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WKO.M^B.IT Jwwtsnry |ST3.
*<*;; \ flight.
T. '?????/ Thrtrtrr.??-?iurs, for jjj,. benefit of
lb rWiTT.HI Zonavcs.
T> *'.'T r ?Com .<? opera. Iraraa, come- \
dy. I .'leiM, ?e. Minfc*. d antes, etc.
W.lhk??i'i .V'*? Prof. Cromwell's Art
E?'< rta^ment.
//? j.?The infant wonder, "Baby
la.fOcr," ar.U ucher st!?<.
I mulf m>e*t LaraN.
A '; Tfc. ii'UBr of men left this citv vesterday to
Viirt on the Southern Man Uixl railrwul.
Mr. .tehn i'olianl h*.? been appointed g-?r
ka*e nisstrr of the tth council district, vice
.s?*url Hi Itin.
K? t. W. W. r?mphrl1, formerly of this city,
bfrmnr 01 lliv J'reliykriau congre
gation in ticttvbiirg. fa.
Tlx rmploTi?of the l*>ard of public work.*
are ri-rchiiin the amount* due tht'in Ur<Uv.
.Mo?t of the ?| ecial si; j>er.u Undents were paid
Tlx to lcving patents were grnnted to W.x<-h
iagton.ans this -rrrfc- tiiwnn t'arr, bedstead;
W. W. Kvaiu. head-rest for li. iiiisU' chairs;
Francis H. Siu.th. wood pavement.
The se? oml > i, ial.)e?. the New England So
ea tv at Marini'- h.il' last night was a delightful
llMT. A iargc- number oi disti uguished quests
were pre-t nt.
S*?n Kuiney, colored, was slot in the le^T by
wit*- unknown per*m. tin 4'^ street. n?*at M
street south, last nig'.it. but was (tut dangeroudy
wound. <1.
The J i ?I'.ana sociable, which take* place at
Mix n.. 1 < wide to wurTDw evening, will he one
?-f th m<~r pi asant at*.tir<of the <ewmi. A
unml* r of .listin?iii?lie?i people will lie present,
? ??I many i f Indiana's tair daughters now on a
i sit to this city.
A? the meeting of the FxreNior Boat Club
i v? ning a coia! m it tew was appointed to wait
i|4>r> the pro|*r officials of the Navy Impart
w>? ?rt t? r. <ii'?-vj shelter ami protection lor the
l-oa's ot llf club during the winter.
The lini Republican Association has elected
W. \V I tt? |.r< sclent. .Iii?lge E. Kiiyurick ami
?I. P. l'rivrr vice presidents. C. Ft. .loli'iwn
fwaiicial s?eretary, J. P. I', poulton recording
and eorrcij onding secretary ami titrorge Cvwie
Th? Sunday School 1't OBOf South Washing
ton h.is elect* <! the tolfow ing officer* for the cu
ssing y? ar;?The acting superintendent of
f.'hapel. president; Mr Henderson. Fifth
fapti?? church, aecretarv; l.cwis O. White,
Mr. ami Mr*. Frrd. CaW. rt ma)l<* a narrow
e?c: f.-?\(4fli thrir lues on Sunday night last in
co? ? ? 4im i ce of the escape of coal gas from a
s*o\e m tt ?-r ?hepi?!g| a|?artmrnt. Thev were
loui'd in an a'lcost unsensible condition in the
miT?nl'i.g nieruuig, bat were relieved by l?r.
Kk'i litte.
J.II Li FtHi sKT?>v|iieiiigh' at Lincoln flail. *
Trr TntiUKf?At tlie National Theater
'ast niglit there ?a<? very large liouse, all the
*? atn ,ii tlie orchestra ami '|inr<)iiette lo.ing filled
while leany were oliliged to stand, the attrac
tion la-ing "Ueiie\i*'ve de Itrahant" with its
lively Minnie ami cum < al sit iatious. ami the
?'*?) mg .t.niee a* "IifOv-an. th?* page."' To
iiiglit the drama of will lw |K*rformed
Ter'he l> netit of the I'orcoran Zouaves who
will l>e present in unit->rni and will g?lhro<igh a
?'rill. To-uw?rrow night t!i? Aimee ojKra
trwr.pe will appear 'n -lar Petit Faust."
The Theater ) ,i.toion<> genersllr ha? a g?v>l
bill, hnt the |ierf> rnsances this week are far
above the average eTen tor that well manage-d
place of .museno id. Tho wonderful gymnastic
f?atsoi Mr. Forepangli .ire al>oiit a* -'irnrising
?* the nertinniancis oi the--.Man ot Mysterw"
tro xml ,??* tll* III.
The ,\letrejioiitai! Tarioties Theater has taken
a fn?h ?tait thi* w?-ek with a large nuiiilier of
*?* awi ttcrllent |?er'oriuers. all good in their
?*s|-?'ct;ve I in-*. ?>ut tlie n?0"t nondcrful of
?!1 i? ??Ha!>y I!nson." the five year old.
:?r- rush ng to -ee thi- remarkablo child
<vcry lugLt.
SiMti.u A Han't tfrad Sneni
,fr?w *i. i'g a f'alli ifi T,>* A very re
markable nt canning instant tleat'i t-Kik
f 'a.-e in Montgomery t'ountv. Md.. on Moiwlav
last. It oe< ins tliat Mr. .'ohn Ousley. who has
?< ? n living at th.- country place of Mr. .lohn
IN rniutt. of thi? city, was driving along a
fc.im-w roa?i ihrongh a' piece of woods on tlie
f 'tw of Mr. .To^epli F. Itnrr. near Colesvil!*,
w ht re h.dh- men were felling timber, and one
cf tLe trees in faPiiig struck Mr. Ousley ami his
eauiage. and comp el-iy d?severing bis head
l"rcr? the Ik> ly. with the" exception of a strip of
sk inon the hack ottbe r.e k. In eonse*im nce of
the narrowness of tli*- rea l at this point, it ap
pear*that the choppers <lid not notke th.* ap
MOOeh of Mr. tinslcy. hut it wonkl seem to
iave been gro* carelessness that no ont-look
wras kept to give warning to pa*sengi*rs. An
iiu;n?-*t *a? he'rl. the v- rdict of which was he
came to bui death through the carele*??essof 'he
< hnppt rs. HLsbtsly mId be removed to W.wU
iiigton to-tln v.
I.iLLi.vN Kmarios io-niglit a' Lincoln Hal!. ?
second annual meeting of the tMd Fellow's
Mutual Relief Association last night, officers
wreie el??t>d for the ensuing year, as follows;
John F. Ilavenncr, president; 1.. I>. Allyn, vice
wesnlent; Thonias W. Fow'.er. -ecrct.iry, and
?lo?-n T. liiveii. tT^a*nr? r. A hoard of thirteen
director*, one from eai k lotige. was elected, as
follows: doneph H. l>:uuH. So. 1; Angnstns
*>?*!?. >-o. ti; i'eter il. Shuts, No. 7; -lohn \V.
Thnpt it. X'h. J?. Henry Trine, No. l.v, a. 1>.
Slaw No. II: Samuel K. I>.jnglass. No. Yi; C.
N. Alison. No. Ij; W m. Ferjtiism, No. 15; .1. 11.
Flitiklc, N??. It.; J. H. Bnrtlett. No. 17; A. C.
Piather. No. !->. William Kettler. No. III.
Tl.e annual irport shows that there are 2<Vi
m? m'e-r- of the association, ami that btit three
?l? atli* bail oeenrred in the m<Mn1*er?>hip since its
organization. The meeting* of the hoard of
dircetor* are hehl nionthlv when applicati'O.s
lor nieuii ersh-n m-iv t>e pmenM.
Ki ,?r Hvs k i?iRt:crop? T!;e elec
ts'* of dtre? tor? for the First National Bank v
t??doy rcsMlt.-d in th<* election of H. f? Cook *,
H. Fal;nesri,ck. .lo'n A. Wills. W. U'un At.
T. im j. and II. r. S?ai:i. to s rve tor the en
>?i ng year. Hon. li. 1). Coo?e wa- re
tlrcted president.
The following director* of the National Mj
tr&|4>'itan Dank for the ensuing year, were
elected yesterdav: John IS. HI ?ke. William D.
T?W. WP! sin draiu. John Hi'.r. W. fi. M<*tze
r?it?, Alex. U. Shepherd. J. W. Thompson, Nich
olas Ack? r. and .lohn r. ]<enmnn.
The annual election ot directors of the Na
Mat Hank ot tlie Uepublic for the ensuing year
n?e vc^v i*lay. when the following were
Fleeted: F. Coyje, M. O. Fnaerv. S. Norm^nt,
Z. D. t. liniii. W. II. Baldwin. W. II. Morriaon,
I>. B. Cluike, .John Brudhcad, and John 11.
St mini s.
LtLLT \> Pis. * ?:r??si t>>-!iisrht at l.inftl nil . '.
? O -
Tnr in .\<*-4!.\Tiiii of the l?i??.rict la?t
niglit elcct?st the foilowing officers;?Willi mi
B. Wi bb. president; Fno?-h Tott-*n and >V. S.
f%w. M .? preside; t<-; lteginald Fen<Uil. secre.
ta? v; W. F. Mattinrlr. treasurer; J. O. Pavwe.
A?*>eh Totten, Nathaniel Wilson. .J. j.
' cniL-am1 John S, Men, f M>eti'ive commit ee;
W F. w(at- ^gly. W. s. fox. F. Stanton. E iocli
Tot'eii and Wni. B. Webb, coium'ttce to see to
tbe inter sts ot the bar before Cotmn ???. \
eoniaittee n-joi ted a scale of fees, action on
which ?va* |ha>I|'?ii,'<I to the next moeli.i/.
Tr.i N i.RT S??tL Xrt^AXi k- IT?c?* T? ??
J*.nee the river knbeii frooen up t:i*?
Oravenarr* have iieen pr\7il<->l whit to no witu
ifce night SO i, and the readiest m -an.- of 4 ?
C-iV' ??f it have kept on depositing it at the
ding p:ace?Hurtnolow'a wharf?where IV
*c**ws of the contractors have been Mink with
tke weitrLt oi the aecnmnlntiou* to the bottom
??! th, river, aiwl a -n..*? I is'aml o: the ohnoxioin.
mattftr been i.>ri.i,ti a few rod- from tue
? hail. A picasant pi-nsjiect lor spring.
Ax 1 Lorkxt-s r_Mr?. Wdliam Dickey, wlio
?s ??II kwown to p.< ii c pwrtie* vbitiug the ?!r.-a;
Falls of the f of itn-ve. where nhe reside*!. ha?
eli-|M <1 with sr oid lover name,) George Jackson.
Mr. Dickey, ? ho u tweatv vears the senior ot
Ii ? >pu - . tak"* ihe matter very philo*o;>hi
eaTly. st-l says he '-don't care much abov th;j
Xite, but he-we ?i i like to have tb ? kundred
illai* she took with h^r."? CmHiUt.
1:uun1im.a4i >ji (o-uighlat Lincoln ILn;.*
? ?
"Cir.MABY axi? ;hi U u.vn ' i? thesnbjflct
ol ProtV.-ooi Croanretl's art entertainment this
evening, aad la* ;des, U is< o^ae to WiUank'
Hall may also enj,.y a trip up the Hutf*?n. This
f?r?mi-es a few hours of rare ea <>vja?*u for ail
astrers of beautit a! M-?nery, ami other tre.vurea
in the art swW. Tkere will % heautitnl al
:?gfn j at iiie ?.ioae ot the entertainment.
? 1 ? ^ "?"
JirKiiALTT?I^adaV w hite kaiaad *atiw.bat
t?-r. lace ami ?Li|>|<rs also, ladies' and mwc*'
wiute. pink and Mae boot* ami siipj^rrs tw great
variety. Selling at greatly redt?ee?l price* a nil
ail uew 'ts a; *7. ^iBiin's.ntf 7th street. Also
* -wrgr aiai ^itcud d codccta>n of ia*lm?' hoots of
CneW.ijsalitits. t
Mf>s UU'ix Km. Ai r?>^. the "Pearl of tlie
Daltkai."Selherr her erlebirated lecture B]?m
? F.ma e t?-?me ' to-night at l.inootw HaU. If
bi*? Wen proMOuneed hv the areas ami public an
inUresting and .ntertalmng lec ture.
To zn.1 L??at P.torkftsX.,x._Wc would
vrwpectfwly calf the uttentiow of the nsmSer*
?* the prwies'WoM to oar sale ot law which
takes ida.'e Fi-Jav evening, .U-uaiy jTib. at7
OvUak. La l tnki: .I Ct.K.tKV. Aucttouceiv *
Pr.i/x'? rrwKt uT smr* No. W p >n?
21'. ajn?t avenue, a reru for tlie Aniencaw st T
ir spooaa at o te.?s soiuid metal; will not
J- :l? r?>??AJrrosi to-u>gfct?{laorotw Hall.*
HrrliaR ?f the Board ?
At a meeting of the board of trustee* of pub- ,
lie schools last evening. the resignation* of Miss
Susie K. Hawkins, (*ecoitdary, So. 2.) Mis*
Fattie E. tiough, ^Inale primary. No. 3,) ami
I!aj.iiah K. liuilsuu, (Icu.ale primary, No.
1.) ail of the fir*t district. a ere accepted.
were presented, and the superintendent
t?-l bis summary of the same, showing: N.im.ier
(?i i ljuct iltf of the mouth, decrewo,
i7-l whole rund-cr enrolled, ".?'J*. percentage of
tafdineM, O.X.", mimln'r corporal punishments.
31?12 in first. 1 in second, 2 in third, ami 15 ill
the fourth district.
Mr. Wilson presented ap|>HcatiOM for tench
ei?l'i|?s of Fnuna Thomas. >larv K. Carrier. H.
?Ii-nnit* l>av. Flora Bell Wiggin.of Ho-to a; S.
Harrison. Danville, 111.; and Mi* lixiie )l*c
i.wl.it: all ot which were referred.
Mr. Wilson al-o recommended the following
for advanced salary, under act of May 2t. luXi.
Miw Frances E. JnllM-n, 1st district; Maggie
\V*Sh. ;Vi; Mart!..? E. At instead, 3<l. and Ellen
E. HailHUy, 4th. Referred tocommittee on ex
it min.it ion of teacher*.
Mr. Hart nominated M ?a Flora E. 11 Wljrgln
a* acting teacher of uwak prima) y No. 2; con
firm* d.
Mr. Rhees was appointed on the
oi which his )>n.dec v. ssor, Mr. McLellan, was a
as ai *r\i. for irnNowv.
Mr. Hart called the attention of tlie bttird to
ihe financial condition ot the school*, *om of
ilie appropriations having been largely drawn
on. and urged tliat the members he very careful
in r'.ieir e tpeiiditures, an nn'e?? ca:e wu? axed
they may be rMtprilwl to close the sciioois to
ward* the end ot the school year.
Vr. llart called attention "to the qnc*tion of
rami* nsation of janitor*, and Mr. Cbamplin
mov? d that the sni>jcct l?e referred to the coiu
ndtieeon accounts. Carried.
r\ awixatw* ok trachiw.
Mr. Kaiidutpk.fnim the committee on teach
ers. snnuoitted a rtport: That an examination
of candidates ibr j riinary certificates be held on
.Natuiilay. January 1?, ai the Franklin building.
i >ne of teachers fur secondary ami intermediate
icrtifieatcs at the same place on Saturday,
February 1. That anv candidate securing a
primary certificate at tlie first examination l?
allow?<1 also to compete for* higher certificate
at the second. That the examinations be both
oral and written; that two different schedule* of
MWKtiunr be prepared. That the standard In
first examination for a primary certificate should
be SO i* r cent., in the second examination lor a
secondary certificate V), and for an intermedl
:.te M per centum of the written and oral exer
cises correctly answered.
Mr. Atl.ee offered a resolution, which was ro
1 erred ;o the i-omniittee on rules: That the
rules of the board be amended by inserting a
requirement that semi-nnu.ial examinations for
t< a< bers shall l>e In Id on the first Saturday in
.1 une and the Suturday preceding Chris low* day
in each year.
r ArT?ATor.r.
Mr. Randolph ottered a resolution regretting
tlie retirement of Trustee McLler.an,aiid highly
laudatory ot him.
Mr. UaoUolpli >aid the suggestion came from
Mr. MeL.'s successor, and he paid a high com
pliment to Mr. McL. a* a faithful worker in the
si boots. There was scarce a boy or girl In the
district who was not known by Mr. McL. and
did not It now* him.
Mr. Woodward indorsed the remarks of Mr.
Kai.dolpli.aiul Mr. Wilson, of the 4tli district,
kMid that the report oi last year showed that Mr.
McL. had paid visits to the schools, and if
m11 the members wire as thoroughly identified
with the schools as Mr. McL., the superintendent
would have a rcjiort which would astonish them.
Mr. Harris, while recognising the services of
Mr. McL.. whs op|?osct! to Uie passage of lauda
tory resolutions. Mr. McL. had his failings like
other men. and while tin v should l?e allowed to
rest, he did not think that such a resolution
-honhl be put on record. He desired it to go to .
the public that the borrd was not unaniin<mm in 1
this matter.
Mr. Scott indorsed the resolntion, and It was
adopted, Mr. Harris voting in the m gative.
NuiiiAi, trairix?, neroax aid uigh
Mr. Harria offered a resolution that so much
ot tlie rc|>ort of the committee on annual rejiort
as r el era to a normal school and a training
'chool be refer red to a committee, to consist of
the superintendent ami one member from each
sub-lsiard, who shall also consider the subject
of a high school, and so much as refers to the
salaries of teachers be referred to the commit
tee on legislation; adopted.
Mr. Hart ottered a resolution that hereafter
no exi>ense shall be incurred by trustees or sub
l>oards for filling up diploma* to be given to pu
pils at the annual examination: adopted.
Mr. Atl.ee offered a resolntion, which was
adopted, that the fourth recommendation of the
su(>erintendeut relating to tho reform school be
! referred to the committee on rules, with iu
[ -ti uctions to prci*re a plan in pursuance there
of, and to re;mrt the same to the board at an
cat lv date; adopted.
so iux.ui or kmali-pox in the ?cn<>.??.?.
Mr. Harris presented the following,which was
ndopt> d:
tirsii'r-it. TI.;' the zr?at rare t?k"n by th*?trus
tei* |o J.Uir'1 m? I.li-r ills ti'liw ilitciwut. the sil it l
? ? iitrut til in ? rnl ? reliilii / toC'Uawiilin.-ss. aiei
re,| iir<iionl?that ?Uebihlrvn ?lii?ll !>? v#.*ci
i.s',,1 i>r ,'th? rw .-?* ^rotscted .'*aii<^t small p>>\.r?i n*e
. he laihlc ecl?wb of .ur u;? ^erf.tiy ?ale f.r all
? kihlren. soil that |>sre:ii- and ^n-ir-lisiis uwJ !? -I it .
f.\ i *\ ;hat tie xr lU'st care nill lit- -x- iv>? it In
? I; tuiore.?- in m>- i?a?t, t?> (unril sz-iiud th ? :i i - t
anMruir* ?f t disesw.
Messrs. Robinson, Kbees. Moere. and WTilso?
wrrr appointed a committee on high school, am?
the l>oa:v. udionrned.
Tke Wtmau Kullragt t'ouvcution.
t'l^orrss to nr mitoer pktithixtt*
r< n v(i*ax ?r*?Ri'?R-A piiasd to be
It is net true a* stated in a looming paper
that Alls* Siisjin B. Anthony has '-obtained an
eztewton of hei jail boixis'' to attend the^voman
-uttra^e convention to emnmenee in this < ty
to-morrow. Miss Anthony lias never been tinder
I bonds, but absolutely reluVd to give hail when
j re<;uired to do so in ftochest.'r. She was tlnav
| upeoi Us k?tl up m iail, where she remained initil
broucbt <>ut on a writ of kakeas rwrpur. Tins
writ nas not jet !>een ergneal. ami as -tated Iu
The St.? r ui- yesterday, Mis* A. sniffs die air
of fretdi ui onlj through the courtesy of I'nited
States M:irsba*l Kinney, w iio is responsible for
her custody. He thought, however, he mi^lit
tri'.st her to go to Washington without rnuninz
finv great risk of losing hi*prisoner. Mis* An
;horv >:i> ? she i- fast learning the whimsicalities
and technicalities of the law. When air -sted
she was taken to the office of the United Stnb*s
nuuiissioner in Rochester?hi the very same
roc.ni where fugirira slaxw, urvler" .>udge
Tanev's decision, were e?smined and tainted
oyer to theii mxster- toft?e remamied to bomlage
Never until then, sUe k**vs. did she laitv
resbze the e?*e atul rapidity with whicn
an .A inerican citizen can be deprived of his or
her liberty. The coming convention, .?he says,
is not for the pui'i>o~e of begging or i>etitiO'.i:'iig
Congress tor the right to vote, for-that right the
women alreadv have uiuter the fourteenth
anirmlm* nt to th^ coustitutii>u; it iscalleil for
the purpose of demanding that Congress take
the neces.-ary stej-s to enable woni.-n to exercise
the right which thev possess. A prominent
law yer ot this city t ?iu h-r receutlv that uo law -
ver of any brains who fairly and honestly ex
amines the ?-ubject can iaM" to conclude that
women hrtve the right of snffrsge. Miss Antlionv
says that If she and the other women arrested
with her are convicted, tlit United States
courts she sup]>oses will hate to take c<>gni
* aiice of several other similar cans in the w est
ers states, and if they nroaecnte all the woaaeu
! wlio have ?ote?l within three or four years |*st,
will have their hands full for some tinie to eonse.
i 'J he eon\culion meets to-aaorrow morning at
| iO o'clock.
Ft vt?aTIK? a OonnrwmT Ofsic*?Sev
ers: ils\s ago a clerk in the Second Auditor's1
Off ce icft his desk quite sirk audi* since re
portcil a> having the small-pox. Yesterday a
detachn.er.t of employes of the beard Of health
entered Winder'? buii'ding. in which is tiio said
oltire. iiisi Budi g that toe desk ol the sick man
? o.s iu io>m :<6 they cleared it'out iu a hurry.
T!i< clerks en doty ?liil not stnml ui?on the order
i>f their leaving but '.eft at once, and the derks.
-tiid furniture r*'lng retn^yed the mattin? was
v-a?rii-?l oi?t and buraeil aisl the place thorough
ly fumigated.
The Lt TMrn vx MavortAt. Ckcr< h?At a
aaeeting st the Memorial church, corner of 14t'a
ai.d N sireetw. but night. I?r. lintler stated tlmt
the meeting was called for the purpose
organizing a congregation and to estab
lish a church In connection with tho ocneral
Sw.od of tl.e Kvangelical I..itheran churcb. It
was expecteii that the editice will be coiupl^tol
bv tbe coming spring. It was agreed tuat a
?amber of In mn books be purchased lor the
nae of the chapel, ami that circular* setting
forth the derire of those having the matter in
hand be circulated.
Thr Horse Paint***' association met I aft
night, ami tbe aecreterv rei>orted that be had
complied a* far as possible with the resolution
adopted at the previous meeting, and had in
viwd the bo?s painters to meet the Journeymen
in conference on matters Of great interest to
the trade. The resolution is to the effect that
on and alter Monday. March 3, 1*73. the wagea
of members of tlds lodge shall not be less than
I *3 per dav of ten how, except on Saturday
| whe?i eight hours shall be consider Oil a dav1
work. and the wages to be the same aa for ten
Krr CAkSAR Post. No. 2, Department Poto
mac, 0 A- B-. has elected officor* tar the ensu
ing year as follows: H. W. Jackson, P. C.; A.
4. Gunning. 8. V. C.; Robert Armour, J. V. C.;
Oeorge K. l>a? U, adintant; George P. Robin
son. V? twira^sr; William Bla&Md, a O.;
George Oeednsr, O. ?. F. Hawkes. chap
lain; Tbotaas 1 jingborn. sergeant major;
Nice, quartermaster's sergeant. Alex. Lynch
LitiiAS Lp?AKToa te-mght at Lincoln Hall.#
The Indian QnntUa.
cfsrEKERci or aiwonAitm asd isdun
A n>t?*t ng of the l-oord of Italian coram!*
?iiintri ii nt? in *?)?? at the Arlington. The
tallowing members of the board are in attend
a-ce:?Horns. F. R. Brnnot, Pittsburg, chatT
m in; Win. E. Podge, New York; J. V. Farwell,
1 hic&go; Nathan Bishop, New York; E. 8. To*
bey, Bcstor; John J>. Lang, Maine, and Mr. T.
Cree, secretary of the i>oard. Hon. George 1L
Stuart is piettaM iroin attending by serous
To-<l*y, a meeting of conference was hehl
with the representatives of the mi>?ion boyth
ot the various churches tiigagtHl iu Indian
%ork. There were pirt-nit Bi'hnp Hare, Hon.
Will'am Welch ami Col. E. C. Kemble, of the
Protestant Episcopal church; Blshoo Harris ami
Rev. J. l>ashiell, of Uie Methodist church; Rev.
J. C. I-awvie, president ltoartl nnvign missions;
P.ev. Get>rge Whipple, American missionary St>
cietv. N. Y.; K*sv. Iir. Browne, united Presby
terian hoard missions, PiUsburgj Rer. Dr. Fer
ris. reformed Dutch church mission. N. Y.; Rev.
t?. B. Treat. !>. !>., secretary A. B. C. P- M.,
Boston; Rev. Fath?r De*?hone.Catholic mission,
N. Y.; l'r. Win. Nicholson, secretary Am'ii Kx.
Cum. Friends, Lawrence, Kansas; Benjamin
I'.iihant. N. Y.; S. M. .lanney. Va.; 1 lion. W:s
tar. of Philadelphia, ami other gentlemen Oil
lit cted with Indian affairs.
This meeting was called merely to iuar state
ment* of missionaries and workers in the eau?e
of Use amelioration of the condition of tlie In
dians, utiil not for any action; the animal meet
ing lor action being fixed lor to-morrow. A
preliminary meeting was held la<t ni^ht, hut
t.ot much was done. Many spectators. aiU'>n$
vi hem were se veral latli.s, w re pr.sent; al-o a
deb gate fiom each of the civilised tribe* o? tin'
Indian Territory.
The meeting was opened with prayer by
l:>hop Whipple, after which the chairman
stati .1 that it gave him gn at pleasure to wel
come the members of tlie commission and so
mauv of the dch gates. He congratulati'd tin tu
on what ha?l been accomplished the past year m
the mode of governing the Imliatis. The repre
sentative* of the different societies ami organi
7atiein? had been invited, in order that they
might hear the different opinion*, ami hare an
intei change of ideas, ami he thought lour years
longerdurationof the same policy would perfect
a system of government sii|?erior to any ever
it<'opted. He asked the hearty co-operation of
h'l to aid iu the good work. One thing 01 great
importance was that the different churches
should exercise the greatest care in selecting
the i>roj>er j>erwns to tccotuinend a-* agents. It
was a matter of -oim- regret that this had to
M me extent been overlooked. and t!iafc
hid been sent out to the Indian country. All
sulMiidinatesemployed to aid tlie missionaries
a id agents should be tlie be?t men thej could
p ek, moiallv.
Mr. Walsh called the attention of the chairman
tf- one important lact, that their agents and
u wsiouaries w ere de'feated In tlieir purisms by
u ho are allowed to go among tlie Indian*.
The chairman said all these points would
doabtless be discussed b> the delegates present.
It was the object of all" to rid the Indians of
oppression, and to obtain such legislation ns will
sceure them their lands ami right* generally.
Mr. Edward Smith, secretary to the American
missionary association in Minnesota, gave an
interesting account of the
Is the Northwest. The agency at Snpcrior
was ia a prosperous condition. The agency in
Minnesota was a much more difficult agency to
manage. 10J houses had i?een erected with rive
rooms each, and the work had in-en mainly done
bv the Indians. Imlians sawed the lumber ami
did all the lal?or. Theli success as faimers was
becoming more and more apparent every year.
No one doubts the feasibility of civilixlug t'jt*
ptople ill Minnesota, and it had got to be a fact
that it was cheaper to educate ami lift them out
ot barbarism than to exterminate them by war
t'arc, or to keep tin m In the proper subjoction
l.j this means. He thought that only one gen
eration was necessary to keep them in school to
ri?l the state of bar bar toss.
Bishop Whipple was called npon, and sael
that he could bear witness to the faithful man
lif r in which the agent In his state had worked
for the amelioration of the condition of the
Ir.dians. He alluded to the
for the punishment of crime, especially when
j?eri>etraU'd upon the Indians. In fact, there
seemed to lie no law in that state, ami the con
sequence was that the effect was very demor
alizing. lie stated that it was the opinion of
General Sheridan that if a just ami proper course
was pursued by the government towards the
Indians more would be accomplished than by
anv other wav.
Mr. Edward Smith remarked that in h:s
agencv most of the Indians could be employed
to labor if there were any money appropriate!I
bv the government to pav them.
Rev. Father I>eshone, of the Catholic chnrch.
from New York, called the attention of the
board to the fact that that church had no a?en
cie* anion? the Osages, Potowatomies, and the
Indians of New Mexico, who were
The chtlTch lnd but little mcan?. ami none
from the general government; but, so far a? he
had anv knowledge, tlie Indians who had been
educated iu the Catholic church made favor, ible
progress in tlie various art* of civilisation.
The chairman stated that Father De?hone had
been connect- d w itli the mission but a >rt
time, and had not fully Informed himself of the
extent of li e workings of the commission.
Kev. l?r. Nicholson. reprein>ntiiig the Indians
ni the central sni?erinleiideney. made oitemi 'd
remarks in relation totho condition of the In
diana there, more particularly with respect to
the manner of teaching them. He stated tha*
the readiness of the youth to acquire the various
secular nnd religions branches of learn'ng \va?
.? subject of Mirpnsu to the teachers. He spone
of the dilliculties eapericnced by reason of th<
remoteness of ihe agencies from civilisation,
ami consequent sniftering from want ot supplies.
He cited the difficulty experienced from inrom
latent interpreters, who were not always honest
and corscienUo?s men. They are troubled, tiw.
by ititriiders ami a moan class of w hite men who
no among them as Indians and adapt their
are against a thorough system of education
;? mong.lbem, and the effort had been made bv
the mi?sion to secure the services of such mis
sionaries :md teacher* Hs would be willing to go
with the tril>es 111 their wanderings. He cited
an instance where such ? man ha?l l?eeneiu
ployed with the most beticlieiixl results. An?:n
eoiu aging imlleation of the efleets of education
was the sanctity of marriage aamug them,
which Is being more observed every year. It
had been observed that a tendency to sto^k
raising hail a mo-t benettcial influence wiMi :he
indians, and was the best proof that they ire
not retrograding in the essentials of en iiizaiion
and education.
Friend Samnel .Tanner. of Virginia, gave an
interesting account of his Held of ope rations,
which Is in Northern Nebraska among tlii
tribes living m the head and tributaries of the
Muwouri; their progress iu agriculture and tjie
\ arious useful arts. 11c said the custom of an
had latilv leen practiced among the Winne
bagoea with most satisfactory results Instead
of the old system of hereditarj chiefs. He g.iv
a detailed account of the present condition of
the various tribe*, their numbers, advancement
in the arts and sciences of civd!*ation.
Tlie whole number of lituian* iu the uort'.iem
si;perintemlencv is t>.'2!W.
Ike Ini-kMin Maine In fsnrt.
i-riT against ci.akk jtii.ls, the abtist, by
Yesterday the case of Fisk Mills ct a!, a^t.
Clark Mills et al. was taken up by the court in
general term, ami it is being argued to-elay. 111
this c.a??? the complainant* are the children of
the first-nami d dof? ndant. who, it will he re
membered. designed and constructed the eques
trian statue of General .Jackson In this city.
For lliis work #2ft.on0 was appropriated by Con
area* M:u.ii :td. l?o3. with a proviso that S10
be invested for tlie tamilv ot' Clark Mills. In
April. 1AM. Frazier and others conveyed to
Mills "Meadow Bank Spa .Jprings" in consider
ation of On the 2Uth of Ajirli following
Clatk Mills made 1
that the purchase was made for the purpose of
eomplying with and carrying into effect the
pruviM, and that the place was bought by him
111 trust under that .proriao; that alter de
ducting the necessary expenses for carrying on
and improving the place ne will apply the clear
income for the support, maintenance and edu
cation of the family as he shall judge to be most
that the place Is in such a condition as to be of
no practical u>e; thnl ThftMninrnnol uplniftn have
arisen as to the management of the property;
ami Mills, sr., holds the place for the sole ?*> of
complaluant* and Theodore Mills. They ask
tlie court to determine the true intent of the
proviso ami declaration of trust; that the prop
erty he sold lag the benettt of the parties beite
l*etally interested; that the auditor state au ac
count'between Clark Mill" ami each of his sons
show lug the amount due each; and that Mills,
sr., be Jeeretd to pay the amount found to be
trc nEgrowna*T ptt.eo a cross bill,
in which, alter reciting tho substantial matters'
alleged, he glres a summary of the legislation In.
reference to the statu#, and says that the pro-;
vis? was not enacted fer the purpose of prevent
ing him receiving the ?tt,000 to?ompensate>fai?i'
fur hi* labor, nor to sank* him a mere trnstee to
Hlhr the bene?t of others, and he believes
the object was to secure to himself and family
* La asa _m ' I
the sum of *MMMO oat of the whole sum'
appropriated, and to preclude the paymeat}
bv him to the JhekeenBemocratle amoeiatioii.l
with whom he made the original contract tor
the erection of the ^atnte Of any portion of tSibi
amount of 010,00?; that for more tnan a year he 1
refused to accept the money under the construe-;
Uon placed npon it by (he Attorney General;f
the time he wm indebt ed to cx-ltay^
the statue; that thepayment of anymrtlm was,
refused until he had complied with the demand'
of government eflfm to secure the tio/m,
snd tinder such perjure of elrenmidaore*
he ^wfirttd ?? declaration of trirt.
He-further chargt ? that he n?*tTr*?lred tur
ro?-kl<T*tK>ii tfn the execution of the dertnra
tim.and that tJw declaration A fir utt if
quires him to apply such portion of fhf eletir
annual Income n>r the support of the fnmilv
ami tUino the min'tutiui of allowance to the
witc fs a rraud upon hi* rirhts. He ftirthcr rep
rew nt< that he ha* made improv, mnut4 on to
r>l?e?- to tiie valuo of t?3r>.Wo, ami tlr- p!ace with
pipn.vt in?? iit> is worth from ?::o,o>rf> to fJQjMK).
He asks that the declaration of ir.i-t bo so m>-l
tii<d a* to staial as renrity 6?r the pa vmcnt of
f!'',o<w to his surviving children aster his de
T. FI-k Mills. Clark Mil's. jr.. a?'d .ioiin M;U?.
rmeml this cross bill,d nyi:>g the allegations
TM K r_\r W*? SrBVtTTBT*
toilnd^-f MacArtUnr, hoklinr the *?|?itjr court,
Jul*. 1*71. and referred l?v h'to to the aod'tor
to state an account bctweeit Mill*. ?r., aud the
complatnants, al'owfng eech fhaper aim im
and April 20. 1"<T?. the auditor's report was con
firnwd. TkIs report showed that there waa al
lowed to T. Fin* Mills ?I.'?52.iW, .tohn Mil's
and Clark Mill, jr.; MS. and the costs of
this suit. Clark Mills appeal*d.
i?Bcirsi?* ror. appeal.
The appellant Clark Mills, sr., mikes th"
fWlewingjtteUrt*: The ceut tnAHa wwImIiii i
decree" without requiring M^s. Susan E. Mills
(the present wife) to be made a party; in hold
ing that ea< h of the complalmints were entitled
to recover #125 per annum; tn ienderini; ade -re?>
which neither granted nor refused the relief
prayvd tor in the cross bill, and which mule no
?imposition of the hill, .'ki!>I in not granting the
relief prayed for in the cross hill. Mr. Penn
< larke appears for Clark Mills, and Mw?rs.
Riddle ar.d Miller lor the others.
Beard or Health.
At a meeting of the lioard of health, last
night, Medical Inspector Stewart rejiorted Oiat
^iiice the 10th instant he had vaccinated
persons at his office.
The health officer rcportc.' a case of small po\
In a house at the corner of D atid 17th streets
in>rthwest. occupied l>y a colored family named
Carter. He bail Investigated the tacts c >11
nccted with th>s ?,iv. and fouud three of the
children sick with the disease, and that ther*
bad been neglect on the part of the physician to
the |?or for the liftu di*t-let, In not giving the
proper attention to these poor people, nor hi re
jsirting the casi - to the boaid, as it washisduty
to do. The health officer read a sworn st ate
ment from .lere. Carter, in which it is stated
that the physician complained of had been ap
plied to by Carter to vaccinate his children
lame time" since, and no response was m ule;
that alterWards. when bis children were taken
sick with small nox.be called upon the same
physician and Him him tliat he was unable to
employ a physician, having no means to pav,
and rcone*tied him to reuder liiui the neoossarv
iiietlical si'rviee. and was told that it could n?>t
be granted without payment in advance. After
some debate, in which* the members expressed
themselves very freely, the matter was referred
to the health officer to obtain from the phvsici^n
bis version or the matter before further action
by the board.
Dr. Verdi submittetl a report in which he
states that the small-|H>x during the past week
has decreased, that many cases re|M>rtesl to the
board hnd n|?or. inveatigation been fonml to t>e
false alarms; that the complaint maile alniiit the
MiKi'l-pox ambulance being a.iowud to stop
uuuiites on F street, bt twoen litli and 13th
streets, was a scare, as he had fouud the aiubu
lanee to he tin- one Just t idshed for the boanl
whi. ii bad never bctn in use, and was on its
wav to the office for inspection: that tho M-rrt.'
meiit that Airs. Parti idge had died unattended
was untrn'-, as he had received a letter from
her son, Jlr. John A. Partridge, wherein he
eomplhuents the l>oard and its agents highly for
their attention and kindness in the case; that he
had t xaniiiH<l into the case rc\>ortcd by l>r.
<|ox an?l referred to him, to the effect that. Mr.
IZarly bad died of the disease ami no ins|M*<'tiun
had been made.no disini'ectants us<Hl,an<l no
tlag shown, ami had found that no notice of the
caM- had been sent tbein until after the death,
when the inspector took charge of the bodv and
piai.ted a flag, which had not been removed
until alter the premises had been thoroughly
disinfected; that he had also Investigated the
case reported by Mr. Lancston of alleged hard
ship brought upon Mr. Price and tamuy bv the
r. D;o\al of injected clothiui; while the disease
yet < xisting among some meinl>er* of his family,
and had found that Mr. Price himself had left
an order requesting that his betkliiig. clothing
and carpets l>e removed, a? he wished to eleau
bus premises and liavc the tlag taken down.
Mr. Price states that he was treated in ac.tre
tnl manner, and ha> nothing to complain of.
The report ailudes to the tendency of people to
become panic stricken duiingthe prevalem-e of
epidemics which o<-<'iuioiis many rumors dev??id
of truth. The heaitli officer states that after
having given his uislividtHl attention to the re
lief of tbo unfortunate victims to this disi asp
under a great variety of circunvtances, lie h is
to report tbat the humane work in wliicn they
are engaged Is done with proniiitness, fideHIV
and delicacy. He rejiorts the dwellings and
buildings occupied by the employe* attached to
the small-pox hospital, &c., in good conillti<'ii;
and that all articles removed on account of in
fection arc properly fumigated disinfected and
kept under the care of >Ir. Sprague, to be re
turned to the owners when applied for.
A communication from I>r. llushtiell in re'a
tion to the neglect to vaccinate school children
?a." referred to the school truatco*.
Communications were read tYom tlie Commis
sioners of the Land office. Pension tifiiee, and
t'romdudge hdnioudti, of the l*ost Ottjee. ask
ing lor a sufficient iiumlier of vaccine points u>
> aecinate the clerks In the offi?tes named. Oon
siderable discussion followe?l as to tlie proprit tv
of acceding to the rpouest, on account of th ?
collapsed coixliikm Of tlieir I'uihIs, and, filial v.
on motion, it was decided to send the point* with
: bills covering the cost of the same to reimburse
the board.
Pt.ttvTi!F.i ts.?Mr. F. M. Heating, corner
of loth and B streets southwest, had his clonics
lines stripi?ed ?f a vi-ek's wasTiing; and .Mr.
Miller, Virginia avenue, between 6th and 7th
streets, hart two water bucket* stolen last night.
PoU< E COI'IIT, Jade J>?!.'.-<TiHlAy.
tiim Bailer s-saiilt; Tliiiiium CwUriiTi. |ji|i.n<
t? k?- p ne\r his h;? k; %S. Williaia O N-au. <i?ar
Uerljr; collateml f.irt- hed. .1. hn Mct.Viriuick, am
sault; nolle pro*. Kobert U n*|p?. gi .uvt lareenv
afgh.tii; bail Tor xci-oii <>f m-and jarx. !?? U *rt Tur
ner, iurceii) of flitter; au<ia)s in jail.
tyrrttrrr^yn ?TR*tr rni'tnw foi eu?:.
?-'in I Mi 'iuk wiweharicsl wiili ol?strnetii^ 11 i
-Ireet, in mt,l pi u.it guilt v. >l<
< nlull ii|>p<-fire,I for Strutter. Sin! Ihx offie-r I- I : i
thi<t the street wan ??bctructed bv material. O. ,i ?
l'?rt ?.f tlie il' fi'w- i? wss -lei* ii that Stn-iig \\ ? "ti ?
coutra<-tor for imd^riiiuuiux li>>.is?n on I?
strei-t?mad'* necewary t?r the eh-oige <>f ;i.. ?
au.l that th# material * ?s d> livered a' )i.
point named bv the eontrmetor t,? a ^?ip. ri:it?-i |.-ir
ninler the lxiaril of pnl-lie JiMc- Sueii ? nil
that nil litwkuiu< tliar# n ?< ii il>l- c??isti iioiioO. Th
boani of public works are a^ well r?;,- ^i.i/.ol a p-'w r
a'the puu'K, kl>?l wb'-n under th?m < ?in-et fri ui a
transition mate t is useless t?> apt>i. the law strich
a> to tle> ce< <i) hurv* of the ?treet with materUi.
W lien a street t >rn up the Ixutnl have the i i<pt , in
hi.-opinion.'.otiose the ttrcet for the time ????SmC.
The ??.?? ?? as 'li?inis?e<1.
John Millet wasi lmripsl with vaLraifc. ?
knew |. .iif-nt iliat he had asked for ikiuietliiii^ t" m*
when hai.gry. ami h.el isiui* here fr<nu Ualtimor .mi
? pass from rli? ina*?r of that city, ani was lo->k i!7
for Work, bill <oii!<1 set nonu. He J-uieil that bouts
a vai-rant, ?ntl siutl he ?Uiiiti to li-a\e tlw citv. If.
wqp (li?rharife?l. Chtrl<?s K. \Varr?n. prvfaiui; ." S3
? - Ita.-OJIAL UPI.A*Ar"?\<.
Mr. Miller in*.1e a earsoual <mpUnation a* to th >
esse c.t Ainlerson wnd Jeiiift, in winch m pr st
w as enter-d ysat. nlav, to tlie efleer th.? the case .. ,.
m.i similar t<. PrirerV eai^>. *? was rep .rr d; tli.it m
hail ??r< rtaliufl that the Mrin bail hrstn eliaiMis]. .ml
uiitler the iuforiMNtloii ihe elMirgti cohM not b^- ?im?
tS'le o.
Jnilse Rn?ll abxi <**plnifK'?l that a head liae on a
rj-p'.rt ha. o mvn e?l a wr>>nv imareasion, aud th ?i in
the case in point tlitreu a? mum-ilitth nlt) iuhisin u l
as lo wlietiier he *houM have IIimsI the |s r? .n at all
Liy.oa LAV/ CAsEs.
Th?ease of tie ii^.- W. liriTer.ehai-2'sl r:itli selliaz
jl'iu-.r^.ii Hiimiay, was cirfhsl, ami stter theofh -ers
hull testineil. Jiiiltfe Sn-ll?tiv|i,,s? l the case. sa> nm
ttiat the pr?.se<-wti. n nmsr either show an actual -ale
or eir. iu.ist.iiK, s piming. Is-vi mi a douli*. th .? lI,.
-JPiBPjir.. ? ??- ? "im ?? amiftl % ? Hit' Ul''
law w?s ImMia; \ iulat> J. J< Lin McC'Tth*, cli.t '/sl
with setiinf n.|iiir tiv tin- ?mail without license,
onto r Crump testified that lie irave a colored man
toti cents to gi t adrink w itli. and he went t.' Mftl.'s.
Mr. Hi ne. for tliedefenee, nrf(md that such t ? t i -
m >liy uUylit imt to be rtveit ed. The emirt sanl I lint
it was necessary for the p.>|ice to use such in<-?ns :i?
had Ix-ea n-sprt?i to in this ci?*. If a citi/.-n
? n.airea in espiutnne tlieuetn?? illicit In- i-np<-a< li 'l.
This eas? dsl not whollvMtaial on the tuaiiuwHiv ?f
tlie part) , au.l b.- would ituisise the low est p.-uali) ;
4100 Sue. Au appeal was taken.
- ??
A Speck or Kkrp.lliox.?There ia a menace
of war in Vermont. Three counties of that
Mate?Chittenden, Franklin and Graud Isle
complain of an unequal and exceaalve valuation
of their real estate. A convention of Franklin
comity tax-payers has voted to resist the levy of
taxes, and. if they persist, the state will have to
deal with the case as open rebellion. It Is ex
Krted that there will lie no occasion to call out
? militia, as the brigadier general* are sr.rii
ciently numerous to pot tlowa 1b? taaurtecuou.
Mb. L. V. Booy, who has received the noml
natiouof the democratic caucuaof the legislat ure
of Missouri for the Semite of the United States,
ia a prominent citizen of Ht. Louis, of lilx-ral
wiena ami temJeiu ies. lie has been mayor of
tli* city of lit. I.ouia, ami Is identified with m ?st
of (he great industrial awl commercial enter
prises of the sotttlinest.
Robbing tub Mails^-Leo Carmon was cm
victed in Chicago yesterday in the L'nlted SUfe*
district court of robhiag the mails while em
ployed In the registry department of the Chicago
post office. A motion for a new trial has beoin
entered. Canaan Is a, man of fine attain m-^its.
and Bp to the time this charge was brought
ajainst him hare aywl character.
? WtPtBo Oot ?m A> aoh an-? In tlie battle Of
sosnpauies ef the Ath cavairy with Apache lik
dians, en the 2M?f December, near 8altHrer,
not a warrior MM. AU or the band Were
kiVed, and85 wofmona>>d cfcUdrcn captured.
IBTTea students hare been expelled from
Will Wan seminarv, Easthamptou, Mass., fur
taking port is Ike Sow Year s eve carousal.
Tti*bk if rRi: xo siw casus of n: ?IT-po\ rc
l^tlrd this morning.
Thivtfutinr nnflM nor'i *.?t mrnff of
the intone* tion of Kii'| ami KalHcV streets,
has born whl to Mr. Gainer lor 9-100.
A C4M.OKKB imine-1 R?iv Harr:?. tltlnc
in the npper \*rrt of the city. w*? badly 1? irn*?T
by the e\{ lOMcn >it a kert^enetfU '.snip dui iitg
the latter part of last week.
Thk sustained by the Ait xardrU Fire
Insurance Company, bv tue Sat- tlr- at Carc
liove's and Daiugtriit 1J'? warehouses, will
amount only to ?U>ut rf* thonaaitd ?4<,llar?.
A (UXti of Italian iinnilirrant.* arrived here
thisn.omiug from New York on their war to
the line of the Vn lev railroad. up >n w.iich ta< v
have been employ*-*! as Utwri r?.
Tub wt*THKR to-ilir has been ?nii-hiny and
warm. and the ice ami the t?'w vining snow liav-?
melted rapidlr. A few more dav* ??f such
weather and the tee in the river will begin to
show sign* of breaking tip.
SnrrKKP oyhtkrs continue to arrive in
?iu: iitiricc sufficient to swpptvthe demand. from
Laltimore'. Aiinaf O'is and Norfolk. ?>y rcr* iu
tin- ?heil mere quoted in Baltimore thi- asuralng
at sixty cents a busVl.?Hntrltt, l?ut *r mug.
Cf'.ti fmkjC Km Gluts*. our own importa
tion, in all shaibo and colors, at (ioIUnni A'
Steinberg's, eorncr "tli and (! street*.
Drfss Shirt*, Undershirts. I>r?wers. Bows.
Ties; (ieiitlcnien's. \outh's .ind Boy's Cloth In;;;
u very large assnrtiw wl. Knun& Co*. VT V.h
street. op|*>site INn>t I >tVwe.
Hxxmat. s Spk?.iai.tiea.
Fine INadv-made Clothing,
Fine tiaiiut nts to order.
l-'ine Woolen*. by the vard, and
Perfectly Fining Skirts,
Oae Prim Only. v?. MJftitmi
The National Sa\i.M<;a 1>ask, corner ot
New York avenue and r>th street. pays *i per ??:.
per a 1: intra ci; deposit* for each calender month.
Banking hours, n to 4. Saturdays, v to 4 and
to 8. ?(3,14111
Cnr.xs RrM?'VFT> \v iTnorT paix, Bunions
Chiblaii ". Bad Kail*, jtr., Miecwlullv treiUiii
by Dr. White. Chiropodist, No. .VJ." 1'tn street,
opposite F. S. Treasury. Established iu Wash
ington ledl.
?illcox & (J:b?'s ji-wuro Machihe Tie
celebrated Bazaar Pattern*. Agency at Chas.
Baiiiii't h?o|?>kirt ?n<l ciVKt factory, ?tb street,
Intelligencer Building. 10.-3
Tii erxometeus and^iaromcters are repaired
and made to order by H<*mpler. near 4){ stroet.
A SiXiri.AR Series of Dzatr*.?A corres
pondent of the Baltimore tiaseUe, writing
trim Annai*>Iis >est<-rday. ?avs: A seemingly
strange fatality would appear to attend im
portant trials at Annapolis. Sour; years ago
w lu n a will rase, involving considerable prop
erty. was nil trial, the tin>t juror taken. aickem-d
and died: then the second called died also,
before ille cane was concluded; the thiid jiiry
roan w ho h:id l>cen enipaiinctcd was coi?si<ler
ably alainud. He still liven in this city, lHtr
iii|i the tirst trial of Vr?. Wharton. one of the
jurors. Mr. Stephen Benrd, lost both liis wile
ami his mother. In this, when the trial lias
jn^t lannchedout fnlly. death has begun, first in
the death of one ol the counsel's aunt. Mr*. EIi/a
RandalL w hoee nephew is A. B. Hacner, < sr|.
I.ast night, Mr. Richard Arnold, brother of Mr.
Thomas H. Arnold, one of the Wharton Jurors,
was drowned. He attempted, notwithstanding
he was wanted not to do it, to cross the Severn
ri\er. He broke in alrfoit the middle of the
river. A number of midshipmen w ere on tie
ice skating. Midshipmen dohn C. Col well, of
Pennsylvania, and St.mey went toward* him.
The tfrst proceeded in reaching and gr%?ping
him by the hair, and called to the latter to p"
anil get ropes. Arnold told him to let go hi.-,
hair and strtigul- d. Colwell, stretched on
stomach, inen broke In. letting go Arnold swan*
to tire other side of the ice, whence he was
pull* d out, and brought to the Naval Acadeiuv
almost frozen. Arnold then sunk; up to tbc
prescut his bo<H has not l?*en recovered.
SricinE of Mrs. BiciiMown.?We are in
formed by a gentleman from the neighborhood
of Berryvllle, Va., that the wife of Mr. Rich
mond, who was engaged in the aecrct service of
the* l'nit?d StaU-s diiriyt: the late war. commit
tid suicide by shooiinjj herself ou Stiislav att?T
lioon. in BerfyviUe?VharUilovn ( W. V'a.) SyirU
"/ J'Jf' rtt n.
Excpt in thn#e eaiirm where, on examinatioa, it m??
Ix* found n?-cessary t? pr*-> rilw certain r?-m':4. ??
which,combim-d with inv peciHiar Mssfnetic Op -ra
tl' li, accelerate a Pvriect amt Rti'lieitl cure.
Late of Baltimore. Chicago. c;-ie'n?iati. ft v r.
N. Y., ami Fall Ki\er, Man., lias -ng i^si
On F street, in the R?ar of Will*rds* Hotel,
Where he will
Free of charge," without money and wi<ls>nt pri.
fr?'in 9 until 11 o'clock each mornine, (Sun
da;? ?-xe'-pff/1.l f.r slsmt Fifteen
Ou;. s, (Admittance Fne,)
Ai??, taken Parlor* at
No. 413 Thirteenth street, near Pennsylva
nia Avenue,
for nlK'iu Thirty Day?, wher;* th^se wh'i are able an<l
wUlnae to pay mav conie from 11 s. n. till 8 p.m. ea< h
>lay. No Surgical Operations Performed! Chronic
l?is"SsK? Cur?d ! Aente Pain* Instantly Relieve.1'
TLr Lame Walk ! Ttm Blind See J Th<* Deaf il ir
Over ?0,000 Persons Treated in Fire Yenrs.
I>R. IIF.XION S pMftiee is nu-tly disna-tes of a
Chrrm'c nature, and csm-s eivm up as incurable. His
treatment is peculiar to liiui-'elf. alth<aiati there hive
l>een men in all ages who have had the cams 5I??
uetic P"w. r over the dis<-aso -?f th?* body and m'taL
Some call it the "GIFT OF IlEALINfi," yet f w
iiave poMMHx J it to sncli au extent over nearly ail
^|k>IW? and peraans. Tie* practice is based upon th<
tiK'st strict princi| Ies of science; Uito is n rihiuy
miraculous or hnp>*ruatural abont it; is in harm >n>
with sll nstnr.il laws.
Bv this treatnient it takes bn? af- w minntes f-t
inveterate <??<?<?* of alm< -t any curable Chronic dis
tae;awlw?ire* i? the effect that but few
require a second treatment.
Dr. II?nion lias fnr the pa?t ten years tna-le tlnse
N<*rvpu? Css*? bdis^ht on b? vslf-?toise,a?pecl.iily1
and feclk warrant?.?d in sa> iu^ tu the sufferer theie is
a cure.
The Diseases which yield most rnfclilr to th" cura
tive agency of UiismetlKal, as practiced by us ar>-:
Dyspepsia, C"iifetipiui<ni, Akthimt, Angina, P *ct -rii
Chlorosis, Loss of Voire, Riierunati-m, Rli n
buuu; Uout, Liver Disease, all kinds <?f
Sexual Weakmssi, Diale tia,
S* rv. ua Irritation of the Biaiu,
Bionchitis, Catarrh, Diaeases of
the Heart, Eruptive Di?*ases,
Convulsion".Hysteria, Neu
ralgia, Thrush,
Cviigeijtion of the Sple?n, Irritation ef Stomach,
Diaeas'*s of the Kidneys, etc.
Met i?id Appetite, Wakefuliussi, General Debility,
V usk Spine, Nervous D pression. Difficult
Br<-athiu(, with Pain iu the Lunga; Weak
and Sore Eyea of every description. Dis
charges fr.au the Ear*, Noise iu the
Il-ad, Cancers, Tumors, Piles, i
tt uttering, Tape Worm, Bit
ioniiess, Coughs, Cancers,
all Diseases of the Blood
and Urinary Organs,
Dr. Uetdon has, in connection with his pecnHsr
treatment, discovered aspeciSc for that terribh* die
ease, Epileptic Fits, and particularly invites th >?<
aMicted wtth the P
?*A? "A?M*NTS:
llifw'wL^i ? W ,?? ^4,il*oB street, Fall
Iitsiva, to L.yon street, Fall
>ilcerof pro yean' standing: had trvabai-nt
loaa phyaltlans?and beaewt: enred ^y Dr.
la. Sew days, without pain- Will answer in
i\ s * * 1 '
street. New BWf'-rd?Csncer of ilu; face, cvveriug
the whole of one cheek ;cnr?4 in aewn da) s, without
pain. Will answer inquiries.
JOHN C. McCAUL?,*ewBa*sr<l?B-ireeyea for
11 years;do?iered W1 th?tlniewithphvsi< iaus in N-*w
York, Providence, and N?w Bedfarflt'I r??lv*J no
in two weska- Will answer hpmiries.
JOHN WHITE, VailJRieer?Cetagrh, In j?ar*'
standing, cased U> Dr. Benion hs ten days.
A. B. TBAFFORD, Trafford Milla-AsUuns and
. i ?f the asthma in on wwfc
by several physicians
not think mss agn cm
and woeU adviae all
uring his stay ip H*
;I wm gtes lifty Dellarif #?) Rewar 1 to any
?f Cancer oe ha in Disussss that I cannot
eve, . jl3-Sw*
Georgetown Advertisements.
iv-^the LU'i?> i?r vrnruT
U-y M E ? Ml'li- H. ?? ? ?l H- i? ?
S. ? .*1 ?? > M ; ? Till R->\T W rtll
EVKSiM." ja- Miq H. >u tiie
R ? tu <4 il? (IkuiIi.
Tlif* i* l.??t ' f 'V -** <1 .??
tkM vM fc firm tbiaaem. -it. * frlen !? of lh#
f''Hh !i M" iitk' :i'l> to Mi'1'1"''
T rlt'rf fnffwr. J'i '
^JLutiNG til T tAL K OF V> INTEE ?;oOl?T
rr\j*wiN MiLLBt.
101 Bt Mg? ?t^iTir(v?n.
I* M!;m at ?!*??:
Lw!??' Winter |>rm? U <??b. >?( ?U kirH
La<IW Stripe* t?rf man tuvl ?1o?h ?*ta* la.
<"l"t*? and < ???<???? ?. frtr lu D Mm! hjr*' wear.
B-! Blank^". Flai.nela.
M'?'? ?wl X"tin?
Al??. ???*? hn^im m tb-, -In .? ? 19
|> 1:11 < \ ?T*KKT Pli BYTKRIAM rlVtCI
JjSWl SD?i B' i?b^ ?:r?-et. ? tin n H ??H
Tlw Bwlmiirniil i< no: honj.-d |>y |gr H<r.l ..|
to . f r f ? ilwu paiif-4 ptviritir lorMlr
K I. V?)015l' Jiiv 146 Bi i '?** >? . t?enr?*'.<*?,
P C. d>? a??Tf
StUM DvIni and Si*?ri?|
Crr cr.. 4H J?rr/K?<>\ Stmr,
??, d r,
F t?l lffll; rr n nni awarded !sC, ?jM it u<w
W of the ol4ii,l?ri< 1. and R??t rmiiflt* n|*I
liah*MP?it* ?flhe kinl in IkianiiMrr. B *t place in
the fiictrirt f.ir < l.ai.mg ,?r px.-ing 4lentlem*ti"a
Clothing. FverMhii r ?pp-r-ain rg to th- 0a?in,.~
well nrwl pn nipM* executed. Oltlt* rl M"?| daily nt
m?M*t,n.- pt > unrUjr.*rh"? tt will l>e open until
feX P- tr pnat Offic* B< * 7<3 apj
.)() Fl-K ?
ot all mm* or
Tl.i'Pt'ik i>o ? ffi r* <1 fiw.priwk rv<l? audt'aaa.
l)irr<?, Flann. l?, Bl-i V. f-. i-liaab. Cloaki-ig-,
15' aver*. V* I ?-. \* ? b-nll r> , H-?? ? Win-- r
til'iw". M t i. I i.l. i?r?r. nil W ? >1? u Dtwaatt?> ?b,
Mcrpt k All'-' a?.
Our SI b:.!? i ilur >1 t. 7.V H;jr *1 At*
KMeforfl. BoGAN A Wt'LIE.
jliMt 101* ?f?t lO'iO .":li .<reet n 'rt|:? -t.
WOOL FX IBL^ <;oi?r?s MARKED Dl)V, N
Atidroarcggin Bit-ached COTTON, lie.
\\ itiifutta 1S!?<i< li?J COTT(IX>3*'.
N ? Vork Mdlr Bl-m h .l?H?TTON. tlf.
!*!>?> ti'lnl M< *' li* <1 hikI miMfn-bi 1('i'TT<iSs.1A
8 4. 9 4 ai'<l IO-4 SHF.ETINi* from X7S4 tip.
A line ot In-autiltil Wo.>|?*h MIAUI.S i finale stfl
il ?!?!?*? will b<- f"?W r?-?ar.Ut ?? if c?- t,tok.i -<
lh"ft<K-k; Bla< k Ca^lmtere. *1.
Kl^ftatit P*ri? Kll>v 'iih :?? . rim c v r?,fl.'
fpl? rdi?l flnrk SII.K VRIVI.'T. 27 ill h.-n w
milal'le for Jrw*, ami triuimtne, at jit.
r- ItiarWal'lv rh?ap.
WAThR FK<K?r CLOTH "5. in ! up.
BI. ACK fMLKS from ?l > up. Of ? ai 41 SO. ??
A2.M. #3. aiel ?3 2K are tli? I.. -1 g.??U f<>i (Im pi :> v
M.own ill Miiecit) Mill* tile ??r.i
Fl.ANK KLS \en rlK ?j>
l/^li^*' him! <j.i?in' I S'iiKBWI \R. ar> I ##????
SH IKTH din^t fr. 111 the n?aiiiilactor>, at ? h<4?- Ue
pi i?-ea. N"l>?- lull tli' BK>T ?< >k -* of (J.?hU k'-pt.
h. ve nu-uti 1>> puuliuainc <.f
BUO!>HF.\n ft 4? .
dl0 tM l I"0.1 F Ktren# Mat^ii 12th an.l IJth.
^l ** RIIVLR tr ( ?.,
Ko. tOi F rrKt-STti Street,
(Oppoait*- Trvai-ury .1
A liand?<>m< H^nn nn corner ;l<t and II ?tre'^v,
e>.-ry itH?|.m ULpMiiiiM-nt. long-time p>Mn " l
A hi"- low ?? V iti . .--i btttnnCMrflni
Miu> UikI avenue,coulailM t?n 1 mm*, kiu-h-u aiel
b:*tli: t. .?! t- mi-.
A ti*. l?<.|ne Con?:ry S at of 64 acre*, o?e niile
f:. in Georgetown.
S.-\ ersl FA KMC, l?r*? and ?Ti.al1,on the lin" of
tin* Ftiiiit oi Kork* railroad, near l?<-pof?.
OiiPof :*n) a. r?- in Fauquier coarny, V*., very
hsi ds^uiHr iniproTed. E?-> term".
4ire of J#? acr**. near Cailwt'" ftatinn. V'a. ^ ill
!>.? Mi|tl in qi antilH? tr> anit. on eaajr teraia
OneofSW ai re- in Fre.|eri. k county, Va., IS
mtlo fioin Wiif li ?t.-r, Uk< ti.1 ? 1 v ?1. - -
iilHUrr,balance in ln>;ti Mate id rnltivnii> ;i,iinpr >vtd
!?> large b?>n?e and tw o lar<e l?eiT>. Pi ice, ??i per
acr<-, un ea<-> t.nua,ot u Ui ?tbatige for cily |u. p
th.e i.f 179 aci?<?, nrwop***'ed. hit f?n*. 1, sitn.tt *d
oil the Ot?quari, 4 luilr- fr -iu Winchcater. Pri.-e,
g|? r acre. B? tii of tlieve fntun are great liar
Six l< t? on r"rth *i<le of Kh'de I-l^n.1 aronn.'', be
l?wr 14tii ami ICth i.?i.*.t~: >niu!l ca?h pa?m*m. h.?l
atK-e ran remain for li-.c (6> year*, villi iutel> <4 at 7
per cent.
One lot on south ?ide, neat ly opp^ite, on very
eaay tern *.
Three lotr corner of M and ZVi ?tiv.-t?. F "ir |ot?
on 241 li street, bet*<en M and N'. One K,t on N.
l--t*. ?r ZVI and it h atrret*. T i-ee I >ta on h'-w
Jersey a>ei.ne. near Capitol, one of tho b?*t ci'ua.
ti? n? in the city.
A hrick houai-containing 10 ro.?nt?. bath. w?t- r,
and pa?.?<>nth e'.de Ma-4arha-?tt? atouue. betw ?-a
lUtlt and 11th ?tr.^-t*. Price. jT.wt.
A neat two-at'?r> fraaie.i tui-,' on 10th ?tre?t
M>uti<eai>r, l?elvren C ?tren( ah.i 2v nlli t.'aroiina ava
i.ne, w at-r in Ix-nx-. Price. (*'1 up i.t,;'ii)
b McOlIBB,
janl 3?i (tffici : 1 30? F ??"! BKET.
We hnv ard aell Real R??ata, Honaea, Store,
Aparine lita atnl <?IIicea to r?nt and l<*a*e. K -h h
collected, glialaiitevd aud ??l?anted. M >ney care
fully in??*ted. Ne?fotiati?>fr? of all kind* faithfully
e*e?uted. H >n*e# 1 uiit; long timo given f >r pay
ment. Plana, apeeiftcation*. c??ntra< ta and d?^la
rkiltull) drawn. I iti>Jacti'-u guaiauiced. Give u?
one calf and vre will merit atiotlier.
B^*Offie under Maa??iii<' T'tn;'l". ;? ?'?
Austin p. brown.
Coiner N. Y. auuue and 15 It street.
Vi MillUgt'JM, D. C.,
ltpot.T?ALK Dr.A.1 Rg T*
LCsBER, UME. CEMENT. S\ND, *c., *r? ?r
LIHBKk BILLS cm to order on abort n.Hioe.
BI.UE STONE lor Building. Mai -ei tuii/.tre a*id
Patiug purpowta iWhveicd in au> part of Uie Di?
tri? t.
BKAL ESTATE l-onglit and aoU and ni 'n -y in
vested. T" this iiran. ii the bu-ne-?- 1 ? it t
after give my pernor.;il attention, and will be at uiy
tdKcedaii) froui 1M a. w. niitil 4 p. in. iuatl if
Real Estate !lartg?g? CwklMl.
In it*7:9l)Gold Boixiathe NortU-ru Pacific R.til
r?ad C<ntpany fnruiflK-a to tlw puldic an inveatinent
?ecurity which combines the ready negotiability, the
cwnvetiirncc, and the high credit of a first-claaa rail
road l-or.d, with the aolidtty and saiety of a real e,
tate ni'irtgMge on liu.J worth at leaM tw ice the amount
bailed. *
Thev are offered at par in cnm-n^y, tnd yl. ld a
HANI'S* >iIE TROF1T to I hone eschangtus 6
The bond* are a flr?t and only mortgage oa the
rotal, iu equ.piueutii and eariiinch, and alao on a
land grant which, on ih- L<unpieiio? of tU? road, wiil
average 2S#uu acrea to eack mile of track.
They are l?-u<d in 4#nn?&tiiarion* from t?
fl.OMi Coupon, and fiou fht^wu Bagialered, iiave
Lbiity yeaie to run, le-ar an Interest of ?:JU per^-i.t.
in goki. and are EXEMPT FROM LN'itkL
STATES TAX to the holder.
The aewi annual in'-'?*t on the Re~f-tered B nd,
ia |?hi with GOLD CHE' KS. aaut. to the pai ui&ce
adurean of the hclUer.
All Marketable Stacks and B .ud* retelTol in ex -
chase*, without ex p. hk to tbo luveatnr, at their
higheat current yaice*.
The t?'partnership nEREToroRE ex
IST1NG lietwarti r. 8. Deuham ? J. H By ram,
under tbe firm ol DEKHAM * BYRAMjJarpwr*
k Builder*, waa on tbe bit of January, UTS, diaaotv?al
by Miittual eonaeni. Pmma tndebted to aakl firm
will pleaae conic forward and aettle their account*.
C. t?. DENHAM,
Jll-Jt* H. BY'RAM.
, Judiciary
?oil ly
It la ordered that the tatftpaar At mm to
o<jd on thiv^tlMUy of^*E B *1 ^,hfct ,h*
pWi AN* ,j\ \Li: T
******'* wmm* MM,.,.',,.
- t ?< l?
Tv*\T???*.s ??
sT^mrn's i-afm ..'.'.r.7".i i **
? ?^AEI?S b?i h ?4i? i? j*
m<? ar <trkp i per*. * ik
r. W IT 1ER. ?*?n,
jJltr P->T>i??vK*r.ia ?>*<>?*?**.
\\ k*lr>?lt an.l Rrttll fir?r?rt,
I CI 3 S & **n .V??y?*v?. <a M ???!
?UAR? Jirn^W. *r
<"rn*h ?d.Gra.mlaH-U ..ml P.mil-rwl S ??#?* ' ? M.
f.?r (1.
Fn vn Snrura lit Km. ** rr?
? >nr >???? - ? <?!??- * :> h.iulf to*.
I Mil <iu?Utr l*fi? *'!"? P
ri or*. *<?.
V-1- kV, R*?'? ???' T-*'???? ? k"< TmmStf m4 ail
???h-???*? ??" <?' riiXH
Mt i.ur i a up *i
so vr- fo\r*
ricdrr A GwW'14- ?i ???!?? K"up. H p- r ''tl?l
I .ir, ?*? v? alt r It*. fur I*'* of <C lk?.
?ww r*.
tft'a* Cai-ail**! W.ivt ?ii-.l-- M ax Oan>ll.-?!
RAlHXft. tc.
' 'l? f <UU " '? N.. . *1 ?'
p.-M l.'-ch--n. titrm- t*?t II' . .6
AdM ri* ? <VI. I nt?l M M*-a?.S I*- -r . I *1
Par?- A|fV( ? !?
r"i?li|. rma . r -t .. 1 ??.'
flri>krl??OT?M. " ?? I 01
N P - Htn ? Prw? LfaUi'f <*kar 4r?i-1? Mt4 I*'
fill > i ur ii<l<r?.
r. *. ii'lURr A Ml,
/?)?' tr I Jl N * .Mwi-i M <nrf 1
pKK K }. i 8 P
sua ARM.
"A"(rlwiM) A Ito t-r |l ??
Cut-k?f\ (l.?n 7S lor I m
iii^cnitini _Jl? iw. f.t i <?
l.trM Hr??*(Mrlr ? hMrl.Jrtl It". f? r I ?*)
i. <1 Brooi A IW. f- r lot
flo i n.
E*?r.-p*.V? w .*?%, fl s?
r.xtra-rco hud, *? ?.!??_ pr mmrk, t id
J.v.m?a g. <1 fuunlv p r >?. k. J ?
' ?"!J>-$?*'r P* k, INI
FMill -IAm. ?- ?! pnr iwk, 2 ;s
> am..) ? Wrkli k kai-ai |j??<ni rai'T.
riM? rfcmw ? JJ- I * *' ?
Ki.kUIi C'nnitui' ?? jf* J '?*
BiXmip ... ? 1^- f r 1 <?
U aihl<>?'? Gr.*? C?*i? 4 <-?n- tor I ?*?
T.hk!??-t l?- <???'< J ??
?'? ??? '?"* f,'r ' w
r. m h?*?J II.- ? < *"? U?r I ?m
I' n. I.?~3 Iks ?A MM for 1 M
i'*!l ?r?- "* ?" ?????*!? -t cn.v.i??t*- th? \? ->?
patMl' M l?.* In.-?* fci ?ji) <i fim-p llf ,lll4r>
ELrilON/.O V01AGS it AO.,
<i HOCEkS,
\k M n SEAW l Kiith a*? f *T?. jg-tr
a* n
Tl?rr i? Vf ?ii fk(? ? i?t? ?r<>rl4 s hM>r "T lif??,
Tlifu ?f> ?U l>? ilw wmI tfc-klr your wff?;
<??.,? r lip? in * it
Ai?l miii Um caK '? tail win-ntl* jouipsua > ur kuM
B?*t Fur tv. ?"W f>?tri ? 0S.S7 V l?ir?l,
fAini""1 Fxlnili-oiiltr IMt 14 ? "
XX Kura i'luw... I W " ,
corru:i .
GfT<>nimrnt Jiiv* asc.'b. **? lb.
? iri-aibo Sir. Ih. S.V lb.
K.o -...?? lb. Mc.l*
IS' .??T ? !t>. T Dial ???. each, or ft 2S prr *??.
lilt " Jlk. ?? 2.V. 44 44 J 75 14 44
ISI 44 S lb. ?? ?? 44 " t ? " -
1?? 44 Sib. " Sir. " 44 1JU ?? 44
U> 44 W iud??AiCon, at Mr ?arh.
8ii *? lin-rt unnltt} I' ?*, at Jfc- xark.
Bi st uua'.it) MIIIM at. 16>-. pe, lb.
BI TTA.R. tc.
Firkin Batter.Sum. f<* %t.
Pt nit or R >!l. Vr. |i.t It..
KiUf itw. Leaf LarH. $1.
li.nK'iiVr our imii.l?-r atvl ftrf aa a call t^R?
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4 IT SfT?ilk Street,
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