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raklbh?4 laity, Snrfayi eitepU4,
rrwiUa^a At.m, ew. U(k Wti
m mint mi \nrsnm en
? m. wmiMw, ~ ? -
THK rVIKlSG FT AR >? aerrfd by c?rr1?r? to
th?ir MbrriKcn at T*^ C*:?T? r*m w*r.*, or F?>*rr
rp?B Ftm *o<rrn. On?1*? m rh? counter
Tw<i (wti B# mat!?thrM niooU*, fl
m w?onthp, f3JT, y*mr, |l
bc i*prr test k>ftfrr ttaa p*i>l lor.
tiainv famitM oat
V?. 41-N?. 6.206.
Ma Eiftotiin.
B VSR A1., Ja , S39D street. brtw??? 6th and 7th;
)rK?, AO cer?t? per nlk'U delivered- janll
Rr .r> ?r? cautioned to avoid the nniwroiM Coun
tvifeit* and ImttaHona aBkmd for ??I'.
IdU.N DISCAM S New Irrk.
KtKfcwlr Agent* for the Fnited State*.
A Cart.
A q?ipB?B, while residing la South firiw,
as anatcnary, discovered a safe and simple wKf
?nr the core of Kervou* Weakae**, Barly D?eay,
Ihreaee of the Crinary and Seminal Organ*. and the
whole train of dl*?rders brought on by baneful and
vieicu* habit*. Gre?t nunUn have heen cured by
th? noble remedy. Prompted by a deetre to benefit
the aflirtM) and anfortanate, 1 will ieid the recipe
frr preparing and ueUig thi- medicine, in k sealed
envelope. to any one wh? needs it, Prt* 9/ Chart*.
Station P. Bible H >us*,
??rS ly New T?rt City.
Hampton stldext*
willing S>-gr?- Melodies and Song?
On Feb. Wlh. I"th awl M h in*.. **?i*ted l>y a cho
rne ?f Bftv fro?i Howard I'uivei idty.
Akii nn the lar*e <-"lle. Lion now dki! . the following
? Ml be rendered :
Hail" hail' hail' I'm gwine to jia* *?ini? above.
In. on bit Journey H uie.
Peter, go Ring D?-ni Bell*.
I ve heard fmm H' ?b'n T" d?v.
Milk white ff1 ?*???? ob*r ia Jordan.
infrlf Brought Tiding- D< ??.
Sn.n-r. yon Better get Beady.
I'm Gwin* to Climb np Jacob's Ladder.
John raw ihr Holj KmbImt Sittin' on the Golden
A Har.
And many others of quaint. touching and peculiar
Admiaeion. Hf : Sent*. 7Sc. Tickets to
It had at Ballantyne* Bcok>-tore, 43* 7th *'. l-?-4t*
mr. rnn6 bowers,
fi; which occasion will be presented Sterling Coyne 8
charu-ins remedy of
MHj'-r Wellington D ' B.~-'- Mr. Yinlng B w.t?
Mi* SwaisAown M.?? Snille
Mr F- atherlv Mr.O H. Barr
Mr* I'eatherlT...^ _ Ni* Alice Stanley
Mr Icetrook Mr. Ritunl*\
Trap Mr. P.trkliu'M
Mn M.-tor D- Boot* .Mrs. G. C. Ueriuon
1 B> permission of J ?tin T Ford. I
A'lnr*. on. ?1. reserved-eats, to be had at EIi?
Mu ? S?> re,
P rf rn.ance to r- nii'i-ix e a; H?V|<>rk f7 2*
Tl ESD*Y EVENING. F.brnan 11. V73,
Mr. J. Bakunniui y?irliuiib'a Roiuan.ic Opera, in
three act*.
rtb it* drntinrui-b-d Amateur Cn^t, -pi n.tid Am-.?
te?r I'lK-in*. C'-mr'-te S-enen and Klega-it Ctietumes
aid larre and eSkient Of<rh**tra, under the imme
c ?at? direction of the rouipoa^r.
B' 1 *:*??* new ??fB at Messrs Philp A Solomon
Re?. r?e,l Seat*. ?J; Admi-winn. fl. fd-'d
ASHnem theater i omiqce
I Eleventh street, aoath Penu?) Ivania nveniie. >
w _
Ityat'raent of the brillisnt E?i'ie<trieune,
? ?d her b glily trained 9t?w-<l " WoBdT," the finest
trained animal in the world.
Mi** Eieher i? the onlv r>"""!?ni7?-d mfrMw of
Adab l?aar? Menken. Sh> will appear lu the great
cbaiat ter of
Il s rcauotir adaptation of t lie leeeuonry poem of
that name by Lord Byron.
The Drama will be produced with all ita magiufl
?ewt R?-*H?rie bi-enery Beautiful Dance*. Original
Mmic Brilliant Marche*. Sing?. fhoru-e*. and the
Territtc Broa?L?w. rd 4'ouibat*. iuclnding tn? Terri
I le Flight of the Wild Steed over the MninUiu
fcepp.fi ..f Tartary. with Caeimer Ia*hed to bU hack.
Thi* Iirama will b- pr>idnce<l in superb style, with a
largely augnwnu-<t company; also, a large and first
?la** Variety Ccwinany.
Engagement of the great Fontainblean; al*o, the
Mc-ntrie rotuediao. Jobnuy H?rri*; the talente<l
?etor-. William H Uuiiid and William H. Price,
?ad our usual Star Con.pany A GrauJ Drama! A
Breat Olio! A Superb Ballet Troupe'
?inrng the Smokinf Saloon.
Ean.ily M ttlne? Wedn?day and E-itnrday. <3 tf
Oil No I On Eiblbitiva INbwNo.
4M } aad Sale { 43*
Tib St \ _ at (Iih St
Bo. 439 7tk street, between D and Batraeta, eight
door* above Odd Fellow's Hall.
ntings, Rngrav
tsjlnn. H
Fleaw remembnr Nam* nnd Number. jel ly*
? Gents' and Children's SECOND-HAND
SHOES. Ac., at 619 D street, between 4th and 7th
Wa. Rote* by mail promptly attended to. ocO ly
VFbonght at fair price* for a New York he 11*0
whold Furniture bought and sold. Notea by m ?il
?ptly attended to by ACGRBSTBIB. 14*9
nsylvania avenue Q-ly'
ill ?-e oeltTMTMl at ODD FOLLOWS" HALL. An Mi-*
Uth ai^l liTh of Fei>ra^ry, l->73. at 3 o'clock p m.t n
fc? Prof C. W. DENItK>N, followed by an exhibi
ti<<n ot IS Canc?ri>. aav.mipanied bv a lecture on ttie
This subject is ohm of nnportauce tit all and too
?ech ne*levted by the uiawx??. Th- lecture wilt >>e
<*eli*?r<d by and experieix ed Physician. oelehrat<?l
is 'he treatment cf Cancer.
Admimion. a#cent* for adnlts; under 14. half price.
Ticket* for sale at the principal Dt ugand R?>k
aloree. f 8 it'
,n AlO Of T H ft
-ur,.;... ** LINCOLN HALL.
" K.r. JI I irz.1' >iiur lav?m ?
g^^jik^au/' Rorlesh-M.
Admi^aion. ?i c^nts to *a,-h lector* Reserved
?eai.canbe ba.iatj r P*,krr , bv- k ? *J tTith^
'?ut extra charge. T.ckets for iti? at Ridd-r A
M L-an aUoat Pwrker V f? St
OJi THURSDAY EVENING. Ftuutl 13,1374.
* Thi? Ball is in the liand* a select committee, who
will snare no efforts to ui?k? it the most en- <*R
jt? able of the Kaaiu. tljl
One of the t.e*t <?.>ullion B?ndt ha* been ???- CB
g?*e.| and Befreahasswt* will be served toUH^
Lxlie* gratuitous!> hv a first ela? Confectioner
Ticket*, admittinc a O-mt^mnn an-1 La>1ies. Si - to
U had of any aeabtr of the Committer or at ths
d'K?r. flit
The finest sincere. A sp!?nd:d aMortm*nt of all
kinds ut CAGES and
A 1*0. MOTE1KG B1BD FOOD fresh oa hand
everj ?t?k at
J* ha ?SS 7th street.
Bo. 1STF?3i?stlvamia ATtm.l
? 1011 F Street, between lOtn and Uth.
ha* the piesearetoaaaoancataat he haa receitrdpm
the Spring St)la of Riaadway SLOCR. and i*\R
prepared to furnish New Hats made to ixtler otr~
them or r< modei old style*; ale*, an assortment of
Felt H*ts for sale, on r -a*"n?ble tewna. ft-tr
MEMBERS of CON-CHESS and aU others hav
?ng writing or reading, and ladies having sew
?Jo 4o kr ,w it^ht. ?ill hod "GARDINER'S
PROVED GAS ST SLIGHT7' the softest and
[clearest light ever used. It can be attached In three
?ainutt-s to any gam Alt are. It otiiy reumre* ftlling
up with clear wafer twice awist. Flic*, pat op,
AX For sale by E B BARN CM, II13 Feaaylsn
niaasean*. (Devlin A Co.) ft ?t
t WHOLESALE tobacco dealer,
S9 Ri?a St***t,
Vashipgton News and Gossip.
Internal Revenue.?The receipts from this
source to-day were
Two Mom Kckli'x?Kiy Ro?? Stewart and
Robert Have* Mitchell, of North Carolina, have
been pardoned by the President.
Walt Whitman, who several weeks since
was stricken with ]*ra1yis, is getting better
and exi>ects to be ahle to sit np to-morrow.
PERsr.jrAr.?General John B. Gordon. Sena
tor-elect from Georgia, is in town. ? ? ? Genera
Phil Sheridan and Colonels Forsyth ami Mc
Ftely, of hitt staff, are at the Arlington.
Mr. W. W. Corcoiui has been quire indis
I oeed tor ?orot days, but was able to sit up a
liltle whiie^ to-day. His illness is from an obsti
nate afiu'tion of the digestive organs.
Sit rltart Robkmob was before the House
committee on appropriations to-day with Rep
resentative Myers, of Pennsylvania, and asked
for an appropriation of half a million of dollars
for League Island, Pa.
Tug Povkroy IifVKdTmATio* The com
mittee of the Kansas legislature to investigate
the charge of bribery against Senator Pomeroy
heard the testimonv of state senator York ves
terdaj at Topcka. I W
Appointed by the Prksi dent.?The Pieei
deiit ha? ap|>ointed Morris Frieeison collector of
internal revenue for the 3d district of New Turk,
vice M. Harg, resigned. Mr. Friedson is m?r
assessor of tnc district.
Captain R. H. Pond. 12th infantry, and Captain
F. W. Perry, 24th infantry, have resigned, to
take effect February 1. First Lieater.ant
W. Sheldon, 4th artillery, Ls dismimed
the service from January 24, 1*173.
Lioht in Dark Places?General Shanks,
chaii man of the House committee on Indian
affairs, has l>een instructed to ask for unini
roons consent to take action upon the bill br'ng
ing to light all the old Indian contracts, and re
jecting those that are fraudulent.
The Call n? Fitk-twentieo to be issued 011
the first of March next, will be in fact but a du
plication of the call iMined yesterday Morning,
which * as?for reasons already sUted in The
star?revoked late in the afternoon. From
it is verv probable that
shortly alter the issuing of the call 011 March
^t there will be issued another for alike amount.
Tm Louisiana Election *lvestigation.
The committee on privileges aCd elections ot
the Senate, investigating the Louisiana elec
tion. held a secret session to-day, from 10J0
a. m. until l p. m . to consider the preliminary
EeVEd "wiiti U'k'0t0rM Il,te whic'1' U ifc
pecteel. will be presented on Mondav. At I
0 clock, without examining any wituess^s. they
adjourned ontil 10 o'clock Mondav morning.
Love's Labor Kot Lost?The bill which
1 asse-d Congress and was sent to the President
on the 16tJi ultimo to j?ay Mary Love, of Ten
nessee , $2.000 for services incarrviug dispatches
trcm l.eueral Grant to General Burnsi,|e at
T.fH1v? _ through the confederate
...T* beenretnrned by the President
it has became*a b> th? ""Nation,
TO lKAK* ot ^ sad.len death
of W .llie, the eldest son of our esteemed fellow
citizen, J. W. Thompson, esq., which occurred
at 1 a. to. to-day, of heart disease. The little
fellow ha* been an invalid for many years, and
his sufferings were only equalled by the patience
* ltJ? which he bore them. The
niTth^nr ? w ^ave the toe?rtr??lt sym
qK5nu?j2!L ?iri le 01 fr'eu<i* aud ac
The Parraott Statce?The House and
Senate committees on public buildings and
grounds, who are charged with the selection of
the model for the statue of Admiral Farrairut
l? examine^the
uiouei of Horatio fetoae, who, it was recent! v
given out. bad withdrawn from comprtitC '
There Is a good deal of complaint amongst the
to Wt* a "houtd not be required
to submit his model for competitive examina
tion at the Capitol, as they were required to <io
^AVAL Changes?Lieutenant Commander
t rancis Morris ordered to the navy yard, Ports
mouth. N. H. Commander Wm. A. Kirkland
th,e ?"PP?T ?"<t onlered to com
mand the Guard. Commander Chas. A. Bab
eock from command of the Guard and ordered
to command the Supply. Pay Director John S.
<_ unmnghsni from duty as inspector of provi
***?"? Ar- at navy yard. Washington, sad
ordered to settle accounts. Pnvruaster Clias p
Thompson from special dutv "in the bureau of
provisions and clothing and ordered as inspector
of provisions Ac., at the navy yard, Washington,
River and Habror Improvement* The
House committee on commerce this morning
concluded the river and harbor appropriation
bill, and agreed to recommend that the follow
ing amounts be appropriated lor the improve
F.1^ ?r ri.Tel? a"1 barbors In tliLs vicinitv:
Baltimore hii bor, .it entrance in the Patapsco
, hesapeakebaj *200,000; James river.
J.5,0f0; Appomattox river, below Petersburg.
IM).0vO; Nantemond river, Va.. *15,000; Rxnt>a
2?-?*k?-er? Y*?, *15,000, Keni Varr.Iws'^.J ,
Cr nver> V-d" Acquia
?r.eek'.^060aiO?^rU,'n' W ' W W>r,;
The committee alio agreed te recommend an
appropriation of $223,000 for the improvement
or Last river, including Hell Gate. X.Y'.- *.? 'mo
h?riIandvIlAr'>or' e-> *ud 5,000 for B*uf
lato faariH/r, Me.
| The International Statx?tical Con
I ?The President in his message suggested
| the propriety o: his being an'horized to exten<l
an invitatiod to the International Statistical
Congressuto hold its next session in the I'nited
Mates. 1 he House committee on foreign affairs
will report a bill giving the President the au
thority he desires. The Congress i>?^ alreadv
held sessions at the capita Is of Belgium, Austria.
France. Great Britain. Prussia, Italy. Holland,
and Russia, by invitation of the respective gov
ernments or tt -se countries. The next session
or Congregu *J'I doubtless be held in Washing
ton. Thefihors of the Congress are directed
torl e advancement of the science of national
and international statistics, the uniformity of
coinage weights and measures, and commorcial
regulations and statistical pnbUcations between
the diflerent nations of the civilised world.
Plah for Enlaroiao th* Hocse General
Butler was again before the House committee
on public buildings a few days since with refer
ence to his scheme for enlarging the hall of the
House so that the large increase of members in
the Forty-third Congress aav be accommodated
His plan is to remove the partition on the south,
between the hall and the Speaker's corridor: to
re\erse the seats of the Speaker and members
ao that the former stall face the south instead
l#t*r 'a?? the north. This
Plan, tt le-nrged, will not only admit, as Gen
eral Butler said, the light of tfte sun and the air
roomV^u't,^1 fBrpi8h ^e additional
u 00 ^?uUt the propoei
Tn* Writ* Horaz was crowded with visitors
this morning, many strangers calling to par
their respects to the President. The Seeretary
"the Treasury had an interview with the Pre*
tdent. also Senators Spencer, Lewis, Bucking
ham. Kobertson, Chandler, Corto tand Senator
Flanagan of Texas, with Judge Gold well of that
state. ex-Collector Murphy oT Sew York, and
Generals Sherman and Sheridan, thslatt-r ac
3WM by Gen. Forsythe and Col. Me Feel v.
Representatives Negiey, Buflnton
d^t .Jllf w* inte?"*"iews with the Presi
JSSiiMH?- Re,^ M" 9?o- B. Bead
?? .ill!;.,; on Mm to present
B KSd l nnJ?w appointsaentof Mr. Geo.
S R.t*d' formerly of the LT.
a Lw-utcnancy in the army. Ex.Gov
difnt1 ilTth^^'tte'of "1 Pre*ent*1 the Pre^
territory, with an ewST two-bw"^n inlff
cold b'ooded murders have o.vurretl
meutW* #ince l,i,f abolition of capital punish
The attendance ??> tair at the day-<im*
receptions ywtet^ljr, bin not np to th' mark of
that earlier in the season. At night attention
?m divided between the rec-'ptiow at Speaker
Blaine's and Oen. Sherman's. Numiw?rs, how
ever. paid their respects at both places.
? The Speaker's reception was larpely at
tended from 9 to 11 o'clock, amd among the
stream of visitors was President Grant, some of
the Cabinet, and a full representation from the
two houses of Congress, Judges of Uie Supreme
Court, distinguish^ d military and naval officers,
&c.,4tc. These, with the. citUcn visitors, and
?trangers of note row in Washington, made up
a (ileasant and brilliant gathering. Mrs. Blaine
was assisted in receiving by Miss Dodge, '? Gail
Hamilton," wbuisa* bright as a conversationist
as she Is with the pen, and naturally draws an
interested circle about her ou such occasions.
? The Siwaker's closing reception of the sea- ?
son takes place Febrnaey 21.
?The reception of Gen. and Mn>.'9h(rmin as
usual drew a large gathering of the notables
and fashionables of Washington society. The
General, who is the most genial and kindlr of
hosts, has a counterpart in his amiable wife,
and the consequence In that visitors And them
selves at once on the pleasantcst footingiinixin<
able. Miss Little Sherman and Miss Whelan
assisted In receiving last night.
?The weekly literary re-on ton by Hon. Hora
tio Ring and dangbtat takes place to night,
whe? Professor Henry is expected to be prese nt
and have something to say.
?Mrs. E. J>. E. N. Southworth holds her
weekly reception at "Prospect Cottage,"
Georgetown, to-night.
?Mrs. Governor Cooke will give a ball at her
handsome residence at Georgetown on the 18th.
?Mrs. Grant's weekly reception takes place
?The next levee at the White Hon?e will be
given on the evening of the Pith instant.
?A State dinner will be given at the White
Honse next Monday evening.
?The New Jersey state association hold their
fourth annual reception at Willard's Feb. 19tti.
?Mrs. Corbett. Mrs. Senator Edmunds, and
Judge Field, sail for Europe next mouth.
?Invitations are out for an evening reception
from half past seven to 10 p. m. by the ladies of
Judge Strvfi?*s family.
?Mr*. E. D. E. N. Southworth is at home Sat
urday evenings at her residence, Prospect Cot
tage, Georgetown.
? _____
MENT 1 E8TERDAY? The Treaty of Washington
Uittuot <1?In the British Huiw of Commons,
on Thursday, notice was given of th-s introduc
tion of a number of bills: one providing for the
purchase of the English railways by the gov
ernment, and another legalizing marriage with
a deceased wife's sister. Yesterday sj?eeches
were made strongly criticizing the treatv of
Washington, condemning l*>th it and its results,
and charging the government with surreuder
ing English honor, ami sacrificing the interests
of Canada. Members on the ministerial side
protested against ihe needless discussion of the
treaty. It made a great change in internation
al law, awl ?ne highly advantageous to Eng
land. It was a very great mistake to suppos ?
that the Canadian interests had been compro
mlsed when the Canadians themselves thought
otherwise. The subject of the loss of the emi
Gint ship Nortlifieet was introduced in the
rds, and the opinion was expressed that a
criminal prosecution would not hold against the
Murlllo's ofiicers. unless it could be sliowu that
manslaughter had been committed.
The "Friend or the Family" in the
Greeley Will Contest Smoked Olt Mr.
Isaiah T. Williams was volunteer counsel for
the contestants of Mr. Greeley's last will, it will
be remembered. Does the following from the
New York Commercial Advertiser refer to him?
The "friend of the family" Is "smoked out" at
last. The raistm iT'tr* of'the fireelev will liti
gation^lias been discovered, and mystery yield*
Question?Why were th??e disgraceful pro
ceedings ever brought, and. more emphatically,
why were they persisted in after al! the r.xrties
in interest under any of Mr. Greele\'s wills had
relinquished their claims?
Answer.?The "friend of the faniilv" owe,!
the estate f2.000 (borrowed from Mr. Greelev.)
and precipitated a legal wrangle in order,"as
counsel for the executors of the wiil of ikt?. to
plead his professional services in pa\ inent of his
debt! "A rati A rat?" *_
Disastrous Strikes axukb ohio Coal
Miners?It is estimated that nearly 7,400 coal
miners are now on a strike in the neighborhood
of Youngs town, Ohio, and the Tuscarawas Val
ley. Many strikers have large faidUes, who are
suffering tor the necessaries of life. A number
of the iron workmen have been compelled to
suspend operations for want of coal, thusswell
ing the aruiy of unemployed laborers. Three
hundred colored miners have been brought from
\ irginia to work in the Bowers coal mine, and
the experiment has proved so successful that
other mining companies are contemplating the
importation of colored lal>orers. Tnere seem>
no probability of an early settlement of the
question between the striking miners and their
employers, and business is almost at a stand
A SriRiTt ALisTif Wem?in?.?The recent
wedding ceremony of Miss Kate Fox. one of the
rox sisters, to whom is due the orgin of spiritual
manifestations in this country, was attended
with demonstrations of an appropriate but
ghostly character. Raps were heard about the
altar: and at the wedding breakfast the spirits
tendered their congratulations by tumultuous
raps, and bv playfully transporting the table,
to the aggravation of the hungry guests. The
bride's mother, deceased, expressed her ap
proval by a special message to the groom
Theu the ghosts grew jovial and cracked a few
time-worn jokes, of whose antiquity they were
doubtless ignorant, as they were fresh when
they were ou earth. Altogether, one must con
clude that it takes a groom of considerable
nerve to marry a "medium."
A Contested Will Case?Sarah S- Camp
bell, a resident of this eltv. died, leaving an es
tate worth about *100.000. bequeathing property
worth about SSO.OOO to Archibald H/Campbell,
her only son. and the rest of the property to ne
phews, nieces, and other relatives. The son
now contests the will on the grounds that a
large part of the property bequeathed was in
reality owned by him. having been ostensibly,
although not really, conveved by him to his mo
ther, and that his mother was unduly influenced
in making her will by the other legatees. The
case came on for hearing to-day hi the Surro
gate's Court, but al ter the testimony of the sub
scribing witnesses to the will had been taken a-i
adjournment was had?A*. I'. Pott, 6th.
Affairs at Mana^as To b* lneorp?ra!"1.?
At a public meeting held at the Manassas hotel
on Thursday night of last week, a plan to incor
porate the village of Manassas was adopted. A
petition, signed by nearly every citizen In the
place, has been sent to the legislature asking for
an act of incorporation. The following gentle
men are proposed to the legeslatitre as the first
cooncilmen: Richard M. Weir, Geo. C. Round.
H.B. Varns, C. L. Hynson. Geo. W. Hixvm.
Small Poz?One case of small pox ha? occurred
in this place, which has proved fatal, thit of a
CCtorctf ??u named Cattett Taylor.?Mumhh
( Fa.) Gateff.'.
Justice a Mo? eery ix Gotham It looks
very much as if Rosenweig, the alleged mur
derer of Alice Bowlaby, would at last escape
justice, through a trick of the law as it is now
administered in Gotham. He was convicted,
and sentenced to seven years' imprisonment,
bat owing to some legal technicality, the ver
dict was set aside, ana he was granted a new
trial. His eounsel now ask for the prisoner's
should not be placed twice in jeopardy for the
" we should not be at all sur
prised if the legal jugglers in New York should
d in effecting the villain's release.
discharge, on the ground that the poor fellow
id Set be plat '
i offense, aad
d If M
CrwARDs or #400,000 Stealings in Ac
comT8 or 9000,000?It seems as if they will
never reaeh bottom In discovering the frauds of
the Tammany ring In New York. A communi
cation yesterday sent by Comptroller Oreen to
Mayor Havemeyer indicates that of nearly
*6*0,aoo expended on the new court bouse,
*430,000 found their way into the pockets of the
Exxcctiox ox ax Illinois Wife Mcbdbr
J*?Harry MeNulty, who murdered his wife at
Peoria, III., was hanged yesterday. Be spoke
over three-quarters of an boor protesting his
innocence, aad asserting that some of the state's
>s had sworn fsisafr against him.
Belle Daxuu, of Natick, is or a some
Ackle disposition. Wearied of her bus
VTbe trial of Alley, for the murder ofFllis,
was resumed at Boston yesterday. The prison
er's counsel rely mainly upon proving an alibi
Tkc (X4i( HoMller lnvMlt|r?tiM!>.
The Senate committe*, of whici Mr. Morrill,
Of Maine, Is chairman, to iny.'stHmte the c-n
tier'Ion of Senattnw with the credit mobilier,
h Id a preliminary meeting this morning in the
room ox the library committee. An Interchange
of Ti??s relative to the scope of the investiga
tion took place, but without arranging details
the committee adjourned until Monday morn
ing at ten o'clock. It is possible that the testi
mony taken before the crcdit mobilier commit
ter* of the House Implicating Senators will first
be examintd, after which a few wifn? *es will
be called. The examination of the latter will
be put>liclv conducted. The committee hope to
conclude "the investigation before the clo*eot'
the present ?ei?ion. All the member* of the
committee were present at the meeting this
The special committee of the House, of whieh
.Indge Poland is chairman, met this morning,
and bold a secret se*ion of two hours, during
which the evidence was discussed preparatory
to the final report, which they hope to lay be
fore the house in a week or ten days. They only
await the return of Mr. Ames to close the ex
amination of witnesses, and it was this morn
ing decided to send the sergeanfr-at-arms for
him if he is not lieard from fe-day. Two tele
gram* have been sent to him, but no reply to
either has been received. After the examina
tion of Air. Ames, Mr. Colfax will be allowed to
otter the testimony which he declares will show
where the twelve' hundred dollars he deposited
in the First National bank came from. The
committee expects to bear all this evidence In
one day, and then close the examination, .ludge
Hale, counsel for Mr. Colfax, appeared before
the committee this morning, and asked that
Mr. Ames be notified to bring his memorandum
book, referr? d to in liis testimony, on his return
to this citv. This request the committee
?panted, and dbrcted that Mr. Ames be so no
a t own i>*sr ati n
coitfs from Boston concerning the result of the
exsminalion bv Judge Wilson Into the financial
affairs of the Union Pacific railroad The m tin
points of it are that the credit mobilier earned
nearly forty-three millions of dollars through
the Ames. Hoxie and Davis contracts for the
building of the road.
Iarrcase of Salaries.
The bill rejiorted yesterday by Mr. Butler,
from the committee on th^ judiciary, to adjust
the salaries of the executive, judicial, and legis
lative dej?artments of the government, provides
that after March 4,1?3, salaries shall be fixed
as follows per annum: President of tho United
States, 950,000; Vice President of the United
States, 910,000; Chief Justice of the United
States, 910,500; jnstieo* of United Stat-.* Su
preme Court, *10,000; Cabinet olHeers, ?10,000;
Speaker of the House, *10.000: members of Con
gress. 98,000. The bill provides that the 4'2d or
present Congress shall also be paid 9*,M0 per
annum. It abolishes mileage, but allows actual
traveling expenses, and fixes the salary of the
Vice President, Speaker of the House, member*
of the Cabinet and judges of the Supreme Court
(excepting the Chief Justice) at ilo.ouu each
The total increase contemplated by the bill i*
91,029.000 per annum, saving to the government
according to the official statement of the Post
master General. i?er annum by the aliolition of
the franking privilege, 92,343,227.72; and saving
to the government by the abolition of mileage,
stationery, postage, and newspaj>er accounts,
(estimated,) #200,000; total saving, *2.7*1,3/;.7'i;
total net savings. il,713,?7.78. In closing their
report the committee say that in recommending
that the rate of salaries for Senators, Represen
tatives, and Delegates, be applied to the present
Congress and paid to its members, the commit
tee are but following every precedent on this
subject from the fouiidation of the government
to the present time. If it is an equitable pro
vision for future Congresses it is equally so for
this. In making this recommendation, howev
er, the committee believe that the mileage al
ready received by the Senators, Representative*
..nd Delegates of the 42d Congress should be de
ducted from the amount to which they will b<
entitled under the provisions of the bill which
the committee report.
The Trial or Plateu rot: Wire Murder?
RVSlti'll of th' Sui> idr TUtory of the O'ftnc'..?
The court room at Cambridge. Md., is daily
crowded with intensely interested attendants on
ihe trial of John R. Plater for the Murder of his
wife. The state closed their caae on Thursday,
*ith evidence to show that the letter sent to
Airs. Plater asking her to return to her husband,
and signed with the name of Sally Brice, was
not written by the latter. She was placed on
the stand and testified that she knew Mrs. Pia
tt r, but wrote no such letter, for the very good
rrasou that she could not write at all. The
theory of the state is that Plater wrote this let
ter as a decoy for the purpose of bringing his
wife to him, and then murdered her. The de
fence opened its side with the testimony of ea
Gov. Thomas, who gave in evidence that Mc
Carty askod him tor aid to get away from Eastoii.
stating that If he remained there he would con
vict Plater. McCarty Is the man who swore to
hearing Plater admit to Bryan that he killed
his wife. Brvan was placed on the staud yester
day and testified that he had uever had any such
conversation with Plater a* McCarty stated.
Another witness testified that when the body of
Mrs. Plater wan found there was laving uear it
a bottle labeled "chloroform,"and a paper with
the label of -'strychnine" upon it. This was in
confirmation Of* the plea of the defence th-?t
Mrs. Plater committed suicide, but it wa? sub
sequently Invalidated br the confession of the
witness that he had only heard that such a label
was on the paper.
Ssaii. Pox rx Bavtivore?The authority -
of Baltimore have adopted stringent measures
for the prevention af the further spread of small
E?ox in the city. Seveutv "vaccine physicians"
lave been appointed, "in addition to" the ten
already at work, and any person who shall re
fuse to" l>e vaccinated shall be subject to a tine
of not less than 930 nor more than 950. Fifty
thousand dollars have been appropriated for the
purpose of keeping the city in good healtj}?the
amount to be appropriated frsm tho annual
levy of 1873.
What is the Matter with M ayor H*ve
m ever'.'?A delegation of the liberal republican
general committee, with General Cochrane at
the head, waited on Mayor Havemeyer. of N'ew
York, yesterday afternoon. and assured him
that his viewsot the charter question met their*.
The mayor, responding, said; feel that the
republican |<artv has lost some character bv
being Influenced by a coterie who gamble at
night to cheat each other, and intrigue all day
to cheat the people."
Boss or the Ranche?An exchange says
Mr. Jones, of Oshkosh. heard it intimated on
the street the other day that be wa> henpecked.
He went home and trashed his wife, tore up two
or three of her best dresoes. opened all the door
and windows in the house, atui sat down in the
parlor with his feet on the center-table, anion;
a collection of choice books, and smoked his
pipe. He thinks the world is convinced now
that he is boss pt that ranche.
The sew coxsTiTrTiorraL project was
before the French committee of thirty for final
consideration yesterday. One of the amend
ments proposed by President Thiers was re
C: ted. The preamble and first clause having
en adopted, the second was passed, but witu
an amendment giving the President the power
to suspend, by a veto, blllspassed by the Assem
bly. The committee arose before concluding the
discussion of the third.
Those people who are gives to dreaming of
misfortunes which come true, mast be unpleas
ant people to hare la a family. A Portland
woman lately dreamed at attending tfce funeral
of her baby who was then In excellent health,
and a few days alter the child drooped and
died, and all the details of the funeral were ex
actly like those of the dream. One oouM hardly
feel'tbat his life was secure with such a woman
about the house.
The BODYtoF Bar. Wit. Stabb*. vicar gene
ral of the arcc-dtoeese of Sew York, k lying in
state at his late residence in Mulberry street in
that city, and wflt be i smoved to the cathedral
Snnday afternoon. Tho funeral services will
take place Monday morning.
Johx Tobb, tho conservative condidate. has
been eteeteda member efPartiameai from Liv
erpool by a majority of 1,912 over J. Came, lib
asr The United States district court at Chicago
yesterday overruled the motion for a now trial
In the case of Leo Caaman, convicted of robbing
the mail while a .clerk in the poet oBce.
had himself vaccinated by her twenty-one
times wtthfos a few weeka.
i aT-The daughter of the Rot. W. A- DO*
Brisay, * N?w Ca?Conn., was fatally
burned a few bj ber dress taking
?re during sosse tableaux la the school which
she was attending at Peeksklll, 3J. Y.
This in?rBMi,a Pr?c?e4l?fi
Satcrdat, February S.
THE SENATE ?as not in scss.on to-day.
motion of Mr. ArthuT (Ky.) the Hob* took up
and |4NiHl the Senate bill providing fur A pub
lic buildiug at Covington, Ky- ,
Mr. Barry (MbaO Introduced a bill to amend
the act in relation to the northern judicial di*
uictot Mississippi, which was considered and
pawed. . , ^ ..
XIr. Dawes (Mass.) made an appeal to the
House to consider the Boston relief bill, urging
that lu the two great fire# which preeeeded that
in Boston, tie., the great fire in New York in
1*33. and Chicago, Congress had felt its duty
to afford relief. He said two measures had been
nrv^?U d to Congress for the relief of Boston
wh'ch it was evident could not pass ami he
therefore asked the House now to considor a bill
(.in. liar to that passed for Chicago.
Mr. Kerr (Ind.) objected to its present eon
suit ration a-.d the regular order Wing demanded,
the House in the morning hour resumed the
consideration of the bill to compensate Mr.
Wheeler Hub bell for his invention and patents
for fuses and explosive shells. Me^rs Suther
land (Mich.) and Coughlan advocatod the pas
sage ot the bill,and Mr. Kerr (Iml.) opi>oaed it
Mr. Kerr moved so lay the bill on the table,
on which motion the yeas and nay* were oreered.
The motion to lay on the table was rejected?
yeas 59. nays 105.
Mr. Archer (Md.) moved toamond by striking
out fl33,333?3. and instrtiug DAO-u as th'
amount appropriated for compensation. Agreed
The biU was then passed.
Mr. riatt, iVa..) from the committee on
naval affairs, reported a bill for the relief of the
heirs or loyal representatives of George C. Bo
tor , for damages sustained by delays iu the ex
ecution of a contract for a Mississippi ironclad.
Pendlag its consideration the hour of hall
past one arrived, at which tin*' the House, by
previous assignment granted the door to the
committee ou claims for reports, before which,
however, the sf>cakcr laid before the House a
large number of executive communication*.
Toe following members ot conference com
mittees were announced:
On fortification appropriation bill?Messrs
Xiblack, (Iud.,) rainier, (Iowa,) aiid Morey,
i >n (he diplomatic and consular appropriation
bill?Messrs. Suauu, iMd.,, Foster. (Ohio,)and
Harris, (Va.)
On th?- bill to authorize the nomination and
appointment to pwitioui on tin* nav? retire*!
list of certain volunteer officers disabled iu the
service?Messrs. llavs, (Ala..) CogUlaa, (Cal.,)
and Sutherland. (Mich.)
A number of lulls were reported from the
committee ou claims and acted upon by the
The lee Gorge in the Ku<M|urhsnns.
The effort to clear the Susquehanna river at
Port Deposit, by Capt. Myers with liis steel
plow plan proved a most decided failure. He
failed to force a passage through the ice as he
proposed to do. The project of iiltm-glycerin*
has not vet been decided upon, aud probablj
?ill not be, as the town commissioners are re
ported to be averse to the proposal.
A special to the Baltimore Smh from Port De
posit, dated half-past twelve o'clock last night,
says: "An
caused by a sudden rise in the river. The rise
began a little after 9 p. m., an<l continued up to
about 11 o'clock, when the water came iu sud
denly and rose over two feet. At Rock run the
street was rendered impassible, the water being
over the pavement. In the upi?er part of the
town of Fort Dejiot.it, near the M. E. Church,
thr water has already gotten Into several of the
houses. Mr. David Doaty, a well-known resi
dent, was driven out with his frmily at 11 p. in
The residence of Dr. Shure I* flooded to a height
of two feet. Several other houses in the same
locality are flooded, and the occupants are
The alarm spread rapidly, ami at this hour
every house on the lower side of the street is
lighted up, the male members of the tamilies
moving about in the street*, watching the lisiug
tide arid preparing for an exit. <"apt. Tay.|or.
a conductor on the Baltimore Central railroad
ha* just arrived in the center of the town from
Rock run. one tutle above, in searehof a boat
to take nut his faniilv, the water havine gotten
into hie house. The rise is attributed to the
sinking of the gorge in the river by the thaw oi
to-day, and the backing up of the water. The
suspense of the people through the long hours
of the night becomes almost agonising, ami no
idea can be formed at present or what Is to come.
It Is generallv feared, however, that the rise is
portentous of Immediate disaster."
The Rlnking of the Ssrthfleet.
sad details ?r the terrible disaster.
The London Timet of January U5 publishes the
details of the terrible disaster to the ship North
tleet. It appears that the first intimation given
ot the imjiending calamity was aery from the
watch: "A steamer is right into us,,rand before
the captain and pilot could rush on deck she was
struck amidshsps and cut down below the water
line. The pumps were started and the crew
worked hard, bat as the water gained a pain,
seized the crew and passengers, ami tlie latter
berame entirely beyond the control of th-'
officers. The male passengers
ami one was launched and soon tilled, the cap
tain eiHieavoriug to force the men out in order
to save the women, but without avail, although
lie fired a blank cartridge. In the effort to get
into the boat many were drowned, as the ouh
means of reselling it wa-bv jumping from tin
bulwarks. The same difficulty attended th
second boat, the only other one launched- Sixtv
four |iersoiiM were saved by these two boats. The
pilot and ten men were picked up.
wa.eli she did half an hour after being struck
Everv effort was made by the officers to attract
the attention of parsing vessels, but without
avail, they believing, it is thought. the vessel
was signaling for a pilot. The officers of th>
Nortlifleet called to the steamer to stand by, bu?
were not heeded or heard. Only the captain's
wife and auother and two children of the wo
men ou board were saved. The rest went down
with the vessel, together with* aptaiu Km>wl*?.
who did his beat, uselessly, to quiet the passen
gers that he might save them.
ExrLODiso an Ice-Gokok?Successfitf re
suits have attended the use of '? dualin" as an
explosive jyrent at the ice-gorge that has forma!
at White river junction, Yt., situated at the
juncttoii of White river with the Couuecticut
river. When the freshet ot January IT occurred
it carried the ice out of the White fiver into the
Connecticut, forming a dam about a mile below
the junction, threatening, should it remain
there and be reiut'orced by more ice with the
spring freshets, the safety of five long ami cost I y
bridges near by. In this emergency it was de
termined to iin* "dualin" In the effort tore
move the dam and clear the rivers. Since Mon
day last men have been engaged in the work ot
exploding the collected ice. ami no doubt is now
entertained that in a few days the channels of
the rivers will be open. ami the broken ice will
go drifting down to the sea. The immense
jiower of ?? dualin"' isdevek>i*;d when the sub
stai.ee is confined; otherwise it is comparative!'
harmless. It somewhat resembles sawdust, and
the cartridges are sl>ai>ed like Bomam caddies.
La the present Instance they are fired either b\
a battery and wire or by a fuse and caps. an-1
at each discharge large masse* of ice float down
stream. A perceptible fall in the water at the
dam at White river village is already noted.
Thb Morxoxs Excited?Considerable ex
citement was created in Salt Lake last evening
by a dispatch from Chicago stating that the
President had determined, as a matter of pol
icy, to remove all the troops from the southern
states and station **"*? within reasonable con
tiguity to Utah. It was also stated that a.com
pany was forming in Washington to establish in
Salt Lake City adaily paperln the interest of
anti-Mormon sentiment, with a cash capital of
a 100.aee. The Utah Herald (Mermos) says
Senator Logan's bill is clearly uaeonatttattonal.
Ma. FaaLicH, of Syracuse, having established
a claim to public sympathy by being convicted
of wilful murder, now remarks that aa he comes
of a short-lived family, and entertains, more
over, a strong aversion to work for a livelihood,
he would have no objection to go to the state
prison for life, hut he has a decided prejudice
against being hanged.
Civil Bisrrt is A brass as.?The Arkansas
Senate yesterday named the civil righto Mil,
abolishing MsMsethne on aeeeaat of color in
thepublle schools, and attaching heavy penal
ties to inn-keepers, railroad and steamboat
companies, etc., for refusing colored ssen any
privileges enjoyed by whites.
Asornnt Boy Mrnnxn John C. Schafev,
aged ten. was Aot dead last ereufasg by William
Bake*, a god thirteen, in the parlor of an assig
nation hows in Sixth avenue, New York, while
viewing wtth other boys sama fancy dags.
?ETC. C. Banka has been arrested at Bland
court-house, Va., for robbing the mans. The
case comes before the United States commis
sioner, ?t Lynchburg, on Monday.
Tbl? incmMBl DtopttckM.
r??* -
st racs ?uih or ex-mvi
H? Knpirea ?* the !
HAMi'itrio, Pa., Ffb. 8. ?Kt-4)?manr
(Vary died Hi'ldcnlt this Mornnif. He if
turned hm from New York 1M rmlif in
apparent pHwl health. About 9 o'clock this
moinlijK vhil? lirMlRlMitiiit ?itk h?? ruiilT
Aixl in fl> act of helping hi* little ??n. hi* head
suddenly IVII back, a ltd Ixfore his wife could
get to hi? side ami before m< dice) aid eoaM be
'?nniBoiwI.bf It in supj>oe?*i thtth?wt
?li*?w or ?|io|>ltit ?a*tbf r?n?rof hi* death.
Thf ritiicm arc grtttljr cuiMd and gr*at sor
row is rii>rewtl.
Xiw York. Feb. 0.?Kurt>j? in nail intelli
gence sajs that In tbe great eaal ?trike in Wales,
a fowl of tfBPOT I* ?ho?n on rtrli "i<te. especi
ally that of the men. bat th>- cbanco* are all
*gain?t the collier*. Many of the striker* are
without mwnTOe*.
Lonpo*. Feb. 8?A collision. attainlcd wrfth
a sad k>ss of life. occurred early tht? norniiii on
the North Briti?h railway, near Dunbar,
twenty-five mile* from Fdingburb, l?etween a
train from that city fbr Berwick, dioii the
Tweed and Edinburgh road, and a London
express. Nino person* were instantly killed.
?jkI several severely injured, snae of whom
?uaj die.
a vote or rosnmct t? tiii Spanish m?
Feb-8.?Congress vesterday almost
anaaiinous'y pastil a vote of confident in the
n?ij:i?txj. Only two deputies voted lu the negs -
Pari?. Feb. 8.?A court at Li?ienx has sen
tenced nine |>ersons to pay tines and suffer im
prisoniutul lor ajtiliaUng with the iiiteruatiou
The government. without statin; the reavm
fordoing so. ha- HMi an order directing the
cloning of the medical school at Montpelier.
The northern part of Fraucc has just been
visitfd by a heavy snow storm. Kail way travel
is blocka'detf. The English mails are two days
n:::? K>.
Constantinople. Feb. 8?The Turkish gov
ernment has sent assistance to the sufferer* by
the earthquakes in the islam! >X Samoa.
Pa Rio. Feb. 8._I,ate intelligence from
North Spain says tlx- Carlist force, which was
defeated l?v Spanish troops at Aya, has re.
formed an A is again ready to take the field.
General Murtones, commander of the royal
troons at Alsasque, is apprehensive of an attack
by tLe insurgents, which he fears he would not
l?c able to resist, an<l urgently demands that
reinforcements be sent to him. General Olio,
who commands 2.000 Carlists, has defeated the
government force* near LK-va, in the im?vinee
of Guipu/coa. and now threaten to attack the
troops under General Urgara.
Nbw Yore, Feb. 8.?It is reported that the
Italian bark Ennile Costel Marie.Vaaad to New
York, sunk Wednesday night, about titty Bib's
mini Block Island, aisl only one luau. a tailor,
wat saved, by l>eing picked up in a boat by
Block Island fishermen. The captain ami crew
went down in the bark.
a re* ErTtox
will l>e given Sunday to Captain Anguero by
the Cuban* ol this city in honor of the success
ot his recent exj>editioii in the steamer bijar
i?fath or a ( irccs now*.
?Joseph Ireland, the veteran circus clown,
died here yesterday morning.
Tilt I'l"Re? AVE or THE (,IKA\ TELEtiBAril
line by the WesUru Inion company this week
prevented its tailing into the bauds of a London
Judge Boar.linan ha? for war led his de^iaion
in the Stokes' ease to the District Attorney. He
has denied the motion for a new trial and re
fused to grant a stay of |*oc?ediU??. Conns"!
at once proceeded to applv for a stay of pro
ceedings before Judge Davit iu the Supreme
will mnke an argument on the bill of exception"
in the Stoke's case before Judge Davi*, of the
Supreme court, this morning.
will be reduced to seventy-live cents j?er aord
alter Mav 1st.
The following is the weekly bank statement:
Loans, increase. $?,039,400; specie, iucrvase.
*425,Mi legal tenders, decrease, (X2M.400; net
deposits, increase, $4,130,7oo; circulation, In
crease, (19.600.
Upon learning of thedecision of Judge Board
man in the Stokes case to-dav. his counsel im
mediately went before Judge Davis, In the
supreme court, and applied to him for a writ of
error and stay ol proceeding*. The matter I*
now being argued.
at a store in Dey street to-dav several employes
were injured, but none fatally.
The Bjjjtttt denies that dames Brook* con
template* resigning his seat in Congress.
for Europe to-day. (474,000.
Boston. Feb. 8 A hearing was had to-dar
before Chief Justice Chapman, of the Mipiwm*.'
judicial court, on the petition of doha A. Low
ell ami other remonstrants, who seek to enjoin
the city from issuing bonds for the purpose of
aiding 'the persons who desire to rebuild the
burnt district. On behalf of the citr. Judge
Abbott and City Controller Kelley appeared,
and asked him to file an answer, and the court
assigned Monday. The main question is on the
coustitutiouality of the act of the legislature at
its special session authorising the issue of the
bonds. The case w ill probably be reported to
the full bench. "
The Fload at Pert Densalt-Tke Mier
Kikinc aad final Alam P?Ba.
New Yobk. Feb. 8?A Port Deposit special
states that it is reported there that the river is
rising above that place, and the railway officials
have sent their rolling stock to Perryville for
safety. Much anxiety is felt at Port Deposit.
Port Ditmit, Feb. 8?The river rose eight
een inches last Bight at Bock run, and about
six inches here. No movement of the iee here
has occurred. Accounts from above are favor
able. The rise is only temporary.
*T 10r?l?'
The loss is nat
Watebville, Me., Feb. 8.?Ten inches of
?ow fell here during the night, between u and
I oVleck. About six inches of snow fell at
Skow began.
New Yoke, Feb. &?At Brighton, Mass.. yes
terday evening, Homer Lane, in a wrestling
match for the championship, beat Lang Dolau
in a contest far $1,000 a *-*
But nl mi w,
Lxhaioi, Pa., Fab. 8.?Twelve ,
broke jail here last night and eecaped over the
wall by auldng a rope of C
which be lingered aheat the plaee until te'doek
yesterday morning, when he asked for Amd,
statingthat he hae net eaten earthing <hr sis
days. Food was furnished him. bat his s*si
rejected It, asi, seating himself in an
chair, in a few ntaaks aftsrwards dia"
Donnvin, coroner, was called upon, bet
sntMkd that death had heeeeaussd by
peraace and eEposare, <toebned halding aa in
Gbcbsu >e|wU^ 1b
ton wae the wiaase. Unw . In the seoand
race, mUe heats, the entries wen Girl of My
Heart and Masart. Kecart mas the wisanr?
Girl of Mr Hesrt dMaaoed. la the third .reee,
mile heats, the entries were Frank Ha^"??
sad Prussian. Frank Hampton 1 1; Pri
2 ?, time 1-54^1 L5?^. The laoe was very
a ?rw tone iMA-rmm w?iw t -?
ai* fi*nB-T*i n??*rrr w-ra
ium Tun tv nirmou *? m? rasa
It kMkMkllM tint* alitor a* H?r 11 I *riv
WfB MM la thia rtty. bnt 11 aat
auch u ?KirTrtci waa W?Mkl tkMl t>T
"*rtr uCew biehoht, of the ofetont ?4nttoti.
and *?' brought about a* MVm I>uring the
mot nil t there calb-d at tbe office of tbe warafcal
of police. a romrl* wk'H Otratn - nw ?
Auk Ucben^etnaud at a ted to I Vrp.it y
Marshal Frev that ?h?- waa In Mrrk of her Vn?
baud who had loped I rum New York tboai two
?rrk' *g?' ?ltk Wf abder, Md xhe ha-1 r\M|
rrawa to MWw tUt the guilty |?it ?n?
rtoidng ia Uii* l itT.
th* wirt'* ?TOHT,
Th? asary of the boari broke a wife
? a*. k*t aevew month* ago *he waa tak. a a *
?ltd ii<r?anl<4 a >alKcM ut mimoI monr\
aiar\ k>}?\ the panutgeol bar Mir to N w
Utk li ikw Uhw the ?Mrt airittsl at lira
I "i k and made Im home a >ti> the *.*t. i t
!? w .lay* alter tbe arm ai of ttottok't wh?.
the wav, beautiful. Mra. I.i. beiu.it ta -l a
<wrw with (tan that her bu?hatul waa devot
ing a?t?aMNMakta<krMN Uaa the natoaof
pioprn tj admitted hat ti i k11.? Lkat .he might
bt m?ta\- II ?he beattal<-d abvut aroaiMM
pair of their BMolkhin Su wrrkl unwd,
aial at 'art tbe ejm af the nikti I wife mrrm
<>|h ii- d To tli*-tt tail ea?fiit. bat awl ahe rluwg to
hope, thinking tliat bv aemltng tbf ?i*trr tuik
l?(irraitu? that the kaabaad aoaM mum to
tkf |>ath of rraMaAr. She theref.*e autlr ai.
rm.p uit nka far acwd'itg b< r ander boar, but tka
m^hl (.receding the oaf on which the ?i-t?r aa?
ta rmitark tor kaw.ikr aa4 the haahainl ? (
Mr*, l.i.-lo nateMi di?ap|<eared. tkr h??l<aittl tak
'i>- ? 'tli lntn rvi ral gobl ring* w ,?d Iks m
entreated to htiu to repair. about *4' l>e!ongi?tg
to bi? ai!< . an.1 the great* porOan ol Lei . lo'l -
ib|. In fact. kt ton kar
t* * t* co*toti<?*.
and with wural >mall children ta look after.
OB iMi Monday alio learned that tlir fu \ |>ai>
? it* living tn rinladelidita aa ma and arttir,
and bt ppinr her war to that Htx. th?- .
wilt n, ?.lt diHpfnt ararcb for tb<-ai. iikI ti
aact rtaliK*d fbat the* kal quitted Ph.lx.i ?i|.i \
for tkh> rltr. Sh?- tlx n follo?ae4 tin m ioB?lii
?Mire, airfrinf at tkr PruWaat atni-t tfeiwi
ii fterda) mornirif. and bagaa ktv wearr mm ? ti
ibri>u(h tlw lend and tan tier liuabaitd bring
a je*el?t. ?be rbated at m ral jewelrv ?>?tahllab
Mctita, and ai laM touud out that lit at am k
at an r?tablw4iina??t on German rtnrt near
Hanover. At tliat hbe ?a? di?|awrd t.? rntvr tbo
abop arkere b~r baabaiMl ?t* at aaarb. but a|MHi
?e?>.n.l t).i-iigbt *b? onnrladt <1 tlmt ?bo aronbt
?u<aar the a*rvic??af a Battoanaa, aad bekeg
dirtcbd to tbc aeateru |??lu t- iMa,Al it
paired tbitbrr and n-quMnl Caut. I^paua ta
ordt r the ai rnd of b?T bukband ofli.'. i S^hobl
vaadetailed tor tketfutv, aad In aStort ttaie ha
returned to the ?tation tiouae n itli bb> pr.jntnt i
When tbf a ife ai> plared
ia thk raa?an * ? r ash rA'THi asa it ?ttun
lier obi kiv? for hUu i< rived. aaii extending bet
haii<'i> to hiai baanuglit luiu in retuin
Louu' u< Nt a YorV artth If r 11a, however, In
bninanU te(UM.' to take ber Ikklid or to return
l.ona ?ul. her, and tbu? *?" the la- lio|?e of
the |?*ir v .ft- <<btetu ' - tl. Captaia Lepaaa. find
tna that l.uUe?4*U-iB taould not (Mtao'Ht to retain
to Near York with hi? wife, ordered bin to ba
l?K'ke?I up ou the charge of robbery, and taiil
hoiti h tn aatll the ai<t)i'>i ? 11. ? iu Nt w York can
be roaferaad aith. Aiu i l.u lirnott tn had Itoen
locked up aad tbo a<fe provide ? it h l?? Igii^ra
for the aigbt. (tflim biebotd rtartnl Inararok
of the coaapaalpn af tba frtauait, aad after a
of the eouii>ai>v>ii ot the |>rl<?>Ma, an.I alter a
loag matcb lie fouiHl her iu a Imardinjr b??' * mm
Hontb brnaUaaT, and uiam warchtB^ ber truak
the clothing of Mr?. l.n henxti in arat found
Tbf ahdataaa atriHtitl to the weat.rn Tat low
houne. and ihia atoraing her raw atll be ?'.ia
I^HHlOl 1'V .11 - iff MC
t.rrai Rrittalk I
The great aud iti?Kruu> -t.xiu wave ahieh
ha? recently ?wept over tireat Britain ia ouo
of tbe Wirt remarkahla event* of the kind on
record. Tbe eabb- re|H>rL? heavy ?n?w* in
l>oiidon. ami atil! h<aO?r In the m>rthern |>ai t
ot the kin^doa. FavortM taiUi a utanue cli
inate. nhk ia an eaoepUon to the ariutei w?a
ther. a* It iaon the Paeihf (dope* of the t'lllled
Stalra. awe|d by warm and vaoor-ladeu air
correnta from the great ocean In li"eemt>er,
naif, Knglaml waa vWt?l by one of ?? eaoei.
tional an.I phenomenal anow Htoi ia- In Feb
raary, 1KZ3, anotio-r desolating ano? ?t<irm
viaited hoot la ud, eaualntc great bn? ol Inc.
Tbe "great froat." aa U i? known, tahkfli ?m
enrred in lMcenibei. 1"**'. waa u^bercl iu by
a lieary mmiw fell in Scotland, ahioh m- teoni
logiata were i>ulMe<fueutiy caal>led to tr*? to
a lontinnor* atream uf mteaaelv odd, dry aaf
heavy air flowing troni T obuUk north ward*
tbr v,?h Kuwia. unw Norway and ^?eden,
aad -leix ending over Scotland aa a noi tiierI?
wind. On rhri?;nuu> iu?ht of that rear aome
of the ScottuJi thci mometera fell to tweutv de
peia below aero. We have no accurate report
ah vet rerealing the condition* under whicb
thin Polar temi-eratare af the preaent week bi?
been produced m Great Britain, but it U doubt
leaa due to rouditoua aimtlai to thoae which
boretiwavin Korthweeteru Lurupe iu Decem
ber, i?a?:
It it. alK> highly probable that the great fraat*
of hiatory??. p.. that ei|?erien?*d ia Klawlm.
in 1HM. when wine froie ia the caaka wan cut
bv bate het> and aold by weijtut; that ol I Me.
when tbe Baltic waa covered by a bridge of tor;
thoae ol lilt and Kto. wbea the Thaaioa wa?
trosen over, fail* were held and oaen r<iai4rd
apou it. aiui other nt?table phenomena of cold
in Went em F.nro|K' are re ferwble to tlie -a no at
BOapbereic carrenta and condttMMta ohaerved at
Toliolitk ia l"ao. It ia doubtful *rb?-th?r anv
part of the weat< rn Mde of tbe Aa?erit aii cut -
nent, from California to Sitka, ever ha? e>|>e
rieucitl Mich frtforillf extreuie* of eoiitii'fMtal
col.I aa occMMionally deNceudevl upon Wctikrii
EurO|>e S- !'? Ilrrcilj.
Trbbiblb Jotrairsr?/War Wtm'ktr >m fb
tor'r Mirrirrtpmi?Mr. Frank Hoot I ei^taged
parage ou the ateaaer tireot K-pabhc. which
left here about a week ago. and proceeded on
her tortv-five aille> down the ri\er. Five mile*
lie low Iveiiuett'a ( aatir. tlic l>oat grounded, aad
it waa tound > na|?x?ibte to move her The eoal
ou board waa all coaaumed. and aa the ^teaaaei
remaine.1 there nearlv a week, the |>aaaeuirei4
were at laat left without food. The weather
became fearfully oobl. and the pro?.|K ot- irioouiv.
The tbiating ice preventod the |ieaeeng. i?reach
ing tbe ahore??evr*tv tarda dn*a it?and il
ttcemed aa if they biiiM freecr or atar\-e. At
laat the ice liecaiae ntifBcieutlv firm, ami three
at tbe paaacaicera deteriuine^ ?? att? niptiug
to reach tlua city. Mr. Huod a tier man known
aa "Gna." ami a atock dealer named Bradford,
started, rearhetl tbe 11 It not? ahore. ami began
their long traaap toward 8t. Ltaaia. Tbei
a imaiber ot faraa bouaea, hot the ocea|tant*
declined to forai?h them wiib a proj? r convey
ance, aa the aaUootlc waa Mtill raging. Thev
finally reached Waterloo, where it waa found
that one of Bradford* ear* waa aa badlv t'roren
that mortiication had already aet in. at?l a ?ur
geon cut oft the greater |?*rt of the ear. Tke
German bad ona foot ao horribly frozen that
am put at toil waa conaiderod aeceaaarv. aad it
waa nerforaaed. Mood, who waa bettor pro
tected than hia companiona. continued hiajoar
aey toward 8t. Loab>. He finally arrived ?*ppo
aite Carondelet. croaaed the rirer. and took the
Irou Mountain train lor tbe city. Both of hi*
feet were frtwt-bittea. bat by giving them
prompt attention, aad tudng tbe proper rwme
dic*. he aoou recovered?*?. Lnmit Dtmucrmi.
Catchiso a Bt not an.?An Kngli>4i ioamal
relate* tlie following atory of a parrot that waa
in the right place: ??Itappeara that the public
owe the arwrt and aulwi^ueat convicttoa of Mr.
Henry Baale. nominally a baker, ami reallv a
burglar, to tbe intelligence aud readinem at a
parrot. On the 7th of laat naoath the priaoner
broke into tbe bouae of Mr. Wvatt. and atole
aeveral article*, amoug them Mr. WcattV par
rot Sarah ' Tbe owner, oa diaeovering aeat
morning the robltrrr ot hia bouae ami the ah
ductioa of 'Sarah,' went forthwith to Mr Jam
rach'a. the wall-know ndealer ia arikd and foreign
animala, and mentioned tbe fhet af hi? biaa.
While telling Mr. Jamrarh that bi? parrot was
called * Sarah.' a parrot iu the back abop over
beard the conversation, and immediately joined
ia it by repeating the ward - Sarah' aeveral
tiaaea. Mr. Wyatt at once went to the bird an t
diaooverod that It waa really hia awn ? Sarau.'
and on further inquiry learned that it bad been
aold to Mr. Jamrach that morning bv the nrb>
. who had confidingly given bia i
aa. Mr. Baale waa caught aad i
la eeren year, peual
yeata polic. nparvMon aad all through a par
rot'* knowing her own aaaie."
It dida t take much to go rou
?^A unmbar of Catho'ir f^hlenu af Sew
oncanabave aent a va' wliit bone aa a preaent
*A Miaaeaota farmer baa hia stable* oarer
2^2 ^<tepth of aome twenty feat by tbc late
i cltr af Kew York basal
aa tow Hun pah ire and
?Oder hia arm." ?r<il ??? tow. 9itk ?

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