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KATrRDiT.,.. Kt(fmb*r II, 1*74.
Wil Pitirtxiiit, Offset Chief .*> 7**1 Officer, >
WiiBiimToi, Nov. 14, 1>?74, 10 30 a. m. J
P*<b* silitib*?For the sooth Atlantic and
rtv.tru Gnlf s'ates, ienerelly < lear end con
ttneed cool weather, with rortheast or sonth
we?t wind* end high barometer. For Xsn
y.?^laTjd and the middle etatee. generally clear
and cold wratfcer w 111 continue. with variable
winds, and higL Urometer For tbe lower lake
region. Tennessee, the Ohio valley, and the
western Ualf state*, ircreating eloa fines*, east
erly or southerly winds. stationary or rising
temperature, and slowly falling barometer.
For th? tipper lake region and tne northwest,
generally cloudy ard warmer weather will* pre
vail. with fonherlv or jou**! westerly winds,
falling barom ter, ard light rain or too* io the
the upper M a ssipj i valley and near Lakes
llvron, Michigan and Superior. For tbe canal
region cf ?w York and Pennsylvania, the
t* nperature a ill continue be'ow f reezing daring
Saturday r gbt, bat will rise above freeilng
Ourmg Sunday. Cautionarv ??an al* continue at
l>?luTh, B-d ere ordered'tor Chieag), Mil
waukee, Grand Haven, A!;-e\a, E eit <?j? and
Aram^meni* Ac, lo ni0t
Fat-.'-nal Tkeatrr.-V.iM Neilaoa in '? Rjmoo
>i.d JahiL'
F,rtT* ('t'ra If.M't?Mr. -lot'i I.. Toole in
"DtartriaaaLiU" aid "Tbe I'.^vr.'1
JV-o'er L\mi'[ur.?"Niji?1 he Pretty Flower"'
ami other attraction*.
I.m'fln JBUl?ilax Jlebcr'a (iriD'l Cwti'.f*!
fit Aii
< ?>IHl?*u?*<t I. H ItU
Femsmter thi* is Mr. J. L. T? oin' I-vst n:gj|
at Fold's Opera Hod ?.
kit Jit in Uiind the gran-1 Art Exhibition ?t
J-ircoln Hall ?->night. Lidi;*?ol mi- <?
Tbe Or ji.'i Lotge of F. A. and A. H? We 1
rmta) n;gtt elected the to! o*i-g .ittlcer.!- M.
V.'. G.'M.. f**ac John*? ; K W. L?. G. M., I..
Tm?.s; K W. 8. G. W., E <i IUtis: K. W. J
??. VP., -1. H. ?Itacl lm; R W G. I., Authonv
inrtly; H. W. O. S., Win. A. Vntfj.
At a nie-rtitigof the Mora' Education Society
?f tl-is eliv ye t^rilay, at Xn. C. F. Window's
re*:derce. No. 1 Grant Place, the feasibility or
pul li*birg a monthly paper, to dl'Seminste the
principle* advocated by its member*, ww dii
Ann rg tbe marriage license* issued yesterday
was one io Captain Frskine M. C*tnp, I'nlt-.d
States army, anil Mr*. M*ry O. Waitr. vulow
?f tbe form>r well-known druggist. corner ?th
s'reet and l.cu<i>iaii? avenue. Captain C. will
le remcn.bcred as having bad charge of Sal
Rest, near the depot, during tbe war.
Rev. W. F. Spe-ike, presiding elder of tbe
Washington di*tne* M. E Church, has appoint
c 1 Rev. 8atnue! Kramer to the charge of tbe
J.'tb street mis: it>i> church, made vacant by the
tica'h cf Rev. M E. Hywre Mr. Kramer w.ll
Kfrse without i ay. giving Mr. Hy^ore'e widow
tLe i av i?r the ronftrence vear.
The luct that tbe Ttird avenue railroad com
) of New York?tbe leading bursa railroal
<iii>|any m tbe country?ba< unanimously
ticrtrd xr Samuel L. Fhlllips, of tbis city, to
1? lt? prondeiit, ?s a decided rompllaient tJ the
ability aid bu^ireos ^nalifi. atu i.^ of our en
ergetic young to* n.-iiKin. Mr. Phillips (who 1? :
ttr. irr of our n.acL liked oM citi/en, ilr. Geo. |
W. Pbillip*) ??? dcubt attracted tbe attention ;
til tt* gre.it New York compsny by the miv
terly n.at.ner in wbich te retriivtd 'lie lortane' .
?? t tLe WwbiBgton and Georgetown rai'rovl ?
That road, it will be rr-me?nbrrd, *?? heavily
In deb": with cars, and track out or ord-r, and
everything at loose er,.ls, wben Mr. Phillips
to proUct bis own iuteresta an I tbOM of 1
kli* frlcidl In the rt ad, ac-eptcd tne
_ -?si.1^ncv oi tt.e ?omj any to tho t^mpjrarv
?tffcj-iflce ct n '?**? practice at tbe Wa?Ling'on
iJSr, afcer'e. though ?
re?'Jy won a ltadmg poeltl?n>. *u iocredibly .
?tort time be brr-ught tl.c roala:*<?..- out w;
flcbt.-and enablta ii to declare a ttiviuanl, tu^
t r?t in tao year*, aber he at on^e relin'tni>lieil
l.is io.-ition to rrstiiue his jract ce at the bar.
\>"e have ro doubt that bis saperb crgariring
ard tn.-ine.?s ijialificaiiotis %l!l arable b m t;
advance tbfc mtrrv-'^ ti flM lL-rl 4f>M t
railroad in a m ti.xi?rr^-#/?tistact(>rv Vaestoik- '
Jv'tfsis in tbat rovi a- tb?v - r? To ^of
U? Vaisbirgt. v ai d ^orgetown raiuoaO.
? ?
Fuatdot Health met at ibcir nK):u>? last even
iig. 1 be health crtu-er waj' d'rectrd to exam ne
tie tciODBts for Ailing lots, and <h! J thereto tae I
?nmn of advwtlihig. TI:-? health officer rec- |
t v n.ended, In view of thotact that there are
liK<)\.ent complaintsof tbe rear ityof nigbt-totl
liurelr at the wharve*. and a degree oi uncer- j
tainty as to the d'spcwot'on made of thera, tbfre !
Ltirg row many ron>sing. and no one ran satis- j
factorUy account for them, that the board t-ra- j
p:oy at eai b wbarf, alter tbe barrel* have be<:n
trai>terre?l to tbem. a competent and trt-t
worthy man, who^o duty it shall be to keet
careful records of all movements of t??e barrrN
In tbe fcand-of botfa contract.ng pirties. pa
liig receipt* in every transaction, an-! e
weekly report to tbe health office. Jt Bhaii U
alro bljdu'yto keep tb? barrels in repair, ex
rept in ca**'wbtre a thorough overhauling It
required, vbeu it L"ay be rece?sarv to eai/loy
an cxperienctd edit;. Ueierrea to sanitary
A communication was received irotn the
I roperty-boiders .n s /isre V> 2~i>.!- tween 1.' .?
ard 13th Hmti aul New York av enue an t 1
Hreets. at-kii.g tbetrx'efstocef an rvi'.ty thro ig*.
that t?iuare. Rt i 2rr?-d to t^e 1 ?i?tri<*? Gommts
Mocers.wtth tbe rectuiuecdation that tbe alio
Le opened.
Wr. Karbnrv o?-rf d a resolution, which wj>
rtierrrd to the committee on ordinances, t^ar.
it abail be tbe dut\ or every piumt-er in the
I>.aUict et Columbia con.^trnc'Ung water closet*,
t ni.s, ?&c., to cause proper traps to be pat in, J
ar.d in default thereof they shall be ti nod not
)er> than for every such failure to pat in
traps as aforesaid.
Tbe registrar presented bis weekly report for
the week ending November 7. showing total
Ceatbs, 7\ adult.'?male, white !J; female 9,
male? Colored. Z, tema e 9) minor*?male, wa.te
10; resale ?; maie,col?red 13; tcmale 13. Mar
nages?13 white, 'J colored. Births?white, ?
male 17; fcitale 3??; colored, male 11 female 11 ?
total, V'. Of the causes or death, 7 were from
con*..in; ti>n, paralysis 1, whooping cough 3- i
typhoid fever i; i-s were nr.der 1 year, ant 1
?ibove X>'< took place in each of the followng
districts. 3d (city. ea.?t of 3d street ea*ti.5tb 1
(city, between 3d street east and 6th Jtreet we?t. '
i.orib ot B street. New .Isrs^y avenue, an 1 i
s'reet soatb>, ard. 7tb (City, between 14'b a&d
'.Jth streets, north of B street -oath.
Tbi Ttps Settiso Tbe com
mute ? bj h?vt cliatge of the preparauon* toi
ibecante?t ;or tbe supremacy .n type-seti'.ng,
are caking good progress, And gett.sig e?<ry
ttmg ntoi-tiape. What :be committee propo-s ?
tor rules and regulations ba> not vet transpired.
t>ut it U gei;era'lv unJtrstoo'l among printer.
that i.one but th>-a >' g>od Kan ling in t>ie
uni<>n in this c.ty will be permitted to e- ter the
li?toi conte'tar-s. 'l'bc.-e will be d vided m'.o
t wo clas-cs, f rst and second, aul for the 0-st
thrre will b? two p-i*e?. In tbe ar't ai.*lid l
Hold Mick,half new-|a.pers?*e,an1a?Uvereu>s,
s- me r ze. In tLe secoud i lass a German silver
stick, fail size. Ibe copy wilt be set in so! o '
lionpareil of twenty-seven em* measure, and
the brat clasa will work tbiee hours, and tbe
second class one tour and a hall. It is sup
fx'*ed that every conteflant will be allowed onj
judge, aut tba*'tbe judges will elect aiefeiee
'i he f.r,*t ciass will be open to all who arciT gOvJ
stand.ng, and tbe cecond el as* to all who m> it
male a reeord ot over l,P?o em* per hours.
Tub Raii!?(? at Bri-.a-r v-hd Ye?t*i;dav ?
Younlay aiterroon tbe attendance at tht>
Rrigbtwuod track waa 1 jht. The trot wasbei:
three In five to harness, tor Slv?, owners to
tirive- Three bor?t- were euter d for tbe
psrse, Fatnie. .John Divine, and Majk. Tbe
hoi^es wete well road bed in spsod, and it ra
naired four heat* to decide the race, J?Un Di
vine wlnniaa the Brst. second and t in. tb, and
ramie the thud. Time, 2:54 ,, 2 31 \, It:II ? ,
At the close of t^e trotting race a purse of
$ a) was m^Oe up for a halt mtle dash, beat two
lu three, tor wbicb tbe entries ware Welling
ton Bov, Belle ot Salem, and I'nknown Three
tears were necetsary to decide. Beile of Salem
taking the first and Washington Boy tbe other
two. Time. ?l, . 57
Next Fndav afternoon there will be a trot at
the park between Talty'a Daylight and Honest
?lohu for ti'tt aside.
Tni MtTKcroLia batiisi' Bamj?T: '*
cr|%b>iiiui& r'art* out with aMured prospects
ol aucce.-s ard uset ulneae, embracing it does
ia its list of stock-holders a large aumborot tbe
soundest, wealthiest, and m ut respected mem
l-eis of our coiuniuulty. Among tne stock
holder* are Samuel Normeii', N.:oOlaa Acker
J. B. Brvan, White & Bro , U- B Uharch, Tbo*.
Retry, 1>. L.- Morrison, Jam^a L. Harbour, O
R. Thompson. H. Strasburger, B. H Warner,
?iaaiee 1.. Edwards. Wra. K. c.iark, William L.
Rocse. F. A. Lutr, J. F. Cake. Wm. H. CUgett.
Ibcnas M hbepherd. John H.tioddard. R. A
aid G. F. Walker. Charles M ides, Ac.
Tha followiug oncers have been elected from
srrcrg the s'o-kbolde'* Presiden', S*mitl
Norment. vlca ^rtjaiden', Nichoas Acker,
cashier, .lobn A l;u?f. Directors-Samuel Nf>r
ncent. Nieb<><as A. ker, James L. Barbonr, ft m
kt.C'ag^tt, B. H. Warner, <1 antes L. Edward'.
??. k. li.oiEi?on, H. S.raeburger and -John H
C odda/d.
A siui Tmibp bt itrBiaao.?Aboat 6 3?)
o'ciock last evenn-g a coioreii sneak thiei en
tered thehoueeoi Mr. H. a.Clarke.on Kstreet,
between 1-th and . ;ite *treats, from the base
ment. and while foraging for plunder in the
r< oms above ?a# di*covers'l by the > o ing.-atsju
Of Mr. C., who made h m decamp te haste.
Oy*?ia? fv f*v?i a Goone M. Wlitian
hastfci? ttaj ircelvtd invoice or a large Impair
ration of i'aris'an g?o4?, kr.u wiliop?* thesara^
pi a lew tiaja. Due notice wtU be given.
Dlstrlet t)?T*ran?al A ffmlm.
Order* ktve ' aen u.-aed for pitting In two
M?fr traps sitbe corner of N and ?ta streets
northwest. with *ewer connection*.
The controller la to-day engaged in pivln* off
the laborers under contractor" Nelson and Mc
intosh, she garbage men. ?nd physicians and
ap-.tfcecanes to tbe poor. Several school bills
hax* sWo teon pre ented for payment
1 he aod-Urr aid bis clerks, with ?>roe extra
force, are employed In m ik.rg up his rop?rt to
be presented to Congress tbrongh tbe Co in ml ?
?doners, l?i accordance wi'h law, which r?-iuirea
that a report stall be made of every wa rant
is*-ced. with date, for wbat pnrpo*e, and to what
account chargeable. Th-r* have been upward*
of Fine tbou?ard warranto ??ned b? the au IPor
store the organization of the present tor in or
The (8M or Hnjf*
wts RKLrA^a prom jail om r*h..
IsTh< Stak of yesterday ww notice* us
arrest of Michael Hayes. tbe princ1 >al ,?lfne*>
for the gov? rr.ment in the ?afe burg'ary ra?e, < n
tbe chargc of p' rjury, and hi* com vlttel to j* 1
!r. d? fault of f*?0 bail fixed bv -lutfge Stiell in
tbe Police Court. Tbe fact of hi* arrest last
nirfht caused considerable comment.
Yesterday when the bull was *xed in the P??
lice (U'Wt, Mr. Columbn* Alexander declined
to go npon tbe bond regarding the ba'l ?* ex
To dav, att'r the adjournment of t&e
Cue i't Court. Mr. F |Vliller,c ?ansel tor H*ye?,
; a[ pi e l 'o Ji.dye Canter for a xednction 01 tie
' I a'i Ju'tge Fir-b-*r, for the government, c> lira ?
ed that tbe a mom it fixed by the P.ilico Guar
*?*.? email enough core'derlng the character of
(M ofVei.oe. Jn^ge C-irtrer, however, cnnj'd
? r-d tl.a' 92 <wn w** sufficient, and the prison r
li?vin? beat) Sen* for 'he l.a'l wa? given for
ai i e trance at the December term ot the Crl ?
i ira Court to answer the charge?Me-sr*. O >
lamb"* A'oatider and Horace S Jotinton ^o
ing on his bond- !
* ?
?nr foor.
tot tor Star?" T e poor y? have with y'a
I ?!??? atid whensoever ye ?ill te may do ttie n
good." This statement and re<|U-"' or ?!<?- -
came forcibly to hit mind when vls.t'rg lately
our ioor and work-hou>'l,? c mbine<l, oil the
* ?* lc? of the Ararostla. Wo ?lud?iore?t to think
< i thicborr'dcoinh'iiationof crime and i>0T?rty,
thus virtually making poverty ? crime and
that. fco, wlthont any n -cecity. On the height*
of Georgetown there 1* atrpl- accowni?>la .on
iutpewayol building?, s:t ta'ed in a healthy
'?canty, on ample ground* that individual
benevolence conveyeu to the public authorities
tor thi* purpc?e, it w? are rightly Informed.
Whv, then. conij??' onr unfortunate bat de
serving poor tJ corn^n with crimlna's'.'
In the words of Thos. C r'vle, ?'We think
tbe oid bp*' tars who wuu d have killed
tbera Instead b.id shown mo.e human
ity, more of manhood, than we thus d>.
V'e call itrhatity,l?eneticerce and other line
names, this biu!.?h workhouse scheme of onrs;
at d it is but s!aggi.->h heart.e?sin-s* and insin
cerity and cowar3iv lowne- s of soul." In all
arrai' gemcn*s lor these untortmates, this fa.-t
><bou!d ever be borne in mind, viz: H> sfvu'-/
h mtr thrir t'lf-rrtprtt a* lif'.'f at jitsibU. Bill
Burton, in h's book on political and racial ec >n ?
oujr. s?y?: "As the object of all ptuper reliet
Is to PHte life and mitigate destitution, without
tclaxii g industry or withdrawing the motive
Tor loreihonght. it is clear that any detect ol'
arrangt ment which mado the industrious rum
idle, or the provide*if uan carele s, w>?uld t?e
far more calamitous than tbe payment of ?n ail
ditiotiul silnriedoftlver. Local authorities nat
urally, in tbe conscientious discharge of their
functions according to their knowledge. sr-e no
?luty above that ot exercising humanity at the
cbeaj*.?t i-o-sibie rate;" bat '-ble-scd Is he who
wi?ely do. h the poor man's case consider " With
tlie management of the workhouse we hive no
fault to find. Its officers, we believe, are worthy
men. Oor object is to divorce from nnder the
same reof the two Incongruous iiistituti<>ns. To
>!o tli's we invoke tbe consideration and aid of
every t. htUtian minister in our city to c.eata
a healthy public centiment on thi? subject.
Pub'ic charities *nd benevolent a*-Nations
for the gratuitous relief of poverty and d'.stress
are peculiar to chr.stianity. No other system
ot'cuil or rel'giou* i>olti*y t\as o"ginate<l "tli-m.
11 ey Icjrm i*s highe-t prai?e and charajte/istic
festure. Pngat.s considered pt?verty a crime.
I'.ven the divine Plato thought it crlmria'.
Sliall the higher ph>loe?vphy practically iU'lor>e
tLis Mum ' we tt.ink It ths daty of every
e irne-' christian to aid in di-solving this union
0f t,""jni? and |>overty. We would not have
troubled ynu, ^'r* } t*' - cox'nii'*
oit.on bad t'-* one C! our (ini mjerin) rulers
tak^u a step in the wrong direction by bring!ng
the (ieorgetown ;oor and placing them In the
wt'tkbouse; knouit.g s~ we do that at letst
one ot the committee to form anew government
for tins District Know* and feels in bis kind
he.irt that this great wrong shau'.d nat be tyl
Had we the facile y*r* of tbe author of "Hard
Tim?s."or the clear logical power of the author
. f "Prison ?!tbicsi-' to p?'rtr<t> this natter as it
-1 ouM be, tLis much-needed reform would soou
l?e b'kUgbt about. Tib??.
Tin Theatbhs.?Mi.-^ Nei'soii will c!ose her
Vriiiiant engagement of the week at tbe Ni
rlti.al Thea'er this evening, repeating ou the
i>cca?ion, by special re<iae-t, the great i>er
:?rmance ot "Kuiuw and tlaliet." MIm Nsil
<u , touchng picture of tbe lovinp heroina of
?J c piece Is acknowledged to be one of the
.re t imiersiinaticns of Sliak-peMtean cbar?o
trs wlii. ii make the memory ot an artist im
jrortil. Ttose who fall to see It will have
?ace to regret it. On Monday evening Mr. J.
K . I inniet; as "Fritz." Eiumet is an original,
and his portrayal of'oe German emigrant is
one ot ibe most unique and comical stage pic
tures ot tbe dav.
Mr. Too'e. who ba- delighted so many at
Ford's 'Ji-era House this week by his mastrrly
.mj e-~on*tione?bam*rou? and pathetic?of
-everaittig^ tbaracters fcith^rto unknown in
Wachingloa, w 11 ap pear her* tor the l-st tim?
this tvenicg, repeating the capiul bill of las:
nlgl.t, wh'ch gave such irr^t fatistacMon to a
vcrv large audience. Washington play-goers
will regret to bid him good bye. On Monday
evening Haverley's minstrelo commence at en
1 r.e great double entertainment at the The
ater Comiane?variety ami drama?presented
.g!,tly ie well calculated to draw good houses,
particularly as the performance* are fa- ahove
the average of variety theaters. Miw Lou'se
Sylvester in ber sensational play "Nip, t!i?
Pretty i'lower,' appears in five distinct char,
Daitt. AsoociATios.-Syracasians Lodge,
No. 10, K of P., ot thi* city, last night organized
an a^sociatlon lor the purpose ol perfecting
themselves in the knightly drill. Tbe following
oftcers were elected lor the ensuing year; Wm
H H.nes presi lent. Wm. T. Bailey, secretary;
L.'V. C aller, drill-master. A committee, con
slstir.g oi Wm. T. Bailey, 1. G. Gatupbeli, and
G Market, was appoiuted to draft a oustita
t;on and by-la?s tor the government of the a>*
soc^alion. G. H. I'avis, Wm. E Ho',ley, aul L.
V. Gutter were appointed a committee to obtain
a suitable hall in which to drill. They aim to
1>e the best drilled lodge that will appear in the
grand parade on the occasion of the assembling
of the Supreme Lodge of the World iu this city
in Mav next.
Potohac 11 aiLB'JAi>.??.?u and alter to morrow
anew schedule will be in force on the Balti
more at d Potomac railroal. The train* will
U ave tth ?Ld K street northward as follows:
Washington time, 5.15 northern etpress, 8.13
acit>mmcda*ion*, 9'i"> New York limited, 11.55
f*?t line, Z 10 p. m accommodation, 4 V. I'h.la
G'ncinriati (now train)'*,
New York right-, 10.1 % Pacific express. The
arrivals will be as follows S 1.1 New York
right*, a .15 accommodation, t?.V> last line-,
U accommodation (new ttain) a. m ; \l Pj
Philadelphia, l.&l, New York hmi'ed. f?.jj ac
cctsm MJa'lon, 13 mail*. 11 SI snutbera ex
pr;v-. Those marked with a atari*) are daily
irains. _
Ti.x Wakhix-roa Mom hht.- The fol
'owi: g subscriptions were received to-day:?
itedstown Lodge, No. 1. O. O. F-, Upper
Midcletown, Pa , KU . Pike Lodge, No. 71, I.
'O. F.,tiriggsvllle. 111., *?-.*?>; spancer Lodge,
No. .77, J. O. O. F., Colamba*, Ohio,
* ?: Granville Center Lodge, No. 6si, Gran
ville Center. Pa . Emporium Lodge,
No. : s-, F. A. A. M , Emporiuvii,
Pa , 5 -0; Dauphin Lodge, No. 16', I. O.
O. F.. Harrist'urg. Pa.,?lo; Goocmaugh Lodge,
No. 191,1. O. O. F., Johnstown, Pa , ^10; Jeru
salem Gomrritndery, No. lft, K. T., Pho-mx
vll'e. Pa. <r.r.; Franklin Gl apter, No. 4, U. A.
M., Norwich, Gonn., Next!
Wi^TRB S. HBOCLB B. & O. Kailboai>?To
morrow the regular winter schedule of the Bal
timore and t?bio railroad will go into effect.
Trains for Baltimore will ieave at ", 7, 7:25,7:35,
\ vjo, M..T0 a m., 1J m., 1. 3 30, 3 15, 1 3?, 5.30,
7, ?, arM a:30 p. m. For New York, Philadel
phia, atd Boston at ? a.m. and 1 p. m- daily,
except Sunday. 1 or all parts of the west at
CI; a.m. and ?:b> p. m dailv. and 11 11 p.m.
? > y, except Sunday. For Pittsburg at S io p.
w- daily. For all details see regalar advertise
n.eut in Sur.day morning papers, and daily pa
pers alter haii^ay.
Killsd by thi Fall or a Bask or
Gbavbl ? Yeeterdav auernoou a laboring man
r amt d Michael Welch was Instantly ki.led by
the caving In of a tank of gravel, where he w?
ei gaged in digg ng, on --J street, between K
and S streets. Charles Smlth, a colored man,
was mjared at the same time. Theboly of Mr.
Welch was removed tohis home, on 1 ?ih street,
n'sr p i-treet, and Smith was sent to his home,
on i-'th near N street.
Is : B' a?Ti*ii Bxeiirisas to morrow are al
vetUsed el ewher? in to-dav's Stab lu the fol
lowlrg-nsmed churchee ?St. Paul'* English
Lutheran chorch; L street church, n^ar 6th;
Church ot the Kplpbanv; I'nltariau chorch;
Till Ity church, Ge?.>rg*town; Gay street Baptist
chord', l.eor^etown. Memorial cbarch; 12th
street M. E. Chureb, and at rewdtug rooms, cor
ner ed G and ( h stteets northwest.
? ??
Pabd^wbp bt tub Pbsaiosbt ?Tbe Presi
dent 'o <iav pardoned U. M. gaatlie, convictel
?n Febmarr iasi in its Foiif* Court or avaalt
jno hattrry m two ca*e?, ainl se itenced to 180
days in jail in each, and be was to day released
l>em .ail.
ih* com*.
Cibcttit Court?J wig' Cmr'.t'r.
To-day ttaeeoart was engaged in trial of ?>?
c*?e or Miller's executor* against Washington
city?action to recover ooesession of certain
wharf rights on the river front new the foot or
13 h street ?which was not conclu led, end w.II
piotably occapj the attention of the cjart
several days of neat week.
1*olicb Cot bt?Judge Stell.
To-day, Martin, a'ias Keddr Welch, charged
?!r T*K'*ncy? l<>?0ng about in the division
without any visible means of rapport, ?M?rQt
?.?wn John Payne, load and b listerous; *V
James K Fitzgerald, forfeitedcollateral. Cha*.
vack, loud and boisterous Joseph Whit
ting-on, profane; ?3. Joun Raymond. Wm.
JiJLi sou. ard Peter Schramm, charged with
an aft raj; Schramm was fined <*5, and the oth
er? discharged. Petro l.irento, charged with
keepi'ig cjen Ms restaurant on Sunday; *yi.
Mary Sullivan, disturbing the quiet of tleorir>?
tu?ii bi loud and boisterous language;*.-; Ki
wL' ^*ault, and on Minnie
r> a?.>iogten; *5 and costs. Nelson Bauk?
maimanmga nui-ance; *5. Henry Johnson!
alias l<llaterro,char*.-d with the larceny or a
??,a! ^ m- l''"a all, secretary to the
iMstrict Commissioners, who testified that it
w t s 'tulni from the coat rack in his office. The
c-at ?a* found tn a pileof clothing in the houw
or Johnson, supposed to hare beeu stolen, and it
was re-ogmzel by t>r. TindaU, whose name
marked ni on it. It wm produced
id the couit. Oiher articles were found, which
were recognized; among them a lot or towel*
maiktd "I mted i>i.itr8 Senate."' Sergeant
Leach teM.tied that the "crib" was kept on
\ ir. mia avenue, and that there Wcro found in
it n ne dre * coats, a costly talma, many pair*
<|i lauUnMl some doz mi of hats or various
; kinds. Judgment suspended. T^liu'erro wu
then arraigned on the charge or stealing lin*u
| ,<,w*lioiu the United .St t es Sentte These
| articles were in court and were 1 Hntified bv
| < n p ojers of the Capitol; fin?d si?aud coats;
, and in thecase or thecoat,*20and c >s-9or s xtv
days in Jail. Peter Washington, larceny of a
quantits ct c -at from a yard in Goor^etoirn J5
aL(l cu&tf.
N*iv Pi'rlicattobb ?From W ?rrcn Choate
iV * o. we have ?? CKr Millin-r an I Pr'U-n U?r"
fir December; rrom J?s. Shitiin^- ,n Oil ?, t
/?</# ? Hook roi Decerns r and Frank Lnj.iie's
Mliutrattd Al,nannc for 1-75.
IHQVEST Over this Bodies or THE Two
I'Bt.WkKi) Mkr?Yesterday the coroi.er he d
?o inquest at the Georgetown poiue station,
hlouse on the bodies of the t wo men taken from
Hiecanai, as mentioned in yesterday's Snu
They were recOgniBed a* John Kagan, a stoni
Citter.v, ho resides on 1UU street, in Wa-hiug
tun, and Martin Brani.au, a stonecutter, who
i!!nk A"ey' Ocor^etoM. Afcer
ii^.? I ot ,"ever'41 witnesses, the
KfZ r"'jrMd 14 Terdict ol accidental drowning.
tiiends * WCr? tU6U turucd w
Kay. Father Boylb will nrea;h a charitr
sermon for the benefit of the ,wor of Geor^?
p7.i'v-UIi fr th? ?u'P'ce? of m. Vincant'sde
1- th? uC?- T' V Trmi,y Catholic church nere,
a* the 11 o clock iuwm to-morrow.
Ivkv. Ot U . Hralb, of Va., his ac
c<pted a call from the Gay street
cl.nrch.ot this cry, and will preach a sermon
tomorrow (SurUay) morning, see adfertise.
,v?V^ALKT,?An?t-The r?ceii.r? am] shipments
of Cumberland coal by iho different < ooi,.t ,!*?
for the week has been as follows:?Borddn Co
received 2,.WO tons, shipped J,3^J to'.r; NL*
a ntral Co. received 3,<k?> tons, shinpel 4 o-0
? Aruc',; l*n tfj. received 3 15 i ton-, shu.ps i
V, to'^; Consolidation Co.received 2 sou ton-,
shipped 3.lo3 tons. 1'otai rocei{<ts, ll,6"s> t<i,s'
f T?"' J1'56'" Mewrs.Oilmor^
tieredi'Ii Jt Co. also received and shipped 66)
tons of \ ongl.iogheny j;as coal.
' '-Uakai,?Collector Blunt oaporti 33
boats registered at his office for the weok.
Aia i ba.dk.? Arrived, schooner En^ip
fr? m Baltimore, with <5,0 0 bushels wn-v t
l?cener. Cissel Jt Welch. We note sales vester
;!ay oi y.r. barrels ear era at ^l.Jnd S^,
buafcfls wl.ca-. at ?1 :!?? -Market steady.
K- Maltam n*'
Ms?-ey, furmer v of thN has applied Tor a
divorce fr,im Ltr husband, Capta'u Oi^rles i
Mallam, formerly ot <;cn. Sloii^'; staff, ail
for a jear or two aster the war military mavjr
of Fr dericksbuig.
Mrs. Catharine Barry ha? obtained a divorce
from ber husband, W. II. B'?rrv, at onetime
? lerkottbe I'. S. district court for Virgin1*, un
der the late Judge Underwood.
I?ied FttttM Hub I>irBiic<) Mr*. Kate
ii\er, who was binned so severely on the ni^ht
ot Tbursdly, the S h.instant. by the accidemal
tnrim g ov ir of a candle by iter baby an a^
couft ot the accident #4< published in the '/1
:rtte the day arter its occurrence-died th s
mornlcg, rrom the effects ofthe injuries she re
ceived, and tho-n who stw her roasted a?id
i haned f.esh collider the durauonof her life a*
C. a tested KtBcno*?It is reported, upon
lie hij Lor;t| of ott? ot 5Tr. IJ irho ir'a mj:?
P r'eis, that that gentleman propos.-s to con
?er t; ? ejection ot <1- ne'iil ilui.ton, npon iha
groitLd that in Fredetick cmnty and elsewhere
ri the district many Bar >our ballots were ex
:> 'eo; ai d that notic? ol' such intention will
<? iwd rj ,n Oeti. Hunton previous to the
en trationoi the thirtydajs, the time ailoAred
by .aw.
Hants/ b Coetts.?Mr. A. W. Chilton, attor
n< > Cor Mr. S. < ?. Hagot, an nccoant or whose
irr?si anci imi rlsonmeot in jail on the cha'g*
? t n^ a rece^j>t lor sj-l.lo lias been hereto'.'ird
u' b let ir. the (/a?f?,has applied to.luJge
ihe corporation court, for a writol
i.Hh; as corpus in order t3 obtain .Mr. B.'s dis
' !:,V? '? ? |je wrif ha,i heen issued and the ca-e
w li be tried at 5 p. in. thi* afternoon.
AvCBDrcT Bi'.iDriE?It is and-ratjod that
?I e projet t for petitioning Congress to buv t'le
bridge on the Alexandria canal aqueduct, at
Georgetown, and make it a tree brid^, will be
pushed vigorously during the ne*t session oi
Ccngnss, and that the lessees ol the Alexandria
canal are by no mean? averse to selling out,
provided they receive a liberal compensation.
Coal I bad*?('wing to the diminishad de
macd for coal, in consequence or the depression
:n maiiniacturing busines- in the north, an 1 to
the prevailing low frelghts-fl.20 now but *1
? hrc-e years ago?large stacks of Cumberland
coal are accomulatlng at all the depots in thi?
eity.?Gazette, last errning.
- ?
Thb Importamcb op a Single Vote?One
vote in the citv of Xew York returned a repnb- j
lican member of the assembly, which made a
majority in the legislature of that state for
1 homas Jeflerson, and gave him the vote oi
New if.rk, without which lie could not have
been elected. The whole policy of the United '
States during the Jeflerson and Madison ?^min
istra'ions, a period of sixteen years, hung ou th tt
vote. One vote elected Marcus Morton governor
of Ma.-sachu .etts, in an aggregate papular vote
ot nearly 100,'<X?. One vo'e elected W:l!iam
AMen. in the Chilllcothe dii-trict, to Congress in
the year l v;4, and one vote subsequently made
h.m I inted states Senator for six years aiter
waid. 1'^be following case ol the kind i? gtii!
mote remarkable In Is ;n, 1 -an Stone,of Cincln
naii, was a candidate lor the state legislature
Biking up Main s'reet, on the morning of the
election, he overtook an acquaintance goinjr to
the i oils wlio intended to vote the om>osiuon
ticket. Stone solicited his vote. ''We are old
friends,'' said be, ?? and I know voa will show a
friend that mark of kindness." i>artyepint was
thta comparatively quiet. Tho voter replied
. I>*n. you are pretty clever fellow. I
don t care it I do." That one vote elected Stone,
and gave a majority of one in the legislature
which mane Thomas Ewing United States Sen
ator. Mr. h wing's vote on the question of C3n
Drming the apj^Intment of Martin Van Buren
as mini?t^^ plenipotentiary to Great Britain en
able the \ ice President to give the casting rote
against it. and made Mr. Van Buren first Vice
Preside!.t and then President, and deteTminnd
t?-e general political policy of tUe country for
lour years.?Chicago Inter- (/< tan.
New Yv>kK?SxjrUen Cas't of UtatK a IVeeL in
Brooklyn, and t'iftytux) in One Week in Xric
fork?A noticeable alarm cxis^ in Brook yn
over the prevalence of diptheria. For two
momhs there have been an average of 16 case*
of death a week, and for the treek ending No
vember ? there were 19 case* of death. There
is a corresponding mortality in New York, and
last week there were fatal cases, -l more than
in th* same week of last vear. A meeting of !
medical men has been held in Brooklyn to as- i
sign a caust for the increase. In lsTJ there were
_'W fatal cases, and so far this year there have
beenog4. The physicians are puzzled, agree
ing, bowevtr, that the greateat number of
??cases arise from imperfect drainage, damp cel
lars, and miasmatic spots. A number ot fami
lies have been struck down, and in two or three >
cases the mother and children have died.leav- '
>?* the father. The sanitary inspectors of the
health board have been instructed to be v;r.latit :
ini districts where there is new made land, and
where the tenements are crowded. Dr. Uaas.
v^orey, the insanity expert, says that there isa ,
prospect ot a diptheria epidemic _V. 1'. Su.i,
Although I'I'Dbrz.xir spent most of bis '
time in writing during the last few weeks, he i
has left no literary remaiti, a search of his cell I
failing to discover any of writing either on I
paper or on the walls. His body was delivered '
to his rather, who buried it on his place, and j
and watch is kept to guard the grave from iu
?VJndge billon, sitting in the United States
ciicntt court at Omaha, has decided that taxes
can be collected from national banks whose
complete stock is In^overnment bonds.
fc^The operatives in the employ of John &
James bobbins' mill, at Scbuvk 11, Pa., have i
struck on account or a pr--p osed reduction of |
from 10 to far cent, on their wages.
S^""Have you Ooidsmith'sfireece," was a?ked
of the clerk in a store tn which books aod va
rious miscel aneous articles were soi l. "No."
said the ? ier*. refleetivMv, '? we haven't Oold
suith'? Greece, bat wo have same splendidh*ir
j rilASaAl. ARB WKUKll.lU
WMlitBflM Nt??k KiefeMCf. It
Q**t*tui*i/urnitktd W MiddUto* 4 Co., bmk-rt
Ifce fcdl.,?,?g were ?h? ptloM bV4 aa i a ked >1
tbe meeriug the Wasttogtoo Stock ItctoDf* ?>
"V.^,bi*'?<>.bid, 111 aeted 8nk8r.?*
***"??**' **ok >f Republic. ISO bi4; Nat oial M ??
rope titan Bank. 109 bid, 115 an feed, decmd Natl .ual
B*?E. W bid, JC>4 Mt?d; Oit ifD*' National Bilk
1)8 bi i, llr? a?fct-i; Farm- r?' n .1 Mechenfc*' Nation
?I U?" K i-f Q -"?i>?i..wn, >0* bid Oit I Kail
and G* '??:<>?? stock. W -t.J
Weiropo t a- ?. k.jfl l.M,0?"i.i??' 'a stock, U> t>u!
#1 iro jk>I!taLb:nd< fit, a A d .88bid. sundry Li?
Natlwiel 1 h?kt?r B w!e.J ft J.,7 pereeat., 79 bid;
W:?",ilc Jf"'1 B?rds, T ft A , 6 pr e-it.
fold. 9* bi?l; M Mk?x): Mili>unl Miru> titan Kire
oauret.ce Co. stock, 9*> bW; O <rr >ren Fire ln?:r
Mr?tC'. ? in k, (s bid. Duu u t Secariu?N?, Di?
trlct of C lun.bm>? * ? Co, 8 B ?ed*, 7's J ft
J., 1875, 96 bid. 03 based; do , IS"*, M bid: Per
Uiai.i-t-.t Imp.. #?,, ? . J ft J . i$Jl, 95 b d, #8
e*k?d;iSo . 7'?. J. ft J, 13S1, as bw; Slarset
Bold*. 7>, J. ft J., l?*j, S6 b.d, 88 ??x-d;
i.*t!' . Loan, Oobgreas, S.Sis, K. ft A . 1313, fij
lid, 69* esatd t Wa?l i g:oo>?Water Stock 4'a,
, J. A J. ft 0 , 1^60, '? bid. 98 tslt <1; ?'fire 1,-ar
certlf.ca:**, ' 7 3-ill. M ft N , 18-S, 9g b'd, IU>
, e->ed;"Ten %ear bmJi,"6V, J. ft J . 1878, 85 bid,
fc> eaieo; turn d L a B .nJs (Leg ' S'? * , a ft
N .1901, 89 bid. ?1 i>thl; Oeniftoatee ..f StJCk,
(184.:? 6'a, .1 A. J i O , v plea*are, "< bM. B arl
if Publij Worn*? Om. i?-c. I iiprove u oi, 8's, J.
bi . 1874&J t?M; ? 1875, 8S-t i <1
1S76%&;% bid, dv W7, hii; Jo.
&i bid, %lark?ii; *}?? ?- r;~?. ?;i hii, 'Ju Or
tincairft, S'n, J ft J., IS.'4, 6? t>ij; 1 IVS,
t W bid; do 6a bW;a'>., is:7, ?i bid; IS?,k-?;
do., K8, b>. I 1?7 ?M;J j ?rr?e?, t>5 ?>!?!, >Vat-?r
I CoiIlUl?;r", h."i, l.-77. !<l ; id
Hhii Mmt To any
Nfw Vckic. N vtn.ii r u ? rn? Aii'.i huir.*i?l
I n ; ;< < r ?> f "ioM ? it i. r -lgn ?\cl in<? c > i in n
t<( t- f?? urtti th" Wall - if t unrhrt Inits <?<
t'e;? i? l s-.'oii.g if a^ ur ay bef^r.>, ?u 1
l'?-iiari !? irr tn,<r O >11?. iu(,a>4
WH'<?l\iit^lw<D at I f:,irilli',, On C'11 - a M
t*! '???? ! i>e t> ? i. IS .r i p r cc.i f >r car.-f|nu aud
I ?' 1 I ri?'(?? ? ' < MttWVftl '? all, >? ?r?A
w b ? tti> ? ; iiikHi' eterli ?;ii i ni"'l S , a id
4Sv . J-Sf'i ti p >" 1 riM btrin? 4*J ? <Tl?r r?
I ?i?- rtii, i? T-ditVitrmivriliiix on *?)i.4'K)!!
? ?p?c:?*, i l akkk %9tOJM i? In g j!d w . aII
*? It c; to lb" c iti t .l, tbn ?at a on Lon I in
n t *ft warrxtiti g ?h pmeuw
U??pibrii-b 1"Ud?, tn>t?tUi?*kudiag tbe rls.( u
ft ? lotwlkti T-?8**4ay% ? iropt n? v
firrp ?-<) rnrf.ncr ?!*???. 8.uifi?.-n ?'at? li -i *
ci n inii* to b? ?? lively d-a't tc, wiih 'hs
cl SJiMooii I,mi, boB'la, wbi-h at#'? lo *??>??. ail t4
? at? 0e?lt in aie liifibtr iban ftft-r(i?jr? Tt>^
pi' tie* t: ?rnrtt rohti u ,">rjr?.?8y,caU I->?!H rin*io<
rrni I't t 4 with 3 ?<> ."f i n, th rulioit iinitfj im.
Tb??nrp'r tfpr vn*r aatile pap-ir li not large,
?;>d tli-rri? t rm I c?:. f ir it at :> t ? 7, vitk ? t
i>l lb" btisiwi'is a1 ii ii & Th<*t ? ar^ exc^p i ?Tia*
i ??>? bplow treaetnt** Fair yu it* l?ni, b ?*-v^r,
i"r ?hat i-call, d ??pproTi-1 aiugla aaiu?-d rhp>ri?
7,la to 12. Ttc btfTk market opju<-1 irrtgalar, wi">,
iu?L?- iu*'h, lower pri-i-? tbati y?rt.rda> l>ar
ilk tli?? firat hour thwro ?u an ?<I7?tic?
ii K? b? r il ti t of "4 to"-,. 3inc? then ib?*narttet
hai btf-n #tt?dy ?''?n ad\aac?. Nortn ?fwt an>1 Wa
hush ha\e b?"? u t \ci-p*i?iial!r a:roc5, tbn former
hai ir>g tis<ii 1 aid me lat'er Kx'r^.-ne Rtlna
bare i.rrn tow?:?HortK?-^?t? ^ . <aUJV, L? ?
B|.or??, 81 '?..fa*!1,; IT Ian P ? tic, .V tir, Wahtih.
3iSr?SJ , St. l'aal.S4 V"f?fs.. Tr.,>iap'i,Si <; i??
Kirk lalard. 951'.to, P-? l?c Mail. *5 15
Cblj*,3ti's(a31, #ti<l Rri??,2<>'c?J) .
ine qitrhPK
Oaltimorb, Kuv?*nib?r 14 ?Virginia ?ltn?,
< r?. 42, \ I*?rIr is'a c 't^'lidaii-d, S3, do , ?x-l- >api i4,
6. 4; W \ iigiuia's, 10; H rib Carolius tlx?*, old,
ail bid to day.
Baltimore. NfiT'-in^er It?f^otton firm?r-'ow
niiod.in", l,(i t K'oir quiet ai ii uucbaaeei.
I ^ beat strotd and it. Kik d domain' ? Amber a#*?te n.
Ilf^tlj Si). I re.1 Wr'tern. Uixaijl; J J No 2 117(^
118. fair to p'lm-i do., 113^115, r j < t?>.l, ID, r0u
?r> land, Ki(il^; dc auii.. r, 1*K'4131, do. white,
llift^lVi. Con etri ug; ?ti.c> l<Kb' ?arliite ? xittiern,
. y?|!o?r rti, mt*ed w-at^rn. M
Oata lirniei?? u'tiero, 6? .467, w^atern inittil. 6i' ii-il;
do. *bitp, 64'i.(S5 Hieli m*>r ard higii-r. 9!m i(?
Hay ni.rl aopeo P?rk, n.m ic*!-<21 Balk m.-abi
iiDCb?i>;e<. Baoin bun* ant vty alrong and i i
R i d (1?'i:?t.d??b mli'i r?. 9,'..; rl-ar rib?id??,Hufij
H'?; ?tig?r-Ci:ri,d ban.*.!5 Ijard Irui?reriiel, |j
*'*ter.i Iti'ter ntcbaufed. Petroleu u nncba i^wl
n. fl.e ?Mire y u niinal WbtnHtr, prices lugh
ICV^tHS,with vntall nal-*, (fngar anchttigad
?,sw Vi rk, November 14 -til.<kg aciv's nrjd
higher- Mucey, S ?oid, m\. Exchang", long,
4 '-S . abort. 490. Gitfl'tiTtimt* *iCti,*o.
Kew Tohk, Ne?en b?r 14 ?Fionr ijoiet and
rtoady. bt a- a slade tirm?r and aJTa-ici^g Ojrn
Lomwiji. S ruber 14, U:30 t? m ?O-n? .'1 for
iroi.ey, \(c for Acci'Ut.t, TVn-'orty bands,
Li'NPon. Nf.vemNr 14, 3 p in ? Alvicoe fDin
r ?r ? ,u .:?? rei,f? r a; (51 fra- c< SO ceutl
A Kesebtko Seat?Ihe Hilvanta^e that a
tnartli d man bar over a l?a'h>jlor i* iila.i>tr.iteit
!?> tbi? little ftory whirh tbe N'fwjurt (K. I.)
News "A tiiarried lady went to tbe oper.t
ItoureoH la*t Thursday ereniTt^ as hmd a- the
j^coi? wire ojiened, and took viitli her an uid
hat of Iht hu?l?and>. Selecting two of tbe beat
tent* In the house rhe jiatherself in one of tbe-u
?Ttii tbe Im* in the other, and waited for ber
htifband. t).' coarre everybody tbjught tiitt
the wat had been regularly taken au 1 racated
for a iuonient, so they let it and tha hat ak>n<).
About 8 o'clock tiie fortunate hu.^'ia-id of the
valient aiid enter|.ri?ln< wire came in au-J tjoA
the seat thai h?l been kept for him."
JlvriBorn'ir.iA?A short time elnce ayoar/^
man named Harry Sivyer put t:p at the K>:k
riifi'e. I.ewrn. Uerleptatan outhoass wblch
hail hitherto been occupied by a lurcher <1 tg.
Towmrd? morning the do^ broke loisa, aod pri>
ceei'.rd to dirpute po?i?e!<?ion of his oi l i|ii%r'ers
wltl; Sivye*. Thed iK eventualiy bit the man
geviTtly Id the hard. Tbe next day be bit
untitlief man, two dogs and a cat. Stayer has
iH'ely died, #'t"r four days' ilin<??g. During the
vittr : art of Lis illness be r?t'usad alt liqui 1-.
Th"other man who w*? bitten has as yet l'elt
i'0 bad elttc*8.?ffritixh Medicul Jnumil.
A ft Ili.*oal Frnsioner ?In the IT. S court
m Cincinnati yesterday, Pat McC?rty was
? und guilty of itidin# and Hhe'ting Mrs. Can
tiHtn.nin defrauding the government by <>b
' lintt z r.n illegal |ien?ion. Mrn. Oanna-nan ?s
Th? widow of McDermott, and had a pension
allowed hrr in August, 1108. Four months af
'trward t>he married, thus forfeiting her right
'o a peiifion. which *fio continued to draw,
at.fi 1h.j furnished affidavit* b^ery ?i\ months
that t-be ba* remained a widow.
Bt'ENKD TO IHtaTH 1H Hl? WlKlt'8 PRgS
rvem.?Tbe residence of J. T. Carter, near
Syracuse, N. V., was burned Thursday tuorn
it g. Mr. Carter went into the cellar to eave bis
j ropertv. and was burned to daath in the pres
ence of bis wife.
K?~A cablc dispatch says that Messrs. Moody
and .Snnkey, two American "reTiTali'ts." Dave
arrived at l.ondon, after a Puiceestul tour
through Ireland.
In consequence of the alarming increase
of ^mall|H>x at Montreal the board of school
commisnioiieis have taken measures to exclude
un vaccinated children l'rom the ecliojls uuder
their direction.
Wit Is stated as ascientiflc fact that there
ate tour distinct belts of territory crossing the
sUte of New York throughoat which g?s in
snlticieiit quantities for use as fuel and for illu
minating purpose1- may be found on boring.
?/-It was for fifty years the sole aim of James
Hai'ow, of West Dudley, Mass , to get a "horua
oi his own." So tixod was his miud upon this
idea that it almost monnted to a mania. He
worked incessantly and saved hi* earnings par
simoniously, until, a month ago, he was table to
buy a farm. He took possession, anl died
twenty days afterward.
Df I'iSTllIST or STATS, {
WashisgtoN", I?. C.. November 13,1874 {
Infomatlen baa been received at thii Depart
raent from Mr. N . D. Comanos, acting Agent and
Consul Central of tbe (Jolted States at Cairo,
Kpypt.of tha death, on tbe tenth of October, 1S78,
tit Kartcnm, of William P. A. Cami'BKLLi a M ijor
in tbe service of the %g) p-.ian Army. It
PASY ?The atockboldnrs uf ;he Colombian Bauk
Nf te Coiiicany are hereby notified that a meeting
will be hold in the oHcn of suid company, in Was- ?
IpgUn), on TCESPAY, Novetcb-r 17th, at l'i
o'clock noon, for the purpose of elrsting Trustees
for tbt ansnir.g year
JuUN O WELbSTOOD, Preaideat.
JOHN W. VaTEBS, i??cretary. octli tao? 17
The Normal Class for Snnday Bebool T*achera ard
other* will b? #Udr6<fced on SATUBOAY, at 6 %)
o'clock p. m ? by
IT pen the "Type* a?.d Symbota of i h) Je'. lsh Taber
nacle." BABBATH A*TEBNOON, at3:?)p. ru .he
si ill steak npon tbe "Great Day of Aton ?ment,*,ln
Lincoln Ball. Both the?e addreaaaa ar?illcatrated
by large diagram, cUarte, ftc.,aii'i will be Intanseiy
icte reat :t g uavlitr
(T^xKBEKM AN ft OO.,
14511# T Bte*rt.
Becelve Depoel'a, Boy and Bell Gold ard Unite*!
ktatee Bonds, etc. Beturities of the District of Co
lombia dealt lo. MptiMige oa flkigland and Eu
rope Our Drafts OTbhed at Par. ?ep21 ly
?r^?:i:65 BOJIDSi
iKrtlfleates of tha Board ?f Audit for soma leas
than $tv cannot be converted luto tbe new ?.(it
bo'da.but tbay will be converted into cat's at ttie
highest market rates by
J. C. LAY 1 CO.,
oclll-lm Bo *i'i3 4l|jfireet north*eat.
ijr^BAMttA. U, YOCNG
oetl7-tf Orrici?Stak Bugptxa,
ir5?orKI'JS or TH1 ARLINGTON Kltte IN
liv7 SLKaNCE <)OMPANT,for the D'.?trlctef
Oolumhia ?The B^ardof Directors o( tha ArlU?tin
Eire Itaatarce Company have declared a DIYI
DtNDof ft per ceLt. oa the capital stock, payable
at the oflica cf tbe company oa aod after the 14th
Botll J? [CbronABep| Secretary.
144V Px*ssylvabia Avurt,
pills are cc>n.pct*i e?ri liMs .? o? vegenafcle
i&?redlent% *-i inbpaflti ttoy eoMippapareede
the use of nmi i?, In not >s*pe any of na tojoriaai
effects. Tbe act euf-ltif tbe liver and are a
valuable remedy tlfall cswea onieraogeo.eot reaolt
tug tmm a disordered stftte ul tftat organ, Liver
Coaa#lei*t. Bilious Dlscfflan, Udigestl. a, Blck
Hfcvfache,TyfbMd EevarBUl., Ac. .Si snoenmb te
the free oeeof KcleorkV Mulrafte |?U!s. resale
by iU n??1 " ?
I *o* p?miirfl an nnn?na!lv fin? arti
cle 01 all wool knit nndershirts and drawer*,
together with a superior assortment of lover
grades in white and scarlet kbit and floe sear
ret flannel goods. The prices art fixed ex
tremely lev.
G?o. C. Hnrvivo. Mo. 410 Tut ftreet.
Ov*?coat# in the greatest varietv; ume
ligbi wt-igbt, seme roe iiuro. and some heavy.
Talmas, Sacques, Hag tans ?ml Ulsters, for
driving, k, and ruling, made of the latest
srylrsof domestic and foreign fancy and plain
fabric*, and low offering at extremely low
Livery Overcoats in serviceable f*brlfl? and
color*. na?ly n.ade, or nude to order at short
notice. Gbo. O. Hiimia,
No. 410 7th street.
Thk I.ktr-t StvLas or Dab?s Hats f?r
Gentlemen. Boys. and Children received this
week at "Lewis'," S*30 7tL street, between I
and K. 2
. ?
apk your grocer for l>ooley's Yeast Powders
the best Baking Powder for prt'parin* Bi?cuits,
Rolls. Urea l, Oriddl? Cak.s. Waittee, Jtc. De
pot, C9 New street, New York.
"Tn* vkrt n*8T jualities at thelowest risi
ble prices" iso -.r motto in White Sh'rt?. Ft*i
ntland Merino Cud?*i>hirtsand Drawers, Wool
and Ot on Kosirrv, Kid, Dofikm, Oloth ?ni
orher Gloves, Trunks, Umbrellas at?l VaUs**.
Try ns. "I/wl*"' pofi;il?r One Price Store.iO
7th street, between 1 and K. -
I.aft Chasc*.-But a rhort tima rama'ns tar
tbe pnrchase of tickets lathe Fifth Gift Con
cert of the Public Library ot Keut'icky. Ag.-rrs
bare betn notified to uisk* returns from the
JOth to the 2.1th in?t., but tor fht? convenience of
those who may have f?i>ed t> supply ti in
selves through the agent*. ca?h orders wi 1 i>e
fliled at the horae office ?i> 1i the evening oft i ?
2?th. and It an> money should corue to-> la'e it
will be promptly returned to the party s?n l>ng
it. " ll.13.PJ
To r* crR*t> of Kapiuft wear the Kla.?ti<j
Tiass, '4C.> Pennsylvania avnue northwest. 5.9
MBRINO Shirts %nd Drawer*. ?t. ?t 29, fl.V)
each; Medicated Shirr? and Orairers. at Hol
lander Pros., near Wiilard's Motel. 10,14,1:
Thw National Saviwas Bank, corner of
New York arenas and 15th street, pays 5 per
cent, per annnm on deposits for each calender
month. Banking hoars, 9 to 4. Saturdays,9 to
4 and 8 to &. 27t3.14tl6
. ?.?
All-wool UNDKRsniitT^ and Prawbr*,
F'J 50 each; the lat???t style Scans, at Hollander
Bros., next door above Odd Fellow*' Hall.
Corns, Br sions, dfco.
For relief from Corns, Bunione, Club and In
growing Nails, etc., visit I?r. \a bite's establish
ment. No. 535 15th street, opposite the U. S.
Fink Gent's Furuieh.n? Goods, at Hollander
Bros. 10,14,1:
Mb. Chr. Xandkr's Nativb Wiwb canno*
be strongly enough recommended to the lovers
of a wbe'esome beverage, on aenonnt of Its
purity. Give Mr. X. a call, at 911 7th street
northwest, and try it. 10,17,eol:
_ ??.
Extra lakob hizb Uuderwear, at Hollander
Bros. 10,14,1:
1 rt tek Elastic Tbumi, 2i5 Pennsylvania
avenue. 2,5
Th* Hin?br Sbwino Maukinb ea-ee ofl*T2
W-*rn ?319.8m. t l2-s,wtf
"We Are"
4iid SaTe 35 Per Cent.
S I <* fcTlTe > 1)1
ei'lTt' Ff?? $14
av;> M lr.>- FOB NO?
p'.iO t-lMTti FOB tun
?3d >U1T" FOB ?'4*
till OVKBOOAtS FOB 9 ?>
%1? OVKB^OATP F.?K 9 m
I - ( VKhCOAtf FOB 91*4
'?J? t'VICRUOATe r??H S'4
i*? OX t BOO ATS FOB ail
*;?? ? V* BCOATf ?*flB S4I?
|JJ OM?COAl> F Jil 54S
itors* cloth ijrc
nor9 tr Corner 7th and P Streets H.VT.
8*al B)rin 8A0Q1 *9, StH>, ai40. ai'S.
8ea! Skill M r C re* ana BOAS, p., 9*0. $M
Mak t*Hblt- MUFFS and BOae, $U. a:4, go.
Col r>-d OpoMuni aod Coon SKT8, fs. iii. s,n.
OK&BK. ait IrweU 11 arkrt prices.
Mitst ?' SETS, SlfcstMl JIM
Eadles'and MU?m SIM, SKTN r?pg
B. H. AT11KVIKT/..
Hatter and Furrier,
D0V13 tr 1'437 Peun?ylvsma avenue
[} R O N Z E S.
We call attention to oar assortment of |ali the Pa
risian novrlities in
Fine Fancy Goods, &c , of ourawn
Bl. W. GALT, BKO. * CO.,
novl3-tr Jewelers,
The UDderaifne 1 l>egs to inform the public that
he will, at heretofore, have en exhibition and a*l?
at Stalls *b7. au4 ."???. la C'CNTEB
BATIBDAYS, aad at Bulls 143 and lift iu
SATURDAY N10HI8,the largest and 8Best ?up
plles of
To be fonnd In the country. IIe bays the best,
wfcerever it ie to be bed, and all he aak? is an etam
Inatloa of h's stock, feelln? sure that he can in
every respect satisfy toe most sxecting teste.
novlS-lm B. I. BUST.
Ladles and gentleBisa will be served with all the
at the above Oafs, which is frst-class in all ite ?p
tClL' ILitDti.
Will he opened to the public thursday, No
vernier 11th, 147 i.
novlOlm J. E FBI BOS,
the package or paund, by A. B. P
mtaseon Merchaat and Dealer to
visions and Ooontry Predoes, 171 ___
avenue, Weshlngien, D. 0, aovt-la .
Admlaeion-M. *U ? nd r? casta.
I'.MLe OKk i DiKlIKi
"The do doer. ?'
B<<1 need price*?7*. 90 And S cent*. It
Thf iriMitnifiil l>rf t ? a?i.-nne* that ia ??????
iO-I C* I f the *er< * t a r-?e;i, |<
RuMfcu Ann jiLitr:
wist ?ViL?n> i
ma* Uitt t- art Miar ?r .. u1 * ? j-ii'h* ?%??* Uy
wttb another ?tf! Kit-., e, u ate JMMOdAt
lie thei a will be
Abu Mian HEILBc N ?i I el?t ktr ilialUbic rtl; f
- ,w JIMAT.
e?f h e Jaat 'ft ?\r?- . e
McM'Aj.Nt V k ** ?? V R IS *t J K KMXST.
!?.? ?jnin. i f . r ,c r, i b ? r? I'ra t
ciaty. t KHZ.Cl'K >K.iC~a>W OtRM ,N |
j^A\ II LE> V?T' . I. THK*T*H.
^COONl1 OKaNii t>a r Ki't { ?
Mr. (i-ti iie, flatter. it ?i<b tf!#. - re*#?* ? f i? ? r??
< n?tt,b~?? to m> ? - r. - ttibt lr rl-r to ue
*a. lety tb<* i-lIi | . ? h
GRAND OB Hl>*. R \ ftr AIXTY,
be Laa a?cui?il it* t-r<h?? ot ib-? M'VtiM
anu tfce di?Mr>fcit
?) hM %! f T ?!|
(U tod JJ cri'^; T*#er\<4 ?t<?u >.t|
extra; new ready f
lyASHIXtiTU^ TitCAF.lE Conrq .
*SOKPAY, MoVBMHBR ??, ?>rry N ;h- j
\\ ?-<lr? s.i?? pi4 nr .?> M ? ,.r-i
Tbe OKI) placet ?i, L*t ln-ri' lu ' hi* cr ? 11. At (Tit
? tft.oMi ei.teital .in. nt. \ .rut) : Dr^.i.? k
J?e*n.W ?( ll.i } ? ? 1 r .1 , I %r- 1-| ; M
Loita Mi.1 11 it lit II s-h ? 1, M ??? L<>'r*e e
ve?t?r, ?t>.> m|.| ?p . .. ,,, toe Ki>ii?r|Kti44>l(i:;?'
rlay.er titled Mr, T-. Cr tt? Flower. m*?. ?.
act fl ? - <<>? f'tt chaiitc era, idTo
frr-ega, D?r<~.?, ?';. k P,ri n-tnar, <-?. H* j , l? -
llntalli'ta and hntiae |K<r i1I?t ?>??" ? s <?
|^1 RCUL N U tT L."
Theodore Tliotua*'
InrquAlktl toiutrt OreAnlzstlon
Firat ?pp' ?ii>utc ot tUo V-'uus Amaru*a I na
Ttfttber *1tb ?b?
A 1 r> IlIHhR
MMlfit*T 6 LOIST.
PBICS <>r ADM IbSlvN ON K D 'li'.AS RE
Tb?- Ral?> < f ItMKrvnl ni .1 t.r* ta?ulc<m>
DMCfin THl'HSDAY. N m s?. at M.;/ - tt
A ft .V U u?ic wb- r? li?? pT"tfra:nu?? f ?h?
f. ncrrliican l>* otraim-d
D-> ?? oa? i; a* 7.16. t . c mn? ti.-e *t 8 tstalnwaa A
S li? s r? I br?>il P M>i4exrl?>ir?l| no?6 to
Charlotte (uohtaau.
Tb'* dialing !*?? d Tnj?i!lrBM. tho "(J-jee-t ;?i
tbe Drati:a," will s.vp
At ? OViv.cE,
A 30
Ia tbe f*tae Hall, i~
At 1:^0 O'Ciock P. M.
Tc**-:* ?1, It chi'llT.? r ?ar?e?l
b?a-'ii't? fritu Mi^tapMa'i li*-ury YIII , *',l
ftt'tii b' r fluent Dila^ttllaovu, > ?.
T.tfceta ai d dlacratu at ? >-r.rn f bi-itd A Cj y*
B oka! <r*-,^41 Pruu*)l HTnAatniue.
ChII ami pfocnti I'r
Bt.T?ft.7.9.II.I.V4.l* '7 la lP.an
EJ lifiid fllMTl av * Ava ^
Alwaya t>! '1 ? large st rk <? I Pftl^T
< H BOMOS I . ? I'
Porc?ikinr Paia*.iii??. Vei n ktid biit rtiAtlatf,
lr ar*-?t variety P<*e?e p rtcat ?ud M*t?. n ^ti
ord. r. cf a;, j- hap< or <? I r. O Id, Silver ?od <) >p
prr wire; Cord, a?ilB Ac. N w Vurraviiit- p ..
to^rraphr anrt C'broru p r.-i uw) r, m;phM' -1.
AH kind cT Black Waiaut and Out Fran.-" in*-1?t.i
order of the l?-at gualtty ?ni| ? >rkmaa?i>l? Fi->^
patterra of Wipd<w O- ru'c*? t > nider. Picture*
buiip and jp?ck?-d with tb- &rcara.
N. B.?Paictiiic? Tr^rnferred, Lined ad R"
Itored by H N BAEIjUW. o. t! 8i-<
N.-w and nt-atly ntt<d i.p Parln-a and 8how-r
acd a dt'Bbly-tucr< aae.1 at ck of
M<iN4|(iera<le and riirtatrlrnl Cmluuie',
ottprlaitijc (*??ral bnndretl a?>w and c ?atly l?r- -aea,
togtffctr wjrh every T?ritty of Oo?turue? LitJitv.,
G'-i.t'* it il Children'^?f
P.B.?VMtU A thifroOkh kn>wle<i<e of our bodl
n*?', we devote urn -?Ives to tt?e want!" ?nd winb-* if
our patronn, am' tj couitet an a-.d p >ltte attvuti >o,
reaiH'UAl la cljaigo*. an.l dtap.>?lti ta to AcoMru^daU1
ai d pioaae. we aeiCutu fail to give aatttfacrioo.
ocU-Sni ?
*0? 10ih Street Nortbweat.
A lar<re oollectloti ct Fire Artlatic tiAl.L, TAB
LhA (J Atid JHhATtlCAL CUSfVM HSU9t on
MASKED HAL1.S and PARTI MS acpplied At
rettcti Able ratea.
P. H. Eeriirmlier a M?ak I* forniab^d with ?vh
Ooatume, aud All Cu*tB^tiea delivered and CAll?d for.
x. uouiy,
OctlS iir, bOf lOtb afreet.
Oie No. i On Exkibitin a Ad Itia \ ?*w N*
.AM > I *31
Bo. ?SV Ttb ftreet, tetw t r. D Ai d B atreeta. eubt
cleora Ak it Odd FolloWi' Hall,
Obotc* Oil PAintir>?, Z:.?ravlnn, Oiirom *, Ac.
A'bo, largeat atock Paper Htkbgioira, Window
dbatlea, Pictr.rea, Frainea, Pictare Oorda ac1 T?J
?ala, Blnja, Nalia, Ac., lb tbe District.
?rTius OasH.
K^*PI?hee reaepibrr Name And Nngibar. )al-ly?
All kibdbof gentlemen 8 cast-off
WBAKING apparel can be aoM to tbe ve j
Uat AdvADtage by addreaeinc or aalllng on J08TH,
t? 10 D atreet. b< twaet) 4(tt and 7th atreeta c<-rth
?<?t. ??**K-)tea If UAil pronjptijr Atteudw] to.
Caab paid i?S tr
(>E0. A PfiDICK & CO ,
Organs and ^lelodoou-.
Ibe Oldeat, Largeat, at,d Moat Perfect Manafa^
ur> m tnc Lulled buoca.
5 -# ,000
How in Q9?.
Mo ether Musical loatrnraent erer oltAin d tbe
eABie Popularity.
?/"Eend for Price iats,
Addrwa BUFFALO, B ?.
oct!8-wAe St,4p
Tbe fl GLA8BE8for Ona Dollar.
The^k GoM FrAme GLASSES for 1
. H. H HEMP LEE, Optician,
IIS PttfifTlvioii ?T?Meor
COyt-MCTlOyEH AND catsmmb.
Between B And W atraeta, WaahlngtoD, D. O.
vltb DyapepalA, Indigent ion
accortftef to dirATtiau, and If y*? at* mat Im
fitted bait to back to iba party fro* whoa m
purchaaed ft And get year raner Wt All pwrttea
aril lug It at* AVtBorlaet to a?U upon the abort
For aale by Drcutate *ad Qrocera (?
si? r?iiMri'ui*irM?,
?fi', .ot b^lliabd mate
EIAL aol?i at
30i kk ttreet,
t) ar Pm.M) rat.la
AIaa, vu Aki ntc TABfeE.
pill TLB
lb err is
orp f e 1 i p*f ?? m i . r?k ? r,*?,
Oa CCtl'il BIBWIHtl \ ? kxlkt,
?II. k. by
BET JOHN POl'OHtK ? IU' i*?re.
TIBCiXT ' < rU'L."
TkkMi4on.li Tb-?w ?
I fcj 'k Bl Vlutkt^r P?>i> ?. ? ??
| ctrlai fc# the |kh r dtrtt|l 1' **"? **"*
y N C. A. L|<TI'RK C?l<Blf
T//B L f A OI V (i l!*T* L>. it'TCAL
ATTSAC T H>t*3 Of Tf *
Th?r*r teur ' "?nr < r rrf P iW'ti
u'ttif IVq i?*ill tit.'n l" ?
jambs t. ri'tM
Thr MbliMi l; ?? i p?mi*i ??.? ?J r *d<: r i>f
IN"A'Umic M
liiT. 13. N v ?*?. Boa ??, ? ? N * *?.
TAKIXA* K T*t B ? l ?:
t H.\ til *S < * . hi ? > t:T ?>. Al
t A t V TIAM. O* * Mt <<? h^LL't*
rbU'i? hi ? ' rocksrs
1M1 r*-i
B- ?m1 !. i ii ?? J ;i t. ' Mr. Fi'lda,
(1 ! rH ? a 1 ??! H - " * . ne|. r?
*r\?il? ?<'.?}f ? n (<? '? ? iccM
I> f i if. ? t n f ?M
?V I < !'l. I > k ? 1i 4 ? '
7?haue*?. *?rt tt
dfforf elo? u ?*- neat*.
ft-~3?KBV ?. v BE* LB - a t' k <1 IM
U?e.-y ? * rt t K . < ? 'i t>a?,
TO WOKIi" W . * ? M ? I * ll
(T"^? B# * I A I ?? kU~ ? H" - ? I P<"*a. a a
i ut.'j ' u !.?"? i k??-v?r of
IllMI'l' ? ' ? ?? l| kli? ' Vi ??>! <?
. HuClet| . f *i Tlla! i **a ? V* B 01k R'lW .
,: an.i.i), p > I . llk.> II
? w. B
? ? t. '??! 11
wiiil i> I ?? k * ? . a. * .
m? In r*b, B-iif ?!' i?i M n <* U?ii.O* *f *
t.wr.P C.. ? : KI'AY.1 ? :>Vl-.k
? t l?"al 1 ?
I A1* ^ A ? > 1 l>?'t . I ?' Ml 111'
eir.d M i t ? r- f- i.'l * --??I'r '?
*f*d. I It - | *? hoi- |> 1H K N B. W. V
vtli. f i fit B
.fn?? o|i#n?w'-%" nt > L\D<E
tUClt IL0I FN f H'MS. ?u
JU IA K SiAbi-h r h 7 o>.
A FAX. ?dt>
HLO h LfXI 5B1V,
If* ?T?fT M| ft I ic* ??H II
/?fit I t I ( ii " f- ?' ? '
B. r. * VMiM *.
IBrt t??-' '<? <|?i >??,
MuiirIiIci fn I?rs
k N't 1 KB BTO k
TO US CLOfkU > I r.
FT TBI <4tb tT Til l^ aCfSTB.
ISO ttllrtB hTKBCT.
tc St Jm lft(i?.->i T? - vTVC.
[^|L>NllhOTA I K'X K.s- , :/Jc .i.
Orrhn *' i .r Fi? '? F .r,imt?.
UftBf". I'? % ii r. ? it Cnirt ? I irf *i?rrw <>i
???Ik i .?? |i %-f ?mI I ? ? , ml to th
t>.?l tiiuC< , ?* I ? ? r ??V fc- l?? omt
Ac>D'?, 1 IIQF. W MCT/...<?',? i' '?.? ??id o- t.'
fitii- r ? i?, J;. , A* v .i r ??????,
?I iralily r? rr ? ' ? . ? ' ?? or Will lu
'fill l"l ?ut tl*?- ?!!???' i;ii|?0'J
F B ??r? ?iljl !? ? i;'? ii?i d h*?? f r
ur"J ' M. ./ A,* ? *> 1 *: V*ouT.
1UOB V Ittk.1/.
<;b??. sif iivikek
I'LA-- I-!- ..?? Ifrtilu
1 i CN*> <?! l? u? ? hn ? !???( I> * ?>r li-uial
lnlLeCl?MUivi M?tltim? ? T. .. Vitti,
O +.
C'TIMT M |,??, ,ft* mzkl l> D?.?r r re-'*,
KtTf :? >i rfM.iwm.
| i kkiir- T> I., to i*?h4 bo-u, mmm*
" 't n.i?'c ?r. i > ti 4 ?- -it * ? t>r
O H Mil - r M *fntn~r\ ?nd
Imtt tll'fi Hi . Vrumi'iv* nrtJIl*
frXTBAtKOISAhk it a < % I > S IM UH
j i;???>!,B ?-? ' w ?i r? f
KIMI'l. I?? !< I'ir-? r?<^.
Ltiirti' P" ? ') 4*littn- ii'i-'-l r *? H>???(!
ful O l >f Clitlitrcn. CI ? ' ? ? i ?.'??Miiuvfor
lerj thrtf.
A l*rg< rtprt of <'%rp'-r? %r c I
Vir luolio Ii ?li!rl Mkl ?u4 Mull |i: ? 131
||l? KIH rcrTARM-H\ieNT
With M.ifctr??4 in.pr ?-l rBitrtlCTTf
ttl?l?fl UU'.UI tuV l?l III !k' IB f*ct
?Tc|f (Kllitl I ? T **? -(:?<! * I ? >fl *?.
?^?.'Hld r<^^t i'.Z.l) ltt ifli. < l< tW"
?cMIr lh ?t rr?-? n.i: ?. t m r ???% * i?? int rt-pu
utifrt in tlx ?*?';
orb MOTTO IH E\? r LM'-it
Id Pr^tnir Mil < ???Din* L?. ?? r ?>*?.
'I'rm, u bU'La, ?c . *? . <? -.it'? Cu?-?
*p?1 Vt?.?
At ii c:"t*i. rnW? *r "M < ? iu t 'I nii"t
basarda; ? fr.ir 7? iu. tt. 11 p. n. . tb? "U
It>r4 wUt'ld JUS.wratl ni :? lb?
ocnntrjr. B^ i-rftndr eoai -
W. H. ' MfcATKBT,
)y>-tr 4ViiCrtmMrM4.0f>- ? ? *0,0.0.
'J" D K gbeat
hO? 10 TBB TIMS TO Bl ? I
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