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Tl'ESPAV ... Jannary -j|, 1879*
Tlie Hfather.
owe* of Cfifp Signal Offices.)
Washisoton. Jan. 2). TS79. r ,
*vr Ntw England and the middle
Lartly cloudy weather, v,^ , - t'!'.t~ '
IK to '-ouu-cliv winds, shift- ;
8 - - ?*u southeasterly, stationary s
cr bu n ly fali^ljr barometer. slowly rising texperaiure.
and lu the northern portions areas of ,
hkvgic or nil tttkrmovftfb.
The following Is the readtngsof thetherrnom- i
eter at the Signal Office during the day: I a. in.,
! "; 7:30 a. m.. 10"; 12 midday, 8 p. m., 32?; '
taxlxaam. 3V"': minimum, is7.
niimrmrnu, Ac., To-Mglii.
Jiattonal Theater.?Diplomacy.
Saiat'riwn.?Miss May Marshal's long walk.
TtuaUv Ctrtniqu*. ? " Rupert's D-.igS " itnd
for da i>)Hrra //'>?. "The coronation of
v Mumbus.'
1mm Ftllvtr* Baft--The Midgets.
Ma>< nic Tti'ip/t.?The Poultry show.
roiidrnvd I.oral*.
St reet lamps will be lighted at 5:?" p. m. and ,
txttngnlshed at 5:30 a. m. j
Ttp Kan ebon club have tendered ;t benefit
tsell to the Provident Aid society.
J J chapman. successor to Solomons x? hap- i
n. an. sends a handy style of calendar for ls79. I
.tames Bellew sends a specimen of the new ;
series of "The Vatican Library."
J. shlllington sends the fine February number |
Of the Svrth A uteri can Review.
In the Court in i;eneral Term yesterday Gen. i
Jas. A. Congdou. of New ^ ork. ton motiop or j
*r. B. J. Pariiie!le>: J. s. vowles, of Virginia:
c. M. Derringer and A. M.twn were admitted
to the bar.
Thos. Kirbv vesterda.v entered a suit ag Unfit
the District for $5,?v?.a>, the amount of aeon- j
tract for grading and macadamizing Boundary
street, between 9th and !<"?th sts.
Yesterday morning ?>nieer McRae found a
dead colored male infant at the corner of 4th |
and Boundary streets, and removed it to the i
reeond preeiin t station, where I)r. Patterson ;
gave a certificate* of death from exposure and j
Detecttie i larvce. who has been very ill of
rncurnnnia. is much better to-day, and in a fair
way of reco\ cry. j
To-day A. McD. Oreen was, on motion of Mr. '
Morse. admitted to the bar of the Supreme |
Court of the District.
The names of bank officers elected published .
in yesterday's Stai: were those. of the central i
national bank, and not the citizens" National i
bank, as erroneously printed.
i iffk-er Toppin, who aeeiden' a ly shot himself
early Sunday morning at the sixth precinct
station hou>e. and who is now at Providence
hospital. Is sinking rapidly, and there is n > hope 1
1f his recovery.
Work ingulf-n't \ssenibi).
the mektintj 1 ast night.
t; ? Assembly met at lack's hall last evening, j
Mr. Robinson in the chair and Mr. .1 >hn T j
Christian secretary. Messrs. E. B. Kibiason. j
W. R. Kamsey, W. W. Malonev, S.J. Phillips, 1
J. I*. Hamilton. K. w. oyster,s. il. Bell. .lams I
M. Valonev. I. ll. s. Mvers. and E. R. Morcoe
vrere admitted as delegates Iroin the Typographic
Mr. Armstrong. corresponding secretary, reported
that in answer to circulars calling a
worklngmen's Congress lie had received letters
making Inquiries from Iron Moulder's loo. of
Memphis; cooper's International I nion: and
the boston navy yard. Mr. Hamilton, from the
committee on the investigation at the navy
yard, stated that it was being conducted in
ecret. and he was in honor bound not to divu'ge
anything about it. When the commission has
made its report he would make a detailed report,
and he thought that he would be able to
show that he has sustained the charges. The
names of A. E. Sardo and I. E. Cushiev. of the
Pressmen's Union, were dropped as delegates.
tonorkss an1? the work ingjien.
Mr. christian offered resolutions, which were !
adopted: 1. That they look upon class legislation
as alien to both the genius and spirit of the
constitution, the object of which is the cent r ilt/atlon
of power in the hands of a few. That
the representatives of the people are their servants
and not their masters, and should eoniuithemselves
to their constitutional duties..3.
Denying that it is the constitutional right of
members of Congress to claim all peaces of
honor and tnist from the diplomatic mission, or
a compositors place In the government printing
office, to the laborers and hod carriers in the
navy yard. 4. Declare that while in favor of
sound political economy i hey are opposed to the
workingmen being made ihe political scape
goat, while those who violate trusts by robbing
the government, if convicted .:re pardoned, and
are seldom prosecuted. .">. Endorsing the recent
action of the Tyjtographtcai I nion.
cabinet makers' complaints.
Vr. spiff reported that he had attended a 1
recent meeting of the cabinetmaker's t nion.
and explained the objects of the Assembly, lie ;
had found that the cabinetmaker* had suffered |
more than any other trade, and even furnl'ure :
had been sent to Baltimore and other places to |
be repaired. The caneing of chairs for the !
House of Representatives, which a Washington I
man offered to do for ?i 25, h id i?"en given to a !
New Yorker at fi.75. He introduced two opre- j
seBtaf.ves of the cabinetmakers, wiio stated
that they were satistiedthat It would be ")< ae;r i
interest to loin the Assembly.
national labor bureau.
Mr. Kamsey read a memorial, asking ihat a
national labor bureau be orga'iized. an i also
u letter from II. J. Walls, commissioner of the .
Bureau of Labor statistics of ('liio. iulvrn^atlng
the same. Mr. Thomas expressed himself
heartily In favor of tke memorial, and remarked
that by a recent report of the tquartermaster
General he found that the government was
foMertfiirconvict labor. At Fort Leavenworth
the military prisoners last year made 30,8sa
pairs of shoes, and io,<hh? chairs for the army,
and thi? report states at about the same cost as
It could be done by contract. The memorial .
was adopted, anl a committee, consisting of
Messrs. Ramsey. Bell and R ?seubury, was appended
to present it to Congress. The following
were appointed the organization committee:
Messrs. Spier. Barker. Hamilton, McDonald and
christian. E. M. oyster was elected corresponding
secretary. In place of J. W. Armstrong, resigntd.
liosfr.s to the mf.morv of i.enkrai crsH- ,
lis?.?A meeting of the cltl/ens of M iss-vhusetts
was held at Masonic Temple la-i night to
take action in relation to the death of t iate
Aieneral Caleb cushing. Mr. ><. K Kaunce ealle I
the meeting to order. an<l after brieslv euioirL/li.g
the deceased statesman whom they had t?
veHibled to honor, called upon Attorney General
Devens to preside, with B. s. i'ikc secietar?". Appropriate
resolutions were offered by Major Ben: i
Pwly Poore. who a!s.j spokebrlf-rly in their suj?- '
f-ort. Hon.B. Lorlng delivered the address ,
of the occasion, in which the virtues and accomplishments
of the deceased were elouu >nt y
set forth. At the cl>se he wa^ heartliy applauded.
Hon. B F. Butler followed lu brief r
marks, during which he suggested taat uie
numerous rrlendsof Mr. p ushing in this District
should not let the occasion pass v\ itho.u ,i more
fitting tribute to his memory, and suu^rested
that the Massachussetts members of Congrrss
propose a memorial service lu their resp?'ct.v? '
bcdles. sjuiilar tn character to the Heavy memorial.
when the Mrtuesof the great d -ceased
MM be put upon high reconl as aiievampl"'
for the young of our land senator D.'wes. t;ea.
X. P. Banks and Mr. R. s. spofford followed
after which the resolutions were adored The
suggestions of Gen. But !er were then put in the
form of amotion, whic'a was adopted, and l>r
lioncg. i;en. Butler and Hon. George b. K j'jlnf-i-l
7.tu* ^PPointeil a committee of anangeA
MrRi?ERtt> IsranT? Thf C-rouee's f, qvt i.?
Yesterday morning there was found in is iptist
alley, between oth and loth and 1) anil E streels.
jl newly born white male child, quite dead. an<1
Elijah Woodfork. colore 1, reported tiie fact to
the police. Dr. ,1. F. llirtlganmade an autopsy
yesterday, and found that death was caused by
fracture of the skud and exposure. An inquest
was therefore ordered, and it w as hold at noon
to-day by the deputy coroner. Dr. Htrtigan.
Edward Patterson and wife and Elijah Woodfork
testified to nndlng the child. Mary Bart m
testified to hearing some one run out of the
alley ahout 3 o'clock. Dr. flartUau testified is
to the autopsy and that death was causM by
fracture of the skull and exposure, and the jury
teturned a verdic* that the child came to Its
death by a wound of the head, imli'-'ed bv some 1
peis(>n or persons unknown.
Fuiliiarwonics.?'The closing reuearsals for t
jhe rtist concert of the Philharmonic s-ieiety i
under its reorganization gi\f? promis?> of a mu- 1
sical entertainment such as has bee i seldxn
by amateurs in thls. ity. The practice
last night showed marked improvement. In !
every respect, in the handling of Hie grand lionises
of the Christ us of Mendelssohn, which, topether
with tiade'si rusjiders, and the Power of
Sotg by Romberg, constltuies the initiatory
programme of the society. Th" con< eit will b
(T:\enon the??th instant.and ti.nsewho have
not already applied for season tickets will dJ
well to provide tliemfelves without delay.
Ail ok orR Finsst Ocality pure silk and
wool dress goods reduced from f; 50 down to f 1;
black cashmeres, pure wool, reduced from t>.'
down to : ?: coloie 1 cashmeres reducea from ?6
down u> .w. carter's, 111 Market Space. Black
a lid colored silks reduced from f i down to 75;
Nottingham lace for curtains, 25. 37, r?o; black
silks reduced from fl.tf down to fi; splendid !
black silk reduced from $1.50 down to I1.S5. t
Tf.k Lawris Divorcb Cask.?Yesterday, in
the court in General Term, the decree of the
equity Court In the case of Jane B. Lawrle [nee
liir Lardscni agt. John W. lawrle wits affirmed.
This bill was brought on the ground of drunkeLnesss
and Utd treatment, and it dissolves the
aarriage, allows alimony, aad glv^J the wife
UK CUBtW? 91 CtUiO,
1 "
The Poultry Show.
a vovfi. and interesting exhibition at m.
Thr District of Columbia Poultry Awoclatlc
lui'. c been for tome time past engaged in matin
gnat preparations for a grand exhibition <
and the orenlrg of the novel show toe
place at li r.v:.~v todnv at Masonic Tempi
Vhtch 1 crowded v.-tth "ma'
...e main hail r[^r' - x r;is!l of visitors hi
Mr<ls < f ?n*i > ,nn. Benches hai
already s- In <Vsu.t^ the lar-e ball, and
ftuf vn in m* *.u . A. , . ami t
well known fui?t*it*rs in ttiis anri VlMrii
adjoining states cf Maryland and Mr*"?
p r.r svlvanla. New V>rk and Massacn ? .<
-onif ihlit'. i-ersons from different parts of t>
country have enured pigeons. maklniraUoge^
or I." i i * w<i hundred coops and about oat Jul
dred nmi fifty varieties. Inc luding V^mPf.,?r
1, 'i. k bi.H-k n.ot t lt d: J xcoblns, red. jellot
black blue fantall> of all colors; owls cf if *rv. .w,
aFd Mcei .'an varieties: turbln of the differei
Mr '? sublets ami blondtnetts: swallows of a
colors magpies of all colors, nuns of .all eolo
and sly? s; priests, black, blue, redandyeiluv
archangels. Suablans. Antwerp*, flying tun
iiers ard all tW> known varieties in great uun
bets" There will be a pigeon llight botwee
this city and Baltimore on Thursday, and or
on Fiidav from tills city to Alexandria, th
bints to be started from the Masonic Tempi
What with the crowing of cocks, cackling <
iree-e and ducks, an l the various sounds In Ml
sonic Temple, it Is quite lively there. The fo
lowing is the arrangement of the chickens, &e
iiv classes:
'Cfar* 1. A*iafic?W. A Myers, York, Pa , ei
tors dark Brahmas; Boslean <fc Heagy, domin
t i c'. ins, black Cochins, light and dark Bral
n as. partridge cochins. biacK. white and bu
do.: \\ . W. Evans. Washington, enters the sair
kli 6: J. 11. Kathbone, buff Cochins; M. llart. (
this city, partridge Cochins; O. H. Brightwel
1 glit I hi'in:as; T. R. Senior, same; J. J. Cran
Itch, of Hyattsvllle. Prince George's count:
Vd . light Brahmas, a large and tine eollectioi
Grant l'arrish, of this city, buff cochins; tJ. (
Br< wn. Brofklandvllle. same: F. I.. Sanford..
this tiry. Brahmas. Mrs. 1). V. Brooks, sam
Fretf. Von Krafft. of Govanstown. Baltimoi
c 'Unty, Ma., l'glit Brahmas: S. M. Clark, of th
city, partridge cochins: J. E. Lloyd, Baltimop
Md , light Brahmas; \V. A. Myers. York, Pa
pnitt idge Co, bins and dark Brahmas; the sail
bury company, Nyack, New York, partrld^
>' cf* -2, Gymex? E.C. .Turdon. jr.. Stephenson
dope t. Frederick county.Va.,Virginia grey, blao
a id nub comb: Geo. o. Brown. Brooklandvlll
Baltimore county, Md., black breasted and re
tames; J. W. Douglass, of this city, same, a!?
brown breasts; i'. B. Dorsey, Ellicott City, llo.i
'ard county, >ld., spangled games; .las. S. Hoi
Inson, spangled game: Me Keen & Mulish, ltgl
Brahmas. partridge cochins, width do., whil
Borklns, La Fleche and American Dominique
Cfaga r.. Bantams?tieo. O. Brown, Brook Iantille.
Baltimore county, Md.. blackbivas'.e
acd red games; W. J. chubb. Wasblngtoi
booted white games: W. W. Daniels, Washlnj
ton, b'a. k African; s. M. Clark, Washlngto:
rose comb and golden spangled: T. B. Dorse;
Flllcott City, black-breamed rose comb game
silver Dominique white; M. Hart, D. C., lii-ac,
breasted games. Richard Wallacli, black Africa
Oa.?* 4, Hamburg*?W. M. Bowman, Lau f
vll'.e, Baltimore county, Md., silver spangle
and Ilamburgs; Geo. o. Brown, sliver spangie
and Ilamburgs; s. M. Clark, black Bant a n
The Salisbury company, Nyack, NT. Y.. whit.
brow n anei black Leghorns and black Spanish.
(7.0.* ft. Ni ani-h?W in. Bowman, white faco
b'aek Spanish, white Leghorns: \V. J. chubl
P? niinlque Leghorns; 1>. A. Dennison, D. C
brown Leghorn. and rose comb Boilean an
Heagy. white Leghorn: J. II. liathbone, D. C
black I eghoi n.
da** Dorking*?T. B. Porsey, silver gre;
the Salisbury company. Plymouth rocks.
C at* 7. a -iterican*?Ioilem and Ileagy, Pi]
mouth rocks.
c.'a. x s. /><ash?\Vm. Brown, white crested an
white Pok n Is; Wm. L <;. Foot, white crestt
and black l ollsh: T. B. Dorsey, silver spanule
beaidetl Polish, silver spangled plain, guide
srangled Polish; J. H. Kathbone, white creste
s P er Polish.
c.'ass 9. French?The Salisbury Company, lioi
elans. Criveieun; t;eo. o. Brown, Houdans,s. >
e lrrk. do.: 'i'. B. uorsey, do.
in, Miscellaneous?Beillean K Heagy, as
sorted Bra/illian. Among this large collectlo
are many kinds of fancy fowls, including silve
and golden pheasants, pea-fowls, Guinea he?.;
C/fff c 11. Tut keys?Li go. o. Brown, Narragar
C a-x 12. Hrt.vr For /x?t,eo. <?. Brown. Roue
ducks. Pekm ducks; Thomas llume, D. C., Tou
louse geese and Muscovy ducks.
Mr. Richard smltb, e>f this District, has en
tend some fiitcn coops, containing a li'ie
s-ortinent of fowl, arranged In the dlfferen
i la-^es. Among them are dark, light and bul
Prahmas. bull Cochins, Partridge Cochins
white Cochins, black breasted red (lames, gold
en Sebrlghts. black African, black game Ban
tams. sliver spangled ilamburgs. white llollam
turkeys. I ekin ducks, brown Chinese geese
v. Idle China geese and other kinds.
Ttte Bono Kobbf.kv at Mr. Simon Woi.f"
ofucb.?Yesterday afternoon Justice Slinoi
Wolf, whose oflice is on 7th street, bet ween 1
and ( streets, reported that the sate used b
Judge Lvsander Hill and himself had bee
robbed of In bonds. &c , held by htm 1
trust for the Hebrew orphan Asylum. It a*i
pears that Mr. Wolf left theoilice to attend t
some out-door business, and was not. absen
more than an hour. Mr. Hill's office was va
cated shortly after Mr. Wolf left, it being suj
posed that Mr. Wolf, who had b"en las' a' th
s-afe. had closed. < m the return of Mr. \\ olf th
effice door was found to be locked, as the cler
of Mr. IHll left it, and the door of the safe wa
f. und cp<-n. with some paners scattered about
1 he several draw ers and apartments were a!
found locked. Mr. Wolf made a hasty examinn
tion. and repcrted to the police'as above, bu
when the detectives overhauled the si fe a pacl
ai;e containing $:i.",oo was found, which Mi
\\ olf overlooked. A package containing $700 '
registered 4 per cent, bonds only was lUtssln;
The opinion cf the officers is that Mr. Wolf lei
the safe open, supposing that the clerk woul
close It. and the latter left thinking that Mi
Wolf had made It secure, and that some ord
nary thief did the work who knew nothing c
the character or value of the bonds he wa
taking. As the bonds are registered Mr. Wo:
leses nothing. The oftieers have good reason
If r believing that they v. ill secure the thiei
This is the fourth time Mr. Wolf has bee
rt bbed within four years.
Deeps in Ff.e have been tiled as follows:J.
A. Kennedy to Alisan Wilson, lot 1, sq. ."?!
H.oco. J. T. Lacy, trustee, to .J. A. Ward, lot;
so. 470: $ . J. A. Ward to Elizabeth Deehart
1< t 3, sq. 470;f . d. E. Bernard to (i. T. till
be ns, lot 'i. s.q. 419; * . W. W. Metcalf t
1 liomas Somerville, lots 13. l ? and lft, sq. 94
f?. t. F. (Jatchel et al. tnistees, to lien
( hariton, le.t :i. sq. 970; William F. Ma
t'ngly and samuel cross to Si his iluutley, I;
77. f-ub of S<1. '241; ?4.73.-).02. John E. Norri
t iUstee, to Harriet ?ndwa.v, lot <?, 4:, >; f ;.oo
Bru.DiN<; Associations.?At the4ith refill;
n eetingof the Arlington co-operative BiUidln
Asscclat :on >_\i"o v. as advanv d at sii p<-r cen
At the 105th regular meeting e>f the Fraakli
1 evcperatlve Building Association eight slum
v ert redeemed at each?*3.o?l.76.
At the 5.id tegular meeting of theJefferso
t c-operative Building Association $4 iH?a wn
;'d. anted at -0 per cent, premium. Month',
dues on at so per cent, premium. Is 0
st- < k aid return of advance, |it\s4; 0:1 p:e nlu.
ai.d inteiest, J.*> ?u*.; total. $17..'>o.
Mai.kiac.e I.icenses have been i.vsucd to Kol
eit Saur.dcrs and Louisa Busy; Bird .Johnso
and Emma sruith; (iayloid c.simons and Sui-i
J. llobbs; Daniel Baker and l.ydia Lathan
spencer oieen and Anna B. Koblnson; Guy I
h Hon. of New York city, and Angelina S. sc<
ville, of Salisbury, conn : Zacharlah E. Simmot
and Sarah M. .lackson. btth of New York;,
^iram JohnsjOQ and JivJe
H. M. s. rinafoke.?This brilliant opera, b
Arthur sullivan, which has been everywhei
received w 1th unbounded enthusiasm, v. Ul t
presented at Ford s opera House, Thursda;
ianuar\ I' d, by a company of oar most popuU
amateurs, f ir t lie iienelit of 1 he central Fre
1 ilsj^nsary. Elaborate preparations in seener;
costun.es and stage effects arc being inai
Tickets and reserved seats at Meuerou's.
Ci-Otus aNt) cassimeres for men and boy
wear. 37, 7."> e-ts.; featlier-pr<x)f b* l tic!
ing, K'st quality. 2">c.; 2\. wide sheeting cottoi
only *20 cents; table lbieas?all linen, '2>, ::o,;;
4ft, 50, go. 75c.; Turkey red table Unen; whU
counterpanes. 50. C2.7ft, s7, fi. up; blankets 1
com; lied comforts at cost: carpets at cost; t1o<
oilcloth at cost. Towson's, 63t> Ponnsylvan
ave., south side, near 7th st. t
The cheai'FSt Hambcro Ewhsg in this cit
Hamburg edging, worth 10, reduced to 5; Hat
b;;ig edging, worth '25, only lft: Hamburg edgln
vi o! th 50, only *25; pun- wool blankets red net
to ?*2.5o; pure wool, very fine quality blanke
rt duetd from dow 11 to fft. Cartcr's. 711 Ma
ket space. Bleached table damask reduced
.v; ladles wool vests, jo.
A Bbokkn Leu.?About 7:4ft o'clock this mor
inc. James Henderson (colored) had his It
broken bv the falling 01 a horse, which he w;
riding, at the corner of lftth street, and lVni
svlvania avenue. He was taken to his hom
sj9 04th street northwest, and Dr. Murpl
rendered surgical aid.
Cari-its.?Entire stock at cost, to mike roj
for sprii g goods; noor oilcloths at cost: Nottin
ham curiam lace. 2ft cts up; Hamburg edging
immense assortment, from 2 to ftfte. p??ryar
w bite gcctis of all kinds at Towson's. 6>J Pen
sj lvanla a\ e., south side, near 7th st. t
Pkiuu's jewelry store has rec/ lved new tv
dollar sets, with coral center, gold rtm: the l>
fifty cent eye-glass in the city. No. 451 Pen
sylvania ave., near 4 ^ st.
ls? f,i bt'8 Pipsissew a for gravel, dropaic
swellings, kidney trouble, 4c. Sold by all dra
gists, 1
I C aims Against Uic District.
l" . ?- < lie full text of the bill which
rhe rollowing u, .,v referring the claims
in passed the House yes-tern... _ ' *
i? | against the District of Columbia '
jf claims for adjudication:
k he it enaeud, .(e? That the Jurisdiction of the
e. court of < lalms ia hereby exteiided and it Hliali
1 j 1 jiave exclusive original, legal. and equitable
is jurisdiction of all claims now existing against
,f , the District of Columbia arising upon contracts
a made since February 21, ls?i, not heretofore _
3. passed upon by some competent tribunalc
said court shall have the same proceed
3r in the same manner.^ ^ ^vemcd by t!?
>5 same rules in to the mode of hearing,
ie adjudication determination of said claims
;l- flS .. now litf." *h relation to tiie adjudication of
s. ! calms agair.st the Unite*! states. Where the
>? t r.al of any claim against the District of coiumli
bia. presented under the provisions of this act.
a- , involves taking and stating of 3 long account or
s, the making 01 measurements or computations,
v, involving the services of engineers, said court 1
:n shall have power to award a reference to a com- i
it petent referee to take and state such account,
ii or to the Engineer Commissioners of the District ;
rs to make a report of such measurements, and >
^; said refeiee or engineer shall rejxirt to the court ;
1- the evidence taken by him for the Information j
1- of said court.
i ,, s'ec- 2. All such claims against the District of
>e Columbia shall. In the first instance, be prosie
ecu ted before the court or Claims luthesime j
P- manner and subject to the same rules and with !
, the same right, of appeal either by t lie District
I S ?? or the claimants, and subject to
. the same rules and regulations as are prescribed
j by law for appeals on behalf of the I'nited
states 01 claimants against the I'nited states ;
1- j from the judgments of the Court of claims:
It Prowled, That the prosecution of all such claims
J- j shall be commenced In the court of claims by
II I tiie tiling of the petition of the claimant, as reie
1 quired by the rules and practice of said court,
, ; within six months from the passage of this act:
1, 1 .and all such claims against the District of Co1
' luiubia now existing and not tiled within said
7, i time shall be forever barred, except incases of
fi: I claims ow ned and held by persons under legal
> | disabilities, in which ease such claims shall be
if j in like manner barred, unless commenced wir.he;
In six months after the expiration of such dlsre
, ability.
is j sec. 3. The Attorney General of the United
e, i States shall have authority, and it shill be his
., | duty to defend the District of Columbia against
s- j all claims against said District of Columbia
re i prosecuted in said Court of claims, and oa an
peal In like manner as he Is now by law re's
| quired to defend the I'nited States In the said
k I court, with the same power to interpose counter
e. claims and offsets against claims, and wit h like
<1 power of appeal as in cases against the Vrated
>o States tried inlaid court.
r- Sec. 4. All laws now In force relating 11 prose>
cutionsof claims against the I'nited states in
it the court of claims shall apply so far as appll:e
cable to the prosecution, pratice. hearing, and
s. determination of claims against the District 01
i- Columbia, authorized to be prosecuted under
d ! tiie provisions of tills ac': Provided. That the
1, i motions for new trials shall be made by either
j party within twenty < ays after rendition ot any
1. ! Judgment: And pror did further, That In'rials
r. 01 such cases no person shall be excluded as a
s, 1 witness because he or she Is a party in Interest
:- | In the ls-noon trial: Prm ided, That In all cases
11 1 where such Court of Claims shall give judgment
1 in favor of any claimant, said court shall, with
l- j their landing of facts, tind and determine j
d whether the terms of tiie contract under which !
d such claim shall have originated required the i
payment therefor In lawful money or In 3.05 '
e, boLds, and the judgment shall direct the payment
In accordance with the facts so found,
d Sec. 5. if no appeal be taken from the iudgment
and determination of the Court of Claims
in cases provided for In this act within the term
d limited by law for appealing from the lodgments
of said court, and in all cases of final
judgments by the court of claims, or on appeal
F; by the Supreme Court, where the same are affirmed
In favor of the claimant, the sum due ;
thereby shall be paid, as hereinafter provided,
j by the Secretary of the Treasury, out of any i
d | moneys in t he Treasury not otherwise anpro<}
| Priated, If the same be payable iu money, and !
d I if payable In 2.60 bonds, the same shall oe isu
; sued: Provided, That no payment shall be made, 1
d j either in money or bonds except upon the pre- j
I mentation to the Secretary of the Treasury of a i
|- j copy of said Judgment, certified bv the clerk of
l. j t Le court of Claims and signed by the Chief Jusi
tIce, or, in his absence, by the presiding judge
5- Of said court: And provided further, That ail
n moneys paid by the Treasurer of the United
r | states on any judgment or judgments rendered
S j hy the court of Claims, under the provisions of
| this act. shall be charged by the Treasurer of
1- j the I nited states against the District of Columbia,
and said t reasurer shall reimburse the ;
n i United states Treasury of such payments out of j
1- j any money in the Treasury of the United St ttes I
j belonging 10 the District or Columbia not o:'aer- 1
1- j wise specifically appropriated.
'* Sec. The Secretary of the Treasury is here- I
t by authorized to demand of the sinking fund 1
T commissioner of the District of Columbia so !
5, j many of the 3 65 bonds as may be necessary for
- 1 the payment of t he judgments adjudged to b *
t- I payable in said bonds, and said sinking fund
el ! commissioner is hereby diluted to Issue and
deliver to the Secretary of the Treasury the
amount of 3.65 bonds required to satisfy the
! awa-ds payable in such bonds, and 110 m ve, i
s which bonds shall be received bv s.ild claim- I
a ants at par inpayment of such claim-,: Pr --it 1, !
That the git>ss amounts ot such binds lie.-eto- '
foie and hen-after issued shall not exceed in t he ;
tl aggregate $15.000,ooo; And provide! f.tether,
11 That no money shall be paid out of the t.-.m- j
ur> under this act where uuder the law the
0 clalmauts would lx> entitled to 3.6."? bonds.
t sec. T. In all cases presented under the pro- t
1- visions of this act it shall b^ the duty of the
;- claimant after the commencement of said ace
tIon 10 prosecute t hem in said court dlligeu' lv,
e j and after any issue of law or of fact s'ull b * '
k j joined in any ease the Attorney General shall !
s : have power to place the same on the tnal calendar
of said court for trial; and in all cases
il where any ca.-,e has been reached In It-. or<i^r on
1- 1 the calendar and the trial thereof has been unt
t reasonably delayed by the claimant, the said
:- ; court may, on motion of the Attorney <;eaeral,
*. on notice to the claimant or his counsel. at,to>'- |
n | ne-y. or solicitor, dismiss said claim, and such
c. j dismissal or final judgment on any claim shall
'r j l>e a conclusive bar against any further ium-v,
d cut ion fd such claim before any coutt or uab'ij".
, nal whatever.
it Di?lrir? ^ovrrmmnt Ai'fair?.
j 1 Messrs. F. i'. May .v Co.. ha\e made api>iica11
' li??n to the District commissioners to erect, a >
is | gunpowder magazine onthe piemlses of Phillip
1 ; May, known as * lielleuie." situated 011 the
n : Tth street mad, the same to be placed so as to ,
1 be several hundred feet from any dwelling or
neighboring property. The objects for t!u. are
- to have it easy of access and to guard against
: j any danger.
1, The District Commissioners have received a .
I, letter from commodore Febreger. stating that I
>- 1 upon the application of the former, the seereo
taty of the Navy lias Instructed ldm to deliver '
f- j to tiieir order one steam pump belonging to the i
j. steam engineering department of the navy j
1- 1 > a id. and if the commissioners desire it P may
he jut in prop* r order at theii expense. This,
it is understood. Is to be used in conn'Vio'i '
1. with the stand pipe.
i Health officer Townshend has recovered
from his iiiness, and Is again at ids post of duty.
0 I lie has addressed a circular note to the mem- I
r- ! hers of I lie Provident Aid society, stating the j
I. a me of the physician and druggist appointed
a t for their respective districts, and that anv of I
s 1 the sick poor will be promptly attended hv call.
ing upon or notifying them of tl.elr location I
1 i and condition.
j The communication from the District com- !
n missioners to the fire commissioners, asking for
n 1 the cause of delay in the construction of the !
" i west end truck house and its present condii ion, i
j has been by the latier returned to the ronner
- with the statement that the brick walls of the
i.ew truck house on New Hampshire avenue
are completed, and the roof t Imber in place and
j. sheathed, leady for the tin. There was delay, j
, they state, in the progress of the brick work
previous to the advent of the severe cold i
13 weather, which compelled a cessation of operaf
U0i;s, The tire commLssioners state what they
know about (he cause of this (Je!a.\. tor which i
II.ey disciaim any responsibility.
e issued by Inspector Entwisle:?German nenev- i
>e olent Association, repair brick, i>u\ nth st. n.w.; !
r, f.'to. Arthur Woixls. repair frai.ie. Boundary, j
ir i>etvvcen 10th and nth sts. n w.; $75 G \V !
e Shea rs, construct t wo t liree-storv houses, h'iiode i
y, Islat.d a\enue, between l-.-th st. and R. 1. circle- 1
e. fs.oeo.
Ainuwcm nt?. Ac.
s TsATfOKAi- Theatek. ? - Diplomacy" was
i- : Played lust evening at the National for the first i
n, time. It is an interesting play by a strong
7, company, and should draw good houses during i
te the week. The play is p'.e-ented elegaullv as '
at to mountings and other accessories.
>r Ford's Opera House.?A novel spectacular ,
la | entertainment will be given at Ford's oaera
house to-night, entitled -The Coronation or 1
Columbus." There will be fine tableaux, rich I
r- cstumes, and other attractive reatures. it I
n" will be a pit using entertainment, by people who !
g. know how to manage such t hings. j
* H. M s. Fixafoke" will be vtlven bv the best
ts amateurs or the city, at Ford's opera house, j
next Thursday eveufng, for the benefit of the
to ? ent 1 al Fif e Dispensary."
Ca>tk.?At Ford sopera house, ror the beuetlt 1
ot the Labor Exchange, -Caste' will be pro- i
|V duced to-n o;row evening, with the rollowlng in j
the cast:?y rs. J. M. Du Four, Miss I.llian Riley,
\iiss It. Co:delta Levy, Messrs .I. |{. Hnndolph, '
a' K. B. Hay, II. K. Leach and J. F. Joyce. The
boy o'a1 or, .1. Harry shannon, will also appear.
^ ci>n Fellows' Hall.?The Midgets coutlnue
l^ie this week only.
,m Thkatkk coMior*.?The Comlque gave its
cr. ixitious an excellent entertainment lasteven'p
r. and Is going to keep it up during the week.
Tjie Presentation or Hobertson's beautiful
J~ conedy or -caste." at Ford's Opera House.
Wednesday l ight, for the bcnelt of the Labor
vo Fxchitt.ee. with the additional attraction of
sl recitations b\ tie wonderful boy orator, Harry
n .sliauiteu, w.ii diaw a tull house. For the adeipuvr
piesentaron ot the comedy there will be
amateer talent or the reputatlouof Mrs. .1. M.
:il D11 Four, Miss 1 iiiiaa Iftley, Miss It. Cordelia
r. 1 e\y, Mt^ssrs. J. B. Randolph, E. B. Hay, M. E.
Leuch, and J, F. Joyce,
Expense* of the District Government
i ROrOPED RKDrmON of sa^ARIEd by the senate
If is understood that the appropriations committee
of the senate will make large reductions
the estimates of the District Commissioners
for the e>7ensos of tlie District for the fiscal
year of iS-?o. - **> !'1? establishing the present
form of government ln tlie District of Columbia
provides that the L-Cited states shall
*..,y sn per cent, of the expenses of the District,
Congty^ holds that it ha* Ihr. right to rciua*
those to the - ?
- w ^ u*riirc \
sweeping renuction in salaries will be made
I ne commissioner's salaries win nrobablv he
reduced to $2,500 or *3,000 each. They novv receive
$.i,w? each, it is pointed out that Washington
having a population of 140,000. pays
about $15,(100 salaries to 1 no three commissioners.
while the cltv of New York, having a popu'2ver
a million sou'.s. pays her mavor
; , ,,.V!e salar>' of the treasurer of the I?istrlet.
will be reduced. Under the new form of
government the treasurer of the United States
has relieved the treasurer of tin District of a
gieat deal of his work, yet a salary larger than
many 1 nited States officials holding more
laborious and resiwuslble positions receive is
paid him.
It is also said that the salaries of the tax collector.
District attorney and other high functionaries
of the District government are to be
cut down. The point is made that where the
corporations of Washington. ceorgetown and
the outlyiEg territory of the District of Columbia
were under three distinct governments, the
salaries paid to the officers of these three corporations
aggregated a tri'le over fioj.oco.
while under tlie consolidated form of government
that the District now has. the salaries
paid aggregate about $400,000. in the appropi
iat ions for the District of Columbia for the
iiscal j ear ending Jane 30th. 1S80, money will
be gi\ en for specified purposes only. The commissiorers
will not, it is stated, be allowed to
spend the funds as they see tit, but congress
will vote money for such specified improvements
as are nenessary to be made. The senate
committee on the District of Columbia has b?en
informed that during the past summer $2.;,000
was expended In laying a concrete pavement
on a sparsely i>opulated street, which extends
between the residences of two of the commissioners.
it is held that there was no authority
of law for laying this pavement, and 110 specific
appropriation made for the purpose.
The Miner kchooi..?The annual meeting of
the corporators of the Miner school was held
last evening. The following were elected the
executive committee:?Mrs. Nancy >1. Johnson,
(ieorge K. Baker, J. M. Blanchard, Walker
Lewis. Ellen M. trconnor, Marshal Fred. Douglass,
W. W. Johnson, Mrs. C. B. Winslow, and
s. J. Bow en. Mrs. Johnson was re-elected president,
Mrs. E. M. oVonnor secretary, and Mr.
George E. Baker treasurer. Tlie course of study
was changed from two years to one year. Tl e
following were selected as the.building committee:?*;.
E. Baker. S. J. Bowen and M.
Blanchard. Commirtee 011 schools:?Fred.
Douglass, W. W. Johnson, Mrs. Dr. Wins'ow
and Mrs. E. M. < rconnor. The teachers repo.ted
eight students in the senior and seven in the
iunlor class. A training school, consisting of
twenty children, about live years old. was
formed in November. The library has been increased
during the year, and now contains 490
text, books and 218 books of reference. The
treasurer's report for the year ending December
31 stated that the cash on hand Januarv 1, lsis,
Mas $329.42, and the total receipts for the past
year were $3t?,740.62, which were entirely expended.
The estimated receipts for is?.? are
Attractive Sale of Books.?It should be
bo ne in mind that the sale of a line library
commences at Dowiing's auction rooms to-morrow
evening. t
A Fortune of $12,000,000 may turn upon a
bit of yellow parchment found in a rubbish
heap. A Nova seotla journal says that the
agent employed by the heirs of the Hyde estate
to go to England has written encouraging reports.
He lias met the directors of the Batik of
England, where the money Is deposited. Hyde
was formerly in Annapolis, having been sent
out by the Imperial government. lie had one
daughter born in Nova Scotia. The money in
question was left to her after he died. An intimation
was sent to this country many years
ago asking for the heirs. The family of the
Itydes in tlie 1'nlted States took the matter up
and decided that the real heirs were in Nova
Scotia. The missing link up to a recent period
wasprrof that the original Hyde was the one
who held the Imperial commission and went to
Annapolis. There was no commission or his to
be found. A few years ago an old trunk was
sold at auction and bought by a woman for 2".
cents. She subsequently broke it up for kindling
w ood, and in the lining found a parchment
document, which she deemed so pretty with
the seals attached that she put it, away as
worthy of preservation. Subsequently she
happened to mention the incident to a friend.
It proved to be the missing document.
Bank Officiate in Trouble.?'The New York
Uf raid states that John Halliard, ex-nresidcat
of tlie Mechanics and Laborers* savings Bank
'f Jersey City, N. J., who has been indicted
for 1 erjury, embezzlement and conspiracy in
connection v.ith the management of the bank's
affairs, w as committed to jail. Saturday, b-iug
unable to procure bail. The U*mht also states
flat Thomas C. o'Callaghan, M. D.. the new
president of the bank, Jeremiah Sweeney and
Adam .1. Dittmar. members of the bank finance
committee, were Saturday arraigned In court; on
indictments charging them with conspiracy to
defraud theii depositors. They pleaded nor
guilty, and were bailed in tlie sum of c !,.v>o
Country Produce as Lew at. Tender.?One
of our prominent attorneys, who was engigeu
in a suit ;> gainst the Nebraska State Grange
had occasion to look over the books and p ip- rs
in the hands of the secretary, and among o. her
things he found a resolution appointing a committee
to urge the legislature to pass an a r to
regulate the price of count ry produce for a period
ot five yeais. and make it le^al tender. Imagine a
(iranger going into Trickey's store and laving
now n three pumpkins and sn\ iug: "Mr.Triekey!
please put a crystal in my watch, and her- are
your pumpkins."?[Lincoln (Xeb.) Jbnrnal, Jan
1 <;//?.
An Aristocratic Little Waif.?Last evening
about half-past nine o'clock A. J. Lee. who fixes
at 4; Hopkins street, found a girl baby, apparently
about, five months old, lying in a basket
ard the basket sitting In hisvard. Mr. Lee's
attention was called to the basket and its contents
by a boy, who immediatclj^disappeared,
ard could not be found afterward. It Is believed
he left the baby w here it was found. The
basket and its human contents were taken
charge of by Mr. Lee. and carried ieto the
house. The basket contained, beside tliebabv.
a bottle of paragorie, a silver spoon, and a g.u'id
supply of clothing, made up in good styi" fi>e
child had a gold ring on one of its fingers, and a
belt chain around its waist. The following is a
copy of a note found in the basket, written in a
!ad.\'s hand, w it limit any signature:
I ain Baby Mabel Dorr. Please take m-and
cate forme, and I may be a blessing to yoa
Please keep a copy of t he morning pajiers! far
wl en I grow to be a Miss in my teens. s> nothing
may turn up that will make them of value
to poor little me."
Mr. Lee will keep "Mabel Dore" andcomnly
with the request. The b by is u little be lut*.
[Cincinnati Kifjuirer, January 15.
Sudden Deaths.?James Kchoe, of <;.fien.
Mich . dropped dead of heart disease, em the
w ay home from his funeral Anthony Harmon, a
nelgl bor. died of the complaint in a similar manner.
Prosper Goosland and his wife, wit h two
children, returned to Ellis. Iowa, theoth?r.l iy
on a \isit to a daughter, Mrs. Martin syl es',
whom i hey had not seen for many years during
their absence in Canada. Tho old man?he was
severity-eight?clasped his daughter in hK a r ns.
expressing his great joy at meeting her, and fed
dead at her feet.
Rowland Htri. has turned up In Jersey City,
and the Brooklyn police are informed that lie
has telegraphed to his wife that he is well and
will return soon. The scamp has been missing
a full week. As even body knows. II iwland
Hill obtained a certain sort or local celebrity,
some years since, in connection with postal
matters; indeed, a number of people went so
far astocall him - the Father of Cheap Postage."
But if Lowland Hill thinks that just because
he in\ented postage stamps w ith gum 0:1 their
backs?stamps that will, unlike small b>ys
stay still when you lick "em and set 'em d r.vn
hard?he Is at liberty to ride a hurdle race over
Hie Ten Commandments and run a-nviek
through the Moral Law, he is mistaken: very
much mistaken. Mrs. Hill is understood to be
getting ready to make this mistake obvious
when the wanderer returns.?[Phila. Tim *, 20th.
Mus. McCabe's Death ?Mrs. George XeC.ibe,
iter Ann scott, died in West oxford, Canada, on
the 21 st December, ists. The circumstance attending
her sudden death were such as to ?ive
rhe to the gravest suspicion that she has been
poisoned, and that her own husbmd has b?en
instrumental in her poisoning. The evidence
shows that Mrs. McCabe was a tolerab'y
healthy woman, and not a person likely to die
after a brief illness; that hersymtoms were very
unusual, so much so that two medical men of
standing swear positively that they believe she
died of aconite poison: tnat the husband and
wire did not live happily; that lie desired 10 get
rid of l er; that some time before her death he
had her will drawn out I;i such a way that all
her proj erty. which amounted to considerab'e
was left to himself: that he itidaced her to
sl^u this shortly before her death, and
thiit in her expiring moments he persuadel her
to acknowledge the signature, aid find rwill
dated and the act witnessed.?1H"<?i,/.</.?, /. Sentinel
ts~I aborers in port tons of Georgia are geli
ing but $?? and $s >>er mouth.
f?'"The Ice-gorge in the Ohio at Wheeling
bioke yesterday.
?** seventeen percent, of t he voters of Louisiana
cannot write their names.
: - it costs Kus-?r.a nearly $1 >5,0 to have her
cewspaj.ers supervised in the interest of orde-.
i-" Angcll, the runaway seoi-eiary of the
Pulhnan Palace Car company, lias embarked
at Lhsbou on his return to uie United Stale?.
''orHT is r.FTKRtt, Trsst.
n ?3 , Lawln a?t~ Lawln; appeal d <ndssed.
Barrows <t Co. act. lilll* do d?mvnrt?
timber; do. Parker act. tieorge- dr>
S "St. >l<'rnmon: setMcd. iM^'uri.'
<v Walden. application f >r
i lo'IiM? machine for crimping and raiding
j leather: on hearing. George Hill 1- W
Kirmers and Mechanics' National baak-'m reflate
from i supreme court artlrailnv !
J n - Lorkr vs-nellic
bal?*n* f.x*d tor n-trrrz At'fir
_w cases. George and \V. !. Plaits
patent appeal: argued by Mr. Pierce for the
, commissioner of patents, and *<r v.mi.v
Cj:TVtXAI V orRT?Judy ! >'(>.
To-day, John 1.. Coleman, convicted of forgery,
was sentenced to the penitent i ir . for one
year. Thomas Bowie, convicted of assault with
intent to kill, was sentenced t<> two v?\irs at
Albany. James Wartleld. larceny of hor?e.
bus-cry. tie., was sentenced to two years at
The grand jury returned indictments against
<>eorge Williams, robbery: <;eorge curt is. burglary
and larceny; John o XeiR. larceny; Buck
, I owe 11 and A. Burgess, petit larceny, se 'ond
1 oHence. The last named plead guilty and was
j sentenced to one > ear at Albany. Powell plead
guilty and was sentenced to one year at Albany
O'Neal and Curtis plead not guilty.
POUCH COUHT?Judo? Snell.
i esterday. after our report closed. Frank Williams.
alias "Ebald." ehaived with larceny of a
pocket-book containing from Mrs. Merrlttthlrty
days In jail. Alon/.o Perry", assault and
battery on Angeletta Allen: $?o. or thirty davs.
Henry Jackson, larceny of a pair of overshoes
worth r.o cents; $io, or thirty days. Archer
F letcher, assault and battery on Taylor Trlplettj
ninety days in Jail. John Toblo, larceny
or four mule collars, worth *2 each, property of
John Noonan; flit, or thirty days, llenrv liarps,
larceny of some wood, worth *2: $10, or thirty
days, \\ m. (Jreen,colored, picking the pocket
of a rerson in the Center Market; second offencecontinued.
Henry Mason, threats to Virginia
Hyson: personal bonds to keep the peace \\"m
\\ingate. larceny or a quantity of water-pipe
riom John \V . Gray: tined * 20. and a restitution
to the amount of fir, ordered, and iu default
thirty days in jail.
To-day, Thomas U. Burrell, unlicensed bar;
fined S;or.. Michael < 'onway. profanity;
u ra_ Mcshane, do.; $5. John Meehan, vagrancybonds
or workhouse. Wm. Haves. profanityTeresa
smith, vagrancy; sen! down to the
almshouse. Jeremiah Flaherty alias John
Kearney, profanity; $.%. Belle Bixon, vagrancy
sent down. p,on. Johnson, disorderly; jr>. Luther
Crosby and Archie Hill, profanity; v> each.
Abe ( oleman, do.; $.5. \vm. Green. petit larceny,
second offence: grand jury. Samuel
11 oung, larceny of . >! newspapers ("Philadelphia
/. me*); ease continued, he being charged with a
second offence. Arthur liradley, larceny or
woi d; f:?, or in days. John <;ibbs. assault with
Intent to kill Kate 'ieonre, waived examination
and gave bail for the action of the grand iurv
John Lawton alias Norton, larceny of butter
(second offence) from James l). Daily; grand
uiry. John Daily, larceny of a robe l>'lon<,in<T
to the government, was committed for "the
action ot the grand jury.
Bi ii-dino Association.?At the third regular
monthly meeting of the Thirteenth Building
association, of Georgetown, held yesterday
j evening at coddards ball, *2, il^ were sold.
oeln<*! i shares, at an average premium of 11.25
per share.
Accident. ? Yesterday afternoon a colored
man named Frank Middleton. employed bv the
water department, while engaged with a force
pump repairing the leak in the Bridge street
main, above high, had nis right hand b idly
mashed. He was taken to his home in Wash|
r*"\\'hen the people Hock into a place of business
as if they were making a run on a saving^
bank, there is no occasion for alarm. It is only
evidence that the establishment advertises.?
j [Ilovie Sentinel.
f?'"* our readers will, I daresay, not believe
] t hat Algernon Swinburne, the poet, is preparing
for ids reception into the Roman Catholic
church. I cannot bring myself to credit it
either. Nevertheless it Is so reported, and the
story goes even as far as the assurance that
lather Keogh, the Superior or the Brompton
Oratory, is the clergyman who has under his
i instructions the writer of "Laus Veneris."?
j [Dublin Iri*h Timex.
ONK-roi'RTir of tiik Mortality in thlscouni
try jsdue to neglected coughs. This is a statistical
fact, and it is equally true that no Cough
! or cold would ev er prove fatal if the great balsamlc
remedy, "Halt's Honey of lloreltounJ a,u)
i were taken in the early stages. Keiiect
Pike1* Toothache < , * cure Toothache in one
minute. Sold by all Druggists at 25 cents.
The ''Court of St. James"' lias chosen Do'inner
Chav.j.ayne for its special consumption
j ai;d orders for upwards of two-thirds of the
j entire quantity required are now for this brand
i Ask your dealer for "Jackson's Uo->t." 12,27,ft,ly
, For Upwards of Thirty Vrarr Mrs. Winstow
h .soothing Syrup has been used for children
It corrects acidity or the stomach, relieves wird
^^h^rUlitl.es,tihelx,wel3' cares dysentery and
diarrhoea, whether arising from teetnlne or
SSSlSue.n 01(1 and welI"tried ^edy
attention to a. Fischer's Chemical Scouring and
Dyeing Establishment, No. G street, near
9th street. By promply adopting the Latest
improvements, whether of American cr European
Invention, he is enabled to do his work in
a manner not. to be equalled by those not i>osS
4 e?? f?Cllltles- Gent's suits cleaned
: t?rf2 N. B.?Laoe curtains cleaned from fi
up to f 1.60 a window. Wool blankets rrom 50
I cents to J1 a pair, by cleaning a number a reduction
in price. Specialty?Ladles party
dresses, spotted or soiled rouud the bottom,
; cleaned without doing the whole garment- 25
! years experience. '
j I V CLUB, of Georu-otown. D. O..of Ens?rUinment
I srawwaw w-x"v a<" ? >?"
Total receipts <657 15
Total expended, as per vouchers 11 40
T-,/1 L"nij?uiit, 84 j 75, ins been turn?d over
to Mr. ?eo. W . Luea-, and h;s receipt iahandfer
Paine. Ihero :s also 4o tickets vet to hj h.-ard fr iru
By order of thnClnb. A.I) HIIUDLE, Treas. 1 '
i Ml 10 '* 1 m;ilj Enlarged and
E- *i?girovedin 1874; dot Uie mogt
uj Utifl part of the Country.
PniMiuM Htiuji DrriNn lkd goouaisa Lstas,
Jtffcrson $t., near Rri&oe Gears*
totcn, />. V.
; RSSj^RSSft
91U B street it.tr,,
Kkab B. ft r. R. K. Dzror,
Waehiugton, D. C.
Sab Ibon, Eorsk Shoe Iboh and Najm.
Tih-Plate, Zcto, Bobs, Bjxs,
Spokes, Ducks, Dbilu.
Oil Ckbpbts,
Paists, Vabkish, Machine Siuna,
Packxks and LAcnia.
ri'lfls IH TO OXVT4 KUT1CE? Tliat tiiesabscriber
1 ol the District of Columbia han obtained froiu the
Supreme Court of the District of Co'umbis,hol:bn<a
special tena for OrphaiiB' Court bnsbMas, ietiers
teelainentary on the personal estate of JOHN
fcEENAN. lite of the District of Columbia, deoeasod;
all persons bavin# claims a^ain^t the said
deceased are hereby warned to exhibit'the tamo
with the vouchers thereof, t > the subscriber, at or
before the 7th day of January next; they may
otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the
I said estate. Given under mv band thi? 7th day of
January, 187!>. B2UNARD KILMARTI.v'
j?nM-law3w' Executor.
Jaukk H. WnionT vh. Gkoiioiana Patteksox ot
ul.?In e<iuity. No. 5,69,<, doc. 17.
The above entitled cause having t>een referred to
I tlie auditor to state the trustee#' aoooant and the
diatribution of the fund in his haud9: Therefore
1 the creditors of Charles H. l'uttercon and all other
nertsonf* interested are hereby notified to appear !> ?.
! fr re me. prove their claims and 1m heard touching
the matters referred, on WEDNESDAY, the 29tb
day of January, lb";), at 10 o'clock a.m.. at my office
Jn the wwst of the City Hall.
; janI4-t,f,4t THOMAS HOOD. Auditor.
Ii^VERrBODT that has or expects 10 purchase
'j a Lorirn Tickrt, can receive valuable and intereetui?
Information FREE that will protect them
i = amusements. i
odd ffll'?ws hu.l.
t1 KSDay. jvn. ?':v
i:i 8;-l oi & n?w imfral re-;.!. : t >r ttn- ;..th r? :
st i>< >m inic's church
t;?kc*ts adl>iittink<rriki< u \n *?i *ady) ?*?* ? do'Ur.
nddiiioutl litlj V ticfat. tiftf i'.iiu ub.' Tt
m>ND\Y. january 20, SIGHTLY AND (
Er$raf-omfnt9fthe?rrcatl.?o . ami Ryan.and the r
*vnd?*v*?? *, JWnr TIGER, m the?frest Jra:ii;<
HI PKKT's'pog'/aiid t?w s|*cia!ty corps. u1tv.1
La Yerde Sissers. l'arker and h:s <'ar.in" C rem, 1 /Ou
Vavasour, the Da>ton?. Tommy and V:ur. .Harry ^
Lwtcr and Nora Wriirht. it yant and Saviil*. an 1 j
for wrest stth'k company -lake J'. id I in a n :i '
tins week, entiUid SCENES AT 11ie i'hI'.SV
l'EAKE. lan-hkr
^ Oltll'j OrEllA HOI SC. i
For th?- penefit of the ia bob f\< rang?
w ednfsday. January 22>1. i1-".'. will lie rendered
t. tv. Robertson's oritrinal coine.n i.i tbrev a.-!s,
t astt:.-'
Wi?li the fel*owin?r-named !a li- < and w-nt'- men In
Uttwtdf dianctavrilo hive i idlv off reith
finieet: Mrs. 4 1LDaFoar, Mim 1. than rilex.
Miss It. Cordel'a Lovy. j. 1$ Randolph, e.
15. Ilav. h e Leach and j. v. j.n.-e
The jrrcat Bov Orator. j h\bry shannon, will al*o
si i>ear in his wonderful sinn-altx
Ti< k'-ts. 60 cents. Reserved s <t? 2~> cents extra.
i or sale at all the principal b> >k. Music a:ul pnu ">
Stores. Kcwrvni seats n.aj l*? aeenre1 at e!li>'
miific store ; m. lioldrtt'in's dv"ar store, 611 i'a av < .
and at the Kooins of the lab? r e*?-Oanjre. 904 i'v t
a\e.. Monday.Tut sday ind w? <'.t? a lay next. jim
I^ATIOSAL TnEATEIl. Dirfonucv. j
The GREAT LONDON" and NEW york success '
diplomacy.' one week only. ^
i diplomacy, i warp * barrymi ire's
diplomacy! combination. *
pipl.om acy t \m*istin?r of
| diploma*'y. freti-k b. warpf.
i diplomacy. ma price barrymore.
diplomacy signoh vu ikhoni,
diplomacy i john prkw.
diplomacy.! h r. dv1.iu*.
diplomacy albert murdock. '
diplomacy.i 8igmiki mviekoni, ?
diplomacy ; ii^ohgif ohkw. ' ?
diplomacy. zet.ma valdim\r,
diplomacy. mrs a. i baker. 1
diplomacy. annie f.dwonpson 3
diplomacy. i and others .
Forming a a>-t of ohararters that no other play can
boast of. in point of excellence.
diploma' "? matinee ratfrd\y ?
January'27?mib f. 8 cliani'r lit. Janl^-tr 1
| ^ORR S Ol'EHA noi'SC.
oper a of '
if. W. s. pis afore, i
r??H thf. ben::fir of
ti1e central fuee dispensary.
thursday evfnin'j. January 2<, l^j.
.lowi hice mro l k. Camp j
Litt e Buttercup ? ..Mrs. H. C-Shorman
Cousin Hole Miks Swallow i
< ?pt con oran mr w. h. Dame!
i Kaloli rat kstraw Mr. .lo. pu*u j
Dick Doadeye Mr. ii Nymiu
The Rt. Hon. Sir .locei h Porter. k.c.b Mr.e li ll?y j
lioatewain Mr. c. s u in
ltoatHwain's Mate Mr. a1 Elliott
i Midfliipnsite Master H. Jetl'erson J
Director. Prof. it c Sherman.
Secured seats' at Metzerott's. Janl>> tt
of the j .
district of columbia
pol'ltky assoi iatiox, ]
to be help at ; 1
MASONIC temple, (corner Sth and U t.treci?.)
january 21, 22. 23 and 24. ist'.t. j
$1,000 LX PREMII MS.
Ha'.l open from 10 a m to 10 p. ui. ?
Prt-sident. ! 1
richard smith.
v ice President*. '
richard wallac1l john roi>iERS,
j. w thompson, j. c McGUlUE
TnOS. 1^ hi'me. i
Recording Secretary.
i w. doutilass. ,
Corresponding Sooretar\ .
a. d v. burr. ,
henry douglass, l ItiN'iH vm.
s.m.clark. o ii. briohtwell
Smtileadmission, 2rioeut?. ti^e ticket.-. 81; children
under twelve. 10 cents janlH't
tuesday evening, .Usnnv 21, 1st''.
a sui-erb exTEBTAINHENT.
Tlie Musical Historical Court Payeant,
tiie coronation of columbus,
or. the prophet s dream.
Introducer* Magnificent tableaux vtvants
and tableaux modyants blendlUK mum<",
Poetry, Oratory, Statuary. gordons coktiuues, ana
other novel ana attractive fcutii;< f.
pn ?rranjn:e, with di taiip. a:id the cast, at Eil;s'
music etore. where peats may also l>e Eecured. jal 7-it i
qi?i> FELLOWS ii.iLL.
oxlvoxe lower.
by special re0cest.
monday. january 20,
Closix<j Baterdat, Jancakt 25.
Ajre 14 years, weighs 9 pounds.
lucia zarate.
A(re 15 years, weurha 4'* pounds.
The tiro mmalu'st huim.i b-. s that fee i- j
f iii'.c (he irorld tea*created.
farewell daily receptions.
Each Afternoon from 2 to 4 .0.
Each Evening from 7 to s).
> Saturday morning, 10 to 12.
Admission at All times Only 25 Cents.
c >' On Monday. JaniHr\ 27, the Midget* positively
o;?en in Philadelphia. J*n2-tJan25
The first concert will !>e (riven at the c011 !
KiemtionalChunh. january 2ilth, 1 st?j.
christus. by Mendelssohn;
power of song, by lumber*
crusaders, by Gada.
Annual subscription, $5; entitling ?uhncr.ln?r to
three reserved sea's for each concert, and a tm ; i
sion to rehearsals. Three concerts ?,ll lm ?-iv..n '
during tlie peason. Rehearsals every m?u lay
' nis'ht, at the Comrre?rat:onal Chun h.
1 Subscription list now ojen at Metzerott jt Oo.'b ;
j Musu-Sioie.
By Ord? r Fxeculive committer.
.lanlo-lw |POflt, Hep.. ^ wldl'n flWIIIH
of chicago.
tef. champion lady pedestrian.
j Will undertake to walk Two Thousand Seven h iu- j
dred Ouarter ml'e? in Two Thoiwand be\eu lian
dred yu.-.rte!' ui.urs, coinmou -uur
at k :<(l (ivloi'k
at the natatorh m. i: street, below '
IntlfrCt seyrnth.
Undei the (Lrect.on of Dr. thomas calyer.
at the gymnasium,
On E street, between Oth and 7th n.w.
i For Ladies on Monday and ThiiM lay, at 4:3H p
Di. -.Children 011 Wednesday, at 4:30 ana Saturday
I 8:30 p.m.: Gentlemen on Monday. Wednesday and
Friday, at 7 p.m. declMy
FRANKLIN HALL, corner 6th and C sta. n w.t j
having been thorouirtUy remodeled, ia now for
rent at very reasonable terius. The beet hall in the
city for dancinx. concerts, &c- Address
j. m. richards,
Oct26 eoSm 631 d St.. or call on Janitor at Ha!l_ !
rOOTSFBGERY-CORNS. kc.? 'Daily walks
r Leinjr retjuisite to health." t)i )usanfl9 visit Dr.
whites establishment, hi? Pennaylvatni ave ]
ntie, op|m>site Willard'a hotel, for relit f from and
avoidance of Corns, Bunions. Chilblains, Bau naiu,
Ac. anions liis patrons arc many of the most eminent
medical. Judicial and political diynitur.es of
the ?orld. Established 1861. Fee. 81 a visit, jal?-tr
No. ?2? ; ON EMIBmoS J No. OM ,
K gl. j AND SALE I * ex. <
tr km ajtt qajjlert and storm. 1
No. 626 e Btreet.
Choice OH Paintings, Eiyrrarmirs, Chromos, Ac.
also, laivest stoc2 of Paj-er Hamrinm, Window
(Jtiades, Pictures, Frames, Picture Oorda and Tar I
Naita, &C., in toe District ,
kjt~Tkbiu Cash.
pypinase remember Name and Number jyl-ly j
E your CAST-OFF CLOTHING to your own ad- ,
yanta*reT at JUSTH S OLD STAND, No 619 D
tree* nortfcweet, or Branch 8tore, 4(W 9th at n.w.
CLOTHING extraordinary high prioea will be paid,
aa I niake a si^ecialty of them.
Notes by mail will be promptly attended to.
m>i?-tr |
Havin* determined to close ont our stock of PICTURES.
we will sell Chromos, Panel Pictures and
< Mottoes at half pnee, and a trreat many Chromos at
'^la^e assortment of HOLIDAY BOOKS, at trreat^DIARIE^for
1879, all styles and prices.
der3q tr _ 4v8 Seernth St. n.ip.
MUFFS and BOAS; Carriage Ujies; Bear. Wolf 1
and Fox Gent's Seal Caps. Mufflers and Gauntlets *
jtcwr 1*37 pennsylvania av+nue.
A UtLANO* FOB THE FOOR.-U you waitt as 11
A. OVERCOAT Uke the rich weir. Vnd for Hw. i
coney to*n a ready-made one, nail at HE&ZOGTL I
?* ?to?t.n.w., near Pa. m th?re yon will And a i
?nnl tuotir<m0c<i tij">d ov*roo*u, ?
2 00<- yarU U>st ft!ico?? at 5o.; iv la,vd front fc*
5.C<W yar-'s plain l>re?s tfcwl* at 1*. worth IV
150 j-air !>!*!. keu. I rote f 1 to s*.
lOf pieces Cassuueree. fro:u 25c. ta 50c
:* O Shawls to t*> rioaed out ? ue?p
1 l ilt splendid Brown C itton at <*.
Canton Flannels. all at reduced pn.,#
l"'oor and Tahle Oilcloths ch"~
We have marked dowr ia ltui, rtf
n>Ki- ai d ioiarai-.c*' u0t to ?>e umienolil by ait/
,'unc in this cfcy.
lanlKtr for. 7th *t nntt Market Njmr'.
i, < AMIS A\D BiLEh
<u i acm:n asd bkoh .v < hito.w,
at manufacturers- prices.
6, 6. 7. H, 9 A?tl) 10 CfcM?
aule SHEETING COTTON. qi.ality, JO
a in! '25 cent*.
:aPLE I.INENS, All linen. 25. *?. :??. 4\ ?0. ?. 75
ct uts.
loth FOH Mrs AND BOYS' WE\R. heavy aud
medkoa weight, 37, *5. 60. 62. 75.8<c. 41.00.
1ED TW II LEI) FLANNELS. e'J woo'., 20 25. 30 ?
ill it Lit.S.
viiite FIANNELS, 11,15. If. 25 re:;t?
in at !'..-.r-a:ne in HAMBURG EM B!U)II>ERV
c. m. to wson,
<136 rma.?vlpa?i?i qreww,
_janl*tr South side, n?ar 7th street
^1I.KS, ( I.OAHH. l>HEN*t t.OOI>9. &? .
We are selling irreat hanrai*is irt SILKS, C\SHdERES,
VKLVEtS, SATINS. CT,0\K8. aud tine
Soveity DRF88 GOODS. BLAN K MVS, M\rwedl?ii
roods warranted to be as repmsp-I- 1 by the *ale?
l'^n' ...... w w BUKDE TI E A OO.
Xo. MS 7th st.
y>o. 7OO H ?f. )anl7 tr
I>1?. UlUVKN.
y.VJ# Pa. nv?.. bet. H;li an i bhi. *ts .
Jffi r a Cachn;ire de Aim* lila.-kSiik.it <1 would
b. \< r> cheap at ?1 '25.
Al.-o. a Guinet Groe Grain Black S a' *1 25.wiiu-l
is less than rnauy importers *.-k tor the same
grade of Silk in 5-mev lot-.
t'.fo. a 1? .uitifiil Nhaile of (inMiat <>r It 'rdcn.ll Satir
st $1.15 i?tr > arJ.au J Bcautil'..! B k Satiu
41 yard.
lino, Sillt faff. Bm*n VrivftH, it *150, worth ?2,
and Beautiful Black \ eU.it, at Viand U|?
Mho. Navy H'-ne aud Seal Browu S'..k. at 75c yard
worth $11?".
AIfo. A11-wo>>1 Fretirh C.i-'im* r< ; (on^iua*
d\ -and douhle-w xlth). 45<v ter yd. and lip
Mso. Wi'.ui-.itta. 4 4 Bl^a< hod i i:...n, 1 yd . and
Cltirk's If.st ^XJ-yard 8i?ool Cotton. ">c. isiv
o. Ik 2.V )
A'fo. a ho t ol other Birwainff.too nur.sorouf to tueu*
tiou, mi lVant<fuI 1 .rst-i lasK Urt-iH (?ooii?, fcc.,
&< . fall larly and i iimiui' our fork
^ <>?i J'f-nnnvlcntiia nrrMtic.
Elavf- r> i:io\.-.i to th?? o .nior of Periu?yl ar ia avenue
uid 11 tli "tr'-t, where they are proi'arwJ to offer til*
iartr^t, tin> t-t and cheaii-Ht stock of
in the city.
IleoolWt. we will sell tt from twentj to forty pet
?*ui- lees than r* vuiar a\esiue pricoa.
Black Groo Oram SIT KS at i?l worth fl.Wi
Black Lyons VELVET at fLM " 2.25
<*a'l and evpmlne th?*e Spuna*. IImkutim. J15 tr
|"HEAP 111(1 hOOIlS A.\ 1? CAItPETS.
Better Cotton than An }r<w*Vfc-;n. 7c.; U*t Call
row. 4 v<, 5, 6c.: Canto i FlaunelH, 5, 6, H, 10c. np ;
Wacil F'lauiiPis, extra barvaum, up: Drt?a
Cioodf", nlaUkfliTered. 6c. to $1; Black Hilkn. low
prices,62c. to if 2, Finest Cloaks in cilv for price*, aa
they u;uet be cIob-h! out. $J to Wool White
Blankete, 51 ^5 to $S, cheap; Gray Blanket!. (Ktc,,
lied Spreads, 60c., UaiuberK 2, 3, 6, 6, be
Slauwhterrd . all rrioes, from 25c. Ini'r*iup, to Brim
eels. 70c. up.
Janll-tr 7(W Market Hi-ac'.
^?L.\( (1 OKESN (iOOOM,
We bave )n?t opened a splendid line of French
Dress Gooug for Ote holidaya Blac* sWka, in upten
did quaiit ?, from ? 1 '25 to $2; brocade Armnre
8 iks. for over dresses ; Brocade Milk ?jv?r-imltimrB ;
Armure Sn tintre, in worsted, new d?si?rns; Black
and Colored Cashmere*, in choice colors. also, a full
line of H>iusefurnish;n*r Goods, viz: Damuk
lablc Cloths and Napkins; Pi'low and SbeetluK
Lir.eus. all vTades ; Blankets, all sizes and qoaliUo .
Marseilles Spreads, all sizes, in rho>oe oattema,
lh'?se in want of choice ?roods will Co well to exuume
our t:ock before purchasiuw.
de? 1H tr J.3if# F *t., near Kbhitt Uouae
Wamsutta Oott">n...... io
Androtuxwiriii tv.itton 7
Splendid Yard Cotton (
Beautiful I.'rees Gooda K worth 11 tee
Bl-k 8;!^ f 1 25 da flto
Do. do 2.10 do. 2.36
Black and Colored Cashmere cheap.
Oue c^ee Wool Blankets S.6G do. (.00
*i*. 11 line of Flannel. Ct<wtnMML Witerprrx
f aud CloakiHK. Table Lin mil. Towela and
Nai kii's. Comforts, 8prea<la an l Sn.-? tiotf, Curtain
La?^e. Exri)iii>nt 5t-butu)n Ki<1 Glo\e#, every mir
guaranteed, at <1. LCTTRELL A WINE.
dov29 tr 19XO y^na.
CIA FliVE i)K??B HlilUTM
O Made to oilier, of Wanisutta V ualin aad Extra
fine LinerliiwouM, for f 7.50; ready ft put en.
F in* st DRESS SIIIRTS made to order in *t>^
most (] ?-ar:t nanner for $2 26.
Our "llVwTERY" SHIKT. ucfinlsbed at 76 ota
made cf Wamsutta Mnslm ami Extra fine
boeom, is the cheapest Shirt in the world
Our " Mystery " Shirt at 76 ots., uj Si shed, a ma
frooa a- any ff A Shirt in the market.
Our " Mystery ' Bh:it is retailed at factory
trooi.E8ax.jc prices, and 8ix of them is a mce ft>iriafmsn
G' ft.
The GREAT SOrTHERN SHIRT opej? pbovt.
at ?0 ota. is made of the same materia. ? the " Mva
Our ifl Sl. rt ready to put on. is worth double its
money, but we are c?)iu|eUe<t to -i tin -< Stock at our
Factory in Baltimore, as we ?re ai. nit to build a
larye addition th? reto, and d. s re to carry leaa
S'v t whiifct t he i'Uildii'K is in pto. i ?v-s
nov5-tr 5iK<ONMf>n'. fOOV jr strrit n.te.
ai our wharves, ft^ot of "itu st., see for
S arse If. CO.VL constantly arrlvia.. W OO 0 of ai/
ads. La r/p stock and fair pnwtt
Bole mar ifa-iturers of Steiihrnaai. s Pat-)nt Bundietl
KINDLTVG WOOD. Thf' on.y nindiinir Wood
havlna a F:r? Lia.utor wth every hm.-iie.
W. re#*//. Str+rx H tuurf.
Branc-fi Offl'v. 12th and Puan'a a?T*' sep^O-tr
wood lEi^pnoKic Oohihi nuii rmai.
Maiu ufflop, wiiarves, mill and d--i^n coimeeted with
un-town omces by tut^phofi!
Witt- uue<jualed facilibee and auvuiiumtm for aeonomicany
conductiuK the wood aud coal trade,
Wharvt*, Iactory, extensive store yards enabling ua
o stock up largely wheu coal is lowest; oAcee
throughout the city, and all In immediate communi
cation, lm-urinp prorri>t attectioi. to o-dera, we are
prepared to offer >o our patrons Che heat rariaUCB at
ooal at the very lowest prices.
Bwimnitwr, we uimre a strictly pure ooal, of 2Mil
pounds to thfl ton,
Main office, mill and depot, foot of 12th, llith and
Fsta. aw. Offices: 1302 f st n w.; 1113 toil st L? >
1416 7th st n. w.; and 331 Pa. ava. s a iVlAto
Having replenished my assortment of all the papllar
trrades. in (iold aud Silver Ca-^m. l>oth Wfc.
>tem and Key Winders, for Indies and Gen- Ml
lemen, I resi<ectfully call the atteutiou ofAiK
>urchasers txj the reduced prices.
JanlB tr it4.1 Prnn*vlca*i*t ar/'Mwe.
At tA? MLatonic r?mna, '
Have a large and complete aaeortweet at
iafl nitcres, portables, student
lamps, aa
a fine line of parlor orate8. of new and atractive
rf?2.,r.?RAKaE8, rusjiACEH. FIRE PLACE
BT Ali at Tut Low Pucn iim n ii
never nuts, never breafca, never *m ow ai"" "to-??""tStpf*

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