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Ft BMSHLB MILT, Su4ay 91???U*,
At Tlx? 8t?r Uuildtnif,
I.W. Corner Peaajvivaai* At. tad 11th SL, i
BT tub
TH b STAB !? f-rrrd by earr'-r* to tfc^lr ?nb J
?sribora la the City and Di?tri?t at Ta-* C?"*t? rim
win or Fobtt roca Cists rim mojitb. Co?iM
at the <-center, Two C**Ts.
Pmtrx vol BiaiM :?TbrM Mentha. 91 40.
Bti Months. f.l.OO. One\**r. f? 00 So Mlfri "
are aratf rem the ofllc* longer than paid for. I
?cram* 9 I .30 a year.
V"\ 86->2. 3,402.
IliTwrni 1*t axr 2v STRgrre.
A H.-Vf'.t, an.tP<.n<?n' ?a m%, ??
hur pt,! n I'
JS SftSSH J SS ?* ? the return of
tn? pr- pri? t??r tr m Uorma , n #? *nr. *t
r*> pan forth r rr..i ^ .I!',,., ?'r . 21
. f r?KfUMf rartiea. * aawwaewi nt SH
that the; will he prole. ' Vo * B.v^o, Ok
syStt'; >:. y?r .HrVmS^
r^JSr^i^r "???**. Thrre will alwaya be
mnd .B^rv Thnr ?***?? well ft* of r*'frr??ini-nt?%
hnTi l T >*T, tr-n. ? to M o clo:k p m ,
ronrer?T tt.I V" ' *W la?<*ite Uenr.sn garden
littiiintri ik, ^ier!c?o pi* lie are cordially in_
''I I ? limitation for (Ml health and
**"*"**' 1 /-WtmJ ERNEST L'Krri.KH
j? tTid>riin?l, having raflttao^^^^
/^4 thi? lovfi? and beaiutiful la'and far
VTiTtL / ot rii x.csmmi ri sasukm fak
' r~' e"pectfally call the attention of the public
*n<i. Appiicanona for pic-tiics. etc., may be
it "L KN BY * KA1HF.R - , 44 Ore^m atreet.
RK alT.R. _ KyUJm*
* ?. l?t)On JC* hlMtloa INo. 4h?
1 ru > and k?i?? < 7th
j*kat. \ at f 8imn
*?-; 4 SxrriTH brtvwn P and ?streets,
A'lfit 'Jonrn nhovt f)<id ft.lira' Hall,
ttrtce Oil I'aiiitinga, kngravinga Chromoa, Ac.
A'Vj. Larffee' Stock rac*-rhangmga.Window Sim lea,
Picture frmM. PV-* ir.- Cord aaJ TmwU. Binge.
SiUi. Ac., in the DMrict.
mr tkf.ms cash.
fl?Me ntnember Name and Wrnher ap'V ly*
-njjii AWfi rjALimT,
fj IT .Itl F?t>a- avkivs socth biw,
Pl,ar 13l? ftre*. norlk.
The 'nllowtnf Paintings aroon fr-e view and f<T
?a'*: *" The Betr .thed." by Marit* <'ali?? h. one ot th
ai wi beautifu' pictures b? thia nw-t'T. ever
eihll itej in Auer-.ca. Large picture b> Lmireni d
Bcel- The *.d day Rem ? Preparing for S h.-.l,'
by P. 8?r<>be^. The oriel**! portrait of Oil.ftickard
E Jchtiann Vice Pre?i4ent nnder Martin V?n Bn
retk.'.wbo 1? e-?id to have niiotTecumsehiV.tinted from
"tfa, at Frwahfort. Hentncky, by J. Jieaale. Ihi.
To Which a.e ad d owe hnndred and twenty oth-r
?ne Pi twr?a frr>in the "Th< mpaon" and Hennmont
cotterti m. am< n? wtiich are original o<>rtraita. of
Be&jamia Wed, by fcimaelf, Qcn. Waahington. b y
Gilbert Stuart- 8ir Wm ?N>chy, by b'm?elf; ?ir
io4ttrj lonelier, by him?elf; Sir Th<>a Wmtworth;
?Mrn. Jwnea Wataan Webb, by Uharlea Elliott;
9tr?et f ene, b/ J. H. B. Koekkock. Alao, choice
WAter Color and Pinctl Drawinga. Old BagraTlnga.
Ac.; tar a ir.g altor" ther one of the ft neat and largegt
aoOecS n* for aale in the United States.
?10 |('hron| H M. BABLOW.Proprietor.
Kf 1IT081T9BT,
i4ir strxbt.
TktriaiMA mmj /tmrtara;* Straat*.
A Ttne Aaaortaaent for
MlHl A. T. B. BM1TM.
Birat rate article of
*Mal to I., high. aaitaMi- for foundry mmm f,,r
aal?- cheap, t>>
je2? ht I R>'P I <} street wharf
li Stbkkt Wharf.
WA?HiMt.To.^. D C.. June21, liTO.
I have commenced to lay in my winter stuck cl
Having pnrrha?ed a large atock. and below the
market ratea, with nreaent low freight-. 1 am pre
pared to nopply my cn?tomera and the trivia at
U> auit, direct from tb? veaaela. arriving
pru -a
Heat quality of UAK BICXORT. and PINE
jr21 tf G Street Wharf.
1,000 Caaea BoRI>EAI'X. 1.000 Caaea
1.000 < aaea t 1 .OOO Caaoa
I OOO Caaea HACT SALTKKNXfc 1 000 Caaea
From the old raapoaaible houata of
All the different Brauda,
? ABOAltX MRD04';
Alao. tka renowned CHATEAU W1NRS ul old
"""" UK?I.
raagjng in price fr<*n 3 to #4^ par doien.
For aaie ky
kucceaaor to B. 0. DTER A 0O.,
eJD mi> PewwTlranla Arapne.
It hM ?roT*yl to be tb? Ch^iy*8t, Mont Xf
fective. Durable and B?itable Pump, applicable U
welle of tiij depth.
The SmaUoat Pump will throw 10 to 75 feet throoft
The moat durable because it iacotnpoaad of but few
?umple parte, all of iron, has no leather packinf. A
child can work it. It never fraexaa.
Kvery Pump warranted.
Oalvaniied Pumpa are recommended.
Wor i4lt by
CBABLKS WOOD. Geaeral Agent,
je4)n 417 kith atreet. northwest
J 07 Pentia) Ivania ave . and 7 Cite Treviae, Paris
The stock ia part comprises?
4 OO HAlRBRAins. aaada to order in Paria.
toi'k Suita, Millinery Oooda,
< itaibrK aad I.msti Suiu, Straw H adi
< hantilly Lace. Bonneta,
Guipure Lace. Ribboua,
> alencienaa Lace. Flowers.
Points de Venice Lace, Black Velveta,
m?-V * Colored VeWata,
Llama Lace Pol*t?. ?
Faiia, Handkerchief a,
kuniAU and Plain Saahes. Roman and Plain Scarfs.
TrinuuiuKx. etc.. etc.
S^*lt is ant in accordance with my general prac
tice to sell at coat, but when I say ao I mean to do it;
an.l as all the aooda are marked in plain bgure* no
p. ra< n can be deceived. jei; lm
l^sTABXXSHXD 1933. _
We bee I ears to lafr>nn our customers of the cob
tmn. as decline in GROCERXBB. and that ws shall
Macs oar pricea to conform thereto, helng supalied
d?ily with the hew York whoiessta prtcaa for Ml
for-ign and doweatic grocenea,_
IOC CASBB i'LARXT WINK.of the rarr beet
t raiMls, buttled U Praac?,co^iu?nS|r leavin* ao
charge for adulteration. Our * IIIMXT, 10 years
? id BRANDY and WINBS are W*hlyim
proved by a?e. |t??L 1ml WM.OIM1 A BOB.
r|' O FAT IBR.
Two suite of NBW CLOTHING. Bade br one
of the Irat claas Tailors of the Wstrtct.for sale at
, ? PRINCE S Loan OBce Sale Store,
N*l tf l? fa. ??a.. Wrthttoa. P. O.
A larta aad eo?cpi?ta aaatnlaieat of Bulldfni
Li mber Hcanlock Penclag, CypreaeBtnagiee, Whit*
Fn.e and Spruce Pic*etaTOedar Posts, Alao,
. .. w. ^ pBRSSRD LUMBBB
of all kinds as haad aad for aai* at lowaat asrkai
Corser Bew York avenue aad Ah atree
aald-tf HWty Market
li "
T?-ojf*? tim ....?PkormisTOB
Bert Wlnea and Liquors to be had at tka Bar.
?F" Particular at tea do a ts Masla sast ost m M-l
KM Winn AID utcon.
Hmiiigmt.!'' ?rr?m?mi'UU with ??tn<> of the best
DMJlrrtee In the country for old whiskiea, I offer
the following well kou?n brand* at very low pricea,
via: Tkn celrbrtltil Old Cru?. wfra yrtn uM, i|
t*r gallon. J A. Bowen s. 6 yeara old, 94 p<*r gal
Ion. R. bsrtaon'a. 4 year* old, R.lJO per callus Old
FamPy Nectar.91 SUp?rratio*. Thecel
et ra'e,l Pine Apnti-JMctifled, I loo Lon
don t>ld Town Gfn. f 1 per gallon Btvnehtoa Bittera.
82 per gallon Dry ( atawba still, ,fi.in Urbana
W>ne Company.) $i 90 per gallon *<wpperu<'ng
?'ill from Not* h Carolina. |.l per rall^n. AII the
abov^iaat least Rl per gallon cheaper than can be
g< t elsrwbnre for the aanie grade.
Libfr*14hco?nt tothe tra<1?. C. GAUTIER.
Proprietor of the celebrated Native Wine r.itt?rs
B". till 1 and Itill* Pennsylvania avenue,anl *4
North Cbariea -tr.et. Baltimore. Mil. if 14
Fre**Vea and tan fr'-wi the fw?. n?i Perry's m?>th
and ft* ' kle lotion. The oulv reliable an<l harmless
r?-tnedv Prepared by Dr. I k'. P?-nj.JJ
at >i 59 Broad ?treeta. N Y Sold by all drnggista.
ap 13 3niW4S
For comedones. black worms or grub*. pimply
eruptions and blotched di*tlgiirati??n* nu the face.
n?<- Perry'a comedune and pimple temedy. Sold by
all druggiata. ap U 3mWAS
ESSAYS K'> It YOUNG MKN. oti the honora,
plea-upes,STtd ad* Mirages of a liappy M ah r iai.k. a*
contrasted with Single Lite, aud th" fearful Evil *
or Cklibacy, ir. modern time*. Sent tree, in ?e?led
envel. pen. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION,
Bos P. Philadelphia. Pa. niy23 tu.w.frim
Tbla splendid Hair Dye la the beat In the world.
Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous, doe*! not contain
ead, nor any ntalu poison to produce paralysis or
d- alb. Avoid the vannted and delusive nT-paratioha
Kasttog vlrtaea they do not aoaaaaa. The genafne
W A. Bate helot * Hair Dye naa had thirty years'
untarnished repntation to uphold ita Integrity aa
the oe!y perfect liair Dye?Black or Brown. Bold
br all Druggista. Applied at 16 Bond street,
tf.tr fe5 tr
FC. R ElCBISIACH'i Plaaa Store,
. go. 423 ItCA Street, 'bev' Penna. Avenue,
(??UlUsIIDWit 40 YIA1I.I
Bole agency for the aale of the oelebrated PIANOS
Of Win Knabe A Oo., Baltimore, and Wm ?
McCammon, Albany; also, aecond handlDBRI
Plane*. Organs and Uelodeoaa for aala or'II w ? <
rant on the moat accommodating Mr ma. Piano and
Organ Toning and Repairing. apt ly *
ToS. of which above 2 out| have already bean sold to
oi r beat buetnesa men of Washington tor Country
Uomee. will continue to be aold for the u< xt A) days,
at 9'<*^ each.
Now that the Baltimore and Potomac Railroa 1 so
nearly approach** completion, these Building Lot*
will mkii bring 91U0 each in the market. Alter
thirty day* th>- prii e will be doubled. And .|"*ire
to aaante the public that the large anrni er of
Lote now ou hand, i between three nirffmir tlnn
*ai -1.* is the only reason for our continuing. e\en
for one month longer, to aell them at so nominal a
Lying, as they do, at the Junction of the Main
Stem of said railroad, with its Lateral Branch
Into Washington City, it makes an important depot
there, at which all trn???. expres* and otherwise,
will always stop. Parties will be able to ride to and
from Washington, from this point as often ;?* tUej
desire, at an expense of but rftvtn renis p>r 'lay
The Railroad Company have located their Ma
chine Shops and general Bound House there. The
grounds of the town all gradually rise each way from
the depot and railways, and are hiitti and .try, and
it is one of the healthiest localities known.
Taxes are paid for l'CO, and will be paid for the
yeari* I-Tl and lift by the proprietor* on all lot* ?ol I.
A *team saw mill ard bri> k making haa been recent
ly established at this place, which will insure all
bui'ding material at > astly re<lace<i price*. An a if
ricultnral society bas been located there, which
will add greatly to the success of the tow ii
One thousand mora of the lot* will be sold for 925
each, on terms of payments to suit.
Parties deatrons of purchasing will be afforded a
pa>?age to and from Bnntinaton. free of expanse,
up. n callieg at at tha office. 940 K street, next to
corii< r of llith.
Baa- and pamphlets fnrnished upon application
e -'I in th .? lm Proprietor*.
REWARD' 910 000 REWARD '
For any ono that can show better fitting GAR
MENTS tha;i are s<dd daily at OAK HALL
CLOTHING HOl>E, No .t'i.i 7th street,opposite
Poet Office We na^e Suits for the smallest boya
and the largest men. Our leading articles now are
Linen, Alpaca, Dradeta, Nun * d"th. aud B y*
Linen ard Alpaca Suits. We s?ll g>o?l go<><ls at low
pricea. at OAK BALL CL'iTHIN J ROOMS. No.
7th a*re?t, oppoalte Woat OEce. No trouble to
?how gooda. jet3 1m
^JEW DBUG STORE.?Tha nBdersi^ned wonld
1 s call the attention of the dtiaeaa df Wah-_jy
ington generally, and of the i rat and SecoudwHi
Ward* particularly, to the store at the corner
of L and 14th atreeta, which they have justZm
opened with a
eta f* wb n*i v ? ia i
and pledge theaasalvea to keep atrictly a ftrrt elaas
and reliable DB0G STORE, where at all hour* of
the <J?v and ?t*kt the pnblic may be fnrniahed with
pore aad rattabla DRUGS.
je7 ^bb Apothecariea and Druggist*.
Ladiea' LACE BAITERS at 91 29
Lad Ma SL1PPBES. 3*. ?U and 75 centa.
Ladtea B EEL SLIPPERS. 75 cenU to fJ.
La*, tea lua hoaa made GAITERS, at a very low
CH ILDBENTi SBOESof all kinda.from 50 cts. np
BEELRD " 91.25, 9191.75.
GENTS BOOTS and SHOES of all kinds, at aaton
iehing low prices. Beat BCBOOL SBOBS in tha
city, at eunally low pricea.
*<m wffl "" "?itiESt&n BBOB..
jt 17 906 7th street (flld No. 37a.'l>et land K
For sale low, in lota to auit, by
Indiana avenue and 1st atrm*t.
je M Near Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot.
jelo lm Oppoalte Metropolitan Botel.
lamaMllM. at reduced pricea, for cash, at my
Barbie Woru. north G atreet and Bew Tork its
aae, near tha Treaaury Department.
myTl-ly WH. RjfTHEREORP.
lUtifnl, and anally oontrolled, by ama,
?y ?-tf Q4 PannayI^aalaaeJa'na
Pannay Ivan in
>? iliaa of R
rly with Maaasa. J, C RoGuira
RET, ooa dnog north of
On, where will be"f*und i'Imw tMort*^*^
Becon^hand IrfBNITURR and
5^CwLKA*,1.,I0 ARTIOLBS ot all
Packing attamdad to el
?>?* H. BUCHLT
a) r tf Waabiogten. D, O.
m i a 99? rmmtt
?aa naaiiaa unss.
W lthont aa aqoal In tha worif^etreot|oe fl|
Perfeat In operattoS"*1* CB
fc,u sassssv.
Washington Ne?rs and Qossip.
Itstbrtial IUvimi-The receipts to-day
troui tit? source wore *?;<>.V4.'W.30.
Gen. Grant anil Mrs. Grant will return here
to-in:Trow morning from Connecticut.
G?n. Bttler returned here this morning
from Connecticut, ami occupied hi* seat in the
House thi- morning.
New York, about the latter part of next week,
to rejoin the >qua-.r.)ti In the Mediterranean.
Ma?ter KicHARnaoN Ci.ovbr has l*?en de
tached from signal duty at Washington, and
ordered to the Michigan on the 1st iiist.
Gen. Garkield was to-day unanimously re
nominated to represent the niaeteeruu district
of Ohio in the next Congress by the republican
convention which met at Garrettsvilie.
rsDFRSTAND that the following appoint
ments have been made in the now I'olice Court:
Justice I>. K. Smith, to be Clerk; Justice O. B
S. Wall. Deputy; L. K. Clements and
1 liomas, Bailitis; and H. Barton, Messenger.
Apjltant Genkkai Townsknd, U. S. A., is
absent from the city on leave to visit his home
in Massachusetts. He will return hereon the
1-th tnat. Assistant Adjutant General Vincent
is discharging the duties of the office during the
absence of General Townsend.
"Grack Orrxwood" gives to the Tribunt
perhaps the best and most feeling reminiscences
of Mr. Dickens that have appeared on either
side of the water. She was a contributor to
Ifout'hold Words and to All Thr IVar K>und, Mid
met Mr. Dickcns both in Kurope and in this
The Arctic Expedition.?The conference
committee on the bill making an appropriation
ol one hundred thousand dollar* to aid in fitting
out an expedition of discovery to the Arctic
regions, agreed yesterday to make the amount
fifty thousand dollars. The bill allows the
President to select the commanders of theexi*
dition, and authorizes the Secretary of the
Navy to detail two vessels for its use.
The Appropriation Bills There is some
discussion as to whether the Senate will get
through with all necessary legislation before
the 15th instant, the time fixed for adjouHiment.
It appears that the appropriation bills are well
advanced, and arc in a much better condition
than is generally supposed, there being but lour
in the Senate not acted upon all of w!i! h an
be disposed of within two or three days, it ?o
Mich contest is made over them as is goin ?? on
over the Kiver and Harbor bill to-day.
Uwiciekcv Appropriation Bill In the
House this morning Mr. Dawes, trom the Com
mittee on Appropriations, reported a bill
making appropriations to pay deficiencies lor
the year ending June 3o. 1*70. The bill appro
priates about ?100,o0*>, ol which "1.000,000 i*
tor the ninth census. and about ?17,000 for the
Department of Justice recently created. The
otli?r appropriations are for paying the oodifv
ersoftht laws of the United States, salaries ol
members of Territorial Legislature*, and
vj.ri^us smaller items.
Mdxsir n Prbvost Pa?:adoi., the newly ?p
poii ted Minister to Washington from the
trench Court, who is exceedingly itopular
among the American residents of Paris, will
hi ing with him to this city his daughter and his
young son. The young lady is exceedingly en
gaging. The lad it to go to school in the United
States. Mons. Paradol speaks and writes Eng
lish fluently. He is a widower, and a Paris coi
respomknt prophesies "that he will espmse
au Americaine, If only from the reason that the
Ambassador is so charming a person, and that
Yankee girls are to attractive."
The recent nomination* of Collector. Sub
Treasurer, Naval Offlcer, and United States
Attorney for New York. h? e not yet been re
ferred to the proper committees of the Senate,
but will be at the first executive -ession. There
is a good deal ot Speculation yet as to the result
in the case of Mr. Murphy, nominated Collec
tor. Both the friends aVid the enemies of this
gentleman are equally sanguine. The fact that
this is sn administration appointment gives it
strength, and will andoubtedl> nave ?.??-uider
abla weight with Senators.
The Isvbptioatioh of the CritRK: \ Bt -
reau?The committee appointed by the Sec
retary of the Treasury to examine into the
management and verity the accounts of the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing h..ve sub
mitted a report, shoeing that there are or U. S.
legal tender notes, fractional currency, (ttrst
and second series,) registered bonds, gold notes
and national currency charged to the bureau,
credited, #814,264,970; balance on
hand verified by count of committee, #132.1*1,
C21; stamps charged, 915,015,280; credited, **'
:no,%0; balance on hand verified by count of
committee, ?7,274.7*0.
The CapitoT. Prisoner, Pat. Wooiw The
House, this afternoon at 2 o'clock, took up the
case ot Patrick Woods, charged with assaulting
Congressman Porter, in Richmond, on the 3?th
of May last, and proceeded to discuss the re
port of the majority of the committee and tL-?
resolution sentencing him to be imprisoned for
three months in the Jail of this District, and
the rei?rt of the -.aiaorlty of the committee and
their resolution directing that Woods be re
turned to the Hustings Court in Richmond, to
be dealt with according to law. Judge Bing
ham had the floor, and advocated the passage
of the resolution of the majority of the com
A protect numerously signed by the mem.
bers of the Washington bar, without distinction
of party, was yestortay presented to the Senate
Judiciary Committee against the confirmation
ot J no. M. Oliver, recently nominated to be
Associate Justice ol fee Supreme Court of this
The protest sets forth a want on the part of
the nominee ef the requisite legal qua lilt actions
for an eSdent discharge of the duties devolving
apon that branch of the court over which the
new judge will preside, and while disclaiming
any opposition to Mr. Oliver on any grounds
affecting hia personal character or integrity,
they respectfully aat forth that, so far as
the signers can ascertain, he has nev?r
studied law regularly, either under a practi
tioner or at a law school, and that he has not
been admitted to practice by any court.
The Democbatic Cam r a ion this Fall?
The Congressional Democratic Executive Com
mittee have selected a resident Committee to sit
daring the recess of Congress, oompased of the
following gentlemen : Hon. Richard T. Mer
rick, chalraan; Gen. Noah L. Jefterles, Gen
Denver and Thomas M. Smith. The committee
will make active preparations in a short tiaie
for the distribution of documents, Ac., for iheta 1
campaign. Members of the National Commit
tee will co-operate with them In the several
States and at the headquarters here. The
Democrats In Congress and elsewhere are ma
king preparations for starting a party newspa
per in Washington, the first number to be issued
on the ttrst or September. James E. Harvey,
ex-minister to Portugal, is reported as one of
the editors.
VTke steamer Holsatia, which arrived at
New York yesterday, passed oa the 28th of Juae
the miniature steamer City of Raguasa, from
Liverpool, bound to New York.
Thii Afternoon's Dispatohas.
The PmtdfBt In Hew York.
Telegraphed Kaciunvly to The Evening Star.
New York, inly6.?President Grant arrived
in New York in the New London l-oat at 6JO a.
m. to-day, and is now sleeping at the Fifth \v
entifl Hotel. He if very much fatigued, an I al
most ill consequent upon hU 1th of July jaunt
in Connecticut. He in accompanied from Con
necticut by Senator Buckingham.ex-Governor
Jewell ami H.iwley, Marquis de Caiubr.iv anil
Gen. Babcock. his private secretary. H?> will
take the 9 4<> p. m. train for Washington, a ?pe
cial drawing-room car having been engaged for
From Pari*?Xapolcon Object* tu a
?'ruislan I'rfiipe ?D th? l'hr<it<< of
(tpaila-Esctlenirut iu Commercial
T'legraph'd Erc'utirely to The Evening Star.
Paris, July 6 The Constitutional, a semi
official newspaper, of thi* city, save in its issue
to-day: "We learn that the government would
consider the Spanish enthronement of the
Prince of Hohenzollern as a check and menace
to France. Under these circutiut.iiices the xo*
\ em incut has decided to energetically oppose
the project."
Prime Minister Ollivier gave a strand banquet
last evening. A great crowd of |>eople were
present, among whom were Gen. Prim and
?<tron Werther, Prussian Ambassador. The
latter left early in ttie evening, which tact gave
rise to great comment, many asserting tlitt
Franee would have just cause of war if the can
didature of the Prince of IbAcnzollern were in
sisted ui>on. Late yesterday afternoon, after
his interview with the Kni|>eror, Ollivier saw
the Duke of Grainmotit, Minister of Foreign
Affairs, and the Ambassa<k>r of Spain. The
result of these meetings was a tirm and ener
getic note to Baron Werther. Immediately on
its receipt the Baron -tarted for Km*, to inset
the King of Prussia. There is considerable ex
citement in commercial circles here.
The Bourse opened tlat. Ketites. 71 francs Si
centimes, or 95 centimes lower than the opening
of yesterday.
Terrible Massacre of chrlaliaus In
t blna.
Los don, J nly 0 The Morning Post ha- a
telegram dated at Ttintsein, June ilth, giving
the particulars of a terrible massacre of Chris
tians by the natives of Pekin.on the -1st of that
month I Count dc llocheclianort, the French
Secretary of Legation, and a number of priests
and Sisters of Mercy, were ruthlessly slaught
ered. The Cathedral was also burued, and a
number of Russians killed.
"The Fourib" in Berlin.
Berlin, July ti?The 4th of July was appro
priately celebrated here. Fay presided ?r the
banquet, at which there was a large gathering
of Americans. Dispatches from other Gcrm ta
cities report similar festivities on the 4th.
Arrived Ont.
Glasgow, July 6 The steamships Australia
and Darien, from New York for Glasgow, were
signalled off Moville this morning.
PiVjim Tii, July ??.?The steam-hips Tento
nia, from New York for Hamburg, arrived here
last evening.
A dispatch from Brest this morning announces
the arrival of the St. I.awrent at that port last
evening, on her way from New York to Havre.
Tbe Npsnith Frown?The Prince of
Hohcurollcrn Accepts.
London, July A well informed eorr??i<on
dent says that Prince I<eo|>old of llohenzdh-rii
has tormally accepted the Spanish crown The
Kiiulish govercment approves of it. but France
still objects.
fterlouM ( barges Against the Direc
tor*?Mnlt Brought Against tbem by
a Ntock holder.
Telegraphed MmUurively to Tke Evening Star
San Francisco, Jul v t.?Sam'l Brannauha
commenced suit against l.egrand Stanford an 1
other directors and officers of the Central Pa
cific railroad, and ot other cor|*oratioiiH, and in
complaint alleges that he subscribed and paid
for two hundred shares of Central Pacific rail
road stock, and now owns tbem; that the de
fendants subscribed for and agreed to pay for
six hundred and titty shares, but that said stock
v?as issued to them without a. consideration:
that the defendants illegailv, as directors of the
Central Pacific road, issued to themselves
and others a large amount of the stock of the
said corporation without valuable considera
tion and said directors managed the office4 of
the company for their Individual benefit to the
detrimeut of other stockholders. The plaintid
estimates the various subsidies of the company
at over *150,0no,000, and charges that only part
of the same have been legitimately expended,
and that the directors have wrongfully con
verted the remainder to their own use. He
charges that a contract company was
organised under the name of Crocker
and company through which the directors let
contractors to themselves, in sout) instances at
?jvo per eent. above the value of tiie work done,
the aggregate proflts ot which to the defendant
is ?7,ouo.ooo. The plaintiff claims that the pro
fits of the Central Paeifc should be divided pro
rata among the stockholder*. He gives a his
tory of the connection of Wells, Fargo & Co.
with the reed, whereby, for consideration of an
exclusive contract lor carry in g ex press pac k ages.
bullion, &C-, the stock of Wells. Fsrgi & Or.
? was watered, and one million and a halt dollars
of watered stock delivered to tbe directors of
the railroad company. He avers that the Cen
tral Pacific Company has purchased the proper
tv and assets ot the Western and Southern
Pacific, the San Jose, the Almeda and Oakland
Kailroads. and the Almeda and Oak'and Fer
ries, and asks that receivers be appointed pend
ing this suit, and that the defendants be re
strained from disposing of the property of the
company. Benjamin F. Butler is one of the
defendant's connsel.
Fire In New York.
Telegraphed Exclusively to tlu Evening Star.
Nkw York, July 6 About 5 o'clock this
inorMiig a lire broke out iu l$i William street,
owned by Jones and Williams. The building
was worth probably ?20,000. and was
entirely destroyed. Among the sufferers
are Henry Gumpeit, restauraut iu the
basement: loss #1,000, insured for $3,000; Ash
<&t Buckely, plumbers, on first door: loss
?l,5o(r, insured for *3,500; William Denyse,
slectrotyper, second and third floors, loss,
gl'J.OOO; Davis and Kent, fourth floor, stercO'.y
pers, loss. *75,000; and Jacob Borne, lithograph
er, til th floor, loss. ^86.000. The tire extend -d
ti No. -'4 Spruce street, occupied by Walter K.
Barr. dealer in leather, whose loss has n^t been
From the Pad tic Slope?The Fourth at
Friace?Shooting Case*, Fire*, Ac.
lVfaynphi MsMy to As Bomotmg 4ksr.
San Francisco, July 6 There were a num
ber of shooting cases and ene assassination in
this city yesterday.
A tire at Gold Hill. Nevada, burned the prin
cipal buildings on both sides of Main street.
Tbe material of the People's Tribune were de
stroyed. The Daily News office was slighttv
The Chinese quarters at North Ban Juan,
C d., were destroyed by lire on the 4th, and oue
Chinaman was killed.
The purchase of Ben. Holliday, of the Asto
ria Hailroad franchise, gives him control of the
entire railroad system of Oregon.
Ksnalsn of the Society of' the Army
and Navjrof the CtaUf.
Mpapkd Exclusively to Tke fsemap Star.
Maw York,July6?The secood annual re
anion of the Society of the Army and Navy ot
the Gulf will take place in Boston on August
5th. Admiral Farragat will preside, and G.-n.
Banks will deliver the annual oration. Nearly
all the most prominent officers of the armv and
navy have accepted invitations, and a Urge
gathering is anticipated.
Suicide of n Young ttlrl.
Telegraphed Executively to The Evening Star.
Bo6Toa,t)uly 6.?Nettie Nelson, aged eigh
teen, committed suicide last night in her
mother's house by shooting herself with a pis
tol. The probable cause is her betrayal by a
young man named George P. Jones, who' is
under arrest pending the investigation
o i
The Friday Qeld Sale.
IW^npM Isdwiidi Is Tke Evening Mm.
New York, Jnly6?Oa Friday, the govern
ment will receive bids for 92,353,080 in gold, the
same being the July dividend on U. S. ft-ao's oi
the sinking and special fnnds. On Monday, the
11th instant, it will receive proposals for the
same amount of V3? bonds for investment of
the proceeds of the sale of said gold.
The Bid* for (?ntfniHirnf (?olil To
Xtw VoiK.July ?>.?There were Hfttrn l>i<k [
lor gold UHUV. HRI MIIltlHK fO !??! lU.lllol'-, ?-i\
ty-tive thousand. The highest bid ?a* III !|
100 and the lowest 111*76 iro. The award* wi.l
be fl,?*iO,0noat 111 l-'^-iOQ to 111 31-I'M*.
Hilled b> ? ttarglar.
N*w Hayk*. Comm. Jtilv 6?Nathah Fenn,
* prominent citizen of Milord. wan shot and
instantly killed in hi!* house by a burglar.*'
about half-past two o'clock this morning.
Two Brother* Drowned.
Pun ii^lphia, -lulvfi.?Two brothers. lieorgc
and -lohii W under licb, wore drowned at t'he
ier, Pa., while bathing in the creek yestex Uy.
Ikied ol hl? I njit rlen.
N*w York,.Inly 6?Charles Delong, injured i
at -lerse> City by the explosion of a cannon on
the Itb. died this morning.
Specie UvIiik
Nr.w York, July 6.?The Hus.-i* take- out
in -j>ecie.
This Afternoon's Proceedings.
SENATE?Mr. xmnner presented <t ui.-mo
rial Irom colored citizens of Memphis, Tenn ,
a-king t'ouirees to incorporate them under the
name ot the American Lincoln Association.
Referred to Committee on the Library.
Mr. i'ratt called up bill for relief'of I'm ted
State* and Brazil Steam Navigation Company;
which was passed.
Mr. Schurz, from Committee on Territories,
reported, with amendments. House bill to coti
stiueand annul ccrtain acts of tile Terntor ial
Legislature of New Mexico.
Mr. Lewis asked to take up bill to authorize
the cor|>orate authorities ot Wa-hington to en
dorse bonds of the Southern Maryland railroad;
but objection wan made l>y a number of Sena
Mr. Anthony called up bill to incorpora* ? the
United States Freehold ami Land COispam,
and to cntitirin certain proceedings in the 1 erri
torial l egislature ot Colorado, which was 1 -
cussed until the evpiration ol the mominv hour,
and then went over.
Mr. Abbott, from Committee on Paotic Kail
road. reported, with amendments, the bill to
incoi |Mjrate the contemplated Southern Trans
continental Railway Company, under the name
ol the Western North Carolina Extension Com
pany. The bill authorizes the Western North
Carolina railroad, the Wilmington, Charlotte
and Rutbcrlord railroad, and the Spartan-burg
I nion railroad to consolidate, for the pur|>ose
Of constructing and completing continuous rail
way eoinmunication via A?hville, North Caro
bna, and Ducktown, Tennessee, to Cleveland,
'1 ennes.-ee, or Dalton, i ieorgia, connecting the
ports of Newbern, Wilmington and Charleston
with Ssn Diego, California, by wav ot tlieSoirh
ern I'acitic railroad.
The Yiee President announced a? the Com
mittee of Conference on the funding bill Messrs.
Sherman, Sumner and Davis.
On motion of Mr. Wilson, the report ot the
Committee ot Conference on the armv bill was
assigned for to-morrow evening.
The river and harbor appropriation bill wa?
' then taken up.
Mr. Chandler said the Committee on C<<m
I m< rce bad decided to report this bill as it had
passed the House, without amendment No
doubt there are other appropriations which
might properly be made, but, under the cir
cumstances., the committee asked the Senate
to stand by them and pas* the bill without
Mr. Stwver called attention to the tact'hat
while ?IKMl.OOO was appropriated for harbor ami
river improvement in the North, and #2,uoo.oi>o
in the W est,scarcely anything wa.-appropriated
lor^the South. He moved an appropriation of
#.,."00 to remove obstructions Town creek, n ar
Charleston. <
Mr. Uobertson called for the aves and noe-. a?
he w anted to see whether it was proposed to an
piopriate all the inonev for one section ol the
country and none for the other.
^ The amendment was agreed to-ayes 27, uavs
Mr. Sawyer then moved to provide for a -ur
vey and examination of obstructions in the
Charleston hart>or with a view to the removal
ol the same. Adopted.
Mr. A bbott moved an appropriation of * loo.; tun I
tor improvement of Cai*j Fear river. He said
only *35,000 was appropriated Tor the whole line
?1 ?ea-coast stretching from Wilmington to the
Mexican line, and not a single dollar appropri
ated for the great ports of Baltimore and New
1 ork. For Michigan alone *m;,00O are appro
priated; for Iowa, W0.W. The bill is Unfair
and unjust- The merchants ol Wilmington are
now much embarrassed by the shallow channel,
and they should haveAlu* relief.
Mr. Chandler said it was well known that
these olwtructienewere put in the*? southern
harbors during thfwar. We have no report
from the engineers on them, but it is provided
for new survey- to be made of all these harbors.
tbe re*u,t 01 U10** surveys was known,
the estimates could not be Bade, and It is U>?t
to make no appropriations in advance, ot
course if the Senate choos? to load down the
bill with amendments and kill it, they can do it
but he asked them to stand bv the oommittoe '
After further discussion, Mr. Chandler made
the point ot order that the amendment, makni"
an appropriation and not being recommei.Jel
oy any committee, could not be received.
'J* Chair (Mr. Drake) overruled the |>oint.
lor the reason that in his opinion the bill wi
not a general appropriation bill, and hence d.d
i ot came within the rule.
A'r. Sherman said the Ohio Legislature had
instructed him to move ar. appropriation for the
I-ouisv ille canal, but he thought it best not to
?ner amendments, and should vote against
18 was ? niere trif.e for the wotk
at Wilmington, the estimates whlrh had been
made calling for Sl.TOO.wiO. Ha advocated that
all these matters should po over until the n?xt
The amendment was then agreed to?are- N
noes 18. *
?on m0Ted an app.-opnat.oti ot
fJOO.'OO tor the improvement ol the Jarns>
river, and removal of obstructions, from Rich
mond to Harrison's bar. and was proceeding to
advocate it, when Mr. Chandler appealed to
him not to advocate it, as now he would accent
anything that was ottered.
Mr. Sprague said the Southern harbors had
been neglected for the last ten years, and ai?
| ropUMtions were more necessary for them than
lor any other section
Mr. Morton suggested that it would be best to
wait until the survey was made, and then be
would be very glad to vote the required
amount. '
Mr. Johnson modified his amendment so as to
make the amount *100,000. when it was reject
0d?ayes 18, nays 25. J
) ??ved ?? appropriation of
?12,900 lor the widening and deepening ol the
? hip channel In the Patapeoo river leading to
the harbor of Baltimore. *
V? ?**<! this work bad been recommended
by the proper department, and the engineer's
estimates lor it had been made. The work
had been commenced by the city of Baltimore
and afterwards the State assisted, and as it was
an important public work, the assistance or the
I*?*'1' government had been solicited. The
work is now approaching completion, and Oen
Simpson recommends an appropriation ot
?1W ,000 for the work, but as onfv Wi.aS) ^, ?
used advantageously this year, he reoommen<l*
that amount only to be appropriated for the
present rear. The channel is aot now safe
for vessels under sail. No technical objec
tions can be raked to this appropriation
In view of the iaportaaoe ef the oommeroe of
Baltimore, asd its valae to the government, it
woald be wise and judicious to make this an wo
Station. From a statement given to him by
e collector of the port of Baltimore It ap
pears, that in 1866 94.MM.000 were collected of
duties on customs; in 1867, ?.1,798,000 in 1*;*
#6,tl 7,000; and in 1869, a?d t?
receipts for the jirst months of this year it Is be
ll-n li.? ?*5?ed ?M00,000 for
Mr. V. then spoke of the policy, which
seemed to prevail, ormaking large appropria
tions tor one section of the oountrp. The money
belonged to tbe wbole country, and it shookl
not be applied tor the benefit of one particular
HOUSE?Mr. Buck (Ala.) iotrodaosd a bill
granting lands to the Mewj)rissiis aad Selma
Railroad Company to aid in the construction of
their road. Kef erred * Committee on Public
Mr. Kerry. Mirk .,) from the Committee on
I*. *1 *iul I'ost Koadv reporfet ? bill
e ta< .ah t>g certain post routes: which ?*?
Mr. Dawes. chairman of the ConnHtM *n
Appr< pnaUoii*. r. |x?rti t a de>tcifiir) -?|?propri ?
ation till, wlticn vwaiikitil Ui be printed in I
r? t'erred ut the CMMittM of thr WlMlt, iml
n td th< special order tor lo-aomt alter the
inoi mi f hour.
The irguiar or(l?rlN*ln( ilrmamVit. th# Hon??
pioce<ded to vote u|<on the motion ol Mi
(Mw ? which * a? landing when the
liuuw adjoinned yesteiday. to mifMrf the
ri.lt* mil |?\ to tn-orga Tusker ? ? tor ???
ixnrf? incurred in contesting the k*i of Mr.
The resolution ?wrcjrctfrl-iw now U
not two-thirds voting in the artirruatlve.
On motion of Mr Bingham. ?>hio,) the rules
were suspended and an hour on FTida\ after tiis
mo'tung Lour a*?igucd to the Committee on Uk*
Mr. Cessna. tl'a.) troni the Committee on
Elections, iunde a report in the cn?e of Ket<l vs
?Julian, claimant* tor the Kent from the Fourth
Indiana district. aiul submitted three res
tion* 1st. Declaring that .lohn K. Keid *i<
not ilected an<l o- not entitled to a -eat in Con
pirr. id. That tieorge W. .lulian wan duly
elected and i* entitled to retain the *ea? h<> n>w
<>Tf u| ies. and 3d- Appropriating * to be pa d
to Kcid to del ray c<|t iipcf ot contesting the
Mr. Kandall , Pa submitted a minority re
port. All the |?a|?eri> were ordered rn h<? printed
and M r. Cessna gav* notice that he would call
up the can- at any early day.
The morning hour having been aligned to
the Committee on i'tihlic Land*?
Mr. Julian, chairman ot that committee. re
l?t ted a lull to repeal the act of .luly litb. l-**..
gi anting certain land* to dot- Doiumguec in
Calilort ia. which ? a.? passed.
Alw. a t ill to define s? amps and overti ?wing
lands There Wing consi Jerable opposition to
ti e MO Mr. -lull.tn. not to MHp| the time <>t
the committee, moved its |*>stpouen>?at to the
third Wednesday. wliieli wa* agreed to.
Mr Winans (Ohio,) from tli<k>aaecommittee,
reported a hill to cede to the Mate of < ?Uio the
unsold land* l? longing to the t'uited State* iu
the Wtst \ irfinia militarv district m that Stat*.
Mr. Hawby till.,) name connrttee, reported
a bill to conform the titles? to certain landa iu
llllltoi*. Pasted.
Mr. Winans reported a hill rels-ing whatever
title may be remaining in the I nited States to a
certain parcel ot land in Fremont iJhi > to the
corporation of Fremont. rawd.
Ali?, a hill directing the Commissioner ot the
General Land Office to i?u< a patent to Sey
mour Marshall of Hartford. Conn . to a certan
irlaud in Saginaw, Mill. Passed.
Mr. Fitch (Nev..) -*me committee, reported a
bill to make the Tsilltot I ot Auzona a sepa
iatc purveying district and to provide for a S.ir
vevor General therefor, which ?t< pansed
.Mr. Smyth (Iowal re|?ort?d a hill to leclare
Fort Berthold a military reservation. I'*?d
Mr. McCoraut k t Me. reported a bill for the
relief of certaih purchaser* of land from Bar
tholomew Pcikms or hi* legal representatises.
Mi. Myers <Pa.) moved to suspend the rale*
ati'l take up and pass the bill tor the relief of
the heir* of I*ethro Ward, the inventor ot the
iron plow, giving them
The bill was pas*< d?In* ayes to Mnoe-.
Mi. Ferry, i Mich.,) from the Committee on
Kule*. rej-orted that the committee had ec*m- ,
tned the maehine lor takirrg the aye aud imi
yotisot the Mouse invented bv Mr. Spring**. |
and on evhibition in the S|>eakcr's room and |
lind it nracticalde in itso|?eratiou. They tbare
tore -uVmitted a revolution directing the Clerk
to have the machine placed in the Hall during
the vacation under the direction of the Architect
of the capitol extensiou and that the work be
paid for out of the fundp'of the House for th*
purchase of furniture, the sum not to exceed
Mr. I?ickey (I*a ) moved to lay the resolution
on the table, on which the ayes and noe* were
demanded. Carried- aye- *5. noe- *"
Mr. l?awes, from the Committee on Appro
printions. reported back several Senate bill* to
carry into effect the decree ot the I'nited States
l?i*trict Courts iu relation to certain foreign
ve.-sels illegally seized, which was pa?*ed.
Mr. Bingham, chairman of the -Judicitrr
Committee, then called up the case of Patrick
Woods, charged with an assault upon H >n.
Charles H. Porter, of Virginia.
The Washinglon aad Klettnonil Prw
Claba-lfew They Weal lo Ihr Alls
K" aales-What laey Haw mad What
ei Bid-"ralamlly"-Tks Hams
of la?MM JeRervM -A Bi* Whl?ky
Mnaxli ? Among; the lanntalu ?
?? Pletcr-akne** Nesarry-L?B( Tna
?elt-MMwIvlag Vleww?Cmdor the
Blae Bldge-ThrMgh the Allfgha
?irs-Haa4ay mt the White Hal
phar-Hew the Ladle* Pawn the
Ttme There Eipsasivr aad DIM>
emit Mall road Work-The Day We
? Special corrcsj>on'lence of The Star.]
Whitk Sclphtr Sraiaoe, W. Va.. i I
July 3. ixTo. \ |
Oror star ?The Washington and Richmond
Pre** Clubs, having determined to celebrate j
the Fourth of July at this tamed watering place. :
the necessary arrangements were made, and the
Washington party assembled at the Maryland
av. depot ot the orange :ind Alexandria railroad
ye*terday morning at an earlier hour than many
of them are accustomed to be astir. Besides 1
the members of the club there were a few in
vited guests also "Sam." in charge of the com
missary dei<artmeat, (from AidibV' and Sam ?
dog. a dejected, dingy looking cur, who *eemed
to have a foreboding of the late in store for
bim. but. as the novelists say," let us not an
ticipate."' Our party, (embracing W. W. Wor
den, the well-known correspondent ol the Bos
ton ]Fcft and other papers; J. G. Holland, ol
the New York Associated Pre*. M W Barr.
ot the Southern Associated Press; W. K. Col
lins, K. F. Boiseati aud J. F. I>ooley,of Thi
Stab; Arthur Shepherd, Nath 1 Sardo and
Frank Howe, ot the Srpublicum. W. S. Reelan,
of the Ckroniclr F. A. Kichard*ou, of the
Baltimore Associated Prens; C. A. Pils
burv, of the Baltimore Oarrttf, and P. W.
Koj'ce. of the Western I'uion Telegraph,) a
few minutes b-di?re 7 o'clock took their seat
in the ci?r reserved for them, aud the train
started. Cro-sing the l.ong Bridge, we soon
passed turough the ancient city or Alexandria
before it ha 1 waked up, and. si>eeding on our
wav. mkiii cios*ed the famous Bull Hun; were
whirled past the plains of Manassas, where the
signs ot the late unpleasantness are neariy
ettaced, past Culpei?er Court Hou?? and it* neat
little soldiers' cemetery: |*ast orange Court
House, and about halt past 12 o'clock p m. ar
rive J at Cordonsville. which was an objective
point for military operations during the war on
account of its being an important railroad cen
ter. Here tlourUhe* an institution ol the Old
Dominion, which is seen in no other section of
the country?colored women ottering for sale to
hungry i?M?engers, spring chickens fried lu
batter, crisp aud brown, served up on Virginia
Here we were to change car*, and disembark
ing. we had to wait but a few minutes for the
train from Kichmond, which brought our
trieads from that city. The first familiar object
*een was the burly form of Zetelle, the Napo
leoa of restaurateurs/and without whose foster -
ing car* the cuimae of Kichmond would lan
guish. He came along to see that the members
of the fourth estate aid not perish by the way
side. He was standing on the platform ot the
car, and his salutation to our party was to the
point. Waving a Hask, his badge of office,
above his head, he exclaimed, "Aha! gentle
men, who will have ce cockee-tail. The
response was favorable, and in a few minutes
Kichmond and Washington were fraternising
Tne Klehaond party consisted of Jas. P. Cow
ardin, of the Ihtpatch, lCrnest Wilts, of the SW
Journml, J. B. Walters, ol the Wkif. A. M
Keiley.tbrmerlyof the fwaisr W.C- Elam,
of the Petersburg Countr, G. W. Gamp, of the
Petersburg CswnVr. Dr. C. W. P. Brock, ot tae
Kichmond Bsyturcr. Dr. Grey Latham, ** the
Lynchburg .Vr?r?. E- Cuthbert, Kichmond cor
respondent et tiie New Terk Herald C. B.
Luck, proprietor of the S|>otswood Hottl, S.
Zetelle. and one or two honorary member# ol
the Kichmond Press Club
We were then Invited to seats in their car on
the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, which was in
charge of a model conductor. Mr. J. B Finks,
ind the train soon started westward. The "tlow
if spirit*" which had been intermittent daring
the morning, commerced in good earnest, and
? more soon] gathering is seldom encountered.
Although the partv in the languag* of one of
Aeir number "abandoned themselves to fri
volity," the "lemonader?" were as liveivas the
?cockee-taUers" and mirth aad good feeling
> re vailed. Barn's dog. heretofore referred to,
aid who bore the ominous n&me "Calamity
eemed to become more and more depressed
ind melancholy at the levity of his two legged
?mpantone, and seeking some quiet retreat,
lafertunatelT tor him he ran against a stalwart
oember of the Washington party, who with
ome remembrance of Mr. F.'s auat m Little
? I ? -
At lire
MikgM. fti liimt'4 (tiM h* wa* ?o n ?
fO f hlick that ?. o*f ot ? ??*?? "?
J Slui ng ?hc a."tl*n te t*.e w or f h* M ?i4 ? .
I auitt with nr>r??? I>*m* ??l ni rH
j >!ow he wen'. IV ti(il ?rwr> King *t the
! 'itf ol n liilrf an hour . ?r<1 Ihr a-i ?... ? ,?f the
! astotTxhed ? part-"* be w as tnmbli; ^ . n 1 v, i
' et d ii?*n an cmbankmen*.
thi ?* or j*>w r?>*.
I Sootl tflfl Uli> llillo lU?*?>iellt ?<? |. >,|
"MiML" tU >'i .1 tui :. ii "hi u. ?
I a. liHtBTtlt th* |T?|rrti ol Ttx>ma? 4*11. r?>n
, >!DCt the lit* ot 'l i? rrll. *t the o.dsa |,a
* ?" ?hcd 1n Ibrii I M?!tie ? t. ? yr *r?
''?n . Bmrf tJi*n OM U!l ol the structure (,?.
ground. and at the pre*, ni ra e
"l <lii.ii.>? graUoi n.ithii g Wt 11 seen remain hut ?
L ii '0?** *? **,k tbe ?lt*- JUxf bf;on<l Skt I
V .*? tic* of MoaCtcelle. once
irvTi .0,n"i ** ?> the IVi'ltnt ii oi
rnou^',.Ol a
mountain. and overlook* * s^a.mrn' .tretrh Ol
I COUhtr). J Mi <lmit here *1 ?au-t ...
great Mountain belt of V rgit.ia tt.? nr-. r,iu!-*
l?e!?ig the Southwest MMilaiu. I rmi k,rJi,.
the filue Ki.tg. fl.e ?cener\ i* heautit ul ltwill
thence t? tbe Allegheny* It ?* gi and
The M?t m note i* the I uurroti <h
^ lrginia. at t *harlotte*vi11e. after pa*"ing win h
we >tvil oa our toward- ttw H'ur Ki l^.
About this pait .ii the route a -..^t|e iwc*4en' ?,
carted ahuli *lightly disturbed u>r e-|ii?mm ?*
* i, * Ti.l..-r? ,.f our parte. I he V irgn, ,
State printer, a vert clever gentleman. tkiu^h
wiw inadvertence," oat down rather for .-it.I,
on a > 1 aiwpagne Imsket, whicb ?a> nil* I w t*?
l??ttlca iiwitaiiilM ctilin li-j'iof brsngV along
by the tiichmond |>art\ I he rtMllt w t* ? big
?*??('? ?*>*?*. an t a* the prccio i* fluul ?pr.?a I
it** It over tl?e fUmt of Uie car th* to .it t .
gu?l an.l liM|i?twtliin alnrli /.etelle 4ir*rt?> t r?
? Willi ttie iui|>iit a a* a M^lit u> xt.
*??! STAIN H RR|R\
At *.rr. ti?oo?l there l? a lar^.- a|- arv tu-ar t i.?
<l?p|iOt. I'Ik hee-tiive* arr|-ainte<t wh re. an | >i
?e art'miiu< ? hat like (Ik* otielinli* >'i honor
rct'aiH'J Corijri wnirn at the i*oi ^rew>io>iai
CeBi^tetT. bettor the nu?r?k. oi one o: our t utv
?ho ? aiiti ?1 to know wlia' jftarei ar.| tli?t ?*<
\N? arre in the K!;ieH ?!*.? reg on. an<1 th?
M-eii?-r> aa?very ? -|-i? iiy?- ?k i.-/' a? rrtaaikel
hv one gentleaaii Iron,: loa ?ir<M-ua.?o.l to
Alton, a ?ti?tan>-e of m* or . g'lt t>. t i roa I
i? ?. ?Miped out ot the nickv atdto oi the Itl io
Kiiljte, uii aMonalli tor. I?m it? ? a\ Hy1ntin<N
throagli tlie ?|>ur? ot the ??????-*- |.. nlr .
tor al! tht* di?ta?oe we l?> 'k i|.iwuhu iii?i. ?i
feet ?*low UK. on th?- liea itltal K ? k I .-S \ ?
ley, aith tin tertil. itel.l?, ?|>re i I o i* far
lailes an.l inile?. an.l Ixiuuilivi on all ai.|?.
I>t <'lou<l-.'a|>|>e| ntiiiiitaiMB. s.iM >a.?- w?
come hnni|. k^iiiki the luam rmmf .? tuo
H.iie Kiilge, anil dive ?t once m*.? tl.
.laiknea* ol a tunn.l, which ia tSaat ?
mile lot g Noiucot ?Htr|>ait> lu-reen ove.1tr.im
the rear rat the l?eautil ul il.?.iirin( viea< wtuoli
are toi ine*l at the reoe.lnig oiiruiu^ oi 4 i
!?> the a "thMi ot the ?ni ik<- an t the ra'.i I .*!i ?*i^
ot |^?iUon ol tb?- >|erfif.ir. Kmerging w m ?
on il.e a.Mcrii ?: >pe ot the Itlur Ktjg.- ai I Ii*rr>
ae 4i*Javered a h\ anttlta loo.>iu>tik?- h ? I
HMida ii-tied info ourttain at A flaw. 1'be raa I
at once ?|o|?e.l down into the valley at a k-r? |.
ot three hiitidrt^l feet to tbe mite 'lit lifvu.^t
grade tor lo.ouiotivu* in tlir I mU-d *> ato? and
the effort*of both ei.gMi. - were directed to k'?e|>
ing our train Iroai |.lungm^ >ut.> th- r? .. .
Arrived at the Imftoni ol the v allev, there i? ?
Munlar gra<l< to i>uriaoiint. and the ?hort
ot the locomotiv?i> Khoved bow hard thev ta
ilored. A- it aa*, the traiu catue to a lull atop
once or twice, tbe engine wh.-eln revolrnig ra
|>idly without taking hold ol the track T'n?
at range me nt u> onlv tein|iorary. and the |?ernia
tieiif tra. k m now Wing ooaotrtctr4. ra.|airing
mn < tnl aiikmi nt aeveral hundred ioet high.
Pawing the <|ilaint town of Wavneoh.iro'W4
i-oori entera?l stamitoii. the Auhurti ol \ irginia.
Here I* tbe Inaane A?ylum. witli about .Vh? ia
matee, th. Asylum for the l?oat liuuil. and
Hlltid. a SStatef |<riMiti. Ac , A . Kroiu bore to
the Alleghamee and l>e.\ond, the mxintam
?? en>'i v in tbe varied picture* it* preaent*. I*
f.?ual tii any in tbe i-omitr?. our parts- greaMe
enjoyed it until it a a* too daik to ?oe. tbe la-'
(?eautiftil picture ween l>v tailight li?ing at < lit
ton horge where the .lt,kwi Hiver an t Oo?
Pasture unite to form ftie .Jam---. It i? a pocket
eaiUoa ot Hai i**? Terry
at tii ?rtnw?.
After goiug throiigh tbe All^bame* by a
tunnel over am le long, we reached the elation at
Whit* Sulphur Spring*- alniut !<? o'cto k p. ru ,
and in bre Minute* reached th* hotel by auitii
bu*. ?*ur|iart> were waugneii to tbe raw oi
cottage* heretofore knoa u a?' Paradiae K>w" ?
newly cbri*tened 'Newxpa^ier Kow." We were
up t<etlme* thl* morning, and alter a vi*it to the
spring, an.l a drink of tbe "bilge water.'*
greatly enjoyed tbe lutury ot a Milphur bath,
which cleaiincd u* from tbe duat ot -'?< mileh liy
rail. Then to bri'?kta*f. and afterward" where
ever inclination led There wax preaching m
tbe hotel parlor at II o'clock thi* m ini ng by
Kev. 1 ?r. l>ickin*oti, a well-known Ba|>ti>t m<a
ifter of Ki -bmottd. We now learu?.l that tbo
arrangement toi a *|?e- lal train from here to
morrow evening had failed, which will no.
tale the ilepartare ot your .-orreaponden*. and
a tew other* from beri by the train at 3 o'clock
to morrow mot mug
There are not man\ at the *pringx yet. but the
great ru*h will come thi? month. Nenat ?r?
Howard Mtid \ ate* are bere, a'*o Mr. A. K
Petri, ot Wa*hm^toii Hon J. Ii He.-k. of Ke .
and Me**r* W W Corcoran. .1 O. Iterrett. an I
K.T. Meruck, of WuIuu^Wd. have vngag-' l
WHAT THIV IX? at TH* Pritllit.
I he routine here ap|iear* to ?..? about *.? toi
low* ? I he iadie* generally vi*it the wring he
tween ?'i and T o'clock a m., and drink two or
tliree gla*xe* of the water. Shortly afterward*
tliev breakta*t, an.l then " do treadmill," th*'
m. tbey proceed to tbe |iarlor. where the old
l?eople take neat* along tbe wall*, while the
young one* promenade around and around tbe
room, and make their engagement* I'oi tbe ex
cui>ion* of tbe day. After the ride or drire or
ten pin* which coiae* ot the oaorning engage
ment. dre*a for dinner After dinner, a aieeta.
then mutic in tbe open air, and then *upi?er. tbe
day closing with a ball
It ia needleaa to aay UTthln; of the medicinal
<iualitir* >d the water here. The nabjtd baa
Uen written threadbare, a* have the big dining
room?tbe Urge*t ia tbe ooMtitry?and other
wonder* of tbe place Under tbe pre*ent e?
ceHenf manafemenr tbe White Sulpha
will hold it* place a* one of th"
leading watering plaoe* of the country, and
will grow in popular lav or a- the public be.-oae
better acquainted with the tact that it i? loca
ted in one of the mo*t beantn ul and xalubrioua
region* in America, and that tbe teni|>erature
i* 10 to Ju degree* tower than on tbe Atlantic
eoa?t. The |>roprietoni of the spring* are Wm.
H and George I. Peyton, .loha BTl in*leyia
?the xaperintendent Col. P. F Webb, in charge
?f diaing room, and f:ugene Pertnn. A H Mil
ler. <lame* Chamborlain, and Col. Harrey,
clerk*, all of tbeui *entlemen who know bow to
keei. a hotel. Walker le? i*. an intelligent ?>I
ored re*ident ot Waxlnngton, i? h?**T waiter
here, awd lia* been tor tweuty years. He was
home to vote for Mr. Kmery.
RAiLBOAi>fn<i rvnaa t.ikfrtltias
The recent completion of the Cbeaapeak* m l
Ohio Kail road fo the spring* enable* ladie* and
invalid* to reach them without the di*comtort of
mountain traveling by rtage The dllBciilUes
which bare been *urmounted by tlu* road ia
cutting a path through this rugged mountain
country tor tbe iron horse are hardly conceiva
ble by tho*e familiar onlv with ormnary rail
roading. Tbe tunnel*?there are ten or twelve
ot them?h?*e already boen mentioned statis
tic* are out ot place in a letter or thi* kind, bat
it may give a better idea of <om; of the difficul
ties overcome to state that in one xhort stretch ?
the Morse run ttU?hetwoen Covington and
White Sulphur there are Mw,<4u cubic yard* of
embankment, which would make about forty
mil< x ot railroad on ordinarv route*. The em -
banknient i* only one-fourth of a mile long, and
cost *f>i,??i. "Jeffrie* run" embankment i*
17* feet high, and will cost, when nompletod.
?To".000. It ia one-fourth ot a tuile long. Tbe
average cost tier mile of the road between Cov
ington and white Sulphur Is ?tiiiA.Kio, but at
*ome place* it co*t a* much as fCUm.dnn per mile.
<?enoral W. C. Wickliau isthe President of the
road, which ia now in tbe hand* of Northern
capitalist*, who will pusb it forward rapidly to
the Ohio river. W. K. 0
tb* oLoitiora mrrH at rne sr?t*o?
On Monday, the *th imtant, a ban iue? wa?
tendered to the Press representadvea by the
Messrs. Peyton & Co. Tbe affair took place at
4o'clock In tbe afternoon, and among the la
vlted guests were Senator Vate* and Howard.
A.K.Perry, Eo>r. aad J. C- Kennedy, Kaq., of
Washington. .Ia??-s A.cowardin.aenfor editor ot
tbe Kichmond IhimmtrlI. pceWded. About alxty
guest* were seated at the table. After a dlaaoi
worth v of the occasion had booa disponed or,
response! to toasts were made by Mr. W Barr,
agent of tbe southern Associated Pre*. Sena
tor Howard, .'anses A.Oowardm, Senator Yates,
A- M. Keilev. Col. J. B. Baldwin, Dr. Uray
Latham. C. B. Luck aad ether* a poem, writ
ten tor the ooamon br L. A. Uohright, of
Washington, ww road. The dining aad wining
was kept ap about tour hour*, aad in the even
ing a ball in howor of tbe Pre** representative*
took place, which was largely attended. Oa
Monday evening a meeting of the Praw repre
sentatives was held and resolution* adopted re
turning their thanks to the proprietors aad at
taches of the White Sulphur Spring", J. L. Bar ?
I >our. P rem dent ? ?range and Alasaadrla rail
road, Gen. W. C. Wick ham. President of the
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, and other*, for
courtesies extended, aad thev startou for tfceli
homes yesterday morning, r'eachiag here la?t
TnaKicHMosD Cow as rap ELm??o* ? o**
'Lai, ser* T tk*. P*??*Taft>e??Judge Oulgon
1?. decided in the rontoste.)
tk*t th? matter ot illegal and
fr**duJf"t rotes cannot be gone Into. Hadthi"
matter boen opened, the legal proceed ng' won Id
have extended beyond the term for wh eh th j
fll, ,?i?<!TL*rlele<",*<L The vepuMtcan* clai .
that this docbiton in efleet gives the . tv oftl ? -
* their ca?dhiatas The oonMrvit.ve* *r,ii
Se ele^n0** ?* ?r?u?^ ??laUrmahty r,
?yTeninmrr has reduced iU poll fat trom
?l.^S to M cent*, and appropriated it all to the
?fir A rail war eaterpriae In KentaeVy b*
been promoted by "an eaUoataatic meetiag a* l
>qulml r*? "

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