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THIS jurrmmnowK.
T^UNCANSON BROS., Auctioneers.
L island a \>.m r.r.E i \* een F'>' '< feknth
Bj virtue 1 a r d of trr-t, daf : March
5Mlb. A. D 1S7S, dut* recrled ir. I. !-r N v J
foilO 4?. I, ??!?** of the 1 livi |* : the ??* "'B
District of (Wnnibia, ar.'l at tt;-- r> of the !
holder of th* note seenn-'l thereby, vs.!! v,!l. at j
Lubiic a'i ' n, fr nt f ti. i r ... - on lUES'AY.
Htn ii.'wr 24!b. 187% at 4 i Yi ; k p. r.i.. the
followinjr-ck ..c~ihed rea! ?-t ii -it'iate .ri the e'ty of
Washington. I>. C-, to wtt ?Lot letti n . F, in8t
Vincent's Or-,Asylum's reivr i,. i ?ii'> livison of
original In. >n square nuiidwr:-1 rv > i utidred and
eleven (211 >. together w-.tu the ii.n row.oiiis, &e.
Term? One-fourth cash. and tin l>a'.,tir- in sis,
t*fhr??wUiifhtt*n iiiortli.a. Willi N :w cut. iut?r- i
MlfwamBD neei red by a deed ot trust on the
property or ail cash. at option of tin purchaser,
$100 deposit required at the t<me of s*le,
rW and all conveyancing and recording a; purchaser's
cwt Terms to lie complied with in seven days,
otherwise tin* Trustees reserve the riKlit to resell the
property at t: r-k and <-.?t of th? ?i. faulting purchaser,
after five lays' advertisement.
W. TYLER, , Trustees.
SATTBDaV isth lay ol I> .vinl , . A I) lsls, at
cl?>? k i in. By order of t'-e Tr-;i-.tf"s
r de2f.-d JAMES W. TYLER. ? Trustees. ;
rpHOMAS DO V? LING, Auctioneer.
By virtue of two deeds of trust to ijk. .ute'l ta
rcsjieetive!;, the IH?h day of Aini. K2,an-1
January If t? . l*7n and duly r . r le, < r. Li j 'JIL
ber? Ou> am 7?U,folios?23ti<1 420.of th- ! in<t records
for the D^str.i (-f Columbia, a:..l l.y direction of
the part:* - w^ ured tht-reby, wr- on SAT
i'BDAY, Iv - < n:ber 'Jsih. 1s7h. in ir?..Tit of the pr?.mjses-,
at 4 o\ ' x k. the follmrirv iiroj??rty: p.irt of lot
nnnjhere'; <: ? b-.m-Jred &:ij Ri\'y-four, ft'".tv in
Brail's add'tion to Ge-inretown, trontiijir 31 fe?t.
iiiore or le?-<. a^i'l rumiiowr ba^k In t .'a parullel
lines tliefni *"; tl, of mi1 lot, a:-1 tr >vt:u>ron the
Wf st8.de ot Mreen street, betweeti (i.;y ai;d Olive
street", and imi rx ve i by two .-..-raf Tiablo U-storv
^ briek bou>i - lach house and ktouuU th.rewits
offered seja-ate.
Terms (\ ' i'f ca^Ii: tho r Ino ! two
r payments at ami twelve n1 tit' 1 t s ?i.-s ix-.tr[
uikr inter*->f and secnre?l by < < i- >( ir.i-t on the
I property sold. Adei >j?:tof -vi'l 1m< reomred ou
eaen botise ht t;meof sale. A !< >" veyau- ?!* at pnrt
baserV ro> t T- ri.;?< to be -iv t!jv.en
days, other* -el'rustf-es r. <>erv.' t" r:-.-ht to r^.-eli j
the property at the risk and < < -t o? t i; detiu'.tin^
purthaser al ter five dayy* !?iive-i - tr. ut.
w. i>. cas-;N # _
dec 17 AV. A .. >RPQX.{ T-"^o98.
rPKI'STEE'S -AJ.E ?=F TWO ;* ..TORV \"-'I)
I HAS KYI ; rKATE tUV.I ' !.IN?.S, V ><. ii;
? nd*M WAS& AYL5C? N.\Y.; Lt>i' '
By \trt-;e < f a leed of trii-t. ilat I fsjno >. jl
17th. WK. : ..; r?c> r.ied ir. I.-1m r >.?. T.'W
i i >lio 3-_?s. < j 1 n c. f. >i r j? not -?J5.
of t'ohin I- , und l>y direction of tii-> t-arxy .- e-?nr"d i
thereby.lv. .I -- I nt publicanction. pi front of ih.
prei&ieee, or r I.TI'W, Jan: . . :!(!. 1-" ; t t o'clock
I .m . the b '!>-ui?>r-det>v:;hed re . -t-. e. situat-.'in i
the city of :-^hint-ton. :n'"ai-'t 1 t > wi L"t
iett. ri i a- !i li rirt.'.l " M," cm I > , * a v
lt?> teet :u V. Uh frontirit' \t ; ?.->> .- \ - ?,{
Hit re dfj tii tie H, of L- ; 1 t. ! u.id marki-t {
"L." of Rf.tiitt. "'s snbd vi.-iov of onVj.i?l lots n'nu- :
ih red one <1>, two (2), three (3). fo'ir <4V, ten (10),
and eleven (I?>. in eonare ninnK-ri 1 f - r huu Ire '
and fifty-two < 4.V2'. The whole fr ;t.-: ei 03 said
avenue, snd rt.:-- i cvk to and 1>o.'.i- 2 < bet 4 inches i
1 n 4'iey lis liar, together with the improvements
These ho-:.-e^. w;ib the trroii- : aihi. hed, will !
lie ottered stparattly, or one with ilu priiritetre ol
Terms of sa!o: One-thir l ca-hn f wh'. h *TS on
each hoiw mnst be ra. 1 at time of - u'!, and t!ie j
balance meinalpnjTiieTit> ins'.i.tw v wieferbt* eu 1
tuonthri. to lie mml by purcha r*s notes, IwiM 1
8 l>er cent, interert from day ol sale, and a deed of ;
trust on pro|>crtj sold; or ail cash, o.'t.on of 1 <-irchaser
t'onvt-jam n:wand rccord. 11 r ; t vucchaaer':? I
cost. It te'-iusof sale are not complied with in nix '
* uavs aft?*r sale, the Trartse resei- tfa n-ht to re- ;
sell, at ribk and co-; of 1 nrehjf'r in <if' ;iult.
i HOLTZ^IAN*. Tru-'ee,
i ?'21 F st. n xv.
WAI.TFTt B WILLIAMS CO., A acts dvl-dt ?h .
H. WAKHER, K-jui Estate Aactiooflee.
SIDE OI Ct>Lrv.;IA Si..: : T. ?JEXWi:L>
P AXI> STREETS >til;T!? "> -<T.
By virtue of s def-d of trnsr dated lV?-r-Mry
It lb. A I> ls7"?, ti ily recorded in L ir:r N'j. > ?
77s. folio t'?;. one of the land records for the-J1- *?
D:htrjct ot Columbia, ar?l at the r??-in-of thr>
bolder of the note secured thereby. I sh tJ = -ll at
Inblic auction, in front of the premi ses, on TEES
>.VY. January 7, 187'.'. at 4 o'clock p. tu . the t 'l!o ?lUfr-deBt
t i!?e.! e- ite. situate in le city of
isnttn. 1). C..to iv ; I>'t nnv h-rel hondrel
and tb:rty 11 (I'Vi. in iJavi-l I.. M Tison and ,
< therssi:li?li\;- on of part 01 square numbrred thr.-i
iiundred ai .1 sixty nve (iit.i), together w.th tue iuiI'rovemeiit.-?,
.vs .
Terms <.>. ?-th'~tl ca^-h. and the ! r' \n--e in p^x
and twelve n ' l.thii, with ii.t? ru-t at . : p.-r -.""it.
l^er aimtan until paid, secured by a I of tm?i
on the property s.O 1; r.? ai! c .^h, :it >r ;:on of thrpurchaser.
4" 1' >0 deio,-it ut timt- of sale, and ail conveyancinar
at 1 urebaser's ci st T<. t.i:s to lw com
plied w th in w-xeti uays. otherw'se lli'j Tr-ftce r si
rves the r ?r',i to rcieli the ?>ro;>eriy "t t'le r.sk
and cost ot the defaulting purchaser, alter five days'
ad verti^meL t
v.M, F HOLTZMAX, TrnRtee.
J. T COLPW1J-, SdewaML gw &?te
J^UKCAXHOS BROS., Auctioned rs.
ON Till- SidTH slid OE M ;i.\ND AVE
M F R i W'r ! N THIRTEi N i l! AND FOLK i
'i EI.NT II S'1B> EES NOR l HEAsl.
By virtue o: ?de?ri of trust to tit vl on
August 29.1H77, and duly recorJ?*d io L'"?9r *..rtt
No. folio "215. one of the lan< rc-- r i > ot
the District of Colnmbia. and at the rptfti?;<t of t>ie
parties sec ured thereby, we will sell a; > ublie anc- 1
tion. in fro*:t of th<? preuiion Tl E3DAY, December
31, A I> 1S7h, at 4 o'cli>-k p m., tie. following
descritied Real E-tate, situate at the ;y of W.wV
intrton, DiKtrict of Columbia, viz. All of Lot nnai
bered twelve (12) iii s-juare numbered Uu hundred
an<l twenty-e ..-ht ilt?2si.
Termsof sale One-third cash (of -.via.-h ?100 must
be paid at t.iue of sale), and th - l>a! mce in six and
twelve months, with interest at 8 j?-r ceat. per aultnm,
mH-iiretl by a deed of trust on the proi>erty
sold. or all cash at the option of purchaser. Conveyancing.
Ac . at purchaser's exi-ense. Terms to
be complied with in live days, or the property wii!
be resold at the risk and cost of rh-faaltim* purchaser.
LOUIS KURTZ,'. Tr11atftpJ,
decl8 w.fr.m0t A. It. BROWN. ) trustees.
By virtue of a deed of trust, dated Antrost
16th, A. I>. 1!<76. duly recorded in L:i>er No. 1?n!w
S39. folio 47. one of the land records for tlie..?> "M.
District of Columbia, and at the re<iue-t of the party
secured thereby, I will s.'ll &t public auction, in front
of the premies, on MONDAY, Decem'.ier 3lnh, 1878,
at 4 o'clock p. ?u., the foUowin#-described r> a! e-tate
situate in the city of AYashinston. D'.strict of Columbia,
to wit: Lot numbered fifteen (15). in Herron
and Church's recorded subdivision c-f Sv.tare numtieied
four huiidred and sixty-Eeven (401 >, to?rether
with the improvements, Ac.
Terms of sale preseriiied by said trust: The
amount of indebtedness secured by this deed of
trust unpai l. with the exj> nse of saie. ir -ash . and
the balajiie at mx and twelve mont.hi, f^ vtL.oi) tlie
notes of the purchaser, bearm* int* -t f .-nm th?
day of sa!e, and secured by a deed of trust on the
property shall be taken. \ uc-.'O-it of 5I1X)
shall be required of tne pun Las*'r at the time of
aa'.e, and all conveyancing. 4. sh:Ul ba :?t the expense
of the purchaser. it K* 1 tt ;:;is ara ii it ejiaplied
with ai r.\e days from day of ?aie, the irustee
reserves the r w-ht to resell th property at tlie co-t
ai:d r.-^k of the aefsult'iiK pu. i.v- -r.^i: r five days'
adveiti-?-m>-i!t H H. LOCK.VtOOP. ir 1st o.
THOMAS DOVUHa, A'ict. 12- Ukdl
H. WARXEit, Real bWe a
By Mrtue of a Oee.I i>f trust tl:i> ' l Novetn > A.
iirlft^.A 1> l-.74.du:y r< >r.!.d in L b-r 1?!v*
No. 7m>, fol' > j74, JSC-.'.ne 1 th ;.'id .r !- -A
for the Di' tf ? t of Columbia, am! at the re.juest of
ine bofiicr ot the notes secured thereby, we will sel!
at public auction, in front of th- premi-on
TIlUBsDAY. January 2. js7'.>, at 4 ,,'c' > 4: ivia., tha
following diMTiind real e-tate. shan't; :n the city of
Wasbimrton. 1> C.. to wit. M nui :l> red 'Ml -^n 15).
in H.Tki;rss' -mVdiMsio'i ot - jitjTrv iare?
litindred and th rty s.a lo-c.hvr wua tho iiupri
\ei!,ent?. .Ve
Terms SsOO. with jntcrr st at bi r?r c?nt. pe- an- '
man trom May 1. ls,-i, to t.ay <*t s^ie, an 1 xpens-*
? ! sale in cash, balance ia twelve m >..'hs, \v.ti>. inten-st
sec.-r i by a di-ed of trr-t 0:1 ;!v proi>erty
*"ld. $UiO deport, un.l ail conveyauv .uif at purchaser's
ALFRED H LEE, . Ttostces.
_d.-? 19 tli u. t U J. T. roLIi'A'EI.T . S .: ; a :n
1 |K. El.(i.\ 1 the O;- ^t I.-* ih' -'he 1 an<i only
1 ' lie.;al/.?- Ladies' Ph\- eian i:j th? < ;ty. can t>e
consnheilevery Tuesday. We-iw > ai-d Saturday
at No i'15 6tii st.. near K, tr.m i t - o'c jtk Alt
Ft uiale Ci uiplaints ouicliiy curcd. Oflii and Residence.
13 Barnet st.. Baltimore. decl^-'iw*
Dk. BROH.V caiv^ Sjvnn^: -rruei, Freiniture
Decay, H%*iuiRai Euiisdiocm. L ?^t Vwqt at.?t all
Diseases of a private or \tnereai na;ure. Oifioe,
L sL. near I6th st. n.w. deelft-lm*
MA.VS MISSION OA KAItTir. -A thoroiirfh
nuMlical tnatise, mdiearj.y how cocnmed!
disabilities may be removetL The experience
of At years* study, observation, and profess.ona.
pm-tice. showunr tne a.-ciicies that win uisure restored
mauhiiod. strec?rth-.?t;?*l vitality, and sound
conditions of heaith. tha have l>ren impaired by
overtaxed i owers. A statement of obstacle to marr"av-e
ana of tlie means by which they can be removed.
By mail. 28c., currency or 1 ,ie.lW9 stamns.
Address Sec y Museum Anatomy and Science, 1,146
?roadway. N. Y. nov21-t.thjs.6m
A victtm of yonthfnl itnvm.'. -r.oe, cansin? premv
ture dec3y, nervous debinty, etc., havm? tried in
va n every known remedy, has found a simple self
cure, which ho wdi ?eaJ i res to h.> fellow sufferers.
Adlress j. U BEEVES,
my24-eoly&? 43 Chatham street, N. V.
D?r BOBEKTSOS can be consulted every
Wednesday and Saturday at his Offloe, 474 0
St. n w.. near 6U?st.adJoinim* National Hotel, from
2 to 9 p. m., on all diseases of the Uriuary Organs
and Nervous System. Recent and Chronic Cases
quickly cured. AJI emale Complaints quickly cured.
Consultations strictly private, and a cure Ktiarauteed
m every case. Fifteen years exi>erience.
oa?* la ?- I
n.. -? tirer. ni*Vhood ^ vi*ror Of youth to the
m^i'^ ,?"S?vConfVtuuon m foar weeks. Failure
This life-reetoraitf reme^ly should be
wSlnLi V *t,out to n^rr.or wao have become
troa-t lce6s or *ny other cause. Sucoeaa
tn nS ^M oertxJI1 *> Ih^t water quenches
toSl"wfc'.5?35 N>w Yo^1, ** ,0S- ,AWW8'
nZfcJ.?* Y0rt ^4, i
By Vm,eofa 1'e l of tn:-t. dat?d Marcft
I th. A I> jW.i. rtnlj- recorded in Liter No. 1??#
lOiiu^Of, of tlif iand wnr.i? for the FHr i.H.
tri. i of Colmiibia, an J at the ivjuefct of the party
secured thereby. I will fe!l at public auction, in
irortof tlif preixi'sea. ? 4 o'clock p.m., on rUESI'AX.
laauary 7th, 1-<79. the east tif:een (15) fe^t
rront fjv our hundred (l'.t feet iu depth r>t Lot five
( >', in square three hundredand s"venty-ei?h' <3Ts>.
totrether w 1 * h imj /-- v-iti 'iit- tr.crc.jn, consisting
of a three story brick building', with a lar?re carp<-r
tersh- ?p it) the r.-ar.
Terms: One-third of the purchase money in i'vIi,
*nd the balance iu mt, twelvo and eighteen rooutln,
secured by a deed e>f trust uj>on the property sold;.
iV j ' notes' the purchaser, tearin* interest from
the day of Pale at the rate of seven (7) per cent, per
annum until paid, and payable semi-annually or all
ca?h. at the oj tioa of the purchaser. A deposit of
1 at the time of sale. All conveyancing
ar d recording at the expense of the pnrcha.=<er.
Terms to 1 e complied with in seven (7) days, or th*J
rroj*rty will be resold at the risk and cost of the
defaulting pnrchaser.
dec2*eo&dbs J ETER F. BACON. Trustee.
l!y virtue of an order of the Supreme Court of tba
District of Columbia, sitting in Equity Cause No.
ft">2t>, \\ a!sh vs. Brainard et al, I wii! sell at public
sale for cash, at fKnry P. Gilbert's wharf, Gejr<etnwii,
V. C , on TUESDAY, the 7th day of .January.
187!*. at 11 o'clock a m., tha following described
property. to wit Tw > Side-dumpta* Scows.
1 IiE!>K. DOUGLASS. D. 8. Marshal, D 0.
JOHN SHERMAN. Auctioneer. declK-dts
BIRCH & ROBEY. Auctioneers.
938 and 940 Louisiana avenue.
We will sell at our bazaar on TPl?so\Y
7i, l.cr. 1?73, at If) o'cin -k. one
Brown Mere. Buir?ry and Harness, to cover^T23L
HOM'IH I v. \-c.
"JHIOS. E. W AGO A MAN. Real Estate Auctioneer.
On Mi>ND\Y M xt, I>er-e-j'iK'r mith, nt !2m.,>TX2&
at office of Thomas E. Wnuvaman. Real K-t.-te
Broker. 51'.' 7th street, wewi i.nnili r and i'y
vrtee of a deed of tri.*t d>??l March 2*:h.l?74. and
recorded in Liter No. 739, fi>iio 4;j?. sell all of lot
ten <!'>>, :u McEweit's recordc l subdivision of part
ol cr. rival lot three (3), in mhwo live hundru 1 and
;y four ;.">74) ; the purchaser a; a former sale
i>? t ha\ jtv; complied with the terms of s de, wiiich
are ?.t:< -third Cis'i, and residue iu three eon d in
stalmeuts, payable in six. twelve and eiiriiteeji
! "ntlis from day >?f i-a'e. with interest at seven )<">
< i-r.t. i er aiitium l?lt paid, aud secured by dee;! of
tn.-t on i-ropcrty .-old. #;;tw wiil ">e required on
:.i- \ > u9 < <? bid. Terms of sale to be oranpfied
v. :}h :n !i\oiiays: otherwisert^.^aleat innI and risk
ot dffanitimf piuch;- r. Convevaucimr at purcba<ei*?-c?-'.
OlfO. f. Al'PLKBY. .
V. E. EDMONSTON.j ArllSl?;sTlIO^.
E. WACQAMAX, Auct. dec27 2t
^TEIOEli & LUEBERMANN, AuctiOaeers.
STORY LJC.CK D\YEl,I I.\ i, No. l;i:W I
streets northwest.
Py virtiK ! i a d?- d of trust, dated Oetoter ;-nl
1st. A. D. J.S74, duly recorde 1 in Liter No. '",tw
7' ,i. i .ho 2;c.. ?iT?e f l*4e land rvcordu for the
L1 !rict f i Columl>ia. and at tho re'iuest of the
holder of the note sccured therety, we will sell at
pub'ie a'iction, in front ot the premises,ou THURSDAY,
Dfccciuter 2<)th, lr-TS. at 4 o'clock p.m., the
f^iiow inK-ileecrited real estate, sitnafo in the city of
Washington, I). (J., to wit: Parts of lota nutnte'-ed
twenty-three CJ;J) ?nd twenty-two (22.) of Samuel
Ncrment's recorded subdivision of square nuuib?
red three hmuiivd n i l niuety-nmp (399). te'^iuliit.-r
for thei-aice twenty-four (2t; feet norihfromthe
s. uthtast corner of said lot numbered twenty-three
(23), on the line of fth street west, and runrnnsr
ti.cnce north alomr said street fifteen (15> feet;
thence west ninety-four (94) feel four (4) inches to
an aliey; thence south alon^r sa- 1 alley tifteeu (15)
feet; the nee east nuiety-four (94) feet four (4)
inches to the place of teriuuiiikr,together with the
inn'rovemcnts, /fee.
IVrniB: One-third cash, and the balance iu six,
twelve and eighteen months, secured bv a deed of
trust on tbe property sold, or all ca*h, at option of
the purchaser. ^10.) deposit repaired, and all conVf
yancinir and reeoniin/ at purchaser's cost. Terms
to be complied with in seven da vs. otherwise the
Trustee s reserve the r)>ht to resell the property, at
the r'-k and cost of the defaulting1 purchaser, after
nve days' advertisement.
CHARLEa C. OLOYER, ) 1 rU3tw3declS^ot";
tf? THE above SAI.E IS POSTPONED until
YiONDAV. IV -enib. r -!f). ls7S, same hour aud placo.
BRAINARD 11. WARNER, - T)..,. ,.
decJ7 d CHATLES C. GLOVER. > irU3ttO->.
I v rti: ??t decrees of the Supreme Court
of lie D strict of Cc'umlna. parsed inequity X
i :.\] fs Nr. 5.7 ts and ?!,<ill, we will soil at t j
ic auct on, in front of the premises, on TIEHDAY,
.Tanr.r 7,1s 9. ut 4 o'clo-1; p in., ail that piece or |
t u gnmnd end prcir.i. c:i situate in the city of
V.'r hiiiJtou, Di.-l: Vt of C 'liiiiibia.lH-iaif the eastern
dgbtHB (18| feet front of lotnumbeied three (3),
in square numbered four fcjjntred and ninety-oua
i491>, fronting on Pctiiisylvarria avenue, and runn:'.
back tlje r-Mne width to the rear end of said lot,
t tl.cr v *h the in.provemer.; . \c.,consLstui<ol' a
tw< story Bricli Store and Invel.inir.
Ttnns; One-fourth :n ca^u and the balance at one
and two years, with interest at six per cent, par anLi.m,
secured by a deed of trust on the protn-ny
sold. A deposit ot $?tK) required at the lirueof sale,
and ail ionveyanciDtr at purchaser's cost. I; the
trm.sof sale are not complied with in seven days
thi Trustus reserve the riitlit to resell the property
ut the r:.-k and cost of the defaulting purchaser,
alter nve days' i'h rtisemert.
EDW. N. TEMPLE, ) trustees.
B. H. WARNER. Auct. dec24-d
rpnOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer.
On MOND > Y. December 30th, 1H7S, commfrciny
at 10 o'chn-k, at store of Messrs. J
Gad' by S Brown, No. 811 20th street, uear.'. i-ST
l'tnns. avenue, I shall sell the entire stock,?"*""
cotnprieinfr hi part:
Fine stock Braiidies, Wines and Whiskies, in cask
and v'lass.
Coffees, Teas, Sutrars.
Pickle-, Spices, Preserves, Candles.
Lar>re stock of Canned Godds.
Willow Ware, Buckets, Tubs.
Broom?, W ashlioards, &c.
Counters anil Shelving.
ShowCates, Piatiorm and Counter Scales.
Too ther with many other a.tides luualiy found
: in a Sirst class yro jtry.
Als<>, Horse, Wa/on and Harness.
T'crniB caah.
dec-3-d THOS. DOWLINQ, Anct.
JHOMAS DO vVLING, Auctioneer.
Bj- virtue of two deeds of trust, bearing date j-A
the 2d day of May. 1S77. ami duly recorded in
Liter 851. foli>)s 312 and 315, one of the lan li^iJt
records fe-r the District of Colnmbia.we shall seU, on
the premises, on FRIDAY, tne 3d day of January,
ls79. at 4 o'clxk. and at the request of the party seccrt-d
thereby, the iollowinit-deacrited real estate,
J beinir parts of Lot- numtered 47 and 4x, in Holii.cau's
addition to Geor^-etown, be>rinninir for the
same at a poiLt5> feet 6 inches south of the northe:
st corner of sa d lot numbered fort y-ewht, and
nnintix thence ts i: feet nine inch*? south on tho
wi it '.ire of Mcnror st: ci t; thenco wc^t foity-ewht
leet four-and-one-half incher; th-nee north ten feet
nin - inchcs; thence east l'orty-bitfht feet four-aud
onf iialf inches, to place of betdimintr.
.M- >, i arte of Int* li'.imbcTddl'orl.)-seven andfirty*
e - Lt, same addition to Georgetown, teirinnins? for
t'ie t-aii.e at a point forty-four feet and nm? uh-Ik h
south ot the northeast comer of said lot numbarod
forty-eiwht. runniiiK ten feet nine inches south on
the west line of Monroe street; thence westfortyeik'bt
feet four anvl-a!ia!f inches: thou north ten feet
nine metes . then east" rty-eiirhi fett four-aud-ouahau
.L'lhestotheplaceof bewinuhw, unproved by
two new two-story Brick Houses.
Terms: One-third cash; balance in six and twelve
months, w ith interest at 8 per cent, per annum until
; aid. Conveyancing and recording at cost of purch;:~er.
A deposit # o required on each parcel sold
at tine ot su.e. If the terms of sale art) not com
plied with in seven days after day of sale, the Trustees
reserve the rK tit to resell the proi<erty at the
risk and co?t ci defaulting purchaaer aiter live
i.ajii advertisement
dee2.) fod MAVHEW PLATER, > "radees.
T"UOiiAS I'OViLING, Auctioneer.
two story fr\me
Ey virtue ol ad jedof trust, dated Auam*t >-*
1. A. D 1>>, i, duly rccord&il in L ber N.x ^'">2 f!??
o io4C?,oi?9 ot the land records of Wash- ?vJL '<
II: -ton county, in the District of Columtna, and at
the r-c.i'e-t of the party secured thereby, we will
k1. v'V in front of the pr-mises, on
J- R ' I "e'-mter 30th, 1?7S, at 4 o'clock p.m.,
" 1 id ceri'i.u i iece or parcel of t-ronud lyinv in
' !t> (,t Washington, Dntr ct of Columbia, and
known a" a part of lot numtered two, in sauaro
nun c; r. d nve hundred and eighty-one, together
^uh the improvements thereon.
.nu"s: Oue-thir.i cash; balance In six, twelvo and
f' i ni<?iu]:s with i!iien^t at e'^ht i>er C5ent. ix**
RMium. secured by a dee 1 of trust on the property
s?-d. or all t ash, at option of tho pnrchaser. Slot)
ooi-os : at t ine of tale, and :J1 conveyaiiclnir, &c at
o>>t ot j u.cl?asi-r. It t. rmsr.f sule are not complied
wah :n seven days from day of sale, the Trustees
.I;-'11; i? Test'u the property at theriak
and ccst of the defaulting' purchaser.
de<-I4-2t&ectdbs L W.Hvk'igHT,* Trustees.
(^lLIGElt J; LIEBERMANN, Auctioneers.
Bv virtue of a dee.l of trnst, dated .lunel w
Is". reccrde.i m Liter X53, Folio 421, one of
th. tnil r? cerds for the District of C ilumbia, Jti*.
we v ill sell, at public auction, iu front of the premiee^.
on SATURDAY, the 4th day of January. A.D
ls>79. '.t 4 o'clock p.m.. Lot numbered thirty (3n), in
t happel's recorded sub-division of part of S;iuare
numtered nine hundred and sixty (9(30), with the
in:i roveme-Dts tbereon.
'terms. Three hundred in cash; ba?ance in one,
two and three years, with ? i>er cent. j>er annum interest.
the deferred payment to te secured iq>on the
property sold. Fifty down at sale.
cTE'GER k LIEBERMANN, Auctioneers.
By virtue of a deed of trust dated June 12, i-t
1S77. recortletl in Liter 853. folio 462, one of fflfiw
the land r? cords for the District of I.Ylnm
bia, we will sell at public auction, in front of the
premises, on SATURDAY the 4th day of January,
A. D. 1k7P, at 4 o'clock p.m.. Lot numbered twentylive
(25). in L jrinir Chappel's recorded subdivision
of part of square numbered nine hundred and sixty
(Dt'>?! . with the improvements thereon.
Terms: Two hundred dollars in cash; balance in
one, two and thret: years, with interest at the rate of
evbt i-er cent, per annum, the deferred payments
to l>o i-ecin-d uj>on the proi>erty sold Fifty dollars
down at sale.
lsuruRD- > Tr""**
r> 0 U H L E If E E T.
1AT8 UliAV December is. 1ST**
'flip !\?'m 1 tirk Walking iiatcli a
i At midnight last night (> Leaty was over
twemy-fucr miles ahead of campana. o'Leary
- walking well, while campana is almost
l'?okei! down.
'i lie N. Y. Time* of yesterday says; consider
ir>g1lie fact that thu^ far t'ae six davs' walk in
progress In Giimores Garden. ! =: one of the
poorest recordri exhibitions of professional ;>edestrlanlsm,
the Interest taken In it is unaccountable.
All day yesterday the vast lnelo^vas
crowded. nut with the throngs of
Christ mas Day, but still with thousands who.
despite the manifold discomforts to which they
were subjected, found a mysterious fascination
in tbe place that compelled them to Linger
hour after hour, gazing at the contestants and
yelling themselves hoarse over the mediocre exhibition
to which they were treated. When
icferee Curtis started the men on their race last
Sunday night he to!d them that New Yorkers
had already paid out large sums of money to
see poor walking In Gilmore's Garden, and that
he hoped tnat they were now about to have a
chance to attend a match t hat \va3 worth seeing.
in this hope he lias been so greatly disap
pointed, that no man Is more thoroughly dis
justed with the whole affair than Mr. Curtis, to
v. Item, however, is due great credit for his capital
management of the details or score-keep!*ig
and other troublesome matters that have come
wit bin his province. It. is owing entirely to
i!ai r.ey Aaron's capital and seient iii<* care of his
man that Sport" (Campana> not onlv apnearc-d
on the track yesterday, bit showed oil' i >
better advantage and walked with more
spirit than on the two preceding days
'I lie one object of " snort's" backers now is to
make him accomplish *4W miles, as thevhave
money wagered on such a res-ilt sufficient to
make good their inevitable lo.ss of t he sp ikes
ai.d quarter receipts. If in his present co; diticr.
"Spoil" can be made to do ridhe will
have sl own himself io be possessed of a wonderful
amount of pluck and endurance. The
poor fellow presented a pitiable signt as he
shuffled around the track yesterday, staggerin c
as lie walked, and having a ma a on eit her side,
apparently ready to catch him if he should fall,
ll could he seen ihat his let! knee was terribly
swollen, and the leg of Ills breeches that had
been slit up for some di stance, flopped unc.?miortably
with every step. During the day the
exclamation. '-Where is Bergh.' Whv doesn't
he come ana put a stop to this." was frequently
heard from certain of the sjieetators. Others
jeered at the poor wretch, and taunted him ,is
he j .issed with the hope that lie might be provoked
to "answer back," or even to strike at
them, as lie bad done in one instance the night
before. During a greater part of the day
Sport" wore in his head a black *ilk cap
turned back side foiemost. and giving him a
peculiarly disreputable appearance, but in the
evening he walked with his bald head uncovered.
to die added amusement of his tormentors
Twice during the day he essayed to run, and
was met each time with tumultuous cheers and
yells of delight.
O Leary having left the track at 11:45 o'clock,
at ti e completion of his two hundred and twenty-tilth
mile, did not return to it again until
3::;ss: 15 o'clock yesterday morning, when lie appeared
with a great coat on, as he had contracted
a bad cold during the walk, and the air
in the Garden was chilly, lie walked until <?:! 2
o'clock, when he went off and rested 20 minutes,
lie made twelve stops during the day. O'Learv
seems more dist ressed by t he d ust and foul air of
the Garden than "sport," and he is also suffering
considerably from blisters that have appeared
tin both feet and need constant care. He
is w alking very leisurely, and is making poor
record, merely taking pains to keep well ahead
of "Sport," and thus insure his chances of
making a "big thing" out of the walk, ile was
accompanied by somebody on his weary rounds
nearly all day yesterday, not that he needed encouragement,
but to relieve the monotony,
which is the most tiresome feature of the walk
to him. His jiio-i steady companion was a man
from the Philadelphia firm, who,divested of his
coat, walked so many miles that numbers of the
spectators imagined him to be walking a match
a. ilh the champion. Another accompanist of
u i eary for a snort distance was the "big commissioner,''Thomas
Bremian; but t he yells of
delight with which he was greeted quickly
proved too much for Mr. Brennan's modesty,
and he hurriedly retired to a less conspicuous
position. A1 11:30 o'clock O'Leary qui! the true it
tor a rest and a few hours' sleep, having compieted
l?is iii'Hh mile, or during the day.
The following table of comparison between
ihe d'stances made in this match and in that
between Hughes and ti'I.eary shows thai thus
l >r ( ampana s record fails short of that nude
by Hughes:
O'f.cnfi. II ' ,!>?*. f)~Ii^ory. ''Spurt."
Dft'/x. We*. }) <"<. Mi'en. Miic*.
1 .11*3 til SH 90
2 .72 S3 r,i
3 fi'.? 59 60 55
4 'i 71 75 "u
5 52 20
0 :;l 7
Total...40S ::io '*>s? ^oo
Hughes, the "lepper." who has been iu constant
attendance at this match, lias become
again fired with the ambition to tre id the sawdust.
and yesterday he made a match with
caulfield. of P,ridge port, for a six days' walk, a
an early date, in that city. Bridgeport people
are still so much interested in Camoana tiia
hourly dispatches, to be bulletined in conspicuous
places, are sent from the scene of the present
contest to that city.
The Cremation of Hekk Stiek at Gothc?
The remains of llerr stier, a civil engineer,
were burnt in t lie cremation chapel of the new
cemetery at Gotha. in accordance with the last
will and testament of the deceased, on the loth
of this month. After the burial service had
been performed by Protestant clergymen present,
the trap-door on which the eoftin was
placid opened, t lie collin slowly disappeared
} and was conveyed by machinery into the cre!
nation vault. The vault, a low and narrow
i apartment, tilled with gas previously ignited,
| was heated to an extraordinary degree. in one
hour and a half the eoftin and body were consumed.
In another two hours the vault had
sufficiently cooled down to allow of the mourners
entering and collecting the ashes in urns,
which were deposited in an adjoining columberium.
The Gotha cemetery affords the first
public arrangement for cremation in Germany.
In the funeral sermon preceding the novel interment,
the i;cv. llerr seydel declared that
there could be no objection on the part of the
Protestant church to return to cremation,
though it was quite true that that custom
ceased and burial came in about 1,000 years ago,
when Christianity began to prevail.
| JonnNY Walking in llrs Sleep.?The other
night, in the full of the moon, Mrs. Chas. Angel,
of Kocky Springs, n. c? suddenly woke up and
found her 2-year old boy Johnny missing. The
search showed that lie was nowhere in the
house. The alarmed parents rushed out doors,
ai.d. by the light of the moon, discovered the
little fellow's track up the sandy road. They
traced bun a half mile. Then, it seems, he
turned and crossed two old fields, getting over
i fences at least in rails high. They finally found
! him in a patch of woods, sitting asleep under a
blgtiee, with his little iiannel wrapper tucked
cloicly around him. His father gave liim a
gfced shaking. The little fellow must have
climbed the high fences a thing he could not
| possibly have done when awake.
The Dtke of Magenta III.?Mr. Pierre
i Loriilard has received news from England to tue
eflect that the famous colt Duke or Ma genta
i has had several attacks of colic, and that liis
trainer lias found grei i dhiiculty in keeping him
alive. Mr. Loriilard is, it is said, in daily expectation
of receiving a telegram announcing
the colt's dea.ii.
"A i'.A LTfMOUE I.ADV llCKN'EI) Ti>I)2ATH.?C'OTuspoiaieiue
of tlie Baltimore Aiarr/.-, from
1 nlpeper, Va., says that Miss Haines, an elderly
maiden lady, recently ol Baltimore, lately ivsidingvith
her niece, Mrs. Hess, in Culpeper,
was badly burned on Tuesday mght last, and
da (i the next day from her injuries. It appears
fj:at she was a short time ago paralyzed a id
that she was alone in a room near a stove, when
licr clothe? caught on lire arid she was unable,
owing to her affliction, to extinguish the lire otto
make an outcry.
A Woman Walker's Endurance.?At 4 o'clock
yestciday afternoon, Madame Anderson, who
undertook to walk 2,Too quarter miles iu as
many consecutive quarter hours, in Brooklyn.
N. \had made 1,041 quarter or 201 miles. She
was in good condition.
Wants $200,000 Damages.?Win. 11. M s'niPman
has commenced suit in the fifteenth California
district court against John W. Mackey
of the Bonanza firm, to recover $200,000 damages.
The complaint alleges that Mackey had
maintained unlaw ftp in'imacy with Amelia ll
the wife or complainant.
gov. Hampton's condition is reported as
steadily improving. 011 Christmas duv, at his
residence, near Columbia, s. c., he was transferred
to an easy chair and wheeled out upon
the porch, where he enjoyed the sunshine for
tome time.
Myer s. Isaacs, a prominent Israelite, and
senior editor of the of 2sew
York, is being urged upon the President for the
position of minister to Merlin, rc.ude vacant by
the death of Bayard Taylor.
n?" "Beg pardon; we blundered," said two
unknown men at Salem, I rid., the other night,
when, having knocked James A. Boyee off his
horse with a club, cutting a fearful gash in his
his head, they stooped over him and examined
him more closely.
r*~ A druggist In Norwich, Conn., sold brandy
prescribed by a phy sician for the purpose of
saving the lives of two children poisoned by
aconite. Now the story is that the ultra-temperance
men of Norwich intend to prosecute
that druggist for selling liquor without a license.
Some might call this fanatical, bit that would
be rather a mild word for it.
In the following letter Mr. Story, the distinguished
artist, gives his views upon the proper
manner of completing the Washington Monument
Paris, Nov. 3, ts7s.
My Denr Mr. Corcoran:?I sent on to Mr. Senator
Morrill. some three months ago. a large
drawing ot a design for the Washington Monument,
\\ liich 1 asked him to do me the favor to
show to you. and which l dare say. by this time
you may have seen. It was made, as you are
probably aware, at the express request of the
committees of the two Houses on public build
ir.jjs, of which senator Morrill is the chairman.
I feel sure that you, who are so interested in
art. and endowed not only with large generosity.
but eminent good taste, must feel, with the
whole world of artists and architects, that the
completion of the monument, according to its
present deslKn. could result iu nothing else than
la:Sure to satisfy any canon of pood taste and
bi.uity or appropriateness. I hopeyou will parden
me in appealing to you to exert your intiutnce
to prevent the carrytng out of a work
which will be exceedingly expensive, and
which, when completed, can claim to be nothing
mure than the tallest chimney in the world
and. perhaps, the ugliest, which has nothing
American in its character?nothing indicating it
to he a monument to Washington, and nothing
either original or beautiful or characteristic in
its design.
I am well aware that some of the members of
lie Washington Monument Association consider
themselves pledged by the circumstances
eft! ecase. to carry out the original design, and.
i!:( ugh desirous to alter it so as to conform to a
better taste, deem that they are at liberty to do
this. But. after all, the design has been
t hanked, and ebanged in so many and mnerial
particulars, that it lias been robbed of all that
waspetullail.v characteristic. In the first plaoe
the <>iecian colonnade, wit." which it was to be
sum unricd at first, if I do not mistake, lias
been rejected, and. in the next place, its heigh:
has been greatb diminished. Now, if there
v en-any two points which were essentia! and
characteristic in the original design, they were
piccl;-ely these which are now re jected; and. if
? to in the power of the association to Introduce
such alterations, it is difficult to s?e why
they may not niake any other changes that
seem desirable. An obelisk, rising out of a
Oiectan colonnade. is evidently the greatest
architectural anomaly and absurdity that- ever
was imagined; but it was none the less an es
seiuial I; -dure of tlie original design;and. if the
original design must be carried out, this colonnade
cannot be omitted. An obelisk has in itself
but liale to recommend it. even in it< best
form, ft is essentially Egyptian, and properlv
v\ as alway s a monolith, adorned by deeply cut
hieroglyphics to break its monotony. Hut au
obc li.-ik built up of blocks of Hal separate stones,
without hieroglyphics and incised characters,
ai d carried to a great height, become* simply a
chimney. a.d lofces all that- was characteristic
c f tlie true Egyptian obelisk. This form of monument
is the lefuge of incompetency in architecture.
When an architect has no Ideas, lie
resorts to the obelisk. W hen a builder has no
knowledge of the art .he makes an obelisk, just as
a person w ho cannot sign his own name makes
across. An obelisk of this kind 13, In a certain
sense, simple, but it. is also mean and ugly in
effect, ami has notidng to say. What hits an
obelisk to do with Washington? How does it
illitst rat e his character and services?his personality
or history ?or the events and persons and
country with which he is associated.* Wliy,
then, should we continue, at a great expense, to
carry on to completion a design which has noi lw
ingto recommend it, and which, when completed,
will he nothing but an offence and an
eye-sore. Would it not be far better to erect a
work that shall be a delight to theeye, and have
appropriateness as well as beauty?
in making the design which l have forwarded
to 31 r. Morrill, i have founded it upon the existing
fabric, having understood that, under the
circumstances, it would be worse than useless to
make a design which did not take into account
and utilize what, had already been done. The
monument, as it stands, I took as the core of
my stiuctuie. and encasing it with the colored
marbles, in which America is so rich, and
changing Us character into a tower with a oorticoat
itsbase. Infront of this porch, or rattier
crunched beneath it. I placed a colossal statue
or W ashington within reach of the eye. so that
it could be seen In all its details as the commanding
feature of the front. On the opposite
side I proposed a statue of Liberty?achieved
by Washington for our country?and on the two
s des, 1 wo .uveal bronze doors figured ever with
tlie principal events of the revolution, and the
poitraits'of the distinguished men of the period,
the coadjutors of Washington. Fame on the
top of the tower in gill bronze?the spiritual
essence of his life?he himself at the base, tiv
corporal presence.
1 his design would necessitate no destruction
ol what has been done; all would be decorated
and beautified in effect, and make a striking
feature in the city, commanding a view far
down the country.
As for the details, they might tie changed and
varied from the drawing, but I am per made !
that tl.ere is no other method of preserving
what has been built and making of it a beauu'ful
structure, than the adoption of some sue;i
.scheme as that 1 now propose, As for the cost,
i scarcely 11.ink it would b much more than
t hat Involved in carrying the plain oboli-vrio
the proposed height. After this has risen to 3 m>
feet, the expense of carrying it hiirher would
greatly multiply In ratio of iis height and a
very large sum would bee::;ended t > little or u >
purpose. But what should it matter 1> a great
country so enormously i :eh as ours.wh.it t'\
cost should be? \Se have, as yet, raided nmonument
justly to celebrate our great icade.-.
No oiher country exists in which so little bono
in tliis way has been paid to her greatest an 1
most illustrious man. Think of England, in
these late days, with her splendid mdmimem
to Piince Albert: Think of France with hei
noble and costly monuments to Napoleon; the
Arc de Trlomplie; the Column of the Place Yen
dome and the cenotaph. Think of Germany
and her Walhalla, and her colossal Bavaria,
<vc. Florence, poor as she is, Is now casing all
the facade of her Duomo with splendid marbles,
and every where erecting noble monuments to
her great men. And is it possible that we can
be content with a plain chimney to celebrate
There is not a manufacturing town in France
or England, the chimneys of whose factories
are not richer in effect. Ours have no superiority
over them, save that it will be balder and
I hope you will excuse me in saying this. It
is not to urge my claims?far from it. l ask
not hing for myself?I only wish my country to
have a monument to which it can point with
pride as worthy of the great man It celebrates,
and of the good taste and generous liberality of
a great people. No matter who makes this
monument, so long asit isone of which wcneed
j not be ashamed.
you will. I hope, take this letter in the spirit
of fnendliness In which it is written. I had
such pleasure In seeing you in Washington, and
I retain such a v ivld recollect ion of voiir kindly
i reception ot me, that I should deeply regret
i that you should misinterpret my object in thus
writing to you. I know you have great influ!
free; i know you have the best lieai t, and feeii
ii.g in this as in all other things, and It is for
I this reason that I now write to you to urge yon
I t o induce the committee to reconsirler'thls mat I
ter of the monument, and to do something of
which our country maybe proud, and not to add
one more to t he monuments which are unworthy
of cur eminence among nations, and contrary
to all canons of good taste, * *
I am yours, most faithfully,
W. W. Stouv.
Wiioorixc-cou.n ant' Funocs.?Sorae years
ago M. svetzerich made toe as-ertioa that
v.hooping-cough was caused by a certain fungus.
'Ihis assertion seems lately to have been
confirmed by the researches of 51. Ysehamer.
who say s he has found certain lower organisms
m the spittle of w hooping-cough patient >?org.mi
ms not, met with in any o> her disease accompanied
by cough and expectoration. Evamining
the spittle after it has been a short
j time suspended in water, there are found <>drj
pu.-cles about the size of a pin's head, of white
or slightly yellowish hue. aul these show, bej
sides apathetical cells, a network frame or
I polygomal meshes, with rounded, greenish
sporules; at a more advanced stage, colorless
; hyphae are seen, and large sporules, yellowish
or brownish-red, sometimes even ramified, ii
j is interest ing to learn that the champignons in
, ou stion are quite Identical wHt th which,
i by f heir agglommeratlon, form the b!ac < p lints
on the skins of oranges and the parings or certain
fruits, especially apples. Thus, M. Yschj
amor, by inoculating rabbits with this dirk
matter, or even causing it to be inhaled by
men, produced 11 ts of coughing several days In
duration, and presenti<ig all the characters of
the com ulsive whooping-cough.
IIkm.th ok ^noPKEKrnKS.?Recent inquiries
show that the rate of mortality among Load ?i
grocers is as T?? to too among the general Do tal \tion
at equal ages, while the death rate* a a i:t r
drapers is as los to i?>;? by the same sfaudird
On analyzing the cause of this dlfferenc > b >tween
the drapers and grocers, it is found that
it lies in the mode of living. The principal disease
wldch destroys the draper is pulmonary
consumption, and the e<plana!lon is simpleThe
grocer lives In a shop, the d > or of watch is
open all day, and he is very active himself in
business; the draper, on the other hand, live . in
a close place, with the doors of his shop
closed, and in a dusty and close atmosphere
In regard to the great majority of the' large
drapery establishments of a cloy like London
the heat and closeness which are their almost
variable characteristics sufficiently account, it
is believed, for the general pallor and unhealthy
appearance of the male a ad female attendants
in t hem.
The Long Tunnel through solid rock to carry
water to Baltimore is being cut in nineteen sections,
the plan adopted being to sink shafts to
the proper level, and then work In both directions.
The calculations must be very exact in
order to make the headings meet "precisely.
1 bus far the engineers have been remarkably
succeaslul, five sections being Joined without a
foot's deviation from st ralglirneas.
I?""James E. Anderson, the celebrated witness,
Ls now city editor of the Eureka (Nev )
Sentinel "
f Tbm C'j prinn Dnmavni.
ttw tftt v of nicosia and its 1x71a bit ants.
tW. Hep'h DixonV Lrttere to Manchester Ex?miner I
our Cyprian Damascus is a labyrinth of alters
winding under minarets and palms, in and out
among an endless scries of fountains. orau?ej
clumps and olive-grounds, only a na' ive of
tow n could find his way from slate to ni from
coffee-house to bazaar. An englnJ-er
whose teni>> aie pitched outside the western
gate?which might be called King iticturd s
Cate?tells me that he took a whole t>rt:>i.-;,f
to leant his track from the camp outride to tic
konak inside the walls. Imagine Ui<w th?? 1
stranger of a day must led in melt a maze'
High walls enclose the st reels?lilgu waUs of
sun-dried brick, brown and forbidding t>> the
eye, but pierced by archways here and there.
These openings le.id into yards aTid j: aniens,
having a rude and far-away resemblance t > th
courts of Seville and Ilamaseus. Here, in t rut h,
you find no marble pavements, but to make up
for the loss of art you have a more luxuriant
nature. Palms hardly live in Seville,
and the pomegranate of Damascus pales
befoie the .same fruit in Nicosia. Some
of the doors are left ajar, permitting
feminine peeps at the new masters of the
place, as they dash past, booted and hehneteJ.
taking no notice of the dust and heat. N'iosla
has belonged 10 many lords in turn, and her
inhabitants have had to look on t ue, f.ices of
many strangers, from the swarthy* Persian o>
the pallid Frank. Some feminine curiosity may
be expected and forgiven. The present case is
new. Of all their masters, Syrian, oreek, Kjrvp.
llan, Persian. Macedonian. Koinin, Byzantine,
English. Saracen, Veuetian, Turk, the English
are the only masters who have staid awav ?oti
years from the Nicotians, and then eomeb-tck
to them in greater strength than ever. We ate
not a people who have waned like ot tier masters
of the land. That we ba re been wit la them
afontiine they are well aware, since certain
villages on the way from lJmosal to Nicosia
bear the stamp of English names, our track
was marked by deeds which have outlived the
mt rnorv of crusading kings. Venetian nivfeeis,
anu imkish Mutessariis. \a;in>aie loag-uvc i
th cypru . as in every portion of thee.isi. A.
man; of the arehm^s In these walls rfami
Cypriote damsels on. the watch. Venetians
t:< '\ er came b ick. Crusaders never came back,
what are these English like, who came !!>! >
their country long ago. left hen? and there a
name behind them, ;i:;d have now returned i i
rule them as a i raukishsettlement lor a second
i lme?
As we approach t he Moslem women dra w t hi1!
yaslimask.s round aeir faces. Even the cracks
j.iTeet to shun our gaze. Tl-e little ones -it he
dart inside or hide"' heir heads in their mot her v
laps iii older to escape t he evil eye. But all are
iijo\ ci 1. and curious, and excited bv your p-vset.ee
in the street ;, sometimes the doors arc
stleuiU put to you get near; not always, a :d.
In truth, not often, foi the nativesof both races,
and especial<> the Vioslems, look on you as
friends. A trickle of water can be beard in
i very yard, whise dates and oranges rise above
' very wail. Arch* s run along thieesides of the
inclosed space, tinier these arches on the
ground tioor lod t lie camel, mule,and o.x; supposing
that the owner has such property
camel, mule, and o\. Every family bias a
tiee. ahnost i very one has a garden, and not a
tew have a water-wheel. Above the arc lies
live the family, the female members in a uuarter
of their own. Men are content to
ledge like shepherds, near their . mules
and cattle, while their wives and sisters
sleep in chambers looking on the orange tice-.
v. it hln hearing of the water wheels. Women or
all ages, cloth ad in sea green, pink and orange
garments, sit under the tnes. droning their native
songs, while their busy lingers draw and
spin their native silk. Ventas and balconies
hang above the streets, luring in ever breath ot
air. The jalousies arc down, but you are made
aware, by echo of whispered words and sound
of feminize laughter, that the native critics an
at work ni your pale face, puggeree and ridintr
boots. ?
A hundred alleys, winding under minarets
and palms, in and ouL among an endless series 1
of fouulains, orange clumps and olive grounds
make up the laby rlnth of Nicosia, tins Damascus
of the sea. < ?u? feature of the city separates
Nicosia from the Syrian capital?the want of
any street that, even by the courtesy of orientals,
could be called "The Straight."
tirtiiiitf the Forcis;ii ieaiun.
Every one knows that we supolv orea* j
Britain with laive amount-, of cheeVe v,liirh. !
when sold, is called Cheddar, :-.ud that a cei tain
quantity of this article finds its way ba . 1
acres i he At In idle, and commands in i im v ;
gro<cry shops a?i cnhancrdpriceincotisequi-oca
oftiie foreign flavor it has p:e--umai.i.\ ae- 1
M'died during its sojourn abroad. 8o too, the !
baccn l't't;?it Cincinnati and Chicago couc s ba^k
to us after a vo\ age to the old World labeled i
English, often needing only a stav a fg v 1
weeks to become thoroughly naturalized. These
aie such putem is'Leils thai ii*~> one thinks ot
objecting to them; bat one of a more hidden i
churl* let"lias la." \y eony? to light, nh*>.-e ue'n
ousaess Is incrca-ed b<-cause it aims i<> ho>dw
ink a select and discriminating class of consumers.
t i\ia;e is just, as littie appreciated bv
the multitude now as it was in Hi t lmv-,
and hence it is not offered for sale on evcrv \
store counter. Those, however, whose ta-.*-,
are cducat'.d up to this point get their favorite
coi d.menl at onie wed-stocked (?erman store. !
r perhaps di eo= frr>:n s uae importer. It is j
usually put >!. in tin cans, w itn agorge3i<s }.?!> -!
stamped with the imperial double-eagle of !
Russia, and although a brief line sometimes I
I states that the work was done at Hamburg, the
| can and its adornmej.is impress the onlinai..
! mind with ideas at least as far-reaching as
Mosrow. lit cent i>, some statistician lias hinted
tiiat we were, among our many exports, serifling
caviare to Europe. The announcement at
lirst seemed preposterous; but among the rude
-hocks to human feeiings occasioned by the
-inkingof the steamer Pvmnieranin was that
caused to some by discovering Horn tier freightlist
that she had on board a large quantity of
caviare in ban els sent bv shippers in Ne w
\ oik tothe canaers in Hamburg, it tliusturns
out that the foreign luxury in which we have
indulged at the expense of customs duties and
transportation charges is nothing more than an
American art icle of food, made no doubt out of i
the roe of good, though cheap American llsh.?
[A. V. Tint' s,
A Love Story with a Tkagic Exmxois reported
from ? incinnati. For over a year a
young law student there has been paying a'tcr.tion
lo a young woman, whose parents at
last looked upon him as an aspirant for her
hand, and were quite willing to give their consent.
The young persons, f-u- some reason be-t
known to themselves, while taking a drive last
April, decided to go to a justice of the peace and
get married. During the following months
they kept their marriage so well conceiled that
none of their friends suspected it, but last
Tuesday they agreed that concealment was n ?
longer necessary, and the husband informed
Ids wife that he would go to the fustice's otticc
for the marriage certificate and would then
claim her from her parents. He left her in the
best of spirits, but the hour for his return
i passed, and he did not come. At about mid;
night a messenger arrived with the announcement
that he was dead. In driving under a
! railroad bridge a parsing train of cars frightj
enod his horse, which ran away, and lie wa?
I thrown out wad killed. Secret marriages ai:
most always have some unhappy" ending, b i
i lew of them terminate in so sad a fashion i.
I this one.
! Tnr." FtHi-T P-tcorr- shed at \li Musjidonthe
Einrh.-h side was that oi Major Birch and l.Ieuicnftut
ntzgeralfl. Major Direh was the son of
an Irdian oiticer. and at the time of the mutinv
was an oH-ccr oub.-aid a meiv'ia'ii n ra. II ;
volunteered for acti\ c service in the flei.; during
the mutiny, and ait a reward for ids distm- i
guisned gallantry at Lucknow, where he was
one of the ;-iiai.->rriot:s garrison."' obtained a direct
commission in the army. Young fit ggerald
came of a family "ov r which the name of
Afghanistan hangs like the shadow of tin destroj
ing angel.'' Lady Sale saw iiis grandfather,
- lajor Swayne, killed in the retreat from cab il.
and his great-uncle, t antain swayne. fell in the
Khyber Pass. 1 lis father, Major Fitzgerald*
| died of cholera in India and his uncle by m't'-I
rlage, D>-. .Marshall, fella vlctlmto his eser1
tions in saving the sick from a hospital burnt
by the mutineers, both when their wives were
I absent in England.
A Ccniors Programme.?The Graphic h is a j
| teiegram from London \?hich says: There Is a
movement among the working classes in m t:r 1
of Hie towns of the Midland counties, and in the
r.orth of England, for the disestablishment and
disendowment of the Established Church, and
the appropriation^ its large revenues to relieve
tlie grinding distress now pressing upon the
pcojiic. The annual sum paid tothe Arciibishoo
of canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the.
twenty-six bishops, the twenty-nine deans, and
the 1'is canons of the various cathedrals
amounts lo $l,6S4,000, and this annual sum, if
invested for the amelioration of the industrial
classes, would produce results of almost incalculable
economical and social value.
A Female Smcggler'sShrewd Device.?Custom
Houte Inspectors Van Horn and McCort
had a sharp struggle yesterday to secure a lot
ot smuggled cigars.* These had been hidden in
the top tioor of an Albany street tenement
house, which was guarded by three women.
The women tried to prevent tlie inspectors
from gettiug possession of their booty, and one
woman secreted 150 choice chrars on her person.
and detied the officers toiakethein. Tue
law forbidding the search of women except by
inspectresses rendered the officers helpless, an I
they only secured i,i<m of the s nuggledcigars,
leaving the ingenious woman in possession of
the remainder.?uv. >'. Tribune, ilth.
A Young Courts were secretly married in
Cincinnati a year ago, and nobody suspected
their relationship uuui the husband was killed,
tlie other da v. He was then on his way tothe
justice's to get the marriage certificate, he and
bis wife having decided to publish their uniou.
The notices of marriage and death appeared in
the same newspaper.
t? W illiam Irwin, a few days ago, at crow
Creek, Dak., acccmplished the feat of shooting
dead in their track ltd Texas steers at lot consecutive
shots with a w inches! er rifle, all for a
bet of a box of cigars. The carcasses were
made Into Indian betl.
Ibc A bo Tit sir. I,rwr?. 1
Thntewbo had the happiness to know Lewes [
Intimately could say much mote of these personal
characteristics ot delightful since rlt v and
frankness of nature which endeared Mm to his
fi lends. His aeute powers of mind, and hi* pr?found
knowledge of all subjects he spoke of.
jlvt led the aitentlonand made his conversation
Instructive and charming in Us uninfected
t rut ldu'm>*x. in the desire of the spanker 10 b
exact, at.d in his tolerant Indulgence of the
opinionsof others. He was always brave: he
st<< <1 !?re< f any severity.calmly awaitiiv ewry
fresh i>n^u?uuht. m^er losing Ins head. and c :ieraby
replying with some hoiue-thrusf that, if
ii did net settle 1 heeontnw ersy. was pretty >wv
to convince you tiia? lie saw further than vou
out. and from a Idgher point of view. Many |Vi.-saces
of arms of this kind did ho have with his
great friend ar.d almost pupil. Herbert Speucer.
l ersoually. Levi's wa> thought to be plain. be- 1
cause h<> was deeply marked with small-pox.
ana wis features were thin, and of late much :
noiiowed by the wear of thought and the constant
gnawing of the kind of airophv which at
length broke the thread of life. But his countenance
was always radiant with Intelligence,
and ms beautiful large bine eyes was frank,
and pleasant to look Into as deep, clear water.
In no man that 1 ever saw was the eye m ite
truly "the window of the soul." lie iiad tine
teeth also, and with hts mobile features and his
always hearty laugh, he needed uo llyperlau
curls upon his brow to make htm more fascinating
than most handsome men lie used 1 > iell 1
a gcxd story of himself. Sbortlv after in- ha I '
played "Ot hello" with a society of annit i,-,
at the old opera house, in the ilaymusoi. he
was at an evening: party, when a lady in e\n
versatloii remarked to hltn how sh<* had >*v 1
-Othello" tluely acted by an amai."i;\ \ >
which Lewes leplied that he was t ;, a. i > .
But the lady was incredulous, and. 10*1.1.; ui
his face, exclaimed: "Oh. but he was a ver>
handsome man." lie was not only a masterlv
a-sil.etlc critic in art. whether of the dram 1. tu
iy lie staue. music, or paint in-.; arid sculpnire. .<.?
many will remember by t hose charming paper-,
in the I.fU'i- c signed -\ r? ian." but he could si i ;
with all the (Vrr> he threw Into Ins acting, a i l
though not endowed with tise voice of a tir.iyianl,
yet his perfect feeling for music, and his
dtam.it le power, made up tor his modest v > m1
tdfla. r.nd to hear him join in the famous trio tu
"William Ten," or star one of his favorite nog
of salvator Lost. <?r Beethoven's song of The
Flea." was a thing never to be f->rgotten. lie
was a demoted 'over of classical music, arid tor
?ears past, m eomnany with his dearest friend
and coinpanktu of his life, iie euioy ed t he music
of the great masters at t'ao St." James' lull
concerts, when* two familiar figures In the
front row ,->! the sofas will now u miss.-It' nre\.
r. Lewos alway- re-carded 1 ;.ei he as his .deal,
ai.d perhaps It was ills own wonderfully ir \ c shied
naunethat led Lim to fivi and wrl.e with
such earnest sympathy for bisgreat mM. it
was a slaguia'r and interest ing coi*i?-iden?re t h.-.t
CarJyie, towhom lie dedit atedhKiifeof tioci he.
should have reached ids eight y-tmrd blrtiidAv
on the very day that th8 friend of Ids earlier
ye.us ivas laid In the tomb. U Isknowutbat
l.c scut a most aifeciionaie message, thai '.at
for his extreme weakness lie should have cerialnly
ioined the inournei'sat tin- grave ot his
dear old iiicrtd. 'ihe story of Oeor^ 1,< v\es'
lile :.-> not yet 10 be told; tiiat will be a sad page
if ever if should l)e written, llut this i./hm
may antl.ipatedof thai which will U- s.ild?
that beyond liis^rei'i Intellectual eudowmeuts.
he v. 3s a character of noble, almost heroic, vreneroslty.
forgiving the ba?-ost ti-eaclieries Unit
can befall a man, and trving to forget 1 he
iiaut soriowsof tilt- lit art in the pursuit ot ilt.'ra'.uie
and the problem of science and art.?
\ Simnse Nt??ry.
[Fr< 111 the st. Ixuils OIoIk-Djiu <aat.l
Ei.izabethtown, Kv? Ik-c. 2:!.?Ab.nr forty
years ago a man named John <t lark, a poor
fanner, of In.uuua. whose drcnmtuoeB became
worse each year, picked up his traps and
abandoned his family? a wife and two little
girls?and striking toward tin- \Vaba>h rher,
hired him sell out as a Hat boatman an 1 .shiptied
tor New (irlaans. From Ne.?i?rleans he drifte 1
to Texas, and that was the last ever heard <?f
him t>.\ his family until they heard of ills death,
which occurred about fifteon vears ago. His
w ire was then dead, and both hi-,chlldn n had
ma tried, one remaining in Indiana, where she
now livc >, the other removing1 to Kentivicy and
healing in this (Harden) county, about tave
miles below StephenSbwg: When Clark died be
owned ?.n estate, in lamland money, vahn I at !
something near in U'liartoji and Itleamond
coutities. whleti, ;n the absence of aav '
known heirs, went t?i the state, as lark hM !
revsr communicated v. ah any of !iis faintly, atui
they were ignorant of his whereabouts,t \iep;
through emigrants who had seen liim in Te\a^.
They were never apprised of the fact that d iriag
ti e long years ot his re-ul< tu c iu Te-:i- li"
had pn si>ei? d la a way and had amassed s ich .
a tortune. lien it became noised abroad In
Texas that the man ('lark had died leaving a 11
cstate of su*..'l? magnitude and uo heirs to claim !
it. bo jus heirs ,-u once to spring tin. an I
numerous suits werecnteivd to recover ti from j
the state, till of which were unsuccessful, i.
was only a few days since tiiat one of the rigliifSl
heirs?Mrs. Mannda Wife of A-t
ISiic'..les,wbo was a dauuditerof < lark, and cam?to
this county after her marriage, tome thin y
years ago?received, by reading an account .i
tl ese.its to lecover the money, the tirst iutelii
1 ee she Lad had of her father's deat h and t he
ierlune aw aiting her claim, she put herself at
er.ee in communication with her sistor iu Indiana.
and confided her plans to la.vyers who
w ill at once ^et about proving Mrs. Buckles and J
l.er sister as the lawful heirs ot dohnc. Clark
the Texas millionaire. The estate Is Intact
none of the claimants thus far having bet'n th e
to prove their title to it, and Mrs. uucidesand
her si.-der. w ho can set up a rightful claim, will
come in lor a good round each.
A New I'se t on Canals.?New uses have
been found for the Erie canal. It is F> be used
not only as a route of transportation but as a
shopping stieet. The furniture dealers In I'tlc i.
N. Y . ate greatly exercised over a floating furniture
manufactory on the canal, whieh has
teen anchored In the canal at iliat city for the
winter. In this operation three canal U nits are
employed. One is used as a manufactory, one
is elegantly lifted up as a show and salesroom,
and tiie third IsiLsed for storage or furniture.
The appearance of this flotilla at rtica and its
competition with street dealers who pay large
rents, have caused quite a consternation among
the latter. In other sections enterprising brew ers
ha\e fitted up boats and are seliiu<?" lager
along the canal. Iu the winter months these
new enterprises are compelled to tie up In some
city, but when navigation again opeu? they are
expected to traverse the canal.
Benjamin Hunter's Doom.?The daughter,
son and brother of Benjamin Huuter, the
doomed c amden murderer, have had an audience
with Gov. Met'lellan and feelingly implored
him to grant a reprieve in the case of the
condemned man. The governor replied that h-was
unable to interfere, because the law provides
that when ninety days have expired since
the conviction of the culprit, the governor is
devoid of power. The only hope, therefore. Is
for the governor to call a special session of t ijo
conn of pardoas, a t hlng verv improbable. The
prevaUingopinlouistbat Hunter will be lunged
on the itJtU 01 January.
Cook's Toi'rtsts' Agency in t orRT.?Application
was made to Judge Daniels, in the New
\ or*supreme court, yesterday, for a receiver
m the case of John M. cook &; ll'-o.. of London,
against L\ M. Jenkins, all of cook s tourists'
agency, tbe proceedings arising out of a si;<
nstltuied some time ago. The contlttuauce of
ilh injunction and accounting are also asce l
for. t iie claim being that Jenkins h ts not accounted
for g-ja-vxt. Decision was reserved.
Mysterious" Loss of ?A mess eager
cf the 1m(Kilters' and Ttaders' Bank of New
York, while going to the clearlng-h 'Use In tiiat
city yesterday, mysteriously lo.?t in
clearing-house certificates, In gold certificates,
fu.755 in currency, and in gold
Payment haf been stopped on the cle trancehouse
certificates, but the goid certificate ? are
payable to bearer.
A Case of Octra?e. or bkackmaii.??Dr. John
C. (Jinn, a reputable j?hy slcian 01' St Louis, was
arrested yesterday, charged with committing
an outrage on a Mrs. Eliza Welx. in his office,
on the liuh inst., and was committed to jail tn
default of ban. He asserts that the woman's
charge is for the purpose of blackmailing hiui.
while Mrs. \S'eix tells a straightforward story
and maintains It Is true. Mrs. Welx lias a blind
husband, and arrived in st. I.ouls with him
about two months ago, from Minnesota.
A Shooting Affray occurred at Crab orchard.
Ky., Thursday night, Stewart Meyers
and the carson brothers being the chief actors.
Alter ihe tiring commenced bath sides were reinforced
and some forty shot-gun and pistol
shots were exchanged. Meyer's shoulder was
shot to pieces. Dave Carson was seriously
wounded, and half a do/eu others were more or
less hurt. It is feared that the trouble Is not ve*
In Prison on His Wkoding N'igitt.?Among
the petty thieves arrested yesterdav by Detecthe
short of the fourth street police lu Willlamsburgh
was Sylvester Pulliam, who was to
have been married iu the evening. Her betrothed
\isited the police station and requested
capt. \\ oglon "just to let her brace Syl. with a
kind word from his own true one to death."
Death from the Bite of a Cat.?Mrs. Conners,
Lnlon street, w ho was bitten by an Insane
cat three weeks since, died from the effects
this afternoon. Erysipelas set in a week ago.
The deceased was a widow and leaves several
young children unprovided for.?[/*. ocidaice </?.
I.) Journal.
!3?~A resident of Greenup, Ky., had his head
spilt open wirli an ax,but according to the local
paj:er, "continues to Improve, the extracting of
two batches of brain having given him "Teat relief.''
tnr-.\ ycurg couple at North Hampton. N. IL,
w re married on Thanksgiving, and when the
moon of honey was in Its last quarter discovered
that tbec!ergyman belonged to a joi iier at ate
and the marriage was illegal. 1
Rnried Trra^nrr f ound.
Thcn? is considerable exclteiumi amonz tl>e
rwidenta of Koxsvllip. siaten Is:ukL mor t!??
good fortune Of i hrlsioptier Melster. ? i.iti.h i
market pmlencr. living on the i?v.c r.,iun
like IsuDfl, Brti (hp s?;;|)J s!i,in?. ,>!. i Sl??*Sday
Mr. Metster ami his - u. wmu* d^oim
a |<u iu which Hi bury turnips in a smiU- x;v?
near the shore. flnrlt a tstone >??ew t'ltw
??T. i.ow ,,ie s"rl-MV- ?h r?w%injt 'he su>ne
tin \ disco\ ered an oid-tdsl.lonivl in?n i>?t 01
uiZV\lt PeCk HlkM Willi WlMltU.M*
,.>H if ?4P1*T O'lllS. Tlie? MlVU-MtllO p *
? fi?u ni"?Miht> h'vtse.Anil iT er Cl< Hi!-,*
v nV , J r:il k-sp-nKh Mix.., a mar*.
n" h.?r? diit> so i ir b>ti-k ;i.s 1T4.1 Tnefn h
l^"Vi\ ,tt ^iMi' V, ls,rr * w >>w<?el a.j.i <v, h
Aohi?. ,n l?ilfr?"inv **id during i ii??
rmirrsot ti, In .M' r,u,lU u,'v *>*" lh*
. Ui'-IIl.'ll It lie M , |,.rrv
*tilch ran fntm the IMmid ;n-n?ss> i*t-n is'vel'
v.nndto the N-.\ .ler>. .. , ,V,?
da>8 was much frequented. it helnc on r???
.U^e route to Philadelphia. i?u,in?Mi? reV?
lutloD the lories t? in N. ? 4wv onen . w,?
illTl>ss 'he Ntutut to tilC Island. Hil l til ntaU\ tu
Mant es toituted the residents to m.i: ihein
u h T ,, < ir x ^ ??Tl\ .Mm It.v t ??
wh?U*eJ ne.il- ti, I ?(;, tarni. wa.-. pla.vl im
r tou?kr him I.'li uiw In, mono*
was hlJiJi n. I l> iln>u.;hi pn?i t,.,t ,
fteasuie found l<> Mi ister was hidden b\ *orae
tth* Uuon.nth inone of the raid-, m < t - .?
i it torlt >. stlve years topi a number of
k.?'iu a..a -UM-i coins were dun up ui i ???* c ?r.| >11
' it'll!! \W> 11 a 111 a i Kossvilh* auil iiit*-waid
il*i\ Pi 1 ,?f spa-. i, .j.nii. ,xs,s ,i.,,
Mr. <;n*v.tii. ?r tueo!i
Mt hod;-t . | ; Kos^xiiu* Mr. Mo1vori??
th'-M M fl! e\pl.?raUo:?.,. .t*
h.ii there Is iiH?ivti!irle-l tn-a.-u; hi Uv> lie iUihotHi.
(.V. r. s.rfc. u U?
XK%v VOKV f^Mslivu Kss^ilira.- eensu*
O! 'ih* Mate ??t N-. w . M
VrvTX, "'ui M"!"" * "
ta I. <. taii.iUes ar?* now llvmc in lo>r r itt.n*
im.i, il.aneiH-il.Ind |. ^ u,:m fi.em and; i,;?
l?iLVn ! ! " 1 3tV?r
New \ork. iMMtseshave utuch more value t'tia*
tn the ? ?'ui:r>. .?.i'!n liaxinjj .,t ; ...m,. ,,. t
VV, " I " 1 1 ?' J- '!>- dAi'lliPM
''f '??-,r?M,<'?s ah?:,e have almit tsiun.Mt
J?*]1?4**'"*1"1**1" -'! 'he re- it th s-t . ,11
..'j. prodiMue \,-u \ n-., tfaimen>or
fanu 5. u ,ts. of .? *
<t Ine >t.ue. oiK?-hu.t >r
house u-i ants on,-,
lueadas?ui\ laborers. Th.i,-:,r,. ......
<? t.ii! .1 seal.i-.iit a . 1 ,,' 11"
t.<:s and dressmakers, feutoa -\ ^ 1,^1., i,'.."n
lavci v.! ii N.-w \orkcrs. 1 . ...
u!.n ar? I to i.ITti.tisi taaj-nei v :.lnV? ,1 j
y. -it.w , nuiiiber "k;>. dn ir. -.| iv
.1' I mi li - the l;et c.*nstis year !? oi.l\ on?
i.iiiiilv can.>f ^ tainihes w.i> there . t' Mm
The Umiir sort of Kasv vfahC
Ktu.ibei ot l-Oiidoii v,r??(. . otiialii ;?i .11 ,
i haiis." After U'Mieinc t ! . ?>
tude of (L!lerpnt races, siieii astl lit -.i ,, u , .
sltsot. tlietrrom.d with hu ki.dravn u u .
sis chin: 1 he Turk, who squat sen s.s 1, 1 , ,
Kutxipean, who po-ie, ojj a eh.iii :* "n , .
Who lolls with his leer raised .it>i\, 'nsh-il'
the writer stuns up the in Hi. . r
110m mitseu.ar tatl?-ue asf<?||.".w ,i tn
eliair 1 j i)e |iei1eet it otv.dit i,.?: ,, 1V* 1,.
lorooiaph-ten-laxatioiiort i. luii^ i,I)( ji
ion and tx?:se<|uent h>'H . , ? , . hl Uvl
foi I he ?t,\ n-tur-i of hion.| and hup.- not
meri'l\ tn tin- p-istuje >i t:.elltnh> tiie
hut.b> ti|uah|e suppori and pnsa;tn> a; ijt., ts
m?at a s.urtaec of the lliti .t^, ivisMI), s ,
aiv t i.e thenietieal dematiiK and these ; .r. t'ulli.lidbv
tla> bantboo o.isy ehalrs nintif. ?nn.d
'1 . I ' ''d? In the shape of .1 si ra^ '.111 w
which II;" la liquor cm-etjui-nt upon a 1 la\m'
I K';l(:!a"l!l the u n 1 vvs01 indi.it m.
and whleh the resi ot the world app.c; 1 iv-.,
suk \\"asn t to r.y t uoht Aoaiv. -Innoceiit
U males ast rush i'Littsniouth oc?aislouallr
me other atteruoon one went to M*i\re? and
bought a pair ot shoes. l*et<Mwaslti tlieaet if
sprinkllii^ some Ualk-pow'ter Pisue. so tin-?
mlrJit stlpou easily. s|,e planet furtively ;t'i
him and itinarki d: "I V icva what \ u're 1 v"
i ' * -s' Ilia! i ?'i; f 'S*'?|TI*??S?*? **C*% SilO
l"waid th.' li nr. indsaiil. In tone- that si irthit
t ? nt r.es <d !' "r. Iluehner. *r\i>hail. ,s
1 i*U t <ili i t.iiioi 11 nn im-. > isii ; | w.is loolot
( live Im ti re. and t in bla?ued U ' do tt anata And
she let; without the sUje-.-[f?r .?# . ? *
(*\f '.) M 'tt'lti.
lI nonp 1,1 T,'r P:,P TS hue r? \tved
tJ:at old -U'd tiu ft?-y <?r Ha> i-d 1 a> lot s nrst
nun 11. <.e. James 1la\:uii Ja>lt?r lie wasi al;.- t
t1 n Ti. Iiwasbtion iieh dlef t he peMi . ivaM.i
printliic olla e for > ew York, and w Im o'lie ha 1
' niy 1 ?.< J uiinest {titeuiln.. f eoiidiik a:n It
was*p-tt hut- uiateh. lad*-, wh.^.-nV'iie
we ? autot quote, was In .1 *ery delicate >tat?- of
hea.sh. A friend remo'tsmitcvi with Tavh.r
abtna mr.rr>li ^ a i.td.\ who w?.s *'^Mdently on
her way to the irt. -.e. W. !i," - uc -j u j ? ..,
am ii?g as tar w tt li h? r to tl:e _rravt* as i e in.'
Inej wi re manied, an.l ilied h.vpplli until the
ueui h ol ihe I.itl.v lto.'n cousuaiptlon. w h'eh 1 i^Uul
l!i ii lt'\* Jttifs.?v ?? ? >// /Vti '
A t.OOli SrROKON BIT i'oov Hakkfk. * t-'W
ca> s.-'.oa ixvldcnt of fold spiin^se aine to ; a 1.4
1 > for i 11 | wrpo-f vif having ae ine? roi>e- 11 .!
upon. The cancel was sifuied upon iu> lower
hp. und two of the doctors proeeedel tocu 11
out. first puiilng the mar; under the Inilu-n
ot ehlorfiiortn. Iteforr- theoj?er.ition wiscunpleted
the effect of thedruL; wore off. bur 1
| atient itjikd to take any more, and lie -.1 ?i
the temainder of the euttln^ and se? u,- i 1
wiiliOU' a inuiluur. \> lien the oik'icition w.n
eompleied it was lonnd nm^sary to shave luui
* tore applying plaster, a razor was procured,
and one 01 the surgeons scraj?ed one sidt of th.*
man s lace. \\ idle preparing, wit h many nour.s.ies.
10 begin oiieratlons on the other side the
sufTcrer said: "boctxjr. I guess I'll lake some
more chloroform before ytu shavs- the other
cheek. Dr. g?- Is a very good surgeon, but
his tonsonal skill is now under a cloud ?i s'
Clotiu (Minn.) Tin-* *.
Nobody In aetl\e lift- can hope to write. 01
think, or count, or anj thin- else entirely without
interrupt Ion: and nobojly, unless his temper
,\Kr'f J? Indeed, or he Is nervous to the
point of disease, make. jf Intel ruption a senous
grievance, lie learu/ to enduo- it. as he endures
the weather, treats some Intorruptlons
automatically,deposest?f others wlt.li had hts
mind, settles oihers by concentrated attention,
and icarns by habli, w hatever happens, not "to
lOsC his tlHT'ad. ?j /.1 /' *>a .Syi/v'flf"*-.
PKWtK and Tbeodork.?>llss Bessie Turner,
of Tiltci.-l.ieeher memary, Is a memory of the
company now playing \ t^iebrated rase " at
il>e uj>era lloti-e. Last iilgitf Thetxloie Tilton
attendiM the pl;...\. atid trom one or the boxen
witnessed Miss lie^sie's acting. l?oul>tless his
thoughts rf-venel tt> r>uothe - .ekbra'ed ctse
iJud. Journal, /Ac.
JfrNAJIABA. On th.- 25' a D., ('tiil?or, l*"-* |>a ( F-K
y Clan1. In"la 11 f. "u2
ii'i' ^ , t!? }'? L aKe> a:t^r * an l paiutui
Vi V h-rli.L" ,rf w-iUi <'hriKiian f..rtitn i.
i lie luneral v ill t?.k? l-l i; ' Oil Hun<lny. J^ili in?t .
at two o c ock i> ui. lr<?uj h:? lao* ri?i lemv. Nn 2M
I bird street 8.e. Tl? tiUivcs juJ irieuJn are ra
frcetfully mvite.I to attend.
ROLlNSdS. On Disviiil>ftr 27.1~'7?, ii Ikt loar
teenth yrur, after a bri. 1 nlnotti. Mu,,k
uRivhter ef Itii^liroiJ an 1 l.uiiru \ koliiiifi.i!i.
luiier&l froii; the rt"!Jece of ber i>an*ui' :W, j
ttrtti u w*. on Hnuday. Hi . ji u ia : . at 1 \v,? o'clock
;15?it. bun |iknM c??|.y. j
I Ah. F. HAltVl'V. TUOS u UAIj i [ v
J j.xti. r. 11 invEY d. co..
v p . I iidt'iiakt ro,
-So. <(ii Ft. n.%v. Hef2((enreo! 1 ppptnifw. rllT Trn#
li "1>IAhLtt, VA OEM Jih ra
1. _'* -> ? .Neeen'A street k. tt., vv*,; 'nr:<,\, u
v. t ru<-,acnot' ui 1 '.uoi of l>u?iii -# ) P>1?? P.3
r.i i ?ti<^ i.r'iirod for '"-iTir. ir.si:m ?j f?-?
U' n SfKAitt:,
l yvrhTAK TH,
(Fomserly w:ti U If. lUr>erj
MO F tlnot n. it.,
Ore door > ** of Ttntf fw
tTunai L;s-r?t* ot au ar.r,
Ec-.l.jb f)t; bn'iLiwi anrt 1 n j.ared ftr'transi ortat.oa
!*({> tttuiidanta at short uouoi'.
EywytMiiu-ptru.'t.y ?--.a oa <'j<* taam :mi
ttrrui- \, % J?
JOliA U.
???-b >.w; to*h m. n. m.
A srutiiooitr,
^ #*VJf- <lsite iX h 1 L"*? M?ort I
ouent of Canary aud other HII<1>8; Bird Cum fjff I
Bird heed and i>rei.ar?d Uockm* Bird Kood.?^t I
Give uiat calL deel7-t m* I
Of the most e)e?rant rtylea, TKA 8BT8? I
Manufactured by
? SifBJSlS 'bSS--. I
WffsT^eiig.'Si??ug gjas I
a BEAD Y -MADE NEW ONE. Try a* 7U8TH*t I
Old Bland, No. 619 D atreot, betweeo nth and 7tS I
faeeta northwpat.Mor Branch Store. No. 408 9th I
ggggflar as I
^ I
EHaas I
sue United BUfcat Patent OAot I

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