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t\ BL1?RED DIILT, SaodajT! Eieepted,
Ptoiujlvanla A(fan?, f?r. 11th fit
Tl! HUIK jfiS "JfSPiril fOIPl.TT,
9 H. u: Ff.njjy-js jTrtil.
TH? IVIM.NU sTA 1-1 f? ?TT?! bf c?rr>r^ to ?
their ?nb*-nt-r* *t Tsn ?'*?*!? r?R ?"?. o?
F*>mTT-rrr? C??ni p?? ?? srH C piM *t :r?e
wntit' r T*? ??rh. Ry mail?thr?*? z> jn'h*.
91.ic. ?'? *i? tit*-- < i ? *r, S#.
7HI U'SIKLT ST \R-F nbM?b??d Tr>lay? ?1 5?
? r-ar. in ?' ?!>?"*? Id both cap**,
ui' aa pap r kd* 1 * ?'? r ;i.?o p?i i for,
?/"Rt!.? ?f n?tT?rt ?lT-g frrni?h??.1 ">n
V^.. 44? iN~. 6,709.
HmiII CoD.llkiun Powders.
r a# ? rime* H ilwratmen #'?# ii.
mmr* wlir r? B jMLH IVf gy^uillC.
'?iMHII t-*l PUH ttlfctfEh.
fc-g*4<iu Bt Jia ?r> f th? fia
r ?n ?p- i ?l i Art, t a,
M '53 AND S LtC. D JilME.
A!!**. the foil wir. n?n-1 n-?? tal?nt will nevi':
%? B CAVANA'-.H. <>OLLf S* BSOTtlKB*,
MI'S r.\VNl* P ?->TilR ?o I * B >? ?X. ali-3*
, OKI)"* ?P?H I M<*tJSB.
T' ?"?0, 7 ?> %n?l 'H Cettl.
Eoif*??-a--ot jf the popular Y ?i? S. -?r,
.<r c FR.tyrg.
y * SKIP F >n LT*F. la Fure Exciting AN.
*! M.!. kl> biFf.i. ri?? A" ?.
M A '.Kr.lt K-..H birs.t* rtT* s?ei'ing \ ?.
liNtB K<>? Lir?, K* Hm? vie.
WAtKEU FOB 1.1 rI. in Fi.b CicitiiU A ts
M <tia?? on 9e*nrl?y; r te?p priest fj? L ?1' ?*
And CbiMren. T.e If itnliKtlai f on
Patnrday Light. sepll If
"*o JOB F itiaa ked ?*lelSiwSc
1 _ I 439
lTH8T* haKkk.ter b. 't7h8t
So. 43J? 7th rtr ??:, b<tw? ? V a .1 * atieets, elgnt
d"?.to ekive Odd Fell ?*?' Hall,
t'kclca OJf Faintirga, E: g-*- *uga, Ohronvos, Ar.
Also, lari-pt at k P p>r U*'.gin??, Window
bi.a.iea P1'-tnr?t, r r?n< i a, P"-t?re flor-li and Taa
?*???, Kltn. Nai!a, Ac., |t? tb? Ptstrlct.
a^*T?)i?Ci H
?^"Please recen.twr Bare? and N amber. )?My?
All ki vita or oin rLCMBN'9 castoft
W IAKHUa F P A It KL c?u be ao)4 to the ?e'T
h~?t advantage by ad.lr or sailing on JUSrH,
HSDtlf?l lei?t-n < S and 7lb atree'a north
* ? ?t. Botes bf atall promptly attended to.
C'aab ?a'd. U8 tr
V O T I C I .
Ibt CC'M PLIM IN TART PAI'V t!?M j the
wkirbwa* p-,"tp s?-d !*e ptf mt.*r 17,
l-7l.cn MMM of th? in'-ien:??i_
? ? a??*-r. will rlace St t'TAM "
I K b -J4, l>r?, at S it p. til aaarp. B?..rlr?f iur
- -??
n- 0\
n- uA
T bo h*l 1 under ;ho au*pic?a of
BOLLOWAT LOL' I.No. 4, I. 0. O. T.,
r ?niTM*'i.clc? on WIU5I9UAT, the 231 in
staiit. ?lid rbijiog ( ii Cri'iitjr th- J2tb, with a
Oraji>1 Kali Tonrnai:) u: to be brld attht/
Bi iab:wc?-d Fark <utlili)AY.tti?2jtti. m
nhi. iaa at 3 *' p m A Urw> U it j will ,i
n i - c ocriLK tii?- rMiD*. Addre?-'?*> by ik - 11 'ii
M i*cc.:Mtf Biaii, Jadga and Col I: T
hi?i?tt. K t igiit* ?ish'n* to p ?rtii*ip'\t'? mi'l
??:I" their uac ?? ? r. r N-f-re ih>- Stth ii *t t<? the
I nm:tt?e t'. mf. ?!?! be at the tem. &ni ? f
ti e lttli air-et ai><l i iiTer tip'iavt i7th ittree*) rail
v^i??r* clock ?aah dat -n ? \l ? k on F.:i? .
J S CBOC'K Kb, Jg , o. a STitNIC,
V? W kV AbT. J SI. NaliHANY.
T. k<t't. the fatr.: -e t?.T nr. i anient, :0 ;
Ball, ?.'iT.itt m* a ??>-ii 1- ?n %'>d ? uliM, <fl. -C 3i*
With A Imini'ia Ticketa to
Will b? ??? ;<1 dnr" ? th? we?*, ending 8a'n da}
Al'- rt. ?l Ft rf ra*n . *. i
?? : ti'i'. 1 hKi
lit' A D, a ?'H5 '? i nr?e??r c Titer Lt'h ?tr6et and
F- i.i -j Iva.-tia av?toe. L corner St!> -"re^t
and Pi c- ij!> a- :aa\.: i. ; anl B.ltini re a-J I\t
a.*c &?ilit,*d i> pvt.6:h aL'i B s'.re-is.
#?-p!2 t Ge'.-ral Pa#s*:m:?r A?>-n?.
? '??! Fratk Hvllir s-hcad, of tte at earner AB
!.? 4 ,ta<!?i Hi- i''. nt ac ritraci ii ? .
i r th" I At IBS MijI NT MK.
M'N A?feCCIATIU>. rnn a ?*? a*uer
daiiy (9cLda> e\c-|i <1 > to M nut Vernon, ia the
?aly p?rai.?i ailfw Ml to la^d p^a^^gers by meaai
t at at 31 ki.I Vtrn- n Wt.arf.
P>w? T" at fa will * VOID the rrnt-bl? TTtat! "C
rf kit !Mi 3 MIL Cb IB HIOUIOlilMbT
eta. r Hi.?*ai by takl e th<-reg-.iar ?i->.vu-r, Arrow
Tt)f ?!eara. r l-av.-* 7tn a*r^e* ? barf dait) (Si-m ay
excepted > a; 1 ? o'cluca a. m , returning at' >'it I p. ni
kt end T if Ttckata, 5I, ia kduirwi u to
K aLtiv. L Otooi da.
t* pf. M. cut \ ? rujn At- c-^rion.
Captain Blearier At row. aepS-tm
UK ITKA.tllH tilLt lUIA
I A i TlMbKe:. t-fJH WASHlMiTuy, OA
JM U Hktik AT 9 P. m? SIXDAY. K fc
7' L KM 1>H, LKAVk* t>Tt>PHH.*S(t*-S
Enter of theae trips aft <rda parties k fl&e oppor
tni.ity to Ciijo) a saii on the Ch^aa- it?wb ^
p> ike tar ar.i P t.mac nt. r with-ft
i-n; of nrnch tune 1r. m bositeaa fc?isMda
Ail atrnninio.ia'1 n?-me?U, rater x?tn, *0.?flrat
ciaa?. t> at-n oa^a Oiay be engaged in advaacebr
applicatint tw tbe t.ta. Th> au-arn-r can be cbar
tere?! ft r etcaraion? fri.ni tbta city an >1 "j-lay* and
Tue? ,j a . f e? h wet It at rews taM* rate*.
jf*-tf bTEFil ENSOS .% UHOTHIB, Agent*.
IS74 ? l l r 1874
b o ?* s? < l o t n i .r a i
B?^VS' 8CH ??T. sriTJA.
khyh' dkkss sriTS
A. 8TRAU8,
l'opular Clothing XiouMo,
B'.tweea lVtb acJ llih Str^eu.
antg tr Three Doora from 11th
JkWKLAV.Sil r$n t\i, t LA TbU *AKt
>AAt'E WOODS, ft ,
B?-i?ied apeciaily fop
AU J ?>*( opened
??? W ttALT BRO *??.,
J e #i>l .'i?.
Washinfirton Nows and Gossip.
Istep.nal Heyeju-e?The receipts Croat th s
source to-day were ?1Q 12? C*.
Pri<<!di>t Ci&a?i fukj the War dspirt
n;ent tHi' rning. arid spent time in co.i
*u: tat ion with the Secretary o" W*r.
Mahi-* U. Nkwlin, of K?n?*a, ba* biffi
a p <it>tcd agent {or the lodi&u tribe* ia tu?
I'xtS Admiral ll<>o<;2r.v> yster1av ent^r?d
nj-jii his duties as superintendent >f th ? n ivV
a ?dcmy at Annapolis. Tne bid il naval to .or*
were disown.
Li?rT. Cot. ,Ia?. Vas Voort, 16 h inftn rr,
actirg in*pector general in tne J vi-ion ? f the
Math, has been ordered to take stat on at Nev
l>ort, Kt.
Wm T. Haepss1?, of Missouri, has been a; -
poit t-?.l a first class clerk in the contract offije
of the Pt et ??;Tice department, vied A. Bar welt,
Major James M. Whittemork, crdnance
departtucnt, id detailed as a member of the ex
?mtning board appointed to meet in New York
? tctoltr 1ft, Tice Major R M. Hill relieved.
R?cp.riTJ?io Service. ? The commanding
officer of the 1st infantry his been ordered to
detail a first lieutenant for general recruiting
service for the next two years, and orders him
to report to the superintendent at New York.
Ext it* siow of tbe Civil Service Hulks.?
T .e President has, by an executive or ler, di
rected that the civil service rales be extend d
to the several federal offices at the city and in
the customs district of Boston.
Tub hoard of civil service examiners of the
Interior department wdl in a few days hold a
competitive examination for filling one of the
positiors as "qualified snrgeon" in the medical
referee's division of the Pension office.
Personal.?Prof. L.G. Marini has just re
turned from a summer trip to England, Franc
ard Italy, his native country. General W
I>. Wtipple has returned to Washington from
hb C'tH 'i il visit to the wept, and has resumed hie
duties at army headquarters.
The i SAicorsTAiiLg disappearance of
Mr. P. M. McGill has alarmed his triends at tin
headquarters of the army. The relative' o'
Vr. MeGill will find a package of important
I a per-addressed to that gentleman which have
bet'i at arrnv headquarter* ever siuce his sud
dendi.?%ppearauee, some three months sin -e.
Mails r >r China and Japan in Octorer
A corrected statement from tha Paci!lc Mai
Steam-hip C mpany ha- been received at the
Pot Ot'ce deiartment, fr m which it appear
'hat * stonier of s?id cuupitnv will sail from
Sa-i Francisco for Japan and China on the ill.
17?ti, and 31?t of Ocxber next, with the C. S
mails, instead ot on the 3d and 24th, as stated
i'. tr>. m-bedule lecenily published by the Poa
Office department.
Pwioh Agent Cox has, within the week,
paid pensiomrs residing in England, Irelan 1,
Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Australia, N'jr
way. Sweden, France, South America, Italy
Turkey, lienmark, Germany ani various oth-t
p aces abroad. These pensioners are genera! 1>
ue ?ldowe of citiz.ns of these oountries who
eiitt r?d onr service during tae late war, and
1 st their lives in it. They are paid by bills ot
exchange on the point most convenient for
tL* m.
Official Retort o* the Cotsh atta Ap
fair.?The War department has jn-t received
the report of Capt. A. W. Allyn, lflih infantry,
v?ho made a thorough mv< ?tigation of the Cm
?hatta alt air. 11 ss report fully corroborates th
it - si- already i .!? isiied, ciiown a that the
prisoners were cruelly murdered. Capt. Ai'y
e\; r> ?e - thu >i in ' n that a bad st ite of aifa r
e\ ,-ts in "!.? U 1 K ver coun'ry, and it it <mii
mines there can I.e no government permittee
tor\>t uc'es- con posed of men appointed at
tt.c dictation ol *h white men's party.
Indian Hatdkks?A telegram has been re
ceived at army headqa irters from headquarter.
Canp Hobltson,Nebraska. September 7th, 1874,
-aving: "A nies-enger ha< just arrived from
Powder river country, rej?orting that two sma 1
partits ot hostile S insane-' left there to rai 1 o:.
^-to-'k, to war Is Tort l"ettflrra*n. I hav^- re
;or'ed ^dtiie to commanding o'lesr at Fort
l.ariDMe to telegraph to commanding officer a
Fort Fetterrain. Wm. H. J'iudah,
Capt. 9 h Infantry, commanding po-t.
Everv preraction has been taken t'> fru-.tr-it<
the pi <E! of the raiders, and. if possible, to cap
;urc ur punirh the entire r??rty.
Important CoaruAcr Awarded?The
Po> m t.-ter General to-day awtried the c n
?ra.-t tor supplying stamped envelopes ami
rewspaper wrappers ror four years from ticto
H i. -.1, t> th-' Piymptou M inufacturin^
company of Ilarttord. C^nn.; W. H. Ladd, o:
Hi 'ike, Mass , and Giil & Hajv, o!
Srrii'gfield. Ma--, the two ljwest bid lers
having withdrawn their liuls by telegraph
tr i? morning. Mr. A. 1). Hazen, chief of the
stem., i*.iv -inn, at.d special Agent Field ro
t-uneii ;/ ;s morning from Massachusett*,where
they wft tto a-cer'ain the ability of tin two
1 iwe<' !ers to fulfill the ternj-" of the con
tract in c??e they shuuld get it and made their
repor . '1 be Piympton Manufacturing com
pany is extensively engaged in the manufac
ture of envelopes.
N'avai Orders Ordered- Passed Assistant
Engineer Waiter 1>. Smith, to the navy yard,
Boston; Gunner Charles Stuart, to the navj
vard, Norfolk, Ya.. 1st of October. Detached?
Midshipman Wm. H. Slvk, from the receiving
ship Saline on the 30th instant, and ordertxl to
Annapolis by the G;h of ? ?ctober ferexamiua
tion for promotion; Mi isliiptnen Joseph ii. L't
ley has reported hi* arrival home, having been
detached from the K> arp:ige on the l'th ultimo
?nd otdered to exam.nation for promotion; Pa>
ma-ter.lohn H. Stevenson, from the Lackawa
r.a on the rejiorting ot his relief, and ordered
tl duty in charge ot' stores at Nagasaki, .Iap>?n;
Passed Assistant Paymaster llenry T. Kel ling,
from duty in charge of stores at Nagasaki, .1 a
jan, and ordered to the I.ickawi?na; Chier En
f;ineer B. F. Garvin, from the navy y ird at
1 >ston end place<l on watting order*; Ohltf
E igiueer George Sew all, from duty as insj>ecto >
0 machinery artoat at the navy yard New York
and ordeiedtothe navy yard. Bo.-t>n; Gun> er
( orr.flius L)'igan, from the navy var.l Norfolk
1st of October, and o der ?o t>r naval station at
League l-'an l; Gut n^r ti? org-? Sirian, from the
Asiatic stat:oi> at.d oiderei to return touie and
r< port arrival.
The Pav <f I.ett*r Carr ers to bs Ks
d err,?The Postmaster General has issued a
c ret, ar to the i^>?tmasters of ell froe deliver)
offices ctA'n g (1) that the present division of
-u b offices ii to clashes is on the basis of popu'a
tior: i J . tb?t the carrier* at otiicos of the flr.t
c a.-.- .-ha. i be appointed at not to exceed $700 a
year on the recommendation of the local post
masters, and their pay increased *100 at the
expiration ot each year - service, on the recom
mendation of the poatmaater, till they reach
#:>C0 a year at whioh point ad ranees of this class
shall cease; (3) that the o&rrlera at offices of the
se -ocd class shall be appointed, at not *o exceed
*?.00 a j ear and their pay increased ?100 yearlv
until it reaches *400 when advanoes" shall
cease; ,4) that tbe pav of the $?">< 0, *700 end
?in o earrters who heve been in service one vear
s all be increased $100 each from October 1,
1*74, excepting those carriers at the second
cuss offices who have reached the maximum
as iiied above; (5) it is stated for the
::tormatlon of post-masters and letter carriers
that the appropriation asked for, viz., 92,000,000,
was cut down *100,000, and hence the depa-t
ment is nnable to increase the pay of carriers
from July 1, 1*74, in accordanoe with previous
u'*?e. The policy of the department under its
present head, In respect to the appointment and
.ucieafeof pay of carriers, is clearly set forth
n this order, and will be strictly carried out,
provided tbe annual Congressional appropria
tlons are sufficient for this purpose. This order,
wtich takea etlect October 1st next, doe* not
afleet the present pay of carriers reoelving
Si,W0 (the highest salary now paid) per year.
. .
The Greatest Walk Yet ?James Adams.
Ei giand, a pedestrian, has accomplished ths
tea' ot walking 113 miles in 23 hours 31 minutei
end 30 seconds. He made the fourteenth mil i
ii 7 mn.ntes and ?? seconds and the last mile to
s minutes and 58 seconds. He walked in tha
Wigwam hall, Haverstrew, N. Y., September
1 *, Tn the presenoe of a very large aasnmTilag'i
C7~The ministry of the Oanedlen Province
was s? orn la yesterday, with Mr, BottCheryUle
M premi? and secretary.
The Situation In I.oi;i<il<inn.
TLe H?lt aiorr American tbu? sums up the
otjJition ?>f aftnirs i>i Louisiana: ?' l'tie
*dvic< 8 t rotu New Orieai.s are rot encouraging.
Nothing bui the overshadowing authority ot
the I'nitcd States prevents th* hot-headed
>oiing men of the league from renewing the
bloody work. The failure of the conference
!?< mmiffee to agree upon a plan of compromise
hap discouraged the more moderate ami respect
able of the leaguers, atxl l> ?s Intensified the
hatred of tbej-e who are most anxious for tome
pretext on which to befcin a ^en^ral 111 t^sa. r?.
Afrs s'ant Secretary Cnwen is imjw in New or
1< nns, and the leaguers are now renting th-'ir
r??:e?.n fc in. Tue break tip in the ironferen>
committee is attributed to his Interference,
a though he very probably took no part what
tverIntbe deliberations and gave no advice
It in said tlia? Gov-rnor Kellogg will in-tl'a*e
nroceedlrgs against the leaders of the late rer v
lution, with a view to having them tried for
treason, but th re appears to be no ground
w hatever for this assertion, except the (lover
nor's anxiety to have Attorney General Fiek
(fbois now in the north) retarn to his post o
duty and danger. Governor Ksllogg evidently
doe? r.ot want to die alone. Threats of assassi
nating him are openly nude, ami his position is
certainly exceedinglv'nr comfortable. The dis
turbances at Ktvou Sata continue, and unless
troops are speedily sent to that hxn.lty a bloody
ina*sacre of the regr les Is expected."
Political Notes,
The democratic and anti-monopoly conven
tion at Vermillion, Dakota, on .Saturday, noml
nated W. A. Burleigh for Congress.
Hon. .lobii B. Packer has been unanimously
renominated for Congress by the republican
convention of Northumberland county, Pa.
It is generally supposed that the contest for
the democratic nomination for Congress in the
5 b Maryland district is between Alexander B.
Hagner, esq., of Annapolis, and Dr. Wm. K.
Wiituer, of Charles connty.
Measures are being taken In the r.th Congres
sional(N.Y ) district to support the Hon. llich
ard O'Gormun for Congress, In place of the
Hon. W. H. Kobsrts, who will not be again j?
Maine election returns received at the Ken
nelxc <)outual office from all except fourty-four
towns in the state give Dingley 51,306 and Tit
comb 40,1?C, making Dingley's majority 11,119
I he forty-four towns yet to be heard from gave
Dingley last year a majority of 433.
TLe Hon. i). W. Vooihees, of Indiana, is dis
gusted with his democratic brethren. H?
charges them with betraying the sacred cause
of inflation bv giving it a hail-hearted support
His purpose is to make a speech shortly,driving
Mes.-rs. Hendricks and Pendleton trom the
party because they have repudiated the demo
crat.c greenback platform.
Th* Turf?lieactm Park.?The race for stal
lions that never beat 226, for a purse of t5,000
oflered by the proprietor of Beacon Park, B >s
ton.was trotted yesterday afternoon, In th<
presence ol a large crowd of people. It was ex
1 ected that Smuggler would start, but on ac
count ol laments* he was withdrawn, which
caused considerable disappointment. Four
starttd. The race was won by Mambrlno Gift
in threo straight heats, beating Phil. Sheridan
Parke's, Abdallah, and l.'omnionwealth, In th'
order named. Time, 2.28,^ , 2.2i?,, 2.2."S?,.
Sarraginsttt l'ark ?At ? the ' Narraganset*
Par* (Providence, K. I.) races yesterday th
fir-t race for the 2..'18 cla*s, purse *2,000, wa>
won by Vermont, Abdallab, beating Rara<>
Harry Spanker, and Cataract in the or let
named. Time, 2.29?,, 2 31 %, 2.30 V , 2 33 Tne
first htat was won by Karus. Second race for
2 24 class, purse, $2,500, was won bv Hopeful.
Susie fec'.nd, Mas.c third, Spotted Calf fourth
Time, 2.27,2 23,2 25)j.
Th* Odi> Frlloivh' Coiuvkstion.?The
Grard Lodge, I. O <?. F., in session at Atlanta
t,a., yesterday elected the following offl.-ers : ?
Dcpnty Grand Sire M. <1. Durham, of Ky.,
grard sire; .John W. Stok-s, of Pa., deputj
grand rire; James Kidg'ey.of Baltimore, grand
Secretary; Joshua Van?ant, mayor of Baltiaiore
?Tar>d treasurer. The Grand' Lodge, together
w ith their ladies and other invited guests, went
UrOglethorpe Park yesterday afternoon to par
ticij ate in the festivities prepared tor them by
the order in Atlanta. Sjweches were made by
ex Gov. Brown, Mavor Spencer, Grand St.
Durham. Deputy Grand Sire Stokes, ani He
presenutlTea Kandall, of Cal., and Ferry, of
Lir.iL Suit.?Mr. A. C. Koss, father of the
lest Charley iioss, has commenced li >el suit
against the proprietors of tl^e Heading Eagle
for the article published in that (taper >n he
I th instant, se'ting forth that owng tu the d -
smite h;:blts of Mr Koss uw wile '.etc him same
tears ngo, and that the woinsn who Tiow cl*iia
to t o h s wife is not the m tther of hi* chil !r-n
L pon tbts si 0*ifig, the article suggested th n
?he m >?? natural explanation of the child's dis
appearance would I e that hi* own morhar ha ?
procured Ms al ductlon. And now Mr. K )s
says that all this is ntterly false, and is about t
biinp a libel suit against the Heading Ilagle fo
publishing the aforestid lett?r.
Dka' ow Smith ox DAXA.-The New York
?Sun is making a special ertort to defeat General
fiarfield. This is the work ot'Chas. A. Dana
lie hates Garfield becanse the latter exposed
his treachery during the war. When he went
into the armv of Gen. Kosecrans, eat his brea 1,
atd accepted his hospitality, only to stab him.
ap-as.-.u like, he ran against that brave and
true man. Gen. tlarlield, who s ood by his chief
and got hurt. Tbis is what's the matter with
Dana. It is to be hoped it will lead to the ex
posure of the rascally schemes in which Dana
was engaged during the war?Cincinnati Ga
Kow Ajiuiiii Pugimsts?During an exb'bl
tion between John Murphy and Larry Power
the latter a well-known sporting man of Chi
cago, in Houston street, >. V , yesterday after,
coon, a row occmred, which at one tim?
threatened to be serious. The crowd fou?ht
ont Into the street, when an alarm was given
and a platoon of police arrived and arrested s
number or the principals. The row aro*e be
taeen Joe Cobarn's gangs, those mBn bavi"g
agreed to fight in the room last evening, with a
view to seeing who is tbe best m*n. Murphy
and Coburn are at large. The police, tearing
bloodshed, are endeavoring to arrest both man
What H. W. b. Doju't Know About Farm,
iwo.?He v. Henry Ward lieecher made a"pee
at ihe Caledonia fa'r, Vermont, yesterday Th
subject was, "What I don't know about farm
ing." About 8/>00 persons were present. Mr
Beecher was greeted with cheers, aud b;s re
marks were frequently interrupted with laugh
ter and app'au.-e. Large numbers crow led
around to -hake hau Is with hiui on his depar
Tub Baltimore Boy Miedub The jtirvo'
it quest yesterday, In the case of the boy Kelly
k.lied on Monday night in Baltimore by a bo^
named Mitchell, returned a verdict that he
??ame to his death from a wound In the heart
rrom tbe blade of a pocket-knife, in the hands
of Wm. Mitchell. The latter was thereupon
committed by the coroner tor the action of the
giand jury.
videre and Delaware railroad, near Phillips
burg, Pa., yesterday. A freight train backed
on a siding to make way for a passenger train,
but the man who opened the switch neglected
to close it. The < assenger train ran on the
tiding, and a oolhslon was the result. Oue pas
sengi-r was killed outright, and several others
were fatally wounded.
1h? Lkksburo Sknratiom A telegram
from Leesbnrg, Va., says that Albert Shiner,
the tuppoted murderer of Wm. Riley, the youni
c gar maker, had a hearing there yesterday,
and was bailed to await further examination un
Saturday next in the sum of *l,0u0, hts father
in-law, Godfrey Shellhorn, becoming his surety
?.ALV -kThe Chicago club defeated
the Athletics in Philadelphia yesterday; soore
T to 6. The Mutuals defeated the Bostons Id
Boston yesteidav, soore, 9 to 8. The game be
twe?? the Pbiladelphtas an<l Hartfords i<
Harvord yesterday, r sulte<*??hlladeli,hlM, C
Hartfords, 2. '
KFfiosATtos or a Lopisiajta Jcoo*.?a
A Au>cha. jndtfeof the suoerior criminal csurt
mi Monday tit.dered his re ignation to Governor
Kellogg. No reason is assigned for this action
or. his part. Any action ?y the state authorities
against tbe leaders of the recent rerolation
would be brought before this oourt.
A DvTSRXtiiiD Suicid*?A man named
John Kennedy, residing near Tarrytown, N
V., at temp tea to commit suicide yesterday
afternoon by ttrst cutting his throat and tien
dashing Into a "'Hway train on the Hud*on
Kirer railroad. He will die.
Obbvaut A?b Dshvark ?The Berlin Na
t onal Gazette ?ays while the expulsion of the
Danes ftom Schleswig was a legal measure it
was only adopted in a few isolated cases. The
Gazette says the relations between Get many
and Denmark are friendly.
Frost i* Virgi*ia.?There was frost In the
lower part of this county, on the line of the
Lynchburg and Danville railroad, on Suaday
night. Some of the tobacco is Mid to hare been
injured.?Lynckbury ( Va.) Mep , 22d.
A 4'hnrrti Experiment.
The triennial general convention of the Pro
tsfai t E(lscopa) church wiil begin on October
7 in this city. The first Protestant EpWcopa'.
cl.urch congress ever held In this country will
I) gin < n the 5th of the same month (Monday).
*1 tl it wUl continue until Thursday. This" if
an experiment. ai.d ha? not received the ap
proval of the bishop of this diocese. Among
th<>se who will read papers or speak on various
topics are: Bishop Clark. of Rhode Island; the
Bev. Drs Hugh Miller Thompson. John Cotton
Smith, Samuel Osgood, C. W. Andrews, George
H Norton, Edward A. Washburn, EJward
Harwood, S. H Tjng, jr., W. D. Wilson, A P
I. Barnard, John Fulton, of Alabama, and
Anthony Schuyler, of New Jersey; the Rev.
Me.-srs. Charles E. Crafton, C. A. L. Richards,
E. C. Porter, C. G. Currie, representing the
C ergv. Oi the laity there are Richard 11.
I?ana. jr., and H A. Ri?*e. of Massachusetts:
Jtn'ge Hugh Sheffev, of Virginia; .Indge R. f.
Siaulding ai.d J. W Andrews, of Ohio; Cort
lur.dt l'aiker, of New Jersey. The Rev. Messrs
T. Llewellyn Davies and Stafford Brooke, of
London, have been Invited, and may take part
in the discussions.
Among the subjects to be discussed are the
following. the names of the participants being
also given:
"What are the Limits of Legislation as to
Doctrine and Ritual?" Writers?The H'v.
?lohn Cotton Smith. O. D ,the K?t. Hugh Mil
ler Thompson, D. 1>., New York. Speakers?
The Rev. C. W. Andrews, I). 1>., Virginia:
Judge Hugh W. Shett'ey, Virginia; Richard II.
liana, jr., Massachusetts.
?'Clerical Education." Writers?The Rev.
Edward Harwcod, D. !>., Connecticut; the ii*v.
Samuel Buel, D. D., New York. Speakers?The
Rev. G. H. Norwood, 1>. I)., Virginia; the Rev.
C. A. L. Richards. Rhode Island, and probably
Bishop Clark, ot Rhode Island.
??'iht Relations of this Cburch toothjr Chris
tian Bodies." Writers?The Rev. Edward A.
Washburn, New Vork; the Rev. E. C. Porter.
Wisconsin. Speakers?Judge Spalding, Ohio;
the Rev. Samuel Osgood, T>. L)., LL. D., New
? The Mutual Christian Obligations of Capital
and Labor." A paper will be contributed by
the Rev. W. D. Wilson, I). D., of Cornell Uni
versity.? .V. Trihune.
Ikpcbancb Kipks?Withdrawal of Comp?ni'r
from liwinrss in X'w York.?lusuranco circle*
have tieen somewhat agitated the past few d-tv
by report* atleeting the solvency of sevorai
companies, more especial!) the National and
l'er.ri Fire Companies of Philadelphia. A few
davs ago the Superintendents of Insurance of
Pennsylvania, New Vork. and Connecticut met
in Philadelphia to discuss the Interests involved
in their departments, and to examino into the
cocditior sof certain companies. The result ot
that contercnce has been the withdrawal of the
National Fire Insurance Company of Philadel
phia from business in New York, and the re
ported withdrawal ot the Perm Company of the
same place.
Messrs. Mulligan & Co., of No 141 Broadway,
agents tor the Narragansett Fire Insurant
Company of Providence, R. I., which withdrew
tri>m business here a few days ago and reinsured
its outstanding risks in the Commercial Com
pany of London, says that the withdrawal of
t?ie company was a matter of business policy
and nothing else. The company had been un
successful and the stockholders did not care to
rirk any more.
Several other companies were unfavorably
mentioned, bit as no lacta were obtai liable I he
Tribune withholds their names?N. Y. Tribune,
Freak of Veobtai ion.?The Adrian (Mich.)
Times says:?"Two years ago Mr. R. A. B?iry
had upon his grounds a Concord grape vine that
had been In beating several years. In the win
ter of 1*71-2 the vine was killed down to the
ground. The following spring new shoots cam
up from the roots, which in shape of leaves an I
manner of growth were very dissimilar to the
Concord. Last year it bore trult, which proved
to be the fox-grape of Massachusetts, of which
the Concord is a seedling. This year the vine
tore the same kind of fruit, some of which I>r.
I'nderwood brought to our office last evening.
?nd they are unmistakably the fox-grapa."
Ar.DCCTIOH op two Youso Girls.?Two
yout.g daughters of Mr. I?%ac Perkins, of Bid
? e oid, have been missing since Wednesday
evening. They were seen in company with a
man named Freeman Cox and a woman named
H< nrietta Cox Dean, wt;? formerly boarded in
the lumily of Mr. Perkins. She was turned
away lor not pa>ing tier board. Coxwasanx.
oiistokt-?p company with the elder girl,aged
l". but the parents objected, and it Is thought
the giris have been entice ! away by the partie
n a spirit ot revengi? Portland (Me.) Adcer
A CHILD'S RiuHT to BEK 11 AMD! work.?The
titnft of Kings county was sued in the Brook
ly t City Court be:ore Judge Ilevnolds, for tn<>
valued a tapestry picture called "The Lvt
S115 per,"' seized by the sheriff to satisfy a deb:
against the plaintiff's f.?ther. Emma L-i-er,
plaintiff, sued by guardian, proved that the pic
ture was made by her; thai it brought a prize a"
the Vienna Exj-osition, and claimed 82,000 for
its detention. The defence was that the picture
w as the property of her father, he being entitled
to his child's labor. The jury l'ouud for the
little girl and against the sheriff.
A Man Arrested for Burning Fore^tf.
Joseph Hughes, a farmer living in Bear swamp
near Princeton junction, New Jersey, went be
fore ?lustic.e (laston, in Trenton, on Monday.
ar.d charged Henry Dean, colored, with setting
lire to the swamp a short time ago. Dean wa.
arrested and committed for trial. The farmers
are enraged at the losses sustained, and threat
ened to lynch the prisoner. Seven hundred
acres, including the unmowu and cat hay, th?
woodland, meadow, and fences were burued
over and destroyed, involving coosiderabla loss,
on which there is 110 insurance.
Thk racing season of 1874, just closing, ha*
been the most remarkable on record. The fast
??st half mile was made in 47 J, seconds, by Olit
ips: the fastest mile in 1 minute 41 \ seo>n l?,
by Tom Bowling; the fastest one and an eight
mile by Picolo, in 1 minute 56 sjoonds; the f?t
est two miles in 3 minutes27# seconds, by Tom
Bowling; the fastest four miles in 7 minutes
l'.?>2 seconds?the fa*tost three in 5 minutes a .d
seconds, by Fellowcrait. Those fast tiuus
were all mttdeon the Saratoga track.
Land Sales in Virginia ?The farm of
Mr. Tabb, about 1W) acres, half a dozen miles
trom town, containing a vein of brown hema
tite iron ore, was I ought by Mrs. Tabb, at. a
trustee's sale of the property, last week, for
8 l,0C0.
The farm of O. W. Cropp, in Stafford, 3*3
acres, was bought recently, at a bankrupt i-al?,
by R. 8. Strlngfellow, at ?1 per acre.?i'reder
iJ.slurg Herald.
An Idiot Fbkls "Distressed."?Norman
Dornkee, of West Haven, was hitching hu
horse at Waverley Grove, the other a'.ternoor,
when his friend Antonio M. Frachau aj
proached and playfully raised a gun to his
Btiaulder. Dornkee jestingly bade him Are,
which he did, the shot striking Domkee in the
side ai d inflicting a wound that will doubtles
prove latal. Frachau is greatly distressed at
what he has done.
ToEcbopbpok *15.?As predicted on Sun
day, tbe agents of the >orth Atiautio S e*m
ship conferenr e failed to agree at tlielr m e iu*
jesterdsy. The result will be that pas'eneer*
can now return to Great Britain for 815 in.-teal
of #.-7 and 825. The fight In tbe conteremv* is
is tween tbe National and Canarl lines ?X id
York Herald, 224.
The Jay Co- Ks & Co. Basket PTO r Casb
Mr. Lewis, trustee in the Jay Cooke bankrupt
cy case, has filed with the register at Philadel
phia adetalled statement of i&3 items >f receipts
aDd 409 items of expenditures, tbe total rewipts
shown being J?l.M3,awil; total exi>endUnr*,
?2?3L95.73; leaving a balaooe of ?750,555^8 In
the hands ol the tr??asurar on the lvui lost.
A riot occumd ammg the laborers at the
Dolaware, Lacaawanna and Western railway
tunnel. Jersey City, yesterday. It commenced
by a light between a Corkonian and a Fardown
er. which was taken up by tke friends of the fac
tions until more than fifty men were engaged,
and stones and clubs were freely used. A num
ber of men were injured, bat none seriously.
PruNiso op a Havel.?The Headquarters
Hotel at Fargo, belonging to the Northern Pa
cific railway company, was burned yesterday
morning, together with tbe railroad telegraph
and exprew offices. Loss about 845,000, partly
covered by Insurance. It wu the finest hotel
neith or west of St. Paul.
A Mabkied Woman's Right to Str??
durge Benedict, ot New York, in the case ofthe
wifeM Rev. Dr. C.allager vs. The steamboat
State of New York, to reoover toe value of
wearing apparel stolen while a passenger on the
vesMl, decides that a married woman can legal
ly bring such action.
G?o. VT. Clatpoolb was arraigned in Bal
timore yesterday before Judge Giles, on the
charge of robbing the United States mails in
the Baltimore poet office, and his trial was Oxed
for Monday neat.
VTo the present generation of children the
buffalo will be only a tradition.
The 81.? 00 Bond C*?f.
iiAviXATK a ? r col*??l wood.
The?xam nation in the case of Colonel '>V?w1,
ex Chief of he I'nttd StttM Se?nt Service,
charged with pass-ig a $1,000 Uui:?d States
ngistertd bond which had been tampered w.th,
ai.il which wasiartof the proceeds of a Phi a
delphla tank robhery, came up to-<lay betore
I'nted S'a'es Commissioner Otborn. Mr.
Courtney nppeartg for Colonel Wiod, and As
sistant District Attortiey Poet for tbe govern
no nt. E. J. Mol'oy. real estate agent, te?titled
to i rooming a loan of $700 lor Naultner oti tie
hond. The came testimony was then given
which was taken in the examination of the oa-?*
<<ga n*t Naultner, pre*ion?lv charge I with
negotiating the bond and dis.-harg?-'l. Detec
tire Sami son testified that when ne urwn!
Naultner, the latter told him he had got the
la?id from Colonel Wood, and a*k> J witness To
ito to the Park Hotel to see Colonel Wood V' >u'
?t; went therewith Nauitner.acd met Wood.wh
admitted having given Naultner the bond, hu'
added, never intended be should us? it at
?1'; I gave It to him for another povpMe;** wit
ness tbtn heard Wood My to Naultner, "Voi
are a d?d fool to go and use it tha' wav;'
Wood admitted to witness that he owed Na-.i.t
n? r some money, but Le did not give him th"
I ond as collateral security for it. Mr. Miller,
of the firm of King Co., brokers, who gav.'
Nanltner the loan of S70O,said Naultner seeme J
conscious that tbe bond, which was giveu as
collateral security, ft ould be kept (lately tor
him. a* it wan wanted for nome other pur|>o.?e
Mr. Poet here offered to put in a* testimony the
evidence of Col. Wood, given by him on Thurs
day last, and published by himself In a morning
paper, but as the stenographer was n >t presen'
to prove its correctness, the examination was
adjourned until to-morrow?X. T. Com., 'lid.
the Brooklyn Nranilal.
A member of the Plymouth Church lufMtl.
gating Committee said to a reporter of tie Now
York Tribane Monday that the paper referred
to by Mr. Tilton as" a record of Plymouth
Church was not such In any proper sense. I is
said he, simply a statement by one William F
West, to which Mr. Tiltori's attention wa
called by tbe clerk of Plymouth Church. It is
?vidence, he said, of nothing except that Mr
West became jKmessed of certain gowlp, h.
being, it is believid, in collusion wita Francis
B. Carpenter, weo, according te Mr. Tilton,
companied Mr. West to Mr. Tilton's hou>f on
this business. Plymouth Church had nothing
to Co with the making or procuring of thesj
called "indictmi nt."
is preparing a statement. She says she broke
with Tilton with when be went to t'ie Clncin
nati convention, because she saw by her clair
voyant vision that the nomination of Mr. Gree
ley by that convention would kill him.
F-scatb of a Notbd Hawk RonnBK.?Fancl.
Carter, alias "Big Frank," who. with three
other burglars, wa? tried and convicted for at.
tempting to rob the National Bank ot I>ela??re
at Wilmington, on the 8th of Decemt*-r, 1?7?
broke jail at New Castle, Delaware a- half-put
oi.e o'clock on ruesday morning, thus effecting
his second escape. His tiist escape was m id
on February 24. 1*74, when he, witn -?evora
othir prisoners, effected their release. He weii<
to Philadelphia, and was recaptured aT?l sen
back the next day. I'he manner of Big Frank'?
escape was very ordinary, and gives rise to
strong suspicions of a collusion with some of th?*
prison official* and the prisoner. One of the
wardens states that at the time of the escape h?
was looking out of th- weave roo'3,at tbe ljwei
end of tbe corridor of the prison, when he hearii
?noise proceeding from the direction ot "Bit
Frank's" cell, near the other end of the build
ing. Looking around he sax the prisoner run
r.irg at a rapid rate toward the door. Drawing
his revolver the warden tired at the retreat ing
toim,but without ell'ect. The prisoner then
unlocked an iron door leading Into a parage
way until he reached a door lea-ling into tfn
ttre<-t. He unbolted the door, and the next
moment was a free man. Frank was then
joine<I by confederates, who seemed to be full*
1 osted on the time of the e-cape, as they had a
?ehicle in reaoiness. which atter receiving
Fr 4i k oil board, whs driven off at a rapid ratl
in a western direction.
Kii-leu iiv a Bl'-w with the fr'isT A con
vict in the Karsas state prison *a- killed b\
anothir prisot er on Wednesday afternoon las!
It set*ins that .lames Tracy and .Jack Green
alias David Muncie, were at work together in
the stone-cntting yard, whin some words i>asae>)
b tween them enraging Tracy, who walked ui
to Green and struck him with his fist on th
tempts. Both parties were put under arrec'
ai-d marchid to their ee ls. Green complain?.'
of a headache and sent tor I?r. Carpenter, th?
piison phvsician. who responded pzomptlv. ?>u>
could not aid the man. In half an hour h
became Insensible, and remained so until hl
death at 6 o'clock in the ever-i- g. A post m >r
tem e^aiiiination reveali-d th<; fact that hi* sku!
was fraciurt d in tv-o placf-s, though there wcrt
no outward signs of it. Coroner Williams liel
an inquest, anil a v^-rdi^t whs rendered it
accordance with the facts al>ove related. A
warrant, charging Tra<-v with murder, wa
served, and he was placed under strict survei!
lance. 1'racy was convicted of & robberv it:
Doniphan county, Kansas, and sentenced U
two and a half years' Imprisonment Iron
December s. W ?. He ha?l previously serve ! a
term in the Missouri sta'e j?enitentiary. Greoii
was convicted of forgery in Johnson oounty
aLd sentenced to five yes.rs from April 11873
Ascbkt of Mowt Bi.anc by a Lady Thi
feat, savs Galignan.'s Messenger, has just l^er
effected by a Spanish lady, Mrue. Zu^ehn. Not
withstanding that seven previous attempts V
attain the summitt had been unsuccessful, on
account of excessive cold and a violent win 1
she set out, acoompanted by fonr guides and h
porter. On arrival at the Grands- Mulets it wt
found that the weather was tix> unfavorable for
further ;rogress, hut Mme. Zubelin re?olve<l t?
wait until appearances were more propitious
The guidfS endeavored to dissuade her t'ron
what they considered a very ra-* enterprise
but she gallantly determined to succeed, and
actually spent four consecutive nights in the
but erecte?l there. On the flfth morning th<
party again set out, and reached the summit in
th? afternoon. It Is stated that Mme. Zubelin
lefured all assistance from the guides during
hrr toilsome journey. At noon on the follow
Ing day she reached Chamounix, where she w:i<
received with the utmost outhu-iasm by th'
whole population, inhabitants and tourists.
A Yocko Girl Lkft Fuibsdi.wss and Par
Kit-rsi* ik a Str*!?;i l'nv.-A i?oi>r. hall
crazfd girl was picked up at the lT? on d-j>o
oil Sa'urdav and taken to the stain.u-hous ?, to
be kept until some arra-'g-men' ciuhl be mil
for her transf er to the Hume for Friend ess Wo
ni?>n. She says that her name is Nancy K
Waldron, and that she was living with her mo
ther in Sparksville, Jackson county: that her
husband sent her to this place with a man named
Lang on a pretense of taking her to Illinois; that
as soon as they came to a point near the city she
wss taken from the cars and brought into the
citv in a wagon, in company with Z>*ke Lang.
John Huffman and a little crlppltd boy. and
that Lang left her, after giving her a couple of
dollars, and told her to >tay in the city a oouple
of weeks and he wr nid call for her. 1%e girl s
appare itly about 18 years old. Her head an s
?n?uiders are terribly bruised, and the blows on
bar head seem to have had the effect of driving
her partially crazy?Iviiir.gpoiit Journal, 21*/
Fell m a w?li. Jtias ivil* label), daugh
terofMr. David I shell, of Louisa oounty, fel
ir t) a well forty feet deep last Sunday. Sh'
was standing ui<ni the wooden platform oo*er.
ing the well, when it gave way, dropping het
down to the bottom. The bucket was lower*
by a lady who witnessed the accident, and Mts
Isbell was enabled to climb up by the ohain, tb?
very nna!l sire ot the well permlttltig her to nu*
hi r feet against the Wick walls. Her injur os
strange to say, were of a very slight char a e'er
Frfdtricktbury Ltd(je~.
Tub dbt oooda dbalbbs report the opening
busines* of the week as encouraging, though
with a further break in prints, it looks as ir
business had to be foroed or coaxed a little
Pacific sidebands, fancies and robes have beet
marked down to 9^ cents; Arnold's fancies
9%; sidebands, 10; Southbrldge fancies,
Hartel's do.. 9; sidebands do., 9^; Simpaon an.'
Glouoester mournings, 9 cents, and so on?H
t? 9 -11
Th* tobacco oso^kKSof Virginia have beer
unfortunate this sea-on. In some of the ooan
ties where this product has been extensively
cultivated there will not be one-twontietb o
the usual crop seenred; in other oouuties the
crop will seldom yield more than one-half cm
one-third of the customary aroduot, acoordlng
to a correspondent of the Klchmond Enquirer
who has investigated the matter very thor
A Mt?tbbious Cattlb Diabasr.?Twenty
one cattle on a oar from Builalo were attacked
by a mysterious disorder at WashlogtonvlUe,
Orange county, New York, on Saturday, and
eight have suddenly died and others will die.
The disease is conjectured to be an affection of
the lungs, caused by the recent dry weather
and long confinement in the ears.
V'Step down and out" has supplanted the
Inelegant "git up and git."
NTThe woman's crusade has reached Eng
land, and doet not seem to be greatly admired
there titter.
Nnr}Unil >'oiii!ai?il?a fur rousirw
(Special 1) spatcb to Toe Star.]
AnvAroLtfi Jra, ti.>h. September J3?Tb?
fifth <i s*r;ct republican convention, which mst
hereto-day, n uilnsted A. B. llaguer, of An
tor Congres*. I>.
- ?
noKt i Kui hi.t: i> Lorimix&.
Kilter Dr<K? ?l Ihf I'fou K^ltrlllita
co?Ti>r?? bu'kkkinu niTwin thi r*(
Nbw York, September i?.?The rriHw'i
St ? Orlean- siec.al sa>*:- <"oiisileraMe feel
HiK !? ciusd kiiic.tf The citizens by apparent!}
at thet.fic rej orts of the determination of th?
Keilogg party to arrest and bring to trial th<
leai'eis of the lata revolutionary tnov?tn,>nf
Attempts to arrest tJUtt state authorities will
almost certainly
ar.d bloodshed to a grea'rr eitent than hereto
lore will l?o the inevitable result. It Is under
s'ood that army officeis are much oppeeed to the
propoetd proceeding as Nad faith teward the
surrendered party, and hope Is generally ex
pressed that the President m ill, at lean, qm> his
iLfluetice against it. Trouble Is also feared frm;
a threat to search houses tor arm*. When Me
Enery surrendered it was agreed that all state
arms in the possession of lii? follower* should be
turned over to ti e l . States authorities.
that a large nuiu'ter of arm* are still nii*?i
These were probably taken by the popular
McKnery and Penn will Issuea circular reoulr
mg inspection of all their state troops and re
turn of the state arm.- in their hand*, and earn
estly urging all citizens to carry out toe term*
of the surrender in (be sitne spirit. Should
state officers search, oonflicts and bloodshed
would certainly occur; but if United States
1 officers are assigned to the duty, there would
probably be no resistance, certainly none by
concert of action."
New lurk Hole*.
New York, September ?The ctgar mak
ers of this city, who number over 14,0(10 regis
ttr? d workingmen, besides women and children,
will hold a meeting next Sunday to make a pro
test against the manufacture of cigars in tene
ments, by which means so rue manufacturers
are enabled to dis|<en*e with the factories. It
seems there are about 50,000 Bohemians of all
ages and both sexes engaged In the manufac
ture Of cigars in room*, in which they oook, eat
and sleep. !
to Europe to day amounted to 8-01,*? ? in silver
charged with uttering an altetod #1.00? Unikyi
States bond wits continued this morning, an 1
resulted in the discharge of the accused, the
court being fatirtied there was no guilty intent
John Dunley was fa' ?. y ^hot l?y .lohn Mac
lk0Da:d early to-day.
><h Y?rk Mat*' Teiiijteraocs Coat en
I'TtcA. September JJ.?The state temperance
convention was held to-day. The following
front the com? i'tes < u resoiuMoris, w ere ?do;.t
ed:?We rtrnain un-fial tiedly opp ??ed to the
tragic n into*'.? *ting liquors, and w ill use our
best t ndeavors to secure a law :'or the probi'n:
tion of the same. We reaffirm the platform o1
independent (olitical action, when actt> and
nominations of |ioiiticAl parties are S'tch a? t.
render them unworthy of the support of tem
perance cier.
Rrflrtd, That a committee of fire be ap
j?oii;tid to confer with other committees ap
jointed for like pnrp s- s. and arrange a u.
of [olitical action tor t o fat! campaign wuu-.h
will unite the tem^trance men of the stata if
Its suj t>ort.
A committee was appointed under this km
lution. It was decided to invite the several rep
reset)tativc committees it. sympathy with th?
movemei t to meet with thetu in \,..anv Octo
her 1st. ] he convention then a Ijouruod.
Sft?- York loavsnllan.
l' ik a. S< i>teniV>ei j.1 -The republican s'at
convention met this morning. ll->n. T. >!
Pom rry wa-'ctos n teiiii?>rarv chairman ar>
h lutrcil a sj^-ech. 1'emporary n-crettrie
afd ion;*r,itte? s on ]>ermai>ent or^an-xttioi
and re-"!:iiions w r< t{.j-?;nto.|. A (,? ru; ??
del. p -t tr ni New York o:!ered resolution- ir
:i>T< r of a repeal of riie exemption of ?-h'irci
; r. ? i riy f'ron. taxation. 1 he conventiji: t^et
took a recess till 2 p m
Affair* tu >1 IsHttnrl.
COM<?UKSS|.>KaL WomilATtoW.
St. Set'tem'ier ii ?The democrats o
'he !?th Congressional district nominated l>^ri
Hay for Congress yesterday.
are being rnaJe here for a t>rofessloi:al baa
1 all club, to enter the field next season an<lM
the namu of the St. Louts itase Ball Clu'>.
Col. H hitley In U??Hton
Xiw York.?It is rumoted that. Ool. Whitley
is In Boston, and an officer of the United Statos
marshal's office went there yesterday to arrcs*.
Foreign Xoiea.
Paris, September it?Jean Bapt.sh Elie de
Beaumout, the eminent French geologist, 1.
Tl?** 1'erilM of itie KhIm Al|?*.
0\ Kit A FKBt'IFICB.
[From the Oontinental Herald.]
<"aptain and Mrs. I.ockharr.ol Scotland, harr
been staying for some time at the Krone Hotel
t'oi ttftsn.a. Mrs. lA>ckiart. acoompaui?<l b\
rwo la<lios. wl ose ac<|uaintanoe she had inade
at the hotel, left the Krone to ascend one of tin
heights adjaoer t, the beautiful lloaegg glacier
1 he object of the ascent was to s?^ure thr
Kidelwe'as. the fauious flower, which grvw
only at a height of 8,?<0t)or 10 ?K10 feet a bo to th(
>vel of the sea. Mrs lx>jkhart slipped and
fe i over a perpendicular rock a distance of 1
f et, then rolled over a steep, glassy si >pe, thei
over anotlu r rock, and so on to a precipice, the
mouth o! which w as stopped hy a bush. Alto
gethcr tie fall was about SO or <>0 feet. Her
t'rifLds wore -epar-itod troni her, and she ??'
inTi'lble, but her moans wore auatble. One oi
'he ladies desoetide-l from her perilous po?itioj
a< d ran breathless down the narrow roa 1. where
she bailed a carriage in which were a la ly auu
two gent It men.
The yottng aly declared that there was s
? ady killed on the rocks, and implored the gen
tlemen of the party to hasteu to disc}ver the
b slv. The Kev. Mr. Lefrov set out, outran the
carriage, aud climb ng up the lace ot the moun
tain came to the lady. By this time three Ital
ian P' a*an?s came up, but they dii not knoa
what to do. Sir George Kobinton followed, and
aome brandy having been administered to Mrs
l>ockhart life seemed to return. She was fear
fully cut in the bead and face, and the wjunds
were clotted with grass and hair. All that she
con Id say was that her baafc was aore. Abli
guidea speeaily appeared, but tte lady seemad
sinking fast. At length, after careful wrapping
up and the administration of more brandy, th<
belpitss and unconscious ladt was carried down
to the roadside, wh- re Capt. Lock hart appearei'1
with a resident medical man. A stretcher of
canvass was provided, and M rs. Look hart war
borne to ber room from the moantain by Mr. C
Bar net and the Rev. Mr. Lefroy. Mrs. Lockbart.
though seriously hurt and shaken, is nor dan
gerously ill. She oomplains mncb of her back,
bat I>r. Ludwig and Dr. Drammood believe
that with great dare aod quietLeee reoOTer/ is
all but certs a.
Fatal ALPtva Accidkkt.?The Continental
Heiald says "Last Tuee>lay, a young abepherd
descended from Bernina to Pentreatna with the
news that be had found a lady dead at the foot
of a rook. About forty persons immediately
set ont for the plaoe indicated, In the valley of
Kosegg, where they discovered the corpse of a
young lady, extenued on a bed of Alpine roaas
There was no wound visible, and the only mark
was a yellow spot on the left temple. In fact,
the unfortunate lady seemed rather asleep than
dead. It Is surmised that, In looking for the
edelweiss Cower, she fell OTer a ledge of rock
and was killed Instantaneously. It Is strange
that a similar accident, anattended, however,
by fatsl consequence^, took piace In the sam?
neighborhood a few days before."
Ovb of the wretched lunatics confined In the
Poor House of Milwaukee is a telegraph opera
tor, and she spends moat or her time In tele
graphing to ber husband In Ireland, her finger
being worn down to the bone In her oonstan'
Up sings against the wall, in her imaginary de
?7*So far, the Beecher case has precipitated
fuits for ?650,000 damages.
mrA 8 wanton, Yt., man sheared ol! his wife's
locks for money to bny ram.
KT8amael A. Briggs, of Chicago, said to be a
defaulter in ?100 000 from the bank of which In
was vlee president and cashier, has been arrest
?4 U? Ifcu fct a
w?ll WlWI r*-4?T
B*? TfB?,* ?Wnh-f3-TK- f .. .Fiw
tlele . *ll ?%:.? . f g-.|? ha-e a* I , - >
tFti c !<l '? ?? ? i+* ????? hat* (Mi flat a* J i , %r
9 m<i 'I tiii4> i<ru.ff Ui orithi
><a.. itlat. m, k . -at.af.r yiiM buikor . ai.t
?t!\WVv\. ?14 IM> ? ?Mh , with (tM
r ? fl-1 ?!u I. G. v rn.i.eut K?4> ar- a fra-ti
I ? t- r th#- fi-'w.tn eta'* b-u 4- at ? ? u.? j
ec. f?i?. ft In n-fa. .0 ?ll C?> tr S-I?-|??|
aefe. ???*>?, k<a.1 I* ea'!
"id .? ?7l* I. r pr ? . r?f> ?lull" pap T. v- > .1lu?
" K?'ln? ?bkk .1 IUM [lirtl <1 n.t'k"t?M^
?tiu. VM4t.>?| Sa-t g t H? flrat half h ?ir, ih n b?
1,1 I'll failing M.<r* *hm
? i.ceal- li iib. a? mtrtn m hwo ?;ro g a ><|
rt -ana ar? r?-?r the ' tgh-at of tti? ?ar. Brie
' ?' ? the * I'lri, -wis..* at1 all ~? | ' V . ?>? . ) ?
fpi yv i**iv hmi h?< MtuiMi . h - *
'?'a??t >? ?ad Cbas"! S Tti? folfia ? ,g abowa
exttea* *al**.g?i Ins a?o?-k. to lit* ?r.1?-r f a, lr? ?
Laka Mi,*'. "t>% ''jiI-j, C P? iv. V W .
*' '? * Tal,gvwp*?, r. ii- MstV
4.',(?(? , b r-, ?> . w.V%-h -? t
??? Pant. , um?, ?> .v?; K a i
It ?S "???*?. m4 T*'k Oaaiial. . p "
Hai le? baa Scld at l*>4?|>o, *'
Tti* Kitrkrta.
I'?r*b?r I) V tginl* al\ a n -If I
*??. ?. Mrg-ni. . r r*. IHat.d, s: , ?*?, v'l -(a. I
ia*.S. N' rtt> ( arolinft(\ mt h?iic*>j
H*:tiwota. h-r<' niu-f x$ ?< t..B 4 ii<m aM
h? a* ) , 12 d li A riiaritoll aiKl ?uhau< J H'laa.l
doll, W eateru I ???'. N lar?*?fif. t ai.1 ?> l*r
I 31. Wo. I do., 1 21 . J*, fair t.> p-u.'143 .1 ?g JI |a"
I*, ted do ?ll! l II, ?hl ? ? "? - ii. i , f,' I
WMImii IMk?M'i4. (? .rt> ^ ,iat bat flm??nne
?>nihrrr, Udtn l i*, irt a.n'kort, I otO #,
n '\id?..|?,, Sc* <#*? ??ai* ? r >na' -a utheea ai
??"*, ? tt'tr rnit ad. *2'WtM, ,|.? ?fc e. K?- |.J I
*1 -1*1. Haj uorharico!. PrtiTtil>?a bi-avf a ,j
unit I? M-?a f rk, 2* W It ? ? m * ? n?> nana <i
Bacofi I at r?ah ? id< ra. If , ;i.i\, r|^%r rib at I ??.
US(Kll\; hann dill. 14'4;i* L*H-t ?? t, H%,
I'tiltir atr<<i>c bnd ar?rrr ti ?.??,? -
f?lr to Ulc r ? atroaf. I" ? r-tr ' H
leum m bai a?-d W Ma?j tir?. I t ,lv<?aiiail
??!?* at 'h- lait^r. lunr ntjcf, ?? * <i
? twT<?l*,?tttnMa-ri ura.ralf. Wd..?t
dull btK< d?rlti l"* ?' mil i at'd ?n *??.? .1.
Sl? * ' "kA*Tt'l?>b?" H Cka %4-il> . M-o-l.
1 Void V*a Kvctia k-r, I 'it m ,, ali>rt,?v l^n
i-rrKrnU at lltf
Urns. B? rtpmb. r ?S. |; v p m - Tn? rata f >r
M ibr ftiCt airhlfear ou giiiar; mftil a**cor*
it??? l> I per ?.lit T. u U. tj I-Jbda, |?>? .. Bri-.
C.*\(':3?. rrefarraO, H1,.
Ili\trnit, H. yt>uit?ar IS ? lt"t.>ia. :>* 4 for lvlV
l*??r<>*,Srat*m ?ar a.t M r a. Tltc a > >nut !>l
tnlli?.D vtthdraa u It n tti<> hakk f I ?la-id ?>?
t alat.oa t -da> la At .on Erlr, St',. Farta <1ia
patcln>a jootf rentta at 63 fraaoa, >i ivt iMa
? ?? ?
**i D*r?it*kt(r, ?i <?*..' S<rnml ? t
I* a?M v.t.'S, l> O . ?. pt J.1. IC? | a a ui \
| PlfMpii :r ?? - Ptiritur tha ixat >f ?|lt,
f"r tha loklh AttbuHc a* at?? a;atia: a' y t-ar ?n.at<-rf
DuiibfMl.i;; a ltd*, ah*b? rkM|?? In tr p-ra nra,
Cloudt or partly el nit a t-at h*r ()?ar ib<- #a t
Tn golf. T? nn??aa? btd tlia Ohio T?ll?), a-a'.loiiat a
?ud ratline t ar ib't.-r. ti .rtb^l to a.>ntb-a-( wio l?,
? lalu narj ab<l bisb?r t'up-rit-rna, li r-aati ?
clriotliM-aa. ar A po?lM> ll?ht I < al rata* otrrth
lover laka*. atbti<>n?rp tar >niatet. a ntharlp ? ti-la,
hlchT t?*?erator<?. ^artla cl?ntr aal clear
0*??r the up^er lake rrLiiin, -t?ti ?narp
?o<i falling t>ar >mf|er. aonthwea ?rlf win,la. |?act
ic#lo a?'iilKi?b?t or north< aal, bi(h'-r t**<iip *ratnr*<a
?c.l partly cloo.ly aealber Oaer the ? aatvrn (nil
?tall-, falling barometer, n?rtlia?at ( . ? ..nheaat
?tati*nar? and higbaru inprrMiiraa. threaiaoing anal
raini ?ebtli?r. O'er tb? npp<r M -ai?aippl and
lob.-r Mlaaoari ralirva and tt.* nanliaoa-. tailing
bar 'tnet< r, aoutb mi.-rIt aringa, but- r trtnp-ra
tan?, and parti) cluud) ?> aihnr Over N> ta
Knglbbd atatlooar> and tailing barnmM-'r, aim b
eaal t" a otl w?at. artnd*, hivher temp ?at--,r?a, at.f
partlj cloudy weather, ?ith poaaH.lf rata ib the
bortheru portion*. Orertbe uiildl. duim atati. u
ary t'ar met. r. aoutberly win la. huli-r t-iup< ra
tarea and cer?ralljr clear w .-attier.
? i mmm ? ?
The bclI l*naoh 4'lr?*utu\**nt?*?l
MEM H?i>KHT IFTHI1 iKiluT Il iHger.
Some month* *?;" the ma-.a^TFnf the tiigni
ftrect ai il (jl street crow town ratlrovi, gaa
[fctlDK their ivntJucbiri of retiatniiif larea to
I f|>ite of the bell |>uncb, aut>-u*ut?.- I what ig
known *> the wat> h indicator tor the |mach.
For atiroethU new check ?vorke<l well au<l the
coiLvauy daily received the jjrona amount ol
tare# collected. The conductor* were puzzled.
The new indicator wa*> for a iony dnie a com
plete cbeik i{>ou "kttock'.ng down'' o(f>ra ion?.
The watch Indicator I* eha|>o<1 like an oil
I fashioned ?Hver watch, ant i? attoat twi.ve an
lar^e. Within the rin^j hy mean* oi whtot it i*
*u>(iended to the chain which |>aw - aro in t the
neck ot the wearer tg a *j?riii<. Thi*the ooa- I
I ductor pri??i - m- lie collect* a fare, anj a hand
In the interior of the machine record#?ne on a
I dial, so that after a Jay - work the rereirer can
compare each con<1u-tor'<? c*?i: w.th hi* tadice- I
tor and tell at a glauoe whether he ig chart u
hi# deliveiy.
Hut one conductor, more in^enioqa than hie
comrade#, discovered a meati# ot ojtw.ftinic
even tl.i# check. Al ter a c.treful e\4iuni*tio!i
of the indicator, be found it able to re.-ord
having |>a?#e<l That |?oim, the hand ou the dial
Marted at the figure 1. Kftperimentiag further,
be made hir watch mark <VMn a very tew m :i
uteg. Ill# dinourery hk>o I ecame known to
other conductor#, and the result wa# the inruit
tion ot a credit mobiller ring on a wuall # "ale.
It t# a rule of the c?m|>%ny that every coudur
tor #hail turn lu hi# receipts' at the end ot hig
I trip. The amount of each delivery w ent^reit
to hi# credit, a iid on hi# return ai'rer hi? I a it
I trip It i# re'inire<t to deliver L.n indicator, l'hig
i# o|iene?i. and the dtai show# the namber ut
tares collected, which must coinpue caactly I
with the aggregate of CA#h turned in.
To get over thta regul if ion an t still retain the I
company'# money the conductors ket>t aacit t
I accoant of the cash tbry turned in. a> >*rlt a? of
that which they pocketed, and froia tti1- record
they krt w on the Uiit trip how tbc.r it?ll ator*
I stood. Say, far inriance. that a oenducter hal
collected five htindre?l lare#, and bad | irkiatad
titty ot them His indicator would h ? hity t ?r,-a
I ahead of hi# ca#5i. and dieeov-rv ot t'ie theft
r would \+ iiieviiahle. I?ut here tne .li- i.veiy
"mentioned above wa# puf to pract .al u-a.
Knowing that the indioator conld re< r only
'.s.u fare#, and that the dial aireatv market! vm,
he hatlonij topre##tbe#i>rtti^ t '<t?iiie? t? carry
I the dial back tti tbe Htatting |Kiiu?. Beginning
here he could preaethc spring until the bawd on
I the dial marked a number correep judmg wita
the cash he had turned in.
Tht# fraud w a# #ucre#-fa!ly nractimd for
st me week# by many cond iCtors, bat on Satur
day last the indicators were uueapictedly callati
I in in the middla ot the day, at. 1 nearly thirty
conductor# were discharged* for their shortcom
ing#. It i# thought that their stealings amount
ed to a day for each car.
One of the men #aid recently, "They can't
#top stealing, anyhow, until they pay men de
cent wage#. (have a large family t? sippoit,
and had to do it on *2.J' a day. and take the
risk ot not making full tin e. Home ot The cars
do not make more than five tn,?# a d ?y, an t
their conductors get only 32 cent# |?er 'rip.'
There ha# also t?een trouble ou ttie Ilroa 1 way
line, where a perforating punch i* used. Within
the past two weeks to" conductori- have t? ?en dis
charged, and in tilling their place* the company
have refused to ap(<ulnt men who have been
employed on city railroad*. On the Kroadway
line the conductors did their stealing roaiuly by
omitting to record fares taken. An e*pert with
the punch can make it r-ng without recording,
so tbat if a spv is in sight he canuot detect the
ft and?.V. r. Sun.
??SrKAKim'OfT is Msitiv'."?4a ?pnode,
somewhat unusual, i# reported tj have oc
curred at the protracted meeting now in pr,*
grt## at the M. E. Church, South, In ttiig city,
last night:
The pastor. Kev. Mr. Waugh. whi has been
most zealously engagfl in the duties of hig
ministry, was fervently prosing borne the
great truth* of the go#pe>, wnen an alarm oi
fire wag sounded without. Many ot .< tr mod
public spirited citizens are Members ?>; the oon
gregation, and the alarm drew tiuinl?ers iroiu
an ecdeavor to avoid eternal flame* t ? an eflott
to extinguish a teini>oral tire, l'he ha-'y nita
naturally attracted much attention, an I the
pastor aeized the occasion to point a moral by
reference to the zeal with which men w: I leave
the promises of eternity at the calls of time,
and now much more Interest wa# feit iu saving
brick and mortar than in saving inm irtal Ml*.
At tbi# poin'?the alarm being a MM ooa?
many had returned, arnoug them Mr. iiibt. L
Wood, a rm m!>er of the church, wuo rose anl
said in substance
"Hrotber Waugh, you must not speak ?<?, I
went out not to save brick and m-rtar, but it
might be. to re#cue aome poor family ;rom de
Kev. Mr Waugh said be did not intenl to
give hi# remaik# a |>ersotial application, baT bad
endeavored to oraw from a fleeting oc'-urrettae
a suitable lesson, as waa his doty a? pa-tor, and
be again proceeded to note how soon the sanc
tuary was deserted when the calls of ear'h were
heard, whereupon Mr. Wood roee again, say
??Ton must not talk so, air. to tbig congrega
Kev. Mr. Waugh?Bit down Brother Wood!
Mr. Wood-No, air, I have a right to speak.
Kev. Mr. Waugb?'Oil down," but Mr.
Wood, not heeding the command it waa re
peated five times, Mr. Wood remaining in ?
standing position, and the excitement becom
ing so great among the entire cor gregauon that
the service* bad to be abruptly closed with Ait
the usual ceremonies?Ah*. Gmeiu, ?24.
Am Allkiatob Diroruo by a Faoa
Mark Twain's jumping frog baa been outdone
by a buge specimen of kia kind In tkiscttv.
Persons In the haUt of walking along Charles
atiwet, near Beacon, are familiar with the tank
in Bnow'a apothecary store, with iu numerous
gold fiab, which, wltn a mowoter frog, two am
gatcra, and a turtle, for mad what aeemed to bo
a harmonious and happy family. Bat appear
ances in this case, aa In ao many ether*, were
deceptive. The huge frog, wnoessweltow tgwrs
waa ao conspicnoua at theoMeef the tank to
ward the window, wasa most voracious monster,
devouring other frogs, as wall as making a
dainty meal off the delicate gold fl*h. A few
days ago, owe of the alligators, eleven laches
long, waa mtapiag, ond, alter aoarch had boaa
made Ofwjohert else, it occurred to the aaaai
of the tank to examine the laat4e of the bag,
though it hardly aeemed reasonable to wppoao
that he had swallowed the alligator. Bat on
opening kia mouth It waa dear that tkla waa
the case, and by potting the Anger down the
rrog'a throat, the body or the alligator, aome
wbat softened, but not deoompoeed, waa
broaght up from the unbounded stomach of
the hofo ooakar. Wo are glad to be able to
state, for the aatiefaoOoa of metiers with Mall
children living lathe neighborhood, tha; UiA
frog U to be ?nl >t?t?i>wi^a <;??.

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