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Till* KtKLT *T? H-PuK i- ? ! Fr'.!?T? ?' *
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WU( ?? *I#A>D hiiUAllA
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w. '' v ?"? ti? ?- nr? ? N? f?r "i ' >n 1
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cr ?'l Alii '?)On Imm) Ihtw >trn c
T1 ) t* ?? Aw-riru* ' '.. ? T .'It -11, th?t
;. ^ ? n. i' In t'i* i i ? *t i*: 4In! i t 'rMt ' 1 t^iU
Jt r ??, at e .1 : it: ?: tU' i'.rsVcl pr./.e *
hi *'(?.! f r . ? ?f ? ?
t teB?aatnkaMal ? 'imr st -.-p. p. ^r
? h?t* ?-?? S'tl *' ! l l'h i
? ? : - f . ? i . K 'i -?* ? Tr-*i<irj; I
!'.? r - S.. Ii:l>.> : I'-' -t i ?.:..*??? u :i ,:.? r '
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3! A ! 1 ?1 A. ImlWI ! t .'ue r ?k '-ay t-f
" ? S S 1 ll?- ' 3V
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. - 'I ? C'. - ? < U ? ,i- , "?! t. ** ?1 R i' \ \ A
N '<?!! t I ? lilapptir i . th? -t-Ti.v m?!*l >3* r ?
? ' n , f r hi i f>> J f . P i 'lf, 'iitrl?d
:? IS1M1 BAPPABKE; r.tl." BtturicilCvovi
ft- ? i. r j ii". ' ' ?? . Cf"t l> M I ?
r i '??? ? y r;>.>, tK > *t,>i 5 ?he ?H Wa-h.w*'r, ?
Th> ?!< r C- ? ,nt r c ?lur !a! ?vl * ir.'er ?? na
r? 1>T? ai ?75. ? r'f "5t"
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K AT * -M .? V ?... In tho TmU.
h.AlY MAYHB'A In tli? Titi?.
KsTY ma 1 HE 1 hltwToll*.
K A"1 Y MAYII?? !?? T ;l-.
Hi'. V '1-. *rJ?\- iMth-T iis.
K &*T V M.* tflKW .. InttoT.ii'i.
KAlIMAIH*v* lu ih-Toii^.
MOV PAY i. e Ortocprr.h,
( Wlfr - \ i' T|"h_<'?L? N 9H I N'JlilC
1 v-t!*-?vi Tin>-n?>bt>N sniM.Li;
VATItnAL ThliTcR, B cn?m-.
Mr. J. O.fcAVlLLS L<<w ?u?l M.?,a%?er.
REt T IMS'* v'F TU K ?AM)t( 1??71 7i.
t -? ri p?' Orb b-f 5, T***?
w t ? ;. tc tn'M' l tkn ?n<(i>rntrii t? ! rr jal iie?D
vf I"11 ?b Tr*SMly.the TroriJ r?-n< *'a il
J i\ 11 SI' 19 Eli.
Sr.fi r 11 y iw r re* *? '? n t-rilti iut Y
S'?.r (! >
HONDA Y, Oct. S kt *nJ lii*ti
p.a\ i.I
1? * BY >H ACT.
J A rrAl"?C'IIEK 'u ii r ri. m c?l*^rat6?l ch ?r?ct?
i f 'I*iy t:nh'.
Tl EBDAY ?f> l W k IMS'?aY.Oet 6> :inlT'.V..
flr-t tia-?> ?n Vvhtkftnt .,f ir.e e' rh itlMal
l> ?u % if TU?T?T1PS, trw?l*M v.i
Fr?' i"h?f(:fl?if K ?:i'!<?'. t?jr Ti >? WhitTln. J*:i
?n;vl ?k !b ti-r *> ri<i-rtui V*tw: ?
CohmnsCc V*r.! n.
! ?<'ir.i-?5<>n ?! th? *r???(ic ?nt of
Jul S v. :|i I ?? ?? ffi'oa# :
< -r -r?! A 'iiii?-iot 19, tt ?ll4 28 CW*
? t'iltl .4
? Cirri- ft*- cr&l) 1 i'J
PrtM t"irrlt,( rr?< ci*?ts
I' x ? . ? t ? .i; 1 - . a ?? l ?r.-r WCliNCS
Pa T, : . Iw, ?i> fr tii s a. tii nattilOp.pt.
vh?T?tr*i* MT ihrtji ?i<? n-cc rut ?i\ J*j? in ?1
T MS I* .:??! ?? - ? ?<!?!' * ltrtrr<w< f ti ?
M >? ! ?' ? (.'t:?-,v.ii *i o ?
Br?- - f- ? I .% t ? ?! i .?? i.ti^d it Brut A<!?t?'
toj nr > ?? St*t ?*, pi, er t!:<- 6t. t'l c ! Is '*?!,
cwn-tol:. hwii r -i ct ?o M-tr..p iliw .
Kni.iom?, mb'.ti' lutv U l.id ? 1M* ??; t' \
?!T te.
O: c No ; ?? Kxuib.ti?& aid *?1? I >IW
_?? ) > < 43'J
fig st \ ( Tra St.
MAHKHITK"'*, t,s
Bi p'r ?r l-'i- r ?> ind C ^r"ofp l
?l < I VBtJt'jy-H ?* lifctl,
v*nf* ??!' Y> : i c?, *;ik-v tog*. Obrom- n, 4c,
A. o. la.4~<l lit V..&T H?r! pit*. V*'.! .*
f ni.ii, Fi t ' ITnn ?, Pii *-r.* Cora. ai,* Tm
Si'jg; N ? !i, ?c? it
B? T -It -?Ca-h.
!?> !' t '>w' ?rl Sr"l-?r,
\i h hlM.Sl>/ ill H TLSM KN i CA.T OKF
H 5.A1J t.i) ?Vi'ACItl, c?? J),- ?. .| J to t r? ?t"v
11 Hi .? h i tij a i. r. 'li' iur ??'itng ?>r. J USTH,
f>! >D 'T'-r t- .? ?" J*1 .icil 7t- Itrn ts Mjrr>i
* .ir *-*"S t 9 by nail prorcp'ly ! to.
ii. i*3 tr
r|'i A *.\OCAflO? T ? ZW UiiE.VT fU '.j
I i'?; ..Oiii. I v the L?i1i
91 ? ? f (I. > ?f Welifj Chape!, wil!
t?- -rHt ?!, in ct'ii^?-it;-ijc?j ?. t tht
?tr ?r vp-i
1 <?'. UK L'\E TO >101 >T V XA^UM
^0 AMiiCLA?C? Kli.ilNO BT TH13 LINS.
? ,? Frark Hi ili'.$.ti<-a4, of the 'tefcrif-r A tl
Ki'\< . nn | rnti' f tl i.r ? s*. ai ran ^
*ii ? l XOl NT \ ?h- * '-V-t
lOh i'S(i 1ATIO'' r-.n %'t. a'. ' i t&v i^oucVi
dai': v nc > t-J *.>H3t Y'-rn n, i? ?hf?
ft. I ? ??? r? t, to ?a:.'1 paajcii^em ty *te?a;.
t,-%t 4tSlo*nt V. ru-n WLarf.
Ps?*mr??i!' A\t 11? tl?? trrob'.?> ?r.lTfitjtr i
?f hlllK'. M!L?^ l?i A >1 bCLAN?"C:- %. > y
tii ?' llin *' t>y ; ?ki ir tl.; rt^cla' ??<? > u ? , Arr? ?
T -t? *: r Ii ?ti-? 7ta ??r?.-t wharf ?. ^r.-j .uy
ti. fti ;' v li f 'cl- c? ,rtturrin# at n't p t??.
I l 1 p T.. fc**'51; m uJim tdiaiviva to
ti?. flOU kt-. Ori I:'h!?
l?i-pt I* . it \ ? ruou Ar- vim: in.
rBiNfr i'< i l." r-jii sl\
t i^,r.< S'fSi:,ir A.ru?. ?"p^-Jrn
f () J ! I'mSSILY AN1A AVEilt'* I {j J ]
.rosr /it: ior/
rall iuid ?later ildtbing!
HMysr i> psssviT?.
;i?.Ni VhASSSCJ t*>,
v k w n est v kss sr/rs
.'.f.v.v ai.iiyt.s~ itits,
M A.% S' WOHK flfli S01TS,
iOCli.S" b LSI* Bin A.W Vllt KS Sl'lTS,
HO yj> 6C/i 00 L A.\ U UK ?SS b VITS.
K. tui en loth ?aJ lllii
?e|18-tp Thr?? Poore frotc 11th Btr-t.
The ?: OLAhfEB fur One Dollar
Jh-tj L tiol<l >'rao.e OLAa^Bd fut xq*
The #1 TBC1MOMBTBB f?r *1.
H B UtSFUB, Optir'an,
aevl-lf 4 ? I Pecii.yi.ania are.. cor.
? WA?HI>tlT01 UHAM H \T J
B?t?h'i?hed 1? 1^7.
e?H Ira Proprietor.
? riiiRB,
i ao(] |- ?rseta, Washington, D. O
??-1 u am
I ) 51
If. (8m f r tt. Newman A T >U>0,?
b m - il Ceti in i.? > torn MtrtMaMl.
BraLtft I*
nr. rron a d PrMnee.
AglTt *->r F, nUjf flunr ?Kd Pltist
W ilte Extra. S . 'Jib L'>u.si?i.a a.fuse. W
Kb* PC. arflBSn
Wasbinetcn tiers and Gossip.
? .
yoTn r. ? Purcha.-ere of T't?r Svar are re
mirtitd tbat there is no Incroc if price on
a cor'ff its doable she''* i?eu ??. The \ rice
cbarged Icr it to dealers ar,<1 new i?>vs ia the
<f?n.c h: for a :?ing'e "-heel, and the i il.iie *houU
jay ordy the regular pri-e. Tha increased
nnnotify rl reading matter i.? g'.v n siieiv r r
tl * <mi tof readers and adviiti rs. w.thoat
ertra charge ia any case
Tn avtjt -A n.tiona! ' i*i!c 'irMr-rre.
ceived for iedemi>' .> u nr. "ic ' .u, lion bureau
of the tre .?ury t ?s I,!03.
<)?? .sc. to the iritectiou-* nft'ur? <?; the <1 -va1-*
Of which CominoJore W?>l?ry diei*. hWtemains
w.!l not be brought north, hat wili be iuterrel
at Pci.sacol*.
1 hi rRKMPiM and Mri>. Orat.t, accompa
nied by ex Secre ary Bone aud 2dn. Bona, an!
(itneral lUbrvck iiu lor St. IjOuLs at 11:15 a. in.
t i-dby.
l-'KAiRi f a X^yal Pay-mapteh ?The Navy
department h. s received a dispatch annoanr
ii g the death of Paymaster Wm. F. A. Torbut
in Plihia jertcrda;-. Payme-der Torburt
wa- at a. fcci to the rt'-eivinn ship Potjmau,
end hai" b^en in the naval service sincj May,
1 CI.
The contention signed by the delegate* of
a! r.aiicr*, except France, at the Beri.e in'er
national pest..! L'on^res* fixes a uniform 6 cent
rate of portage per half ounce for letter?, pre
payment compu! Jry, and each nation t.? col
lect and Keep the'postage on tiie letters It
>e iids.
Abmy Oboers?As;i*tant Surgeon David I..
Huntington bis been ordered to praceed to
Hartlord toi-ire h'* testimony in the trial of
Vm. Madigan. late sergeant ">rh artillery. Th*
resi?>im*??>i ?>t Second ].t--'it?naiirlt isMll Thay
T. nth Infantry, has l.aen ac.*e,>ted bv tua
P.cfcidtrnt, to take etlect SepteiuDei 30, l$7t.
pa'ch was recti ved in this city tc-day an
n uncu g tte arrest by 1 nited States ofli *ers of
three o4 the alleged murderers of Capt. W. P.
Hi iisifes. oi Sumter county. Alabama. The
nam< so: tl e parti* s arrested are S.8. Kentroe,
C K'es Bullock and Frederick Chdds.
Personal. ? General Legge't, C imtnis
fv~(~ cf Patents, has gone to N\w Yo-k, bat
will return on Monday. ????Mr?. S. W. Brad
ford. tin- widow of the postal cl-rk recently
???-?ned to death on the cir', near i.rat >n. W>*t
\ ir-'M ia. has seed the Baltimore and Olio
road company, laying her damages at ^:u ',i>uo.
RiMi viLor Ar*y Heaix'Tart':*" _Work
m n were l>o\ing up the fuini .ire of tbe heai
<1 ianers or the Ueneral oi tue Army to-day,
ttr.j sca-dir.g the note of prej -iration for t?ie
dej artur. ?.f tieneral Slierui in and for St.
l.cu's. The furniture will all be oa.ke t and
s'.ij :^t! inrly nt\t week, and the General and
?t<itl iiaincd.ately tullow.
Thi STirrci Ft-EL^rt: and N*wsrarE?
vtbai pbr Contract?The contract of the
Pu-t "ftice Dejaitment with the Plympton
Mn^ufac'urln^ Company to furnish Manipeil
'i arm new.-pa;>er nranj'-.T" w.iu rc
t.iTr. il i djly tu-iited. Mr.t.^org.' >5.
If* ay. id New York. tLe next lowe-r bnMer. h i
eiittrti'. a forma', protest against tue r rit. i t.
rn the ground that tb work is really t.. ir.g
i'one by the Morgan l'i?Telop? <;ouii>aoy o:
>t>rmi;t>e!d. Ala- ;., in *1 .Uuoii oi "he turiuso
the coi tract.
Naval ?<Rntn? ordtr?l?Captain A. AV.
Jot rii a> iliii bf r of rxammiug t^aard at iVn
tsro. ?: Ctp airndtr Hicbard I.. L?w to c.'in
T' /?i.d ic fiv'ng fhtp Ofcio. Ho-tiD, 0?! f'i" 3*.-r
. tin :: Pa >M .is Mlht l^rjiirieir 11 L. Oluie
?n tfce Hartford. Asiatic st4fion. -er (teamei
l'th in.-t. Dctaeltd-ViyUUi J. B. Crei^iitin
from du*y a? it c iber or g anl ret.-ing
nr. t p!l''f?l on W> .ill/
o*<1rr<: l.ieu'enant Com;>.a:- ier it. Barrier
1 Otv C!dii?i ? <atr it r.My y?rj, lio^'on, and
.it'd iLrte n.OL ts' leu.'c; ila? or .f. I'. .J
Argm fir>m th ? Powhatan an J placed oa w *ir
jjl erteura; Pa-.-tjrt ArWut Xa^iMM J. h
H rm? p;- .ron na>y yard, M^re Island, and
?.:d? r^d *o the P u* icola: Pa^.-ed A <si-4tan* K??
ginger C. .1. MacConne'l Irom tb j P^i -*
aid i-rd^red to na?y yard. Mare Island; Pa-~ d
A > -tant J.! ertieor^e M (irepn from sp -
cia' duty at I'itr.-burg and ordered to the <
t* slurp Trti instant; Af.-i.-tant Fr.gioetr 'A'ni.
It. wtK'thau from tbe Hart:ord ami ord-;re?t r >
rMi.r" l.ome and repor' arrival; Asji.?' tnt K>i^t
t cer Klchard duch from the Cettyebarg an 3
p:?Ctd on waiting orders.
PP.'X5tDI5G? TO liKl >VEH NEARLY ?,"1.000
Kim is a British c >tt'>!? Claims Oa^j
Yestei day, Mr. J. I). McPherton, for Ch*r!es
I . ll.v.ya d .Via P I? de, tilled in the K rnty
Court, a biii lor hh injection, and t. nc;''Hr?
rla'm alien ".^ainst Aug ntir: K M l#?ra. 1
ar,d "Wii,. White. The bill charges that Mcl>on
? .t bao a cinun agani<t the Unite 1 Stat - for
cotton amounting to *-\ooo.uuo. and comp'tiin
a'lts contracted to prjeecuteeaid cla.rn betore
tbe couiuii.-j'ion under the treatv with Gre .t
Britain ot May Mh, K 1, and uuder tiie agree
m- i.t tb^y become eatitlel to per cent, ot the
?tu?<.utit rtcov?re<i. TUev a*er that on the
ot Si ptiml'tr, h73. an award ot *t'-7,1 ? ) in t?oid
<* made, ai.d tl^e amount is payable a??.}r the
of September, atui that the defend*nt,
v., Dci.all. has refus-.l to p^v theia or se ure
tbtir payment, and t):at he. on 'b<? U'thol A-i
gu-t. a^- gued the award 'o Mr. White, ot O ;i >.
?i.d that La had dtxe notice of the c'.aim of
{? attitl, or should nave h^-J, ? s it tiled
w tn the commn-sion.
lr:~7i.rcT;cr? To L". S. Var?Hati? in thi
SotiB ? Atiortity GeLeral Williau.;! yefc'.erday
sent the toltownig c*.r u'.ar to United State?
oran-bals at i^oints in tbe -outu w'jere recent
- u:^agt> f are cc-urred --1 would sag**;? tliai
it t> ore points where ("nited State" troops ari
or il ?y bv stationed in jour district soma pru
de? ? and rearle?s pcreon in wlii?:3 judgm "t
?ou Lave coiiflisence. an 1 whom tLe p-jop'e re
?p.'Ct. may l>e jniinted a? deputy marshal. t^>
act at once in the nrre.-t or nartiij commi't'Bi
outrages in the vicinity m> that it ia*7 not be
tif.ee -ary in such case? to send to rou bjfjre
'be tiros.? can l.e used tor the purpose ot" ar
rvMu.g ?bcse who are gditvot ti dating the
laws ot the United States. This, of course, will
not he rec< saary where you are ea-ilj a?ct^l
ble: but ahere tbe troops are placed at remote
l^ints, t elore the nece.-sj.ry communication k-<
t?. die ci-ii.es committed cau bs mil.', th.- or.
*?' !eT"; as a general rule, hav e tima toe<c>i>e
io iwt" I've tie det unes tbe neces-'arv in
struction.- a- to procuring warrant, aiid I need
rot repeat that it is iiu|>ortar!t that tou sbotiid
ite!?-g)i e tbe i^ower to none bat c.tretu! at.a re
*poi?*iMe persons."'
An Eekobt to CojiDrcT the Key. Mr
4>. k?i *sai*o'? Trial in secret?An e:Vort
to be m w.e i ext week to have the session, of
^J ^byteTy,W^ l's ,0 ,rv Kev .lohn 9
c.eni enning of the Proepecf avnue Presbyte
rian church Jeney City, conducted in secret.
S>.mc Of tbe le&e zealous ot Mr. tilendennini'a
went $, however, oppose the adoption or tha
-aj gestion already, believing that the proceed
ings to be satisfactory should be open. The
, 11 t n^th of public opinion now is strongly in
favor of a public invest gat on. GienJennlne
*?' ?r * praver meeUng of the numbers or the
cbi ich on Wednesday night, and listened atten
'ively to an addre-s trom the Ue*. Mr. Monroe
TLf ?t ea'-.er referred to the scardal connccted
? it t e church, and denounced the condu:t of
the i>rea* lnglylng It such publijicv. He^'ex
1 ii;sod Lishimf^i'ninthepastor. Kuler H.iweil
It cios.tin a congratulatory speech, urged the
teccf s't\ or earn? st praver by the congregation
'? r t! elr p??tor. The Pre?hyterT ts to mjet on
*1 uci day n or' Inf in the Third street presbyte
i ian cbuich, Jersey City?.V. f. Sun, Zl.
Th* Kioet K?t. Archibald Pcbcbll, of
C.i < LUMi, who pertormed the marriage cere
r c:.? at tbe Sberraan Fitch wedding on Tha e
u? la>t. arrived in the city yeaterdty attsrnoan
ito-o W aahington and stoppe?l at Barnum's
,?te';.*rxro71i"*n:edby A. W. yuatman and the
V-'tk- ^ J,ut,on' ?f Cincinnati. Last even
fa ^ of beir.g an welt. %nd
ttireu early, lie w 11 probitbly roruain iu the
j Ci.j a it* uays? Jmeriatm.
! , *fr'"I ^aociation tor the cure of
I nel r.aUi rraKiuie.1 Uns disease Uiaory of In
j i orietjr. *
?/*Tte P t^hnrg coa iclii have mhci! an
I ord.nance probi .n. the sale of peanuts, so<ia
w ir w anything ele? on tn<3 eidewalka
KiK'loly. Etc.
? Secretary Fish and family cxpecl to change ;
their rf s-lifcwce fr. ni Garr'sons to tbis city
a; out tie iVt irsrant.
?Ar?crg ihr>?e from a distance who were ex
pected at tie Fiteli-Shermau wedding, on
Tlngday .wss- M'?- Fant te M Lima,who
o?i ?rr< w ' of tha gr^a* wnalth of b?r f..* ?r,
Henry Tie gs, I'- is nit tmfro joently cal e i
tse ??iuire.-> ? t Peru"?although her pro-p ct *
l"i this rf gard ?rc by no nfft's >ier jr ate*t i>
t actici s In tl c t yes of tb<:9 w^o enj >? her
personal scqiaint amr. 1,'ke rue tree Vnieri
can she is, bowcttr, fhc preferred i a>? o\c
cti??y 'o rerfon tl pleasure. Her ?tav in t'ie
coif tiy being limited, and never having b- n
? n Washington before, sha chose to sj>ent tlie
day in visiting Mount Vernon rather th i at
tend tl.e wedding. great ?<? was the tsrnn*ition
to Co so.
? tioverror Shepherd ai. I t *rri!y bare let ?
their country seat, *ad Will stay V. the Arling
ton until their new residence on K street :scoia
pieti it.
? V i's Annie <;?lt. daughter of M. W. Gilt,
is to b? carried th.s winter to Mr. Kegina.d
? Hon. Calwa'ader, Assistant Secretary
ol' State. b?s ntov?d into the late residence of :
Governor Shej herd on Connecticut aver.ue.
?S. S. Smoot and family have returned Irani
Cape Mar, wbrre they have a cctfage so pleas
ant a? to tndcce them to go early and stay late
? The i re?s generally has pleasant word.'to
gay about the Sherman-Fitch wedling. The
Bjston Glebe gays:
"The account which wo give, this morning, of
the Sherman-Fitch wedding, atlords a bright
pit. ire 01 the romance and reality of matri
mony in the republic. A more brilliant nrtair
probably never took place in thiscoun'ry, and
all 'he attraction? ol rank and station, both
tortirfn a i?i domestic, that the nation's capi' ii
can lurnish. seem to have combined to givs
eclat to the spectacle. It is seldom that our
society has such a legitimate sensa'ion, snl
even the shade of frugal Beu Franklin would
fcardlv have grudged the expense into which
republican simplicity was led on this joyful oc
il. Heche Was. on Thursday nominated bv the
democratic convention for'Congress from the
Hth district ot New York,
In the democratic-liberal convention held in
Dunkirk, N. ^ Col. K. F. Allen, of Jamestowp,
was nominated for Congress by acclamation.
Horace H. Harrison ws? nominated as the re
publican Congres-ioi a! candidate at a meeting
of that party held in Nashville, Tenn., Thurs
'j he democrats of the 1st Congressional di -
trict of Tennessee have nominated William
Mi Fai land tor Congress.
The Virginia Ditel Ofp?From all in-or
mation received regarding the Mabone-Johnsnn
at'iiir it appears that no hostile meeting l as
taken place, but that the friends of both parties
met at Weldon. N. , yesterday morning and
referred the aMair to General Matt Hansom, of
N'or'h Carolina as referee. An agreement wis
arrived at which ends the whole matter peaoea
bly. The settlement wt? arrived at through tie
otticcs or General Jubal A. Early on the part ot
General Johnson, an 1 James Barron Hope, ol
Norlo'k. All the parties hare returned to their
re pective homes.
What an Iow a Mas Fockd.?A Gilbertown
i low a) man, while digging a well, recently
c#m>) to abroad, tlat stoue, t!_' feet bel >w the
surlace, under which was found a sarcophagi*
containing the skull, vertebr.. and ebarrtd
ribJ cf a man, an iron circlet or c:owu, a
bronze dagger and battle-axe, several firmer
rints, a peculiar instrument of music avi a
I'&nei of wood, much worm-eaten, on which ?a
part al'y entrave'l and partially st*ine'l a uu Je
ti^ure tound to a tree.
Tee fOsrriasctY school law of Oor.ne. *i
crt i- .-aid to have hal the etlcut of diminisjio^
juvenile truancy in a very marked d< gree. au
cu'dir g to the statistics ot at'?ndanc^, ai com -
pai dw.tb previous years, -V<oO children h ?vi
L- in compelled tj attrn.i s iioi?l, who wju, i
< ti erwne, In all probabiii'y, have grown nn in
1?loiante, ''nlj l,?o ciul ir<-n iu ttie wiiiV
con n.on^e.dth. it is!-^'d, are now ii'taocoua'.v 1
for.eitlur in ti.e tchoo'sor workshoi s.
Fatal Afkhav^?lolin SCiafiir wi< shot
dat gercu-ly at B iv i:>!dge. N v., ye.-ter l.i
morning, in an k1; rcat on rv?r driit.'wood b'v
| Simou i*I>idi. .'tt. Sch'.ller sfrucif e.t Madisou'^
?n ii> !w v.ltli ?nn. a d M^i w shjt h^n
M<ch?>?d (i'lhoogi) i" ? loh'i Hugm butchei
ir. der ey Cit v, had a <]itarr< l ye.-r rdiy mi.:i
ir?g. i'? e tormer s aM ed Duganinth j -id.j h"
at:ii w:;h a but 'lex's Vnit??, cao-^ng fatal
wout lis. Giibnnp!'/ ?*?< aT0s~ed.
I* mi ?1 he span -h steamer Juan, now i:i th
hurtor of Sltgo, Ireland, has been warn ;d t>c
the au'borities not to s?n, and order- l> ive ba"t:
i-sued to prevent her deraiture. She has th r
,cen Arm.-troiig guns on board, which are s i[.
posed to be for the Cnrlisr?. Yh? caption d
clare> the (luns ar>> fhe property of the Span v.
goverrn-ent, ai d he is taking them to KugUad
lor repaiis. An iiiye-?tigatlo!i is in progress.
Tub Eva*uelical alliasc*.?The formal
opening of the Evangelical alliance I jok p ac.
i!i 'Le A in' ricau l'resb> terian church, Mon
treal, j estcrdav. An address ot weicooie wa*
delivered by Dr. Jenkins, and replies male i>v
Key. Donald Frazer, Major General l>urr.?A^
Head, I)r. Dobie, of Ottawa, and others. ?<?
Governor Vilmct. of New Hrunswick, w?
electtd prifeideLt, and Dr. Taylor, oi al jntreal
vice president.
The steairer Faraoay will put to sea soon, as
she has taken in jirovis one and ooal.and re-umi
'h.; attempt to recover tLedirectoabi^. of ^f.ich
she bad laid six hundred knots whan it was'.o^t.
Should her eftorts be success!ul she will pro
cced to lay the remainder of the cable to t:u
American coast.
Boy Accidentally Killed Francis Nuss
mer, aged !* years, was siiot in the aodom-n m
Philadelphia last evening by a man named
? lackson King, flreaian on the'steamdiip Ohi?>.
3he lad was s andingon the street wa-chtng an
organ griLder. and King was hanJling a pi-to',
when it was accidentally discharged. The bjy
is likely to die. iviiig e-caped.
Spiritcal Etchin.s Waiting ham Vt , is
exen ised over a fresh outbreak of ''spiritual
manifestations.-' The windows of the Kev. N.
1? Sherman's residence are mysteriously cov
ered with etchings of a strange variety, in
whUh bi'.icverssce the portraits of dead friemls,
The windows in the liou?e of his son-in-law,
near by, are al?obeing covered, and great num
bers ol people flock to see the phenomena.
A him deepest has iitely been manifested ia
tLe interior counties of Pennsylvania. Partic
ularly in Montgomery, Backs, Lancaster anl
Delaw are, the homed cattle are a'tticVd, and
in mary cases the disease has proved fatal.
Much alarm Is manifested among farmers and
graziers, particularly so as the cau?-e of the dis
ease has not been thus far ascertained, and its
ei ectssetm to be contagious.
stdden Death of a Yocito Girl ?KHen
Sj itler, aged sixteen, daughter of Joseph Spit
ler, living about two miies northeast from Dod
scn, i 'bio. w>i found lyiug dead on the iloor je
' side ber bed Thur-day morniDg. She was in
excellent health the previous night. No cause
?s yet assigned for her sudden death.
The A-SASS1K of the acting German consul
at llakodadi, Japan, has been sentenced to
death, acd the German government, although
not claiming any money compensation for the
ir jury,demands that the wearing of swords shall
be ^prohibited within a certain distance of
foreign settlements.
A Boat Drawn bv a Kite.-Messrs.Tracy
ana Ferguson, or Bridgeport, Conn., went from
that poit t-> New Haven in a small boat drawn
by a kite 12 feet by 8 feet, with a r^i 130 feet in
l-?gth, makirg the distance in three hours
1 he passage was rough.
WA Burlington man baing convicted of
closing with ft girl of 15 wdut into convuUioutf.
?STIt is sga n*t rural etiquette to have a
lamp in the parlor on beau nights.
'Alttost too tired to climb a tree" is a
quaint Iowa phrase.
^"Prohibitory hens don't lay in proportion
to their cackling?Bottun Post..
W"The Emperor Francis Joseph has deco
rate d the members of the Arctic expiorine ex
pedition, including the sailors
ttTFmperor William has ordered in England
t0.ii00.00o rounds of cartridges. W nat does it
Sf A Melrose (III.) roan has swapped hi- wife
and five childieo for the hired girl and gone to
Minnesota for a change of air and scenery.
?5TThe Messrs. Henry Clews & Co., of New
\ork, ta.ltd to make good their engagements
yesterday, but succeeded in obtaining au exten
sion of time.
?yThe failure of the firm of S. Kaufman A
Co., dealers acd exporters of cotton, grain, ana
petruieuui, was announced 'ate yesterday after
noon in New York. Liabilities not ascertained.
>"'?? Pabii?.kllua?.
Jt STiU .*ATKI8. A Story for yu'et Hour.-.
F'^wsr.i G .rr??'t. Ne*7 York: LjiIJ A.
^,e i. iThroagh Wn. B ?lUntjne |
I* <}Uiet'y to'd, whole ome story. l>r the
Rutfc<ror '-Crooked Place.',' "Prfmtam- Paid
!o Expeiience," &e. It is i.-sutd Ity the Am-'i.
c in publishers by aiiangeraeu; w .th i'io author.
The I.EADtn : A ?:-??!?? 4^t-*-Ti of S*crc-d an.l .1 ? ?
uinr Mi" o. By 11. II. Pa'mer, r ?s-1etl t-.v L.
<?. Kmer; on. Kc t ?n : Oliver Di**on ?.J.
i through W. G. Metrrott & Co.]
Mtsin. Palm r ar-1 Euut^b are a^iin In tTie
l?e!d to mpf1; fouietblng irc-sh and attrac'ive ir>
tbe vny rf ,b"Tli a;.d secular music. >lr
Cmtnon on thN occv cn. however, le ivr ? the
honor* main y in the han ol bl? wr<terri c
temp rary, but h. s'sts in ttio c impilatlon t j ?' o
extent tf cunl'ibutirj upwards of a buntred
p'ec rs o' nt ?:r. Mr. Pa'n>er Is now widt'y
know n a? ? c 'Bijcvr, bo'b Ka-t and W.~ t, a::?i
mpplirf out or1; t'ie *t,ni'r tl>le 'er ions t) r<
Uie over the ?lry ^rr>ur><l o* |>*actio?, bu
contributes tome t. .j>;i red times and anthem*
ns composer, or a*ranbor. 1 here aro be'ides a
t.umber of new pUces b\ larori'e Aoifri-u
Comjiottrf-Dr. Mung'-r, Mr#. C. H. Sou, N.
B?rker, T. H. Tanner, Southard Lowiy, am]
l'?cil Johr. A Novel. Hv G. J. Wn?t? M.-l
vt)!e. NewVork: 1>.AppletjuX Co. [Through
<Io.?. Shilling* in.)
A new story, by the author of 14 Market H w
borougli." "lbe Gladiators." "Kate Coventry,"
"Saianolla," Ac.
Ti t Butt op lirsnAKD?. A novnl. By
? 'smr? rsjD. New Vol k: Hamper & Bro*.
(Through J. C. Parker.] By tt.e au'hor ol
''Carlycn's Vear." "Cecil's Tryst," iVj.
Du. Tboemk. a rove). By Anthonv Trol
lope. Ntw Yoik: Harper &' Bro3. [Through
J. Brad. Ai'airs |
Ttois is of the ??Popnl'" Edition" of Trollope'
Work* irsntd by the Harpers. ??I)r. Thorn*'"
was one of ti e e r"c jt <>f Trollope's novels,and
is one ol the best.
KiMi'H Core. A novel. Bo.-ton: Ijorlng.
I llrou^h Vip. Ba'-antjre j
From "Lot ingV Select Novels."
Athirftoss Pkiobv. By L. N. Co:uvu,
au'hor of "Ellice, a Tale." Boat^n. l'.-te- a.
l.auriiit. | Tbrongh K. B. Rlohun & Ctf.J
A well-tola stoiy by a rising author.
Th? lik.AClub asd Handy Speakku.
Kditetl by <ieorge M. Baker. Tbe Co u:u>.
Npi-aker. Selected sad adapted by l.ooniis .1.
(.Itmpbell an! Oden Ko.?t, Jr. Victim Lea
AShtpard. I I brou^h Wm. BaUaiityne j
A coaple of useful and iiitertsting book' tt>r
studtn", supplying quite a variety of tVe-l.
piecc ' lor dtclam ?t:on, readings, Vvc.
I.?VK AT PittST Sioht. A novil. By Cupula
Henty C??r ing. I'bMadelph a: T. B. Pe:? r
ton & Bios. Through .Io?. Sbilllngton '
A new novel by tbe author of "The Soldier
of Foitune."
A?<t<>m>a; ok,The Fall o? Komi. By Wi
kie Collins. New York: Harper Jt*Bf?-.
[Tl rough J. C. Parker & Co.]
This is irom tue illustrated, library edition ui
Oollius' rovel*. being Issued by the lUrpors.
Anttnii.ais a rather succts^ldl attempt iu the
way ol a historical novel by tbn author, though
the characters are generally fictitious, an i orily
the spirit o. tie historical period selected l
reprtseLted. The per;.?d covered by tt b plot
lsthatlrom 'he hihtcIi oi the (lo'.hic inva l.r.
over tbe Alp.- to the close *1 the tirst barbaii&it
blocka?!e of Pome.
Pr .MKiK at*d Foeebt A Description of the
(iumt ol Norili Auicrica. ? i h Personal A<1
ret t-T? ia taeir Pur.-ult. By Parker GU!
laore. NewVork Barper & Bro^. Th-eu-h
J. C. P^rki-r and Warren COo te \ Co ;
A thoroughly Interesting, farviceal.ie an.l
Umt'y book by ???<; luihoi of " Oun, ItoJ h-j i
Sylvia * * Choice. A Njvel. p.y Geor-i?n%
M. C ia.k, ;,aihor ol " MMdred," "Tho c" u in
?in luiii." New Sork Harper A Bro<
ll hroti^h We ren ChoAto a; Co. ana J. u.
P: her. |
TI* a is No 1!^ of H-*rp?r's "Library of So
ItCt Novs'i."'
H?>u Vakh.av Helped. By M.Carroll. Po
tJi L.e a SiieparJ. , Ihruu-a Win. Urixu
i > 10- ]
TLii is a prize story selected by "Tue Lid.e
Cons in iiSi'Ki on Sunday Se^tjl Bool'?."
I'llK liKNIt-lS OK TUB NkW E.N!lT.A!*n
? nrjcutP By 1. Dnrrd Bacon; wi h i in
1 ititns. New York: JlPrj.er X Brof.er
T? roiijili Warren C.'iOate A Co., and J. <;
prrker i
'1 bis ln? valuable and important contribution
to tte eccles::i?tical hie. jry ot the country, ^-i.i
en bodies an iuimense i.mount of research, an j
clotc thought. Oce of the poiuts explained n >%v
for the liist time, so far as we have scan, i* the
ditlcrenee between "Our Pilgrim Fathers" ana
"Our Puntan Fathers."' Ju the Old World,th?
Puritan was a Nationalist, believing that a
Chii?tian nation is a Christian church, an l de
mand.ng that the Chun h of England s'aoald be
thoroughly reform 1: while the Pilgrim was a
Separatist, not only !ro-u ?ho Angiicau Pi ayer
Look and Vueen CU *h's episrapacy, but
from all natiouakl ch< rehes. lietwaeu thj'u
there wa> fchaip conteni.on . a controversy juite
a? earnest and almost as bitter as that v?u.cli
thfy both had with th-j ecclesiastlco-politiCAl
power that oppressed t::aru l-oth, tilling ?::i im
prisoning the Puritan and visiting upon the
Srparat'st the added peaalties of e* li an l th
g allows.
HoL!>bn With thk C <tD9. By W. M. L. dav.
Author of "Shilob." New ^ork: K. P. liu'
tou ?V Co. | through VVm. ltaliaiityue. |
'1'he author, In sending forth another book '>o
longing to the class kn< vn as religious novels,
? aintains that religion uas its rightful pla^e "i
both of the two clssfce< in'j which novels are
ilivided?the de-criptivs, and the analyti-al ?
becsu?e it is an import ut part of raul life, aa I
controls bctb passions and motives.
Akit(c Kzi'KRTB!i<-Ks Containing Cap'.i.n
(;e'>rg^ L. Tyson's woi dtrful Dritt on tho J
l ;oe, a !Mr?>r> of the Polaris expedition, ih
t ruise of the Tijnec a<.d Kescue of tl" 1*.;
l?ris survivor.-. Tj ? aich is Hdied a it -.era;
Arctic ttror>ologf. l: lited by K. Vale B' r<e
New York: Hari.'tr L'ros. ihiou^'t J. c
This work pretetits it. i i^ipui^r form !he e ?
tire history of ,,io Pol, Is Kxplorlng Lxpe .i
tion, i.ot only gi-.ing tiie v*luabld results ac
complished by it, but going deep enough into
causes to tiace out tbo weak points in the or
gaLization oi the party. Notwithstanding its
unfortuuate feature*, tte Polaris F\pciition
achieved vtry important geographies aaJ sci
eutific results, and its success under the draw
backs it dicat' d, sugge-ts what might be accom
plished by a united and properly disciplined
party ol Arctic explorers. In addition to the
narrative portion, the iatrcductory chapter
contains a general re.-ume or Arctic experi
ences; and in'the chronology is found epito
mized all the principal events of Interest relat
irg to previous and contemi orary Polar expe
dition*, adding gseatly to the v^lne ot the work
as a took of reterence. The book is protusely
illustrated in the best style of the Harper s.
?Jan.es Hinton, with au introduction by E L.
yoomans. New Vork: D. Apnieton X Co.
[Tbroogh Jos. Shillington ]
This is a useful and practical work, contaln
ing a great deal of accurate aad trustwoithv
physiological science presented in the most
familiar and untechnical style; but what i-i
more important still, it will be found avail
able for constant guidance in the care of the
bcdlly organs, and the general arrangement of
the vital economy.
Fob Lgvb d Like, a rove! By Mr?, ou
rhant. New Vork: H.'pari Bros. Taron
J. Brad Adams.] ?*
The latest novel by tbe author ot the "Brown
lows/^'Cbronlcles of C irlingford," Xc.
Rev.Db.Ti??abt, or this city,"lectured at
at Stelnway Hall, New V?rk,Ps( night in tLe
icttrc .t of the Wssbmv ,n national mouament
to a Urge audience. A dispatch wrs received
trom President Grant expressing deep interest
lathe elTort to compiet the Washington moo
umetif; but reeretted his luabillt/ tJbe preaeut
at the icctare.
^"Canning fruit is called a "put up job" by
tbe Pittsburg Leader.
The ntooltljn Somelal
A TRlVATE LfcTTKtt VKe'M MK*. PIirRin.
I 1be following I* (lit lefer in full lUn . !
by Mrs. Hi nry Ward Bee her to Mr-. M l
ltajne, of Ch cago, and published *n the Tr:
; bene of that uity :
PrOOKTYW Sfpt. j*. l-?l.
MtHkirMrj Yours > f June 1*11. ? !
j i:otrca,h 'lit* t;H tie middled' ?'?u'y. lr. ?oi c
! way it n i.\ed rip w ith the BtiubnlcN hi
: tersaid de-contents v h ch load my husband'*
? iMf; and although 1 bate the care of h'.s let
teis, Mid tiy to keep all carefully a'tcinl'l to.
vet yours w*.? Lid up sonirwhcre?1 know not
Low-so tLst it was long before 1 receive it.
! Adt'cJ t j any e"!reUs?t.cs.- i?r wLi-'h 1 alone aos
resj < njiMe, is the fact; or. r*?her I hould ha?e
, raivtlu excuse tcr inch careleesm ss, is tbe t act,
; *LhI tl c dai'y paper* Lave rcvle n> secre*.
j tlM tt iji ),ju> been v. suiuui-r of r.nu-<ui?l c re
and labor, in rtleh heart end brain li eve bMB
t???dt# the utteiraot. He member! ug th"?, I
rin fir# jiu will pardon iijv seeming n-gli
j gcrce. ab-jnt which i t.eed not bare trouble
yen with so nmny word*. 1 would most ch- er
f u ly coi'Mlm'e if article to your luten'd
I si*~. wb oil I rillicitly b ?pe w 11 be sac --
j I til. were I not debain I by tie same reason
wliict cai s .1 the de'ay in at'S wetbig yo-'tr let
ter. Until my good, aid notie, and uiost j ire
! husband Lh* rest from Hiesecrusl persecut ?
I have no 1 e irt for anything but that JlttJu
wltic'i I amprivileged to ?? tor him. In prot ?<*t
: -ii>g him from needioss intrusion, gutiditig i.nr>
ftcm tlio>-e cotrner .nt*,the re|*nter?, nt.d d?> ng
?ill the writirg J can savo hitu from do:nf.
Were it not lor this, my dear madam, I would
very . heerfully contribute the article yon r< -
; -inest, If only to in ?n?*est roy plt-asire 1 n le trn
iri^t that 1 Lave ev? r been .-j happy as ?o hare
1 doreyona small tervice. Brand by the - in
iwill d'Kptl all these clouds, aiid perhap* fien
I may be able to respond more lavorable, i:
needed. Yours truly,
Mrs. Henry Ward Bksche:.
>ir xi't'iTon'e nniwxM.
'J ho New \ork Trib'ine of vi*?terrl?y s*\ ?
"FrankHu Woodruff, one of Francic 1>.M .ul
tr n's business partners, called yeeterd ty at
trict Attorney Winslow's office :tud said bo
w;u ready to ju*iMy as one ot the bor.d-m n.
Mr. Faroj.tbe district attorney V ehisl cl ? 1c.
, dtc? the l?ond, wh-ch wasricned bv Mr. Wood
rutl, wbotben went before .ludge Neli-;3n and
j made affidavit thaf he n as wortTi ??;,o(W a' >ve
all !ia><ilitie*. Soon alter be left the c ??irt
room .Mr. M >ulton stepped into the district at
j torrey"? office and asked tor Mr. Wooirurt. He
feemtd si gn'.ly re\ed ni>on teaming thp.t Mr.
\\codiutl had pone, and eaid that he wassorrv,
! because Jeremiih I*. Hob'n?on, his eerotuf
boi d?nian, was Fick and unable to ap;n.Ar. ^fr.
Moulton desired to know If Mr. Robin?onV u -
titication con Id not be tak n at his resi iecce.
The cleik replied that be di.ln't believe that
?fudge Nillson would consent tn vi-tt .Mr. P >b
ii -onfor ti e purpose ni^festcd. Mr. M ilu>u
sa'd that Mr. Kobin.on iuig>.'t be ab'.e f> ap
M*r to d?y,and asked if be cjuM sign the
bond. He wr< allowed to sign, ai 1 afterward
acki.owlttl^ed tiip figr itnre before I:i J^c N-il
sor. The Tudge declm 1 aa invitation t i ride
to Mr. CobinscnV residence, andsiil t'jat he
would postpone t'jc jotilallM uif'.Mi - ru tm
Mr. Moulton sta'ed to a reporter tb it Mi
, Kob'.nM ir? faitureto appear m ght pro '.u ?* the
impresj'on that Le labored ui:i"or dnllcuiti t? io
linoit.g bondmen.
a fkfsii Ltr.iri. sriT.
In is ui.deictcod th>*t ilnvi: iiowni will
er.t'earor to prore that be ? ijot in Brooklyn
at tLe time tLe Lru<>tl/ii !? ?*.. le alleges iliat one
ed Its reporters convert.! ? n fc:ui. Kx-Judge
Morris, of c?>un9el tor In. :ero r.Uon, s, ite>
?>.at it ie no secret t'. ?t he l -> Ik'en direct-.-1 br
bl? c'ient tp brli.ga libel su t against the Kroefc
lyr Ka^le. I!e ile? lines toftutewbat atmunt
or (Jan;ageswill bec!anne*l.
A telegiam from Ne> York fijs tbat P'v
nu-oth church was denst'v picked with ide
last t-reiiing to obt iiu sight ot and bear dr.
It echer. At 7 o'clock there was no stan ;:u,;
room e'.tbtr in the cLurch or passages, a-.o
j lauies were Irr. utn.lv borue out elurii g the er
? rices in a laiii'ir.g cor-'itlon. Aaio:;g t*; ? z
r?re?e?>t were C5i.r>s IJcecber, 1).-. i ? . ?r<<
Bfcche*", Col. Belcher, Vrs Harrie* !* e -hcr
; Mow<\ Assistant Pastor HnlUday, all the r -ui
j tcr- ot tl e late inrest'g-* ng CO*iaT't?C2. i'-' 1
BajMoatf. ai.et trustees e-f' the church. Af r.je'
Mr Be?cher c.inj-? on t*:e plViarci, anil v .:
received with a ttorm o* appla.i>e. tie p irt
?-<it t e I..' i.i*i. " Pr .i-e Owl, from whom ai
I '?ssirgs tl'<w, *' v.t'i h w:v< finug by 'be
,'f >gttv.th ^ vig.'r s.itd v. ?!.
Mi bn'itr t?.? i>. o^eied a brief praver, 'i
win* 1: te thanked tJ-.Nt u r fiis m.eling, "on ih?
twsidy-M venth anr'versarj o> ni.? pa-tjrate
He ?f.:-ec that niu?h good would i.ccrne tr
his lii o:s tlur.ng the com.ng ea^j:j, ana re
tarn *; tl. auks toCio<i lor all liis fresh bles^r.jj..
Aiiot rr t >mn w.ii sur>g,&< d prayer wasoil'ereJ
1 v pi t. jiiond. He iK^jtight the I.or i to
Me'-s '"ie nihil on his right hand, ard rct-.n; ;
thai Its tv.r the trials a*:d d scij'M^e bro:i t
nI on 1 li* ir pastor, which. heesi J, for Ms:
t' ty of V.Iol'. Alter the congregation !c,?i
mm g ; norber hymn, Mr. Ueechir. ruing to Hl
teer, i^a'd that be would niuch ra'.hcr ii^ve 'at',
bis tr^i His a.-< usual at the erd ol his ricttion.
but he was ut.xicua thai Hie good oid ca^'oaitn
h . day i-ight prayer meei n^< shoal 1 not i,-.- de
I t ' teotrom. Tbey were met together, a< o!i r ?
intiV years belore. at the wtunirtcjuieii' o!
what uii^tit be con; dered a nea- je^r.to co se
crete ttif in-elves to the .-{.read or' the Uhr.- a*i
Ku <;d. ru ou earth. When tbo troubles carried
; us away under the burden.- fiat we had uot
I strength to bear, atd under ttie wire-or sor
, row, when our strotigth tailed, Clod's etrength
j be can. Wheu oriows were no Ijnger to t?e
tolerated, and cien catue to the end ol their en
durance, then m it~ plenitude ari abundance
eame the everlhstiBjr j resetice a ol power o*. the
A '.mighty. Then men Ice'kcd ba.cfc with am i/.e
ment totbitk iliat thc.r conraje ever failed
When aiiiiction and trouble is on a man be
shou'd not hold down his bead as a prisoner la
; chains. It was for us to lift up ourselves from the
risible iiptothe inrii-ible, a*;d though there m ght
I e troi>!de- low doa n, God was above *' c Cl j .ds.
He m:?Je an appeal tj the you'ig mjn o: th"
congn gation to grow in r:^h'tooj-iitf-.- an l the
spirit ot tiutn, and sar to tbemselres I -h ill not
crumble in the du?t,but shall riss, irrosi.-i '.i'e
in jower of the he art oi Christ. 1 ask not vou'
coiilit'ence or sympathy, hut the .-jrety of a
blessed hoj^ that you feel a sympathy tor tae
weak to litt thuu up and save them for C'iri-j
He ailuded rery remotely to ihe discipline the
cburcli bad gone through, which he *fco-;g
was only a grindstone to sharpen their wea . >ns
ol spiritual warUre tor the reuu nder or t! e
year, and he thought tuey should be anim ite i
by the spiiit ot love, joy, a:i I peacc iu (i > I
This hail been their a:;;mut:r;g rurposj i it
t wkriit\-."M*reii years, and they wouli coaoo'.'
ot tlii.- tribulation lot no other parri^jc thin 'h??
glor y ot Goa.
i Aneuher hymn was sting, ati I the bensdlrtton
I i renounced by Mr. Beecher, trhich en ljd t^e
luoceeditigs. At the close the frienis of the *?!'
tor clo.?ed up around the platform aai ?h'Wk
bands with hiiu, congratulating him on thj ri*i *
appearance he presented after It's vacation" ?* i
i it was lully a halt honr before the ch-Irc' v -
ciearcd of the throi g. The Plvr.-ontb a^-.vsa
tioa, at the close of the p'ooeedin^4. h?li a >>ri.
U't ar <1 lidormal, though ?oc'a!,"-tthe-ri^ for
thP purpote of tendeiing a rece^it'-yn t<r^I>
liceeher. They gathc.ed in their niesting
roem,at?ove tho lecture-ro^m, io largj 'nuiu
bers. The roe.ni was haL'^-omeiv d;c^rated
with flowers and banners. Wiien Beecher ir.
j peaied at the room. aft?t Kcetvios the erecting
of all his friends in Ihe church below, he- wa
receivtd with loud and long-contluued applause
at the close of which a youug lady sang -ii >me!
Sweet Home," to an accompaniment, which
was followed, alter brier intervals, by other
?ongs. Mr. Beecher then promenaded through
the room, and held brief conversations w'th ail
those present, which terminated the procaed
The New \ork corre?i>ondent of the Hartford
i Conn.) Times, ot September 30, says: '-The un
dercurrent in the Beecher-Tilton scandal is now
seething more than ever since Tilton's last state
ment. Orthodox people, who preriouslv were
cn Beecher s t.de almost unstiimot-sly. are
greatly dj, ded. manr having arrayed them
selves against him and become open in expres
sions ot"be'.ef in bis guilt. The latter say t.ri
7w tf'Z.that. he maet rtUre tr?io the palpit, and
re^turn to it will do irrepaiable injury
to the cauce of Chrlstitnity in America ant
Protestantism throughout the world. These are
makmg greet efforts to onite CongregaMonal
.hurcbes against Plymouth chorch/at least to
draw up a series of resolutions expre^sine entire
disapproval of Beecher, and of the determina
tion of his parisionders to cleave to him in the
face of the strongest lrdications of his guilt
present appearances are, notwithstanding pab
lisbed denials, that all Congregational rosette*
will make open and relentless war on Ply noutb
church, if It pei mite Beecher to resume hi? n>-n
istiy. Many leading preachers and Uyn-en
here and In Ere oklyn do not hesitate to say they
believe Beecher guilty. Tilton's friends rei>ort
the Plymouth j astor almost tn despair, that he
sees the toils steadily enclosing him; that an his
rsrumptlonsof calmteas are merest b.-avado
and that he is doomed. New libel solrs are to
be brought. As many as twenty havenoeari^n
from this esse, but few will be begun until Til
ton's snit against Beecher Is over. Everyday
seems to add to the number or person* u'terini
convictions or Beecher's guilt, while Tilton's
sympathisers and advocates appear to b* st a.1i
ly increassins in numbers. It is rumored that
a number ol leading members of Plymouth
cl 'jfi h v.iTe aga1" r th*lr pa**or not t* ert
t? r tfce iint-' }-.- ?teoe?-e I* ??*:ah ? ?'.<?
in court, a. I t' &l It .e I.kt'.v he will * -cede t
tbt :r ?? mar J."*
?>M TtK>T* ?-*:? tv*'T * Ki* r?? *u*. TILTHS'
PB?>r???ii* i-H.
A person iau?". b<* v '? popnl\* ?be
. * thousand d. %r- i< <? ?r * p'o'..
? apt.' Here '? l!(t tx- ? ft-a' ni be ?*
w.-ji Vr?. T I* ?n Tb?? irt'Al' ? *-il ?it I'4
h-^n uitilt 'o {ct t or;? !?;?.. * of M r ? T
fi r. ?>iii; 11 n. i> ,?t r d I ' . I f'"'' ?" ? ' >
a J hr Tr e .r.- b 11? ki >?w i r
i* 0':e.' ?be.-e Mr. T i r b*- ...
k<<- - <-?. i - | i?r r " ?? * W\.!. * y <?
>i hV?* of" li > ? I. In 'a\e.* ' !? ? i> vi t
if Th<- ofti** 1? I i M h- a <?J*r j \?*
\ o;k 11 ot< grat her. He ? ?* i - , ? t..
tt-'ing o tr tor tb* pi.'U'e. He tv,??t. ?
? i>j C- <1 't !t ?> l I r a.'b 'i itl li ? *i
L: rt b!? btr r> ?*. \ itb i-g th r i.a- . tr
| n vef the fUgl'it t tdf k i f i: ? rm latio
\? mar. SI e is a nn* ' tr ^ !e w ???j 4 . ?
fii-w in it re. t i:? it ' -
b.i'r 1 .rtrd ? ti ft.e ce;tt? r ?*..J t< i.g m
t thirnl ?it" ?? ? g v- to I t ? -
t! in a ira'ure u itrou ? 1 1 I,, tot'., .
t n nt the i? :'i i to ? J; ?? - :
Douil in Ur Lfi ." 'I'.il ?, r i .tr ?? .
? v Htu t c >1. *?:<? ?
tliin Ar- ocl ?t.? ti Til- .
?? tif-rikl ? h????.* ' >? t :
I *t Lo^'?*?'
1; j: t'ie rrt.nicr v* ? ?? .??> ?>
1 jrc? I t-y ''io Oi'r?. i - H. l-l 'ti 1
I rfr*cy. St.e w ti' :< n 1!. t,. ? ??, *?..!
?t\on nM fetf M Md rtM to f?: H'O at
I teution.
lM!'2sni> i l'n> iw SfAiw \ csrrv 1
tbe L?jii'1aii T?in??, ?nt o? tu.?ut
tf.Cctl of the Uuit I'Citll on in .Sptin,Myr
'MenijwUile.it i.? t. ?% rrereij the hliivl o: 't.??
S)'?tiifb penjtle that 1r ts **ntou!T 'be 1 in tti ?
ruthle^v war. Their ?en!tii It ?'.??> i>??ri?!iih;
I>i>n Carlo- hi* Itiii a i-o-:'r !>?j'i>'n on the kini;'
i!oni of >-'%varre and the U**, ie |>ri>vineeat hy
vhtfh the f>ro(>rni are cnm;elltil t-j i'?jr
nitbin e'ght d*y? the t?\e?ot one re-tr in ml
*anoe, at <1 thu> in iU<rict? r-\* ?;<-.l f?y t*ie
? n.xteof more than ivu ye*r^' bostilltte^. An l
the itnniagi' cau?p<l by ihe destraetire ' haracter
of the war. a? well >!< by the para!) ^.aiiiin of the
jiroiJactiYt- powers of the .~oj?i*ry, o<tit g t? the
?NllnMl of the ahle-b-?l.t 1 r^'l ' ?*'???
ftrn' th^ir i%hor, 1- _re?tlf a|?'*?T?t.?d by the
Cdniplete t-'ajniatioi- of traV, the <*on; ??jueiu.'*
oc iDt.'trop'ed ri'Tjmuiitcatijtif anJ the i:i ?????
rityot I wav-. ?t.ti nihHM The C*rli(it*
! ?ve rei.tlrrcJ '"be line irom A.'ar to Stnta'ii>?r
itnfit AdtCiMe ow.r.^ the practice tue\
!.-ive adopt d cf freijoenMy rtr.i-it t j train*
Ti e inteti i urm from sant*? der to Madrid, tt^e
? ?i-ly rcute r ow a- a.Ub!<?, ni ?r cc.neto a ietil
aiiy day, when the cap:ta! of tbe Si??ni^bre
I'ub'.ic will ;*e entirely! nt o3 troi;i all way tr?if
hcwi'h tte^ torii^n nation* which ha?'e jti-t
r> rcgnisfd it. 'Vhe rolling ^!ock ui the firu'.
Nor'httn lire at I rm I.p be n tor a long t?tn?*
roitirg here at the Her lave rt?t'o;i, of 11.? u*e
t.i i?K .in ot. M>connt of the w**t of no u-e to
Frai.ee ow-.fj! to the difference of g*u/e- The
trench ron pauifg ?1m canotraet.t] rnil?.ty?tur
the Sjianiat'tf! without unyralviilyor fuarauty
of iuterert. ire utterly ru'r.ed. and f he ir thar
mat v I undre*! thou^ti.d tiitte^.i?.or hecto!i*r?"-.
of whe?t are and ha* ^ hf t*n - :i ?> t'j- He^fituMi^
Oi' the mrunier, i*iore t^'j l.arve?t, Korc-1 u?>
iu tl e IWrlrti of MJt CmNm, ?mWi ti
reat-b tbe.r dest ot<. and ?tc >nif>'1 to |<eri?h
in their ftraraiies. To tv i irawnM - ?re<
will be ad<! J t^e pra-lnee of thi? |i\e:" .it ill h ?r
?eft of thti< year. TUeocly e*,l f.>r ill tli?ag
ri.:iiltnral v ealth lies thro'i^h that fine ot A1 ?r
tn Saufat dt r. Were that to fail alt >g?ther or
f.) becon-.? n-eless through "I -rnry, the lov
to tlie lard .?? nerf ardtot!.e cout-'f y wjj'd be
it caU ufab>."
KEMtsaTosr, thk Ot ?f-f??,???r v
%i.ai> ago, a youth, wjrkii < on :i Urm,*v
t i-father to j^ire bin* mo i?-y rn. ^>1 t> t>-,v ??
^un. Tbeo'd nrin cou t not "t ii, b.-.* t'l
toy, ftoth'rg dannted, loan 1 -? e d j ? o:
u r about the \ilace, and tn ?'?> ? ?
enfitfiTed t'i tu ike a gun farrel o , 1 of it w
thet?r\ vie^gre ia-i ?tie'* %*!-?rd> <J by a
!? > 'I -hoj'. He had ujt t?.e ta?'"r ?.*fj
r ik1! a !o. k an^i ^to.-k.w he wu'.k-d to t t
ruarest town and traded for the n<? e-?-4ry a -
? act n.' nV1*. .in t wr' encouraged hy'k? 5*.tb
1 : l,rt?iiip rj-^de fo goo'I a Mio <t ,>r. Xl.mg-tre
li ra t'.e ^M.'dtton to make another; *a he went
1 c.fi r.go't gijrdntonos fro- 1 tUe tat,? roe *
t# raise il'i mon.jy tor gun nr*teriH'?,
and ir a shor'. ti rhe there wa? a co 1
-l.leral io ileiuat d for gun- of tii? m?.k?.
Uuilngthe French wit w.th Pr.i-iia, h- ^ i'
called "ion *o i jrnipi gau.' lor tt>?: arjiy atoi
it. k ?? than eiglit oonthe he inateaul 'e\.r
tired to the (orcmamt of Franre rir'es o h
i aitiewl"?r i attern, costing fire 1 .??u> 1 o!' d>'
iat>. which .rionnt wj? duly p? 1. Th? ? .rri^
ii ;ii> 1 urni.<>'..n# r-tles now fo1 "the United S* ?;?
.^octti Ant ri'-a, Itom#, Si>.tiii, :i '
?I ij ar. '11 e furmerV In r *!io wanted a (an
I i|-ha et I\ niinjr'on, of Ilion, N. V. Hie f h^
ntae'e, ^ ceverg four a~re* of gro'i d, a 1
emiilovs t??*;re hnnlrcd rai-r. No'
w th'hi* a litTcntent, he ha' receot'r ?o,r
l>leted a M>\vit>e machine, wh-.ch u re^?rVd tr?
rfjirf en? t! ? '.^tist ar.i inj* period a 1 i .
[ in tbe itujifv vemetit* ot ?hi? import .i.t ai'^ iwt
OfiHHMi -conomT. m> la tuetyjij o( 0 .? n
1 v ho, wluti tatrb > not -1 *??, make ? wir t ji
' The .Sin :rof Srsrn?A I*ii ;? !
I pi..a t ?jfor m> ??Th" fallowing item Is tioatitig
i arom.d the preM of the c-j '.'.trj . and ap;ic? '1
in our ow'i r m.ij a um day* ?g'i -It-"
recent u at', ot <; -u. I'o'terlcare-Gen. I? >a! e
<Ky the ct'ly ?-urviror ot the o n-'em of Fort
Sumter att. e t.rue t:.e -*g wa* nr.-: a-sai;ed by
the car.not. ot tre.?- )n.' J i ?, w.* are g * I ti)
fay. i- -of <??rrecf. At thetmieof t'.-' a^au't
on Snn.ter "i.-r j ? e'? t; cotnm --' le 1 o .1 r
in the i>,r' . ?o ? ^-tn ir Kj ert Atil.r.n.
Surgeon S V\'.:e 4'rawfonl. 4. ?i
Fortcr Oa.'ta 'i 'I'ruiaati SrMiifiar, C ?i' i; j
Abn 1 I'oa -day. Fitrt 1 .ieutc-naii' .1 !>??
Firft I.if'Ut- ran* <1 W. Sr.y.ier. Ft:- 1.
ant Thti*!< u '1 t'f>ot. ^-eo?id L'e-it 'rur/ \.
Meade, ai.it Se>ond 1... utenant Norm u J. H ?!'.
?.?fthe?e ten officer*.nine reaiaine-1 true tot :eu
I flap, and ore -Lteutenant ^lea-le?became *i
rebel. At:d 1 1 ;heu:::.f* trenowdead ? Au-ier
eon, Foster Snyder. Talbot, Hall, ai.d M<*ale.
The four rurtr.rota?<>?oe. I>oubludav, Cr%#r
ford, l?avie. ai. i S?" t <ar?are a'l n ?* 2 'i.eral*
bv hrevet, and eol.u.cU or iu?iorc iu :ae re^al ir
NO BaWTM 1* l>KY t;.' ?!?.- S\T-E4 -
Thete haf I t-eti t?ti ir.pres-mn among iu jti itotn/
buMnee ?'ii (V'tli ftro^t thai the of Cry
^.chkI1 tin.- >ear ate ant nne-quarter of wiiat
rbejr wtre l?st year. A Tribur.e rcpotter rolled
yesterday morning on the leading drv go>d?
iuerchhnif*< f thw city, and to.toi that the iui
pr-.t-wcti w:?- tf.tti ?(.!:? Ptoit<. Thj .-?:e< h's
year since diinuaiy L*yc been about Dre fiitlM
of what they were la.?t yar In atuount of m?ney.
i hi? dit'erf nte, benerer. i? xnade up bv reaac
(?oi>e iii the price ot good?. The importations
thtr- year difer froio those of ia?t year by abo.i'
->,00o,0f<?. Ther? are not m> many foreign
on fcabd t.ow as there were thit time last
veor, k? that the result i.- that the eak-s ot both
foreign ami domestic froo'l* ate about the >iuit
in number cf yard.', at d about ^even-eighth* a
much in price. This account, coming a? it does
oirectly t'rem the principal manufacturing
agents 'r :be ci'y, iasv t?e considered as renre
sentic; 'he real 3tate of the dry goocU traae.?
.V. i'. Trilunt- I
St JoHS'-nuBv.?l.aat week tbe F?irbank?
Scale Oomi?any manufactured about I ooo
scales. Since the 0{>euing of tbe year thev have I
run their factory on ordure, and at the present
time they are far behind their orders. The
bueiuese so far this year is iu exces* of any ex>
pectution of the Hrm, tteing in adrauce of any
previous year. It is a fact worthy of note, and
highly flattering t) American enterprise, that
the manufacture* of this company bare gained
such a world-wide reputation and sale. At
tbe Koyal Agricultural nhow, held a few weeks
since in Bedford. England, a silver modal of
fered "for articles in which the judges think
there is any especial merit,' wa- awarded to
the Fairbanks'hay scale, or, aa it is call.d in
England, the Fairbank*' " weigh bridge for
carM and wagon*." Tbis. coming front con
servative England. in appreciation of American
manufactures, and coming in the way it did.
must be considered the highest testimonial ot'
the merits of these scales.? If. T. Ercnimg Pott
mrTht Journal dee Paris says the Pope ha
wntten a conciliatoij and triendly letter to
MacMabon acknowledging eUorte In France in
bis fever.
?yThe suitor of the Goehen Independent
hud the ear-ache the other day and the price or
cotton was kou raised In Goshen.?F#rt Jervii
K7*They !>ad a remarkable hail storm in the
locality or Ki Paso, Texsa, on September nth.
Some ot the atones weighed six ounces. These
icy m'ssMes stripped the tinea and trees of all
wa party of Englishmen recently eneeeedsd
in reaching the higEsst summit of the great ice
covered mountain In the southwest of Iceland,
named Yatna Jokull, a feat, It Is said, never
previously performed. The journey occupied
five days.
VTlie sale of two French newspaper? has
been prohibited, the offence of one thorn being
a comparison between the administration* of
Trier's and MacMahon, to the disadvantage of
the latter. They carry things with a high hood
in the Dachy oi Magenta,
l?%* *
???? ?
lor t>??rrn?r t?????.
awr. ? ?? vuriMi ? r 1 > i? *aai ??
? 'vw r? iiTtTiK'<> r ??? *?
N ??? \ ? v . ft p?. a ? a *per?*i ir??m < 'uriti
'? l> utr i L4-'argc#* mv? n ? ? r r held
n 1 ' * ;? ft?*" w as te'd lufi !?*' i *? It **?
. ? . I ?c ? i abUS
n ii i ; f?, ( i! i , a< <1 w %? pr?* I o- ^ ht
Ii It. I fCff; . #'-? h*H ST. ,.r ft#
vM r.gn.!-. . t??- ol-.-'t ?m the WyWy we.
r ! t ?>''?? t-*! * 'u v w <V|*kM *?ef ?*# tbe
oiertti.wct ?' Krlliict ?en'
U <t tlttii vtfi t lb t'l t'l# prfv
((.I Kit I f fiwMMtMV
* ? *f- ir i V t-e M ! 'VArf *i'?f *t, K IT M .
Verl- , ?VriH 'he re,>' ? ?!? %?> pvty is
'tie cs urt*. H- :> (itoi t** v a*. ea
t?t ?-urcr <*? ? jv V '-itt. e* nt? S'j^v ???<1 o' her*
AI rsprfed ? ? e it '*> %? tf>? U.>?
pn p?? f ?>?* r 'ii1* ft r? **?-? M f 1i*?
'li) u?ai? ? |. .> '?? K." ? . ? I >>'B? to
:t 11 .'??? f w ? r-vt. ,?*? a' < ? c cm '** of
*? ten (ft- sens *i| v I tj v*'.t on ii iwnnr
with Itif ;? titton
- - ? ?
)<irk %?????%
t' MK m?>TN <1IK? ret.
'? f lw -n H > ,'h pub
iV'iC ? r*ro 'f hf Bin k-'?t to
.-?. that tbe ru. i< (W w-t bl?me m ins#
of it. fate whict-ro ma t<> ha> ? .?ver ? be" me4
r <? I m; -?<?? ). v cr ' ? ?-?. - i>.. Ii
I ?'i k I w ; |,r ? V^im >:r i ' I c ? i
] But Tf ['/f.'f.ui" I b< .1 I kv !?? n ? ti I
| hope lo Cght 'breach a? s.on a- nit he. h will
|erri" "
Fl< (MltV *'!i I< IKtIT) FOSuiKIIIAI ttl,
, w T a i- r. pr? ?? i , 1 to i 0 iti if i |> i. fit
I Mtrcri; on. n without the tucaut o ol< tiu tie
It I 1 II I ' Ol I o.
1 HI VIHLT H?*K ?T*Tl~lt?f
| t* f* Ii ws Ixhm*. Inert, $i,. .7 ? --p^el*
I ilMUlii . - ? 7 e. ten I r? .v- i
I ?l I ? in r?n?, - . 'v-iila
1)oti. tirrrettie. ^.v .>??>; re*ri ve, decre**^.
? ryirr.Ai. <Rr.n <*?
[ *trlT ll ite to j.j ?il l j . . I v.r. | Mr,,
I F.tCh, ?.?.-? .J.I Ir C HT .Ii^t 1.?! ?|.
AkTIPT I < i ' ??-1> Al- \ .* i?< M THK
I I.' Mk.w. oolubcr .? A <1*1 , ?rr, a rt> ?
J ojl.sj ? ? reportttiMt*vcr?i
j iMi4ontj lit' cmw en tfBMirt h .| -urat*
tumt *i*h l>on t \rlo?" ir -ntrtrf cT v *r.
iMsrN>TM>^AL rinr orr t.
B?m*. <?ctoVT TUc Sw>? I <r?t t"v,n
I i II >,*? tiiiiforci) tf IV ^ketkm of thiartty %r
j tlif loi-atioij for the ii f -mution*l j )-'?: o ' -a.
? ?
lli'il?? IT'Hw < lil?r?*t??rni
IIo^tod, ?'ctoher ..-l'iif I'Om. jr'i r**r-li^t in
tL?rasfci I rsxtt, ?kt dill lo tdfntil cknr
to thtt denth \ r? c*qw>4 by ttir of
J rMoroforiu. ?vlminNtrrv<1 lor * ilea'^i upara
j ttcu. IkcjuTuriirtM tl?r oj.t.i on th*t. with
I our pr?^eut kaowlrte of ekloroinra. i - u??> ?>
I ti tOfktlwtlc imMIr iinji*tiiliti|?>,N<l ihrv
I r. ooBitifniJ tb?i lf('Mtttr? action i*t? t ?kru to
? |TC?eiit i> adiiiii. oration
BHlr|tnor?* Arm- lor iii< h une
l.< i?K? r? K*tnra<'il
New ViKK|Ueuibir ? ?A Htliiuiiiri>il apttck
in the T.m*? ?titm tb*t tLe ateam?klp Wtl
n-lrgton frcnt Now <?rleat..? bmafHt ??-k thirty
i C.'te* of arm* M ir^iu lt*ltiu>'*r? tor *!i?
Wtj<te l^t:i^eri>. anil rttaratd l>v tli mii to |>re
j revetit fcuur? utider the KoUo^ ?r<i-r i*
i ju?t j t j tlie l^te Penti ic?o ii*,uu.
J<*rom< I'nrlt K.-im
Fordh\*. N. N < ?c ober ... IU* UM ui*t.
:>? .Icronie l',.rk ovtuiuenr.-.t to l?\ 1 tie
| I- -t race w ** lor a pun j o? * 1 tf:ree- |u?r?Hr.?
j Ot a nrlt\ The following ftarti J liarr* t;?-??*t\
OucUrs, l^)tu. Moon. Au.ijkw, a . I War
j ti'.iirt^r, lilij. Coum>? wju, ?.tu u<? f.,1 v
; i*ocnU. Tiuie,! 1 ,.
? -? ?
T*i^ HI?*??*??? tin?mmi? U<??rr<itrsi|l|i,
I H< . Til CAKMHtTlil -TaM> ? r?K.
October L?Ki?e linn irr<l an!
Cijjlity Jorr ?V.t r|n??ii to Ilia rap.i jli.-an
? tale '-ortTfiitton ate <li*i<1e<t ac loil iw- r^Itijt,
1. (.unrig, i .. but.er. IX; wuti l'ai'.to; 1, ?u
iX-'OiiiiiIttHi. JiOi
? -
An r.\ i rH??r<l<ii'tr<i irniif*.
A * ib> NNATI
^ Ai- ;mj ar^U Ied Murditr t j >k powa ia one oi
tlic- Si hjMuI ii"imf i>t our ciiy )i^tMJ?r nurii
irg, HCOor paniM by an tktieiiipt at *uicide.
Ttia fact it-ell' ic bcfainl prsoideBt, anj in
circntn>tai>cea are auur^r tbe mo."! pAtnful in
Hie (li'aSui crime. A youn^ ni'ii!?er, alone ia
r. r o? ii bedroou. * Ci a i^oolnoK' au<l il^tt rmi
i at ton l?t jiMtu bv ? t. ilv' iKiaio'v c * tie
tl :o? ot Let oi.iy ? bilJ, kiivl Uei. atte<upta Uei
own lite.
'IliC lii.Uappjr t voiiy wiiich tint- t*a. 4o
rtri?y?l#n,ni| Mdol cUlrica U. rerWio*, Jutia
Pnkilts, hit wile, and p< rkia?, ?>i?otily
clald. It if not kno?-u h j? tbe I'erkia* iaui:iv
'?Mv' ' t '. a* T..err ?a< foOlt
wai?l token ot *'i)t 'iii ^ aroti^ an'i' uow. li it
on Tuesday lafbi tlier? .>m ?n ui. i- jil i?.*?u9
iM iiealli tl.e:r io* f. It i* not *'l rev<;??t.-i >et,
tnt i' appear# tUat .Mr an>i Mr?t. Perkn.# h*| ?
<t jairct iLat la tttl ail D^Lt.anU ttt; Mr. .la
?< l? CliiTe, o; lli'M. O'.io. *Ud wa? Ti^iUn^ a?
tUe Uj? i?e. wm pr^>etif, a- >l pari c pv. j in
torue way u. the tronblr. The in!n ot tti?
quartet i not known Mr*. Perkit"rer Mutely
ot-elint? ti [eik ki it. il b'l# I *4y? tie
h?l & >"?t.tr.oi>. r.r j that iia arco r t n>a ?.te.
t#ut ?1e? lined to aav what tUe ?uapielon wt-,or
0. v. fc .t ! c !.i? ane.
At ? <? c.'ork ye^tcrdar n:or? iuc. after a ?'eei;
ifi*'- i-i?.l 1 on 'lit | ut or atl,?-xo*pi 'he .n*ucen t
cl.' d. w!.Ojf ?ri?l>ii.c a-a> l*ut to l>o for ?.i etet
i?tl c?ep, ^/r. Pcii'iti* lei I tlie to
Vr.Cliif there. It ee?iui? pr<ilati!t tuaf thj
apttMat arr red ar wa> t!. t Mra. IVrk.ni
? 'rt leue her hu^'i . iJ and t > n iier tritjuJ<
in tLe four.tty, hut th - i< i.o? kti'<*n In u tUe
t< 'a?e^^icTl tii ?i*Uer * at'y, but .#iir<iu;?d t'roui
Ot! er f.utorjCB i.
At : o'clock n tee Xr?. Perk>u?,
*'"nr? ir, attempted the ' ?? ot ii ?r chili,
but wus ft u.-tra'ed p riiapx Iv Mr.OI'te. Air.
i'erktnp &?m.n J I v i?'.*r iiai pLo would tioi
reptat the arremp', #iri le an fceo.rc tatel. it
i? not known when Clare weut aw*v. hit it
| n" ?t Late I etru ?? i v rood uiti iue li. pircnre
!ct I'trliDl. Mr*. I'' rkiniNfu' aaay ll4e > ore<l
MTvact ?Tl. af.<l t?! j ht*r they >uM let her
ktnw *: cu tLey v -kiii'.U Lit. I iii* eemt to
i 1 ire I iti in >i .? *i<b arra a.eu'a
i 1^ al W m. P ? l V ,ii*i rue taotta . VS'lieti
i the t.oufe w- - einpti.'d ??? aali ui Mra. I*ork<na
, ?!.<! ht-r ch;'.J. 'he berrid wo.k. w?. kj? n^ j
' have hec-n all the hiti^ the .-et#ljd p.irpo.^ in
i ht-r ui lid, htfan. The woman 'ockeo the
tLm *iut t<> iiorown kat-nin. which in tb<*
ironi rmit) on t< e second il'jtr. H. u i?he c!j.?e l
the * iiiduTva art! the ilo'ir,?n<t ] her cb'.M
for tie sacrifice iu pure ?rute, putting on I'*
tf ^t c!othea. Sbe then iwatl.iwed tbe o?i^n'<
ot two i-uiaU bottler of irotphtne, and Tarn3?l o:i
the fi?s from two buinris.
i Shr had no weapon at hind, I ut wjfh fatal
it.kf on.ty the found ia??iip tj i t:iy oat, tier
purine. On the n aute! ?* l.ttle I-reach
civck, cohered w.ih a thin ^laae c*?e. Jum
ahoi c it ht ii|c a l<*r:e er cIoml, a !j ?i.d- icicly
! roared chroiuo < i a crosa wreathed w:r?j How
ex.*. aith an illun> naied lep uu benenth it,
| **Clicg to .leeu-*." Her eye? ie?t*d not, per
1.ai s, on the no*, but on the ttm giase ca?*.
Selling it,ahe da. hod it on the rtotie hearth^
ehaiteim^ it to p ecea. Sbe picked up one, a
piere about two ixrhea hy t^ree, and taking the
l ai^ info the corner of the roouj iu front ot tko
--h'Tand. she kiiHt down. Kizcdtbe child>
head witn her left hat d. hud it hack so a* to
ta; n the tender throat hare before the keen
ftltu**. Where w?j< her mtkerV heart in all
th.e pre;.aral on? 'iher the < bill, a - tf under>
uaadiii( tk? r?*|iv-e, cried o-t', appe?tn.(ly,
naicmauifHuna. tlouot kil'm-." Where,
then, vaa tier Mother'sbearCT W nat |>a?eriai
motive eon-jnerrd er< n the ins'inet or uitternai
lore, or ??erverted if, ia a r)a<**tiou that cannot
I* an wered. U <t it is true, that taere alone,
in spite of ti e pitiiul piead njt* ot ber child,
che drew the giaaa across it- throat, while tbe
warmhktN) gualied out m her band, an 1 the
last words ot her b*1>e, ' /'iHii,n.? niiiuma,"
lell in vain en ter ears, 'i uen a; plying the
Kla?+ to Ltr own throat, she cut M ga^hea as
btr unsteady hand could make, and tol ling bar
child to h?r l-> om.lay down with the hope the
hope that tbey might die together. For twa
boure, frcni half past sia until h?lt-p?Bt eight,
they lay thu*. I he child died aimo-t imit.nnr,
but the ttotber lived. She felt herself growing
wesk and cold, and thinking it a premonition of
approaching death, she arose, with her dead
babe in ber arms, staggered to the Ned an t
and laid down. Here sbe lay and suft red, all
the time comcoua, until she was founJ at half
part two o clock.
I>r. L. A. J?n,e?, who wu soon called to see
her, examined her wound and found a four-Inch
gash across her throat, and told her she would
ree-orer. She at ouce expressed ber regret. 8be
told him without hesitation that sUe killed ber
child. La?t night, when the inquest was held,
and ber statement was taken, she exhibited a
mind as clear and natural as any ? >ul-l. She
talked with great pain, but ft? quite clear and
direct in ber answers. She mado tt plain that
her intention war to kill her Mf, and that ehe
did not want her child to be lell. She had e*
pretaed this reeling to other# before tbe murder.
She mid the nerer wanted her child to knoe the
tufierings she had exerienced.
No forma* arrest of Mra. Perkins ha# been
Bade. She i# in the care of tbe family of the
brother of Mr. Perkins, and 1# an much reduced
trat she cab not tern orerln bed without a*?t
anee. The police on that beat bare been
charged, however, to see that she is eot rem >red.
If sbe recovers a formal arrest will be made. If
ber own wlahe# are tnlfitled her troubled h?\rt
will flbd rest in the grave with ber chUd Out.
rtnrati Ga.ette, 30 A.
A telegram from Cincinnati last night say*
that tbe unfortunate woman made another at
tempt on her own life yestarday by stabbing
herself with a pair or eciaaon, and that her
dentil may soon eneue now.
la the game eM?*#ehali yesterday In New
Tork between the Mataals ;ef tbar olty) and
Baltimore the soor* stood. Mutual, 4, Balu
VFonr or tbe masked barriers w ho robbed
In tbe vicinity of New \ork, Unbssasea
teaced to twenty years 1 ispr.sonmeat each.
The last one of tbe gang was seat to prists ea
Thnaday. The deteetfres deserve gvee' ered't
for tbe cap tare of the?e men sad ,tbe breaking
op of the den where the j met.

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