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V- . 53?N?. 8,014. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1879. TWO CENTS. |
^ PI'BI.ISIIED DAILT, Kioopt Snudaj, '
PtnasylTMia iv;cae, corner 11th Sueet,
The Evenicff Star Newspaper Compaav.
S. If. A A (FF.HAXX, Yr**'t.
Trt F.vfwts'i Star is served to *nl>*CTiber?? in
tit-1 tj I y carriers. on their own acco int. at 10
. ei.t* l+f week. i r 44 cent- (>er month. Copies at the
ifiiii.t'-r. 2 ?nt" By mail?postatre prepaid?
tii cents a month; one year, f <V '
T.;?. Wet.kly Stab?rublished on Friday?^. a
v. .r s'.a^e i repaid. lu copies for $15; At copies .
fx "All n.*il subscriptions must 'o? paj.i in aj.
v ??! *'. t.o & ap* r aent louper than \o paid for.
C Rates of advertising ma* '.c known on avplicajwvaHHBHHnowr
?- itn*l Medium. w /:>f> !'re?- liectnre .Inspirational
1 a wmV Hail. S.i0 E st. ?' ;i. ctiori for expenses It'
ra? trf. pauls English lvthehm
? >* rill H' H. < <t. HthUi'l M Go-pel Me?rin'?
every e\ensr.ir this v. f?Ser\ic?s at l'/i o'clock.
F.ervtjody in\.te<L C tci' and take part in the \v >rship.ind
work. I ?ti1 4 Jt
J , r- MAS' >N !<' TMWSON LODGE. No. ltT,
C *- F. A. A. M ?The ci.mrnitteo ha.inif m charire.
4ii(i oil er meml#r* favorite the matter of hohliti* a
I vee for tfce l>eut fit of tb? Lodire. are cordi^'h in*;
H flatten"! meetintrof committee, TO MOKKOW
KESISO," :?0 p.m., in ante-rooui of Temple. to
perfect final arraimments It
? * J ANUARY 13, 1N79The
followitiK w?ll l>e th^ Order of Exercise* for
tlie services :ti honor of the memory of Josiih
Hkm.y. late Hci-retary ot the Smithsonian Institut
on. at til- H.tli of t!'<- Hou??e of Keprewntatives, on
Tfal F.SD.AV E\ KNIV <, lfitb January. 187?. Th?
Vice Presidert of the United Ststes. supported by
the 8| eaker -f tli. Ilcnw. will preside on ttxin or--1su
n, and the Senate and House wiil take part in the
1. Op? nfntr Prayer. by K?-v. Dr McCosb,President
of Pnrcctwi Coll? >re.
2 Address hy Hon. ii.omdiai Hamlin of th. D. S.
Address by Hon. K. E. Withers, *! the I*. S. S.'ii
4 Adores* I'A I'rot. A?f. Gray, of Harvard Uniifnity.
AJilrcH hy Prof. W ]!. Ro^- rs, of Huston,
i'. Aitijrcw 1>> Hon. !. A. Oarlieli, of the U. S.
I.'ouh- o t K- prewntali ves
- 7 Adf'rws '>jr Hon. S. S Cox. of thel'.S e
? f K? i r??seiitatp tf.
X. Ad'irff-s tiy (i- u W i. SlK -nian.
J'otuIndniir grayer l.y Rev. L>r. Sunderlan 1,
< hai lain f 'ti> Sn iu-Tli??
sen-ise.- Wili w.iiitcm'f at H o'ehx k. pre eely.
Thf| ili! ( ?; uivneth
By order ot the Executive Comtiiittee.
an*:! 4t 8?-?-retary Smithsonian InstilMtion.
I "V I'KAVKi: MEFT1NO for Tenu-ramv, fr ^ni
I !< J, !i: V. -M. C. A t hai?l, cor. :>lii and !> at*
lublic inviteil. ianll ltn
1.^ Nt>TICE The annua! i.. etmw of thr-ni.-nV?'i>
of th- VI M AI. HUE ISHKRANt ri
I'oMl'ANV of tb?- Di.-trict ot Columbia, for the ele*-tu
n of vet. mail .vers to serve the ensuing year,
ftr.. will 1-e In ;?l the oiii.v of the < -ninny "u
Vi N !?.\Y. th- 2t>th <laj of January. 1-73.
Eolis oj t-n from !" dV'ci k a in. until "2o'< 1-f'k v.m.
I'rtmmiu Not- s !> 'Id t v th? (' inii,aay..$l,:i3;',i)5U i)-i
Lea) Ef'ate. C--h sc., held by the
t 'inpaiiN 10.?4
J.tx-?-s and eAis-nse-* for the yeareniiuiK
Do Ib7h 12.7so.j!>
jar.lo.f.r.- J. WE?LE\ BOTELEB. 8w
Dr. Coibonn's Porous Evaporator, we re'.nniUier
d it a- the be.-! possitile way of uioifctenhiy the
hot tlry air from furnaces, latrol e stoves and steam
ro:is. It it; attached to the r??niJter. and renders the
*,r mo'f-t and summer like. If you wish to avoid
teaiacht. catarru and sore threat use them.
317 'irn Street, neib the avsntte.
Crass Fire Sets. English Tile, Slate Mantels. Pjtlc-r
Grates. Fumaoee, Ranu-es and Latrotie S*o\i^3.
Hnmbir/, Tin Roc fin>r and .Jobbing Work. <iecl7
HODA ami MINLRAE WATERS cn draught nil
thr it'll
Blue Lick, Bedford and Betheeda Waters by the
f jiion. octil-tr
PANY, corner 15th st. and New Y-.rk avenue.
Inside of which are SAFES FOR RENT at $3 to Sti'J
j+r year prcte? te?l l.y Sar_-eutV time lock.
and all kinds of VALUABLES received on DEPOSIT.
rf Used fcr over 25 vears with trreat snn^sa by
k the physicians of Paris. New York and London, and
" sill*rior to all others for the prompt cure ot ail cacka>
of diseases, recent or of lonjr standing.
Prepared by CLIN & CO, Paris. Sol-l everyw
beret. octiJ-i.Uuvsly
t'vr. Sijrth Strret and Xrtr York Avenue,
I or. Mjrth tttrect and Xtnc York drcnu?.
M. W. GALT, BKO. & CO.
O Wui be guaranteed ll yoa HM
The handsomest Minnesota Patent Floor tn the
District, or,
Htrrlina's St. Louis Fannt Patent,
A cioct beantifnl Winter Wheat Flour, or
The well known Standard Family Flour of the District.
It is better than it ever was, and makes
Roils and Bread as liKht and ad
white as the dr.veil snow.
The above-named Flourt can be bomht at any
first-class Grocery Store.
Ccuu 1st Shut a*i> Indiana Avkho*
net i t to WM M OALT A (X)
st. n w., date D Heurich.) Larve assort s*^
ment of Canary and other BIRDS , Bird Ca^es.WjO
Bud Seed and pre par ad Mockui* Bird Food.
Give us a a c*ll. d?cl7-lm*
For W years with H Skmken. now at
913 puxksttvama ate^m, mi
(DuuMrv'* SUitionery S;.iri< ) MUt
i h Wat< h*-s put ,n cnii . ? >r.ler by ;c- ar^ .riarant
f tMdfor our sear, or money refunJ?.t fnt>4.ly
1. B?'NDS on hand 1 r iiasu^?l ;-.t?- <lelivery
District of Columbia, Twenty and Thirty year
G<'1<1 Sizes. !.?r sale.
A ?i6 Bonds* ?-f 1> C. iruaranteed by tte United
S?at?-s. Couisin or 5:<-fc-ister-.i. bought and s.>i.i
Oth' r ImentmeM Securities bou.'Ut oa orders.
HK'2-tr LEWIS JOHNSON *; CO., Bankers.
w w. wux?r
Til Sixth strert N.tr.,
\v ih increase*! facilities, is tow prepared to furnish
Parties. WedtiiMre and Rectplions at short notice,
> nd the u?iial Mtisfa>-tioji iun ai.t.*vl de<-27-tm
Uktammaklhu. ~
|tOS I'rKnj?j!r?#JU? A wsim,
W st to inform the iadies of WasMnKton that U?ej
ha\e oi?ned an establislonent at the shove address.
W&ikir..- dresses, fh Handsome Silk and Velvet
Dre^n., *10. tl'J and ?ii. Style and wort not to be
t.LASSES, when you <*et the t?tt,waft
?' a !<m pnis, ?t H. H HEH-^S7
> LER'S, Trk OPiiciAS, 4iC Ptiin#yl\aaia avenue,
^ ec. nei ih street. uotSO tt
Washington News ani Gossip.
White House Itrcr^iinns,
Mrs. Hayes will hold a nveptioa each satur- !
( day. from 3 to 5 p. m? until rurther notice.
j Tlie President will hold three evening recpp- 1
tions. from s to 10 o'clock, as follows:?Tuesday, !
January ltth; Tuesday, January 2Sth, and j
. Tut .-day, February litb.
Government ReckiptsTo-day.?Internal rer1
enuc. customs, f
Subscriptions to the four per cent, loan to
, day amounted to
At the White IIorsB.?senators Sargent
Christ lancy. Dorsey. Hereford and Mitchell,
and Representatives Ballou, White (Indiana?. j
Dwight. K\ans Indiana). Wilson. Bridges, and j
I.oilng were anions the President's callers to- I
Five Twenties Cameu In.?Secretary Slier- J
i man this afternoon issued thesist call for the j
j redemption of 5-20 bonds, console of 1 -.r,;. The i
! amount railed was fin.iNm.iMWi?fii.noo.iKPt coupon
and f-i.M'O.iNto registeied bonds.
. Representative Stknoer, of Penn'a. who is
charged in st. Martin's affidavit with a desire to
j suppress e\ idence on behalf of the republicans
while acting as chairman of the l'otter sub:
committee in N>\-. Orleans, wtil n-?e toa personal
explanation in the House and deny the !
i allegation.
The Tax on Tobacco.?The n :u!p finance
i committee to-day heard II. W. Hunt, president
of -The Merchant*' T0b.i1company." 01 New
i York ai d j'.est on. in opposition to'the nouse
bill, which provides tor reducing the rate of 1
taxation on tobacco. The commi" tee adjourned
without acting on the subject, but will hold a
special meeting to dis]>ose of it within the next
few days.
The i.enev t \warp Bill.?The action of the
! House to-day on setting aside the consideration
of ti e Geneva award bill and taking up the
Mexican pension bill i-> considered by the
j friends of the former bill to bo a black eye for
. it. Representative MeMahon. u ho has ciiargc
<1 tlie oeneva award bill, thinks i?iar the m aK'lity
report of the judiciary committee will be
: dopteawlth the Frye amendment. The 1 \tter
amendment excludes the insurance companies !
ftoin appealing to the courts.
The IlorsE committee on post offices and
i ost roads at ifs meeting to-day authorized its
chairman (Mr. Waddell) to report the bill prepared
by 1dm, for the classification of mail mat '
ter. as a substitute for the bill hereioforo repoited.and
which is now on the liouseca'.e i;
tiiir. Mr. addell's bill has been v< ry generally I
; published, but as agreed upon by the conmlttee
to-day it is amended so that letters mailed |
with ir sufficient postage will be forwarded, and 1
j tbe deficiency ctl ected from the addressed. 1?
provides also for thei?uance of the new stamps }
to be used for that purpose, as heretofore nub- '
As a Respi.t of tlie review at the P. o deI
partment of the plans from different post offices
for tiie purpose of fixing compensation for 1
the ensuing year, i; appearstha' from January
1, isiy. i4-"? additional offices will be subject to
. presidential appointment. Among the number
, are Tousontowu. Md . (#1.100:) Grafton, W.Ya..
Mlddlcion and New Castle. l)el.. J
In the r. s. Sn-REME C'ocrt yesterday. At- i
torney General Deven- presented the resolutions
adopted by the bar 011 the death of Mr
, cushmg. and chief Justice Waite ordere 1 that
they be placed on the record.
There has keen a ?.reat deal or comment J
j u. on a modiiieati. u of Secretary Belknap's
j ami-lcbbying order issued to officers of the
' army. A copy of the order of Secretary M<
rary. which purported to inodifv Secretarv
Belknap's order, lias been published. All th*e
j comment lias been wasted. No such order as
thai mentioned lias been Issued by tlie secre1
fan of War, and he does not intend issuing
; sta b a one.
Nominations.?The President sen? the following
nominations to the senate to-day: w. 11.
| Clayton. I'nlted states attorney for the west j
ern district of Arkansas. Postmasters?Joslah '
! Pickett, at Worcester. Mass ; HoratIon N.Buckley,
Delhi; Kannie L. Bacon, New Lebanon, N
; Y.; KugeneA. Hands, Richfield Springs. N. Y'.:
i *. A. Fowler. \ lneland, N. J.: J. s. (Jarrison,
? ape May. N.J.: c. c. Brosius. Clarion. Pa.; D
j L. Dunning. Middletown. lie!.; John II Shutt
tlewortli. Clarksburg. \V. Va.; Joseph H Cowden.
Delphi. ?>hii$ samuei M. Clark, Keoku'x,
j If?v\a: A. H. Hamilton, ottiunwa. Iowa.
Blan< harp, whom the witness Kelly says
forced 1 h names of the t wo electors to the seej
ond set of Louisiana election certificates, is
! dead.
1 The Delegation ok I.auiks from the Woj
man's suffrage convention, and the two
ladies from I 'tah. who were at the While House
i yesterday, had a special audience with Mrs
' Hayes this morning. Mrs. Hayes received them
intl:e Red parlor. The It ah ladies again laid
i tlit-r cases before her. saying that if the antipolygamy
act was enforced it would make out,
easts of nrty thousand women of I'tah who
j now liave happy homes and are honored wives,
ore of the l tab ladies said she "va.s the mother
of two handsome boys. Being a second wife, !
.-he would be deprived of name and her toys i
would not be able to l?eai their father's name i
1 or inherit irom lslni. Mrs. Hayes said she !
i)mpathi/ed with everything that had for its i
? bj? et t he l?ett?-ring of tlie condition of women. !
slit- had reeeived all the petitions that had
letn sent her from Itah and elsewhere, and '
v Me sh" was unable to doanything she a ?pre- I '
c ated 1 he spirit in which they were -ent ' 'i'hc ' '
int? rview lasted alxjut hair an hour.
Nkh IJt LEs.?Tlie I*. s. supreme court ye^- '
terd iy adopted roles for the regulation of practice
in courts of etpiity and of this court, as fol- ]
lows: "When an appeal from a Una! decree in 1
at; equity suit granting or dissolving an injunc- ]
t ion 1- allowed by a just Ice or judge \\ ho took :
ji'ii iii t lie decision of theeause, he may. in 1
his discretion, at Hit* time of such allowance,
make an order suspending or modifying the I11Iunction
d irlng the jiendencv of the appeal, 1
upon such terms as to bond or otherwise, as h-? ,
may eoiiBider proper, for the security of the :
rights of the opposite party." -in ease where
appeals of the charter in rule 9:; regulating
equity practice have already been taken this
court will, after the cause has been docketed,
entertain an application for a suspension or
modification of the injunction based upon a '
statement of i he facts affecting the application
by a justice or judge who took part in the decision.
All such applications must be printed
and submitted on briefs. No oral arguments
v> ill be heard unless especially ordered."
A Yocng I.ady in Clinton county, New Y ork,
desirous, doubtless, of improving her epistolary
style by a study of the be^t models, wiites t<>
the Postmaster i.eneral. as follows: Mr. I'osiinaster:?How
much would the trouble be for
picking out. packing and sending about so or
more of the best of the many lettersyou get. 1
don't want anything but good sensible letters,
of course I expect to pay postage. Please let
me know by return mail and oblige." Unhappily
the dead letter office is not in the habit of
sending out letters that it receives for the edi
tieation of individuals, even under the inducemei
ts offeied by this correspondent. This Is a
paternal government perhaps) but it will not
am nipt to furnish < oinplete Letter Writeis"
to elti/euesses.
o? K s^r AORON IN Asiatic Wathrs.?Bear
Admiral Patterson, commanding the Asiatic
station, under dale of Yokohama, December bi.
i*"*. n jtorts to the Navy department the following
movements: The Banger arrived at Nagasaki
on the *25111 of November and had been
ut-taired longer than anticipated wailing tti'
tilui by the consular Court ot oae of her cre?v,
;,.'arV a wltu Killing on shore a Russian sailor.
! I be A*liuelot has visited Kobe. Nagasaki, Foo
chow. Amoy and Hong Kong, which latter por
she ion on t|he jd November for Manilla. Th*
a.oi" cat j leii Yokohama, December ilth. fo."
1 okt s-iKa. preparatory to docking and repair
u^i,-A' r oVV1, r" As ,soou as practicable she
w 1,i.d sail fur Shanghai. The Mouongahela,
<rn\!'<i o x?) \ ,la?-sh,P ot the s.piadron,
armtu at \ okohaaia. tiecember 9th. The I'a.
. is w imeringat ieintsin. The Hanger would
i rd'xi.M x toTV?n* K"n"' ,0,u'llln:g at^Foochow
"en is n>Us 1 actoiy"e,lt>'H' heaU" 0f tHe?|Uad.
A Ne? t1 k 1 kass Politician Is authority for
I ti.e stat? ment that the President stated yesterday
thai lie would make no clianvres in "tie
I ,V,'rr;i! o!'K')"s ,l! New Orleans until after tae
j leller ccmnuuee returned to this city.
T!*c Potter Invcstisati?ii?
testimony of a louisiana elector.
'I he 1'otter committee to-day examined J.
Henri Birch, one of the Louisiana Presidential 1
el< ctora for the state at large. lie testified that. p
some time after lie had signed the tirst eertifl- 1
cate he was called to sigu anot her. owing to
alleged informality. When he went Into an up-"
stair room for that purpose he found there Mr.
('.ark. the private secretary oi Governor Kellogg.
The paper was lying on the desk, and he
signed hlsnameinitsproperplace. He remained
there only a sufficient time to sign his name. He
thought one or two other names had been
previously signed. He did not remember seeing
anybody in the room except Mr. (.'lark, or anybi
dy coming up or going down stains.
question by tho chairman:?Did you hear
what was the matter with the first set of ee-tmcates?
An-wer-Only that there was an informality,
question:?When did you hear that some of
the signatures of the seeonil set were not genuine?
Answer:?I think I heard so from Mr. Levlsee.
one of the electors; but I had also heard through
tlie press, or from conversations, that there
were forged signatures. I had no talk with Mr.
Levlsee about, it. I do nor know anything except
about the execution of the second set. It
it quite true that l did not forge signatures. I ,
did not do it myself, nor do I know who did It. j
kki.i.ey recalled.
Thomas s. Kelley, the witness examined on J
Saturday, was recalled. The chairman stated i
that on that day the witness was asked the
direct question by Mr. Cox, whether he forged i
the name of rRher Joffrion or Levlsee, or both. 1
to the second set of certificates, and that the l
witness declined to answer until he could consult
counsel. The chairman now asked whether ?
the u itnesswas now prepared to answer. l
The witness answered that he was prepared,
and answeud that he did not forge the signa- <
tures. t
The Chairman:?What knowledge have tou i
personally tin t he subject? ' j
The Witness:?I have no means of prosing i
the knowledge I possess. 1
The chairman called attention to several of .
the sentences the witness used in his letter to i
him in June last. Among them the following:
"l will show you the man who forge.i the signatures;'
and asked, ' on what ground did you \
make that statement?" >
Answer:?F believed at the time tha; I had i
the knowledge to do it. But 5 cannot do so
now. It is a matter of Impossibility. i
The chairman:?You said in your letter to me <
that you wished me to keep this secret, because :
you feaied that persons in Louisiana would not
hesitate to murder you? {
The witness said he had no such fear; but l
l bought the remark would Impress the chairman
with the propriety of keeping the contents (
of the letter secret.
The Chairman:?Did you form your oplaion a
that the names of Joffrion and Levlsee were f
forged because they were not in New Orleans i
at the time?
The Witness:?i have other reasons. !
(question:?What are the other reasons? I
Answer:?I cannot answer, and that would t
place me in the same position i was on Saturday.
i 1
a motion to oomtel the witness to answer ! 4
Mr. Hunton moved that the witness here- I v
quiied to answer.
An incidental discussion ensued, in which Mr. 1
Butler said the witness had asserted he could 1
not answer the question; being fearful of t!i *
consequences. Now. Mr. Butierasked,if you
have sworn you did not commit the for<rerv t
how can you suppose that a knowledge that l
somebody else did can harm you? t
Answer:?The fact that I was present at the j 1
time involves me. I had nothing to do with it I t
in person. s
Ouestion by Mr. lliscock:?Did you counsel or '
advise such forgery
Answer:?No. ,
(question:?Did you aid or abet, or assist in <
the forgery? 1
Answer:?I cannot answer the question at ?
The witness was required by the following
vote t/> answer the question: Yeas?Messrs.
Morrison, Hunton, Stenger, Blackburn, springer,
Butler and cox. Nays-Messrs. Hiscoek,
Heed and the chairman.
the witness answered that bi.anciiard
forged the certificates.
After furtfcer proceedings tiie witness wa
asked what other reasons he had for knowing
that the names of Joffrion and Levisee v.er
torged, other than the fact that thev wore no
in New (irleans at 1 he t irne.
The witness answered he could not state positively
as to the name or Levisee, bat eould as
to the name of .Toffrion.
Mr. Cox:?Who forged his name?
Answer:?It was done by D. p. Blanc'iard. a
clerk in the governor's office. None but the
w tness and Blanchard were present at the
The committee then took a recess till haltpast
one o'clock.
A Chance ok Name.?The Hou.-.e committee
on commerce to-day agreed to report favorablv
a bill to change the name of the barge-Cockade
City to the "Republic."
slightly Exaggerated.?a dispatch lias
been received at the Indian office, which ex
plains t hat t he reported outbreak of j.ifto of the I
dangerous Kiowa and Comanches Indians from !
the Foit '-ill reservation and their tiiglit southward
until overtaken on the boundary between
Ir.dlan territory and Texas, amounts to no more '
than a hunting excursion of 200 of the Indians j
in charge ot a military escort. !
The Charges Against the Hampton soldiers'
Home Management.?The House mill- '
tary committee met this morning and discussed
at considerable length the question as to
whether the charges preferred against the management
of the Soldiers' Home at Hampton,
\a.. warranted an investigation. The subcommittee
to whom the matter was referred
ret orted that in their judgment the facts can .
talncd in the communication laid before tiiem
were insufficient to warrant congressional inquiry.
on motion of Represent ative White, tii<?
;ub-< ommiitee were instructed to examine the
matter more fully, and submit their conclusion
to the full committee at their meeting on Taut-slay
It is said that oen. Garfield has a bill, pre- j
posed as a substitute for the army reorganiza- '
tlon bill, and will offer it in the House at the
proper time. The new bill contains onlv six
sections, but gives the general or the army as 1
much power as the Burnstde bill.
Literary society.?The third meeting, for '
the present season, of the Literary Society took '
place on Saturday last at the residence of its ]
vice president. Mrs. Admiral Dahlgren. The >
meeting was unusually large and brilliant. The
ai t contributions were from tlie studio of Mrs.
Imogen Morell, and consisted of portraits of <
children. The literary exercisesof the occasion 1
consisted of discussion of a given theme, and <
was ably conducted by the various members, t
whose names were caUed In alphabetical order t
by the president.. The question proposed was,
Does adherence to precedent accelerate or retard
progress?" The members who offered
opinions on the theme were Gen. Alvord, l . s. 1
A., Dr. Elliot Coues, Col. Edwards Clarke, Mrs. ?
chapman Coleman, Mi's. Admiral Dahlgren, C. J
w. Hoffman, librarian or the Supreme Court, 1
Mrs. cary Long, and Col. C.arrick Mallery. C. s. 1
A. The music for the evening was principally
vocal. Mrs. Louisa camp, a member of the ,
society, gave some charming solos and also
took rart in duett with her sister, Mrs. Nagle.
The company was also favored with The Echo ;
song," (Kckarts,) and other solos by that prom- '
Lsing young ran tat ri<? (a guest on this occasion),
Miss Mary Johnstone, of this city. Among the
hotioraiy members present was Mr. Speaker |
Bandall, of the House of Representatives. t
Naval orders.?Rear Admiral John C. How- ell.
from the command of the North Atlantic ,
station and ordered to command the European
station per steamer 2-2d last froiu New York. ,
I.iei.tenant F. H. Paine, from the Powhatan ami
ordeied to duty on the European station per
steamer-.-id insl. Midshipmen W. J. Chambers. .
D W. Con man. W. D. Ross, and Win. Branaers- .
renther, from the Portsmouth and ordered to
proceed home and wait orders.
HrtN?iNG the Body Home.?The Alert, which
leu Hong Kong on the 1st instant for San Francisco,
will bring home the remains of the late
Master Richard A. Breck, V. s. n. This o.lice
was drowned April Kd. :STt. and his body was
interred at Amoy.
Captain michael cooney, ?th cavalry, is i
appointed to act as inspector on certain recruit
in* property and camp and garrison equipage 1
on hand at the recruiting rendezvous, cincin- !
nati. ohlo, reported as requiring the action of
an Inspector. and for which Jacob Kliae. isth 1
infantry, is responsible.
Not the Whole cocrt from Ohio.?The
report that makes Stanley Matthews prominent
fur the place soon to be vacant on the supreme
nench dees Lot take into consideration tue fact
that ohto already lias two members of that
court.?i Wflf/l, Cvr. fyriiwjleld
Sociel j.
The busiest visiting day the season 119s yet 1
known was yesterday, when the wives of all i
the justices of the U. s. Supreme court except
Mrs. Hunt, were at home to visitors. The ladles !
on Capitol Hill, at the Navy Yard and at the
Marine barracks, were as a rule to he found at
Mrs. Waite received alone, as her daughter !
was making calls with Mrs. Waite's sister a id
other relatives who arc visititi_- her.
Mrs. Miller, Mrs. stocking. Miss Lldi Miller
and Mi-s Winter received at Judge Miller's res- I
Mis. swfiyne was receiving alone, as her
daughter. Mrs. Parsons, has returned to New
Mrs. strong and her daughters received together.
Mis. Bradley was assisted by her daughters.
Mrs. Butler and Miss Bradley and her sister.
Mrs and Miss Harlan welcomed a number of
Mrs. Clifford and other ladies received aT. the
National hotel.
Mrs. Field had as assistants Miss Haight, of
New York, and Mtss Harrison- of Baltimore,
her guests,who intend returning to their homes
this week.
All the ladies named received a great manv
visitors. The wives of many of t ap members
>f Congress and the cabinet families wenmaking
There was a large reception at the Riggs
Home; nearly all the ladies passing the winter
iheie receive visitors on Mondays.
The wife of Judge Advocate General Dunn did
not receive visitors yesterday. out of respe -t ; o
ar son-in-law, Mr. McKee, whose brother's
nneral took place yesterday.
Mrs. Don. Cameron and her mother, the widow
f the late chas. Sherman, have not yet arrived 1
lere. but are expected this week.
<?'ulte a sudden interest has been awakened In
anada. it appears, which fs a novel! v for win- I
er. sir Edward Thornton's daughters andJMLss j
Uoyle, under tlie care of Mr. and Mrs. Henry !
\darns, left last evening Niagara, to sec it in i
ts frozen beauty, and will ioiu sir Edward and
l.ady Thornton in Canada. Miss Edith Fish is !
roing with a party from New \ ork. and another '
asldonable party will go from Boston.
The latest addition to the British legation, i
Mr. Mauricede Bun-en. is a yrandvan of Baron j
on Bunsen, who for a prolonged period of years I
as minister from Be rlln to London, and was an
ntlmate friend r,t prince Albert,.
Many will attempt to divide this evening be- '
ween the President's nv-cptJon, tiie Brown
oilier wedding, ai d the Georgetown Asseiub'.v i
it Forrest Hall.
(iovernor a r: d Mrs. Hendricks are visit iu'r Mi j
aid Mrs. s. v. Niles. Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs
Elliott will receive with Mrs. Niles Thursday.
Miss Karran, of Kentucky, is visiting Mrs.
'a 1 lisle, wife of Representative Carlisle*
The Misses Sherman (daughters of the General*
ill soon leave for Florida and New Orleans to
ipend the winter. They a ill be accompanied
jy General Van\ liet.
Mrs.chapman Coleman and her daughter
U.u;:eiiia are at tiie National Hotel. They have ><
en warmly welcomed on their return to this
:ity, w here they are highly esteemed.
<Uie of the most charming receptions of yeseulay
was that of Mrs. (.- urge Bancroft, who
ntertalned, in her inimitable manner, a host of
isitors without any assistance.
Mrs. secretary Sherman will receive to-mor Av,
and each succeeding Weduesdav. b -tween
wo and Qve o'clock.
Tiif. Employes of the loan division branch of
he Treasury are kept very busy, owing to the :
arge subscriptions to the four per cents and
he calling in of the 5-20's. The amount of work
tas increafcd so greatly since the 1st instant
1 at an addition of tiveit the force of the division
has been rendered necessary.
apldly on. secretary Sherman to-day issued
he sist call for the redemption of 5-20 bonds?
'on.sols of 1 '57. The call was for $->>),(knmvm?
;12,<m.o.(ioo coupon and $s.<?u0.0i>y regis'ered
IntTKicT Bonos.?The redemption of the ten- !
ear District of Columbia '.Bowen: bond-, which
vas commenced at the Treasury 0111 he 2d inst .
las progressed so far that only f2'.?.:ss.i of th
Kinds are now outstanding The sentl-an
lual interest <,n tiie DHtrtet. of Col-nnbia
jonds w ill be paid February 1st next. 1'ik- in
erest amounts to $25<?.si4 :j-\.
The City Post ofuck site.?The commute
ippointed by the Postmaster Genera's to re >or
>n buildings offered or suggested for the use o I
liec'ty pot onice to-day reported 10 the Post
naster General. A central locality, tire-proo
om-truction or nearly so, and an aggregat
capacity of n.no square feet were held as re
pdsltes (f a building lor the purpose suggested
I'he only buildings which were found at all suit
Jble for the purpose were the imperial Hose i
iiid the Centennial or shephed Buiidlns.
these by certain changes and extensions
30Uld be made practicable, but are open toobjeo
Hons. !t issuggested that, it neither of these
buildings be thought suitable, a temporary
structure of brick and iron, not to cost more
than ?-!.").?100, be erected 011 the space at the
intersection of 7th street, and Pennsylvania
avenue, or in Judi. iarv Square, sketches of
the proposed temporary building are inclosed in
[he report.
Chief Joseph, of the Ne/ Forces, and his
ompanion Yellow Wolf, called to-dav with an
interpreter to pay his respects secret an
The Naval Inyestigatio.x.?'The Ilou-c naval
committee this morning heard ex-Naval ( on-tructor
Hanscom, in reply to certain report by
Messrs. Lent hal a i.-herwood, to the effect
hat the new " Puritan" iron-clad would be a
failure. Mr. Hanscom produced figures and
ejKirts made by other boards t.i show nil- al "iatlons.
erroneous data and other inaccuracies
n the Lenthal-Isherwood report, and claimed
hat if the Puritan was completed she would
>rove the best vessel in the navvlorharbor and
oast defense. Had never said'if the Puritan
>vas a failure it would be Secretary Robeson's
ault. Did not think Mr. Robeson was ae(Ualnted
with the specifics! ions or details 01 ner
:011st met ion. it was the custom of the bureaus
0 carry out the general policy or the Secretary,
ivitliout consulting him as to the details. The
cmmlttee adjourned until to-morrow morning.
Labor Si kikes in ITiii. vnEr.PHrA.?The tanners
in 1 be moroeeo factories of Jos. Nevill x J
;ons and K. A. smith & Bros., Philadelphia. |
iave struck for l< per cent, increase of wages. J
riiey now yet fin per week. The hands who
ti lick for a 10 per cent, increase two weeks a?o
.vere successful, and now they intend striking
or another increase. The strike, it is thought,
ivill become general.
The Lecture at Wilmington, N. ( .. by Hon.
;eo. Davis,in aid of the familvof tlie late
tleut. Benner. netted $-'50. the largest amount
ner realized from a lecture in that place save
romone by Hon. Edward Everett, in aid of
he Mount Yernon association, before the war.
Missouri 1.k?usi,atike.?a bill for theestabishment
of the whipping post, and another
rraklrg life insurance policies non-fotteitable
ifier the second annual payment, have been inrcduced
in the Missouri senate, and in ihe
jouse a bill making the crime of outrage upon
emales punishable by hanging.
Bkiihng voters.?John Taylor a nd Thomas
- allon, well-known citizens of Freehold, N. J.,
tie on trial for offering money for votes at the
November election. The penalty is fl.'KV.i tiae.
.ix months imprisonment, and forfeiture of the
elective franchise forever.
A Severe shock or Karthqcakk was felt in
loiiday Sunday night, the motion appearing to
uoeeed from southeast to uortUwest, and involving
nearly if nor quite the entire state
I'lie sensation was the first of the kind ever resided
in the state.
The Louisiana Senatoiisoip. ?Tiie Louisiana
erfislative democratic caucus balloted unsue essfnlly
for Cnited States Senator last niorht.
he fifth and last ballot standing, Kear.ey 2.>,
hlustis 2:1, Jonas it. Herron 10, the balance scarermg.
The caucus adjourned until to-night.
Ice Gohoes in Texxessek.?since sundav
sight t lie three principal rivers In east Tennessee
have been goi-ged with tloating i -e. and th;?
lowlands are oveiilown and fences sw^ot away.
1 lie liood is at an ebb, however, and "railroad
Ulicials apprehend no trouble with b: id.:es. All
trains are runnius on time.
The "Jeemks" Fp.?The James river at Richmond,
\ a., rose yesterday to about fourteen feet
iliov e the ordinary level. Fears of a serious inundation
are stiil entertained. There is no
irhange in the ice gorge. Five schooners and two I
brigs bound for Richmond are reported driven
iisLoreat Hog Island.
A CorRT-MARTi.Ai. met at St. Paul, Minn .
yesterday, to try second Lieut. Jerome, son of
Lawrence R. Jerome, the well-known New
Yorker. A correspondent of the World, dispatching
from St. Paul, emphatically states
that the charge against lilm " hinges upon his
generous habits of life." This is putting a very
fine point upon it, I
Tiesdav, January 14.
SENATE ?Tl.e Vice President laid before the
Senate various ecmmunleat Ions from the secictr.ry
of War em-losing reports from the chief
r( engineers in compliance with the river and
Laibor appropriation bill, showing progress
i made iijh o surveys. Referred to the c uiimittee
: t.n commerce.
! Bills were introduced ami referred us follows: ,
| By Mr. Saunders?To provide for punislilng per- ;
s'Ps who steal horses, inuies. cattle or other
property from Indians. Referred to the committee
on the Judiciary. i;y Mr. Harris?For
ti e repelof the 1/mise Home, in the 1 ?;striot of
Columbia. deferred to the District committee. :
By Mr. sarger.t?Relating to the tax upon deposits
in sa\sng hanks. Referred to the commit- l
tee on tmai.ee. By Mr. Wallace?For the re- |.
computation of the accounts between the
l iiiicd slates and the several si ->tes and hetut
tn the Initcd states and the cit.v of Haiti- i
mi)ie. growingout of moneys expended by the
^everal states at.d the said cay <>f Baltimore in
the w ar of jsi2 with Great Britain. Referred to !
the committee on appropriations.
Mr. Anthony submitted a resolution to t>rtni I
l < i t! copies of ihe narrative of the Polaris expedition,
to he sold by the public printer at tin*
cost of publication, with lt> percent, added
thereto. Agreed to.
Mr. < hrlstlancy presented a petition of 2,<h*i
Gentile women of I'tali favoring such leglsla- *
lion as will make e fleet he the antl-polvgamy
law of isiv>. Referred to the committee on the
Mr. Chaffee submitted a resolution to print
5,(ioo copies of the report of Lieut. oeorge M. >
V> heeler, in charge of Surveys west of the~iit.it ii
meridian. Referied to the committee on printI
Mr. Windom, from the committee on appro.- i
prlations. reported back the letter of the Secre
tary of War in regard to surveys west of the i
Mississippi liver, with the recommendation ;
that it be printed and recommitted to the coin- j
mittee. Ordered.
Mr. Dawes called up t lie bill reported from
the committee on finance, yesterday, for the i
teiief oi Henry < . peAlina, late collector of ens- 1
tons at Sitka. Alaska. Passed, lit allows him
". in addition to his fees and salary, to compensate
him fur traveling expenses and losses ;
Mist ail.' U.J
district bh.i.s.
Mr. Horsey, from the committee on the D;stlift
of Columbia, reported favorably on senate
bill toauthorize the commissioners of the
district to adjust and fix the water rates within
said District. [It authorizes an increase of the
water tax to the extent of thirty per centum I
He also reported, from the same committee. '
t he draft of a bill prepared at the Treasury depaitmcr.t
making a permanent annual appropriation
for the payment of the interest on t lie
funded debt of the cities of Washington and
Georgetown, together with a letter from the
Secretary of the Treasury on the subject, and ;
moved that they be referred to the committee i
en appropriations, so ordered.
Mr. spencer. Horn the committee on military '
afiaiis, repoiteda bill authorizing the appointment
of W"tn. English as second lieutenant in
the United States army. Placed on thecalen- j
Mr. Allison submitted a resolution to prin;
1 ,"00 copies of the army regulations. Referred !
to the committee on printing.
Mr. Anthony submitted a resolution that on !
Friday next, at one o'clock, the Senate would !
proceed to consider bills on the calendar not |
objected to, to be discussed under the tive minute
rule. Agreed to.
Mr. Butler called up House bill to remove the 1
political disabilities of James Chestnut, of South :
Carolina. Passed.
Mr. Dennis announced that His colleague Mr.
Whyt< was detained at home by sickness in his
Mr. Butler submitted a resolution directing
the S< cretary ol the Interior to inquire and report
to the senate what railroad company, individual
or individuals, il any, are constructing
oi building a railroad through the publicdomain
in the territory of Arizona, and under and hy
w hat authority the same is being constructed
or built. A creed to.
Morning business having been disposed <>f j
Mr. liavls < W. Va.)called up the resolution sub- !
mil ted by 1dm on the 4th of December last. Instructing
the committee on agriculture of the j
Senate and House of Representatives to con- I
slder generally the subject of agriculture and
i epori by bill or otherw ise what can or ought to i
b>- done by the general government to better
advance, encourage, and foster agricultural in j
teres! s. He spoke at length on the subject, and !
i at the conclusion of bls-remarks, he asked the j
passage if ihe resolution.
Mr. Paddock said he did not wish to retard
its passage, but lie desire I to speak brietly in
regard to it. and therefore asked that it be laid j
oa er for the present, no ordered.
Mr. Thunnan called up the substitute for >
1''use bill to divide the western district o j
Misscui i into two districts, and to prescribe the j
times and places for holding courts therein and
for ether purposes. Passed.
The Vice President, laid before the Senate a ,
number of executive communications in re- !
sponse to Senate resolutions enclosing informa- .
tion m icgard to sheep husbandry; In response
to the resolution of Mr. Blaine, of the ad of
June last, transmitting Information and copies
of correspondence between our government
and <-reat Britain in regard to inviting other
maritime powoi-s to accede to the three rules
! prescribing the duty <T neutral governments as
: set lorth in the ?>th article of the treaty of j
Washington. Ordered that they be printed.
HOUSE.?on motion of Mr. Hubbell, a resolui
Hon was adopted directing the committee on !
i appropi iat ion to make an appropriation for the
payment to the widow of the late A. S. W'il- I
! Hams, of the amount of hissalasj for the re!
mainder cf the session.
| Mr. Durham submitted the report of the con- i
; feienee committee on the Military Academy !
I bill, and it w as agreed to.
Mr MeMahon desired to call up the Geneva
; award bill, but was antagonized by Mr. Roberti
son, with the bill tor the improvement of the 1
Mississippi levees, and by Mr. Hewitt, of Ala- j
bama, with the Mexican pension b'JL
Finally the Levee bill was postponed until
, Thursday next, and the House, by a vote of !
j yeas 112,-nays in,*., determined to take up the j
Mexican pension bill, and immediately went i
into committee of the whole Mr. Eden in the
i chah on that bill: which was then read by sec!
tlons, for amendments.
. ?
A Max ami Woman to he IIaxoed To i>av.
'i homas Dowd and Eliza Ward are to be hanged
at St. Andrew s. New Brunswick, to-day, for
the murder of Thomas Edward Ward, the husband
of the woman. The evidence was wholly '
circumstantial. Ward was a farmer, and led 1
an unhappy life with his wife, mainly on ac- i
count ot her intimacy with Dowd. who boarded j
in i heir house. Ward disappeared on the 9th
of September. Mrs Ward made contradictory- |
statements as to his whereabouts, and Dowd f
professed ignorance. The neighbors searched
and Ward s body, with the skull smashed, was l
found in a clump of bushes about a half a uule i
from his house. It was shown on the trial that
Dowd had made threats against Ward; that
Dowd owned an axe, the pole01 which ml^ht
have been used in committing the deed, arafon
which a human hair was found, and that blood
siains were found on Dowd's clothing. Mrs
\\ ard was seen on the road with Dowd on the
day the murder was comndt'ed. Her contradictory
statements regarding her husband's
w hereabouts told against her. The jury convicted
Thomas Dowd and Eliza Ward after
twenty minutes" deliberation. Both the prisor.eis
protested their innocence in the most
solemn manner when sentenced.
Fatai. Railroad Accident.?a freight train j
on the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad broke a
coupling near Mineral city, o., Saturday night,
and was run into by an extra freight train Just
as it reached a trestle thirty feet high. The
caboose of the ttrst train was crushed and three
passengers jumped out, allghtingupon the solid
ice. one. Washington Relfsnyder. was instantly
killed, and Win. King fatally injured. John
Bet - had his feet crushed.
senator Mf.rrimon addressed a letter to the
democratic caucus of the North Carolina legislature,
at Raleigh, last night, withdrawing from
the contest for the United States Seiiatorship.
leaving the field to Governor Vance.
The Ice H arvest commenced at all points on
the Hudson river yesterday. About l.owo men
engaged in cutting Ice near Albany. X. v.. visited
various localities to work up a general
strike for $1.50 per day, instead of $1. Three of
the leaders, James Collins, .Tames Lynch and
Ts'011 Is Dee. w ere arrested. There were nearly
4,<?:i? 11.cn and boys at work between Albany
and Poughkeepsie. The ice is from ten to
twel\e inches thick.
Virginia and Her Creditors.?The Virginia
senate yesterday agreed to the House am ?'id11.ents
to t he senate resolution providing for a
conference witluhe creditors of the stale, or
t heir representatives, to consider a plan of settlement
which win not necessitate an increase
of taxation. The conference will bf held on
the 2vd irst. At a conference of readjustee Itwas
agreed to call a readjustee' state convention
for February is, to issue an address, giving
reasons therefor, and to oppose any increase ol
tiie present rates ot taxation,
Telegrams to The Star.
Reprieved a Half Minute Too Late. !
TWO noiui TiK.i IKI'MI :
A l(t prit'\ c Which Irrivcd One 1|iu>
nit- Inn I .ate.
Maivii ciii nk. Pa.. Januar.v 14. a m ?
T he drop has just fallen, .md it is feared t'a" j
necks of sharpe ami McDonnell have been
bioken. A telegraphic reprieve has pist ar- ' i
rlvod, but about one minute too late. <
VRV |{S AGO. *
The crime for which they have been executed u
u;|v the murder of George K. Smith, on Ihr \
ni^ht (if November .Mh, Ismith was a coal v
operator :;t Audcnrled. and although he w as a i
highly uspectable man. In* was much disliked '
?>'' ' Buckshots." as the pre*?ent Mollle Ma- >
gulres were tlien" called. As a body they're- ?
sisted the diaft. and it is supposed that Smith'*
onlv offence was |Ktiniing out to the officers 4
of tIn* government individuals, who had 1
so resist Hi. On the night of t lie murder ?
arf'ut < iiiht o'clock tl iee ur n with blackened
Vi4'4'.s* a,ld vv,'aiinsr the garb of miners, pr.--.-n: - ?
ec themselves at smith's door and insisted ui?on 1
an interview with him. saying t he v had a le"ei ' *
railroad. Mr. smith bein? *t >k in u -1 \> x
Smith refused to permit thetn to coup stair* 5
-a hen on. of them tired off a pistol. \ <T.'?'v 1of ,
men w iio had been lurking outside. bur*t ov > '
liie door Innnpdluely, at.d poured Into the : 1
House, wounding a Mr. Ulrica, one of the in- 1 1
mates, and knock-in- Mrs. Smith down. snltli
who was known to be a fearless mm. let< h's <
bed and cam- down stall's to defend hi^
I.i'ii.e. l>ut he was very *0 -n surrounded !
Sf-iiie me put a pi>tol to the hack of hi* hea l i
and tired, and smith fell dead. Tne B'tcksho'*
tbenfled. Not one of them was arrested nor 1
were they even suspected until the di*clos'cv< '
brought a'ootit by the trials since 1*;:.. and i: J
was net uni il fourteen vears after ih'-murdet
that these two men wi re arrested, Th.-v were :
jnedat Munch ? hunk last April, and aiihou'h
the chiel witnesses against them were .1*me* !
Kerrigan, "the squealer." riiarle- Vuellic.tr , ,
and Kelly, -the huiu"-three > f-co,n? -sr 1 ,
murderer-?they were both found "-u'ltv of '
murder in the first decree. j ;
however. has followed 11n- parficinatii.s in th I
Smith murder. "Long John" Don'o'iue. w im is
supposi d to be 1 lie man who presented Sirs. 1
Smith with the letter, was shut at Tuscaiora
ellow Jack"' Donohue was lian_red at Maucii 1
Chunk. Jack Kehoc suffered the 'same fale last ' *
month at i'ottsvllle. and to-day siiarpe and Mc- i I
Donnell have expiated the erime noon the i t
gallows. i j
Macch ? DCNK. I'enna.. Jan. u.?What was '
thought would i?e one of the quietest exec 1
tions w hi, li eves took place in Maueh?'hunkh is
proved the most exciting, a reprieve from
Governor Martianft arrived here one-half iniu
lite after the drop Ml?Just thin v seconds to > 1
late to save their lives. i I
slept iiuietly last night. McDonnell left orders 5
nj on retiring lobe<-ailedat midnight for praver '
At that hour Sharjie was fast asleep. Neither 1
of them eat any breakfast this morning. The , '
pi lists, lathers Bunc*. and Heinan, arrived
aiK?ut seven o'clock, and mass was said in M<-- '
Donnell's cell, in the presence of a number of , :
relatives *>f the doomed men. At half-past nin> !
the <ltM?rs of the prison were opened 10 those *
who had passes, and the corridors were soon j 1
filled w ith a mixed crowd, who examined the '
ropes, witnessed the attaching of them to the 1
scan old beam, and the other preparations, li
was a serious time, and thesherfii" gave strict 1 1
ciders t*> his a-slstants to allow no lev itv on i lie I '
part of the crowd. At lori". the sh. rifT knocked ' 1
on the dotirsof the cells as slgnau tliat he was '
ready. T he condenm**d riien did not appear for 1 '
some time, hut w hen they did they did not show I '
the least fear. The prisoners, tlie priest* no- I '
dcemen, and the sheriff at once went
1'1'ON THE SCAI KOt.O. i .
After a short serv ice the sheriff said - James
McDonnell, have you anything to say before 1 ]
proceed further?" McDonnell replied, s-hm'c- ,
ing in a firm voice, - 1 am as innocent of th- 1
murder of smith as the child unborn. I have
alieady told of the only crime I was engaged
in, (referring to the Burns murder - I am"sorrv ! ,
I ever alienated myself from the li >lv catholic I
church: I forgive everybody." in reply to the ,
sheriff s question, sharpe said he was innocent 1
of the murder ol smith. He said he had mtended
to have read a statement written for i '
Lim by Mr. Boyle, of the coal (rtizettf* but ue
would not. and asked that gentleman to be i
sure to publish it. The men were then s.qa *kle i
and the priests kissed them good-bye.
The sherifl was about to put on the white '
caps whan Sharpe said he w ished to leave hi* !
thanks vvitli th*' sheriff and the officers 01 the
jail. McDonnell simply said the same. The '
men then kissed their cruciflves passionateh
and the priests vv ldspered winds of consohrtion <
in their ears. As thewli'te caps were drawn
over their heads even* one left the scaffold hut
the doomed men. The sheriff took hold of the
rope attach* d to the spring and waited a signal
from Father Bunee. in a moment a white i
handkerchief fell irom the lattcr's hand and
the sheriff pulled the drop. The fall wa - over :
three feet, and the men came down heaviiv
McDonnell seemed to die inst ttiilv. but sh ir.ie
struggled violently, a reprieve was re vived
in Mauch < litink by tel?'graph at iti.a:. and tiic
manager of rf-e Western 1'nion Telegraph office 1
rushed to the jail with It. lie ran i '
the Ih'11 violently about half a minute
before the drop fell, and he then shouted i
loudly to the doorkeeper. Mrs. McDonnell
and her children were also at the door weeping 1
loudly, but the doorkeeper did not seem to !
understand that ti>e dispatch was a reprieve
it was from Governor J. F. llartraufi. and i 1
granted a reprieve until Monday.
111 the town when the news of the reprieve was !
made known. The friends of the prisoners took 1
cinyge of the bodies, which were put into cof- !
fins inside the Jail. The sheriff s;iid he had no 1
idea that a reprieve would be granted bv the i
governor, nor did any of the authorities here !
anticipate such a contingency.
'1 Iio Delay- in (h<* Kepriwc*
IIahkiskckg. I'a.. Jan. 16.?<?ov. Hart.ranft. <
who returned from Washington earlv this 1
morning, finally agreed to extend the time for i
the execution of sharpe and McDonnell to the 1
~ tli mst.. but I he news of the execution in 2
answer to his telegraphic reprieve, of course
put an end to ail further efforts to save ihe
men No hopes were entertained for a ! i
linal pardon, and the Governor would r
only grant a reprieve for a few days. f
The governor did not rtacli his office until a
quarter before ten o'clock this morning. Alter
hearing the attorney's plea for a respite he de- )
eided about 10:30 to giant it. The telegram was J
w ritten. nied in the telegraph office at 10:35 and 1
;eni at lo:36. No further reason tor the deiav
in issuing the respite is given, but the fact that ,
the governor did not reach his office until the ,
tune above indicated shows that very little time !
was lost after hearing the reasons* for there- ,
quest Tor a reprieve. v
An American Ship Wrecked. i
Mii.i'ord, Wai.es. Jan. 14.?The new American
slup Thomas M. lieed, fiom San Francisco, ?
September 5th, for Liverpool, went ashore in
Freshwater bay, and became a total wreck.
Three of her crew were drowned. Her cariro Is b
strewn over the sands, and much of it will b- 1
aved. d
HusiiK'ss Failure* in (>rral Britain. f
London. Jan. 14.??'right on Brothers, iner- (
chants, of New castle on Tyne. have failed
Their liabilities are pounds. McKay <t
Kirkwood. extensive wholesale stationers. (
printers and publishers, of Glasgow, have failed.
Their liabilities ate large. II
London Kilter Mark?l.
I/ONPON, Jan. 14.?The Time*, in its financial
article this morning says there is verv little y
silver here. If there should l?e an\ large ar- .1
rivals the present price could not be main- k
tained, as the inquiry is very limited.
Hi?inarcli'? I.if lie Hill. tl
I.ONnON, Jan. 14.?A Berlin dispatch to the r*
Time* says: "i he parliamentary punishment si
bill continues to be the chief topic of couversa- di
t ion in ail political circles. The opinions of the fc
foreign press is largely quoted in comparison
with articles in the journals here, which seems
to yield the curious result that abroad there is d;
more opjiosition to the chancellor's scheme than P
in Germany itself. There Is certainlv great op- r*
position here to the bill, though to the English
mind it is somewhat surprising to find so much n
unconcern reigning, in view of the fate which fc
tecum to Uneaten the freedom of speech and ai
the lltorny OT the press. The vw ih.u.t,, A>.
to* ??**?' Xfit?Hu and #W defend tin chance',.
Jorsstrhrnw. The />?. though mife.?,
?? ' * " ssi,> of N.iiw restr.iuit en |wrtjw
bin in p- pie-cut form is liu.tmt? ble to,
the ii thut tt changes .,r
tl.e fo:.-t:tut iou. wlik-h cann.w b-- d w u hotr
a sj.vial n^ 'uiion l y ilic Uc> - . t0 thv
erect. In parliameutan circlesth ?,,.,-.st<is
being dlscu-sod w hctht r 1 bm. n v ie a ,?i .. , t.l'll
articles ? ! *!:? tn^H'tiaU u.sti 'it <?ii i,i hi
not i vr..!-. t?,l .1 limine. M
S'XM 'viilnl ( ? nit I >
? *1 mi i. Jan. 14. - N'l \|.l-v-i-? : t p!?,v in
lUlitts . . Ji'ri y . In t !?? liiiond.t i \ tlloy. la^i
' Itht At* lit x;\:t JH'I-X !i> ..I Iv eved
BHVe |M ;i kliatl,
! he I iuisi ttiision I'ltiiire.
I O?',ov V, v s...ian.u ins. | . s .,s.
I- ot- <. Summer ?t,Vl , w;t , falN .mi
sauno > la.-t, in,- reported a-, , . from
l>"' linn I. v:; v a largo
portion of .. .r x'.t w iiim in \ ^,,rv. and
jniTi' or 'x (?i ila\! nit! !>; i - initolH.
to 1 . rt OS li that , H. 4 It ttio n: i- IfOKf'ttl
<la.. bb.b - ii.Si, i pt .;y>* t. -i
ank- a'al l ni>mu ::.-u-.- th, i |v, hating
lech :;!!>> .! -}? .-< d Of lit p |< , ; "? W h< -III ~
? as origin a H> it He firm ha.eof ;.tt?> lost,
ily In in liiiil ilrlil * ;?i tlii* y i tt" n
I heir los-es t?* -in this Miiini1 dmlng the law'
foiir or five \ cars aggn .at'iig. i; > ...i *
IntKlirr i Arruiion.
ST. '< HV N. II.. JAB. 14 'I"ii'.>::, ;> ll.twd W;ls
"Mrtiii ?J at Andmrs. ? harhMUJcount>. ai
:15 fM'JiHtk this morning: ft>r :lio n ?rtl>"r of
I'l.onia- ruward ^ardonthf s i.?'.uIh*.
ast at New i:iv?T. Mowil's w.is tnstan:aw?M:s.
Ab.iit v |n-rx4ins |> >'? ti:
\ KrM'iird Crrtv.
IIavkv. .Ian. n. TIm* American s?'lK?on??r Kdivln
!. \1<tiNon. nt tills p.>rt from <.a!\?'>ton.
?r> iiplit tltrcfvw of ti??> HrKlsli bark ? tuli.from
ttaltuniTf. lHxt iiib? i ?t?l. for Kvx'lieiort. wUi? li
ivas ulttr.di'lntl ii M a.
'I'lif Market*.
BALT1MCKK. -bin. It ?Virvtnt? *'*?<?. 1rferr??!l.
; do. r? iiKo:i<lat?sl. 6:>. t|o n?s-.vi.| S7 \.
lo. r*Ht "bie comxm*. 77. NortU ? * *]
do. r)?-w. ; . do sihh'UI tax. hij u?-day.
?i:tr?r fmr \ n lap'sud firm? \ * >tt. i'?
BAI.T1 VOKF.. Jan. It ?Cotton .|\l! m Ml:nr, !*i
?' Flour a 1i\e ati4 firm, but not >r lowr.
Mirnt, "outlicrn firtn ami small re i -.s. n?Kt?>rn
*? j!'h ami lown- wmthorn ml, I Oial.t^ m. aiiit?<r.
.07al os No ~2 r.'itn-\ i\n'T * r?'<i, I ?i*\. No ~i
?t*lfrn *tii|.T rwt. m>ot atul Jaioiarv. i ?' " al (HtV
February. I in Hal " Mar. h. I 07 ,.to7v
' ntlxrn qir.-t ai:d nominal; wontt ni l.-u,>r and
amy artivi'- wfst?-rn mixi^t, P|>ot an l -laiiiiarr 4.1',
:< ? F?i ruary.t < ?4't\ . March,4<^a4thImuimt.
' t- t'ats fairli a.tive and Ktoa.b wi'it^rn ant
Vilify 1\aula. wwsum *h'io. i u:<l. d?
Eixed,]{? .n.iiiiry and Bun -.oiithe^n,
' - lla> ijnlit and uni hai,^?<t. I'ro* -totu" Jul,
Hi.I ? ;i^>, l.tit nc?t yj.'IfcU'i ,'Wft 1, u> r. titiv,.
iLd tiiui?-r for lioi?> wi^ieni l ai kcil. 1-ijii. ro'l*.
<ii:ll ai:,1 noiiiinaliy 1 rm?crmle,
rt'tii d. Coffee <jn <." Km r?vi?~,
Whiitky- Mra.lv. 1 la I r.-.^tiin t??
I nert i oi |ier ?teani<*r <jiii?>t cotton. ",.1 , flour,
f>.!.: irniai, rt'-.?t'.\?l. lteo.ij'ts fl.. ir, 2,b?7.
?l.eat, '.o,577 oom. f.' 700. rv.- t.Hi
Sh rr..<- u_ u|., Hi .,ii i,on < .ra 4 '
^'dtK, J.iii 14.- st?'ks : r:u. >",m?'T, :taH
r xclianjre, Iouk. 4m:i ; uliort, 4fc7 ?. UiitmimmM
fti in.
NFW V< -HK. Jan. 14 -Flour ( i ^- Wb-^it .ja
Com .j i j..
LONl)(IN, Ijd it. 1J Ml j.. to CViitco'ai ?.,r
n '-i > >" ' > lf-b tort', atvoino. is luimls.
! i lottieh, 11",V ii,-w liven. i<>'.-4 Kr:?'.. 24
i r< r n-ed. N>-vv .l. rK<>y I'.-ntm: c. ri?oU>. 74'
I ,i t o v Central. s'( N, u J?rs. v 04-u'ral 3?. ..
Jliei a. of (iiMN rut t rtliri'. n-o'i:h?* ImIih hi tl..*
! . v n arkei - :fV j . r . i:t . u!. h - 1 't lrlo? iiir
Luiik of 1 aitlaiiil
I ml <?l tla?lamr Indersoit's Malk.
Madaaie .Mid?'rs'Hi. the Itrooklyti \. v.) noile^trloiine.
concluded liertask of
I uartor uiiiox in as many nuarb-r hours a! ii':4x
last nluhi. After the completion 01 her Usk
-he was taken immediately to a IkuW and put
0 In d. Her sloop will be hnkn evtyy in 1
liours orm> tor tlie tirs' twenty-four hours, les'
-l.e sleep tor ^ikkI and all, and attor tliat she
a til ije allow. .I 10 sleep as much as s)j. pleat's.
Mter a te-i 01 two weeks she will c '01 1'ittsrnnir.
I'a.. to walk a quarter 01 a mile even
piattei of an hour f01 two weeks. Fr >iu PittsQurgslie
j;oes to t'lii^a^o lo walk 101 another
wo weeks, this time doin^ a .piailer of a
iiiile \erj ten minutes.
The New > cirk H .of vestcrda\ said of ^titilay
nijrhfs walking:?As tlie end of the ionivalk
approaehes. ih< stage and pan or the ^aleiy
in which the band Is statioinnl irite Inm'ii
:iven tip to the audience. The b;U)d piavs two
lirs. "ihurt pel weary." and -oh: Tomm\
lou've In eti a bad boy." When the HUrUl re|H)ner
enteted the iiall last evetdujr Mine. Atileison
was un the j..v.?i;tti quarter mile of the
M?h>. She was divsM-d in a loiivr |>urple cloak.
rimmed with tur. She :.?eii.ed taorouphly
norn out ;:! <( almost asleep. This his lnvn her
ondition since Saturday afternoon, with bat
few intenals of brightn< on t'ae first quarer
of tin' -jO-V'th mile she seenu-d to wake up a
title and to walk wit hgreaterexse. \\ nene\ei
she coti.es on the i ra -k sheapi?eirs to tH almost
jslM ji. at.d |.uts her hand to her hea?l ,ls it just
(caking. The latest Ingenious tlK'orv abimt her
is that she is twins, and that tdrotle walks4s
piartet mtles. while <Uroi1a rests 12 hours. This
- nefii. bill .ii variance witfi 1 he laets. The
X'destrian lias l>-en closely watclunl ti> ap**nts
f a man who has a heavy bet against lier and
ft 1h) is satisfied thai her walk i> a |M-rt,vtl\ fair
me. and S.VoHi is ottered by Mr. Anderson f?
[lie d? tectlon ot the ?t her half of t no twin, t 'onm
ientious reporteis have xaiuly endeatured to
anr tiiis ino|,e>.
The ' oi i-iANA 1 n v kstii. ation.?Tiie?'ongras*^ional
tmmtiiitb-e in\??tlgat!ng ele -tlon frauds
tnd outrages iu Louisiana, yesterday examined
in New ! leans1.'. M. Newman. eoi<?r?Hl.clerk
f the district court of St. Mary's parish, who
te-tir.ed to the efforts "f the democrats to get
los^ession ef tiie duplicate returns in his posm-sMoi:.
\\ |{. McNeil, a deputy s hen It of ?'ad10.
testitleuc?itufrtiing the Caledonia aiialr and
ike killing of negroes, but could not a\ when
fir where each tiegro w as killed. |ta\id v\ is?'.
nf Tensas, teslilicd that theehictioti w;is<|iiiei
ai.d peaceable in lit- district. His < >ttoa gin
was burned bv negroes on Tuesday r Hlowlog.
Saw alx.'iu .on armed colored men marching
through Waterproof the day before the gin was
hurned. Next day another armed crowd came
lid said they weie going t<> burn tin town.
Fairfax was the leader of the negroes, it was
understiMid he was keeping up tiie ? ilor line.
11. Moss, of Tensas, testified that 1 ?? saw armed
negroes pa:-s by hundreds through W a'erproot
There were not more than tweuly white men
in the place. The p**ofile werp very inach fnghtpned.
The negioes threatened to kill ttjechildren
and outrage the women. Tlie.v wniL futve
binned the town it the sheritJ s posse had uot
arilved. *1. v. Watsun and sehaefet. of
lensas. t??stUied that the troubles in the parish
were due to the blacks, who were exited to
hostility.b\ the color-line ti'publl. in leaders.
I-KANK Morpai VT. TIIK ^ctok. Mi?SIN?;
Frank Moidaunt. the well-known actor, attached
to tiie l*1ftli-a\euue Theater, wa- reIKirted
to lnsjH-ctor Liilk-. at jiolioc headquarters.
last ui'^ht, as missing under s ispkiou?
1 ttcuinstanees. The repoti was made at the
instauceof Mrs. Mordaunt. w ho Is ? \ce,dlngh
woi riedo\* 1 her husband - -ingularabsence.She
-a.v. s Mr. Mordaunt left his home at m early
hour on Saturday mornint? and has not l*e*-u
~cen not heard from since by any ot his friends.
Mrs. Mordautn -ay-she f 11-her iiu-band has
net with foul play, she bases her fear upon
her know ledge 01 the fact that lie lias enemies,
ind says that while leaving Ids residence one
veiling n cent ly he was fired al wltii a revoltei
t>y some one w ho had N>en lying in w ait for
lilm. lie was not struck hy the bullet. The
>vould-l?e muiderer Ih-d. and Mordannt returned
it onee within the hou-e. U'hen his wife asked
ilm about the shooting he attempted to laugh
II the occunence. and assure<i her that the
whole thing was a |oke. -a pistol tired into the
?ir. >ou know, to make a noise;" but Mrs. Worlaunt
knew better, and was certain, judging
>y her husband's pale face and b-rrihed exiression.
that the shooting was a serious affair.
I'he ins| ector <ent out a general alarm.?(A. F.
Thus*. 1
s< aki et fever and diphtheria are still inciva-ng
in New iork. as shown by the mortuary
ecords of the pasi week, but neither disease is
Fkioiitened to iikaiii bv a IIorse.?The
vlfeofa fanner of Norfolk county, Va? n.uned
Ij slop, was f?n Saturday frightened 10 death.
?elng chased by a horse whhe out in U?e n? ld
.lrr?;E IIii tov Is still prosecuting his search
or the missing lemains of A. T. Stewart, while
he public has almost forgotten the fact that
te millionaire's bone- were stolen only a few
reeks ago.
The fa Mors Hktsv Ward, of <;reenrille.
"enn.. who a few years ago won lame by aucesefully
resisting the raids ujion h?-r saloon by
he temperance crusaders, was married lu the
atliollc church in that place a few days ago to
. man named l>oolan.
A rinoit.ak cai sk oe heath was developed
y an Inquest on the remains of a young man of
.ong Island named .lame.- Fleming, the other
ay. A pin bent in the form of a hook was
ound, which had lacerated an Intestine and
a used peritonitis and consequent death.
City officers on Tkiai..?4'ity commission
rs Flaherty and Burnett, Michael Daly. inmr.
or ol sewers, and l*eter Mallu. purveyor, of
irioklyn. N. V.. are on trial for consplra. v to
efiaud the city out ot $5o.?mi.
SfFEfM atf.ii bv ? oai ?a?.-Ou Friday night
Irs. John Brady, of I.ong Island ? itv. covered
se Ore in her stove with fresh coal and went to
ed. At 3 o'clock yesterday morning she w as
wakened by a sense of suffocation, and found
ue room tilled with coal gas. Her two chlldm.
a boy of 2 and a girl of years, were insenble.
She carried the girl to her sister's resitnce
nearby, and returning Tor the Uttle bov
miid him dead.?[A. I'. Sun, VitK.
WTeams crosKed the Hudson river vesteray
on the Ice at Hondout, Slelgiis took the
lace of ferry-boats at Uhinebcek and tranrfer d
pasbengers from the Hudson Itlver lailroad.
t?"Mr. (.ranger, agent of the "Sunset railroad
>ute of Texas," was knocketl from tiie plat>nn
of a car at Eufaula, Ala., last Ttur^lay.
idUatalij injured. *

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