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Pi OUTBID DULY,Scadap C\(ep(ri
tvfnne, twr lit* St.
m RIM1C STAR Uf??APF8 fl>I?UT,
TH? ITIMNO H '? ?s n^i'c-t e?rrt?r* t?
tb?tr tabwnk"n v. T*s C?*?t? -*??**?, oa
FmH -vwr* rt* I' >n C the j
ecoDi r Iwi *%-h 87 tUree ?cths,
? 1 m. hi ir-JitlKi. "J. *', r-?r. J?.
>jmr. ?yiut'.'i* iv ir 'n i>"th c
?uti g > ?>w ?rtu loarftr than p-? i for.
Um(*t -4 ">b <s;!lc?tfoti
V2i. 41-N-2. <>.701.
L'OtlO'* Ul'tU t ta?*l!SB.
... I.A^T * KEK T
11.1/A W5*T;iiCU!?BY ? LLA CdAPuAN
The twj Cured M n,
*? it ?? >f I? l-i ?? .l?"t
ASP THE BTRl.K8tir!* C'?MPA?Y,
In t # ?? m i IJ illiai.; Xx r,i> ?g i.tii
Lit1 ASP LOTUf",
Tc connwrre with the P itah-'ni Farce,
M it nee Pr .-???. :t -tv! JO <-?nt?.
I?fi 1111 Prices.KM* a J ;j rr
8K PTKBrib I 4 Every 5 tht.aal 'wo M?tinee*.
f r ?! 4| f>.rr r ,C sraohi. - U ( th? r n ?Tied
'?'! *n * Sp"ci?. A r<) r R -t I K AB1
app-Bl auce of *he l'~t<l*r?ted Musical
?Ld E 1 rptn ( nwlii.i, Mr. FRANK
JONKf Pili* i'4-j. |!, K.?*n Fr^.tt<. Fred. P
Mntr -. a^d ? M farorres r- talned. FridaT *ven*n?,
Heiteir.fer 1?*. C'ltf i' ert*ry B ne"H to Prof. .1
? TAILOR, tescher of the ttnnly art of aelf
Wfnn. -epl4 6t*
At the M P. Cnnroh, corner of 8:b and B atreeta
? OKDA T?'1 TT"SSPAY E V ENINO"?. September
uth and 15th, c- citueicine ?t 3 o'clock.
Adrjirpior <?at h ?tfr ic*,' Si' cent*
A ft>*r t he r ori rt rrfrr*liai?iiU ? i!l b? ifrvKl to
? II ic attend ?.? ??, w;:h.<ut any additional c'large
w?i; >?*
Old No J On Xibibitien aad |SiwS?
AI - J 43?
7t*.StI f 7TH St.
Ho. 43V 7tS atr-?et, Let*-tn P and X flrwti, eigbt
dton aicva Odd Pellets' Bail,
Cbe tee Oil Ps'otir:**, Xt.graehiict, Ohromo*, Ac.
_ Also, lar^eet (Cock Paper H?n*'ngB, Wlr.low
Bhadta. (ktt>r*a, Fram??, Picture Oorda ?cd Taa
aala, f it as, Nail*, Ac , In the District.
?/" Tnx< Oa?n.
Pleaee remember Nam* and Number. )?l-ly*
All kibps of oentlbmkits oastoff
* liK NO A PPA BKlecan be soi4 to the eery
beet a t% by addressing or sailing on JUST if,
61?4pstree? between <5 h and 7th streets north
w?st. ?/"Bet* a by mail promptly attended to.
Caah paid. j?8 tr
will b" b*!<! at B Usolle, M ?rTland,on
BtPTtMUCU IT h, 1-7*.
For the becefit f St. J hti'a Kpi?c >p?l
chorch. which ??a deurojea bj the storm <>T
Joiy i t. aeptu 3
2HARU Tol K>A>1 KM T
frt the teaetit thi< Urh-atreet Prea^yU'ri n
CtlllCb.r b- ?lTer< n
Tl'I?P*T. tkptatuber 15th, 1871,
at CI; & fie R*ae Ball arwntida.
0?t>r? i u ai ce>? bethel ball. M, between, 6<h
u<i irtb ?u it*
tti.dar the an?p r ? n fa S?l?ctO >mmRiee.|
F r ? U- ben-11* of
AT Biver'- tt. '^TH irritr PaBK,
TULB?OA?, t p:eiul.?T 17.
Mntlf l?T tbi* P ?t'-i ? r>anl
Ail the r*'re^'in.e.if? # '4 in tb? p?rk will be fir
the fe"U> tt: of the ?rh> .!. Th? f?attr?l will cm
IB. Dre at!; in , c n nut antii)- uVlxk at aleht.
Cbi'dr-n, half ptlce wplil.
IMlijIli Phl/.K TO I K ^ A >1C M T !
(V tiBfu .M at Id a m . ar.d eodirss at midnight
The pr?x-. t (}* tt b? acp.'e.l n. paying ft<j the extea
?i< n < f bT. JOkira'S ORPHAN AeiYLCM, I,jw
!? cvarae of ertcijou; the completion f.f which ?i'!
acc< b nivdate firty orphan*, now auRdriug f jr .?!
tilifii n
?tttleB-en'* ticket# ... _...30 cent?.
Lac! eC tickets - - 23c nt
wilt I'
IJALTlMOKfc. k r?TU>lA< ft. R. (O,
L'xcunlon TZcke *
on roa .d inp. In* In l'ts* a<lti.iaav>n ticket.
%-J *0 r< xr.,1 tr: p, iDCludit g re?.jrTe.l ?-?t.
T carls t, r tn'f at the toll *iu( otlicw
B E jorctrl UhitrmlMKl P-n'.?j lvania aver .9.
W. B carter 61 h *tre^t atd Penntyrania avenne.
BaliiMore aoU i'^t 'U.ac B R Depot, corner Stb and
B <tri eta.
aepU U XP 8 TOl HO.q P. Agent.
(lapt Frat k Hvllinff-beacl, of the ?teati:?>r AB
BO 'A ba,ir g enterni >nt aoottract
with te LAI 1*> MOIST VIR.
B< >B AsS<'C'l ATIO t run a rt,anivr'
dat j iSncd*. excepted) to Kouat Vera -n, 1? tLe
oaly per* u allowed to land pasaengera bj at acu
b*-at atXocnt Ttnma Wbarf.
Pae-ecarrra will a VOIP the trooble an>l vexation
other ili.em by laki ic the refnlar ateam?r, Arrow
The ote?ui.T leave* 7th atreel wharf daily ( Sna.a.
ex. ep-ed i a. li> o'clock a. m , retnrmn* ah >p; 4 p. m.
Xoosd Tup Ticket*, 31; im.mJiH* admiaei.a to
? lit . t: and OroTli-da.
8i pt M not \ t ruou Aj^ j?iali ia.
Captain BtMmer Atrow. aep8-Jm
bA LTI M'*A ft". fOR WASHtMiiTOX, 0>
Mr&ht &ATCMJAY AT 4 p At., Ait AY T
j.m; ntt.k aT? p. n- suxuay. hn
W H Ah. y, fJOT >>t oBVhXTH STRhBT
Sir bet of theae trlpa afl^rda parties a fine op per
tabity to enjoy a a>?il on the Chesa
peake lay and Put oiac ri?< r with
out io?a ifuinch time from fctteiiu-ae
All acc< inmudati> na?^tnewls, Rateroom, Ac.? drat
ela?-. ?'at? ri-xm-.a maybe ec?a?ed in advaa^a by
appl:catl< n t* the acenta. The ateain-r can he uar
tered or exmr?iona from tbta city ?u M uJay- and
Tuee4aya of ?arh week at reaa<>ii*Me rates.
j?g tf STEPHEN SON A B BOTH SB. Agenta.
The .ic GLAPfeESfar One Dollar.
Th^Sl. i, id Frame GLARES f r A5.S
The it THEAMOMETEBfor $1.
H H USMl'LSS, Optician,
wiMT 4A3 PennayIvama ava., cor. 4-, at.
? aabea the flnaat Lacea or the he*rte?t 8e.i>Jo?ti
tB# wit hoot labor, acd bo w?ar and tear It will
be aeut to yowr booae on tri*?. or can fce ?o?n at
617 Tth stre?t,
anrTf ly Op*oaite PiOeat Office.
I reapectfnl, y cali attention to the fotlowint ^h?a?
ati<lr?aily nie?goo<la:
Bol 4 Go d i ilar Buttooa, #1.
B?Ih( Oold Sett* of Btcda, 9S
Filled flali. GvU Biaga, warranted 14k.. #1 ftod 92.
tt>-!1 Plate Bracelet*, d?w* g'?.?l<, 9- ?*-r
Boll Plate Veat Chalna, new patteraa, #t
Very i.andaoma awM plated Chat?laiua and 0?>ra
Clan,. ? i Bod ?1
Ba*t Boll Plate Ear Prop*, new dealfaa, large va
riety. Al aud AS.
Cellnfeid Oorai Drcpaand Btn4?, #1 per aett.
?ine Scbher Ut ana, la?eat at*lea, 50c auA ?1
Lf*k- U for 1 and J picture*M-. and #1
? ' Becklaoew, Iobs Obaiaa. Chatelainea.
l-bAitu, aett, >f Jewelry, Bracelets, Ac
latar t '- har daorne Split Zephyr 8a.nee, ?1.
Xxotle B o .uet Toilet 8 ap, *ery sweet, t6c.
Solid Steal (bardie ac.d blade ->nepi"> Silver
plated Dee*"j t and TaHa Knlrea, ?2 par aa'.t ,
chewpjat dr-r.ble i be price.
White Metal BiUer Plated Tablaapoona and F >rka,
warranted, #2 per aett
HP o Sxtenai n Hat Backs, redaced to 17Sc ,
always acid at SOc. Picture Frames la large ?a
rivty. fceaidea a comberuf other artlclee, jast re
ceived. and all eery i w.
aep7-tr 31? Tth gr . smat PawfTi.t?ii*_Av.
Btcvaa at.d Tmware, and dealer in Hard war*
mtA H nsefnrr t.i.it a Go, da. Booflng and Spoatloa
a specialty N ... 1 JOB ltta atreet u or lb w eat, cor
per cf F. aeplO Ir
to the Big Water Darn Be I, funr mil** its.
PAoee C*otg?4own, where tbey will be fO'^w*0?
HISS Wmhtim Partie* ran purabaae lltrSSfc
tart at the MceoA lock. For iBformatlo* apply to
J. PaPHHO, foot of C 'Dgreaa .treat, Oanrn
|S?B,D>0. aap0 It*
Washineton News and Gossip.
Ijitxbhal Revbxtb ?Tha receipts rrom this
i urce tc-day were $518 '*>' H.
ATToBHiY Gbbbral Williams arr.ved here
from h;s parents' home in the interior of New
York, this momlr.g.
Spckbtary Bulks at left hero on Saturday
to be present ?t the mee'ing of the Armj of tha
Uumberlar <1, which tik.s place at Columbus,
LtUio, thin week.
Tht Btn-noHT, which ha-? been at the ?er
viceo" Prof. Btiird, of the Tr<-a*nry omin *- I
-ion, was laid up at New L ja Jon, Conn., on the
11th mst. I
Thb Powhatasi awu Sr. Mirt'3?The I
Navy dpartment is advi.-el that the U. S
steamer Powhatan, with tha St. Marj s in tow.
arrived at Boston on th"> 10th innt.
Mipshifmam Gilbbkt Fowler died Angast
?Jd on board the LT- S. steamer Franklin, at
>pfzia, Italy, of tonsilitis, causel from ex
posure to atmospheric influences in the line o'. I
17T6?The first bound volume of the journal
nf the House of Representatives for the ftrst
tteion of the Forty-third Congress h%s jast
le?>n delivered. By a singular coincidence the I
number of pages is exactly 1,770. H
Thi rkhmjatios of Whitley, chief of the ]
secret service division, takes effect on the 30th
lit stant, in order to give him an opportunity to
dose his business. S. B. Benson, of Pennsylv*
nia, h*s been appointed acting chief to serve
meanwh le.
An order has been issued by the War depart
ment providing that the detail of a subordinate
off.c.'r by the commanding oticer of an artillery
po?t, to act as ordnance officer under and for
Brm, but net to relieve him from responsibility
for the care and preservation of ordnance pr>p
erty, is not considered as a violation of the regu
lation to which attention is called in General
11 'xdtrs >o. 12,of 1873, from the War department
Fifth Martlabd Conorrspionai. 1>I9
tbict The first republican primary meeting
in the above district took place in St. Mary's
I county on Saturday last. The contest was be
Cwten Dr. Wilmer, th?? assessor of intbrna! rev
enue, and State Senator S. T. Suit, or Prmce
George's county, resulting in favor of Mr. Suit
The other counties hold their meeting" Satur
day next, Wtk inst.
Postmabtbrs Co*musiosrd.?The Presl
I dent has signed the commirsions of the follow
I ii<g postmaster*:?Mrs. Mary J. Edwards, Port
land, Conn; .Jamee H.Hams,Fort Edwards, V. I
Y ; Wm. C. Wiley, Washington, Pa ; James W.
Mack, HoMen, Mo ; .Joseph K. CUrk, Milford, I
Oonn ; Thomas Newell, Passaic, N. J.; Gyru
W Haggles, Brookline. Mass.; Henry M. Vfagee. I
Cjn'hiana. l\y.; George Hader, Carthage M .
Aiex. W. L?e Long, Huntington, Ind.; Johu S
Adams, Jacksonville. Fla
WaPh:>gto??iamm abroad?The following
Washingtonians were regl.-tered at Paris on the
I ^yth of August:?l>r. A. Brockenbrough, L. W. I
B ockenbrough, Thomas B. Brown, Mrs. R. O I
D an, Miss l>ean, A. T. l>??n, Miss A. L Et
wards, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kiin*!e, E. S. Loom s.
?.Jt?up Miller, R*v. Dr. J. P. Newman, Mrs. F
A. Piescott, F. C. Wood. London?J. E- Sher
man and family. Mrs. O. E. it. Stone. Gene?a,
August 'J6?i'homas B. Brown, G J. Buxton.
Inter taken. August J6?A. Prescott. Amster- I
dim, August 25?Mas Grace S. Bristed.
Pbksu>B!?t Grast arrived in Wa*hingfoi,
Saturday atternoon, and is the guest of l>r.
Sharp, at Lis residence on Corcoran street. I
This morning he repaired to the Executive
Mansion, ana. though no lOrmal Gabinot "?=Jt
mg was held, he bad consultations with Secre
tary Kwb, Postma.-ter General Jewell, Secre
tary Bru-tow and Assistant Secretary Cowan
A great many cal'ers, including offic.e-n?ekers.
tilled 'he reception rooin to htve an Bu>iien :e,
hut the President declined to see them. It i
expected that he will return to Long Branch to
morrow, and not go direct to the west t'rooj
Wash.ngton, as was stated he intended to do.
Thb late Gbukral Fostbb.?The Engineer
?bureau has issued a general order aunoancinj;
the death of Lieutenant Colonel John G. Fos
ter, brevet major general U- S. A., which set
frrtb that deceased served in the army since
ts4<i,and participated in the war with Mexico I
and the rebellion with credit and gallantry
The order closes by stating that " in his deatli
the carps of engineers loses one of its gallant I
?and respected numbers whose life was de li
I cated to the service of his country. A* a tribute ?
to his memory, the officers of the corps of en
g.neer* will wear the usual badge or mourning
I for thirty days." _________
Thb Civil Servicb Committor having re
commended certain rules to be presented by the
Prtsident for the government of the light-house
service, the rules are now published, and their
provisions are to be enforced by the proper of
lle< rs. Admission shall not be m"*le to such
Mr vice until after proof of good character, loy
a ty, good btalth and phvsioal condition, an 1
tests of superior capacity "by examination. A?
women cas-from the nature of the Hght-hou?
service, but rarely, if ever, be allowed ta enter
I it, the regulations" of the light-house board will
a< (ar as practicable, disseminate such informa
tion as will prevent applications and exami'ia
t'.ons of women too much in excess of those who
can receive appointments.
Lapt Thorh row.? It will be a matter of
g neral regret to knew that Lady Thorntoa has
b.en very ill while in Fng'.and. and that in thv
I opinion of her physicians it will not be pru
dent for her to risk crossing the Atlantic
I 'his year: consequently she will not return
I to the United States until next summer.
TUis will be a great dlsapi>ointment to w>ciaty
peonle, who, with a remembrance of past de
lightful entertainment* by Sir Edward and
Lady Thornton, were looking forward with
bright anticipations to the opening of the su
p?rb new residence ot the British raiiist>r.
B at the great regret will be In the illness of the
es imab'e ladv who has filled her po?ition here
w.Ji su< h .^uiet gracf. tact and g>od sense.
Pbbpowal.?Mr. Henry Howard has just re
tarnt d to this city. He has been appoiuted by
the British government a- their agent tor the
distribution of awards rosde by the late Mned
Commission established under the 12-h article
I -t U.e Treaty of Washington. We understand. I
to ?ever. that Mr. Howard will not be a'ole to
open an offiee lor the transaction of the busi
r.est with winch he Is charged until after the
.flth inst. An announcement to this effect from
b.m will shortly appear In the press. f h
lomilv ot Secretary Brlstow will retnrn here
from New York this afternoon. ????Lieut. I
Fitch, L". S. N., the bridegroom elect oi Miss
M.mue Sherm>an, arrived in Washington yes
terday. ????J. Hale Sypher. M. C., of Louisi
ana. Ua*an eye in a green patch; not from any
kuklox "orpieasantnees," but on account ot
paialvsis of the eve-lid. Hon. Montgomery
B'air'hss l>een called to Missouri by the dan
g reus illness of his brother, Gen. Frank P.
pair. ???? Col. Thos. H- Nelson, of Ind,late
V S minister in Mexico, arrived in this City
Thb pbbbidbbt's Dikbbr to tbb Aztbc
Clcb The dinner to be gtveo by President
Grant to the members or the Artec Club will
t?ke plaoe to-night, in the state dining room of
tie Executive maneion. Geo. Kobert Patterson,
president of the organization, will preside. The
invited gueets include only such members of the
cabinet as are now in the city, Gen. Robert E.
Patterson, of Philadelphia, and Gen. O. E. Bab
eock. The following comprise* the list of those
who vlll be present at the dinner: Gen. Robert
Patterson, president of the cl*b; President U.
S. Grant; Major Generals J. G. Bernard, Z. B
Tcwer, Fit/John Port*, W. t. Barry, Schuy
ler Hamilton, George Cadwallader, William H
French, Robert G. Buchanan; Brigadier Gen
erals George A. H. Blake, M. L. Bonham, W
W. Markail, Alb#marle Cady, Peter V.Hagner
Gen. Hoger, Oliver L. Shepherd, Benjamin
A vort. Henry Priee, Col. Thos. L. Alexander,
Proi Henry Gopee. Prof N. L. Kendrick, C?pt.
F-^mund L. Hardcnstle, Surgeon J as. Simons.
The Aitec elub was originally formed during
the Mexican war in the City ot Mexico. It met
t vice each week for social purposes, and after
the war its organization was continued. The
a*.nual meeting of the elub will l>e held this
ar <rio- n at 4 o'clock at Wiliard's Hall.
It >? understood that General Hancock and
two or three other members of the dob. whose
personal relatione with President Grant are not
of ihe most pleasant character, will not be in
Mtendanee at the dinner this evening. All the
members of the clab. some thirty -four in num
ber, sat down to dinner a vear ago at the resi
dence of General Robert Patterson, la Phila
Tbi w w Austrian M SIST8B, B iron i
Schwartz Senborn, preseuted to Presiden
Grant th;s r orn'ing by Secretary F.sh, in the
l.Tue parlor. The usual congratulatory ad Irenes
were iiiterohan^eJ.
Tbi Safe Ftrolary Cask?The report
that tbo grand jury on Saturday finished up
the fate bu. glary investigation and had found
eleven presentments, was premitare. We b.av?
tl>e best reason tor saying trial there are several
l?t*rtie?? on wh.iw case* the gran 1 jury have not
vet acted, the final rote not having been taKen.
hut that among those presented Are certainly
Col. Whitely. J. C. Nettleshio, Klchar-t Har
rington. A. B. Williams, Win. Benton, Michael
Ha\es. and another party, .name not given.)
Some of those mentioned are charge ! with con
spiracv, and others with l#r env.
It was tally expected that the indictment
wuu.tl ba*e t ten returned to the Court to-Jay.
but Judge Humphreys being ergaged in tlis
hearing ot' a ca?e iri the E<iuity Court, the
grand jury will not repoit their work until to
morrow morning. To-morrow has been set for
trial ot' Benton in the Criminal Court, but a?
yet no one knows whether be will be here or
Circular to National Bahks.?The Trea
surer of the United States hap issued a circular
requesting national banks to mtke an addi
tional deposit of five per cent, for the redetnp
tion or their circulation, with instructions that
the United States notes may be sent to the
Treasurer tinder the contract of theTrta-ury
department with Adams express company, au-i
under the same regulatioss as are prescribe!1
for the forwarding of notes ?wnd currency of the
United States for redemption. The expenses ot
the transportation will be paid by the depart
ment, which will be reimbursed theretor. I:
.any bank shall prefer, it may forward tin re
quired amount by lU draft on New York. Bos
ton, or Philadelphia, drawn to the order of th?
Treasurer of the United States, and payab J In
United States notes. Ackuowledgm3nt will b?
made to each bank for its deceit, when com
pleted, by remittance to It of a certificate in
proper lorm. United States notes nnflt for cir
culation will be aceejted in payment of the ad
ditional five per cent, deposit.
Interesting Sew* from llaytieu's Kx
A dispatch to the New York ll-rall, da*e<i
"Pacific Slope, 100 Miles West of thi Mtin
Divide, ltocky Mountains, on Capital Cre:k,
Sept. 6, 1*<74, via Denver, Sept. 19. Kl," sivs:
"I send a special messenger to Twin Lake. I>r
Hay den's exjediUon, in the aggregate, with
park trains, has travelled 7,000 miles, inspected
and located *00 peaks, purveyed hundreds ot
creeks and rivers, discovered "new glacial val
levs, rich mineral and agricultural regions am!
tak>n field notes amounting to 500 pages ot
topographing. Mr. Jackson has taken over
1(10 photographs cf the San.I uau country. I?r. j
Hayden has returned toKart End, Elk Moun
tain, with a party.
The expedition is dispersed in every portion
of Western Colorado. Marvine's division, on
the Wbite Kiver.hasnot been heard from for
seven weeks, occasioning soils apprehension
Mr Stevenson, with a son or Secretary Delano
and Mr. Moran, the artist, have just re'urned
from a successful ascent ot Mount Holy Cross.
Mr. Shanks, a ?on of Congressman Shanks,
lies 111 here and may die. He cannot be moved
Stores have been sent for in case he is snowe<!
in all winter in th^ inaccessible and lonely
gorge. His position Is helpless and mclancboU
in the extreme."
Gkn. Butler opened the congressional cam
naign in the Essex district of Massachusetts oi
Saturday night, with an elaborate spec 1;
mainly on national topics, the principal portion
being on the alleged outrages in the south. He
declares them to be parts of a plan to renew the
war. crush out the negro and deprive Dim of h;
l ?litical rights, and be adds, that' this then i*
war; and the man of Essex, as on the 17th ot
April, if need be, will again march to save the
countiy from traitors'hands." Ho denied ever
having"been in favor of repudiation or anything
hot ? so'ind currency. Ho opposed the resolu
Mor. of Congress adopted in 1*t'>9, providing tha'
all the bonded debt shouid be paid in gold, he
ca-ise he thought it unw se and wrong, hut tin
premise having been male, he never expr use'*,
an opinion otherwise than that the promts
must l-e kej.t. He considers.tbe currency of the
r.atiorai banks'he best the'country ever saw.
and thlrks the curst-of the country the h'g*.
??ate of interest t- r business purposes. He de
fended his vote on the inflation bill, ani hi
course on the Alabama award bill, and con. j
eluded with an ear; est appeal to his constitu
ents for their support.
Conoressional Nominations.?Tha peo
p'e's convention f?r 5th M issouri district noml
oated Col J.A.Seay for Congress. Thedemo
crats of the ltd Wisconsin district have nomi
nated A G.Cook for Congress. The republi
cans or the 4th Illinois district have nomlnat d
Gen. S. A. Hurlburt for Congress. The antl
Gartield republican convention of the 19th Ohio
district, nominated H. H. Hurlburt for Con
gress. The democrat* of the Itch Ohio distric
have nominated l>r. D. B. Woods for Congres
The grangers of fheGth Indiana district hn v.
nominated A. O. Pendleton, of-Johnson countv
tor Congress. The prohibitionists of the lltb
(>bio district have nominated for Congress D-?l
mont I.ock a farmer of Scioto county. Th?
Springfietd Union wnnounces by authority tUa'
E. B. Gillette, of Westfield. will positively not
to be the republican candidate for Congress u
the 11th district.
Cali xto Gahcia, the captured Cuban insur.
gent leader, is new on hoard a gunboat at M n
/aniKo. When surprised by his captors G <rc.?
diew a pistol and fired two shots at them. When
taken he was found to be wounded in the heal
the ball having passed out near the nose. Span,
iards say that he shot himself. It is thought I
gangrene has set in and that the wound will be
1'hi lotm Cakolina UnfttlOil con
vention has nominated l>. li. Chamberlain fo'
governor, and K. H. Gleaves, the present in.
cumbent. for lieuteuant governor. K. B. Ei
liott was made chairman of the executive torn
mittee. An independent republican convention
will be called, as many delegate* are dissatis
fied, and other nominations will be made.
Five Men Drowned The bark Henrietta,
of Quelle, lor Rotterdam. went ashore at Mag
dalen Irland on the Hth instant. The crew'bsoK
to the boats, one ot which with a crew of five
?ai!ors upset, and it is sup;>osed alt on board
were drowned. The other, with the master airl
e'gbt men. was picked up by the steamship
Matthew Coy and landed at North Sydney.
Henry Ward Beechek preached yesterday
at the Twiu Mountain House, N. H , to a lar ,~e
gathering, lie read, as the basis of his dts
course, the passage of Scripture coutaiued in
the fifth chapter of Galatian*, from the 13th
verse to the l*th. inclusive:?'"For, brethren, ye
have been called unto liberty oniv; use not ilb
erty for an occasion fo the flesh.'' &c.
Th? Fast 1'rottbusi at Beacon Park.?
Tbere was a special race at Beacon Park. B -s
ton, Saturday afternoon, between Goldsmith
Maid, Judge' FuKerton. and Ameilcan Girl.
Judge Fullerton won the first and Guldsuiitk
Maid won the next three heats eastlv. Her twsst
time was 2:1S. She did not try to beat her rec ?rd
A Fatal Jump?Saturday night a man,
supposed to be Edward McMan'n, or McCain,
of New York, attempted to jump on the New
York train from the connecting railroad bridge.
Philadelphia, and. missing his mark, was run
over, and died in thirty minutes after the oocor
A viry flbasamt report comes from
\ icksburg of the formation of an order of sol
diers from the Union and Confederate armies.
Hearty good-fellowship appears to have been
elicited at the preliminary meetings, and the
organisation or the Order of the Blaee
Grays seecis to have made rapid progress.
Thb bsfi rlk ai oausi In Spain has been
immensely strengthened by the aotlon or the
German and Austrian governments in sending
diplomatic representatives. The ambassadors
were formally reoeived by President Serrano
on Saturday, and the osual official courtesies
were eachanged.
A? English Opinion or Grant?Here is
an English opinion of Grant, as set forth in the*
London Telegraph: "The weighty question or
his possible re-election Is deeply baried in his
own secretive breast. He has won his way in a
nation of talkers by inscrntable reticense and
iron self-oontrol."
Tobacco?A gentleman in l aurel grove
neighborhood, in this oounty, writes us that
several farmer* In that section have commenced
catting tobacco, and report the coring verv
fine, though the bulk of tbe crop is as green to
dsy as when set oat?Danrilie ( r?.) Tiwut.
M. Guizor, whose severe Illness gave rise to
premature reports of his death a week since,
died yesterday at his residence at Valricher,
near Paris.
VTbi Chicago publie library, founded a
year ago, has 40,000 book* ao quick.
"Btlortd Star:"? Years ago, before Dame Kx- !
perience had tried ber hami upon me. I be.
lieved io a good many fallacies: among them,
politics, Queen Elizabeth, and?echool-teach
ing. You see, I had the sort of feeling common
to very young teachers, that the cp >cial reason
tor my being borti at all was that I sho.ikl dic?
tinguieh myself by drilling knowledge into
H>ecimens of humanity, who were more or lew
perfect in the art of manufacturing choice spit- I
balls, horribly spelled lova-lettera, and pict ires
of people with impossible faces, potato bo-1 es,
ana leg.- like a crocked hairpin with a pot-hook
at the md.
Strange to sav, that feeling Isn't so strong
with me now, and J manage to get through the
night* without lying awake and think ng how I
could possibly join the ranks ag?iu; hut the
feeling ?.f meek resignation grows especially
-trong when I read the gush.ng epistle* in wht-ti
tond mothers protet-t against the haldt of mak
ing their darlings st i-iy their lessons at home
At surh times 1 IVei like becoming a devout
Catholic at once, just for the satisfa tlon ot
crossing myself a dozen times or so to keep ms
&?ay from tbe evil.
I)o these ttfcder parents ever consider, my
dear Star, that the teachers of our public
schools have no voice whatever in the regula
lion of studies, books, Ac ; but are m?re ma
chines in the hands of the trustee* ? Let anr
one take a school rei*>rt, and he or she will there
Bml that the branches to be studied, the ground
to be gone over in each, and the requirements
geneiall.v for each year are mapped out for
each grade with minute precision. If the school
comes up to the mark well and good; if not,
then woe to the teacher! Instead ot praise,
she'll receive snubs of the most pronounced
type, and will, besides, find herself minus em
ployment; i.e., it she escapes being burnt in
tffgy at once, tot a rebellions subject.
There is a muddle of that kind now in the
Wallach school. One of the teachers, who, for
sixteen years has faithfully fillsd her post, had,
during the past year, an unusually difficult set
of boys to deal with. Punishment* were not
permitted, except a detention for half an boar
after school hours, and circumstances were
therefore decidedly in favor of a pool show at
examination; a result not dreaded without re%
l son by the teacher. Well, her fears were veri
t fled; the scholars did not, as heretofore, fullv
reach the required standard, and the conse
quence was that her loving friends on the board
had a beautiful opportunity to humiliate hor by
reducing her rank, besides bidding out the
prospect of entire dismissal, for further en
Yes, If twenty pupils were tbe number allotted
to each teacher, then one might reasonably ex
pect that the could explain every mooted p mr
to the satisfaction of each individual piece of
animated inquiry; but with sixty or seventy or
the species on her hands, how" in reason can
such a course be possible? The truth is that
many parent* are perfectly resigned to delegate :
all the care and trouble to a teacher, while at j
the same time they jealous'y refrain from a id
ii>g the spice of authority to the burden which
might make the transfer a success.
And to give the uninitiated a faint glimpse of '
the sort ot material our teachers have to work i
oj'on, and show what lovely specimens of tine )
feeling and loving hindness some of these "mo
thers" tern loose upon the community, ( will
, ust relate a little incident which occurred a
tew days ago: While engaged in a little private
teaching ot my own, the pitiful yelping ot a
dog right in front of my house attracted my at
tention. I investigated the matter and found
that a crowd of boys had played "dog catcher"
with a little dog. They had chased, beaten
and stoned him, had thrown him into the water,
and then repeated their innocent amusements
until tbe foolish animal fell over and thus ended
iheir sport.
Wei'., all frigns indicated that he "even
wished that be were dead," if dogs ever do wish
that: and coming to the conclusion that the
only mercy which could be shown him was to
Lave him shot, I gently entourag <1 a couple of
boys to have it done at once.
Then, if any one will take the trouble of
keeping eyes and ear." open ncaro'irscbool,bc
can find hundreds of these 'Mature rulers'' en
gaged ?n drawn battles, tn which stones a*id
cuises of the hardest kinds are exchanged with
great spirit and uul>oum1ed liberality; an 1 one
afternoon 1 saw a half brick, sent by one of
these f. r.'s as striking argument, scrape ac
quaintance with a colored woman who turned
the corner, In sueh a touching manner that she
grew ash grey in the face, and turned to m
with: "Fo de Lawd. Mis*, dese boys Is de deb
bils own. Where Civil Rights now * I wondah!"
Ot course these unsophisticated com plainer
devoutly believe that a teacher can convert a
room full of these playful cherubs into studious,
obedient children by 'mere force of will, even ir
these s.4me parent* find themselves unequal t<<
the task of ertecting that desirable result with
the few they call their own, even when sup
I<orted by full and unlimited authority; but
some of as do know that the mere atmosphere
of a schoolroom is not particularly noted for it.
beneficial ertects upon tlie bump governing
the study department; and as the putnD, by
means of which knowledge is to be forced into
the br&ius of children,ha- not yet been patented
they must study, and study hard, in order to
learn; and if they do not make use of thair tim ?
during ibe day to do so, then th y mast mako
up lor the loss m the evening, or?the trustees
must reduce the number of branches to be
&oi cover, one mav safely assert that a hun
dred children will die of "eating green applns
befoie ono will be made an ange' through ovar
exeitirn in the study line; and usually it i? the
naient* of children, in the formation or whose
heads the front consists of a basement onlv.
while the back sports three stories and a Fren ih
roof, who have the greatest fear of the effect of
mental exercise upon their darlings.
But there, I'm afraid this is not "svo'etivtt
long drawn out;" and I really beg pardon for
saying so much; yet, when people do their be?
to make chUdten believe that their teachers
ought to do all the work, and that ronseqtenth
the little people have nothing to do but am:ne
themselves m order to become tine scholar*
then I think that some one ought to paint the
otheT side of the picture, even if it is only
Miss Baoww.
The fiftieth abkcai. 8E8S!OMof the Grand
Lode of Odd Fellows of the United States will
commence in Atlanta, <ia., on Monday, Sept
-1st, iit tbe hail of the House of lCcptcscatati v%*
in that city. This body Is dfempo-ed of repre
sentatives from forty-six grand lodges aid
thuty six graud encampments,each grand bo ;>
being entitled to on ?, and tbo->e rep >rting m >re
than one thousand members being euMtied '?
two representative-. Eight officers and 1.
representatives are accredited to the oomnn
session. Past prand sires are permanent mem
bers ot the giand lodge, losing entitled to speaic
and serve on committees, but u0t vote un e??
tbey are r?presenta uvea. Kleven pm grH,iit
sires are living; ten have diud. Favorable ar
rangements tor the etc ursion to Atlanta have
been completed, and members of the order will
leave this week for the empire state of tin
south, w here great preparations have been maie
by the southern Odd Fellows to receive the
visitors, who will gather there from evary st*ce
and territory of the anion, from Can id *, U r
rnany, Switzerland, and perhaps Australia.
The White Lsauukks in Louisiana.?A
New Orleans despatch says: The events of the
week have demonstrated the fact that the Lou
isiana state government is amply able to en.
foroe order in all localities. Notwithstanding
the repeated seizure of arms the oity is unusu
ally quiet. It is reported that the white leaguers
of St. Martinsville have captured and are now
oonsnming the rations appropriated to the suf
ferers by overflows planed In a depot ror distri
bution among the poor of that parish. The Niw
Orleans Picayune publlabes an address, signed
by fifty persons and business firms, calling a
meeting at the Clay statue at 11 o'clock a m to
day to consider the matter of the seizure of
private firearms by the state authorities. It is
understood that messengers yesterday notified
the white leagues to attend, as it is lotended to
make a demonstration in force.
Thb ikoh-clada sold by the government on
Saturday at New Orleans were disposed of as
follows: Etlab. *9,500; Urrysquah, 88,900, and
Winnebago, #7,350, purchased by Nathaniel
McKay, of Boston. Iris, *7,400, and Youma,
*10,075, purchased by Charles Allen, of Pitts
burg. Klamath, *7,400, and Kaywaydln, *7,750,
j urcbased by Shickle, Harris A Co., of st
Louis. Chickasaw, *^.350, purchased by Day id
Camibell, of St. Louis. The total amount re
ceived for the eight vessels was *M,725. it is
expected that the sale will be disapproved by
tbe Nayy department.
Th* Tninsii Kcklcx?A dispatch from
Memihis says: "The examination of the al
leged knklux prisoners from Gibson county was
postponed until to-day. A reporter of the Ava
lanche had an Interview with Dug Jamison, the
negro who esraped from the mob. He admitted
being present when Morgan and Warren ware
fired en, and that the negroes had assembled
for the porpoee of killing a colored man named
Butler, and whipping another, but stated ho
himself was there in the Interest of peace. He
was reticent in regard to hie being taken from
jail, and says he eeoaped by jumping into a
??VLnn sT4tK*?>t.
MsatlirHUl Mr*. III ton nail
Mr Bf>efti*r.
In Moulton's !ast statement, f.?llowin,j t'i ?
passage printed in Saturday's Star q-iotin*
Mm. Tilton's letter written while -he wa? ?? <
In bed with wh*t she states to h*ve been * in -
carriage a tew days ? eforeot what pr?roi?eJ '?
be ? ??lore-babe, you know," occurs the to!lo?
Irg statement as to hitherto nnpubli?htd t. it
?ery .-igniticart letters or tw3 of the principtl
actors in the drama:
"Within hx week? of her getting ort her sick
bed, arising from that confinement, where
Beecher s&vsshe lay white a* ro*rb!e,wtth eyes
closed as in a trance, her hands on her boeoaa,
palm to palm, li*e one in prayer, she wntee the
I o> lowing
which I received from his hand:
Mv P ia Ke;k\o: D??? yonr heart bo'iml to
wards alt** it n?< ? S" d'*a uiiu*. in/ m<,< '
at am i >lid tot dare to tell yoa 11 I [??.? .ur?,t!fit
trit bird ta.is -una in m? heart ihtsa/nwr week*. an 1
b-bcc( T(ti?i)t*ilvlth uie m-ver an*in to leave.
' Syrii g has come.* Because 1 thought it -oaid
glarideu on to knew ibis, and not to trouble or
? tuberr* as too In any ir.iy, I no* writs. Of <~ >nr?
I rh. uld like to share with ??? myj.-y.bnt C4C
van fur tb" beyond When d?- ir Krao* says I m*v
one* ngain g<> to old Plymouth 1 *ili thank the
dear Father. ? .
There can be but one meaning in these
pfirases under such circumstances. "1 am wr
self again. I did not ilare to tell you till I kjii
sure, 'but the bird has sung in my heart thase
four wee It, and be has covenanted with me
"never again to leave. 'Spring has come,"" &c
"Of course, I should hk< to share uitA ytu my
"I assume it will not be claimed that Tilton
extorted from his wife this letter. Was this so
significant hint to come "when she was all
rluht" answered? The reply to that question
will be found in two notes to Elizabeth from
Beecher. the shorter one enclosed within the
other. The first is as follows:
"The blessinr of God rest upon you!" Bvery
spark of li^ht and warmth in lour owu home "lis
be a star ar.d a snu in mT dwelling Yournote broke
like spring f?*.c] up n winter, *?nd save me an in
ward rebound toward lite No one can ever know
none hut God?thro-gli what a dreary wild-m*** 1
have wandered ' There was Mt. bi^ni, there *
the baron sand, there win the alternation of hop?
and despair that marked the piUruaaite or old. If
< nly it might lead to the Promised Lau I ->r,H
M> see, shall I die on the border. Y ur Idk ?n.i
couTSCf ur? ii|f HtH]UtD6- Should G *<1 Inaptr* you
to restore aid rehnlld at hom*? a>jd while doicg it
to cheer ar.d sustain outside of It Bi.other who ?.re|r
netds help in heart and spirit, it will prove a lite *,
noble a-few are able to live ' and, in another world,
the emancipbttd son I may nt'er thank- '
I! it would be of comfor* to ????. r ow and tlun, to
?end me a Utter of true iuwa'-lnets |sic 1?the ,at
f oc e cf yonr Inner life?it u ould b ? safe, tor I ?rn
bow at botne h?Te with my sister; an 1 it is p < I
t. >/1 u |sir] and will be an exc-edins rtfre?hnit?i.t to
me, f-r yonr heart experiences ara oft?n 'ikt- br-wi
frotr Leaven lo the hnngry. God has enriched J our
nio*al i at are. M yn<to-h r? p^rtak
This is in Beecher's handwriting, bat without
direction or signature, but the note enclose in
pencil tells us the direction of it, as the words,
"Your note broke like spring upon winter,"Ml
aUo to wt at note it was in reply to, bscauae th*t
iinotes the word? of Meg. Tlllon's, "Spring has
come," asking him to "share her joy," she
being "all right" now. The enclosure is on s
slip of paper marked O (but which I do not pro
duce fcere, reserving it tor presentation befjre
another tribunal-) . ,
Was there ever a plainer cv>e ot renewal ol
intimacv.to say the least, than this? Mark, also
an.id the prayers to God containsd in the longer
note Beecher's suggestion that Kiiiabeth can
write him now "tcitfc safety," bec*use ke it .'? ?
innahmt u-itk kit tifter?i. '., hit wife is away!
The latest statement of Mr. Moalton 1* the
signal for a new start for the report?rial inter
viewers ot the. New York and Brooklyn press
and to sallv forth to make a i.utton-holdinp
raid on the Tom. l?ick and Harrys of Brooklyi
Heights, in order to learn their views on the
Plvmouth moral mud-throwing.
A reporter of the Brooklyn (N. Y.) Eigle
called on Mr. Tracv. one of Mr. BeecherV
counsel, on Satnrdav, with the special object to
obtain an explanation of that portion ot Mr
Mouiton'8 sUt?ment in which he charge* Mr
B?echer with adultery with a woman other t'i an
Mrs. n ilton. Mr. Tracv said the U3y reteri><l
to 1 v Mr. Monlton is Mrs. Edna Dean Proctor
and'the publication of her letter by Moaltan i>
ore of the m??st atrocious and damning out
rs.gt r that he had ever known to be perpetrated
The l idy referred to had a l?n?iness ditlictlrv
with Mr. Beet her fourteen year? sgo. and out
of that d flictilty there was a very shaip auo
artgrv corre.-pondence on ber j'irt wifti Mr
Beecher. She sx-oke harshly and severely ol
kim to others?to her friends; but Mr. Beech
cr> letter-showed that she had mi?appreheuil??o
bis action, ard while she accepted hi- explana
tiot s and resumed triendly relations witti h:m
she never quite felt that she hat not bsec
wronged in that matter. Thia note, wuicb b
now published. relates to that matter and U>
that onlv; and was a simple statement that she
n tertaihtd fourteen years afterward, when the
note was witten. r-o harj-li or unkind feeling
toward Mr. Beecher, growing out of that trans
The note itself c'.eirly shows that it could have
no reference to such a transactioa a? it is now
brought forward for and us*d by Mr. Moulton
Mt. Beecher turned this lady's private letters
with others, over to Moulton for safe-keeping
and now Moulton attempts to wrest it from lb
true meaning and to make it evidence to prov?
a transaction which never existed, and which
never had any foundation in tact. No irapra
per relations ever existed between this lady am
Mr. Beecher, and they were never on even es
Kciallv intimate terms. The frien ls of this
iv, some days ago, hearing of the use Mr
Moulton was av*>outto make of this letter, cause*
to be madetohim a full explanation of its mean
ing; and Mr. Beeclier's correspondence, which
occurred 14 years ago. relating to this matter
and tullv explaining it. was shown to Mr. Moul
ton's intimate and confidential frlond, and the
Injustice and outrage of snch a u?e as Is no*
made of that note was clearly jointed oat t<.
him. That this information was conveyed to
Moulton, and that he fully understood it, hu
own statement clearly shows, because he relert
to the efforts of bis friend* to save her from 'hi
great outrage, end that he knew and unler
stood the facts. It is difficult for the imag.ua
tion to conceive of a crime blacker than the one
Moulton has committed on thi lady.
Mr. Moulton, in the course ot Saturday after
noon went to the New York produce exchange
and was immediately surrouded by a numerous
crowd, all anxions to see a persou wlio had
gained so much notoriety. Ha seemed to have
u good manv friends on the floor, and yet there
were not a few others who thought it would
have l>een quite as well if, at such a conjunc
ture, he had kept him-elf in the background.
Abattoirs for Citirs.?The sanitary com
mittee of the New York board of healtb has re
lommendedthe board to take the necessary pre
l.minaiy areps toward the removal ol the busi
ness of slaughtering from the city limits, an 1
the concentration thereof in suitable location
and in propei ly constructed buildings. Th?
proposed ordinance in relation to the sub
ject is not to go into effect until some distant
dav, probably July 4th, 1S76, and will re<iu re
the business of slaughtering to be carried on in
buildings situated on the river front, construct
ed specially tor the purpose of utilizing all but
the marketable meats of the annuals slaugh
tered, and thoroughly well drained by pip as
carried below the level of low water. In Weet
Philadelphia there are signs of a beginning ?l
the abattoir system for this city?Phila. Ledjer.
Stmt against Jas. Watroh W*bb.?When
J as. Watson Webb was .American minister in
Brazil he obtained from the Brazilian govern,
ment damages for the alleged illegal condem
nation of aa American vessel. It waa subse
quently ascertained that the ooodemnatlon was
not Illegal, and the Brazilian government made
application for the refunding of the amount
paid to the United States. The amount?about
$25,000?was tendered, but the Brazilian gov
ernment declined to reoaive it In fall satisfac
tion, on the ground that it was only about one
half ot what that government had paid to Min
ister Webb. Suit nas now been brought in the
United States district court by the United
States, to reoover from Mr. Webb the alleged
deficiency.?V. F. Pott, 12tk.
IIok. Ebxnrzbr Khowltow, of Matas,
Drowkid Hon- Kbeuexer Knowlton(of Mont
ville. was drowned In a stream near his residence
last Thursday afternoon. He went into bathe,
and it is supposed was attacked by heart dis
ease and died instantly. He waa Representa
tive from the Belfast district to Congress in
1X55 and 18W5. He was a Baptist minister, had
held some of the highest offices in the state, and
was much respected as a man and public ser
vant. His age was about 60 years.
Fatal Tumikatioi of a* Old Frcd ?
Dispatches from Lexington, Mo., state th^a
snooting affray occurred there on Saturday be
tween Deputy City Marshal L. A. Kan# and
Deputy Sheriff Eugene Swing. Kane was
killed and Ewing was mortally wounded. The
affair grew out ot an old feud.
Lamb 8alx* I* Fairfax, Va-?leaac
Grossman has sold ssven acres about two miles
bevond Fall's Church, to Dr. Graham, at #40
per acre* Thoe. N. Walker has sold ten acres
of the old Bobey tract, hear Fairfax Ooart
House, for ?l,M0 cash, to a lady named Qeoni.
Pari*. September 14.?Partial returns have
been roe*ive?i from the election Tor member <>r
the assembly in the Department ol Mun-et
l/'iie. So tar w r?nr*?w<l the rote stands
tbus ? Compte de Mailie. <r^p ,) 36.0*M; M
Hniiy, (government candidate. supporting the
?eptenn*>e,) 2:'(00; M. Berger. (B<>nApart *:.>
IP.oOO. The above includes returns from all
the Important town*of the department. It is
probable that the election will result in n<>
> hotce, and another will have to tw? he'd
Compte de Mailie ke the pressni member for
Vlenn A, September 14.?There is great ex
clt?ment and indignation among the inhabit
ants of the Galacian aid Tran-Tleauian prov
inces in consequence ot a violation of their
territory by 600 Moldavian peasant*, who for
cibly crowed Into the district of Cxik. Tfie
governor of the district telegraphed to Pe>.h
tcr militarv.
London. Septeml>er H.?Ttie S'aniiird **>
tbe Scliieswig question Is assamlng a aerio i?
aspect. in consequence of the daily expulsSiu
of Danish subjects and the hostile to. e of the
German press. Public opinion will compel the
government to send a formal protect to Berliu
and ultimately to retaliate by t'.i? expulsion o.
German subjects from l>ani#n soil.
Ceatral and Suutli Atuerlra.
Panama, September 4?A ball was given by
the people of this city on the evening of the vl
Inst., at the government palace, to A lra rai
Collins and tbe captain and officers of the I'ni
ted States steamer Richmond.
Advices from Lima to the ^th of August give
an account ot an attempt to assassinate the
president of Peru. Letters had been revived
stating that there *? a con?piracy to murder
him, but the president refused to pay any atten
tion to them. An attack was made as tbe pres
ident we* leaving tbe palace to walk to his
bouse, which is situated about Ave block' from
tbe government building. A number of men
bad posted themselves ready for an onslaught.
Many shots were tired, none ol which struck his
Kxcellency. The leader ot the movement wa?
wounded and captured after a hand to-hand
conflict with Col. Santa Maria. The other con
spiratorsfled, but thirteen of them have sino*
been raptured and will be subjected to a rigor
ous trial. Tbe plot was no doubt a wide-spre* 1
conspiracy among discontented unemployed
military officers. 1 he i?eople assembled in gre^t
crowds before the president's house and cheered
him on his escape.
P?tI1* ol the Sea.
Fortress Monroe, Va., September 14.?The
Norwegian bark Delphine, Captain Le*ch;ey.
from Cork, bar- arrived in ballast seeking
freight. Sbe reports that she encountered a
cyclone on the night of September t'.th, las'.iRg
twelve hours. There was a heavy chep sea
which split her sails. On the afternoon of the
7th instant, in latitude 37 4* longitude 'ti 41
pickcd up tbe crew of the Italian bark Fmma
S., from New York, with grain for Amsterdam,
tl ree days out, which foundered that morning
1 he captain and crew of thirteen men lost
everything except the clothes they sttx>d in
They were brought here, and leave for Balti
more to-night.
Tlie Teui|?eraiire (ain|mieetlu( to
Portland, Mr., September 14 The tern
}>erauce campmeetitig *t Old Orchard beach on
Saturday and Sunday was not so largely at
tended as on the previous days. Interesting ad
dresses were delivered by Dio Lewis. Kev. A
A. Meacham, of the Indian peace commission
Miss Frauces K. Willard, of Chicago, and
others. The exercises came to a close last night,
aid to-day the encampment will break up.
A I k?Ij Killeil by a Fall.
Wilminoton, Drl., September 14.?An 1n
quest was held yesterday on the body of Mrs.
Sarah Jane Kussell, who was kill by a tall dur
ing a visit to the steamer Juniata, with other
ladies, on Saturday evening. >tiy fell to ttie
bottom of the dry "dock from the gang plank,
causing instant death trom concussion ot the
(*<>?? rnor IN x noil Ha>?rHa*einsj er
Albany, September 14.?Governor Dix's le
ction in the H*veuie\er case Is made public to
day. The cecision censures the course of thi
mayor, tut declines to remove him or take any
further action in the case.
Cikciukati, Septen:l?er 14?The stone-ware
works of Shenkle Brothers, at Akron, Ohio,
were burned Saturday. The loss is *13,000; in
eur&nce $7,000.
- ? ^ ?1 1
A Fourteen Year-Old Boy Hangs Him
selp?In Ptoria, 111., last Friday morning,the
attention of tbe police was called to an almost
unbearable stench proceeding from the insur
ance and law office of Carson & McFarlaud.
on South Adams street. Both these gentleman
had been oat of tbe city K>me days and their
office closed. On breaking in the doors a hor
nble sight met the view. Suspended by a slen
der cord trom a hinge in the office door hung
the body of Herman Niehaus, a young Lai
abf'Ut 14 years old. employed by the tirm as a
copying clerk. The b?xly was bloated and de
composed, and had probably been hanging
there several davs. Niehaus had been left in
charge of the office, and had probably hanged
himself in the manner described after the de
parture of bis employers. No possible cause
can be assigned for the act.
Marriage op a Certenariaw.?The Troy
Times says that Cornelius Jackson, colored,
aged one hundred years, a resident of Lansing
burg, was married Thursday, at the hotel in
Mechanicsville, by Kev. C. 1?. Flagler, to Diana
Williams, or the' latter place. Jackson was
born in Waterford in 1873, ami until the eman
cipatlon of the colored race from servitude he
was a slave. He was tirst owned by Hugh Pco
bles, of Lansingburg: then by the Levers*-ee, ot
the same place, then by Mr. n.ce.of Whitehall,
and lastly by Mr. Becker, of Stillwater. He is a
well-preserved specimen of mankind, notwith
standing his renarkable age. as his marriage to
a stout buxom woman would seem to mil ate.
He doesn't look a dsv oldtr than eighty years ol
Death op the M^n who Captcrrd Torn
Surratt.?Coroner Brown held an inquest at
the Morgue iu Philadelphia ever the bolyot
Henry Benjairan Ste. Marie, who died on Tues
daylight at 17tb and Market streets or heart
disease. Ste. Marie was the man who captured
John H. Surratt, for whom the government
ottexrd a reward of t'io.OOO. He received oaly
?10,0W, and instituted a suit for 115,000, ttu
remainder of the reward. He obtained a judg
ment in the Court of Claims, but the ctse was
carried bv the Attorrey General to the United
States Supreme Couri. where it is now pending
Ste. Marie was a native or Canada, aud wa?
iorty-one years of age
Singular Law Suit.?The supreme judicial
court of New Haroj-sliire has l.een occupied a
Nashua lor a day or two past to hear the argu
ments in the case of Bixby vs. Dunlap. It ap
pears that nearly three years ago Bixby hire."
a Swedish girl of au agent in Boston, and pain
*50 for her passage to this oountry. On her
arrival in Nashua with others, Dnnlap changed
the tags on the girls and stole Bixby 'a girl. The
jnrv brought In a verdict of guilty, and Dnnlap
was" fined ?140 actual costs and #300 exemplary
Pfe there Gold in thr Black Hills??Gen
eral Caster's final official report to General
Terry recapitulates his former statements, and
takes strong ground in favor of lbs Immediate
opening or the Black Hills for military reesona
He endorses tbe report of the gold discoveries,
and suggests further explorations next season.
Nevertheless Professors Winchell and Oonald
son assert that General Coster does not know of
his own knowledge that any color of gold was
found in the Black Hills.
Addkess to M issotrai K?rrb_lica?s.?Hen
nT Blow, chairman, and N. M. Morris, ese
SuPv ofThe Missouri state republican central
committee, in an address to the Bepnblicans of
that state nrge them in tbe election of delegate*
to state ?>rv?tion. to be held September 23
to re-sffirm the principles of the party and per
petuate its influence by discipline and organised
Tbe Oregon doctors met m (blue) mis
convention last week.
ItTJosh Billings savs, "Tew enjoy? a good
repuushun.giv publicly and steal privately."
B/~A colored youth in Baltimore pawned his
wooden leg for a plat of whisky.
VMn. Morrissey parades Saratoga In a
gl ,000 black polonaise.
tFA rampage for doing wax work flatters
St. Louis girls.
ty Two new salts have been made op in the
United States circuit court at Philadelphia
against Jay Cooks & Co.
?FMuihal Beraine has eecaped, bat hi*
Mexican mother-in-law to coming to live with
them always.
(?ol<t??iilf h ??I4'? Rrrral Arkllf
TW* rAST*?T MIL* cm UB?nnO.
! Fram the New York IV'.tine J
TTi* rttnoi.littft ?r r?mt< rua-ls by
?}?USn.tft> Mm) at Mjatir rwk. Boston. on
Wtdtir?day. :e worthy or more thea pa->?ng
notice, lor It Mirk# ei fr* memorable ta the
LUtory oi the American trotting turf. Thirty
>f*rj?*?o '? tw??-forty on tbr fl*nkn>?4 ' wt?
to (?
1 drnotc a tr>'tt rig horve ot soon than
Old nar? *|-e. d. and whe*. la 1H*. Ua<1t S iffolh
txotted a m'le hee* under *aidie. on ttie Can:
J*?l? Course, Las'.ni. la 2 ? a^ata** Mar an.l
Gray F?gle.tbe aciueot *|<erd war then *????
p aed to tar* been reachi 1 Seran roar* I e'er,
r o a Temple. In the hands ot the great A inert -
? an hrman, H ram Woodruff, Mtenxt tha
record to t.2i\. made in a re ?* again?t l'v#rj
on the i ilion < car*, Sep'eaiher >. |\V, the let
'M ?m?i ent ile an?l Flore in haraee*.
For >ear? this rciwJ remained uae<iua led, hat
*?? mple heraelf N(e?mt?|t rod tired tt to
r > ? * 2 2} ^ ? Bad M<?,, the latter t rue
being n>?i*< at Kkitnuiiw. on ? >. t?btr 1%, 1>*?.
lVxter, Kol>er homier * fanmu- bora- waa the
Brst to tx it thia recoivl. which he did la hi*
tnemorab e match against time, wbrt his then
> wner, George Allev, be ked hin, to t*
under sad Me. with three ti tale, at tha <?dd? ot
#2 IW to f |l).rts>. The con.eat took pax ra
October |fl, N s, iVxtei winning in 2 i* | %, IK
tb?kai>.biit.lohn Murplir, aim rode him. In
1*85, at B t'aic. OvBtcr, trot'ii g era'net hi*
time of 2 l" 1 5, under *el Ue. | a. ed 2 1* >n the
r?eord, and two rear* latar. over iu? *ame
???mae. on A?p?t M, lm:. in bernea*. m?tr hi*
f*?twt and Biwt memorable record ot 2 IT * .
In uied.aw W at'er ttii great |>erform?oce ue
Into Mr. Honttr-r'a possesion. who attk*
drew him fiom the turf. At tl?e tune ol h;* re
tirement IVitw *as onlv n ne vea-> old. hal
i.ot attained (lie tali development of hi? won ler
ful *j t-ed. end il retained in regular iranm*
would undoubtedly ha*e reduced the rrntttn^
record ?ar k!ow anything tliat ha- ret horn
nen. On hn atdlcetion Golii?mith Maid a?
? timed tlit va> ant thtotie. aid baartear!) *li->an
her undoubted right to t?ie position, lor on the
Cold String Comae. VHwaukee. on Septem
ber t;, Kl, four years after l?-*ter'?
rti-ord bed lietn ma le. t.Se trotted a ^ con t
heat in 2:JJT, or a <|iiarter of a ae<x>nd
taator than the renowned aon of Hamhletoulan.
She waa then fourteen veer* old. and It la a
rtrtHnjr proof of the fact that trotting honw do
not attain the full development ??f their a|?ee.l
at d rowera ot enduranoe, tuat ahe ha* i>'nc<?
continued to trot faater everv year On -l ine
tT. 1*72, Ooldmlth Maid male the reonrd of
?lfo driven by W. H. l?o?.le the fa'her of
Hudd !><>ble, the trainer ot the mirr at M vati;
I'ark, Boeton. In a aeoond heat. I'etil the Oall
rornia borne < 'c ident. at Sacramento, on Sei.t.
IT, I-T3. repeated the graat feat. t>u? retuaine.t
une.;uale.!. Thw year, hirwever, tlitr fainjun
mare hae furi aaaed fiereeir, for at Hutfalo. on
Atigurt T, in trotting again?t ber o?n
beat time, in a eecond boat, ahe placed
2:15), on the record: Are day* later. ??
A nguat 12, at Kocbeater. ahe trotted a
?eoond beat agatnrt .ludge F?UerU>n and Amer
ican Girl in 2.14 and on Wed need ay, Aepteui
ber 2, at Myanc Park, Boaton, for a ?|>ecial
purae ot offered tor hor to t?eat ber own
record of 2 !?>, ahe trotted a aec<m1 trial of one
mile in 2.14, amid the cheer* of the aaaembled
thour-amla Uow low ?he to deotiued to redaoo
the trotting record It la un-ate to pre?lict. lor
*he accompliabea her coneecutlve trtumpbe ao
e?hliv as to lead to the conviction that aiie h<w
a |>o?er of apeed atlll in reeerve to be eclnhited
whenever occaaton rei'ilrea. It war the inten
tion of her oaner, H. Smith, of thia city, to
withdraw her from the turf at the end of thia
aeaaon and place ber atvtie breeding atq.|, bat
It i* now understood that he hae coo tuered thia
determination, anil that neat aea* ?n ahe will re
appear on the turf :n the hand* <?f 1 Uu IUm.
ScAWPALora Chakkks Auaiict Thkii
MiwiaTBRe?tv>rre*pon.1cnoe of t)ie N. Y.
Herald, from Krie, Pa., Sept. 8. ?aya The Krle
conference ot the Methodlat Kplaoopal Church
met for It# thirty-ninth animal aeeaton tn thia
city on Wedneaday I act, Biahop Jeaae T. Peck,
"? O., |>realding. About 2Vi memlterv were pree
ent. Three minuter* are on trial. Tbe Kev K.
K. Kolterta waa yeatenUv etpelled from the
ministry of tbe Methodm 'Episcopal Church tor
conduct unbecom ng a Cbriatian minister. The
Kev. B. Mat*teller had left his home for the
pnrpose of attending tbe conference last veer
and he had been seen on the car* with a woman
ot doubtful character, and had never been seen
or beard of since. Although a great deal of
acandal * as connected with the above raaea, the
conference kept them vtry quiet, not even di
vulging what the charges were: but tbev mu?t
have been ot tbe "Beecber sort ' in the i a?e o?
Kobefa, who was expelled. Nothing haa been
?lone as vet in the raaeot the Kev. B. Marateller.
Some people think that the woman be was laat
seen with had "seduced turn" from the patbs of
virtue, and that the minister was under ber In
fluence so far that be dared not again return to
the wile of bis bosom. Stilt others claim that be
seductd the woman, a la Beecher. and left his
borne with her and is still living with ber. It
would not do tor him to return, a* he will, no
doubt, be excelled It is a sail caae truly, but it
froes far to t-bow that ministers are nit "Infalll
?le" by auv means. Another ca?e wee ; reaetited
yiaterday. that of the Kev. K. H Proaser. The
charges are not lully known as the conference
desires to keep tbe matter secret as much a
poesible: but I have beard that tbev undoubted
ly cor.aisf of imputation* fmrmtlf h i con
duct U>aafd the ? 'daughterscf F.ve."
KrKoreAin Tkavbl and T radi.?Five
steamers sailed from New York on Saturday for
Euro|?e, rli: the Kugland, Baltic, and -lava for
Liverpool; the (ilympic, tor i.lnagow, and the
Nocker, tor Bremen. Their cabin ptasenger
lists made iti the aggregate about two hundred
persona. Among the piasengera were Karon
Von Telenski,T. Hauibleton, t*eu. K. F. Miller,
and Or. B. Beverly Cole. The foreign steam
ship lines running into New York are ?am-whet
alarmed at the unprecedented decrease of their
business The Hamburg line liaa withdrawn
'tWMl of its steamers, the Cremen line has fol
lowed this example, the Baltic-Lloyd company
has taken of* all its vessels, and the whole tieet
is now lying idle at Stettin. This oompiny was
obliged to disoontiuue bv an abeolate want <?t
business. But all the compknlea are fufTerere to
a great extent. None of tbeiu carry at preaent
one-half or one third the usual number of ateer
age passengers, while freight* are very light,
and competition haa driven rato* down so tow
that little money can be made. Much of all this
Is to be attributed to the general stagnation of
businesa, and to tbe tact that information oi the
overcrowded condition of the lal>or market In
thia country has been spread everywhere
tbrougboat Europe. The Philadelphia Bulletin
claims that aome of tbe damage has been done
by tbe Euro|iean lines rannlng from Philadel
phia and Baltimore,which carry heavy freights
to and from both cities, while the American
line also brings quantities of good* for we*tern
importers who were ocne PQiwj-clleJ to bring
their merchandise into New York.
A M ad Wom AD'S Crtmb?A shoe king affair,
says the Pall Mall Gazette, Is reported from
N'ewcaatle-on-Tjne. A Jeweas, named Re
becca Lewis, about forty years of age, the wife
of a slipper-uiaker, suddenly made an attack
upon her husband as be was'standing looking
out of the window, and stabbed him thrice in
the neck before he coulil wreat the kuife from
her. He ran for a doctor, and his wife, whom
be turned out of the house, rushed into the
boose or a neigbbor namec Kaven, and.
seizing a table knife, drew it across her
throat. Mr*. Karen rau for the polic*,
but on her return she found both of her owa
children bleeding about the neck, and Mrs.
1aa is standing looking on. The eldest child,
a boy about tso years aoc a fca f old. lay on hi*
back on tbe floor with his throat cut, and an
infant tLree monrbs old lay beatde him, bleed
ing at the nouth from a wound apparently
caused by the knife being thrust di>wn bis
throat. Neither ot tbe wounds was severe
enough to prove instantaneously fatal, but tbe
chi'dien are in a dangeroas condition, and the
infant Is not expected to recover. The infu
riated woman, after having her owa wounds
dreased. tore of? the bandage ana at tempted to
stab ber*elf with a fork. 8be was too weak to
be removed to the police station, and an offioer
was left in charge ot her. It is supposed that
she is insane.
A Little Gikl Octraoid at a Car*
Mirrine on thi Sabbath Oar.- Laat Sunday
morning, when the assemblage of worshippers
at Bond's camp ground. Ave miles west itf
Biountviile. had assembled for service, three
little girls, daughters of Win. A. Boy. ventured
Into the woods a eery few paces from tbe en
campment, and were followed by a young Baa
named James Cox. aged seventeen, who caught
one of them aged nine years and proceeded to
violate her person. Har cries and tboas of ber
little sister* called to Ifeatr aid Masai*. Beattir ,
Mulllss and Andrew Saa^p, who aaa^bt him t
the verv act. and caused him todertefby thr w -
lug a rock, whiob came witbtn a few Inches of
k. ':ug him. He was immediately placed ander
strong guard and heM for trial. The unspeaka
ble boldness and atrocity at Ue on me, aro?; - <d
the wildest excitement among Oka tbous? v.*
who were there present, and warns near toim
natiny tbe services. The little gtri iia eL J or
our most estimable Sullivan count,) e*tt
,and the devil who was outraging her, i*
of respectable parents. It may as well t> ?
?eeyfl as a fact, that tbe swast llttle g < wo
i on our knees, are not safe from the
pbemcus bipeds which walk boldly In o
midst, and society owes It ?e them that <k*
devils should be made to saffbr death en t
spot. Cox was casgbt with dlfCcaity, aa* eff?re<*
WOO to be set at llbarty?Hristtl (Fa.) New?.
KTThere is likely to Nr^a dacHae la the "so.
VA seneral and protracted drouth is delay
ng tbe faruaers of Obte and Pennsylvania [a
patting in their fall crops.
Wary and Emma, daagbtsn of Hagb
Fletcher, were drowned In Sauble rtver, On
tario, on Saturday evening. They fell Into a
deep bole while wading the stream.
?7~Tb* monument erected la htaor of Gen
eral Nathaniel Lyoa, hilled at the battle of
Wilson's creek. Aagast, 1*1, <
la St. Louis, oa Satarday.
?7*1 meeting of the Brttt* amatear earaesea
is called for to oay In Londoa when a* ehhrt
will he made to induce one or mars crew* to ge
to Philadelphia and take pwtto
uonal regatta la l?7?.

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