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Till K*DAY .October 21, 1S78.
? ltOSBV S. !\OY FN? Editor*
Average *?com Daily Circulation over
J7.fiOO being a much iarQer bona fide,
regular and permanent circulation than
that cf all the other daily i>aver? in the
city added together
To Travelers and Residents Abroad.
The KvvMxn Star trill be found on file at the
foliowir?r places, where, slso, advertisements and
subsrrii tions will be received ?Henry F. Oiui?r ?
Co.. 440 Strand. Charin?r Cmw, London: Charles
Hartwirk. 11* Boulevard Magenta, and >. Y. Herald
office, 49 Avenue de l'Opera. Paris.
To Advertisers.
Advertisers sre requested to send to their annoudcfditrtf
a* early id the day as j>o88ible, and in
all case* 1 ^fore 12 oVlock M. The insertion in the
fame day's issue of those reaching the office after
th.t hour cannot be assured.
To Correspondents.
Letters should be addressed to the Editorial or
Business Manager of Thp Star. according to their
tenor, and not to any individual name. Otherwise
rrovokin* delays may occur, on account of absence.
Checks, etc . should to all cases l>e made payable
to the order of The Evening Star Newspaper
CoMTANY-not to that of any indivi lual.
If Anonymous communications not read; rejected
manuscripts not returned or preserved.
Tlio election for members of the first branch
of tlie city council in Baltimore yesterday
brought out only a small vote, the opposition to
the democratic nominees being feeble. The
council will be solidly democratic, as it was last
year. Out of a total vote of more than 27,000
the opposition polled only a little over 4,000
votes. These figures indicate that Baltimore
local* elect ions are not very exciting. Consideri
ble interest, however, will be taken in the
Congressional elections of the six Maryland dis1
ricts next month. The present democratic
lOpresentative from the first district, Mr. I>. M.
Henry, has l**en renominated. As ho defeated
Jib popular opponent. .Tudge Sjience, last year
by a majority of over 3,uoi?. he i.- likely to be returned.
A close contest was made in this district
in >7-_\ when the democratic nominee had
only 6: - u:;::ority. In the second ilhstnet the
li;l;t i- txtween Mr. .T. F. C. Taibott. democrat,
and Mt. < . II. Milligan, independent, who exjn-cts
to t?' supported by the hard-money di::ncrats
and the republicans. For the present
< ?ngie>s the majority of Mr. c. 1!. Roberts,
from th>district. was3.tM9. la K2 the democratic
majority was only ?i\ The third district,
which ( omprisc.- the large wards of Baltimore
i fy. i> overwhelmingly democrat'c. a;ul Repres
-ntat'Ne Win. Kimmel. who obtained a majority
ol ">.?? ">!> in '->76. will succeed himself. There
ure numerous candidates in the fourth district,
but the chances are that Mr. li. D. Me Lane,
the democratic nominee, will, in spite of his unpopularity
in his own party, come out ahead.
There is a i*?sslbilily, however, of republic; n
success it the polls. Representative Swann,
whom Mr. McLane will succeed, had a majority
last year of 2,531. In the fifth district, composed
of the counties ot Howard. Anne Arundel.
Prime George's. Calvert. Charles and st.
JIary'-. the tir-t and thirteenth election dist ricts
o. Baltimore county, and the Seventeenth ward
ol Baltimore city, the republicans have a reas
>naV.e e'i-i:>ee for success. The liilti.n >rewaul
i s a great ielp to the democrats in this district.
IJepn- ent at i\e E. -T. Henkle. who has b^en ren
rtiin it' d by the democrats, was ele - e 1 by a
li.ajol.tv < i 2.731 in l>7fi, and by 1.4: ? in >74.
He i.-? o|?p?d by ,i. parran crane, republican,
and K. s. ( alvert. green barker. Tic fiercest
light will b in the ^ixtli district, composed < f
Allegheny, i rreit. Frederick. M >:itgo::ieryand
Washing.counties. In >7? an uue\j?ectedly
l?rg? (i. a., era tie vote in Montgomery county
wfRiu tbi itpttlen Ujodij la thewest- !
? rn counties. and gave the district t-? Representative
Walsh by 14 majority. For the Novem- '
i?er elect I n tbe democratic candidate Is Mr.
Ocorge i'i ; r, and the repnMlcan, Mr. Milton g. 1
I'rner. The contest will be a stubborn one. i
la Tie* of the statements made by the Mem- i
phis .t' and copi.-d in another column
of this i>a:.er. would it not be well for relief
commute. > in this section or the country after
having do!;- so much for relief of yellow fever 1
sufferer- to consider the propriety of staying ;
their hav.ds in that direction, for a while at
least, and turning their attention to the de- i
mai.ds of the home p<x>r?
The elements of opposit Ion to the rule of Tammany
Hall in New York city have met with ?
remarkable success in the attempt to combine '
upon a ticket which all can support. Mr. Ed- J
ward Cooper. the combination cmdidu- f r l
mayor, is t he sou of Peter t ooper and t'ne part- \
ner of congressman A. s. Hewitt in the exten- \
sive iron business established by the elder j
Cooper. The Tammany nominee for may or Is i
Augustus Schell, whose defeat at the polls by }
Morrissey not lonsi l>efore his death will Ik? re- j
membered. Coalitions are proverbially weak
through the danger of disruption from the collision
of conflicting interests and the failure of <
some pan of the combination to subordinate its
individual purposes to the general aim. So far,
however, the efforts at fusion in this case have
been well managed. A good and acceptable
ticket has ben nominated. It remains to be j
seen whet her the tendencies towards disunion 1
can l>e kept under until the two weeks have ]
passed w hich precede the election. The slight- i
est quarrel in the combination camp will serldusly
injure the chances of the success of its
campaign. Tammany or Controller Kelly has
all the inspiration of recent victory over Tildea
at Syracuse and in the state committee to give
confidence of success next month. It will lxi a
bard task to beat Tammany's nominees. In J
Cise the attempt Is unsuccessful John Kelly will
obtain undisputed control of the city, his power
vrill be dominant throughout the state, and it
may be expected that his hand will be fell in j
the manipulation of national politics.
The engineering and constructive skill of
modern times lias, at least, reached a point
where it should be able to assure security in the
buildingof anarch. There Is nothing intricate
In the problem to be solved by the engineer, and r
nothing but ordinary skill and good material
requtied from the builder. Yet for the second
time the arch In course of construction on Hast 1
Forty-second street. New York city, has fallen. J
Lives wen* lost by the first fall. The warning
fien given was not heeded. The work preceeded
after the same methods as before. It
was for some time perceived that a second
tumble was inevitable. The fall came, fortu- J
nately, on Sunday, and no lives were lost, v
When the arch gives way for the third time we |
may confidently expect that more damage will d
be done. And the third disaster will come, a
unless t he proper authorities pay more attention t<
to their duties than they did after the first
warning, and prohibit the engineer and con- n
tractors from fighting it out on the line of their -*
Original blunders.
It is unjust to generalize from single cases;
but the impression is widespread that too much
of government Inspection is after the same
superficial character as that of Inspector Blake,
who, in examining the Adelphl boiler, failed to
look at the part which afterwards gave way,
because it was covered with felt. The boiler
looked new and pretty, and he had not the heart
to cut away the felt. Hence the explosion.
The return of the United States steamer which
famed the officers who were designated to survey
the Amazon, marks the completion of their
task. The irreat South American river and Its
tributary, the Madeira, as far as the Falls of ]
t?an Antonla. have been carefully mapped,
fcoundlngs made and obstacles noted. It is
found that \ esaels drawing sixteen feet ol water fi
Can proceed by careful navigation at the most I
unfavorable season of the year directly to San *
Antonio. At this point the proposed terminus 1
Cf .the Madeira and Mamore railroad, now in ?
course of construction," is reached, with the \
completion of this road the surveyed Amazon k
vrlll furnish a safe channel to the ocean for the
rich and varied products of the regions in the ^
very center of the south American continent.
I^OR SAI.E?At a Great Bargain for CashTwo
fir*t^la*s Grand t'prurht PliXO^ T-i
*>ne 'jk "Stieffat the &nre?t Euij>orinm ofMtl jiUj
Music. 7'ja 7th street northwest. i>cf24-6t*
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.-We will sell, at
birch * i:obey's Bazaar. SW8 and 940 -T-? a .
jxtutsiamt a>? nue, on SATURDAY. N,
yeui\?i Jd. at 10 o'clock a m. one Fall- ?
To|> Jumi^Meat Bu*iq and one set Harness, to cover
ptor- vMidlmr). Sale positive.
wcUt c d tiHEEX *
Db. c. c. cox
hah rkmottp his office to his residence,
21:1 e*at Capitol street.
Offlce hours from 8 to 10 ft. m.; 4 to 5pm, and
from 7 to 8 p. m.
Call* for professional service left at the dro? store
of a. f. HeDdershott. s. e. corner f and 13th streets
ii. w.. will receive prompt attention. oet24-6t*
j^lTTEB. bitter.
Fine Gilt Edire
dairy butter.
fresh eggs. fm* dauj"oct24-3f
Jfrh *tr^DMowDpl %*
J VST opened.
a > cll assortment.
Courvoisier s Kid Gloves.
Roval Cheviotte Embroidered Kids
pelcourt Snide Gloves,
Reynier's doeskin Gloves.
j*. 8. teel.
835 Pennsylvania ave.
u'm. r. riley,
.at his new store.
_ . corner of j>th amd e streets,
f?u i iyrij id^ new goods of all kinds.
, (af andC olored Silks.
?i ? god Colored Cashmeres.
Black fnihi^h craj>e and Crajj" Veils.
, large lot of new cloaks.
of the best niukt and fiairh.
yjntl jn all departments. and we invite
a;, j? wa!lt of dry Goods to call and look thronirh our
8look wm. r. riley.
rw9j Corner Uth and E
woh* Riley Buildimr.
?tick. ivotice. ivotice.
rece' "inif daily additions to our present desirable
assortment of imported novelties, at
- > i<er cent, reduction on former prices. Opened
this>mormnjr.2-> pie?-es Damasse Hillcs, iu ten-yard
patterns, at $1h and #22, former prices $25 and $ w
Ally, on Fndft- or Saturday. 30 pieces Black Silk
f nn^res, from 60 cents to $1.75 jier yard, with a full
line of Trimming Buttons. We keen on hind at aU
times a full stock of Domestics, at <he lowest rates
Also, Housekeeping Fabrics of all kinds and qualil
t:?s. b.ack ard Colored Silks and Cashmeres a si>e
(-ps o,y.m-bhojvn H17 Market Svacc?
^m#87;,*25 cloaks, on cons^nruhnt,
qrder of kotic?
Elizabeth j. Pf.ssenger rs. John p. Pessevc.fh
State of Connecticut, New Haven county ss ' "
New Haven, Oct 21st, 1878.
pvi^pvrl-a "f, ti,e sai'l elizabeth t.
i *j , r -, rav lu>f f?r reasons thi-rein set fort'i
penduik before the Superior Court
kii'it ti-* "a\?u -1!> >s- held on th>hr^t
tt esi.aj ni November, a.i>. 1878 It ai>"v;1
'""'f f"?nd by. the sulwcribinir allj
i''1 tl"~ s.ai,11 respondent is residing in Wash11
1111,1 absent from this state: Therefore
rdered. that notice'.of the |tendency of said petition
be Kiun bj publishing this order in the Evenii't,
ar' ? i"*vfil,al" r printed in Washington. i). c .
"1" vely, commencing on or u'f-.r.Hit
-4th da> j t Octolwr. a.d. 1m78; an.l by depositin?
a copj of said .petition, citation, and order of no'rs!
' -l^tage paid, at Birmingham,
(onn. directed to said respondent at Washington
i'-' ?tr *he 24th day of OetoW, ad
im i, r 41jo>ati?AN ingersoll, Attorney.
<vr?4 mi ?" "1,tn"r (ourt for Haven County.
() ver we have tnree floors and
/ "o ats a half filled with
prices fkov $4 to $50.
magnificent styles from $12 to $25.
As these Overcoats are i>erfeet in fit. mike, and
finish, we advise our patrons, and everybody e'se's.
to buy them ready made and save fully forty per
we show upward of a hundred and fifty styles,
"ni* faq 'it any man, youth, l>oy or child that can
a. saks & co.,
ort -'4-tr ' 3tG Sereiith street.
t,,,: vork fireside coml
* a .11u .\|
k- ior\ b\ thf Author of ** IjIttle Got dtf "
bertha ly.\.\i:. uoldie
ii i Bf5* Mr*. Suiaiif r Ilavden.
lilv "ighlvay, Music by j. l. Mo!The^??ie^art
n? coW.No' '^5
lohnny Morgan.'witb"*.".!,"'. \o 573
wtfa ,? Erin, Sonk by Claribei, _
Tennyson.witliNo! 57t
lw?5, .f sweet Shannon, with No. 570
wit? * 8 (sunt? hy Harri)<an a: Hart 1
The man in the Mooii ig Lookiiig ? 51)11
jl,ove. with *vr. i
rheearihiard Watch, wiHiV".""."".'.'.^ 567 i
rily Lnimet in "Fritz" 1n0. 5i;?; i
rhcTar'iIarrwrll. with 5(r,
kweet by and By, with No 5 !4
l\ hon! Einnia! with ^ .ino 5?3
$s!)fnine copies
^g.&?ggomiEM'xlt* ' zg&Z
l resii goods.
fbkatene see fohf.li.f.n. i
ardines frais sal.tl; moittarde i
knchois a l lll iu:,
^chois a l'sal mure,
barataria shrimp,
hadd<k:k roes. i
mppered herring,
1arengs a l'huilf!,
1armouth bloaters.
'aj mon d'eait doi'ce.
sardines, boneless.
f Anchovy Paste,
'ross & blackwell's pott^m^0'
london fffi&ie '
new goods. i*s^rchnt5ey,ty'
Beure d' Anchoia,
Parmesan Cheese.
JII'lft ^amwososs.'
iqueym pet1ts pois.
(Pine Apple,
Brie, '
iwiss coffee and milk,
cocoa and milk,
reared chocolate,
jorden's extract of coffee
soups. )tomatiUbbftk turtle>
'Pigeon, Sheep's Head, kc. i
>ew figs, raisins and citron.
f Tiny Tims,
/ East India Gerkins,
ickles. ; oii Mang-oes,
! 1 how-Chow,
(. Autumn Clusters.
b. w. reed's sons,
mporters and Dealers in Fine Groceries, Table i
^.o.., Luxuries, fce., i
1J1* Fstreetn.tr.
Office of the Supervising Architect,)
n. ? Treasury Department > i
0 ^ A^HDJOTON, D. 0 Octol*?r 91 at iWo ( I
roik^d BuUclinjr for the Bureaii of
rawinir' si^cifieativman'ii>' i^"imoo?rdance with
.tion at this Officy or the ofe ows
oct23-6t Supervisinif Architect.
q0 roles of ixuraix carpets.
AXtTt THE Ij EA-DIff G pjl TTESlfS.
Cotta^re Carpets, 15 and 25 cents.
Ingram Carreta. 30 oents.
Heavy Inprrara Carj^ts, 87 cents.
extra Hea\-y Ingram Carjieta, 60 cents.
Extra Double-weight Ingrain Carpets, 60 cents.
Two-ply In?rrainCarreta, 75 cents.
All-wool Injrrain Carpets, 50 cents.
All-wool Ingrain Carets, 75 cents. psmlik'ffi
jssb? ^85 ?",tt'
a m. t0w80n.
986 Pennsylvania avenue,
octi9'tr Bonth side, near 7th at n.w.
j*itch, fox cutter,
oppf kfsftrawufr'dept,
?p prpi*rty, Collect Bents, Lend Money, doliect
ntem*. Secure Tenants, Pay Taxes, Effect Inaurnee.
Attend to Repairs.
tWTSpecial attention given to the management of
^now-white bread
j Will be guaranteed if you use
rhe handsomest Minnesota Patent Hour in the District
; or,
Bteriino'e St. Louie Eaney Patent,
a most beautiful Winter Wheat Flour; or,
Flour of the Disvthan
it ever was, and
rous1 and Bread as light and as
The abotr-nu^is s! driven snow.
>1? Grooery^?ore. ur" oan ^ bou^t *t any flrst
. wholesale depot :
^s? f ???. IT-**
Wit m. (ult k 00.
X\r ANTED?BOARD for a lady on moderate terms,
"? in a respectable private family. L. D., Star office.
\v ANTED?To Bi t -from second band, a good
J' edition of JULES VERNE'S WORKS in
French. Address C26 Virvinia ave. o(t24-3t*
"^ATANTED?A TINN ER?A good repair band To
? ' a steady man (rood wages will be given. Apply
>t BIRCHES. 513 K st. n.w. oct24 5ft
W ANTED?A well-recommended GIRL to cook'
wash and iron. Must stay at night Call at No'
411 15th st. n.w., between D and E sts. It*
~1VT ANTED?A small furnished R(K)M in a auiet
?" part of town and no questions asked. State
'ocation and price. W. A. A., Star office. oct24-2t*
"II'ANTED?To Rent?One or two ROOMS suit??
a Me for a Dressmaking Establishment. Address,
statin* terms, &c?, "Modiste," Star office. It
"IV'XSTLD?By an &uefly wu!i? woman, & Sl'flJ?
? ATION to do housework in a small family. Reference?
given. 110 1st 8t. n.w., near Pennsylvania
a\e. It*
X\' ANTED?By a seamstress?WORK, by tht> day
'' or week. Terms reasonable. Call or address
Miss JENNIE JOHNSTON, No. 413 H st. n. w.
Good references given. It*
"I AT ANTED?Three or four communicating unTT
furnished ROOMS on second floor for housekeening,
by three adults, between 8th and Hth, F
and K sts. M. M. 8., Star office. oct2t-3t*
\\ ANTED?To Rf.nt - SITTING ROOM and
" BEDROOM, communicatinK, and sintrie and
double rooms, well furnished and pleasant!} sitnHtt
d^at 1S07 G st. n.w. oct24XAi
ANTED?A SITUATION as cook, washer and
?? ironer, in a private family, by a younir colored
w< man who can give be>t references. Apply 1721 P
st.. l?etween 17tli and ISth sts. oct24-2t*
aANTED ?To Rent ? Two or three front
* ? rooms on second floor, furnished, in a strictly
I ri\ ale family without children. Will be rente 1
(heap. Apply No. 820 10th st. n.w. o?-t2t-:i!'
"IV ANTED?An honest and industrious YOUNG
" MAN, 18 or 20 years old, to drive milk warn
Must wnie well recommended. Apply at Moat-,
gomery Dairy Depot, cor. 3d and II sts. n.w. It*
II' ANT El>.?A gentleman 'wishes to hire a CL< ?SE
?* CARRIAGE with driver, two or three hours
v ery evening from N'o-emlifr 5 to March 5. <'.uipe
? i h one horse preferred. Address, giving term*. E.
11., Box 2, Washington Post office. oct24-3t
~W' ANTED?'Three gentlemen and their wives or
? ' six gentlemen to occupy laiye R(><)MS oa second
and third floors, nicely furnished, with excelIt
nt Table Board, ranging in prices from ;?4S to $50
per month, including lire and light. Aoplvat 922
New York ave. oct2l-3l
\\ ANTED-Two DRESSMAKERS at No. 81618th
'* st., between H and I west Also, one APl'REN- !
TICE- oct2.$-;!t
\Y' ANTED?TENANTS for one or two Furnished '
?? ROOMS, with bath-room, hot and cold water; '
on Fame floor: private family; location central, j
Board if desired. 710 12th st. oct23-2t' I
\\' ANTED?A WHITE GIRL to do general honse??
work in a family of three. None but those that 1
are competent need apply. References required.
No. 1111 Massachusetts ave. n.w. oct23-3t*
ANTED?OCCUPANTS for large, well-furuish??
ed Rooms, with Board; house situated north
and south. Call at 310 Indiana ave. oct22-.lt*
WAITED?A middle-aged northern widow as
?? HOUSEKEEPER to an old couple, or no objection
to a family with children; good references.
Address S. H., Post office. oct22-:!t*
\\TANTED?To Purchase?SHELVING, C0UN- .
' * 1 ER and CASES for a small Fancy Store. A*.>y ;
person having the same to dispose of c in find a pur- ,
cliaser by calling at 1909 Pennsylvania, ave. oc22-3i# j
W ANTED?H()RSES to keep for the winter; good
?T stalli ng, cart ful attention ; city reference given; i
r arm on 7th st. road, H miles from the city. Terms i
."*8 j>er month. O. H. P. CLARK, Siigo P. O., Mont.- I
gomery county, Md. oct22-lin'
"I\r ANTED?You before purchasing, to EXAM- I
T? 1NE the "New White'' SEWING MACHINE,
roomy, quiet, light-running and easiest learned. 1
Also, the New Home. All the old standard machines
on hand. Also, some second-hand. Renting and're- i
pairing a specialty. J. F. McKENNEY, 427 >.?th st.
n-w. octll-tr
nVT?fic ^, 'H'S lor oul> $2 l,pr dozen; is small PIC'- j
1 ?5 ccutB'at ^Oi?UE'S, 407 Pa. ave., bet 4i?, !
fldu (it'll sts. oct5-4w* i
\\' ANTED?Old GOL1) and SILVER in lar^e and !
.quantities. Highest price paid. HICKEY |
of CO., Manufacturing Jewelers, 35o Pennsylvania
I avenue. octl-lm j
'' ( HACfcH. til?> Louisiana avenue. aug31-ly
u &c-? at lowest prices. A. j
H. t-llAt-L, <>lt> Louisiana avenue. nut31-ly
A\ AN I ED?MOTHS anil other insects in furni- i
, 5"re exterminate bv superheated steam, at
( HACE S. Upholsterer. Oltl La. ave. ang31-ly
"117"ANTED?A jierfcct and clean copy of the first j
?* numl>er of the EVENING STAR, for which a
literal price will be 1'aid. Apply at the Star '
office. aug3!)-tf
YY ANTED?To exchange, new STOVES for ohl
Tf ones, Groceries or Fuel, at BUTLER'S, 5th ami
K sts. n.w. Smokey Chimneys cured or no nay.
Stoves rented. novlfi-tr
Wr ANTED?Gentlemen to know that \VM. MOORE,
*T Merchant Tailor, 1011 New York ave., makes a
.-jtecialty of Cutting Garments to be matle at
lost and found.
f ?SS?F5?JS.1342 Corcoran st.. a Jet black SET
i I ER DOG, answering to name of *
Duke." A lilH-ral reward will l>e paitl f trZl ?y
his return and no (piestions asked. oo24-3t
^J'lRAYED?On the 20th October, a small red COW,
' , horns. A lilieral reward given for w
ttiirn. Mrs. WHITMEYER, 7{li-stre<'t ro.id,STjJ*
xt to Schuetzen Park. oct24^it* ^rTt
I ('.^Vr.Near Lafayette Square, a small GRAY
1J HEADED PAROQUET, about size of
< :,nt;ry The finder will be rewarded by leavintxiO
ihe bird at ilb 15th st. n.w. oct23-3t* *?
I MUT?At the National Theater, on the night of the
i ?i a BRACELET (sniall chain attache 1>
w :ih the name of Mary A. Clark engraved insitle. \
liberal reward will l>e given to the Under by return"J
CLARK, 1544 9th st. n.w. oct23-3tJ
[ J?^T-On thei 15th instant, in neighborhood "of
, t't-' between S and O n.w., one
morocco;? VOLUME 9, IRVING'S WOBKS,^
(calf.) and "ABBOTT'S NAPOLEON." Finder suithbly
rewarded by returning to 1109 O st oct22-eo2t
for salet^
F?,R SALE?An IRON SAFE will be sold cheai?, 1
' by applying to <0t Market Space. oct24-3t
li^OR SALE-Just arrived from West Virginia and
A for sale, 20 head of fine draft driving c\ j
and saddle HORSES; will l>e sold for prices <
ranging from $50 to $125; satisfaction
S'/mmovm V^IK, at the Stable of J?HN
SIMMONS, No. 31! 13th st. n.w. oct24-3t*
VOK SAJL^-Two COUNTERS, neudy new: rait- ]
X able for Dry or 1 ucy goods. Apply at 12^6 7th (
Kt- ".w. oct22-3t*
l^OR SALE-A good family HORSE, six
A years old; safe driver; stand anywhere. ;
Call on W M. GOHL, No. 400 11th street ^ i
oct22-3t* i
lL^OR SALE?Three HORSES, one side bar shiftingl
top BUGGY, made by one of the best/rv^^
makers; nearly new HARNESS. ROBES, etc. ^4-3^ ,
\\n.ev * very handsome H A MBLETONI AN ,
uak WAKr., hands high, coming seven years ]
i ' "a very free and prompt driver; can trot in
about three minutes. Another is a BLACK HORSE
eight years old; is a pleasant driver: can trot twelve
miles an hour, and safe for the most timid iKjrson to 1
d"ve-^ The otter is a SORREL MARE; is broke to
the saddle; is also a good driver. Are all warranted
sound. Aft ill be sold together or separate.
Apply Stable rear of No. 912 12th st. n.w.
for selling will be given to purchasers. j
OCCcl~5t ?
IfOR SALE?A very fine new eight sprmgljOAOH
? i^e JerL 1)681 manufacture, and.-s*-* B r
nmshed in finest manner; trimmed withs^tJfeS^
brown satin; suitable for private use.-$22^32? 1
Made by Joseph Beckhaus, of Philadelphia. Will be
sold at less than the cost of manufacturing it Call
and examine it Also a full line of new and second- J
hand Carriages, Phaetons and Buggies, of all de- i
scnptions, at prices to Buit the times. Vehicles of <
my own manufacture, a spwstalty. ANDREW J. ;
JOYCE, Carriage Manufacture, 412,414 and 416 14th 1
octl0-2w J
FOR SALE-Seoond-hand COUPE, In first-rate t
condition, $200; second-hand a
DAULET, in splendid order, made in&sESaS^ 1
New York city, $450; very light half-too-22i=3aZil J
* by ^ood Bros., New York, 1
cost $900, as good aa new, price $300; second-hand ;
six passenger BUGGIES, PHJST0N8. Ac., &c., very 1
cheap to dose out ROBERT H. GRAHAil. rieix?- j
itory and Factory, 410-416 8th st n.w.,betweenD \
Mld E - ogtauam .
dentnflce. try WELL'S EUREKA TOOTH i
i-OWDElt composed entirely of imported articles, I
pleasant to the taste, and equal to any 75 cent <
artlcle- octl-ly ,
st n.w., 6 a. m. to 10 p. m.; reports as to the m.
M D w- aug7-ly 1
A STROLOG1ST.?Mrs. Dr. ELLI8, 805 PenntiW- J
?if {^Pn know the truth consult
the Doctor in all t&inga. Office hours from a. m. to
a P- aplS-ly
Leave orders at
406 11til 8tr6Gt b. 6. WM. GOHLi oct22-6t#
Half Pound Packages, 25 Cents.
Commmnr, Puusabt akd Effectual. 1
ARTHUR N ATT AN 8, Pninw tPTtrft 2
Fourteenth and I i
octl5-tr mnd Second and D it*, n.w. ?
To the ladies of wa8huv6toiv.
from 36 N. Eutaw street, B^ti- \
more, to this city, and confident of giving satisfaction
to the most fastidious, I respectfully solicit a share
of your patronage. MRS. M. L. whiteford i
?^oi i-. Fashionable Dress and Cloak Maker. 1
1*93 F at. n.w. a
IP OR RENT?DWELLING No. 1702 Penn. irenne
near 17th. Inquire on premises. oct24-3t*
FOR RJKNT?Two Pleasant ROOMS, with BOARD'
in a private family; city references required. 101*
11th st n.w. oct24-2t*
V*OR BENT-Two or three unfurnished ROOMS
1 at 1318 I st.. opp. Franklin Square. Terms
reasonable. oct24-2t*
IfOR RENT? Elegant ROOMS and PARLORS, fur
niched or unfurnished; with board if de?i-?d.
436 M ft n.w. oct24-3t*
ITOR RENT?C'.O bt.. st. n.w.. one square from the
I Patent oftice. two furnished ROOMS, second
story, front and hack for rent, singly or together
FOR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, furnished or
unfurnished, with use of bath on same Coor in
a private family. 314 E st. a.w.; must have good
reltrences. oct24-2t
IT OR RENT?Seven room HOUSE, 1802 30th St. n.
A w\, two squares from Stewart's castle; or would
rent liart. Inquire on premises or to J. Q. HESTER
513 ith street. oct24-tr
Ii"OR RENT?Three handsomely furnished liOOMS
on second Bwr; one on third; all modern conveniences;
lath on same floor; hotandcf;ld water
private family. 1KJH F st. n.w. oot24-3t*
F^ORBENT-Three verypleiwant oommuuicating
ROOMS, furnished Bunably for housekeeping
to a tenant without children; iras, bath-room and
water-closet. Apply at No. 4:<5 K st n.w. oct24-:it*
T/OR RENT?Four HOUSES, Noe. 2022, 202^2026
L anil 2030. on I? st. n.w.; Just finished; all modern
improvements, pood sewerage and water. Apply to
No. 2020 P st. n.w. Good inference required. J S
HOPKINS. oct24-3t *
L*OR RENT?Fine Brick DWELLING, all mojeri
I improvements; recently pai>ered aud paintcl
-.Lrcr.ghout; 12 rooms. 90"> M st. n.w $50 oer
month to a resjiorsible tenant. Also the basement
fcor, consistir.tr of three rooms, fire proof vault
w ashstand and water-closet, of the Arlington Fire
Ins. Co.'s Building. 1505 Penn. ave.. north of tli? I'
S. 1 reasury. Inquire at the office of the Arlington
Fire Ins. Co. oct.24-'5t
XpOB RENT-BRICK HOUSB. 611 F st. n.w., 11
I rooms, in irtmd order; new fireplace heaters, h->t
and cold water. Apply on premises. oct2 t- U
ITOR BENT HOUSE, No. 414 fith st. n.w., 1;?-*l-c
I and convenient; K'*ol order; modern improvements;
terms reasonable. Apply on premises.
I i.i!(llit)4 L st., ten rooms each, all modern impro\<
meuts; possession given immediately; rent to
!< li iiier.ee November 1st. W. H. CLAGETT. 819 j
Maiket Space. oct23-3t
Ij'OR BENT?HOUSE 120 K st. n.w.; 13 rooms; !
I modern conveniences. Inquire of G.COURTNEY,
213 E st. n.W. oct22-3t*
I/OH BENT?New three-story HOUSE, No.?l7East
1 Ccpitol st.; ton rooms, with all modern improvements.
Bent$35. Inquire next door. oct22-3t"
li^OB BENT-Hoi SE No lit| K st.. boiwuua 1st st.
I and New Jersey avenue, 9 rooms, gas and water.
Apply at Mrs. FLYNN'S, corner 1st and K strot-ts
nw. oct22-3t"
L'OR BENT?IK (USE No. 46 I st. n.c.; modern im1
prov< ments. 10 rooms. Bent $25 per month; will
1 e i i t in thorough repair for a good tenant. TH'. >S.
! . \\ AGGAMAN, 519 .th st. oct22-3t
1, BEN'l?1110 10th st. n.w., fonrtosix unfurl
lushed BOOMS, modern improvements - four on
recond and two on third floor; suitable for liouse1
replug; first-class location. oct22-3t*
J/< >R BENT^PABLOB and BEDBOOM.lst fl.ior;
? heat ar.d gas, at $ per month in advance. Also,
two large communicatingRooms, 2d floor, furnished
vr unfurnished. No 1112 H el. n.w. References exi
hai ged. oct22-3t*
F^OR BENT?A private family would rent one or
iwniiio ly-fumished front BOOMS, in an eWant
li< use with modern improvements and heated by furrace,
to a irentlemar ami wife or to two gentlemen,
with Board if desired. Address T. J., star
H'ce. oct22-'Jt*
Ji,K,NTrA three-story BBICK HOUSeTn."
I 133 1.1th st. southwest. ! rooms, bitli ro.mi, all
modern improvements. newly painted ar.d pap.-r.'d;
oue-mi'f square trom the Agricultural department]
:iiid 10 minutes' walk totlic treasury; jrood
1 orhood. Inquire Xo. 40:1 7th st. n.w. oct'22-Ht
L'Oi: BENT?1 he well-known l'Kol'EK l'y corner
i Sth and I) sts.. containing :(2 chambers, 5 stores,
ore of which has been used as a restaurant- lanre
n < in oil Hth stri et, 25 by r-0 teet. high ceiling.:?stores
on U st. 1 he alx>ve property is now 1 rinif t horoughiy
vepjKred. and will im- rented iu whole or separately
Aj pl> on the premises. oct22-3t*
)R SALE?t >n the Heitf-lits oi* (reorgetown. con venient
to street cars, a DH'EEEING HOUSE. s;tu;:t<
d on a corner lot containing seven thousand
>quare feet; the house is X{ feet front and 47 feet
d? ep, three stories and mansard roof, containing tifiten^
rooius, wide hall, all modern improvements;
!11'Ck carriage house and stable attached, with side
Kt filled with choice shrubbery and vines. The
prf Uii;-es in i?erfect order.
Alfo, one ten-room and one ei?rlit-room basement
HOUSES, with bay windows aud all modern im)
rov< mcnts; all eligibly situated and convenient to
i he street cars. For further particulars apply at No.
]'.4 AVi >-t street, Georgetown. oct22-2w*
L^tili BENT?Elegantly Furnished ROOMS, eu !
I suite or single; beautifully located, with or withowt
BOAltD. Terms moderate; 10t> 3d street n.w.,
opposite Botanical Gardens. octl9-6t*
l/OB BENT-Very desirable* OFFICE ROOMS in
J. St. Cloud Building. Also, two large Hall Booms,
suitable for club or society meetings. Apply to J. .1.
ALBRIGHT, Boom No. 2 St. Cloud building. oel!MIt*
L^OB BEN'l?No. 725 15th street; 10 rooms; tras,
1 w ater, bath, &c. Will ik? put iu good condition
and ready for occupation by Noveml>er 1st. Bent
$45, reduced from $75. TIIOS. E. WAGGAMAN,
619 7th st. ,,,-tliJ
FOB BENT?The fine liESIDENCE, No. 21(H) H
I street n.w.; all modern improvements ;in |>erie<-t
order. Possession given immediately. InipiIi-e ot
JAMES E. ^ Al Gil, Boom No. 4 St. Cloud Build"K
Il'oli BENT?On Beasonablk Terms?A large,
handsome RESIDENCE of 14 rooms; partly furiiished;
e\ery convenience; near F street cars; 115
Prosj ect fctrett, Georgetown. Inquire on prem'^?5:
FOR BENT?Furnished?That desirable brown
i. front HOUSE, on northeast corner of New York
avenue and 14thstreet, containing 13rooms; modern
improvements. Apply to A. (!. WEST, No. 71S 15th'
ft. n.w.. office of C. N. THOM. octl9-?t*
VOlt BENT?A fine large HOUSE, containing
1 twelve rooms, liesides batli rooms and water
closets; hot and cold water, range, latrol>es, &c.; carnage
house and stable; large yards; beautiful parking
enclosed with iron railing; very healthy; street
concreted, and near street cai-s. Has rented for $50.
A careful j-ermaneut tenant can procure this house
id $40 per month, (or even $3i.) paid in advance.
Apply at 222 loth st. s.w. octl8-tr
F,OKA]5^T.-Two desirable HOUSES, Nos. 100
and 323 Missouri avenue. Bent low. Inquire on
the premises or of FRANK T. BROWNING. Columbian
Law' Building, 5th st. octl7-12t*
ti^OR RENT?No.3 Grant Place?Completely furmshed,
(including piano;) twelve nxims, besides
hath-room; parlors, dining-room and kitchen on same
Boor; dp- cellar. Rent in advance. oetl7-12t*
, ? !^^^'k Building; all modern improvements;
brick stable on rear of lot, which can be had it
iesired: the house being No. 920 I st n.w. Inquire
'f CHARLES EDMONSTON. 927 H st.n.w. ocl?-2w*
FOR RENT?Nice small Pressed Brick Front
HOUSE.- No. 1243 6th St., between M and N n.w
water, gas, bath tub and closet Apply to owner
Et W. FEN WICK, Room 28, corner 8th an-i F
FOR RENl?939 Rhode Island Ave.?A threestory
PRESSED BBICK. with Back Building
line rooms, besides bath-room; cellar under entire
louse. Inquire at J. E. ZUG'S Coal Office, 929 Rhode
[Bland ave. octl7-lm_
[fOR RENT?Handsomely-burnished ROOMS, en
suite or single, suitable for Senators and Mern*?{at
^1340 I 6t. n.w., ojiposite FranMin Square.
L'Olv RENT?Funiished or unfurnished ROOMS
I at Seminary Hotel, Washington st., Georgetown;
neals served in rooms at $15 per month, or families
an have their own provisions cooked. octl2-lm*
L st. n. w., with water and gas; twelverooms.beiides
bath-room and cellar. Bent, $40. Key on
.remises Apply to S. S. SHED, at Hamilton's,
['lumber, 9tli and D sts. ol2-lm
L^OR RENT?Furnished ROOMS on first and secL
ond floors; Bingle or en suite; all modern conveliences:
private family; No. 6 Grant Place, between
i and H and 9th and 10th sts. n.w. octl0 2w#
L^oit RENT?1515 H st, corner Vermont avenue.
V Apply to A. T. BOBLAND, 1517 L st. n.w.,beween
the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. Will be rented only
o a strictly private family. oct2-4w*
IT OR RENT?Three-story BBICK, 2421 K st h.w
L' w ater, gas and bath. Bent $18 per month. Ap?iy
to 2403 Pennsylvania ave. n.w. octl5-2w*
FOR RENT-HOUSE No. 615 N. J. ave. n.w.; 9
rooms; modern improvements; good yardlouse
in good repair; rent $25 per month. Apply to
>V. C. JOHNSON, 718 13th It n w. ocf/-im
FOR SALE OR RENT in Georgetown?9-room
HOUSE, pressed-brick front, with modern im rovements,
126 Congress st Inquire at 122 Con^ essst
and ROOMS furnished for housekeepng,
and several smak BEDROOMS. 354 Pennsylania
avenue, corner 4)6 et marll-8m*
[?OR RENT?Frame COTTAGE, conveniently loL1
cated, 7 rooms, large side yard; $20. EDWARD
J. CARRfrNGTOrf, Jr., 49 Mass. aveT n.w. 8ep25dm
p hanson hiss & co.,
Importers and Manufacxurkm.
45 K. Charles street, Baltimore.
Till visit Washington and submit de^ai^na^and
estimates in special cases.
IV The Office of the
tu been removed to Office of 8TEIGER ft LIEBERiLANN,
Room 26 Le Droit Building, where the business
of the Company will hereafter be transited.
!5 cents per doz* n, in box. Select Shucked Oratora
!5 cents a quart, soutiiewt corner 7th and Massachuitftta
avenue. oct21-6t*
THOS. E. WAOOAMAN. 519 Seventh Street
(Changes made every Wednesday and Saturday.)
Three-Stvry Brick Bouxen For Sale.
5 "1 n w-ttlo4- imps.. 10 re *6.500
?-W" mod. imp*.. 15 rs 6.500
westst, Georgetown. mod. uu]m, 9ra 6.300
iST*} ao? ?onh Capitol st*., mod. imps. 9 rs .. 6.000
ffLSi????" n-w., mod. imps.. 15 rw 6.000
if J1?VH? ^ n-w., mod imps., 9 re r?,(V)0
imix?.. 9rs 5.000
lfio Jer" ave ?m 8 ? 5-000
144J b st. n.w., mod. imjw., 10 re 5.000
<uJi*F5?tory anti Frame Houses For Sale.
VI? 5MieV Lh mod. imi*.. lira $.<.(?)
S \i $ "}< h- h- ra<*l imps.. 5 rs .. .1.000 '
^Broit Park, f h . m. l.. 6 re 3,000
l(>20 1. th st. n.w.. f. h., 6 rs 2 51*1
iofiv29 s?>rt'e st, b. h.,mod. tmiw.,7 r*." 2.500
lork ave., f. h.. water, 7 re 2.500
C29H st. n.e.. f. h., water, 9 re 2 too
JirVJ*43,174# Mth?8t - b- h . m. i.. 6 rs. each.. 2.200
4lf> N st n.w., f. h., 7 rs > irv)
IMC 8th st n.w., b. h., 7 re !!.!!!! !!. 2400
Unimproved Property For Sale.
5^: y*-. l*t B and C sts. s.e., per ft 20
E st., bet. 21st and 22d n.w., per ft 20
K St.. bet 43$ and 6th s.w., per ft -JO
1J st., bet. lOtn and 11th s.e., i>er ft ....'" !20
2.5th st, bet I and K n.w., j?or ft 20
E st., bet. 19th and 20th n.w.. per ft ..." *18
(? St., l>et Del. ave. and 2d st. s.w., per ft .15
I mon st, liet. 4% and 6th s.w., |>er ft 15
rth st., bet. Va. ave. and K at. s.e., i>er ft 15
K et., bet 5th and 6th s.e.. i>er ft 15
Howten For Rent.
I7^j?^-fnrn-n w- mod- inii*., 12 rs $150
f08 !>th et. n.w., mod. imps., 15 rs 125
125 15th st. n.w., mod. imps., 12 rs 50
?,'1*i"ouri ave- n.w..mod. imps., 15 rs 50
Mi I. st. n.w., mod. imps., 11 rs 50
401 st n.e.. mod. imps., 10 rs . 25
l'sA {['i 8<* -mod- mil*.. 9 rs 20
??? Ji *1- n w- mo?" inn>s., * rs 20
,5 H 8t- nej m?d- imps., 8 re lrt
42?. New York ave. n.w., water; 6 re 18
of Tfinia ave. b.w., 4 re 15
C31II st. n.e., water, 7 re 15
912 H st. n.e., 7 rs 15
!d!? 25th st n.w., 6 rs 15
;ii312thst. aw., io rs ::::::::::::: :: is
1553 !Hh st. n.w., store. 5 rs H
** R W - 5 . 13
1112 .Id st. n.w., 4 rs is
K.O 23d st n.w., 6 rs 13
ISO l'ierce st. n.w.. 6 rs 12 50
315?325 D st 8.W., 5 re 1250
109 L st n.w., 5 rs *" i*?
822 2:td st. n.w., 6 rs 12
1435 V st. n.w., 5 rs ..|."!!!!!!! 12
I issne on the 1st and 15th of each month a bulletin
of all property for rent aud sale o*i my books, which
can be had on application at my oflice, or will be sent
by mail if desired.
Auction Sale*.
On Thursday, Oct. 24, at 5 p. m., No. 91C E st. n.w.
$2,000. at 8 per cent. oct2 1-tr
IIuainard H. Warkku, Enwis A. McIntyke.
916 i' Btreet northwest
Cor. 18th &Fn.w.fr.$300^67 K Ft. n.e 25
C onn. av? nr K, fur. .250 1525 6th st. n.w.... 25
Mcl herson m]., fur...250 1438 K st n.w.... >>
Cor. 17th&H, fur... 200 1116 K st n.w...
ay. & I n.w., fur. .200 828 20th st. n.w ,!!25
1.5-7 M et. n.w 1(^1' ; 4r)fi N,?I. ;ivg s * >()
14th ir,? WOO 17th 8tn.w!;;; " 20
? et- u w 150 1318 V St. n.w ...120
li.>0 I n.w 100 129 Carroll st H)
'/Jwke Place, fur....100 1629 Madisonst".."V.*20
^ 1st st. s.e., lur 75 116 6th st s.e 20
'?? wEvLc?n w Vl W ? st- s w -H?
..y 5?- n w > 3.1 and Mass. ave. n.e. .20
11K)7-1913 X. H. ave... 1J
^ S0.18 ^ 8t- n w- ,;0 ! 416 1st st. Ii.w 1S
1143 .th, with store. . .60 , 302 6th st. n.w.'. st.ire " is
4X8 Penn. ave., store..50 : 6151, st. n w "is
802 21st fit n.w 50 ! 1823 13th st n w i}**
I Pt- $ J823-25 14th st n.w" *" 16
1905 Penn. ave 40 . 1417 3d st. u.w 1!
Ji5 "-w T08 Boundary st 12
1228 I n.e.,fur 40 915 o st bp irt
3 rookePl,Oeor-t'u..40 , 612 Va. a^ iw;::;";;io
107 8th si. E.c., liable..35 825 13th st n.e 10
1422 8 st. n.w 35 ' 1323 I st. n.e 10
191+ 9th st. n.w 27>s 2224 E st. n.w 10
? w 27 k- 432 6'<. st. s.w .10
1330 12th st. n.w 2o 823 13th st. n.e 10
^ Aho, a nunil>er of other Houses, similar to the
above, a list of which is materially altered uearly
every day on the bulletin at our office. tr
t> , . By F H SMITH,
Real Estate Broker, 1^ Droit Buildin*.
806 F street.
F st. n.w., 16 rooms, mod. imps ?75.oo
mi ? f V, f and restaurant 75 oo
:.!f . \st- s-e.. 12 nmnis. mod. imps 50 oo
I u-w., store 2o.oo
! i',(1%o rrn ^' r'"1HS, moil, imps 20.00
. 1330 32 1 st. n.w., mod. imps 25.00
' ant' K u w-. 10 rooms, mo<i. hups 2o (w>
ij-'i w t- rooms, mod. imps 20.00
i-i.>1 o;j 1 st. n.w., 1 rooms, mod. imps.... is 00
iumished House, N st. n.w 75 00
iurnished House, H st. n.w "" """' "] ' go 00
Lots for sale in all parts of the city.
1 Oft i"i-tr
Real Estate A^ent and Auctioneer,
10th and F. sts. n. w.
Flerant Furnished House, M st *125 00
i:^^ \ioUBe-r 1D w -v- '":.v.:.v.v:7iw:oo
13201 enn. a\e. n. w., business h>.use 100.00
d(H",lse'Lft u.w.,bet 17th and 18th loo.(M?
i.>:? t ? et n" 10 r?oms, furnished 100 00
lr"l I" st. n. w., 5 rooms and store 75 00
V)i 5' W" 11 mo?l. iinjis !. 75.00
-il ^ n- w-' 1,J ro?ius, mod. units... . 75 o>
?l-\2d st. n. w., 11 rooms, mod. imps 50.00
iv i t n' w"' rooms, mod. imps 50.00
vitn: w-? ^ rooms, mod. imps 411(H)
?."5 n- w-? 9 rooms, mod. imps ..." 35.00
110/ n- r<K-ulH ancl stor*? 35.00
Sarro st. s. e., 1 nxims, mod imps 18 00
1 J -S^roJ R-e '. 7 roouw- mod. imps 18.00
llr7thJi WVJ r,,OIns 20.00
pb< 7th st. s. w., 8 rooms 18 o<>
l'rfS i1^?fJ' n" w" J roomf". mod. imps."ls'00
u- w-- ^ rt'ouis, mod. imps 15 00
rTo n Jersey avc'-,u- w-it; rooms 15.00
1 jiu x-2S- ?-Ve-.n" W- !alxe store 125.00
lj!9 Jork ave. u. w., store 75.00
Aew 1 ork ave. n. w.. store . 7** nn
919 and 921 7th st. 11. w., 8 rooms each."*."*...!,! 65 00
A tine front oflice room. 940 F st n w 20 00
u Office rooms at 1419,1423 and 1425 New York ave.
and LOTS in every section of the city at
Kult Oje tunes, and on terms that will suit
ti^ewhere'' 411 ^ m> 1161 belore Purchasing
Money to loan in sums to suit, on Real Estate, at 8
I'er cent, and at 7 icr cent on hrst-class centrally
located real property. '
octl9-tr R. O. HOLTZMAN.
11^?1 ^ n-w-'m?d- imps *100
x- Missouri ave., iras and water. 23 re . . 60
\n ?.?7 Htht?U"aver mod"rs SO
No. 917 8th st s.e., store *>
Stable, I st., bet 7th and 8th s.e...*. k
17 lt}& R n.w.trag k water$2,500
X- ?-:;5 I?1}1 St., ^as and water . 2 100
No. 1737 11th St., *ras and water 2100
I have also for sale a number of very desirable
nouses situated on Capitol Hill, having all the mod
ern improvements end convenient to Loth lines of
street care. Ai-ply to
AVO. A. NICHOLSON, Real Estate Broker,
oct4-ly 708 E st n.w.
IT OR rent-By THOS J. MYERS, Real Estate
A tt ,f5^eut, 1216 F st n.w.
Frame House. 80ft 22d st. n.w., 10 re., mod. imps.
--story irame, 2013 S st. n.w., 6 rooms.
.V^ory Brick, 405 llth st., 14 rooms, mod. imps.
3-story Brick,1414 F st. n.w., 14 rooms.
. >fhce Rooms m May BuildiuK, corner 7th and E sts
FiDe Wameutta SHIRTS, made to order, for !
' Wanisutta SHIRTS, ready-made, 75c.
Frtut of the Loom 8HIUT, 60.
4-ply LINEN COLLARS, 'i for 25c.
4-ply LINEN CUFFS, 20 and 25c. i?er pair
J&fiF Baltimobe ShxbtManufactory.
<xtlh-2w* 4til Fenna. are.
Are "something new" and comfortable, at 50 cents
and $1 a pair.
The;; Rosebery Scarf at 81.
1 he Lan*rham" Scarf at 81
The;; Waterloo" ScarfatSl
Ihe Duke of Bedford" Scarf at $1.
These are warranted. " Lloyd Attree & Smith's
London Neck Wear," latest designs. Law Line
Just opened, at close prices.
octl8-tr 816 F at. n. tr., Opp. Patent Office.
iomtber?arredu"!a'to",8to,? M
For Voting HATS, ^
_odHr 8I'KEME?.
.A selection for Gentlemen's Dnw ? ??
andStreet Wear received and ready for in
ejection, and offered at fair prioMf ffl
Chizkns' Alia & Nay* Merchant Tailob,
nnio^i* street,
_*eplQ-tr Corcoran BmiHmg
Doors, Sash Blinds, Mouldings, he.. Ac.
Offices SrstolfftTenne southeast
? (60S Pennsylvania avenue northwest
^mh?JtSPOT~^ "treet *** avenue J
f now have no partner, and tw connection tchaterer
condnctedahnost eKclnsivelybymy ewn family?^
my bnsiness operationa shall be conducted with the
assjsagffi^r1 .
Li i
'SS-k '
STORE A good opportunity for# >oun?r man
with very smaK capital to enter a retail cash bu?n??^ !
'Apply No. 431 6tli st. R.W.. bet wen 3 and 11 p clc*'k
a. m. WOUr
1>OR SALE Aflouriahiu* HOTEL of fifteen year*'
standing, in a thriving town near W a^liintrt^n )
price $5,0u0. one-third cash. worth $10.0<W to any
shrewd i*rt> Apply to THOS. J. BRUWS, L* Droit
building, this city. iKtH-Jt'
Q?6,000 WASTED On first-class Real Estate at 7
^ I'fr cent interest and no commisnouA. Addrtes
' Seourit>," City Post office. oaOW H
T> BUSINESS. Address F. D. Star oft.*. >tatiu*
terms, location. Ac. oct-.t-.U'
T/OR SALE A three ?t >ry PfM Mck Frout
r HOUSE on M st.. between lOtli and llth ?t* n w.
A rx.re chance for a desirable House cheap R O.
HOLTZMAN. 10tli and F su n.*. octi.'-*
(>",000 TO LOAN
V In sums to suit, at H j^er cent.
oct23-4w St. Cloud Butl-.hmr
V"OK SaLk A neat l?r?>?? Brick HOUSE of ten
" rooms. modern improvements. lar^e fnrnt and
l>ack yard,fronting south; 14 l<v>t alley. term*.
$2 350?small cash payment. ttalance to suit Apply
to M. WHIPPLE. 1106 O st. n.w. _ octM-**
VOR SALE-At a Discount-With small cash
r payment and easy monthly instalment*, a han.lKumc
and convenient RESIDENCE in the nicest part
of Le Droit Park. All modern improvements Address
" Builder." Box 580. Oty P. O. atit*3V
For Rent?The STORE occupied 1>>* j >mt?s
Brother, corner of 14th &ini H kUl for the la*t
years, will l?e vacant on the 1st of Noyemlv*r.
ihe STORE adjoining. Apply to p. BllENNAN. in
house, adjoining 1628 14th st. n.w. ivti-i-.t
cct22-3t* 323 4 \ st. n w.
(22,000, *8^406 T0LOAN ON REAL ESTATE.
oct22-3t 609 7tfi at. n.w.
j\ Eiue i orner property Store room 'JOv'tO, diumgr
r?x in. kitchen, parlor. 4 bed room*. with all the minlera
improvements and tine cellar. This property is
in one of the tiiiest local'.tie* in the city for (.r^NTy
business. Offered very low. Apply to BATES A
RYON, 70S D st n.w. oO??o*'
ors store eor rent stth'k and HXTI'RES
for sale. If not dis|>used of as above very
soon, I will rent the Store.
Gentlemen in need of 0<vvls in my line have an
oi iKtrtunity now of buyimr at irreatly reduced price*.
1?. fl. Dl'VALL,
octlH-lm 459 Penna. ave., lx-t. 4S.. and 6th sta.
?2.000. $2,500, $3,000, $4.o<?0 TO LOAN o:i first
Vs cliifls ical estate security. Also, larger amounts il"
security is ample. mmvt k MEBFRM ANN.
oct 19-1 w Room 26. I>- Droit Uuild'.mr.
?J?0 LOAN*
In Sums to Si it.
At 8 l? r cent.
On first class property at 7 i?-r cent.
octl9-tr l(?th and F rt?. n.w.
F'OR SAI.E?A new BRICK HOl'SE in West End,
on a principal street: 9 room*: all modern improvements.
lot 140 feet deep. Will sell ai a sacrifice.
J. C. HOl'SE, 1723 l'enna. ave. octlti-tr
wiiw ^er for a client learintr Washington throe
two-story BRICK HOl'hES located an follows :
| Ore en Pierce Place, between 14th and 15th ?treets.
with x rooms, hot and cold water, and a mot) lot, for
j $2,500. on terms to suit customer.
! Also, two two-story Brick Houses of S rooms. h~>t
| and cold water, and in nice order, located on Defrees
street, for #1,200 on the same terms. Property must
l>e sold at once.
1 am also offering spec ill banrains to parties wanting
to buy small Houses by i>ayiuff one or two hunun-d
dollars down and the balaiict iu monthly installments.
Apply to
oetl 1 tr Real Estate Broker. 70H E st.
r ERTY-Ei^lit acres and twenty-four perches of
LAND, with a Frame Dweilimr and Out-liuiMiiun
ti.enon, at HyattfiVille. Md.; now occupied l>y Israel
M. Jackbun. JOHN E. KENDALL, No. 61'.) B st.
u. w. Oct 10 2w
MONEY.?$2,000 to invest on Real Estate, central,
at 8 per cent.: also, $1,000, and bams to fcUit,
in in i^uo to S&oo always on hand.
WM. F. HOLTZMAN. Attorney,
oct9 1321 F street n.w.
SALE?At a B*r<jais?Three-story BRICK
DWELLING, No. M0 E st. s.e., containiiur 9
r' oms; lot contains 5..Vhi feet; stable on rear; within
oiie square of Wallach school, and near avenue cars.
IV i-erty cost $5,500. will sell for #.!, "*?), in paylin
nts of $:-,0 j>t-r mouth ; will a<-c?-pt other i?roj?erty
in i art pajmenL FITCH, FOX & Cl'TTER,
cx-t8 i-o2w 1437 Pa. ave.
T'O LOAN?$3,000 and $1,200 at 8 i>er cent.; $200
1 at 10 |>er cent. Apply to
eep? W. E. Bl'RFORD, 70K F. st. n.w.
I ' of the city lor sale; payable in monthly installments.
Also, some in exchange for unimproved
trround. JOHN SHERMAN & CO.,
scp24-lm St. Cloud Buildinv.
eemoved to this pi.ace,
Northeast Corner or Tenth and D Streets.
Private Entrance on 10th street.
Liberal advances made on valuable Persona! Property
to any amount, and for any time desired, on
very r? asonable terms.
A larve stock of fine ^roods for sale. The oldest and
ari-? st business in the city. sepit-tr
Loan Broker and Jeweler,
sep34r l'rivate Office, 1417 Pennsylvania avenue.
LAOR SALE?Convenient to Ammendale Way StaJ?
tion, the Drury HOUSE and GROUNDS; also,
line BUILDING SITES, rolling-, well watered,
Lealtliy country. Address DAN'L AMMEN. Beltsvilie,
Md. sep2-3m
?O HOTEL.?A la<ly from New York haviiiK
taken and thoroiifrhly renovated the house, is now
prepared to receive truests, and can assure them of
every comfort. Board excellent. oct24-3t*
IpOR RENT?With Board -A laive second-story
FRONT ROOM. 230 New Jerse> ave. s.e. <nr2;i-"it'
/ '>! D ST. N. W.?(iood BOARD and ROOM "at
l)Oi $5 j>er week. Table board at very reasonable
rates. oct22-3t *
i\ can secure fine ROOMS and tlie best of BOARD
in a family where appreciative parties can enjoy the
ccmforts of home. 806 E st. n.w. oct22-lw*
"VT1CELY FURNISHED ROOMS, en suite or s:n3
jde, with BOAltD, at 1138 New York avenue
n.w. oct21-6t"*
L'OR RENT?1908 H street, desirable ROOMS, with
Mr ext-elient B< >ARD in a private family, at moderate
rate; l<H-ality pleasant: only two squares from
War Department, and on avenue car line. octl9-2\V*
1715 H ST.. opi-osite Admiral Porter's. TABLE
BOARDERS ac<-ommodated. octl4-'2w*
|?OR RENT?Furnished ROOMS on second and
J? third floors, with or without BOARD. No. 915
New York avenue n.w. sep30-lm*
BLE BOARD, will find accommodations at 924
14th st n.w. Mrs. WILLIAM S GRANT, octli lm*
Large: elegantly furnished-rooms]
With BOARD, can be secured at 122 Dunbarton
st., corner of Congress, cieonretown, D. C. The
house is most desirably situated, and on the line of
the Metropolitan street railroad. Terms reasonaable.
(reduced nrices,) 705 15th Bt and New York
ave. Mrs- M. M. E. SOUTHALL. oct3-lm*
Miss BORDLEY, from Baltimore, has reoi>ened
her house for Permauent, Transient and
Day BOARDERS, at 1800 F st, Washington. D.
C. sep26-lm*
1 '49^ H STREET NORTHWEST is a*rain open.
lO^O with pleasant Furnished Rooms and TABLE
BoARD, at a moderate price. The locality is
beautiful and very central. Transient guests accommodated.
sep 11-7 w*
T~ REMONT HOUSE ? Parties who desire good
Hotel BOARD, with cool and airy ROOMS, can
locate at this favorite Hotel for the summer months,
at the following reduced rates: Gentleman and wife,
$50 to $60 j<er month; simrle Rooms, $25 to $30 per
month, ana $8 to $10 per week; table Board, $20 per
month and $5 per wee*. Jel ly
DR. P. H. HELLER, ha vintr returne<l from I
Vienna, has opened his office at No. C16 H street
n.w. Office hours, 8,10 a.m., 12,1,5,8 p. m. oc!9-2w*
CIV. ditto*, Architect and Engineer,
has Removed to 916 F street. (Warner Building.)
Bridges, Roofs and general Iron Work desitrned,
estimated and contracted for at lowest
rates. Jy5-tr
DR. I. XX. JOHJVSTOIV, a graduate of the
Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery
Philadelphia, with 16 yean* experienoe.MJM
Office over Ballantyne's bookstore, 438 7U1*"-"*
et n.w. Dentistry m all its branches. Gold fillings
s specialty: gas administered; nothing but firstclass
work done References: Rev. Dr. Domer. llth
and H streets n. w.; Win. Ballantyne ft Son. 428 7th
street northwest JyS-ly
DR. T. M. TALBOTT, Dentist, ma
Removed to southeast corner 7th andMHK
E streets northwest Teeth Inserted $7 per5
let. my03-ly
DH.J.B.GUgW^ fl|
REMOVED TO 703 15TH 8TREET, ********
marl-ly Over Thompson's Dnig Store.
ranted. ootag-ly
tepw <TMMh Mb Vt HiMb
All Linen. fo#dy Ri'mniM, S rU <>a<-h
300 |4wv? .?f I<at>e? new K?ii Ithm <t,vhU. aR tk?
lates novelties. "i5 ct* up
Colored rschiiKTw. everv coltr. yard wrt# V) rt*
100 pair* of l?iw Poulile blanks**, , whit,v. ?2
flSO. AS, ?S Sfl. *4. #4 so. f.% per pair
lOliaieeot Bed Comfort*. fr>?n 7.% eta up
SO pteoee i?f AO-Wool Black < 'ashu teres, yard wi I?
60c.. aSc.. 60c , 65c., 7?>c., TSc . H7c , $1
50 |^i* of Itire M.ihair*. , black.) douttle width
2S eta.1} ard
Red Twilled nuuirli, all wool, 30, 25. 30 S7 ct*
VV hit.- Wool Flannel*. 12V IS. M. JS ,-t* '
New Styles of Berlin Cloaks. fntu t(.Vl as
ilO m>. ' *
German Wool Corrrtidn
All I.men 1 able Linena. from 25, ST. SO. GO eta
White Counterpane*. from 5<>cta uj> *
Napkins. To?vl?. sheetuur t VMoa
Shawl*. from #1 SO, fl, #5 50. f:t. #:< 50. 94
lnuuenae st.vk of New Kail and Winter thy ()v>vl?
at the very Low ?*t Market Pnoe. .
C. *. T0W80*. ^
636 Pennsylvania mrenne,
_<*"* _ B->iith ?id*. near Tth otreet n ^
0KK rASF. of CALK OI^ tV yard
(nie cmm- of Oahcoea, remnants, *k. i<ound
< ashmeres. from 2V to *1 yard
l! .'!? W00"*. 12 V Is- at*i SO, yard.
JuMineof Blankets and Comforts,f run tl 25 u?
Mine Pemorettt's reliable PATTEliNS
ortl*4r Cor. 7th ? ??# F mtm. ?.?e.
Our stock of VELVETS ta now complete. anl *
are ofierin* tlie laivost assortment ever ahown m thia
Makinjr a *|x-eialty of tliese * we ftr* ,l)lo ^
sell from 25 to 50 ;>er cent, le?s than any otior Su> ?
ill Waahimrt on.
Call and examine this ?t <ck and be conviuoed. at
60S Aintti street, '
??"'16 tr Oj?i>osite Patent 1)^
Tlio j-ulOic demand CHEAP PT1TCES. anl ,Jcr ^
ST<H K lROnU'ltne 311(1 Ht Low IHIWN IkVTKS
C^liDitTPft, 2>'s tt7f NV. !? ^ 1 *25
lllack Silkji <".JV.c u|> t s'llks clieai> 1
Pw-ss m new KtyU*. l.".<- n>>
Clwapest H.<u?e in city 111 Auction lt!anketa
5?bax\K sk:i-ts. Knit I u i. rwvar.ri >aks. chaan
??1 Haiinc'.x at rwinouKly low rato*.
Clic.i^j-tit C'ariM-tf \. t oftiT,-> i
Bef-t Tajv^try It^tsins. k.v- ; Wo.In rj\r
Go*ni Inwraiitf), 25. int. 45. 5Uc . cUt-a*
l!.?t ltnifK??iK. 75 to :?<>c.
I # Call and cxaLumo
T. n v?rn\iv
_ ?, UMr W# Mrtrkri Spar*.
I WOODS, nitv
I. XI'WtATj R.f/f<; 11 >\
i'UiJ lJn'~>,J'KKiM only 25. wortlj
? ai Brown an<1 Navy Blue Wool Presa Ci ^U 15
I-iirv V.K.I (muledouble width Colored an.t bia k
Ca^liUiMW only 5() r??nt* a yard.
r-1 aiii' ^(1M>1 l)r:'!"! (*'h V0rv latA^rt ?tvl?
S ^in, r ,>,M' ,1'",Vlr aa^ V* **oi boauuiui Prei
OooiUi recei\ ed lately. ^
CARTER S, tit Market S/inrt,
'P"' Ca?.h Pry Goods store." Black Silks p.Votw*
hilks.Ch?H ked Silka, Str.ited Si:k?. < \?> !le'nt hwavy
Oi-oGram Black Silk onfy *1 ?jir rval satin tbSIS
wo'rtll'*i'> K, ,'11 U1<''I'lalny I: s.-ks.ik.only #1
. , ^ 1 *lH*re. K\ery<Mlorand?v?*r\
of colored Silk. fl.Miks. Cloak*. r.A.U ,,^L
assortni?-ut of i'loakn, 1 r.to ils'
l-ure w.H?l. f25tl. $5, #7..Vl aud *1?. v"S
*>* wool Pr.'fs Uoodm. ?{, $l.?,
<>ctl<4r CAUTEli'S. Market Spaoe.
A S^5Vai^pg!BeR'
hi iV* 1M 1,1 l?v (?ur Mr HltOl)
HEAP and we can oon:id. iit!y a^rt tli it w Lt?
trver Ul re been ab!eto, trer lXVtui le or u\ 'A
s j a.luro.xla, of *ra.v forhi.U w J?2?
atn*tliem?nybBnrainH w. off?r. but wv
];.a< j. all-\\o.)l ( a-lmi.-rv Shawir. at 75 Ul,
i?i '*15 <ir,,s (?rain s*lk at |1.
a -,l,n V1,',1 * a*'1 "P. f??eantifttl at
o(H*.,) I? uut<11il MatclasM* siiiiiiifM i ' ?
Ifvn*' BUck Si!k l a,, \ ,lvet. ?l.JoUSS n],'
Jjiieu < rash. .<? . in r y :;r.l atxl 111
fruit of the I/?i1u 4 4 Bleaclie 1 < otton, HVc
Wx'l B.ank.ts, $1 pcrjiair an.) up
I l-lt trairt .i-biitton Ki 1 j.", ,v>r i.air
Clark H U^t >(ijl-yar<l S5 1 Cottou, 5c., 0 s'po >1* f.,r
mc. Call and esaaane.
ortS ,r *? r?- iN t !?th and lath Hta
Will oj?n nest week another iiumenxe stock of
l>eantiful patterns and new (bviiima. Proas a v>1a
lrorn l.".. <ts. up. Fine Novelti.-s. Bla?-k an 1 t'.!
ored < ashmen's and Siiks;?H> j ait-s of ir-tnk?ta
iSliSltejj*" "u lur ?AS" usli- ?* ?| *"
J Hie ca>e of Blankets. $1 ,?i, worth ft2 25 one ca?? 1
: S au^' very heavy, ftj.aj. worth #?; om? S3 1
Blankets very heavy and larve, (4.50. worth *5 01a 4
aise Canton f lann<-.. 5c., aold e\. rywhere at 6w' on* 1
case yard wide Cotton,5c.,Bold everywhere at 6
Wack and txild Vaslimere, cheap, Blk Silk <-h?>ai>:
I'nderwt ar /or mjn' h
l^.es and children; I niaOndried Shirts at ?U? an l"
JHtc.; Laundrnnl Shirts made for ua at ftl U5 full
hue CurUin Laoe Just In. *1X>- ,uU
^ HMO l'a. niv.,(w anth'nt.
pLOSIKU OrT. ~ '
II tirst-claas 4-ply Linen Collars, at
arul Vi ; 1116 "S?8 ^ Usually aold at *i 50
dozen. Jbme 4-|?lv Lnif-n Caffn d&r a
,, Branch Shirt Factory,
! *frl64r IPO* F Street n.w.
- j - made to order, of Wamsutta mn.iin,
and fine Lmen Bosoms lor $1.25, ready to i>ut on.
a Drefig SHIRTS made to opdec of th? vapv
the niOMt ele^raut manner and a i*xIectly
6atu?factor>' fit guaranteed, for $2.25.
P1? ?HIRT rea<ly made for 00 rvnts nnflnwonder*"
doU*r n*dy ?'ut " aunpljr a
Tb? Mystery" or our A SHIRT, at 75 cents la
made of VS amsutta muslin and extra fine linen
theworid insider Una the ciitjai*** SHlltT ai
The "Hannis" SHIRT at 80 cents, is made of Warnsntta
muslin and twenty-one hundred l.m?i| wiUi
linen sleeve bands. wu-1
oIhe ' Southern" SHIRT at 90 onto, ia the
same as the Hannib, only beinK 0|>eu Front.
W"e iruarantee even* arti? le we s.^1 to be as reprebented
or the money will lie returned.
BRANCH StriRT Factobt,
serH tr JQQ'J F ntreet tt.te.
, ^"e invite spef ial attention of purchaser* to our
?'mi'le*e aUK-k of HOI'SEFlTKNIKHINa
(jU<?Ph. w hich we have Just r?^vived, and winch wo
are prepared to oiler at very low price*, viz
_ Axniinbterf Moguette, Wilton, lkxly liniwiela,
larertr}'; Umnw-la aud tn^nio (Wiiotfl. in ail the
new deaijois; Ru?re Mats and Floor Priuno<?, in
peat variety . lUw Silks, Jutes, t rench aud Ki.^.wh
t rctonnes : t nnve<l Jute Curtains, somethin* new
Lace Curtains in all grades and styles
An inat>ecaou of our stock w solicited.
*Pp7-ly 1323 FSt., near Ebbitt Houae.
" B. ^
C O AC H H A R D W A M m
619 B street n.te.,
Ska.B B. 4 P. R B Ocfot,
Waahimrton, D. a
Sab Ibok. Horn Shoe Ibo* am Han*
Tis Plate, Ziko, Hubs, ?"?
Spokes, Duces, Dbxub,
Oil Cabfetb,"
Paixts, Vabkish, Machine BELznra,
OctS-ly PAOraa ^ LACa*A
H. P1CERELL, Ptm. J. f. PEEBLE, Sac. (
oT Ceorpeimwn, D. C.
Hsrtim btec appointed Waahln^ton Amnt for Um \
hove well-known and reliable Com pany, I oau ha
foond at my office. 1SS9 F STREET NIT. daily beJOHN
H CABsry, Amnt
Invite Inspection of their
which have been reduced to ench low flffwea m to
campete In price with Chandeliers of oth?r
and far aurpaaa them in beauty And furniahiwr
qualitiea. pfti dm
mt SS\??S-.?T&,. /

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