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cr^y /I
miKIU 01IIT, Iu4i| tutfld,
A.t The Htar nnlldliiK.
? W. Corner PenajrWBniB A*, ud IIth 8t_ j
rr th?
TH* STAB ?? .erred B? earrter* to tMr ?ub- I
Rr Urn in lb* City and Diatrtet at Ta* Ckst* pbb
vtii or Fobtt roVB C?*t? pu ho.iti. Oo?ina
at tk* coaster. Two Cbsts.
PiTt tob lt;UM Thre. Months. ?
Hi ???r.tha. frt.OO Um Tear. #3 0? Ho ?aper*
?re row the ?(Bce loticer than pud for.
THE IIIILI STA?-pub;*?b?d ? Friday
85~>2. 5.366
Two rK\Tfi
f wed at Second Sewion of Forty-ftrtt Qm^raaa
I Pr?Lic?Ho. 61 |
As Arr ?? pmTHtr for tlw-creation <v*p,'r?(ioiis
in the District of ? hi in Ma by law.
ICMhuu^Aiih ???.<"?/?? ? SMr.J
liiUtiiu ixarA.iih* i% tut vuuitT or co
^ec 7. And bf 11 fvrts-t enartmt, That any
?il p< raans not les* tl an u. U-tng aab-criber* to
"?? t#r?-h "I ai.v mHi'ukI. m t> bf
1< imwd ml,, a t orporati u htr ttan purpim.-of <? m
m rtPT.u #. owaia* and main.ahtiuc .u. I, railnml.
?'? <???*.>'?? wt'b the tr?tl?w 1 air r^mr. n-n'
? he*.. in . k t. t... knx.ui.i .f ... |. i-? In. v :>mj
rand n- liM" -ha ! Im\e been *bK< rll?-?l an.! rive p? r
r u I ni< ii -Oi h i?%M.ilp;ioa shall a.-tn tllv liar*
be-r *aid in. ;tir -nt cub, rs lo *nch n.-ck hall
*? 'rt r" f,'r _V"'? p"nipapy ?r ai hiii?ng tti-ir
ewi niun. T. and (hill ? er?:|y ?ub*< rib" irticlim
ol i--i? I :..ti u I'- * li tit -iial! W Ml l .fiu llw nam.'.if
lae curpvian. n, the amount oi ? lie capital ?|?rii ?>#
Ibe t< nip iav. i * hich mat be iac r>-nap.i frmn tim- t??
t 41. . it i.f'WTV.iu a -UI.I. .J?al l?. the c..*t .rf o?n
i'iiiciU the rimil, I g. I her a ith til- ri?t|. of way
ai-d motive p. *.-r, t"if th-r with all the appurte
nance* ai.i| ?xp n*.-* nee** arr for the complete run
'? - ' ? 1.1 r ..I I I li. nuuihei .[ .11 Ir ? ? f a :? >1
'* alt ?-? itaist. I he number director* and
their nan.e *. to manage tit. afTairsof the romp any.
tb?. p*'*nt r fUr< frem which the trnpuwil railr >ai|
!" neb 'I, and ita lerigth, a* near a* mav
r # Bach -nfi crfb?r fo *nch siflcl-a nf association
?hail Mai- hi* place of n-attleace and the number of
l""M *r l'K*i Mi anch cmapua
?"rt. * -I"' m it Jurftr ma.ud. That articV-n ..f
a", elation Wined >n p?ir-ti4ne* of ih?- provisions of
llie fi.ref. li e mrti- a. shall !?? fil.,1 iu the , |erk ?
?lh? e .,f tfce reainti-r I deed* in the Di?trict ol C.
I nnitua. and ?* ree? prtad in a br?.k keat for >hat pur
r? ?e. and lliert npun the p-r*niR wh ? ?hall have aub
trnbed th? Mike, aii.l all per?n. who .nail from
linw- lo tinie k<.. me ?to. kh. lder. in gncb c mpanv,
?*'! ;h> lr prte?aor?, cliall b? a p ,liuc m.d
? ?ryorale tn p-rietnity. b? the r:?m? .Me.I ia n<(. h
art if lea . I i?*.<ia'i..n ate) ahall b?* capable of tuiiitf
ai.,1 l?iiig Mied and luaj liare a ronme n teal anJ
?iay make and alter the -ami- at plea<are. and ahall
be capable m Uw of purrhaxinK, h. Uiinx ami con
*?yiiiic any real or pei~mal pr perty ?haterer.
ne?ei?i?rv tor the chi?i ruclu a <jt ?urh road. ao<i i.,r
** trrction ofali f?rv t niidii.*? ami > ,?r l? sn.|
uppurt. baiM-ea tor the use Ol iheaano- Acop>ioll
any Mtkk. .?_a?y cialion nl-,1 in par?n4nc? ..f ihia
act. and rerlified lo tie a Cop* by the renter or
? **jj- ? *!' < and rWes. bo priuia faeie
i ;L?ir''f iht ?? ??eh compAuy and
< f the facia at ited therein.
efL'.ri **" J'li*" **'">??*? That the.hrecton
ram. 1 in the aeTenth wlioa of this art nhall r.p??
t k? In >ubs<Tipie u to the capital st.s-k of the
r mpabjr at *n? h tuue* and in anch pla? es a? a ma
wh'irk ' K ?T B"l> 'lv'r?c,-',hir'7 notice of
whii h-hall be si\en by pabltcation in ? me ilaiiv
taper publiahed in said l?i-<trict: and in caae a
r?"1".' i'f *11* ?h*'1 ??? "Ubscrib^d than
Ti. 'T r*pH.m.T*'fk r unired by rack company,
the director* shall distribute S?? h capital atnek so
^ul KnM mp rqi*ll)r mm munmn th?- nub
? . r.ber-. bnt n.. share thereof shall be divided in
niakins ^uch distribntKin, nor ?ha 1 a greater naiu
bVb^-"U)ri^ .or t0 "ne ttbaeriber than
bic. lo Amd kf it <m,m?That there Shtll
be an annual mcetiuK "f the stockhoUera at th -of
Bceof th < i in ran > l..r the election ot direc.or* lo
aerve for the euaaiag year.notice of whlcb shall be
?.rren t.y ihe <lirect<m chosen asprovide.| iu the first
ae< u. n i f tMs act, for the first normal ??lec.ioa, aad
t^iVhall hi'y^ f hT^'i? 'H?ce, w hich n
tiewshallbe pnM4sbed not Has than iwen.y .lays
K"?* published in the
L Tbree jwHre, of election -h ill
be i hoesn U> the b?.?rd ?? directors previous to any
!!ShSLrC*"H."' ?h? Bt.x;kho:der<. vho ahaMU
. <kLolders but n.-t directors at the time of auch
" sh*U *?:_ I'-clve th.' roles
al l -iJr ?' ?i, r* * ,"n, h tor directors,
and who iktll openly count the rates and
?lerlnre the rewlt. and "hall furnish the direo
t rs ebcird at such meettni; of sto kholders
t,t ate C2^!le*iS Hr;ti :n' wh'ch cer
tit. ate ahull be esi.l. nee of their authority
to net as .och directors So bsa th*'. seren
nor more than thirteeu dir. dors shall be h..?en at
?ach meeting of Mickholdcrs by ballot. *u<l by a
majority of the votes of toe atockholders b? iu* nr. s
er.t. in peraet. ? r by proxy; andevery nich a.ock
ho iJer b^ng present at any e ectiou Lit ai"*cti..s
' be enlitu .1 to (li e oj?e rote for e\ ery share of
stock w hich III may have owned f..r |en ,fs\, next
pre lu>c mm-Ii el.-etion; but no slockliol.ier siill
V"*' at any such election ntK>a any ?t<sk exi- nt
anch as he -hall Imve uwne?l tor ten lay- N . n-?
h i. shall he a director nnless he shall be a -t k
h Ider and oualilied to vote f. r ?Mri ;t .rs at the elec
P ^??wt?*^ke shall be ebo?en. The .lr c.or>-hail
e ^t^ a^Mih?.d>M> "'aUd UDl"
^?c. II And te it further ma ud. That mretin's
cl lie- aloe kho'ijer. mi, be c?l cd at any time duririr
t..e int. rval I eiwetn ihe ai.nr.al meetings, fcv tne
dinctora. i r by the sttckhc iders owniae not le^s
thai, one loarth . . Ibe.Uck. brg.ving Ihn.y days
? nl k colic i- ol he lime ab<l place ol I lie m ??ibk
anc w h'B any ?nch mcc irg is called by Ihe stock
I Id* rs ll.e pa-tb nh?r objt ct o.'aoch nit tin* shall
l>e-tav : m sm h police and ir at a^y such un -tiug
tLu? called, anajori j in value of the stockholder*
are nvt jep.e^nted in pe-son or by proxy, sach
m-?t ng sir II I t ad. >umcd fro-n itsy to day . not ex
co-din* tlilee da)?. withoot tran^ictliif any baaf
lew. and if Wiiliin said three days Jto. kBolder4
batiiiR a n .< rity t,f the atoi'k do not att-ud such
m ting. th> n'he me. titg shall be dissolved.
Sic. 12. And f it Jnrti<er mantd. Tlmt at a re>ru
I -r Meeting sf the ?i< .-kbi M.-rsof any such corpora
t;. n. it .hall be ihe ituty < f the president and direct
or* in < flics for the preeidin* year to exhibit a clear
aed di-tmct s*at. ni< nt ? f the iiftairs of the midcom
p*ry. ardat any mretli g . f Ihe -tocklKild-rs a m.?
j<-ii-v ot those pr-ei.t. to peraonerby proxy, m.iy
r? niire similar -tat' n nltfnii the dfreciors. whose
t'uty it ?hall be to fnrm-h them wh-n r?' |Utrod ai. 1
at all ireiM-ral meetines of the stockholders, a majori
ty in value ot the stiskholders iu ?nch company may
II n.ove any president or any director, and elest
others ia their stead: Provided. Tliat llotics of such
iiitei.drd iMH'Val shall liave been given ls re-juired
in ihe iwo last preceditur-ectiona.
Sn . 13. And V it ft>r k-r tunrud, That in e??e it
shall happ< n at any lime that an election of direc
t> r* stall not he mad* on ihe day designated by the
I j laws ?f the ci tnpany when ltonghi to lumbtnn
II vde. the crmfany lor that reaaon shall not be dis
solved, if wiuun ninety days thereafter ih?y ahall
hold an ehction ft* dirt .'tors in sach manner as
st all bt provi.i d Wy Ihe by laws of the company.
There shall b- ? president of the cmpsuy whosha I
I i b.-stn by aiei lrt_.ni the director*, ana also such
?ul~>rdinaie olfl.'.ra as ihe rompwy by laws may
<l-wipna:e. wlu may be elected or appointed, an 1 rt?
u??ed lo gne sncli strnrity for the faithful per
fniBsnosbf the daties of tbeir offices at the com
pany by it* by lawa may rejqire: Prvrficd, That
aoihinf herein ci Maiurd shall be an coustrned as to
present 11. st< t kh?liters fri ni removing ^ presiuout
in the manner pre*crih d In the preceding tecti u.
1*- J-d f,e tt further ennt'.'d. That it shall be
I.twlul for the directors to call in at.d demand fr.-ni
t e ?t ?kn. !d*rs. respectively, anv inmi of money
I I m >nl ?< ribed, in snch payment* or insUkl
n eat -(..a the directors *hall deem proper, under the
r l,!7 ?J loHeltip* the sltar - ol ?t. srk ?ut>(ci.
r aid al. pretiowe pavmeuumade th(re,.alf pa.
?|' ". .* be made by th stockhol l r within
thirty **ais after p-rsotial demaiid or notice re
?lUtriig sweh patBieiit frteidut. That soba> rip
''??*, A?*'_Laot.required to be t ud -xeept \i J
IB**tftiltitiits of Dot Uiore thuli tcii th? r C*?I rMm
Jer n:o? ! h Kt-t ve.-iaui
simc. 15 And be u fr-rfhT tnarted. That thadino:
J' r* ?* ci B-tuiij fci*41 tui\e ??r U> u.?k by
laws tor ibemauac^arciit aul d.spo^ii^, of at^c*,
pii-ptrfy, and PnFtne^a tflaira. r suck c-tLiatar aud
pr< fcriblnjr the duties a U,. ,iffi r., ^rua'^'ind
MT^ant- that may Ik? ?mplu>cU, mud Lm tU? mm
|S In ? ent ..f all the-Beers f r th carrjlng onVil
II.e tusinesr within tho ckvc^i ai d parp i. ? ol <Ui h
fcic *. And he .1 ivriher mnrud That the stock
rfsuch c> mpaay shall be iWm-.; ?t rwttial ea.ata.
ai.U-ba.l be iranilerable only ..a the bjoga of tlia
ctuipanjr: but no si area ahall be transb-rahle un'il
all aieviona calls Uierev* ahall have bt en '.ally paid
or tne share*-hall hava been forfeited for th* uuu
paymuct of call* ih -reon.
pgc. 17. And be it frrth'r enaeud. That the pr^i
d< nt and a majoriry of the directors, withia thir'y
da) ? atler ihe pajment of the last mstah.i'iit of the
cap bl slock so fixed and limited by the- cumpaur,
shall iraks a certiflca .? .tatlnf the aouiitit ut capi
tal stock so fixed and paid in. which oertiheata
shall be signet I bj the president and a ni^ rity ^f
the dfre< t-ira. and sworn to by the praaideut an 1
(.cretary: and they ahull, withia the -ail thir;y
day*, tile and record the same in th? ofllcj of ih ?
reg *ter ol deeds tor the District of ColutubU.
etC P>. And be il/itrther -mailed.. Tnat ?t*<y such
c< n panj, bei*,r? cu|iatii*< nug a part of fheir J .a.1,
? bailmaheamaparl pr ifiiv of the route int ii.|?l i .
be adt pted b> anch Ctjlupwiiy .which sliwll' ecertitted
bv a uia> riiy of the dlr ctora. and filed in the offico
ol the rt glsfer af ilaeds afore*aid. t?r th* in?pet tioa
ai -I examination of mi paii.es murestt.l.
??<? 1?. A?d V it farther <narte>i. That every ?nch
Corporation alt<11 pwbmm ihwuatx-rai p.wers ttu U<
- ?rt bt the liabilities *nd r-tstricti n< i . th ? *pv
r?al estate ihn* rec?ive? by VWfchfarr jr ?nts siiill
be held aoti i:st4 for th" pw*j we. ed sti h grints
only. Thli I. T ? purch?maa?i by wrd^wtary w iats
and .1. a*n?M Keosnssid fsk? wtrt by rr* oBh-~rs,
tr-glf era, and snrvejora n-ul M-uif -Bt#r ?;ja :i
ci.gn. r., ani -urve> ^? ? aa-??e -.'?r t.|?u
IU4 take p i>seSi'i*l of. *1*1 W'lu Blai 'I* tli -?K I
land* ate! r si esiate and thet pt^pero. a* may
be net ?r*?ery for the c. i.aUU. t|. ti and M#at<^
nar.ee of its rai t""4 xid -tasi"ti?. tl p.?ts. at d
oil,, r a. -L.S a-terawfi It ancaapih le
ol.<cts for a hich ihe corp ratiou waa created, but
ott until iWliBI'iKtf *" b. madi therefor.??
agr?etl npou bj the pariiea, or a*c -rt.iiued as ti -re
irafter ?smtW'd.mri! haveb enpabl totheotrn -r
or,.sn-i tliere I.ci depr-ifedasheretaarf rd'rect
etl unb c i? ut cl sicli o?b- r I* fit et> t > ea
---i. Lawf'iO. f< urth. To lay out Us ro?l. nit
?vg fix r da wide, and lo con'tract iia asm ?;
the r a> pt *? * ot cu.tip?s. ?mWi,kn.-sU. au I
irsr afoaa and gravel, n.a> taka ai i lie h atore
..." -* - - - i ? ?- -'
-? _ -- - L" Vr^
-r' . 'f' .? el?t
,1 .1 CO '.4 of r *_ s\le^ ? -
? ??? ?r?e- ot ?11 * I iia 11
p.artur t?t'o have wiu?ev-i-??fll> i
taine*? ur mjwrH its frsncni*#*.
In'eraect J?fw, and tiBil' ? *h SB,
bef.-rw c<?astmeted on anr p tut ou iu r .at . a td
?if. n the grvBLdi of aa^h >tber rjilr ad ojtpaiijr,
with the neo-?sary tarn uts. ? dings, ?witches, an 1
otl.arr t..wn,i?nc?, ia lurtherauce oI the <d>i*c a o.
its co.,t,rel?o?., ai.d every comh? y whoa* railroai
ur thtllbf hfrnlitr iaierwcMl by any lev nil
raasd, ?kail nmte with the uwwrj ef such new rail
road in foraaiag such intersection* axt coanec
tioaa. and grant th~ facilities aforesaid; and if
tjj* two corporal* m cannot agree op >n the amount
vf rompmavtion io 01 mad'- therefor, or the
points ?r manner of mch crossings an<1 connec
ters. ihe Mkm? shall be ascertained or de
'einired by commieninncrs, to be appointed ai
prmidert hereinafter in re?pe< t to taking
<>f iande; bat this section ia not to affect the
rifles f t francliima heretofore granted. SereBtn.
To parrbaa* tarda aecrsai^rv fur tha use of said ro.vl.
or t she thus. may clkin/re the line iu roa.1 when
ever a majority ol i>? dir-tfors ahall no ileteraaiae,
aaia hertalter pro\id-?. tat ao tacb change sba.l
* ai y the general route of the road. lifbtk. To
take, tranatknrt. carry. and convey persons ami prop
er: j ca their raalr?aa> by (before*or poweroi -team,
of animals. or any mechanical power, or by aay
c? muination of tli^m. ard to r?eelve compensation
therefor. Ninth. To ?r-ct and maintain S'l acces
sary and convenient bai'ding". ??atione. depots, and
fi x t nr?-s. and b schin.*y for the acc .somodatinn and
use ?.f their aa?>eagere. f,eight, and brtsKe-s, ar<l
? bta>n and hold the lands theief.?r. Tenth To reg
ulate ike t me aud manner in which ptssengrrg and
pn perty shall be trai -por ? !. anal th ? toll* and c >ra
pentatk'B to be paid tb refor.
Stf 20. Aii'l bi tijrrfttr tMatlnl, Ihst incase aay
I company homed under this act ia unable to agr--?
| for th< pnrcliete of a iy ;eal estate required for the
con?trnc.!on of the ir.;ck. tnrnoats, aud wat?r sta
I tiona.it eliall have the i ixht aac^aire the ti'le to
j the a tne in the maaner a* d by th a special pi-ocr^d
itigs prescribed in tb!a ret
f To *>t r ?mtinvfi. I
Second and la?t rfk
THIS i Tuesday) EYENjNG, he will app -ar ia
Cola an- play of
The ptiformaoc t it>*cinde wi h
The undersigned, havii g rafltted and
prepared this lov,ly ami beiutiful Island
"or the reception of Pic Mica and Pleasure J
Parties, respectfnlly call the attention of thu pun,;
to the same. A pplications for pic nics, etc.. may be
trade at HEM MY A. K A1SER S. Ai Gre-n street.
Georgetown. B. A. KAlsKR * HEliM \ NN
RICHTER. my 12 .1m*
| i\??r 1J<A itrui norm.
The following Paintings are on free view, and for
tale; "The B?troth> >1," by Maritz Calisch; one of the
Host beautiful pictures by tbia great master, ever
Bae I." The Mid.lay Best" ?Preparing for School,"
by F. Strobel The original portrait of Col. Richard
If. Jcbnaoa i Vice President under Martin Van Ko
rea ),who ia said to hare ahor Tecamaeh: painted from
life, at Frankfort, Kentucky, by J, Meagle, ISO.
To which are added oae hundred and twenty other
ane Picturea from the "Th. mpaon" and Beanui-nt
.-oliectiona, among which are original portraits, of
Benjamin Vfeet, by himaelf; Oou. Waahin :U>n, by
Gilbert Stnart; Sir Wm Bei-vhy, by himaelf; sir
Oodfrey Kneller, by himself; Sir Thoa. Weotworth;
Oen. Jaa.es Wataon Webb, by Char lea Elliott;
Street Scene, by J. U. B. Moehkock. Also, choice
Water Color ana Pencil Drawing*, Old Engravings,
ie.; making altogether oae of the tineat and largest
collections for sale In the United Statea.
m 10 IChroal H. ITBA BLOW, Proprietor.
tlo. IftJOn Exhibitions So. 4*?a
7th > and Hal* { Tth
STmt?T. \ AT i SlKKET.
So. 4^6 Sevknth stbckt. ?>etween 1) and E streets,
Airat Oo-nt abort Orfrf Ft Low f Hall,
f '."hoIce Oil Paintiaas, Engravings, Chrotnoa, Ac.
4I?>, Largest Mock rsjvrhxarings.Window Shades,
Picture Praniea. Picture Cora and T Mae la, Mings,
Nsils Jtc.. ia the District.
Please rtmember Name and Ifnuber. ap 3S ly*
6'?mmi r*itfi0if> ?ai >v>artt-.ntk
bTATL MTTM8, SC.. Ac.,
1 Fine Assortment for
*1*17 A. ?.?.?? ITM
| K C T 1 R E
Trof. in Ooln-nbian Law School,
For the benefit of "TV Ladle* Aid Society,''
At Me zerott Hall. Washington,
On TUESDAY EVENlNG.Uth in*t.,atd>* o'clock
D< >>rs open at 8.
Admittance, 10 cents. tnB ^t*
MONT. M?v 3u;h, ?o.O. The cel?^?ra
t* d H"ly Hill Braxs and String Band has been en
g' s.d for the o <^sx n. Tha 8t?-atner WAWASBTT
w iU 'ear* Tth street Whaii at 9 o'clock a. ro and 1 p.
an.-returning at 6 and 11 o'clock p. m. The ?tr*?t
eaii? will be in waiting at the wharf. Tickets FIFTY
CENTS. Children half prica. iny2t 5t
Will take place
U nder tha {
Of Wa*hin?toa City.
05 TUUrB Av, MAT M.
T ckets, SO cents, adiuiitlug a GealK ma.i and La
Parcing will coma??nc? at 3 o'cl<?k.
By < rder of the
BT T?K finpttntol,
On S VTUBPAY KVBNINo. May 2K, the Steam, r
C I' SMITH will lease Browa^.
Wbart,7th ?tre-t,7 p.m.; reluruiugr
Irnv.- Glynwut at 3 am.
Weber s Biaaa and String Band has been enga^l.
Tickets, a.lndttliig Oentleman and Ladi?-s, SI;
b? had at u.y Store, 12"Ji Paauaylvauia ????
| an*. T " 6t*
On FB1DAY, -May 87,1970,
KroasS P. Brwwa A Son's wharf, f?o? of 7t!i street,
at a t> preeia?W, for th?* henellt of th?fn?td t >r
the purt haae uf a i biwe ot b-Us lor Uial tlui-eb
Hat icg s?evnred the beautlftl ?ateamer La 1> ol' th
lake. the fritU'? ef th- Churca wiTl give a grand
Pic Nil and Floral Etcarsiou down the pot.im.?
On their retani will land at Glyn^nt about 3 p. ui ,
arriving at the city at 7 3D ?.?.
Lon'ilallto l>e on hand. Mnsic. flower*, agree
able c. mpany, heaith'ul breezes, good or lor. all
c< n-pmng to render this the most charming Excur
sion of the season.
Ticket* f 1 each, Children under twelve i0 cents.
For sale at J F. Ellis' Music S:or?; O. C. Purc?lT?,
9 h stre*t,op?? Y M. C. A. Building. andC. H.
Lane's G^nta Fwraishiag Store, 46W Petaa. tvo ,
between O* and 6th streets. ui23-4t
^ T E A M E R C . P. SMITH,
W ill leave ?. p. Brown's Wharf, foot
?1 <tb stmt.
at H) o clock,
and Intermediate Landings.
FIFTY CEBTS the round trip.
81 NDAYS at ?J0.^ mhl tf
pitf't tlwaJeuf uiuedLanted goods, 100b Peun
s> l? vuia avenue. All re^uiriag saoaey C4 '
tfcr>' will be satisfied with their transactions.
1 s> I* tuia avenue. All requiring saoner call i
1 their trans
SPECIAL NOTK'E ? Merchandize, Forjlture.
Pfsnos, ?c , taken o? storage art PBl!fCB't?,
I one. Peoaaylvani* aveane. Cash adraacea made
on the same wbea repaired.
ot all uuredeemajTBssJi. f? Pa.ase. mytg-ty
F. ^ Am?S
(EsTABLtsagnOTtn ?? TutaJ
Sole agency lor the aaOe of Us ostakmsd PLAN OS
of Wb kuabe A CoTT
Id'mia, Alkatj . _
Plan.*,Orgaaaaad Melodeoaa fori
andsomb dbessbs. SHAWLS, dmdmb
WEAR. BEDD1HO, Ac., Ac . at bargatna. at
PRINt'E'S LOAjlJJFTlyE^an^^Pepot for tha
Organ Tan tag aad Bspalilag. ??*?!?'
.' M. I.
a?< tf
Washington News and Gossip.
Ihtmjtal Krrzact?The receipt? to-day
t*om thia source were ?469,110.45.
Th? Mors. CovxrrTBK oar tub District of
Coli mbia had no meeting this morning, on ac
couM of no quoi urn being presjnt.
?k*. Hrmr? returned here this morning
fu m a viait to hie homo in Ohio, aad occupied
bis seat In the Hons. to-day.
? w lM"??** President has ap
pnuUMlOen. Marston, evm^h?r of Congret.
from New Hampshire, to be Governor of Idaho,
vlee Samuel Bard, reigned.
Co,l,llTT" ,m PAcirrc Hail
?oah? thia morning agreed to report the Trans
continental or Fremont Railroad bill, and urge
its parage through the House.
Thk Howaad Investigating Committee this
morning ex-mined General H. V. N. Bovnton
correspondent of the Cincinnati GazetU, but his
I'm'TJ?, WM n<>t conclude<1 to-day, a"d lie
wi?l "gain appear before the committee to- I
moirow. j
ofSx^rr?RY R?B"?* hM ^'(fnated a Board
Surgeons, cnebting of Niniau Pink*
^(pieridMt,) William Giler, and Edward
Shli pen, to meet at the Naval Andemy, to ex
amine Into the physical <|ualiltcations of cand -
?latesfor appointment as midshipmen.
Ths norm Committer on Flbc-ttoxs thia
morning agreed to increasue the amounts vote.l
I f and St- Mart,n' or r-o?i^?na, who
| untested seats in the House, to S?,?O0; Mori,
and Met ran ie to *3,000, and >Uol to
l lie committee aho agreed to give Hunt 82,000.
? NoifniATiOTriu-Th. President sent the fol.
lowing nominations to the Senate to-day
Idaho?"1 Marst0D?ot * ?- to be Governor of
UUh"1" CtOWe' ?f Ala*'t0 ** 8o?Ury of
ui'oT{ tBahMCKean' ?f * Y ' to *? <">?*
the navv}^*triT< O"'he retired list of
me navy, to be Commodore on that list.
Tint Committee of Coherence of the Ho>i?e
and Senate on the Bill to enforce the Ffteenth
Amendment met thia morning and agreed upon
yZ*! Whi0h WM M?ned by Viators Stewart
section authorizing the President to emolov th.
land and naval forces of the United StatL t.
#?U?enart?' enforc* the execution
oi me act, is amended so as to authori?* th?
useoffuchtorcestoaidthe judiciary author!
esin enforclng tbe act. The phonology of
?* action ia somewhat ehaf.Ld
i0n ~ ",e ori?in;?' wrtT'ii
rroBifs. inis flection pertains to th? inri^ii^
f i" r?l*tion to wnt>? ot y .fo
ofLtnluisimphfy the Wllf6 ?P'-^ry
iTh. Bowen.Florence Bargain.
Ft VTa"? STiARi:-When 1 charged lately that
I-red. A.ken had bargained with Bowen lor the
>ale to him of the support of the Su/ulau
Aiacuuj.,? ounug^gate reply, but failed to
deny the charge. 1 alleged that the first propo
Mtii n :n tl at bargain was that the Gazettesbou'd
bring out the picture and life of Boweu- tho
second was that Florence and Atken should
lohig out a Democratic candidate to divert sut
hcM-nt vote* trorn Lmery to elect Bowen.
My informal Ion was good. The Sun,hi rta
Bowin ^"e,haJ thc Pro,n!-ed oulogv ol
Bonen.aiidthc picture was not forth-coming
n'> >n consequence of an accident. Now Klor
tnce and Aiken have carried out tlio second
part of thtlr bargain by undertaking to furni-'i
the promised Democratic candidate in the
ptrfon ot Mr. J. I). Hoover. I stated that
j eir difficulty in carrjing out this pirt of
their contract was that no Dam >crat
j* on Id content to play into their hand
t or the use ot Mr. Bowen. The
u. - too transparent. But Florence
and Aiken, not to lose their money under the
*'ib Bowen, have ret-orted to the shal
low trick of patting into nomination a gentle
man not now In the city, (and who Is far awiv
in Georgia for his health,) and takinj th^
chances that thw gentleman will not in
formation of the unauthorized use of hi- name
n se^on to rep.,dial, the dodge But I he?r
that the relatives and friends of Mr. Hoover
frYud a?d?tl1^^th* ?ch.e,nctnf i-doh
iraud, ard there is no doubt that Mr. H will
soon be heard from to the same effect.
it is probable now that the contractors to
wpply a Democratic candidate will |?,e ^oth I
their reputation and their money; for it cinnot I
,i,ce the Bowen ring *
will be decern d by manufactured candid.,t "of
thi* VxaWuo K soWZ.
A Pffp Into the Fatnre.
A Pneumatic TuU over Four Hundred Milet Long?
Srvtntrm Seconds from London to Glatj.nu.
~ I'"? 0,6 Boston Transcript.]
The following extract from a latter revived
by one ol our friends describe* the ooeran.m ot
a pneumatic tube between Glasgow an 1 lx?n
don. Probably few of our readers are aware of
the existence of the process by which m&??
and packages are almost instantaneously trans
mitted between these two cities.
" I had occasion to send a telegram to L -ndoi,
Jefi? ?f ? ?Y'* few worived a
K T v5 n,c.,? that a serioTis er
ror had been committed by my agents, involving
JV? ,yil OUSV,,,<foul,a' 1 '^mediately went to
the telegraph office and asked to see mv me?
age. The clerk said, ? We can't show it to yw
f 8 hare sent it to London.' ? But,' I reniied'
1,1 in?Ae "Wee at i/judon.' ? What
me St?e the
I ' ^ hour %go.' ? Well '
le said, ? if you must see it, we will get it back
h. a U w minutes, but it is n.w In Londoa.' He
rang a bell, and in five minutes or so produced
aiv nnssHge, rolled np In pasteloard. 01u<XvJ
. . "? that fbr some months there his e*
isted a pneumatic telegraph betwixt Glmcv
and London and betwixt London and the other
ot ?n Ir'n M ?I the kingdom, which consist
ed an iron tube, into which the messages arv
K.nd "*rt to ,heir '"'tination. I l&mired
it I might see a message sent. 'Oh yes- come
fowidI here.' He slipped a number o/miZw
?y^y^?cron, popped it IntTfhe
luoe, anu made a signal. 1 put my ear to th?
tube and heard a slight rumbling noi^ r?T
^eTentecn seconds, when a bell rang be?'d?
bidicaiing that the scroll had arrived ?r
GereralFost Office, four him<lre<l miliM ?n i
am ost took my breath away t^hmk^Mr \\
I could only ?> to Boston with UeMtL reUtiJJ
speed, you might oount on my mJ?Im
a.ng every week at 12k Beacon street* ln,\ Tl'
turning home to sleep. Who knows but we n???
Z?Z722tmth**-***" -wr'SSs
Perhaps TOU are aware that there has been
operation for a number of years. The mail hLi?
for the north are all sent by this conveyance^
U.at the Post office receives letters up to ? fe w
minutes Wore the train leaves, three miles oiT
1 lie transit takes less than two seconds! Siirelr
this is an age of wonders." ureiy
Fremont is convalescing.
_ r**ncMeo ladies are urged tocarrv re
tolvera to protect them against the h?hllt
meu who infest the streets/ "'giiway
^"Sirings of small silver bells are wom
arovnd the neck bv Paris ladies
stUwe^Te hV ? f?male con
_ * T0""* men are In consUnt fear
that she may have an "attachment'' for them
KTWbni Mrs. F. H. M. Brown of 8an Krmn
Cisco r>ex to v?ote. she will shoot any man who
taretoh?rtths polls. She said
The Soman Catholic priest and lWnrhu
patuhloners at Colchester, CW? J????
b?blti^wWn aBUlorlU- toentbrclttS ?S
country Journal says, "when rm??.
Attorney Cook, Oolonel Cook,
All in the month or May,
Bagg d theOO (?).
" Forward, the Ring Brigade?
44 Charge to the nine*!" he Mid:
44 Into the money go,
Go for 600" (9).
" Forward, the King Brigade!"
Was there a man dismay'd?
Not tho' the rascals knew
The people were plunder'd;
Tbeir's not to make reply,
When victims ask the reason why,
Bled are they so damnably.
Bleed 'em, meet noble Cook,
Charge your 600 (*).
Contracts to right of tbem, *
Contracts to left of tbem,
Contracts in front of them,
Dirt-Jobs unnamber'd;
Sorely they tbe people sell.
Surely they deserve to dwell.
When they meet their Death^
In tbe rery hottest Hell
King of the ABO (?).
Clesn'd tbey tbe city bare,
Kaia'd now our taxes are,
Credit rnin'd everywhere,
Business stopped, and
Every-body plundcr'd!
Olorioua l'un! A jolly joke!
Credit dead! Tbe Treasury broke!
Cook, Morse, and Bowen!
Bled by your butcher-stroke,
Sbatter'd and sunder'd,
Dead is our credit, but
You've your CM (#).
Contracts to right of tbem,
Contracts to 'eft Of tbem,
Contracts behind them
Dirt-jobs nnmjmber'd;
Bowen tbe bids won't tell,
Though the city's credit fell,
Tbe King spend their plunder wen,
Sell their souls cheaply, for hottest Hell,
All that is left to tbem,
Sold for MX) (I*).
When can Cook's glory lade?
O the big charge he made!
All the world wonder'd.
Honor the charge he made!
Honor tbe King Brigade,
Hunky 600 (*)!
Thii Afternoon's Proceedings,
Wednesday, May 24.
SENATE.?Mr. Ferry asked to present a m1*
merial from citizens of the Dominican K-pub
lic protesting against its annexation to the
United States-; but as the petition wss from citi
zens of a foreign country, it required unani
mous consent to allow its reception, aud Mr.
Femeroy objected.
Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, reported, from the
Committee on Finance, Joint rerolutlon to an
thorize the import itlon of photograph* for ex
hibition at the Cleveland National Exhibition
of 1*70 t ree of duty; which was passed.
Mr.iJrUo ? ii Olniwil i<:<|ueeiin< f fie
President to comrannic.ite a copy of the dis
patch of December, U4?. of H. X. Blow, U. S.
Minister to Brazil, relative to commercial in
tercourse between the United States and South
America. Adopted.
Mr. Harlan called np the bill to provide for
the sale of tbe Osage Indian lands, aud s(>oke in
advocacy ot tbe bill.
Mr. 11. deiended bis course in this connection,
and also the Committee on Indian A flairs, tot
reporting this bill. Ho denied that it w?
breaking any faith with tbe Indian*, an<l also
argued that the statements of Mr. Moriili, oi
Maine, on this subject were not borne out bvthe
When Mr. Harlan concluded, at 2 p. m-, the
legislative. Executive, and Judicial appropria
tion bill w?s proceeded with, and considerable
debate ersued on the amendmeut appropriating
?*460.000 to the Louisville canal.
HOUSE?Mr. Cullom, (111.) from the Com
mittee on Territories, reported a bill disap
proving of certain legislative acts ot the Terri
tory of Idaho, but objection was made to its
present consideration.
Mr. Faine (Wis.> .u?ke?l. but tailed to obtain
leave to introduce a resolution calling upon the
President of the United States for his opinion
as the propriety of returning to tbe Chinese and
Japanese governments the tuuds known as the
Indemnity funds.
Mr. Hale (Me.) introduced a bill to reduce
internal taxation; which was referred tj the
Committee of Ways and Means.
Mr. Stoughton, from the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs, rej<orted a bill to remove the
charge of desertion from soldiers honorably dis
charged; which was passed.
The House then resumed the consideration ol
the bill rei-orted from the Committee on the
decline of American Commerce, and Mr. Pe
ters (Me.) proceed to apeak in support of the
Mr. Coburn (Ind.) opposed the bill as l>-in^
in tavor of the ship building interest* at the ex
pense of commerce and navigation.
Mr. Brooks urged that If a reduction of duties
was made tor the shipbuilders other mechauic.il
aud agricultural interests should receive tlu
same ben< tits.
Mr Cox (N. Y.^ said he was willing to sup;>ort
the bill if the feature in relation to drawbacks
waa stricken out.
Mr. Schumaker (N. Y.) urged tbe necessity ot
something similar to the drawback system to
ie tore our prostrate commerce.
Mr. Banks then briefly addressed the H >us<-.
in favor of the bill
Mr. Lynch then allowed a number of.amend
ments to be offered, and demand d the prev i<>u?
question. The previous question wa.s second H ?
yess 77, nays 73.
The quotlon was then taken on ordering the
m^;n question, and the House refused to order
it?yeas *7, nays 95.
Tf e bill then went over under the rule until
to-meri ow.
tot. Cersna (Fa.) moved to take up tbe con
tested election case off Wallace vs. Simpson,
from the fourth South Carolina district. Not
agreed to?yeas ?. na,vs 90.
Mr. Churchill, (N. V.,) from the Comrn ttej
on 1. lections, submitted a report on the con
tested-election case of Whittlesey vs. McKenzie,4
from the 7th Virginia district. The committed
declare Mr. Mckenzie t ntitled to retain his Meat.
Mr. Churchill nave notice that he would call
in the case early next week.
The House then resolved itself Into Com
mittee of the Whole, and resumed conaidea?ion
ef tbe Consular aud Diplomatic appropriation
Mr. Peters (Me ) moved to amend by appro
tr atii g %7J0 for e'erk hire at the Birmingham
Consulate. Rejected.
M. Voorhcea (Ind ) moved to strike ont the
Consulate or Santiago do Cuba. Ha said that
all the information was that the Anaeriean flag
at this consulate failed to protect either the
Consul or A me rican citizens generally. In proot
of this be seat to the clerk's desk and had read
a statement showing that Consul Phillips had
been tfrawn from his post and that too muter
the eery protection ot the British Hag anl Uk
British Consul.
Th* National Raileoad keck Philadk -
phia to Naw Yoke?Surveying parties <r
busily engaged In laving off the route of the
proposed national railroad from Philadelphia to
New York. The company will commence bv
constructing a line from Trenton, through
Mercer ana Somerset counties, to meet the
New Jersey Central road at Boand Brook, on
the Baritan river, thirty-one miles from
Tbe French society fbr the protection of chil
dren offers a prise of from five hundred to a
thousand franca for the best answer to the
the question, what are the causes of the exces
sive mortality of children in the first year of life,
and what means can be applied tor its decrease'/
Manuscripts are to be sent, up to the lat of
November, to Dr. Meyer, 17 Roe Berangor
?ar-Kev. .1. H. Calhoun, a member of the
Fairtield (III.) Presb>tery, has been expelled
from the minUtrv ot tbe Presbyterian Church,
lor obtaining a divoroe from his wife at Chicago
under lal-e pretences.
SlslI'JJS r^*1 Aoual Ovfrdrnnn
" Hj* ^ Ftmmtt m
Eottor Star:?Having heard a good deal
said of the wasieiul extravagance of May.r
Bowen (pardon me for giving him that title, a
title 1 am satisfied he has no le^al right to weir)
1 thought I would take a ride about the city and
*ee for myself. From a careful observation I
hare come to the conclusion that there In at this
time upward* of 2,ww men emplove.l by the
several w ard ConBiwionen, exclusive of the
men employed by the ward ?SK52^^fciS
will probably number l,00n more. I am In
formed tt>at Ui? First Ward Commissioner has
c?"mij?ioner'i under him, and the
rourth w ard Commissioner 15 assistants, with
? force ot upwards of 300 men. He has 4 gang
ol men. numbering about 60, mak-ng casual re
pairs. I saw one day during the p.wt week four
ol his assistants sitting in the shade by the side
of a lence watching about 30 men. who were
leaning upon their shovels discussing; Mr.
Bowena pruopecta of election. I saw a
large number of men digging gutters or
trenches on each side or North Cai?
. ttItfet;?u ,n ? front *r St- Aloysius
!j ' a throwing the loam or clav into th?
middle ol the street, thus burying up a tine eoat
of gravel, which was put on this street last
rear, at an expense of *2,ono_t hereby convert
iH3-,ln? excellent driveway into a mud hole.
Thisis out one of a thousand similar instance*
that might be named. The corporation laSo -
ers have not been paid srnce the 1st of January
a period ot most Ave months. The bank account
?. overdrawn ?1*0,000, besides $13i>,oo-i in
cheeks, which are not honored at the bank, and
are seeking purchaser* on the streets at ninety
cents on the dollar. In addition to all this there
is a floating debt against the corporation, al!
contracted under Mr. Bowen, amounting to up
wards of *300,000. Yei with this state of ti.iuit>
.-taring him iu the lace, Mr. Bowen puts
extra aborersto work, knowing that he has not
the mean* t j pay tbem. Men are brought in
troin the country, where they are needed to till
the soil, mid put to work on streets merely
to secure their illegal votes for Mr. Bowen.
A. w7?t'00r '!?ludet' are made to believe
that they will receive constant employment at
?* VLT 1?y throuRh the year if thev will vot
tor Mr. Bowen. Our permanent laboring popu
lation should be made to .ec that the imiWta
*^?f.!.*tPr.CI?> ,,rom. the country, where thev
are needed, is tak.ng just so much bread out of
? L,r?5:0utl?; 18 il not time- M' Kditor. that
thia bogus Mayor was stopped in his mad ca
reer . Not content with debauching and break
ing up the party that voted tor him in 18ti< ^e
f.??* KLk;lv0 debauch the whole laboring popu
*V iI' 01 the f)l**r,ct " *"*? ** the counties
bordering on the district, iu Marvland and Vir
ginia. He Las already anticipated nearly the
entire amount of next year's revenue, and vet
continues plunging our city deeper and deeper
ill debt, \\hat would be thought of the biLi
^|C|T^';'i ?f int**r,fy of * merchant w!io
would Hood the community with checks know
?g he had no fund* iu bank to meet themV
would he not be regarded as infamous? TuL
i w'*at Sayles J. Bowen is doing.
Here is a copy oi one ot theorders with which
Corporation laltorers are being paid:
"a.?' 2'il. Washiwutok, D. C., May 13, is; i.
Mr. Adeline will pay Kobert Jenkins or order
twelve dollars, and charge to account of ttr-ets
ana alt'yt.
. W*. B. Dobbiks,
.. r.om r of Improvements, Sixth Ward. '
It strikes me that the firm of ?? tl.-eett ami al
ley* will tind it rather difficult to l?r*kva?ie ???*
All uinf " nart even with the help of
such an able financier as Mr. William B. Dob
..fuFl'tXTiJu"? ,hC *" ",CI ?"
, ,u- Washixoton, d. C., May 21,1870
T~,*lU P'e^e pay .Noah Hub?. ud
*?3 60 10110 s* *ntl cll*rge to account o^
,, ..,CSm'jot improvements, Fourtii Ward.'
It will be observed that this order is addre.?,
to btcmk and signed by blank. It wu presen ??
. ,n B00*1 ,a*th by one of the corporator
T* 1,SJ .fvening. This morning I
ottered one ol these orders forfitTy cents on s
dollar, the i-oor fellow saying that he liar
nothing in the house to cat. It was a order
and he finally ottered it lor *1. or ten oenNot. u
dollar. I have heard of several being old at thi>
price. Mr. ikiwen pretends to be the friend ot
the poor laborer, would it not be as well for him
to devote a part ot the funds expendad on hi
billingsgate hand-bill, and in buving up Tom
*" lorence. in redeeming these orders I under
stand he holds ?30,000 in gorernment bonds 11
he is a friend of the laborer let him sell tbo-e
bonds and take up a part of the illegal orders
that his commissioners have palmed oil u-.ji
his starving lal>orers.
Mr. Editor, is there no way to stop this mil
man in his wasteful expenditures? Whv no
appeal to the courts? Let a petition be dra*i.
up and signed by our largest tax-payers, prav
mg the Supreme Court ot the District tograir
an injunction restraining Savles J. Bowen from
squandering any mu.e ot the people's money
It presented by the proi>er authorities, backe"'
bv evidence which can be furnished in abuu
1 Lave 1)0 doubt the court will interfere
" ill not some one move in the matter?
Ihere is an old law of this cori>oration re
straining the Mayor from letting out anv con
tract until he has fiiet ascertained whether
there are funds to pay for the same. Abort
three months ago the Councils passed a bill
directing the Mayor to the laborers in can.
thejirtt of (*rry tnunli," which is equivalent U
directing him to sus|>end all work unless he !i*
the lunds to pay the laborers. But tbis law
like many other cori>oration law*, is wholly Ig
nored by Saylea J. Bowen. He ?eems det^r
mined to disregard both the laws of Conarev
and the corporation just as often as they com.
in conflict with his demagogue schemes.
_ Citizen.
?? * ?
Cori:T-MAKTtAt. Extraokdinaev. Durinc
the pa.'t two weeks an armv court-martial ha'
been In session in New York city. The s?! >eo
01 the court-martial is Brevet Lieutei. it
tolcnel Lli'ha.l. Bailey. Lieutenant-G^r.'-ra!
Sbern a hag preferred charges againrt him of
"conduct unbecoming an officer and a gen'le
The specifications are desertion from
a-id refusal to support his lawtul wife, au<l
other scandalous conduct. Gen. Vodgex i*
piesident ot the court, and Major Barr, jud/?>
advocate. Among the <<Hcers comprising the
court. Gen. Kiddoo is the most prominent.? V
i. Sun.
? - ? ?
Work for th* First Kaikt Dat.-As sojn
as tue spring weather permiits the openine of
the ontside cellar-door, the cellar shoulu bo
craned, and this la good work for a rainy diy.
Alter April there is a sure and most unhealthy
vegetable decay, and the earlier thia la guarded
against by the removal of aU qm ationable sub
rtanoes tne better. De it thoroughly. Sweep
the walls and sweep the floor, and when it iV
done, every particle of this wMte and offensive
material should be removed to the manure
? ???? ?* -^^0- r
HiifiiUR Tudbct or PtAi'i Teiu
Three Maryland papers assert that there la thl?
seawm a strange tendency In the peach tree to
trtdnce two, and even more, t?acheaftou a
single bloxsom. The editor of tae True Mary
land says be has about half a do sen treeain one
?loanp which are ft u/vel net one bloe-om in ten
prodaees a single peaoi, and that all orer th
orchard the same tendency "to twin" manile?t
Duqo has a tire company. The "in
w,et^;^^!j 1*,ge horhc^ with
waterand mounted upon a wheelbarrow. Eah
a tin dipper 1m
his belt, and op aa alarm of Are being given,
the hogshead ia rapidly wheeled to the aeene of
eoimiiratton; the members then surround the
? beelbarrew, detaching their dippers proceed
promptly to extinguish es "??~ceea
CA*T Hums?The Shrewsbury Methodist
Episcopal camp meeting wlU begin on August
11th, on Lowe's camp ground, Tork county, Pa,
h mile east of the Northern Central railway, in
*Uer? Mmllar meeUngs were held
thirty-five year* ago.
^-Shoo Fly aoup?Ox-tail.
KT Another steam maa haa been manmfac
t ured to New York.
^>The Beaton Y. M. C. A. la ?,000 behind
gyTha Lowell Ooarter calls the price of the
family cradle bush money
KTTbe Fond da Lac ( Wia.) Commonwealth
describes a wedding which Its editor attended aft.
Osbkoah. It aaye: "Duriag the oeremoay, tbe
brkle and bridegroom took each other about the
maiet and swapped gurn."
Thli Afternoon'* Diipatohsi.
Madbid, May 3t?El Tifya ? Bewspaper.
in ita iMtue vewerday Mid the Dub* of Mont
i.Ar^Li?r ?a r?rr ? - a ? ? .
" ,
turner is very much aun?yed M the coarse hi*
adherents had takes. The Duke demamis thai
hit* candidature he passed upon openly by the
Constituent Cortes, or, etherwUe. be wUl with
drew and pubiiah a aaaiieete making a earn
plef* exposuioa ot the acta or thorn part, on who
made overture* to him
It ia now sai l that Kspartero ban agreed t >
accept the crown or Spain if the Cortea wii
elect him.
reach Lfflalatan
Pny liali
_ latorw' Wlveo te Reeeire a
111<*<> ni 11 on
PAiiia. May *4 ?A project of law haa hear
introduced in the thorps Legialatitf for decreas
ing the salaries af the members. The prevent
ia 3o,uuu francs per annum, and the new law
contemplate* a redaction or SO par cent.
The wire* ot Minister* Richard Mere, Plyer
*'On and Loavet have rec eived the decoration or
Noble Ladies of Spain.
ExbImIob m a V#*?%#? 1
LivkkpooL, May 24 ?The captain of a
jurt arrived from in American port report* that
en Wednesday last, oil Lands En 1, an explo
Mon occurred on board the bark A?teriae. kill
ing the captain and one sailor, and nearly de
sliojitig the Teasel.
Ike Italian Budget.
Plorxttcb, May 34-?The Chambers have
voted the Budget bv a large majority. The
estimate* are Ttf.OfO.MO livres.
laftula Bollylag Kaltaerlaad.
I-Omk)K, May M?Kmoia continaes to bully
Switzerland about the fugitive trjrn justice,
Netscbajefl. trailing nj >n hi* immediate sur
render to the 1<u.->i*n governluent. The Swiss
government answers that the culprit caanot be
The Kagllkh Uvin^taa Expedition
Lobik>n, May 'M?Lord Clarendon annouuc-*
a further gTant in aid of the expedition in
search or Lirin'>f>n, the Ai.ican traveller.
V>f*el* recently left En?Uud lor Hoaduras,
with cars, engine*, vVc., lor the new road build
ing in that country.
Horrible Harder of a Family la
Los ix'W, May 24.?Considerable excitement
exist* to-day over a brutal murder during the
night of a family of tire persons at I'xbridge, a
few miles distant from this eitv. The family
consoled of the father, mother, *.ster-tulay,
and two children. The sister-in-law we* io
have been married to-day, and it is suppo 3d
the murder wat prompted in some way from
thi* circumstance. There is no cluo whatever
to the murderer.
The Pnahyttriaa Weaeral Awemblv
at Loatavllle, Ky.
Teltgnpke*I ErrUiwxif U TXt j
Lovisvillb, Ky., May 2l._At tha meeting or
the General Apsemblj yesterday. lie v. Mr.
McAlwee. the delegate from the Aa.vciate He
tormed Church, and the Kev. I?r. Bowden. the
delegate from the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church, conveyed the fratrrnal salutations of
the bodies they reprecjnt to the Axembly, and
were responded to by the moderator.
Richmond, liunt-ville, and Uiile Kock were
plact d on ncmination tor the next meeting, and
on the second ballot Huntsrille was selected.
At night, an enthusiastic foreign Bi^iorarr
meeting was held, which was ad<irr?*ed bv the
Her. .1. P. Wilson, of South Carolina; the Rev.
Allen Wright, of tho Choctaw Nation, and the
Lev. H. M. Palmer, or New Orleans. A reso
lution otiered by the Uer. l>r. Bullock was
T"p to this tlw?e ?he A??raMv na.* been hold
ing only one wwion, and thi* morning it was a
r? ry brief one, in order to give the committer--,
time to digest and prepare subjects for consid
The Fealaa Movement.
T'legrapAed Exclusively to the Evening Star.
Kochkstkr, May 24?A car load or Fenian*,
ticketed for Malone, passed through here thi*
morning for the Ea?t. A few Fenian* from the
southern tier of counties arrived laat night over
the Erie railway. The leader* or the orother
h< ?d here are very reticent regarding their
Bostoh, May 21?Three to tire hundred
red men, supposed to b? Faniana, left oa the
rot titer ii train* yesterday afternoon and evening.
Buffalo, May 24?There ia some activity
among Eettiaa leaders. The men are quiellr
concentrated at the rendezvous here. It is im
po.-'-ible to say at this time where the invasion
will be made. The )>otnt first attempted mav be
a blind. It is thought that the frontier is lined
with men. It ia reported that the United State*
steamer Michigan has taken up a position at
Port Colhorne, Canada, in the harbor to pro
tect the Welland canal.
From flaelaaati ? Kaae Ball-Hat Ar
reated?Drowaed -Mnldde. *e.
T'lefraphed Ewckutixrly to TV Evening Sim.
Cikcikhati, O., May ^3 ?The Red Stockings
[?laved the Arions, ot Lexington. Ky.,to-<lay,
and defeated them with a score of 74 to nothing
The revenue officers here have no knowledge
of Maxwell P. Gaddt* having been arrested, as
ass announced last night.
Ihe body of a man. supposed to be C. W.
Hendricks, was fduud in the Ohio to-night.
The German who committed suicide on Sat
urday, and was found in the mill creek, was
John Deitz.
The Lawman Institute opens to-morrow even
ing with a lecture by Dr. Reid, of Chicago.
It. Lanla Thlaha If she faa't Wet the
Capitol she ??a?rht to Have a lew
raat (Mice aad On atom Hoaae.
TfUffrapkri Exclusively to Tin Evening Stmr.
St. Lncis. Mar 24?The Board of Director*
Df the Merchant's Exchange, to-day adopted a
resolution asking Congress to make an appro
priation for a new Post Office and Ci-torn
Mouse buildirg. A i?etition, similar in charac
ter, and anmerously signed by business men
ana .he Board of Trade, will be forwarded, the
remorial making the request.
The police tliim to have two men concerned
in the robbery of Sparer* pawn ahopyoster la*-.
I he police also hare in custody James'Riley ?nd
Edward Evan.", two well-known cracksmen.
The Pewayhaala Hospital _ The
Teachi a? of Feosalo Mta<
TeUgrapked ExclwsisWy is Th* Evening Stmr.
PuiLADZLrms, Mar 24?The manager- of
the Pennsylvania ilaspital have adopted the
following plan, recommended by the medical
4afl, to prorida for teaching female stodents In
medicines: The clinical term shall be for six
months, from October to March Inclusive. The
medical teaching shall be given onee a week in
the fur ale wards; surgical teaching shall bo
entirely at the optiou or the surgeons on duty,
and, if given Vy any member of the staff, the
lectures are to be ooafined to the female wards.
I ?
St. Loata?Uraad Lodge of
plan?Haa Killed by
jh TV
St. Loci a, May 2L?The Right Worthy Grand
Lodge of the order ef Good Templars will sa
leable hare to-aaonaw. A large namber of
delegates, representing many States and Can
ada, are already hers.
A German, name unknown, was killed Vy
lightning during tha storm this morning.
KIM hjr
racgrofdsd Jtodawrfy h tht
Caiso. May J4?During the storm yesterday
the lisbtning struck a group af seran aacUon
n,e?t st work on a railroad track, iastantty kill
ing John Staflord. foreman, and injuring B.
Cuabmaa, who will probably die. Four others
were stunned, but were not dangerously hurt.
Only one of the seven eseaped withoat injury,
TcUgmpked Xadastsaiy to UU .
Calais, Ml, May 24?A series contlagaration
is devastating the timber lands between here
a?/l IS# _1 sv\v tv's ri wav Aonatnn orraa 1 ilfetTlirtiATl
>wi SL John*s river, causing great destruction
of property. The air is filled with smoke and
flying embers.
Boeron, May 24?The Board oC Al ler men, of
this city, have voted >40,000 to Colonel Burrell,
of MS claim #sr obtaining soldiers aad tailors
toward the city's qqpta daring the war.
> Is Tk$ Mwmmmg Stmt.
jiaw Tobk, May 24-?The Allemannla take*
oat 1MD.621 in gold baa, and *100,030 la spc^
1 h . irr, .
*? rw
Ma v at v*.
leva mtU. will eoaaprtaeTjl the mwi.m,
l.wa ?onth will cunfrwr tkf mA
ern I Ut of the Mat* with Ssbreeka and
V'\Mki?f Territory. Tbe k?*a4 of Misonorl
?U4 be art* mtmm with the mm The
Synod of Kuau uteBdi ?m that Ktats. CoK
(mado. Hew M?rt? w?l iMtlu Twillwm.
The 8j*o4 * tU Pm* 5?U ??>!? ell
- ?eat of tbf fcn-tT ?mdUIiw. TV *t?o.|
' and churches titbit cvauuj. rhe item form
ing tW m?4 4f CUm ?? at |TMt
, length. Ai r?j-ort?>d b> the ?Wtt* this
' ?ynod ?ou!d all the BMtMcM in
? i tuna. Btaa end la ran A motion tr> strike
out buua Ukuim i* ? vti.l mt
ttori with the country wv voted down.
A BM<in to ?tnk* Ml (tie wb?te Item ww
?Pf*il to. lr?Ttn| eMSMiiom with Amtimii
"i** Mrt ????t U?Mr?l principles for
the touaAiitew af pi Mtntoilo were mi ei '1 to,
but UO ?ClMW WOO Ifthtb on the kMajkmi tp
to adjoartmont
11 '
Craiiltt Urn, J+4f lh^| >nn?Yesksr
dav. AikImW .tarloon ww Mtickd of fraud
tai'rewy, and n i t. nr. I to three years In the
Alb?t > i. MiuMtivy. Oa two charges rf pot it
la?Cet>y hf Tvcoivod DOO IuJ .ClltOOCOO. Sok)
moa uVmmond. assault wkk to kill, no!lo
pro*. I rtuk F(?U(.iOat >?(*< t( yMt Ivooay,
w** set.t. nerd to pay the pr.?t- . utfng ?itnoa
H. Um- \ala? ol ?> atolsn. *ad to |?r mate.
-TWinuiinitf, Am Hava. tad tried lor aaaeatt
"-null and battery. "vtc?0?er
C<IK-?IV Cot bt. Jm4o* ON*?To-day. Myers |
act Kmuit, wtJui lor plaialill, Urtrk a|t
Than' do. A number ut julgments bt default
'< were take*.
I Tbb M arbbt H<?i sb.?A meetlag aT the cor
; i<orator? of (he Wi?hln([l.<n Market ('<iiapaay
| waa held lest r\emng at ilie Board ol Tra.li
I roona Cor the purpose ot orgaaication and
taking the initiator) rtr|* to war* to the eroruon
i oT the new balldlnf. llenrv S l>?vis, E?>i ,pre
aidod temporarily
Among those present were Henrv l> Ooohe,
| A. K. Shepherd. S. I'. Krown. i'boiuas Horry,
! I?r. P. Jr. Blio, John H. El vans, Joka T.
Mitchell. Col. Wat H Philp. Oal R. F. French,
J Moai Kelly. John B. Croeker. Hennr R Did*,
T. C. Connolly, Hal let hilbourn .1 I.. Har
bour. T. T. Fowler, .lob W Angus, William H.
Clsgttt, W 8. Huntington, TUua. Lewis, F P.
sVanton, and other-.
Mr. I>ar1s, tke temporary < h airman. made his
report. nhtch waa approved.
1 bo corporators titan proceeded to effoot a
permanent organisation, and the following
nam< d gentlemen were elected offioer* ? Proat
deiit, l?r. 1>. W. BIIn?; fteeretarv, Ryron tl.
Dan tele; Treaaurer. William 8. Huattaatoa.
A Toteol tiianka ware toii?ieto.i Mr. Dart* for
his faithful |>ertoriii.iiir. ot the datioe ol chair
man and the tliferent manifested by him la the
new market.
Mr. Darin in reply referred to the aew bail-t
ing and atoek therein, and thought If it ahoald
Improperly managed the atock nouidpay.but
If not managed well the atock would not bti
worth mach.
The corporator* then proceeded to tke traao
action of haaineaa looking to tho oegaa*nation
of the company, opening boaka of anhoorlp
tion. Ac
A ?? Kbvbbf*i>" 8wihdlbb avn Thibb?
Kev. Benoai Hoaental, aliaa Kuaadale, a treated
la*t Saturday br I'aranaugh oa the
charge of obtaining nmnn under falae pre
; tenae* from .laaaoa K. Iiariteill. . ol the Fonrrh
j Auditor * tifliee, and oomnutaod la jail tor
1 court, in likely to find himaelt >u greater trouble
before lie get? out of the handr ot the otAoara.
Since Ida committal en thia charge it haa been
weertained that hut tran?action? in the i>IMbr
ing line have been quite eatenaitre. Freetoaa
to the DarneUle affair, ha had rtaited the hoa?e
of Her. F>t. Atkina, In Gorgetewn, and renre
aeiitiaB biaaaelf to be a clergyman In destitute
cirrum?taneca. curnee<te.l in getting R5 out
of him. and white the doctor waa alwent from
home to get mouey changed he atole from kia
mantel a on?tly mother-ot-pearl ahell, on win. h
wm engrared 'fifteen separate die engrawnga
illustrative of Hitde hlatorv?Hie article being
ralu< d at orer one hundred dollara. Thta artlele
be aiibae-iuently preoeuted to a young lady on
X street, with whom be had recently kreema
acquainted, and from whom it la charged that
he atole a gold chain ralued at a*?i, and at the
aatne time took away the valuable ahell tie had
given her, aader the pretence that he wivhed to
?Low it to Rev. Dr. Newmaa. laatoad el taking
It to Dr. Newman, he took it to a pawn-broker?
from whom be obtained a l->an of #3 on it. Ser
???111 it < *\inaork to .i. *rtt
MHirtf, kuccoeded in getting tt back again.
and it will be reatorcd to the right owner. The
chain haa not yet been re coveted, bat ita
whereabout* ta known, and tt at-' n ill oe re
stored to ita owner. Other nidation* of PWiad
linn are charged * gamut thia reverend preten
der, and he i* charged with having travelled all
over the northern and eastern State* aa a rev
erend gentleman from the Holy Land, and a
<roo' Templar, andbv reason ot aueh reprMen
tations has flleeeed many victims oat of m jsey
and good*.
THB FlLKBOnn?OPTRlKlB<l-4*nfi<r 4m
.Vati/d lo tke I'Mirr.?Ho wan. Cook, Morae,
Si ilea, Peck, Florence A; Co.. hare aaaidaoaaly
circulated report* that large nuulon of
colored men were going over from Finery to
How< ti. A inong thoae in reference to whom the
charge ?a* maoa waa Mr. W. H Brown of the
Fiftli ward a bo publiehea a oard dvnvnig It,
aaling: "I Intend to vote for Matthew O.
Fmerv if I am the only man in the city who
votea that way."
Thk Fifth Wabd Irish UafriiLK A.sCi.ro
met tart evening Bt Bleiftia' Hail, on Capitol
Hill, the pn Mdent. .IMin < t'Meara. in the chair.
M?H>ra. J. Carey. E. McGalrteh. D. Shanahan,
W. Johnaon, and B hanger were appointed a
committee to aeeare the aervioas of a band and
make all further arrangement!- partici
pation of the club In the Rmery ratification
meeting to-night, the memimra to meet In a
body at the hall, and preeeed thence to the City
Avotbbb Cababd. ? A canard eValned
I circulation thia morning that Fred A. Hoawell
waa going over to Bowin. Aa Mr. Hoaweli will
t>e one of the apeakera to-night at the City Hall,
it might be well for Mr. Boweu'a friend- to be
present and hear him, and judge how far he has
Tub Tbrbatbbbo Abolitiob of tub P??*t
L?rncB?A meeting <?l the bu"ine*? nt-*n of our
pe mmunity waa held Una morning at lo o'clock,
at the room* of the Merchant* Exchange, to
take action In regard to the rumored abolition
of onr city po*t othce. Evan Lyona, Esq., pre
sided, tnd the following preamble and resolu
tion* were adopted, after which the ruaating ad
Whrreec we have rfaan? to bHi?r? that the V
laatta Caaarai haa uadar naiga?tl ?n a plaa l>r
which It i? pr piard to ab li?k our ?"?l uftw, and
?MMMk iti<arrW " ln?t??4, ai. arraag^
meal whan w?- ara aura ?o?M b- 'la??tmaa to tli?
iiitaao ui our buaiiMaaonmmnaitr. and aajaal and
humiliating lu m<>r< thaa hfieeu ih >aaaad >n*l?. la
a city whaife Mftgoe ir uot oiilr ? " auataioinc,
hut pay* ?nnnatlr a f.^n?idir?tl' aurflos latu the
INBMWT: Tbeiafxe. br it
/i'.oi:red. That whtU we eapraai ?i et*feeer?ee as
tn icAidhall 1* "?i ??'hmuUt. ailm aa he la a
c >pai'i< and lafthful oBcer. we r. ?p? tfaJlj but aar
tiretfr pvotast nireloet any ?aeh rkentr- tw ttr proa
ml w< U r?gui*l?u aad mttafaetorv postal a*at?m.
Kfrolrttt. That Ivan Lyona. g?i . Praaidsot oT
tl.a ???vetianta' iLiehange In eonjanrttau wirta
H?a?r* A H Harr, U m U Tmii< r. John Mar
bury, jr.. and A1--X Ray, l>e aj?e<'iitt?d ac.awal
to Mnfrf with tbe Pr?nf aaler Qete ral. and e*|
to hna oar ?iew* aad wl*hea in the omltar.
Mbbcbabtb' Excbawi? Four tUauaand
bm-heV wheat were ortere<l and aold on 'Change
thi* rooming, at fl 40^ per buahel.
Riybb FB"*t ? F.ntered? St'mr E C.Kni^M,
.lohnaon, Ken York, with merchandise for
trict merctianta.
Thi Gazette of last evening haa the following
Pbm ebtt Sal**.?The following mentioned
preptrty. belonging to the estate of the late
wm. IiaTawgha. was sold by pnblle nactton on
SniMBMUn Isa-A W- U " ?
? ? - ? _ I ??- ?I'WWiat onni>MVU VI
Saturday laa*. by Mean Heck. Knot 4k Kerbv,
real estate agent* and auotleasen?Ka. nsrth
kienrj street, to J. H. DeVaogha for g?. So. 41
north Br nrv street, to .I H DeVaughn for #80:
_ .tight) for 990:
No. 47 north W**hingtou street, to wn, <>gan
tor ftl,oa?; No 1*7 King street, ?s Wm. Oo?nn
for g2.IIQC, No. 74 north Fairfax street, to Wm.
Cogan for MOQ; No. 78 north Fairfax street, to
same fbr W*?; Ho. W> north Fairfax street. t<l
same tor ?SM; Ho. 93 north Fairfax street to
for R9o6, a
preceding Xos. to
Tj^nlrigthe^urt mentioned on the rnrthf
to inme *???; a >et adjoining the lot ?c4
menianed on the north, upon which thers M h
ground rent, to J. H. DeVaaghn (Orgs, a threw
story i:ame hooee aiOolniag the lot just aaan
twBed on the north, to .Tohn 1 .ally for MW, u<
ho. 43 north Washington atttct, to Wsa- <? Ogafl
Pb mabt F.lbotkti The prtar<rr HfrWl
for tke liemiantMB of candldto^e *- tkfcM;
kiviuVt party at this cuy, *?!. I*}
office*, i ta progrem ta-da^_xhe^oagtoMB?y
has beet *t.lritH and ..?c ?T"
on* csndi?b?tes q*1ng their leret best tt ??
cure a nemtoato?-andiartsy crewgshars
Pillsstod > *t>und ssaae or tnc pou^ .
?... i, Ltai n?tV'?A colored Man, natneu an
lirewWaru boldljr knocked in the dear of the
hoJs of?coM%o-aa named Mar^a ?!!
9tmr the l??apmial pnaap. last night, aad
i . ?itli?tai??iing ;.et pr.it-MM corned M
everything be could lay hie hands on, iaclading
her clothing.

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