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1hi Natbaj Mirdik Awt> tub ??wish
|x<imric C'boo.-The Jewish Meeeenger say*:
??Without inter.rtiag mot reflection upon other
rrecda, It may seem puf^tble to them that awn
cou'd kill in such a cruel way hi.* own father;
t at they mu?t be utterly unfamiliar with the
.lewith " household?combining, a.* it almost
doc h. tbwe truder anil loviag con
nections between hus*?and and wile, parent
and ehiM. and brother and slater, which
i# not invariably fonnd elsewhere?to
believe it pr?biM?. The revolting crime
p! |>?rrl<,M)f is unknown among the mat ot
It-reel's comm scion, and we feel an assurance,
which aiiiouu> to cert-iinty. that th-j present
nt.bappy ca-e will not pro^e an exception. But
? f.e innocent will sutler nevertheless. Thoue
ari,i- w!.c? have read the (crave charges' preferred
I v un^-rnpulous scribbler* and mtilc up their
i: r <!a adversely to the .nn icetiee ol their *ic
(:n.- w;!I never read the exculpating testimony,
and to them the*- will ever be guilty; bat even
? lowing that their minds be-eruedisabused,
r'.fte will still be a lingering ret ling?particu
lar !v in the event of the murderer not being
brought to justice?that the accused are income
n vst- rious wav tainted with the crime although
tt re be not tbe stato* ol evnlence to prove
tar A BuRa'.o Mrenader sang "I'm thinking,
lov e. of thee.' when the Accent of about tou
galons of water troiu a third-story window
proved that her papa was thinking of him.
?y-What do vou think or our rifles?" aaid
the King of Prus.-ia to tieneral liourbaki. o
the French 7!ouave?. when h<* was in Berlin
after tbe war of !*<!??. ??Well," he repliel, '*it
will depend on the men who are berore them
I orrin.vL.i
Passed ?t Second Segutn of Forty-first Congron
|Franc?Wo. M I
Ax Ai t t? revise, consolidate, aisd amend the atat
ut> - rrlstin-- to pat-nts and c. pvri_tits
!??>>. \' ?:> F*?'M ?ATl ai'AT S Sr.lE.l
?ic M*. Anl ?! fyruvr ? f, That datmag*'
I r tic infringement of any patent mav be recovered
ly aitii n i'ii the ra?- in any circuit court of the
I nited States, or <li-trict court exerri-ing the jnris
?;>< ti. aula, ircuit c ?urt, or in the supreme coert of
il Instri tof Columbia, or ?! any Territory, in the
> ?mo ol th? party interested, either aa patentee,
er grantee And whenever in any such
*? tior a trrdict shall be rendered for th. plaintiff,
the court may enter judgment th* reon for any ?um
at ft tb>- anioiiut touad by the verdict at the actual
d> n>ae-e-ti-tati *d. aeror ting to the rlrcumstance*
. : lliecaee. not exceeding three times tin* aai >uut of
such verdict. together wtth the coats.
B . (in t* >t ftirthtr >n9rtid. That whenever,
through MtaloTttiici*. accident, or mistake, and
will' 'it any w:l Jul d- fault or intent t ? defraud or
mislead the public. a patente* skull hare (In hi? sp?
citu ation' rlaimed to !>? the original and first inven
tor . rdis. .nerrrolaa] mateiialor subatantial part
< f th< thing p ?'ent*d. of whir h he was not the orig
iral and flr?t inventor or discio^rcr as aforeaaid.
??lery ?uch pat ?nt'-e. his 'iKnt^rs. ndminntrators.
and ase :u?. whe-thrr ? f the wiole or any s-cti-nal
intT'-st m tli*- pa' nt. may |niaintaina ?nit at law >r
in e,juitT.for the infringement of any p-*rt there it.
whirh was b >lia fide his own. pro*id?"d it shall l>s a
it. itirla' ai.d -ub*tarti tl psrt of th>* tlniiK patented.
*1 d b?-dehnitely eistmK*ishabl?* tr?m tb* parts ?>
claimed. * ith. ut right as aforesaid, not withstand
mi thr speciii- ationsmav embrace more than tha' ot
wInch the pal*i.tee wm the original or tirat Inventor
<-r discoverer But in ? very such case in which a
lO'lgnieut or decree si ill be rendered for tha plain
tiff ao < -tp. shall b?rec?v? r?-d >inle? the aroper dis
? asni'T baa be?a ente u at t't- Patent OfRce b?-fora
the cotnm Dcenient o' tl?e ?nn n r shall he be . n
t :l~d lo the beneflt* of this section if he shall nave
anreasonaMy negl ct?-d or delayed to ent?r said die
^ 61. Arfi '# ?f fvrtk'T Th-%! io mny
*. tj il i nlr eg- ui-nt lU- defendant iray r>ad the
c neral issu* :n.<l hat:'; Ki<*a uotice in writing to
tie- piaintitf ?.r his attorney, thirty <lavs before, may
ptove on ttiAl any one or more of the following
? psi ial ui ?tt,-r?
First That tor th? pnepn?a ofdsceivlng the public
the 'tssrnpti ?' and aptciticati ju lib-d by tli" patentee
? a tha Patent Cfflc. was bk1? to contain les- than
th- whole truTb :el.? ive to bis invention or lucove
r> or more than i- t??-ce?sarv to produce the deeirsd
et; ?r.
>*eend That he had tnrr?i?tltion?1y or unjustly
obtan.ed tli' patent for that which wm ia IWt
?iivmted b? an -tlier, who ??> Using reaatiuahle dili
nee in a.1 tpting and perfectiii^ the oain-. or,
Tlurd. That it bad b<eu pab Ltej ot 4eecrib*d in
st m printed puMication prior to bis supposed in
tentioa or #l?c .*svv thereof, or,
Foarth Tliat he was aot the orunnal and firet in
ventorordisc tverer of any aaaterial and substantial
purt ot tb ? thing patented; or,
Fifth Ibat ir bad f>een ii public nse or ea sale in
thi? conatry, for nmrs than two yeara before bis
application for a patent, or had been abandoned to
tae public. . . . _
An l in indices .as to proof-*>f previous invention,
kr.. w !edg?. or u?*?>f the thing patented, the del end
ant >liall state the names ol tb? patentees and tbs
?late* ot their patents, and when granted, .tad the
nante* an 1 residence of the per?>n* alleged to have
inverted or to have bad the prior knowledge of the
thiug patented and where and bv whom it bai beea
n?ed. and it any < oe r m r# of the ?ne< lal matters
allege,] ?ba.! be b-uud for the deteniant. iudgt?*nt
aha!! be rendered for bun with cos;s And th-> like
lefen .?? m?? he pleaded ia any suit in equity for re
liet against an allege,) i?friag-'ui-et. and proofs of
?ac;e may i?e ?ilH upon like notice in the
s?-r ot the det-ndant, and with the like eSect.
Dtr An I be <t fur'nrr ?MaHJ. That waenevtr
it shah ?pp~ar that the patentee, at the t.uia ot
Mia's og b:? application for tbe patent, believed hua
self to b* the original and fl^st inventor or diacov
? rer of tb - thiDK patented, the <mi> shall not ha
bei.l to i.e id ?xi a< . uaot of the invent.ou or dia
-i > . ? r part thereof, hav ing I een known or
u-?d in a foreign country, before bis lurentiou or
<1.-cover) th. re. f. if it had aot been patented, or
gesrritird it* a printed publication.
>?r M Aft VI l twt/i'T 0n*ui*A. That where the
P ?? i ?:,) inve'ition or 4ls>- -very, the pat Dt
t r ?b:ch w.ts grant'-d prior to the secoud day of
SI .ri ? eijht-en huii lredan'l sixty >no shall deaire
?i. ext. n-i. n of Ii ? patent te-y- nd the original Una
? ?f it- mitatioi'. b->hal! make appln tfion tb'-refor,
in ar t rg to th- C'otnnn-u>n-?r. setting forth the
r-aaot - ? by such ? 'tension should he granted; and
lie >!it ... -o furni-h a writteu ststem-nt nn b r oath
?: ? to ascertain'd value ol the invention or disco*
rty. and of Ins receipts and erpen liturea on a count
thereof, suflfi lently in d-tail to exhibit a tru-and
f vithfnl ao oitM of tbe 1 .ss and pr- nt in any maiiaer
isci ru: it t<> him by r"%~n < f said fnveution or di*
? very And -utid application ?hall be filed not more
1'ian ?i\ iaotith? n. r fe^s than umety days before the
evpirati >i of the original term of the patent, and no
e\:enM' ii snail l?e granted after the expiration of
e:ald original tarns.
m-.? .at An4 br ii turtkrr fnar" l, That apon the
teceipt f sui h ape'acati n. and the payment of th*
duty re.j.u* bv Is*, th- Viamissi.uer shall <.ause
i be publisbe i in one new<pap>r in t*e city of
^ aelr.ugt n. and in each otber papers published in
the se. ti u ot tb C' uutry ai >et intereet sl ailveraely
to the extension of th- patent a- he may deem
fr p- r. tor at least aixty days prior to ihe day set
?r be-iriMg the < ase a noti.-e of such application,
and ot the urn and pl^ce when an l where tbe eaaie
will be i asMsrfd. that aay p-r?i?nuy appear and
showtai- ?b> tb?-evten?i'Ui should not be granted .*
s?s? . ?? A" l '/? ?r fHT'ker tnmrl'tl. That on tbe
r Hicat- not -uch notice, the <jeminiasioner aha! I
rife th ra?- to the principal etammer having
< ! arg> of lb cl.iaa ?! laventtoo* to which It bslougs.
wi"i sh.ill make t-, said C. auiiissiiHier a lull report
of tite csee and parti' ularly whether the in**utioa
? r discoverv ?a- new *? <1 patentable when the
original pit: nt vena granted.
>?i ????. Am i ?r '?ri/,?r e*'i'?></. That th* Com
a sc-;ea?r ahali, .it tbe tiai- aud plai-edesigaatod ia
o .o. bad ami e near and decide upon tlie evi
dence pr stored. I?>thf >r and a.ainst the es:?sn?on;
at.I it it st>a ' tppear to hla eaiiafaction that tbe
I'teutee, with -ut ne.lect or fault on his part, hat
i d tn obtain fr m the use and sale vf hi, invention
ti di~ irei y a reas .table remunerattou f..r the
''?* lagenaity,and *\penb-stowe.1 upon it. and
?b mir.slartiou of It let . u-a, and that it ts just and
proper, bsv.ng due regard to tte puflJ interest,
thartn letnt t tn. patent should b* extended, ths
sa t t i iawii>?ionee ?>iall make arertificate therein,
renew i-^g an I extending th* said pateDt for the term
? r seven > ar? lr-m the expiration ot the first term.
?bich certificate st all be recorded in the Patent
t'ffil.. snd tb.renp n tt- ?anl pat eat shall bare the
a-.nie.fv t m Isw as though it bail been originally
H an tad to. twenty en - >eara
sac. tl. Mud be ?x/?ri/ie* ? i? "i That the benefit
of theexreneHMa of a ptt-uf shall exteod to tbe as
signees and granteesot the right to us- the thiug pa
tented to the rxteut of thetr laterest therein
<? A.: <1 V iifyr-i'r ?*u /?/. That tbe t How -
ilk shall be the rates for patent fees
Ot filing each original application tor a patent, fif
teen d liar
t?n i*e?;mg e?, b original patent twenty dollars
On tilruf es h caveat, tea dollars
?<n every apfli. ition Kr tbe reissue of a pateut,
thirty <l**Jlar?
?la hiiug eacit disclaimer, ten dollars
On evei y application for tbe extension of a patent.
17 d"'lar?
On the grantitgot every etfenaion ot a patent.
fifty diwl.tr*
t>n an sppoal t ir the Prat tune f,oin tb primary
e\an-in?rs t^ th- examiners in chief, teu dollars.
t>u ev ry appeal from the exan iners lu chiet to
tl? t oaiau-sioiier. iweaty dollars.
>" r eertiei d cnaies of patents and other papers,
let, cei.ts per hundred worde
? or recordiug etery assignment, agreeeaeM, power
?I attorney, or oth?r paper, ot three hundred words
? r nnd-r, twie d dlar. of over throe hundred and nn -
t.er on. iho.isand worle. twi h ilars of over one
ii:c-os?aBd words, thi? e dollars.
? r cctui** tf drawings, the reasonable coat oi
?-king tn-sn
siu tp 4?i k* ujurits sis/i?ii, That patent feee
ii a. t-r paid b> the I mini-sioner, or to the Treaeu
??r ?r si y .,f the ae- stai.t treasurer- ef the United
*"*te- er to any of tbe designated depositaries i
"? "ts I ai.ks, or receivers of public ~
I ? i ? . ??- U - - - ?*
ti ? V.receiv?r? of Mbllc ui .ner
-???-ev ymj i'W I
-i>7 aunt or -urn- et mftii-t to any person who shall
have pa il the -.one into llae treaaarv . or to an> re
csiver or depositary to the credit of th- 1 reasurer,
a- tor tees arciata* at tha P vtsntofll * through
mistake. Certlttt ate tnereof being made to said Tre?
siet bi thet>.aiiniiia'imer of l atent
hrc. 71 Asd a* ti fktiie >sr'?t, That any person
?tio. i>v hiaown industry, genius. r!l>rta. and ex
prase, h is invented >r pr-lneed a^y new and origt
ua drsigm tor s manufacture, bust, statue, alto
g.lieso. ? r fcss relief; anyliew and original d*siga
t r the prtntiag ol woolen, silk, coagoa. or other
Is1 no; aiy new au4 oeigieal :mpr*o*fon, orna
nent. pattern, print, or picture, to be printtd.
paint. 1. <-aat. or otherwise pU' si on or worked
? n| article of manufacture, or any new. useful, anl
criginal sliapa or conflgvtra'ian of sny article of
ir.ai iifact ere. tha eame i.ot bavtvg b- en known or
iisad by others before his laveut i.ia ot prodactiuo
thereof, cr patented or described la any printed pub
In atb a. mas-. up?u payment ot tbsdaty iwiuirsd by
Isw. and . thsr due proceedings had the Stutte as ia
< ases of inventi->bs or diacoveri a. obtain a pa>nt
lbhit'*rj Am i he il fwrtktr #a?rW. That the Oom
?I asi ner D.sy <?t.petisa w ith models of designs a lama
t?. d-atgr, caa b- -tifBclently repreeeated by draw
V'r'y'i'/Hs^t fwrrkrr rmmctfi. That pateata
t. r dseiaae may he mated for tbe term ol thrae
yesrs and aix di nths, or for aereu yeara. ar for
t nrte. n pears, as th: applicant as). in hie applies
ticn, elect.
S*a 74. And he ?' furthtr That pat?nt?-e
| of 4< -.go* i??u-d pi i<>r te March taro, eighteea hun
i dr?>l iihI niitrveK. >li?ll W '?IUN to >a uf
t their r?*p?- live patent* fur the l^roi ? f ?e\en vear*.
in th? m?* ii.kiiu. r ajid uuj?r the *%m* rNtrktt <u*
a* are pr >vl.!ed for tha eatension of pttent* f >r in
vention* ?r dlscoveriee, is*u??d prior *o th* s?-cond
day of March, tightet-n hundred and ?ixty-one.
Br< .75. Anl be it further enacted. That th* fol
lowir? ?ball be the rates of ffM in d?sign ca*e?;
For three year* and ill month*, ten dollar*,
for seven year*, fifteen dollar*.
For l?art?en far*. thirty dollar*.
For ail other caa>?? in which tee# are re.julr*d. the
sam*- rare* as in cases of invention* >>r di*co*<rie*_
Ssr.Tfi Amd bt ?l further ennrted. Th*t alt the
r>-gnlattoa* and provi??->n* which apply to the ob
ItiLtM or protection of patent* for invention* >r dis
? . .veri?-? not in r>ni>i*'ent with th" provi?ion?of thil
I a t, shall apply to p'mt< for design*.
| 8kc.7T And be ujurtktr nmrte4, That any person
or firm domiciled in the United States aud any cor^
p- ration created by the a ithority of the Vnited
state*. ? r of any State or Territory thereof. and any
p reon. i;rm, or corporation r??idi*tit of or located in
| any foreign country which t?r treaty or convention
af*.rrt? similar privilege* to citlzju* of the United
Mate*, nmVwh'1 are entitled *o the exclusive as* uj
afcy lawful trade mark, or who intend to adopt and
ntr eny trade mark for ?*el?it? use within the
tailed State*.m?y obtain protection for *nch lawful
trade mark, by complying with the following re
' quiretnente. to wit:
First By causing to be resorded in tb^ Patent
I Office the name* of the par tie* and tlieir re?ide?ices
and place of business, who desire the prjtecti in of
' the trade park. ..
Second. The claw of merchandise and the partKU
I lar description o; goods comprised in such clan.*, by
which the trade mark baa bwn or is intended to bs
I tillupiIgjud. . .. ...
Third A deecrlption of the trade mark itself, with
I fac similix thereof, and the mode lu which it ha*
I been or is intended to be applied and used.
Fourth. The length of time, if any during which
the tra.le-mark has t'een used. _ ,
fifth. The payni nt of af-e of twenty five dollar*,
in the same manner and for the same purpose as tha
fee* required for piteots.
Sixth The compliance with snch regulations a*
may be prescribed i>y the Commissioner of Pa'ents.
IrtMilh. The filing of a declaration, onder the oath
of the permit, or of *om? member of the firm or officer
of thee rporati >n. to tlia effect that the party claim
ng protection for the trad" mark ha* a right to the
u--eof the *nti)e, and that no otker person, firm, or
? ? ip..ration has the right to snch use. either in th-'
??lentical form or having such near resemblance
th# i eto asm'ikhtbc calculated to dr eive and that
the description and fac simile* ereeented for record
are true c.-pit* of the trade-mark sought to be pro
tected. _ . . .
9kc. 7*. And be if further ennrted, That snch trade
mark shall remain in force for thirty year* liom the
data of such r gist ration, except in casei where rucb
trade mark i* claimed tor and applied to article* not
manufactured in this conntry and in which it re
reives protection under the laws of any foreign
country lot a ehor sr period, in which cas* it shall
-?>aee to bare any force in this conntry by virtue of
thi* act at the tune time that it becomes of no effect
els- where. and luring the period that it remain* in
force it shall entitle the parson. Arm. ?r corporation
r gintering the same to th9 exclusive use thereof so
tar a? regard* the description of good* to which it in
appropriated in the state-ncnt tiled tinder oath as
aforesaid, and no other person shall lawfully
u-e the suae trade mark, or substantially the
| Mime, or ao nearly resembling it ma to
l>e calculated to deceive, upon substantially the
Mlie deicription of goods: Provided, That six
months prior to the aspiration of said term of thirty
vjirs. application ma> be made for a renev alof such
r?gi*tration, ?nds' reew'attoas to be prescribed by
the Conimis*ion?r of Patent*, and the tt-e for such
renewal ihall he the same a* for the original rogis
tratioa: certificate of auch renewal shall be iasued
in tl.e same manner as for the original registration,
viid roch trade mark shall remain in force for a fur
ther temi of thirty year*. And rroridrd further,
1 hat nothing in this section * hall he construed by
any *< nt as abridging <>r in any manner *fb?cting
unlatorably the claim of any persoj firm, corpora
tion.or c. mpany to any traV mark after the ? xpi
r .t nol the term tor which snch trade-mark was
Sec. r9. And t>e ?t further mirtr l. That any per
son er corporation who shall reproduce, counterfeit,
cony, or imitate any -inch racorde.1 trade mark, and
affix th>-same to go-*is < f *ul>*tantiall> the same de
srtiptiTe (ropertfe* and uualitie* as those referred
to in the registration, shall b?' liable to an actios in
the c?sc for damage* for -nch wronclul u*i> of said
trade-mark, at the suit of the owner tberoof, in any
court of lotnpeWnt jurisdiction in the Onit<-d States,
and the party aggrieved shall also have hi* remedy
according to ?be court* 0f equity to enjoin the
wrongful use or hi* trade mark and to recover cotn
p. nration therefor in any Court hnvtng jnri^liction
over the person ffnttty of snch wrongful use. The
CijumiiMiobrr of Pat?Hits shall not racrive and re
copd any propoeed traj? mark which is not and can
n>4 bt> ome a lawful trade mark. or which i* merely
the t.ame of ? pen-on, firm, or corporation only, nn
accompanied by a mark sufficient to distinguish it
fr<?i the *anie name when ucod by other person*, or
w hicb is idrutlcal with a trade mark appropriate to
tl. ? same class of merchandise ai.d belonging to a
di*T< rent owner, and already registered or received
for registration, or which so nearly resemble* such
la* mentioned trade mark a* to be likely to deceive
flis public: Fmridrti. That thi* section cli*!! not
prevent the registry of any lawful trade mark right
tully u-ed at the tune of the passage of tbis act.
Bkc. i"l> And b* it further tmneted. That the time
a: the receipt ol 'Jiy trade mark at the l'atent Office
lor regietiation shall be Doted and recorded, and
Ci pies of the trade mark and date of th- receipt
thereof, and of the stfttement filed therewith, under
thsnril of the Patent Office, certified by the Com
miMioner. shall be evidence in any suit in which
such trademark shall be brought in controversy.
!"ix. el. Amd be it further marted. That the Cud
miseioner ol Patents is authonied to make rules.
r< gLlations. and prescribe forms for the transfer of
the right to tba use of such trade marks, conforming
a* nearly as practicable to th?- requir-ments of law
respecting the trausfer and tran mission of copy
Ssr. ^ And be il further ennrted. That any person
who shall procure the th* reentry of any trade mark,
orof himself as the owner thereof.or an entry re
specting a trade mark in the Patent Office nnder this
a?-t, by making any false or fraudulent represents
tiens or declaration*, verba'ly or in writing, or by
any fraudulent means, shall be liable to p .y damages
in ccnerqueace <>f aay such re^iatry or entry to the
p-#eon injured thereby, to be recovered lu an action
on tbe case t>efore any court of competent jurisdic
tion within lha United States.
[to bk ri>!iTI*r"li>.l
VAN TAS8KL? I.VOK. On the 11th instant, by
* ^ Mr % VAN TASSKL, of
Bew York city, r S*TT L*0?l, of Wash
lLgtcs, D.C. ? ?
G1ESKK1HO. On Monday morning, at hla late
residence, pn Lincoln avenne, PRBD. W. U1SSB
h lM'i. aged 53 years.
Pui.eralon flnesday evening, at 3 o'clock, from
! the Orrnan Evangelical t'bnrch, corner of 3>th and
G (treats, to Which the friends of the family are in
v ited without furth< r notice. 2t*
(Baltimore pap>-rs plea*- copy.)
UATCNKB Oa the l?th Instant, WALT KB S.
UAVfcMK, in the51?t year of biaa|(e.
The relatives and friecdsof the family are respect
full) invited to attend his fustral from his late resi
dence, in I'nluntown, D.C., ou Tuesday alter noon,
the Tftth instant, at 2H o'clock. *
VASBCBCHZB. Oa the 13th Instant, MABT
CABOL1BX V ANBL'BGULB. in the tttb year of
her age.
The relatives and frien>ls of tbe family are respect
fully request?d to attend the fuaernl on to-mortow
tTa<sday i morning. 16th instant, a* 10o clock, fritki
her late reaid?m *v J?o. 49'i K street south.
CKSBV At 3o'clock. oa the 14th Inst.. M ARIoN
V1KU1BIA liBkhN . aged 34years. 4 months and 11
'*'l4ri fair for earth. Iter spirit fled
To Heaven, celestial bliss.
She was too sweet, too fair by far.
Tor such a world as thi*.
fell* has gone where j?ty etercal reigns.
A re una her Maksr's throne.
Where death nor sorrow can invade.
The world's eternal home.
Thus quickly faded that fair flower,
To you but briefly given.
That flower that bloomed *0 sweet oa earth
Mow sweater blooms in Heaven.
Hi? leaves a b*Wved husband ani large circle of
friends to mourn her lo?a.
Her funeral will take place from Bethlebara
Church, South Caplti I *tre?t. at S o'clock Tuesday,
where friend* ana acqnaintancc* are reepectfuliy
iavlttd to attend. *
UWTUHB. On the 1 ith instant, at Oclural us,
Ind .CABY O'BBIBN,aged 9 years, second sou of
Cary and Maria 0. Gwynaa. grandson of the late
Anthony Preston. a
lie parted this life on Thursday. Angu?t the 11th,
1*70. without a struggle, fifteen minutes before nine
in the morning. FBAN K MOHUM, in the 2uth yaar
of his age. alter a long and painful illness, which he
b<Te with great patience. He was tbe eldest child
ofMsry n and tbe late William P. Mehun.wao
died en the 12th of July. hCU, ou St. binion s island,
oil the cua?t of Georgia.
In vain do ws seek to pay a fltting tribute to the
tni-mcry of oar departed friend Frank. So yonng and
full of k?te and joyous hopes, poaeeeeing traits of
<har?cter that endeared him to all. In the social
circle hie genial arte* woo anon the heart, ??-i
elicited the b
center arc-und
-. * ? ~ ?'" . UIC DOCIII
5i^. "2,e" apon the hearts, aad
riahtoat praiaa. At heaae he was the
- tt " 7- ? wblcn a fond mcther ?, brother ? and
pfr Siy1Sjf.'sfi bps& & wSSSA
its fair plMiDisi caused do wish to linger and ho
expreeae.1 his a illingaeee to mat hie cniter. confl
dpnl of Ilia rri aa#lnn t_ T * .
dent of hie wceytlm'to the raal? of
hie pare soul has winged Its flight to the home of the
IJese^. where parting aad eorrow are uaknowa.
Mat Heaven grmt to an who mourn hi* toe* a ear
Jand who*- crowning lower is eterait
hopr. is th^ praver of one who lays this
V r he rest in peace
Buxeijr If sufferings meekly borne
JWdsjjse acrowa with God prepai
Tljrepfrtt here, in anguieh to. a.
Will meet a blisrtal welcome tier
j 117 ?p'rn nere. in anguish to, n.
WUI meet a bliadal welcome there.
U* A Fai
? W
?o. *34 f 8TBBBT.
gUBTS. cBOSS*a anchoBS aad STAaS
Freerrvel or Bnamei^d in H as. Ad hinds of Hair
Bradiag do as, Ootameatal Hair Work oa Glass aad
Karl ty Mr* ? BIBS late of Boston. 398 Mh St.,
near I Beferet.c? a for Balr Work:?Mr*. Pre.ideat
UBANT. Mr*. AdmiralGol.t*h*?vugh,W W.Corco
ran. Gea. Oaosy.Gea.Teaipkins.Geu Aikea. wet-ly
F. B Hil f TilD. Waihiwto*. I
Comma*:ia*t'b Ovrn I, August IS. 1 -<70.t I
Will l?e otl.-red >i public sals. to the highest bil- I
der.on AlGIST 2?. WTO, AT U at the Washtac !
t<? Navy \ ari, ? quantity A cou'imin.-l articles,
enumerated aa follow a
F" Bwmu ?/ Con'trwrtion and tttp*ir.
One Barge. I Launch.4 Cutters. 1 Sofa. 1 Pining
Table. 2 * ashstands. Aleo, al.ont ? cord* of refuse
(hips ?t,d \\(H,ilH)nt 25 brr?U of refuse dirt of
I'.rasa Foundry. MDd a lot of old Hatch Cover* and
apart. ! old Cask.
For Hunan cf En?>pmtn: a?1 Rtrrwiint.
A large lot of article*, consisting of Fire H->ee,Cur- '
tains, Cotton and H' raj. Cots, Boat Awnlnit*. B->at
Sails. Hatch. Binnacle, and Skylight Covers, ll?g*.
Fainted Haamiocka. Blinra. Paiatad Canvass. eld
oilcloth, Wind-ails, 17ft Dolt* of Canvas Twine. 1
Sena, lot of Hope. Raft, Shakings. Iron Bill*-**.
Tin Mruitfrii. 1 alh Boiler.Iron Mi and Tea K<l
Ges bt- ? and Bake Pan*. Grid'Ilea, Chair*, damaged
Blank Books, and ( amp Stools.
i'r Hit tan rf Yard) and Dock*.
A large lot of furniture, consisting of Carr<ets.
Haarth Rugs, Venetian Blindi, Chair.Tables. Desks,
K.-<.k Case*. Stoves, Grates. Bidsteads, Waabataods,
Mirror Frames. Cant*. 1 Wanlr?b?,'1 ? >la Be l. 1 iat
? f Drawers, 1 Secretary, 1 Medicine Case, 1 tbmf-.2
Sideboards, 2 Cupboards, 1 Prop Light. 1 Range. 3
Refrigerators. Hani Boiler, lot of Btove Pip.',
For Stream of Provision' and C*ottnni>
A large quantity of Jackets. Trowaers. Shirt*,Sat
inet. Flannel, Bo its. Shoe*. Navy Button*. Pick lea
and Bean*. Beeswax, and alotofold Scales, Weight*,
Measure*, gc.
Fit Bureau of Sttnm Entmitrint
On? hundred and fifty (140) feet of Gam Uoee, I old
Engine Boiler*.
Tirtus C.a?h. Twenty per centum of the purchase
money will be requlri-d at the tim-? of sale. Articles
te be removed within ten daj*, or positively forfeited
to the Government. M- ITH,
an U.17.VJAJ3 m Bear Admiral Commanding.
RI COOPER * LATIMER, Auctioneers,
D (Succeeeors to J.O. McGuire A Co..)
Southwest corner Penn. avenue and 11th streat.
By Mriu<- of adecie? passed by the Supreme
Court of the District of Columbia on the 30th
day of July, 1870, in equity cause No. 2.IM4,
I docket Ml,) wherein Ge jrg" W Luca* I* complainant
and Jacob bhoemaker. Elisabeth Shoemaker, and
Martha Lucas are defendant*. 1 whali, on THORS
DAY,the JSth day of August. K0. at ( o'clock p. m ,
on tbe premise*, offer fur sal*, at public auction, all
that parcel of land situate in tbecity of Washington,
D C , known as Lot ,t2, in George W. Riggs *ubdi
vision of Square 393. ami tbe improvement* thereon,
? <naiating of a small Frame House. The lot baa a
frontage of aboot 21 feet on 3th atreet, and a depth of
about 93 feet.
Term*: One-third cash; the balan?e in two equal
inktallmeata, payable in six and twelve month* re
spectively, the purchaser giving Interest bearing
note* therefor, a*-cured by a deed of trust oa the
premise* $f.'4) depoalt will In- required when the
property is strack off. Conveyancing and stamps at
Coat of purchaser. R. D. ML'SSEY. Trustee,
aull JawAds COOPCR A LATIMER. Ancts
BT OOOPER * LATIMER, Auctioneer*,
(Successor a to J. C. McGuire h Co.,)
Southwest corner af Pennsylvania ave. and 11th at.
_ a* The undesigned, assignee in bankruptcy of
^?M Bernard Vandoren, will sell at public auo- I
tion. at the auction r'-om* of Mesara. Cooper
\|T A and Latimer, comer of llth *treet and
Pennsylvania avenue, on THDRnUAT.tlie
l-<th day of August instant, at 10 o'clock a. m .the
stock in trade of the said bankrupt, ronsisting of
Cloths,Caaaimercs, Testing*. Linen and Puck good*,
and such otbergood* and ware* as are usually lound
in tailoring eataLlUluuenta.
Terms of sale: Cash.
W B WEHB. Asaiirnes.
? anj^d COOPER A LATIMER. Ancf.
Y COOPER A LATIMER, Auctioneers.
(Successors to James O. McGnire A Co..I
Mvtfiwaat corner Penna. avenue and Uth street.
MBt virtue of a decree of tbe Supreme Court
of the piatrict of Columbia, entered on the
Litb dav of July. 1<<70. in the ca?e of Kennedy
vs. Cavaaangh and others. No. 2 013. Equity Docket
No. 10, tbe nnderaigned, appointed Trustees by - aid
decree to sell the real eatate belonging ta the estate
of tbe late Nicholas Snyder, deceased, will offer at
public auction, on tbe premises, to the highest bid
der. on MONDAY, the XKh day of August. 1*70. at 6
o'clock, tbe following deacribed property, to wit:
Lot No. ? In square St4. fronting 21 feet on C street
and running back 78 feet, more or leas. The build
ing < n this lot is a good three-story dwelling, knewn
aa No. 1106 C street.
Lot Ne. 4 in square 380, on the northeaat corner of
B and llth streets N W , fronting to feet on B ?tre?t
aud M feet on llth street, more or leaa The build
ing on thia lot is a good two story building, now oc
cupied aa a carpenter ahop.
Terms: One-tbtrd of tbe pnrchaae money cash in
band, the residue to be paid in two equal instalments
at six and twelve months from the day of sale: the
deferred pajmenta to l>ear interest from the day of
?ale, and the paym?it thereof to be secured by the
n<>tea of the purchaaera, with accurity.or aecurities,
to be approved by the Trnsteea, and a lien to be re
served by the Trustees till all tbe pnrchaae money
shall bare been paid; (or cash, to be paid on day of
aale. er on the ratification thereof by the Conrt.)
All the conveyancing and revenue stamps to be at
the expenaeof tbe purchaser, and a deposit" of $ loo
csah will be required of the purchaser of each piece
of t?r..yerty. The Trustee* reserve the right to re
sell at five day's'notice in caae of tbe failure of th
pu'rrhaser to comply with the terms of sale with
nvedayaof the dat<-thereof. at the risk and cost
the purchaser. A. G RIPPLE, (Tm?t? ??
jy& 2awAds FRANCIS MILLER S rrogte e?
Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer,
? 19 7th (feet, opposite Post Ufflee.
? , trustee's sale
9 By virtno of a deed of trust to me. the sub
?briber, dated January 1,1S70. and record<*d in
Lil/er folio 3fri. one ot the land records tor
^ r.i'uiugton county, D.C., I will olT?r for sale at
fiubllc auction, on the premises, on MONDAY, the
'2d day of August, 147". at 6 e clock p. m . all of Lot
nnnibered nineteen tlil.lin Squara No. 4V9, frmtini?
49 feet & inches on south I street, by the depth of the
Term*: One-third caah; tbe balance in land 12
month*, for note* bearing interest from the day of
sale, and secured by deed ol trust on the property
All conveyancing and revenue stamp* at tbe cost
of the purchaser.
W. W. fOX.Trnatee.
jySeoAda THOB. E. WAGGAMAN, Auct.
CsiTF.r> States Ev.isser's OrrtcF j
Harbor Improvewkxt*, (
25 SorTit Gat Street, THtnn Pr.oog,(
Baltimore, Mr>., August t?. 1-C0. I
Sealed Proposal* will be received at tbi* ofllce nn
til aoon of THl KSDAY, tbattth of September, 1370.
ft# Excavating a Channel w ay throngh a Shoal at
the mouth ot the huoqiiehanna ri\er. about three
milea below Havre-de-Grace, Md., to a depth ?ot ex
ceeding ten feet.
The amount of material (aaod and mnd) to be ex
cavated will be about 40JU00 cubic yards, more or
Iras, aed tbe distance to which the material Is to be
transferred will average not to exceed two milea.
Proposals will be fer actnal amount of material
moved and deposited, in aacordance with the direc
tion# of the Superintending Engineer, and will state
the least number of eulde yard* that will be exea
vated per month: operation* to commence Immedi
ately after award of contract, and payments to be
Bade awiubl), reserving to per neat, till completion
ef contract.
No bids will be considered except such aa are made
sftei fonu* to be obtained from thia office either by
letter ur personal application.
Bids will be opened at 12:30 p. m. on the 8th dav of
September, 1370, in presence of such bidders m may
da -Ire to be preaent.
The right i* reserved to reject all or any of the
bid* for any canae deemed sufficient by the under
signed. J. H. SIMPSON,
Colonel Engineers and Brevet Brigadier General 0.
S Army. . aula 6t
Office or A. C. 8., I
Fobt \\ ashikgtos. Hi)., Augnat 3. 1370.1
Proposal*, in duplicate, with copy of this adver
tla?nient attached, will be receive?i bv the under
eign<-d. until II a m , SEPTEMBER 9, 1970, for
to the tro?p* at this poat.
Tbe *aid beef ninat be fresh, of a go<d marketable
quality, in equal pr portions of fore aad hind quar
ter*. (neck*, shanks, and kidney tallow to be ex
cluded.) and to be delivered at this post, free ef coat,
in such quautity aa may lie from time to time re
quired, by and on atich days the commanding officer
shall designate, not exceeding four times per week.
Thenecasof the cattle slaughtered for beef to be
delivered under this agreement shall be cut off gt
the fourth vertebral lolut. and tbe breast trimmed
dow n. The shank* of fore^quarters shall be cat off
from three to foar inches sfceve tbe knee joiat, sad
ef hind quarters from six to eight inchee above tbe
gsmbrelor bock joint.
Separate Proposals, in duplicate, will also be re
ceived by tbe ondenlgaed ap to the same hour aad
date above mentioned, for supplying commissioned
officers and their families stationed at tUs poet, U>
be supplied t herefrom, with such choice Freeh ifoef
as they may ffmn time to time require, sncb aa sir
loin and porter-house steak*, standing ribs, or rib
This cmtract to be In force tlx months, or sncb
lass time as the Cemmiaaary General shall direct,
cotrniK ncing oa the 1st day of October, 1370, and sub*
tect te tbe approval vf the Commanding Geaeral,
Department of tbe last.
la caae of failure or deficiency tp tbe quality or
Santity of tbe Fresh Beef MipuIateS to be delivered,
ea tbe Commissary at Fort Washington, Md.,
shall have power to supply tbe deficiency by pur
chase, and the contractor will be charged with the
difference of coat.
Tba contractor will be required to enter into
bonds for tl)-- tvm of one theasan4 dollars, signed
also by two responsible sureties, wheee names moat
be mentioned in tbe hida.
Tlie wmpoeal* wfll be opened at 11:30 o'clock a
on tbe Mb day of September, 1370. at Fort Waahiag
toti, Md., at which time aad place bidders are re
quested to be present.
Proposal* will be marked " Proposal* for Freeh
Beef, and addressed. WM. EVERETT*
an!2 fit Second lleut. 4th D. S. Art'y, A.C.1T
U ? .T., "A,? JJTMT OJ
On tbe petition of OBORGM W MORSE, of
Greenville, S. U-, praying fSr the eatsaaion of a
Bent granted te him oa the twh day of October,
I, for an improvement la Breach Loading Fin
It is ordered that tba testimony la the case be cloasd
on tbe 27th day ef September nest; that tbe time for
?ling arguments and the Examiner's report be lta
tted to tneftbday of October aext, at.a that aald
petition be beard oa the 13th day at October next.
tbjt Cammimitmmot
???u.w tu maul uw nD aar oi isovemner,sese, ior
an improvement in aewtng Machines.
Itle ordered that thslestimony la tba eaae to
?*>?<* the 4th day of October Mat. that the
for filiag argaments aad tbe Examiner's report
MtM lLa I4*L J*. /X.a.W a ? a
T. --- ? ? ?^ W giuus utr auu t I1C ?KRIBIUtr i rTOUR
be ttmtted to the 14th day or October next, and
bernext ?" the Ifth day of Octo
ot Pateat*.
Aay peraea may R
aa ?ts,Sw
ran Aifwooii.
Rtal Bst-te Broker aad Auctioneer,
Mo. 519 .Jib street, opposite Post Offloe.
? By virtue of a deed rf (ran to me. dated the
M da* of Oct"b?r, W5h. an<l recorded in Liber T ,
and K, Mo. l,foliois 3*3. Ac . one of the land re
cords for Washington county. D. C.. I shall offer at
K" lie (ale. on MONDAY, the 1Mb day of AnnM.
, at Se'clock a m.. on the premises, part of lot I
Mo. S, in Square No. 10\in said county and Dutrict.
beginning forth* lama on north H street, M fe?t
west from th* southeast corner of oaid lot, thence
*wt 34 feet to the r^uthwest comer of said tot;
thence north to the rear line of said lot: thence cut
14 feet; thence south to the place of the beginning, to
gether with all the improvements on (aid lot,con- j
sitting of a small fraroe and a small brick hou-e on !
the front, and a small frame b.iilding on the roar of
the lot.
Tern*: One-third cash: the balance in ? and 1!
mot,the. for note* bearing interest from day of sale, ,
atd secured by a deed of trust on the property. Sou
tot opnidat time ot sale. All conveyancing and
revenue stamps at cost of the parrhaser.
M P. CALLAN. Trustee,
an4 eoAds 7HOS. B. WAUOAMAN, A net.
(Socoe?eors to J. O. McOnire A Co.,)
Bouthwsst corner Peaasy Ivacia are and 11th street.
By virtue of a deed ef trast to me. the sub
-iner, f
Ut scrfoer,from Joeeph B. Stewart, et uz .dated
fflfethe 3*lh day of January, A D. 1467, and duly
| ? 1 recorded In B M H, Mo. ? folio 117, Ac., of
1 the land records for Washington county. Dis
trict of Columbia. I shall offer at public auction, for
cash, on the premises. 1914 K street. between 12th
and 13th streets, on TH0BSDAY,the7thday of July.
1870. commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.. all the personal
property mentioned in the schedule annexed to i
deed of trust, and partially described as follows:
? _ . 1M THE PA BLOB.
One lee Medallion Carpet
Two fine Sofas
Six Chairs to match
Tea Chairs, richly ornamented
Two line match Centar Table*
One small and one Card Table
One Boat-wood Piano
One Corer and Stool for same
four sets fine Satin Window Our tains
wo set* fine La e Curtains
Two large-si** Maatle Minors
Two large-sit* Pier Piuses
Two fancy Divans
Fire handsome. best quality Brussels Cai pets
Bosewood and Walnut Bedsteads
Boeewood and Waluut Lounges
Rosewood and Walnut Bureaus, marble toy
Bosewood and Walnut Washstanrts. nwMa top
Four fine Wardrobe*
Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Comforts, and Bad
Linen Sheets. Bolster aad Pillow Cases
Chairs. Commodes, aad Corner Backs
And in each room Silk, Bep. and Lace Curtains
On* Brussels Carpet, haadsom* patters
- TabU
rpet, h
On* Extension Tabl*
Twelve Dining Chairs
One Sofa, two Sideboards
One Mirror, one Mantel Clock
Complete supply of China
Cutlery and Table War*
Silver plated Tea Service
Silver-plated Casters, Forks, and Spoeni
One tot ef fin* Silk Bep Cartatns.
One elegant Brnssels Carpet
C?ne elegant Waluut Library Tahl*
Chairs and Lounge to match
One Library Sideboard
One Easy Chair
Two fine Waluut Bookcase*
One fine Mahogany Bookca**
?J0 volumes of select Books, including the Gentle
man's Magar.ine, complete; Annual Register,
Edinburgh Review, Ac.
Three sets Silk Bep Curtain*.
One large Range, approved pattern, with Furniture
Two Refrigerators
Chairs, Table*, queens ware, and Utensils la full
Furnished with Bedstead* and Bedding, Bureaus,
Chairs, Ac
Wove* In all the chambers
Hat Back and Hall Chairs
Oilcloth and Carpet upon the passage and stairs.
And at to'clock.p. m., on the said7th day of July,
870,1 ("hall offer Ml that piece or parcel of ground in
the said city of Washington known and described a*
lot numbered nineteen (19), in Davidson's subdivision
of sqaare numbered two hundred and eighty-five,
(*\5.' improved bjr a four-stery pressed brick front
dwelling house, brown stone trimmings, and con
taining sixteen comfortable rooms, situated upon
the south side of K street north, between 11th and
13th streets west.
Terms: 91400 rash; balance in three, six. nine,
and twelve months from dale, secured by a deed of
trust upoa the premise*. All conveyancing aad rev
enue stamps at the expense of the purchaser. A de
Posit of BM) will be reauired when the house is sold.
ALBERT G. nALL. Trustee.
jeW-dts (Bep.) COOPER A LATIMER, Aucts.
illness of a member of the family the above sale is
postponed until THURSDAY, July 11, mine hour
and place. ALBERT G. HALL, Trustee.
jyT dts. COOPER A LATIMER, Aucts.
consequence of the continued illness of a member of
the family, until FRIDAY, the 3bth day of August,
W70, same hour and place. _ _
ALBERT G. HALL, Trustee.
jy22 2awtds COOPEB A LATIMKB, Aucts.
Y COOPEB * LAT1MEB, Auctioneers,
(Successors to J. C. McOnire A Co.,)
Southwest corner Penn. avenue and 11th street
eBy virtue of a deed of trust dated the 3d day ef
May, WW. and duly recorded In Libtr TAR,
Mo. 10. falio .'fli, one of th* Land Becords for
Washington county, in th* District of Colnmbia, I
shall sell, on THUBSDAY AFTERNOON, June
the !rth, at 6 o'clock, in front of th* premises, the
western S lot Mo. 19. in square 496. hating a front of
M feet inches, and running back lM feat 5 Inches
more or less, to n 30 fjot alley, Improved by a three
story brick dwelling, with all the modern improve
ments, containing about nine rooms, situated on the
south side of F street, between 4H and 0th streets,
Terms of sale: One-third cash, tbe residue 6 and 12
months, secured b v a deed of trust, with notes bear
ing interest. Conveyancing and stsiinps at purcha
ser's coat. 9WO down at tim? of sale.
ml6 eeAds COOPER A LATIMER, Aucts.
above sale is postponed until WEDNESDAY, June
16th. same hour and place.
jelO eoAds COOPEB A LATIHEB, Aucts.
ported until WBDN BSD AY, June ltd. same hour
and Place. WILLIAM BRYAN, Trustee,
je IS eoAds COOPER A LAT1UH, Aucts.
property having been made in pursuanc* of the
aluresaid deed of Insl by th* nwwrsigned, as trus
tee, on the 12d dhyof June, A. D. 1870, to W. B.
Evans, who being then and then th* highest bidder,
and he having failed to comply with The terms of
sale, after ample time having been given him. I
shall, as trustee .reaellj in front of the saidde*cril?-d
tremi?es, > on FRIDAY, the 20th d;iy of August, A
1.1870. at 5 o'clock p. m., the above-deacribed real
estate and improvsnieuta, upon the same terms .at
the cost and risk of the said defaulting purchaser.
If the terms of sale should not be complied with in
five days after the sale, the trustee reserves the right
to resell aaid property at th* risk and cost of de
faulting purchaser, by giving live day* notice in
some newspaper published In the city ot Washington.
su 5 eoAds COOPEB A LAT1M BB. Aucts.
Bceiac of Construction asu Bkpair,)
list 5, 1870. \
The Navy Department will efTer'&rsale at pub!
auction, at th# United State* Navy Yard, Norfolk
1U? vutwu nBf j ibiu? noiiwiai
on TL ESDA Y, the 23d day of Auguat, 1870, at IS
o clack m., the U. B. steamer
of #14 tons.
The vkneel will be aaid a* she stands, and can be
exemiscd at any time on Application to the Com
mandant of the yard.
0?e half of the whole amount of the purchase
money must be deposited at the time of admdtrarfon,
and the balance within five daynrthsrsuflnr, and the
vessel must be removed from the navy yard within
a time from the day of sale satisfactory to the Com
ma iid?*
ThetNfMMnt reserves the right to withdraw
the vemat from sal* for any purchaser who will par
tbe appraised value wi\h aa increase of ten (101 per
centum thereto. auS-eoSw
Holding a Sptrmi Tmn, July 34th, 1870.
In tbe tM of JMO. -B. BLAKB aad MOSES
KELLY, exacutore of JOSBCA PBIBOM, de
ceaeed. the executor* aforesaid hare, with the
approbation _ of _ the Supreme Court of tha_
of Columbia aforesaid.^potatal TUES:
DAY. Augubt l?th. A. D. 190, for the fhnl
?sttlement and distribution of the personal es
s&.'i.tt-ingr-mJA.z &.-ss?a
and turned into money; when and where all
the creditors and heir* of said deceased are
notified to attend, with their claims properly
vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded
f,om'?sawdeceased's estate: rrovvUd,a
copy of this order beyaMtabed eooe a week for three
wseks In the Eveoing Star previous to th* said
AAy. Test:
jjJ7-w Jw A. WEBSTEB. Register of Wills.
?>?i_.^FEA#r,.T D?'A*TMg!fT, August 4,1870.
Frop?*als to luraish Coal for this Depart
went .vix: 700 tons, best quality White Ash. furnace
fj" Lykins Valley, egg size, to be delivered
at such times and places and~n such quantitias as
may be required, will be received until 13 ?'clock
noon, August 13,1870, subject to the conditions re
auired by act of Ountu sss. approved July 11. in, vix:
that such coal sbatlwelgh IMi pounds to ths ton,
sad shall be Inspected and weighed and the quantity
of each load certified at the time of delivery by tbe
person appointed aad qualified under the act for that*
1 ka tk. - ~ *
? paid by th* contractor.
Proposals will be considered Madiagfor an* week
??om J he lAth last., the Pepsi lme*t reeerriag the
rfghi to reject all er aay Bsrfca of the bids received.
#, B. RATlUtB, 0
Tbe fare on the Mmwt LAPY OF THE LA KB.
commencing MuNPAY. Jnly *. 1570,
aud ccntiaalng until (mMMInext.'
? lllb*ufolll??i: '
Regular fare to Norfolk .... |< UU
Round trip...- 8 SO
Five round trip tickets ft) Ml
Regular lare to Piney Point snd Point Look
out ? too
Round trip SOU
rive rotnd trip ticket* 11 IIU
Bound trip tlcketa good until SepteoO* r I..
Fare to Boston. Including meal* and state
room... i* an
Sailing days frm aahingt-n M<>N DAYS and
WEPNESPA Y8 at two p mTFrom Norfolk TUBa
I>A YO nod THURSDAYS at four p. m.
Tbe fare will b* put at the rates heretofore charted
after tie sm liter vumn ia over.
Tbiaistht- m at direct r ?t? to WILMINUTl'N.
LKAita. jya-du
Hereafter the Fine Steamships B O. KNIQHT.
Sii,?rAtX?r,lmr weekly tripibetwe.nl
L**i,e NEW YOBK from Pier 4?. E'sst Bl??,er?n
cv?-ry FBI PA Y at 1 a. m.. and ALEXANDRIA th*
?aai day at 18 m.
For full Information, applr to B. P. A. DEB
RAM. A|rent,ofl)c? and wharf foot of Hich street
Georgetown, or at the corner of 17th street and Baw
York avenue.
je 11 tf J. W.TBOM PBOB. President.
H naUi KxfAmonH, V+HieTitkibuTt
mmi fntomae Lint? Steamers leave I
Seventh-afreet Wharf twice, daily,*
(Sunday, p. m , excepted.) at 7 a. m and 7 p. m
Office 311 Pennaylvania avenue. saylr-tt
Regular sailing day from 14 North W harvea.
Philadelphia. SATURDAY, at 12 m.
From 63 Water atreet, Georgetown,
WEDNESDAY, at 5 p.m.
Freight received at any tins#.
Apply to IIYDB A TYLER. 63 Water street,
Georgetown. U. C.. M ELDB1DGE A CO., Alexan
dria, va.. V M.CLYDE A CO., 14 North Wharves,
Philadelphia. tet-tf
WashiJJCTOJI, Jnne S, 1M.
Train* between WASH
and WASHINGTON and th?J
W BST are now run a* follow*, via:
Leave daily,except Sunday, at 6:43, T 43 sad
9.Ui a. m .and 9:80, 4:10, 3:40 and T:4i p m.
Leave daily, except Sunday, at 6.43 and 9 .J 3 a
m , 4:30 and 7:43 p m
Leave at 6:4A and 9:44 a. m and 4:40 p. m. Ho
train to or from Aunapolia on SiiDdai.
Leave atT:23 a.m and -J 50. i in and T 4 3 p m
Leave at T:'iJ a. m. and 2 30 and 7:43 p. m.
Leave daily . except Suoday, at 6.43 and 7 'J3 a.
ma 4:30 and T:43 p m.
Jn Sunday at 11:30 and T:4? 9. m only, connect
ing at Belay Station with train* from Baltimore
to W'heellng, Parkeraburg, Ac.
For Straaburg and pointa between Relay Hsvse
and Straaburg. leave at 2.30 p. m , connecting at
Belay Hotiae with Straaburg and Winchc*ter accom
modation train.
Through ticket* to the Wert can be had at the
Washington Station Ticket Office at all hour* in tbe
For New York. Philadelphia, and Boeton. aee ad
vertisement of " Through Line "
Maater of Transportation.
L. M. OOLE, General Ticket Agent.
GEOJJ. KOONTZ.GenT Ag'tVwaahington. jel?
? Washi*gto?i, June J, 1870?noon.
Train* between WASHING
TON and NEW YORK are J
run aa follows, vir:
FOR NEW YORK, without change of car*.
Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7 :U 3 a.m., 18:43
and 9:00 p. w.
Leave dally (except Sunday) at 1.43 a. m., 19:43
and 3:40 p. m.
Leave for New York at ?:?? p. m . and Philadel
pbia at 3:40 p. m.
Sleeping car* for New York an 9 p.m. train only.
Tlirough ticket* to Philadelphia^New York, or
Boston, can be had at the Station Office at all hour*
of the day.
See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement
for schedule between W ashington, Baltimore. An
napolis and tbe West. J.L.WILSON,
Master of Transportation.
L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent.
GEO. S. KOONTZ, A*snt, Washington. )el4
I ?
/\FF1CK OF A. C. 8 .
V/ K-R* MtHf.nkv. Md. August 1, 190.
Prnpoeala in duplicate, with copy ot this adver
tisement attached, will be received hr the ander
pien'-d until 11 o'clock a. m . >EPTBKBBtt UT.
1^70, for supplying
| to tbe trooM at this Port.
I Tbe utid Beef must be fresh, of a good marketable
quality, in equal proportion of fore and bind tiuar
I tors. tnecV ?nank, an<} kidnty tallow to he^exciud
ed.) and to be delivered at this Post free of 6u*i is
1 such <inantities a* may be from time to time required
by ana in sach day* aa the Commanding Officer shaii
designate, not exceeding four time* per week.
The necks of the cattle slaughtered for beef to be
delivered nnder this *<reenieut ahall be cnt ofl at
the fourth vertebral joint, and the breaat trimmed
down. TheahanVsol fore quartera ah%ll be cut ofl
trog) three to four Inches above the knee-joint, and
of hind quarters from six to eight inches above the
gambrel or hock joint.
Separate Proposal* in duplicate will alao be re
ceived by the undersigned up to the ime hour and
date above mentioned for aupplying comtniaaiened
officers and their tamilies stationed at this Post, or
supplied therefrom, with anch choke Freeh Beef aa
they may from time to time reqnlre, such aa airloin
ai n porier-houae steak, atandlng rib*,or riNroast*.
These contract* t? be in force six months, or auch
lee* time as tbe Commiaeair Geweral shall direct,
commencing on the let day of Octofeefr. 1870, and sub
ject to the approval of the Commanding General of
the Department of the East.
In case of failure or deficiency in the quality or
quasitity of the Freeh Beef stipulated to ha deliv
ered, then the Comnii**ary at Fort Mcllenry, Md?
?hall have power to supply tbe deficiency by pur
chape, and the contractor will be charged with the
difference of cost.
The Contractor will !>e required tosster intob->nd?
for the sum of "Two Thonsaud Dollar*,' signed alao
by two responsible auri-ties, whose names murt b?
mentioned in the bids.
The proposals will be opened at 11:30 a. m en the
1st day of September, WO. at FortMcHenry. Md.,
at which time and place bidders are requested to be
PIpnvposal? will be marked "Proposals for Beef,"
and addrt-ased E. A. BANCROFT,
1st Lieut. 4th U- S. Art'y,
au3-0t Bvt. Capt. U. 8. A.. A. V. 8.
?m ? icaiad tmmtlopt. Fnu,nxtmU?
MENT, and Radical Owe of Spermatorrhea
voluntary Emi*
1mpediments to
lyslcal I
from Self Abuse, Ae^ by Bon
' D., author sf tne"Gre*o Boa
'A B?m 1
Bowery,H*w York, Port OffioeBox 43S6. _ _
_Alsa, Dr. OmlrenMUl
tf Sufmmt.'
? to 1
Wit Dtrabtmf.xt, 1
QcaBtkbxastkk GxiinaL's Orrirg, S
Washington, D. C., August 8, l?7fl.\
I. Sealed Proposal* for incloatug the United
States Military Aarlum (Soldier's Home) National
Oenaster), D. 0., the Battle Natiooal Cemetery. 7th
street road, Washington. D. C., and the Arlington
and Alexandria (Va.) National Cemeteries, will be
recstved at the office of the Uuartermaster General,
Washington, D. O , until September K. 1<70, at noon.
The length of the enclosures will be as follows:
United States Military Asylum Cemetery, 2.127 lineal
feet; Battle Cemetery. 660 linaal (set; Arlington
Cemetery. UJSIMlineal netr Alexandria, 1,738 lineal
Proposals ars invited for stone or brick walla,
(plana and specification* for which can be seen at the
officaof the Quartermaster General,) for iron rail
ings, (designs for which are Invited with tbe bids,)
er far hedges.
The bids for planting hedges must specify the
hedge plants intended to be uae.1. aad must Contain
a guaranty to has* I ham ia erder for twsive months
after plant inc. The ditches to be prepared imme
to be plaated in November
''ll. Proposals Are also Invited for building a lodge
of Seneca stone at each of the National Ctmeterios,
at the UnltMl States Military Asylum, D. C ,and
Alexandria, Ya., plans and spocittcatlons for w nick
can be seen at this wc?.
ill. Back bid must be accompanied by a good and
and faithfully execute
IV. The Gorerameat raserrsa to itmlf the right to
tct all Mds if ansatWactery .
"Proposals lot Lodges tor Natkmpl Cnaastarim."
andboaddresasd telhe Quartermaster General, U.
VI. The Proposals will be opened hr the pi a sauce
of the bidders, at this offloe, oa the 8th of 1 iptim
ber, U70, at noon. "
Brevet Mwor o^rafbai
omtl ACTiwr. CommissaBT op >nii(TlKl,l
VOBT Foots, Md., AmsB B. hJ7?. I
Sealed Proposals ia trtplicate. ^ tW aswal totm,
.-^^^-.oaals tor
~S w ? ?>?>!< *A - -a.
IM mp? IO rvjiCl I
MX* *
The powers of Ufa are atrong, tat ^
few years bow oftea the pallid boe. tile lack lastre
?re ul emaciated for*, ud the impossibility of
applisati >n to mental eflort show iu baneful influ
ence. It ?ool becomes evident to tb? observer that
bo??s depressing influence is Chechia* the develop
?Mat of the body. Oousampti?n is talked of. and
perhaps the youth ia remold from school aad eeat
into tbe country. Tbl. ia one of theworat Bora
menta. Humored fross ordinary dlreriloaa of the
ever changing erenea of the city. the powers of tba
body, too aiui h enfeebled to ru e teat to healthful
ana rural exercise. thoughts aw turned inwards
upon tUeainelvca
If tie patient be eternal". the approach of the
m? naea ia looked for witb aaxiety. aa the flrat syinp
torn id which N atara ia to show her earing p >wer in
diffuaiu* the circulation and viaitiag tbe cheek witb
the bloom of baalth. Alas * increase .f appetite haa
crown by what it fed oa; the energise of the system
are prostrated, and the whole economy ta deraaeM
The beautifnl an wonderful peri d ta which body
and mind und-rgo ao fascinating a change from
child to woman, la looked for iu rain : the parent 'a
heart bleeds in anxiety, aud ranctea tlie crave bat
waring for ita victim.
Arising from exceese* or indiscretion, attended
with the following aymptoma :
Indi?po*ition ta Exertion,
hoaaof Power,
Loss of Memory,
Difficulty of Breathiot
General Weakness,
Horror of Disease,
Weak Kervee,
Dreadful Berror of Doath,
Bight Bwtats,
Cold Feet,
Dimness of Viaioa,
Universal Lassitude or the llaacalar System,
Often Enormoue Appetite aith Dyspeptic Br? fi?m.
Hot iiuii,
flashing of the Body,
Dryneaa of the Skin.
Pallic Countenance and Eruption on the race.
Pain in tbe Back,
Heaviness of the Eyelids.
Frequently Black Hpots Plying before the Eyes,
with Temporary BuffUaion and Loaa of Bight,
Want of Attention,
Great Mobility,
Betfles*ae?e. with Horror of Society
Nothing ia more deairable to euch patients than
Bolltude, and aotbiac thay sore dread, for Pear of
Themselves. no Bepoeeof Manner, no Earueatnees
no Speculation. bat a butried Transition from one
question to another.
These symptom*. If allewaS to go on-which this
Medicine invariably removes-aeon follow Loaa of
Fewer, Fatuity, and Epileptic Pita, iu one of whkh
the patient may expire.
Wiring the Superintendence ot Dr. Wileon at the
Bloom inflate Asylum, this aad reaalt occurred to
two patients; reason had for a time left them, and
both died of epilepay. They were of both eexee and
about twenty yean of ace.
Who can Bay that theaa exceaaea are not frequent
ly followed by thoee direful diseaesa Insanity and
Consumption? The records of the lnsaae Aayluma,
and the mel ancholy deaths by Consumption, bear
ample witneee to the truth of theae assertions In
Lunatic Asylums the moat melancholy exhibition
appears. Tbe countenance is actually sodden and
quite destitute?neither Mirth or Uriefever vieiu
it. Should a eound of the v oice occur, it ia rarely
"With woefal measurea waa Despair
Low sullen Bounds their grief beguiled.'?
Whilst we regret tbe existence of the above
invaluable girt of rhmWij for the removal of the
conahqaeaeee, BELMBOLD b BIO^LY OOHCEK
ia no tanks like it. It ie an anchor of hope to the
snrgpon aad patient, and thie U a teetimony ofj all
who have used or prescribed it.
Bold by Druggists aad Dealers everywhere. Price ,
9I.M per bottlat or six bottles for 9fJ>. Delivered ,
e any addreea. Deacrihe aypeoaaa ta all communi
m. t. an wtii,
*- * \ -n *, ?.
^ b ? ?'
U prep. JK?
OK4TVR Shepherd BaHding ? ?0- , P.r...?l
nun >T>iig?. ?*' *?'
CT. BOWBR. _ _
Hid HM.
Bo kU tVliMASA A?Mll
kclTe'in*. of >11^ arvl marble n*e?ly et
?CJKS ?? '??* latest and ?? ?t aprroved *tyies
pAllTII?, Bit.
J irMoi.
R- rrw nijyg aBia
?rlv *?
per?d t.< e
_ _ . _ rata* ?- x
BoOR. fcltiN
. _ __ ULir.mii.itt
^ atteatl trpald to INTBRloB DBco
R A T1t?S 8. mbuif
627 f ESTABLISHED 19U. I 55
LA AVI I f OLR *0.
? T. PAEREE. He CRT UtMhM eveaas. oto
IB?doing. la sbort.all that Mr m?u?| mi>
U?t n.< Lt cm do. ltd tmn m rviar m J?e?<i* AM
p?tt*u?t fcn:any fair k^turtbl* m*|Rp
tbn. At ?t. old cttneaV'f VmWu1i?o( ftty i<wf'
standing. carrrln* on tnilum or L.ul*lnna
>||?||| IMitk aad Rntrtk ttwtt, (* thirty yaaaa,
bt U Uiaokftl lor paat tovara.Mil solicit* a raaMM
ance of lb* mi. I T TAUU.
(tl lr Bo. ??? LoatHMW anma.
OP rre' swpftnmrl'-n: nm 1 ln*wt* ** S?te?* ? n?? I
?nil ant*. Kw<r???. ??< ntw BmKmi, I
fiit Mm.. 1) C.I1M i.iiMi.lC* \
S?al"d r; ?.?!< a ill I" received >>r th? under -
wn*d at tbe Mayor'* office until It m WKDNB*
PA*. Jttk luataai. for tb" cnaetractlaa of ah >nt
nineteen hundred and Hftv feet of Barrel t?*"Wer,f.>Br
f?* t iu.id> <1nun< tei wall* nlic la' h-? in thicknee*
The following er-- th- ?*ta>'liah?.l era 1?? for th*
iaeide bott<>ni of th> aewer. (r?a llth a'reei ? **
irom the Ceaal to th-' north aid- af t -tr-ei u-trth.
N- rth *id* of K nraet nutk .... .Uiw M.
North aide of B street n rth f <i
North -id- of P ?trM aorth .. l.V '?
fr -Bi th< norta Mdr of p ?tr~-t north the rradn
will be uniform to < rdinary loa tide matk in th*
The following ai < the cute at tha different p mia
for tha grad' of the ineld* t> tt.-m uf the sewer.
* fe-'i Inches
At th- north aide of f afreet. 8 R'
eornei. mu cut ? m
At the a rth vide <4 B itrert, 8 W
C .rner. til cut || V?
At the south aide t'a at . fc K. car
n--r ot at h) ?\
In tbrnrcBlia ?f the ?wrk abj?a specifl >d. -aty
ah le, hand luadr.th >rous'i hurat l>rtck of tti-t>aal
?inalitT aiutt he u?ed. carafallt eiclatiuj all
bate aol ?h?tter>-d arch brick. Th<' brick* u?u?
be well wrt tanned lately b>*f >re I lug laid, and
ererjr brick maat hue full mortar j int. iiader
bottom. ?i>taa and end*. Tb" wh"le to Re laid ta
mortar a>a<i>' of the ba?t traab bfdi aiilt raaent and
pur>-. chaa river naud. which tua.i l? vised ia tha
ar<'|M>rti>.-n ol two pari* ot aaa.l to uae of cawt, aa l
tuao' in <|U*ntitie? for immediate naa
hhould it be daetn^d nac war? ibat any pom a of
the ?awer. of whfh necaatltT the 8oprr.nf?n4e!:t
and lDhp> ctor and oth? r ofDoara of tb? e >ra"ratt<?a
?liall be judeea. tie work .hall belaid upon a fun
datioa ot is ID' h apruc* piae or b--ml"Ck pl.tnK*.
not auder fiva uicu* - aide.
1 he bottiOT ot tRa tr<-nchaa mn*t ba rut accaratalp
to the ohape of th>- nterlor of th-- newer and th"
lateral calverta tempi.-ta liainc uae4 to ae. ura thta
aruracr In rrtilliiif the trea< h.? tha apa> - o*ar
the braai be* up t. th- le\el of the mtaida cr>>wa ot
tha an b muHt b. wall filled. r??nvd In lay era a
one foot i-acb la>er, thea pa 141 ad. All flacway* or
<>it r pa?nii<iit? whi.b. ia th* etecuuoa of tha
a ork. ft may be aaretiaary to dteturl . an t ale. tba
*nr1a< e of the atr<- ta ana t? reaa< ad raaraded or
r- r-aialed in the b"at BKnoar anl to the aatiafv t i?a
? 4 the hu|>ariDteadaat aad lnapacb>r. Co?l?l?a
ot tba aard. ai.d the A.aiatant ContMlaaioaar av
^<>iut?d by tha Mayor to auy 'riiitoatl .aid w rk
The manh dea to be tbr"? teet a^iiare lu the rlaar,
and t.> !?? I hi It from tbe bottom, with <>penla*e in
the u all* fur the connection of Ute main aaa >-r. the
a of the maahol* t ? la nine ia< baa
thick, aud to be carried ua to althiB nine luchaa oC
tb< crewn of Ibr atraat. the walla to be covered or
c -yedvith fonr piecea of rough baxumer^l aranlte.
**or Ben" a at >ne." nine iurhea wide, bine In' bea
thick, haired together at the end*, of auch length
ibat (be) will enrleae a aaao of three leet ainara.
in tba clear, clainped Uxrether on tb?- ..ater aid^ and
rabbetted on the inner aide* to r>- eiTe an iron
grating, tlie baaa of abichahall be aT^uabt irwu.
hall inch wide and <>ae anl one half incbe* d?<-p,
and one inch apart.
The trap* will be tbe aame aire and abajv aa tba
new trap at the War IVpartmenl comer fterei,
teenth street and Penn?\ Ivaula areaQe. with aranit*
copiui aad iron cover. "or 8* aeca iluw of the ataa
diaieaaiona, with iron cover ''
la tho esecation of tbe eboee daacribed work aot
more t San one injiiare a hall b>- opened at <w aud thn
?ante time. and bet' -re any pert ahall hare h*ee <: n -
eied in. the Aa>iatant 8nperiat"Ddent.who iaa prac
tical bri?-klayei, aliall certify that th- work baa b*en
done iu accordance with th<-ae apecit. ationa. and
alao the other uScera app inloi b. the Mayor ta
?UBeritit'nd th< *ao?*. . . .
All tb< laterals to be barrel form, eiihteec tach**
ioai'le diameter, with wall tiiae iach elbick
The ab"T?w<rk to be provided wttb aa? b
drope, maal. loa. Ac , as tlie Superiat.ad-Bt aui In
hpect. r may direct.
All of tbe above w rk to be paid for by ax-wnt
upon the propert> bordering aloag the liu- ot tha
newer, except tbe inturaectioat >f afreet*, trap*
Jrp*. aud aiacbole*. which shall be jia,4 by tba
cur juration out c-t tbe fund* of the ward
All expellee* of puiufln^ and dama>:ug. or ar.f
other loa* or oaiuage waa* may arte* .roiu aa
tare of the work, or be cauee.1 by action of lh? t ie
menta. ain*t be borne by the contractor.
Bidd>-ra will state the prioe per luieal foot for the
main newer, per lineal foot for the lateral brick ?*?
er. per Muhole wifk S -neca roping an I alen with
grauite naparately; per trap, with 8eueca or graaite
Iran><?, each, per drop each, inc ludiag cover lor toa
' ot wall, t-itb' t with iron or etooe. per lhoona*4 toet,
boar l aearuie.for au> of th> aforea?M timber which
Bay be required for a good foundation for the eewar
Tbe riabt ia raaerved by tb<-Mayor to reject any
or all hid* and prescribe when thaw rk shall V?
gin aad end.
All property owners alone tbe line will caret all*
, exaiuiae the work aa it progreenee, aud report to the
I Ma; r or 8upriinb-rideut aud luap-ct-r aay 4*Iib
ouancy In the construction, as au> departara fruas
tha? ?peciflcati<m- will be con?i l?r*d at. al-aadoa
lueat of the ooutract KM BOBMTTM,
baperiuteDd. Bt and Inepectar. Ai ..Re , Ac.
anlS eolM I Republicaa |
/ k* rirr dr t Hikr i^uaktbrmaster.
" Tmi?d Di?tb ict Diriirvixr or th* tiir,
, , ^ .. I'mii Anai t aia. Pa An* J.
Sealed Proposal*, in tnptlcaf-. will be I a Bats ad at
this offlce up to 12 m , oa TCB81'AV. tbe aix* day
af f^ptember. l?J7n. for aattiug "? >a?ge ocpiig* '
plant, aroand the following named National vw.
terie*. in the 8tate of Vlrftnia i for th* parpoaa of
eticl .aing th ?anie with secure h-dgiag.l riff?
Bldiaoad Katioaal Oaaetory, Bichmoad. Va.
riadeiickabarg " " fredrricsbarg. Ta.
Culpepper " Ua (pepper, Va.
WiAcne*ter ?* " tRiucheater. Va.
StaBatoB Staunton. Va.
DaRvBle Paavllle. Va.
Pughr drove Pa'araburg. Va.
Citf Poiat " " City Point. Va.
ISevea Piaee SeeaaPiaes. Va.
Cell Harbor " '* Cold Harbor, Va.
Uleadale Oteudale. Ta.
Fort Harnaon " ** Port Harri-oa, Va.
Hamptoa Hampton. Va.
lMKltn " Torkt.wa. Va.
Bach propoeal maat be acci-<mpaui--1 by a aafBcieal
gaarantee that in the eveat of th* acceptance of tbe
proposal the bidder or tddders will eater iato a coa
traot for the planting of the h-dging
Th* Quartermaater a Department re?
I to reject any aud all bids
Aay additional information daair*d by
winking to bid, will be luraiabed upon apt
to tbl* office.
Bidder* will I" repaired to bmd thsasaelre* that if
tbe tdaata do aot thrive the> will reaew th<-tn for a
pert <1 of r?r* ft are, a* they may happ-n to fail far
ing that lime. HBNKi c7HOlHiB8.
Major aad wuart'-rmaster C R. A..
Chief Quartermaatar Third Uuarb-rmaat a liiatriot,
_air M p, parunent of tbe Bas?
Sealed Proposals, addressed to Prof Bewjamta
I'. irce, Snpanateadeat Coast Survey. Waahngtow.
I 1>. C-, will ba received aulfl a--hi August ?, far
I ii tiding one 8t-wm Prepellor of M> toas. o M.. aad
. one of 70 tons. OM, of lro?.
Omieral plans and specifiralioaa of the vessels aaa
PBIBCT letter to Pref. BlhJtlUl
Navy VaID. VAiliMfol, t
Civil Ikiuu 'a Orric*. Augoai ?, MM. t
~ " - - offioa aatfl
Pmposals .w a?*?2
?V?pl^gSy^rSKr, for fa
labor aud maU-rials reoaired for tbe
f iisiiawdial i Bom la this Tard.
Tbe repairs are te Re made ia ananrrtsaas wttb
plaaa aaa apecibcation* la Re saaa at this oCoa Tbe
wort is to be commenced immadiaulv after tba AaSa
of MM, ? ?
completed within six
Proposal* will be sealed aad ia
? '? Pr.'boaels fur Repairs of Cuamaaadaatw
thlslVth da* of Jui.lSV. '
MABT [bar X mark] BWBBBBT.
Witness ??A. W]
grapiedi to^tbe ggw..:
"lV^a* ordered
It ia ordered that tha teetimoar la tbs cam Ra
closed oo the tth Ray of Ortrfcar next; that tha
time for t ling argameaU aod t he SnHMr^i wp rt
bs limited to the Mth day of O taber aext, aud
that aald petition be heard <m tbs Ittb day af Orto
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