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VS. M-N2. 6.126. WASHINGTON, 1). C., MONDAY, NOYEMHEU ?. 1872. TWO OEM'S.
rafcltefccd Daily, Sunday*
Tcuzbjlvania Avenue, corner 11th st,
tu rr M-ft
TQX F> i VINO >-vr. i fc.y carri-rs to
, ? ? ? ? r* . < -;# - -* or ?:?. rr
k'Ol ? ( v,mT|. ? ' ?P -s at t to ?
1 ?> W;
? J n? r'l* r ?< ?? r*Hi fV.
* MiTer ?'''''??'a-ri'h.'dr>n application
J\. KF'iAKl) T'.? sMiH.I.-POX.
h?t n* ir i **>?. pcx i? ?-y />
i - A 4 ?***!*! or**.* t *x* or a !< m ft a
1 '????* WWBiQMc.M fr r.: p --or to j-tf n, bn*
?' "I ' r?* rr-?n-bo te J to gre?*<1mt:,nc?
?.?? r" 'i wia-r o ?: the ?? '. l.lc p l?tn,
a.i g'a . ,r> legu.atio | l>?-n a.1 r'.-d
ty*h?- Ward 11-w.irk aol apt-,.* Lj the G t
rr: ? ?* the i'l- r.*.tof Cviti. t
I .tci f? mi 1 4?*rd w.? <?;, .li. im-? tb-'.r-'.??'fr.
?.-? *?r n to I y*c icated I t r" iii -? M-sm th>
tf tw > * ?r?, ??? I Perae-??sated w he-re 7?r the
v ? I - -V??l ??<*!!. after > ?ar, fr jn ;r,? !?,,
v ?e**?.s? ?n.r-. tiit if.
?>?? B ??I ? H-? >h I. r?-?>v r r lor** and r>-<| .tres
. *>otalltb. iahsl-ftait* i,i tne fi-trut
?t < ?? ?.d?l. a ? ?] ?h. u *1 i' >?t~\ ^
lOJt. hi iil:bd4iU(!l it. tb - 4" '3 of h)
? *"??- M a L d u> t fttrTts* svi~'*'t--rj #ridep *
* lr'' bav* t ? ciliated .?r re
M teatet! within ')e*rs
?-?. ? -ij .1 !l_ ?? '> *. '( f ? rr "?S ? sr ? >-,s . ?
' ?" &* *r?? ana' I ? t?> car 'or
"*? " t ?lU|K>- tt*1 jh- r"c:*i. . * |>?
l? . ih rr ?nr?. will f-r >1 *?> , i
1 <Tr TT-r fr-,T ?^-n-r.-r-^tr; ?r PT|.
^? ** - "* "" *?>'' * of ,?cc i
v ?rcjo?i ii.
f* ? -r'-*i7-: 'comn
. 'r *?" '1 r ?,r?ft:rni ?r 1 ta
th- ?? r >,?h1 <??* %r? r<* ^tr? l r
"*r rr. -rl- a. > ?>U>r4, v-^-c?.r? f
T??. ?>?. - < *: ti i' ?|i tnwRI*'^
? nsi-rtM.) , r .j i y rtl< MrtKt >T t-'iariU. .,
?bail, ar t!_*? i\4 ? ,| h- ir w??? ln e^rpora
ti. ri. ? i n^.t%rVai?.c?i: ? all la ji vtt? th^rr*:
* mm* mi*iy n?tr -ip|- van ir?u>n tbe-a
Hi ij pf.;r ?<tla .i> :,| evtVac* wi pr?j
veee u! uav u m iak- u ?.wo
wtvkm . ?rs.
?r to??|ly -r.ktA?!?a* an J infcc
JMM. lauiati J ti.ra , an ;aijHr?...e uac ?aity fur
?!??? prattuiiua <4 >u pr. Mt. U l.- u^Ter,
thrrrfi.rr. a cr.? t'f ?na'l p i i rcra In a ti*>lUug
rnetrntrmrBforfttran rw? mnat-?ar?i-, it nhall
the dat>- rf the hrm>i of the f i-aii> ?o M?Ust tti? ci <*t
rririuu apariBtrnt fot lk? *rour?iir? of tOe r. .-?on
"_l'li?<rt w.tfa atAU pt.x?tAt< Ligh.<t ro mi in iiir
?o l>? prrfrrriwl
A?d tVimfr <? a f-r.aat h?iu? and I dmian
?ft*. WW iltur fw? ir l^'d, ttM person tlTcted
p. x caur't N to th. 'at>*fas
tion of tli^lf-alth officer, s%id jor?on *h?lt pi re
ta< *?*d f.. tfc.- wmaii ? \ ;i^?p??aj t>? a??>r>t? empJoTrd
for the pnrp -e fcf tl.e Board of
W hent'T.r a ra* of ?r. aH p-.x )T ?k< ont in any
4waiiii.*..f rUc?-.tho narnma fla? nia4e of yHI >w
?wan*'1 ?MW b* t' And *apoa?-<l from the
prrn.i . c< upir.i by aakl caar. a- a u train< to the
paaper ti of tbc areactce <-f uuaii pox in that I .
eafftf. Aiuf tf the fl ut b?- n"t ln?rne<l!at(?l/
attamnl le, a plararj,on which la wtift?-n in larsv
an<1 legiM- ,^trr? " f<ma!l p?ix har>'." shal! h?
ia%t nr i ' poa an est ?e0 i art Lit the iufocted hoose
ft ptmtl b+ <iniy of thoaa in tluk d#tliiuc-?
?f ill p? * .o ur* :<? fni Itat' the h- uw. and tf> ?
..f the p-?-i?at. with ?ulrhor, thre.' tunn a
d*j. to cJeamw at S Ji?tuf* ct rrcry jart of th- da -1
!it? fj thr> fr * ?!** if ch!oMnafe,2 aola. r ubof)~
aria. I ron.o ft!' ra.un>. or rucn .>tb**r t?mi
a* th>- K-<ard ' V ??al?^ "a# ?lir?*ct
A rl'-tf < f the at.'" ? f a - nar-< T?rd.nt?rpe|ina
Pt Inti. n > f chl rinartd ?on?, rarUdtc acid, r,r l?r ?r.r>
chloratunt. ?Fatl !? Vm* m tho patit nt r ro >:u. aod
krpt c< Uslantly saiuratid witli tLe aaij dmufect
ai h.
The ri^tii of th-> paf>nt ?hal" f.?> lr?pt thoro-i^hlf
T?t<4w??l. awi n<? i.ihrr p rsou than a t>nra>* who
r? Ttal tf.PMnail-tPr>*. or a neraber ? f thefaitiHy.
?hall I? all. *.?d t.> > nt? r th.-Prrx.oj tieii,g
It. attend n,r. up. n the tick ai.?ii riot wuf in c .u
ta<' ?itt< .'th-r iniuat-s or prs-E*. n;:l<--? <h? y i. ire
keen pievioaalj fr p>'tl> tunjiK ?;e4 and d ? f ct I.
ar.d ctiaT.|tr<l the clolbtag aort. bj th<-ia ahiieiuttie
Ittk-fN in.
It (ball b-tho dntr ..f gfiid aft? ndanta to ?e? t %>
vc < lotht: ? i* convey.^ fr m t? ? sich rtort tUa' n-\
tot feen pr? *1? n?l> di?>nf <tedacdfnnn?ateii. And
lcor<ot?r. all cK thltift in wud room, ^r v? -rn b? tf..
ratietit ah.lc- ar?ct?d bv mul! p,,x. shall be kef
t-jt t.c: ard apparate, ai.d shall be git ut to be
?mtd r Bty I., pers tie wh" fcave ha<l th? sai tll d x
W?f?. t to be elatrd ino>eij ii-tance th?tthy
*??? ? *n.a:l jwx patient, and must there! re
k^at ai.d a aabrd -t t parately.
"by?:riana or c>tf?^ r dt?> aoa h.tnna kt?ow!.'dp<? if
the exijtecceof ?3tai; pox aree*pr?ted to siv.. irn
n rUfate aot co ta tie Board af Uealib of mnrr c%?<*
err re to their kuowis^re. Bat it ie ??E-tia!ly -n
iotn?d I* Uw or >n tlj* proprirtcrt of tenement
k? Ooe?- Icdguia-Lattfw, ? >ard': ? b-.tt?^. ai?l h.>
tela to n. uij the Beard of U*ahh of the artsence of
'?? PJ*ip ih*ir r-apeetjve alKjdes, under penalty
? f nn^aM lftrprl^nirent. aad tbia law a^ajust all
person* conraraed a ill he strictly aatorced
It "ba'.: l? tte ist) of th?citi7w> to immediately
notify the H?*rd bt Health ,4 thadeath of anr per.
p? n frvm small po* ?f wbtch h* may ba>? know
e '.I' *I,<5 nt 0?* **<-?,?t inch as may hare had the
small tui. atU the officers of the Board of ilealtn
asalsnrd to that dti^, ahailtate Okarta ?t. 4re*d.yr
fcnr* the b,>dy of thap-raf>rr wV> hm rtw
-k in?*r1n">B* 9* perpuna -lj in from small aa\
?ball take p^are withtaasa h,ars after d.-ath. ..ra<
?ooaaathe rircnmatacre* ,(f the rase wi:i allow and
?? w who IBM died of pmail a** shall U> L or led
S.V *a**?* ??^;c femalaria# .y# i^iryi#^ grouad
a parruli u w tha Bovd of U- ain, ? m.-m
fc* #f the -ame, or the Health Officer.
WhenevarrtatraioUie^alo-mAy t>a Jealre.l.thp
f" jJ 8'J ?' piaced i? a hermetically-sealed m-tal
?r?n. and no paraon will be allowed U. b? present at
?a" atlaaqaiea or f -ilow lis corpap to the grave ex
cept the nearest kin r-U iotif *nd nnder u^circom
?tscces shall a ccrype infected with small ?o* I s
t*ie? ta a rhmtn ?? ea.-Hv.g-noaaa. bat it ?f.*li t ?
etntej rd dire# tly fr. m tL- fc. c*a to tka irrave
? Wfceupe.vpto areaopcara. tofcamiahio to hicnr
IT? '.X5Vr? ' C.'?I: *?d bnrtal. any audertak r ao
poiiti-lt. fnrnl?h c ffin# to th#poor shall proyiu
the rv ft-n.Md is every caa- ?hvH take tht sanjet >
the h. Ure In wh.ch tbec rpse lay#, hat g'lsil not
Of take #ny part la
laytsf oat tfce 4aa.), n:.l??? he has had t' .-trrnil*
fi " ?ri! *** 1 and dls.af cte.1 hi#
ifcaii V *'s. - r .Vr K-a " ,b ;' ??? the ban J
^kv,t u th*
The amtnlaw sn?U ha accotspauied i.y an in
of ^
fK*'r.lc**' **^5 ^ ",t>Jl'VinK the ambalauce, anfi
rr *m eBtrrlBi #treet car>
" aay ctcllc eoareypnee.
Tiny sl.all a.?o k^ep a snit <f cTofhfne to w. nr
enrttfc- tie Se rvice cf rriii^yiLg small p. * parieuts,
"iU1,rrf/"!hm< tukept tami<at. d ant diwia
W?oa. aad cuder no cit-.na?an:N
?ha I tk-p waaptbee*i4 ckthhigahep of duty
.1 i * ' ' *ma" 1?>* Patients and
!s^ li ' the an.tialan.-e srpll, until otherw #e
ordered, wear a liuen snit while on da<y.
.if 1 *r*rl'r ' afend to the removal pf
?tt-a ,-p?.i pa':. Lt# sl,all fumigate arid disinfect t be
awellii ?-s> where rmall-pos cases occnr. Heshall
#ee ti*at the cloit v fc- i? properl* disiufected. paok#d
u9' c?f safely tt? the ar-ibnUnce, and destro\ ??].
Me#B?a ka. panaoo a#tcf t;.e el Jtfce# , r furniture
?? y"V> ,l>' Jbtch b?ye bee*! destroyed, tie
?Ir. r * *ir" ?t*l>e same, ard t?i< t ames of tk?
*1e -C? , * h m fbey belong, and rhra a receipt for
p? c:rc^icrtarx-ea sh*lt the ambulance be
f-.tr J"..?'1 'n th<> "treet#, ej^-pt for sith
J* ' h * "?? *" a ill be re-i*hred to remore tfce
pat> nt ? r the h<dy
*??'S."0*" *nml 1 path-taken to any pi*. > ttr
i*t?trrb?t tf repair Is needed, a p^>oa having had
I' - "!T *" x *'*a" be engatfad to mend it ai ?,*.. rv
? fl*
ila<;r,vii,g it.e an.I nlaice t any p int, rare shkll
, 'akrr, to sroM cn wdr<t streets, s. h-> >1 hsnirt. t, r
, V, ! :"1 plac** Tb^ drfv er shall, as far a* prac
tirat .r, k.. p < ot ,.f Crcwde?1 thoroughfares, and
* 1 V , meeting or passing any proces?ii?ij,
larte cmrcnrp- of pe. pie,
Tla? tat per;, p (ka!l diaiilay the yallsw flat' fr#m
"?ry r.a l,.ug c< Lta.ui. ?t mi.all pot. and tl -aid
, M t%* P away with Ut an'h .rity. th- Health
C. r :i u"' be -iimtdiat^ly notified >f tb-- fact.
Tt e ".sject. r . f .-arh district shall be notified of
"I14 ??t "mall P< * cases m hi,
dt#tr.ct. at.d It ?1 all t-e his doty to see that the
..riaraiit t.^ r-?u|.t, relating b. Ii u .# ha? toj
?a>al' P * *i'i.lu sir ptop. rly enforced ^r.d tkat
ntTfFlTSs * 'i t! e ?""? tapion In? ailo?.-.l ta #.?
other pert "a ?* c me *" c utmct *Uh r
Tfc. i:.?p Mrr st aW In an nrl.an. nanner n.r.gin
tte re. p.r .,f l*ie ii;?ra:.t:i.. rem at n? hi.cs. lTb?
tte Bo-rtf?f lieMitb regarding eiasU jv *,WUl elia.l
cacse I... cnr^ceaeM-y hardship " '
The i"?pect. r detail-d toatrecd to the small dox
?tail n? tt a- c nuiL'? K* titer tht* ca?* ran tf i? l>uH
Ii5 th? fZ\Z "iuMUU) ei|OM the other il au>a
? ket ever a patient in aten#ment, lodging hot??..,
I>cardn g P< nse. or hotel is situated that Le .-an
pot be .#ola*ed fr. m other iiiinates, he or she\hail
t? rem v?.l and ta%-r r? th- hospital, and if any
persou interferes wttb tue evecut- n of this order
< r the p?tiett refuses |>. c bey,the laa shall be #a
fi'rced against sncl. person ir per?..ns.
__W*???. #othe knowieslgaol aai inspector th*t
cases ?f ?man ?. * are kept fn tenement h. o#e*.
?' sigicg hi u?e?. u>ara.av L use,, or hvtel#, wittjeut
Iks- rr fw M>tk-e harf. g Pa-,, glsrn to the Board >f
ueaitb a# r* .aired by law, the iLspector shall make
r^r .*!? ******* * "a Health Oftcer. ptattng tue
r- ,." :1 *"_e per#oo or p^ne us caoaing cr abetting
T^st?ia of Ulis law.
?. l a here there Is doubt whether ? person
?tgtCUd w?th small pox. a phytlcipD #
?|M^?^pho*u>t b sec ur.die for# rempylrg the pa
nJmt!iS5ai0^/^?i!r xh* r^?*
SbpASTIS^^ wbo or?flhll%S? be
Tha ??ma ? ?* a fl? m ? ^
i made and
" sDistrict
? the Di*>
V*UB._V. OOX. M D., LL n
AtWtl D. W. Br? 0Mealfc.
Ap^ ved: ^ ,m
0? Till '
OiOiAHIZEI) A t'(J VST 361 1*?70
esee ccriTiL-, ?
sfflrKJ^rsaswaff vr&z~?
uarsi. 4?*sr!lSMM?!fr.D'
' B Wahe. Wp. b. Todd.
??- Chsria# Just, I
J a. O Me-rerotf, J-haT l^ma ga,
A"b *'*"? Krl"'
A ? * rherd^ <?14 tf
f KA>Ul IS * ro,
X orrrcuxs, W 19
Bo. 1287 PtN?nvi.l!i Avmmm.
Cclcju# Brahman felt/ie Spectacle#. jatiP-tf
LTHUOLN BALL *EAf?Q3 l?>79-'3,
The celebrated Buglish Novelist.
To 1 a folic wed by
GEO. U < i fCT'S,
!. J. PkCOKP?'BA, '
re n< Ei.T BY
*? ^ ? > riufti" aa. * ,
< ? M Ei.T BY * H.NPLSS^OHN V D?ctmbcr.
LTTE CLl'B il BOifTOa. '
l'ANlfcl# iK'l'uH KHTV, : jMU&ry.
T: *ets, * th r< ?? rred 'eat*. Wow sale
v , JO. FA&KUK'S, ?
i ted after & K11* A Y, 2Z*h uut., Itl opp>>
te tmx Oflic-. ocI2 Li
I d?*tre to iuf *m t'ue ladi jS IIi V I7 <\ an? (roe(>>i
I HIU un hoi? to M>i (ill C*ilbili4fM ( t tiAir, ii tiie
r ts same 1* ii tiff h*,; I een cot f ff tiie h^vl, thus
uluiri ilie t uikl'b ?.t tile-hair a* t'-rmTly. A 1
aCits Lii* 1 ii? I.-OM Ri u* 1** fchiile U16 dif
*T" t ?t*l svfil pixase give id* a c iH ??d satisfy
tBK*S?i?eS. II. rUIfaU1#!,
v 7 I* Misiit Stack,
t. ". b*?w>?,n 7?h and itA streets.
A m4^Eificr?ot ??t??4L>a <?(
k*mbo;deked bLfrrBBs and Gi'saiosd,
619 r.b street, opposite Patent Oflic.
_Wo Bracch 8tore. oc*>?t
Till BOCPlEB and VICTORIA &9i?
kid (iLovts,
Jti G illian's.
T,5? fcandPomestXJlsaks, Dresses, atd Wrappers,
Children's Cloaks and Dresses at Williau's.
Infants'Claaks at Willfar's.
Btst <'loa* Velvet at Wfflfan's.
Vt.i TriniB iu*? ar V tlliaVs.
Tbefinest Black Pie?s Siik at Williaa*.
boast t Silks and Velvets iaall sh?dt? at Willian's.
Tt ? tint st Parisian ciade Ut.ler <armcata
Th'- c< lebrated J. B. P. Corset at Willisn's.
Fancy Tien, of all ki-ids,a'. YHlliati's
*l?*KHnt h-- rtmer.t of r< ai I ?:>< tt Willian's.
Tbrra* and ??J'lipfire bare Tap?-? ?t WitliAu's.
B'notifol rtment of Parisiau Fans at Wil
Mori-cco B. J's,?ith Chains, at Witfjan's.
Parisian B -anets and H ?'s at. WilliMi's.
Iai?.rt?d Frit Batn, in ail sttMle?. at Williati's.
>l*kiL T-trbHri wd ft tch C?p? at Willfan <
Bitbona, Tlowfrt, and PassjiiKnttiie, at W?I
Iiat! s.
Ostrich Ti cs and fa?cy Feat? ers at Williaa's.
Mair Hr?io<, mwl? to ord? la P?ris. at Wiliian'l
Tr< * ??? aiul Cl akt made to onl-r at Williaa ?.
I&~One price only at
oc?3 1m 7 Cite Trevise, Paris.
\iauaaik est a en, ' " ~
A*1 ?1? taikTFE^TH STKBET,
And Hnman lfafr Maf)?jfaf^w?r. Parts and New
Vork cheap Unman Ilair House. Tw.> Chittiims
Braids only #S. A large stock to select from alwar s
< n tand. Call and examine for yourself. ocl6 3m
Will open MOIBAT, Octebcr l?h,
. ? largp and elegant assortment of
Off Mii^OVAOEB, -
At Lew Prices, at
B0>I1^ Market Space.
wl.' rein is to be f(?nd tke'bM ishiim Mi m A
Wwnl and Black Mfks, 1
"??T :
llUe <^rtser all classes, soch ? j
uS^fp"^ Bta*r,ta' T?J,,"'
Black aui c.l'U Velrets? M; FlaaaWs inall aAad? r
aterpro -Is of all outers. CasaUMrM, from tt a
to tho best ara^wc """roy,^haAe 1,
frte .feRr;a!na'<teaettite,!:
*" c??. .?
Motions, ubbohs, fliuiioB,
and other article too Mnerooi to mention. <
A call to tbi? House will MipW iononafciii ?fe^
n**t economical anrcUaacr,from far andnear
T%? Arcade,
B?t1??en D and R.
. cants piU cuuvoy ? parsoii frt*n u,
part of the cuj direct t? the duor ofthis BstaMnt
mrmu itcltr
win T>nym:LF?lMh.*>FF8XI"<iS.
iu?,pOZBN BID OLUVMH. ia white, black abl
sll *liaiJci. htit ina.lty, Ifl ?> nor pair Erer^
*-* Kids { r |1? ?
S^S.^TaV^ ?
Sll R \NI? WOOL BPlNaLlNES,>C?c aft
> 1. ? PHlllOU CA-*61MEftB-), at ?] gT '5 I
KMraWde FKKM.il MRHi 3 07it r V ' '
6 m Diagonal AU o- I BB VTKB. at i'.tn*
BK5 \ N ,t * ym!"
notf 1 Pie and 1030 7tk street uorthVesti
Lovely Dres? Goods oftft?V>ason's importation in
tf.? ctwest and fMwt (WraLle Colors aud Uaaitties
??c.c? which the Veleare, with Br"^
Ootds of same shade for Polonaise, may be f uad*
^ Alpacas, Cashmerss.'
UMbt LlL2f*? SUrtlug_Llnens, Optra Flann^si
, ij W^t L G*ey riaao^s, Canton Flan
Vi Ar t7? ktnds.Ve?^s<oeas, T<&^,
* ?? ?rt, 11*1 'lIOITBlPTl, MI(n)OOS? M.. MC All nf
? kjcli wiJl be sold ve4y low fob oamh. (Vll
ss sr^?w?oMiSEs?ffl ?*?
ia?J ruMMmaS?M^m '?LU.
tnnr*- ??t*0?m
C(JaL' Ais-D' WdOD.
ALTER U. marlow.
Ova, vwEmARD^iiutottf wood.
Yard: Corner of e'thaod B streets B" W nutnaito
B .IU>a?niat. Park, W^hlngSn noT^l
H A ULARE*. ^ John x. given
muii: a ?im,
Ao l ii 7..i-u S:n*t H'fjt. Mrm i'm i f? Stttttf
iJuf.A; a?rf.a/jo, ?< iAs Corntr Tirti/u. and L
*"?? As ikWitt Oi
N? bar\r? ?r,.1 Dop<>t at Potomac Bridge, corneF af
K-?n ?aud avtaot' and 13)g street.
BIBT <n>ALlTt. FMtt pbices, ABO FAIB
e-6t PilALING. |
W JUUKMm Ufii LX8 PrETW; ci^a
sa? ra<tt?. dattl^osiS m>n? i yojlee,
r*1-1- SorrtrR whItb,
rMptsdlif, *c 434 lath street, opposite tits
Rl' "s "1 sa 1111 ji*rgf1 Poar solas doenet chetltn,
l^tHf'^E, est ?(ab:i a Waidiinftnn
de.-ois taol. n?*2
'I'Af t?EU t BILL * CO "s IBtOKUl, ~
-i fr uj the Oki Jaime*, n lltkerr
e h ci iiPbi'ON, Jk . Wiu-leMle A(ent,
cdi-lm Bo. bti Lvuiaiabb atnu,
Fine Old Kje \Vlil>ky.
i?R 55 PER C ALL08.
^ A:?G,all Vlndsc.rf'ALirOKNi * * fNF??.7>r aid
t 1 >*r I. Jtil- r-<RT, A^Oh" i'1*. Ml "-OATSI ,
It"I AftP OA 1 AWBA.
TWr?.> Wlui?i are very *Ttperi~>r a.d jU'U as repre
ARTHUR JfATTAN-S, Dr'tr it',
ooi-tr Sucnml ?n1 D I'rett, N. W.
A lani.
?\Clrt^DMU.?h:!? r>?i?iu.? in ?jn*h Kyr.T\r%,
n* tuiciiouory. titscovorea ?? s.Me and ??nipl? r ru*- iy
f 'i it* cm? ?/f Ki-j^oik ?>?. E trly Dec-?y.
1 ?? ?st oi :h<- Cunai, at 1 Orrani, and ?h?
wtH>iA i* aiii <( tii 111>r> tight 4 a by bancfol and
\ ><:k*u? tnt.it* Or-a. uniubri ? o bron cnntlbt
It hie n< t-le i? b.*d> Pr i .pt>-U by a denize V> berv't
the s SucrwJ *rd unfortuna'e, I w i'_i a"rt<l 10'' re-i^"
t?-T preparing ..mi using ihlj ni J'*ji '(",!?> <* s?*?!??d
eaveh'pe. lo Buy on?> w ao ut .-J< it. Fr c <lf Vn f? f.
Addre.*, JOSEPH T ItSHN.
Station D, !?iMo H ?r'*'*,
m?i25 ly N"vr Y-.rk fitT
EiBih>rns xeir.MivwsKi.
THIS'MONDAY) EVENING. N v- \!rbk4,at S.
hid i.ti S.
Mr Gran fim th" honor to announce fur the
aboT ? d*to the riret an>l oi.ly apl?araiicus in Wasli
iLfili n of
The Oreateet Living Pianist:
The World mnowinl Violin Virtuoso:
Tlie (Vi leaf< <1 Munntno;
The Distinar is'ied Ooctr?lto.
AcconrsrUt MoNsiMTli REM BIELINSKl.
?X'A change cf PioRraii : to fur ev ry Onn^rt
Secured >e*t*, Aodi ssion, $1. C*u now be
be-l at Met^nrott r Music St r?.
The Pteuiway Pianos arc u?t*i at tb>< Rubinstein
Concert*. It
Mr. J. (1. Sayillk, Leasee And Manager.
*0^1 eix ku;hts ano batubhav matinkb
ITiitit Bpp'arauco in V> ashiDi.-toa of the talented
yotin B
Kippflrtwi b\ >,? i (t'porh
C O M F l> Y OttMHANV.
MuM)A\. .N'irvvpiii I, ie72,
in hti ti.rhal. d roti^tti .u . f
Kivit.g ht r frVitiHitp b' n.T at d ti,.ncc,
t'>?retber v. itfc 1 fiRK ? T BA ?f.l O "t'S'I. and !a?t
gf'-nt ffMWn n l-v i)i< k a;..l the Ai.?i jut as,
in ib 'dran ?ttaaii<mof .? ? i)ick?u? trtat uc .el
olp ormosnv hq'.p
Tr>?.?r<AY. N v?tnl."rh. 1 ?'!,
WEDSrST>AV. NivunboiU,
THUR"I)A\. Jfcvember 7.
fkidav, bunuriT of
Katie pi tnam
MONDAY, Hortinlei 11. tb? Oiatinsaish<?1 Tru
KUrentk it., south I'mnsylvania avenue.
1 liEMEJitiOl'P ATTB.\?'T10Mo
Second wiek. of the world renuirr. d aih!?t#? and
in their tbiHliog f*ata in tnid-air, entitle I Fifing
The besntifnl and dashine Daustoso#, tl??
Th? CLild WotwS^r Kt.J Obmf Artist,
LB I BTITB AfiiUBL01-s _
lie nt? and I'-antifoI Bail?-t biT?rtia<-iu?nt. eii
lb. JAS.W WISLEY and Mi?? ADUIf ?lOUNi'ON
And the Corps ae Ballet. N*w and lanfhaM*
?krtfbes MM tnterTodra by tti* Sons of Mcnum.
M*??ri. PARK IB, Bl BBAflK. B. J BAM HI OK
LBY Ml J AH. DOL ttLAba.
Drtlliant Ptrler But?taii.iui>nt.
? Gigautic Selected Olio.
ru?4 i la Ml or the b< aati'til S?nsati?.?l Drama,
writtwily W. J. TVmjiwii, entitled
TBB BJklQASD <jCElf5, Or. A Kathor'i Cnvn
Itifcxsda/ Bt?BU>(. Noventer 7. it;, far-well
liep?Ct0tth?M pie - Uvorlte, DICK PABKER.
Family H<iUti('<'s cvory Wednesday and 3&tnr<uy.
L>dl*iv BifihtB Ty T?'.o?di*y and I rida;.'. net
At Concordia Hail
On 4\*rr BOfTO'it ?b46AT1 RDAY SVHN1 N'#S
c< maenclng at T O'clock. jm
Old Ho.j on i:*nti>ition imv So
4M > ?nd S?)? ) ?s?
Tri Br.) ? I 7th St.
r 'M*m?
Bo. 4 If 7th ?treet, b^twoou D and B nreet*. eight
door* abov? (Md rxllown Hall.
Uhotoc Oil Paintings, Euf raviwa, Chrnaaoa, Be.
Also, UrgMt aUck Fa^er laacir^i, Wh^inw
[ twatof Bam a Md B imbw. Jel-ly?
?8. JTSIH FATS FAI? PBK'JWfor L^i-*',
P.'i1"' OhlWrea'i SECOND-HAND
Ci.OTHINt>, rBDF.R-CloTBIh(*, B O t# T 8 .
BOOE8, Ac., at tlV D street, betvt^n 6th?nd Jth
?U. Intii by mail promptly atteud?d to. oc?-lr
1872 a. j_ i_! 1872
I urge a carafol inspection of my gonda Uft.'jre pnr*
chastKg aasuring the public tliai I
*?v?? betorti have hail sach a variety ot Oar
Stents to fleaae all tastes and desirec. to
accuotntodaUt all pursee, or to
?nch entire satisfaction.
A Ti?it to my aefaMinlimect will fnliy all
Who may appropriate the time and fronbleeaf cpm
it*g, whether titey purchase or only wish to nim my
inmeDse stock and how 1 sail thetn.
- ;?? -w
tnUCI, UM Clethier,
BTR.4I N, the Uathier,
HTBAIB, the CivUaler,
Three Doors from Kl'T?nth St re*.
Three Doors trout Eleventh Street.
Three Hours Irom Bieteiitn Btreei.
': I
?^Stcre open nntilf p m ani Satnrday aniil
11 P-1H., to ?cccjnjn,xi?u- (uoae who have ho iiuu
to porcha?e dnttr;; the day. ? tfi ir
? aad ICE CRF.AU BALOON, corner 11th and
Feonsylvatite avet,'.i?. Lad.es' aad gentienl^n's
Lutch every day, from Ila.ni.to3p. m ,for B4c
L*nrk '*am?at daily Xj ractittie* for snpplplag
Parties, V r^idiugs. Dinners, Ar. complete, are
sapertor to ?wy oth*r in my line in the city, and
wonld solicit alU^cal aRar* ul yout patronage; V.
FRkCBD. Cwterar au Coufoedonar. 11*4 P?t?
Fteaaia av?n?k a?.ly
F eT^UH.
1017 F STl.EKT. /Cn
twenty per ??.3t. lower tba& tUewhtre. nol tt
Washington News and Gossip.
? ?
Tub U. S. stEausk Shawmct arrived at
Havana on SatariLkj iron! Mexican ports.
Intkknal Ravasra?The receipts from *his
source to-day were *:>J7,217.77.
Sn HHTAar Belksai' left hore Sat-ir lay
evening tor lils home in Iowa, and will bo ab
reiit about two week.
Brsmas>- In the departments is en
tirely suspended to-day, at lea?t foar-Ufthi? of
the cl<rks having gone home to vo?c.
Mr. Mori, the Japanese minister, has been
spending several days in New Haven examining
the C mieeticut fchool mtMiu
Hosi ital StkwakI'S It. G. Joiim and G.
E. Baiiey, now on duty in the sar?j???'i <?^?v rat's
oft"c, have been honorably di-ciiaige J the per
Ma;i>k II. B. Uuii). iA?r judge aJvicve U.
S. tfwiy, ha* been relieved from doty In tfte do
partment of the south, and ordered to the de
part me nt of tUo PUtte.
for Noybui'.er?Acting Secretary Richard*
son, prior to his departure on Saturday evening,
directed the as?i?taut treasurer at New York to
'ttrch.i&e one million of bond* on >"ich Wednetv
day, and to sell one million of gold each Th.if#
<!ay during the month of November.
Tn? nKLK?ATio]t of Ut? Indians, wltb their
agent, Mr. George W. JH>dge, who hare been ih
ttie city lor two '>r three weeks pest, called upon
le President this morning to bid film "good
hv." They expressed their stttisfstcfion at the
irrangcments made for then, which are that
'lipv shall collect on their reservation, which is
to be stocked for thcli use.
Yiilow Fbtbb?A letter was received tti<
Treasury department this morning lroni the
Collector at Moningtoii, Conn., anuouueing the
triiral of? that port of the schooner "Crown
Point" 011 the -alhuit., with two cases of yellow
fever on T?oarrt. She is from St. IHimingo, with
a cargo of sugar, dye wood*, ?tee., for B<ston.
The vessel was quarantined, atul since then no
one hut the health officer has been allowed t->
\ isit her. One ot the patient* died, the other
corvalescent. No new cases are reported.
After be iug quarantined and properly fumigated
-he will proceed to her destination.
To GO ikto Kfvcct FROM ITS 1> ATX The
Acting Secretary of the Treas.irv thi? minting
received a letter from the Boston board of trade
i-king if the ten per cent, rt-crimin iting dntv
eMabii.Jied by the President V pruclaniiU<>a o'
la*t week is to be held applicable to jr<>'.ds ai m.
at the time of the proclamation. The depart
ment holds that the discriiniuat ng duty applie
to all goods arriving in Frenrr veseels I'nni
other than French ports troro and after the rvnii
ultimo, the ds'e of the proclamation, and what
ever may be the hankbipe of the ease then- ;>
no anthority vetted In the Secretary to .Jeeide
otLeu* u-e.
The Ninth Censi-s?Jnvual Btport of Sm
I trin'mil-nt Walfctr ?In his report to the Secre
tary of the Interior lor the present yefir, Gen
Walker, Superintendent of the Censas. an
nounces iLe. completion of tire work of the ?Jth
censns, and states that it 1? probable tho list
volumes will he printed early in January next.
Me says that the appropriation of SJ.5,009 mede
at the last session ot Congress fcr preparingAnd
publishing ui aps for iliti?tratUig the quarto vol
umes ot the eei.sns, has beer expended with
result* which it is believed will meet the hearty
approval of Congress and tlie country. For the
purwtt?( ....wever, of ..l.ug more com
pletely theHaniiarv and industrial condtttiwof
iLe country, certain other maps have been i?re
pared. in respect to which the census office ha-t
been the recipient of obligation* from fOch e*i -
u*nt scholars at Prof. JtRCyh Henry. Prof.
Charles A. Sehott-Oi the cotet wirvex oftiee,
and o*lier*. Tn rerere?mse to thef?e ni<Mthe
?r.perintendent says it Is not doubted that this
will hereafter be an emontial part or the cearts
report. Tt.e superintendent oonvlemns ttie cen
sus law of IV) a? clumsy, anti?inated, and
t>arbarous. andjtays the machinery it provides
is as unfit fot use hi the c*nsa;of the Tfltfel
State#, in this day el advaneea sratisrte<u
scl?.-n< e. -w the smooth-bore, maazle-ktttfU :g
?Queen's arm" of tlie Revolution would be for
service against the reputing r<fleef the present
time, llf earnestly rec'oirftnpnds ^hatthe atten
tion of Conrreae be espeetaHy invtt?a to the
propriety ana expeaiencj of an hi^m^Ain e
census to be taken In 1S73, ia prepAr^tiju lot
the approaching centennial oclebration ot tlie
political birth, of the nation. A census of the
United States taken under a sysn m, and with a
management which would secure the public tr
tlon of the rc?utt? by tBe l*t of Jane, j>7>i,
would be a Kobfcr n?on?iueut to croct at the end
of h century of tbe ?atJonr'a li'o. He tbiakethf
interval of ten years axad by the C*?i?iituti >n
uas been fuaod to be lac too long for all the u--i
to which the stHfiatie-s of tho census are p it.
except only for the re Bstcibut^a of eongres
nional representation* In closing, the super.a
tendem warmly recognizee thexcal and aattvitjv
of George D. Harrington, estj., chiel clerk of
the bureau, and the intelligent and spirited co
operation of Messrs. Henrv Stone, C. 8. Mixter
and S. A. Galpin. More th in a format acknoir
ledgnient, he Htvs. Is due Mr. S. W. Stocking,
chief of rtte 'iivtsioti of results, whein ho rfe
commend? as a person eminently ^nalitied to
discharge the dutiesof census clerk ot the In
terior l?epartaent during the interval betweja
the ninth and the tenth census.
Travels ef Uie Horse Malady.
Keports tram all parts of the country would
^eeiti to confirm the view that in most cauee the
hotae (iisteaipir has a periedol'nineor tendaym
that Its type Is mild, and that It speedily disap
pears under good treatment and care, eepeoia(;y
li the h >rHes are laid up during aiekne**. The
milder lorni of the disease in private stables1 is
attributed in g.?r.i part to the perfect rest en
joyed bv the Uor-e They are approaching tlia
crisis of tiue .iine^se iu Baitimoro. Yesterday
the streets were almost deserted bv vehicles; no
??ars were runalng, an<I all tho c.imiianies will
continue the su-uension thronvh ?o-<'ay. To
the northward the malady is abating, except in
Philadeiphia. where it is increasing. An effort
made yesterday to run dummies on tfce city
tracks whs r.nsoceeasful; the tracks not being
sultab'c tjie eng::ied constantlv lumped. Few
o- no ears were run. The Union line, with
?.?eJ<r ihnkiog a giidiron over the whole city,
?rnouiiens thHt no cars will be ran to-dn'y.
'I he tr?t fatal case secured there Saturday.
The g if-ease is rapidly abating in New York,
and on Saturday Broadway presented ttie usual
appearance, 'i he car lines are fast resuming
travel. The mortality in horses, however, con
tinues. No cars were run in Brooklyn yester
day, where the horses still suffer severely,
though the distemper is abating. A marked
in rovement is reported in Boston and also in
PiUsburg. During Saturday the disease con
tinued unabated in Albany and Chicago, in
creased in Cleveland, and appeared It Cincin
nati, Ohio, and In Richmond and Petersburg,
Va. All the car lines in Chicago stopped Sat
urday night, and not a public conveyance was
to be seen ye-terdav. Tn Albany the fire com
missioners have appeaiud to oiUaeae to draw the
steamers in cue ef tire, ^ine-tenths or the
horses in Fitisville, Pa., have the dlnease. It
has also made its appearance -n several places
In Devonshire, Knglaad.and is especially aererc
in Tiverton ant! its vicinity.
Th* Kovmahiaw isaAELtran aorr Oaariao
to A ^ aaw^.?Delegates frpm Koasaania have
laid bafore a general aopfereuaa of T(?alfcos,
now in aeesioa at. Praasis, a atalaaMut of
thocoMlltioaof their pssple tn the Frtaoifali
tiea. Xhuy propose to petition the Koumaaian
Cbambir tor tall Civil and noUtioal rlsit*.
and state that their Intention of
masse to Aawita |hw been abandoned.
a^-Tbe trial af FeweU for the limLagaC dark
will be ooKUMeooed on Wedaeeday, Um> ?th Inst.
BjTSenoT Sagasta has come forward ae a can
didate for the lower ot' the SpameM Cartes
from one of the proateclal districts.
Jacob Wtlkereeti, convicted of aiarder tn
San Francisco, ha^ been sentenced to liaprison
ment for 4fl years.
WTho stratrhtout democratic conference
which assembled la Kichmeud last aeek
aominated an electoral ticket in Ylrginia.
VThoiaas Oarr and Henrv Keanay, ttreaea
on tlM steamer HuatevUle, How Toek. au?r
tsrif the horse disease could onlv be tfacped
Cur a dog disord< r that would ciear'off the s*uar
duaas canines what a food exchange It wofefcf
?v J
B^The managers of the Brooklyn lyi$g-in
asylum, charged recently with dismissing the
resident physician because he was a Catholic,
have filled the vacancy by the Appointment of a
fill". P1UMDfr.VII.VL CO\TEHr.
Liectluus in tmiiri ^incB. Otti.
c<'r*, niKl *1 ??;???>**?? of Hie
I jfurv,
Tl e election for President of the Unred
will be held to-nwrrow, November 5'a,
in nil the fates of tT?<* Vnlou. except Florila,
in which *l<e presidential e'ectors are chow* by
the le^is'ature, by e;>eeiA; a^t wt' Congrv*?.
TTiere are t'onr tkket? presented n>r the *?f
tr^ee* ot' the peoi e, (tor the tirst time si:.ce
I860,' a? lollovrs:
D Moorttf cr. ' J.ilrral? President. H race
Greeny. of New York; Vi e fitrita . li.
Or*:/- Brown, ?'t' Muswuri
K ' ? Pres lent, Ulwj s. Orant. ot
i I ii ?: Vice l'rc#ukat. Ueiirj W n,o( M ??
.-acli asetls.
?Vra^S >?( Dtwu>crai ? Pres.lent, Oh*i V
U'CoDur, oi New York; Vice i*resideut, donn
<> Adams, of Massachusetts.
T- v? 'ran-' ? Pre?i !?r>r. ?Th?C>? H'ai'k. of
rvtau'vlvania; V.c? President, John It . -all, o
**tca?g:.n. . t ?
The tt j ul iiAii ticket wv j*ic-'d~in roiulna
tion at h natrmV eoaveuti in Ut.U in Pluladel
j'Va ?ti ifui o'b ntiij (TtK
Tlse Greeley ami Hr<j ?n ticke* wa? tir?- nomi
l.atcii at the liberal republic ta ?? invent:hi hel l
at c.10.1:uwul, M?) ici to JU. lu ticket wa
endorsed at tlie na'iiMi.U democratic convention
! aid iu Baltimore oil July Jih and 10th, on the
Br-?f ballot.
T'sft (.'"Conor and A Jam? ticket was nomi'ia
teU at Ibe straight-oat detnocratia contention
he'il at Louisville, Sri Wrinliefr 3 1 to 5th.
Th temperance tk kot wan mm iiatad at a
convention held at Colambus, Ohio, ou Febru
ary 22d.
lie dejnocifts, liberals and r^jetbllcans hare
nominated presidential elector? in all the state*.
The straight-out democrats have nominated
ilectorein New VotV. California, Connecticut,
Georgia, Illinois. Indiana, lventu? ky, Michigan,
Missouri, New Tersey, North Cafoltna, Ohio,
Vermont. West Virginia, Wisconsin lui'li-erhai*
a few other states. The temperasze people
Lave al-o nominated electoral tickets in Con.
necticut, Miis-acusetts and Michigan.
The following 4.* the present electoral rote of
the different states compared ?itii ffoat oi 1' S :
. Xlectura! f<'?.! Electoral l"i/?r.
r'lifS. '?*. T2 I statft. 'Ci. *72.
A'a: >n.a 8 lo. Missouri 11 IS
Aik.if.sa? 5 f1 Netira.-ka 3
California 5 (.Nevada 3
Connecticut G 6 N. Hampshire.. 5 5
l?e!iware 3 r New ?'jwey 7 'J
Florida 3 J,New Vork St 3"
Gti rgia '?) li NortliCarolina. y 1*?
Illinois 1?* 21 Ohio ?l Ti
Indiana XJ 1'. Oregon 3
Iowa S 11 Pennsylvania..2(5 2y
Kaneas 3 .*> Khode Is.and - 4 4
Kentucky 11 12 SouthCarolina. 6
l.onisiana 7 n I'cnne^ee 1> 1.
Maitie 7 7 Texa? '5
?iiyltnd 7 #. Vcraiont R
Ma^achutctts?12 l Virgi.ila 10 11
Mk-hig-m S Ii|\Veht Virginia., o
Minnesota 4 Wiscoufin 6 1>
A1 UhiM^ippi ?..?... 7 11 ? ? ?
Whole numl?er 317 3'<;
Whole number of electors 3t9 necessary to a
choice 1S4.
The totlowing is a table of iho
rorriAB virrs f.ik rkks lUiiHT i? lat>>.
K*p. O'tu. lisp.
Stat'i. L,rant- Stn>.i*ur. Ma . ,
AlaUaiaa 7<. 720^:
Arkan?a? 22,1.2 l'J.cTS 3,074
Cali fori: ia &I.TC 5l.(v:s 514
(.Ollliccticut ...... ...... +, .j.04.1
Delaware 7,CJ3 lO/JtiO -3 XX
Florida, |bv legitl're]
Ceorgla *>7,1^4 |(?2,a22
Illinois 250 2iM 1W.14.J 51,U>?
Indiana. i;?j.5^2 ia?,9d0 ^.-5T-'
f"*a l_*n 3'*j 74,010 4?5,iV?
Kansas 31.04rt 14,013 17,o3o
Kentocky 3?,5?9 115,88^ *70,3^1
T jiTi isiail." ;y,2?'d Ki,J2."i
Maine 42;39C 28,n?l
Mar\ land 30*3* *2. ^7 ?:;! 9J'J
Maj-achusetts ... ?.... l.i?;,477 59,4o-? 7T.0G3
Michigan M*,.r'-r0 31.4^?
M lunee jta. .... 15,470
M?sf!?s1pplt fno vote ]
Missouri 8r?,'~71 59,7SS 25.?fC$
Nebraska 9,7 2) 5,4.:'? 4,2*1
Nevada 6,44J 5.218 1.2*'J
New Hampshire 3s,l:>1 SI.1M 6 "7
New Jersey Rit.lJtl 8j.?>'1 ?J,^m)
New York..'. 41m,?n4 42^,v><J aio onO
Noitii Carolina ^0,226 {,'? '> 1 1
Ohio... 2W?,12S 2:^7a?? 41.424
< regon lfl.'tei ll,l2f> *1-4
Peuus) 1 vaiiia- iMS.Wo 913.3>4'2 2s.S-4
UliBde island 12,'.?o3 C,44l
Sou th Carolina. C2J01 4V-'.7 17,"VI
.Tennessee..? :?,Io7 -?y411 3t.4i<
le??, I no Tote.l ..i...
Vermont 44,197 12,oW 32.1J2
Virginia, [no Tote.1...
Wtti V irginia ?),fl23
Wiseonshi- lo*,tf? ?4,7!0 24,4il
Total 8,013,1>W 2 7?3^0d 3
( * Ocmooratic majorities.) Iw
whole vote, 5.7|i:,788; Grant's majority, ?y?,
In the foHowLng table ?e pre?ent a statement
of the vote of tue several states at the latest
general elections held. The returns l'r ??
fieorgla, Nebraska, Mouth Carolina and West
Virginia are Incomplete, and tli* ertimatad
majorities only are given. In West Virginia the
last election vu an unsatWa>.torT test, tliere
being t?o democratic caudldatts for governor
oi.lv in the held, and the republicans generally
casting their votes for Hon. John J. Jacob, the
present incumbent, who ran as an independent
candidate against the regular nominee of his
party, and was elected.
Ojter. D'wi
1*70. .Alabama Governor 77,676 79,447
IfCO..Arkansas Congress aB.lJO 25,4s*
1H71 . .California Governor 62,581 37."rj)
lt'a..CounecUcut ...Governor...? 4ti,5i3 44.5?i2
1870..Delaware .......Governor..-,. 3,DS2 12.45M
1870. .Florida. Congress 13,2 8 13.4-16
lt<72. .Georgia Governor Mai. tilt .M0
ls71.. Illinois Con at Large.1.T7.1'->1 11* 171
1872.. Indiana Governor lSS,27ti l?M-'4
1872.. iudkoja Congress 18^,7W l?-,5ir2
1s71..Iowa_ Jadge lkM <T7,5f7
IS70.. Kansas Governor 41,6 ?6 2n,4:>6
1K71..Kentucky GoTernor 8:),0S3 12('.,0<3
1-7".. l.tuislana Treasurer... 6.ye47 41.170
1872..Maine Governor. .... 72,172 55,1^1
1871. .Mar> land feovoruor .VS,*24 73,!?"?ii
1871..Ma-sarLusetii.(-:v?vernor...... 7J,lzJ 47,725
1*70. .Michigan Governor ls*.17C 83,:<:d
1^71..Minnesota Governor 4*.425 31,457
I8e?. .Minrteslppi Governor 76.1S6 3s,oa7
187a..Missouri ? ^ Governor C3^36 ini.374
1872. .Nebraska ......Governor 45,00*) maj.
^70..Nevada ? Governor (5,148 7,3*1
ls72..N.Hampshire..Governor 38,C18 3*1,585
lt<71..New.Jersey ....Governor 7*,292 Q2,?M
1871. .New York 8cc. State-....3-7,ii:> 3'8,.'12
1KJ2..N. Caral in a?Governor a-.t4i *.i?.741
1872..N. Carotlna...(ingress y-<,:<06 95.636
1572. .Ohio Congress SM,?12 261,135
1872. .Oregon? Congrc?* 13,16.5 12S17
1872..Penmyivania.Govern?r 3."?3.3-7 317,760
1?72..Pennsylvania.Congress 360,546 314,014
1K72..Rhode Island..Governor....?. 9.3^5 8,141
1872..S. Carolina Governor 30,00# m^j.
1^70. .Tennessee ... Governor 41,278 76,666
1871..Texas Congress 51,^46 73.9^1
lWl..VerB?nt. Governor 41^?46 U.613
ISO.. Virginia Congress 82,161 84,3ay
1*72. W. Virginia. Governor 2,8.51 I.I) m
1671. .Wisconsin Governor 78,301 04,310
Flections for members ot Congress have been
already hekd in the following nine state*: Indi
an*. Maine. Ktm Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon.
Pennsylvasia, South Carolina. Nebraska and
Weat Virgtala, (wM?h has elected twice.) The
resulta thaa far show the eleetKiu ot' Stt republl
cms and 2f5 democrat?, ae?umlng that the can
didates elected in West Virginia oi October
24th hre admitted t^ their seats. Connecticut
and New Hampshire will hold their regular
elections her a after- all the oUier state* will
elect to^nor row.
-At the same time election? tor state officers
will also be held In the tbllowing states At*
bama. Arkansas, Florida,Illinois, Iowa. Kansas.
Loutsiaoa, Massac basetta, Michigaa. Minnesota,
Missouri, hew York. Nevada and Tennessee.
In eleven states candidates for Govaenor are
to be voted tor as folloars:
States. Republic am. O petition.
Ala ?David P.Lewis, T. HHemdonJD
Ark ..?.... J-:iiiOia Baxter, J<*. Bioaks, L:
FIs? ..<?esian B. Hart, W.O.B'oxham.D
His K. J. Ogiesbv. O. A. Kemer, L
Ktmsas T. A. Osborn, T. A Walker, D.
1a- W- P. Kellogg. J F. MoF.nesy.D.
Kms tW.B.WasUharn, Frank W.B'sd.L
Mich John J. Bagley, Austin Blair, L.
'! * W. 3* F?ty, 1>
Mo J. B. Henderson, Silas Woodson, 1>.
?. \ork .. .Tobr A. Dlx, P. Keman, D
? t nr??s'>?< A. Freeman, J. C. Brown, D.
_? [? present Incumbents.J
The terms of one-third of the members of th;
Senate of the United States exj .re by ilautauon
on the Ph of Man h next. itukit.* twenty : ;r
Senators. in !<;r* rtitw rx cf*>i ? to tfcf )<*?
cnt Senator.- have already been e'e-'tel, *? Ul
S j'et. Oltl fnt&Urt, X v rt.
('?! C. Cult, ii. A. A. Sargent. K.
C'jrn ?O.S.Ferry. H. *0. S tarry. K.
i?wa .'*s H clai . K Win. tt. A1 i? n.K
Ken W. H. MMmlD T. .!?.
Mil Geo. Vickece, !?. Geo. Ii Pentii?tD.
N. U -J.W.Pa ter? en li. P> W* 1* ;*U. l:
? 'Lie i I.. ' J. <v? 'lutii, U
? "? ^Oi:... H.V Cork:' V. M 0 V Uell.tt
Vt ? ?J. S.Morr.il.K. 'J. S. Morrill. K.
*K< -elected,
In t:ve -tatf* t? e n< w 'egisla^mei- have air. a?1v
Ikcii fUctid.lut the ;e.i#*or a; <j<uc'.ini La
no* xet been roi m*tl> Llcil. The!***' Ooot^ a
Ugiidature i> iirn^octAtit'. h?<I ?i'.I 41 U'k.n
Mint ill pis? e >>f tliwlma 41 U, rifi.: lni'.nwia will
re-eUct ?'liver P. *.or'oi>. rep.. Morth Carolina
wi i -ti:'f r>. ?!* John Pool, rep., by a democrat
he ia t?-r j-.?rty h*vn5 ?"cure 2 ?he control o
? c trjtl-latnTO, a!though the rej albican car.
? ii>'ate tor tfovtmor WMie-el?ottJ lit A? -
?t. Pernio vaiue wlj.ve -appaee. ? >-.d ?
n.koij Caun run r?p.; ami t-<w*th I anuri. it to
H |x * cl. will 1 afciev* i n>'.?t * A. S iwver.t -p .
1 > euctirm Kobcrt tt titiMli. tno iimtni ro.
?red rt pr?--euii?uve iniu lit" un >i utetnol. *im
1 ?? *Ik> t?eeu re-elected t* ' we ><>wrr lit
Congrr-1 lu the Ktiitiiit 1 tea a' Uee * n*??
.? etiatonal doiegatloiie aiJ ujumib ? vaoaiHTy in
Unroll Miif.Dev tvnniMurrHMc u hc?l ii?n
Uf morrow. ita follow*?AUbiuu*. Ar? *? ?w
Florida. T nans, Kansas Uidh -tt, >'. .ante. 1.
Nevada. New York aaO W ?C?ukoi.
Ike ArreM af tUe '
Mntl Cli?itln
There was a yt*at exr wit. ut la \pw Vork an
Saturday o??r 1 he am at? MraV icaar a Wood
an lb and Mi* Tenate Ctefrn oe % chart. 01
^ending an obectno pcblir aOo-i tfcroiiftt the
raited States malts. Ue pnbfecauou alb. Jed ta
being a weekly paper printed bv u?e 1. *? 1 r ? ?
?l*et?i cause 01 oftei ? a MCHtth' a aid HWH
?tu article ae? osin^ the K*i Henrv Ward
Seedier of immoral relation* with tbe wna ut
l'heo<!<ire 1 ilten. 1 be warvanM for tJietr a- nr*t
were toDfd tarit tr the atom ag bv I ,ited
State* Ccmmisaaem r (KVirne. the otl -aee al
eged against tiiem tM-ing a rtotat in ol iMeral
law. 1'ba proce.aa hi aa>d to have been procured
hy Mr. Comatock, who ha- alreaily mad- Uim
sTT r&mou^ bv bid ettfim n?r the supr^wadoii .?r
t!:e thmou* fcind* of tila yr nta wk tfiareeent
tbron^!iout the ex>aiitiw. The atti t?\nb- t. ttie
c a?e were ma-le bv Albert Ander**-*, a i>o* of
fice rlerk; a Mr. vToodlt-y, ot Bnwklrn, am! T.
W. liecse. a clerk in tlie ItArj 'lui-n* ueir>i>i,
alio -w< ar to the femlitig of the offctielve
1 nblication tnrongh the mail? by tUe accused.
The a it??Mef in the case. Wnt Mitody, atiegta,
and C. 1>. Miles, wlio mailt-1 th?j ipar*. were
?eiit to the house ot detcntiou. WojdkuU and
? latlin frere taken to the eommiwionerV ottlce in
a earrlagc, and thern-e to Jail until Monday
moruuig, ?ue? th-i Ut.uiu^ wiil take plac*
rh?-y inanife^tedth^ir u^uaftaolduewi. ?k>. *nt -
inp oil the wav to prii?>ii on tlw ontr*k'e >*f th^ir
arrfxt and eutihneuient over Sunday. 1'uey in
-it-ted on h'-tnn 1 uruirUn.; hoitabte ai>artmt au a'
the Liidlow street jail.
'ihe | rieoinsr* m<-rr require.! U> give Uai.
ijicU, tauii<K to procure ahioh tUe ?erc Mia li
jail. Col. Blood, the husband ot M r*. Wm> J
Lull, and Wu. A. Smith, the publ'^ber of the
i aper. were al^o arreted an<1 loc*<-d up in the
I'd rliftrlct j>0ilce conrt. In defanl'at ball, ti*
'lamination. The feeling agani*! Woodlntll
>?n<l Ciatlit ?? strong throa^hont New ^ i?rk. ao.l
there ?ua ^ reat deal Ot talk abuat lynrliinj
I them.
Tlie re a era alto other wsgal prooaediugr
-t^aia-i the pri?ob?Xa. 'Mi t>?iurday ui^ht the
well ki.owii broker, Mr. A. 5. Challis, applied
?or warr&iiO- tor their arrest far a mtltctoa* and
^laEderotl? article ni?on him. The warrant*
wereb?tied by .Fn?tlee Fowler at the .lefterwoii
Market PoWeiiOonrt. bnt before they roaM b?
eiecnted 'two women !?ad alnea Iv haan
taken in r jf-tody toy the bm ad States L>r|.ut\
MarrUalf. On Saturday tkiutruoaa the fwiUa^
aeited the ^triiiUng ottioa aad aU the malarial*
contained iu it.
It * to he hoped that the women will receive
such e.xemplary ruulchirent as will stip their
slanderous pane from forging, ami their jnr*?e?
from printing ?ueh oi:tr?geo jf Tie* as that eon
ceroirj Mr. Beecher whhrh hasNeru the
ot" plaeti?t: lhe? Hi the h?Kt* af tha law.
hce* the talk of Kew Yark tar the paetwaek
It proteeeail to have received the pr?H? 01 Mr
i^eeehar'asin and Miw. TUtoci a mtidaluy iroiu
the hpsU Mr. Tilkou. and. aaiae *Uli, ll?Ms ue
bauched women who puhlished the libel re
joiced that their ?fc>ctrine of '"free love" had
received ?uch a practical exenrpllfl-atlon. They
rmise fl the par tie* whem they alleyd tn have
been g ifMy. a?d argued aHth Mr. TflWa tha? it
was orIv putting iMo practice idea* wMeh he
bad held in common with them. Wf e<>?*we no
body Iwheveetha story, which, it may be added.
1* a<> clandaK'naly tilt by tn ltr defailt aeto toib 1
any more *pee?tfB menttoa.
MbI?. OaWIs' Lawarm?,? Mr*, oeaer^l
_ un? e aua her ''ibiom hiwsutt* a re acaln c<?tu
uaukij the attention of the people ot New
i'rleaafr, thiat.me with a proapact of a ?iiee<'y
ttraaf'tAtoea of her ioin protr.iot* 1 haUie m
thecpari". The ltidWaUfA>le womau bae pr?>
posed to the cfty coubcu to e<'Bipr >aii.?e ber
?rt;e clalcis e? tba iaty, baaed on jadgam.??
against the nmocent hetri*r? who hare por
tCased frpm the forporatioo iTCi>ertv wht h the
L njUd States court? hare decide 1 Mhrrglnc to
Daniel Cfcuk* hew>. Tie New Orieaik. Tim*
?avs tt loaki tarv mach aa U Mra-tiaiues h id
thi.* cttv in a earner on this point, and un.-?*
abope'thata reasonable eonipromlae may be
?: Dieted. .
Shout Tm* Movoiwt.?The Maneheater
;Eiie.) Kxaminer ha* the following fromaeor
re*p?>a<Jeat at Blackburn, writing the lartmlt.
?'in consonance oi tha?i?h prt^e of oaai an 1
the unrtmanaratire prodncrioii r>f oaCtyn c>'^i
added to the uacarta'nty of the new ccttQ.i crop
several large apiaui^ig aad weaving mills in
Blaekbnra have bee n to rua from li*ht t<j
darkto save gw. The ?hoi%-time moveia. 1
It Is expected, will become general, la tu# *?'
joining town or Groat Mar wood there are 1 4,.
loom* staiiding UUe; and here, too, the
pecta for Che oomiiig wiuter are acytt1
encouraging." ?
New Bisaors run tbe I.iuia*.^ ahd r ,,
Avrica?At a seweioii at the Pr ?a*tant Kp>
coj alhoiwot blshoi s, held o* Frldav, at Nei
York, the election for a bis?,0p to tlie Indian
resulted lt> the choice of the Rev. Vm. H !lar^
now secretary and genet*1, a^ent of the fore.^i
committee of the l-??rd ut miMiotis of th
Proteatsiit F.placopai chu-ch. Mr. Uara i
abont 34 years of ape. a ano of the Ker. G*otm
K. Pare. I? D.jOf Pbil^ijelphla. a*id a gr*n 1
fori cf the late Bishop Hobart, of the dioce*j o
New York The Kev. Mr. Auer has
elected mn-. iciiv\ binhop to Africa^ hentu
lore stated l<y u?o*i*l*h.
Akmt or NogTuui YiautKia.?At a me<t
ing of this organization in Kichmvud an Tburs
day laet. resolutions were adopted commending
as a work of art tlie saroophugus now m coar^i
of construction bv Valentine, a Virginia arti*
for tbe tomb of Robert E. I^ee. at Lexlujjtou
and recommending that the ladies of the emit!
hold me mo rial meetings on the next anni vmtn
of the birth of Oen. Leo. (Mou lav, 'juth of Feb
rusry,) to take such niaasnres a* to them ?b%l
seem l>e*t tor collecting money on that diy u
be ppecially appropriated to the decoration 0
hie tomb.
A Frat-^lbht Cbeck?a man bItIwr th<
name of ilenry Howlaud der?ositeil ib tbi
Second National Bank of Cumberland on Sat
nrdaya check for *.\000on the Fulton NatunaJ
Bank ol New York, purporting to have been
signed by C. B. Mallory <& Co. An hour after
wards he drew bis check tor and was
requested to e?ll again. Telegraphic tafbrtiv
tlon from New York aonoaooae that tbe check
is a fraud. How land did oat call again and
Tbi tbi at. 09 Mas. Itoro, Jaat ended. Is
maeh dtacaaaad hew, and there I
still roach Msrnmal haw, and Iheea ienae a d.?
paMUan to aeemt tba yardMt of saiiHtM aa
cwmelnafve. MfC Lloyd, a* as early hear this
morning, vsU?d (he gtdVw of her husband and
children, and reqaaked ?ha return of Maad's
oaffin plate, aad ? waa seat p> her. She
bee purpose to leave soon for IlMnete, <
brother reAdea. and artnowt
feeling in Leaabucg ia aMU 1
a Car.
a view to their
formed ia reply
had ao bUl of
A BADrnrom?aB wrr* raa Mrfao^-John
Bntxty, 1 drirer In tb6 enpigy of Um OHy Pai.
secger railway oompaam, la nipia^g w'baiag
conflned to bl* Boose under aomethlacaoearoetrlv
reaembling the diaeaw bow affecti* thehoisa
eetolaadtolhaarat?awmwhe haaoontraoWd
the real "epizortic." This ia the lint owe
among ucn^-S*iL ?a*, itA.
??_ ? Pekin aaaeoBoee that
the Emperor of China waa married on the 6th
of October. There wae no outside ceremony
other than a procession which aeoorted the
bride rwm;beir?ideoce tt tbe iopedsi palace
Till# Afternoon *
I*i t M |^4 ?>Oi t $
!>??. UOliM lilkj
TUft HiUbV \ut HAD IK ? ?. n
N<>*?.i.a. \a? N i\ U* fe-to am k.'i
t ?i -*!?;*.) *11 the l?)wnim .,
? s* ??* iiO'Tt* tfce ?.itro. , t, r, .
? ' tfce ??ree< c*r h-f? - >t,. ?,,.J
it" f*t? b??c i'.i.i i, _ i ? .,.
"itwvil K itil m.l ?i.J \j i .<? nj ,, ,.k.
c r?ee*tun w?*t? ?be tra- ^ 4 ?? ?t ?'
i i'j traii-i**!'v w
xm ?> t,, >
,* Ml' *?". Not. 4 ? i : r? > i r .
' L?, hvlN I i If |"HM IJ i ? .
*>0 INrk< v? \ ?? . A; r .
>,v.?. I . ,
??? he lt> ik "* " 4"**Mr'uH,?i
"?>l ?? I (? ' - x
fiu*wi*.v., u* A'
t''? U'iXI ?ll ?**, ' tl?? i ?... *, "'
? t t UMI ?M> Ail .lie , ? . .
?tinted l u* ,.1N \ l " '
? ? t v. -?
, . 1 f, * ??' * 4 *: r> iiiiM I u>t ii
"??'Klraau. I a? .. , .
i! e ?tvr i t t?.> i i : . . f,? ., t
- tie' ?...? !?? - k f... ? k | ,
-?r. ft !???*, ?r?, .??! fc. ?? . , ,, , f,%T , (J ?
UN*. Wt ???
? ri'* ' S? ,ht ."U* *' lt -? ' ? ?'??'?? ?
?rat... by . ? . ? h t, it-r
r ;n>. Irg tb.' . r ?? .? j
w ?' w lark
riuniM tKun .... ?.k n .*
?w v? Ml, Ku?
Htv'cit he to \? .??? r?!*v -? > ? ? ,. ,
"tuli p ?-;*4fiou ,jm.? wt,
|m iv bi i?.
?i4>LI* MM 'VlkiCi,
H ?T<? i? seme it i m (. \v . ,r
?*t^t Cr*?rlr? ? ? jpr.'.t '-?''?'>rrp
rftUNW Mtlt*t? *
V- I N?ut?u, I>ub Intel, *? \. Il I
acur.iir.^?" -1 ? " ' ^^
? "''Mm** * ??? -t??>
1 li<? U (?? turt a > r o ,n .
Ujv At^l ? li . . ., 1 . ,. t lU "
crattf . ,r v f .
f* te H?tr? 't ? | >r ? tirrVnr*
?r >1 tvur ?(k1 ?' K .-t., ? i ?u tor??r
??iiiitU,Hini 'Jim i'c?m iiuli m V9U: o(m*
< **?n. tt. rr u\*i*>r
?irfive^ 1Y*r
?T?|-h?*I I'll RLAXPlrt'^
*?? ntTcv*' ?! T'imUj wiUi i< j|ii? oom
Cl'1 Jl *"L " . ?**''*' ? ?? Mi?. \
lr." ^ 4^'u A *r!t ^ 4j -1 .1 ailtl
tToXuR. ' ^ at Mr..
in* n-'B^E ?ifKAKr
)bSVi^;tTeV.',,el'OCJ^ *l!:utft u' ??
From ft:?ir??|tr to-n?>
? ^ClTIJru ILft'ti 'i i ? k.? it 1
? !''? tlee-tun ft.r . mVr
' Vljfyt lor 1 jTcrton i?,.r,.,w tin ? . ,t*;
'?r*l?nor enrn,,,^
*** tl.?t do ai lair fcjkanta^,. ,%ke?. 0u?
sn.>? .ir.t, fr,ni hw, >rh(1
Itto-Kt r?n4M*t? |? K el f H??. w >
11 * onrwcrtntn c? *j, f?t.| ,.rtn i Mi, .1. W
W tuUionce
klOT'Wi. AT fH?TFI*Lr>.
tTte I? .% ? . ^
5 r?T?Srt? *omr rt.rlnj t?i rh-?' . '? 1
. e BITOT..1 MI j, ,
",,t ?>?wU** ?11 -
f',*DAV LI?jrx?* I AH' KlOTt T1 T|\ '"n ,t
1 he *-eK"wtrar?i n? tli-r ? ,f ??,(?
Milouiif '.11 I iverj-o-.l daring . . r??n. .?rf ,,
nuiitiKV, wliicli v.t-ic Ix^uu I Art ? k ?a? i?
utDiu yc>ter?Uy. At ?.,?
"TTVfl 01 |.<TtOli'J irmi'.^r in?; '
? liicli ??(. WiDg *.i.|ic--r,) |.v -| iT.-r- in ???
foM:i..n ?<> the ?>-(. war
ItMNlliUll M ?l ? lalllu ? Ull let t>?|
I ^J,kK? y,)v ? At u. VI... n ? ? :1V ?*,
Blttil StAt^ j mint jury fniurd 1,. .
Afc'Aiti^t \ icioriA \\oo,l|iull atn| tj. u.at
.A m*-'* Arrant?.I on N?t<ir<lAv .,trr-l
*1 It nia uiiv ilideceDt |.>rint<>.| u??a.-i : ur.>
'tr vo^ office. T!i? prlf~>U(.r> wer-- *Akr
k "-J' ?--?rw>r tall at one nv >^h m^.|
vr?>V|A( t'i lare Oommii* oner < ?tiKirii . ?
UiC I.^iicuucut> itiiiir.1 tiiin 01 tte imo-muu oi
bolOInc ?" trvauiitAiioij. tuc a.-<-u? 1 wt-r.
nil We aring01 thr ir. {<
/ . 1" t? teat*. Clatiit, kK.k^.l-n..
? hat <iel:Atit. XLo wkKi lor n,c 1 n^-a.-r
.UiUHAillt J of tilt' A. tn?ll 01 tin I..V
crmuti.t m fretting tbe iii'Iictiut ? petu!
iT)g Fmininttlon a? a mo.. ar?. -mn
. The Acriiaed .auir tr. t ^l fa
li?? lu"?* f JAflil IIAUOT . O.IA<lAI-MU|i?l
otuarcii ?Arrautk lolkiwn^ Uic tn?l?c:uAcitU t<>
t?e served on the aocu^e.l, anil titer were re
nioved to 'ail, IndciAult u tralfra~h.
(Maali) la a lliim u.
OATtnjr on ir.
(.bitaoo, In,, Not. 4?At Rftn^nvn,
? wbila llii rite of kaiKltiu ??? i?ibk ao
n tutlcrtii til U't |ir?iriKX ol ? lurgt o*>iinrr^'i
Ull, a |>oruon ol ihe tloor ruiliktii. tfttc ? at.
aDa fTf ftpittftctl half the a<*enit)lr a .fiat inop r>i
i?i?rte?i teet. '>nly titmror 11 re w?te
l?dlv hurt? tit la<l\ Rrceivin* at 'ere interDni
ti.U a >ouua Kin liAMug Uia two'
crusLcu. Several other- Aer<* clt^h'lT ii 'ured.
otaattefreurj Caarn lar Ii
1 oiuuii^kiaatr.
^<-'KK. Nov. 4.?A WA.-liiii?tou -i>e. iAl
>ay> tliat the rftlce ot Itiiftan <nnia>i-*..>ner I* >? ?>
-troiifrly nrged n|?n A?.MAit s-.-ratJ.rv Koati.
t>J the i'raatdciit, M< <-eetarv iHiiauo. tae t?Ai I
o; >*.iiiDii?Ai. ueiA, Um \wui^Mci.?OUfi
tiau aiwoctettoa ALd the Metho-li?- conference
that It t? thon*ht thAt frrtiemar. *ri'1 t'e.H h^ntij
f wKi .traw liW rvlDAai a i'l Ulse the omc?.
Miotlaint; Oulrafe and Miir.' .
1 <ninjr 4,1 H '
OoW?t>?!D, K?tt.4?1 rm.k't ft " ..
64. lias beea arrrnted aw *? J' '?**n ?
clitt|(t t l tavM.14 ai. 1 r ..Otl' wtlM, on tin
Lovtriit^.A Lcau.i' al ?i?T<lermi rgtaam^
K t Alio, who l? the r *?"??< *Ul 14 >oax*v..I.
fen4*d U. tlecnvlr v**1 uu^ewl ^
denuc tier ait ?* ?lrr ,u,w u,,> ?"O'!- *? ' m ,r"
-f tomhly RAtiMying ul? |ir-"
by Kefclarkj Kabluv
??rViV.'** aTI' No? 4 ?a *(>ocuu Ji?,.a'v& ?ay
r 1'uaj a 1 >aliu ol men went to Tl>c hou?.'
ot 8*rr,u^j^4>w^jU1. a tiegni, hTiiig in Hickm?ti
'y'' net, Parer?e conntjr. Ky., And t?4. ta.in.
, ' . wife aw<1 il??^Uter a??j in tue <lir?.-tto? ol
^Ai kiDK rirer. Ilm ?ucical>>ul.-ui late bave
uot been afccertA?H?J."
l.carral Meraiaa'* Beptirl.
N?v. VoBK, Ntr?. i.^lr'MIAl 5Ud( UIAU Kill
c>ul>mit no teAteK.^i ie??o<s mi tbe aroav tum
year. Duriu^ the ??Ar ,<k com'' He **ay h*Te a-i
opportunity D) a| t,fv wui# J* tb*
ur m ot'*rratlotM,t rorrtfn ef.
v_ cw?f Jwilrp < |Mf.
sss^r *" - ?" ?
" ? ? ????
? **ire al M?rrl*bNrr
t UXFL"**- s"r?lljc ,uii4 i'uiiji' ior t^ -
" rnin^ Ifl'MI.????; |t?t|nn> ... 9t,
v Bnah HOicera IIiuhoc'I
Napahok, Out . Not. 4 _u a l?> run
??' ottlie bank ot Itrlt^h North Atnrn ? "j
h?,,*CC?U, ,*nt? Wr- WcI?ooaI.J. weic iruwuc '
by the ui itttit)^ of a l>oAt on SAtiardAV.
k> ??? !?? * Wtneral H. ||
k.H.aama, Sov 4- L?tn ? UUbert. (, .0i . 3
IV)Ter, aiut a truckmAn, w!iu?e daiuj ia u*
known, werefuffooAted Uila Morn i.j br yj ,,
tiie new mineral well oj-eneij at Aron.
r?K*T- F- PnTKWt, paptcr of rh?
DaiiAcn K.ace cLurch oi Hro .a vn who
???1 uhed a commotion in the d?iioui i,A'?.ln h
?..?mn-Vterteg commnnlor: to dod Uh,^
^fT . *1 It I* t^ld he *eceV^ a
gdi ...u? ???? A,?? ?
mS^S^TS'.jTyr "'-"i
?flraj^at thAt
ekieft. ^A" iiu-urgent
rThe OtM wo? of the aaaaoa In Ma??er*?i
?? n?e tAll enmntM n^.nV-lT fe,t
II* tLaraMMBAtcr wa> ^mkoar.
MteT W" ftUB e
jujjjrjj*. -HU. rt tit in
u-? coranw'a tnr?ti?*UoB or tke !?..
in a veSSfWTfi?
bj tte mtn>Uormem br^n?:'0*^
?^^tweMtet PhUodeinWAkAa .
*ii*kH* dollar, ia
kit* piece* ?f1 lt,,; (.j* **? *? be
on"Se?MSSSjton '!tnS?T*'?"
near Cumberllnd, Md i, J^. Ta* r??'iroD?l
doctor Brewater ari l thr?r ' n* con
injuring a fifth person. ' ^ -??ruily

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