Willie Fallon, I<ouie4(\rt.
For Readug and History, premiums were
awarded to Bernard Di hansel, Harry Ellis,
Al'red I>e Roncey and Andrew Olynn.
F\>r Arithmetic and Geography, premiums
were awarded to James H?rvey, Arthur Miy,
Frank Gorlintki, Eddie Hurley and Charles
For Orthography, Catechism, and Writing,
premiums were awarded to Willie Lick-y,
Charles Clement*, John O'Coanell, Eldie
Fox Geogiapby, Arithmetic, and Spelling,
premium* were awarded to Maurice Clagett,
Bernard Ryan, Joseph Keleher, OktftHbeitz,
John Fitzgerald. Ferdinand Desaau.
In tha Peimaav
*w ? MUiW j lujcui -"
For good conduct the gold medal awarded to
Ooldaborongb Oodderd, ud tbe silver m?lalj
toFiaber Ciwi. and a silver OQeu> Willie Meiw
ritt lor improvement. M*
In Geography, Orthography, and Artth^M
tic. preminma were awarded to Willie
ritt, Golde>>oroagb Oodderd, laddie Smith, ?11
gene A dam son.
For Reading, Writing, and O&techism. premiums
were awarded t? Clinton S?ltx, Willie
Coombe, Feilder Coombe. Tboinaa Mil! ?r.
For Heading, Arithmetic, and Catecbiam.
premiums were awarded to f'sfsr Clark,
Robert Harley, James SpngUtl.,, iseph FalIon.
For Reading and Orthography, p* -alums.
vprp ftwftrilMI trt Alnvuna T/v^'?k
? ? - ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ?* w J " ? ? UW& 4
Griffith, Daaiel Fallon, Ambrose Bart.
ForUatecbtsi* and Reading, premiams were
awarded to John Flaberty, John Oriffin, Walter
Williamson, Frank Warner.
For Spelling, premiums were awarded to
Llo;d Keleber, Orlando Harvey, Willie Bailor
being ??a very food little boy," the premium
was awarded to Frank Ad&mson.
The annual commencement of toe preparatory
department of tbe Columbia College took place
last evening at E Urttt Baptist Cburcb. Tbe
batiding was well fllled, lb* greater portion of
toe audience being ladies. Tne exereiees were
enlivened tbroagbont bv tbe music of the
Marine Band. Rav. Dr. Tnstln opened tbe exI
ArrivM with nVA??r ftm1 ?ftar DrAfau?Ai>
bad explained tbe preparatory court* the following
programme was carried out?Sil a Later
j?W. A. Datton. Hegulus to tbe Roman
Senate? Louts H. Barnard. Paul Revere's
Ride?Charles M.Lewis. Polish Boy? Cbarles
S. Lu?k. Dialogue?"Uncle Zed"?H. U Foller,
S. N. Tustia, Andrew A. Lipscomb, W. O.
Eastlake, F. P- Atkineon, S. F. Wood and S.
Barr. Mary, tbe Maid ot the Inn?O. M.
Henley. Columbus?H. S. Pbillipe. Tbe
Fearless De Courcy?C. A. Spoffird.
^cbnit/el's Velocipede?W. B. Young. L>ia.
logue?"Tbe Puzzled Professor"? E B Hty
and C. S. Lusk Forma of Law? B. O. Fuller.
Pled Piper ol Bamlln?A. A. Lipscomb.
Phillips on the Policy of England?L.. T. M.
Cowl* September Galea?S. N. Tuaun.
I'lalogue? Selections from Benry IV"?Cbas.
S. Luck, H S. Nay man, A. A. Lipscomb, (J baa.
A. Spofford and Cbas. M.Henley. 1 risk Aliens
?W. Clarence Duvall. Hans Brlettman>
r?ri7-n.n> ivung. joqo iuavaard?E. B.
Hay. Valedictory- C. M. Liwh. It woald
be invidious to distinguish between tbe mwiu
of tbediffentnt speakers as all ehowed thorough
training. Mr. w. 11. Yoan? wboee German impersoaatlone
wan aouceabie waa moat ealhaslasflcally
encored. Tbe Preeideat tben pre
abated tbe medals aa follow* For standing?
Messrs. Atklasoa, Baal I, Corroil, button,
Edwards, Qreea, Lewie, Li pa comb. Phillips
For Deportment?Messrs. Atkinson, iieell,
Cornl, bat ton, Falconer, Qibbe, Harbaagb,
Hay, Hettmnller, Hundley, L*wi?, Little,
Spofford, McClelland, Edwards and M.Calloach.
Ou>d Army or the ripcblic? euccon
t?At ibe regular assembly of Po?i No.
k. U. A. It., at their ball, coraer ol 11th street
and Pennsylvania avetue, laat eveninir. the
lollowing o(Beers were elected for the ensuiajc
term, viz: Post r5?mmand?r. (Irnnmla W.n,?m
B. Brows: Senior Vice Commander, Comrade
Hamson LMngmtn: Junior Vic? Commander.
Comrade John Robinson; Adjutant, Comrade
C. W. Hay ward; Sergeant Major, Comrade A.
J. dunning: Quartermaster,(Jomnule M C tsey;
quartermaster Sergeant, Comrade U. F. Haydea;
Chaplain, Comrade Ofclrlee Peck; Officer
of tbe Day, Comrade F. Fritz- UUlcer of tbe
Guard, Comrade William Ijorln;. Delegates
to Department (Jon mention?Comrades H.
Dinaman, A. J. Gunning, and F. Fix. Win.
B Brown, post commander-elect, in Also a del*
egaie by virtue of bis office. Tiie Post ia in
qnitea flourishing condition, baviag upward*
of 175 members on Its roster.
Post No. 7, at their meeting last night, elected
tbe following officers: Poet Commander J. B.
Adamr, re-elected; Senior Vioe Commander, J.
Melville Armstrong; Junior Vice Commander,
J. F. Bolton; Adjntant, George 11. Corey;
Snartermaaier, MV. Bottel; Chaplain,Wilson
. Fuller: Surgeon, W. H. Colkleiser; O. D ,
James B. O'Hriaa: O. t* . K .1 IIbhII- swm>t
Major, T. M. Sullivan: qmrttrmuttr Sergeant,
Robert Barms. Council of A4n In tat rati
on?J . B. Adams, J. Melville Armstrong,
George 11. Corey, Job* Armstrong, aad w. 11.
m i
TaiAL or Kim EinaoutiBU ?A trial of
the "Baboock Fire EiUifaltbtr," aboat to be
adopted by tbe Quartermaster's Departnt, aa
a mraoe of protection of property from da*
straction by Cra, was riven this morning on tbe
vacant gronnda between ftjf and Mb streets,
east of Armory Sqnare. A pUe of tar bam la
and otbar InftammaNe matertm was set on Are
and tbe extiaguleber was put In eperation and
quickly cbecbrd tba spreading of w Are. Tbe {
trial was a satisfactory oaa and was witneeead
by Cap cam IX Q. Tfcomaa, M. 8. K.; Fire Com.
mleeionor Ooodall, and eaveral officers ot tba
Ua~aen?Mter'e Department. Cklsf Engineer
Dtckaan eoadaotaa tba trial and opera tad tba
machine. _
Auw or PiUt-An alarm of f re waa
canted this mernlnb, neont 9 o'clock, by tbe
boralng of a bubV bad In tba Ultra story of
tbabonae occupied by Madame Mar quarto* as
a las* am/t mmIHu ?? 1
aectdeutly by a tic k cMld who was play in r
wiu attain. Mo (huh wu don? otfifc
tban tbo partial bvrotac of km bad, vuck Wu
iptaoily bnaUad tato Ifca atraat.
Falbv AliU -Tfe* alam of flra about
aavaa o'clock last awtrnag waa eaaidbf tto
burning of a lot of felt rooflnc, watch aora*
warkmea wera pranarlng tor a turns? naar tba
corner of Etorcaib and K vtraota. Union
EagtnePio. l,i?Mbro?gbtoat.batMcertajniag
tb? nwnt of tb? ttn, ?u returned to tbair
raglM taoBM before reaching tie tpot.
i m >
Cxcitksio*.?Tfce congregation of the Fifth
(lit??<>) tJbnreb will civ* % mad ?.
anion 10 Oljmomt oft Tbur?4ay, tke lit i??t.
From ike m wbicb former i?Un of
tMakisa Hit* bwa aiuml by our isuad
trf?d?. w? c?a bci^Mk torajl wto tcetapur
ft 4*7 of eBjojrmflit.
1491 IAU.
Tk? Rrd SiKkli|?-TkfUCMM Vt*trrdiy
with the OliapUl-Tkt WL+4
Vi<t*ri*a??Their Vrf?rUrt (n Hew
The second aatoh pat hnirevn the K d
Sroc?in*? of Cincinnati, ud the Olympic* of
thu city, took ptao* yesterday aReraoaa on
Uj? National Orounds, 1a tb? p.eeeu?e of a
? y- vww ? ? w *? 1 JWI^T*
day was ?m ptOtd tBrndfBoot m kott Hdn.
Um> two ?*> lM?r ?aaf other pretty well
vBtil be film 1DKIB4, wbn tferOu>ciiutiw?Bt
in aad took the lead, and woo the gama bjr a
con ol If to 3. A. porooa of Um ip^eutori at
dttrrwt tmH dartnc tt*(ut?n>otd a cnat
dul of diuattelbeaon at tba lieWm of the
unpin, oa two or thrco evasion# booting and
btMiac ranch to the dts<a?t or the fair minded
peopU preacat. The followla? U tbc ?cor?.
cmcimn. o a. Olympic. o. a.
O. ffri|bt,i. ?4 3 Force, a. a 1 1
UouM, 1 b i 3 Reach, 2 b J 1
Wataraiaa, 3b.. . 4 2 Jfaleaa, c. 3 1
All iron, r 3 3 Youbc. r. f. 3 1
H. Wright, c 0 Billing*, 3 b 4 0
Leonard- L t. 2 1 EmmaU, lb 1 0
Br at Bard, p. 3 I Wood*, c. t I 0
Sweaty, k 2 * Robin ton. I t 2 1
McVtjt r. t. 3 2 Leach, p 4 0
S7 l' | 27 5
viuvihbou. . | u 1 * 15 K I U?!G
Olympic. >...1 oiuusnou? $
Fly Oatchaa? Wimroin 3, <1. Wri?ht a, H.
Wright 2, McVey t, Leonard t, Ai'l<ou I,
Braiua-d 1?14. Wood -I, Rea.h i. Force 1.
RebiDiOD 1, Malone I?1?.
Tine of uw-Two Honrs and ten minutes
Umpire?David Hirdiall, Nal-.oul Bm1 Bill
Clno. Scorers? Mfiiri. Hurley and Millri.
The C.nclnaati lefc the city last night in tbe
nine o'clrclc train lor komt, stoppinr on tbe
wav at Wkrdiit to play the Baltic Club there
to.day. They were escorted to tbe depot by
quite a delegation of tb* bi>e ball fraternity,
aLd went off highly pleased with their visit to
The Attack open Judge P. at Blndeasbarg.
Judge P. called in to see u* to-day. The
Judge, it will be remembered, had a difficulty
at Bladensburg last week. Ha called to-day to
giTeusthe real facts in the caae. The Judge
saja that that unreliable sb.-et, the New York
Herald, has misrepresented tbe facte, and he
counts upon tb? Sran to do him justice. Our
report of the affair be says was evidently well
mt ant, hut that we ware not m possaesiiou of
ail the particulars.
Tbe Judge ban given us a very vivid recital
of tbe ontrarra perpetrate on hia by the
raliM*" ft# Uln^anahnrv. ha tarma fc??
>cntort; and fete narrative with Heightened by
the marus of rough treatment be bore upon bis
pen-on. His right eye la blackened and puffed
up in a way thai oa?t trouble bia exceedingly
in locking alter bis widows and erpaans.
There la a long aad sanguinary mark across
bis forehead, there are two or three bnmpa
of tbe size of a hen's egg over the left ear, the
right t ar seems to be have been macerated or
chawed, and bis nose appears considerably
damai.td and inflamed. There are various
smaller scars, bnmpe, contusions, mace,
rations, d ecoloration*, and other marks ot
u?ieu uj vu iue jiervun Ul W-* J CICIgQ.
His summer clctbes are a goJii deal fractured
aad maddled, acd altogether be is aa object.
Tbe Judge's statement is this in substanoe:
He bad got into sob* legal squabble wiin ibe
tenants of bis Btadeasburg bouse, a man and
woman, who were to take oare ot it aud ih?s
garden. He charges tbat they plundered bim
most sbametully, and worst of all carried on
improper and immoral proceedings in bis
domici), which, of coarse, tbe Jndg < coald not
stand. The renntt was that he seat ibem adritt,
aad tbey sn?*J for wages, or something of the
sort, ana tbe case went before a magistrate,
where tbe J odge admits tbat bit feelings got so
mucb tbe better of bia tbat be did use some
pretty barsb language m regard to the wife of
kia fananl A? Amnl/tua 1 ueaWklV)
flVlate ndtd witb bia tenant-, and al'er ascertaining
that be wan unarmed they way-laid
T him on hie leaving the ir^i TWs office, and
I on his stepp np oat in tbe dark be waa struck
I violently and treacherously on tbe bead by
I -orae unknown parties. Tbe Jodce was at
fir?tstaggered, but he ^ys tie instantly rallied
and struct out with such efMt as to kaock
down one of bis cowardly assailant*,
who, in tailing, knocked another down,
and possibly other.-. The Judge tbea
got away to bis own premie, or rather to 1
bis garden, tbe b'.use b?Uf locked, wben tbe
rabble again came altar him. lie told them
that be was unarmed, as they knew, but if they
would ri > ? ti i one hours' lime *o prepare, be
wuuld fight the wbcle of ibern, or an y tea of
them. They were deaf, however. to this chival.
rout challenge, and overpowered the Judge by
numbers, dragging him o<T through the mad
and essay in* to duck him ia the creek, with
other outrages described or hinted at in tbete
column?. From this peril be was finally
rescued by tome ot tbe respectable citizens,
who told *he mob thai if they persecuted him
farther It would be at tbe peril of tbeir live*.
Tbey started to escort him to tbe depot, but
there being no train doe. Mr. Marshall, a
nephew of Chief Justice Marshall, the J udge
says, tooK bim to bis boue? for prot-ciiou.
Pretty hcou tbe mob began to rally aboni tbe
bou?e of M> Marshall and demanded that their
victim should be surrendered to them. but Mr.
maruau pvtuiTFij reiuwa ua tnreatenea to
shoot tbe flrit man who croteed bis threshold.
He stopped with Mr. Mart ball thar night and
cam<> to tbe city tbe next morning. Doris* the
ase-ialt upon bim by tbe mob the Judge says be
was robUd of S'?52, contained la bU Test
pocket, lie utterly denies thai be ever made
any of tbe remarks attributed to him impugn*
ing tbe bravery of tbe male Bladensbnrgere or
tbe virtue of tbe females, or that be made any
Insulting proposal to any yonng lady there
He says tbat these stories were started by tbe
rowdies after tbe outrages opon him to screen
themselves. He refers to Mr. Marshall in con*
firmatinn nf hi* atttamnata
Mr. Marshall tells us that what came under
bit own fyen confirms the statements o( tbe
Jodge. He (tji that tbe crowd came after
tbe Judge while at bit boase, and that be refared
to give bun up, upon which they charged
bim wi'b being as bad as tbe Judge if bo protected
him; to wblcb be replied tbat the Jnige
bad been placed in bis bands for protection,
and be should protect bim Witb bis life, draw*
ing a revolver to snit tbe action to the word.
Mr. Marshall states tbat the Judge was In a
very pitiable condition when be aaw bim; being
so disfigured with mud and bruises as
scarcely to be n-cognized. 11 appeared that the
mob bad draggrd bim through the mud to
tbe house of tbe woman be bad bad tbe
'rouble with at the magistrate's office, and
compelled bim to get down on his knees to
apologise for tbe abusive language towards
ber. But the Jndge seems to hare been so
completely demoralized and broken down by
the treatment he bad received that by this time
be #as really unconscious of what was going
A u a Ml j ikw ui vac hsi uir inuicuon ib
one that does not reflect muctt credit npon
tnese young Ben of Bladensburg. It may
have commenced in trolic, bat it ended in
scenes of positive brutality and crnelty it is
quite evident.
Attimtt to Kob a Boy?He Uutt one of hit
Jitailanti.?This moroinr. A. Hamilton, aged
about fourteen years, while passing down tbe
avenue, and crossing Tin street, was attacked
by a number of boot blacks, who attempted to
take aome money from bim, but he succeeded
in getting away from them. They, however,
renewed tbe attack, one of them using piece
ot hegsbead hoop, when Hamilton drew bis
knife and cut tbe boy In tbe side, making a
slif bt wound. Officer French arrested 11amliter
and took him before Justice Walter, who
held him to bail for a hearing.
Cokpokatio* omens Bomdbd.?Mr. F
A. Bocwell, tl? Collector elect, bit Med bis
bond m tbe ma et 930&I0 for tbe faithful performance
of bis datles, witb Messrs. B. Bacoa
and O- W Ooodall as sureties. Mr. Joba F.
Cock. Blister elect, bas also filed bis bond la
the sou of ISM arith Messrs. A. G. Hall and
W. L. BramhalI as saretles. The bond of Mr.
Done ran. the Surveyor, is in tbe iin of tsjmn
with P. Do nob m ud Barnard Hayes aa ore.
tin. Tbete offlcara will eater on their da lie*
on Thursday, Jnly 1st
1cm m Baltihokb.?i-'or the past few days
the WuhlactM and Georgetown and Groat
Falls loa Compaalao bare been supply inc the
dealer* of Balttaore with tons of loa from the
larco supply wbieh tooth oorporatioas lava en
hand. Tm tamer company k?M shipped
ovor one handled tona nndar the superintendence
of Mr. Bailey, while (fee latter eonpasy
have also sent my tMr fall share.
Snstiorrs Loee.?Mr. J. W. Toonjr. latter
cmrrmr on UM ronta 17tag miwmr Uta and
15U? itrwn and F itmt and tfca canal, io*t a
package tkla mom lag, cootaiatas a ?oaiid*r>
wnaiaai WWgt i WW w in HM. M
bia ua* ?m oa to* e?t*lop#, it to to ha Imd
It Ml lata the lull of mm boa?i persca,
who will man It to the post offioe, where a
liberal reward WtU bepudth<rr?*c>r.
Wa* o* TB* Dom?Aa order was leaned to
the polloe ycaurdty.ly Major Ruharda.
directing them on aadaftar thetet day of Jaly
to eboot all dofa ieaad raaalag at larce contrary
to tar rrqntrearatv-bf *h? reeest y?liae
ui luf majonin W >HIIII|IUII UN
tow?. Powder nd >bct for <hu purpoae will
be finished ob applleattan to polio# haadqaar.
a aim ponram-Tto nil of (to wharf
property of Harvey Jt UUrt, oa the rivar, at
the terrain oe of th# etre#t railroad, lu bt^n
postponed oa* wmL Th# property was advertised
to baaold thi? eveaiag.
rak i of thermometer at Franklia 4 Ce a^ Mt
PtnniTlTMW kMint. tn.ri? il th> aharf. 1.
?. m. a^ii m.m. m,isb.?7, lp.a. f?
buom lodob, 1. u o. P member* will
Bsd ? node* of mterett to tfcem m anotbor ool>
?? ?
Th* Br?4l*j-F?thfr Ct?t.
Dt i f Jwtf WfHt Advert* t? *r ? *.'?/?
Joidtrnrnt' c*nn?: b* /upt+'ked ts.tpljrr Error
tj ?**? Vrrdict for Orti/'d
'? ' tntrai TermY?>rd*y.
&ft?r our report of fb? pronator*
ntUnuoM " ?
rw V< ? MM- B(W JUU?C [ ? "<
la the Circuit Court, Ji<p WylM, elo??4 Mr.
HtrriiuM ilm to lsok it tome of ths cm
cited by Mr. Cook, ud anggMtad aa adjuura eat.
Judre Wyhs said thai farther arcumeat
woo Id he aseleas. Ue had asvar heard of
' aach a case as this, aad he aappased aoboUy
had ever heard of such a ea*a. 1: was aa actisn
of libel brought tftiast a JuJc* tor a judicial
order. That order Imparted its own
Altera ease cl'edbj Jades Hnfbea had been
' think, gentlemen, jou bad better take By deci,
tion in tats ca?e. and go to tbe Saprem*
. Court. My opinions oa tb? sabtect are so
I strong. Tbe opinio* of J ndga Black la Pmui
more WilliameoaN ease core rod ibis case com'
pbtflv, and ik* rcporta aro fall of limlUr
Tbe t*M Jutti of a jade* caaaot be mpagaed
in aa action at law, erea though tb? jadge bu
aoud improperly or oorrapUy. TUt u the
aai venal carreat of deeistoae. Tbo law baa ao
mucb respect for tbo certainty of Jadcmenta
that it will not allow ibein to b^ impcuoNlexcept
for error o* law. It waa cortaia law tbat
no action will lie against a jadce for a judgment
made witbia tbeacopeof bis jariedicttoa.
Tbi- order was aa order la the case of S? rratt.
An order made paaisblng for a cod tempt la
tbe conree of a trial is to bo regarded as aa order
in tbe ca-e, though tbe punisbmeat be aot
; inflic rd aat'l the case is closed. Tbe pro-secaI
tion bad given in e^ ideac* tbe record of a to;
dtcial crder wbicb was a complete answer to
tbeir action ot libel. He wonM fire the plaintiffevery
ppcrtunitr for malting ap a case to
CO to the Sunretnf ilnnrt
i Tbi? morning. after the plaintiff had f\l?i
; bis b'll of exceptions to tbe ruling of th? court,
, a verdict was rendered for tbe pi untitl , and
Mr. Bradley movrd f >r a new trial on tar exceptions.
and that tbe ? ? may be board be.
tare the Conrt in (Jeneral Term in tbe first
Instance, and tbe conn tntreupjn cert fled the
causs to tbe general term. The second case of
trespass was then taken up.
Obi-haws' UornT, J wine /arcef/.?Tins
morn inc. Clara B. t?:ee?e qualified as exeretor
of A-bbvi Steele; bond SI,(KM). John B Blake
and Mo?es Kelly qualified as executor* of
Joshua Fierce: oond Au.ouu. Micbael Oar.
Tin's will was Bled, folly proven. and admit,
ted to probate, and letters testamentary were
issued to Jeremiah Carroll as execntor; bond
? 0:0. A copy of tha will of John Beckley
was filed for probate. Tbe following accounts
were approved and passed: First of guardian
to O. K. Pickett, secaod of guardian to Clira
nnd Helen Mover, nod first and ? ?! m
tors ol W. L. Hodge.
I. O- R. M An election of officer* took
place Monday evening Jnne*>, in Sen?c&
Tilbe Wigwam I. O K. M. rwDltiBC u follow*:?winfleld
8. OHt*. Sxchetn; J. w. Mo<i,
Sr. S&Kamoif; "W. Davie, Jr. Sagamore; O W.
CJray, C. of Record*; W. McCatier, A.at. C of
Record*; W. Otto, Keeper ot Wampum R?p.
rreentattTee to Grand Council to too b?ld, Juiv
i'th, In Georgetown. D. C., at Logan Wigwam.
W Wilton, J. W. Mo*a. L P. Hoaae.
t tbe ref alar meeting of the Oaace Tribe
No. 6,1.0. li. M., tha following officer* were
elected:?J. E. Dement, Sacbem; J. F. Springman,
Senior Sagamore; L. P. So'or. Junior
Sagamore; John Mcllwane, K. ot W.; O. of K.,
; S. Sayroa. Prophet.
Festival fob thi BmrtT or Sr. Avi'k
IBPABT ASYLVM To-morrow urenlnr th?
grand (Mtlnl forth* benefit of St. Aan'a la.
taut Asylum will commence *t Carroll Hall,
on Q street, between 9th and loth (treats, and
will ooDtism tour day*, closing on the evening
of the 3d of Jnly. We hope it will be liberally
Colokid min Ekplotko isthbOity Pott
Ornci Judce Edmnnda yesterday appoin vd
the following oolored men in the city poet office
F. <3. Barba Joea, clerk; 111 ram Bell. watch<
[ Fer ether "Lecal Newi" aee first page |
It is no rxcomioi oci riRiHci to hear
laaiea and gentlemen from all parts of the
Unioii express the opinion when they visit air.
Print's attractive One Dollar Jewelry Store, at
36 Pennsylvania a venae, be I wee B and titb
streets, tbat they bare never seen a handsomer
or more varied collection of jewel rv and am.
clesof rtrtu. Visitor* trom New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, and otber cities are nnani*
mo? in tbeir praises ot tbe beauty of the styles.
Indeed, Mr. Priggtakee special pains to origU
raie and to receive tbe very latest Imported
drsigns of jawelry. and tbe most extensive
items are so closely imitated in cbeap jewelry
that tbey can hardly be detected. His oroide
variety of sleere barons, stnd*. lines, watches,
and chains, rubber and terto'se sbell seta,
Ktrnscan sbrlla. and Alaska diamonds, la real
cold and plate, are magnificent. Mr. Pricc U
last in receipt also of a handsome lot of
hroraos, vases, fans, and silver-plated ware,
which are well worthy the attention of p iri
hseers. Mr. Prigg has also a splendid assortment
ot Alaska diamonds onset, which are re.
peoally adapted for filling out old settings,
from which gems have been lost. Tbeee are
avnniaifalv hnlliar ? n?^ Af " ? ?
w> iMiwuit wuvi ui an o|/.r?, auu 'UP
old at very reasonable prices for rings, stn Is,
bnuipm, A.C. One of toe very newest team res
nt bis establishment, however, is the Japanese
switch, a sabstitate for hair, la which the
ladies feel a special Interest, since the genome
article tu so freatly adraaced in prloe, and
since Dame Faahioa rrqiitts of her votaries
snch an abundance of ih It ooass in all the
dark brown and black shades, and Is destined
to acquire great popalarity.
?k>n*B, Ac ?Dr. Wbite. Surgeon Chiropodist,
of twelve years' prac ical experience in tne
i nitea state* and Canadaa, and e**biisaed at
?tt Pesnaylvania antw, betwen 4 < and ftth
atreeta, line* 1811, aacoasafally treats Oorai,
Buaiona, t'Mblaiai, Gtub and Ingrowing
Nails, and oilw dlmtw ef the feet, wlthoat
pain or inconreniaace to tha patient. Thesboe
can be worn with ease immediately after tbe
operation. Refer# to the many eminent pbyaiciana,
sargeons and thoaaanda of otber reapoaaible
persona who patronise bia eatafclmhment.
Hour* from P a. m. to t p. ra. Owing to preaa
ot business at office. Dr. White la unable to
ialt patients at tbairresidences except between
6 and P p. m.
(ibbtlbkbs'i alpaca asd dftap d'etb
Sack Coat*, a very large assortment, at tow
W bite aad brown Dnck Sack Coats from ? .?.
Oau.C. Hmmu, No. 5H Tib street.
Whit* Lis*n Duck Slits,
Just tbe thing tor warm weatber,
AtHable A. Co.'a,
5 4?^ Pa are., under U S. Hotel.
Bbown Lima Sacks, ti e and ft SO;
brown lines checks, 91 aad *i.SO, can be naa
in v:w leiy ai tk* A. MnOM I ClOUllBS boSK.
Pennsyl\ania avenue, between iuth and iltb
streets, three door* east or Ulh. i
This ia a personal invitation to the reader to
call and ex em ine the Summer Clothing at the
Oak Hall Clothing House, 400 Tib street, opposite
Post Office. 6
A Phtbicia* WBITM to Mr. I* Holt ?"1
embrace the tlret opportunity to la rest Irate it
more thoroughly, having long tslt the need of
such aa article In my practice as a substitute
for ale and liquors, which are so much adulterated,
etc." 6
Turn Onrni I>oll a a Broaa, tt M&rkst
Space, between 8th and ttth streets, is la ooaatant
receipt of the latest novelties In the way
ot Jsweiry, Plated Ware, Faaa, Vaeee, Ac.
Fatal to raTnra art *11 end preparations.
They may bleach the enamel, bat they
u rarely, dissolve ud destroy it. The mild,
cental haleamtr aad preservative 8om?ml
lapnoaad witt the Jwuw of the ramou
tropical Soap Tree mt Ohut, ts tae only ataolately
safe article oI ita kind la the market,
and protects the Teeth from all destructive
influences, a> well aa keeps theai tree from
. ?>
Hoar Wis?"JTe Utt Denyimg A* r*cL"?
Stevaas, FwwaM of Om Tea Hone, has
adopted a principle of selling Tea that mutt
OMpcidBdU chMp s^SoBfh roTUXt m
,17 "H(nro," S* Ttk itmt
A Nbw Wat o? Doom B?iw Hollaa4m
Bros, will rnwtnrr tmm tteter ?M?U
Jl thtlr Seat's Pirauhlw Utodi it Are per
Mtitonetfti V?dklU?k?m itaiM
or t*? Above goods to palroafe* ikH it wlU
m considerable ibomi to tkt btvtr and ?u>
Me as to cobUaw^Hlsg jssdtrafs.
ULi:"0''11 * atsaaa.
OHAm Tha* m Q?i a tut White
Shim, 75 arao, ?l, (i aa, aad upward*. Uatfwshirta
ud Drawers, from 33 casta tpw<mi.
Oooj Oouoa ttocfea, s pair tor is <mt? Hta4.
b?ttoi?.|lrt^oe(?B^^o*!?daJi (Mkwcooda
OBO*. " lAt I
KsisJiW'.1"11' s? EtMSSSS
poNHnimva^t, M?u
1 ?.
cm hmiawii.
P>ih4 k| ik? SilU-tiiU CM?cil.
AH ACT ?pproyns.ttn?BOB?y to p*y tbe ? Ft
f*c*r4f A'^rntn <*wi Bn*ri
of Cvmwtfn Ccumctl rf tke Cii4 ./
flit tfe# *am of two iheaaaa-i one haadred
dollars tr. ud ?? * u kwtky, appropriate#
oat Of tb* f*?enU fa?0 to pay tfc? &??^??or*
of A* mtrtl ward? tor n.r* aril, m tae
nn?Ml TfU ia pwf^vUe* tbe awMmeat.
t Approved. M?y u, i*?.
As Act fOT tfee relief of W M White.
fit U tweudbf IM Brmrd rfAJr^rxmJ B+rd
ef Ctmwum Cm***? CW* ?/ i?u?%?vtji?
Taat the ftae of ?l*e dolUr* imp w*a up->a W.
M White am tfee Hi of April, by JIU^CUU.
(or as alleged tioIaUoa of Uw, ue, and tb*
if hereby, remitted. And the Mayor u
Beiany iBonaaa ua requirea to *um> tbe
aid *0111 of flt<* dotlara to b* paid to t*e ?%t-l
W M~ Wiutf oat of t?* ceaarai (u4
Approved, Jus* IP, l!?.
Ah Act Cor ifef relief of krm?rict Katbe.
Be it tm*cUdb$ ike Hoard qf Mdtrmen and Hour I
of <'vmwKm Ci*mc\l vj Ik* Ci'f of W*jAnap*?A.
tbat the Mayor o*. lid bo la hereby. iwinr.
izrd to My Fnkrirk Knikr th# of in*two
dollars aad tin/ i-enu oat of tfc? general
fond, ih? same baring beon arrow*oa?ly a?mmM
on the laprvtwnti oa part of iqaarr
TM?. ib tbe Fifth Ward, for l?-.
Approved, Jane 1", 1909.
Aw A<*t ftor the relief of Mra Alb Hawk.
Be it enacted by tk? hoard of AUxrr<%-n and
Foard of Cm>M? CVniicil of Iks l iff of II at\in$' n
That Um> iiid ol nine djllu ud
i?su be, and the tame is b-rrby. appropriated
oat of tbs (and* ot the &it& W*nl lor th?
pirpoHul iefuodinr U> Mra Ann H>?* **j?i
j aid by her on to* property of W II. Wiift;
Approved. June 1?>. 1-w.
A* Act for tbe relief of W L Sears.
P.' 11 tna-.ltd bg the Hoard of Aid r?< ? svi
Boardof Common* ounci'of th' f'ltgof >ra#1!.
TLat tbe ?Bm ufoue Hundred t?nJ (jrijr dolli'i
he, and tbe ssme it hereby. *ppr.?pr i?l oat of
tike general tnnd to re.msar?e W I. Sem
apothecary of the Se -jnd A ar I. f >r medi<\a?-s !
fnrnub'd the poor of tai.l ward during the !
quarter ending M^reh 0, it*#
Approved. June U?, 1-69.
A? ACT for the relief ot William .M So wen
apoth> c*ry of tbe Firs: Ward.
He it enaciod bg the B.-ard of Aldermen tmd
Boardqf Of a?(n< i? Cotmrxiof tk* L itf of Wart
Tbai tbe mm uf iwo buudrtd and seven dollars
and tbirty-flee oeats &?, and th<- same >
hereby, appropriated oat of ibe ceaaral fund
to reimbatta William M SI j wen, apo'beciry
tor the First Ward, f. r medicinei furnished the
poor of said ward dariag tbe qaarter esdir.j
March 31, i**'. [Approved, Jans It, 1>h>?.
A> Act making an appropriation for the relief
of Casper Herbert.
Beit enactrdbg lite Boardof Aldermen *%d Board
of Common Council of tkf City of M'iUti*/fc?i,
That the sam of one hundred dollars te, aad
the tame to hereby, appropriated oat of tbe
general land to refund to Casper Herbert, tb?*
amount deposited by Mm for a license on tb?
tit day of Jaaaary, ISW: Provided That be
surrender to the City Kefister -ruflcaie N j.
i,?I5, of the First Ifauoaal Bank, certifying
that raid sam has been deposited by bim it?
the credit of the said fund.
Approved, June 10,1889.
Aw ACT for the relief of Ellen Fealy.
Bt H cr.Ocltd by tkr Bom.r<i of AIdt rwun attd Pnmrd
'if Cemmun I'ounctI of tht CUn of Washington,
That the sum of nineteea dollars' and twenty
fire cents b*-, and the same is hereby, appropriated
oat of the S-cond Ward fund, to enable
the Mayor to refund to Eilea Fealy for taxes
erroneously assessed and collected on part of
lot one la square afci. in the Second Ward, and
that the Mavor be, aad be ta b*reby, aathorized
and requested u cau?e said sam of nine,
teen dollars and twente-llv* rents ta he mid
Approved, Jan* lu. IH?.
Aw Act for the relief of Kr-4 Kupp
Be it mooted by the Board of Aldermen and Boar I
of Com mum Votmcti 9f the CV* of Wajktnfton,
That tne tin ol twenty dollars be, and the
?m? ia hereby, appropriated oat of the general
fond to enable the Mayor to raimborad Fred.
Kupp the amount of a Ana impotvd by Ju*uce
Murper on the vth day of Much, 1W, tor ait
alleged tioImIm of lav; and that the Mayor be.
and D? ia hereby, authorized and reqalred to
caoN the said sum of twanty dollars to be
paid. f Approved. Jaue 10, IH??.
DK C.C.roX.batlijrNWd tha practice of
MkLH'lNE and SUftGMY, offers n<s pro
fe?elcn*l serrlcea to the citliens of tha District
Ben?f b foan<1. for the present. at Mr* H?4ia?'e.
34ft f street.? noslU the BiMtt Hooee,) wknt
be will he happr to receive soch parsons as Bar
ft sire to couanft bin, between the boars ?f I and
10 a. as., and tand 6 p m. dally. je?-?t
Sleep in ftcn
CID^ugpoiso*. 9< per pint,
urnnn shut. ? cttn yer jtot,
LVOV daad oth*r IKS?CT P0WWER3;
HfKtT row I'M ?CN.*c?nte.
VIM1R BX1 BENIN AToB. aore to kill. Veto:
LIOBTBIBU V1.T BILLBK. ?contaaaboat
At BIMM8' Pharmacy,
j<K )M Q*r. HaafdrkM* taiMtkat.
486 486
irnns stock
jroir OPEN AT
MiRKKITB ft?l,
Bktwbx!! 9 hb B Brum,
S door* above Odd lelluvi' Hall,
y l?aa? racnambar iim and nam bar.
TEBMB CASH. aal -tm
QLAHVill. Hi
Coastsntly on hi?d a fell stock of the beat Goods
it tbe lowest price*
jelUn 493H tth street, between U *uJ C
F. A. B08WKLL,
Offlca-i**8 4* atraat wet, utr f at. Math.
Landlord and ttaut and civil boatoaaa
arally attended to.
Alto, I>??da, Itmi, Mottjicw Md Wills dmly
0?ce open from 8 a. . te 8 ?. . daily.
Mil tf (Kapnbllcanl
V.t.r?.l.r --
? ?(?! ? >??m SHU cauuuai a CUADB il
Iron Bod
RODS. manufactured end ke>t constantly m ban J.
aad pat o| la the beat manner.
All material ?aed of superior qaalitv. and all
work warranted to (tta entire aatlafacUon.
mySl -lm cocaor and M itrok.
Turner, aad Dealer ia
I V 0 R T ,
And Minofftctiirvr of
Aad Importer of
>l Maa W Fmttoa atreet. Mew Tor
ui^i rvf, StoM r.teL^i
tad uoMUtj rJ^rrJ^ ^ MB|K<
",'2?Sks&! 1*
iMSV7*le Ur**
O. W. iilDM ^
llUlft(!qDB,T&imiIO BDITt, WRITS
um.oinsuc mn, > *u m>?w. mm
oiiamtii uuwuv mom, run **
?2$ %?
lM?*a?ock?r *wWOMm> *
aric??. Ill Pw?afrU?aU itmn,
hu i
jarawME i
Affair* la
()K)t#irown OOLUot-tM (CMtil; i? .
!orr> lad pi) ? br 14- ?:
cf - ?r* ir y t ' * "* '* Ooi H
af!#ri<oua TU? lt ^ una* 6\? aJr??j> t
pabmhtd :c *t? *T*? T%? :h*
(rm4s>i?< fcr t*?i ?WIT K AMI. He.
or*. M<1 ; .1 *m?? V. i on mi; N?? York. V.
V.. Saada W. i ormta. Na* Krmaci?cv Oat .
J6 E.Xk.l rt. /. ?*?r?acot%, Fi* H*?rv n
RuimU. U'ftariii^. Va . Harry W altar*. B*,.
imor*. Md.
i'( tui Sh uool Lx k* ip ati< >?M*J*< )rta.
<n>r ^h..J W.u I H
?T*l*ir?<^n>.a?r<lay b? *r Wit C.
M*i?* vr?i. X?m? Ujd*. kaa?fear?, l>ua.
I?n> and W .lao* U lb# B*>ard of <>iiard*aa*.
IH'ukUoi would br m*??Uo??. ??al.j :k#
prilctncy ot ili ik? puptli cos Id a? k?n< 1
mi. u<i ;b? ttu[.,utiiia wx? -uiif up to
U? irandard of a No. I gramma' *eto x>: Tlwr?
irw only t~ pup^u ernnl. aJUioagti b* ?>*??
*?> common ~*d wirb HP.
A Ni? Iiv?AT Clck.-A iumb*T of t?cU^
met. m?*. !? *. r*?nu c. *t l.aog- Ho>?. for a*
l>arpo?? of orgnmuag a bov club, and ?t*cs?<
the toilowlng off ?t ? Pr?- J?at,CoL ( rtni
Jon?? Socr^'arT Mr Joha M Wat?r? Tr?i%ar?r.
Mr. JcUn B. I*onn*-lly a (caaittM ?a?
appoi?t?l to tafc? iwpi toward* pro,ana m
H:?M* boat, tad to r?por at an ad ;jurn?*J
Jl?T?C? HrcaBT 4*O TNI p.->n, B IB
Pbinju.-Ti* old p 1 * ?tatioa wa* v?rai*d
vf-t*rd?t aOnjooB, pr?parat -rj *? i:? >?mf
doiroltah^d to m^fc- rem r r th? t? w tuMcmbt
u?*. to t* b?klt a^j'd.tr *o ptan? <v *r.
.Trba C. H*r?#*? In 'h? nnnwbik t?#
j drfrofain th# pri?o?. batkvnr bi>
1^*11 1 ~ " " " ' *
? - - - - - - -? ? " ! i \r.'*ti wn*** D#r*.
all ku>iu#w win tw tr?n**< ?<i
Ki> F?o?t ??h S| Tl#* ' i y/
St? it. Ford l'BiiUrlpl<v Tt? v-w \
ItrkBfr, dn? to d'T. U>4 ft. ? *-?
*r an op to ?oou lo dar
Georgetown Adver; f|l|'
titOHKTOWM l> C.J **? . ""
i >? r?KMI>< AM. Hk. ?**. 111!
Tt ? Trrit?fi c>1 rfti? B?bk !i??* d? - . t1
iturd Of tkr** frt rent Oil nftkf ffn' ( A \%- 11.
tx trout l? f"? f u i?rD!HMu tti
torkb- ktn cb Mil lar Ju j lot.
,+ WJt ?T ItllP. J? c?btr
|)UT AT HIM CBI> mill.
ToiliBikiib iImI ?r m? Nllltf tl IOI
itrwt. Arttfdu**. U?m. i'?i
<Jti m. Pmt?1- Pi um iiHcu.tt)' oil kiad* (
mnfr Cn ,<?. ?? ?' ?l * - ?
black Gr?B?dtT>?w, "? T"l ?1: Blftfk 4l^*<"*a.Sto
fl. Black 8i:k? ?t |i N t? #$. try rhur run
nibrellM aa4 r?rwh Our ftWt?M>.
Oillrori, (Ml (oleii, k> If',. lk!|in?,
U?til Scrtw. Jt>lr??rlT?.toafrtiii mfe aa?a
klrd B r*ib?4 MnaHb , yard widt ? have t**u
clitiif M US rtatt.
TJiH f?*cr1ta r?OTt ?!?Tlr,f t**n thoroarhly
r*itval*<3. ?)iL lacrfaad c . A
tber Mtomw^tboni*. will bf oyifdVtBV
for III* of ?latter* on iktijbaU
IPST 111 II l ? ? *
. . .. ? m* m ? ' > iu> I I??r BO I It'll* *
cot tli.untk r. c f pairoutffa
Beard. pt-t ? f * io
per *Nk ? ? . 14 M
Mil* ?1 MirCHtLL.
KEPOAf ? ' >? . k?m . fKIMAT. ? o>?? h a
m . ?ATPIDtT. I ?VI?tk * a . u< LltM
KALTIM' AA T( E*r*% ? p m. *TCRl?AV.
? p m. Toochlnc. aotug ?m r?tMiilw, at th*
Point. j? it
kumltrr iocii,
On ikt Hiitkti or?out <?? wtelowa.
TMt and Mtrirtln iciiwr re A . . A
treat ta bow MM fne th? ntrrotinirttWMV
of n<wti la lu?tUf>? fee patronage
the public the proprietor* deeta it oall mnwurf
to call atteiitl n to lu kl?k,?lrr. m'l cmI location.
and the tii>*?rpaa*?4 tl? a? pro. atad fratn
every point a( the wall tMolntH lid chair
TO' and to ple4*a. In afldletn* ? th*ae t reat
natural a!ta?ltt'<- tbat tea la~dar and bar will ba
hep* conauatli opplir.'. with ?r?rp<*t?f the aoat
faMldlnn? (arte can deaire The coohiac aha. I t>*
cnezeeltad. tha atterti * prcupt an* polite, and
the rharpee re aid a able.
%JT Koaalran aiay ha reached hr the Amedart
Bn ipe or br the L<>n? ride rla Arlta?ton?
Ittier roata aflordlae a pliaaiat tnta thrtafk
?c?r \ of b'?'r_r?c tB'^reet
jez-t-tl flhlb I <U AD WICK Pr rrkUiTI
|^?E*L^^*nK??TT WMT j|Eorsi^
Tlii* Mkkr?t?d WUrriai Placa U oolt k - ? A
two ?P'I a btlfallM froa Mr J ha * KaufnAV
htati-o. Ba 'inorr ?o.1 Tbl" Butir.ad
fro? 15th J sue U> M Of U'br, tmiort win n*d
co?cbea tocMTtr the? to the Iplbn The 1mprortBienta
arc iiMuifr and elega*-'. Telegraphic
ccmaioBlratlon to all potnta The Pp
&ho?ar. PlcD?f.ab<l Bwirfmfu# Hatha arc MarlTailed
aw peraoc* can ha accommodate-1.
Tern>? PJ pe<- lay, l-per we?h ?,htMr<?B an1
Pervaata halt price Liberal 4adaetio?. far aatira
Paa'DCfn leave Baltimore. I>r the Buitlaon
and OMo Railroad, at ?:?& a. m . ? aad t tt| a ,
wriHM at the lyrian ta !? haara.
For rTrceIare, Ac . tic addreaa O A KIRK
LAND Gtlmor Han**-, Baltimore. or JNo T.
TEBQO Proprietor ?-jlm
Witt Or** nw tub 24th or JrwB. l *?*.
Tbia liotol haa hew erected withla the pact Tear,
aford* ample ac<x mmodaUuu for aearly A . . *
cae ttauaaad frneatc. aad l? furii(h?df|fml
.? ? ?' mii ui iw iii?umg Bn*n id
Tfcim i?i? ^ ?
For ten&i. *r . tin til
PBTKE 6ABDBBB Prorrt**"*'.
SOT Wftloat atr??t.
jel *o2m PhtM?l>kt*. P?
Tk? rttiTt "ABBOW ."CM?klBTbomStock?ol?.
Imtn ber wb?rf, foot of In- .
ntli itntt. DAILY, U II ?. n Bj
good* txMfM,) fcr
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town, or at lb* corner of ink rtmt and New fork
?.dm J. V. THOMPftOK.
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