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^ >4
I Paklir Vh*ol E\aininari*n?
i imm- Diitwit -Secondary Jja S, located ,
oi i*e fir?t floor oi tbe balliiic - a: tb? earner
of Ml* and itrnta, Mist Sa?i? B. Hawkin-*
-cacfcar. was e>ainin?d on Friday afternoou by
Mr. A. K. Broair. MKtnl K* Mr J. U. Wilm>d,
in to* prw?nf? of a l?f?n mwr of pa>
rent* and frifads of t*a pupil*. I"b?* *tu(ik*a
in thia school comprised mental and practi.il
ariicme'i.', *"<>?r*]>by, eadinir, i#nman?hip. I
A in all ot vbi u tney were thoroughly ex? 1
aramed, with a very >att?fac,ory result. show- '
iac a mt'Mfd impraveme:.' in nil Ten of the
ttimla w . It Ku ?rn n *fa*rA/l ?A *Ka a<tk/w%l
|- ?ap- a? w iii i?r irvi >v ^??c 3^uwi an/ ?*c
m >*pt?Tnber. At tbe conclusion of the exam- ;
nation Mr. Brown innonni^d that tbe metal
for good condu , aud R-nrral tmprjvem-nt
daring the y? ar atd r>~~-n won by .Vwwr
KrHtai KlDi'b. Me nl?o r?ad the premium list j
as follow* For exemplary eoDdnct, Meters j
K. > ineb, E. Weaver, and Home* Clark, lit |
attention to ?tudy and improvement. Masters .
Kranli MuCN-ary, Miles } uller. and I.-*13 {
?tardia?-r. punctuality. Willie Hay, Partier,
and Willie Marao. awawi, A iju-tus '
Holden: mu?lc, bafeD** Flacb; penniausbip,
K?sene Kincb: buuoratily meuiioned. Harry
Kaiae. Waiter Allie CJWie, D<ar Colkina.
Tbe u-.ua! addre??e* were made by tbe
I , T - ? - a _ - V? ? *?? t* ? :. w
m ujfj .iu< L A. i . am nu.
mcHtr, lo. at*d n tba v&ool building on lfth
s'.rwl, bf.weeu (? and 11 ?trtrK wrts examined
|r$tt>rtey morning by T rasters A K
B-i>w.ie aud J. S. Hrow::. The rootn is largxiiJ
airy, atxl was beautifully l??st<?oned and
IrctraM with ilis:# and evergreens. Tae
school contain-* - pnpila, all present, and a
utter and mor? cl>*ai*ly s?*l ol bjys cjuld not
? lound Hjiwlim. Although not far a 1vancd
in '!! * nterraediata branches, tbey
ernfd to be perieotly familiar with all ihe
ilwlie?i in wbi b tbev bad Deen ensiged. SuiwtlnMidMt
Z Kionards toon par* in tbe examination.
ana e\pr?-?*ed bnn?elt well pi -as- 1,
particularly with the reaUing of the pupils,
wbicb would.be s-ud, elui: praise anywhere,
"i b* entire first cia- - are qualified for promotion.
Se? o?t? District?Male Secondare No. I,
M:ss Mary K. Kowe. wa < examined M juday
by Mr. 31cL**llan, wb?o there was a nuina-r of
teacbera, parent-! and friends present. This
f^bool is located m the Washington M&rlcet
nusidmg. at u?e intersection of 5U? aud i str
w.tb Massachusetts avenuf. and as in the ea-e
of the room occupied by Mr?. Rose**!' s school,
it is a place in which to stndy geometry.
the ?hape b^iuf. in tbe language of one of
-fce spectator*, a whopper-tawed parallelogram.'
?Ml a stove-pipe, somewhat dilapidated.
gives various oiber geometrical lin?*s;
and a tolerable idea of colors may be bad tr_>m
the Mainf-d .eiling i?n? 'd by tue leaWy roof.
Daring tbe *arly part of the year tbe school
was (nil- bnt viibip :b- past tew montas so
many have Xorfett?*d wm as to reduce
ibe number to Z~, all of whom were
pre?*nt Monday Of tbis number. IS (tbe
utire first class) will be transferred at tbe
neat term. A \ery pretty opening address was
mad'' by Willis Magruder. Th? spelling was
go>>d. and tbe m?*n al arithmetic terv co.id. A
rery !air ex aim nation wa~ pa sed 'in geogra.
pbv. and the map drawing by Willi* Landvoigbt
aiiU Kddie Hodjk.ii was higuly oompl:m>'D:?d
Thf written &ri!bm?tlc vw very
rood, the ?nm? b?mz worked on? .jnite readity;
but id tables there were -orae lew failure*.
The reading ww excellent, although the firm
ptece selected was not read with care by all
rne scholars but In the second pie?? tliey redeem~d
their charaeter? as go-id reader*. '-The
Tyrant's Gratitude" * is read in Rood style, hy
Wnhnc* Crossman and Willie I,md voigtiv
severul piecea were very finely song, and Mr.
.McL. in addressing the school, paid a high
compliment *o pupil? and teacher*, and pre- '
ented a jrcld m**dal (furnished by a Iriend) 10
Wallace F. Crewman for general excellen e.
and a tiUrr ini>dal > pre-enu-d by '.be 'itchrrs)
to Willi- I^ndvoicn lor ?*>-Hence in spelling
; as also a number oi certiorates of merit.
Secondary School. No. I, Mi*? .lan>* T& jravs,
t?a.-b?r, vra? examined M >naay alternooa by
Mr. Woodward, trustee, in geography, *pell- !
a^,reacing, ir.rut.il and practical aritbrnMC,
and musical (vocal) exer. i?e?. The examination
? ai prt racied and ngidlv conducted, but
tbe s,.bolsr* were well optotb* mark.'particnlarly
in geography and arithmetic, wn.ie mtbe
other branches of atudy tbe . lasae? acquitted
themselves quite satisfac'orilv. Mi-sT&omas" j
school embraces s?t pupil*, of wbi h number
Mi wore present: ready for transfer, ?. At :&e
close of tbe examination, Mr. Wood ward ad- j
dre<*ed tn?* scholar*. after which ice cream aad
au* were tarnished tbe scholar* by Mr. M Nuhol.
which were partaken of wUharehsb.
Third District.?The lnt?rmedian*. No. I, I
nou.bering 45 girls, (Wallach B -iM.os,) taugb:
by Mil* L.U. y B. Davis. wa? examined >iondav
aiteraoon byTrusteK I ?nlm and Moore,a*si-red j
by Mr. Cbamplw. of the Fourta District, and !
Superintendent Richards. Mr. J. S. Br >wn,
el tbe first District, an i a large circle ot friends
w*re also present. Tbe examination was a
Ions and critical one, evincing thorough train
wu iauunuu? t-lioris Oil 111* |i?r: Of t&S |
Mi brr, and a laithfnl persevering application
to tic part of the pupil.?.and 'be esercisea v. ere ,
btrbly ?atis factory, hot tbe school appeared ' ;
excel in arithmetic, grammar, geography an-I :
reading. Ttie singing. under tne direction of
their music teacher. Mr. .McKarland, was of a
v?*ry txigh order. also, tb# select reading, by
nexeral of the scholar?. showed a careful trainii.t
and true appreciation of tu- rales of rbet.
ioic ? applied to this m Mit nnport&n* accomplishment.
Mis- liatis is a normal school
graduate. and has devoted several yars to
uccesstul .esu bmg in this city, mo?tlv in tbe
Tbird District, and be Trti"?? most &el tbat
be fruit* of their wisdom in placing Mim
I?n>?- m charge of ber present school, reflect*
alike upon themseHas, the teacher and
tj>e school.
FoMtb I>i*r*ifT.?Secondary School No.
^v:. jlemale> Alias M&itieOray teacher. was ex.
??ri??2v Kknooa by ISessrs. Champ.
in H<ATTi?td, iohd k. Tiiom&;ou R*??
Mr Haldwta. o? RyC-nd Chapel, ftt ach<?ol
mom on TtU s trj?t, fei'.C?$r. 1? and E? vOhifc
Tt)? Itre ?<'hool ijg? ,on*of
?be ?* ?: id tii9 titv) fi? bandiomely d?cor*ted
w.m P'Smtrt ud *t#rrmr.?. and was w*ll
vita the pareuis and mends of the
s*Dolar?. wbo maiiife-wsi much interest in th?*
ser^a** of th?* eTemng. Mm (Jray'a a boal ,
umijfrs 50 scholars on the roll. all oi whom
were pT?*?ent Tbe exercises conc'nd?d wit> a
grand m.ircb, wbu b wu executed in fln? style
toy the kcholars ot tbe Sv boot, tb? incidents beinc
r^ndfrrd mors ti.hjbilnl by tbe excellent
voces which banted 'be song accompanying
the march At tbe clos* of (tin examination
r?-mar*a were made by Bl**sr*. Hoi mead.
* tonnplin Thompson. k?t Mr. Kaldwm and
Mr Herring. all of whom expr-Med perfect
-au?fa tiou. and highly eulogized the indefati%able
teacner, who had secure t ancb advance,
men*, in the smote* of her pupils. Tbe exer.
chm were {pronounced as the very beer and
epr lally excellent in mental arithmetic,
tseh.een of the scholars of this school nre ready
t. r transfer to an ui:erm*dia'e trade. and Miss
Sarato balm wa> announced as the medal
?t boiar.
Pratu Sci.oolp?Prb^bktatioh or Pai- j
mi *?.?This morning at 9 o'clock In primary j
^ r.ools Bum?>r ' nnd lw, o! ihs S-nmd Ut*.
tnr , a ghl by 31is?m I -inui* Adams and
bailie 1 ml ton, very interesting exercwe were
n?ia. Trustee# Mclieilan, Woodward and
Mason wrf present, also ex-Alderman Robert
* K-nwick and other visitor?.
Tbe trustees exproeeed themselves verv mncb
Kratitied with the great progress thea# schools
bad made dnring toe year.
TDe presentation of silver m*! vs to the first 1
x-fcolars was a?-igned to Mr. k'enwi.-k, who
addressed the schools in some excellent tv.
nirk*, abounding iu good sucgeetinas and
happy illustrations. At tbevooclusion of Mr. i
Fenwich*a addren? Messrs. Woodward, Mc?
l,eli?n and Hasin pre^eutM cer'.iOcaias and
kook j remium* to th>- following ccbolars and
wished the stbools a happy and joyful va:aUna.
Primary No. in?M"dal ? l.mma L. ShTusr.
I \?mplary Conduct and Punctuality?Grace
Hamilton. I.inl* Tad I<uum K?dmoa. Albm
Wri|k'. WUaKrucbl.&anNLitdtr. .Volition
o Study and Improvement -Minnie Conner,
May W?t, Tilite Spiagler. Penmanship?
Kila M. Ferguaon. Neatness?Oracle Cauld.
?>ll. Vocal Music?Maggie Truss. Honor,
ably .Mentioned Helena Soutb, Jeeaie Donald.
x>n. Florence Ol.tdmon, I.ulv Marks, Kate
ftwett/ar, Ida tiya?oa. Aagaata Brucbl
Primary No. Medal? Joseph V. Billen*er
Fxemplary Conduct aad runc-uality?
l.utber A- Brown, Edward Shifner. Jobn
Tborn, Caatlemau P. Boes, Charles Herbert,
I'havlaa U'alle M.1? ? -
rr> ?? c?i?. ntiruu\ju vg 31UU) Ua 1 (XI prov?m*?t?Kohcrt
>>nw.ck, Wallace W.
Svttt, Wvl?T 8?nf?tack. Penmanship ?WUIi*
Kup*riu?. Neatn***?Jedidiah Oittitp,
Vocal Momc-WiII* Milas. Honorably Hn.
, igml- Cim*T i'oumtw. John Coltakti,
t Krank Unffia, Jmr* Pratbsr. Harry Maior.
M Wv?b;BKU>a ropham. <?#or*# WHfli, KardiB
BtcJ N istzsy. fcmil Ntumta, Edwin Barn,
B Prank Kurabara lNioiel hllis.
TkM*?ckooU . mainly dMrrr* all that has
b*?-u ?aid of tbs?. aad the la t that l*Xt scholars
iutof i-H t?i? pm?c! iJ-day, erin. ? th* rerard
the bildn?a bats tor ihair uajhvr.
Frsa AiAM -Th* alarm of llr# about halt n?i:
hi o'clock la*t ?TfBiai?ai c?m?i by the
^ ^n-tion irom a li^ht^d match of a can of lamp
eil 'J??* grocery stow of Mr. Ji?n Komiut,
Bn * street, ??ar Yirtmia ?wqm. Tb?
*+* hr* to mm* *f tbc wood work, and before
mcuUbed atii'f.l about fifty dollar' worth
j^F cf Jamaif. ^ __
Cm*. w. VoTBLn. Auctioneer. au*erti?ee
??ex:*?M*ecollectto? of sapertor mw UUi^
,?i r u ri :iir?S which wiU bo aold at hi* lu -
p> room*, witftoat rtMrrt, to-morrow mora.
I ?* at 10 o'clock. Mao, ia tfce af>?aoon. at a
^ a t lock, j I valuable beil*ie$ lota, local** oa
^L??tk. lfct, V, ud W atraau.
ia>rMiac MUfa *nja
of tbe Ooaaobdatad Ho?ibom OoUefe of tbie
' a-tractod a *ery lirje aud.euce to Oarroll
Hall last evm|r.g. A lar^v p report; 3n of those
p neat were ladtes. Tbe stage *bd gallery
w re dec jr?>d with flags beautifully arranged,
wttile < n tbe sanib stde ot tbe ball wereelogac.
?pe<-imen? of p*>umanaklp. A bae orcbes:n.
composed of member* of tbe Marine Rial,
wu preeSn. U> aid In tbe exercise* of tbe eveciu(
wclcb wuu follows Afu?r tbe pei:'orfo
mai <v of ;in overture by tbe orchestra, froi
-eoi Copp introdu ed R?y Or. Newman, woo
offered up prayer, and frofeesor Speaker
tben ^warded to each of tbe deserving tuidiat*
a u.tud*omely engraved medal preiactng :be
c-renoony witb a f** w remarks, in wbicn bs-.
t-d tba* at the beginning of tbe year p.ize
m*oai* were offered for proficiency ia vanoa*
branches of st^dr.attendance and ileporttcenu
Tb??pr./es vrere awarded to 'be folio wiag ?
Th.im*. U +m.A \fi.. I ??.n- --
m ?? . w wavH ? MV>3 1.1(1 1' .?JI
acriii ascr, Jo?rph Ko?enhanm and Miss Mary
I termehle, for penmanship; Miss Lizz.e HanIcid,
for Enfii-a composition- Mr. Jaliu* Salley
and Miss l>orttta<iofl, tor practice sat: M.m
Ikilrjr and >li?* Joyner were espenUly
mentioned. JIItj Auna rar.or. iris presented
?iD a certificate of merit. For K>*r.erU progress.
m?laU w?r? pr??sent^d to C. A. Stocttett,
81i?? Scarf and "Mr. Harry Bryan.
After mnsi? from tb? orchestra, Mi*? Mollie
II wit-*, ?t Maryland, was introduced as tov.'tUdictoTian
of :be ladies' graduating
and deliver* I a r??tiug address, wtu:b wtli^teiied
to with great attention. At the c ?n!
ct union of Mi*s Howies'address, ilr. Job a N.
Ehl* was lutrodnced as tbe valedictorian of
ttie graduating class of gentlemen, aad bis a till
et-?, al^o. was nu able and in:er?s*iE* on?.
at J be wi- war r.il v applaud-'J. as 31i?s K > wles
bad b^pn.
After mnsi by Um orcbeatra, Pralrno: Copp
prtf.efded to awird tbedtplomis to me folio w!
ine gradaa'inc class
?DoretraF. ?*ott. Miuni* R. At?in< >u,
and hratly V BUm*. of Wa*hme"ou M ?ry
A. S. Bailey, of Iowa; .>1 I.?trn Boyd, of Vircioia
Li?i? K. .loyuer, of Yermon:; Mollie
Kowl#s. of Maryland.
Gentlemen?<i?orfe O. Abell. .J.J Dougherty.
JalioM! I.ulley. C. A. Stocbetr. an?l F?r.
dinned Turtou. of Washington: E L. Bla*<?mori>,
of Xeotocfcy Henry L.. Bryan and F. W.
A aognn. of New York; rheo. <1. Demoll, of
P-?nu*y Irania John N. Kble, of 'Wisconsin: R.
X Tilfon. of New Hampshire.
Prof Copp then delivered a far*w?U addres-.
wbi. a ?i< .* ao'l'l of brevity, constitute of *ix
words. &s follow? ?'-LAdies au.I c-ntlem n ?
Mak?- yonr marw " iL-Jua applause.]
Hod James A. Garfleld was :h?n introduced,
ana made ?u eloquent-pee b, fall of whilecome
advice Tb<* btMdlrtioa was rh?n pro
notmcd oy Ke\ (1. A. Hall, and the audi-nce
The reception committee was composed of
the lolloping (jen'lenien ?Messrs. S. A K>^ney,
J. I). Karren, ir., K. P McCarey, F. V.
Rerry, Gilbert Thompson, W. H Olctt, W.
I. It- uiw, Joseph Bruramett, E. F. Parker,
H. W M. Ireland, E M. Willard, and Simuel
Howard T7wiver??iTV?77.' Clon'nj Enr <s--t
tk' Lam P'pa,-!iwju?S, 'tik'i 6y < Jon ' I ..r
h'<j and >i' "rjd O. O. Howard, and o:h. rs.?L.?t
fvnin? a lav *e audience assembled in the lecture
room ol'Howard University to witness
the closing exercises ot the second term ot 'he
law department of tfcat institution. Among
I those present were Colonel John W. Pornev,
Oenerai E- E Whittlesey, and General O. O.
Howard. The exercises were opanea a' eight
o'clock, with prayer hy General K P.. W hittl-sey;auer
which Professor Lingston addressed
the audience, stating that the young men who
would appear befor?- them were not ftuit!h>-d
or\tare. hut fair samples of the abilities of 'he
class. Interesting addresses followed by Sir.
W. Wyn on the subject of "Professional Oouragr,"
Mr. P. .1. Shadii, who read an essay on
"Commercial Paper." written br Mr. Geo. D
Johnson,who was unable to appear on account
of a sudden attack of illness; and Mr. J. H
Johnson, of St. Ljuis, whose oration on "Xti.
1 unitization" was the feature of the evening
1 ThI* was followed by a debate on'he subject.
| "Should divorces be granted tor any other
! canse than adultery ?" with Messrs. I-. A
and C. H. htokely in the affirmative, and
Messrs. G. L Mahson and C. L?. Thomas in the
; negative. Mr J. H. Murphy then read a piper
' on replevin, and Jobn H.Cook. A. M , re id an
essay on "Evidence." both of wbtch were well
' written and delivered. The exercises wvra
' concluded on tb? part of the student by T. H
Warwick in an excellent oration on "Juris.
I prudence "
Of the ten students whoacquitted themselves
so handsomely on this occasion, six are clerks
i in the Kreedmeu's Bureau Department, two are
I clerks in the Register of Deeds' office, and two
! tram?mh?ri nf tha I'tnifnl nnlira Th? ?!??.
_ MV v/?| * vA/a |?V1?VC< A ?c V.I153
wms organized on tbe lire', of January witb
ti\e member*, and now, at the close of tbe second
term, cona?at< of twenty .one. A large increase
is expected at the opening ot the '.bud
term, Sept. iltb.
Col Forney, npon being introduced to tbe
audience t.y Professor I.angston, came i jr.
ward, amid entbusiaatic applause, and deliv.
ered a briet but interesting address, telling tbe
students that tbe battle in which tbey were
about to engage for a place in tbe profeui jus
would require courage, constancy, sincerity,
trutb, devotion to country, firm, unfaltering
adherence to principle, and, above all, aelf.re>
pecL Bur. he said "tnere i-for your consolation
that, bitter as the battle mast be in ;ae
future, it <-annot be balf so bitter as tbe bloou
and tears that have been abed iu order to secure
yonradvancement to your pre*eut pjsition."
General Heward being next in'r.>dnc?d was
gwxi wi'ii toad applause, anl delivered an
eloquent address, wbi. b was enthusiastically
applauded, and n? was followed by Professors
Wllaco, Hasconi. Barbour, and Kingston.
met last mgbt at Trades' I a ton Hall. Mr.
J. D. O'Oonuell in tbe cbair, and Mr. Jam**
Ryan Secretary. Tbe chair made a state- ,nt \
rebutting tbe charge wtticb bad b? ? miule I
agams' bim at a meeting of Irisb J
hZl/i ?f W.IK. M.ii !-- r-<
MVtM W* ? ? 111 UUI1 l?3l. * 1*" * V"
was a new convent? the < ?I*"T' lJiat te
Ism and u&d bMD ar > "**** ?' KepnWicmcrat.
Tnu c?- -<?n4ttw Jobneon Deuiq.
denied, ar - 'f Mr. o'uobmII positi v?*ly
a 1*""- " r*l ?n enbetaaliatioa of hU denial
- -kl* had been voluntarily written
*?? t'^*|>a%lic press by Mr. J. N. Waitney. id
wnica ta# ; gentleman states tbat so far from bis
(mr baviDK "been a Johnson D?mojrat,
he w, oce ofUie few who iearle&aly .iuJ a'
th-T'.ii ot bis position proclaimed in favor of
Tbe following gentlemen were enrolled as
embers of tfce association: Me*?ra. Jam?>
Keene, Richard Keene, Daniel McM&bon, hdward
Oill**, Dennis OHJonnor, Park Buru*,
John O. Kioid&n, Tboe. Lencbon, R>bt 1, nbox.
J. k. Murray, Oeo.o. Miller, cjrueliui
Rresnaban. M. kmrnatt l'r?ll'l?hn iVi>iiirtk?
T. Hurdle, L O Eckels. B. J. ODriacoll, M
L Brenaan, and Edward McCarten.
The following officer" were elec'ed Capv B.
J O I>rwcoll. 1st Vice President; Maj. M:\lsbon.
-.'d Vice President; and Mr. P. L. Barrjn.
Capt McMahon offered a resolution, wbicb
was raaxumonsly adopted: "Fbatit is our duty
to cooperate with tbe organization kaowu as
tbe local Irish Republican Association of
Washington, iu every iaeaanre that is cakn
| ta'ed 'o advance its interests, and the interest
I on tl?e Republican party at larjge "
Af er debate, it was agreed tj >end ano'ber
delegate to Chicago, and Mr. Mieh*el 1*arty
| Alter a-idrees by Ciptatn I-ee and Colons!
I O'Brien, Mr. James Ryan stated that at a re.
cent meeting ot Irishmen be was accused or
being an "A .Wilson" Democrat, and proceeded
to refute that charge by tbe record ol
hi* course iu the <Tm>.ticU from time to ttm?.
A perooaal explanation was alee made bv
Ma,or Oulahan, in which he said he had aerved
in the w ? ? ? ?
I ? tuc muiji ?uu uau dcou a Avpuaucu since
] Remarks ware then nude by captain < >'l>ris.
I coll. Rev. Mr. Gr??. (colored.) and tae Chair,
alter which the meeting adiourned.
' night, abont 11 % oclock, Lieut. Lcdlott. with
j Pierve, Mullor and Johnson, and
; Officer* Brown, Antboiiy. Svott, Peastw. Olu
! ver, liarier, Stevens and L*wri?. nnder order*
| of Major Richards, made a raid on honsaa No. 1
| JM. B-& 4(?t and 4G6 Pennsylvania avenue, b-i
twMB 4\ and 6tb stree's, occapied by George
< 1'aber, Georga Hotchti**, Albert U. Haydnn ,
! and Kobert L. Teal, respectively. The houses |
i ware entered simultaneously, and in each the
| machinery was foaad in fail play. The ap1
pearance of the oiticers caused
commotion among the occopiau. udtnatni
rush ?u made fur tba door*, bat iom neaped
icrptisi two, who jnpM from a aecond
story window, and one of tbeaa Uanid to occupy
a mdicial position. Tba an lira nnmbar arrested
?* ) iaclad?d clerks, mecbanica. lawyera,
batchers, tanners. doctora and Government
oflcblp. wbo war* taken to tfee station-bouse,
wbere Justice Sciiuudt waa read v to raceive
hero, and in* caaaa being baud, Maaara Taal.
' Motobkiaa and Hay den wara bald to bail for
i ennrt for keeping K&mbling koww. and m tb?
i caaa of Jobn Jama#, in cbnrge of Uaber's
bonaa. tba jnaUoa raaarvad bis decision Tba
rtnar parttaa. neaxlvali ofaKnm ?
?, m? ? -v v?itiaun3
! niTi were Uned'or be Id *s witnesses. The
; paraphernalia was take* to tfto sUUion-bocue
and will be couflscatad.
I *
kflrarial attotiot is directed to tbe ac|
rniai of tb? robbery of the Ooaaa National
Buk to N*w York. The principal loeereare
-Pacini depositors. Doa't keep yoar vataablen
I In your bosses or other Insecure plaeas, but
pat tbein witb tbe Nat tonal Safe Deposit Ojobpear,
corner )5tb street and New York avenue,
whuKO Steel burglar aad flre-pioot vaalts are
ib* i ruur>' >b country. Silver war*.
! bond*. &nd all ralaaM?a ar* rocotvod fur a
I vary moderate cbarieft, aad Ubs Mctrtty is absolute.
I iimiiiTii" KxaiBiTioa?To-aicbi tbo
ocoad sbtbiuomaad ooawrtof Orut Chore*
Snadav School hooOi Wftahiagtoa) wilt taka
;?Uc* at lalaad Hall, aad it will oadoabtadly
be ft Tory mteraatia? aad aajoyabM ft**"- ?
.. ..
Mr. llapp am! the Kintal* fritter*.
W 4fhl.ii.Tti.*, n *? IV>?.
Ewtm Sra* As.vir.UavtaapfXwMtotav*
fioue mw> itk** vbo4f?ai- bu*tB?M *yt" *;&r.d?ricc
lac. A M Cl&i>p .-u<a bis ?:nploy*e?, and at
vvfiv.btuc rauUiuc u> uai utkfivtniiiiii ?tt?.
CultiM is ciT?u iti? w .a?*c pnoucicy or :be
pr???, will tou kiudly rivh ?1i^ totn?toi1jv.uk
resolution* ot 'U- Baflaio Typ>e^*pOI
i il luioo, ^courUH.u?ly fu.ai'fiKl u> by tl*o.
J Weob, h<q ,) ia Lb* *fe*nce Of H:. Ui&pp at
[ Hi* old bome in Bnrt'&lo.
! Mr. \\>bb, i: is proj*?r 'o?\y. Las t>?yn italic*
*1?h :*d }*n*.?id*iit ot tin* Hutt ilo ' okitt. bit last
r.-rm b*m? in * "' An.t wbat is >tiil more to
bia ii a* we Tiew if. be was. j u i up*
wards ot any years or age, * solder ia tbe
l??ih New York valuators, akd tu that regimen
. formed one of fhe uor>l?- baud of hero??*
wDo stood thoolder to boulder with L*wn U
Dooglasa, tbe colored so!dier-prituer of this
ifft iu tbo memorable s'orraiagof For; Wag.
n?r 1-ilte Tfcragla?-, He. too, has abed bis blood
for bis country; aatl. like every otber brave
soldier, he never will be cowardly ?aongb tu
!?uore and diagr.ice a comrade lor tbe color of
bisekin, aud especially at the demand of tbe
viralent rebels and rebel sympathisers who
have fitly chosen Mr.<Ja> is as tbeir spokesman
and representative. Mmv iviw.
Where** the Hon. A. M. da pp. an honorary
member oi thls.l'nlou, a practical printer, aud
tor more than a quarter of a cntury an em.
ploying printer ot ibe city of UntfAlo. has been
i called by tbe Senate of the United States to
responsible and h 'norable po-ition of Saperint?
nd?n: of Public Printing, in the city ol Washington
And wheren*. duriuc the lone business
car?>er of Mr Clapp. be lias ever mauif^tiHl
the wsrmest interest in the success of our
I organization, aud has, v.hene\er oppmanity
altered, rendered cordial and invaluable assnt|
aiK? in advancing tbe material uad social
I interests ot tbe craft. thus erdearing him to th*
individual members ot :Uis Union Now,
I therefore,
He it retofrfd, Tbat while congratulating tbe
government on secunnc the s?rvii?- ol so
eilicient aud worthy an officer, and Mr. Olapp
on tbe honorable recognition or his ability au 1
public servics* iu the appointment, our congratulations
are tinged with regret tha* the
change requires the removal from our mid?: ol
one so universally respected and esteetned.
Heivlrrd, Thai Oolambia Typographical
Union No. 101, be regpeetfullv requested, A ujt
inconsistent with the provisions ot thecoa^ti.
tation and bv-l-iws, to place the name ot Mr.
Ui&pp upon me run of honorary members.
KftolreU Thai a copy ol the above be famished
Mr.Clapp and Columbia l uiou.
lltiolctd. That a special committed be appointed
to carry into eflect the requirements
ot ibe nbove re-olation, aud report at the next
< elored S< lieol Evamlnalions.
School* Nos-. s, ti. 5,4, .(, a, and l of first
district, were examined by toe super.n:*?ndent
ou Friday ana Monday, the With aud b inn..
in the oider named. The decoration1* of tbe
room* with evergreens. flower*, &c? exhibited
exce'lent taste. Tbe children were neatlv a'tired,
and In their general deportment as'well
a- in the evidence^ of progress mid-* during
'he jrear compared most ta\orably with the
other school*. These examinations were witnessed
by crowded audiences of parent and
friend*, among whom w?re Rev .las. Harridy,
Key. Sella Martin. Rev. Mr. Wrigtr, Trustees
Jon<s and Svpbax, Messrs. .T&rvis, Simula,
W 1'iams, bigle, Marshall, ami Gregory.
j>ciio< 1 No. c, primary grade, taught by Miis
A. S. Simmons, was examined in spelling,
reading, (1st and Jd Readers,) simple arithmetical
tables, Romans, &c., and gave the utmost
satisfaction. Th'-great atVecU'm exUtmg
between the tea. her and her little pupils is
gra ifying. Tbe average attendance :n rou*li
the year has been 54. or per cent All were
present on day of examination. Ready tor
transfer 4i?.
School No. ?, primary grade, ta j^ht by M's*
Ij. V. Kisber, was examined in -pelliug". reading.
(1st and id readers,) the simple (abler in
arithmetic, Jic , and shewei a con m^n la >le
deL'r?H of nrn?res? Th? *inr?ou -..
tnrough the year ha* been ?">, or ! par :ll
to be transferred :?t beginning of u< xt sckjol
term: absent, I.
School No. >, secondary grade, taught by
Mu-i M K. Garrett, wars examined u the se\ eral
branches pursued, and Heaily proved 'bat
the labor1- of tbe teaclier bad uot b?eu iu vaio.
Tt>eaverage attendance of this school bas been
44,or W par cent.; absent. 1; readv lor protnjtion,
School No secondary grade, taught by
Mrs. M C- Hart, evinced in all tbe branches
pursued a degree of progres- and prottciency,
tor tbis grade, seldom equalled, and reitec'ed
the greatest credit upon teacher and pupila.
Average attendance, 53. or U1 per cent.; absent,
none; ready for promotion, i'?.
\ School No. 4, ungraded, taugLt hy Miss H,
A. Simmons, is composed largely of adults.
Th- let* aptitude generally evinced b> tbose
deprived of school privilege- in tbetr early
days has been counterbalanced by the strenuous
and successful labors of this teacher. One
pupil, Harriet Rose, bas been neither absent
or tardy during the year. Average attendance,
43, or Oy per cent.: ready fur promo'iou. V5; absent,
School No.-I, intermediate grade, taught t>y
M't* M. E. Brooks, was e\nnme<i in tb>* several
tranche" pursued. Average attendance
through the year has been 40, or tv p? r ce.it.
Absent, 5 Twenty ready for promotion.
S-bool No. intermediate grade, taught t)\
Mrs. A. P. Spencer, was examiu*d in sp-llihg.
reading. arithmetic, geography, writing This
cA.iiuiuauuu t?as inj arj , tuu ^pjK"
**11 lor tea. ber and pupils. Av?rif<< ut;<*uJ.
ance 19. or *?.? per cent. Abaeu*., J He idy lor
promotion, !t.
School JS'o. 1. f ram mar grade. n tanpbt by
VLi't S. O. Crows, Toe studio pursued are
bpHlmg, reading, wilting. ?fuzr.\pt?y, arutjmeiu:,
rraramar, bMory, aud eVnvnMry natural
philosophy. The evidence of great progress
is the several studies were decided, and
it wa*justly pronounced a lifting clo^e of h?
p?bUc colored school examinations. Teacher
and pnpils dfWtftf tbe treat prai>e, whi^j
was freely given. ^yerage attendauge 41, or
H3 per cent, AHtoii, toon*.'
Kaxi Ball?Arcidmt tot' fiajer.-The mveb
game yesterday between tbe Past tn* Bi^e Bill
Club. of Baltimore, and tbe < Uympiof this
city, on tbe National grounds, was suddenly
lnterrapted by an unfortunate accideu.. Tbe
game hnd progressed to the six'o inning. wb?n
Ha/ebnrsr. the catcher ot the Pasrira* Clnb,
had made a good bit, and in mnklug a bore*
ran ran against on* of th? Olympic player*
witb cnch force as to (brow bitn to the ground
and break hi* right leg near tae knee. Ilr.
Thompson was quickly called and promptly
set the broken member. The name w.?? m-me.
diately closed and every attention ptnltuilie
injured party.
KlIOHTK OK PYTHIAS.?An election Of Ofli.
cers took place in Damou Lodge. No.l-t. K. P..
last evening, and resulted in the el?ctiou ot J.
It. Knox as W. Chancellor, and Jaroe* Pro tor
as W. V. Chancellor It will oe r^memb-red
by the members of the Order ih*t tm- is the
youngest I.odge in tne District of C j!"tnbi:i.
Laving organized October <>. IhW, and now
numbers over KM) members. This youn* l.o 1 z+
has the honor of bavinr amooi its mi*rai"n
tb?*ti. K S. rit<e of the District of Colnmtba,
FredU. Ualvert, Esq.
r hi'iitiKLi HriLniS". L.ots for Sai*.?Tomorrow
evening at ti o'clock, Mr Chariot
Hotel<*r will sell by auctioa titty-one flae
building lot-, in square v*<rt, bordering on
Uth street, the favorite drive of onr citizens,
and on tbe road to the National Park to be
located north of tbe city. A large uumb-r oi
prominent citizens and distinguished residents
in the Federal Metropolis are purchasing property
In that neighborhood. See the advertisement
octomom aftflault on a LlTTt * <>IRt?
On Monday morning, an a'tempt 'o oramu a
rape on a little white girl, named Fanny I>?nt,
aged thirteen yean, an adopted daurfi'er ot
Mrs. Hardou. residing on the farm ot Mr.
WaalnnotAM UA?*? *
was mid* by a white man; bat &? ;< rmm' ol
the child attracted tbe attention ut agentlemtn
wbo was near by at tbe tim* au?t wbo rau to
her asaistance. Tbe ruffian mmip hi?e?e*pe
without accomplishing his flendlsh purpose.
T*? Fockth or July.?In anticipation ot
tbe great demand for river excursion tarilHie?
on the 4th of July, (next Monday.) the Potomac
Ferry Company have perfected arrangements
to bave two first class steamers at the
service of the pnblic, which will make a series
of excursions to Glymont during toe enure
day, and until ten o'clock at night to that
Srericmra Charactcr A white man,
named Adoipboe Stewart, arrested on tbe
charge or b^ing a thief end snspicious character,
was tried belore JustusPlant to-day and
committed to the workhouse la default ot ?n-u.
Pi f V fllPhi* SAA4I
- ?0 m-mrm ^WVH W? I* ? IV/I j
Bckolast. ? George Pinauey. Will an
McGratta and Patrick Coleman. arr#sied las'
nigbt bv Officer Kioxon tbechargeofburrl try,
war* exam mad at tbe aecoad pr?*Pin t atati >nb6uae
bj Justice Wall, aid admr.tfd to oail
for court.
< >ca <-i?ar i.eat bra are referred to tbuHivertisement
or Mmiti. liilraor A t>ib-on. KaiUrn
or*, who offer fresh importations 01 H?\ tui
cigars at low prtoM. Onr dealers can at arava
rely on them lor prompt aiienitou aud inside
fix area.
Death kbom !?? kJiw.-Yesterday morning.
a drummer boy named Brown died an tbe
Marine Oarriaoa of lockjaw in (be moat intense
agony. About a whK stro be trod on a
nail, awd tbe wouud reaalted in fa.a deaih.
IxroRTiiT to Owmu or Ooatr, Oiu& i
liowa, At ?Tae atttntion of all citiz*ua lu<*ri*
call'd to a notic* from tba Mayor aad
Snp?rinrrDd*at of Poli?* ifcai certain animal*
foaod rtmatac at larc* after thu
4*a)t w 1U1 aa required by taw.
wftt'.-Tb* a-tttil commencement
ol tfc.s insmitf.cn was beld to?'.ay lu tbe 1 Kb
street Baptist fburch. aod never tin*
edifice more crowded with tb<* beatuT tuJ
iatbiouol the l?t*tri_-v Tbe Martre HeuJ ?rn
ia?:;euJ?ii:?,acdeTeryUiingpaaseuort tjuwtiy
and ple-iabaUy. T&e audiinco ae*.n<>d to mtiiue?t
me greatest merest pa-sibi?* in tbe participants
ot the exercise*, and evinced tb?sams
w iib trequ?nt and prolonged appian?- wbsn
merited. Tbe following wj? tb<? programme
L.aun halmatcrj, toy E O. Leech, 1>. C.; Tb?
Triumphs ot Astronomy, by F. Franklin, 1?.
U ; Science in its application to knowledge ol
a first can."e, by F. K. Boston. Md.: Tbe Progrees
of Reform, bv K. O. I?. O.: Spec a.
latue Pbilotopby. by S. S. Pleasant*, u. C-;
From Faith to I>oubt?from Deobt to Faith, by
G. V.OoBii, t>. (}.; Tbo Alumni Oration, by
Protee-or W. L. Wilson, ot th* class of iwfci;
Valedictory Addrees. by <*. T. Coifiu, l?. O.
The following medals were tb?*n awarded
anil placed on the recipients ov Hon. F P
K. W. Call, I>. C.?Tbe Stanchion pri/e iu
L&tm: tbe bluju pnm in Greek.
Kaby Krankliu, I). O.?The flr*t Kncele*
prue >n Mathematics; sud 1)1 ton pr:xe
1". Howard Kerloot. Va.?Th* Hr*; Oale prize
in Natural Scieuoes; tbe Vuunf prize 111 Meia>
T. Sowers, \ a.?Tbe se:ond Ruggies prize
in Mathemaijc*.
/I V < ~
w. ?. i uiiiu.iM, --1 ne pri7.? in ABfio-S&xou.
A. T. Sti art, It. G.?The firs: |>ri/? in
F. H Boctou?Th? s?'ootd I)i\is priae in
Then followed tb? conferring c de(rre?*??, \l/.:
L. I. l>. \\m. W Coffin, I? C ; 1) D. U*v. J.
A. NicboU, 1?. )!.: and Rev. I.?ater, N. Y.
Hacuelors of Philosophy, J W. H'dgood, VaW.
H FinlcJtel, I . 1 rauxlin, A. T. Ntoart. 1).
t? ; K H Kerfi o' and T. Towers Va.; K.lliott
Howes, I'. S. A., an:l K. S. OailaufJet, I>C.
Kaciteiers ol Aru. I'. K. Kostoo. V.
Collin. K O. I-et b, D C.. aud L. F. Ward, Pa.
Master of Art-:, >. S. Pleasant. Tbe degree*
were conferred by the President. R*\. l}. W.
Samson. who alter an address t?the graduates,
iloied ihe exercises with benediction.
OiKcriT ("opbt. HjIk.?In tbis court
to-day, the lollowiug ea*es wer* cou?ider*d ?
Bradley art. Fisber: motion lor a new trial ordered
to the court sitting ingeueral term. Colley
agt Rutberlord; judgment tor plainiitt.
Sweeney act. Pond acd Wripnt; lunjcment ot
condemnation set aside, and allowing e*rnir-hee
to answer interrogatories. Tb? iurv
was discharged for tbe rest of tbe term. Adjourned
till Thursday.
Criminal. Court, Judy* Fi*\tr?To. day.
Micbael Hn^-er aud Xcibu Mver? w.?r.* nm ..n
trial for assao'lt *nd battery and resisting art
officer; verdict, Hneeev not guilty, Myers
guilty of assault bet not cuil:v ot resisting
officer, aud flned *1 and c?'?ts. Charles Kobiu-on,
aseault and fcattery; jury oat. Micb&e|
Hreen. passing caaaterlei*. money; on trial at
clote of report.
Kditor etksimt Star I wnsb through
your valuable pacer, io<?ii ibe attention of tue
officers ot the Washington and Georgetown
Railroad Company to the vianner m which
pai?eug-r? are treated wbo have occasion to
ll<^ 14 phofllr rAm iha
? v., V> Iiuui . u?. . 7T- i rULU sural IU
the Avenue line or vice \erso, aud *o do so
will state my own < as*. Yesterday afternoon,
>ou probably know bow hot i: wad, I Mine
down Seventh street and taking transfer tickets
lor my self, wife aud baby,started for a "Navy
Yard ' car. which bad )ust reached tbe \uaction.
"Pbancy my Pheeltnks" wben arrived
witbni about iti it et of tlie ear, me conductor
turned around and looking down upon me a'
members ot Congress are raid to look upon applicant*
for office, he coolly pulled tbe bell
and left me staiidiug tbere in (be broiling bud
to wait tor anoibei car. Now this is not an
isolated case. Such cases happen every day
find a- many time? a day astberp are trips made
on tbe road. t?ud it is <-ron</. There is no reason
wby a cur ebonld not wait as lone tor anas.
senger witli a transfrr '.irkrl tt? for one with U
in his nand. mid 1 must tx? allowed toi-ay
that tilt* ft&xiety ol the conductors to run away
from trau-ter.- does not argue well for their
honesty, for it the money all wt int? the bunt*
of ibe "company, it certainly would make no
difference to them whether a passenger hts a
transfer or the mx cent*. Respectfully, Ac.
JnncMli, lrW Wosdkn L*<;.
HoWOR* For IHHTEtl T \ OUMfi I.adt*S.? At
tbe examination of the young lady pupil? of
the Aoft.-lemy (f Visitation at Mount de Slier,
near Baltimore yesterday, the second honors in
the senior circle for uniform excellence of cr>odlli'l
WPT4? Auanltxf fn Mict f? ? ? -a
..... ?? .w i'ii^ i? in* uuiue auu
Mi-s Ida Hume ot this city. Tbe firs', honors
in tbe tumor circle were awarded to Miss
M?*pie Newton, ol Washington. The second
honors to Miss Hat'.ie Young, ot Washington
Sahitary?/.,?n'?iy (k- Strttt$ The Mayor
issued hn order to-day to the Commission* of
tbe several ward* to procure lime in -uch
quantities as maybe necessary, and use it to
sprinkle in the gutters and alleys where it is
ie<inired 'o clear. ?e and purify them The order
is :t timely oue, and maybe productive ot a j
gr?a? deal ot benelii to the health of the city.
DH r. <'. CON . U.iv Inj raantne I the practice of
Ml MCI Nik and 8CHUBBY offera hit ?roff??ioual
itriifM to the citl/eua of th* DI?tri;t
He a>aj b* foui' l.lcr tbapreicnt, at Hrr N"vlin?j'a.
'24^ F innftnalt ' th* ir?^ ?
- - - rr ? ? ni iivvr:,1 waerf
h? will be happy to recfif" hqcIi p?:??nt uutT '
tfuln- to Co: ?n.t him, between koara or s and
1" ? m , tail S tutfl o p. hi. daily. ie jg-n
from CYutral New York. a l?ra < lot of
A vary f?fri?r article; li. itroiif uea iron bound
cask*, for tale by the
ji| Peon ave., between luth aad 11th m.
Q. L. WILD, formerly T*,QS^..
Knabe's. and nkwuntl/ of
way'* Ptaooa. bow of ?. h- WILD *' " *' \
??"W ?HU m RIIVDI, mil ?lf?* v?pvw>?t ? "iMMVM
to ike above. other iMtnmuu ftlao repaired
toned, and for Ml*. Plaaoa for mI?, rest, or n
Iktu* f-jy
Cemetery notice.
Persons wlahlnc to Improve their Lot* la PnMU
i'nineteries ntd Private Burial Oronnda will dc
veil, before parcbiiaiL* elsewhere, to call and ?-?
emtn* oar large and new stock of
RT ATI k. ? v unrt RiPTHMAL FOMTR.
All of new and beantifnilrproportioned deelna, at
Sliirp GrrmiD itr??U, Biltii^r*.
D h27 eojiij.'up
Lightning hods.
TrittiKnUr. Tinted and Spiral, enrl4?ing a contlnooae
Iron Rod
BODS, maunfartriri-il and kept cuinlaatly on hand,
and pat up In the br?t manner
All material n?M ef auperlor .nalitv, and all
work warranted to entire satisfaction.
Repairing ?rom?t!r atten<l*J to.
tny31-1m corner ?Hb itnd U ?tr?*ta
Turner, and D?alar 1*
I V O ft Y .
And Manufacturer of
Ad<1 importer of
n.yS corn 39 Fulton ?tr??*t. New Yor
S * H B C A 8 T O H B
u* yrepared to farilib their 8ton? to dia*MloM
and quantity r*gnlr?d,
nlinuuw UArn anu BILI.S,
kNTi Biaonry, la large qnanUtiea.
0. W. HAYDBN. Secretary,
narl^te sIlT F?tw 1.
BBD-BUG POIBOB. $1 Mr ?int:
DBAD bUOT. M reat? per aiat;
LTOH 9 aad other INSiOT P0WBBRS;
IB8ECT POWBBB ?f7N.S5cente;
VBBlflN BXTBBMINATOB tare to kill. Beta;
LIOHTBIBU FLY BILLBB. * caate a eheat.
At MM II8' Pharmacy,
)*Z'< lat Oor. New TJtk are. and 14th at.
*86 486
Betwux D 4M K BTHIKT*,
6dooniboT?(Md Nlawi'Bltl,
bcukt bf B B JCSTIi.it *?U>. 7th?traet. la th.
Heoid H)tr*?te?t tfea Northern Liberty M&rkat.
totvaan L and V ctraata. Mit ?1da. ?f Mr*
m bi.pnvvm
kit*a or or agar.
%ii contr Kit. wii r
, ?
i m
1"h* -H" Dress and I cdres* St -ru. Try
I ibtiu.
(J?v> C. Hwtnrs*. No. ill 7'J? *tr#*-t.
>'ah*. jrr srrts,
and I.x-k'*J.
i receKed this mcramr at Prlrasoa* Loiiar
J?a?iiy SM?, No. 433 i'enu*ji\ax.;* avt-aae,
Mwitn 4 ^ Kod o:b struts.
Babk. Hiimi a*i> Kootv.?m? bw of
Spier's "Swiidtfd W ine Biters" ?# h.s celebrated
Win*, in wbi.-b are st-eped P?ru\l*r
' Bark. (Jbnmcaile Flower*. Sua*e Root. ?>jb'
ic?t. ,V3. I; is piea^ac: to the -,a*u\a.ui far
superior to any.bicg in tbe fjrm o: torn * now
b-losv *be pah.to. Tbey ar?? SiOpij bis own
n in*-, lumif oilier ov iuf iDinsioa 01 utrm sdj
root*. above ?num?rat?d. Soldbjr I>rucgi<t<.
White I,t5*s I>cck Srrrs,
.Tiist !be tbinc ror warm weather, I
At llaM? A. Oc.a.
2 Hs svf , liBd'r U S. Ho>l
t i'bnJtc ? Dr. Wbit*,Ki.rgmn Ch.ropjvll-*, i
i ot iwIt^ yw?' prac ical exp^n**.-# in tn*
' nitwl States ana Canada*, suid a>t(?bL<bM at
lit Pennsylvania arenaf, b#tw?n4<? and < tb
street*. sine* 1-rll. su<v#*<fnll? tr*A ? t\<rii?.
1 Kuuion-. t'Dilblain*. Club and lagrowlcr
J Nail*, ind other diseases at the feet, without
pain or inconvenience to the patent. The ?boe
i can be worn wub ease immediately after the
I operation. Refers to the many eminent phy?ii
cians. sorreons and thon?and? of other t??!>ouj
aible persona who patroni/e hi* ablishtneut
Hours from " a. m to ? p. in. Owio* to pre??
. of business a: olEo*. I)r. White is uiiabte to
( visit patients a'. their residence* except between
t c and - p m.
{ This is a personal invitation to the reader to
call and examine the Summer I'lo'bin; a* the
; Oak Hall Clotbiug Uou^>, *o0 ; ih street, oppoI
site Poet Oflio*. *i
A Prt*icia* '.vrite* to Mr. I*. Hon -"1
embrace the first opportunity to Investigate it
more thoroughly. bavin? lone felt tb? need of
<=uch au article in my practice as a substitute
. for ale and liquors, which are so much adul
terated, etc." t?
Th? Ckwtral Dollar Storr, 22 Market
I Space. ti?:*efii at to and tub *tr?et?. ib in constant
receipt of ibe la'est novelties :u the wif
ot J??we;ryf Plated Ware, Faus, ic.
Fatal to tub Teeth are all acrid preparations.
They may bleach tbe enamel, but rb?* v
1 n? surely dissolve and daetroy it. The mild,
genial balsamic and preservative So/>dont,
impregnated with the Sop mtn of the fam3u*
i tropical Soap Tre?* of (Thili, is the only abaoi
In.elysale article ot its kind in the market.
] nn.l protects the Teeth from nil destructive
! influences, as well as keeps them tiee irom
1 tartar. ei
MrFT WiH???.Ye I'm lunging f*?" Fat."?
; Steven-, Proprietor of tn* 'Tea Hone, b*?
adopted a principle ot selling Tea Uiat mu*t
: >H>i. bein?; ?ound and correct in every feitun*
| One ponnd as cheap as though yoa bought a
| thousand.
I (,.17 "HIIM/1 WHTlh ?rr??l
A New Wat or Doiho Hckivbfm.-Hollander
Hros will commence from this day to Mil
all then Gent's Furnishing Ooods at five per
; cent. above cost. We ask all who are iu Bn>it
of the above goods to patronii* us as it will
save considerable money to tbe buyer and enable
us to continue sellluir Roods at these rates.
Hollawdbb Bkop.. 210 Penna avenue,
5,11,1: between 1 uh and ljth ste.
Chkatxr Thaw tub Chbapbpt White
j Shirt?.cents. *|, ?i _>.?, and upwards. I'odershirtsand
l?rawers. from 3i cents upward*.
! <tood Cotton Soclts. i pair for -.>5 cent*. Htmlkerchiefs,
already Hemmed, 2 for ti cents. Tbe
be?t Pap-r Cafli, j cents per pair, or in cent* a
Jo/en. Excellent Paper Collars, cloth-lined
button-bole, lu cents a box: and all otber goods
. at equally low prices, at Franc it (Joldmins,
I Marble llail, No. 468 Tib street, opposite Patent
I uflke. 3.1,1:
i >30 nozBN Knflith Socks, doable beels and
toes, ? t.T5 a down, or :j8 cents per pair. iust
re. eive<l at Marble Hall, No. *5? 7th suvei. opi
posite Patent Office. 5,1,1:
raurd by the Slvtr-kiilb Cunril,
Aw Act lor the relief of John (Jaes.
lit it enat ftd by tke Hnardof Ald'rm'n nad Hoard
; uf CoMMM Council of Me t i.'y >i \fashiwj' :..
i 'i'bat the Major be. ana be is uereby. autiu>ri/e?l
and iequated to pav to John tiass the
s-um of eighteen dollars tor ooilec'inc carba.jre
j m tlieTlurd Ward irom the !-?t to the rth of
.1 um , !-<>-, and that tbe rum of eighteen dollar*
j be, and the same is hereby, appropriated out
| ot the Third Ward tuud to mabie tbe Mayor 10
I pay tbe above um to John Class.
i. Aii'l t" it furthrr <u-';tfl. Tbtt all
acts or parte ot act* iuconM?tent wi'U sbi- b-*.
| and the ?<?me is nereby, repealed.
^pi>ro\?*d. June 1". 1"?'.
AN ACT refund a fine Imposed upon Jam**
r.t. it 'r,a t"i b>j :\r Hnarxl of Aid r?n?n a>vi
HoanivJ <'"/? m ' /1 ouiicil of (.Vjf oj \Y^l'nn'lt?n.
ruatiuooumot live dollar* be. tu.l me vt nii?
b*reti>. appropriated oat ot 'he central mud,
toenable the Mayor to retiiDil to .lame- K 'binton
tte amouiii ol a fine ltnpc-ed t?v John T C.
Clark, anoticeof tlie peace, Ac.. on tb- 3u;tt
day oi April, ; Approved. Juu* 10, in!*
Ax A?"T for the relief of S. E. Tyaou.
IS* ?/ < ? ? ltd l'H tKf fibril of AjdtrmcH anJ RmrU
i;/ Common Council ot tit ' V</ ol Wa?/n/?/.' . <i.
1 bat th>* sum ot twenty-five doilara and live
cent* be, and tta. mm>- i? hereby, appropriated
out ot tbe general fund to reimbuihe S. K.
ry-on, apothecary to tbe poor tor the Third
Ward, tor the quarter ending March 3i. Hi ',
< for m?dicin?a turni-hed to the poor ol said ward
I during tlie said quarter.
i Appioved. June y#, latiO.
an ait iu construct a w*et uu i. siiHt nor'U,
between t ourth and Fifth street* w?rt.
Rr ;t rr><Ht'd by the Hoard of Aldermen a%4 Board
i onn< it of th' C'ifjr of Waikiiv.Uii,
t That the Mayor and be Is authorize! and
requested to eau-e a two-feet barrel wwr to be
j constructed ou I- s're??i north, between fourth
1 and Filth streets vest. Said sew?*r to be . omi
me*ced at th? corner o' Filth street, ami connect
with the tbree-leet barrel sewer on Fonrth
street. The work to be done in conformity
with existing law*.
Sli'.i And fee 1t further enacted. That .n
order to detrav the exposes incurred under
tnis act a special tax is berebv laid upon all
| lots and snbdivisional parts of lots borderiu?
J on said sewer: froruled, That the expense* of
constructing man-holes. drops, and iat.-ral
1 sewers for said drops -hall not i?- a?'W?c.l on
I private prapeity. but mall be paid lor out ot tue
' funds ol th?* Fourth Ward.
Appro\ed, J une in, ltww.
' An A> t providing lor the completion of the
?S uinericiU Book."
He it niirtftll'g the H'ttrdof A/jW' en ind fi ? r-(
of Common *'oMncil the City of M iukitiyl *
That the sum ot one thousand dollars t>?,
and ;be same is hereby, appropriated out or tbe
^npf.Hi fund- in Additina tn th? um.Minf 'ii?-?
I appropriated, to complete tbe numerical book
Approved, J uue I", 18bs?.
I AH Act to pave tbe sidewalks and cu'ters on
J Fourth street east, bet wee i. Penney I v .iuia
avenue and Maryland avenue.
Ht it <tloctfdby th' Hoard <f AUltrm'u and Hoard
I 0/ CnMM Council of tA' City of Vfeakfaftafc
l'bat tbe Mayor be. and be is hereby, requested
and authorized to cause tbe pavement to lie
laid ;in<1 tbe curbstone* set on the . ast -id" ot
Kourih street ea-t, trora Pennsylvania a venue
tit Mtrv Isnd V0IIU* Th? wnrl <t.?...i
the tax to be levied and collected ia conformity
with existing law*
Approved, June in, l^'i.
An Act reviving anact an'borizinR -be Mayor
and Board of Fir* CominisMoaers to cr?au>
an additional ?teMB lire engine company,
approved December i, 1-?j.
Be it enacted by thr Board of AltLrrmr n tud H.ta.yl
of t'ommon Council of the City of H"*/A injf*.
That tbe lum at Ave thousand dollars, or so
mncb thereof as may be necesaary, be. and the
same is hereby, appropriated on', of tbe general
land to enable tbe Mayor and Board of Fire
Commissioners to purchase an additional ateam
Ire engine and bote carriage, together with
horses and suitable stabHng tor theaame, tor
tbe nw of the oaid fire deoartaaent to *w in?*.
ted m the northern auction of tb* city; tbe Mid
appara'us to he placed in the Metropolitan
bcxk aud ladder bout* until provided forotberVier.
S?<\ 'i. b* it j'nrtkrr 'n*rt*J. Tbat tbe
Mayor and Hoard ot Kir* Commiasionera ar*
an b ri/e?1 10 organize and equip tbe iiul
number ot men to mat. tbe abo\e namedappa>
ra'uc, wbru purchased, in accordance wita tbe
a>ta organizing tbe paid (Ire department, approved
April <!?, IKo4, November 7, 1M?4, au?l
February 7, l-ttt.
Sic. -5. ) n<i I* it fu. *htr Tbat. to carry
into eflect tbe foregoing ee-tion, a >urti. i^u
*uui i* hereby appropriated, payable moaibly
out of tbe g~ner*l fund.
Approved, .1 tine Hi, 1^*0.
in *tloo!,r?. flAlSSSAIOS. CUSbtf, Bte.
A l*t|t Stuck of #lWWI ?yH it lo?
pr? ? . > ** r??*jlT??h
I 1) I Olt? TtcvtM, Parte.
Affair* la or irirMwa.
A ATOMY OF TUB Vl?TATI<ni T3* ? (*!
or inieuc*ic*n ot tfeit iirw.houor*d io?Uru iou
too* pUo* tfci? tfwrnoon u 4 o'clock. i?
>nl *nowa t?d*oa atra-bed to tb* uuri'u'iJB
The ball, wbicb no*. nao?ok!\r large. was
crowded to *Bce*?, and #t?b ?-andm?r >orn w*i
oat ot tt>?" {?r?tion. P-enon? to the *n??\ **,
tb* wor? of ib* pnpil* f r tb* l%?- y*\r wi?
esbibitec in a large ball, and ? . t* miy
ftrov?d 'be industry an 1 la*'.- ot tb" vcbuc
idir?. It ?i>nl4 b* tnpomim* to bbrm all
M praiae. bat asa>ng tbepa.ntingMix
Ullf't and Mn? (tatl*y*? now-r? a
wa.*r ooKth iwm?J pr?.em ?fii' <'.r r?in*
the S*?a " by M;?? Upbore*. t.nc?*B?.' by
U'N?ai?, both lu India iuK, wof
very rni'cb admir-d. I'laeaa m mou >
cbromati ?>y tb* Mim*? <*?rk*ry,
t? .N ?a Ir and Moabrr, wer* T*ry li*Dd?omKirbly
worked atgtaan* by the Mi.-? ! >r**v.
Abel aao Kjdier. braatitul wax !!.<w?r? ??y
Homiller -bawl*, drum. Ac. bung
around tb* rooa in protUMoa A tab I# corere.1
wrb clothing contributed and mad* by ibe
vobbk ladie* <b- mielxen tor the p??r wa? particularly
iBterv^tibj^ as it proved :b* pnpil* ot
tb? A -adetny w*re noi unmindful o: tbeir !* ?
fortnnat* (eiiow cmtam A lit'I* <lr*-? on
this tahl* made by Mia* Mamie, daughter of
Hon. Mr. lnger?oll. of llllnoia, *a< very cr*d
iui>l* to a ititlegtri icv.^ly wtfa >'<*ar? old
Tb?* nu'i'il portion of tk? mt.-W'' wj- rerj
flc* as u?um1 b?re. *.b? Kitk. Kwmc a?d
Boii>b#r in tinging. <}rabatn. Walter*
and'MoniaoB at it- harp, di?ttncuiftb?d ibomtrlvri.
lb' "F.w?*?ll to :hp \chv
Mim } muia. daurtat?r of tb* Hon. J.?D?tn-'n
Ktber.df*. ot Tennessee. pro\?d but tbbad
inherited toui* or :be taint of ber
Tbebirhe** booor*|tB ?he,?eBir circle, eonfintluc
oi a crown .tad fold ineaal. w-r.' von*
ferred for uniform < * -elleace ot conduct on
Mn?-e? Emma KU'ridef, TVb;;.. Aboi? 1.-*
Md. Audi-* Corkery. U llary Mo*krr H
O-; Anule Kreacb. I"i. C.; Jnlia O Keale. l> C
t'trn? Waisoc. Micb Id* Wilson. I?. C
Tbe b*cond honors, cobmuib* o: a silver
mo^al ?*? 'K?
Iuit-umm vvuivtitu vh iuuuwiuk ?
Uui? Himshfit?r, Ya : Nelli Horner.
I>.C.; lenm? Ck*ry, iJ.C Alu* (laborne. ft.
t i: : Kauuie Caaey. <?a.: Bettie VWi.jr.Oi
I Heisk&ll. MX. Kobfr i Seymour, l? C:
< I.iui? Chancellor. Ya : ka'i?* Carter, I*. U.:
Mattie \Vh|i?. Mary hothwell, I.ouina l'-i*?r.
I.ucy Tiusley. Cam# Casev.?Ja : Audi* Hart,
ford, hsigl.inX Mary I.mwlaraud Julia I,\wler,
1U . Jennie offutr and Cam? Shoemaker.
I?. The bonora in tbe inniar circle, ron>i<(in*
of ?crotm,*?ri' conferred on Josephine
K'trnar i and J.mily KaruarJ, of Cjun.. and
Mamie lngersoll, oi 111
Tben followed the distribution of premium*
for earelleme in all the various l-rancbes.
The fortunate aspirant* tor academic honors
received their award* at the hand- ?f e*-President
Johnson, who mnde an address highly
complimentary both to the tea.-ti-r- and thpupil*
rlrii. second, and tbird pnminm* were .
awarded in all the cla*?e*. w.'h honorable
mention ot de?ervinr pupil*. For want <>t
4pa?e we can only civa tbe fir*? premium*
awarded in ea. b class, which were a* follow
Kir*t Class ot Prolan* History Ancient aud
Modern Oeo^rapbr Annie L<ee. Carrie Wat. ,
pod. annif Mvnco. Jiary Mother. nut Un
Wil?on. Second Clasa? Lizzie Harn*bercer
Alice Osborne. .Nellie Horary. Section ot iii?Second
Clae*?Nettia Craig, Nettie H**i?t.Hl
Mary Bailey. Mary Rincold. l. lly MeOarty. i
Third OI?<?-Ella "Mia, Mary \ eabbwer, Mary
Armonr. Jenny Woltw*. Fjline and Viola
Seyfert. Mattia Wells. Section of Third t'las* Naiiiiie
t'urti-, Mary Botli well. I^ouisa Ca?ey.
liton-nana and Sal lie Mackall. Imogen t)aperton,
lallie Simna?. and Martha Smith. Fourth
ClaFt -Amelia Itowaon and Carrie 0*k*v
l-\>nrlh <'laea ot Dictation and ' irthi>fraj>b>?
I.ncy Tm?ley,Lillian Bran ner,Kan* Bo >ue.aiid
Amelia Dawson. Section of Fourth Claa? of
Sacted and Frotaue History, and Modern
CJeorrnpby ?Alice Young, I.ulie Ewi. K"??
Taylor. Mary Hatcher and Ella Jone<-. Section
ot the Fourth Clas# of ixctauor. and Uribog- I
raj>hy- Ko*e Taylor, Mary Ha'cher. F.I I a
Jooet, I.ulie Esse* and Alice Younc. I
Filth Claea of Hiat >ry am10*omi>hy-IMeiie
tlolibait and ljouisaSoulhall, Emily and Jowie
lUruvd. Emma Mitchell, Rove Trannell. i
Nellie Parage*. Dolor*> Ubav** and tasnir
Nods. Fifth Oa*? Heading and Orthography Lomt
Mrrbe|l,E?t*ll* (Jjiibar.Ltlli* knight,
Josephine and Emily Barnard, Alio* Sawyer
ami Dolorah Cbav*?. Sixth Cla* ot Hiatorv
auu ueograpny?h.rnrna sawyer mud V tritium
Seydrll. Sixth Cla?sot Heading and orthography?
Sallie Koss. Seventh Class? \ ir^icut
and Ada Kobr.
First Class of t'brmlan Docrine?Annie
Fieinb and Annie l,w. Second Cla*??Nellie
l>orsey and All e O-borne Section ol the
Second Clue- Mary Kmgold. Nettie Hetskell
and Josephine Bouher Tbtrd Clu<-l.illie
Morrison. Mary Armour. Jennie Hunter. I
Nannie Pettit and Fanuie A bell. Sect-on of J
the Tbird Class-Maggie Krown. Martha
Sroitb. Imogen ? tperton, Sallte Offu' and
Nina Fi/./mi Fourth Class?Teresa Seydell,
Amelia Iiawson and Agnes Oldshue. Se. tion i
of the Fon rtb Cla?s?Sarah Whiney and hi la I
Jones. Fifth Class?Josephine and Emily
Barnard, I rnraa M'tcbell. Jo^epbine llrosij
and l?ora Hall. Sixth Clacs?Virginia Seidell
and Florence Mitchell.
Kini t'lhfs of Chemistry. Me'Aorolngy. Astronomy,
Botany and Gealory? Annie French,
Annie Lee. and Carrie Wat?on. second Class ?
Fannie Casey. Alice Osborne, Unw Harn-brtger,
Nellie lwr?r, aud Jennie Cieary. Section
of the Second Class?Mary Htiley, Nettie
i *i .? v? ;. ? ?i ?? n-? - *
u* i'ciu" vja>?< .w*ry ma^oiu.
Tbud t'lase?Marie WelU. Mary % eabower,
Jrnute Walter?, Hi la Mix. Lillie Morrison,
holm* Seylert. ani Mary Arn.our. Section ot
the Ibird Cla*??Louisa Cuey, Imogen C*pprtor.
Sallie Macltall, Jnli* ai d Marr I.iv> j
tor. Naunle Curtics, M ir;b-i Smi'b, Clara Cartton.
Ida Hearing, and Fannie Fowler.
Fust Cla?s uf I<ogic and Intellectual Pbilosopbj?
Annie French, Aun.e Lee, aud Carr.e |
First <Ha?s ot Khetori?, Literature, and
Poetical Compuaition? Kmma Kibertdg* aud
Annie French SecondClass of Kbetoric. Ltert- !
erarure. aua Prose Compotion?Nellie Horsey. ]
[ Alice???bornf, LUzweHanisbercer, Kati? St?w- j
en, and Jennie Clary. Section ot tb* Second
Cla?fc of Grammar, Kbetoric, and Prose Comjo?itien?Netua
lieitlceil and Mary Hail<*y I
Tbird Class ot ftramtnar and Composition?
Jennie Walters. Mar* Armour. Ejline SeytrrL
Lallie Morrison, and Katie Carter. Section ot
tb* Tbird Class?Nannie Cnrttss, Lillie Sims, |
Louisa Carey. Mary Bothwall. Imogen Cal>enon.
Cbristin.n Maclcall, and Fannie Fowler
Fourth Cla v?Mercedes CbavM and Amelia
l?a?bOD Section of (be Fourth Class -1-.uli*
E#?ex. Alice Yoncg, Hos? Ta\ lor, and Mary
Weaver, Filth Class?l.illie knigb*. Km ma
Mitchell, A li<e Sawyer. Iiolores Chave-. Kmily
and Josephine liarnard.
?;l?'sor Ale?ora and Oeomeiry-- Annie Corleery,
Kane Stewart, and Ida Wil*on. Iirn
Clase ot Arithmetic? l.ir/ie Htt-rn*harper and
Annie French. Second Class?Sallie 8p*?*r,
Came Watson, and D annie H?rty Section ol
tbe Second t Ila-s Betti* Yancey, Klla Carlton.
Marv Mot-ber. and Km ma Ettx>nd(e. Tb .rd
Clat>?Florence lLaye*, Mar> Hail-y. and
Kill\ BfcCanv. section ot ttie Tbird Ciaae?
Nettie Crai*," Nellie Doreey, Cora and Viola
Wileon, Koiiae Sevfert. Roberta Seymoar. and
Mary Tiual^y Fourth Claaa?J ulia O'Neal*.
I.u/ie Ktlly. Madeline Augustine, and Klla
Sim-. Second tecuou ot tbe Fourth Clasa
Alice <?.<borne and Nannie Curtis*. Fifth
f M?cc rat-lt.m 1 -
* t-?-v"?> >? * i<vu? ijiuuuuu. ma
Collinii, LI If* M> sud Mary Y*abo?rer Section
of the Fiflh Cla**? EMU* <Joh>.*rt.
Blanche Uobinaen. and Cbrittlaa Mack all
Si\tb Class ?Mercedes Chavet, t.naily Barnard.
Lilian Bianoer. Camilla Chew, Ida
l>mriur. and I?ora Hall. Section of the Sixtb
Oliff ? t-auni**itoes. Km ma Mitchell, and Mary
?irnamental Writ id*?JuIih O'N'eale. First
riat- el Penm?in?hij>?F.mma Lheridgf and
Oarne Waoon Second Claac-Teresa Keyilell,
Merc?*de? Chnve-, Jenny Third
Clase?Ida Kbodier. Ida Seyao?r, Lillian
Brainier. Fourth Class -Ida ColUuc and Elia
trench ' frrt ?Fir?t Clas* of Oram mar.
Khetoric and CompoaitKm?Car Me Watson.
First Cla? o! Literature and Biojcraptiy?iJar.
rie w ataen. l ias* ot (tnmmar. Khetone
anil Com pom t?en?Neli i* Doraey. Section
of the Secor.d Cla?s of Hiatory and Composition?Katie
Stewart and Ami* Lee. Third
Cla*s of Oranntr aad Composition?Katie
Carter and Henrietta. Erai. Fourth (;iu? of
(irammar and Translation?Imogen Caper t m.
Section of the Fourth Claaa- Kill tan Hranner
Mary Kingoid, Li/./te Chancellor. Fifth CIa??
Fanne Ch-ev Sixth Clave?Julia Law tor.
In the Claaa ot Beg inner*?Pan* Cody. French
Conversation?Keltic Doiwy, Annie Frrach.
Annie ur.Maiy Wo* her. Alice Othorne, Jennie
Valtera. l.lltie Morrison. Jenny Ciearv. Fannie
Herty, Lizzie Harnahcrf r. Hemietia F.rnt,
Katie Carter. Lilly MeQhrty. Madeline Anrua.
tine, I.iliiau Branner, M. Pixz-.ni, Bet'ic Yarn
* ?7 r iwituvt n?yr?. i;neB Ol IjIUD?
Emma Etberidr*. t'lM of (tornaa?Aunif
Pre?cb. Cirric Wt'roa aad LiUm Murrtioi
UUw ol Spiuitk-lMum Ukivr*
*??>?Kim <;tM4 of Piaao?Mary Uoiltrr
and .Mamie tick. Satoad Claea?Jderc?de?
t'bav>-fc :<i.d .J fin if Cnpartoo. Third C'as*?
la ru Uprnoe, Lrfveie Lilly. LtUM Mjiti?ob.
Kaunlo A bell, Em-lit Ot?t0, Jo?epb?B*
Bou.ber, k loreat e Uajut and Faaaia H?*rty.
Section vt tb* Third Otaaa? Ida Kobtnaoo.
Klia Mix Lrflltaa Hraaa?r. Ni*a Piaxial, Ada
Ford aod lereca SryMI Fob rib Ot*M
Alio* Yoonf. Ida Kbadier, Pari* Cody.
Amelia I Iiwkk and Katella Qolihirt
on ibc Piaao?Alice Sawyer. Jtarv
St?r?-i?a. Mary Jodm. Virginia Seydeil aad
l>na lion?r. Secoad Claw of Harp? tonal*
Cape rt on. Foiirt*Clau Harp? Kami Ft heridfe.
JJIlie Morriaoa. AM/ Grab a in aod Jennie
Waltera. daaa of K*(in?er?Amelia
Pawrua and Hlaucba Kobtaacn. Flrat Claaa of
Vo< al Mumc? Msmie Flak and Mary B^neber.
Second Ulit<-a?M?de|ia* Autuotine and Mary
Pu/iui. Third Claaa?Lucy Tlaater aad Sal.
h? Wit:son.
Paiatinc ia Wa>riMor<. ? Anrta
U.?rk?rjr ?nd JuliaO'XmU* Tbtrd OI?MMary
Otaaa of IHawinr?
Np?*r. ? !??? mt Kabroi4#rr?Jana 0'X?Uv,
, Ida I'nim aad Amelia Uiwtgu, 1 ir?: Cia#*
ttTMMtrrulfiNMVirl-IIHMIior-#! .
14a Ai-ii
VintoViArtut IliWiUt?. v itUCiui
jtnui# l.?l .? B Vfc* ??.
V *nr.? H?r . L u ?1 < -rn- ? .
Well* M?-?r ?
_ . __ . . ? ? W / w "!!
Uv*-UUt? J-iiti i ' 'j
Lilly. How* It*)". *i:r f > >*. *
For*. Asdic Hwlr-i -?nd Si' -i V i .Kirtl
CI&m V?aa m Work A> < ? * s
Alkl* Lfr. Anew (\vkrry. tmn ? I a?:
'and PS uy Md-mr Sc.oi il C T
Hara?b?rs-'r. H - Y v t.M"V n?> \
tig*, kt'i* l.?i?(iid ">f ini*? 11.?- >i i n
S*?lli?? ka ?* AT-*:, *\?t? K-t'li kt v
rt. Cairm N6i?rr?a?^r. \ tfu.ta
C?!BilU V'Uev. VI f \ovac m ? V. ?
. Nairn* Out?.n*o. L >liur S ?> 51.
t Tboru, l.miie l>-*x Nm? t?i*<uni. N i
| t'liniM. I.?> ?? i < a'.ktil. Mary S'rvMi. >!
( fde* Cfca*?* an^ L.*?n 0*'-.*r. I?j
j KroooBj- A ni? |.w? Atnir t r*iift \t Ork^rj.
farrta n ,t?or. V. > > H u?r
I (I'N^al* 1 xibi l'a?ri :t* and Ida ?
Hou>? I rm ^ Anm-*? ?
r*. Mary M-*b*r. J I'>:irr, 1
lierty, Roberta SavmoOT M*ft N .u ?
Carlo*. I. M K K?iII> Knf * . t.
Ada Ford. Mary Tina1#y, *1 iry l* d
Iir?** Au.na'Jn*. T?"v>* S**?ifli and \i
SriMti"'' I " ? ?? ?
- - > ' ? I ' F".
I UlOK iTO*S C?I c I'*'' Ul??t Wj
m-ootid annurnl onn?# ?mfDi n?t,n?.,
j O*ori?*town tuok r'*1* ' 'h-l. .
! bitMtion ?*U of th* i>c- Miti in,| v
irtitnMUK i'Iu1 if 1" 1- *.iod*T i r . 11H1 ?
j K*'brr A. ?'i hi. til' a" ?ip h?sl - .
pr?fw?or. S K Mtil v. >r H V
Ku-?ll *?d H?Tf VmI'W.. .) H: f \l
flttr. <1*11 ?*r*d in*.*r??-!?ic I* ' ??r?- . >n r.
'*io pil?. tb" ??? ?* o: "! ?!- tr
dt|Lf ic ' ? > * m-i-.
alto th? .'ft?Mi?rrhvl ori ? ru
lutaiD' q? floi ? o: ' ft** . rtvi ;iu? t
I Ucoi iTOwm r. * Th*>-a?l >-r . t
addiaaa to :b<* . teit'? *v .; \-ra.i
! cbapH tfcl!" nvruiut b> K-x C;n i? k ;v. >
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tba pr*u..uo* a' ,uiu*l era*ir
I row.
J Priu< S E *a *ATi<>*t? Tii?
Krmate itrijiour M> i Mif- l-Min ?.?l.
I tracb^r, locat* , at Moiuf tn??t ?trn?i. ?* ri.
amined yaaterday a::#r. ....?, h\ W A .\- I
aau pi??nt. Hk4*. Itautup. V
U'il*i<n, an I H-* o: ?.3r >l<1
I*\ IH\ >f *t- H ard ol Aiderm -I T
k b.jol com men ?d .&< v??ar ?nk Mi uuiit
bin y*strrd?%* tbar* war* n?t mora* tkn
prasen . Tb* ??n na'ion w i? co:ata?*
upon ib an*- i rvv ar:h> i?rn< r>\ all o* t
(Mttemra pr??n Tk?aicw| ira
ao'i -aablf tea nra or -ha or?t>t>n. ai d *> .
conducted by Pr i--or
RIYBB KiM>*r y n '
Kni(bi. Hantv. N*w Vorl. and i',.| -|t
Harper. HaiTim-'P*
Georgetown Advertisement#*.
| ^BT~QOOD> AT KID' CKl> Fklitv
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Blark Grmadi in, l?ul >1. Hia k Alp* < t.
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Calii nra, f*at oolara. 1? ?a<t it *"?
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kli d B M??l. b : ?ld?l ?r kur t?eeUiti*
at I.;, cent*
I ell lei BENJAMIN IHll.tK
Thle rraort .erlnf b?*n tnoror. h..
Mtol???l, ?ltb ?d o--ttaf??
I >?L. r Mcon>ModMiO'i?, w?li Im
; fki the o- leitora i.o lb* |?ju
1BST OK Jl L.* whee the tab*, nh.t ?7|1
I rorttnuatton of petrontre
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i ?p m. Totsehioc. go ue sod retori.liik', ?' -u?
i Point. * -3
> Ko?8LYMH fiOCBE.
On S I! ?*: ?<i> litiTirii,
Thl? e'.fmnt and ettrarti? > eumir?r r? A .. . A
tr^at in now OB?-n f r tb en tar la lames I VfMV
I of |?nti In l;, ft.D th- patron**- "fit^BJ!
I the rnblic the proprl- .ore <irea il ool* ti?"?.?rT
tu Mil att'-titi o to tu b? b.atrT as<l . ! -ee
I flfj 1)- A*iil nn.wrrv?B? ?
twrrj p.iint 01 th<- well apa-Jtatod and ?b? r
, grouada. and to p! <l?a. la addition to th? . 'Ml
! natural a '?antag ?. tbat lie larger and bar m u*
I kept i i'0?t*n?lr ?nrp!le I With ?< -r?(?)Mt the a> "t
i fa-tidi. n* taat> an <i?aire. Tb* cooklti *b*.I i?
1 utie?cella<l the attention prompt and pollU ? .f
I lb* rliai g* - r. ? ual le
a y n^mltsii ?..a- be r-acked b> U>e A ju?4i
I Bridge ..r b> the L ug Brt Iff- >l? Afiluct i.
; *ltb? r route ' orJIo a pirtMit drive tbrocga
crti-rt of hiibi! Irti ?rtit
j<23 tr 8* KM* * ? H ADW1CK Propri a. r?
LVUIfi ia MobPllAL
Patient* deajrnr to nvall th*n>?elv?? of &# v"
aDtage ot thi> In?tttnt! ?o ~aa oi'aln r* * "
r?<n.? by hpplfna t rh. Matron Th?-?* r ?
are luiiaahed Wtli all tha r< mtoru of home 1
prict* rang* 'ro? ? to *IS per week : r r' .
uron Mie ro w aelr . t ia inrlnAaa BoarH
teg. Med) tt>a. M - leal atid Surgical :
Urlfia |jr ada. Mi.in t.i tba <;OVCHB M KXT or
FKtE HE. PS in thi? H j-p tal i aii ? utiunK '!
tfc" honorable 8 letary of th>-Interior, e '* >
General 1'nited f" ate- Army ml Ur 1 r? .
Ohiaf ot tbe Brean f Madiclne ud *. r?.
UnttMi RUti?
Au lf Atiou lor or !er?oi 'be tirnerat..*
of tb>- Interior to t? ma-1* at the otBc of I1' I I
Thnaajaon I*4 I ftr-rt. betweea aotb a: <!
A Marflral and 8u-jioal CHnir is *l<1 at ta? tl
rit?l erery Sat .r4ajr. at 5 ? m . t> Pr i???. - j
I T'<oi p?r>ii -or ?nt d o- patleau who ?r? cr
slibn. medica; MWblMct fne of cbarg r
J H. THOMPSON M D . burgeon In <V.
r A itBKOKD, M. D . Aaaialaot 8urn*> l
Cm ?.'. ?* Foard
A k Harnea. M D . V Bnr?itt,l P
Motile luuit, M D I B Ntebnt* M P
A Y P Garnett.M U . W P i'bli?t<>n W t?
Tb?n ?i Miller. M, 1) . Orafton T?l" M A>
J Kiley.MD, F Howard, M O.
M? lr _ _
S?-. I4*?.? December Term. IH?
Tbo B -ard ?f Preailent aol I I i
r?u>ra of tb? ft L win Pol lie I In err?r ?o n*
bcboota, Plaiutlfia is brror. s*?reai- ? -.r
r?. | of tk* vf
j l?*ac Walker and P. R*an. ||?*>eeM
r viair. of co?n??I for tfcf pi*lntl" -1 -r
NirNU tti? dMll. ot lNtC W Biker.*-n- of tlix
d'W.tiiii ib *rrt.r In ttaia iim,m4 m ?r-J ti?
Oonrt tor u ord-r an Ser ?b?? 1Mb rml* ofOocrt.
uiAkc MyiwMr rMrMWtotitw port!*-* /)n -or 14?tmIoii
rwol, it w tot bw? ortirtJ t t . <
Court tk*t as the proper rrprr*<?titBti of U?
told Iiur WtlkT, dtoMMd w (lorMtl l. ?t? '
Tol?iit?ii|\ t?ooao* p*rti<-? wltbto tb?
dui of Um> Micut i c t rxn of tfcn ( o?r'. the r>*<r
ttff Id error m?II bf entitle*: to opou to i* "3 u
uid cmw, m4 to httr tb* >wd. m' 'a*
.aucmont there b rxod-rtd. if mml ?( err s?
o?i. ProTtdod thM t ?if of tk* order ?m i
prioM In ??it Dfwapt^ t M the Mt of 6 ?""
nrntl(*hlcktk*ltwi of tki> Crnted fet*t>-? '
printed bp Mthorltr- *or Um-e
??^i.*t ImmI txtp d?|i M?r* the br?iui t? f
th> tni of thf SurrfiM Court. Hit en?c:uc ' *?
April, latt. Tiueeepj
Clerk of tb<- Be promt Coart of the I'um ? '
y< torn
Dititt or Ootr*?t*. At
the Oltyof WMbiu(t?ii. o* the l?U a?? of
Jnii*. IN Th? underlie n>xl fct-rrb* (iv?e> ti
ot tm kppvlt.tnwmt M IwlftM si Ml1.8 K
UXXTBK, of tbr Oil r of Wi?hii(t?t.vitbi|lu4
District, who Um been odjadfod i Bm^mk .r> >
hi* owl yetitloB t) tk. tlayraa* C-onrt ?f mio
District. GEO. llASol. Attortaev-ot U?
je_H-lawSw City Hall. Awcix
1'UIB IS lO ??V? NOTICE That thrent>?<Ti
l*r hMokU D*d from the Orphoa'a Oot-t . f
Ht'Mhlbvton County .in the Matrict of OolninM*'
l?tt?r? MUnaUrr on tb? prwitl o?r? ? of
*ILU * 8CHULZB. late of WMhioctoo c -* ty.
D C., tecMNl All NrtoM bavin* ?-i?
titimt the Mid IihimiI, Art IwrH'y
to exhibit tba aoMe, wtth the Tone ban ?bera<* ?
the boenbor, on or Mm the Mh It? of /??
> next: tbM bmt otharwtoe by law be exrloM *ra?
' aB boaaflt of the mH aatat*. Oieaa aader if
baod this Mil day or Jmm. IMP
If* w.lw' MAKT BOTL7-K. Kxaocirii
t 'Tiirt ? CoIi*,''A;^
At the City of Waahin?te?. ? ? 1Mb daf <*
Jane tam The tilt hereby girt* oat .
of hia M?ul?tB??t MlCBeo of SEAM * Old
PUtoict. who>y? boe? ^<Ued Ban?.r-r>.
sat? saaffir' a**"~"- t?
OBO MASON. Att-.m^r ? I *
M Pity HallJiwt"
Ob Ik* tctitioH cf 0 liu?? WOODOO&iP? ~+t
gs* .rfeJLai ss?wur5
. for M iarvrtaMot in M*tho4 of 0?*r*c)B< B**
j ntaOfefMi .
It wt>n< tk*l mm ?mun N ??<
tki? otn < th? i? tar of Aamt
: SaSSS?jgjgF
j*UMv ' OMMMwr of r?trt-?
I TBTTBD btatm PAfnf~orrioji.
.Ol of D. iLLJOt
It to ?M ??MOT f fcrd?tW ?
! ^gaigugsxjM gtsffijsi.
I TIB Mil ** kit ii.

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