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Tilt KM)AV .l ine K, !<??.
Amnifrafnlo. <* r.. Tft-nfKtit
JMsc nai IVa^r.?The Koyal Yeddo Japuw
Trouj e.
SlratrbTry F'*>i>-.'. at MeK^ndree Chapel,
I'nion Obtffl, at No. lll*> P street. iw*rt?iwe?t,
for The benefit of St A ndrew's mivsior., and at
the Church ot the Immaculate Conccftoa.
? ?
( ondraofil l.?caH.
The Council met yesterday, and adjourned
tor want of a 'jBoram.
The laboring men"? meeting last evening wm
slimlv attendod. and they adjourned to meet
with the Trades I'rions meeting at the City
Hall <>n Thursday evening. The journeymen
borseshoers here succeeded In their strike, and
are now at work again at increased pri^s.
The Republic Saving-" and Building As-o?Ma
tion at its recent meet ng i?old ?4.r>,W>0 at ?? i>re
mmro {?"< of 30 to 31 per cent.. as heretofore
pablished? (Vi per cent, premium is the mini
mum rate allowed by the const-.tution)?but at
a premium of from 130 to 151 per cent.; average
142 per cent.
The Washington Light Infantry battalion,
win-have been invited l>v the Klfth Maryland
to participate in the parade anl celebration in
Bal: in>ore on September T2th. are already mak
ing the most complete arrangement* tor their
anticipated visit to Baltimore. Tliey will turn
out in lull, trie four companies presenting at
ieaM five hundred n?en in line.
At the meeting ot the Oldest Inhabitants yes
terday revolutions of respect to the memory of
the late Judge T?unlop, and the memory of the
late Dr. A Mcl>. D;ivis were adopted, after
which the committee appointed to perfect ar
rai^en- r.ts tor the 4?L of .July celebration re
ported th.it Mr. Nicholas <a'.lar had been cho.
kt, orator, and Mr. J. C. Brent would read the
Declaration of Independence.
-???- ?
The C har*ea Against Br. Leon.
Tb? morning in the police court the case of
?he t'uitrd States vs. Dr. Leon, charged with
attempt to commit an aliorticn. being called,
Mr. Harrington stated that with the permission
of the cour* he would enter a nolle prosequi in
this c*?e. I"rom the statement ot the prosecut
ing witness it appeal* that on the >;tl? day of
May last defendant, at the request of the pros
ecuting witness, by means of instruments and
Arugs. attempted to procure her miscarriage.
T"p< n this state of facte he was bound to say to
bis honor that un<ler our laws it presents no
technical crime, however offensive It is to reli
gion or morality. The law ] rovides punish
ment only "in case of the death of said woman,
or in case of the death of the child.* The court
will, therefore, observe that in the event of con
vi< tion. no judgment could be pronounced or
enforced. He, therefore, with reluctance mov
ed that the complaint he dismissed.
?lodge Snell, in rc*P4.ose to this motion, said:
*'in consenting to th6 entry asked for by the
district attorney, it may l>e proper to say that
the court has had occasion to notice the very
serious defect in the criminal code of this Dis
trict which is prominently developed in this
esse. So in i^ortant was it. that he caused to be
presented to the chairman of the judiciary com
mittee of the first legislative assembly a
ropy of a statute in force in one of the
states, with suggestions that something of
the kind should!*.- provided for this territory.
The statute in force here prescribes the offense?
in the case of death to the mother or injury to
the offspring?neither of which is established la
this case. The attempt to commit the offense
by ilcmg any act ten ling to accomplish it in
node, is not provnled tor or made an offense,
and therefore the court reluctantly consents to
the entry requested by the attorney, hoping
that the legislature will g;ve eauy attention to
this important omission and defect in the crim
inal law.-' Defendant is discharged.
Mr. Harrington remarked tbat it had come to
h;s observation tbat the commission now en
gaged in revising the code for this District had
th is subject nnder consideration, and were pre
parii g a chapter covering such casos as th t
one before them, which he hoj?ed woutd soon
become a law.
Tm Cm-ral s<?itTY Cowcebt?Last even
lag this society gave a complimentary concert
to its passive ni< mbers, at Lincoln Hall, with a
full chorus, which appeared to letter advan
tage than on any former occasion. The pro
gTun iue was tilled exclusively by the society.
The hall was crowded to overflowing, and at
the close of the concert the audience were loed
in their erthn*iasm over these Washington
favorites. Washington city may jastlv feel
proud of the Choral Society. Under the di
rection of Mr. Sherman, their ta'ented con
ductor, they have made an advance which
places them first among the American male
singing societies of the country. Ihe pro
gi.iii me was rich in the extreme last night,
ami no particular chorus can be singled
out as better than the others. Mr. Sherman'*
piano ?olo was enthusiastically encored. The
Beethoven Octette, always well received, re
si-ciiUtd to an encore in their ever-pleasing
waltz. Mr. Chase sang Sbubert's ??Wanderer."'
The tenor obligatoof Sir. Burnett, in the chorus
?? 1 think of thee," was sung with artistic effect,
the chorus as an accompaniment being finely
sung. We hope the public will cordially hail
the reappearance of the Chorals when the win
ter season opens.
Fp.im.KK Dot glass' Li>ss ?The house of
Frederick Douglass, at Koches'er, New York.
bumcdcL Saturday night last, is described as
an elcgmt man.-ion, with barn and outhouses,
on lK)Ufla.-t Hill, in the suburbs of that city.
The bnilding was erected by Mr. Douglass
twenty-two years ago, andhas been occupied by
him as a residence since that time. It w is built
of wood, and was an easy prey to the devouring
element. Mr. l>ou glass'and family were in this
city, and fht house was occupied by his son-in
law, W. Sprague. and family, who had a narrow
escppe trim death, k> rapid" was the progress of
tie Lie. 1 he furniture ?aved was but of small
value, excepting the valuable library and pri
vate pap? r.s~ A cow. worth ? 100, and the coaches,
bugg'.es. harness, &C-, in the barn were con
sumed. but Mr. Sprague succeeded in rescuing
the Lorses. The fire originated in the barn and
was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary, as
there has been'no light used in this building
since last winter. Mr. Douglass'residence was
surrounded by a beautiful grove, which was
entirely destroyed. Sll.OM in United States
bonds, which was in the bouse, were burned.
t??}?Yi .-terday aiteraoon a man named Henry
utmerly bar-kce;>er .n the Star and Gar
ter rtstaur<u>t, while suffering from a fit of
wnma-d-j o'u. jiimi-ed into the Kastern branch
at the leot oi K street east, and was drowned.
He had ot late exhibited signs ot a diseased
mind, and Lis irieLds \t.-Urdayhad bim con
veyed to police headquarters, where Dr. Eliot
examined him. and expressed the opinion that
excessive drinking was 'he cause ot his suffer
ing. but tbat he was not insane. He was there
lore set at liberty, and at once proceeded to the
Congressional cemetery .w here he strolled al>out
for seme hours, and Mr. Lushy, the sexton,
noticed something eccentric in his manner.
Finally he wandered off in the direction of the
bridge at K street, where he jum|*ed into the
water, as stated. Word was sent to the eighth
precinct station house, and effort.- made to re
cover the body .without success. He was a single
n an .without relatives m this city, and was about
43 years old.
Th; Potomac water was shut off last night
trom the entire District to give the workmen
under General Babccck an op;<ortu:uty to make
a connection ot the 36-inch main at Foundry
Branch, just beyond Green Springs. The work
meu have been ra>v ail this morning in making
this connection, and at 2 o'clock this afternoon a
messenger from that i-oint arrived at the otttze
ot General Babcock with information that the
work was progressing finely, and the probabili
ties were that they would be able to let the
water cn this attern'oon, but no hour was stated.
St.' U d any unfors cn circumstance occur by
which the work will be delayed, it will behoove
every one to u?e great caution a- to tire, as the
tire department would be almost useless without
the Aqueduct water in case of a conflagration.
The water was shut off from the upper part of
Georgetown last evening at '> o'clock?two hours
before the advertised time, to the great inconve
nience of housekeeper*. This was very bad
? ?
Shall Pox.?In the eastern section or the
eity there are a number of cases of small pox,
Insi ejter Sprague having reported T new cases
to-day, as follows?3 on Korth Carolina avenue,
between 1st and 2d, one dead, and one each in
the following localities. 3d street, between D
and ?. 4th ?t. and Maryland avenue, 16th and
B streets south, and B street south, between
14th and 15th.
Tm rrnsRAL or tub latr Cuarlbs
McNameb, ja., took place at St. Peter'a
Cher jh thi. morning and was largely attended.
Solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Key.
Father WiMtt's, of St. Joseph's, and Rev.
Father Boyle, or St. Peter's, read the burial
Service and addressed the congregation, paying
a high tribute to the memory of the doceaaed.
Kailr?>ai> Accu>ebt?John Taylor,colored,
one of the hands on a train of tne Baltimore
and Potomac railroad, yeeterday had one of hie
legs broken, and was otherwise injured, while
leaning from the car, a switch striking him.
He was taken to O*i>ooaeirs drugstore, and
subsequently was carried Is Providence hospi
Thk Kotal Ybddo Japs are creating a sen
ration at the National Theater by their wonder
ful feats. They must be sren to oe fully appre
ciated. Their performances are really marvel
Keal Kstate Sale?By Thomas IS. Wag
6aan, real estate broker and auctioneer, lota
.?t, ??!, in Unioatown, improved hy
trame, to 0.11. Summers, for #'-,900.
A riBB on the premises of Robert Brown,
lees 1Mb street, at 1% o'clock this morning, de
stroyed U e clothing of the family*
Public Mrtiool ExMRln^llonii.
Fibst District.?M ale primary No. 6, on
| 13th street, between Gamin, Mrs. Sarui>son
teacher. *w examined yesterday by Trustee
Hart. There are 43 pupils on the roll, and all
| w. ti present. The medal was awarded to Win.
H. Baldwin, ard the diplomat Xr- John C. New
' n.an. J. McGill, Wm. Paxton, Frank
Fhalon, Henry Bensinger, Jos. 8. Latimer. and
Ct.as. Garner. Twenty-five scholars *1.1 be pro
hk led to advanced grades.
Primary No. 4. corner of 1 ith and Q stroets,
Mii?8tab1er teacher, was examined yesterday
by Superintendent Wilsow and Trustres Stuart
and Faust. The school numbers 5C pupils, all
i present at the examination but one. anl is di
I vided it three classes. The exercises consisted
ot spelling, reading, writing by dictation, men
I tai and written arithmetic and definitions. The
! Fnj-erintendent expressed himself pleased with
' the progress made daring the school year, and
I in conclusion presented medals and diplomas.
as followsMedal, Lawrence Cole; diplomas,
! Burton L. Bowen; John Beaton, Hatch Cook,
> Frank H. Duchy. GeeTgc McFmkel, Kmerson
W. Hawk. John" C. Cook, K. B. Duval'., J. W.
, Trader. J. B. William.*. E. A. Van Vleck,
1 Robert Hurley, IC. Grass, M. N. Richardson. It
i J. Graham and G. G. Pavtie.
Secondary No. 7, 1!?tn, between G and H
streets, Miss Sarah E. Gibbs, teacher, was
examined yesterday by Trustees Hart and
Stuart. There was a very full attendance,
and the school rocm presented a beautiful ap
pearance with its floral decotations. The roll
ot merit was as follows: Metal. Kd tli Blacke
stnn; diplomas, Cora Hines, Lou?a M. Bodier.
Nettie Cattell, Amelia Daltar, Fannie Dalton,
Kate Bridget, Kmma Lamer, Florence Hays,
Sophie Altniansjierger. Mary E. Tol>ur, .Jennie
S. Cunningham, K->se McConrke, Mice Carl,
Alice York, liattie Hanp'mai^Catharine Holtz
man and Bertha Petsch.
Secosp DtsTKk T Femalt secondary No. ft,
in i hargc of Mi?Jennle Free, teacher, was ex
amined by Trustee McLellan, in the presence
ct anuml>eroi the parents and friends of the
pupils. This school keeps nr> the liijrh repnta
1 on it has enjoyed for several year* p -st. There
arc 53 pupils oti the roll, two of whom were ab
sent. The walls of the room were hanlsomely
decorated, and on many of the de-k* were bou
quets. There were some tine drawing* on the
blackboard, most of them by Kate Kirk and
Annie C. Clarvoe. The examination was a
severe one, but in geography, arithmetic and
spelling especially the school excelled. The
singing was the subject of commendation; in
deed, those who ought to know stated that the
school, in music, is ahead of any school of the
same grade in the District. The first class, IS
in number, is reedy for transfer, and it is not
unlikely that others will be promoted to 3 higher
grade of school. In the contest for the medal
two of the scholars, Fannie B. Thomas and
Alice A. Clarvoe, stocd equal, and. lots being
dr-wn, Miss Tboww was successful, and the
medal was awarded tc her. A handsOm: Mal
tese cross, beautifully chased, was presented to
Miss Clarvoe by the teacher. The diplomas
were awarded to the following pupils:?Alice A.
Clarvoe, liouisa C. Heiler, Addle A. Boswell,
Kllen E. Donahteon, Margaret M. Uunp, Edith
Howard, Belinda C. Saunders, Mary L. Peters,
Harriet L. Davis. Sarah A. McMarray, Janette
B. Poole, Louisa H. Prinzhorn, Georgian*
Brown. Annie II. Carls, Carrie A. Calhoun,
Mary White, Sophia K. Daliler, Caroline C.
Scl.laich, Annie D. Kalfer. After the cxercises
were over a German gentleman .-u > 1 that he
had seen many schools in Europe an J thU coan
i try, but had never witnessed a bettor elimina
Female primary No. 6, Miss. E. L. Wilson
f teachcr, was examine*! yesterday by Trustees
Woodward and Richards. This school is in the
i baement of the German church on Oth street.
1 The roll bears the name? of thirty-six scto'.ars;
thirty-four were present, and twenty will be
i transferred at the close cf the term. The fol
i lowing is the award of premium-: ?Medal,
Mary F. Keller; diploma*, Ai n.e Seltman, Ida
, V. Robinson. l.illie C. Seal, EllaG. Donn, Lucy
Bc.iitz, Sarah E. Hodgkin, Miry A. Kf lmnnd",
, Martha Metcaif, Mary:. Zvi>precbt, Wilhel
; mina Scbuell.Mary Sheckel.*,"Pauline M. Blau.
Mary G. Crippen. The examination was very
creditable to the teacher and her pupils.
Female primary No. ?, Miss Jennie Boss
teacher, In the basement of the church on Cth
street, between L and M, was examined yester
day by Trustees McLellan, Woodward an 1 Ran
dolph. Tbeschool numbers to girls, 45ot whom
were present, and 18of tliem wi'.l be transferred
to a school of higher grade. The examination
. consisted of exercises in reading, sjiellin^, arith.
1 metic, Ac.,.and though many of the children
w<re new scholars iu the sehooi, the examin
ation was fully up to the examinations of other
schools of the same grade. The premiums were
! awarded as follows:?Medal. Am.lia Jacobs;
Diplomas?Kate Fox, Annie Uobimson, Marga
ret A. Hap.dley, Minnie M. Mcraii, Florence G.
Smith, Claudia M. Smith, Claudia M. Moran,
I.e8ny D. Shifner. Alice L. Hoalett, Mary E.
? Trunnell, Rosa E. Crimen, Alice E. Bouts,
? Clara V. Stewart, Martha Trunnel, Gertrude
A, Stewart, Kate A. Stickney, Annie M. Vich
man, Margaret A. Johnson, Elizabeth Scot*,
Horter.se W biting, Alice H. Weaver, Genevieve
! C- Calvert.
Male primary No. 9 was examined yesterday
> by Trustees Randolph and Richards an 1 Audi
j tor Richards. The school is in the Berrett
building, and Miss M. 1*. Clark is the teacher.
She has Lccn in charge of the school ouly since
! last January, and in that time ha' handled her
pupils so successfully as to have ten transferred
some time since to a higher grade school, and
now has twelve more ready to follow them.
The roil shows sixty name's, and fifty pupils
w? re present. The premiums wer<- awarded a?
follows: Medal, B. Carlvle Fcnwlck; diplomas,
Peter Printz, John G. Hodges, Grant Richards,
! .lames C. Mitchner, Charles 1". Hodman, Wm.
i B. Burden. Wm. Scrivener, Ellwood Hiukle,
John McCabe, Henry G. Teg ler, James H.
Stone, Frank Kross, Edward Eddie, Arthur
| Tocilinson.
Male primary No. 13, located in the building
1 on l?th street,"between P an.J G,(Miss Eilis
teacher, ! was examined at 2.3" o'clock yester
I day by Trustee Dfettrich, in the presence of
many visitors. The names of forty pupils were
on the roil; one absent, and twenty-two will be
transferred. The scholars were giren a long
1 and tedious examination in their diifcrent
studies, and acquitted themselves with credit.
The prt miums w#re awarded as follows : Medal,
} Robert A. Wind; diploma*, Maurice Heilb.irn,
Theodore K. Melson, Joseph DeSouter, Chas.
Crider, Chas. E. Sterns, Jehn A. Gross, Her
man E. Fenter, Wm. W. McCristal, Thomas L.
McMurray, Geo. B. M. Dorsey. George B. M.
Sengstack". David Shaw, Gco.'W. Beall and J.
Edj,ar Mellon.
Thiep Djstbict?Primary No. 2 (female),
corner of 7th and G street1 southeast, Miss
Laura Bland teacher, was examined yesterday
alttrncon by Trustee Wm. P. Allai:, agisted by
; ex-Trustee Clarke, Asbury Thomp.-on. Trustee
French, Mr. McFarlaud. Mr. LJwards, and
other friends of the school were present. Of 04
pupils on the roll, 62 were nres^nt. The medal
was awarded to Mary A. Ai.dvrson. and diplo
mas to Ida V. Caldwell, Carrie Banks, Ella
Thompson. Agnes Russell, Mary Sparks, Anna
I'adgett, Kate Daughton, Matilda Viemedy,
.Vay Jenkins, Anna Schneider, Louisa Des-tTz,
I liattie Carrigan, Jessie Fox. Kate Martin, L'.llie
Mills, May Nevills and Mary Townley. The
examining trustee and the parents of the pupils
i present concurred in pronouncing the exam'na
tion first-class in every respect. Twenty-six
pupils of this school will be transferred to a
I hither school.
Male primary No. 9, corner Tth and C streets
southeast. Miss Wilkerson, teacher, was exam
ined by Mr. French, trustee, ye-terday after
noon. On the roll are 61 pupils, and all were
present and gave evidence of great progress, in
reading and spelling esi>eciallv,and the teacher
and scholars were highly commended by seve
ral parents of pupils present, as well as bv the
examining trustee. The medal wa? awarded to
i Charles M. Pruft, and diplomas to the following
pupils: William Mallory. H. Herfurth, William
j Bcail, Daniel Kaufman, Fred. Ncnratb,George
Milier, Wm. Dulin, Wm. Carr. Frank Tuell,
Joseph Jefi'ers, Wm. Martiu, Burnett Nevis,
Ed. bigger*, Daniel Harbin, and Andrew Hin
j ton.
Primary No. 6, was examined by Trustee A.
M. Scott, Miss L. F. Thomas teacher, at 3 p. m.
yesterday. There 48 pupils, 26 ot whom will be
promoted. The examination consisted of sing
ing, reading, spelling, defining, and arithmetic,
allot which were rendered by the pupils to the
entire satisfaction of the trustee. The m#-dal
for general improvement was awarded to Mia*
Sarah Robe v.
Primary No. 7, Miss M. E. Armistead, teach
er, was examined at the McCorraick building at
3 p. m. yesterday by Trustees W. B. Moore and
A. P. Clark. There are S3 pupils on the roll, 24
of whom will be promoted. Thev were examined
at considerable length in reading, spelling,
writing, arithmetic, and singing, aud their
accuracy in answering reflects creditably on
their teacher. The medal for general Improve
ment was awarded to Master George Roach.
Forsth Dibtbict?Male primary school No.
9, on D street, between 4^ and6th streets, Miss
Ellen Halliday teacher, was examined yester
day by Trustees Crook and Evans. There are
58 names on the roll of this school, of which
number 16 are ready for transfer. As a primary
teacher, Mi? Halliday has been quite success
ful, this being her fourth year. The gold medal
was awarded to William Walton, and diplomas
to George Givener, Walter Groves, Jas. Pum
phrey, Charles Qothman, George Truesham,
Charles Betstord, Thaddeus Clark, Wm. Tur
ner, Lincoln Goodall, and 8ilas lttchold.
Male primary Ko. 11, in Potomac building.
Miss Lizzie Sheck, teachcr was examined yes
terday by Trustee Evans. There are 32 pupils
enrolled, 50 of whom were present. The boys,
most of them quite young, were found to be well
up in their studiee, particularly in spelling,
reading and deiinitiona. The first clas? showed
considerable proActeaey tn analysis of figures,
and abbreviations. Twelve of th?se scholars
for transfer at the next school
term. The gold medal wm awarded to Wllford
Lr^<5ory'^D?J1Jld.omM to Lewis Mother?he?d,
William Morris, William Holtzelaw, Otto Wil
liams, McClellan Fenwiek, Robert Biroh, John
Towers. Chan. Josette, E. Cumberland, Henry
Berry. Stephen GUI, Prank Bremer, Gliomas
Belt,Joseph America.
Male and female primary No. 14, In Oreenleaf
building, on 4? street, between L and M, south
west, Miss Worrell teacher, was examined yes
terday by Trnsteee Champlin, Crook, At L*e,
and ex-trustee J. E. F. Ue'msad. In this
school there are 50 pupils, boys and girls. of
the original number (70) having h^ei trans
ferred tlie f.*st month to the higher grades. and
ail ot the present tuenil> ts helng present at this
examination. The examination exorcises con
iliiUd in music, reading, ?pellinf. writing, defi
nitions, aht-reviat-.ons, &r.., most of which
studies the r.upils seemed *o he nuking good
progress. Ttie medal was given to John Srai'h
n. at.d ttti'V'PtM were awarded to John M'ir
pby. Mary F. Wtntakir, George Dunn, Marga
r't D'^nv nd, Anna Ber.sler, William Moeka
bec. Thomas Flaherty, .lame# Campbell, Mury
A. Moffat, Kate llowland, Kate Spaulding.
Laura L. Pyle. Henry M. Ashton. Marv V. Bos
well, ,Julia Real'. The teacher at her own
expense j resented Sarah Bell with a medal she
being neat in merit to John Srnithson.
Coiorkp School Examinations,?Yester
day the examination* of the colored sch >ols
were continued in the John F. Cook building.
Inte rmediate No. 2. Miw A. L. Foo*3, tcacher,
with 30 pupils, classified in the third grade, was
examined by Superintendent Cook in reading,
spelling, written and menial arithmetic, and
geography of the United States and the general
outlines of the hemispheres and North America.
The pupils gave evidence of understanding what
they had studied, answering questions prompt
ly and accurately. The rhetoric%l exercises were
among the pleasing features of the occasion.
Intermediate No. 1, Mi*s Maria A. Forster
teacher, with thirty pupils, was examined by
Prof. Ya?hon in the same grade of studies as
Intermediate No. 3. and the school proved itself
a model one. The rhetorical exercises, compo
sition, "Examination day," by Miss M. A. Por
ter; recitation, "Charge of the L:ght Brigade,"
hy James Broughton; composition, ?? Educa
tion," and reading from Tennyson, by Miss M.
Edinburgh, were worthy of special mention.
The room was tastefully draped with ever
greens, while around it were hung likenesses of
distinguished rersons, including that of Gen.
(?rant, and beneath it the following motto:
'??>rdcr is h? aven's first law."
Grammar No. 1, Miss Emma V. Brown, teach
er am! principal, composed of '?> well advanced
pupils, was examined by Superintendent Cook.
In this school there were three grades, repre
sci'tir.g s?cond intermediate and third and sec
ond gran.mar. The pupils were examined in
readlrg from the fifth reader, and spelling from
same; arithmetic, to the extraction of the roots;
algebra, to equations of the first degree; graiu
xnur, geography, and United States history.
The scholars excelled in reading, and in arith
metic, as in algebra, the work was marked by
rapid execntion and a commendable degree of
accuracy. The closing exercises, consisting of
singing and recitations, were very attractive.
Trustees Henry Johnson and Charles King were
present during the entire examination, and
congratulated the teachers and scholars upon
their success.
The Greeley and Brown Clcb met last
night at the Board of Trade rooms, Mr. De
frees in the chair. Mr. J. J. Coombs, from the
committee on organization, submitted a consti
tution and by-laws, which was adopted. Mr.
Daniels reiorted a partial list of officers as fol
lows: Vice presidents: 1st district. Wm. Hickev;
2d, Dr. Daniel Breed; 3d, J. A. Ritchie; 4th,
James Goddard; Cih, Donn Piatt; nth, F. W.
Carver; loth, George H. Plant; 12?h, W. W.
Moore; 13tli, George II. Clark; 14th, John Dow
lug; loth, *1 OfCpli Shillington; 16th, Livingston
Blown; recording secretaries. Walter Hawkes
and Dorsey Clagett; corresponding secretaries,
J. A. Hallerk and G. W. Anderson; treasurer,
Wm. G. Moore; executive committee, B. G.
Daniels, J. J. Coombs. K. J. Fleming, L. (J.
Washington, C. M. Alexander, and
S. J. Bow en. The rei>ort was adopted,
ar.d the club elected tbe officers named above.
Mr. Price submitted a resolution that the club
co-operate with Maryland and Virginia to ar
lange for a demonstration in Baltinure on the
9tb of July next, and that Mr. Alexander Ben
nett be chosen as marshal for the occasion; laid
on the table. Mr. Coombs submitted a resolu
tion for the api>ointment of a committee to
whom all resolutions shall be referred before
presentation to the club. On this there was
considerable debate by Messrs. Coombs, Smith,
Snodgrass, and Magill, atter which it was adopt
ed. Alter S}>eech-making.the chair announced
as the committee on resolutions: Messrs. J. J.
Coombs, Colonel Smith. J. C. M'-Gill, L. Q.
Washington, B. G. Daniels, and S. D. English.
BALim^RE Annual CoNPERENcr or the
A.M.E. Zion Church?Yesterday after our
report closed, Kev. B. Mackail whs elected an
honorary member. Kevs. J.H. Hamer and J.
B. Trustee were elected ministerial delegates to
the general cor lerence with Kevs. George Bas
ley and J. W. Green as alternates. The
daughters of conference presented their dona
tions tor the sup|Kirt of the conference. The
Sabbath schools of the A. M. E. Z. churches in
the city assembled at 7.30 o'clock, and were
addressed by Bishops Loguen, Brook*. Talbert,
Rev. Jauies A. Jones, and Elder Thomas.
In the conference this morning a paper from
the preacher's meeting praying the general con
ference to luake certain amendments to the
ritual, and also providing for the trial of bish
ops. A.C., was discussed at considerable length
and adopted.
Elders Trusty and Green and Deacon John*
were appointed a comm>ttee on circuits and
Elders Jones, Dyson and Bos ley were appointed
a committee ou temperance.
Elder Price moved that the general confer
ence be also asked to insert addresses in the
baptismal cereniony. This motion was pending
at the hear of adjournment.
A Bcilpino Association Case To-day,
in the equity court. (Judge Humphreys,) a de
cree was made in the case of Cochntn against
Clarke setting aside the sale. It appears that
CotLr ;.u and wife gave a deed of trust on some
property in the neighWhood ol 13th ami C
streets S.W. to R. H. Clarke an<l A.Austin
Smith, trnstees, to secure eertain advances
from the Mount Vernon Budding Association.
Cochran and family went south, at: I. it Is al
leged, lelt the property in charge ol H.A.Clarke
as agent to collect the rents, pay dues, &e.
Subsequently, in default of pajment, the proi>
erty was advert;sed and sold by U. H. Clarke?
11 A. Claike being the purcltas -r. Mrs. Coch
ran and daughter returned here on the close of
the war, Cochran having died in the meantime,
and tiled a petition for pvt.^ession. and to-dav a
decree wa* made. Mr. J. N. Oliver for pe
Folice Court,judge tfn<//.-To day, Charles
Reese, charged with assault and battery on
Obtdiah Kimmell. a county constable; $>.
John Cohen, assault and battery on Harriet
Walker, both colored; <100 each to keep the
peace. Henry Harris, larceny of a coat, valued
at S3. He was caught in the dining-room of a
lady from whom it was stolen with the coat in
his jiOEscssion; 810 and costs, or thirty day*
Henry Harris, assault and battery on A. C.
Bowie. Mr. Bowie attempted to irrest this
thlet upon his premises, when he received a
blow which knocked him down; judgment sus
l^nded. Robert Carter, colored, charged with
grand larceny of jewelry and money, altogether
valued at *40; sent to grand jury. James E.
Sherwood, threats of personal violence to Kuie
line Sherwood, hia wife. The latter did not ap
pear, and the judge required his personal bouds
in the sum of Moo to keep the peace, which he
gave and was discharged. Recess.
TnE Huston Investigation?The eccle
siastical committee by whom the charags
apaihst Kev. Dr. Huston are being investiga
ted, continued their labors yesterdav, some of
tho witnesses examined being f.r the defense
and some for the prosecution. Sergeant Gaither
was examined as to the character of the boy
Loane, the witness adduced heretofore for the
defense, who it was shown was in the House of
Ketuge at the time of the occurrences to which
he testified?that is seeing the girls who accuse
Dr. Huston of being in a place'of bid repute.
T wo gentjen:en named Barber were examined for
the defense as to their estimate, w liijh was not
very good, of the truthfulness of the Sunday
school scholar, the principal accusing witness
In the charge now being investigated. The
Sunday school scholar and her mother were both
recalled, and testified at length in re fere ace to
the details of pending charge. Tlie investiga
tion w ill last tor some days yet Halt Sun, 0th.
Seizure or a Massachusetts Vessel in
Can apian Water*?The prize sclir. Knola O,
ot Gloucester, was seized at Trinity Bay, six
miles below Point Desmontcs, on the 29th day
of May, in :he evening, having at the time two
trawls set. and two men in the act of raising
tbem. Before being seized she had two more
trawls In Trinity Bay, some fifty or hundred
yards from the shore, and two men were in the
act of raising them, with two lines of halibut in
them, when she was boarded. Their lines ex
tended along the shoie some four or five miles.
The schooner was towed up from Kamourousto
Quebec, and she now lies at the commissioner's
D Auctioneers and Real ? it ate Brokers,
So uthwoat corner Pennsylvania a .??. and Uth street,
Star Offlcs Buildings.
1H connnenclpg at 19 o'clock, la Iroot of oar
lSBauction rooms, we shall sell ? superior col
|T|I(ci1ob of Furniture, comprising
" 1 r< neb Plate Mirrors.
Walnut Parlor Suite, upbUsien d in Rep sad Hair
W-dnutand Mahogany Chambsr Farnitars,
Painted Cottage Sets.
Fedsttads. Bureaus, Washstands and Wardrobes,
Hairard Husk Mattraaaes,
Hev<ral tapsrinr Feather Bel*.
Feather Beds, B< l-ters and Pill< w?.
Walnut and Oak Extension Dini. g Tables,
Walnut anrf Dinlnit Chairs,
CIiuaand Glass Ware,
0> t-k'ug awl Heatltg btoves,
Kitchen requisites.
ALM, AT 1? O'CI "CE,
One Family Carriage, (nearly ntw.)
Ont Coupe.
On? Doctor's Chaise,
Several Peranbolatorf.
Terms caah.
LAT1MRR k f L^ART. Aucta.
from ?? to #10, at A. MBA US . ?0?* P^n
sylvacia avenue. miw
PrT? MAr Boat Club At the nnxthly a??et.
ir g?d the Potomac boat club. held last night,
Col. Frank Jones. president, in the chair, 8. A.
C. Smith, was elected a member. A ?>m
ni nication was received from the New York
clubs a?king a delegate fri>ia this ctub to be ?ent
to that city at the rational convention of the
boating fraternity to he held this reason. J. C.
Marbury, Efq.. was elected to correspond with
them on the subject.
BriLomo Ar-sociATtow.?At the sixty-third
monthly meeti: g of t??e Sixth building as?o--iJ?
ation la*t nicht. twenty-six share* of stock were
retired at $151.75 (maximum rate) per share
Thi boat back between Col. .las Dickson
and Capt. M. S. Yarwood. both ??!' the Pototu ?o
l*oat club, (over their cont>e,> for a |5J su-t of
clothe*, resulted in favor of the former, Capt.
Y. not having come to time. Col. D. rowed over
the course in thirty-four minutec, referees de
ciding in his favor.
Tub pish wharf has closed fcr the Mi.<on,
which hits been ;?n unfortunate one for the
fishermen, nearly all of them having lost by the
Grain.-Twenty-five hundred.bushels of red
wheat sold Vfsterday at from ^ to 82.10.
Flocr I esprit ion*?Inspector Peters in
spected flour last month as foliows:?Kxtra,
3,4;J7 barrels; family, 1,116 barre's; superfine,
430 barrels; tine. 30 barrels; middlings. 321 bar
rels?total inspections. 5,374 barrels. This, with
I). McCann's in.sj>ectioii. (14.W5 barrels,) makes
the total inspection lor May 'J0.2U' barrels.
Arrival* bt Rivkr.?Schooner Margaret
Ella, from Alexandria, to Hartlevdi; Bro., with
350 bushels red wheat, and sold at *2.15; 1,1 "0
bushels corn (stored.) Steamer Lady of the
I.ake, general merchandise; departed "with 130
barrels flour. Canal boat Nettie Graham, t'run
Berlin. 8*w bushels wheat, 1,100 bushel* corn,
250 bushels corn meal, tor Geo. Waters.
? The i?rw oi>e<>s at the Academy of the Visi
tation is making rapid headway, but will not be
complete for the com'ng exhibition the latter
part oi this month, so that the large play room
will have to be u*ed as an exhibi ion room this
A Reliable Clerk.?An Alexandria clerk
obtained permission of his employer to visit
Baltimore on Saturday last, promising to be
back and oj-en the store as usual on the follow
ing Mondav morning. He paid the visit and
reachcd W ashington on his return SunJav night,
but accidentally failed to reach the depot in
time to take the'last Alexandria train. Having
no friends in Washington, he walked it* streets
until three o'clock in the morning, and then,
taking oil his boots, as they burt his teet, and
throwing them across his shoulder, he started
on foot tor this city, reaching here about live
o'clock, foot-sore and wearied, but sustained by
the proud consciousness of having do no his duty
and kept his promise.
Bad Prospect* Reports from the counties
adjacent to the city represent that the oat crop
will be nearlv an entire failure; that the wheat,
even should ft head out well, will be difficult to
garner, on account of the shortness of th>> stem;
that the grass is nearly dead, and that the cut
worm is seriously injuring the corn.
A Grbklby Katikicatiok Mketiko?Ar
rangements are in progress for a grand Greeley
ratification meeting to be held here at an early
day. Among the signers of the call are several
who have heretofore affiliated with the radical
P.a*i>P. R. R A party of civil engineers
passed through here this morning, via the W.
and O. R. R., for Middleburg, to survey a route
for the proposed Piedmont and Potomac rail
Plbbtiptl supplies of sturgeon, and a few
shad, caught by the glllers, continue to arrive
here. The sturgeon tell at $2 a piece and the
shad at (rum #10 to ?11 per hundred.
1>r. Lester Lloyd has bought, at a com
missioner's sale, the Star tavern at Falls Church,
in Fairfax county, for 81.S00.?Gazette, latt eve
The Pimlico Races? Spring Meting of the
Maryland Jocley Club.?The Pimlico grounds,
near Baltimore, presented a lively and exciting
asi-ect yesterday afternoon, the occasion being
a running race and tournament, under the
auspices of the Maryland Jockey Club. The
festivities opened with a r unning race, miie
heats, free for all ages, no distanced horse
excluded from starting until after the third
heat, in which there was to be no distance.
The club oflered a purse of *300, of which
$250 was to the first and $50 to the
second horse. Five horses were entered.
After one false start the nags got oft' well
together on the second trial, Hanover in
the lead, closely followed by John Merryman.
Before reaching the first quarter pole, Grace
Rogers was closc on the heels of John Merry
man. The marc at this point shied and tripped
up Tucker, who fell into the middle of the track,
Rosa Bell, who was in the rear, making a clear
jump over the prostrate form of Tucker, and
the tour nags kept on at a killing pace. Tucker
remained motionless on the track, his little
colored rider by his side. A rush was made
across the field by the crowd, when the fallen
horse was found'o h*?ve broken his neck. The
carcass was rji wn from the track in
order to allov i .-tumd heat to proceed.
Hanover won the lacc In 1.56. The second heat
was of course a contest between Merrvmaii and
Hanover. At the first quarter John Merryman
shot ahead and commenced making a gap
which widened to the end of the race, dis
tancing his competitors and passing the string
injl 5?''X, winning the purse of $25o, Hanover
being entitled to ?50.
1 he tournament appeared to be the great ob
ject of interest among the ladies. The winning
knights wire V.'rn. Grason, (Knight-Before
Last,) John Grason, (Knight of Harlem,) Cha>.
Rogers, (Knight of Lancaster.) and E. P.
Gwynn, (Knicht of Prince George's.) Mt.
Samuels, of Yirginin, who appeared as the
I'nknowti; Mr. Patterson, (Knight of Oak
Grove; W. D. Aiken. (Knight of the Palmetto
State;) Messrs. Hamilton Gittings, (Knight oi
the Forrest;) J. Patterson, (Knight of Oak
Grove,) and J. H. Gwynn. (Knight of Mount
Auburn.) The Knight of Lancaster crowned
Miss Ida Wynn, of Baltimore, as queen; Knight
of Prince George's, Miss Mary Gilinur. of Bal
timore county, first maid of nonur; Knight of
Night Before" Last, Miss Florence Patterson, of
Baltimore, second maid, and Knight of Har
lem, Miss Nannie CocVrell, of Virginia, third
8rwzs\*iDSBt loth I no Large variety of
kinds and sizes. Perfectly fitting shirts, "the
largest assortment. Nightshirts.
Geo. C. Hsinmro,
No. 410 "th street N. W.
Boyr' Grey Flanne 1 Derby Sacks, with Pants
to match. Excellent goods for Boys.
Price only $5 per suit.
Noah Walker Jfc Co.,
6 611 Pennsylvania avenue.
A Fair Shirt $1.50
A Good Shirt 2.00
A First.tate Shirt 2.50
Our Shirts fit.
Noah Walker A Co.,
6 Cll Peana. av., Met'n. Hotel Building.
Cores, &e?Dr. White, Chiropodist. $1 for
extracting all your Corns and treating your
Bunions and Nails without pain or bleeding, at
535 15th street, opposite Treasury. (Baltimore
office, 7 North Charles street. Fee $1.)
As i* car enstem at th<? season of the year, we
have reduced our prices, for the purpose of closing
out, at far as possible,ear stock of
and we are fally persuaded that onr prices will most
favorably compare with any.
Car stock fs unusually large for the season, and
most be sold, even at a sacrifice; therefore bargains
may be looked for in all cases.
tUT An inspection of oar stock Is requested.
SST Goods packed and shipped free of expense.
)e3 4t
Silk and Wool and all Wool GRENADINES, SO
cento to tlj 15 yards best fwich LAWNt), ||;
#?; Lac* Parasol COVERS, #4?cheapest in the
ci<y;lot of BMBROIPBB1E8 trom auction?very
cheap:Ladles' BK1BT WAISTS, fl; Ladies' and
At CONNOLLY'S. SOS 9th street.
QQjjjjQLLT"8. 608 9th street,
JI M* Opposite Patent Office.
IN PB10B or
Plaid Mohairs, from 4Sc. tw 83c.
Bleached 4-4 Cotton,from 18c. to lSe.
I'nbleaehed 4-4 Cotton,frtm lie to lMe.
Best make Seersucker Gin* basse, from 40c. to 33c.
4 4 Salting Linens, from 40c. to 3*c.
And anTmb?s stock of Plain and Striped Gron
adlnee, Alpacas, Black Silks, Percalee, Cambric,
Swisses, Nainsooks, Victoria Lawns, Jap. Pop'ins
snd 8ilk?, Viencli Organdies. Lawns, Parasols.
Q loves, Hosiery, BibOoas, Linings. Ae.^at greatly
redweed prices. Printsfras 8to Uto.;Wmst Pa
ris Kids. #1: French Lawn Robes, #416, new and
beautiful. Call and sxamias.
^LwMss'^ and Oentjs Underwear, direet from the
wvut w vwsw vow a Riroui imm r n<
manufscturers', at wholesale prices. Justreceived
?t??aai French Organdies in Bio*, Green, Buff, and
Pnrple, with Borders for Trimming. mayU-iw
mil CI Al. A\ O COX1ESCUL.
* Wall street and business interests generally
?re becoming apathetic in regard to the Wi?li
ington treaty. and it is thought that anr result
to the negotiation* would have cotnuar itive'y
little iiiflu- nee on current ni irMrn ai- either in
or out of Wall street. The gold market is sus
tained by the continue.lheaw experts of specie
and the prospect that taey ?-ll be kept up tor
some time to come. Oor> rtimrnt loud* con.
tinue very strong. The money market is an
changed, the rate*on call Io.m?~ Ming %a7 per
cent, the greater part of the business boing
order 6 per cent. Prime commercial paper
continue* to move freelv at 6a* ^ per cent.
OoTernmrni Merarltln.
Jay Co ike & Co. iurnisu llie iwllowmg to-day:
Rfy'* St:!'*. I i. Stli'ti.
r. ?.?"?.1U81.. ie'? * 'I ' ft ?'s. JnA.lf. ^ i: 17',
t .o>.iv? u'4 ; r, jnjtjr.tc.ir^ is-*
5>>.!K) l4\ 15', | AW's.jBAJr,?M7f IT",
*? lcsv.......).' ? 1. i It1 A' s ....... ..1*4 U\
Nxw Toii-F.kt Dwiit.
r. '.J's.lsH .......2uS i ft 3i'?.Jan..S Jly,l?7_17',
tap's, i?a ?..ia { : x ? Jku..t Jiy, ... rv
5 :? ?, 1,'il IS ; Ui ? lis
ft 31'*, IsCi ..1 S ' American Gout. 14S
S 'A s.Jan&Jly, to...17V, ! Currency o ? 14\
Mnrkrii ro-?li?y.
Faitimorf, June6 ? Virginia sixes. old. JS, dn.,
11 if ii. old. 4*. di> . consolidated. '. , \ ir
gn it's, liS. N- rth Carolina liin. aid, 30;do , nfv.
10. do., special tax, 14 Iridic da*.
P*it ?cii. June?.?Cott? u firm" low niidilings,
M. K.our *ery cull, wa ket favors buyers. Wh at
dell nid unchangid. I' tn ?t?-,<i> im! T.rro; mix<d
W?Stert? Closed at <W. (>,i> ?t>,<lt; a stern mixed,
ftis.'S: bright, 54*55. K<ntbera <41111-1, wuji Bje
quiet Mva unchanged. Provisioni .jniet and nn
tUnt'd Western butt?r l?ir'v active and un
cbsr g- d. Wh'lkrj: quiet. 91
Stw 1 <'Rk, June i.?very wtk. QoM
ftmdy.l'1,. Money easy. 5 ITxchsnge. lone. 9\,
short, ll'S G wercments fir? ai.d . \ remm
6 ?, 44. M'*. 54. North Carolina"*. J.'S. n* w, S
Kmv Yi m, June 6?flour at-ady. V'lual^.iel
and firm Cutn thadr fitnitr.
Lost>ox. Jm.it>. 11 JO a.m.?OoijipIi op ?ned at
P".'.. oririoney and for account .* It. uds ?f 1JK2.
lv'i. t.!d. 91S: Is"". 9 S: W 40's, M*?
Tap '? June t.? heme# t p- tied at ftft fr
1 RA>kk'?? hT. -Iune6 ?Bond#opened At ?.
WAR DKPAUTHEMT.OJtce Chief H.gnil J+ce. >
V'aPHixoToa, D.O., June ??, li?72,10 a. m {
STKOP.-Jfr FOR 1-APr TWB3ITY-FOU if Hi"?t R*
The l>arumcter ha* fallen north and west of the
Ohio valley, with easterly to southerly winds,
cloudy and threatening weather and areas ot
rain. Cloudy weather, with light rain an ; rreuh
to brisk northerly witiiis, cout.uues over the
east Atlantic states. Clear and partially cloody
weather over the middle and southern states,
with light to fresh winds. The birotueter is
bi?hest over the latter. Lowest ovar eattern
Nebraska and Dakota.
PuonAttiLiTtKj)?Falling barometer, fr'?h to
brisk southerly winds, cloudy weather audrain
prevail from Tennessee northwest over the
upj?er lake region, and extend eastward over
the northern portions of the middle states this
atternoon and to-night, and possibly over the
southern portion to-night. Clearing weather
for the ea*t Atlantic states, with wintls hacking
to westerly during the d?y, but followed by
southerly winds and cloudy and p<.>3sihly threat
ening weather by Friday morning. Clear and
partially clondy weather continue over the
eastern Gulf and south Atlantic state*. Dan
gerous winds are not anticipated.
Georgetown Advertisements.
|JT TUOS. UUW11NU. Auctioneer; Georgetown.
By virtue of a decrw i f t li-* iiupteiii* <'oart
of the Idstriot of Colu&bia, littiiiK in E iirty.
a cause peudina therein l>?-twe< n cuvan
Kengla et al vs. Henry Gre<*n et al . w" pro
c??d to sell. ?.u th<- pr. mi*?, on THl Ksl AY, tUe
siOth day (ft .1 nne, A D. IS J, at 6 o'clock p in , all
that pitce or parrt'l of land lying ,iud belr c iu the
County ol WashinvtoB. Diitri t of Ooluaibla, and
Wiuft part of " Se tt's Ordinary,"b und d oa th<
west by part of the same tract s 'Id by Went to
Nevitt,on the scutkeatt by <General Maso '? lanl,
at.d < n the north by other part of ?' Scuit's Onli
nar\' lately owned by said We?t. eootainn e ab.ut
flv?- acres of land, more or leas,wiih thj imp-ove
Also, thoae two pieces or parcels of grouad lying
and being in the CoulIv and District afore-mid, the
same being part of a tract called ?' Luck . l>i?cot
ery' and part cf a tract called ?? Scott s Oidinar\
I ' iui nii g for the same on the second line.,t Lu kj
I>i?Cover>V' at the sou'h? a-t corner ?.f a I >t tor.nerlr
owned by O.M Linthicum. the .?m- beinc p.*rt of
"tScott'sOrdinary , and thenceaith the dist line of
that part ot "Lucay Discovery conveyed b> J.weph
\\ . Hand and wite to Edward Canimack. s.orth 7?j4
d< giees. east 14S perches to au ai ?le of a ne<r laiu
out road hading t<> the Pender Hi ttv from the lane
along the north line of John Wise's lot. striking the
line of said new laid out road on the south tide:
tbet ce along the southern line of *aid new road
north t>: S degrees, west 1SS oerches toth? U'>rth*ast
corner ot the aforesaid lot formerly owu* d by said
Litithicum, tlii uce a ith tne eastern 1 ;ne??t said l<>t
to the place of beginning eoateluiug half an acre
and 6 perches, be the same more >r le^s. together
with the full ?r.d free use ..J the aforesaid new road
b-ading to the Powder House belonging to the late
Corporation ot Georgetown, with all rights and
appurtenances, as the name u m,?re fuilv and at
large set forth lu the deed recorded ia Ltb r W. B ,
lo7, folio?!. among the laud records of thaCjuoty
and Hi&trict ati re,hid.
Also, the following piece or psrcol of land lying
in said county and Istsirict, b> iug part ot "Scott '1
Ordinary,"and ls>anded as folloa^, that is to gay:
B? ginning t< r the tame at the northwest lx?an lary
of Bcatty and Haakins' addition to O, Tgetowu,
and running thenc-- Eorth 26 degr??s ?e^t Hi perch-s
to the third line of the entire tract call?<i --Be ?tt"s
Ordinary;" thence with said third lire north CS
deure^s east t) psrche* to a liKtmt tree. th< ice north
? degrees vest 21 peiches; thence S"U!h 74''* de^re?
aest 23 perclu*s to a former line *f J. hu Tnrelkehl,
deceased; thence, with sa.d line teverm s uth 4
degrees ea*t 44 porches to a I funded black ak. and
thence to the beginniBg. containing6 a.-.?n, 1 rood
and.V perches ol land, with the right of way. Ac ,
as a ill tr.ore fully arjxnr by re(er?nC" t i the deed,
recorded in Liber W. B., l.y.t lio 13,4c . one of
the land records or the couuty and Histrk t afora
Aleo, all that part of a tract of land called
"Lucky tMscovery, or Pretty Pro-p-cr,'' 1/it, ?
and beii.e iu said county and District, l-siuniti.'
for the same at a stone planted on the w -st *ide ot
the main r<*ad leading from Georget wn to T-?d illy
toan. maiked C. W . N.. 2, and riiunini' thence by
and with the wtst sideuf said road, south ??S fe?t
to herirla s; thence with the north side ot Ktn^la s
lot. soutli 85 degrees west 3l3 ftet to a line of a tract
of land called the Bock of Dumbarton, theacoby
atid with the aald line north, uorthwes* 41 feet;
tbence north 73S degre<-s vest Tfi Ik-c toa?tone
marktd No.3; thence with a straight line to the be
Also, all that tract or lot of land lying on the west
.side of therokd leadini: from Comm rc ? >>r High st.,
in Georgetown, to Bockville, or Hontgouiery
Connty Court H.>u*e, in the state of Maryland, be
ginning for said lot of land at a stone uiark-d - A,''
the aeutheast corner of ?>-t'i lot; thence with said
road 8 1,1.7 poles: ?. l.t U is us p-.it-s; N 2.'.
? miB.,W. 7 2S pole?-.N ST. deg. 15 mm , E
18.72 poles to the beginning, ontainit e 2 rools and M
perches, as the same Is more fully and at largt d?
scribed in deed recorded in Liber W. B.,3''>,fon'.3S7
Also, all that other tract or pat-el of land or
grounC, being part of "Lucky Discovery," in sa'd
county and District. b< g imit.g at a ston* plant -d in
the home line of aaid tract, at the uorihwest coraer
ol John W ise's lot. and in the south liue of the lane
leading tothe Powder B us!, thence a.iuth E> d'
greea east 17 12-hW perches with th? hoMtine of
-*Lucky Discovery ;'r thence south t>7 de^r?es west
14 perches, theuce nor-h 6 d< gr*es we^jonsrehes
to au inters*ction with the south line of said lane,
it being also the southern line of the part of said
tract sold to Linthicum aad th- two <'.immvk's:
tkeuce with th<-?-11th liu? of said lane in a st'aigtt
line to the place of beginning, c,,-,i?itiio* 1 *4 :?cro
and 37 perches, more fully described i_ d-?d record
ed In W. B. K7, folio hi.
These lots are all adjoining, and will b? solYto
gether as ocelot. They all contain about IS acres
more or less of land, and are improved by a good
substantial dwelling, stable* aud slaughter house,
and is very deeitable property.
Teima of sale as prescribed by the decree; One
tbiid of the pup'hase lumey to be pt:,| in cmIi, >vn<!
the residue in two e<jual payments, at 0 and 12
uioptbs respectively, with interest,?.. b. *ecur-d by
approvtd notes aid a reservec li-ti, and on full p.ty
Bient of the purchase money at d the ratitlcatiou of
the sale, a proper and suflicient d ed of conveyance
will begivtu. btamps and conveyances at thecost
of the purchaser SluO to be pstd at the time of
sale. If the terms of sale are iii-t c in plied with iu
Ave days after the day of sale, tto-trustees reserve
the right to resell the said prop< it) Mt the ri?k aud
cost of ttie defaulting purchaser, by advertising
Svo days in some newspaper publi.-Utd in tho Lia
trict cl Columbia.
?M D CA8SIN. {Tr?rt^
JOHN J. JoUnson,( Trustees.
je4 ?c,?hAsAdw THOU. I'OWlIMQ. A net.
The lew Cuih Dry UimhIs Store.
104 hrtdtt Street. Utorttiiitcn, It. C.
H C ."TTb A I G ,
(For nearly fourteen years connected with th? well
_ known Dry Gooda Hoaae ol Juo. H . Smoot.)
Ha* just received his new stock ortFBINQ AND
?l'MMEB DBT GOODd, embracing a choice line of
Ladies' Dreaa Fabrics, Japanese Silks, Sultanas,
and Pongees in the newest sty lee, shades, and tints;
Fonlard and Clouded Mobatrs, Gray MixtBrea, tor
suita; Mourning Goods; an immerse bargain in Blk
Grenadine Heruani, House ruruishing Goods; La
dles' aud Gentlemen'a Uaderwe^r; a large aaacrt
mentot Parasols and Sun Umbrellaa; White Go -da
in great variety; Notions and H>?iery, As., Ac.
Many of the above foods are from Hew York auction
sales, and are vary much reduced la price. AU
bought within the last tan days, /or r??L corna
4 neatly customers will hats the advantage of there
cent great decline.
Entertain iug a pardonable ambition to secure a
fair share of public patronag*, 1 have marked ay
Goods down at the very lowest price, aad solicit aa
inspection, which will incar no oblira'ioa to pur
chase. One prica. [mayVdtfl H.CCBAIG.
0?ric*?It JiniuoR Stiut,
Georgetown, D. O.
Established 180; arsala* awarded 1M7; lad la wow
owe of the oldeat. karrsat and moat complete aatab
llshmeuU of the kind la this country. My Mtroaa
the bnainaaa wall aad prompUy axeeatad. Otftoa
cloaed daily at aaaaat, except Batardav, whaa It will
beopeB until 8H p.m. Poet Oflfte Box T?>. ap?
LAJ> 181
from 7 casta to aach,
J ast received direct from Japaa. conalstlag of over
two handrad different varlaoea. each aa tha
Also, a Una aaaortaseat of CUBI09.
Faacy Grocers, 1814 Fatraati ?~.
' Liberal diaccaat to tWa trade. ayE-tf
OprnlKC of I'rriM h
(Vti To t!a\ In Li"t Inif' r:? In of
. Ft i thin f ? *?< a
mJl w T CITE f?KVlS?. PARIS.
^?<Ub'i CrjMal WwoTfry
will r(f'< r? to tr?f or fad*?l htir it* origlut! ?nl
yoatbful color, pre* rat the ha'r fr, iu fall it g oat an I
reatore its growth. eradicate ?n<l f:?*titllw f m
Itfof iluilralT en \ >r>viT? f??rT purpose as an
t fliUt and hea'uUy irtwitii f r the Lair. It diff r?
fr< m all others at ttries of thia k'nd ii rjatatn<eg
not birg irjuricue or i*lft?rt ae?can k? nioj I; at
without daigrr. *ock a? h*te fre,.u*atly r*?nlt?>t
from the v-r- of - ther article*. S > l^al, nj auiphar
?o caustic Eaaily arr?<4. Doee not ata:n Ik'
acalp or Sneet linen.
Forealeby Drttciiitct^rtll;, u<lM Pr?<t,U
and D streets MfV If
A (UN.
A Clergyman, a hii? rv*'ding '? f*onth lw''!,
as ml Ml nary. disc* vert d a Mid simple r-m?tly
fcr ihf f?rf cf Kfrrcni *V?krr??, Early I??ea> .
Dts^aae of th* I'rtrarv and S?iuinel Organs. anl 1 be
whole train of dia. -!? r? r. nrh! oa by baiHal and
vlclt u? bat it*. 6ri-?t loriMi hare fx?B c?r?J b?
this noble remedy. Piotnpted by a d?*tr" to b n Ht
the affllced and anfort.mate. I will ? nd lit* r-e.p*
for jr?parii g and using tni* medicine. in a sea'ej
envelop*-. to auy sc< who wd? ;t F>.? ?' <*?v*?a.
Adcre*a, JOtfKPH T l>1*N
Slat lot P BtMf II 'i?.
vnrS ly N? w Work Oil.
J Mr. J. G. Savillc....L.e?e?e a;. l M kntger.
OF T??
KM IRK < ti AN>. V
Admission 5o and 23 cents.
All enMr*-ly new?Th* Terrttic > ile?Th ? H mi?<.?>
L?>ttSer?Top fpiuning and GANGEhO?4 Juk.-g'.iug.
Box < . prgfr'm 9 t?> 4.
The Japanese Tr< npe, now perforating at ?he Na
tional Theater, will enter the field f..r the t-ixt time
on the at*'To eweaal -a. Lv>ok out f??r th<? Inn
AdniiKai. ii at' hii?1 a (Wjj. tl
" v.:?I will cbiK>t any resident of tbe above uion
tioned place*
aa<ne> match, or a mateb .>f tw.> aaid*,evra ?aaf'-b
of three a*<?]e. or a match rf f.?nr a- Me, lor tli? mm
Each man at Id 1-irda.
From Jnne i:tb to July 4th. ls?3.
Commencing daily at 3 o'clock p m
Tbe UniBdMt HeriM ?f Coa^rta
Bver given?iutr-dncine tbe be t work* of tb?- Great
Mu tors, and the touaic of all uattoca.
unit* iu ?:iicing th* ??n? of
erected especially for thi- occaaioi .
r..mprliirig 180 choral aacittie*.
In Grand Orchestra and Military B*-ij.
150 of the beat American V.>c?li?t*.
THE MOST powkkful OKU an hv eh
the greatest living 8<>prano.
By r""t"i"?i<-ii of Her Majesty a<i->verumnnt.th
CELEBhA.rt.lt has u ok tilh
ol th. til A MJi>.
of London, Mr. Dao Godfrey, Bandmaoter.
Famous tLroagbont tbe world as tbe y a rn ot Piat.
By permission ?f Emperor William of 1? rmat-T.
known aa"fcai?erFranzGrenadierB. gii^eut B tad
tbe cmuent Oouiposer aud Oundoctor.
By permi^cion of Preaident Thiers and tb? French
the vtlebha telt <ahut hti'VBLl
(t Paris. Oneof tbe best Military Bind-in Europe
The eminent Composer and ''ondnct >r, sa'hor of
" When tl.e Bwail'.w* Homeward Fl. ."
the ihish NATIONAL band.
Thegroatest Baud ever organized iuOM li-tani.
The celebrated Soprano of L >til>>u.
gea.sv professional ofmhatic cho
k vs.
Gern.an, E: gli-h. Italian and French Op-ra Cho
ruses combined.
tbe eminent German Fuuint
By L'-nt. ??i< nof tlieG*.temtn?n? of tV-Cii'e.l States
4/ft t ei. eb ha tel) ma xim E ban i*.
Emper<r William a Imperial II ustdiold
coknkt quartette.
Bv universal de?iri?,
ANVIL chokcs,
withac.(?>paMnientot one buudied Au\i:s, !?> tb
B?atou Fire D< p.irtn>eat.
l-y 2U UOU Vo ces, 2 U>o lnitrum ots. tl.e Great Or^au,
L'rumaLd Trumpet Corps, all tbe b .Not Boston,
Infantry and Attillery Accoiupanint -ut.
The * holef.irtBinir the
the world has ever known, antler tbe superv ist n of
committees coftpricing the tutst emint t.i citizens ol
The concerts daring tbe tirst week will be on a
grai.dei- aca*e than tLereatter.
fcEAM'N TICK ETSs ir ttisferaHa. adniit'ing to all
the Concert*, FIFTY DOLLAR? K VCH. including
reserved seats.aoir r.a-iv. andTkk-tal >rsinciead
minaiou t<> each entertaiument. durine the first
week. Five DoLLAk*. with rt-eervt-d aeats, tusy b ?
bad upou application, p^rs.-ually or by letter, t^> A.
P. PKt B. Music Hall. B >*tt.n
Diagrums ol stats in tbe Culii sui foi sale a: M*i
sic Hall.
Per order of the Executive ?>tnnittt'-e
may* th i.tufit HENRY O. PAKKER, Her
The steameb zaidee, c?p? charms e
MIT' HkLL. will l.-ave Croti i. ?
Sixth htreitl Wharf SI NDAY P
MORNING. Jnne 9, at 10 ocl?k,?
R?turnin*,leaveGlymont at i o'clock p m
Tickets: Lady and g-'atleman, round trip. 7^ ct?.
gentlt man. aingte tick-ts. 30 cents, Cbiliiren un 1, r
thirteen \ eats old, alth their guardians. 94 c^nta.
For ticketa apply at tbe office on th ? wharf.
Partiis can supply tb'mselves with lanchorbe
accoti modated at the pat ilion at Gh tn <?it
jo it TIIOS. M CROUCH, Agt.
Kxronlun to (ilymont and Keturu.
H'NDAY, JDBE 9. 1*72
a ill leave b? r * b;trf. Sixth ?tr**t, *?_
2.30 p. m : r-?un tig .tip m.
Tickets 30 Cents.
je6-3t P. CLAPBTT. A gent.
CHELL.?Thisstauuf h ^af>-.ai d
a'ry steamer, trith th- veteran popu
lar caplain en b<>ard, ah ch is aa
guarantee for the aafety, good ord**r. and o?fort of
all on loard, can be chartered for Eicuraions on the
Potomac river, at very maderats ratea.
Apply to THOMAB M. CBOUCfl. Six'li stre -t
wbaif. or Captaiu, oa baarj .6 1m
The tine iron aide wheel Steamtr
bating been thoroughly refitted
painted. Is now ready for charter by the day or trip.
For farther particulars apply to
Boot of 13th street 8 W ,
jel eolm* or Captain on board.
The Bteaner WAWAMET can be charfrad far
Excuralona down the Potomac en .
Mondays. Tuesdays, Wedaetdays i
Tburadays .
A trip down the Potomac bow ia delightful aad
Apply at Office of Potomac Firry Cjaapsny, feot
of 7th atreat. jeS-iw
s1 .. i
The TMBf FHcmI Haeleiy
Will gtve their
L?>0B0UT. _
On SATURDAY, JUNE lltk. imttmmt.
The ateaaer LADY OB THB I^KB will leave
her wharf at lO.-SO o'clock,
toach at Plney point oa
w ort'ing, mm at M. Iaigoe*
8 o c'ock spend the afteraooa at .
tarn to Washington at 0 o'clock I
Ticketa (not tranafarable) ff; i
and refreabmenta extra. Btateron .
at Mr JAMBt LACBET^,Mo/B#<7tt at. jal ?w
The steamer 0. 0. WHEELBB eaa be
by exraraien parties either for the
canal or river at fraa III to IB par J
dtr. Apply to ?
uayBlw* BcxX of Ooagmaa ?t. Georgetown.
sewei / ?* roixr. n ? vrroy j? ^ ..
tOPPuBiTK ruBlBE.*!!
Tlkt'dr'tirh ?? II tolaURWr
thf rwtr'ki' ?
MOM-W J e 1(1 |, K
andertli**?ier*i.icti i
ai.4 wtr *>? k?t* a* t F'K l < I ? ?- |i
t-tatnathe ?.??nt* >"? i( hi aua th.
laauriea ?4 t b<- ?' a?Ml
Ma.A?d CT"* ??. ? ??!-!. *W??
Mrrl'frt l*?h fine K kn ? *-d fit
nyrit<t BMaC (r<'Bn<1*. tt:pari?r ,
txaiinf. M'llard* ler |M?i (llrtt, atn?
i?"r<tVM'r*n mm -41 ??? <?.? ,
Tt.' Mali !<?'? w Itrp uj ai.it. u*?
U 1 ft '-d ?lil> iw
1 rlf(rt|>h ? fit* It' IW ! it>?
V' ?l.l'-Mt M * ??'' H' ? 11,1 1
III* Nr??Mt Lad? .???'. Uk?
I (Ml Ba l.llMr. at ri?!B? at til. h '.*.- it
t?. n ? c
T>ra>* . 91 fx* d?y. In f r ??? ?? t. .
tn. t.-tk B > I- ?n- s ^
j.<S Itn Pr "fr'Mor ?tl?i,i; \ ^
\' ATTVI.-l liic brau'tu ? ,
1 M HMIK Hfcf'NT. n-at f
flap. mm NnvtaM I > tW? Bla~ IL.w
M- iitain*. thrae h ?r? ride Im ta ?,
VI ulii.ftou r1,f ?''? ?**" '* th* r
[I. ?t?, f Ml D I Ivl. Th* I .1.1 < |r.
vUtliCot large. alrf ro-m* Tl ?? it
airir.c l" apei d the mi n? r at Wit * * ..J"*
*;M:.-*aU ? V HI'ill I . U- 11 I It p o L,,p
? Va l?lH*an' <r? t II \ g|V?
|??>t t . * l? *ni* iininr . ? , '
K A BU S OK l?72i
hciiilii irti!i?i anppa. ?*,
Path. M<>Bea* r?r\Tt, * ?r \
IS AiiulAcM "&? J'>?? > K mm JS ? . . ,
OK h . 4 ?
vn Ofra fi* Ik* rwrMioii ?l? ? r. f. ?
B?(l<'tl?Ulln'liM.|.r l'"l | .
All kir.ia of Haiti*, n.ac'nt "it ?al ISA!
nil. ? P?>b, Natural T *i?nnr. ,
F?l rritb'il. Tl <? B?lli? ?iul Ua'?r? a
|?r kb-vKian. Af. ? taar*. I'j ?p. p>
(iff tal DeMiitj *t.dd>. aa-? p- n . ?r ?
f"UI nr auJ iron fpiu** claa. r. . ,7""
II tel 2 U
??* r?
(irri twniftwTl ? x ??
n.*n MuaH ian* ar*e?i? .r- I ? *' ?
p,.N i ? I VVa.'i.'iawn M ? "
la aiid> 4"p ?., !?? ?li* Utler lia?u a
?njipr at the Belay H-?*e
T* mi* ?Ipef day. $*' P"T??A. ?
at.d *?**<-.nd wn.tb Lit-ra. t< m. .
t,* tl? ?li.<l? ?'a* i ?ara r.^ar. -" ? u
r.?4 1 u* W <a>?. !????<?*?-ft' : 1 '
frrina*. A K T<'TI!*. I'r
W . ?t>rn Lui< k trl ctai'fa ?
Uail) Mall. _
Pai<r lb* Bi| l.i.I. Hy < ? l?a ?
Maun ? ? ? f: v
llrra-MkOclltui ?>' A air.mom) >. ? i
tl<? . .. I m
r?*ira'? Mai?r*a *1 N'? ?4it) ? .. 7 ?'
V iWlani au<1 I li'- \ a- fir- JIT
IjllUr' ** ? " m Uj Mr?. H !*ii.*? I jr
Baran'a* ? M I* N ? t M
B.llvl.mch B<- I**? Aw'1 . 1
S^ar* II-an >1 ?''.n*t
BI' H * KI> R *'??! N
Bif7 1013 P??k?Ii('
~ H11-1' * t< L<'M<
P Um
* . NK* BOiiKS
TheJWtrqM Akalima t. ip.ai>i?4 H.
a^PW' iMcw
A I l? /'*n ?u.^l tn* kl i>
l. n M " ?"* ' "* ?
T ? v ? .if th* B'.irld A Hntrl H ..
Strang PvWIHm* ? l<? , ,
Hmr ifaii<?u?ol Autviili B> li . J i. i
A tc. I
Bit . hi. Thr< l<?tr*l l ? s , , ,
!?:??? k B, H-ii . r tT ''
yi In ihfVtihot?it% . lOr-toaaU >>. L
Vrtl I -traita ,f I: , - , : ,
? . 1. I r ?.. ? .i t, R, 'I ---..r S t |
I'flli tal Hla?- B- 'k c i lam ? - * U
r * . - < - ....
' " It" I rtKnl Htatr*, at. *
T? ?rit??r> f: n v . ? i * %* rr *int?4 I
t(< oflicr, tM Siatf (ir (Vii'it) n irl >. it* r
and thr roMp*B*ali- Ti. pai -nd ?i .,
loffetk. t a itb th'- i <tn<? au* nvviM'
tt ?u ?t all prater*?MTl -I l> rit.?r ... it M
j IVpartm ai <>r < m. >*r ?' ?? ti hit. .
pil.-vi and pi iLt. 4 II I
of the 111 t; r. . f! *
Ik* j'?h - i. \M<iioa. A u*. -
tMP ' r I <k K-'i I c . fiaar
HMi ftr? relary of Japanr?u L ?a i n at U a.k
itirt i a, *
Tli?vM>ai.-rj of Pain By Jamo* H i ? t.,a<k.t 1
"Man ai.il Ui? Hw< I :nc Pl*r.- tl M
Fal !?-* aod L"K>-nda ol Mau) C?iia'ri.-a k
n. HI : m?-.l > J t; a, ^
Tynian ? Lif(-and T.n - i \v . ... . v j T-m
?Ictit.r fb<> w?rk . s
Th' M id nr tit bk ? Ian li.r k ?.* .* ?(,, 4-?m
?rd Pl*D?^a By Cdam patikin. if tin K ,?1
Obarmlart f 71
Tb- t't Ul*l<T> ?l tl.. Iir?r all : a ? I <inim
T? rk?- a) n
B< npt ir# It. Br Bark Taa;a A r MB
Ml f5 H
i r.?m< t in artaral ityln !-i?i| tni ? J ^
A iti.ainirr irBicii. I - . .. * j
ball*. baM ao.it MllK*. At
Itookorllor* and Matlonrrt,
??ay 11 >11 PBHMpTLT A HI A AVKNIB _
SHII.LUNiTO* s B'tnurTn S,
UvINU Ot ft. Akl Pa Ar.
G?o<! tv<- bwfn h?>art Py tb? ac;h i ' B ' *? *
B..%. i? M..-. p. i. ? ^ s l. "v-.umI
to tbo L ?t ii?-ir <>f Li.il'tliC * I'. M?? t.?ik
?onh. *1.78. Trti- nalrn-l l'>. llailaml,
(IM WnhltiandW -I
flN A'. Am? i ran ti'rl AlT^vJ. f! "S U nkt
of Hrrtricltr. Tranalat*^ fr<?i th Fr.'-k, ll:?
trat*-4. % 1 J(i Bc'tdalla- AN i ?' M*
IhILm-. Hf lb<- acib. r >?! Val*ri? \> ? r. $1 k
i ro* n tr. n. th hprar B - *b>- anil r I * 'lii
Mail T l.r^ada. 74 Ci't? Maud >S in: Im kutiH
TIk ma* S r< tit*. Bortb ABi-ri.-an B> ? ? *tnl,
{ISO. N..tl??-ni Paal* B.-til '-r *'{ $186
1'- P*' 'tt. |!t ArtU't P . \ L ?>
Lifr A nil.t* tlw fe.-ni-xna. $ hut - a
|.1. rmucati-l>'i.M.dm.'' <>k tt ?. ? i.
M AT It K I.KI ?< ar. Lttn and ?? Pap^r.
Plai.k b?ofc*. Pa?a B "kr. Mftiiot ? > m B..k?
W. rkP.au*i Ttn.?- It.., k*. P?<l. V-. ? -I *a<l
Void IVb*. laliKt'a Load P. bciIb, luka ilDcUaf*,
Per* Li"ti Play iou Car<^*
Ivrrytkiiir ib tb?-ma0ar!n*.eea-?[ap r ar.^ cheat
publication lute. *k.d*aal?- and r>-tal. at
BplS tf CorBft ?>? iitfw aoJ P. a aifinfr
i^r*t-.-ln?* ri-^l* at fait i rl't, fv f.-ti.
Tfe? pnMIc ar* tavltod to call a.- ifHit t Ml
MTBUw*. BKM P rit?:.N? H.
Coder national Metro* "Itaa Batik,
aad twit door to Jay dtnlf A O* a,
M'Jtr aa?>inti 't. D 0.
IKI1T ABI' DABk-tOL<*KKl> PkNTf. fr-?
J f :.M to at A HKAV6 IOII P "fl
Ti aaia ai etige bh>
* ? iHocceaar.r to B P. Lond"U ftOa.J _B|
Metro*- Can Hotel, (katr bu* ^K|
rll-tf ki* Pann'a. are . Wa*Ma**cn
TMIK AN KNCI St'IT.uW .an de. jn. and ?i
I mired l y all. at A bTBAl s . 1011 rt-uL |l??
nia avetine, i>7? I
JAMES STRKS, Pr r*''<"?
r?OSTl!l? Pkrmtlvab a Arnvt.
gUf ten IS:* *a-i ]4.'? Kt?l,
ThPBkfnl tc the pnMtc f.?r r" "' patr^nM**
tb* pact. the Proj?rv"t?.r auk* I ia tr'^uda ara M*
tr-.n* to t'nt tbf a/~<?*n<:ii ?1?'. i? * ' ? 0r/
tat>ll*tiDimt, which he prur -?* *'.all U U'?td ??
leaat *4iiaito tbo U*t in Wnat-i ?' c.
jaiit tf f B?-p Obr^i 1
fBKMOXT M f ty Vk
T B 't-rLt B BUB.
o* lk '? Pa t*c0*
0 0 W1UAK1),
* BBB1TT Bor?I.
BTBACB'. ltfll
lor hClTS. "jlf *
II Peot-ihaUaaT
?Ire to pttrcbaee WAN VINE T1A8 at^
la. Irtooa to call at the C tin.ea Tea ? ?rt IH
309 7th M.. Be<. La arc at?l D *t ***rl ? _
A. .'l4?** rra>ataa m.al ated at A 8TBAUI.
| F0?yl*aalaaretin* -
O F*1 C E .
Boat;, of Ptbltc WoM*^ }
Wi??i*(.M>.D C . May ll^l?*'
Tha Board of Puldic Borka hatitur di
coadacl Tr to the pablK Irtere-t* tn rli*a??* rv
tio? of the "LXoaean Bill K ?d. tkroajk*
Ioa40 of Pelrce Hkoeaaker at 1 Tb.tr**
deci B?*d. aad ba?e caoaed tlie*aa**
and a plat to be prepared and Sled in thi* <+? ? .
. All peraon* latereated tn thi* rhaoc* and
bar* ?MlpBMMM aotifltsl to Pi1
t" thi* B ard at It* r><ralar ?aitlM ? tb* **ro*
^r.ATji^JaB*h'^twH>ttHK>p ric/ pr**r_
1 loas to man bow va c*a atord U
clot hill*: at *arl. loa flcar^a. AU arfll be
at A. pTBAUB'. IB! 1 Pt-anarlraai* are _???
ABdre- J Jo,o*. i , 4#Tf ? ?oe H.
TlSa^cau* TaTblLe ra!arrad to Me to tak^ ^
?tate aa aocvut of the lata c Baru.*r*k ? be**"""
the oraapiataaat and Patrick * bite ,M_j r
Creditor* aad ail partte* latarMMd are a^tiw* *
2SZ?t?Zii'"ri tf TrWr^TfiS-b
Jnae, UOJ, at I p. ? .. at mr oBc*. la
-i b:,

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