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T1 **I?AT ..iMMHUry 2?, 1*75.
Wmlb?r rmtuMIIIIci To>daj.
Urt ice or Chirp miosal Orricra.)
Washintjtoj*. Jan. >, 1*73. J
lr Uw middle stat*** and lower lake reglen
high but fallir ir l?nnn> ter. a ind* gradually
ikiiUrr (o irni thrast and Miuttirvt. incrva*
Irf eb>iMllre?. ?nd over the eastern ptviior
Itn r bnipfraturp than on Monday. hut ov?M
?he *f?U ni portion rising t? nip-1 ralore. aia!
toll* wed to-night by light snow or rain.
Jmnwmrnl?, *r., To-Vl.ht.
H*rf? Cpfxnt how ? Mr. I liarN Pone a*
"ftamMB,' In th#'Biblical tragedy of tha
t%nhrr (yrmttfmf?The drama of '? Wrrstlini
.!?*. or. 1.1 fe at tin- Mines," and a fine variety
Literary and mnsieal soiree al nario.-s o
Millard's Hote' by Mr*. France* M. Cartel
and Miss (irace I). Spalding arid-others.
fnpj?T and festival in aid of the poor a
4th unn-t M. E. cnurch. Navy Yanl.
( ondenoted I/Or*ls.
Tl? nimini)>?iuiK of T J. Laaenhy and E l
far H Rati > as Justices of the peace were to
riay revoked by the District Co-nmisdiiwr1
I'r. Miwi1* Cooper, physician to the W'ak'i
ii g ton alms house. ha? resigned hU post
lion, to take effect the 1st of February.
Revival service* are con tinned at tiio Nortl
Carolina avenue mission. corner sth and I:
streets southeast.
The receipts in theoflleeof the collector o
tax? s yestenlay wen- about <M:.iiiin. The tim*
la which taxpayer* ran avail themselves o
a de?iuction of one per cent, will expire or
Saturday next.
Tin alarm from box -*"? yestenlay was foi
? re in the residence of Policema > Robinson,
corner of 9th and Houndary stn*ets, originat
ing front children play ins: with matches
Fortunately but little ilamage was done.
J H. Hopkins,esq..Grand MasterofKuight
Templars I*. S. A., arrived in th.* citv this
momir g and is quartered at thr Kt. Jamev
hotel. His visit Is Cor the purpose of insti
tuting lieMolay Comma ndery, No. 4. K. T-.
aider iU charter this evening.
To-morrow night the uniformed encamp
ment members of the I. O. O. F. give a grand
levee at the hall on 7th street, at Which the
members will give an exhibition drill, and
be reviewed by l!on. M.J Durham. M. W.
Grand Sire of the onler. It will be an Inter
ests g aflair.
Mr Jam< s N. Ball, a well-known real dent
of the northern i art of the city, and a Past
I'eputy firand Master of the < xld Fellows,
died tfis morning. ag?d sixty-five years.
Crwi: y to his son being a resident of San
J?ee. CaL, the funeral will not take place
until Sunday.
Yeslt n)ay."I?etecf ives Sargent and McEl
fresh t< ok into custody a < olored man name<t
*ieo Tlompkins. ailas Thompson, chargt 1
by Mr. Maaij,chief clerk of the AdJaUuil
General's office, with representing himself as
another individual for tne purpose of obtain
ing the bounty of a dmweil soldier.
The testimonial tendered to Miss Cmhmnn
by a large mtinberof distinguished wntlc
men will take place at the Congregational
church Friday evening. The audience to be
assembled on "this tM-ca^lon will, from the in
dications. b? one of the most distinguish**! of
the s. ason Stats may he secured at ar
ret. Cboate A Co.N bookstore.
A rejort has Ixen made by the Inspector of
buildings. Mr Plowman, to Engineer Hoxie
as to the Insufficiency of egr?-s? in case of fire
fire at the Masonic "Temple. and eorr-'.pon
detic^ is i ow golt;g on between the eirrtueer
and the Masonic Hall Ass?M-iation in relation
to a remedy to render it safe to life and
in the Senate to-day Mr. '"ragin intro
duced a bill for th?* relief of Wm. Young. <d
the I>istrict of Colnmbia. which provides
that tie Is- pai-l from the Treasury of the
I'niU.I states the sum ol -s.V'.niio in "full com
pensation for the past and future Hoe of his
riunt dup's galley uj?-n the vessels of the
nit?sl state* navy. Referred to the Com
mittee on Naval Affairs.
T1 e prearhers' m^-ting of the Methodist
Episcopal church yosteniay adoph-d a reso
lution. Tliat. havingheard of the distress in
Konsaiiatid Nebraska, aa?l ls-itig convinccl
that gr?at destitution t*xist?. w?' .-all the at
tention of our congregations to the fact that
piwd? s?-nt to iviotn No. 31, or the directory
rrtVe of the Po*t Offlcedepartment. in <-ar?- (if
Captain S. Ctam? r. will be forwanled from
there free of expense.
Meeting in Favor of the Sargeut Rill.
l.ast evening a meeting of the committee
appointed at alaU meeting of the friends of
the Sargent bill "or the government of the
Iiistrict was h.-ld pt Territorial iiall. but iti
conse?iue?ice of som?- misiin?lerstandiiig a.'* to
place of meeting there was not a very larg"
atterdarce. Among those present w? r-> J. F.
Collins. Het-ry Hureh, Wm. Fletcher. H.-nry
Hirntx r. Owen O'Han . W. H 'in?at. H- nry
Piper. II. C. Hold?n. Wm. Hussey. J.ysejih
Flyun. C. 11. Marshall. C. J. Brewer. M. E.
L'rell. Andrew Glesson, S. Taltv. E. E.
Bariu-s. II H Ryan, at t 1). Co tin l!y.
Mr R 11 Ryan pr*sided, ai d Mr. Henry
Pip. r a<-te?l as s? er?-rary.
Tl.?* Sargent lull having been real. Mr.
Henry Piper moved that the meeting en ior>u
and rt cointiM'i d it^ |?a->satfi\
Mr. Henry Hlniher sai?l th?- Sargent bill
ma?le it the duty of Congress to appropriat"
for the Pistrict as miK-h so as for a depart
ment. The rri-at qii'-stioo is noirslia l thi^
|e?>ple shoulder all the debt. lh>- Morrill
bill t anrot become a law, but tii" sarjeat
bill can if prop?-r efforts are made. As tvi**
government owns aiM>ut .?4 j?er ????tit. of tin
pnp rty here, and it Is pn?|>osed that if ?hall
|ay its i>ropo. i ion. it should certainly be rep
resented iii the local government, lie umi-1
that ti e Sart,ent bill wn> the l?-st tiiey could
get. and a fair one. and that all should work
for its passage. Already some five to six
tla>usai.d signatures have Ihs-ii obtained to
th'-^rf-tition. atid he urg?sl that they work
zealously for the passage of the hill.
The motioneialor-iiig the bill was agre-si
to. Perry Carson casting the only negative
C. J Bre^-er. Win. Fleteher. Henry
Piper. W II. Groat Andrew Gleas^>ti. Henry
March. Owen O'llare, snd A H. Cralerwooil
w? re apnointeil to canvas tiie city atul ob
tain a<f<fitiot>al sigtiatun-s of merchants and
rs to the {? litK>n to C'ong.fss indorsing
the Sargent bill, on Pennsylvania avenue.
fr? m Getirgetown to tie- Capitol, and Tth
street, from the avenue to K <-rrt-t.
Messrs. J F. Collins und John Chipnian
wn> ..ii' -i tei to solicit -ig.iatures in
t?? orgeti wn.
It was det-ideil to have two thousand ;'oj?ie?
tjf the Sargent bill pt-iiit>sl for eir. ilatioti.
A letter was r? tvl from Mr. Wm. l>icksi?i
declinlt g to vrveon the Sargent bill solieit
ii g committee, a- appo:iitfd on Saturday,
aithough in mvor of the principal feature ?
seir-jBDvemmei t in the Iiistrict.
The petition prays Congress "to imss th"
ameridments to Senate bill No. 'for th ?
better government of the IMstrict ofi'olum
bia." lntn?!uct-t in the Senate l>\ the Hon. A.
A Sargent. We N lieve tins bill provides a
more jwactica). fairer, le-s expensive, and a
nw equitable forrii of government thanany
yet pro|s>sed. and that it will lie more sat is
brtury to. ar.d meet the approval of, the
great majority of our citiMM.
T?? Navy Iiki artmknt Fir* At the
fire at the Navy department, yestenlay, six
t?f the nsMiis In the up|ier story wen- buriie-l
oat but as no important |>apers ha 1 been
storetl in that part of the building since the
ffre latst spring iM>docuateats of value wen
ties troy etf. The building will n-juire an en
tire new roof, and owing to the immense
qua* tity of water poured into th*? building a
large ar?.a of the plastering will have to be
renewed. The superintendent of the work
men employed on the new State de]>artment
buildii Mr. Hewdney. with his force of
?necfat ve? and laborers fifty or more In
number^ placed ladders at the rear windows
of the wing of the Na\y department, and in a
few minutes all papers of value were re
moved and stored id the new building, and
there plactsl under the '-are of responsible
watcl men. ??r?*at credit is due to Mr.
fiewdney and his men fortlieir efforts to save
the tpub'llc property. There are various
theories as to the origin of the fire?one that
it was caused by an act of incendiarism;
another that it resulted from the carelessnes
v?f some smoking employe who threw a
lighted cigar tn a mass of papers; and still
Brother that It wasraus*?tby spontaneous
rom bust ion. as was the fire of la** spri .ig.
There will be a thorough investigation.
Important Mkktino of Edc? ators
The departmeut of superintendence of ttie
national educational asMociation convenes
to-morrt.w at ten o'clock a. m at Willani
hall. The members am- arriving to-day. and
it Is *xi>ected that a quite full attcudance
Will be here at the opening of ibe session
Mont of the memtters are at Willanl's iiotel
where ar.**ngemeritshave heen ma le |l)rUi>'lr
?rcommoiation. Tt?e pnigramiiie a >novinc si
a few days ago in these columns will be en
larged by th ' aMIUon of addresses on inter
e*tlngsubjec.'? by the iih>-r eminent <siucators
of our countr'v Prof. U alter Smith, state
director of art rdueatlon of MasMachusetta.
will read one of tl*e papers befcre the depart
nit nt. and will on W?sine?nlajr attemoon at 2
o elt*k aablress the" t?*n?-l?cni of the District at
Jefferson ??-hoo! ^ on the Hul.j*,-t of
teaching drawing In *mt'!ic schools.
,% "
A Hpogrx Arm?A '*b,>.relr f^
jamin lianiels. employe*, at the M-wer being
eoos true ted at the corner of North t apit >1
a"l K streets northwest. ye stentay morning
Ml 'mm a hank and broke t?."*eOf his aruis.
Me was attended by l>r- Hudsoit
Annhfniiry < flrfcmtloii of lh? Blrtb
of Robert Burm.
The. annlvrnxwy eelebratHm of Scotia's
inn.vital t ard, by the Bums Cluh of this
city. t?*& p!*fc?-** last night *? Masonic Tem
I !??. with a. very large and distinguished
att? ritaroe The programme for the occasion
was carried out admlruMy. under the follow
it e cc wimittea-s of ma)?cfmet>t:
tirfnrn* tVienntte-? AnHr. m Mdallom K C.
raw. eft ?fa-orge Ccwi-. J || Small. John lob*-*
J'>(in Wi Gw r A l? Mowbray.
R> < ?-(.< ion t en anittae?Th- mas Wilkin. WillUm
Saumb r* J* hn (' S Noni' J* tin K Sh??
ir*k> r. Peter Camph <M J. H. Bcrtj. Prl?r lilcr.av.
C 7V l >i!i(aii? n. Franklin Philp.
fl<-or Committee?John ft Co*h>. B 0.
J> tin K?t?er Ed ^ Kit. Fii Burns
The entertainment ww enta-red upon at 7:.T0
o'rloek by Ponch's hand performlrrg Sootch
air*, and the rrand promenade took pla<*" at
S o'clock; ?ft<T which the |*>pntar prcsi tent
of the elnh. William R. Stnitn. esq., opened
the feast of rea?ori and the flow of soul" in
the following words:
J.?rfiw nmd tmi 'mien As prfiitfiit of the ?' Burns
' lot' I bid j nu welcome, ami thank jron for uniting
* ith us to do honor to on** of the tut giftasl beings
that n?r adornnl ami delighteal onr raa-e. One kuu
ilred and pliton yarn ?<.m Knl*rt R irn< wa? born |
' I p< n a stormy winter night,
f?a 'Hand's bright star first row in Mght,
B< amirir upon a* wild a ?ky
As ever to prophetic eye
Prorlalma-d. that nature had < n hand
S. me work to glaarify the land.
* rhin a lonely cot of clay,
That night her great creation lay.
Coila?the nymph that ronnd hi? brow.
Twined the red berried hollv bough?
H<r -w.ft wing-ai lo-ralds sent abroad,
T<> a imini. n to ih.it bb-ak abode,
All w ho on genius still attend
F r good or evil to the end.
They ? iiw- ajhedient to her c air?
The immortal infant knew tha-iu all.
Sorrow anal povertv?a-ad pair?
? ^ii>' shivering through toe wmtry air:
II< |? a ml pitT and lo?e were tliere.
? ? t ? ?
Wit with a liar-m -car-m grace,
M ho saiib d at Laughter - di:npie?l fa- ? .
Labor w ho came * i:h sturdy tr-'ad
lt> high -onled ln<!>-pend<-nce led.
Care who ?at noii-el.~son the floor.
M hile H ? aith stissl up ontside the dava.r.
Tben Coila raised her hollied brow,
A ii'I ?aid.4 W ho will tlii- child endow*"
KM L?W," I II t'-arh him all my I re.
A? it <a> neti-r tnuiiht before;"
Said l'it> . it >liall (>?? my p,?rt
T" gift him with a gentle heart.*
Saj.t Independence, stoat and strong
' 1 II make it to wage war with w nmg.'
Said Wit.' lie shall have mirth and laucUter
Though all the ills of life come after.'
Warbling her native worst notev wild.
Kancy but stoopeal and kissel the child
W I,ite through tier locks of e<>|i|^n hair
Hope looked down with a smile on Care.
Said Labor.' I will give him bread.'
' And 1 a stone when lie is de?l '
Said Wealth, while Shame huug down Iter head.
'He 11 need no monument said Fume;
' I'll give him an immortal name;
When obeli-ks in ruin fall.
I'roiid -hall it stand above them all;
The daisy on tlie mountain tide
Shall ever spread it far and ?ide.
Even the road side thistle-down
Shall Mow abroad his high renown.
Said Time.'Tliat name while I remain
Shall still increasing honor gain.
Till the Sun sinks to rise no More,
And un last Sand falls on the shore
? >f that still -lark and tin?.iiled sea,
Which ?ftM on Eternity '
These ?ord? by Thow Millar but speak in pathetic
rb.ip-.sl) of what will be the fate of the nam ? we are
met to honor to night. Th" oration to Burns on hi?
centennial birthday was tha greatest honor ever paid
to a poet. W hen in 1*44 his sons rwturnail from India
M.UtV persona honored them for their father's sakt*
bv a fe?tival. on the banks of ?? Bonny Pw." ?"liri
t.'pber North then said "Burns is among the hiathi'-t
order of Iiqiiuiii l>eings who have beuetited their
ra< e by the expre?ioii of noble is-ntimeiils and gl .ri
oas thoughts ' This estimate is not overdrawn 11.is
h?- not ele? uted honest rusticity. Iighte-i<-d the bur
den f care. ai?le<| to reconcile poverty to its lot. n I
vancei! the dignitv of labor, plac^l a cr wn on tli ?
head of an honest man "though e er so poor,"' and
proclaimed him ?? K mg ot men f.r a that
Mr. John T. Pareons sang, with fine effect,
" Within a mile of Kdinboro Town," (elicit
ing an encore.) and Mr. Samuel V. Noyes
followed witiilike applause with "Simon th??
t ellarer." The president then read the follow
ing letter from the Hon. Wm. P. Frye:
Washi"5'.ton. January l?i. 1W5.
H' K Smith t*i.. Prtmlrmt >if the Burns CmL.
Mv Pear Sir ?1 accepted, with pleasure and with
Pi ide. vour kind invitation to a>ldress the Kurn->
club at their annual meeting, but une\rect<-dlv And
that I cannot fulfil the engagement, it having te^-n
determined by the ( smmitti-f. ot which 1 am s metn
b?T. to go to Louisiana at otice. T> simply say that
I regret this is a i old utre^ ioti of my feelings, fir I
-If uld deli/ht to tpeak. from a full heart, of Sr., 1
land, of Wallace, of Itruce and of Hums, who h
niu-Se for them ail a glorious immortality.
Ami )et, our mission south, it f^intuni", would
have Is-en regarded by your great is>et a sac re 1
dnt. Since that ?weetest m-ng?ter that ever sau-:
? ar' Ied the magical Words, "a man's a man ftu a
that, ' a great-truggle has Irf-eu ??k?| thr 'iighout
the world, sometimes silently. ?<?metiiii"? terribly, to
prove the fidelity of Kurn-< to truth, in that utt-r
aiM-e Our o? 11 countrv has l?s n the theater of on ?
of a* tiereest conflicts, the issue ..f which ii not > vej?
(? tuuderrrtaiu. May the end show:
? The horn -t man though e r *ae p. s^r
I- king o" men for a that.'*
Ms) Heaven bless old Se.-tland, li"r monnttins at, 1
valleys, her I><mih and her Clyde. h< r Yarow and le r
Tweed. " Long may her baniy son- of rustia toil (.
**d v ith lii altli and p? a< ? and swea t cont"Bt
We t.|e^- thy m- iuor> t<e>. B"l>ert Burus. who so
b-veal a id Saotia, li*-r DH-11 and woineo. even h* r
inia a .,1 d il.i ?? ?. her sill* sha- p" an I "courje
. Ht'b . l)a who laiVail .all thing- b.'ligr- tt and
-mall, atial a ??uMn't hat> even "aald Ni??ki<- ' ? u."
K' ? c ctlnlly. Vl.P.Fm.
The lion. James >lonw. of Ohio, was th>':i
intnsl.ia ed. and ma-lea felicitous and seho!
<aily addrrsa.. in which he co'upara'd the vari
ous British s-t>;. placing Bums as next to
sliakaijK ar?- in Ms power ??f touching the unl
va r-til heart. There were no Milton clubs, no
Byron cliil>s, t ot even a Tennyson cluh:
wire Bun.s elulm existeal all over the world,
v ha rever the Knglish language was spoken,
ami they wotilai continue to exist for all tint".
A quartette was aalmiiahly sung, bv
Mes?-rsL Lloyd. Bj?11 anaj oth.-rs; after which
President Smith introduced Hon. S. S. Co\,
say ing
Ladles Httd fientletnen I h ave n >w the pleasure to
mtroatiK. t" >011 th? American Biographer of his
Satanic Ma;eaaty in literature; as a Bucka ve abroad
in search of winter ranlrion. ho no doiibt m?ab
- me turtli r a< 'iiiaiutance w ith his m^> ,ty. and a an
perh:a|* enlighten us on the al,,m^- of Auld H<>r
tiia >;itall. Kick or Clootie. Our poet treat'd Satan
kill My. amlwaswaeto think upon yon placp.even
f? r l.i- s ak*'. ^a 1 d'aeaa his Am*-ri< an bi grapher.
Mr. <'??.\ commenced in ids niost animate I
vein, anal went on to say:
Tour presilient intr-slucej nie ?oBsewhat Tag:ia?lv
a- 01 ? ..f tie- biaagrapher* of Satan I ha I sii|>|, ,?.-,|
m> humble article was long since forgotten It i?
?:ai.| in Sa ripture that the devil and all his work
shall neri-li I w. naler that all (he work- on th.
a ?il I im-elf have not p* rished But really, he is
1 t -?> Mack after all. lie has many winning ways,
lb- 1- a< niua h entitled to a bia>graph"r a? .a witt h t >
a at I ran ?-a- tliat mv tria nal the pre>i<|ent takes
.? fm.i l\ anal national priile in him. When ihe ar
tia-la-r-ferra-al ! w ?- printed it ?aif<<r th> Kair'o
'?'?? AlurcM', anal intended to glorify Ol I
ki. -k iu liti nature. Il< w l omi'teal Bams -Auld
Ibrne ^r "Cloaitia- I ian sea read) tall I was
iiiiteyoung tlien. bad not mixe<| niucU in ?a>ci<-tv or
p< 111ia -. h ? I iia t a ? ta? t'<?iigTa*--. anal, therefor*
mv kti w la-ajf -of deviltry was limited. | Laughter !
Tile lopga-r 1 lis ??the Ilia ire I -ee of It?and Derliap
?he mora we live?(he ur.re \?e tolerat>- tli - esil
g? la ills
Mm 1 tlie >. ..t, h dev tl. asorgam/a-al t.v thegimu
?f Btna. is a nkalitate to his better ujaaiities It
-??all:- .it fir-t Mu-h t" laa* -llgge-tasl bv M lit -11 SMfaO
tr<a|l,e to Ilia prince, w 1??> I I th.- a ni' atile.l Sera
pliiiu ?rsiu-t Heava n. bi:? hi- i% a betta-r Satan tiian
the warrior of Milta>n. lie taka. na> <|a-light ia tii
sajuealmg sinner Old CI.Mitie ' ha-a nice send-off
fa.r his naited naiiia Burn- make- him raga*. to I. ?
sure. l?k? a roaiing lion "tirliug tb> kirks. II-r
pr-?!ila a S the uildria ss of tha* '"lonely glen'' and
i tinteal . .1 t|e ami.Ut the w imly winter nights, lie
? ill-"ti th- warlock-a and hags of the kirk v ard-, the
water ka lpie* ot the fonl, and the ^ruinkies of ti e
sa- a- lii- .a?~iciate? until he bring- his Satan, mmn^
rrn in,, into P aradw aaroir to give the infant world
a-'sl.og alia) then Iiiaka-lnm plav praa tii al Jokes oil
l< b. until be fairlv taoiled to pardon him l>y the le
Uevolei t uuiv.-rsali-lii "1 the la<>t ? er~.?
*-1 in wat to think upon vonda-n?
K> n for y out -ake, '
a in. h. cut a.f the ^oioM. meaiii?I <i. u t w.int .? hell
ev en to put the dev il in.
But this remarkable g.Msl natureal ab-vil of Barn
ha- sflie peculiarities of charaa ter and conduct
w hii h remind one of the com!.- devil of the sarra-al
drau>a"l the nnabib ages He not tha-dev il reiira
-entaal iii an. lent luoda in tunes 11a- is more Hob. rt
Burn- than B tart Le Ilialde He ha- a- littb- of
ilie A-s. rian alev il ai> of the Prometheti- of .Cschv
In- But is be not comprehended in the utii* er?al
gemus o* tias-the* Mephi-t' pli**|a-- t.tkaas any -hap*a
He is the -tainting Hiafsib-a of tha Ureek. the a<lver
?ar) ot Job. the sa'rpeut of Kden.the dragon of th"
Rev. Union, and ?lwa>s jolly. 1 am notture but that
the infinite variety of the article which Washington
and its b t'bies furnish was anticipated by Goe'he. it
not by Burns. M" he re dial not Mephist >ph"b's lurk'
W here do we not find that spirit of evih N-t the oi l
theological atiimal. with horn ami hoarf. -nch aa th
e*ca nimumcateal fn>m Kirk were poaae?si of, an I
such as old Wive, tell of: but the sly devil, wli.cli
danaemn the eye of beauty, gambol* in th- polk ?
and german and on the faro table, put.- on the? law
haniiua r <>f the '-onrtier ami the frock of th- preacher.
pore* uvar the miseala of the schaahar and the "aye*
and nraea" of tkaogreaa. He is tf> lae found in the im
p? rial palace a>r the poorest hovel You may aoe this
unoer-al spirit in the >aours?-s of spe, ulation, and hs
cnceel- under the bi< ulster overcoat the forkeal
lighln'ngs ot his ums ruDulous intellect! The Burns
alevil is. however. sainM'thing kinder and more human
than this general genius In one p-iem Burn- mak' a
him an exciseman, and though not strictly defined,
it may he aaid of him. as sraffie one sai.l of Raphael'*
?levil in tha' Sistine chapel, "if he is not the devil, it
ia some d?al thing or oilier."
He would not have the detil here for a time, al
Miaaugh he wi ulal not object to a "aiev il of a time "
The truth is, we -ach earry 001 devil arouml with
us as a wrt .>["? personality Why should not
Bum- idea of inraruate evil he as jolly as himself,
who was au m 1* mm,' And what pleasure could
tie'en lseoian take IB the unnatural destruction or
iip.u-t distribution of Sa-otch whi-ky* I ran well
imagine bow, in the regions of north'-rn Scotlan I
? ha re au Knglishman . shak-pear*-1 |(?-:tted a - blast
e?i b' atb." yaau know, anal p -a>pleal its air withhaings
of nietaphy-i< al entity, that a grand and terrific
laleal of the spirit aif evil shaaiilal rise, like >r
tle w iu l;e? ot Mmrtrik. fraiwi the aireary mist- of thr*
Ilighlanals. But Burns'det d. while he once r le .11
the blasts w :tla Tarn O Sbanta-r. had a n<ir" -rs ial
way?as a government official | Laughter | H,
was not a conservator of fru:ts and flowers, like yon.
Mr Vran.^^^. He was a simple gova-runia-nt dete.
tiva He e,/e<i spirit*, it is true, as Satan doe*, and
he r'nil-* ateai iha-m to the taest purposes. He w ould
have tsen an inval'iai'le aid unaler any aalininistra
ti?'D I think Ii-may now aual tha-n be detected in
ms r. t service x jtireat laughter.1 _
But. ladle* and gentlemen, the genius of Burns was
Let limita-d la' creafioBS of evil, ft would have be?-a
wre grateful to m. thi. evening to have li-. u-a.il
the gmial and vtherial qualities of hUsong. Uow
he ?) u'pathurd wilh pature, it? b??UUr?. it* MtTOC
tions. Hi humility . aed itg h - art How rweetly flowed
tneerrrent ui bisrhrsif, m ??? ???? nrw rnrplf to
blather am! n?w blii-h to th? mr! n-~>w the
I""" ?tr*H their ante I IlieM tn the bnred
w hie h he peopled with hi* g-niua ! I App!ao*e.l
With all th? splendid c?)?i r of Scotch in telle. t,
? i d whfr-trr tn<" Scotch mind *.??*?an far a* ?
thi-Me can It, and w frequently a- it can pradiv
no anch naar* a* that of Rofcert Hnrn* hasg.n- ~o
far. t.r been herald-d so vnvlu; <I|t and warmly If
watt* in invention, Adam Smith in ncoanBr,
BMigh*! in fkuni'iK's Kovi in ihn4'ir;. Him*
in hi-t?ry. Sydney Smit* in wit, Jeffrey in critic i*m.
ard ftrott in fiction trer.- all combined in aim HFul
f.*".' **?/? " """M "** *in?l the splendors of Barus 1
? li'n IturTi? * r.?t- tti- couplet.
?? R.iok at the tfnin-a -Mump,
A m?n> the tw,1 for a' that."
h?? made lii~ garni' fmrmiwl among those who have
rnampioned the natural nobilities of mankind. It
e\pr. sesfhe |>al tender" of thi I r.?*t. r Fr -a
out of tlx- natural "pockets," where the rich st
m.gget* nestle. he drew the ingot. which no alloy ul
tinman error ever tarniahed or can ever d-trov \
M f"r ?'][that may happen to him in th
ere ident* fortune. decoration*, and vtri?-itiid?* of
time A* *nch he- will be tested in the furnace of
!i ?V"n"" 10 ! ? E^'at aaaay. whrni the ?r-nu n*
an*II foe separated from thccoant.-rf. it
I have referred to the intellect of Scotland, wh?a
honoraare n^irted by llockle. Where has no th*
"?tellert gone* la it limited to ant hemisphere or
ft''* re' la tilt I. IV in est one himself a Scotchman r
ITbe preaulent. Smith -"He W"| Mr Cut ? I
thought ao He went into the very heart of
m?nr"i a ,"11 thai a man'* a
man. I know nrt what he mean. | Laughter I
,,, tli "r; lh"r'', ? splendid Presbyterian b.rbr
JP tniecity?a? black aa black can be. Hi, nam is
l ampbell. lie rime, of the clan I Laughter I
He i* rarely a Scotchman I know it. if not
by hi* slogan. then by hi* broean (Laoah
k'/iH- ? r St Scotch Lit inn-ton mid
fii d the inti rior of Africa. whv mat not I'tniplv ll*
w>,.w"]ini,f?r T ' "i1 fr"ni S"r? <Mr.
"'Well.) * ho honor* hi- state a- well for hi- studies
a* 'rhi? political eminence. Icheersl?who is a>?
pre* ntand blushing while I apeak?nude an int-T
.Minsr brochure I,, nrove that the W-d-h and lri*h
were in Northi arolinain the 12theenturv \ f,.rti
AOiS',ih;sSc"i"" "?
In conclusion. therefore. I riaefrom the apjrit of
detiltry enshrined in the poetry or our Innl to tli
other and nn-re . !? vat.-d creatiotih. which hate i? Id 1
a I yi. r to Caledonia, and made a new hi?tory f.,r
the lyric inn?e' May yoor e^oyment of this anni
tet.ary lie unalloved by tile pn^ence of anv oth r
than that of the blithe and bonnie*pirit which mtk.s
thai ttiuf a? mirthful a.- it is immortal | Vpiilau? |
Following upon tho inMrcKvofMrVox th.-r'
was aome a?lmiral>lo siniriiiK by Minn R?w0
MfDmiiott. Mrn. Merti, Miss Van Hiswi.-k.
Mrs. \\ K Smith, Mrs. Cmghan, Mr. Gan
Thcn ?h!r'? MoKnlrtt and others; and
I hen th<* floor was cleared for dancing, which
was kept up with infinite spirit until coiikM.
erably j^ist "the wee small ho^^^s.^,
The nistriei in loncrew,
Several b" Is affect I nsr the interest of the
District were intrcxluc^l in the House yester
1'i^i'?d referred t? the (Committee on the
1 istrict of Columbia. Mr. Williams, of
liiiliana. offered a bill which provides that
?I7!ET ?of ^ruriDK !h" ruction of a
. r u" J J ir/-a Brn' for the cities
OilM aabinirlon Mid GeorKetuwn, au.l for the better
protection of the pablic buildiiiKs add archive* in
nr? il'k| rll IUll'U' thr "f the Tre;?s
-1 . T ray, out of anv money in the Tr-a
or ii mocl 't'-rw,?-?rPr"Pr?te.1, th. Hum of J.W.UW. I
or m much thereof a* rnay Im* D^emary. soch nnv- 1
then tf V ?hlUl' 'b ,h" ,rKrt^ or ntnted J
thereto for the work, on the approvalof the Di-trict
V!'. "f Areemmiseion-ra of the
utMrnt oft olnmbia. and the engineer in charge of
';,hv "?ia P|"trict a,"? their
rule ate that the work lias been Completed in a<
? ordance with the term* of nuch prop.-r cmlra. t is
ma> lawfully be made in pursuanc- of th- term- , f
:lr'- hat at least twenty *i?tn| I. .,ea Shalt
liate iKeU placed m and f.>r the u-e ,,f the public
bnildinca in th- aaid Di-trict. in such man
cl.'arJl." f a?"4 h ??"! "?i<ineer in
. l /"ti K;U1"' ,-l"tl1 have designated
rrt.t 1,1,ti. That n.i payment shall lie nu ll. ,,ut of
2 bis appropriation until the eutire w.rk shall |,al,
been _ completed and accept.^; and any balance
In i l'i"1". *VT 1 completion of the w?ik.
and the linal paynn nt therefor, shall le- im
'i'T1 +. '"","d ,llt" 'h'- Treasury: ProrxUl
mnV i !i i '' w hole work ..f constru. tim; tel.
P "hal lie under the direction o| the conmiis
si.i.m ts of the |)|strict and th- board of fir- cornmi
-loner- , t ti e District of Columbia in I the enwin?r
III Iliarke of public building* in th- sai l Diatrict
Ayl inortdtdfurther. That one halt of the . up-n?
?'teiidunr the construction . f this tir- alarm tel.
graph -hall I.e home by the District of Columbia
and paid out oft lie trea?ur> of *?id District, Un !-r
fie sam- reft net.Otis in regard ??. th- completion ami
acci ptance< f the work a- provided in this act forthe
|4i\ liifiit \>l <?!? half th* < by th?* S? ?T*'tarv ?.f th..
Treasury, aud for tli-purn se ,,r enabling th- di
btirsiug officers of t|?. District of Columbia t-.
p?> one half th? cost, the sum of *50.1**1.
<?r f?? much thereof nf may he iH*r?*stary. bo, ari?l th" I
same IS h< rehy. appropriated out of r|?. g.-neral fund
in the treasury of the said District of Cnfuuihia Pro
r?4r,i. kmctrtr That of the money actually pal 1 out
of the trea-ury of -aid Di-trii t for the erection of th-.
telegraph, such sum -hall be charged to the city or
? ashlngton and such remaining -um to the city of
4i.-..rgetowu aseach shall be pr ip rti?>naie|y bi-n
?tted !?> said telegraph: th- sum chargeable to each
rity to a?-ertaiDe<l by the txaardof flre rommit
sii.uers,and by th-m refsirt.sl to the District. ummie
sinner-, auditor, and controller or s?id Di-trict
which-aid rep..rt, b-g-th-r with the proper . ertti
cate hereinl>etore provided tor. shall constitute a
proper \ ..Ui her h r the pa\ ment of ?u. |i?uni oftii mey
a- the lMstrict of < oliimliia mat he,oni" liable to nav
under the provision* of thi* act: fri,ri,lr'l r,trt'i-r
That the'contract which ma* !?? awarded under this
w't ?hall !??? only for the erection ??! th?* ni"Mtap
proved system of lire telegraph, which shall inclo.l?
the be-t apparatus known to the art A*-l
ftirfh'r. That under nocircumstances -hall the entire
cost ?.r construction and c duplet ion of tbesame ex
ceed the -um ot one hundred thoUMiid d .liars Th ?
act lak. settect turn, and <rt-r its r.a-ag- and appru-B
Vail. K? f? rr^l toConiniittM*on District of r<?lutnhia
Mr. 11 a van. of W?*t Virginia. intr<*liico(| a
bill reciting tlia* wh< r<?s the le^l-latur.; of
tfie I ?istri<'t of Coluiiil'ia passtil an actenti
I d "An ac' regulating a-w?un nls tor impr .ve
!i? nt- appr it.st Decernte r 1!?, IsTI, providing for
he -sinetit and Collection ot < r'*iu tax- for
p* < ial implement* made aft-r K. hruar. 21. H71
'<hn .i net ha? n-t been recognized a- valid b> tli
t \" "ti\e Jiiuhonty or said l>i-trict; Therefore he it
?nactid. That wh-re ?p.cial iinprt\.;ii nl- have
?ei, made in the Dislrii t after th- appro\aI ..f th
a' l ol < onyre-s organi/iiiL' sai l District, approved
f.l.ru.rt 21 1-71. Ii.it the V. hole c.-f ,.t ?i,ich h?
!;'? 'V'"' r-J .?r< nth. pi .p, rty a-ljo|iiii!? the -a-u ,
tli* i? -tr?J of i ommiHui ?ti'*re of Mid Dintrft't. or
t^-1-r-. or** ? 1 to r* ?u? h pr*?p**rt> f r
, | unprovetB iit*. in accordance with
thefirn M.tenth section of the sai l act orrmi/.i.'ur
-a.?! District. Section 2 pr-tid. - that wh< r- > . ti:i
? atos of in<lebte<!n< ss b ite he- n is-m d since tli- ap
prot il . 1 said act against property for the a hole c .,t
ot such special impro\em-nt* a<lj?inim; tli- -am-,
thai the 'aid < .niiiiii--.Mi. ru are directeil toa lver
tl?tor and rail in th? sam-, and instead thereof to
i--ue a certificate against the siime prop-ny in <.u.
thiru tritr iiinoiiiit of the wai?l origin.?1 < ? trul
mtere.t. and to refnud to the le.ld i ,.r sin h original
c* ! tilirufth?* r rnaiiiiun tuo-thinlri flue on th *
sam-. and al~. to refuinl to tho* persona w ho have
paid t he w hole of su. h tax let y prior or siilise.iiient
to the issue* of such original .ertiticate two thirds
it tlu- amount so paid h, th-m. The bill further
pro* id* ? f-r the is-ue ot bonds b> th- conuniasion-r*
; . the smkm, fund to carry out the protiaious ol
Mr. liagan also intnsluced a bill to incor
porate the Capitai City Fire Insurance C'otu
pam I Washington Th-cardial-tock ..f th-com
kV.W.l'i.o 1 * ,hH" % "?"**? nor m .r. than
- 1 ""'""O, and ?nbs nptiou* nrn-t all be paid tn an I
i!,\. s"d before the company rall cominem - l.usi
ii? III- corporator* named are \ Conv.-r-. . II
? L.. ,:,r.V v ,K ''rn hard \\ S I'.ow
man. I. II lost. I i > slev S ( owen / loins Wood,
J! 4 h'^lham, Algernon Sullitau. Walters Cowan
H Klmore. a. Th ?..?* Id A. s I ull-r an I Tli ......
(. Hooter.
MrHaganaho inlmlgeeda lull inlnmln
to adjust the troubles in the Center Market
it provides ti. -t that th- rent of stalls -hall remain
asm wilted and that the -talis shall he sold amain
at pui'lic auction. A- a compromise with the pr?-nt
.- . upants it i- pr.ip.^ed that the amount paid b.
tbelli as a lamu-w hi ll the stall- were first sold, tw o
*e.i- Mince, shall be . r slitis] on ac- Mint of tic ir
pr. -ent pur. ha-e The pun basers are too. cupk tli
stal' a loiia a-the a.l\an. - Iiionlltlv r nt-ar paid
Mr. ( hipman intro|)uc4s| a bill providitiu
for a quit rial in and release by the Unite!
Stat. - to l.eorge \V atson ot any ti'le to lota 7 an I
?. in ** uaie^C. in the city ot Washington.
Mr. Archer, of Md., introduced a bill which
pro|*>ses that the I'lilti-d .Slates shall gtta.
ante. the bonds ot the Southern Maryland railroad
to the extent Ol ft%4Wli per utile, *aid bonds to run
>ear*, bearing interest at live percent
pa} aide smi annuallv in gold; the company to *e
< urc the government by a decsi of trust up in all its
property, and th- chargea tor the transportation ,.f
tnsips. coal Ac., tor the government, and tor carry
ing the mails to t*. collected by the *,n retar\ to pav
the coupons and create a sinking fund for the nnal
liquidation of th** hofiti-t.
A Mono the most desirable articles of iew
elry Jtist recelveil by Mr. Prlge. at his oi l
establivlutl jewelry store, No. 457 Pennsyl
vania avenue, we notice a fine assortment of
1- reneh gill Jew. lry in all the latest styles for
evening wear, in chains, lockets an.l crosses.
These goods are Ih-karat gold-plated, and
calculated to take the place of solid gold
gocals His stock of ls-karat gold-plated
brai ? lets, opera and vest chains, and gold
plated sets with initial buttons to match,
copied from the gold, is very flue. His selec
tion ot opera chains is the best ever offered
to the trade, and we particularly admired
the opera chains with pearl ami amethvst
slide, at f 20. Mr. Prigg has the usual variety
of Jets, lockets, and ear-rings, and has also
received an additional lot of silver-plated
table and teaspoons, which he sells at ?i per
half dozen.
Si dden Death?Yesterday, about noon.
Mr. Ahram Kschleman was found in the vard
near his residence, 222 2d street northwest,
lyti g on tlie Ice, in a dying condition. It was
a st dden attack of apoplexy. He was appa
rently well a few minutes itefore being found,
lie was unconscious until his deatli, which
oc< urred last night. Mr. Eschleman was an
old citizen, formerly of Pennsylvania, and
wi s esteemed by all who knew him as an
not est, high-minded man. His family have
the sympathy ol the whole community.
Dh. L. M. Smith, formerly In thctlrug
business in this city, but for several yean
rust a clerk In the War detriment, died at
his residence, at Vienna. Fairfax countv
\ a., on the 24th in-ianf, of congestion of tlie
brain. He was 09 years of aja?, and leavi^i a
widow and seven children. His remains were
buried from the Memorial Church of Dr
But It r, comer of 14th and N streets at 9
o'clock this morning. Dr. Smith had a host
of friends in this city, who heard of his death
Willi regret.
A Mother and Eight Children
Bt'RWkn to Death?A frame Imniso near
Quebec was burned yesterday, consuming a
mother and eight children. The father of the
family wufl al?K> seriously burned.
Alltgr* C?*Kpiraey to l*rfraud the
IHilrld I'M I I I Ml.
Last right Detective* Sargent an<t McEl
fresh ar rested T J. Lasenby. R. W. Walter*.
J. J. ? iimwrth, (luy H. 1 hoiupwin. Uforge
? ? obiim and Samuel T. I,tickett on a war
rum sworn nut by District Controller Covle.
1^1 n.*? '!,em w'th conspiracy to defraud
, lMf-trlct government or *?5*i.n9, by means
or a fraudulent pay roll, embracing suprrin
tendent, ion man anil laborers. The cl.*im
? preser.ted and allowed some weeks si-ice
anditbe money was paid to Thompson. Re
however, the rolI w~as discovered to
, fraudulent, and the signatures thereto to
>*?rrwiw. It is Charged that some or all
uiese parties, whose names appear on the
??> era accompanying th<- roll, conspired to
get up the .Maim and thereby defrati t the Dis
TV M.yiTy ' As they were brought Into
i olice headquarter* from time to time.?ome
?a\e ha>' ?>r apj^arance at the Police Court,
and other* Were locke?! up for safe keeping;
all proU'stlng their entire ignorance of the
authorities feel assured that
?'? y will be able to put the crimeon the ones
?,aV-alT '"I ty" and thereby warn others who
niaj he disposal to perpetrate slm'lar
ni^f^iT'H'C,ally a" now can
hi[afford to pay even just claims.
* rom what can be learned of the history of
tncca??\ ,t appears that Walter, obtai .*1 a
contract from the Hoard of Public Wo c> to
park th street. During the time of the exe
^n> ?n,?f ,^worK he took Drany into JhU
/ JL A. authorizing him tocollect them on -y
^'ni l.hp District authorities, make out Ui >
pay-rolls and pay the men. In October list
the} Itad a settlement with the District ,w!i ? i
there was found to be -^JIT due them. At this
nav^rol|WwiihTr1 thilt Wa,u'rs 'nadeout a
|V. A ?i" V "/J Uu' names of five employes at
I lhe amouilt ?tatcd. Thompson
produced a power of attorney, sworn to he
foje Lazenby as notary public, and attested
& Wet*: a,,d lhe money. 1,
nsU.ll'I * Vl'rt- U"s niorn'nK- Mr Kvaim
askul a postponement or the hearing tmtil
to-morrow at U o'clock?bonds of mo each
bing required.
Tlie money was paid out of the ?7Srt.m?i an
?'^1. y tjongresB to |>ay off contract
ors laborers. The Job was discovered h,
? through seeing the publication in
The Star of the payment of this pay roll;
aH beeiTpafd"1 timr Uiat ,he lah?r'>rs '> d
The Washington Market War Trans,
ferred to (ontrn-ss.
A meeting of the occupants of the sfalK in
the Washington market was held a: Nar
den's saloon to-day to take action in refer
ence to the bill introduced by Mr. 1 lagan in
ri val ^prosenta lives providing for a
r?. al? of the stalls. Mr. George J. Mu Per
r bi^. r .V* chair. and brietly stated the
Mr. Hoffman stated that the billpropo*d
to take away all therights that they , Ver ha I
in the market, and the memorial presents I
to ( ongnss by the Market Company placed
them in a false light. 1
Mr. Jacob Kengla said that lie had slgnel
tliememorial under a false impression; that
h* had been led to believe that the memorial
was for authority to disposeof the property
to the District, and he had no idea that the
Congress ?eiM'ed to present any such bill to
mi? ? J?Vn?R *5*"1,oy ,novetl that a com
mittee of five be appointed on the suhj.'.-t
w ith power to employ counsel and place th*1
matter properly before Congress; agreed to
Messrs John R. Kelly, George M
| Ojster, Jacob kengla, J. T. Varnell and the
l^iirrnan (Mr. Mu? ller) were appointed.
i ? ^ ?iniell said he ha*l signed the
memorial on the statement of Mr. Orlwav
that it was for the purpose of asking Con
so HM. /'.r ? V1.0 < '!ni?,UM-v of certain taxes
M)?that th<-> could rtHluci* the rent^
Mr. Motrmau said that the District Com
I!,' .l1( 1 1 on Thumlay. and he had
but little <U>uht but that the Market Com
!.a,.y would then press the bill. He urgol
that the committee go to work inuii?*diately.
THE (OI Rim.
Coi'rt in Uenfral Term.
io-day, the c;ise of Fletcher vs. Fletci er
was resume<l.
Police Court?Judge fineU.
i estenlay, after our report closed, Wm
Huine. Jessie Woods and Ham Hanks, were
M nt down as vagrants. Patsey Carter car
rying a razor; $20. Chas. Neal cusse l
worth. Annie Miea. a prostitute and va
grant. was sent down. Jus. Wilkerson, dis
turbing the congregation of the Second Bap
tist church; S5. 1
Thos H. Murray was charged with carrying
a pistol, and fined t*). Also, charged with
vagrancy, and sent down. John shea aired
himself with his 2:4a nag in a l-uUhers"
wagon, and run over a small hoy at the cor
nerof tlie Avenue and 9th stri-t. Testimonv
showed that he drew up his horse as soon as
he could, and that he returned to the drug
store at the corner to see what damage had
been done; also, that he was do -ig the hi st
he could to check the horse; *20 flue An
appeal taken. '
Sarali CompUiii was charge l with forging
the name of Kppa lltiiiton, a ncinher of i "on
gress. to a che< k on the Farm rs ami Me
chanics I tank of Baltimore, for sin. Mr
( rosby, who docs business under the Na
Dot al Hotel, stat?-| thai Mrs. Compton *ap
PI1.-.1 to him to cash the check, which sh<>
t rodueed. with a letter pur|>orting to have
been written at Warren ton. Va. lie did so.
and bald ski tor an accommodatio ? to her.
>!r lluittoii t?.kHtffl"?l that the signature was
a forgery. Inactive MeDevitt tesriii-d i
rnaklng ti.e arn-t. and to Mrs. Compton'
\ irtually acknowledging the eharg<*. Duriii"
the giving ??f the testimony Mr . Compro:i.
who was in the prisoner's dock, tolil some of
the witnesses that they lied. Mr. Crosbv was
recailcu. ami stufrri that lie rouM not "swear
P<imlively that this was tlr> wonici w!to
pas.v^i the cheek on him. .She looke I to I. ?
me same. The u-stimony not fieing conclu
sive. the court dismissed tlie<;.s.-, and re
ceived the thanks of the prisoner as she was
let out of the d?'ck.
John Hobcrts, a half grown colored Im
pleaded guilty to stealing a gas metre and
some lead pi,H>, and was s.-nt to the Reform
School. \\ llliain Schofleld, loud and Ixjister
ons; p.r>. James Muldmn, a boy, throwing
stones in tne street; *?_>. Mary K. li-lt. a
aagrant and |>rostitute, was sent dow.i
John ( a Italian and (.eorge Janson. disturb
ing the audience at the Theater Continue
last night were lifted out by the collars bv
. P?*cial officer Thomas Young, and ilne.l i~tl
each this morning. Samuel Masters, James
Sweeny, and Maggie Kidwell, disturbing the
slef-pers in Cherry Alley, (ieoi-getow-n. last
night. Maggie was discharged, and the other
two settl?*d for ^r> each.
Mor.is Dillon, charge<l with cruelty to h.
loule. r< ference to wldch was made in yester
aj s star, was before the court again this
morning, and after further testimony the
court remarked that lie could not be held for
killing his own proin-rty, if it was done in
the usual manner and as humanely as iH?si
ble; hut it had been shown that he beat th >
animal cruelly before shooting it, and he
must be fined sin. in the case ot assault an I
resisting tlie officer, it must go to the gran I
Jury: and iu the case of profanity, he was
fined ?5.
F.llen \\ olfe alias Reynol Is, charged with
keeping a bawdy house: case jtost]>o!ie.l till
to-morrow for a hearing, bonds of sj .<m*o b<-ing
fixed by the court.
The Importance of Keeping Cool?
lhe im|>ortanc<> of keeping OK>l was stri
kingly exemplified in the Tennessee legisla
ture on Saturday last. During the balloting
for I. nited states Senator one of the dele
gates named Small wood, a suppoiter of Uen.
"ate, became so excited that Iu was pros
trated with palpitation of the heart befon
his name was called to vote, and had to he
carried to the ante room. Had Smullwood's
vote been cast. Hate would have liwuelecbHl
as he only fell one vote short of the reiiuired
number on this ballot.
John l$RiGiiT addressed his constituents
at Birmingham last night. He said the
present government had never done anything
and never intended to do anything unless
they were <?bliged to. The Scottish churches
only could be united and free when disestab
lished. The remainder of his speech was
principally against the connection of state
and church in England.
MrRbERFn for Money. A Viekshnrtr
dispatch says: An Italian. Antonio Viearo
Mas found dead in his doorway on Sundav
morning, having been niurdennlhor mone/
OF A MrBDSRKR ? The trial
of John Goldin for the murder of Josenh
McFarland at Gum Spring. Loudoun conn
ry, > a.. In August last, resulte^l on Satur
^rr,ln,Le^t>ur*'in a vewl^t by ihe jury o
piilty in the second degree, and fixing hi
tentlary.niPriS?nment,8years in tile Jeni
count'v wooiten, of Charles
' /. d ' Y ' crossing a stream near
slim?i aiTfel, a day
supi^u and rell on the ice. and, being ren
deied unconscious, was so badlv frozen that
necessary0*1 ^ 1)0111 hand8 and feet will be
who was brought toJacmel, Hayti. fromlhe
interi?>r, on the. charge of canibalism has
t^l'ina frwdav?nVW?t'Xl' and WlU ^ exec?
have U-eu only recently killed.
WMhlnflon Mofk Ktrhanrf.
(AiKoiwhk fwrutxMeJ fry Mnidlftrm f t>> tew ktrf.
TV fotJowina were the price* bid and a?k?d al th*
meeting of the Wa?hin*ton Stock Exchange to day :
V.? nM.lUS ?'W. 113 asked 1.8 B >nd??* *???.
1?7, / A J , IMS fed. 119 wkol, 5?, new F , M .
A A N . HA bU, IIC, a*k?l. Bank !M ike-Na
tioral Metropolitan Hank MB hid, Citif-ens National
lUnk.llShrJ Sundry Li?t? Masoni< Tempi* howl*,
F A A . 6 p c? (i'M.MIiM. *? a?k*d, Arltacton
Fire Ivuraacr Cn.Mwk, HE'? bid; National M-??ri?
plitan Fire lu'uranfi* Co. stock. h*? bid. N. t ,
Al ?.? Wash and Georgetown S Co. st.uk, US
asked. District Seeur?ne??( District of Columbia}?
Permanent Improvement, ?'<. * . J. A J , Wl,
i <*a-ked do.. 7 s J A J., WI. S8 bid, ? a-kM.
Market Stock Bonds. 7 ?. J A J . 1?. MS bid. <
ssk-d Fm.d Lum. iConyi m) 3 t& t. F k k. 11*,
| "??'? bid. :??, asked. , Wa*hin(r1 n ?? Fund Loan
i bonds, <Le?.,i ?'? MAN . 1M. ?' bkl B?ard
of Publk- Work*?Ortiflcafe*. O^n. Imp.. P's. J A
J .Ki. 86 bid, iCa-ked; do., MM. M bid; do . W7?.
? bid do., series. MV bid. *7 ask<d.
The Narkrta.
Bai.t:*o*?, January * ?Virginia ?Ue?. peel?r?.
37. >1" r.n?olidat*d. SSJg; W?i Vireinta*. H?',.
Kolth Carolina nxes.old. 26. do., new. 19,do. ?pe< i?l
tat. 6 bid ??> da v
Halt mo**. January *?.?Cotton <ini"t and ea?r?
l' ? middlings, 14*,. Flour dnll and un<-lian-.,-'d
Wheat standi'. with a fair drmand watcrn ?nnl>'r.
1 12tol 22; Pinn>;h?nian<d.l 15t.il 1*; otb *ra ua
> ha< c d t'orn gaK but firm?souther* whit*.
77 to.M southern yellow. 79 to K). western mtK"d.
79. ?al? s l?>t half February Ovt* i] lief but
Urn:?* 'Ui h'-rn. (3 to70 antmi white ?ifl, do mi I
64. Rye dvll :ind un< tiang'd Hay ?4Uict a-id?'i
changed. Provision* quiet but 1ml. n >t <4'io'ah'v
h eh. r, bu-it>es-ror.fined to ?uppl? ing > :rrent
biiT ilemai d Btitf' r <iuiet an.t unrh t itnl I'etro
levm uti< hanged. C uniet t.-i? trolls. With ??>
watd tendency: ordinary to piiine Hi.icargoes. !? ?
ti in. W hi- k> d- II and nominal. #
Nfw York, tanuary 'Jrt S-o-k- dull Mo "j
C<dd, l?i. FichanKe long, 447; ?h -rl, 4?i <? ?>
fmn- ni- dull
Nfw Fork. January X.?Floor lull an I u:i
changed. Wh-at uuiot and t4ead). <" ra dull au.l
London. January Jf. 12,S? p m.?Fri ?- ifi'4
Ln ??Poor. January St. 12 1) p. m ?'V 'i.i t
l-tit not ?inotal l? lower, nnddlintr uplanda. 7\; in>d
? lit ? frieane. 7t?; "ale* htJkM tKile^. in l-tdiiig
or hpf cnlation iiihI eipi.rt: aalev or. 'lie ha^ii of mid
? 'lii.tr upl.iiido; nothiiiK h i'"* low m. Mloie- ?hipp - I
Pen iii|h r and .lannnn at 7*? The r-c? iptu f w'i ? t
tor the pa f't reedaxfi hme Ix-en 9 (?*' niarter^. ??
which .".Oiiil ijnurter" i^'r?' \t:i"ri<'au. Th ? w a h> r
thronalu lit Knsland to day i? tair
Ll< kkfool. January J5.2 p m.?f" >tton mI m on
the ha'-inof Diidillina upland*, nothing lielow K<mmI
ordinary ?klMad DtcmmWt ami January at7S, d".
do.shipp' d JMiiunrr and February at 71? <1 ? d
rtiippoii February and March at 7 II It. <l >. n ''"v -
l.e|< ?* Ii h !????! Hint -Inrp" 'I February and March at
7S ; do do. deliverable February and March at 7 \
l!na<|.|ufl- <iuiet. California white wlieat club,
e In I . Ntlv?hil. Corn. 37-hilling-, .li-is ?.hilling
I.onixin. January 18, 3..?? p in ? Th" atn mn? of
bnlhoii withdrawu fr' in the Bank of England on
bftlanoe* today ih A'i46.i?i0 Con-^d-. 92,,a92lt for
Bionrv and account. Paria dicpat< In* quote r. nt*-^
at 62 Irani - Sft centime*.
Fr*mfokt. Jatiuarv 36 ?1'. 9. 5 JO bond* f l^i
9 k.
Lives root.. Jnnuary 26, 3 p m?Cotton?of tii"
cale? to day 6 100 hale- were American.
I lie l am. The <;renteM.
Should any "ilouhtinicThoman" xtill Hinc
to tin- absunl iilea that there will ho another
l^oetponcment of the last Libmry(>ift Con
cert, let h'nt rrni^nthor that Mr. Bri?(fs, tl>o
row inanMKcr. fully endorses the |ir??ini<io of
(iov. Pratnlette. the former one, that if tli"
concert does not take place at the time s-p>rl
fird. the money will bo refundiit. at omc to
the tlcket-holilerN. I^et hint further observe
that Mr. Hriees has secured, of course at a t
enonnous expense, the services of tiilmoro,
the greatest leader in America, with his or
AhAC^IHl "f 1AA 1 A
... ^aiiC ?!< ?*. Willi (11
chestra of H*i seli^ct p??rformers, who will
conclude the serh s of concerts with such a
hurst of harmony as has never before awmk
l>tuul ^???W '?
J . ...n HC * V I MlJIlfn* 4
ered <?ur western homes. And. by the way
let him also remember that if l?eiloes not
pus.-ess at loasf a coii|N>n ticket, this music
will never reach his ears.
LOONS. Geo. C. IIenninu,
410 7th street.
F.i.ec.ant, sweet, light, and wholesotne
Pread, Rolls, Biscuits. Corn Breati. Mutfi-is.
Buckwheat and other Griddle Cakes, and
Pastry and Cakes of every variety prepared
with Dooley's Yeast Powder.
Ask tofr grocer or wine merchant for
Charles Heidsieck's tiiliery or Extra Dry
Excelled by none. s,t,th,3:
Corns, Ac "The wise for health on daily
walks depend." and thousands patronize Dr.
White's establishment, 535 15th street, oppo
site IT. S. Treasury, to avoid painful Corns,
Bunions. Inverted Nails, etc.
Preparatory to Taking stock
ron the yEX T
Those Suit* hold at St-lline now at
TIiom s,jit(j -,.|,l <t .?i4.? S. lling now at * l"?
Those Suits k"ld at .'s 20 Selling iiow at ;1 j
Thoae Pnits ta-ld at * Selling now at *l??
Tliow Suit? sold at ?'jn Selling now at > I .i
Th?'?e Suit* aold at ?'J 1 ? .Selling now at ~ I "i
TI...M- Smta Mold at 4 15 S lliiiif now at $ I??
Tliobi-Suits sold at j 12 Si lling Uuw at 5">
Th. -<? Suit- sold at S'2rt S.-llin<? now at ?1.?
Th'~e Suite wdd at .*15 S? llinn now at >12
ThoM- Suit- n* Id at 4 I *2 S. II11U now at I <1
Tliow Suits sold at 110 Selling now at ,3"?
Ah I am determined to redtice Stock, purchasers
will tinJ it tu their advantage to give me a call.
janU-tr Three di orn from 11th -tre? t.
A fnllrtocknf above g->ods, of latest stjlei, from
the Ih>i tuaiiufacturers.
jan2S 3C No. lOO'J Pennsylvania avenge.
The $1 GLASSES for One Didlar. ^
The #10 Gold Frame GLASSES for ?6.
The (2 TUKBMOMETEK for $1
H U. RE&fPLER, Optician,
??p2 ly 453 Pennny 1 vania av?.,cor.
1*04 Franklord Avraae, Philadelphia,
Abovk Girard Avintb.
H. H. NICHOLS, Dt*truer and Eitrarer,
No. 934 L atreet northwest.
ja!5 lni"*
^ iM+r% m
^ R AN D L K V E E .
of Ikl.O O. r will riw* their FIRST i.HWP
LFVKE at OPI> FFLLOH S? H M.I. 7th MnH.m
*IIS?:M'0- kVENING Juuri JTth
T cket*. admitting iteutleaian ami ladle*. TWO
DOLLARS. j?u35 R
Mr. i r ?ivk k>: tk ik
t'f New Y ork. w ill deliver hi- Lecture on th?
Ill th? Pongee^a* tonal ?"hur< h
>lln-tra-ir.K it by hi* ? onderful ("raj. u ? t. ??.-? f.i
which he i* [>dkw
No ?Hra rh.-4.ritf for r*?rred Sear. Diagram .a
??'? j?ng H
A S r P p K R
?n? THE
w lil Ik- gi\en a'-h?
roi RTII STRk KT M * riU RCil Nat> Y?; <
II Fi I.NIN'i Initial) l<J.
_. At 7)| o'ckik.
~'<ke?*.y e?n*? tang ?
\ *> t i c r~.
ING BIHINESS. at N p.\ Rude- ?tr-1 UPm
Iftl'.VLx 'he DDRH' and ?t v l?- ,
M V MMKRT A KOREF wb?rv the* will
t.. >1.. ,11 tie ir old fri. nd? and the put.I g ,
?r?!lx OIAS MKMMlUTi Ji'llN K KoUFF
J an hum 11 hg.V janU im"
To ?*r JPryndt ami th- PuUtr ? For Tonr bettet
afronini.idation we have ad pled lad will adhere w>
the following rubs. *1*:?14. The ?flice will 1~- open
?W> Iiiimih ? d?v fh? 7 a. n. ti > ? m 2d Th ?
wh.. cannot rail, bv tending p-.?;*l rar.l specifying
? V w>th full ailir-M. m ill t*? ?air?*i) n
m r^i(iP!j<v in am pnrt of th- I>i?trict .VI \|| w..rk
pr-r?"| ..r < . IV l? will be delivered at *nv place In
'"*? ' t*trict. <>ood* fr.>ai * distance r-.-ejv ,-1 *nd r<?
turned h> mail or exprea* by W H WHEATLKY
Prrniiww l?lw Dyeingand Scouring Botahliihin-nt.
i ?.i '^r*:nJjrw?''?<?or*?-town. It C. La.li.-o and
I&W *PPTel? Curtain., K id R.?,t.,
nliflT^i Hi I*' ^ur*' I'ruggt*. ,%C
nic.-l) < leaned or Dyed. jan4tr
Carry Off the Honors.
ha* in* in f ply to an ?dv? rtiai ne-nt. r?-c. ived over
oik? hundred bid*. to funut-h mu*n t..r tie
Grand Gift Concert,
To be bel?l at Louitvillr, Kentucky-,
On SAT1 RDtY. Febrnnrj ???, |>7J,
for th?* benefit of the Kr<-.- Library of Keatnrkv.take
|.l<-a-nre in annouming that th- v h ue awar-l -1 the
contrail to
And IIi? I anion* Twenly.aecond Reginieut
Band, of Srw York.
In making thin fw-lection from |h? large miml?T of
application* from liando, orRkewtraa and iiiumc*!
orgaiii/atioiio thi.>ughout the l/nited State*, tlie
Pir?tiir? tint Trivtm f?-l that an occasion w-hk-h
will <lo bo much towardi placing iu K<-utucky one
<ift he
betidef deciding the fortune* of tbiMi?and? nf nil
Hril'ervand tick t hoMent?uch an iH-i-aninu it i?
th< wi-h of the management,etiould aud ?h.ill I.
commemorated l.y th
(? rainiest Kiitcrtiiiinnent
under the >.pi. mI charter grant<-d l>v the L<fi-I <
ttir*- of K' litii k'. t.-r tlie ah \? >l?j? <-t.tie- putli. ai<
notitietl a- a M-curity that tli?- drawing will
Th. Tmeto ?ai:d Manac : have pl<->lg<>l th-tn-ei,...
to ir'irrm nil m;om*ys, shou'rl any p>iftpomcift'Mt toka'
for bf rna<fo.
The management t'lacini; tliein^-1\ -s thi- pi
*ith n.
Th?nf..re. th>?-e who; would make ture of ha\in< a
??Iimi e ill the dititt ihution ot the
Amoiinting in all to the etionnouw aura ot
'I'm? Million l'i\?> llnn<lr<><l Tteon<>;iiii|
? liould proc'ire tick tH without further delay? an. iu
?!l probability, there w ill not !>?? a -ii.^le uu- dd tn k
et long lieb.re I It ?? .lay of draw ! inf.
The Itaml will leave New York for I<ouKrvilleon or
alM.ut Kebruar> l?t. and will ei\e concerts. on th ir
i.w n ; i'. "imt. in all tie prue-ipal citi--?-a romtr in
elndii e N< w Y rk. It -ton Philad< Iphi i. Italliue.r ?.
Waehiwctou. I'ltt-I.nnr. <'leveland. Uhi<-ag>. Si
I ? ni-. K uom* City. Na-hvilh < iueiunatl. Indian
apolin. LouiM ille and i>ther citie?.
Tie- f> 11 w ins arc tie principal . a^h pri/ and the
pricct ot tiek.
<?ne Grand Ca*h Gift $230,000
One Grind Cnk tiift ' ion ono
One Grari t'a?h oitt O0(l
One Gratid < a?h tiift AO ODO
One Grand t'ar-li Gift *i.'i 000
A ('a^h Gifth. $'20 000 ea. Ii IOii OOn
10 * 'a-h Giftx. 14 000eaih I III mill
1 i t'axh Giftn. lO.OOO each . IAO.OOO
?JO Ca-h Giftn, j.OOOeach lOO.OOO
tfjCa^iGifta, 4 OOO each .. lOO.OOfl
30 Ca-h Gifts, 3.000 each 90.000
SOCwhKifti, 2.000 each 100.0*10
lOO CaKhGifU, 1 OflO each lOO OOrt
S40 Cach Giftn, .'?00 each 120.000
?lOO C??h Giftii, 190 each 40 000
19 000 Cahh Gitt?, AO each 950.000
Grand Total. 20.000 Gilts, all <'a-di. 5 2 .iOO OOO
Whole Ticket* *aO 00
Ilal\ea 2a.OO
Tenth", or each Coupon A OO
II Whole Tickets for 500 OO
22,'. Whole Tickets for 1 000 OO
1 13 W hide Ticket* for S -OOO .OO
227 Whole Tickets for 10.000 00
Death of Hon. Thoa. E. Bramlette, Jan.
At a meeting of the Trustee# of the Public Li
brary of Kentucky, Jan. 1#, 1878, it was resolved
that C.M.Briggs. Esq..who under the late Hon.
Tho*. K. Bramlette was the real buoineaa manager of
the gift concert? already giien in aid of thu Public
Library of Kentucky, be and he is hereby author
ized to take the place of laid Bramlette in the man
agement of the affairs of the fifth and last gift con
cert. and that the drawing announced for February
27. 1K75, *hall positively and unequivocally take
pluce od that day w ithout any further postponement
or delay on any account what ever.
R T DIRKETT. President.
John S. Caix, Secretary.
For further particular* apply to
Agent and Manager, Louisville, Ky.
M. W. GALT, BRO. ft CO.,
Offer all the newest styles of
family srm,y;A
CKE TO* or | *
>r* TiRkEV rm
Jmt Rr. . i??d E.*ht Fm*4i tot ft
A i ?<>
We ?ill r< nlMiir to *ril f r t fe? dai* m- r* ??
in an>ic MIXED Nl T* , iucla>liu? SOET MI1U
ALM< Kl>? f<i|l 00
On lut* ! -1 frr ralr at a rrwrnn r > ? f| I U
( A R L'1 A I. ?? .
We vonl-l lurther *(a(. tknt III ? ?rr' "?
r*vi io^ ai <1 M?f? I) ?t> r?>d m .ur t>?-nv-nt !? I ??? (He
fre?rinir odd w?*ther cane on ?>> thai lh"* ?li.?
?k4 to pur> '><*"" th??i ; ?*' ha n ?r? If! ^
froatrd ft it
EirHOXZO vol Mi* A l?? Crtrrrt.
XiWHK Tmri c t
9 f!l SlXKST. OTP- '?It* r S Pltltt
El PlIoV/.o Tol'XGS I
J . r jUllMH)!. \ ,*nU |[
\\ 1 A*K /K'.i.isg good him k
, 1 . \ 40 T"u ?"'r and a nice
lu \r i -al Gr.-en at 7 J cent* n a trial
kkowmmo a Mii'1 u:ro*
a fllH *1* >WW|lTMlt atenne
AMI K AI I'll %
Lover* (<??! TKA and COTt KK will hf plMmj
to l.'-ar that lh<) ran buy the ceb-l.r. ? 1
ttMurfnK'*. 149tlnl 144 (Vilt-r Market
? a-t an,(
Tli'*" *'? hi* <>f tkr CI* i. ? *t Imp- rtattona, and
ar? mailed at a amall a?itan<? on wh I ??!. pine
14* at..! 149 (Vntft M .rkrl, *a*t win*
0)?'Ti m. | \ ilai aepM If
CULIf IT i . ?i AI TIER'S,
y lUI 7 "i"l I1II9 Hi'niaih min vvenn*.
1' T t "it ? WI.NK>ai..ll.tolilI** * -11 ?'
r fut. W IM> and LlylVlk.- ! fT'/lVdM. at
liO? <1 i : t- ? ?.
? I-AK r T j?" d..r*n, fS.W. RHINE WINE. SS;
CAT \ W IIA . $1 '..j L-a!! n
Haiti ir
i*OAIi ASH S?n?l) ?On hami a l ire*- "'ipply of
V thrcrMrat?4 V<*t VtrfiiM >(>imt COMi, loc
open gi at< ?. al-o. all kind* of AuthiacKe and ? uai
l-rlai.>l ('OAI.A, Hickory, Oak and Pin* WOOD,
>a??-d antl Split. au) bnjrtb- l.. -ml pnr. Iiaw r4
Office*??'? rner 21?t and 1, au.i M . l?-i?wii 19th and
Silh ??r.-et*. 4f>'l? in'
COA'-. AMi
I ba*?- al?av? on hand a larcf and aaaortM atock
of ANTHKAt'lTE and BI1TM1N?US t'(?\LS
PINE. OAK aid HK'knKY UOHH .u tb?-.iick.o
?a??d and ?plit. all k<-pt uud?*r oorer
Having tb^ control wcnl brai l* .if Imports
and I>..ni.?'ir CEMEKT8and CAL< INKU Pl.AS
1 ktS.MHl bandlitiR yearly man) biIIIum of RAN
GOR I.ATIIS, I am in condition to tiil ?rd?*r* of any
cbaract?-r in my line ?itb 4irpw. li and h l- llt} a.
?b> !? ?al?- and retail, upon u-ruir tbat defy compe
O'titral "flire?fctf3 Louisiana afntlf northwaat.
Rrancb Yard?l?l ?t. bH Band*' tit, aoutb^aat.
W barl?Ki??t of 3d utrert aoutb* :i-'.
orvSI ly W M OliNAlV.
J~ t. ?16,
IV-al?T In B?-*t Vaiirtt'i of
AIihi, WOt'D io tbe "tick, oi ?awi?i and fplit.
Pi io? ni<4?-rat<- for ca?b
t?|lic?* and Yard- ?K'?>t of K atr?^t and ItVi ale
I-ltttid a?*-nue, b? tw? ti ?th and Imb ?tr??-ta.
<>rd?-r? ?l-. rx^n?^l ibrouirb M--?r? ll \ M 1 l.Tt'N
A PK \ K>' 'N c rnrr ?th and |i j?? ly
One of t In- l***t selecliii ?lucl?trir offered iu Wanh
iuvi'e tbe public, or th.iae in wn-.t of Fuel, to
call do*n t. our * barve<- and d--p->t anj ??<? it.
*i.'J40 II.- irilaraliteed to th* tori
' Ck'V ' 'or (Vi?* '
Depot and W har*ea? E.h>( lab ?tr t i-oathwat
<>rt ( KOi E Xtreet nortliHoxt.
un" <i|14 tth "treet '? ocMl eotr
0\k \\ot?U IT *7. k*i? IMNK WOOU
ai s?> p>-r cord. ilt-liteie?l iu any pari of tLe
Leave vonr . rd'-ra vith RHAD AI?\M"?. corner
!tb and I* -titHs, or ?"Ud tbiUi to A i LLk & WUarf,
f?M?t ?.f fttb -tret-t.
#' O A L ! * ? A L t t
We itiMt<- the attention of r'in*nnier? to onr at'^k
of (OA L.'-mlracinc ali tlierli..ir<- . ... liti* ? . to wbicb
?e are Uimh.iiK iwldlU U" Uail) . M ill. b we offer al
|om'e.t aiark' t - ate.
o.\K and PINK WOOD.aawed and ?plit or in th?
0\K ..lid PINE K IN DUNGS, in ? nndlea or If
tbec.-rd >TKPHKNSON i RKoTllKR.
oft... . 1 a 1 !'? nnayl*.unaa*en?a,
j?.JS tr Will and Ilep.it, Hevtntb -treet Wharf
\E( lilT>(T8 AND HIILDLuS. Tah K No
III t! . * i !?. a 11 : tl ? t -?k'' ? I .? Uite
tun ' ? .i .! 1 ? at tl i - ? . t f iir r ? .? \ >? m* ?
fc. 1 11' .
I ? ? : >
Kant t'iamnt.e?| t all and examine thm at
C. K I tSNN EK. 7 17 7 tb Street,
N A( K>. RANOKS. (iU.Mk.\
Ard COOK ING STOVES in gen'-ra!
A ??< n j l' te lia r Burner f. r ? nl> ? !0.
A full trilnBHHl t OOK STOVK f?*i % II. aepj Sto
J AS. R. HARROYER. Mnnvfartmfr tf Burt* ?aw
and dealer in Hardware and
li'.ti.etiiri.irhitiff G.m*!*. I. flue and Sp.>ut
inf a rpn-inltt No. |33t>l(:h ?tro't n-.rtb
wtat, near llli.de l?land avenue. ?? i l'J ly
For the pcxFrir of tux
loctpflier F'Bilf Huffiir/ AsMfiatioi.
if if iftftm, va
March 12?.
1 Grand Caeh Gift? ? $100.00?
1 Grand t'aeb Gift ft?.00?
1 Grand < aeb Gitt. Ui.OOO
10 t'aeh Gitt?...ff 10.000 earli.. .... lOO.OOO
15 t'aeh Gift"... ft.OOO each .... . 74,000
50 Caeb Gift*... l.OOOeach . ftO.OOO
100 Cat-li Giftc... ftOO .-ach 50.OOO
1.000 Taeh Gifte... 100 each 100.00?
1 .OOrt Taeh Gift"... 40 each 50 OO?
39.000 Caah Gifto. . WO oacli. 400,00?
M, 170 Caata Gifu. amoanting to ?l,00?,?0?
Whole Ticket* f JO 0?
Halve". 10
Quarter*. - ? ?#
Eiffht* or each Coupon ?~ t ft?
ftS Ticket* for 1?0 O?
Eleven Tuket* J00 0?
The Montpelier Fi Bill n?main Aaaoclation, char
tered by the Le?i*latar? of Virginia and the Circuit
Court of Oranee county, propose*. br a aerie* ol
Grand (jift ( on.ert*. toe*taldi?h and eudowa 4-Horn*
for the Old. Infirn. and De*utate Ladie* of Vinrinia''
at Montpelier, the fonMr raaidence of PraaMnft
Jan.'-. Mn.li-.'n
Tha Ae*?<iation in nnder the control of elrtt tnM
tM*. *i* of ? b<?n are elected bienni?ll> by the atork
boider*. and two appointed by tha fliwmi of Vir
Remittance* for ticket* may I* made t r uprw,
re paid. po"t oAce money order on Waakiuctoa, D.
, or 1>J reentered letter, ad.lreawM to
Haa. JAMES B \ RBOl R,
Praat M F. HA. Alexandria, V*.
Reference*, by permi?ioo Hi" Excellencr, iaaa*
L Kemper, Governor of Va.; Hia Excelleacy, Gil
bert (' Walker. Kx Governor of Va.. Hon. Robert
E W ither". Lieut Governor of Va . and 0. 8. Sena
tor elect Hon R bert W Huehe-. Jiidre Rasters
District of Va . Souatora and Member* of Uoegriae
^For fulTparticular*. teatiaioniaU. Ac., tend for ?
Preat M F H A . Alexandria. Va
Reliable ?genr? wanted ereiyhere. aaS-aaly ?
?ct? CW f 10 rtimajlf aiua mhu*.

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